Newspaper of Evening Star, October 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 14, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. IET Though Taa Sta* u printed on th? fastest aicsm ptvit la ao* south of Baltimore, Ita edition la ao large aa to require It to -be put to press at an early bear: Advertisements, therefore, should'be sent la before 13 o'clock a.; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Tub Baas*? Casb aaroaa thi Osfhass' Coonr, J cms Pcbcxll ?At the opening of the Court on Saturday. Mr. Davldge stated that an error had been made In copying the testimony of Alexandrine Farfalt, and that according to the original record, which he now brought Into Court, that Witness had testified to a conversation with Mm. Barney (the mother) ' two months K?." and not " two week# "go," as in the copy. i be examination of Mrs Mary Barney (mother of Lieut Barney) was then continued. W Itnna had a conversation about two montba ago with Alexandrine Parfait about the alleged liberties of Mr. Barrev with little Hebe That conversation waa partly in French and partly in English? commenced In French, and when Mra Oldfieid entered the room was continued in English, that ate (Mra O ) might understand It. Alexandrine made some statementa In that con venation siml. lar to thoae she has test 1 fled to in court, In regard to the tndecent liberties with Chase and Hebe. W ttnese was very much shocked at auch diacloaurea, and asked Alexandrine, "Old yon aee these things?"' She answered that her mother hud told ber. and then repeated It twice, and aald her mother "tell the truth," and she would go Into court and swear it, becauae her mother " tell the trulh." The question was asked her once or twice. In English and French, that ahe should fully understand the matter, and there ahould be no mistake; and she gave the aame answer The aubject waa particularly discussed In all its detalla, and was the main subject of conversation for more tban an hour. Alexandrine made some allnalon to getting ber money to go back to France. Mr Davldge aaked the witness a question, to which Mr Fendall objected aa being a leading question. Witness asked what was a leading question. Mr Fendall explained Witness said If she had latitude she could tell the most horrible things, bat did not want to blush before this audience. The conversation alluded to nbove took place in Mra Rogers drawIng-room. on Fourth street, on the 4th day of July last Witness entered It In her diary. Croaa-exnmined?During the whole time witness' son lived on F. street, his wife lived with him, and had charge of the children, of course. The time witness aaw her son intoxicated, on Twenty-first street, he waa not excited, but exbllIra ted?ao much ao they were quite amneed. Wlt? nesa at ao other time saw her son under the effects of liquor Before he went to Parie ha had his friends at his house carousing almost every night, and Mr. Linton enjoyed It more tban any one else wltnesa aaw there. There were always ladies prevent on thes? occasions, and wltnesa' son certainly did not drink to excess. Witness never bad occasion to write or apeak of ber son1* bad treatment of bia children. Mr Fendall handed a letter to witness, and aaked if that waa ber handwriting Mr. Davldge took the letter from the witness and commenced reading it before she bad answered. Witness said if it was her letter ahe hoped they would bring not one but all her letters to France into court Mr. Fendall said the connsel (Mr. Davldge) had no right to take the letter until the witness had examined it and answered bis question Mr Fendall asked the witness If she ever wrote to ber son about hi* dissipation. Witness refused to answer any question until abe bad seen that letter Mr Fendnil aaked if that was her hand writing (showing the letter ) Witness asked Mr Davldge If she must answer. Mr Davldge objected to Mr Fendall's question. Mr. Fendall asked the witnesa if she wrote a letter on July 14, 1859, to her son's wife W*stnets didn't recollect, but had it noted In her diary if she bad done ao. Mr. Davldge withdrew his objection, and the letter was handed to the witness, who aa so?n as abe had examined it, said she was proud to acknowledge tbat she wrote it. and asked Mr. Fendall how it came into bis poa?eaalon Mr. Fendall said he did not know that he had a right to answer the question. ? Witness said It must have been abstracted from Mra. Barney's (b?r daughter-in-law's) papers, and said sbe wanted all her letters bronght in. Tke letter was then read to the Court as follows: Bbooxlys. n. y., August ltth, 1-59 My dear Mary: Why have 1 delayed so long a time to snswer your letter of the 25th J une, is tbe question I put to myself very often. The truth is, my heart ts sadly grieved at its contents. I wrote to Ckase. making no allusion to what you communicated, but gave him advice tbat 1 hoped would be beneficial, and In an indirect way 1 counseled him in regard to you I was afraid of betraying your confidence, and 1 could not express all mv feelings; but to you, dear Mary, 1 will naburden my too sorrowful and afil.cted heart. 1 am deeply grieved when you tell me Chase fails in kind feelings and sympathy towards you. I know he loves you, but 1 can't excuse his cooduct. 1 shall ever be your friend, and your cause shall always be defended by me I shall write to my dear boy again, and do all In my power to bring him to a better state of mind. How ungrateful he proves for his success, and throws a pearl away richer tban all bis tribe. 1 shall be cautious aa regards all you write me; but let me hear from you, and conceal nothing tbat occur) in which 1 can take a part in your behalf I will do all in my power; and put your trust in your Heavenly Father to bring you out of all your trials, and He will never forsake you, nor your dear little children How I sbonld delight to see you all again, bat this hope is denied me if it depends upon my visiting you in Paris. 1 thsnk you for your kind invitation, but many obstacles oblige me to decline the gratification of my wishes If anything could induce me it would be the hope of seeing you In the enjoyment of a k happy home and a kuit,and'i kind affection 1 1 am truly thankful to Judge Mason for tbe Interest be takes In your welfare; he has my warmest gratitude, and if be will only talk to Chase aad warn him from the danger that surrounds him, the degradation that must await him if he does not turn from his evil course, and that be mast, now be is restored to his former position honorably, support the character of a gentleman and aa officer, which be will surely forfeit If be foil to support the character of busband and father. You write me, tbat 1 may be enabled to meet tbe aubject and give tbe advice tbat must be ?;lvea him, and be shall never suspect yon, or tbst be xnformaiton comes from you 1 must, 1 will do all in my power, and my daily prsyers shall be for his smendment. 