Newspaper of Evening Star, October 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 14, 1861 Page 2
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I ?_ : THE KVKMNG STAR. WASliiVGTON CITY: MONDAY... OcUkfr 14, 1*1. ?>r* Fmir> en ai ?bc rurl us miliary ri>mp? and ro?!tlo?? ?H1I ronfit a ftvor by ke^pin^ t? posted * *o AMnmortta *pd aPfcln In tUeir rtplnltlc*. Spirit ! the M?rnti| Preaa. The l*"lhf'nrtT tr?Mta upon the mlgappreben t?na wb'ch have arinen in Kurepe with regard tr> ?* alleged in'ervic jt h?twren Garibaldi and a n>#?aenger of the United State? Government The Krpuehcin Id an article upon the National rd'torHl of Friday, cbargn that P'i*r wi'h bavin* exerted Ifaelf to the otmoet ertent ?f ita lntnen** (".'.though unwittingly) to plunge the countiv '.uto Ita present condition orit MILITARY BUDGET. ~ the irrAtion. At about 5 p m on Saturday, a portion of Beau* Yegard'a force, consisting of at leaat three regirrenta In slgbt. made their appearance near Minor'a Hill, a considerable eminence about two mllea from Lewlnsville, lntb?di?ertlon of FallaCburrh. Our plcketa bid b*cn driven in from that point on the night before, and such demonstrations had been discovered fin Ibe war of increased picket guarda, *c.) In (bat vicinity In the course of the (?attxfdaj>\) forenoon. aa cauaed dispatches to be sent he*e tbet Induced Gen. McClellan to hasten ever there somewhat earlier In the day than uaufal. These demonstrations were the discovery by scouts from the rrspectlve command* of Gen ?mith and Gen. Fltx John Porter, of signs of three or four strong bodies cf the enemy, stretch'og long a line mostly concealed by woods, on!y four isilet distant from our advanced entrenchments, from Lewlnsville on the right to nearly opposite Munson's Hill on the left The body *e?n about Minor's and Prospect Hill were a portion of this force thrown further forward than the rest. A portion of this force was cavalry, and Another portion artillery, consisting of a battery of six heavy pieces that had evidently been wheeled Into position r.a though about to open upon the Union forces opposite them. It was however pla n, from the efforts of the enemy to hide tbetnaalve? a* much is possible, that no attack *n des'gned by Besurezard that afternoon, whll? ?be signs indicated that he might venture one*oy daybreak yesterday (Sunday) morning Prince de Jolnvllle. by-thf-by*. remained Saturday night over the river with the ataff of Gen. McClellan. at Sraoot's ho ;se, a point betwetn Lewinsvill? and Prrsrrct Hiil. We hear that Gen. McClellan at -2 a. m. yesterday morning telegraphed to the President that B. ermrd disponed to open the ball in a few boura, and that he (McC ) wsi entirely prepared to defeat htm, in whatever force he might essay the experiment. To tb::t end our whole army on the other side of the river laid upon their arms on Saturday nipbt, ready to spring into line at the first tap of the lorg roll. At .la m various coluiuui of truops on this side t>f the riv? were p?t in inottoir. among them w? re some fifty p'eces of artillery, and perhaps four taoosand cavalry All thcse reserves proceeds across the river to a position from which they c juld Instantly move in any direction to the immediate front line, wherever the exigencies of A 1 ? ? - - <?? uutipanu engagement possibly require tbem. By daybreak, however, the different detachments cf Beauregard, previously seen In front of tmr lines, bad disappeared. It soou became evi. dent that tLev bad retired from ao close juxtaposition to any part of our position. Orders were then sent to oor artillery and cavalry reservt s to return to the several positions on this side from wt.lcb th y had advanced a few hours before Before noon yesterday tbey retraced tbelr steps and were again quietly In camp. It is evident that Beauregard'a movement of the day befors waa a msrs reconnoiasanc* in some force, to ascertain our precise position on the recent extension of our front line. It, however, made extensive and prompt movements of our whole army necessary, as a precaution, which were executed In a manner calculated to give our general officers increased confidence In their troops. For thirty-six hours the city has b-en full of the wildest Imaginable rumors of battles, movements. Ac ; the ground for tbem being simply the circumstances we narrate above. Our belief Is that at six a. m to-day. a body of oar troops, accompanied by some six hundred upper* ftoa ar.nere, pr? c?M?-a to lay Minor a bill bare with the ax, ao that by nightfall It will have ceaaed to afford opportunitlee for concealed reconnoleaancea of oar po*it<ona on the right, or for a poaalble attack upon thcae po.iitlo:ia from tbe cover of denae wood*. In tbe coarae of tbe day yeaterday a commencement waa made in tbe work of clearing Minora bill of poaalble future cover for an attacking force By tbe time we go to preaa to-day it will have been finiehed, and an Union fcroe ao p&ted upon It that no more of tbe enemy'eecouta will v-nture upon It. Ita occupation by Uen MeClellan, aa e*plained above, ta equivalent to a forwa d movement of bia advance of perbapa two mllea. At one tin* yeaterday forenoon Generate McClellan, Barry, Stoneman, Fltz John Porter, Butterfleld. and Morell?eix general ofllcera?together on bat bill HSLO I SI CC8TODT Tk? man Byrd who not long aince deeerted hi* Mai ?/l ? ? -* ? mo iuiwi vi [aunnu arcounui ior IDC war Department, and ramoaed to R lcbmoad, contl nu? to be held la caatody there, for a Pederal apy Il?derervea hla punishment for bla treachery to hla country Moat of oar M\ow citiz?na of the Federal Met'opoUawlll remember a mau named Martin, from Mlaalalppl, who, whllan, was Secretary Jacob j Tbonpaon'a right bind man In afTatra of the Inferior Department He la known to the country at iarze m tbe peraon aent by Secretary Thompson to Kaoaaa id the t)m?? of the caudle-box troabiea there, to report on the then exlatlng condtUos of thinga in the Territory. He took the oath of oAceaa a clerk in the Interior Department ainca the advent of the present admlnlatration to power but waa aubarquentiy removed from hla ilcrkablp. Shortly after that oceurrcd, be went to Richmond, Intending, aa be alleged, to Uke part with Jeff Davis & Co. On bla arrival there. , . however, be waa arreated and thrown into prison | on aeronnt of having taken the oath of office here AH the aubarquent t fforta of hit friend* to effect hie release are aaid to have been in vain; Davta emphatically refnalng to lia'en to the propoeition not ao. Aa we go to preaa to-day a etry floa** over the clty.aaytng that on Hatarday lien Hank* threw ftftoen thouaand and yeaterdav eleven thouaand troop* over the river. TLey were all -'men in barkraai ' He made no movement to crpaa the river whatever. 