Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1861 Page 1
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w / ^ ??? ? (? ton tit $ Star. i .. i..'.. i V?. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 15. 1861. N?. 2.700. THE EVENING STAR IS PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY K\CEPTED.> T THE STAR BUILDINGS, C*r*4T if ?r?n?? a nd Eltrtntk it. IT w. t>. WALLACH. Papers to package* by carrier* at 94 t year, of 17 cento per month To mall subscriber* the price la ttJD yaw, m mdvmmct; 93 for six months; SI for three months; and for leaa tbaa three moatha at the rate of cents a week. 91agle ooptes, oni cint; In wrapper*, two c?m. ?7* AtsTBRTiaaMKNTa should be lent to the office before 11 o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear aatlt the next day. THE PROSPECTS OF THE NORTH. [From the London Spectator ] These American* retain one quality at least of their English blood. They know b ov to repair disaster. From the day of their defeat at Ball Ran they hare displayed an energy, a calm collected persistence in reorganisation which has taken those whojadged them by the Irish mob of New York wholly by surprise, as is jUready exercising its effect on European opinion. With that wonderful quickness which the American shares with the French intellect, they hare apprehended the causes as well as the occasion of their defeat, aod set themselves at once to their removal. Even qualities which seemed to impede a successful prosecution of the war have been, far the moment laid aaide. The race which defied even the control essential to social order, has strengthened the bands of government with almost imprudent teal. Meo who for a century have resisted the regular police now sanction domiciliary visits, approve arrests, aod applaud the wholesale removal of suspeoted officers. Politician* whose avowed theory has been that " government at best was a necessary evil," urge on (he Executive to acts a European government would only defend on the plea of necessity, advocate pvssports, defend the suspension of the kabsas corpus, and discuss with an approving 3mile projects of conscription to which the balloting for the militia is mild. Classes usually inimical to the commonest order as an interference "with the liberty of citizens," vote for men who hive supported martial law iu disfleeted districts, and purchase papers which clamor for martial law directed against themselves Free intercommunication seemed to Americans like free breath, a privilege without which life is impossible or worthless ; but the instant free communication conflicted with public safety it was given up. The government yesterday so weak, now controls the railways, the posts, the ports, the telegraphs, questions whom it will, arrests at discretion, violates inconvenient "state rights" with entire impunity. The better class Americans detested politios, bat it is they and not the politicians who are now so rapidly strengthening the Executive. They avoided military service except in command; but, says Mr. Russell, the Irish and Germans in the new army are only auxiliaries. If there was one feeling which seemed universal in the North it was dislike of the federal army. Time after time West Point was only saved from wild reductions by southern votes. The "people ' exulted in their right to make military officers, and talked nonsense incessantly about volunteers in Mexico. Since July 2lst the same men have called incessantly far" trained" officers, xnd the volunteer commandants of local influence, able tengues and no idea of discipline, have been removed in scores. The " insubordinate' soldiery have submitted to orders which menace death for writing private letters, death for drunkenness and death for insult to an officer. The sternest commander the troops had had in command is the idol of the army. Drinking. quarreling, uproar aro things jf the past, and though tne men are still troublesome about food, so are all soldiers on earth, British Guardsmen excepted. The American nation, in short, moved by a great cause, and with its volatile hauteur, softened by a great defeat, has submitted itself to the discipline it contemned. If the Government need still larger pewers they will obtain them, for the people are in the mood when self-denial seeing almost an expiation. It is trash to tali of all this as a rtign of terror. Th*re is not a soldier ??* New Yort or AT'i sachu setts who i.s not of thi people. actuated by every popular impulse, tentative to every breeze of popular opinion. That there are many sett-offs to be reckoned gainst this strange phase of public feeling we willingly admit. Part of it, no doubt, is mere ephemeral impulse?a war feeling such as has led Eaglishmen to subscribe unasked loans for revolutionary war, or drill the whole population into a national guard. No doubt, too, the upper el&sses are only too rejoiced at any opportunity of securing the strong Executive for which they have lung pinel, delight in a police which, if arbitrary, can at least hang rowdies, and a passport'system which keep* out the soouring of Irishmen and Germans. Above all, it is undeniable that many strong acts of the government are partly or wholly indefensible. There is too much disposition to pay ?ff old ssores, to suppress instead of regulating the press, to de?pi?e the guaranties of nrsonal rights, to open Utters and intercept spatches. But the very ex-es-e* of the popular spirit prove its reality, and show with startling plainness that the American people can perterin the one act of self-denial which seemed incensistent with their character, can make persona! privilege subordinate to public weal Even the right of growing has been temporarily laid aside It is a noteworthy fact that Gen. Scott, loaded with insult while supposed invincible, has seen his failure never ooen attacked, and that McDowell, general of beaten army, though removed by government, has never been seriously assailed by the people for losing their first engagement. As a natural consequence ot this new spirit, the nation is recovering its strength; and the slow drift of