1 enclose this to the Judge, to deliver to you In private, and 1 wilt write a business letter to Chase at tbe same time Yours affectionstely, M B Another letter from Mra Barney (tbe mother) to Mrs Barney (the wife) was also read in court, aa follows: Hspt 29th, 1659 My dear Mary : Yours Just received. 1 sm in truth overwhelmed In grief I will write s letter t? Cbsse which 1 hope will bring him home 1 Will write him again; and all you commuulcate to ate a ball be withheld from him until I bear from you, aa 1 will never betray your confidence. If I can accomplish any good I will do my utmost. and I want yt.n to inform me how it is received by him. 1 want your permission to write him about bf? present mode of life, not for one moment implicating you, but thst t heard it from a friend of mine?you suggest snythlng 1 can do for you 1 wish you were with me-, but when you return to ns you must come to me. and 1 will be your frioud snd protector. I will do everything In my power to reform him. I did not see your names at Miss Msson's wedding, we-e you there ? 1 wrote to Chase asking him That circumstance made me uneasy, for siece year letter of the 21st of Juno, 1 have been anticipating had news How does be spend bis money ? If be dissipates ao freely he will get la debt, and ths next thing be will find himself In Clleky Whst a miserable prospect; sod he wished us to eigne and witness such scenes He ' has not written for his pay for August, which was due the 1st, which surprises me, as he was so anxious to receive it. Let me know who his associates are, and If this English woman ts of good character, and If be drinks to excess I commend yoa and the dear children to the csre and protection of Providence; put your trust In Him, and be will be ynnr Fstber Your affectionate mother, Mitr Babmby Mrs S C B*b.iby, Paris, France. Mr. Davldge objected to either of the letters being offered in evidence. Objection sustained Mr Fendall now embodied in his question sn extract from the first letter, and asked ths witness If she wrote that Witness said it was written In answer to the representations made in Mary's (her son's wife's) letter to her, (the witness,) and that she beard* from no ooeelse of any misconduct on ber son's part Mr Feadsll aaked the witness if sbe wrote to her daaghter-in-law In tbe second letter that she (witness) had been aa tic i pet lug bad news of ber sea Witness aald yes, on tbe same aources of information. Mr Fendsll rsad an extract about ber fears of her sea getting Into CUchy, (the debtor's prlsou In Paris,) snd ssked witness if sbe wrote tbat ^Wlta-ss aaawered "I dtd " Witness saw AlIexandrlne In October; she came to aee witness, w ita ess dwa't recollect if she (witness) sent for Alexandrine, bat Is nnder the impression thst was the cass That conversation related to tbe chargss la connection with little Hebe, hot did not go Into particulars; witness tried to drsw Alexandrine out; witness didn't sak her aoout the chargsa pariUalsrly; witness was not very aaxiooa as she always knew they were fhlse, never supposed such a thing; was ceri.lniy net 1m preened with the truth of the charges They were ao faiae witnrsa thought ttoue but s corrupt girl of such n class could originate them 8u? h thtnf could only emanate U*m tfcs corrupt J?mtn of a girl brought up In Pirir Wit new had Dot fort&rd an opinion about Alexandrine befbre ibe saw her. but always understood what that clan wu In Paris. Even the higher circles were corrupt; what coo Id be expected of auch a cisas as she belonged tot Witness did not know at that time Alexandrine had MIBed to such charges, but heard the rumor from other sources Mr. De Krafft and Mr Wilson were the first gentlemen to hlntattbem to witness; of course no gentleman would mention auch charges Witness wanted Mr De Kratn to tell her what they w-rn. He refused, but said the time would come when he would show them That was the time witness got a hint Witness was very snxlous to hear the truth of those terrible things spreading around the town. Witness saw Mr. De KralTt about it before she saw Alexandrine, and heard these charges before h?r son's wife died The conversation at Mrs. Rogers' was at the instance of witness When Mrs. Barney (the wife) came ffom France about the naval court, to rebut the testimony of Mr. De Krnfit against her husband, she told witness of this servsnt girl; that she was very impudent, but be kept her bees use she was so useful, made her bonnets, fcc , and that her object In coming was to rebut the testimony of Mr. De Krafft before the naval court She came here that time to use her influence to get her husband restored to the navy. Witness learned to speak French quite young. When she wss thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen, lived In a French house, and her husband spoke French Witness conversed in French with the Bonaparte??when Jerome was In this country and married Betty Pstterson, who was a schoolmate and class-mate of witness'. The cross-examination was now over, and Mr. Davldge wished to re-examine her, but the examination having continued until half past two, and the witness being seventy-six years old, be moved an adjournment until Monday. The Court stated that the Board of Aldermen had notified It they wanted the chamber on Monday at an early hour, and the adjournment had better be until Tuesday. The Court then Inquired of the witness as to the chastisement she stated had been on one occasion administered to Chasey by bis father Witness said It was very recently. Chasey was *nnpertinent to hit father,on thestreet opposite Mr. Duval's; his father slapped him two or three times, and witness interposed. The court adjourned till Tuesday, 11 o'clock. r.,ClJ*T!,AL JGuAmDHO?sa Cases-B'.fort Jmstiet 2 i i,ndav ?Maxwell Noyes, drunk and disorderly; fine S'2 Dennis Cowen, do ; turned over to the military. Thomas Weaver, drunk; !To?l W". Blake, drunk and disorderly; fine S3 3S. Charles Edmonds, do; *3 38 Alden Burrows a drunken woman, was retained till sober, and dismissed. Monday?Thomas Murley, waiting for trial: S5rB2wrt"nS MarUn Ca,ne' drunk; fine *> Thomas Tbuston, drunk and disorderly; fv ^" 2? M.urt? ?ehting; security for court W. Naylor, disorderly; security for peace Frank Kenney, attempting to break Into the dwelling of Patrolman Ferrv; {turned over to the military \Y m Bobbins, drunk and diaorderly; dismissed John Sullivan, do ; fine SI 91 John Barry. Interfering with officers discharging their duty; lectured and dismissed. Honors Kaihler, keeping a disorderly house; security for court. FnpaovEMBjiTs ? All the sheds on Judiciary Satiare including the long one lately used as a /forje-pltal" have been taken down, and the grounds are being graded, and railing painted. . I her lmPro?ements in progress there will add much to the appearance of the Square Work Is rapidly advancing on the western extension of the Treasury building?the basement Is finished and workmen are now engaged