5avt yard. there have keen no arrlvala of Importance at the Yard ainee Saturday. The propeller A C I'owell arrived froui New York day before yeaterday. hot with no aewa. Yeeterday the R B For bee went down, and thia morning the Mount Vernon and Puaey left. Treaideot Lincoln vialted the Yard on Saturday afternoon, and lnapected the progreaa of the work filing on 811 a C. Burn*, of the telegraph line, haa been made & member of the U. 8. T. C.. and la atatlor.ed at the Navy Yard, In place of Stephen CwU, removed There v* aa bow newafroin the flotilla thi* morn. 1?* m t Uy*A single Arm In Philadelphia em ploys 4 t14l> band* In (be manufacture of ahlrta and drawers fcr tb? army. tSu uilllaare re-jwired to furulah the necessary suppi! v of flannel. iX7-Uor?rnirvmt hb ???*d an order for the construction of 3uu wago* to ** made upon tbe Mm* principle an i cf th# ,aal* materia] as tbe , metallic life boat I'liwiAi -fio*ff?o( Morgan. o% Nrw tork, arrived In this city on Saturday Thurlow Weed. Esq , is In Ibis city. * V J IJU I.ATEST FROM THE SOUTH ISTHt?riX? IHTF.T.ttOUtH * FROM THK COMFKBKIt ATS LI.1K8. From hte^tathern pipnr? '*e take the followJng: *o\* rr* foto**c h to b* ciohi* [Cotr?pon?lenre ofth<- N"w Ort?Ul? Picayune j Faikfa*,Sept 19 ?Th* t'pp*r Potomac Ibrtbw distance of many nitU*. between and me raws oeiow, a rora .ty.r ?t rr.any p'acet the whole year round, except durln<; very high Wate?. At preten', bowevf r, the water la *?ry l&W, and I learn frotn the country will continue to grow lowt-r till about i be 10th or 15th of November. For tbe *pate of alx w?ki. therefore, military operation* can be carritd on with perfect aafoly on both *idea t f the river We have pawed tbe rainy season and already entered upon the dry Many of the Mountain wwis are till full from therffect of passing ?howeri, but tbelr contribution* bave but little Influence upon the river For nearly two week* now it has Wen easy for large bodlea of men to paaa over at the principal fords, and within tbe space of two week* more, t am &Mur?d. it will become fordable at alrftoM every print Tbe current In many placet 1* rapid at all timet, but tbe bottom't Arm and the water hallow A wefl equipped army, moreover, haa a thousand advantage* In the pasaage of a river o?er the common country peaple, who cannot make fords at will. From my own observ tlomand what tbe neighboring people have told me. therefore, I have no doubt that tbe Upper Potomac can be crosaed with safety by a large and well-appointed armv, at almost any place between l.eesbrtrg and the Fall*, and anytime between this and tbe 1st of November, without dang r of being cut off from tbe baa<? of Ita operation*. Should the people of Maryland. Indeed, prove aa trne to us aa we have reason to believe, that Ptate might cf Itself easily oe made the bate of operations Especially would this be the case If the recent successes of General Lee result tn driving the invader completely cff the toll of Northwestern VIrglnia, and gaining possession again of the Baltimore and Ohio Rallroid from Grafton down The en^my would then be completely checkmated on all sides?at Harper's Ferrv at Leesburg, at Arlington Height* end a' .lexandria?while the union of the two victorious armlet would (-ton drive the oppressor* of Maryland back to their own soil. TH* YASIH5K* WOS'l FIGHT The shore of the Lower Potomac, below Alexandria, i? even mere rough and rugged than tfcat above. It wss m> d'fflcult forheavv artiliery, indeed, that the direction of the Invading army wns changed after it began its march, and only two days before the battle of tbe'ilstof July With the exception of the immediate shore in the vicinity of Alexandria, ail the rough country is held by us, and can be made a strong position for further operation*, at the same time It furnishes abundant forage for the army of occupation From thence, also, under the protection of batferiea In progress of erection all along the Virginia shore, an army can safely be moved across the river Into Lower Maryland a* above. Washingten would then be flanked on both sldet.and seeing the danger of being cut off from communication with Annapolis and Baltimore, the detpota tbere enthroned would not long discuss the propriety of a retrrat It is doubtful. Indeed, if thev could keep an army there a day without the risk of loalng a large portion of them as prisoner*, and all tbelr afore*, arti.lery and ammunition aa spoils ?certainly not an army so demoralized aa that which fl?*d in a panic from Bull run. As to the people of lower Maryland, there can be no donbt of their a'iroat unanlmoua sympathy with our cause They have favored ua from the beginning, and continue to fivor ua, the whole people, in the moat marked maniier, and frequently at the risk of their Uvea. Their country, litd<>fd, ia row nearly the only one through which fugitives from the North can reach their hornea and friends in the Confederate States with fcafety TDK RKB3L COAST AND ITS DKPENCiS. | Mismatches *o the Southern I'rtsa J New Oklkan* Oct 1?Ttie Richmond correspondent of the DWta telegraphs that partiea from New York sav that formidable federal expedition is destined for Brunswick, Ga An engagement occurred on Wednesday between the Confederate >>attcri*s and the encmy'i veaaela off Kvanaport. on the Fotomac, about Aquiacreek. Theateamera hauled off crippled Roseran* has Gauley river and la marching oti Wlae. The Festal Department will Issue five cents stamps next we?k [Krom the Wilmington (N C ) Herald ] Brunswick is situated o ? the north aide of Turtle river, MB milea frein Mllledgevllle It* harbor Is reported spicleua and safe, and one of the beat on the Southern coast The Turtle river and Altamaha are connected by the B unawlck coast The Brui swlck and Florida Railroad, extending toward* Penaacola and Mobile, lain the course of conatructlon The town Is thirteen and * half mlt#?? *hov?. tk? ?nH 1"k? "v? the lighthouse cn Si Sirooud'i Island Vessels drawing over thirteen feet of water cannot cross the bar at low tide The population of Brunswick la set down at 2.WW. Federal troops. If they were successful, could greatly annoy the surrounding country. But this will never l>e The people of Georgia are fully warned of the detign upon that point, and they will scarcely permit it to fall Into the hands of the enemy. [ <jC A KH EL BFTWKSN FLOTIl A.!?D THE OiriCIll OF Tim WHS I.KRIOS It spears that the officers of the Wise legion ( have disapproved of Fiovd's conduct, and published tueir opinions In the Richmond Knqnlrer. a' which Floyd ia greatly grieved, and sends a letter to the Knqu:rer. < f whi'h the following Is an extract: 41 Ihadiiunrttri Army of Kinncna, ) Camp on rkweil, Oct 8, letil \ lu the Enquirer of Oct 1st. you have published certain letters, dated In Camp Defiance, purporting to be written by an officer In the wise Legion," under my command These p*r?ons pretend to narrate my conduct in this campaign, particularly in the late a- tions on the Gauley arid retreat, to Meadow Bluff Their statements are calumniatory fafrs-hoods, having no shadow of truth for their foundation; but their Intention, and not lens their malignity, Is too obvious to permit me to believe that they can be 1'jurlous, either to my own reputation or that of the army which I then commanded." He then proposes to leave his reputation to history, and to his "llviug countrymen who love justice " in conclusion, he demands the n;.mes of the officers who Invented and published the libels against "their general, tbat they may be tried by the military tribunals, and punished according to the laws of the armv " To this Wrtter the proprietors and editors of the thna "K.