Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1861 Page 2
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_ I HE K\ KM Nil STAR. WASH INCJTON.CITY: TniDAY Oetsber 14, 1911. >r* Frik*t? ?? ?be various military camps and positions will rotifer a favor hy keeping aa potted as to movements and affairs In tbelr vicinities. *pirlt ?f the Morning Frees. The Imielhg'nrtT treat* upcn tbe proteatatlona of the" peece party" In Maryland. The R'pubhtaa devotes its attention to the "natural boundaries" claimed by the Southern Confederacy. ViaomtA ? We have late and reliable intelligence from the Valley" and Eastern Virginia with reference to the state of popular aentlment there,which strengthens our conviction that with prudence on the part of the Government of the 1 nltod States when thedlaunlon army may be driven beck on Richmond, there will be a very general and prompt organisation of the population refuaing to fol'ow the retrentlng foe, to recover and to maintain byarma their former rlghta aa citlteoa of the United States. It la beyond all question true, that the maaaea throughout the State already realize the aacrlflcee exacted of them In behalf of the conaplracy of Sonth Carolina and the cotton Statee, whoee yoke tbey feel to be galling peat farther bearing We bear, from a gentleman who left the Piedmont country last week, that Union eentlmenta are a^ain finding loud and eloquent utterance, where three montha ago It waa worth a man's life or liberty to wbtaper them nbove bla breath. The aentlment obtaining there la that Virginia'a secession policy waa a monatroua fraud, made successful for the time being by the feer and force of bayonets; ard that Ha triumph In the State muat end whenever the maivi feel tolerably sure that the United Statee can succssfully aid them In the recovery of their lost liberties In the Valley the Union sentiment was never o strong as at this time; yet the arma there being all In the hands of thote rhained for the time being to the car of the oligarchy, It finds utterance oaly In bold protista against and denunciations of the monstrous wrong, rather than in general concentrated efforts to put the wrong down by force. . We learn from our informant of the present attitude of many Individual gentlemen of the "Valley and the Piedmont region, formerly ntaunch Unionists, who however permitted themselves to be swept Into the vortex of treason tor the time being, and who now have resumed and openly avow their former opposition to the secession heresy They sre not molested for so doing, simply because tbeollgarchists know that tbey are too clearly representative men to venture to st r up more general opposition by venturing to exercise despotic authority upon them Once drive Beauregard and Johnson, and their followers from other States, back of >1 anaasaa, and .Loudon, Jefferson, Fairfax, Morgan, Frederick, and Hampshire counties, (Vs.,) will toon be able to free tbemaelves from the presence of every man belonging among them not diapoaed to resume Lis rights as a citizen of the United Statea. PmoaoTED ? H. B McClenahan has been promoted from a second to a third claaa clerkship In the General Post Office Department, in place of Dr. R. O. Sidney, resigned J. F Magulre, of Penn , has been promoted to a second class clerkship In the office of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Department; and Daalel Crumbacker, of Ind , appointed to a first class clerkship in the same office. ITT" Upon the receipt of the official Intelligence of the drath of General Gibson, In New York city yesterday morning, minute guns were fired In respect to the memory of the deceased. 117" Yesterday morning one million percuaaion caps were seised by the police in New York elty It aas alleged by the owners that the caps were for tbe Havana market. I\j~The ship Great Republic is taking on a aargo of MO horses in Brooklyn, New York. Tna Naval Fx riDiTio* ? We clip the follow, lag from the New York Timn of yesterday, addJng by way of caution to the reader, that If the T'm*} la not better Informed In other particulars than with regard to Col WlUon'a regiment, ita statements meat be taken with some degree of allowance: The great naval expedition that haa been in the course of preparation at this port for some weeks begins to siaume colossal proportions The steamers Cahawba and Coatzacoelcos sailed on Saturday evening, carrying the Rhode Idand regiment lately encamped at Fort Hamilton, besides a force or experienced surfmen. with their boats Yesterday morning the Star of the South followed, having on beard Col Serrell's engineer regiment, previously announced aa having gone to ashlngtcu Thla regiment numbers 500 men, all of whom are practical engineers or nieoban'cs Durlna the day the trarsporta Ocean queen, Eagle, Dsuiel Webster. Ariel and Oriental also sailed on the same errand. The remainder of the fleet will probably lease to-day. The transport Rhode taland. yesterday afternoon went down as far as quarantine and anchored It Is understood that the fleet will rendezvous nt Annapolis, where It is atated the number of troops will be lsrgely augmented, including