events, so much more important than any single notion, begins te set in steadily on the northern side. Mr. Russell, who is from experience almost as prejudiced in favor of discipline as the regulars themselves, allows that Gen. McClellan is strong enough to govern. There is silence and order in the camp, and the admiral physique of the rank and file, no longer eencealcd t>y wretched elothing, careless drill and half-drunken slovenliness, strikes observers accu?toraed to the British line. The works for the defense of Washington are admitted to be excellent, and McClellan is in a better position to move forward than his enemy. There is still a cry for men, but he has 160.000 troops under his orders, who, in discipline and drill, are rapidly becoming an army; the eommisaariat is plentifully supplied, and the means of carriage strike even Mr. Russell, accustomed as he is to the imperial lavishnesa of Indian quartermasters, with a feeling of surprise. If the cold weather is allowed to come on without a serious engagement, and no epidemio breaks out in camp, a danger cf which M*. Olmsted, the Sanitary Commissioner, entertains serious dread, the army, in November, ought to be equal to an invasion of the South in force An army onoe formed may be recruited largely without impairing its discipline, and the rest must de pend on generalship. The force necessary to the work the government already possesses With its eastern army reorganised under a new and stronger discipline, its western position so improved that tt has become the attacking instead of the resisting force, with a fleet collected, and put successfully in motion, with the people surrendering their dearest prejudices in order to strengthen the Executive, and with the crusading spirit slowly but distinctly gaining ground among its supporters, the Federal Government has no resson to despair of the course, or to doubt its own ability to learn the lesson which precedes military success If it can but find money, it is strong saough for the work it has to do, and with all due deference to the financiers who so reundly declare that money sannot be obtained we mast maintain that on this point nothing is yet decided We know, indeed, that Europe will lend nothing for the war We know that the Amerioan banks cannot long keep pace with the enormous demands now made on them. Bat we do not know, cannot with any reasonable accuracy even guess, what the effect of open loans msy be The savings of a thrifty aauon form often a colossal reserve France has ever and over again responded to demands of this kiad, as if subscription were a privilege instead of a tax, and the stocking feet of American farmer* hold more than the earthen pots j of the French peasantry An average sab- | scriptien frem each family to the extent of J three mooths wages is certainly not beyond! the boeudsol possibility, and ibst alone wbuid amount to fifty millions Even should specie 0 fail, there remain* (he resource of subscriptionsin arm/ stores, of revenue devoted solely to military purposes, of a-requisition upon the Stites as they are occupied, and of assignats secured upon the Federal lands. Quarrels have never been stopped yet by lack of money, and the Americans are in'the mood when men discover that money is only the second necessity; that war can be made now as Attila made it, "whose exchequer bills were never at par;" and that with bread and iron one ?an get to China. The party which looks to financial difficulties to solve the problem of the States reckons without taking into account the first figure in all poliri^ml calculations?the roused passions of mankind. TIIC ATTACK lPO\ WILSOVS ZOU. AVES Tk* Pjsitiox or tijk Tuoors?Wilson's DercNSRS. By the dispatoh received from New Orleans via Norfolk and Baltimore, it appears that a body of rebels?number unknown?selected from several Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama reguuohts. made an attack upon Colonel ?ils-n's Zouaves, stationed on rianta Rosa Island. The position of the camp of the regiment was peculiarly exposed to the enemy. It lay on a tevel plateau, and every tent was in plain sight of the rebel forces across the river The commander of Fort Pickens, Colonel Brown, ordered the regiment to pi jh their tenu there, but did not supply them with artilleryor ttirow up batteries or intrenchmcnts to cover them. 3ol.\> ilsou, therefore, with the civil engineers, attached to fcis regiment, proceeded to construct a system of intrenchments and places of shelter for his force The difficukivs iu ttie way of this undertaking wero many, and of the most serious kind. Tho road to the fort was almost impassable with swamps and heavy chapperal, alternated with sand hill. This was remedied first, for the position was to the fort precisely that of an outlying picket, and in case of the lauding of an attacking party all the course left open for them to pursue was to skirmish away to the fort. The road, where it crossed swamps, was filled in with brushwood covered with sand, the sand hills were dug through, the intervals were filled in, and wherever embankments were thrown up they were disguised and marked by the bushes which they had to cut and dig out. They thus secured a covered way to within twenty rods ot the fort, and the innumerable twistings and winding of the road afforded secure positions I from which their skirmishers could annoy and I retard the advance of the enemy in case they I should make an attack. Attention was next turned to the securing of places of shelter for I the men in case a bombardment of the camp | should occur. This work was done in the 1 * kj the light of the stars felone, so that I the rebels could have no idea of the location of | these places of refuge. In building these, ad- I vantage was Uken of the " lay of the Land," I which is ribbed and corrugated with sand hills I that sometimes riso abruptly to the height of I twenty or thirty feet from the level. Behind I and Into these they dug and threw up shelter I suffieient to cover 1,000 men. The approach to I these shelters was protected by an embank- I ment seven feet high and four