\qcibk? Orrtci, f)cMer in, i?Sl. ' John B Floyd, Esq : Sir: Your letter oi October <1 ia before ua Not recognizing any authority in yourself, either individually or aa commander of tbearmy of Kanawha, to demand the 'namea of i ur correapondenta, we decline to comply with vour requeat "Tyler, Wisb 4 Alleore " "We dec 11 n?-d to furnish the names of our correapondenta to Gen. Floyd, bcauae of hla purpoae to ?ek hia vindication through a court-martial, inate d of the u?u*l mode among gentlemen. Whenever Gen Floyd propoaea a personal vindication. the namea of our correapondenta aball be furniab'd " We ahali diamiaa this letter with theatatement that the rkarnr.tttt of our lorrefpomUntt have H'Vtr slamt't ev tk'. ?usptr.i<m of a enrne, and that the charge of fiUehood akaln>?t tbein is much eaaler mid*1 than proved They are gentlemen, the ?qualf> of (ieu Flovd, in every respect, and what Ibey have averred in their communionUoia, we believe to be true in letter and uplrlt " kape< tbn death of wise. We are extremely sorry to learn tbat last evening the health of Gen Wlae bad not exhibited any I 1II|HU VCIUCIJ k. ?l?? 11111 Ull CnDalllOll riClWl very grave apprehensions ?liirhmond Enquirer, Oct 11 <i(jvkittatkd estate*. ><ln?-e the :wtu i-eptember, estit^s and property valued at JbJO 000 have beenconflscated. Among those wlo uave thus suff red are the following: Auguste Belmont. 5UI ho??be?d* of tobacco, valueatfiiK),uu>; Arm of Woods, l.owry A Farant, of Norfolk; O M Fry A Co . of New York; Chickerlng A Hons, piano manufacturers, through their Richmond agent; an estate of ?00 acres, fully stocked with negroes, live stock, Ac , owned by Wm C Rives, jr , of boston; au estate of 1*00 acre*, wltb a full stuck of negroes, Ac , belonging to Francis Rives, of New York city; and an estate of H(JO acres, stocked with negroes, Ac.; the property of Mrs Sltfourney, of New. ^ ork city. Agents have been appointed to take care of tbeae estates beleare of aeorob w vaxdkrgblfr. This man was formerly superintendent of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, and was strongly suspected of soni" Indirect agency In the collision wbtch occurred on tbat read just prior to the battle of Bull Run, and whl^b delaved far ?<im? hours the junction of Johnson's force* with those of Beauregard He was arrested and confined in Richmond, bat has been released, over which the Enquirer laments, as be waa a "good engineer, and has bad an opportunity of gaining a vast amount of Information, wblrh he is now able to convey to the Yank res " He has received hla passports and will soon be here. tbi valiant books a prtob Is a candidate for Congress, and tbe Enquirer ays that " to recount tbe services of Co!, rryor, to tbe cause In which is embarked all that is dear to the Southern heart, may seem to be unnecessary " ck4sat1un or hostilities dcbikg tbs wistbb. Prvor's election is urged npon the ground that it " would aot interfere with his military duties, inaatnoch as hostilities will probably enUrtly etast during tke wmUr montm '' chickbbins's pianos. Mr. Nathaniel Carusi, formerly of thlscltr, who waa tbe Richmond ageat for tbe sal* of Cotckerlag's pianos, was the party la whose ha ids tbe i 1st of them receatly confiscated there were found. IE7* Gov Sprague, of Rhode Island, positive It declines both tbe honors snd the profits of a >laj ht Generalship. Having had some etperleuce. be dedlass to rush la where angels fear to MM. jT ' ~' - - . ill r F??r I>*ys Later (rta Enrspc. The Steamship Glasgow, which sailed from Liverpool on Wednesday, Oct. 'id, via Queenstown Thursday, the .Id, parsed Cape Race on the ll?h Instant, en route to New Vork. The London in *n article expatiating on the recent proclamation of Major Geutrfcl Fremont, lays this document is not to be wondered at, and the adoption of the abolition doctrine may, if the strife goes on, be socce*?ful!y urged ttport the L'nited States government, but fear* the lesult of such a measure would not be satisfactory. A London company is being formed for cotton cultivation at Queensland with Coolie labor. A submarine telegraphic cable hns been successfully laid from Milta to Alexandria. I be Paris Constitutional asserts that the negotiations relative to the intervention in Mexico have aDproached no d'-flni'e result. No conven tion whatever has as yet Ween drawn tip. Tbe St. Petersburg Bee predict* the early recognition by Franee of the Southern Confederacy. Tbe Anglo French Commerf Sal treaty went Into operation on tbe lit instant An lmpert?r?t decrr* opens the principal French porta for the Importation of cotton and woolen yarn* from England ar.d Belgium The Bank of France ha> further advanced the rate of discount from 5 ^ to 6 per cent. Military Morisixiri. ? The movement* through the city for the past few days Indicate nothing more than the naoal activity of troopf) on their way to the C&plfol Since the pisaajje through of Col Wllson'a Massachusetts Infantry, numbered 1,350 muakets, there have passed through a command of the Boston Light Artillery, Col Pollock. 160 strong, with battery lit complete order; the Forty fifth New York Infantry, 935 muiketa, under tb- commar.d ol Col Strauberger, a detachment of 200 of the Second Pennsylvania Regiment, Col Campbell; a detachment of 200 Infantry of tbe Fifth Pennsylvania Regiment, Col. Graham, the latter en route for Harper'a Ferry. Alio a raiment or Infantry of Pennsylvania numbering 1,010 muiketa, commanded by Col Goanell, and aeveral parka of heavy artillery. The ahlpment of army atorea continue* to such an extent aa to require the utmost transportation facilities of the Baltimore anrt Ohio Railroad, and It is evident that the ntmcst care and iudament are exercised In their selection, packing and forwarding for the ?peclal use of the army of the Potomac ?Bait. American ft lE7*The sword ordered by the authorities of Philadelphia for Major General McClellan ia completed and will be pre?ented In a few days The scabbard la of solid silver, heavily gilt, and ornamented with representations of Justice and the Pennsylvania coat of arms; the blade la highly polished and etched with taste, and the hilt ia set with pearls and diamonds, and surmounted with an eagle in the attitude of setting a rattlesnake. General McClellan's Initials are carved In relief on the guard. The whole is enclosed In a handsome morocco case. 10" The Toronto Globe, of the 7th Inst , alluding to the arrest of Col Rankin on a charge of violating the enlistment act, says : " In copying the ' information,1 our reporter at once recognized the handwriting of Mr. George Sheppard, who has been acting as editor of the header for the past two months, and wmbefore that a " southern sympathiser' in Washington and Richmond " This Incident reveals the animus under which this unfriendly arrest was made. |0~An Imperial decree dated February 13th. 1"WI1, authorized the importation of fW'elgn cloths free of duty on condition of their being re-exported after having be**n printed at French mills. Since that date, about. 