infontry, artillery and cavalry. Among the troopa Who are to participate In the expedition, are Col Wilson's regiment that psssed through here laat It is Impossible to give a full list of the vessels that win compose the fleet, aa many of them leave o?ber ports besides New York. Among those thst sail from thla port, besides the ones abovementloned. sre the Wabash?flag-ahip; the gunboata Ottawa and Unadllla; transports Baltic, Atlantic, Catawba, Vanderbllt. Roanoke, Empire City. Parkersburg. f-reat Republic; steamships Augusts, James Adger. Florida. Curlew, Alabama, Mercury, O M Pettit, besides s large ouirberof other craft of various dimensions. The Atlantic and Baltic, and others smong the tract ports. hare guna mounted. Some idea may be formed of the magnitude of the expedition, when It la atated that one of the transports?the Daniel Webster?carries little else but water for the t'eops Of the drstinstlon of this large force, of course, have nothing to say. The New York Comm'reial of yesterdsy says: ' We commit no impropriety when we declare that the first destination of the vessels composing tbe expedition Is Hampton roa<*s and Annnpolia The naval vessels will rend*svous st the forrrer place while the transporta are engaged in taking on beard troops from Annepoiis It las'au-d, with e> roe aen blance to truth, that tber? were fifteen ti oumnd men sent to Annspolts on Tbursdsv 1* e also 1< am that ihe Continental Guard, Col. Pe?ry, Washington Greys. Col Moore, and three otber regiments bare orders to join the division st Annapolis. It is therefore probable that ? ggregste force of twenty-five thoussnd men will be sent iff These will be fully equiped, armed In tb? best manner snd supplied with sn Abundance of provisions Tbe ultimate destination of the expedition la known but to the Government and Gen Scott, and even when the fleet satis, the General In comzasnd of the troops will probsbly receive sealed dispatr tes, which bs will be Instructed to open when in s certain latitude. Tbe utmost cars has been taken to Insure tbe of this expedition, snd we art aafe in asserting that, when the blow Is struck, the effect upon tbe South will bs terrible Our res den and contemporaries may accuse us of violating tbe express command of General McClei an. la making ao much of tbs above aa may appear to hsvs been within the scope of 4bs instructions referred to Ws will say that we this morning obtained permission to publish the bovs tacts." If this be so,?of what use was tbe restraint at first.-ss tea days waralng at least is given In ocb sn article ss this to tbs whole Sontbern ountry' No Moaa Push Sooth ?Tbs Louisville Journal savs: Gen. Sherman, we are Informed, positively declines to grant any more passes South This, ws havs no doubt, Is right ar.d necessary Tbe rule may seem to have a hard operation fa some cases, but individual convenience sad Individual Interest must yield to the great requirements of tbe national good Tcere Is no doubt thai hurdrsds of pss-es, sll given upoo tbe *resgtb of earnest protestations, have beea used for d ?ioy?l and treasoasbis purposes; snd tbs ln por aat svll caaaot be stopped but by tbs stoppi sg of tbs whole sys'em of Southern passes. Til or Ecaors ?The army of Austria eons sis of a grsad total of 738.344 men and l,(Mgona; that of Prussia contalas 719 We ssand 1,441 guss; tbe srmy sf Rossis about 8M 006men aad 1.IM gaas; tbs army of Praaoo OK 438, and that oi crest Britain, la all parts of tbe world OM ST m?a_ ' trr A Largs amount af whits oak Umber for ship building Is aow being shipped la England twn Delaware,! ^rUcularly from tbs parti at * 1 ^ oril MILITARY BCDGET. A EECONNOISANCE A 3D A PEIE1I1B1I. I Yesterday First Lieut Crow, of US Engineers. rosde a surveying reconnoieaace, accompanied bv three hundred men of the 49th New ^ ork Volunteers He proceeded to a point two milesbeyond Lewlnsvllle, in front of the poaitlon occupied by I Gen Smith's column There he found tbe enemy In aome fore?, with a body alao pretty strongly i potted t* i KoMSf. j The detachment of the Forty-ninth had a amart little brush with the en<my ere It retraced its tUpa at the conclusion of Lieut. Cron'a surveying labore. No one on our aide waa either killed or wounded. It ia not known what damage our j fire did to the enemy. Our troopa engaged were under Are for the first time, and acquitted them- j selves moat aatlafactorily. another haval affa1*. TAi's Tim* at Lynnharen Bay?A DiMmisn B*I tery Siltneed. Commodore Ooldaborough haa forwarded to the Navy Department the following report: U 8. Peopellee Datliobt, ) Blockading off Capt Henry, Oct. 11, I6?l S Sir .?Yesterday afternoon, a few mlnntes before 4, p m , It waa reported to me that E battery on ahore In Llnnbsven Bay had opened Are on the American ship John Clark, of Baltimore, which had come In and anchored during the gale, and dragged within range of the enemy'a gnns, distant about a mile and a half. I got under way and atood down to her aaalstance, and on getting within range opened Are, and a aplrlted engagement was kept up on both aldea for about forty mln. utea, when the enemy ceaaed firing, their battery of four