feet wide on the I top. while advantage was taken of every angle I or elevated spot, to repel a force attempting to I inarch upon them. This was the place for the j sharpshooters to work. It was stated that a| forae marching down upon the regiment would I find that while wads leading them nowhere! would lead them astray, the very sand hills I behind which they expected to advance in | safety were but the hiding places from which a murderous fire would decimate their ranks. I The work was completed in two weeks, and I with the expectation that every minut? the I rebels would open their fire upon the work- I men. The rebels confess that the Zouaves fought bravely, and they acknowledge a loss of forty I killed and about eighty wounded. They also stnte that they committed great slaughter am .ng the Zouaves; but, as they give no approximate number of the supposed killed and wounded, s>ine doubts of that part of the account may be allowed, after a consideration of I the above description of their position and de I i fences They stato that they spiked the guns belonging to the regimont, but we have yet to I learn that the Zouaves had been supplied with ] artillery. At the date of our last advices they I had not boen so supplied The rebels do not mention anything about I the troops in the fort supporting the volun- J tears, either by firing their mounted artillery I or advancing their infantry. This certainly appears very extraordinary; but doubtless, | when we receive the Union statement of the I engagement, we shall have a different account of the affair. The rebel surprise must have | been very sudden, and they must also have as J suddenly vacated their newly acquired ground, I else the fort would have assisted in the ougage- I mont, if only for self-protcction. The island I is certainly forty miles long; but Wilson's troops wero, as before stated, located near tho I regulars. imparta-t Arrest ef an Alleged #py. Vi e have full particulars, whiob we at pres- J ent forbear publishing, of the arrest of n man I ].aice<l W. Packard, who left Richmond. Va., I on the 17th of September, and arrived in this I cry ou Wednesday. He was formerly engaged I with Sloat A Co., in the manufacture of s wing I machines, but accompanied the firm to Rich- j luond. b?hI has since been foreman of their cx- I tensive works for the making ??f cannon caps, j Crimers, friction tubes, etc. lie is said to havo I een a rabid Secessionist. concerned in the be- I trayal of a number of Virginia Unionists, and I was selected upon a secret mission to come to I the North. Profiting by the experience of Aiken and I others, who had keen discovered and captured I in eoming northward stealthily, Packard de- I termined to adopt a novel strategem, which he I executed with consummate coolness and cour- J s?*. . was simply to announce himself as a I fugitive from Richmond, and gain the ear of I the Washington authorities, by imparting late I information from the South. He would thus I be beyond suspicion, and being regarded as a I martyr, unusual facilities would be extended I to him for obtaining a knowledge of our affairs I Accordingly, having destroyed his passes, I treasonable correspondence, etc.. his first feat,' I at Covington, Ky., was to fling up his hat be- I fore an Americas flag and fall upon his knees I in an ecstacy of tearful patriotism. His next I step was to visit the editor of the Cincinnati I Oaiette and detail a series of hardihoods, ad- I ventures, and hair-breadth escapes, that went I into said journal with a big head and a multi- I tude of words. Coming eastward, he entered I himself uniformly as hailing from Richmond. I and rejoiced the idlers in a host of bar-rooms I with the story of his troubles and relief. At I Washington he obtained audience and pre- I aented diagrams and statistics, supposed to I represent the number and condition of the I Confederates; stopped at the National Hotel | three days, and went over the river, and on I Thirsdav came to town, cheeked his baggage I to New York, and stopped over night at the | i American Hotel. Detective Benjamin(FrankIin, who had ob- I tained intelligence of his oontemplated trip I j northward, here took him in custody, and he I was committed to prison by order of Secretary I 1 Seward. In i few days ho will probably go I to Fort Lafayette. I . No letters, passes, or anything of the sort, I were found upon him; but he acknowledged I ' that under Confederate protectien be had I i passed to Nashville, and through the rebel I line^t Bowling Green, afterwards going to I Covington on horseback. He carried more I gold than most fugitives possess after leaving I ( the rebel pickets, and with characteristic cool- I i ness oegged the oflSeer to telegraph to Wash- I J ing^n requesting his release \Ve arc informed I that Pnckarl was in'queet of Goo c >i| wire fori telegraph instruments, an article greatly | 1 needed at the Soiit*.?Philadelphia I'rest. | j PENSION OFFICK^Jwifl 6th, IS61. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 9sh il?JJ ravi?* h*?" ma'Je under tee act of 83,1 J0,ne< for the reissue of the Laud War?hieh.are alleged to hare -?12J ji. r n *tr?Te^* notice la hereby given that at tne date following the description of eaoh \Var If,25' ?rnew S?!*1??41?' llk* l?nor, will be isiSl* i?nJ?*Vflld ?bJ?*k?n shall then appear Marnli fSi 42 a0r?"* i#*lH ucd?' the act of ^ 1&56. m the name of James Long, and f? lain 0n * J ?f Maroh? ls36.?October ajtek*ffi (or,l? ??r?. '"ned under the aot of name of Thomas Tanner, and f?6t r of May* 18^6 ?Oe'ober 19, for., :fi0 undaa the aot of and ?he nameof Christopher Dougherty, NodvegmUei6?l86.'ne *7lh day of ?'?* ??'. "? M^h^aii' ??r?k*) Mre?. k?UfMLUn<?flr t}?3 lot of ij'j",1 hi? n?rt?e of Guy 8. Alexander, mi- I 2?iLfi22l ! ! o ?J2 ^ Aie*ander, deoeaacd, and granted Jolt 2, ?November >6,18P1 M*r?nh ' i?kfpr ?cr?8, iasaed under the vet of .v.'nJname Benj\rnin Keily.and ? a.itt d on the 2/th day of June, 1856 \i*?thilu?ir, f a-r0B< i8?jjed Uuder the aot of ir?rt^< ^ ih? atKVamf ?, ReFt>',Q Woodruff, and the 9'.h day of May, law. ?? *0? acrp8v *"u?'J nn''er ti e aot of Ma..oh, tho "imeof Samuel H VVaterhouse, I njn ^"4^'OU If ,lS* ?! Ma'- 18M fOir?8?ua0r?