on the principal story. b 6 The east room of the White House Is undergotng a thorough renovation, painting, papering. V^ln.?r-P"ratlon 'orthe winter reception parties of the President. ^ Mr. Owen's new house, near the Willard Hotel l? progressing finely, the walls having been completed to the top of the fourth story. Railboad Kxtimmos ?A large force is now employed in extending the railroad track and lay. Ing branches at the depot, in order to facilitate ths the movements and unloading of trains, which are constantly arriving so as to render It impossible to keep the approaches to the station house clear A branch is being laid through Indians avenue, from the main road, and a portion of the fence has been removed at the depot to make room lor another turnout inside the yard Workmen were busily engaged yesterday hauling dirt and grading the route of the new branches. At the present rate of operations the work will be completed In few days. Affaibs in thb Cocstby ?A short time since three members of a cavalry company stationed near the Park, on Seventh street, committed sn assault on a Mrs Hughes Two of them?Wm "f* and J as Collins?have since been arretted ,womm" and boy mentioned in our article of h rlday as being In the house (nesr Dr Hswes1 farm) at which the shooting of a soldier occurred, have both been held to ball for their appearance at court; the woman Catherine O'Dwyer, on the charge of keeping a disorderly house and selling liquor to soldiers, and her sen, John O'Dwyer charged with shooting a soldier. ' ?.R Br**ch of Trust??Some week* since Victor Borchardt, Su'ler of the Garibaldi regiment, placed in the hands of Jacques Ob-?nbard, a young German, a box of jewelry, contain. il?.,2i0n&2b'l,hln'F a diamond ring, valued at #150 Obernha-d took the jewelry to New i ork and dlsposeu of It. and Borchardt had him arrested n this city for stealing Justice Walter decl-led that tbe offence committed was only a breach of 'rust, and on the articles beln* restored dismissed the case. Dkathinr SoLDiBBs.-The~ following soldiers have died since Saturday morning: B W Stunk I.'d-1ro"!p?nv H, twelfth Pennsylvanis; R W McCbesney. company K, thirty-third Pennsylva nla; and B Chase, company H, tenth Pennsylva. nia, at the College; John Cloran, company D sixth 'n. "}e camPi Joseph Clement*, comc,,ralry' ? ?he Infirmary, cavalry Wliams, company E, New Jersey Abbivalof Asothbb Rbgimbnt.?The Rtpubiumm quoting from the Chronicle says: The fortyfifth New York regiment, Colonel Olmstead, (German.) arrived Saturday evening, and marched up Pennsylvania avenue, mskingagrand display This regime t Is complete, and commanded bv one of the most efficient officers ...DoiJ,AT,,0?V.or Bt-AXEtT* FOB THI A*?T ?Cap tain Daniel G. Thomas, military storekeeper V. 9 Army, baa received at the army-clothinu depot Corcoran's building. Pa avenue and Sevan? street, tbe following donations: From W I) F! iwt.n,Mblm!,V<i?r"l,ckTa'r,0f' r> Mra J T Fales, 1; Mrs John Craneh, 1; Charles Lanman Georgetown, 3. 1 Thbat**.?Jtfis*i Sumn Den is tn Comedy ann Denln appesrs In Planrhe's brilliant comedy " The Follies of i Night and In tbe always popular farce of ?? The Eton Boy ? That fcvorPe eccentric comedian, Mr Rogers, also appears In both pieces With a capital company, capital pieces, and so attractive .V little wonder that the theater is crowded nightly. .kPp ? TU.B Hosp.TAL.-Timotby Greely, ol tbe Fifth Regiment Excelsior Brigade, who wa? accidentally shot In the thigh at the camp of the brigade in Maryland a few weeks since, died yes terday at the Eastern Hospital, and his body will be embalmed and sent to his friends He was a great favorite of tbe firemen among bis comrades Kill id ay tub Kick or a Hobsb ? Lewii Marrta'a Light Cavalry, while putting his saddle on hla horse, atjtbe camp near this city WB" *DOther horse, just over ths lef eye. His skull was crushed In a horrible manner and be lived onlv a few hours His body wai embalmed aad sent to his friends. _ Eqpbstbiah Fbat bt Voluktbbb Ovficbbs Two officers of the New York Hussars, said to be slightly "lntoesleated," rode their steeds into the 'how window of Mr. Jss. H. Stone's apothecary shop, corner of L and Seventh streets, on Prf *' destroying the window, injuring tbeli horses, and damaging a lot of fancy articles i T".f w* Patbolhbh ?This morn lpg, the patrolmen of tbe Second W lfd proceeded to the enforcement of the city ordinance relative to swine golag st Urge. The snimals are driver to tbe city asylum and kept until redeemed by tbe owners, or sold to pay expenses. B eoistbb of Wills ?Considerable embarrass ment is felt by those having business at that office through the vacancy created by tbe death of Mr late Re?l>t?r of Wills The President will doubtless soon mske an appointment to fit the place. Fop a Milbs of Cavalbv.?A large body ol cavalry crossed tbe Long Bridge this morning and In crossing wss necessarily stretched outir files, making a formidablesho* seldom witnessed Lare of four miles of cavalry In a continuous line Pabadb.?Capt. Porter's 1st Massachusetts bat ?ery passed no tbe avenue this morning, bi their soldierly appearance were mistaken foi regulars. They had six rifled field pieces-ter pounders. r Abotebb wbbb of tbe Campells at Odd Pel lows' Hall. With a new programme throughout A bill to-night crammed with good thing*?on. not to be missed upon any account Elsbwbbbb will be seen the notice of tbe alntl graud cotillion party of tbe Lafavett? Club, to be tlvea to be given tomorrow eveaUg at FrankUi all Doa't fail to be la attendance To-msHl tbe Metropolitan Clab, No 1 , glvi l their fi-arth cotillion party at Thorn's Hsll Ar rsHgemenU sre perftrted fors rare entertainment I'a a hooking our locals at a great rate, Mr Sn correspondent: We ffraU certainly bsve to ptel a Crow with you. II II I I??MM Accident.?A Government teamster named I Thomas P. Heudrick *m badly Injured on SatI urday bv having a barret of vinegar roll on his I bead. It is feared be will not recover. Not the Same ?The Mr Kennedy men'loned I in the Star of Satnrdav as an applicant f->r tbe I office <<f Register of Wilis is not Mr Kennedy, of I the Census Look orx for tbe cotillion party to come off tomorrow night at Odd Fellows' Hall, Nivy Yard. I A grand time la in anticipation. I Dead.?Henry B. Lamb, who was run over bv I his team of mules, on Friday, breaking both legs I and otherwise injuring him, died on Saturday. Philadelphia Peiht Bottbr.?Weare selling I the beat at 25 cents per lb. at Stewart's, corner of I Twelfth and H streett. We will open our Market I on Tuesday, tbe 22d. oc 14 3t* Geo W. Stewart A So*. India Rubber Ponchos.?A very desirable I Water-proof article for horsemen and others for I three dollars each, and white India Rubber Costa, slightly Imperfect, for *2 50 each, at the India Robber Warehouse, No 308 Pennsylvania avenue, I between Ninth and Tenth sts. oc 10-tf I , &TA*fttK? ! btJT Trbr.?The Volunteers are I I braving the dangers of Fever. Scurvy, Wounds ard I > holera Many a gallant fellow viU leave bis I 10 h'faoh, who, by the aid of Holloirav's Pill* and Ointment, would have returned t? his tron? ?nd heath*. Soldiers, tiv them. I Only 25 oents per box or pot oc 14-lw Notic*.