9300 OtO of printing cloths have been imported into France, a considerable portion of them from K.njland. and the printing of them has nearly doubled their value. If f* llntVHffit r?f ? Kir.lo ? r .. ? ... ? ? v* U'tl.UO QIC CUIJUUyCH at the Trov Arsenal, and the greatest activity prevails i? all the department* Ah many as tliree hundred and forty thousand ball cartrln<r< * were lately made in one daVi to complete an urgent order from the War Department. The average la two hundred and fifty per diem C7" Mr. Jamel Pprague, at Marhiasport, Me , recently killed a voung ox, four year* old. which had been ailing for about nine weeks; a thorough examination was made of the Intestines, itc , which resulted In fiuding a common sized 44 brown-thread" needle lodged in his heart. U7" The carriage house of ex President Buchanan, at Wheatland, Pa , was broken open last week and a valuable set of double harness, purchased shortly after hit Inauguration at a coat of ?530. stolen. C7" By request of the Governor of Alabama, the banks of that State have suspended specie payments, and taken on deposit, and in payment of debt* due them, Confederals notes at par. 1X7" The cash value of male slaves In Charleston, S C , at present, as shown by a recent auction sale, is S315; female $400. JIT" Of the thirty-el ght locoraotl vea oa the Nashville and Louisville railroad, the rebels have seized thirteen. 1X7"The International Hotel at Niagara was closed for the season on Tuesday The Cataract will remain open a short time longer. 07*If P?or man's wife breeds too fast In these times, she may breed a famine r 3?i. u, u, f\?UKArMl) U)UUE.-Tlie Regies u ar Quarterly Communua'i< n ?fR. W. Grand l-odgeof the t) stnot of Co umbia w;li be he d at oocf Keil j*i' Hall, 7th rt, on monday KVKNINU. the 14th in?t4n .at 7 c'oock. oc 12 2t J- UN T. BAN St*. G. Sep. fTr* NO'l'IC The members of Fed*ra I oilie, 1 L 5f No. l.ofF A Masons are hereb* notified that the "Annual Visitation" of the Grand i.idr? wll take place on TUESDAY E V K NI >i G, the IMii inut Prompt attendance is rarnestly revues ed. 'I he member* of sifter l.odrww, and ?oj turning brethren, are cordially invited to be present. B? order of the W. M.: oc 12-3t* THOMAS RICH, Sec ryTHK UNION PRAYER MEETING IJ? will bi holden E VER V DAY thi? week in tn? English Lutheran Church, correr ol H and ilth sts., oominenoinK a', haif-past? o'clock p. in . to be oontinued one hour only. oc 7 3m TV departmentof^uetropolitan J.9 POLICE?The Board of Police Commis sioners having tak -n the houee 516 Eleventh St., an business oounrKst'd with the Polioe of the oity will be transacted at that aiao*. A centra1 oompl&int boot will be opened, and oitisens are res nested to call and enter any o >mfilaints they rnsy have to make ol any matter re a lnc to the police or health of the oity fce27 \V B. WEBB Superintendent Y??COMPANY -A," U. 8. KNGINKERS!^ I 5} Fifty intelligent and able bodied mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max iinum fixeu by law?ISO men. inquire at No. 44-J 6 street Pay from 913 to ?34 per month, besides food and olothinc. au 17 tf N "HANDS' LINE" OTICK ?Consignees per steamer C. C. Alter, from Philadelphia, will please at 1 1 ^ tend to receiving tn?ir gooCs, now t I inr *t n?n?rs' ?? w barf." " H YDE 4 I)A VIDSO N, It* Agenta, Georgetown, D. C. WE STHMT?~ONTINITE THKHALB OF thf? great bar. am# in Hi I k o! all kin Mr ny choice thiogs in Ner Mertnoea, Iriah Poplira. Mtiua^eilne*. Merino Piaida, fto < arpo a, Curtains, Mug*, Oilnlntha. Matiinga, to., upper flt-ora. PERKY A. BRO , Pa avenue and Ninth et, oo 14 5t 'Perry Baildins " /^OU0H8,~COLI)* H<>AR8ENE-8, &o. V> TYLXR'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM AH ABIC Thia pie ea it and popular C<>ugl< R*med? has been to long known and ext-naively used that moat persona have neooine fam'liar with ita eitraordiuary efficacy. It oan be had at all the prino pal drug atorea, at 25 and 50 oenta a bottle. oo M d3mAeo4m* FINE 8HAKKR AND othkr white Kl.AN N El.8. with all o'ber kinds of Woo ena f -r Autumn and Winter us?. On* prioe only, ma ked in plain figure* ; henoe, no purchaser ia deceived All buying ami aelang being now redqoed to the oaah ataut.'ard. nur whole scale of prioea ia made to o< nform thereto. An examination of stock iir.phea no obligation to purohas*. PERRY A BRo.. Pa avenu- and Ninth at. oo U &t "Per.y Buil'iing." LUMBER! LUMBER!! 700,000 feet or LUMBHH, ooLBifting of WHITE P1NKPLANK.??AK PLANK, MAPi^E PLANK. POPLAR. CHERRY. BMSWiKlD, Ao., for aale ?ery low for oaah, to oloae oonaignm^nt, by J. HKNRY KlKtta, oo 12 7t 81 Ppear'a Wharf, Ba timore. in *'t* hand ? IUu.8 TREASURY NOTES, whioh will be aupp led at par to oar ouatomera, free of oha'ce. D"ina d 'Ireaaury Notes, as heretofore, wi! b? received on .1e?n?it a* apeoie. . hWEENY. RITTENHoUBh, KANT k. CO., oo 12-Im Hanker*, 3."W Pa av., near Biown'sA K I'aKII-IA I. I.KGH Aivn Uiiunj ? ? ? ?Y ?? Selpho's Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 416 Bkoadw.y Niw Vokk TbM) nnri? ailed aubatttitee for loat limba, whl-sh aave ?tot d the toet ofoY. r 87 yeara ?xr npc.ce. ard buys n ver txten knr?aa*e<l, oan b* bad onlt of WM. SfcLPHO, Patentee, 510 Broadway. New Vorfc o IMw SOFUCEHS ANV SOLDIXHS. GHT DK * 'Trt a?!d on all tar.a of the United Statee, in nmi to anit othoera and eo diera. A ao, Drafts on L ndon. Ireland, Scotland, aloe, and Germany. Unourrent mon-v boaght at bfat rmtea. HWfcENV, K1TTKNHOUSK. KANT * CO., oo lUn Banfc?ra. *33 Pa.av ,aear Brpwo'e. KKfSANU POPLIN8, Plaid a?d Plain, new oh?ap and atytiah thinga One pr?o oaly, marked in ?lai* ficurea. PKRRVA HRU, oo?tt Pa. avenao and Ninth at. L'OR CBILDRKN.?Bright Ptaid Cloth , noh ? winter ool jre. Muuaaelino#, Merinoe, Chutsea, A. o Wl h aii other kiada of Dry Uooda. One pnoe only, marked inJtlain ficurea. PKRRY* 81Q., | MIR Pa. areaw and Niaik ?U ( 9 I AMUSEMENTS. T H K A T I? R. * MOSD/lY Otfrbur 14. 0-#nt*t>d Ooutirijt-d ^ueo'mof MISS S? SAN DENIN, , , Who Wii! apr> ar thi? ?v"Uir in ,r.? Comtdy of TJE FOLLIES O * V NIGHT. And th? Knroe o' TilK h TON B Y. 1^_ TIIE COTILLON PAKTY THAT WiS TO 'a-cen p \ce la?t f hurflay, at Odd g% F(all, Nnvj Yard, was po<t;ored JH . til! TUESDAY EVENING, th* 1MI1 Ooo , h'r Tioko'a yi pent* Pii.enu t<? oenin.*n~*Wii? ; at 8 o'oloc k ^er ord<?r. co 12 3t* I I AFA YETTE AND THE STAR SrANGLED jLi_ MANNER. ujr Keqies' of our man? I adf Friends, the Mem bers of the LAFAYETTE CI.UQ intend civine their NINTH ORAND COTILLON PARTY At F*i>klih Hall, oor 9 h and D sts , On TUESDAY EVENING. October !? >. 1K1. The Committee pledge the*T selTes that no p*ins or exren*e will l>e apared to make this aqua! # to our lust Pa tr- A oelebrated ootillon batd H is ergated for the oosasion. JJA Tick ts ?0 cents, a nuttirg a nentlfiracUH^ and lad ion. oo f-St* REviEM HER th* METROPOLITAN BOYS. M OND AY n to HT, Iki 141*. The members of the Metropolitan Club. No. 1, take pioa?ii<e in annonnoli c to th?lr friend* J% and th pahlio In rene-a! that the? intend g ving their F^mth br<nd COTiLL< N/B P\RT* at Thorn's Ball, 7th at., onwV MONDAY EVENING Oot 14 The Committee pledge themse ve? that neither pains nor expanse will te spared t-> mak* this the best Part? cf the season, .--pierd'd cotllon mnste has been engaged ior the occasioH Tickets SO o?ct?, admitting a gentleman ivd lad'es. CiW!m.(lM of AiTWgtmrm'*M Morris, Joseph Fletcher, VVm A Chauncev. Beni Leach oo!2 ?t* ODD FBI.LOWS' HALL! Hkvshth, Above D Pt. IMMENSE SUCCESS

