Newspaper of Evening Star, October 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 14, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. SWORDASD PLOl'OH . Tba Sword came down to tbe red brown Held, ^Vhere the Plough to tbe farrow heaved and keeled; And It looked ao proud In its lingllng gear, Paid the Plough to the Sword, "Whatt>rlnga yon here ?" ' Unjt ymrameo, ere I wat born, Tbev doubled my grandstre up, one mora, To forge a share for you, and now They want him back," aald the Sword to the Plough. The red brown flMH *? .? ? ? ? ?? m " " v ? *rvi t A' the glenm of War o'er the landscape aped ; The aab*rs ftaahed, the cannon roared, And atde by aide fought the Plough and the Swotd. PI. A3TIXO SVERGREEXS IR rHE FALL. The Gardener'* Monthly makes the tollowI ag notes about plsnting evergreens in the fall: "The latter end cf August is one of the best asoDB of the Tear to transplant evergreen* The jour* growth of tbe past season ha.- got pretty well hardened, so as to permit of but very littie evaporation?and the earth being warm, new roots push with great rapidity, and the tree becomes established in the ground before cold autumn wiadl begin. The ohief difficulty is that th? Boil is usually very dry, which-prevents much speed with the operation; and the weatbtr being generally very wartn, the trees have to be planted in the ground almost as fast as taken up; so that it is not safe t? bring them from a distance. It is as woll, therefore, to make all ready in rnticipation of rain, when no time may be lost in having the work pushed through. Should a spell of dry weather ensue?whteh in September or October if very likely?one good watering should be given, sufficient to soak well through the soil ?nd well about the roots. A ba.jiu should be made to keep the water from running away from the spot, and to jusiit its soaking in. After being well watered the loo#e soil should b* Jr*wn in ligh ly over the watered soi', which will then aid in nreventinsr thn w?t?r fcm . o SWU drying out agaiu KRt'RARB SYKITThe aperient quili ies of grwn rhubnrb, and it? condociTene?j V? health, being now so well known, it* usetlncss does not adroit of >< dwubt, bat allvw me to remark that it. is best used in the form of a syrup. eaten with plain bread, as ?ro all cooked fruits; and fit with r^a'ry especial!; by invalid persons who have riliocj ccuatilulion*. I'astry id like strong drink? il orly serves to indulge the appetite, rather than impart to it any real good, causing secretion-' in the stomach beyond their natural o-dcr. To make rhubarb jvrup is simply t?; cut !n fm*!I piece?, simmer it over a slqw ^'ro one boor with a very little water: ori?; iuay he baked in ajar, then strain it aod >dd eugir to mit the palate Wben it is ^oung it is like apples, unnecessary to b*d peeled If ->weeteaed with the best yf sugar, (loaf is the bestl U will, if preserve air-ti^ht and set iu a cool place, keep ^<1for many months, and will be f ?ind to bft't4eiiiAiil and refreshing at all times SDfJ ?London Gardenei'? Chronicle C17" From a stat'ioent in the Toledo Herald in *e?trd to the lake propellers. It would appear that abont 25 000 WO bushe'e of tfntlu. and Including alliotr vessela, at le>aat 50.000,PuO bushels of gram. hav*> been carried has'.w,ar.i this season. The total '!?* ?f p.-r ixUer? Is ninety and one hundred. A man in Wisconsin. waa la?t week sent by his wife t* procure the rcleise of a son, under age, who bad ran away a d Joined *he North western Timers. Ul? fathrrfellln with litury's Artillery Company, and enlisted h'mself The indignation of th*s wlf<* can be imagine i. The prospect of a renewal of spectr laafior iti^na from Europe ng u?ing attention We Jn*e alr-ady received S40,<hfc) 080 In jc?ld this ymr from Europe, In part pavmeut of the breadvtuA which we have ecpplied to that continent CI^Gen Tench Tilghman, of Talbot county, M d., woo waa rrceotly arretted by federal authority and taken to Cambridge, has, after an examination, been honorably discharged and returned to h'l borne. Missouri is one of the largest States in tbo Union Ft contain* ?7,38? square miles of territory, or 4.1.123 Juo acres, and has one hundred and e*en counties. \iJ~ A marriage betWMU two cousins of the Rotuachlld family 1? arranged, and will take pl.:ce in London A ^reat tnanv florlua will meet on the occasion ai d be consolidated. fO~ Vermont \? raising her alxth regiment There are ilx hundred men enrolled, and they go late, am pat Mcutpeller thlaweek. 1LT" The estimated Yankee property In the 9ute of Virginia under the bsn ef the aequestratiou act aotouuts to *30,000,000. lETThe damage to the New York canals by the lat? Worms will reach $150,000 to f:iUJ,000. OCEANSTEAMERS' SAILING DA Y8 froh te Ubut15 Btatsi SlMwitl. L?WI. For. D**t. Niagara Boston Liverpool^..Got 16 lua. .New York - Liverpool-. Oct23 Bremen.. .New York.?Bremen?-Oot 86 Prom Errmop* 4ns _ __ .Liverpool?New York _S*pt 28 reoK>i South'ptoB...Naw York.?Got 2 The California mat. steamers leave New York on the let. l?th, sjid 21st of everv month. PKOPLKU CLOTHING 8TORt, No. X 4f 0 Hevei tti st.. ia the plaoo to buy your Clothing, Trucks, Hats and Caps. oo 1 lm ? NOT1CK. ?^TYL1?H Antamnand Winter Wrappinta for ladies, <i qu&iiti Letter than usuviy f >und in this msjk-t, in VWolet.s and Silks Many nove ties ia Shavta. W ;th aii kinds ??f Dry Goods for tbe general and special wants of faxru.ies and housekeepers. On* arte* only, the aetual cash standard value, mi kffl 11 lain 0?r No them wnt Kut?ra correapondenta aend na new auppliea dailr. Carpet*. Curtain*, Oiloiotha, Run, Ao-. upper floor* *n ioapeetioD of stook implies no obligation to psrebue. PERKY A fiKO.? oo >-&t Pa avenue and Ninth at. DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE need for the lAat half oeaturt ic the Hoapitala of L<>u<f*n ana i*eria for the oare of Secret piiiaiH niST now he ha1 at VPHAM 8,fgrtjpy^. No. 310 Cheariat atrtet, aole intent for the tailed diatea it oo?taiiu no uuroarf or otin-r uiic*r% a, a&d wi 1 not hirm the iBo<t dHio-*t* oonat tutioa A *r'*dv rurt rua-aate*<1 %i. 1 n<> ch&ime of ?'ut required. Pn e 91 S^ent by t?o d in Washington h* 9. CA INVERT FOkP, oorner 11th atreet and Pennayivama avenue eep 5- eolt fTPHAM'f* HAIR DYE I-TO COLOR BLACK 1. OH BRftWy : '?Only 3* oenta a bo*. Three boxei for one dol ar Gray, r*d or flaxen hair can r-9 Qjeiifeo In a few aceontin to a j t biaok or brown, by uair.g L'pteia'e Liquid liair Dre, thd best and cb<*pe*t m the worlu, produoiua, the mou ent iti**ppliefl a rich uaturfc! appearaLO'- Each B<>x ofUPHAM'S H A.R DYB ? w?rrarted to ooutain a* much ka*r 4v* a* other* aeil fur one. dollar'. Hod b? 8 C- I'KH J10 <'<be?nut atreet, b lade* pat*. ard S CAL.Va.KT FORD, coruer Ilia th?et tad I'a. are. aep ?