*' d nnuer the aot of ? ^.L * i ? Dame of Shell? Downs, and 16.1861 ?n T ot AUBUSt-1856.?November AI*rnh \^','j??kL*2.Mre* ^'"U^?nn(,CT th" *?l Of ik li . j Jiename of James Pray,and (ranted I No^ Sii ^r0^ 0'1'188! ?November 83,1861. \i.r?h ia? - .1 aore?,issued the act of I fsi'-sf,1ssi "a1"4i!m ?? i M*r?h7,5tacr#8i ???ued under tht act of I March. 1855 in t^e name of Alexander Mo ullough. I vefn&erMe1?6ia ?f Jsnuary?i85fi - >'0- I \i? "h"r aor*,? ned under the act of March, 1855 in fhenrme of Alexander M'Quain I vemfier*!** ira? "'V** <lay of October,"55?-No-' ' ned under the aot of March, 1856, in the nam? of Daniel West, and I r ranted on the 14th day ofJuiy, 11V? ?Deoem()er 7, J uiJV7,8i'i ^or aores, i? ued under the aot <-f | J/imei 'w^ ,nn? He na,"??f Hannah widow of iow V!'an 5r?nted on the 2!':h day of Feb- I ruary.JSS? ?December 3n, 1861 ' a3r8', '"?u*d undor the aot of I it m ,n tje Martha, widow of An- I U-r-lle 'en'ibSrJ ?B 106 '5^ "fA>?' R \ogrsit;d^n ur d%r ? 1^ M Joh .4? a"re?. Ixsuei unde t'.e aot of. I Maro i, 1855, in the name of William H Tanacre I on lue 13n dajr of July, 1856 12! 80 a?r?"' ' sued under the aot of I ^eptfmber 850 in Uie name ol L.evi Treadwefi I anv s?n*?d,??PJ-ra!>?ri9il'. 1851. *'*Mweli, I i_ ? 31 ,"38, lo If* Mrft. iisued under the name aot I Ifl'h I8^,,W|? AtMl! Plattf, and cran'e'l Nove.nber I ^th, 18ol.?December 2fi 1661 . ,.w JUsfcPa H. BARRRTT, *'*''aw Comm.aaioB^r. LEi t PERKINt' CELKBRATCD Worceslcrsblre Sauce. Pronounced by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS K of a Letter from a I to be the ml Medical (itniUminl "ONLY GOOD % at Madras .SAUCE." MM T'"U L*s3vb.?i^, at Worcester. and applioable to May. l?5l I >.rf?-x: rell Lm> Per I EVERY i?tVisfr.. ??* their Sonet I ,a highly ettteemed I v a rtptv ,a lnd;a, and is, in | 'ZTtm*? my opinion, the most I &.]Ji."rrii|!Bpa at?l)ie, as well as I OP DISH. Rthe rnoet wfioiesome I Sauce that is made." I a^?v* SAUCE,. n?t only the lWTand most I known, but the most heonrm- I h,^? ??5 ^wTdroP? ^ Soup Gravy, or witii F\ik. I . ^ -V ??. Bt'f Sit ale, Uantf, fc , impart I V which unprincipled Sauce man i olaoturera havi* in vain endeavored to imitate ?n the Breakfast, Luncheon. Dinner, or Supvrr I lat>le, a cruet containing "LEA A FKKRlNS'l W^ifCESTERSH,RE lAlfefi" fs indi.pensa To appreciate the exallent qualities of this dtli- I rion.t rrHp%rAt|o,n it ib on?j necessary to purohase I I'fcott.eof tiie genuine^ of a reipe' tahln ^ro I cer or ^ealnr, a? vnauy Hotel and Hex aurant pro I pri?tor? lo dum p!aoe the Pure Sauce t>efor* their I KUPit-. out puhhutute a geuuiae BottU fiiied with I a spuriour mixture. i*or bale by Orooers and FruiUrers everywhere. I JbH\ DUNCAN A 8(? ?, ? , '?W*re and UtK street, New Yrrh, a c? i. i 9Ba'a Agents lor the United ^tites, I in/.''ihl!? i Tl in store -Also orders received I '0IPLHr?t shipments from Enfla <L stjTs-1 Counttr/eits and Imitations.I ??MKTHINO NKW! /^N At 2SI C street, opposite the 'i k'a tr. . ? OYSTF.R8 STtSAMKO In the 8hel, and Thoroughly Cooned (far superior I lo a rov-t i m txoo minutes, the fasten tim* on record. Call and see. i_ .Lie "ndersigced re4p iotfuily informs his friends I in the Uiatrirt and ?isitor? t-? the cit?, that he ha? I rehired his old and will-know.* inrABLituMX t I in a most thorough manner, and ha? n.ade com- I pietc arrangements to furuuh OYSTER a It any I sty e an? in any quantity 4?0 to 50i> ga lona fhucked I P"[ ,la"- 2 l"0 to 3<?. ian- of r?p,08d i"d ? 'efh Rar^rr^?^ '.aled Enrmshed j m ine sn-l. Hj hustie or bar^ol, i*riwrB?7,l?,ri?fl,??4 to ha'0 furnished regn- I iiL ^ fc! ?< i winter, at italtimore prices,! wuiiOui fi-ar of iailuie, i-h'iu d osil and make ar- I ui.i1?*11 oaso Preignt. time, and money I saved by puroha8inr of me, es I furnish an article I r:'0 ???ebr?ted Daltimore estaLlishmeiiU. I at pncbs juut as low. I ^ ^ W TO SUTLERS. tanned Meats, l.oosiere. Sa'dinea, Clatna. I An 1 Figs' F-et, Tripe, 4o,| A,J!:?,Qk^8' Cat??Pi Saae^s, Hrandy I ,eMhes. Ac. Als ., Game and Fiesh Pish. Tur I U^s, Terrapins, Freso L.,l,nt?ra, C- A, Halibut, ft o. I In faot, e/e.y ihing for sale in the North-rn n>ar- I a , aT,.?,n h?? d, at reasonable ptioes 1 Hotels fiitd f\mllie? supplied with Oyste-a. de- I nt^Ln'l',4?"t0?^r??any ?ar of 'he Oiatriot, I injeason, i| the money is se t with th order. I >iy erta.i.isli'nent is open from 5 a m. to 12 at I ?oo"iooVka amT'?XCept8uuJay, WLOa 1 010#? aJ I **" ' T. M- HARVEY. | 289 N. ^.8r,fv^GAL.K.%?,, 289 ?Mg riC*L*S> PKESERfKS,S'R* DINES, FINE GROCERIES AND ! SUTLERS'STORE* IN GENERAL Juat^ived^h^followin^ brands of | Moett Cha^on.Ut^rtlar,^Co*Barat'& Fagot, j Sdh W* ?ff?"r^|^ or^Price^freicbt I JOHNSON A NAGLE, I Abm. M. Bininger a Co.'s M9 nro'd^trelt^New I '1i,?own^"OtTLED WINKSand LIUUORS, for Camp, Medioinai,and Family use I ' on band ana sold at New Vork Fnoea I by the Caae. At JOHNSON a NAGLK'S, Diciri l-q d . Peuna, avenue I MAT(H'?W^K other FAUCES. TO r .k . k?- l th? barrel, gall m, or dosen. I fromtheoelebratid m?nufiotory of Kohrr nbarh A I uo., New Y ork, at astonishingly low prioes, I At Johnson a naglk's, BEE?^ TTOE' V8J$b7' VaaiVTN.I frLh?f-W^Wfe8' T* 1Petc., by the barrel I*.18.?1 POPLINS AND NKW REP-.-Many n thing a opened to day. With *11 kind< ol I PernTtwaa:'o?f'm?he"d ^?' &bri?"'for U" our" JSzarjsi'iSix?*"* tMdard vain???*-? PKRRY ft BROTHER, ,!Lr? Pa. avenue and Ninth at. ! AND CLOAKS.?New lota opened I *8rtrZrXixTJsiiiu"* p$15kunb,ku. i A'2J C*8?IM E* K?. Cravats, rocket Handkerohiefa, Gloves Sue- I enders, L mbrellaa, UnderahirU a^d Drawers, Ao. I One prtoe only, marked in p ain ftgnrea. I oe 9-6t Pa ava^iaLi^^nth'at. ! f|NK VERY NICE 8ECOND HAND PIANO LJ for ?30. Al.oal.rge took of Riven ' 9aoon A Co 'a and Stem way ft fioa'. havrSBEl I at h*en received at the Masie S'ore of ?T^T11 ! .CrWM-ftrmit ?' ? W?fe.tOTT. H "iL^SffiSf ?r2%?1LOTB'NO. HATS ! I otf oi?. at., ^^Jite | < II ?- - m ??? .... Boh juun?tv?i, ALTIMtRI LOCK HOSPITAL, I Hat 4iito*tr*d tkt n?>l Ctrtmm, Swttdf mmd eaif I Effectual Hemtdy m tkt WVId, PUR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wsakneee of 'X* Ei:k, Strictarss, A ffecuons of lb* Kid- I end Bladder .?TO!U.a;< lni|iMiiiti,Oiii- I r?i Debility, Nervousness. ?)yepepey, Langaor, Coeifaeioo I f Ideae, Low Sfir.u, ?i-pitiUOu of lb* Heart, Timidity, I Trenitlinge, Dimnm of Signt or UidJtneea, I'hiui cf ihe I lead, Throat, Noa* or Skin, Af ecuone of the Lnnge, Stoin- I act) or Bo we la?theee Terrible Disorders arising from Soil- I lary Habits of Youth?theee Dreadful and Destructive Prac- I tic#i which render Marnsge impoaaibla, and destroy b?tl I lody and Mind.

