Newspaper of Evening Star, October 14, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 14, 1861 Page 1
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f 0 / s tiuug Slar. . .... I. I. ?????? V?6. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. MONDAY. OCTOBER 14. 1861. N9. 2.699. ??I?????????????I?? f THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED BVBRT APTBR ft00 ft, {ULNDAt EXOKPTEpj AT THE STAR. BUlLDlSfeS, C?fw 0/ Pm?iyivi?t* i-?h*4 Mi EUvtntk ?i. IT W. D. WAIjLIACH. Papers served la packages by carrier* at S4 year, or 37 c?nta per month. To mall aubecsVbets the price 1* S3 so a year, m *4vne?, S3 for all mouths; SI for three months; and for lea than three months at the rate of IS cents s week. 81sgle copies, om cast; la wrappers, two carta. LZT" AoTaaTisavaTiTs should be aent to the oftce before It o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. ROMANCE II REAL LIFE. We had almost bettered that such singularlyromantic and highly-wrought *terie* as weekly appear in the Ledger,were foa?dedmore upon fancy and faet, bat after reading the extraordinary account of the doings of ? Richard Guineas Hill, nephew of the celebrated banker and brewer of Dublin, stout," as ohronicled in late English papers, we hare concluded to entertain a higher opinion in the future of those tales of " hunted lire*." The particulars of the affair, as laid before the msgistrate* at Rugby, present one of the most remarkable cases of fraud, duplicity and cruelty which probably erer occurred in England. It appears that Bill, who is about 32 years of age, and a man of gentlemanly bearing, a few years ago married a granddaughter of Sir Francis Bordett, and protege of Mim Burdett Coatts. The interral between the time of marriage and the beginning of 1859 was passed by the happy fair in trareling and without any apparent disturbance of their domestic felicity. In the early part of the above mentioned year, however, appeared a little stronger, for whose future welfare Hill became desirous to provide in a manner not at all u?ual except in those aforementioned harrowing tale* A few days after the birth of the child Hill adopted a course to destroy its identity, with the presumed object of possessing himself of certain property devised by a will made by Mrs. Hill, giving the whole of her property, which was considerable, absolutely to her husband, in the event of no issue surviving her decease. He first registered his child under a false name and description, au l then induced his wife to consent to its being put ou* to nurse in London, to which place he proceeded, and op his return stated that he had procured a suitable person to take sbarge of it. The mother, believing her husband's representations, entrusted her child to the care of a girl fourteen years of age. the daughter of the woman who was ia attendance upon her, who conveyed it by gpeeial tram to the city, where she was met by Hill, who drove her to some portion of London, with which, as a country girl, she was unacquainted. deposited a box containing the child solothing, and then returned to the railway station, when they were met by two women, to whom the child was given. Upon the return of the girl to Rugby she intimated that the child had been put into the hands of improper persons. Hill, however, combatted this assumption by assuring his wife that the girl waa mistaken. From time to time Mrs Hill expressed the greateet anxiety regarding the welfare of her child, but her husband always asseverated that it was in proper hands, and was progressing most satisfactorily. Thi* state of things continued for about two years, and at length Mrs.' Hill told her husband that she insisted upon seeing her ehild. He refused to comply with her request; a serious altercation took plaoe, and he ultimately subjected her to gross ill usage Upon thi* a separation took place; but a short time subsequently he made overture* to hi* wife to live with him again. She indignantly repelled hi* offers for a time, but at length promised to consider them favorably, provided he satisfied her as te what he had done with her infant. He informed her in roturn that it was dead; and she then demanded the register of it* death, and pressed him upon thi* point. Being thus pUoed in a difficulty he altered his story, stating that the nurse in whose oare he had placed the child had left England for Australia, he providing the passage money. Mrs. Hill still doubting the truth of hi* statement, placed the matter in the hands of her solicitor, who at once employed a detective officer to clear away the mystery which surrounded the rase. The officer ascertained that a child had made its appearance at a boose in St. Giles, about the time of the disappearance of the child in question, and after much trouble succeeded in tracing it to a tenement in a filthy alley, in Drury Lane. After searching various rooms, Brett, the detective, proceeded to a small apartment on the second floor. In one corner lay a man nearly naked, apparently in a dying state, and squatting all over the floor were several women in a most ragged and filthy condition. The whole place was in a dreadful state. On the floor, in this h >rrible den, Brett discovered the heir to ?14 000 a year, almost ia a state of nudity, and oovered with vermin and filth. No shoes were on his feet, and only one dirty rag enveloped the entire body. The toes were dreadfully scarred with the impressions of wennds, no doubt inflicted by walking on stone*, while the head and body generally showed unmistakable marks of negligence and ill usage. The Jiouse from bottom to top appeared to be occupied by prostitute* and beggars, and the officer only escaped with the chud in safety by literally -'paying" bis way through the swarm of people who blocked up every means of egress Mr*. Andrew*, in who*e charge wa* the child, being arrested, the detective ascertained that on one wet Saturday she was standing in Windmill street. Haymarket, apparently selling ong* and ataylace*, but in reality begging, with her two children, one in arm* and