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincip.ed dealers endeavoring to dispose of their own acd other artio'es on the reputation at+ain?l by I Htlmbold t Extract Bushu, a positive and tpeoifio I r?"1?dT lor dissases of the B.addsr. Kidneys. ?raXf'j D-opsy. 4? . 4o.. Ao. Ask for Heir hold's. I Take no other. See advertisement ic another o?l I nmn. e030 In . , , PENNIES. I Parsons desiring pennies will always find them I exchanse at tne Star Office oounter. tf MARRIED r???ihL?,lnih b* th? Rev. Mr. Matuire, EAC<5&lMls"ARK,"i39' K'l -to .Mr,. WAR! On the 19th instant, at F'eteher Chapel, by the ?*vb?.? ^^riJfr .ALFRED D1GGL.E to Miss I CARRIK K. J A COBS, all of this city. * (PhiladeUhia papars oopy.) DIKD, In this city on Sunday nieht last. JANE KLI ZA, second daughter of John T. and Mary J. HalI look, agod 7 years. The relatives and acquaintances are invited to attend her funeral, to morrow (Tuesday) morning. tr?u? ?'??k,from the reaidcnoa of her parents, on I rifth st , near H. On the 13th instant, LILY ISABEL!.A. ared 2 years and 11 months, seoond daughter of Sophia and Jaoob Schearer Dearest babe, thou hast left us, _ We thy loss most deeply feel: B"t 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrews heal. n2n t?.i?i?PotoberJ KLJ?ABETH KRKUI DER, in the 20th year of her age. tIE."! frl?"d" ft',? invited to attend the funeral, on I m y\a ^ o olook p m . at the residence of XT' f*roud?rt ?n O street north, between 6th and I 7tn StS On the moniing of tjie 13th instant, DRUCILLA, wife of John J, MoCollam. Her funeral wi'l take place from her husband's I residence, oorrer Eighth st. west and K st. north to morrow morning, at 8* o'clock. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. * At North Norwich. N. Y., on the 8th ultimo, of consumption FANNIE fJmJERHIN. 6 I months and16 dars, infant dajghtnr of Jaines T. I and Ann Elssa Close, of Alexn dria. Va. 11 [VAVY AGENT'S OFFICE. 1 J . ... Washinoton. D. C? Oot. 7.1R61. leiu p . r * wil1 b? received at thia office until the I 15th ii: st (or 21.000 lbs. best Ingot Copper, 30-O BancaTin, 1 ,00m " Slab/.ino, _ 10 boxes X X D Tin. k.Vi b? d.ell,ViSred at,the Washington Navj Yard. , I by the 1st of Novmber next. S.B BROWN. I ?? 7-tot (Repub.) Navy Agent. SUTLERS WANTED. i I "REAT ADVANTAGES to be found by SutI !Si5.An? Boots and Shoes, at thttaA. 1 HoiM&??| WHOLESALE BRANCH SHI I HOUSE, 348 Pennsylvania avenue, (vterf Ul I Janney's Shoe Store.) ? I ?We manufacture our own Grods, acd sell at I "2? *OT* Pr*eet, thereby saving freight. ? I Having constantly on hand a large Stock, we can I "apply at a momei,t'a rotioe. an* qnantitr desired. A la.-ge aoortment of 3 sole High-cut Shoes, acd I Long-leg Boots. I Sutlers liberally dealt with. A call from all dealers solicited. I I oo7 lw2dp.a3w* WM. B. UNCKLRS. |TNION OYSTER DKPOT.?The undersigned I jV reapeotf" ly announce to their^sfe. friends and the pub to that they willflR^ (mJ I open their establishment on Tuesday I " **?4??; corner Twelfth at,d K sts. xflfir I Oyster Shucgers wanted. i I 00 &-'"?* SWORD A CO ? COLDIERS. , Pockrt Combs. ..Y.?SUu I Do. Looking Glasses^.. J5 ' I I.,n:oa Envelopes, p*r hucdred..? . ? ? L\ ? Plain do. do. ?s Ainbrotype^ofScott'MoClella1J,io.,'eaohl5 " t*ent by mail to anv ad 'ress. ALFRED 8. ROBINSON, I ?? Publisher, Hartford, Conn. I kR. M KOCH. ??? ' CHIROPOpi* T FROM PA R IS, ? . And from 502 Broadway, .'New York. Uranch omce?-24b Pennsylvania avenue, between I 12th and lath et?., Washicg'on, i). O. V?,ra*- Buni ins. Soft Corns. Callositua. Club .Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, &.C ,0Rr< d I without causing pain or inoonvenienoe to the II patient The Boot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after I . ^er*fion. Hu treatment is founded on the I strictly rule of soience9 suob as all t^urceons will app ove. Hi? onarges are quite moderate, trifling indoed, | I oompared with the relief and Atislaction he affords I the tufTerer I Refers to Uie Physicians and Surgoons of this r I OltT. attended at their room* or residences I Jf,l"out extra oharge, by leaving orders at 24 8 I Pa. ave .bet 13th and ilth sts. ' o * i !,*? [ P?,.n?5- a HAMILTON A CO., , I IRODUCK* COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1| 4 79 AtatA Strut, below h Hams, Dried ' I 8 1 ft*?ker?l, Codfifh. Cranberries, Apples, P"7, Appi-s. Onions, Dried Praches. Craciers ?nf<t;"a,VP!,r? c,oer Vinegar, Ac. Goods delirI ered free of oharge. (*,7 lw* (iR^TMAhl)VAN,Cti OF THE ARMY; but I hu*! nf)t advanced the price of his I !? ?ln* Jrh,oh h? reoeived and is selling I off at such remarkable low prices Bive me a oall and satisfy yourselves of the great bargains that are now offered every day at SMITH'S, No 460 I I t*6v*rt" ?l- 00 1 lw OTsiSERft- ?E*eKANTS, CORPORALS II SfikDlEH0 OF the armv and I S! I d American Illustrated Military I Book, by 2d Lieut. L. D. Williams, reoeatly 1 I Captain in the three month's service, is deeignei 1 to . xp ess by Drawings the rudiments, manuals, | I sa utr-s, elements of all formations and movement*, I I " '"ya uabie to the inexperienoea t 2?ldAaru ^Ter ?l'u*tratir.oa Compiled f,om I Scott, Hardne, and tl.e Regulations. One copy 75 I oents In lots lor b\tt lions, ttie trade, and sutlers, at reduced price. J. C MOKaN. Bookseller. J oc 1M? I4? 43S Pa aven'ue. n. ar 4^ it , nKi>0..r, *1WARTeRMASTER'S OFFICE. > 5 W.shinotoh, D. C.. October loth, 1861. I Sealrd Proposals are invited at thia offloe until I October 21st, at 12 >?., for supplying the Quarter; !5Hav..%r?'re:;.*1"' u" ?' , I The Oats to4?eag<K>d msrohantable article put I up in sacks of about two busneis eacn : acks to I be retained by the Government without extra \ I ?*u b? received by weight at (32) II tnnty two pound* to the bvahel. , I All the hay and oats to be delivered at the Gov1 I or R?,lro?wl Depot in thisoity witnI ln'J 'thirty days after closing theoontrae*. I r ''f? ?? be in separate envelopes. Those I for b?y to be marked "Proposals for Hay " Those I .?*! 'Proposals for Uati." I ?.A" ft b? directed 10 Colonil D. H. Rccerr I Deeot Quartermaster, Washington, D C r .fi.? wiU Pf DterUined which is reoeived I reading of the bids tut* been commenced, r I nor will any bid be oonsidered, unless the parties ?r*Jlr# or re'r***nt*d by aa authorised ageot I or aiiorney. -?1??* ftod ? nt seonrity with bond, 4c.. 1 I 5?.r^Rul.r .L. tv*T bidder mi.t give his fall I either th* number ofkta house, plaoe t I of busineet, or Poet tiffioe box 1 re^rvet 'he right to rejeot all I bids that ne may oousider too high. !.ia D- H KER. I 0010 dtl? Quartermaeter and Colonel. I METALLIC ? I ya m ^ ^ , I ^ I mT?y i I F 0 R I I Clsanlag. Pellahtng, and Pre venting Hast I 'Thia is snperior to all other oila in the world for f| f1? above parpoeea, aa well aa for machinery and I IP* u*** 11 ' applicab e to gonl20fc!>*nd maehiaea. It is in high favor at I machinerytt*l"n y Yards for ordcanoe and Priiui?*1 Depot and General Aerney, PHILHARMONIC HALL, 'r I Peana. avenue, near Eleventh at. . I C7* AgenU wanted with teams, to supply en, ?*<n"n<,nU MWiw J US T RECEIVED, one of the largest atooks of I New and Kaahionable Clothing ever offered in jgt I * N? 460 8#v?ntl1 t..f0^site I I -J ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES " 5 I 'f0' P nimber of otker celebrated brands, wholeeale and retail. W MO * OSS K,