-eoty ?TSffftS3Va FE - MctwuA A mu fiLL5 ths rmy >mj? in ??? Thfy op?r%a? speed! JMv a%? fmitftji;, and bmtis **r-oo?t? Aw / ?rt? e bo uaMt ipt u lita iii mI d* ioHt~ ' MB & tn*l of tteoe Pills wili prow? their superiority over all others. Priee (Ms Dollar a So*. fco'd only ii L'PHAM'S, 310 ihesnut street. pent by mail to eii part* of th? oountry in a eeaief envelope. Bold in Washington b? 8. GALVBKt PuKl>, oorner 11th street end Pa. ?** ? p S wlT fcJT'r, TOPHAMB ??B VU t R M M 1 V M TRUNK CIS MANUFACTORY, <*l Brvnrra ?ram. WtuamTtiii D. C. AM. ] aat ooaataatly makiai, aod aivan Un ea hand, of thebeet mall rial, every deecriptioo ?f . I Vhw &?u LmUw. Ai L?* Pr%c4*. Uea*e<e*< It^rwiaad lr*?yler? will pi mm , imum ?y etocl before purchasing eleevhere | Tunis that ere made in other mt.?? 0u mm or Laatb?r and Diem Tmnka made to Trunk* ao*arad acd raaai rod at ibert no boa, 4*ooda d?h%ar*d ftaa 01 oharca toany1?art of tha | ^y^.rupn.M j IAOIKV R HAL* FA HI* KID WbOVteS. ?JI ! i -ISM ft 4 ') vtn best quality. LmIm' Lo4~i v. *u, iuog and abort aiaavaa. Mouri.uie , Fh\?i? .uuc abd nauftra. Fine ami madium Whita F a^i ala. We a *du!j *drfir j many noreluaa in imt-alaaa ( Dry Htadi to our Hook. on? rr.ea oa j. tha aotuaieaah standardralaa. . narked m plain I g area. If I | M^gsr?-04 ? OFHCBBP,SOLDIK*ft, ANDTHfcl* F>M j liiaa naadiag any kindaf Fancy or ?Uai* DRY 0O4i M, for in b*i? ( ' ?' ton*, tra ?oRaitad to our axt^o'va stock ; so obligation to par- f aitaea thereby lDsarr?d \ mi i <only. iMLrled ic plain llfnran \ a cal. for >ne interior eau uraty and pr. pe?i? n ft tad, frte of C??i*e a ... : r SUMMER RETREATS. UltA BATHING AND SAFE KtTASAT, ^ At PtiRt Loot-Oct, Naruis. This oe eb rated Bathing Piece. aituated at the Junction of the Potonuvo River vita trie A . . A Che*ap?ik^ Bay, will be opened by tne VfMV iindereifBcd on tho loth of Jane, in ?h?5 JUuKX very bete style, for ell persona who may wish e Mia and saiet rstreet, whero they mo neve the r. -n^fit of the beat wit water in( ami enjoy the deuoaoies of the water, auoh at Fish of all kinds. Oytte'e, Orabs, Ac Kvery description of fishinc tackle mil be kfept for t?ie accommodation of f A fine livery stab e kept on the farm Ala?, ten ?inal!e?a and billiard saloons ; with all oth<* amusfcnenls usually found at anoh paoea. Ehe table will be anpplied Uaiiy with fresh vegeiea (tarn the garden on the prenuaes and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The best Lienors and Clears will always be found attheBar. Board, fti per day; one week, 81*; aeoond week, 1fosr weeka for #?; chi.dren and 6otor?d sernoti haif-pnoe. The steamer Bt. Nioholas lefcfds Washington Tuesday at # a m. and Ha'*i&ore on Friday at 4 p. m The half past f o'clock p. m. train from Waihin(ton wiH eoseest at Baltimore with the boats, 11m. .k t ? " inunnjpi (vim LUUlOUlQAliJ ? ft SO, S Ifl -WW I If '<a*? from Washington. by way of Leonardtown Add e?? tha proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, D C., or Alexandria, Va. pi 31 HEFLKBOW KR A CO . Prop'f. DENT1STBY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth Streets aa g-eofrm \1 TEETB. 1*1 LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patent** of tha MINi.KAL, PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office .n this oity.SaMBw Many persons oan wwir these teeth who^*-1'1''' cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot weir these. Persons calling at my c\n be aeooinmooated with any style and prweoi Teeth they may desire; bnt to those WRoars particular and wish the purest, cieaoe^t, strongest, and most perfect denture that art ear jrodu*e, tiie MINERAL PLATE will be morbidity warranted. Rooms in this oitr?No. 338 Pa. xrenue. between tin and 10th cts. Aiso, 90T Area street, Phi ad el >hia. oc l? tf GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM 7. DOVE * CO. RE Now prerire<i to exeonte any erdart with wtiioh thev raa? be f*rore<l in the i'LUMDlNw, 9AS OR STEAM FOT1N9 BUSINESS. tIT Store on Mh atreat, a few doora north of P?. averse, where niaj b? iooL,^ a eomaiete aaaortnient ?A3T^j? s* J SNYDER, fca PL PMBKR A.VD OAS FITTER, Haa removed to the oomer of Twelfth and F it*. He it prepared to mtrortnoe Water and HMapon the moat favorabla terms, and guarantiee entirt atiafaotion. Henaa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will Mil .ees Ln&n coat, aa ha wiahxa to get nd of tiigm. no IT WG AS FIXTURES. E Hare in atore, and are dai.y receiving, 9AS FlXJURBSofentirely .New Pattern*Mid Deaicna an.. V iniah. superior m ante to anytime heretofore ofei d in th'.a market. We invite oitiieoa ir tr tall and examine our atoot of Gas and Water Fix j-ea, feeling continent that we hare the b#at selected a took in Washington. A:! Work in the ahove Tine intraated to ??r oar? will be rramtti? attended to. M YL 6 8 A Mo? H * N. flttr t tT 37B D atreet y V k. r* *? ? ?- ??? ? Urnv~ ur ircareArruii AND SEALKS cf ?A? Meters. W'*SHI!?TO|l. Jul? 1J, !* . Ifi/TlC# IB HEREBY U1VEN. That. urM ai>ly to the aroviefoua of the ordinance of the Oorpanuion a^prov.*! Mar 12,1^, u* undersigned >a now prepared. "wheuear* r?J?:red in, and on pre pay it act of ute itM of &ft? ocnta, to inspect, amine, test, trove, aatj accertaln the accuracy of rejisiratr?!: orsr.y ja* meter In n%o in this eify." KTBTT 'f.ociUl uutO'.'Tt.irillbe condemned r~.<? mother, snkie-1 aad iiarfced a? troe, will be place. If proved t0 vj9 iooira,e ia ita "?Moi?meut &l taa, it will bec.alM acoo-ditjly. and ajfciu pa! in position for use. 0#ie >o. Mi* Devectii ftreet,(near Odd Fai va' Ha!l.> Opec from 8 a. m., to S a. in. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy M tf luiaeotor ana Saaler of vaa Mater*. WALL. PTEPHENS A CO.. 3X8 t*a!IT?TLVa!