the other in the gutter by her tidy, when Hill passing her, in a furtive manner slipped a shilling into her hand. Having passed and repassed several times, he beckoned her to follow him to a dark part of the street. She did so, and be then aaked if she would take a child to sane, telling her the need only treat it as her own, or that she might, if able, dispose of it by placing it in some workhouse or asylum. She promised to procure the advice of a friend, and m*de an appointmeut for the following night in the same place Hill kept the appointment; and at that meeting he agreed to give her ?lfi a year for taking oare the child, and told her to meet him at the same spot on the following Wednesday sight, when he weuld take her to a place where she should receive the ehild. The latter appointment also was kept, but Mr*. Andrews was accompanied on thi* occasion by a woman named Mrs Soott, alia* Mary Ana Idle, who i* at preeent undergoing twelve month*' imprisonment in Tothill Fields Prison for robbing a gentleman ia the street. She added that all three went in a cab to the Northwestern Railway Station, in Kuston Square, on the Wedawday night, where they reoeived the ehild, as stated by the girl. She related the eonversatien she had with the girl a* to how the ehild had been treated at hugby; she stated that her friend Scott, alia* Idle, went with the prisoner to a beer shop near the station, and there received ?15 from him for them to take the ehild away. She also stated that when she reoeived the child it was wrapped in a shawl, which she afterwards pledged. Brett redeemed the *hawl, which wa* identified by Mr*. Hill. The officer also obtained box, which Mrs. Hill also identified as being the one filled with baby linen, sent by her with the ehild; and it wa* worthy of mention that the priaoner had, with the object of still further destroying identity, out out all the mark* which had bees inserted pon the infant* clothing. Mr*. Andrew* farther stated that when the prisoner gave her the child he told her that the mother was dead, and that he was a clerk going to travel on the continent; but he gave her neither name nor addrum. She did not believe "all wa* right," and ultimately had the ehild regiaterea in her maiden name, which wa* Farebrother Brett , testified the truth of the statement, and found ; an entry in the book of the registrar of St Giles'. I te the effect that on the 29th of February, loiP, child. Ave weeks old. had been registered in the name of Albert Farebrother?the name given to the prisoner by the woman when she , received the ehild. Te further prove the identity of the child, Brett went to erery house where Mrs. Andrews had lived in St. Giles' from the time the ehild left Kogby to the hour of it* recovery, and be f >und her stetement trne in erery particular Ha asjertaiaed that ou one occasion, whan Mrs Andrews tai seat to prison for begging, the ehild, with her own, waa placed in St. Giles' Workhouse, where it remained until she regained her liberty, when the used it as before fur tj^e purpose of exciting the oommiseratlon cf the public in her hedging expeditions. Scott aliaa Idle, was seen in prison, an* corroborated all the features of the case as detailed by Andrews, alias Farebrother Upon ita recovery, the child was restored to its mother. But, unfortunately, owing to the neglect from starvation and oold, it was still under the carefal attention of eminent medical men, and its ultimate recovery was by no means certain. Upon the above faots being established Hill waa arrested and held for a further examination?iV. Y. Commercial. Abaat GaaHwder. The principal gunpowder mills in the United States are Dupont'a. in Delaware; Hasards, at Knfield, Ct.; Lafin, Smith A Boles, at Saugerties; Oriental Gunpowder Company, of Boston; and the Schsghticoke Gunpowder Company, at Schaghticoke. Previous to the secession of South Carolina there were but two mills in all the Southern States; since that time two more have been erected, one in Georgia, the other In Arkansas. The materials and proportions of which gunpowder is composed, are seventy-five parts of saltpetre to twelve and one half parts of sulphur and twelve and one half parts of charcoal. These proportions vary slightly in different varieties of powder; and the standard proportions of different governments vary also, but the proportions generally deemed best, or ' standard'' are as we have given them. Saltpetre is almost entirely imported from India, where it is found in large quantities, and transported fr^m thence to Varions parts of the world. Ita pricc in the New York market varies from five to fifteen cents per pound, its average price is perhaps nine cents. But, of course, our Southern friends get none from the -New York market, or any other market while the blockade is effectual; and they are dependent Upon the stipply which itiey can gather from their own soil. The^Iaiard Company informs us that when the saltpetre is received by them, it contains from six to eight per cent, of foreign substances, but after passing through their cleansing process it does not contain one three hundred thousandth per cent, of impurities, aii tested by chemical analysis It is this nicety of preparation that constitutes much of the difference in the Qualities of powder. Sulphur is also almost entirely imported, and uiostiy from the Island of Sicily, where it is found on the central part of the southern coast. It is found in the craters of volcanoes, and the rebels may succeed in getting some from Mexico, they may also gather it in small quantities in the neighborhood cf mineral taring* from which sulphuretted hydrogen is evolv-d. The other ingredient, charcoal, is more ro .dily obtained, but great care is requisite in ttolecMng the wood, and in charring it after selection In England, black dogwood is used for makiug sporting powder, but willow and alder is gen- I erally used by our Government. These wood however, are as unfit as the hardest charcoai, If they are charred at too high a temn^rature. They should be chrrred at * temperature