of the CAMPBELL Ml VPTt Kt.S ! 1? STAR IS STAR PER FORMER?. IN A CHOICE PROGRAMME EVERY NIGHT. Look out for NEW YEARS CALL! FRESH NOVELTIES In Active Preparation. Admission Twentjr-five Cents. coll Dr. G. FOR D. Agent. wants" HOU^E WANTED; situation w??t of Tenth ft pr?f^rred: rent not to exceed ?3W. Addrfit "A- 7. ." Star Offi op ? 2t* WANTED?VI- RAL PERSONS competent to do plain *ewin* "nd embro'drry Apply a? the Kmbr--der* store No 459 irnth st , betweea D and E *ts. oe'?3t* ATTPN HON !?Ten able bodied M-n wanted, to fill a o mpanv in the Fi-st District P*?im'nt. App:y immediately opposite Forrest Hall, QeornP'own. oo '4-2t WANTED?By ayoar.g girl w! ocan come well recommended a SITUATION as chambermaid or nur?e, Address "J C oo*ner Mary land av. and Seo"?nd st east oe 14-2t* WANTKD? Br a r*sp'ctab'e 'our g woman, whoca - come w?U recommended, aSITTATION as chambermaid and to tew. Inqmre at 46*2, corner Thirteenth and K stsM from 9 a m to 8 p. m It* WA NTED? One o more R"OM , on or re-r Fa av n'ie, for a first cla^s te.-ta'ir%nt and Ixrer oeer saloon. Any person r>?ri'n su^h spaitin n?s to lot may ad Jress Box 506 Fo?t Oifioe. Q3 14 ?' HOt,kiK \V ANTKD.?A small Houie.or part of a hotisp, furnished or unfurnished. for a man an'" w>fs -without children, from 5 to in minute*' wsik of the ,\*wy Depart" ?nt Kent rr.odoate; payment prompt. Address "Thomas," St<r Office, oo 14-lw* WANTKD-A cood family cariiage HORSE, warranted sound a'd p-rfoot'y >afe, will bt.d - 1 U. I/-. - ? ? r% j-u'vju'wrr u* m'p jn'K i\muram% n?iKn(8. pmce forin?r!y owned (> Mr. Vivan A inn. a good milch COW, giving not less than 5 gallons per day. oo14-3t* \\'A NTKD?Two goo l WAlTKRS (or eatirg ?? sa oon. Apply immediate j to T. PO TENTIN I, 279 Pa. avenue, between 10th and 11th sts. oo 1 < 2t* WANTKD-A OARDENKR and FARMER On" asoustomed to tools pefe red. Must oome well recomm-nd?d fo's 'briotv a?d indtistr-, 1a d wi I ha vn a permanent Apply to Mr. H. 1)?HI0L A3';* tireen House. oo 13-3t* WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Waaiiirgton Brew?r? having oomm^nced brewing for th*> winter s?*Kon, the* oan eet Freih Grains evory dar at 4 o'clock, at wi oects per bushel. Call, one and ail. C. CuLINKAU, oo 10 im* I'-or K and Twenty sevnth sts. CLUTTER WANTED. Ca.l a?. WALL, STEj PHENS A CO.'S. 329 Pa avenn*. se 18 WANTED?A WOMA*, to ccok, wash and iron. '1 o a satisfactory per?on good wages wi'l be paid. Apply at 420 i\ew York av , betw. 13th and 14th sts oo 1 WANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS -so IVl.?rs competent to work on military goods. Apply G. Wal'. Stephens Jt ?'o rs. ?e25 WANTED. FOR THE CASH-All kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE'*. Persons leaving the city or liaviug a surplus will do well to call immediately, R. BUCH t.Y, je S 49* Seventh, between U aud II its. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Friday, 11th, an enamel BRKASTPIN, black, wit two whit* doven upon it. A re wanwil bo paid'.f deli?e'e1 *t No. 3 Fra^k id Place, 1 ?t.. I>t?iw??n 13t>? a d '4 h oe M 8** IO^T-On Friday, th? llth Oct b*r, a j NOTK on the Patriotic Hank. Tne finder will be I'berallr rewarded >? Wvirg it at CharIea G, Uati'a, K it.. No A Ola Un?on Kuildinr. It* JOHN T. PARKF.R I O^T <?H MISLAID?A rma'l roll or p\ 1* PK.RS, addre???d t? JOHN A (JKIMKS havuir been 1 fit or mm aid. a li!?eral rewaid wil l>? given on 'heir being returned to hia offi e Th' j are iiii?I?h to anyone el?e. on 14 LO<T?On Saturday, the 2Rth ultimo, at the Citj Poat' 'flioe a pair of Gold SP?-'? - . TAC'-KS, wi'h the name of "Fitx ^ hmh''?n?r*ved on th?m. Tne finder wil b'"nitahly rewardeJ by Iraving them at hou*e No Maryland av , near Sixth at.. In and. oo 14-3'.* RKW \ RD?Strayed or utolo-i. on Thur?day, t^e lftth in?t . a medium mied red bi ffilo CO w giving milk ; is rpott dflPMr with white, ver? low in the hir.d qua-ierg,K IV. an* when walking oarrie? her head n ar th< ground The above rew?"* w 1' be paid for hei return. <ocMSt*) JOHN MeCAW'HV. din HI" WARD.?Strayed or stolen, from tn< I subscriber's stable, on the loth in gy M&it, one ?orrel IIORSK, 1 or lfi har-.d* "L-TTl hi. It. l*lt hind log swollen abovo the kne#,^^2-* V:oul !? rears old and of go-.d styie. The abovi reward will be given to any one whr wil> r?tnrr the h >rse t-? m? Stable, or giving suon informaUoi as will kad to h s recover*. JAMS8 H. SHHEVK, no 14 3t* Sevent ?t., between H and I. UTNAVED AWAY-On the 1<?lh Instant, thre< dun M1!|,ES. A li!?er*l reward wil no oaiJfoi tlcir return to m?. at Fa?'? Co?l Wharf, Geortct??wp. P.O. (oc l?-2>*) THUS YOU.NG._ L<?-T?On Fri lay 'he llth irst, on Fa. av.. b? twpea 6'h and 7th sta . ONE HUNDRED ate EIGHTY I)Oi.l.*K8iu Maryland notes. A suit able rewaro will lu pvd to tn* finder on returninj t'te sam 'oJE^K B WILSON, at No. 32T Pa av.. bet 6th an.l 7th sts oo 12 3 * i^OUND? On my p.- misea on Thursday, th< r >oth in>t.,on 32i >t ,nfar the o:d G'^ss Hous* a sma 1 Black MAKE, atiout in hams high. Th< ownw is r*4u<?st*d to o^me forward, prove prop erty, pa? charges, and take her away. oo ? at* J. K FILE. TAKES' UP?On the 9th instant. two straye< HORSES rhe owner is requested to ?J\__ oome forward, prove prmerty^ 'Kill 3t* 1*0F st., between 2d'and 3d. fSTRAY ? to th? subaoriher'a premises Erf at Tenallytown, D C.,abay HOR8E. sev IS hai.ds btgn. The ow> er oai> have himjLSD by proving property and paying expenses incurred fur keeping, advertising. Ac oc li st JAMB8 PAXTON. fl? Ct KKW\RD.-Loiud?j before jeaterday, ? blank PROAlISsOKY NoTE BOOK, wit* about half the form* out not. As the memorandum! a e only of u<e to'the nubsoriber, the above reward w> 11 be paid for it* retnm to ray Lime Houee, or Ninth n., near the canal. 00 11-St WM H. GODEY. HPAKEN UP?On the premises of the subsenb*r, 1 on 8th Oct->ber, uue b aok and white COW, br&aa kntbs on tli* hor 1. IheWUf* owner it requ sted to come forward, prove property, pay oharg^s, and take he- away LOU>S GODFRY, corner of 0011 3t* 13th and P au., Washington. ?t> RRWARP FOR EACH HORSE.?FortyU? & l.