f ^ ? ? lm oor. Pa. av. aod*Th^t.8V^ts hingt^ rW(><?D FOR SAI.E-WU>3? ON sorda of Oak. ' Hickory aad Pine Wood, ataudtng aiinated * I AaislVto a' %in!?Tikifri^r J?ooUoa. II *V A. DONALDsON, Savage H. o.. near 1 J **???. Howard oouaty. Md. % oc r#w m*4^ > t . FOR SAL*! AND RENT. FOR RENT?One large Iroat ROOM, unfarnish?d, pleasantif ai'natrd ; will be let on r*a onaMe t-rma Inqaire Pa avenue, oorxer of Kift>enth *t , in the C'gar More. It* L.M R RENT?Pmrai PURNIHHKOKOOM8 r ?? Nisth st,between ganl F sta , No 44S, near the Patent Office. Inquire betwen he h >nra o 9 v d 2 o'clock p m. <*c 12 3t* TO EXCHANGE? A hevit fiii improved Ci'y Property, for a good improved t arm in the District. Applv at 36 t Nintii st west, cppos te Nortiifrn Liberties Market. oo ll-ir H. JOHNSON HOUSE IN THE WEST END FOR RENT, a three story Brick II^uso, with gas and water oomplete. Also. Furnished Rooms to a mess of ge tlemen. Apply at No. 92, fix Buildings, l>eween 81ft and 22d sts. Rrforeaoea required. oc li at* /YNE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE * / accommodated with comfortable Pailor and Bed-rooms in a healthful loouion, where th-re are no boarders. 8 minufs' walk of the Treasury or War Department. Refnreroes noha"(ted Addreas "J. H.," of F.veiiag Star. oo in 3t FOR RENT-HOUSE 404 Pennsrlvanta a*., over the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a plaoe for a professional man. ae 4-tf HOUSES? POR~RKNT-No as and No. 97.on the aouth aide of Indiana avenue, both of them very large and convenient houses, with good stabling ana carnage- houses. Also, the commodious and large Houae, No 3??, on the north aide r.f O street Apply to 1 HOMA8 BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handaomely Furmahed Rooms, auppUed with raa and water, and convenient to the Paftnt and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490K Maasaohvaetu avenne, north aide, between 4th and 4th ate. ma 23 PERSONAL. M NOTICE. V Wife, Charlotte Sohl, having left my bed and l>oard without any justoau?e. taking with her my in'ant s.n, and she b?mg now from home without my oonsent, 1 hereby sa-n all persona against giving her oredit on m? account, as I ahall par co such claims, aa she baa always been proviaed for BOARDING. OOAKD-Families and single gentlemen can obtain very /Meant Furnished Rooms, with Board, on moderate terma, at 391 and 393 C, between 3d and 4H streets. Transient and Table Boarders accommodated. - oc 9 2w* MMHBBHMHnpBsasaBHMSaHHaMaaMaHBHBMnHMHI GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS BUCKSKIN GLOVES, GAUNTLETS. fto. We oall the attention ofSutlersfRegimental Officers, and others wishing to purchase Buckskin Gloves. Gauntlets, Mittins, Purses, Tobaooo Pouches, Portmonnaiea, Leggtns, fto., at wholesa e, to our extensive stock?all of our own m&nutaeture? at our store, 10.1 High street, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittena are of the beat quality ,of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxisgGlovea, Buckskin Shirts and Drawera, made to order. RAMSBURG A EBhRT, 105 High street, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.?A large quantity of acrapa of Bnckskin and Chamoia for pohahing guns, aocoutrementa, to., on hand. se 2?-lm !\1 ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRA VGHT. Expected this day, ?er steamer J. Jerome? SOO barrela XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 500 hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Terms cash on delivery. ARNV ft SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED- I 10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS U0 bbla. O.d Rye WHISKY, ?o bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVKS, 10 bbia. Cruahed and Re&ned SUGARS. in bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(low-9ric?d) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. ae 14 Blankets, comforts, Marseilles Omlta, Table Cloths, Napkms, Toweia, Doylies, Pillow Linens. Sheetii g?. Ac. A fine stock at moderate prioea. One price only, marked in plain figurea ; henoe no purohaacr ia deceived. PERRY ft BROTHER. , oo 5 5t Pa avenue and Ninth at. IARGE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL -J STOCK OF Fall and W Inter Dry Goods, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON E\8Thfk ft CO., Noa. 199, SOI ft -jo.-} BaltimokkSt., Baltimore, Have notr in atore, and are constantly adding thereto, a large and varied stock of IMPORTED AsD DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, inolurting a splendid assortment of Colored and Biaok Diesa Silta. Dre-a Gooda in every variety, Shawla, Cloaka. and Mant'ea, Embroideries. Laces, Muslin Trimmings, Handkerchiefs, Skirts, L. C. Hdkfg. Hosiery, Linen Gooda and Housekeeping Artioiea in every possible variety. Mourning Goods of every description, Flat ne a. Quilts, Ivrkots. Good* for Men's Wear, Also, l>omestio C ttons and Domestic Goods of every description, lor i omeitoid purposes. Ser?ar.*s' wear, ana Farm and Plantation u e. Our S ock will be found one of the most extensive and c?mp ete in t'ie United States. The Foreign Gooda. most.r of our -own importation," earefaliy selrc.ed by one of the firm residing in Pans, who eeuds us any novelty aa aocn aa it appeara. our purchases being inlargi quantities and on the mo?t advantageous terms and our Salxs For Cash sly.enables us to mark our good * at prices very advantageous to Wkolesali and Retail buyers. An examination of our Stock solicit-cl from prrsons v siting Baltimore to make purchases oo7 7t* OOQ JOHNSON ft NAGLE, ?o?7 No S*9 PeNHSTLVaNIA A VX!?C*. Betwoen Ninth and Tenth sta . south aide, IMPORTERS OF WINES, > IOUORS, SEUARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, SURVIVES, FI iV E GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STi)REi IN (r EM ERA L. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNES: G H. Mumm, Piper Heidaiok, Moet ft Chandon, Cartier ft Co , Barat ft Fagot, Touretta. Royal Grape. Whioh wo offer at New Vork Prioea-freight added. JOHNSON ft NAGLE, . 