of aoout 500 degs., and when charred at this tcmperarnre. the coal will bardlv enter in > oombustion when heated to 680 de'g ; if, However, it is charred at a higher temperature, it requires still greater beat to ignite it; and wlie? marred to a degree required to molt platinum, it will enter into combustion but slowly at 280 degs. 1 he saltpetre and sulphnr having been refined, and the Qbarcoal made from the right wool and properly charred, they are mixed together in the proportions already stated The mixture is then pluced on an iron bed, and sprinkled with water to prevent an explosion, and subjected to the pressure of large wheels weighing seven or eight tuns each, by means of which it is solidified into a hard, brittle cake. It is then passed through a m:H which reduces it to any siie required; that now used ;n firing cannon is very coarse, some of the pieces being nearly as large as dive's jKp?, It is then taken to the dry.bouse, and dried by the beat of steam or fire. Afterwards it is bolted to free it from dust glaced by means of friction, and packed in various quantities, from half-p?und canisters to kegs of 100 pounds each. Gunpowder seldom explodes, after having been p-cked. The danger lies in the process of manufacture ; and even here the danger is in the liability of the workmen, from familiarity with the process, to become negligent of duty. Each prooeas has its peculiar danger. The old screw-press was abolished and the hydraulic press substituted in its plaoe, because the friction of the screw generated a heat which at any time was liable to explode the mill. Iron nails in the shoes of the employees are carefully avoided; nor are they used in confining the heads of the kegs in which the powder is packed?wooden ones being used in their place. Although danger necessarily and alwajs accompanies the manufacture of powder, the employees receive no higher compensation for their labor on this account, and workmen are readily found at a dollar a day. Notwithstanding the amount required for the present war, the manufacturers assure us that the business is now dull, less being used by the urmy than is ordinarily employed for sporting purposes and in the arts of peace. Our mills produce annually a surplus for t xport, amounting in some years to two or three millions of pounds. Their ordinary production is more than the government can possibly require, and the supply now on hand would euffise to send a bullet to the heart of every traitor in our land. rniltT-OIll INCHIS AND A HA IF AcKOSa TBI Bottom ?The Bell Club of Baton Rouge, desiring to give tongue to tbeir feelings and sentimenu ordered from our friend, Mr Kaye, the beat bell founder, perhaps, In the West or South, a bell. It ia 31X incbee across the bottom.? Courur. About the dimensions of Humphrey Marshall, we suppose ?Prentict. L/" London parsers notice the reception in that elty of samples of cotton from Honduras, Central American, of which the Cotton Supply Association report that It ia "the nearest approach to New Orleans cotton that has been shewn in the market " The advice* from Honduras add tbat the !fmE,U!TBT.e PCT^0B,*U The first shipment from the Feje* Islands waa on exhibition in Australia, at last aecounta en route to England. A new dally paper has been started In Eng. land, which will diacuss topics connected with various branches of popular acience, and chronicle tbe dally variations of the barometer and tbe state of the weather In most of the Important towns of the United K ingdom. PaoxoTios raoM th* Ranks ?Seventeen private soldiers of tbe French army, in Bonaparte's time, by their bravery and tslents, raised themselves to tbe foUowlog distinguished stations:? Two became kings; two princes; nine dukes; two field marshals; and two generals (XT' The friends of Col. Wilson have presented to bim a rr.agniflcent thoroughbred Mogsn stallion, which coat f5Q0. The horse ia or a dark bay color, 15# hands high, and weighs 1,000 pounds On Friday the animal waa sent to tbe camp at Lvanleld, "fully equlpp-d " U^-The Montreal Herald says there have e?ttied in Montreal, as "refugees" fr ho tbe United a gentleman from Florida, a banker from New I ork (with tsUu,(JUI), and two others, men of means and property. Tbeyseck (add* the editor) to be naturalized aa British subjects ITT* Br'g General Burnslde expects to have 'en regiments under his command Of these he is now certain of Rhode island regiment, the Wth (Scott Mfe Guard) N V. volunteers, Col. Butterfield, and tbe Mtk Mass l?7" Tht Philadelphia Ledger Bays the pressure of freight to seaboard Is so enormous at present that tbe Pennsylvania, Erie, and Central Companies are compelled to refuse large quantities at even advancod rate* fIT" Neal Dew. of Portland. 1? commissioned a C?t?>??l to raise the 13th Maine regiment lL/* W O. Over ten Las beta Indicted In Loulsvjlie, Hy , for treason < pENSION OFFICE, Jvhw Ottt, 1961. . to all whom it may Ay Heat ion having been made under tue act of for th? reissue of the Laut Warranta described herein, which are al^ged to have ffP ?rdastroved, notioe is hereby given, mat Rt fhedaterfolloying the description of eaoh <Var *r,ie 9e,r'ineatp, oi like tenor, will be 1a5d' LCl??v?!ld obi?t"o?' ?hall then appear y?P?*hM ift>. L 'fu Mr?#. laatood nedfr the act of iuftroii. 1855, in the n&ine of J&fnet? IjChk, lit'] f?T?T^ ?n th6 M#t dET of M?'o 18?!-o5w >ei 4cre?.under the act of 1856'An lo? ?? of Thoma. Tanuer, and ^a..ted on the 3d day of May, 1856-October ls>, ft?,'iSK.'iSSS'JSmb.'u?!h* "" " mh a" " ?? Mr*, waned under the aotof f4'/","!'name of Guy s. Alexander, mii' .nii 'i j'foJ?iLn c. Alexander, <i?o*a?<?d, and ft ?November 16. 18?i M.r'i.'h Si l6" aoree, iasned under the aet of j*laroh. 1855 in the name of Benjamin Keily, and granted pq the l;th day of Ja!?e. liy! M.lik ioii 5? acre*> ?Muod und?r the Act of SUSSi .hLnQVT/am2?, Rpnben Woodruff, and cv?L?n P? 9th d^y of May. law. \i.rA ir A60 acres, issued unt'er the aotof March. 1M6, in the ?ame of Samuel H Waterhouse, iw *'q on the231 d?T o? Mar, 1855. MVr1\ "?. *ore?, issued uuuer the act oi ?k ln* ."IT na?e of yh,!lr Downs, and f6.1861 ' Au*ailt? 1??