-ur Horaes 8t?m eded; the fig are gy '1" branded on the rictit ja - of ail exoopt "V^TTl on , whtoh ta a dark aurrei Any onedeliv-^^2-^ enng the above to >he his Stable, back of Clay's Hotel, will reoeive the above reward, och)6t? J. H. DENNIS. HAMBURG CHEESE! II HAMBURG CHEESE' son lha Hamburg Chres- two y*ara o d, and very superior. KINti A HURCHKI.L. 00 12 Co-per Vermont av. ard 15th at. t^OR SAI.E VK* Y LOW?Two fin* Gold Pat ent Liver WATCHES and twu Silver or.ea. iaitiea inte rated m->at take notice. Aptly to O. MARTIN P oprietorof Frank MM I Itn Hotel, eorner 8 b an 1 D ste. 00 13-St* ! 'r^MlSCS^tAPHIC ARTirrS-^ MAR* m. tn4ni e-f or oj?,tUAH lor phutogiapaic urpo?c?. t Bi.t in the be?t tj 1*. with all the lateet improvem-t.u, atooLmi and fuf mated oomplet* Piio* $430, ca?h. Addreea J. U. WALZI., 913 B%IHm?ie at, Baltimore, oc Hit* BUTTKR, h.tiliS AND CMEK8E-P*o ??< Eir.htb St., Bttw?m Pa at* and D it?101 package pr-ni? Butler juel arrived. BiUbl* foi retailing. Freeh lata ooinirc ia regular, ia large , and im! pMkaiM A eo. Freeh Egg a and Cheeee, I atwhoteeala,aTt&$lowestrataa. TW____r * oo3m* D. ?. Dumow, ; pROPOcAL9 FOK INDIAN 0O?DS. Dju'aktmcwt or thi Inrmoi. I QjIm India* Afaxrt, Srrttmb^r It, 1161.1 Pkalsd P*oro?al?, en?i >raed " Propoatia for ImlluOoi^l." <C]M? 1.t,9or 4 OtWIMI b*,) to b? dfl rprai >C the e<ty rfi N? w Ymk, will h* refwtved ftt the <>Soe of Ii.Jiftr *(f*t'a ?gtl' 10 o'oiock ft. rfi , on Tcxsd&t, the 13th dftf of Oou ber next, tor farnj?iuii( the folio* i.| ^?n e4 ?rtiolec: run N?. 1. Mmtkintr Blnmbets. C i Dry G?odi. tMfftiri 3 icint wnue Mftcktt.ftc blanket*. to me**ure40 by 73 loohee. ftnd we gh pounla ?*Son pa> ? ;K-p iut whit- Mft-kinfti blftcseta, to m???ure M by f6 inch a, ftnd *?iib 6 pounda |,<v*)pair? J-pomt white Mft. k r.fto b!an*eta. to ireftsnre 42 by 56 inches, ftnd wriik I1 *. 3'Wpftir*'K romt white Mftokinfto bl ftr.keia, 10 met ure 36 by Mi inch**, an 1 weigh 4,V !ba. 5TO p&ira 1-point white .Mft.kinfto b ftnketa. to mea ure 32 by 46 inohea, ft:.d weigh SJK lbs 901 p%ira3 point ?cftrlst Mftckinae M?r keta, to mr&anre 60 by 72 in h-*a, ftnd weich I pounla "V"1 pairs .H point acft-let Mackinfto h ft'ke a/o measure 54 by 66 inches, and weigh 6 pounds 2V pa rs 2 point scarlet Mackinac blank* a. to measure 42 *y 56 inches, and weigh 5K l>a. i?) pairs 1 poiat soariet Maokirac Kark'ts. to ijna?ure 3S t>y 46 inches, and we'ch 3\ bs. 100 paira 34 point icreen Mackinao blanse's. to measure 66 bf 84 in?h*?, and weiih lo lb*. 600 pairs 3 point green Mackinao blaokou, to measure fo ty 7* lochia, aod weigh * poinds 600 psirs^H point iceen M?ck uao btarkets, to m?tisra 54 by 06 lcehes. and welch ? poinds 20li pairs 3H point indiro blue Maotiuai blsnk?ta, to meat a re 6R by 84 tconen, and weigh 10 pontic's Sm paira3 p >ict indigo bine Maskinac biankeu, t<> m^a-u e 60 by 72 mohes, and wegh lbs 200 pairs 2X p 'int icdico bine Mackinaw blankets. to measure 54 by 89 injnes, and weigh 6 pocnds aro pairs 3H-point *eniinel'a b'ne Maokinae blankets, to measure 66 by 84 inches, and weigh 10 pounds SW pairs 3 p >tnt r?ntine!'a b'ne Maokinao b ankets, to measure 60 by 72 inohes. and wnigk 8 pour (1 < 400 pairs 2\< point gentieella bine Mackinao blanket*, to measure 54 Dy 66 inohea, and weigh 6 pounds 2V> pairs 2 p< int gentinel'a bine Maokinae Man k'ts, to measure 4: by 56 inches, and w?>gh 5Jtf pouids 200 pairs IK point gen'ineila blue Markinao b'a- kets, to measure 36 by 50 inohes, and w?i?h <% pnanls 15" pairs 1 -poiiit rentinrlia blue Mackinao blankets, to measure 32 by 46 inohes, aud weigh 3V pounds. 4,^00 yards lane list blue cloth 5f*> do do Kreen oloth 2,?? do trey lift blue oloth 2,ox> do saved list blue oloth l,ono do do scarlet oloth 1,200 do do *r-5*n oloth loo pounds worsted yarn, i3 fold) loo dozen cotton flag iiandkerohie* ion do fanoy cctton so do black ailk 1??o do 8 4 ootton ihawla 1'*) do 6 4 do SO do 4-4 do K?0 do 8 4 woolen do 500 pounds linen thread, *n. 50 crone wor'tod lartertnc 41.0(0 yard* oa'ico 25.0H) do M"rrimac calico 7,000 do Turkey red 0*1.oo 2-> o-^o do blue dril iag ]0.<"00 ?lo ornab-ircs 7 SfcO do brown dri:lid? 5 ooo do Geom* it'i^N 5 ?? do bin* d mma 5,noo do oottinede 12 500 do bedtiokinr 5 000 do Kentucky |?ni l..Vio d> eatinetts lo.ono do pt&id linaeya 2 5"0 do b eae;.ed shirting 1%0O" do domeatio shirting, uobleacheo Iff 001 do do abnetiog, do 3,<*Ki do bleachod do 1<M.OO do brown ootton duck Io,im. do checks, atnpea, and plaida 2,oon <io fl& poi*. assorted I,<flo pounds cotton thread l.nrio oo bro-*n -lilipr twine, No. 30 800 do cotton maitre i n * ;ii-j n.?- _i ii \111.ri eiurt B oalioo shirt* 2-?> dosen hickory stii t* 10i? vio Madras hanr'kerchirfa. Clam NO. 2. Ready mad* Clotkin*. 17."i frock coats, indigo bin* broadoloth 175 pantaloons, do do W> indigo blue Macktnao blanket capotes 176 blue aatinett o. a a 175 do pant&.oons 75 cadetmixed eat<nett ouata 75 do do ptntaloona 275 jrar aatinett ooaU. (tack) 275 do pnnta'ooaa 2J5 do vesta. Class No. 3. Hirdtrare. 'grieulturai Implement;, fc. 4,000 pounds brats kettles 4<*t tiH kettiea, <5 sues) 128 nest* J apmne<i ketties, ( in a neat) 375 "amp kettles, (3 sises) P6dozen 3 a nan tin para 150 d< ten 3 quart tin paoa 20 do 8 quart do 375 do tin cups loo do Kuawawli f. -* _ J!_L J A- - #? uo Din nouKi ?o do fish lines 7.i<l sr<?t? needles, assorted 375 oozen coarse tooth oombi 75 do fine tootii oomb* 50 do scissors 200 do shears 25 do grubbing hoes 2.5 d > weedii.g hoea 150 drawing knives, lo i no ties 5" hand i?wi lOOdoien hand saw files, 43* inches 5 do shovels ?5 do sp.viea 75" short hand e fry pana 2S dosen baling spoons 200 do iron table spoons 2' d > ax*s, to weigh 4H to ponnda 100 do half axes to weigh 3 pounds, (with hand lea) loo do si no nu.rora 1<?0 do fire ateeta 1"0 pounds braaa wire loo do best Ch neae rermillioo. Goods of American manufacture of the repaired styles and quality will be preferred; bat as the samples of blankets and oloths are foreign fabnos, it will be neoassary, in proposing a domestic artiole of either of those kinds that a sample thereot scall accompany the bid. 1 he articles to be furnished mast in all raspeota c nform to and be equal with the Government aaiap es which ma? be seen a this office on and after the first of October next. The articles will be r.gidly inspected aid oompared witb the samples by an agent or acent* appointed for that parpoea. | > Such as may he unequal thereto in any partioular 1 will be rejeot"d. in wh oh o vse the oontraotor will r be bound to furnish others ol the repaired kind or a u&iity within tnree days; or, if that be not done, they will be purohaaed at hia expenae. Payment will be made lor the goods reoeired on invoioaa thereof, certified *y the agent or agenta appointed to inspeot them. i It is to be understood that'ha right will ba re served to require a greater or leas qnant ty of any of the aiioies named than that speoifi?d in tha > above scueduie; and all bids for farniahing aaid artic'e* may be rejected at the option ot tne l>a nartmant fcn/l ???