or five guns being silenced; so that, although we remained within range for an hour and a half After the firing bad ceased, assisting the ship to get under way, not e ahot waa fired by them Our shot generally were well directed, and must have done execution Fortunately none o' their shot hit us, though they came near f nough. The officers and men were eager for tbe fray, end evinced a spirited determination to do their whole duty; and I waa well pleased, not only with their eonduct, but alao with the preclalon of their aim. 1 have tbe honor to be, air, reapectfully, your obedient servant, Samuel Lockwood, Commd'g. To Flag Officer L. M Goldsboeouoh, comd'g Atlantic Blockading Squadron, Hampton Roads, I Va an assistant adjetant general appointed. Capt Henry Clay (grandaon of Henry Clay,ar., aud son of tbe late Col. Clav, who was killed In the battle of Beuna VUta,) haa been appointed an Assistant Adjutant General of Volunteera, and aasigued to the staff of Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson, in Kentucky. no passes south. h eatquarters of the armt, ) Washington, Oct. 14, 136t { To tare trouble to all concerned, It iB announced that the Government has ceased to grant pasaea to go South through the United Statea lines. how thby regard fremont in st. louis. The following extract fr? m a letter Jnat received by a gentlr man of thiB city, from an Intelligent friend in St Louis, shows what the people In the department of Missouri think of their commanding General and hla plana : I " You have doubtless read with aatoniahment the account of the grand entry of Mrs Fremont into Jt-ffersjn City, and how tbe 'body guard and staff' escorted her; and how fireworks were let off. and tallow candlea were burnt in her honor. ' Pride, pomp and^lrcumstance of glorious war!' An entire day lost In auch flunkyism at a I time of imminent peril' Mark Blair's expression?'Oh, for one hour of our dead Lyon!' and he might have added, 'In place of the living ass!' Twelve St. I^oula butchers sufficed for the body guard of the decee?? d bero: and with none other than the troopa raised within tbe State, he rid it of rebels down to the Arkansas border. What ia our condition now. with the hundreds of cannon, the thouBands of wagons, tbe ample equipmenta and accoutrements, and the 50 OOo men from adjoining Statea! Tbe rebel army comes and goea. conquering town after town, and eluding the 'vigilance' of the Commanding General at every point. Fremont had them 'bagged' at Lexington !?of courae he had Now. I am afraid they have bagged him, and at thla writing my fears are that Price, who seems to bave it all hla own way, having fooled Fremont In the Nortbweat. will make a junction with McCulloch's army aomewhere thla aide of Rolla, and execute a rapid advance on St Louta with an army of about 40,000 or 50,0i;0 men?for tbey bave auch numbers?ar.d. between you and me. we are in no condition here, juat now, to reaist one sixth of that force In ihtsclty. "Things In Missouri are really In a terrible condition, 'and likely to come to mair,' as old Bailie Nicol Jarvie would say, unless aome change Is soon made at tbe head of our department. Tbe grand efforts to ape European pomp will not do. Thla cumbrous body guard and staff, and 'makeway-for-tbe-Tiinarch' style, may answer in Russian and TurkiBb field preparations, "but is moat criminal trifling in our present emergency. We are threatened with a formidable foe, and we need activity, energy, and earnestness?not pomp, bombast, and tinsel. What ahould have been ao offensive war here, ia now a struggle for mere existence " a ff \ irs in nxw toe* . [Special correspondence of The Stsr.J Naw Yore. Oct 14 ?Tlmea are much better. The entire North, of which New York ia the heart, begins to resume lta old faahlooed bustling activity. The hotelB, places of amuaement, and the t<adeB generally, are doing a moderately fair buslneaa. Provisions are low, wagea fair, and starvation nowhere. Wall atreet Is rampant. Look at the stock list. All we want Is one really vlctorioua brush with the rebels, either with the army or navy. It is a sight well worth seeing to look off the Battery at tbe great fleet of steamship* now ready for a start 1 counted twenty-four yesterday, and I understand there will be forty, exclusive of Bailing vessels Their destination remaina a secret. Twelve monthB ago the Government could not have lived and kept their destination a see ret raw tard. The steamer storesbip Wyandank, Capt Sheridan came up this morning at '2 o'clock, and report* all quiet down the river. The Wyandank laid under Matthlan Point laat Sunday, transferring stores to the llowell Cobb, and neither vessel was molested by tbe Confederate, If any were there. None were Been or heard. The Wyandank is taking In coal and naval stores and will go down again Immediately. The Pusey came up at 2 o'clock yesterday evening but went down again, and tbe Seminole and Pocahontas l?ft tbe yard thla morning. T be Confederatea are but Idlug a new and strong work at Ship Point?lower side of tjuantleo?a point whtre, if tbey are allowed to proceed unmolested, tbey will be able to cause