YOUNG MEN E*p*eiMiy vho hn*< become th* victim* of Solitary Tie*, I thai drsadfal and deetrecltv* habit which *miaally awaapa I ia in antitrilf rrita thowear.da of You g Mau of tb* moat I e 1*4*4 ?ateaU and brflHaM wulloet, who imffct otn*rwie* I ha?a entranced listening Senatee with tka thuuder* of el<v I or wak*d to *c?t*ey tba living lyr*, may call with I fall contdenc*. MARRIAGE. M&RRICD PBRSONs, or Your,* Man contemplating Mar- I riage, being aware of phyaical weakness, srgauic dsbility, I deformities, Ac., epeediiv cored. Ha who pHeee himeel' nnder ths ear# of Dr. i. may religi- I aely conflde in hti honor aa a gentieman and cootdently I eely upon hia akill aa a physician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand aide going from Baltimore street, a few doore from | the corner, rail not to observe nam* and nsmber. Letters I mast be paid and contain a etamp. DR JOHNSTON, Mtmb*rof the Royal College of Surgeons, London, |T*dB- I ate from one df tn# most efunent Colleges in the unitsd I tatss, and the rteatsr part 9? whnve life h?e been spent in I the noepiule of London, Pans, Philadelphia and e'eewhere, I has effected eome of the inoet astonishing cares tJlat were I ever known; many troubled with nngine in the head aCd I ears when aeleep; great nervoueneee, >eiog alarmed at | eadden eounde, baahfulneee with frequent Mue.uiig, attended I eoinetimss with derangement of mind, were cured Hume- I dialel*. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yeang Men and othera wfi9 fia'e injured themeelvee by a certain practice indulged in when alou!-? **hil frequently I learned from *vil companion*, or at echocl, thk *ffe?ta af I whicn are nightly felt even when aeleep, and if not cured, I renders marriage impoeaible, and deetroye both mind and I body, should apply immediate!?. Tneee are eome of the eed and melancholy effects prcdaced I by early habits of youth, vtx: Weskneee of tba Back and I Limla, Paine in the Head, Dimneee of Sight, Lo** of Moecaiar I Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyspepey, Neraoas irrita- I bilitv, Derangement of the Digeetive Punctione, Geueial I Dei'inty, Syniptome of Coneumption, 4c. MRHTaLL*.?The fearful effect* on the mind are mach ta I bl dreaded?Loee of Memory, Confueion of Ideae, Depreeeioo I af Spirits, Evil Forebodings, Avereioo of Society, Self-Die- I traet, Love of Solitude, Timidity, ate., afe ecme of tba evil* I produced. N BR vol's DBSICITV.?Thousands can now led** what i* I the cauee of their declining health, loemg their vigor, becom- I Ing weak, pale, oervoue and emaciated, having a singular I appearance about the eyee, cough or eymptome of coneamp- I DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the mieguided and imprudent votary of pleaeure tnde I bs has imbifctd th* seede of this painful dieeaee,it too often I happens that anill-timed of sbaine or dread of diecovery I detere hun from applying to those who, from education and I reepectability, can alone befriend him. He falle into tba I hande of ignorant and designing pretenders, who, incapable I f curit^ 61ch hie pecuniary eubetance, keep liite trifling I month nRr month, or aa long ae the einalleel fee can ba ob- I tamed, and in deepair leave him with ruined health to eigb I ever hie ralliug disappointment; or by the uee of that deadly I poieon?Mercury?hasten tba conetitutional eymptome of thie I terrible diaeaee, euchae Affactione of the Heart, Throat, Head, I Skin, Ac., progreeemg with frightful rapidity, till death pate a I period to hie dreadful eufierings by eending hinit o i'.?t an- I diecavered coantry from whose bourne aa traveler retarne. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC I WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY By thie great and important rsmedy weakness of the organs I srs spssdlly earsd and fall vigor rss'.srsd Tksasands of ths I esast nsrveas and dsbihuted, wbo had lost all hops, bave I keen immediately relieved. All impedimente to Marriage, Phyelcal oe Mental Duoaal- I Ucatiens, Loss of Proersative Power. Mervaae lrritabAity, I Trembling and Wetkseee er Bxhaastion of the most fsarral I kind spssdlly cursd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. TM MaIvt Tmousa^dr carsd at this institution within I ths lut ssvsntssn vsars, and tbs namsroas important Surri- I si opsratiens psrrormsd b? Dr. Johneton, witnaaeed by the I repartere oI the papers and many othsr psraons, noticee of I wbic'i have appeared agaia and again before the pablie, be- I etdee his staolmg as a gentleman af character and reeponel- I bllity. tea eaSciam guarantee to the aBlcted. mar IS-lv ' NOTICE. "ADAMS' KXPHESS CoMPAJTY" This Conipany offera to ihi* puh'ic" Unequalled I Adv^titAgeli,' for the 8afe unf Quick I ispmteh of I Ho?vy Freights Paok&cea, Valuable*, Money, Ao I Ao., to all parts of the United Sta'ea. Expreases to and from the North and We?tde- I p*rt from and arrire in V aahington twioe daily. All Expresses are in oliarge of experienced and I reliable Meanengere. Ail Packages f?.r The 8oldiera oarried at "on* I half" our usual r&tea. i All Go' d? for the ao-oalled "Confederate State*" I and all Articles * Contra'uand of War" viil be | Kxfvssd. On- Kxpresar leave New York at 1.5, #ml 6 P. I M., arriving in Waahington at 6 A. M and 5S> I P.M. I txpreaaes leave Philadelphia at 8.