> * * .... ? ? ? MI?? uvuo lium JpvrBODB wno ntv6 tail*', to oomply with the requirements of a pre> viom contract with the United or vhotrt r not marufacturere or wholesale dsa era in the raauired articles, will be oonaiderea ; and the fact - that bidder" are auoh inaoufaoinrera or dealers * must tie e? idenceo by the certificate of the collector of the port where they reaide, or where it U I piopoaed to deliver the artfol-a The propoaala mut embrace tlie artiolea, with > the quao itiea thereof aa the? are arranged is the > acheda!e. with the prioea annexed to eaon, in dol i iara and oenta, at which they are to be fnrniahed; ' and th- amounta mutt be carried oat aod footed op for eaoh data raid prioea and amounta must be ao given, without any modification, <r proposed modification,? r vanauo 1 whatever. They a ho u id " be aubmitted with the lo'low>ng headinc: r 4 i tor wo) hereby propoao u? urnim for the aer vice of the Indian !) partiaent, and according to the erma oil's adver'iae?*i*nt thereof, dated 21st Sepusm ?-r, 186I. the followm* artiolea, at the i pr:cea thereto fixed, (here insert the list aooordmg t > the olaaa or olaaa a proposed for.) deliverable in . the oity of New York by tnefiratday of April next, or at auoh time or times during the year 1HS aa * mar be ordered by the Commissioner of Indian A lia rs; and. if tbn proaoaal ba * insert the words, 'in whole or id part' if more than , one olass be proposed fur,) 1 (or we) will, within s twenty days thereafter, exec it* a oontraot aoc o rd - lngij. aou givw security, satisfactory to the Cow 011181oner of Indian Affairs, for the faithful performausa of the same " t ach proposal must be aoooicpauied with a gaar antee in tbe following form, to be signed by two or more responsible persons, whose ?nffioi?coT must > be certified to by a United Slates jadge or diatnot attorney. -We uereby jointly and severally gaaraoty that the above bidder, (or bidders,) if a ooatraot shall * beawaided 'o him,(or them.) aooording to his or their bid or proposal will execute a ooatraot acoordingly, and give* .e requisite security for the performance thereof, as erasent>ed in the advertisement for proposals for I ndiaa goois, dated list September, 1861; ana, in the event of his (or their) i failure so to do, we hereby agree to bind oareejvee, i our heirs, exeoators, and assigns to forfait and pay i the United ttta'ee. ae damages, a earn not lees taaa I hfteen per oent. on the amoant of said bid or proposal." Bonds will be repaired in the amoaat of the bill for the faithful performance of the ooatraot. vita two or more sureties, whose sufficiency must be > certified by a United Slates judge oraistriotat toraey. No proposal will be considered that doaa not i striotly conform, in all partooulara, to the taraa and directions ol this advertisement. E. MIX, ? a-SUwOot n Aotini Commieeioner. rpu MILITARY OBF1CHRS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S QKNUINB HAIR DYE, The Beet in the World, 3V Only Reliable and Harmlttt Hair Dye Imwl Sold by ?ll Drnvgiats; eleo, at ButrroN i Patent Medicine Patent Ofioe.oor. P * 7th, Gibbs'? Hwr Store, i> iTtait, where L*diee onn hnve it npplied, irdeeired Feotory?81 Beroiay at. I late B) Broadway) N. Y. ' JJOME-MADK HOO?8 AND SHOES, I JOBjN J. BO CKi 1 {riot tfrderaoanaiao beleftaltbfojKeeof Adamf fUeet, 01 Mil ACCT10N SALES. _ Br TBOMA" DOWLINO. AMtN<M*r. 7URN1TI7VR a*d HOUPKHO' P RFFFCTP r *T Public ArcnoM.?On \VEn.NE*0\Y MOrNINO, Ootober lCifa, atio o'el--ck I wit; eell t my Aa?tion Room*. No. 174 Bridf* at . a/?o<1 4si ortm^ot of Fur; I tor*., Ac . the effaeta of a family I a*Srp tbe city. I a*m* 10 part, riaM*h"??ny Piano and Jt'ooJ, W'lout ?pun* Sofa n.ri Rnvk*'. W?l' u: I x^Minn Table. 5;ie aidottter TtSiri, Itureaoa. Wardrotiee. r, j B*l*? a4a.? a'.e and l\ at m?1 Chmre, Rx>kera. Feather H?U, Carp*te. Rug* and 0.1< r00kinc. Parlor, end ?thor - turn Atdirrne, G a?? Crocker ami China a f, 1? , Tocmhrr with a general a?a?rmect ol KiteheA Rrqaiiites. rot eacnirra'.ed. Te m? caah in par facda. ooJ4Jt rHW. DOWI.ING.AuoL MARSHAL* 8ALK.-fn nrtve cT a vnt of 1*1 Sen faciae ia?o?*d from the C'rrk'e Offio# of the Circuit Coort of the Diatiiet of Colambia, aai U> m? Ui ?otea. 1 will to p?bU? aaie,o* TUK'DA\.tli? IMk of October, wmm?e?rca* lo o'clock a. in., tor o?ah. at the *t?re room of Cha'lee Wrirnja-,?itiiat??d oa7th afreet No 468, tn the oitr ot Washington. the cool*and ohalte.a, to wit; a w t f ladiee. neaaa and ohtldren* vhoee J.ot of Dia*i. lot G>?ee Cum, and lot of Straw Mattmf, i?H aadi^rtad npon * the food* and obatteta cf Chart** Wwman.and will he aoid to ?atiafr jadiaiai* f*o 4. to Ootober t?rm IMl. Id favor of Jama* h < rant da* Z. C. Jtobbiaa WARD H t.ANON. QO 5-d u. R Mare hah D C. ByTHOMA* DOWUMO, AaotiAnMT, Cm HaX CKY *?ALK -By mu? of a dearaa of the Cirouit Court of ti e District f Columb-a for th? ooonty of Waahmcton, sitting <n Chanoarr, and pa?sed in a oanae wherein Hwn Walker M al. a *f>mp atnan'a.and Klitabath Wa'ker et al.ara d>fenda ti. 1 shall fr-.cre : to aall.on tue *r?"iisaa, on Ta ac'ay. the nth day of Oetibr, at 2 o'clock, part of Lot nam'ared twenty twouM,* in 'I homat Xfft'l'i ofGeorre'a. A dition to Gaorretown.'yn g ii th?oo-n*r i f the t iat-iot o (*o.anl it,*klcli utia*o ib*d and boar ded as f"l wit: 'lhe moat sootfcarly a *ht an faet front of mid lot, as tend inn back tbir.y feat; then no th. parallel with Waahm?t? n street. two fee?; U*i ?? (, paratWIwith Hi id** street, thirty feet more: than ooth twe ty feet, ur.ti' it interaecta tt e south liaa of aa>d lot cumbeied twenty two,together with the itpproveui' nt* thereon. T erma cf ra e. aa presented by decree : Oaatbird of tne purchase mo-ry to ta paid in rash, ai d the reaiduo in two e^* al instalments at six and twafra month*. I>ea'ing interest from the day of aala, ar.d a-^ared by the i:otes or boida of the purchaser, with good and sufficient peraocal aeouritf, to ba approval by the Trustee El?* D 8WAN1. T>a?taa. re 24 ttawAds THoS. HOWLING. Aaat. RUCTION 8ALK9 IN PHILADELPHIA. WM._R_ SMITH, General AmittMissr. aoi t'hornut it, above 5 b Reguar bales TUESDAY and t A TUB DA V Mornings at in a m. Fin? Table and Pocket Catlery. Hadware. F*nry Goods Soapa. Oils, Krnihes. Ae A a. Foreign at.d romestic * inrsand Lienors. 1 po lot* everc Tt'u-alM Morning oo J-l?* Hy (iRH EN k. WILLIAM*, Auctioneers TO THE INTEREST OP FARMER8Fxt?sbivb Sal* r AeaicVLTcaax ?mplumkntv MifHMiT, Shim, Fibtiliikbs Ac.. at ArcTiow?On IHURSDAV 17th, tel. we shall tell at the Arr cu tumi Werehoaee of Mr Edward F Simpson. No .>19 Seventh atreet north of Pennsylvania avenue, oommeoei ? at 10 o'elook a m . and continue from < ay to dav until all 'a citpoaed of, hia entire Hock. oontietirg in part of? Reaping and Mowing Machines. Grain Drills, florae Power a .d Threshing Mteaine*, Gram Cradle*. Spring Tooth Horse Rakaa. Plowa. Harrow*.Cait v tore, Churns, V\ heal Barrow*. CornShel er*. Uay, Strew and Btaik Oat'ars, Oi Votes, Bove, Ac., twn glo Trees, Stora Trucks. VegetableCattera, Snrar Mil's, M**t Catters.Ao , warden Kugi< es. Chain Pomp* arjd Fixtures, San* Screen*. t*eiv?s. Ladder* a> d Tro laaaa. Corn P antara,??ed Drilia. Appl? P?rera. Foot Puller , Ha* u- d other Koive , Trae*, l og, Hal'er, Cow and ot erChanr.