839 Peona avenue. Atim. M. Itin nger ft Co.'s (19 ^to*d street. New York.) World renowned BOTTLED WINES and LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal, and Family u>e, oonstantly on hand and so'<i at New York Pricea by the Case. At JOHNStiN ft NAGLE'S, ? , 239 Penna. avenue. PJCKLES, Pepper and other SAUCES. TOMATO CAxSUP. by the barrel, gallon, or dosen, from the oeiebrated manuf<otory of Kohrrnbarh ft Co., New York, at aatonuhingly low prioea. At JOHNSON ft NAGLE'S. Alao. PICKLED: PIG FEET. LaViTaND BEEF TONGUES, TRIPE, eto!, by the &rrel or half-harrel. M W LEA ft' CKLEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by gj EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Fl of a Letter from a to he the ,K| Medical Gentleman "ONLY GOOD aBKL ? To His Brother SAUCE." at Woroeater. and applicable to ggg .. r.? ^"irwva v n?* that their Santr KVliRY ia highly eateemed India, and ia, in VARIETY ray opinion, the moat pa at-.hie, as well aa OP DISH. ( fe^flthe moat wholeaome Sawrc thatia made." The above SAUCE ia n?'t only the ixst and moat roPOLAKcoNDiMKNT known, buttnemoat Economical, as a lew dropa in Soup. Grmr?, or with Fish. hot and oo d Joints, BtrJ Sttak, Game, te . impart an exqataite a^st, whion unprintxpltd Sauce man ufacturera have in vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner, or Supp* Taiff, a oruet oonUining "LEA ft PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indiapenaa To appreciate the excellent qualities of thia delictous preparation it ia oniy necessary to puroliase a sm 11 bott e ?>f the genuine, of a respectable gro cer or dealer, as many Hotel and Res aurant pro prietora as dum p.'aoe the Pure Sauce oefore tneir gueata. t>ut aubeutulea genuine BottU hlled with a sfunous nuxtura. For aale by Grocera aud Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNC4N ft SO -8. , y*UM Squart and 14tk street. New York. Wholesale Agenta for the United Slates. A Stock alwave in atore ? Alao ordera received lor direct ahipmenU from Eogla tL Beware of Counterfeits and Imitations. a"> .S-ly.eo fOMK AND S?*"E OUR NEW STOCK OF t. h ALL CLtOTHING?No. 460 Seventh at. oo 1-1 n? AT MOORE'S WEST END DRUG "TORE, 113 Pa av.. oan be bad: Oagood'a India Choi ogogne ; Ayer'a Ague Cure ; Keaver'a Powdera; Moore a Ague Cure and Antidote; Sha lenburger'a Pilla; and a large aupply of the moat popular Mad* loines. Also, Toilat Artie ea, hne Cigara, fto. ae2? 3w SW. TUCKER Would anno a nee to the otti aena. m liia y and aojoarnera ia Wash- a^ ing'on that ha ia now proaeoatiog the Tai loring Business in all its branche?, at {So. la 4 9T Sixth at., 3d door norU of Pa av. He WW Intaoda to manufacture, cat. repair, r* model, olaaaae,and atiive to be generally aocommcHiatinr. Koonomiata ahouia oall a >d aae him oth Trade-Fauingaaaaother MacineBtitchtag aeatly executed. ae i7^awlw* Great mush to smith's, no 4?o ?.tenth at., to aae>iemvaloak of Fall Ciothing, Tiunka. Hats and Caaa oo l-li }V|OURNfNG AND OTHER BLACK 31 UK*. Ivi a hne aaaoriinent, all widths and q t alittee, at oar proverhially tow prioea. W ith a fiat and ample ktuck of thick aud thm labrioa lor mowriiing dresses, shawla, aloaka, fto. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Fmi Fertreee Foithim Mo.xim, Oct 11 --The eteamer 3 R , Spauldtng returned from Halle ae Inlet thle morulag. bringing details of the r* rent engageir.t a I, which, however differ* In bat few reepeci* from the account* rlready published. The Twentieth Indiana Regiment, In their retreat to avn'd being cnt off by the enemy, had to abandon th Ir tent* and provisions and many of their knaneack*. Ac. Col. Hevan state* hi* total loas at about fifty None, howerer were killed. The Inhabitant* along the beach came In with the regiment The loaa of the rebel* ha* been overestimated, but wa* undoubtedly large The revenue cutter Corwin ealls for Hatteraa Inlet to-night. The prlaonera captured by the Confederate force* reached Norfolk on Wednesday night, la a large b-jrge drawn by the ?tearner Empire, and were in pre,ty good condition Aa they marched along the atreet considerable carioatty waaexclted. and they were followed by large crowd* of pereone No indignity w*a offered, except by a gang of boya, who followed In the rear cheering for Jeff Davie. The prlaonera atated In Norfolk on Friday that their treatment thua far had been kind?much better than they anticipated. FoiTrbss Mombos, Oct 12 ? A party of New York Zouavea, (formerly Eilswortli'e,) aent out from Newport Newa thle rooming to cut fuel, were attacked probably by a acouting party of the Confederatea. and driven in with the loaa of one team The Zouavea did n?t ihow much pluck, having fled at the IIrat fire. Two Confederate tuga appeared at the name time on J a me* River The Expreee went up a ahort dlatance on a reconnoUance, but wa* unable to reach the enemy. The ateamer S. R. Spauldlng eail* to-night with a large ahlpment of Quartermaater'a and Cotnmlaaary'a atorea for Hatteraa Inlet. Brigadier General William* goea with her, and willaaaume the'chlef command there. A Battle at Fart Faantlerey. St. Loci*. Oct 12?Ttie correapondent of the St I.ouls Republican, undr date of Santa Fe, N. M., Sept 22d, writea as follow* : New Mexico i* atlll free from invasion by the Texan*. On the 13'.h Inat., at Fort Fauntleroy,40U Navajoee made an attack on that post, and were repulsed with a loaa of 20 killed and 44 wounded and prisoner* The troop* In the fort had but one man wounded Col St Vrain haa resigned, and it 1* understood that Kit Carson willaucceed him In commmd The Governor's call for the enrollment of all malea hetween IS and 45, doea not aeem to elicit much attention from the people I have yet to hear of the first man complying with it* requirement*. Freni Califernln. Pacific Springs, Oct 12 ?The California Pony Exprea*, with San Franciaco date* to the 9th inat , ha* arrived. Texaa emigrant* were arriving rapIdly at Loa Angelea, California, and Weatern Texaa will aoon be almoat entirely deaerted by Union families, who are seeking refuge in California. The garriaon at Fort Yuma are engaged in building entrenchment* The mall party paaaed two companlea of the 9th Infantry on their way to reinforce the fort within two daya march. No attack wa* apprehended. The Revelatlea ia Raw Granada New York, Oct. 13?The eteamer Champion ha* arrived from Asplnwall with one million of treasure Advice* from Carthagena, New Granada, atate that Mosquera ia reported to be hemmed in at Bogota and that his forces had been defeated by General Arbolida with a h?>avy loss Tbe entire State of Caura had declared in favor of Arbolida. Tbe latter bad hung tbree prisoners in retaliation for those shot by Mosquera. Movement* mi Gen (am cran St Louis, Oct 12?Gen Cafberon leavea St. Louis to day to vlaitGen. Fremont at Camp Llllie, Tipton ' A large deputation of Miaaourlans have waited on Gen Cameron, urging the continuance of Gen. Fremont in command of thia department. Ex-Vice-Preeldent Breckinridge Organizing a Confederate lamp Locisvillk, October 13.?Ex-Vice-President Breckinridge and othera are organizing a camp in Floyd county, lu 'bis State Six or aeven thousand men are aaid to have assembled. The Steam Ganbeat Menlcnn Bhsto!