*? A. M. and I 11 P. >1., arriving in Washington at 330 p. M, and I 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltiinore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. I M , arriving in Was! ington at 6 A.M. and53n| p M. Kxpresses for all points North an't "West leave I Washiccton at 7 3D A. M and 2.91 H M. daily Special Contracts for iarije quantities of ! reight I oau be inaile o,< application to this ?'tfice. A!> Goods wailed for and oehverttd free of bxtra I oharges. E. W, PARSONS, I Snp't Adsma' i.xpreas Company. Washington, August 23. liibl. au Xi tf Y WOOD AND COAL. OU Will snrely get your money's worth by I oailing at the PlONhEH MILLft, tor I *er qr Seventh ttrul and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, I Afent.) They sell cheaper and give better meaaurs I than any others in the oity?cut, split, and doliv- I ered free of onargo. If too duo 11 eii*ve ?1 ve I tJie Pioneer MiIls a tna.,aod be satisfied. 1-U.T I Boots amd shoes to ssit tri TiMES. I We are bow manBtactarmg all kinds of BOOTS I and SHOES, and ooLstactly receiving a?Aa I pyly of eastern made work of aver* de-B8B9 ; oration, inadc expressly to order, and will be sold at a munit lower price than has been' Ma I heretofore charged in ihi* oity for mach mferier I artio.ofc. ; Persons in irart ol Boots ana Shoes of eastern er I aity tnade *nr?., will alwaysfiud a good assorinei I la store and at ts? I Teat a^cs. Give as a call. TIFFIN A BKO., tp t ? *14 | A RMY dljpfLlfift. A JUST RECEIVED? 480 cans SAllSAGK MEAT, S40 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 48" can* FRESH VEAL, I 360 cans UKKP. a la mode, 241) cans ROAST BEEF, afiooans FRESH MU TTON, 240cans BEEFand GRAVY, 340 oant SOUP and BOUIL.L1, 30 oaae . FRENCH DESSIOATED VEGE I TABLES. I For aale at New York Factory prioea. K1MG A RFRCHELL, aet Corner I and Fifteenth utreeta. j Hnew books, I ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by Jobs I Lothrop Motley , 3 vols.; free b* mail, S4. The Rise of the Duteh Knpnblis. a history, by I John Lothrop Motley; Iro.i :0i0th; free !>y mail, I s'ilae Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, bv the I author of "Adam Bede oloth ?Moenia; r*t?r ?r I 9flQt|, Lile and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop I Sargeant; $IM. After lceberga with a Painter, a Summer Voyage I to Labrador and Newicand'and; by Rev LouiaL- I Nob e; $150 | The Manufaotnre of Photogemo or Hydro-Car I bon Oila, by Thomas Antisau, M. D., S1.7A. ; Any of the above free by mail. _ FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ! ap 24 U7* Penna. avenue. W BOYS' CLOTHING. I E Have received within the last day or two a I large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH- I ING, embracing ail styies of low-prieed, medium, I and fine qualities, wnioh we are aelhng a t very I low prioea for cash. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., .13*1 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th au. mW (lntelli?erot?r and RepuMifan.' I r-RIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS I V,/ and COUNTERPANES,all sixes anc qua i ties, Bed Comforts, Sheetings, Pillow Linen and I Oottuua. Toweia. Nnpkina, Table Clothe, Tickings, I Uoyiies, Ao. All at oar p'overbtaliy low prioea. I marked in plain fignraa. New cornera, atrangera, sojourners acd ciUsens I will inspect oar atook at pleasure. ' PERRY A BRO. , ae Tt-St Penn. avenue and ?th at.. 11 i^kAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, I \ V Back of tie^lfatiZlal Hotel. W V I Mr at liberal advanoea made on Gold and r-ilver I Watches. Diamon a, J ewe ry. Silver ware. Clothing, Piatola, and all kisda of Marohandiae, Baai- I "" -"Siart^kase. aai ' au 11m Between 4X and 6th ate. I i at PALL and WINTER CLOTHING, which be Dflers at remarkable low prioea, at No. 460 Sev I Sntli S' . i>aoa>? PnstOatW 3B ! ! itrert oe l-li I UBADgUARTKRSOF THE U.S. MARINE Al CORPS. QtAlTUMilTU'l OrFIC*. I WASHimro^t September ?, 1861.1 , Pbofosals, f r< Boh o|aas separately,will be received it this office uatii 12 o'oiook m. oi W-dnesday, ?'th of November next, for furnishing to tbe United States Marine Corps, daring the year 19flj the following supplies, to be delivered at the offi<%e of the Ai-iilMt Quartermaeter of tbeoorpe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, free of expense to the Unit d states, in auoh quantities as may from time to time be ordered, vis : Class No. 1. 14 (?to *ar<3s of Sky Blae Kersey, all wool, free from hair, M inches wide, to weigu S3 ounoes to the yard.(indigo Wool-dyedJ fi.Orni yards i>a-k B ?e Kersey. sJI wool, free from hair, '4 inohes wide, to Wf<?h Socnoee to the yard, (ludito wool dyed.' K.oon vards Dark Blae Twilled ( ioth, all wool, for unifom ooats. <indigo wool-dyed,)M inches wide, to weigh 33 ouno e jer -a-d. ISO yards ?>f Scarlet C'oth. all wool, (ooebineal dyed,) 54 itches wide, to weigh 16 oaioes per yard. Class No 3. I WW yards of 6 4 Dare Bine Flannel, for overa&ck?, ail woo!,(indigo wool dyed,>64 in hee wide, to weieh 13 oano?s p?r yard. 16 000 yards of 3 4 Dark Biie Flannel for shirts, a'l wool, (iudigo wool-dyed,) 37 inches wide, to weigh 6* ounoei per yard 1.8no Gra? Blankets, all wool to weigh four ponnd? each, with letter* "U S. M M in black, four i inches long, in the oenter; to be 7 feet long and 6 feet wide, and fr e from grease. 6,Ofo pairs of Woolen Socks, three sixes, prop , envmateof go >d fleece wool, with douMe and ! twisted yarn, to wei.h three pounds per dosen , pairs, free from grease Class No. 3. 6 000 yards White I inen for Pant*, 80 inches J wide, to weigh 13 ounoes per yard. 10.000 yard* White i inen for Shirta, 80 inohee 1 wide to weigh 11 ounoes per yard. 16 ooo ya-ds canton Flannel for Drawers, 77 inohes wide, to weigh 7 ounoes per yard. Class No. 4. I Un'form Cass, oomplete (except Pompons.) 1 W Pompons, red worsted, ball-shaped, 4 inches in oircumfereno*. i 3,000 t-a'igue Caps, ( wi'h oovers,) to be made of blue cloth, l' digo wool-dyed. 2,000 Stccks. Class No. 5. 6no ?iossCoat Buttons,(Eagle.) n 4"0 gross Jacket Muttons. (Eagle.) ino gross Vest Brttoes-(Eafie.) l,.foo pairs Yel o? Metal CreeoeH's and Soale i Straps. 250 sets Epaulette Bullion for Sergea- ts and Cor- n porais J 2 oro sets Epau'e'te Bullion for Privates. 10 Red Worsted Sauhes. I 2.50f yards of Yellow Binding. 