<IA Avanox. MILITARY AND NAVAL merchant Tailors. AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN S FURNISHING GOODS. ae 6-if (Ir.te: A Repub.) BILLIARDS! r" 1 '?_i The lovers ' * -** of the GAME OF BILLIARD8 will find ia EM RICH'S FINE HALL. ** Corner o Penuay Jvacia avenue and Iltto atreet, (aonth aide,) two of the m >at admirable TABLES in |Ka 1 lm?^ ?-?l ? - viuwi ounoi, wini ovorj oonuori ana j ooovtniMM auS-tf for the players. WATCH REPAI RING AN I) SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishments, and furaisned with aoompiete set of tools for repair- Jhk ing every dosor.ption of fine Watches, and partjou \r attention give tu trie came, aJH inot ugh competent workman.and a. work riMiu tied Also, ev?ry desorip ion of standard Sfl.v RR Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under my v/wc supervision, which my oustoiners will find far superior in quality and un:sh to northern soid by dealers in genera: and reproeente<! as their ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ? S 15* Pl.trf>RaeD?l'llb ?????????????????????? THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY t, A EAfRIOH. at the comer of Fenn. A . a A avenue aid Ltevenln street, has heenWWBI treat.y improved recently ar.J now offers>AJi(0U greater ind:ifie..iei.ta tor ilie pntronago of oipiens and strangle ta\u any other public house m the city, t:s pr .o? bein* iess than tiioee of any other uotal on I'ert. avenne, and his accommodation for permanent or transient boarders unexoeptiotaoie The bar and rest&uraiit arrangements of the feuropean 3oi*i have a;raa:i? Weoorae very eopu .ar. being a.: Viai oan be deeired by the n?nrf fasuiiaus. lue prt,pn?tor pledgee unremitted attenlioi, and ooutiauea literal expenditures to five ratirfsfl'iuu to a ', and thus renews his invitation '# al< to cive the Kurnsean Hotnl a eail. <1# *-?i ^ U N BOATS Qu/rrttrrruifttr Umur*Ti QJks. I Washington (Sty, July 18, 1861. % Plans and Specifications for bulla of Sua Hoits tar the Western rivers are on exhibition at this offioo, and it offioes of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati, At. l.oni* ar.d A'ton. Boat- 6. delivered at Cairo. Bids shmt'd be sent to Qaarterni*oter Gei;*r?i of the United states Army, at Washington, by 1st August, at noou. M* C> Jv 19 Bnr. Oen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. UNION PAPER AND ENV ELOPEB.-Twen tTiiifferect stylos of Note and Latter Paper, witl? Euve oaea to match. Views of Washington in the form of a Rose, and m Uook/orm, also, separate AH tiurtJailT a-.d Week>* Papers constantly on hand. Herald, Times,and Tribune reoeivoU every night at 8 o'clock. Papers from all parts of the oountry. Beidie's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading, oheap A targe assortment of J u rem las? Mayne Raid's Books. Rolio Books, Abbott's Histories, to. A discount o( 1" to ju per oent. on all bound books FRENCH t RlCHSTKIN, ru* 2* National RtokiloM. iTf Ms. nv I CASH NOTICE. I ki n? ' wuxfusaoc 01 our r.aving to fay ouh for every artiole of gooda we pcroh&je. we are forced to re<laoe oar business to CMk exclusively, for the resent. We h%ve in store a very large assortment of KEAUY MAUK CLOTHfN? for men and boT?" wear, which are eeiling at a much lower rate tnan usually. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3'Ja Pa. avenue, between PtD and 10th it*. )#' (Intel.* Re?uh.t Mm OF^ThK SKATOF WAR.-A splendid Mae of the Seat of War for onlr # oents. a;so, Pocket Maps of all kinds. Soldiers' Camp Dr*#sing Cases from S3 60 to AS. Blank H >oks and Stationery of all ktnde, Flag Paper and Envelopes. Flags, Har.ueriawi BaJgee,Views of Washington. American and Foreign Magaxines, Daily and Weekly Papers. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S National Booketore, m 1 (Intel. It Repub.) 979 Pa. avenoa WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large assortment of GK KY sud BLUEFLANNKL JV KR-SH1K TS, WHITE SHIRTS. DRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF HOSK, Ao., ehion we invite ail oash pnrohaeers to examine before making their selections WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 399 Pa. av., between 9rn and 10th ?t?. mg (Intelligenoer and Wepnb'iean.) H FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN AVE J s?t received a ? ?? > * n Mr, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, with Knrelopee to aatefc. Ai*o, t laf Paper of all kinds, rltii without Mottoes: Knve.opee to match Porsem aad PotMUuoki of every aeeoription. 1 large aoeortment ofstatio'ieri. New York Pipwi rooeived duly; Payer* from M parU of Ike eoentrj. PEENCH 4 RICHSTKIN, P?mi wnm W EW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVKL8.?The iXA'jnffis &szr xzvizr,?4 ^Troy^lMrvToiiZ*r ** L* Lr W108, FKIZETTL3, A a. A flill nooc I*%y * nri 'laiuj. or made to order at the ?hort*?t " They go r If lit f the BpoU' INSTANT RKL1KP STOP \OUR OOU8B PURIFY YOUR BRKATH STRENGTHEN YOUR YOIOB SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All UUUV ruti LLSKUYMUrf, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR STXOERS, GOOD FOR CONS UMPTJTEt. CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIKM ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONSSCTIONB. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. : They relieve a Cou?h lr,?tRK?Jy, They o'ear tlie Throat They firs ftrongth awl volume to the voioe. They impart a <ielioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and eannot harm any one. I advis* every on? who ha* a Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any diffionlty of the Throat, to cot a package of my Threat Confeo tions. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with ine that "ther go rirht to the spot.1 You wi 1 find them very useful and pleasant while traveling ora'tendicg puKic meetings, for stilling yonr Couprh or ailaTi'ig your thirst. If you try one package I am *afe in saying that you will ever af tsrwa-ds consider them mdispensible. You will find tiiem at the Druggifts and Dealers is Medicines. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are counterfeit. A Package wll lie cent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of ihirty Cents. , Address, I1KKKY V. SPALD1SO, No. 4?* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. WT CURE <9NervousHeacJacht Headache. By the im ot those Pills the periodic uitsjeti o iV?r?o*j ?r Ht+dark* rnftjf be r^TKTitftd, act 1 taken at the cor<imeiioeineiu ot an at'kck imme diate relief from >a;u and elckueei will be obtained. * They seldom fan m removing the iYwui* and Hfdatk* to vhioh females are so sabjeot. Ther aot tentlj ayon the bowels,?removing Ce<IHSMII For LUtrmry Mtn, Shtdmtt, IVhcate Females. an?i Ml persons of kmbUs, they are T&1table u a Laxativt, improving the appetite, giving ion* and wer to the digestive organs, and re toritg tne natural elasticity and strength of the whole orttvrn. The CEPHALIC PILLB are the result of long investigation and oarefnlly oonduoted experiments, tia'ing been in use many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering ram Headaohe, whether originating in tiie nrrvous system or from a deranged state of the ifowiaeA. They are entirrty vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at ail times with perfeot safety without mating any ohange of diet, mnd tk* afeitnct 4f any MiM rtrndtrt il uiy te mdmutisitr tktm to tkildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medi sinea. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid en reeeipte U* PRICE, S? CENTS. All ergers shoald be addreesed to HENRY C. SPALD1NC, to V>BDA1 CTBIITi ??W YOU. from 111 Amwiumr, Norfolk, Vm. Cefhalia fills aooomslish the object for vkiek the/ were made, via: Car* of haaoaohe la all iw forms. ??ne tkt Emmmimor, Norfolk* Fa. They La ro been Jested 1b mere than a Uiuui 1 ease*, wiUi sr.tiro laoceca. from tko Domoermt, St. Cloud, Mtmm. If too are, or have been troubled t ith tks haa"aofce. send for a box,(0* Pilla ,) to that 70a mar have them In oaae of aiCattaofc. Prom, tko Wutorm EL. R. &mm*ttt, Ckitmto, HI, We heartily endorse Mr. Raiding.aa4 Ua aanvailed Cephaiio Pills. Fr*m tko Stmikom Polk Pimdor, Nrto Or i to mi, Lti. Trr them ! tod that are afflloted. and've are aare that your testimony can be added to tha aliaady numerous list that haa received beneita that 00 other medioine can jrodnoe. ? Prom tko tfmmttn, Dm*import, Jo mm. Mr. Spalding vonld not ooenec: hlw *r~n? ?iUi an article ha did not kmow to poaaaaa raai atari!, trom tkt Adotrtisor, Pro+idmo0, A. J. The Cephalio Pilla are said to baa reaartab.f effeoti re remedy for the h.-fertaaha, ann one o< tha err beat tor that very frequent ecaipiaiut waich naa ever been discovered. . " ? '* **' T * o*? l/IWWfWi Tha tnnnfl^aodaaiand for tki trttala (Goyfcr-ll? PuU) U r*>Hlr inor?aainj. From ikt Kmtmka TmU* Star, ?mmU, f?. Wo ar? auro tliat poraona anffomi with fch* k?&4aobo, who try thom, will atiok to tkon. Aim <i* Xi*?rtii<r, fruKm, X, /, Tho tutunorr in ihalr fbvor 1a atronc, froa Ut moot rMfooteblo *aartora. From tk$ Daily Iitmt, TVw?port, JL /. Goyhalio 11Ua wo taking tha plaoo of all kinda. Prom lit Commorcimi BulUtin, Bottom, Afaji Said to bo Tory aficaciooa for Ibo haadaohe. From tkt Commortiml, Ctnetnmoli, Ohio, ttuBermj bumauitr can now bo roliovod. (or A aingla bottlo of Spalding's Prepared Glue vill uti ton tim*# ita ooat annually, SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREFAB ED GLUE! SPALDING'S pltEPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY I DISPATCH ny*A Stitch iw Timi Satm Nma."-Til As aooidonta vill happen, even in woil recalateo CamiliM, it ia wj 4?a4r?bl? to hava some ob?*p aadlooavenient way for rap*irlA? Fnrnitara, Toy a Crockery, Ac. mrAMVlMu a rK&FARBD GLUE nMti all noh emergenoiM. *nd no household oa ad<>ra to be without lL It u alwayt ready, and | to the eUoking joint - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." J N. B.?A Braah aooomjaniee eaoh Bottle. Pne U oenU. Addree* _ i HENRY a 8PALD1N0, No. 4? Cadar etreet, Not York ? CAUTION. A* aertain aa?rinai?lad Mreoaa ire attan?ttB? to exaaua* bawra parehaein?, and w* tha tii < it i uaioe. rALUlftf* fKKrAREU ttLWfc JJ\ J JMjjjitlttl VIWHti HI Mttn 0 ttrtnttk to tkl Vfiti PUBLIC 8 PEA K Bit *n:> SINGERS. F? are aware of the importance of ch?otiui ? Coach or "Common Cold'1 id iu Sr>t ?tA?e, i ?at which in the bet oiD( would iiaui ??* r"la ttiiie ir, If neglected. eocnttt??*? fj>6 Lunge. "Brawn't Bronthwl jYnt.ktt, ' coutAiucg Jemuieer.tingredi nU. fc.lfcjr i a monary and Bionchiai Irritation. "Ti?at troutde in iu; Throat.?foi BROWN'S whioh the "7Y<x4#?" areaifeoifio haTini made me often a m?re whi? RROCHKS jereT* N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 reoommeod their nee to Pi*Li< SPiaKns." TIORHFS RKV. K. H. THAPIN BROWN S TROCHES,*." Almoat inaUnt reiiefin ?ne dia troMinit ,abor of brPJtfhHit BSouUar BROWN'S ASTPXA." REV. A. C. E8GLESTON. TROCHES " Contain bo Or in tn or mithlEt BROWN'S WROCHtS JA.'rTo BROWN'S i,R' F* Bi*KLj5#\y^ T ROCHES " iu * f* W< LAIiK| BROWN'S bttin " I b?*e proved them excellent for TROCHES Wioorino Co?*h." REV, H. W. WARREN, BROWN 8 Eotlm. vwnruh'M "Benefioial wh? compelled te iKUl.Mw apoak, tufferlnf from ?'o!.?.' iirhwim'* *EV? 3- J- P.ANDERSON, BROWNS SI. Lwii, TROCHES " KrviciWAL in remoTinc Hoaraenoea and Irritation ofthe Throat, ?o BROWN'S oommoa vita Srainia aad SittaTROCHES "**>'oL M.STACY JOHNSON, Lm Gtmnft, (?a. BROWN'S T"chffl^j:S.ti,,rn TROCHES "6r*at benefit when ink en before ir.r after preaohini, as they prevent BROWN'S rt')?*seBe?p. From their put efiect, i runlt they will be of permanent & ;TROCHES ?fcfitHetOTEC> fl EV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athene College, Tenn.