annoyance Tbe Puaey wasaeut to recoanolter tbe new work, and la aald to have reported tbe above facta, and also the presence of a considerable body of troops at and near that point. Tbe Yankee, Jacob Bell, and Reliance left Indian Head for a cruise down the river, yesterday, but soon returned. The schooner Dana was fired Into by pickets from Normante Cliffs, near Matthlaa Point, last Saturday ; but tbe Island Belle came up and aent a shell or two among the bushes,which dispersed the rebels, as they were seen running. The Pensacola still lies opposite Alexandrls. Tbe Pawnee. Harriet Lane, Mount Vernon, Hetsel, Dawn and Anacostla are at the Yard. The Anacoetia Is still In tbe dock ; one of her boilers Is under the sheers, and will soon be put on board her. ^ _ _ P* The following atatement appears In tbe Atlas, a London weekly journal: " We understand that one of the most efllclent modes by which the American Government attracts oar young soldiers la Canada across the frontier Is to send over a deputation of tbe fair sex, armed, In addition to Uieir personal charms, with pockets full of dollars, twenty of which they are authorised to offer each soldier as e premium for desertion." CZ7"The extensive soup house la Baltimore for tbe benefit ot tbe poor of that city la not maintained by Ross Wloans, as has beea stated. It Is supported entirely by Mr. Thomas Wluans, who f constructed and stocked the Moscow and Bt. Petersburg Railroad la Russia, and who built tbe famous segar boat known as tbe Wlaans steamer. These Pbices m tie Field ?Hslf as may Prices are In the field a* there were Richmonda. Brig Gen. Thomas L Price In the Union ?rmr, and G'-ns. Sterling and William C. Price In tbe ranks of the Seutberas Their field Is Missouri. l^T Tbe quota of New York cltv of tbe 500,000 (root s call mi for by Congress la (t,M. That of ' Elsgsconnty Is 7,156 Interesting Intelligence front Dl\le. Aa Ekih (rin Enforced Kiltilatat. SECESSION NEWSPAPERS RAZEED IN SIZE A Badget ?f Extracts. A gentleman hu just arrived In Waahlngtoa from one of the upper counties of Virginia,(whose name for prudential reaaons we do not here mention,) and who bring* tome Intereating Intelligence as to affairs In upper Virginia On the 3d of October, when our Informant came through Winchester, there were no Confederate troop# there whatever, but there were from 2,000 to 3,000 militia at Martinaburg; and Turner Asbby's Cavalry Company, aome 400 atrong, waa between Sbeperdstown and Duffleld'a station, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The drafting ayatem had been very vigilantly enforced to bring every available man between the agea of 18 and 45 into the Confederate ranka. It I* almoat lmpoaalble for thoee drafted to get exemption, and onvman who la ao ahort-algbted that be cannot dtatingulsh hi* own wife across the room, tried in vain to get a discharge from the regimental surgeon, who avered that ahort-aighlednesa waa no cause for exemption He, however, got off by application at headquartera. The Confederate* were rather down In the mouth at the non-success of Floyd and Wise In Weatern Virginia, but aolace themaelvea with the belief that 60,000 Marylandera are ready to rlae and join ?eceah whenever Beauregard crosaeathe Potomac. There la a atrong undercurrent of Union aentlment at Winchester, (which the Confederatea brand aa "an abolition bole,") and had Gen. Patteraon moved to that point he would have been warmly welcomed there. The Union men In that part of Virginia do not hesitate to brand Patterson aa a traitor. Grocerie* were getting np to famine price* at Winchester. Coffee was selling at from 40 to ?o cent* per pound; sugir from 25 to 30; salt S15 per sack; and other thinga in proportion. Corn and flour were at moderate prlcea, as there was no chance to export It Our Informant brought with him a copy of the Winchester Republican of Sept 27. Thia once handsome and flourishing paper has shared the fate of *o many other cecesb journals, and Is reduced to one half 1U Jormer slxe, and is printed on Inferior paper It has quite evidently l,run out of sor'a,'' more especially "cape," and la ao hard run aa to b* obliged to desecrate the Sabbath continually, (lu It* editorial column*,) spelling It with a little "a." From thia copy of the Republican wc take the following: H05. JiSID m. mason confederate minister TO bnoland. Hon. James M Mason left town yesterday en route to Richmond, on his way to England as the Confederate Minister to the Court of St James May success attend his mission, and he return with renewed health and vigor to his many friends' WHAT ALEXANDER R BOTELER HAS TO SAY The following extract from a letter received from Hon A R Moteler, in relation totbecanv ss for Congress, has been sent us for publfratio- : 4i In regard to the canvass for Congre?a I have been studiously silent as I have a special repugnance to whatever may ireem like thrusting myself on the public; but you can say for me that I have consented to become a candidate, which I suppose will be sufficient In doing so, however, it la but proper that I should say that, having done all that I could, consistent with self-respect, to