2tV*i yarda of Red Cord. _ lflft Swords for Sergeants 50 Swords for Musici&r.s. 50 Drums (tenor,)oomplete. So D uiu Mings. '.00 Batter D utn Hears. SO Snare D'U-^ Heads. loo Dium C. rds. 100 set* of Drum Sraree. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifee. Class No 6. J 10,000 pairs Army Boots,(infantry pattern.) ( Class No. 7. 1,300 Cartridge Boxes Iflno Bayonet Soahbards. t l.y^o perctr sion cap Poiohea e 1,20 'Cartridge Box Beits. T 1.201 Bayonet Belts. o t,2<0 Waist Belts. r l^oo Waist Plates. o 1,200 Brea?t Plates. f 25o Sword Frogs. Class No. 9. 1JN> Knapsacks. . 000 Haven acks. ^ 600 Canteens. 600 Musket Slings. Clap? No. 9. Fer making and trimming the following articles, viz: Watoh Coats Sergeants'.Corporals'.Musicians'. ^ and Privates' Uniform and Fatirue Coats; Woollen and Linen Pants; Flannel and Linen Shirts; Da* era; Fiannel Sacks; and Red and Blae Jackets for Boys. The above mentioned artie'es must oonform is all re>j?sctx, to the sealed sta.dare pattern? in the ?, offioe of the (Quartermaster Marine Corps Marine !' Ha racks. Washington, D. C ; Ass stant Quarter 11 master, offioe Marine Corps, 1,2a) Spruoe street, >, Phi adelphia; end at the Marine Stations. Brook- , lyn, New York; and Boston,Massachusetts, where ?; ti er can be examined. 1 And whenever the artioles named atxtve, or any fl portion of them, shall be considered as not fnllv V onformmg to samples, they will be rejected and * theoontrator ?ili be bound to furnish others of the rf quired kind at onoe or the <Ju\rtsrmaster wi 1 supply the deficiency at the expense of the oobtra~t r. Patment wi'l be made upon theascepted delivery * o the whole euact ty, whioh may from time to ? time be ordered, withho'ding ten per oent from the ^ payment of account rendered ucder first order, 01 until seoond order is filled, ani ten per cent from ' aceouLt rendered under second order until third order is fil ed, and so on, until contract is completed. Kaifc proposal must be aooompanied by the following guarantee: Form of Gnaranft. Tl.e undersigned, , of . in the State of . and , in the State of , hereby guarantoe that in case the foregolnc bid * of lor supplies, as above described, be SCO. pted. he or they will, within ten days after _ the reoeipf or theoontract at the Post (?Aoe named. " execute the contract lor the same witn good and sutfiai?nt seourines;and in oase the baid f. shall fail to enter into oontr&o' as aforesaid, we suarantce to make good the diffe-ence between the oll'er of the said and that whioh may ri be accepted. A B, Guarantor. if C D, Guarantor. EF, Witness. ' , 1861 1 hereby oertify that th? above named are known to me as men of property, and able to a mase good their guarantee, G. H. ? To he signed by the United States Distriot _ Judge, United Statts Distriot Attorney or Collee- * tor. No proposal will be ooraidered unless aoeom- e panteu by the above guarantee. Newspaper* authorixod ^publish the above will ?eud th-? ?ap->r cot.tuning the first insertion to this omre f r examination. . The bidder's piaoi of business, or mannfactur ir.g estabh<hmfnt, must be speoifioally state a in the pr,-iO*al. The ab ve list '>f artioles is believed to beaboat the quantity of each aitiolethat will be required du:ing the year- t;Hl the Quartermaster reserves the right of ordennc a greater or less quantity, >honl*l tne interests ofthe semoe require it Prop 'sale to I e endorsed t n the envelope, "Pro poaals for Supplies for Marine Corps for l8?a," and aldre iuwlto Major W M B. SLAC^, Quartr-rmatter M. C., Wasnm'toc, D. C. Be 30 lawjw pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1868. " Quartermaster's, Oftt U. S Marine Corps,( H ifkmztcm, September 25, 1861. <, Skalkd Pboposals will be received at this offioe, D until the30th nay ol Ootoher i,ext at 12 o'oluox.m., * for furnishing rations to the U. S. Marines,at tha following stations, du ing the year 1S&2, vis: Portsmouth, N*w Hampshire; Charlestown, Massachusetts; Brooklyn. Long Island, n?v York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washiugton, District of Columbia Eaoh ra'ion to consist of i hroe-sarters of a pouttd M of mess pork,or taooe; or one and-a fourth rounds ? of fresh or sali beef; toen'y two ounoes or bread. madecf extra supnfiue floar, or ia lies thereof ai twenty two ounces of extra superfin* floey or one pound of hard bread, at the option ofthe Go\ernment; and at the rata of eight quarts of beet whi'e ^ team, or 10 >iea thereof ten pomade of rioe; fen pounds of good oeffee. or in lieu thereof one-end a naif pounds of tea; fifteen pounds of good New Orleans sugasfou' q aru vt vinegar; one poind of sperm candlee. or one-and a fourth pounds of adamantine oandles. or one-and-a-half pound* of good hard-dipped tallow oandls: four poinds good hard, brown eo\p; two auarts of salt; and one nandred and fitty-aix pounds of potatoes, to eaoh hundred rationa. , The increaaed allowanoe of loar ouooea of flour 01 or bread, and the allowanoe of potatoes,as at-ove provioed, wi'l cease, at the termination of the preaent insurrection, and the ration be as provided by law and regulations,on the 1st of July, 1IW1. n Ttse beef ktaail be dstivered on the oreer of the ooinmsnhng ffioer of eaoh atation, either ia balk I * or by the single ation; and ahall oonnst ofthe best and moat ohoiee pieces of the carcase; tbe pork to be No 1 prime mesa-aork; ard the grooei lee to be of the best quality of kiada named. All subirot to i nay action. w All bids must be aooompanied by tbe followiBg guarantee < _ Form of OssfsalM. The underaigned, .of , in tbe State *>f ?v"{ . ia tbe state oi ??.hereby guaranty that in oaee tbe foregoing bid of for rationa, as above deeeribed, be aeoepted, he or they will, within tea days after the receipt of tbe oontrert at the PoetOfioe named, ex'oate the oontraot for the same, with good aad suifioient sureties.and ia oaee said ?i?ST ? tail to enter into oon raetae aforeeaid, we gBaraaty m Witneees ^ g; 8^^! 