TROCHES JO* Sold hy all DrorjiaU at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX..?Jl it l-i r JOT FOK THE SICK AND SUFFERING lir ALL WHO A KB AFVLJOTMJJ KKA9! ATTLJ TUB REMEDY XBSPJ9* JJVHEALTH. Frtead,Tea aafer.' Arc yoa the * latin a.' uj af thoaa namoroaa ai!irei:t* vhioh anae from imfniitr ef the blcx.c Wsat are lier, do yoa uk i Rather a?*. what are Uw set / The blood ia the eovree oI life and health, aad it ia the ftrat oieuient of oar beint to re-foiid tc auj eaaae which affecta th?*j?^n, * the paiac infaHiblvattpata. Toe ever 9reTf-Uius N earaltia, tea irritatir; Enrairr!aa,tha CBbtioSarsfala-theaiotaalrr a^eumatJern, Nerfcia Debility, P'Taaeyaia, Liver Ctmjla.m w;tJ, ita toraor and drjacuon, ard the naateTieaa 11 ia ti at fleah la heir to, derve their hideoaaoriels from the blood, De?.! Wndiy then anJ cectly wlta the b-cod, Wiethe yit? iSiai reaoaro-j of it tare foritaa:d, j and aa/?r * to oors aenii t* yoar oonrtdecoe az.d . ???tuat tralr T&iaaMe niedioanifrat ksawn u MRS. St. cor8 INDIA J* rtajlTABLS DKCOVTION. ** ?td reca-4 to tiua aiu. jal infallible apeoil* I ?or ?;*/ ae&tici^rt ha* ?en m decided lerca I ?d<1 the eriuwaja of tnn r eat eRoaey are aaa- , triced by oon?t?ni, iron t abrtsurc effete and j ?ae na??i??t r*?-*lta fr<*7?( tt cee ?re r.fter all other ! re^jviie* an?i tfce bati .n?''.ea! skill ha*e fai'co. > Let ?a aiy, In ecnaiaev?tv that eert.j^rtt-* t&rea are n?i aotfht froo> t!>A (!! *3ra;- ^-d au^ar*0'a', but thay are roiaat^rfxl froru ;i.e cio-? j foar-'ra and jsat :t-he hiiheat ter^a in I which it !i yo'aibie to command *o Tataav *. a aaociCo to raliiic apjro*ai. We ma? add a'.ao that the curative '.aofth^modleirearees ja-'ied ' cnW by its rr*u>ratiT9 ofoata. tha ayatara rooo*ei- , *ca/ronidi^fswc with renews* oo^ei tutioiiii vir -r. For sa'e br ail rorpeotable f)rn;ri?ta in iuia aity.acd cy the yrojrietor, MRS. M. COX, None rename ar.,e?; Lor camaiabiowa on the bottle and her acai on the oort fH^Friee 9; |w*r (x-ttie, ?.* bott^oa for R*. \r\?Ut?U AttAi. R. M. T. C188KL, Lrarrut Seorcetown, />. C., Who'wVr Arent for the I>!arirt, and vit; k*?hj tha trad- at my anoe*. am tr a. mm Dr. J. H. McLEAtfS 8TKE3 GTHEHI KG CORDIAL i A74D Si.OOi> I'I RIKIKK THE BREA1MFT RFMEDY w U? WORLD, Wfk B'.tk ? r??>i iwV **ik, ??4 D?*dti.?? WwR >at*,u***' HEahF ?f flefoB tafcL-j,t?kin$. | ( uiiiaf. fiiii (i 4(i:<itu, s>it4>Mi?ir tfuM, ui u? HI laramaia ?aa?ai'y i*? naartuaf ua dlatutd (ftuv, u4 ttaiarUf tka tlak, aalarlaf, ul dtkUliatta lavtlld i? kttitk tad atMaftk. MtLEAlTS STRE!WTH$WINe CORDIAL Will tf *aiaally 11I< ki?*? Canylalai, Draaayata, Jtaadt?*, Cktaalt at ?> ?! D*ktl;iy, DImiiii af taa fcldat?*, u< til dltaaia* arltlaf fraa a diaardtrtd Urn at laaatk. trikart, Iavarrt Pllai, Audit* a? l.tkain *1 '.a* htailk, Falls*** ' llaad la lk* (ttj. Dsil Ptia af la lk* Maid, Palpltaliaa tt tka Rant, Fallran ai Walrkk la tk* Siaaaatk, liu fniuuaaa, Ckak'ar at lifaaiua| Paallaj vkii Ikrtar drva, Drynaa* *? Y*II*W. a*** ( tka ?Via tad *T?a, lltfVi l?*at<. lovaid P*?*??, Fata la Ua Snail af ik* ftaak, Chad, at Bid*. BadJ a* Piaakaa af Baat, Btprata'aa af Spirit*, Prifhifal Drtaaa, kttftar, Pia?nlt>t; a* any btrvaa* diaaaaa. lataa at latak** aa ika f kla, aad t%t$i aad ipa (at ChlUa aad Vbv*I1 rjrx A MILLION BOTH.MB kar? kaaa (aid datitf tkl Iiat all aaaoika, aad la aa la- . itaaaa kai U fallad La (ivtuf aotira itlitlatuaa. Wka, ikta. will a*?a? Inn Wiilai at Daa.llly vkac HcklAR'l rrKAFI?r*K>lM COE-DlAk wtil tut JH ? It?j-kafa tu a*atty aa aatfatia Ida* af lk? laaaadlii* aad a'.vaai *tlra?aia?* ikapp pradaaad ?y uklaf lata Cardial ta "A* dUa?**4| aakllluiad, tad ikuttrad atrial* iftun. vkttk*' krakaa dawa ky *i?m*. vttfc by ami*, t ImiM ky iltkaaai, ikt rtUzid aad ratuaaf arftatMUaa 1* r**?at*d ta U* ytlftta* i*tltk aad t1 j-a* KLiRJUSD rsnsonsy T atk*<a, taaatlau af lBtkiliir 1t*a vktitttr tatut, wMl tad McbXijra rrllllTUIWI COUUk a Uaratfk r*(ta?ntaf af Ua i;ma; tad all tka mat kift la Ivy*4 UtaatlTtt ?y laiyrartr lauilpai** artU tad la UU Cardial t ??ruia tad tpaady raattdj. TO THE LAD J SB. Mtuin mmnmi oouuih a ta*?r lfa at 1 tptidy *?** fat laatptant C?nalarllM, VkHia, ' iiintid at Iflkall W-aa.naii^aJ .catlLiai.** af Vrtsa u laTalftiUrr ukktti* ikttaaf, Pilhag af lk* Waaak, ICdlatM, "alaliaf, *a<i tU dia?ata* latMaat la f taalia. TBKR6 IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT '| m-m van mm, mm.?w it ??*?rau| IV OlVllpffCI. It VU1 lf'?*Uu, atiaa|ikaa, ?r.J larlfama * ( tad MM* IM tlNi tf Unit i* uui j?ii akaak (fill. Mttij ktuli If *inuu( la fl' utlifiltln. FOR CHILDRJSlf, H yrs* ailldraa art aiakty. ??ay at iSlatid, MckSlKt CotffrlAb will ??.*? tkta ktailk*. (at, aftti takmil Dtlty met a aa?acat{ u? It, aad yau-wUl aa taarlaaad. lilt ? Vitm MM*. 94 mo It, titui ?f drajjtaU ir iulin wha >j it; la pais aaaa y*? a.-? klrtar > Miaapar.lia traak, vkitk ikaj tu War (kea/Tkr ?x?in| ll ta ]*at ? fa*4. Armi aac: man. Ate fa> McUCANH MTKiiUO . HXKINS COBDIAk, aad taka aatkiaf alia. It la Ma ably ratuady thai will parity tht :aad Marat fkl* and at lk< aaiaa ttma Mr* ufthtu ika a/atan. ' Oti taiifMiinl takto a*ary naming rtaiinj la a carta ia fioml'a fat Ckaltra, Cfcllla and Pavar, Taliav Tatar, at iar pratalaat -llaaaaa. It U pat a* ta larra katilaa. Pnca Ml; (I pat kMlli, a? I kav.laa far (t. J. I. McLXAR, C?!a aiapriaiar af Mia GardUlj alaa. Mekaia'a Tataaai* Ol I klalaaaL Pilatlpai Da fat aa tkt taratr af Tkird ui ] PI a a iuiiu, k. Mi, U*. MoLean'c Volcanic Oil Linimtnt, (TMK IB?T UMIHIRT IW TUM WORLD.) Tka aal; aafa aad atrtaia a art far Caacara, Pllat, Ta. taart, Baalllnfftaad Braatkilt ar Caiua, Panltata, Maaralfta, Waakaaaa af tka Maaclaa, Chranic ar lalamaiatafy Rkaaaatiaa, BtlVaaaa af tka Jaiau, Cantraettd Maaclta at klfaaaata, luuka at TaaMacka, Braiaaa, Vpraina, Fraak Cau, Waanda, Bltata, tatar Baraa, Cakad Braaat, Bar) Splat, Barm, Baalda, Bara Tkraat, ar any lularematiM ar , aa difaraoca kaw aarari ar laa* t>* diaaaaa mar I ailattd, McbEAJtl CEkBBBATXD kUUMKMT la a atruta lataadr. Tkaaaanda af Mau kaiaga Aa?a kaaa aatad a Ufa af dla X1M am/ WJ MI m X IBM IITUMMt rwtl}. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rallava pain aim*at ti.iuouaM?lj, and il will tlaaa, rittf; and kaai Ua (Nlnl aaraa la an iuaradikla U?t tlai. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MchCANI CKLUKATED LIN1MUTT U Ua aal* aafa aad rallakla ram Ml? far Ua aara W Sparta, Kiarkaaa, Wladaalla, ipllola, BooaiaaaJ Uampa, Nadaa at walliajra. It aaaar laliad la aara B!g BaiU, PaUaaU, riaiala, Old ?Bala( Vara*, ar Bwaany, if praaarl? aapltad. Fa? Bataiea, Braiaaa, Bcraiakaa, Craakad flaaka, Caafaa, Saddla at Gaila* Salla, Cata, Baft a, a* Waaada, It la aa lafclllkla naad). Apply H aa duaawd aad a-aara la aatula la a?aiy laataaaa. Tkaa irtia aa lauat am Ua nur vattklraa Ualaaau *<a?d ta ya*. Obtain a aapply at OE. MCUiVI CtWS BLATBO ktiriMUrr ltVui aara raa. I. MckJCAV, Ma PtMflawi. Caraar Tklrd aed flat at*., Mi. Mi, Ma. CBABJaKB rfOTT, >7t Pa. n, Hta iftat ta Waakia* aa M. <*. CWlt.