*, Oct. 12 ?Tbe Untted States *team gunboat Mohican will sail from thla porton Monday for tbe South. SEALED PROPOSALS are irvitd for FLOUR till the !6h October. 1S6I at 12 o'clrck m. About 6,?i<i barreie will be required, in separate lot* of about l.noo harre's ?aoh The Flo?r t-? made of new Wheat, and the delivory of tha whole lot to be made by the 20th October. 1831. The Flonr required to be of the following brands, and to pass the inspection of a Board of Arm* offioers, or snob other mspeotion as the SubeuteiiGe Department may direct. Arlington Extra, Congreaa do. i Fiy do. Fairwiew do. Cedar vaje do. Glen wood do. C'agett aa. J. Newoomo do. M. Smith do. Roxbnry do. JoeCbarlea do. J. Davidson A Co. do. Foundry do. Heok da, D. L M or neon A Co. do. Lyon'* Union Big Spring Joe Ede'a Extra Baker's, do A few barrele of the s*me grade of Southern Flour will be taken, provided that it proves equil in grade to the brands above-named. The bidders to etate the brand and the number of barrele of eaoli kind they propose to furnieh. The barrels oontaining the Flour to be strong, well-booped and bead-lined. Theprcporaletobeaddreaeedto Maj A Bfc.CKWlTH, 0 8-, U.S. A.. Washington, D. U., and endorsed, "Propoeftle for Hour " oe 9_ WEALED PHOPOSALS,till the Sletot Oetoto ber, 1361, at 12 o'clook m., are invited for sua plying the Armr with Beef Cattle on the hoof, to be dnlivered at ChMnbor'burg. Harriaburg, or York, in the Sute of Pennsyivani-, aa the Government mar designate. Bidders are requested to oorap y in all partioelar* with the form ofbid publ ehed herewith. Government reaerves to itaelf the ri/ht to pay m Trea-ury notes or other funde it haa for disburse meat, and to rejeot any bid and for any cause. No bid will be entertained an eas the bidder ia preaent to respond to his bid. The Government will reoei?e4,ono head nnder the e<>nt aot. ard will reserv- 'he right to require any addit onal number up to 16 inn he'd. Deliveries t? be made weekly in suoh qaantitiea aa may be required. The Cattle must average 13** pounds grosa weight; and uo animal will be received whioh weigha leaa than 1,000 pounds groas. No oouditional bid will b? received. The bids to be direoted to Capt. A- Bzcewith, C. S , U. S. A , Washington, D. C., and ei.dorsod " Propoeala for Beef Cattle." Foan or Bid. I, A B, do herebf propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Cattlo on the hoof for p?r hundred pound* gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Ohambereburg, Harriaburg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania, as the Governittect may designate, according to the terms of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be w ighed on tbe eoales, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree te give a good and suffioi'nt bond far the fulfillment of the oontract.and to receive Treasury notes or other Government lunde in payment lor tbe Catt'e. The first delivery or tne Cattle will b* required to be made about the 10th of November, 1861. SB 27 td Medical department of 6EWR6ETOWN COLLEGE. W*ski*rtm City. Corner of Fond Struts. Saaeion or lMl-'6i. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NO0L.E YOUNG. M. D.. Profeeaor of Prmoiplee and Practioe of Medieine. J<?HftSON ELIOT. If. II.. Professor of Principles and Practioe of Surgery. JAM K8 E MORGAN, Ja. D>, Proleeaor of Matena Medioa and Therapeutic*. J. M. SNYDF.R. M. D., Profeeeor of Obetetrios and Diaeaeee of Wcmen and Children. THOMAS ANT13ELL. M. D . Profeeeor of Magical Chemietry, Toxioongy, and P.>yeiology. J. E. W1LLKTT. M D , Demonetrator of Anatojjy TT7~ The ohair of anatomy to be filled. The session will oommenoe on the 2M of Octo ber and end in March following. For farthar information addreas JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D , I)-an of the Faculty, 40S F street, botweeo 6th and 7th ate. aa 6-lawtNovl* M. 1. FHANKX.1N, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTIC TAJ* 444 PennH av., noi th aide,) bat. 12th and ULk ata Improved SPECTACLES, with geaaine Pebhli or Perieoopto Glasses, so it ad oorrectly for aver] eye-eight. FIRST ^ - OM a ? MILITARY F1MLD-GLA88MS. Mioraeoopea, Compaaeee, and Mathematieai In atrnmaats, at the loweet Knetara prieea. ae tl tr The CAMP A l^N? A 'c ^npa it ru?g Wagon ? the Prussian principle, arrari*e4 lor sleep-?\__ lug or to act ae au Amhu aaae in Ba**?jU?r mctnaaaor wuiiada.w|tn anils room for*** ?to(*e aod p?-ori*j0^*; nght, water - proof, a ni par f^otly ft aw. t aviug been just Kmit to order"by mm of the first n akera in New York, ia offered for mui a coat p ice. Aiao, a handsome, strong, aound, dark-browi HoRSK, either for ^ddle ur hnrnene. Holh may be aeen uu *ap.icat?jOL to J AM El BK"^N, at Mr, Irvine's ?tat>jas* Ceioorair ^e^iod the bius Hoaae, I aad^l * __ _ |SECX)ND EDITION. 1 THREE O'l UMl r J?l_ OUR MILITARY BUDOkT. ALL QVIST. All wii quiet upon our front to 5 p in UmIbv ; I the enemy'* scattering pickets cnly belnc vlnlhla I In the distance UUAL H'tLtLU!! General McClellan returned nahinlsy Bftwaeon I from the otber tide of tbe liver Ws bear that he will again proceed lh*re to day, era nlghtihll. OBNBBAL ItlKIT . Brigadier General Harney la In this city Ho I *?i at tbe office of the Adjutant General'a to-day. rnror*DBD aspbbsioxs. A WishingU>n corrospsndoat tn Friday** Now I York Tim?? aaaalla Major Bechwlth, C. I. U. I. I A , mo*t unjustly and shamelessly Tbe writer'* Indictment la a* follsws: Thk Kischtiio Coxm**4it.?I hare boI fore alluded to tbe alleged peculations of mm of I tbe Commlaaarleo of the Army To-day the talk I I* quite plain that Copt Berk with baa been man I aKinR hi* bus'nee* la a way that must have been I extremely profitable to tbe contractors, If aot to I himself If common report be true?and I thlak I in thia Instance It doea not exaggerate?the GevI ernment baa been defrauded of lufe amount* la I tbe weight of tbe cattle received under the last I contract for beef cattle on the hoof At the eotiI mated weigbta the Government baa really paid I much more for an Inferior qualtty of beef than I waa paid under the notorioua Dyer contract. I There are otber meana of fraud said to have been I successfully worked under Capt Beckwlth's surI veillsnce?fraud a ?o manifest sod psstttve a* t* make themselves apparent to tbe outside world.' It la a sufficient answer to tbeae charges to my I that Major Beckwltb neither receives nor payafhr I tbe cattle in question They are dellia?odt I weighed, and receipted for at Harrlehurg by I Capt Du Barry, Aaalatant Commiasary Ualted I States Army, one of the Irst officer* la tbr service I By him they are tben aent as property of tbe United State* to tbla city, and delivered over to I Major Beckwlth, wboae duty It is, simply to sup? I ply them?divide them out to tbe troopa here. Tbua, If there la any peenlatloa whatever la connection with tbelr purchase. Major B la entirely