preserve the Union upon ita original basis of constitutional equality, I am equally resolute In my determination to resiat all attempt^ should any be made, for Its restoration; being unalterably opposed to reconstruction, at any time or on any terms Thia much Is due to the people that 1 should make known before the election, so that they may be aware of the courae I aball pursue, if elected Your*, Ac , A. R. Botbleb " movements or thb CONrBDBBATES cp river. For the past few days we have had a variety of rumors, as to the movement of the enemy across the Potomac as well as In Hampshire It Is believed, however, that a division of Banks' command, 5 000 atrong baa again returned to the upper Potomac, extending their lines from opposite Shepberdstown to Wllllamsport. Brigadier Gen Carton, has gone forth to meet them, and should they attempt to cross the Potomsc, another glorious victory will be won bv our invincible troops Gen Carson will for the present establish bis headquarters In Msrtlnsburg it Is believed by some that he will pass the Rubicon, and croas Into Maryland, but we do not credit the report From Hampshire we have the exciting rumor, th t Col McDonald, and his entire command, was surrounded a few miles we*t of Rom ney and captured Th * news hewever. w?- can scarcely credit, and trust to be able to give relij ?' ucceasful resistance of the t ed<?ralisu, before going to p en P S ? Lite and reliable news direct from Col. McDonald's camp, gives the lie to the exaggerated rumors of the capture of his command, with bis death, and that of Captalna WingBeld, SLeetz and Jordan On Tuesday morning the enemy appeared In overwhelming numbera near Romney, and opened fire upon bis camp. Finding that his cavalry could not be made available, owing to the peculiar locality of tbe country, Col McDonald fell back s:x miles this side of Romney On Wed neaday morning, with a considerable force of militia together with his cavalry, he returned to drive the enemy from their position The reault of tbla expedition we have not yet learned ArncTine appeal or thb "tbndebly bbabbd" r r v. "BOUMEBANOS " Company H, Boomerangs, ) I3tA Regiment Va Volunteers i An Appeal ?i would most respectfully call the attention of parenU. frtends, and guardlana and all others Interested In the welfare of the members of thia corp*, to the fact that winter 1* rapidly approaching, and tbit tbey should b? without delay promptly aupplied with suba'antial underclothing, bankets, Ac , for tbe winter campilgn In behalf of I bote who*e parents and friends live in other States, and are denied the privilege of communicating with them. I ask that they be particularly remembered Let It be kept in mind that this company Is composed entirety of young m^n who have been tenderly reared, and that it will be impossible for them to stand the horror* and hardablps of a winter campaign without plenty of warm heavy clothing Wm H She tee. Co H- ,3th r?K Va. Vols. Camp Blair, Sept 22, lsfli. an incbnd1aby bnemy at wobb The realdence of John Stepbenann, Esq , of thia county, was fired a few days si nee just before daylight and burnt to the ground Mr Stephenson's ftmily was from booM?t the time There can be no doubt of tbe fire Wng the work of an Incendiary The lo*a was about ?5 000; It was Insured, however, to the amount of SI,000, in the Valley Insurance Company We also learn that the elegant mansion of Capt H M Nelson, of Clarke county, Longbrancb, wassit on lire a few nlgbts since, and narrowly escaped destruction The conservatory, we learn, waa entirely consumed Defo'e the names coald be conquerea. ^.e hJ*Te 10 record another act of lncendlarlam ia,ke c0UntV- On last Sundsy night Daniel W. Sower*, Fsq , had five stacks of wteat (containing about 1.3U0 bushels) entirely destroyed by Are. The torch was applied to all five at the same moment THB WINCH RATER COMMON COUNCIL NOT SOSilD ON tub conbdbbatb goose ?,T** JUpmhUcmm score* the Common Council of Winebeater for having declined to tax the Corporation for Ita proportionate part of the county aoPj''Uo? ?' 10,000 for the equipment and arming or the Confederate volunteers of the countv. and aays : "The Council will doubtless reconsider Its action, and make the appropriation, or they will becomeas jusUy odious aa tbe corporate authorlties of Wheeling, who have appropriated <20 000 for the aupportof the Federal troops " d1schaboed rrom custody. J 8 Bowers, arrested In Berkeley county on the charge of dlaloyalty to the Southern Confederacy, was examined on Saturday before Special Commissioner Lyons, and there being no evidence agalnat him except that he attended Ihe flrst Wheeling Convention, which assembled before the act of Secession was ratified, and which was guilty of no treaaanable proceedlnga, he waa oermltted to take tbe oath of alleglince, and wit then discharged from cuatody. abmY ov thb potomac. A correspondent at Fairfax writes that Gen Besnregard has advanced to that place, and made his headquarters at the residence of T. R Love Esq , and that Gen Johuaton has establlahed hit headquarters at Fairfax Station. OBN. VAUaTLBBOY NOT ABSISNID A COMMAND plalnr Htpmb,ican