*?"|Ma atM-MVIr QUNBUATS FOB T31 WESTERN RIVHRB. <i",T?""WaSS, ?VL2""3h | " IfWti ?V?Bf If iff IW<) Pbopobalb ar? invited for oooatrxsotlni OuboAU upon the Wept era rtrerB speoiioationa will be innnediately prepared and mar be examined it theQunrtermaatei'a OAm it Ctnoinnatu Pit tbnrf h. and at tbte oflloe. Pr.?po?k.? from boat buil era and engine-bnlld w alone will be oonaidered. Plana aubraitted by budera will be taken into ton alteration. It- C. MK1SS, la It Qnartennaater general United State ioea. Carpat Baca, *o., whloh we are now ae Uag I it very low prMW. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. yrritrd states jkilitart eovtb. Smmmmmmm SPECIAL SbtlCK.TO TRaTRI*** (in aiH -for .Vriiy, P*?trmH?r ts, IW.Tme*nier Trnjon tx-tveea WASHINGTON aad BaLTI.M H E will ran u follows: TRAIXS MOTISG NORTH. Kxp l?ave Wajhirftoc 6am Arrive at Ha timore 7 45 a * ; Philadelphia 13 SO p. m ; N'w York 6 p. m.; Harris u f 1.16 p. m. Morcing AoooramoJMion Inn vV*a?h:nftoD 7JO a.m. Arnvoat Rsitmiore 9.10 a m.; Phi.adaiphia 3pm ; New \ ork.3 p. m I- vening Kxpreaa le\ve Waainrton >.S> P- M. Arnre a< Baltimore 4.1-j p. m; PtuiMelpfc.a *90 ? M : New York 3 a M. Evening Ajoommix ttioo Imt? Washington 5.4S P.M. Arrive at Bvtimora 730 p. m ; Harriaburg 4 *' TRAINS MOtlXO SQUTtt. Lr*y?^Ne-? York at 7 a M.; PM'ad?lphi*II SB a. .11nuuniUK J ?0 P. X. Amr* at Washington &JD P. M* t eave New York at 6 r. x.; Philadelphia to sn p. M.: Ha.tiinore 5 a *. Arrive at Wubmitun 6 W A. ?. AoootnnwJat nil Train* Imt? Baltimore at 8 4* a M . and 5 p. x , and arrive at Waahmgtoa ] as A. St., 45 p. X. t'?*i?L(?r i'-a n? tearing Washington UK i x. aad 2.S p m., and Baltimore at 140 a. x ai.<l 3.4* r M . make direct oonueotiona for Annapolis at the I Junction. Tram* leave An &?o!is for Baltimoreand Wa?h I incton at (.56 a. x and J p. x i>*i??r>rer Tram* leaving vVaehington at (a.m. a d 2 Si p. x.. and Ba'tintor* at 6 a. x. and 145 r. X - Will ttop omlg at Anmapolu Jnnttto* Mi H*i*t ' Jumctiun I War Pas?enr?rs are requested to take the Atrofnmodatttm 7Va?'ii? or the Regular Tonnage Train, icn wil iave ptsst'-ger car attached. | Train* wil< lenve the Washington Depot prcmpt ly wpen ctrd-timt All aruoiea ot froighf (not oontraband of war) i will he transported over the line R eg alar Tom age jTrajLs wi: 1 cave Baltimore at i a x o?ave Washrngt<>n at 3 30 p. m. By oruer of of War: R. P MuRI.E ^.Senera'Manager. THOMAS H. CANPIELD. Assistant Manager. SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON a'23n p. hi. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor* ar.d Philadelphia, arriving tu Washington at 6 1" a. m. R F. M'iRLEY, ae 21 General Manager. m - W"H> pir.Ai v\ t.KM.Y U<- TW KKN NfcW YOKK AND LI VKK POOL. 1 " ""f I ar.dirc and emL>&rkiuc p&aaengrrs at tjueenctown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia {?t?aiTi?h:D Company <nt"ud dicpatohinc their fn.I powered C yd?-liuilt iron Staamfthip* as Toiiovt: GI.ASuOW Satarcar , August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " " loth. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And every Satur<!ar, at noon, from Pier44, North rivar. BATES OV rASSA?K. Firit Cabin ..$16 Do. t.. HO I R?. to Paris 84 >. to Hamburg __ is ?teerime..? $30 Do. to Liosilcn. .. 34 I'o. to a 11.... 34 Do. ij Huitiburg..... .. S5 Patsen^eis foraardtd to H?<ra Hitmen, Rotterdam, Antwerp,&a . at reluoed throne" ;arfs. Her?on* wiihins to bring out'heir friend* oan boy ticket* at low rate* r.r farther information apply at the Capta>na Ofcoe. JOHN H. DaL . A cent, 15 Broadway. N. V , Or to Q. A. HERRING, A'laina Expreea Baltimore -rr-^lN DIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE fe-1 |T^ k ?ASTER* AND WHS^ERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J H. K rwac "HON TEH," Cnpt W.Norman, Will run their r aiet a* follow*, lean c Light *tre?i, Ua timore, foot of Camden at 7 o'clook A. M 1 KKAT-For Cambridge, Doctor and Landings on t'hoptnnk rive-, e-ery WEDNESDAY and fAT! RLaV. returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West RiTar.ovorv TL'ES WAV FKII)AY and r*?tornirf ia PIO.nEEK?For St. M cI.mI'i in1! fcwti n, via Mile* River.every WW.Vt^iiAV.l.-d return tli^ ?*n 9day. For ai eapolis, \V>?t River* Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, ever* THURSDAY. returning by uma route on Friday For AunapoUe. Weet River, St. Michael'* and Ea ton, vift Mile'* River Ferry, every SATIRL?A V, ret** ruing every Monday oy tame route. Fftru to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and kaetoa Petal. - tl 80 Faro t<> St Micbaoi'a and Milec'Riveraronna til e fl lf) . ? . . * . . ? . . . . a . 1 W Earo to W(?it River, (roncd trip, $1) 1*0 are to Anna?oii> (round tri?75oenU) 76 MEALS t IT HA. IL/~Freifht rruet >jC prepaid. \> h*rf and Ottoe, LlQiu ST., foot of Camden. Paltupo e. C. K. CiNM'N. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPER 1NTENDENT*8 OFFICE,I Caavxxt S'tatios, Hatimore. May 18,1861. { On and after Sunday. May !9th, 1861, Traipe on the NORTHKRN CENTRAL KAIlWaY arrive and depart aa foilowa, until further notion. TRAINS NORTH. BAIL at8 15 A M. XPRESS at 3S" p. M. HARRISBI'RG ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M Tlie 8 15 A. M. train onniiMU m.t R?!? n?..? with trail* un the Wet tar u Maryland Aai>roadi at Hanover Ju ation with Hanover ard G"tteba>f ' Railroads; at York with York and Wrinl.tavi'le Railroad; at Harr:?burc with Pennty vacua Rail road for a'l parts of the We?t, aleo with Lebannon Valloy Kailruad to Ntto York dir*ct; at Northum berland with L and B. "abroad for Kinratocand all parte of Wyoonunc Valley .and attoanBary with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania aul .New York. The 3 30 P. M traiii make* all the abova aoaaaationa exoept Hanover Railnad, Wrifhtavilie Railroad and the Lebannon Valt?y Railroad. P. M train makes connection! with Penn rvsnn Rail read for alt parta of the West, and direct ocacecU for New York. TRAINS AKKITM. Mail at 6 lop M.; Expre> a at 7 ?6 A. M.; Harrisbur* Aooocr.modation at 2-<S P. M. For Tickets and infon ation