-h ve's shades. Forka. Hoe*. Raitea. Picks, tcvthe and Snatltea, H"ilow Ware an t Kettles, Hcrce Seocps. j Pruning Knives, V?u a. Gram r'ca'es, Plow Ream* and Handles. Tubing. Tile, Ifantes, Well Carina, i low Castings, Bolts Ac, a large variety. Fie u. Garden, and Flower Seeds. Wool and Hl< od Manure, and other artielaa too numeroB* to mention, Petent Fire Proof S?fe, with oonnting room fanitura. Tne at tar. ti ?n of Fa-mer .Ga'deiers and Hoceeke-p*rs i? pa teularly invited to the above ?a e aa * * ' " " cuuiuiuk ?c nppuriQDKV Dili. BC OOID ITiel Witt fOf obtaining aueh joii at prioea to tut; the tin a. Pate r*aerve,aid for cask on'y m tpecie oc6?otda GREEN A W1LHAMS. Aucta. \f AR8HA'*8 8ALK ?In virtue of a writ of 1*1 fieri laciaa t**ued from the Cleik'a OfKoe of tne Circut Court of t e Diatriot of Columbia and to ue direo'ed, I will rxpote to publio a*te, for C??*, in front of ?Le Bang of Waahirgton. on Tl'KSDA^ . the22J da? of Ootober mutant. oommer.cing at 9 o'clock a m . the foncwio* guoaa and chattels, to wit, vi?: h arh>*-toy Dreaaing Hn Teau ; Mantel Clock; lot Mantel Ornamenta ; Fretch P a> Mnntei t>!as?: lane teat ard Kane; Chairs; Bedateada. Bedding. and Mattreesee ; Glwsa and C.i-a Ware; 1 G!ol>e; lot l< a'keta. Feather H^dr, Boi?t*r? and Pi icwa; lot Pictarea; lot Braaaela Carpet; 1 Piano and Cover; lot Blinoa. 1 Chamber: 1 Mahogany G aaa; Oilcloth. Ac.,?aid atl2o'o<ock, I will aeli, under said fieri faciaa, lot of oak umber, at the cane Factory of James Crutch tt. Mimed and levied upon a* 'he good* at <1 o'.atten of June* ''rutchett. and wtl be ?oid to <>a*i?fy Julie ai<No. t io January term. l#eo, m favor of We;ls k Miller r*. James Crutchett. W. 8KLDPM, QO n * I .ate u s Marit al p. c. ViOTlCE -SALK OF PITTSBURGH. MLKT WAYcM AM) lHICAUO HAlLK^ApBy v.rtue ol a d-croe of the Circuit ^urtofibo U r iW states for tbe northern d strict of Ohio, m a oauee intcfiancery there r. deper <iinj wherein t'hariea Mo an ard otbe-a a eomsla banta, end the ittaburgb, Fort Wayne and C<ncaco Railroad Coropanr an i othorr are defendant. and par auant to auxiliary decreoa of the c rccit oourts of tbe Un ted >tate> for th? weatern <i?triot o! Pfiaa?l ania, be clatrict of 1 .diana atxJ the nortbem distriot o Illinois rc>?coti?ely. in causes depeding n ohanoer? in raid courts rsepe-live v.wheroin tbe itme parties are oomplainanta and d fenda?U r*apeouve;y. aa io aaic cauae brat above men. (hn ur.(i?r?nn#d Pmwb*a? Thoira* E. Walker, a* Grantee* in*Truat u4 Truatee* >n one of the eeveral Deeds of Truet or Mortgage upon which Mid deor*ee are foam) ad, and a..a.) m Specie Master Cowmiaa:oo-ra of the aaid Court- reaaecti valy. do y atpoiated by ?atd Coorta reep?ctivel? for that eara.>*e. wil1 ?eJl at pnblio auctc n. to the highest hi oer, tor aab, txat For notWa than the turn of 954,000. at the Luted 'titej Court House, in the City of C.e?e.aui, in the ctato of Ohio, on theatth day o'Ootoher, A 0. >tt , between the hoar- of ten n'otook a m and foar o'olnok p m. of *atd da?. the following da eenbed property,to wit; Ti?e t> atiioad of t ie Pittabarch Fort Wars* and Ch oaco Railroad Company, ine udiac the right of way ta re for, the road-bed ih-reof, the op ratmotare < f all aorta thereon, ita water and >th r e aJ ioa houa-a and ahope, and the iaoda aod ground' conn oted tnarewita. and ail taoU aad imp emeiiU uaed or provi led to be uaa* thereia, ana in oon?traating and rr pairing car a aad c a hinery for Mid road, or the tract and auperrtruotarre aforesaid; a t turn-table*; at depot* end ouuinga and fciturea and struoturee of whatever ian.e or uatur*, and the and* and grounds?onneeted titer with. Bead r prorid-d to be uaed in operatise ?aid road and belonging th-reto. and whareaer ituate; anu ail cars, eug nea and rolling atoo? belonging to aaid Co pany; and all aa- p i-a of liaah-r. ;an her iron, fael, aad every other thing proTided by aaid Cmn?aoi*e, or by th? aer re1 or ftapl Compame* whioit were ooeeolioeted ate eaio Pittsburgh. F > rt V\ayneaod Ch cag > Rai road, to bi used in operating aaid ruad,wherever at teat*, by th* amir tit e by w hi"h the um< are b olden ty aaid (on.pan >. or hy aad oririral Companx*. a-vera y together, with a 1 oorpo a ire f.anohiae* oi aa d Company, an<1 of th aaid original Con-pamei severai y, luciuuiog tn? right and fra< eklee ol said aeveral >. ompani?>a to h- and act aa a Corporation, to be ?old a* an ea'.irety Sal i deereea arorid* that the aa ehaee-, apoc the oonfirmauon ?r th* tal* fall ? ?>?isj^? Lb* ootid uoua f?or?o . auall ho d alible property, righta. frnBciiicea. ai>d U.e appart' uio? lMrr?( ao Bold. > j ibe Mm* t^le b? wfeion thoy nre t aid by antd htuhirik, Kom W'tfM and Clii<a?o |itl R.^d C npur, and eoch m mil rf mu4 mW Compnnira, free from iba 1MB o( all aaid mortIMH. and iron from al- liability lor My debta MUBit aaid original or ooaaoiidatod Companiea, or oitbor of I b'ra ud Iron all e aiaa oa anoonnt of oapita! a took ; &w. fbjtu. to Ua liana, if any auoh exiat, apon any r a.' aetata taoindad tn the aaio, for parohn^e aoiar tkaraof act provided by aaid dec roe* to bo paid oat of tbo pfoooedi of tka >ala. or by former o dora or drorara to ba pnd otr erwiaa The right of way .depot fovadi ana lota,and Innde in tbo i.ity nod noiaity of Chtoago. paroha*(dhy aaid Company t moot ho p> Maoy of aaid aaita, and tbo bridge proper!* ?m other roil aetata of tha Company at tha City ?f Pi tabtrch, aro aahirot to mortgage lieaa Tbo ?ama arilTbo iaolodod in tha aala hat annjeot to ra.d inoanrt) nt,o a, o j pro*iaior. h-ec ?ndeiortka pay moot tboraof. JOHN Ffc.RGLPO ?. THOMAS* B WM.KRR. Trnatooa, and Maatar Coxmiaaionera. aa alor aaM1, oa t IK BI LlARDS! BILLIARDS I! Caur Fa can. Six Imp 09*4 Mar) ? Btd Ta In. \Va wi>h inf rm eft a n and atra^gcra that W atill continna at oar radnood prion*, wfcteh i? >no third ioaa thnn tbo uanal oi?y pn.oa, >it: Single iam'/.(o'a;ni gamer, 11 _ MILLER I !?JMr SON, Ather aim Billiard t*alooa, 4*0 Fa. aT, oo l oo6t* | NOOT COPPER. Nan DtriiTum. I Bm<i* of C+MJH, ft , ool.3d,lMl.f Pa' r fk.Lt wil ba reoeirad at tbia Roman anUi tha M h ot Oototor for tha dolivary oi ponnJa of tb? b -a' *naltt? Amanonn Ingot < oppor, tt tb? Waah ngton Navy Yard, ant oet an tba neoeaaa y toat a> 4 in> p-cuoa of tao proper aMnara o?tha>ard. Lolivono* to ho a*da at lha aleof .0 <Taaa panad* evory m d *y* from the <U a o' ?ho BnUIOMM] Of IM lllMUMI Of fb? irQMMj, OT r&rlior, at lb* njtioo ol t ->o oontraetor. Tb M vaxrcSs&JSffsisH* -**" Ml *o ? mm I ? HR WKKM Will4?voMhiatuM K? ?U ?' , 1" ??l di??* < of aohro. tc elMftrw. wjMftf Of h(>W lOBf IbiMIH Mr how i'??# ? <?>f ?T br KhocinM ?iu. Sciwfu ? tv? > 4*?** * : rote iUic i? mt j -ot to. twooij foir iu??rs wt.1 o iritM mi Tootto-W. r> tm M. WKHN ICT Ho ok?rf for o?nwtt?t<? a. oo? #. || 'A ? (Alb tU t?Lb A1 >|ll Miuaf4Po^^w'l^HiuJ wTCofToeYlw

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