following com??fn ^heD.llTy4re*l?ne? ,he blihert commission in the U 8 Army, of any officer South of Mason A Dixon's Line, with only one exception aad cstu*, with the utmost grace of promptitude! to the South Hia rank la the U 8 Army w?a superior to that of Lee, Beauregard, Cooper Ma. *"*"1 8. Johnston, and all the appointments except on*11' *** ^ ?id Oea Fauntleroy has been la Richmond ? <, 8tA day / May: aad waa, by hia own re **???' tb* command of that Division of tbe Virginia Forces a few daya ago, aa that Dost practically excluded him from actiVaervlce Th? Law and th Proclaimed invttatio* of Yir / 0 snd he deprived of bis legal right and opportunity of engaging In active service, while hts native State la inveded at many polnta, and hla svhordinates are promptly commissioned and assigned command. Ought thla to be so? high pbicbs Ik bichmord. The Republitan quotea Richmond prices. (Wholesale.) aa follow* : r Bacon?Hog round, when brought la Urge quantities. 'H to 24 cents, and of very dull aale; Rama, which It la almost Impossible to procure sej>arately, are worth from 8 to 10 cents more by RtiUet?26 cents by the quantity. Coffee?Rio, scarce, snd worth 40 cents. No other klnda In market Leather?No Calfakln in market It la dllBcult, too, to fix quotations for other kinds, the market being very variable We quote Sole Leather 50 to 60 centa as to quality ; U pper scarce at f-1 50a96 per side; Harness Leatbsr 50 centa per lb; Hidessalted green. *8 to #8 50; green calfskins, 91 25 at I 30, scarce. Lime?Next to none In market. The prices, therefore, are acarcely quotable. It would no doubt bring from 92 50 to 93 per barrel, If not more Molasses?New Orleans 65 cento, with no other In market Lard?20 cento In bbls , 22 cents in kegs. Salt-97, wholesale; 97 25a97 50 by retail. No Ground Alum salt In market. Whisky?Quite a demand exists for thlssrtlcle. Those who wish to procure a good article, and understand the atate of the market, and the prospect for the future, are sending In their orders for a good article, while It may be had. Among common whisky*, 20 per cent Is worth 75 cents, and 10 per cent, brings 82 cents. A good article or old Mountain whisky cannot be bought for less than 91 25, and from this price up to 92 per

gallon. r BBIHOIKO TH KM CP TO TBX BACK . In the advertising columns of the Republican we find the follArlng : "Last?Arotie*."?All persons belonging to the 51st Regiment Virginia Militia, not now in i service, (and not exempt.) are hereby notified that if they repcrt for duty within live days from this date, at the Camp, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, two miles below Martlnshurg, no action will be taken agalnat them. But all who 1 disregard this notice will be tried by a Court Martial and punished accordingly This Includes those who are absent, sick, and able for duty, and those on furlough, who have filled to return, aa i well as tho?e who have never appeared Charlks E. Shryocr, Col. 51st Reg't. September 20, 1861. A LOBD CALL FOB ABM#, Then succeeds the following urgent call for arms: 4rms, Arms, Arms ?The undersigned urgently calls upon the people of Virginia to send In to > his address all arms not actually In the hands of troops, no matter how few, no'matter In what 1 order, as they will all go into the field as soon as repaired No other person is authorized to eolltet arms in the. State but the undersigntd. C. Dimmocb, Col. of Ordnance of Virginia. Direct care Col Dlmmock, Richmond, Va. Affairs la Keatacky. [From the Louistllle Journal, Oct. 11th ] The latest accounts from down the river state that Generals A. S Johnston, Polk, and Pillow are at Columbus with full 40,000 men and an abundance of cannon of all %lres, and that they are contemplating an attack on Paducab. We have letters from the advance of the Federal 1 army on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, from which we learn that a detachnent from the Federal force* crossed Nolln creek at 3 o'clock yesterday morning and took up the line of march for Green river From what we can learn the pickets of the two armies are in close proximity ' to eacff other, one report representing tbe one as having been within gun-snot of the other We are assured that John C. Breckinridge, George B Hodge, Wm Preston, and Humphrey Marshall 1 were are Bowling Green on Monday It Is said that about 3 000 men had been detailed from Buckner's army and sent south, and that the force at Bowling Green did not number more that 2.000 < oti Tuesday Gen. Rousseau had succeeded In repairing the railroad bridge over Nolln creek 1 Captain Standard s Battery, First Ohio Artillery, which ban been quartered In Cincinnati stnce Sunday evening, left for Kentucky Wednesday morning. Tbe Commercial says that Captain Kinney's Battery would also leave for Kentucky yesterday morning Two Indiana regiments arrived in tbe city yesterday, the Twenty-ninth, Colonel Miller, and the . Thirtieth, Colonel Bass Four companies of tbs Sixth Iiidlana Regiment arrived by the City of M<idtson, from Madison, Indiana, last evening. The Sixteenth Ohio, Captain Dickey, also arrived last evening. We learn from the