in?uira at the Tioket Office, Ca.rert Station. Bait. more. J. C. CLARl.fapt neM^kFBU The Canxien aud Am boy aad Philadelphia and Tr?a "a Raiiroad Companies' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NLW VOSK AND WAV PLACK8, from WALNUT STREET WHARP AN It KENSINGTON DEPOT, wiU leave aa toi Iowa: Ate A M . via Camdan and Am boy. (C. and A. Accommodation.) At 6 A. M , via Candae and Jaraay City,(N.J. Accommodation > At 8 A. M,., via Camdan and Jaraay Crty. More IL'B .UII.J At 11X A. M , via K?L?lrifton and Jertoy City, (WHltri Ki?re??.) At 12H P. M., via Camden and Amboy.i Aooommodat'on.) At 2 P M.. vi* Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Elirtfi.) At <H f M . r?a Kenainrton and Jeraey City, (Evening Exyreaa.) At P M , via Krnimgtoa aad Jeraey City, (Second Clave Tioifot.) At6 P M., via Camden and Jeraey City, (Evening Mail.) At Ilk P. M., via Can. Jan and Jeraey City J South em Mail.) At 6 P. M . via Camden and Are boy, < Accommodation, freight and paaaanger, Firtt Ciaaa Ticket.) Seoond C.asi TiqkeC ,, _ The 6 P. M Mail Train rana daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Boivtdere, Kaaton, l.air.bertvtlle, Flemington, 7.10 A. M\; and iX P. M., from KeaFtt^fvator Gay. ^troudaborr, Scranton.Wilfceebarre. Moutroae, Croat Bend, A*., at 7J* A. M~ from Keating ton, via Delaware, Laakawaaaa aad F*or Mado*' Chun'*, Allentownand Bethleaew,at 7. to and S* P. M? frra ?aa?n*toc d?pot; the 7.10 A. M. ii oonneota wiU Ue train lea viae taaton at 3)6 P. mT For Mount Hoily at and t A. M. aad I aad ?* P M For Fraakold at A. M- aad t P. M. Jfo.fc1& k Wiss walnut atreet wharf. r or raimyra itirerton, Ueianoo, Beverly. Bariington, Floraaneoo, Bordentown, &?., at UK, I, S, 4M and 4 P- M Steamer Vrecton for Bordaatowa. and mlei me diate plaoea, at P. M. from Walnat street For York and Way Lines. leaving Kensington l>*pot, take tba ear* on Fifth itml, abova Wei iat, half an boar before depe-ture Tba oara ran iat > toe depot, and on amral of train ran from the de^ot. nfty pound* of baggage only alio wed toraeh passenger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything at baggage bat their wearing apper** All baggage over fcfty pounds to be said <or extra. Tba company limit their recponsieiHty f r baggage to oae ?ol ar par pound, and will not be liable fur any amoe'it beyoad one headred ao lara, exoept by speoirn oo Direct. WM. H fitTZMKk, Agesl SfrSBBBB W K jT} A Nv fc uth baltimore and OHIO rmlroaiT On aad after May Mta, l?l. the t aica will ran ai loliowa. Tin.?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.?Mail, exoept Sunday,) at 5 SO A. M.; KxFOR WAY PASSENGER* Between Uaitiinor* and PiMmonttake the A. M. Tratn; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Aacoin mention Train, lea. ing Piedmont at 6. ?u A M.; and between Grafton and Parkertburg. take the 6 3b a M Train troH Be. timers. The FREDERICK T*A1N Kavea Baltimore at 4 *i P. M. and Frederick at 6 ? A.M. Tb fcLLlCOTT'B MILLS 1 R 4IN !?*? B-.1 umorem an&?d9.1ft A.M. 1 tf wdUt P. M.. and gMiooU'a Mills ftt 7.?0u?d Uftj I7lfT??d ?? And 7.flo P. M. BUfaon, or at tk? Ti?k*t ofoce, ....... W. P BMIT1, J" ONlO>S-ONIO.Ni?-OMON8. l^T Rwivt-a oa <v?u?n"Ui ni i>? i M M pruua Ooiobb. ForBtUtttow. _ I t jiot1ck to tmviym .. 1 M PoiunuMr 6h?n?| BrtwX Ukt BlTwrrtee Utwwr. WM&jutocu ^ Bh tmo'e.wsd Old Poi*t ^ATi^'pSgn^^rtX S? )fco??l wrxrr. foot of (Jaion Dr.ot, ftt ?M o oM*4 p. m^Orimni?xl?*?flT after lh? arrtvai erf the WMhitctoQ Train. which idTMnuMuloi ititic M>ei f. m. m. n ftli.ll, pr?t - phila ki-phia. wil wombe mngton and bal **3*^51^ timor? rafl.ri ad. sMiyo AXD ?**** ARAASUtMbfrr. ?e and altor 7 u k?da V mm 1?u, pu>fyw Trains for Phnado phi* will !?* Pr?w4*nt it'Mi Vfut uftiiv laiocri rymiiji i mr IVIIWI, TIB; Kxprees ?r? i n at?15 A. .V Way Mail Train at 6.46 K. Mh Events! Mail at 4 45 o'clock. Or *1 J* BA Yt* at 4 45 P. ft. All train* co.nrect *ith ew York train* except 4 45 P. M train on Sat*'. Mfa. A Preitht Tram with >an?wr ear atkaate* leave* at 5 P. M . etoppiaa at all tHaboaa tasTweea Ma1 timers and Havre df-trtip. PaiMPitr* for De'aware aid tk* F.aatern fkor* of May land will find the most expoditioaa ronte by er.tertnf tbeotra. WM Ctt AW FPU p. A feat. .URFAT CKNTRAI. ROITTK MJI SBBHEtHF WKST. rim HVti*nM f If *??* ** HAlL.HOAO eiU IVEW POf Jt C**Th4X. HAIL KOA P ?-ipreea Tra?ne leera New Y? rfc e*ty demote ol Badaon River Rai.road dai.y. Sundays axoeptad, * follows: From Chainberaetreet. F>< n s:?t at. station. At 7 Mam At 715 an HOO" 500 p k l .? iKia 3* p nt _ 3 55 p in Montreal and BrffAlo Train witti aletp ng ears.S.'fipm 1 45 p m Conoecuct at Albany with tha New York Cea tral R ail road fur ?<>l'*neotady. JR. oherter ,1'noa Batavia. Rome.ard * ati^scn Rome and WstTU)wn Railr-a*. 4?uffa o raouae. Nisra^a Pa! e, Pnspenai' n Brid<? Auburn. Geo* r*.< a ardanaTrain* in connection -save BulTe'o and Surp n ion via Lake h.Tore, Buffi ; ar: *keBuo> * d Great Western Ra ! ua^ Fair: vn 'lur-rto, Detroit. Chicaro Toledo. Mi.waukie. Von Da Lac, La Cronee. Madison fratrm l>? Ct ien, Ga >na. Dunleith. Dubaqu , >'p > a, 1< cl Wiai-i. V itratiiie, Iowa City. Burirkttir. IJuircv, frrtntiie d, Ali?>n,St. l,oul*. C\ir<>, Te-re t.? ut? ird ai a pi ia, Loaiaviiie.Cicaii.iia", I a-tn. Coil* lu?, C v? Lao<L and all poiLta \\ oat, Nurtbweet and Sou in NORTHERN ROUTE. _Connectine with T'Mi ? at Troy, with Troy A Hnaton and Kiwi ft Saratoga Potdi for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rot.and, Burlington.M Albara, Rum Point, Pittsburgh, Ogdenaiiaigh, Montreal, 4o., Jto IU" Freight A r ran* emerta by tbit roat* aa above, vitboi t olian^e of Ca , trom the iwpot* in rhambera and anal street* ere at a'l tim?? aa favorable aa made by oth r Haemal Ccw>pa?