-November Ma?htii*M'.!?tk!? sore** "?ned cnder the act of nnVh? the name of James Pray, aud granted %n x ali ft ?ii?aro "6I ?>o*?mber a, 1861. M.r?k iS'VriW tore. , issued under the aotof J ?Jji lf?h* n ? 0f ? lI,,4m M Jnlin" Cmil ,??,.? 5 D.S., minor ohlldren of Irwin B%eS&3SS!SlSa."mM?? s4,h"" 01 ?" Sn^Ni^XH'TmL "" \t*r??'s75ia ?,,for.k'6" acrM; '"n*l under the aotof Maroh, 1855, in t^e name of Alexander Mo ulloueh. vemSer^B?:11 d*' ?f Unnar?'18se -*NoAcrf,B> issued under the act of Maroh, 186* in the name of Alexander Mr<JUain y5?K?ViW1 tha mh d4T ?f OotolHsr, lSK.-No: issued under tho Aotof 'i' th5 n&m? of Daniel West, and ninted on the Utn day of July, 1856 -DooemLer 7, f?r 160 aores, is'urd undor the act rf ilVi W ln name of Hannah widow of rnCit i^-J"7Jla f'anted on tfct> a?tn day of Febij^c'RlJ?DecpmtierSO, !831 io? .120 asrei, lisuM under the aotof rf ??? m ^ 1? u?n?e of Martha. wi><ow of Anf-M-Ooc'eSbSr , 'IS?* ?* th8 19'h '1&' ?f M?r?h*uSilil5#L60 ftorf,> '>"*d UDd"r ,ha act of M*roh, 1855, in the name of Samuel H Jack^ar rii *r?'. ^ v,n I? o A i?u t. 1855. M. o.3 J'fi'o' 16" acres, l?-suel undo ti ? act of. March, 1855. in the nam? of Wiliiatn H Tariai re bi.'r/i^wr 0U Uie m ' dSy of July' 1865 decern ' !?t ^ a'rM? i?sued under the act of ^ept-m06r 8>o in tho r&ni6 *?f Levi Tr&Adwell ar?5 *'*n^ 8rp umber S9th, 1851. * Wo til*1 (f:v;o imCTcg. .a.-ueJ under tht f^mo Art L\h l8-.V"?!? ^: ,Pl^^od ?ran'.id NoTem" ; *i'n, 1831.? U<'.;rmt>er J8 1861? JOaiiPu H BARRKTT, ? - rZ Commssioner. 8"^phiM6NEW! \h(&) (' nretl, oppotitt ViMf OYJt 5 a In the Shell and Thor ??' -iily Cuoted ('ir superior to a roa-t I in two r.nnute*, the fattest tim* on rieom Call ano ?>i?. I ne undersigred rd*p*oifu '? informs his friends -Ft.hri '.",tr,flt v.Jiior. *he oitr%kat be has Wut-*?OW* kSTAELISHMCNT ithorough mann-r, and ha?i n ade oomw:zw'r,"t'trf.ur?>'b <?vstkr^ in arT IJr rff- on a?r. 400 *? aw ga loin thuoked KI. .- t1*0 to Su,w' ea,i* of Spiced Kre.h Pn fhJ" 1a' ?r<;an*he'm^lu&l:T sra.ed Furnished in the ?ii<-l! bj the fcusne or barrel. to have Oysters furnished regni.iL^ r ' ? . i """T'' at Baltimore prion*, without ftar of failure, hould call and make arHivLViKt1.' ak ?nce ,FrPI*:5t; i1"1"' &"d mon-y ifl"" ?/ P1?' " ' f01""'"!1- an article -5 "* J?-,0 yl?bratel Baltimore eatablislimenUs. at prices just as low. n- ^ ? TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, i.oDst*rs, Sardines. Clams Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pi*m? F-?*t, Tripe. A o' f'eacne's Ca!",upIJ. Brandy fi M/i, Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tur ties, Terrtpins, Fresh Lobsters Cod HahbutfAo. kir-(?iCiv8Verjr LhUJF for "ai? ln ths I*i?'th. rn marii . . T*. h#n". *' reasonable prices Hotels and fainiiie* supplied with Oystfl's. de:iver-Hl wi. hout otiargn tu any part of tho District, in ?ea??n, it the money is sont with th-? order My e<tai?i?hrnent is open from 5 a in. to 12 at r.:^ioecVk%T ?unda?' when 1 close at -**?. T. M. HARVEY. CLOS1NU OUT j i > . CLOSING OUT! Pa VrV to o:o?e out my entire stock oi Ni, .)? U yVitpa, 1 have removed the same to ^ ^n.i* *venu?. between 8th and 9th streets, where I will offer the entire stock at such prioe* as will enable in? former customers, and the IwW T t J bn'. tb? first class French buy ? ('0<><1 at r**1'' mew. Now is the time to ^ H All persons having claims asainst me are request to present the same for s?tt -manf: and all persons indebted to m? are requested to mage arttSr'notlSiT ? fb??" 0lain"' without further notice. Prompt attention will greatly oblige. e7-tf y* * R C. STEVENS. p^IRKMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. 7TT... f1100,000. qfu lomtr 0 strut mnd Louuia?sa ?., nir bank of w<uk*ntl<m. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. . ? . Diaicroas. Samuel Redfern, Samuei Cropley. W.iiiain Wilson, r.? i ^ ^0UM? John D. Karclat, S. !,m' Andrew Kothwe/l, '&rkeJ'. Rishard Harry, B. B. l-renoh. l>r. O. W. Davn. No charge for Poiioies. a *?r f) ?^,JA,AIE8 ADAMS, President. ASKL G. D a vis. Secretary. au 9 eo*m . CARRIAGES. HE Subsonher having made additioaa to his taotory, making it now one o( the largest - ao lp the Distriot, where his iaoilities2?0^R' M?HT^V?At?V.n4-CARf?IuA?.ES ""' M WAflORp oi ilj kinds o&unot be sur passed, and from his long experience in the busisfi'fc, *}?pes to give general aatiafaotion. All kinds of Carria<M and Light Wagons kept on nana. r RKPAIR8 neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. 8eoond hand Carriages taken in exchange for 7ia^' ANDREW J. JOYlV a 18 tf worrier of Fonrtoonth anrf r. ?ta. THE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army and wavy to their full *usplv of MlLlTARY^Aft ??h E.AiV*L FLRNfSHlKG^ U-MIDS, |R Moh as Indigo Blue Cloths and Doeskins, ftf t?Vr p" r :^.N6 CAN ^T'?b'*^ PAT Orders in that line respeotfullv solicited. M . ^ 3\ * LOUDON A CO.. i. is .H itf of1 litary Merohant Tailors, if 18 eoSm 3fci Ps. av.. noder Brown's Hotel. I^Iwi?PLIN8 liND Kw REP?*.?Many l?rtVi^. ,n| #? *!*BedJit? dajr ^ With all kind - of rent waitts of lM9' &br,0#' for the<,ur MjiailMnAiiX?mt0*'h ,landird va,J#oo/ww PERRY A BROTHER, _??*7L Pa. avenue and Mnth st SHd^La AND CLOAKS.?New lota osened O e prioe only, marked in plain figures: therelore, oo purchaser is deoeived .mere113 OX u AR,!lJ\B^^i;VJ?5,iNDUAS8IMKRts' ?.V.1aval?' Handkerohiefa. Gloves. Suapendera, Umbrellas, I ndershirts a> d D>awe-<, *? One priee only, marked in^>>hi fi^ures^ J?? ^ Pa avenue and Ninth at. ONE VERY NICE SECOND HAND PIANO for *58. Also. aj?rge -took of Raven^jm/ ?>aoon a to'? ano feteinway A Son'shaviMM just l^en rokt-r.?d at tbe Maai". 8t-reof fTTTTt JDVPi^ , reint. *' C MET^KR0TT. ?: oe 1 11 piANpS. PIANOS, PIANOS.-N.W Pla?0, A received ev-ry week t ome and look ?1 rl!" wrtnwif at W.fl'NKTZFROT'PS n?>rn<f fK j* BI?? JOHNITUN, A L T I 91 O R K LOCK. HOlMTAL, Hat dnectfti tk$ mott Cortaxn, Svtodf and on If Eftetnai Rtmtdf ?* tki World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEtfT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, tSI PROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakneeeof ai8t:t, Su:ct*ff*eU*oa of the ?idaeye #od Bladder ,ii?eius;ar? SiicMffHi tmpcleoct, Ben sral Debility, Net.*ousneee, Dyepepey, Lanrsor, CanfsSlao af Uui, Low 2;iru, ?iipuiiiOu of the Ileart, Timidity, Tfimbiu;fit Dimiitaa of 8tgnt or GidJiniM, Dieeaee of Ihl Head, Tl.roat, Noaa or Skin, Afectione of the Lunga, Stomact ar Bowele?theea Terrible Diaordere aneinp from Solitary Habile of Youth?ibeae Dreadfal and Dealructiee Praeticee which niidir Mirntfi uupoeeible, eod deair?y both