Flemmlng (Ky ) Star that < several arrests for complicity with traitors (aiding < the rebellion) were made at Mount Carmel, Flem- 1 ming county, and on Tuesday eleven men, In order to avoid arrest, fled to the mountains 1 The Mount 8Wlfng (Ky ) Whig says the clearly avowed purpose of subjugation to the Jeff 1 Davis government is prcduelng a recoil In Ken- ' tucky far more manly and honorable than th Union men of tbe other border states have nbown, and there will be a force of Ken'uckians put In tbe Held which it will be Impossible to conquer though more than half the State will Inevitably ! be Involved In actual war. Mr Wm. Cox, an old citizen of Hickman, Ky . i arrived In this city on Wednesday, having closed his business and left the place, believing that bis L Dion wntimenli would meet ruore congeniality eltewbere. Mr. Cox report* tbat businettf It en- i tlrely at a stand still In Hickman and the adjoin- i ing country. A brisk trade was carried on for ' some time between Hickman and tbe Southern ' Confederacy, but supplies are exhausted and busl- 1 nesa tbere bas closed Mr. Cox traveled by land from Hickman to Paducah, and he describes bis journey as very protracted and tedious, but almost everything was better than to risk himself longer ] in the bands of arelentlfsa and irresponsible mob who punish their victims without reference to legal forms. Our informant says 1: was the plan of the confederates, who claimed a force of forty- j live thousand men, to march upon Paducah at an early day, and he would not be surprised to learn soon that a collision had taken place between tbe opposing armtes at or near Paducab. Mr. Cox informs us that It Is the great ambition of the army In and about Hickman and Columbus to p< stes* themselves of Paducab and destroy Louisville, tbe latter achievement being one of their fondtst dream*. The Pocahontas (Ark ) Herald mentions the transfer of a regiment from that region to tbe Mis- ' slssippl river, snd says an expectation prevails i tbere tbat all the troops In the country round I about will soon follow. The Herald seems to ' have no doubt that this extensive transfer of troops has Immediate reference to the coudltlon of things in Kentucky. We are yet to learn whether the troops are to reinforce Polk or Buckner. lLr<J*w 9750,000 of the national loan bas been taken in the city of Hartford, Conn. Tf~r rT? n ' 'S?' WASHINGTON LIGHT GIvAKD You are hereby ordered r>i ii.eet _J_! Capt. S. A. H MARK*. Jr.. rw WlT number, of Fed - ra; l.ndre. ! ^wA notified i that the 'Auuual Visitation" of the G-and l.odg71.11 take place on TLfcSDAV KVkMnG, the jfttn lust Prompt attendance is earnantly r*q ueB ed. 1 ho met ers of ai?ier Lodne*, and *oj ?urnine 1 brethren, are cordially invited to be present. 1 By order of the W. M : i 00 12 THOMAS RICH, Sep. regimental OKUFK No. a. DxAtVUABTBRS ?TH RSOIMBXT D C. M . ) ' Washing n. Oct ij, ld?l.{ < The oomniandera of pompanies composing this ! reiiinent ar* herebv notified to .nustsr heir 00m J r??"nental parade on 'he !7'h instant, at StVes *n,ht to rMton Maryland av- ' N B ?Tuo Commissioned OAoers of this R*ai- ! I*1*?.? T V 1,1,1 Armory on the 14th 1 instant, at 10 o olook a, m , for instruction by the Brigade M*jor and Inspector, By order of 1 w, 0.vH,,??yAT.?: j flGKfe W JffSSFS ine Kngluh Lutheran Chnrch, corner of H and 11th at hilf-past 4 o'olook p.m , to be ! continued oae hour only. 007 3m S^T UN-KYS AND OTHER HBAVY .k ?0c,D?. for servants and laborers, ofsuahtiea 1 ral-,#d 1on'our Pro*#Ibialiy low ] prices, marke?in plain fit ares. Am inspeotion of stock implies no obi 1 ration to 1 ' PkKRY ft 3RU.. 00 1&~6t Pa avenue and N?nth st. i ELGKNE CARUSI, ] ATTORNEY aND COUNSELLOR AT LAW. J C??ica?No. 3S Looisiara Avtncs, 1 ' Near Sixth Street n . U-T" Psrtionlar attention siven to the proseon- ? lower than u.uai in this market a One snoe only, marked in slain figures. nWe also offer our usaal fnIT stock of ai. kinds of ! Dry Goods for ehildreu's vear of both saxes r PtRRY BRO., M iji-a* avenue and Nirth st, t 09 ^Perry Bsildini " I PHILADELPHIA LAGER B E EI! a 8. STERNBERG BR, f SOLE A O E N T, * No. S3S D Stbbrt, , (Adjoining Star UfCoe.) 1 _A >?W)y constantly on hand. oe lft-la 1 w- i wu? ,l,ffrVi0Va#rb*4t rsdaeed rates 1 vaou of fLSisa Un for ltiB " "'rent I 7 ?f Mantles, t One prtee'only, marked in slain isnres, J WANTS. WANTED?A entail STORK onPennaylvaaia 1 ae- Addreaa N? ST. Rirkwoode'. If WANTED?A good aolored WAITER, at *4T Pt mtw m . 11 WANTED? Bv a a BEDROOM. P opo-ala to be left till to morrow, f am. ftddreee "9 " Star Otto* 11 fir?NTF.n-A good GUNSMITH. Apply to w JoHN J. f'RABODY. No. 60 LoainanaavHW, (.etween ? h and 7th IU. oo 1* lw WAN TED TO RENT-B* aaafet fam:If. a *mi l HOUSE. or part of a hoo?a. not ai*.*e Eleventh et., Bor north rf K at. Addrees * M*tr0 pnl tan S??ar S'o'o." 394 I'*.avense. It* WANT* D?By respectable woman. a SITUATION * oook. jra.hKr sadlroncr for a mall la-*?i? Heat of referftcoe can be given. Apply at No 391 S?0' rd t between F and 0 It _ WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a SITUATION to oook, was* anJ iron, or to do the gere'al honsework for a rmail family. A* ply at No 89 M *t , be w?