>i'e. The (aoil>tiee of Una great New Vc.rk K? *ite, ? the Weet cowimemi It to the cot f dene* of ii.e.chanta | an ah ppere ior prnropOea* ai.e di?paloli I Paaaei g?r trama, with Smoking and Pleapirf Cara roa m oonnecUoifoG the New York Cec ra. Koad. Por partion'ara aa to local traine and freight ar racgetaaota. to^aire at th? depot >? W arret rt. j A. K. Sapermtendopt. JT^v U S HOVf'RNMFJiT LINK 6-tli i^lo fort molthok asd ol.b poi>t compqkt. Leave* tbe lower e&d ^fMiiN 1>OOK,B? ti m?re, weet side. ??AIL\, (Suadata included,tat Ok o'o>' ek P. M. takinf paeaei gera and fright and oonn<*9tinc with the Railroad lima, ta e.'d f oat Waah:: g ot. I). C-.Pbi a4eiph;a. New York, Bm ton, York, Harnabtirg, Pitubr.'g. Pa , *r d tbe Weet, immediateW af'er ib< Arrival of ike Expraae Train from New Voik acd Philadelphia. The following u tbe Sebedir' : Prom Nrw Tork to f or: Men roc an<3 t>aek. SK From Phi'aJeiph a aid r.ack $ 1# From Ba ti more and back ? a*. fETPEOCURE VOFR TICKET"* In New York a: the New Jeraay Railroad VAi? foot of Coartlard etreet. In Phi adel> tbe Coirpanj'e rtboe N W. corner of Sixth and Cbeetnat atreeta. or at llie D?pot, Broad and Prm* etr<-ata. to K^i'iaiore. on board tue Steam era. fowt of Union Dock, BPUH O CONNER, i Paaeener Af r' . i- , ii . NEW VOI K. IJAKLEM AND . ..ALBANY jt fiLjK'AIV ? ? LEAVING NEW ml FOK ALBANV TKOV, NORTH AND Wi.tT. SUMMER ARKAN8 EME .T Commencing Mondaj, May fTth. I Ml. For Abany?11:00 A. m. mat t-xpreaa tram (row J*er Dover Plftica?*.<? p. m rtoppii. i &t Whit* pivrna IM rtfttione north to Dow f**ia??(iora mtb street rtation. (Tl i tra>n will r?c to Millertcn er*rr Fatar<iay I ForCroton Palia? :!? A . itnffiii at All alA ttou DorUi ofKordham fmm 38 h at/eat atauoi. For w luta Pi?in??MP, 4:10 ft l<1 b**J f m. ?"?pint M?K ?UUoca from 8Bth atreet *t?tioa. I or Whita Plaina?6: b p. m. At ft ?'a Qona from W hite rtreet atation. Por William* B'idre-r?\ ll:is a. m and aa? p. - ttopaing at all Mtmci from J7th a treat atauoa. KrturBia* will l??fAitftTiy-MD a. . itat -ip r?a? tram. Dovar P a.Di-s,*i ? m. (Tlu? train laavaa Hn larton even Moi.daj morning ftt 5 A m.) Croton Faita?6 a. to. White Plftina??1?, 7*? m. A 71? p. m. Wiiliftmi H'idf*?US*, 5>*? t. m. A 14* p. m Sundftr trftina will leave 4th A?enaa c irnar Md atrftet, for Central Pftrk, Yorkril'e, Htr ea fta<J High Bridge e^ary l*w mitatea. flow 9.-00*. a*. to 7^0p in. JOHN HLRCH1LL. Aaat Eap'r. r^M-NtW YORK AND ERIE RAIL ? & ROAD Pftnaetrftr Train* leave via P??oni* Perrj and Lore l/ork, from loot cf c ban. -eta atreet, New York, ftt foliowa, yi* : 7 01) Am . tX^R KHti^for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and pritic pftl lntermt > e Stfttioua. 8.on ft m ,M All., lor DankirK. and intermediate H'ftUote? Ttua Trftin r-mftia* owi Bight ftt Elvira, ftad pr. oeeca the next morning 9."u ft m MILK dftii , for Otiavtiie, and utwmediate Stfttiooa. II of. a m . ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port Jama, and Stft'iona 4 00 p. m . WAV, for Miridiatrwn, Newbargh. ftcd ii-te-n.euiate Ptatioc*. M? * m.. NIGHT EXPRESS. d* iy, for D*?ktrk, Buffalo, Caaaidau uaAad principal ftatioca Tie Tram of Sa:u-day atop* ftt ftil Mai. Train Stations, and rana only to Elmim em p.m.. ACCOM MT0UAT10N,for HoroeevUle. and prikoipa Station a CH * 8. M1NOT, Gen'I Snpl. NATHANIEL MARBH. Rwntm, J?^FOK BOSTON YIA NEWPORT R^4^^? AND FALL R1YER. By tl?a latent id and aapencr Steamed METRO?' 'Ll9, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE. and STATlioF MM>E. ofgraat atreagth and apeed, bat particularly adapted to tha nangation of Lor * lAano Sound, ranmr.g in o?anectton with Uia Fail K :?er ft d Old Colony Rfttlroad, diatanoe of S milea oniy to Boaton Laare Pier No. ( K"-tu Rirer near the Battery. Staamar EMfIREfyATfr.Capt. Brft^toq. Fh tviiua/*, j suu r i M IOC>OCK . M., to?oljiLi at Niv?>rt?eh wa?. ToillNMt MKTROPOI.ip, Capt Bron. m Tueeoara. Thur?uay? aod Sata'Ua<s, atie'oloek P.M., t mm blot at Newport Mali way. Thee* tfUtmitM a.e fitted with commodious lUU rooms, and ere ry tru(*n?iit for the eecartt? aaa oomfort nt paitengers who e re afforded by thi? route a nights' reel on liokrd tad r?arri?a at Fj.ii River proceed per SimahnM Train.reaoh leg Boston early the foiiowig n>ornoi: or may remain on U ard until starting of the Auroawwia Don at I . M., by whioh they ma; rracfc Boston about L4A A. M. A haggags master it atachad to each steadier, who reoaivee ai d ti< k u *ce !?ggage. ax.d aooompamea the tame to iu aeeimation. A steamer njr? is o<>>)ueot.oa with line Liae between Fall River and lVuvidaaoe daily, eaoept Vftjfe to Boston ie fo.waeded through with great dispatch by as Kxsres- Tiatn, whioh Kvn Fall River ever. w,o<nn g. hnodays eioeeted, at lit o'clock for B?>?toe at.c N?* BWlert, arriving at its deeiiaau.>u %t about 11AM For freight or pa*sagc. app y <s t?oard. or at the oftoe on Pier No. 3 North River For state loom a L^d b?'tht apply on wosrd, or if detirM to lecira them inadvifooe, to WM BORDKN.Ail Wand 71 West street, N Y. TUB REGULAR MAIL LINK J*dSm*p M%T81^kr& TON?Inland Roais The sCorteet and moat at Williams, In oonneotion with the Blowing too and ProvKi.-r.oe .and H >*'on and Providence Railroads, ff.vsfoW^t'R'ii^xvissm.'zz GrotoTi at UD o'o.ooi r. M?or oa the arrival of Mail Train whici. leaves Boston .t&S'P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROC*, from \sw YurkM .cUas, Wed???:?*, and Prttay. Proas fireTarfc Fr?" riwsieri fmm Groton p'iW. Mr ratlroad tp Pronde&oe ?nd K ?U?n. IB the K*pr*ee M?i Tram. reaching ?atd ftUoe in UntM . f tho-? bf other roate*. and in ?n?l? time lor ft I the eeny Morairg I,,om ooaeotiof North aad fca?t fti engera thftt pftfef it. rema ft ? ft V>a>d '.Lft earner, enjoy a etghu'reat rodikterbod break feet UMMi and leave (jrotoii in Ittllll M . Trim, oorneotiug at Providence vita the I # A M. Tr?in for H?itm. F>nfr?di rain^'n In N*?^or't Kiltr md'i. A baggftce bmui aeo >npauee u? ~*~aarr ??d Train eaoh way For Peonage, Berths, State *00 ma, or P ?ui.t. *ft 1 on b< ard the teaiu'r. or at the K/etgbt OlScf, l?ter 12 North Kim, or at tue Kir# of theG- hhot, No. IU Wat?t>?,?>rMr ifOort laadatroet.> . W?. MILITARY BOOKS r RENCM h R1CHSTIKN have >?* roaeivad a largeapd oom^iot- aeeortiMrt of Military H?o*? o1 all kind*. whioh thej Mrr iron ten to tift? Mr oenL beiov Vbe ragalar retat. pnoee.??ft olediofs _A ? w edition of Hardeo'ft 'afantn and Itl* . **rt*n. no MftitAc'i Kie!^Foriilt*?:iuB and ()atf *,? ** <JrflO>ook for Ml* im otW Volwrt^r Milrt<??< tf SjB" ?.srtt5t. c?% ${i!St7 He*9*' *** * ***8?1 u ***' VlS^iJidlN *T?4 ?? ?? of k*r * tb? % ? m~% w?t' tr+-*. F* * % H * ???* ??* - * ? * * 0.

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