Wiy?dM?d. YOUNG MEN Eeperially who hare become the Ttctime of Solitary Vict, that dreadfal and deetrucure habit which tauull; eweepe to an antiinely gr.i?e tlicuemde of YotugMeuof the rarat alaltad talenta and brilllaat intellect, who might otherwiee ha?e entranced ltetenen|r Sanatee with th? tbandere of eltw gnabc* or waked to aeataty the lieing lyre, may call with fail cooideuck. MARRIAGE. MaRHtlD PSliiom, or Young Man contemplating Marriaae, l*eing awara of phyeical weakueee, ergama debi'.ity, defnrrmuee, 4c., apeedilr cured. lit wh* flacaa himtttf ondtr tha cara af Dr. J. may r?h^ioaaly confide in hi* fcer>?? > a e?t>tleroao and cooJdent.y aely upon hia aktli aa a phyeltiah. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left bond eide jgomg from Baltimore atraat, a fa w doore from lha corner. Fail not to obeerre name and uuisber. Lattere mat ba paid and contain a etamp. DR JOHNSTON, Manibaraf tile Royal Collare of 8or(r?one, London, jradaata from ooa of tha molt eminent Collaree in tba United utaa, and the greater part of whoae Ufa baa baan epeiit id tha boepitale of London, Paria, Philadelphia and elea where, baa effected aoma of tha moat aetoniehtng osrea that war# erer known; many troubled Willi ring.or in tha head ?l 1 eare whan aeleefl great nereoueneee, being alarrotd at eurtdea eounda, baabftilnaaa with frequent blue!iui(r, attandad oma'iinaa with derangement cf mind, wara cared manTAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Man ana othere who hare mjurad thenieei?ee by a eartaln practice indulged in whan alone?a habit fregpemly learned Czm aril eo/tipanioue, or at echocl, tha effecta of whicn ara nigttiy ft" f'n *hea aela?j>, and if Dot cored, randere marriepe impoeaioit, and ilaetroya fcfth mind and body, ehoald apply iminedutelr. , Theta are aoraa of the aad and malanchoiy affectiprodf eta Xjj t&rlj habita of routh, vi* : Wa*k??aa? of tha B^ck aud L'.nba, P^ina in the Hejd, Pironeee of Sifht, Loaa of Muecoiar PfWlr, ''alMiation of toe He?rt, Dyapapay, Ner? Be irritability, Oeranpemert n* ?^a Digeeu?e Fancuone, General Debility, 8yinptoine of Coliiamr'lrt, MiNTtLLr?Tha fejrfB1. aaacta on tee irina a?e mich la ka dreadf 1?Loaa of Memory, Confuaiou of ldeaa, Defraeiron af 8pirita, E?il arorebodtuge, Aaereioo of Society, Self-Dietrnat, Lo?e of Solitada, Timidity, ate., ara eoina of tha e?ile roJuced. N?RTOt*? can now Judge what la the caoee of their decliniof health, loalnf Uieir rigi-r, beeorni. g wesk, pale, nertooe and emaeiated, baring a aingolat appaatan?a ab?*: tha eyae, coagh or eymp'.oma of cooasnipD1SEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the miegBided and imprudent ?oury cf pHalire tnde he hae imbibed tna eeede of thie painful dieeaae, it too oftio bappane that an ill-timed eenee of aharne or dread of diaCorery detaca biu from applying to thoee who, from eaucatiun Ind reapectability, can alone befriand him. He falle into the handa of ignorant an< deeigmng pretendere, who, lccapable af carina, tlch hie pecuniary eabetanee, keep mm tnlmg month after month, e* ee loqc aa the emalleet fee can ba obtained, and in deepair leati iiiti w'th taji.ei health to eigb arer hia railing diaappo; or by tne 'ha* dead!/ poiaon?Mercory?haetei e eonatitBtlonal eymptorrt cf tr..e terrible dieeaae, eucbae ASecuor.e of the Heart, Throat, Head, kin, Ac., :;re?ain r with fnfhtful rapidity, till death pau a period to hie i.-eadful aoffariaga by aeoding hint o a.a: aad^ecaTerad co?n*.rT wboaa bo an. a aa tra*alar ratarua. DR JOHysr S REMEDY For. ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTESCY By thle gre*l and imTartint remedy weakceee e' i:< argana are epeedlly cared and fall r\fft tletared Tbav jaie >7 the r at nefToua and debilitated, * 1a bad laat eli b??a b- i immadietely relierad. I iinpedtrneu'a to Marriage, f hyeical ar Mental Dieqaal| If liana. Leaa at Frocraaiire Power. 'rriiibil. T, I Trembling and Va.ka.rf ar KiDaaawau a( the meet fearfal I kind epeedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HB PRESS. Til Mill Thousand* cared at tbia meutauoa wiiblo I ike laat aeeenteeo reara, and tha oRmeroaa impartant SarriI aa! oparatione perfcrired hy Dr. Jounalbh ! ? t or the I rapartare of tha papa re and many other peraona, noii'aa af | Which here appeared again and again before the public, leI e:rfet fcia etaniing ae a gertleman af cberacter and reapanaiI bility. te a aiinant guarantee to tha aB'Cted tnar 18-It I NOTICE. "AUAMft1 KXPREaS CoMPARY." I Thi? OuTipauy offers to t/i > puVia" L'nequalled I Ail vantage* for the S&fo&nt Qaiok ' if patch of I Heavy F eights PAok&ae*, VftUiAbloa, Money, Ao I 4.O., L> all parts of ibs Owte<l f*t&t?s. F/Xpreaeea to and from the North ann West deI part from and arrive id W asliiugton twice dal y, I All Kxpre^ses are it) tharge of txptritnctd and I reliable Messengers. All Packages for Tbe Soldiers cameo at "onb I hal?"ub' UMual rates. All Go' ds for the so-called "Confederate Statoa" I and all Artiolea ' Contraband of War" will be I Rkfuskd. Uu F-xpressfs leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. I M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 63) I Pa M, Kxpreasea leave Philadelphia at 8J? A. M. and I 11 I'. M., arriving in Washiugton at 5 30 P. M. and I 6A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. | M.. arriving in Wasf.ington at 6 A. M. and 6 30 P. to. Expresses fur aU points Nor'h and West leave I Washington at 7 au A- M and 2.30 P M. daily. I Special Contracts for targe quantiti-s of Freight I oau be made ua appltoation to this >ffioe. All Goods ?allea for and delivered frtt of hxtra | charges. E. W. PARSONS, Sdp'I Adams' Express Company. Washington. August 23. 