clear of compllclt^wlth it, because be baa I no more to do with tbelr purchaae or receipt than I tbe man In tbe moon. But three allegationa agalaat the qaaltty, I weight and condition of tbe cattle la question ara I wholly unfounded In truth they are (alaetyI nine head la tbe hundred) aa fine beef ateer* aa I were ever aold In any American market?remarkably fine?aa all cattle men In thia city will testify. I They are, of course, somewhat better on being I delivered In Harrlfhnrg?before the drive to thia I point. The truth la. tbeae charge* are alander* whispered Into the lugs of new* pa per men lgnoraat eC I auch matter*, by some of the horde of speculating I thlevea disappointed in using Major IBmrkwIth to I rob the treaaury, who hang around the WaahlngI ton botel halla juat now. Major B la an officer of great energy, sagacity and efficiency, having discharged his datlea with I remarkable auccess la feeding tbe lmmeaee army I In thl* quarter. THK H?T AHD THB WEST E<ittor a/ tk$ Stmt: I have lately noticed par | agraphaia tbe newapapera reflecting disparagingI ly on tbe East as not equal In patriotic spirit to I the Weat in ralalng troopa Aadevon lathe Sisr I of Saturday allusion Is made to tbe Kant, aa If I* I were fXr behind tbe Weat la the number of I soldier* already aent Into the fleid. Now a few "statistics*' will show th'a to be a I mistake. Of tbe half million men tabs raised, I you state that aot more than 350,000 have yet I reached the field. or 70 percent of the whole. Tben I auppoae the "free" State* were to raise tbe ?ek*J?, I New England's share would be seventy-flvn I regiments, of 1,000 men each, divided thua: I Maine. IS; New Hampahlre, 8; Vermont, 6; I Maaaachuaetta, 30; Rhode Island. 4; Connecticut. 10 These States have already In tbe fleld : I Maine, 10; New Hampshire. 4; Vermont, 4; I Massachusetts,St; Rhode Island,3; Connecticut, I 7?total, SO reglmenta. or two-thlrda at their quota. I Thia Is onlv a little less than the average; and I when the men raiaed la the border "slave" Stolen I are deducted from the aggregate. It will be orea I that it la a little mart than their proportion among I tbe "free" State*. Besides, the recrntt* for the | regular army and for tbe navy bave mostly come | from tbe Eaat. And New flampahlre, 1 know, I ha* her otber four regiments, to eompUti brr I quota, nearly fall, and will aoon bave thrai I equipped, and aent to tbe fleld, and might send I them at once a* well provided aa tbe troop* from I some otber States Tbe same. I presume, Is trne I of other Kaatern States. Add to thisthatthe Eaat I furnlsbe* nearly all the money for Government I tiae. and you will flnd the East not wanting. B , LATE LOCAL NEWS. I Riot on Enolish Hill?Yeoterdsy afternoon I a row occurred at a house kept bv Honors Kail I ber. on Second street, near H. In waleh a number I of persons were engaged, and at least a hundred I and fifty were gathered around aa spectator* of I tbe disgraceful scene Policeman Kelley went I Into tbe crowd and *ucceed<d In arraetlng a mnn I named Martin Calne, who waa very drunk, vary I bloody, and badly bruised Placing bla prisoner I In tbe care of a citizen, be waa returning to make I other srreata, when tbe crowd dispersed, and the I otber rioter* eacaptd Calne was taken to tbo I Station-bouae and searched. A email amouat I of money waa found upon him, and a pockI et knife, the blade of which bore evidence I of having been u*?d to tbe best advantage In tbe I fight. This morning tbe caae was Inve* tigated I by Justice Clark, when It appeared that tbe prts I oner had been badly beaten by tbe crowd there? I probably becauae be would not treat aa often as I tbey desired. He also charged that la the flght I they robbed htm of a valuable watch He waa I fined f 1 W for being drunk ; and the proprietor I of tbe houae waa held to hall for Court for keep * I ing a diaorderly houae. I Ahothkb Habba* Coarr* Casc.?Richard A. I Lucas, a minor, belonging to thia city, waa I brought before Judge Merrick, of the Circuit I Court, to-day at noon, on application to bo discharged from Col. Tslt's First Regiment D C. I Volunteer* John H Johnson, aaq , appeared for I tbe petitioner, and Oiairiet Attorney Carrlagtoa I for the officer* of the regiment The declllon of the Court ws* that there waa I strong circumstantial evidence that the petitioner I enlisted wltn the consent vf bla parents, and he I we* therefore remanded to the custody of Capt. I Boyd, to whose company be la attached After tbe Judge had retired from Usecourt| room, there was an aBectlng partin*r scene boI tween tbe mother and soa. 11 Is to be hoped that I this decision wiU deter applications being mode In future, unless tbe evdence la d racttf ta the point, that minor* have been enlisted withouttha consent of pa rente or guardlana These case* arc becoming quite numerous ' Tub Qcbbb or Nioesn. Hill "?On Saturday, a colored damsel named Mary Brows, hat known by the above title, waa arrested la the Northern Liberties, for being drank aad dlaerderly Justice Baroaelo committed bar ta the worn houae. and she waa placed la a carriage With Officer Sbeld, who found ha had aach a tough customer that wbea he gat ta the avooae ha was compelled to tranafer bar ta Officer Plowmaa'a bnegv She g*<t that officer several hard knoeh*, ana he waa compelled ta tie her, la which oondittbn ahe was takea to Quean's retreat Scdobn ILLvaa* ?Yesterday afternoon. Cant. Moore, for maay years mmeager the British Legation, while walking la u* public hall ad Brown's Hotel, waa taken 111 suddenly, aad Ml ' upoa tbe floor, severely cutting his head Be waa inetsatly removed to a chamber and pr< party cared for. It was at flrat feared thnt M would result sertoaely; but we understand he apaedlly recovered, and I* dot eg very wall. A ooon t 1KB la expectrd at thet^ntoe perty of the Ellsworth Club,at Stott>s Ball, la the Flr*t i Ward, on ttedeeaday evening next Tbe enter , talnment Is aaanaged hy agreeable young ateu who know bow to give n hall, and the music art 11 ? he furnished hy tbe Holy BUI bend ef Qaaege f town, ae that lndiea who attend neay eafely anticipate a pleasant evening The aama ef the Clab ought alone ta draw a crowded haaaa. Sera XT* by Cabbio* is CmcmBATt ? Tba Cincinnati Oaxette of the luth ear*: "la ndvnaoe nf the tnlagraph which heralded his oomlng, the Secretary of War, accompanied hy Adjntsnt. General Thaawa, arrived la the city aad tank rooms at the Burnet Ho nee D -tclag the foeaaoen I he paid hla meets to Mr* Beaeral MeClellna, vlsitad Long worth's win-noil*r and Newport I Barracks, and reviewed Captain llun'* osa' paay of artillery, which was about ta Wave for Itnakr. Shortly after nnen he left In n npeejal ! train aa the Ohio aad Miaaleslppt Bai read lor St. Louts. If}" A Oo?.t>ier s s*?#ie U shoe reats I IrjlWi lnanJ .' I ILT InChtaa^now.yoaeaahuy |daaaaChtaahi 1 haWj^jJ tBatr wotbdrt for 9t" ? *

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