4 ISs F# IAK I hereby oertify that the above named ? are known to me as men of property aad able to make good their guarantee. t L < To bt signed by the Vn%te4 States Dxftrxct Jwdte, Untted States Dtstritt Attorney, er Collector.) No propose] will be oonsiawed unleea aooom pamed bv the above g?arantee. A INswhw an hjriaml to aaMiab ?'e above A. w 11 ?end iff paper ooi.t?iring ibeftiet iae-rt<oB te this oriloe for exa tinattra ) . B V-<-a-?s vs to be a ;d r? d Proposals for Ratioae lor la S," and addratsed to tbe K c itt-la#4W Major aau Quartet aMtin , M THE WEEKLY STAB. Thle exoelicat KaaaUy iM Knri Jo are 4 eaatalataft greater variety of limniM rwt 1*8 thus cam b? found 1b uf ether le pahltabed oa Friday aaoralag # TBEMt?Oa*A, MMnaMf, to -?mi Hlagle copy, per una .SJ at * , 4 T? T"? oop?? m Tweaty-flve coplee ......St ? Itla variably ooatalae the '<W?hUft? ,1?wi' that baa made 7\? Dntly ImM( Star drnM M generally throughout {ha cooatry Cysiagle coplea (la vnpptrt) oAa to pa*, cured al the counter, Immediately after the laaut of the paper Prtoe?THREE CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED** Compound Fluid Extract Buotu, A Pejifwa and SpinJU Rmtady For Dieeaeea of the 2LADDF.R, KIDNEYS. Of A VEL, aad BMT* SICAL SWELLINGS. Thra Medicine laoraaeea Ike power ef pigeetoee. ud exoito# the ABaoaaaura into ^-fhlii aoboe. >y which thewmiroi ctLcnon d*r>? ; t,?, kQd Ml IJTHATCEAL ERL tBOES BMT* tlf MMU. Mveil U PAIS AAl IRri.AJMtATtOB, kad M |oW MEM, WOMEN, OR CHILDR8N, HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakneeaee Inaing Ircm Exo-eeea. HabiU of DiaeipaUca, Early ltdiaor*ti<va or A^aae, Attend'd irtfA lit Following Sfmfteau ndivpoaitu n to Exertion, Lo?p of Power, ;"ee of Memory, Diioilt; of H reaching. ye%k Nervee. TreaSTtZ* ^?rror of P<>raie, Wakafcloa3, itmneea of Vinnn, pain ia the llaeh. J".v?r?a' Lassitude of the Maacular lot Hand*. t-laahiag or the (tVf, ?ryneae of the Skin, Eraptioaeon the Pee*, PAlLID COVBTBHAirrS. Theee aympti m?. 11 a owed to go oa. wtuoh thva nediciae invanai ly remove*, eooa fo'lowa MPOTENCY.FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT?, In ear */ wkuk the Patitnt may Krpxrt Who oan ray the' they are aac frog neatly Mowed by thoee "dibepul praBAaae," M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Man; are awa<-e of the oaaae ot their eaflbriac, atfT home will coirrrem. rHE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And Ike Molantkaly D**tk* ky Canimmption, IBAB AM TLB WITNESS TO TBB TBVTB or raa AMunei. rH K TOraesMb waftEs" * lequiree the aid of medicine to atreagtbea aad Invigorate the 9ytxam, rhioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU A TEIAL WILL rORVIUcB TBI MOTT Uimcii. VBMA LES- FEMALES- PEN A LBS, )LD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED* OA contemplating Marriage. In Many Afftttiont Ptculutr t? FtmaU* he Extract Bucnu ia uneena-l-d by any otherrem?ly, a* in Chloroeta or Ret*i<ti?e, Irr-guanty, ?Mufu neaa, or Sappreaeioa o' CuatoiMry Evaelatioca. Uloerated or 8chirroae atate <M the L'ta b*. l.eooor'hea or Whitee, Sterility.&d fbr all omplainta incident to the eex. whether artaiax rom lndiacretion. Habit* of Diaaipation, or ib the DECLINE OR CHANGE 6F LITE' ABB BTHPTOiaa ABOVB10 FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. ? "ah* no mart Baltmm, JVirrery, er DapIeaaBBd Mtdtctnr /er On?l?mmt nmd Paifi?>e? HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cvaaa SECRET DISEASES d all their S'a^ea; At Utile tnum .it:le or no obanae in Diat; Ho laaotveajeaoat And ne ozftwt. t cauaee a fre^u nt deeire aud (tree etreacth to irinat-s thereby Rem viu( c<bet. octtoae, 'revetting and Cunnj Sirietaree of the Urethra. Allaying rat-and iu?*u rr,M?on. ea e^u?nt in the olaaa of di*?e?ee. ae<i eapaHSg n*i 'onmom lHtMLttd. and ee? ant Montr. THOVftARDe crow TBOCBABDa WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACES, nd who tare paid luavyj?t to be eared ia a abort me, have f ?una tB'y were deeeiree. aad that the poiaoa" baa, by the nee uf "peaa<r/W aiiriegaair' een dri'd up in the ayatam, to break oat la an aaravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ua> IIELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BCCRU fbt 11 aifcjtioca an'd eeaa*a of the CR1KA&Y ORGANS, rhether exieting In MALE OR FESALK, om whatever oaaae originating aad co matter of HOW LONG STANDING tiaeaeee of theee Organt re*aire the aid of a DiBBTIC, HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, nd it ia oeitain to have the Beeired effeot ta a?l laeaaea 'of ???* ?2 ii rtcammendtd. TiDancB or the most bbbpobbuu An BR* LIABLE CBABACTKX Fill aooompany the aaediMaee. CERTiFICATF.S OF CURES. _ r'ri'ia ?to SB yara' Kaadlaf, with Nam*i known <o SCIENCE AND FAMR, MPHYSICIANS? PLEASE*NOTICE.* WB MAKE "WO IBCBBT" OT "IMOEEDiaJrTB HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU i oompoeed o( Haeha, Ca^ebe aad Jaaiper Bernae, ?>eoted with treat oare by a eompeteui draegtau PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HELMROLD, ractioal and Aaalytieal CheiaiBt, aad Rata Maaifftottrir of [ELMBOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. ie oity^/1 Knadrlphia, M. 7? NUMvC! nag da y awe n.dota ?ay. hie preearattoae eaakia no aaroot?, no mereari, or etbec laianeaa ,W "" "* IELJtlOl.0. i5^r'.?'~nbrt k"irr? Alder maa. Ninth at., a'jore Raee. PhiW PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO t P. M. Price |1 par battle, ar tlx tar fl. Delivered to any addraee, aaearaly paehad froea twerratioa. Addraee leMera for lafanaBtMa la eeaAdeaee la B. T. HELM BOLD, CSaeaaea, pot, 1M Soath Teath et?, he lew CbeetaaA, PUIa, BEWARE OF COUNTRRFRiTS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS ho endeavor to dtepeae -of th??r ewa" aad "otaer" artialee oa tae repaiatiiia attalaad By HtlmboWt Gtnmnt Arapapaaieaa, x Extract JacAa, ?? ?a at Sai laperitla, M ? jaipi eead Reaa W?k. Sold by S. B Waits, Z. D. xlhaJI, ia?R fiLBB. S. C. Pea a, ? R. fcwrwrarva, B C, ajob, Rivwbll A Labbbmcb. J. R. Raaa, raahiactoa aad GaaigeBewa, IND ALL DR UGGISTS EVERTWMERfL a ABE FOB HELMBOLD'S TAXtfSOOSnL ND AVOID IMF. R? rioN aai KX POatTRB. Caraa Gaaraateed ! ^rlae fl<a<f| >I|rf r*v A K .

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