1861. au 23 tf Iv W(?OD AND COAL. I 1 OU Will surely cet your money's worth by I aa iing at the PIONEER MILLS, toHtkioisi tor I ??r of Stvmtk Unit and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, I Agent.) They sell oheaper and give better measure I than any others m the oity?cut, split, and delivI ered free of charge. If yoe doo 11 elieve , ive I the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be satisfied. I 1-lvf 000*8 AMD SHOES *0 SVIV YHC I " iMS8? I We are now manafaotnrmg all kinds of BOOTS 1 and SHOES, and oo:stantiy reoeivmc a^a^ I sbpp.; ot eastern made work of every ae-SHI I soriytioD, made expressly to order, and willW ] I be sold at a much lower price than lias been* Hk I heretofore oharged is uua oity for maoh inferior I Persons in wabt ot Boots and Shoes of eastern er I sity made work, will always find a cood aasorimsB I lu store and at us lowest prioeo. ?iv* as a call, RlFFlN A BRO., *? * * *1 * r?T>r.e?l**ma arer.t) "A AMY SUPPLIES. 1 A. JUST RECEIVED? 4W> cans SAL SAG fc MEAT, 1 S40 cans FRESH TOMATOES, ! 48<>o?ns FRESH VEAL., 360 oans BEKF,? la mod*. 24" cans ROAST BEEP, I Wtoans FRESH MUTTON, ; 240oans BKKFaud GRAVY, | 340 cans ?OUPand BOU1LL1, ! 30oases FRENCH DESS1CATED VE?E TABLE8. i For sale atNew York Factory erioes. KING A Bl'RCHELL, ; ?e 6 Corner I and Fifteenth streets. I H.ISTORY ot the United Netherlands, by Joha I Lothrop Motley ; 3 vols.; free b? mail, f 4. The Rise of the Datoh Repnbns. a history, by I Xahn Lothrop Motley; 3 voe :oioth; free by mail, I Silas Marner, the Weaver of Raveiol, by the I author of *'Adair. Bode , oloth THoents ; paper Mi I oeots. Life and Career of Maior Andre, by Wintrop 1 Sa'taeiit; #1^0. After loebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage I to ieabradorand Newfoundland - by Rev LonisL. I Nob e, fljo. Tne Mai.ufaeture of Photorenio or Hydro-Car I bon Oils, by Thomas Act.sell, M. D., #1.76. Any of the above A-ee by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTE1N, I ap 25 'J7ft Henna, avenue. W. . BOVS? CLOTHING. " f- Have reoeived within the last day or two a I "arge assortment of HOYS' SPRING CLOTHI ING, embracing ail of low-prioed, medium, I and fine qualities, wnioh we are selling a t very I low prioee for oash. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3*9 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. ma Untellueoo^r end Republican.' pRIB, CRADLE AND BKD BLANKETS I v> and COUNTER PANES, all sixes an.. *aati I ties, Bed Comforts, Sheet:ncs, Pillow Linen j and Cottons, Towels. Napkias, Table Cloths, Tiekisrs, | Doylies, Ac. Ail at oar proverbially low prioee, | marked in plain fignres. | New comers, strangers, sojourners and citizens I will lnspeot oar stook at plsMnro. PERRY A BRO, I se 27-5t Penn. avenue and ?th st.. AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. XK *7* B,a^r;,avssu1H^. 6V Mest liberal advaooes m<ulw on Gold and -ilv#r I VVatones. Diamon ?, Jewe yr, Silver ware.Clotn| u(, Pisto.j.aed all kinds of Mei ohand .e, Busit.HOS strietiy oonfiuential. ISAAC HKRZBERG, 341 r street, j au_l Jm Between AH end 6th sts. rHE GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has aaasod offers at ronarkaMo low srioeo, at No, 460 Sevontti ot . ?pao?iit? Pawat Q4>?w> as BS-Im H E* IK)I'ARTKRS FOR CLOTHING. BATS * n?l C A PS?At SMITHS, No. 460 Seventh tiuhr JJEADQUARTERSU^TBE U.S. MARINE Qi*iTkK>?iTn'? Orrtc?. I Washiwbtoji, September 21, 1861.t Sialbv PmnrosaLs, f rt aohelaseeeperetaly.wiil b? recaiTM) at thia ofioa until 12 o'oluok ? of W-dneeday, ?'th of Norember next, far furnishing to tbe United Stat ja Marine Corps, dnrin* ?he year 1W2. ih? following supp lea, to be delivered at ?he oft-e of the A? istant Qua'termaat?r of tHeoorpe, Hiila^eiphiv P?cnaylrania, free of expeneeto the Unit d Mate*, in auch quanutieeaa may* to time be ordered, vis : Cla?* No. I. 14.A0? tarda of Sky Blue Kersey, aM wool, fees from hair, 64 inefos Wide, to weigh fc ounces to ths ' MO? laf ds?Da?k' Bue Keraey. ill wool. free torn hair, 4 in<3h?? ide, t?? weigh 23 oUTiu?? tottieyard, ' B/^0Tarda I>arli Blue Twl'led Ooth, all Wftoi fo* i ni/o m ooati. (indifn wo*?l-<l|#d,> imohM lio^i to Wei*h 23 ouno a per ta d. . . , 150 yarda of Scarlet Cloth. al< wool- (coohineal dyed,) 54 inches wide, to weigh 16 oaioea par yard. Clam "o 3. 8 w> yards of 6 ? Dsra Blue Flannel, for oreranck?, aH woo', (indigo wool dyed,' 54 in hee wide, to ?etgiil3ojno???i p*r yard. 16 noo yaHs of 3 4 Daik B ue Flannel for shirts, a'l wool unfligo wooi-dyed,) 27 mohea vide, to weigh 6* ounoei p*r yard . . . l.ano G'ft* Blanket*, all wool- to weigh four pound es^h, with lett?r< "'U S M " la b ack lour inches iu&c, in tbe center; to be 7 fe?>? long and 5 feet wide, acd fr e from gr_aae. 6,W0patr? of Woolen Socks, three ames. prop er:T mvie of g" *1 fl-?ece wool, with ilomle and twisted yarn, to wei.h three pounds per dosen pairs, free from grease Class NO. 3. 6 ono yar<*s White ' inen for Pants, 80 inches v ide, to weigh 18 ounces per yard. . lA.ftH y?rd' W hi'e l. en ior Shirte, to inches wide to weigiUl ounces eer yard. 16 000 ya'dsXantnn Fiannel for Drawers, 27 Ir.ohes wide, to wei# h 7 ounces par yard. Class No. 4. 1.IW0 Un form Case, completeexcept Pompons.) 1,5? Pompons, red worated, bail shaped, 4 melee in oirrumferenoe. , . 3,oon i a'igue Cap*, i wi'h oovera,)to he n.ade of blu* cloth. I'digo wool dyed. g,n?0 Stocks. CL4*a No. o. 600 (t- oaa ^ oat Buttons, ( Eatle. > 400 gros- Jacket Hottons (Kaale.) fno rr. cs Vest Brttons (Eagie.? pairs Veliow Metal Creeoeu's ar>d Soale ' 25oVe's Epaulette Bullion for Sergea- ts and CorP<2 * * sets Epanle'te Bullion for Privates. 10 Red Worsted Sa>.hes 2 w yarda of > el'ow Uindtr.g. i.Wfi fird/i of Red Cord. HiO Swords for Sergeants 50 ."wo'ds for Musician*. 50 Drums (tenor,)oomplef 50 pmn Slings. '.'?i Batter IV uin Hear a. 5n Snare Drum Head*. loo Drum Corde. 100 set' of Drum Snares. loo Bo* wood "B" Fifes. CLASS No ft 10,000 pairs Army Boots, (intaotry pattern.) Class No. t. 1.200 Cartridge B >xes. !.2nn Kayonet Scabbards. 1.2fMi Percussion Cap Poaches 1,30" Cartridge Box Belt*. I.J"1 Bayonet EelU. I,3M> Waiet Bella 1,2011 Wai?t P ste* 1.7o :*rt-a?t PlaW. 2S jwcrd FfC*s. i'Las* No. 0. 1,2110 Kn"*sacks. 6*1 il xv f 1 ?ik?. 600 cantefus. ??> Musk -t Slings. Class No. 9. I : inaglng and triirmung the following article*, VlX * WAtoh Coats Sergeants' Corpora'a' Mu*iciana'. and Puvatea* Uniform ar.d FeUsae Coat?; WoolIon and Linen Pa'ita; Flannel and I .in en ^ hirtaj D aver*; Flannel hack*; and Red and Blae Jacket* for Bo>a. The iMt* mentioaeil artie'ea muat oonform i* aU ris/ucts, Ui th* scaled tU da a partem 1 in tie office i.fihe Uuartermaeir? Marin* ? orp? Marine iia lacks \N ashmg on, D C., A?s etant Quarter it eat*r, office Marine Corps, l.i.'O Spruae street, Pfci actlp.' ia; and at the Marine SUtions, Brooklyn, New York; aud Boston.MaaaachuaetU; whet* t: e? can be examined. A r*i whenever the article* named abore, or a?y portion of them, shall he oor.aidered as not fuif oonforming to san.plfa, they will be r?eo:ed and th<" contra tor ?ih be boar d to furnich othera of the r quired ki^.d at once or the Uu^termaater wi 1 supply the deSaisnoy at theexpeaee of theoonIpa?mentwill be mane upon theaocerted delivery o'the whola quant tv, wnioh mar from time ?o time be o;dered. wit^ho ding ten per oent from the eeymsLt of acoount reu'iertd ui.der firkt order, until seooud order is fit ed. an i ten a?*r cent I'o? aocount rendered under aecond order nntil third order ia filed,and ao on,until oontiaot ia 00m plFa^L propoeal muat be aooompamed by the following guarantee: . born1 af (funrant'f. Tl.e undersigned, ? ,of . in the State ol . and . in ihe State of??. hereby guarantee that m case tne foreskin* bid of lor aupplies, at abore described, be accepted, he or they will, within ten days after the receipt or the contract at the Post < iffi^e nam'd, execute the contract for tbe same witn good and sufficient securities;and in ca*e the *aid ? hail fail to enter into oontrac' es aforesaid, we guarantee to nuke cod the diO?Tenoe between the effer of the aaid and that which may be aooepted. A B, Gua^a .tor. C D, o uarantor. E F, Witneaa. . .661 1 hersbt oertify that the abore named are known to me as men of property, and able to mate good th'ir cuara tee. G. H To l>e signe<l by the United Htatea Diatnet Judge, United States District Attorney or OolleoNo proposal will be oot<aidered uclees aooorapanieu bt the above guarantee. ^B^gpipers authorised to publiah tbe abor* send the pap>?r 00 taming the firat maertion to thia office far examination. The bidder's plas 1 of business, or mannfaotur i>ig establishment, must be apeoifioaily stated m tiie proposal. The aV< ve list of artiole* is beliered to be a bo at the quantity of each a'tiole that will be reqaired du ing tbe yrar; t ut the Quartermaater reaerrea the right 01 orderinr a greater or lea'quantity, thou d tne ictereate of the aervtoe require it Prop sals to be end rsed < n the enrelope, "Pro poaals for Supplies for Marine i'orp? for 1W> * and addressed to Major W M U. SLACK, Quartermaster M.C., Wasnmgton, D. C. aeso law4w pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOB IS??. (Juarter matter's, OJUt V. 8 Marts* OtrpiA IFaiitsflss, September 25,1861. J Scslxd Pbopobals wi 1 be reoeired at thia ottoe, until the 3 'th aay of October next at 12 o'elook.m., for furnishing rations to the U. S. Marines,at the following station*, during the year 1M2, rti: Portamouth, N*w Hampshire; Charlestown, Masaaohuaetta; Brooklyn. Long laland, New York; Phtlacs phia, Pennaylrania; Waahiogton. Diatrict of Columbia. Each ra ionto conaiatof mree-aartera of a poui>d of mesa pork,or baoon;orone and-a fourth pound* or freab or aalt beef; teenty two ounoe* of bread, made of extra auperhne fl >ur, or m lieu tnareoi twenty twoouncea of ex'ra auperfine n^ur; or one pound of hard bread, at the option of (he Government; and at the rate of euht qnarta of beat whi'e beans, or in lieu thereor ten of riee; ten pounda of good ociTee. or in Ueu thereof one-and a half pounda of tea; fifteen pounda of good New Orleans *uga-; four q arts of nnecar; one poaad of aperm oand>ea. or one-and a fourth pounda oj adamantine oand'ea. or one-and-a-half pound* ol good hard-dipped tallowcandli; four pounda good, *arj, brown soap; two quarta of aalt; and one hundred a nd filty-eix pounaa of potatoea, to eaoh hundred rations. , . _ Theincreaaed ailowanoe of lour ounoeu of flour or bread, and the aliowanoe of potatoes, aa abora provided, will oeaae, at the term>rat on of the preaent maurreotion, and tne ration be aa provided by law and regulatione,on the lat of J air, 1*61 Tbe beef sha 1 be delirered on the order of tsa ooinmanJing ffioer of eaob atat.oa, eithar in bulk or by the amgle >ation; and shall ooasiat o* ths beet and moat ohoice pieces of tbe oareaaa; the pork tii be No 1 prima meae-poik, ard tne groeeries tc be of the best quality of kinda named. All aubitotto inapeotron. All bida muat l*e aooompaaied by the foUowtag guarantee: rtnn *f VttaresUes. The undersigned, ,of , m the State of . and .of , is the ?*tate ol , hereby guaranty that ia ease the foregoma bid uf for rati00a, as abore described, be aooepted, he ur they will, witaia un days after the reoemtof the 00ntract at the Poet Oflfces sswed, exeoute the oontraot for i..e same, with good and saffiotent sureties* -1m oaee aaid shal. fail 10 enter into 001. ract as aforeaaid weauaranty to atakn goo<i the ditfbreuee between . olW of the aai-t ami that whieh suit be aoo- pted. Wi'uesa: C D 8 t*anuir! j E. P. 180k 1 hereby oerufy that Use a be re named -??? are known bma as men o? property and abW to ewu Unittd Stmt** Duirict Attmm*?. ar CWiecfer ; No foto'at will be e??B? dered uaJsss saaompanied by the ab?re g narantse. (Newaatera au harmed to MbUafe fe at-ora wjl aenJth* fip^r tn t* ing t LS IrsC ins'it 0B to this crtJce for exari^r.ncn ) , . P^np >*ai? to be e i?Ura d 'Proposm for R a Loos U? IK a." aad l llrtn'f U ths v?4erei*ne.t mn imm, ? W. S, 1LACIU 1 HT-ifirtw Major i?e t*wt?fw?wn ? 11 THE WEEKLY STAR. Vhla uo*ileal Family u4 N?w? JntmIcootalaiag a greater variety of lntereottag rtadla* tbaa oaa be found 1* ur "tber?la pabttobed oa Friday atoralag. Tbim*?ca*h, mmrtakif, aa 1?w? Single oopt, per win w 91 ? Hw copies < ?> Ten ooplea ? a, Twenty-!** copies SB ?i II lBTBritblj OOaUjBB the "WMkitftw NOW?" ttal baa made 7\s DaaJp BOewta* Stm emulate : t> (teneraUy throuftbout the country U7" Single copies (la wrapper*} caa So prt>cured at the counter, Immediately alter tfce taaae of the paper Hrtoe?THREE CENTS. ? ? IIELMBOLD'S ' GENUINE PREPARATION. "HIGHLY COSCSNTUATXU'* Compound Fluid Ix tract Bmcfeu, d Potmrt and Moemtdf For Dimiiii of tie BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRWEL aad DROPSICAL SW KLTLINGR Thte Mcdioice Increases the power of DtgeeCua , and fxeit** the ab?obbixt* Into naaithy aoti<>a. hf which the watiit ok c*Lciaot?dir?i u??, and a. an ri^BrT, a-" 1 'am am) ihblammatiok, aad u g-jwi fuf MKN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. I HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaknee*ee Arising from Kie-tci, Habits of Dteeipatloa, Kar'y I'duor*l)na or A^aee. Attended ttitk the Fcllotetng Symptom? : Indiapos'tinn to hxertion, Lo?s of Power, I.nee of Memory, DJBcalty of rtreathiag. Weak N'rv* . Trrattaf, {Horror of D??ase, Wakefulueer. >imne?s of Vkihii. Pain in rh* Haot. ;niv?'?a I latitude of the M uarular *-rat* in. Hot Ha.d*. Flaahins of the Body. Drya* a of the ^k(n, E'aptlooa oa the Faoe, __ r* LIP COCKTBKABCB. Thene symrr m*. it a owed to ao ? a. whtoh tbia medie>ne inva ? ly fm^vea. Boon 'o ,o*i IMPOTENCY, F ATUI TY. EPIUEPTIC FIT*. In one a/ wkitk the Patient may AVyr*. Who can tar t.a tare rot fetueatly N lowed by thoee "r-iBBriL vnutii," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Manj are a?a-e of the raieeo' their Buffering. act Mora will ro?ret>e. THE RECOMDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And th> M'lan'kol* Drat hi by OafBRfMa, BBAB AM TLB WITKB?? TO TBI T|rT? or TH B AMUTM. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE APFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Kmuire? the atf -A medicine to strengthen and Invigorate the System. whiol. HKLMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU s??wrp?Wp d#f . a r*iAL WILLrflnrtri IKS n*mi utrnrBL. _______ ^ FEMA LES- EE MA L ES - FEMALES. OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED. OR contemplating Marriage. In Many Affection* Peculiar (e F>male? theExtraat Buenu lanr.eeua] d by aay other ram odf, ai in Chloroeia or Retention. Irr fuan*, Painfu new. or Suppression of Caatomarr fcvae nations. I'!c<*rated or Schirroaa atate df the t1te rua. Leaoor'hea or Whitaa, Sterility, aad for a" ooinp'eirta moident to the t+x. whether anatna from indiaoreuon. Eabits of DiaaipaboB, or i? tha DECLISE OR CHANGE ?F LIFE ' ABB 1TMPTO?a ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Tak> no tnetrt BaUam, Afrrrarf, er t'ay<?a?aai Medicine /er Vnj Idiwl and Danfefow Dtaaaaaa. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CVBBa BEIRET UIICASEH In al* tneir Si a sea; At UUia Expenee Liti.e or no ohacce in Diet; No luoonvenieaee. And no Arpojwra. Itoauaea a fre^a at desire a-?i fivea atraafth 'n L' , the et>? Rem <vin( i>l?etiuotiona, Prtveating and Cunut Siriotarta of the UrethraAllayinc rai and lull animation, eo fre^uant tn the eliaa of di ?ra>ee. an 1 > x/eiUag ail Pouenout Lhstaled, and teem ml Matter. THocaawi?"? reo!? rnor?xnua WHO HAVE BEEy THE VICTIMS OF <J LACKS, and wuo tave paid kaatgjft to be eared ut a abort time, have fjunl th- j were deoeiv-d, and that tha poiao-" naa, by tha uae <.f"m?*rful aiinaiaair" been drifd up in Che ayatem, to br^BB obi ui aa Mgravate<l form, and PEKHAPS AtTEK MARRJAGM. U^> HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT ?VCHU foi all addctioLa an 1 d.aeaaw of the IHINAKY ORGANS, whether ex attng in .HALE OR FKtlUK, lrom whatever oaaae oncinaUng and ao matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diaeaeea of theee Orgaaa require the aad of a DiCBBTIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it le oartaiu to have the re aired effect ib all Disease a for wtira it u retom mend id. BVIDBHCB OP TBB MOAT BBWPOBS1BLE 4*r LIABLE CBXBACTBB will aooompan; the medioiaea. CERTIFICATES OF CURR8. , From 8 to ? years' standing, With Nainea knowr <o SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS" PLMASf NOTICE." WB MAIB "BO SBCBBT" OF ' 15?PU?IB*T? " HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT 0UCHU a composed ol Huohn. Ca^be and Jaaipar Samoa, seteoted with great oare by a eompeUai drarftaC PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. UELNBOLD, Praotloai and Anaiyttaal CheniaC and Bote Man alaoturer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Paraonallv appeared oefore roe. an Alder? of the oi.ty of Philadelphia, U. T. Hwho being duly awo n.dota iay. his preearattoueaoa tain no other lajBnewe ' drw i t. atiJiBouD. N!^JS5?"nM w&'rkS^F*' Aklermaa. Ninth at..a:?re lUtee. rhiW PHYSICIANS IN ATTtNDAMCB FROM * A. M TO F. M. Price SI P*r battle, ar eix lar |l, Datlverad to aay addraae. ataaraty paakad froa obaarvatiou. Addraaa letteia for mfirmBtioa la aoaSdaaae te H. T. HELMBOLD. OUa?ta?. ( Depot, HH South Tenth at., below Cheetnat, PVUa. KEWARE OF COUNTBRFEiTS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to diepoae -of Ibetr ow^l *otaer" artielee oa tae rapatatioa attained bp HoltnbaUPt Gtnmn* Preparation*, a < Extract Bacha, I ?, u 44 RarsepariHe, ** *' Improved Root VaM. > ? W Bald by S. B. Wajti. Z. D. Bujlbb, Jaaa ? Wum. S. C. Foaa, s. B. hsrwiBTLB. B. C. Majob, Kidwbll A Latuki, J, R. Rami, Waahmgt? aad Gaorgatowa. ASD XLL DRUGGISTS gVtRfWHERM f ASK WOM, HXLMBOLD S TAja 50 OTHERS 1 Cat oBt the alveitiaaaeet aadaaadtaru. AND AVOID I?i*0BiriON mJ KXJFOfWUL Brierm Symptoms am cJ) C < SMTMUM 0flH Urftttfl t mnt* *%

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