>c ad ?n?l ?4th. If WANTED?By a permanent tenant, a mediamsig?d BOUSE, (moderate rent > either with b\ck-bu Idiagorba ement above errand Looati >n weat of Twelfth et. Addreaa "G. A. H ,' t-iis offtoe. ?' IV ANTED-lOgood anrr.etio MEN, to s*ll Pa;t? te '* Approved Military Worka , oheep edition! in the oampa. Ent^rp'iain* me; oan make f'0 perdty. Appli to M. E. WiLbONi 8M Penna, aven"0 oo ^ 8'* ANTED "Two YOUNG f . A DIES to attend etore. None bwt none fully eap retic d in the ba?iness a ill ba employed A1 ?*?. ftrst ela^a Dree "makers. M GILLIAN, or ?5 ? 33ft Pa avenue. HOUs?E WANTED; situation west of Tenth ft pr^frrraH : ren* not to fxoeed #3"^. Addreii "A 7. Star Offhs. "Q I4?f WANTKD-"?EVh RAL PERSONS competent to do plain rewing ?nd embro"l?ry Apply at the Fmbr^'dera Store No 449 tilth at. between D and E ?ta. oe 14-3t"_ ATTfN riON !?Ta?i able *odied M wanted to fill a o mpanv in the Firet Diatriot ment. Apply immediately opposite Forreat Hall, Georgetown. <x> M-8t WANTED?By a yoacg firl who oan oome well recommencjexl a SITUATION aa chamh*rmaid or nurse. Addreaa "J C ," aoner Maryland av. and Secon l at eaat. oo I4-2t* WANTED? One or mme R'^OM", on cr rear Pa avnue, for a drat e!a*a restaurant and lager beer ealooo. Any peraon n?ving anch apartm?n'? to let may addreaa Box 506 Poet Oiioe. oo 14 at* HOUSE WANTED.-A email Honae. or part of a houee, furniah*d or ocformahed. for a mar bod wife withoutohiMren, from S to in minatea walk of the Navy Depart" *nt. Rert moderate; payment prompt. Addreaa "Thomae," St?r Offioe. oo 14-1 w* WANTKD?A ?ood family o?rnag? HORSE, warranted eound and p*rfeotly eafe, will hnd spurchaser b? app ying Kalorama Heignta. place formerlv owned b* *1 r. Vivan A ao. a good much COW. civing not leas than 5 gailona per ("ay. oo U-8t* WA N T KI) - A UARDENEK and FARMER. On* accustome?i to toola p efe red. Muat unme well recomm -nd'd fo- eobrirtT a"d mdna'r , *-d wi I have a permanent ho t e. Apply to M'. H. DOUGLAS'S Gre?n Houae. oc H V WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Waaliington Brewery having commrneed brewing for th? winter ae*?on. the* oan aet Freah Graina every da* at 4 o'cl -ok. at 'eoecta per haahsl. Call, one and all. C. COL1NKAU, oo to im* Cor R an*< Twenty aeventh a'a. CUTTER WANTED. Call a' WALL, STEHHENS A ?m?/S. Pa avenne. ae 18 WANTED?A W?MA^, to cook, waah and iron. 1 o a aatiafactory per?on good wag^a will be pa>d. Apply at 4iiO .Mew York av , betw. 13th and 14th ata "Q 1 WANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS ?50 Ta lara ooinpetent to work on military rooda. A rP'T G KOI.P. at Wal'. Stephana A ?*o a. ae25 WANTED.?We are now baying SECONDHAND FU R N ITU R E, STO V E^ardIB ED DING, for which we are paying tha highejit saab pricea. Familiea declining b"naek eeplng, or navinj i "ttrploi 01 fnrniUr?, will ind it to tneir advantage to give n.a^7 ^ GRIFFITH, je 18-tf ' No. 399 nh at., betw. 1 ana K ata. ANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM kinda of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona leaving the city or Itaving a aarplna will do well to oall Immediately. - R. BU(.H ! \ , je 9 48* Seventh, between G and H ata. IfQST AND FOUN D. ATTENTION. SOLDIERS!-A RIFLE and KNAP?ACK. loat by P lvate Frar.k Long, of Company E. 6th R?giment, Connecticut Volnnteera. ma? be reooverra by the owner on ineeirv at the Star Offic*. oc 15 2f tffcC REWARD.?Loat. Monday morninr. com '33 in* from N a'., thronah Fourth at. and New York av.. to market, a POCKET BOOR, oon'ain ;n< gold, ?om? bilU. and li ver. Th? finder wi 1 '6 !-eiv<? th?* above rnward by I *a? inc it at 249 G 't., aorner ?^f 15th ^ith .Vlra MORLEY '* f <?ST?On the afternoo? of Mondar, 14th, a pair Li GOLD rj " rr"?' r\Ai~L to have been drt pped in front or very ^ near *ir Rilev'a Dr? Go^d* Store. An* o-e leavngihemat.Mr FRANK' IN'S. Optic an P\. av., >etw?-en 12th ar.d 13th ata., will be aultably rewarded. lt*_ TAKEN UP, a?aetray.onthepremiaeeofC aa K'-r.o > the B ookv lie road, nearth?^tf?^| Fo'l G^te at Tcnallyt"wn on ?h? Ilth ofVaa^ [>c ober, a COW and CALF. The form'r^baMte i red, with a w^it- bel y and a white ?p?t or the rump, and wide horna ; the latter ia spotted The >wner can come, prove property, pay hargea, and lake them away. <>o 15-It CHARLES KING. I OST?Friday, 11th. an en\me' BREASTPIN, j black, wit two white dovea uaon it. A re *-ar : wil be paid if de!i?eiel et No. 3 Fra^k in Piace. I at., bei^w^n 13th a-d :< h oc 14 >t* LOST OR MISl.A1D-A amall roll of PAPER S. addreaa*! to JO M.N A. GRIM Eft. havint been loat or mia aid. a liberal reward wil r>e given on 'heir being returned to taia offt a. Th?y tre uafl^aa to any one elae. oc 14-3t LO"*T?On Satnrrta*, the J?th the City Hoat'iftifi" a pair of G'?ld ^PK?' TAC'.ES, with the name of "Fit?-?^-?_ tiugh" fntraved on them. The finder will b? aoitibly rewarde l by leav ng them at hoaae No. S96 Maryland av , near tf ixth at., la'and. oc 14-3t* C R E W \R V.?Strayed or atolen, on ThnreO'f day, the loth inat . a medium aimed red bvffafo CO w. givin* milk ; ia apott^ with white, vera low in the hiijd 40a tera.AaaB^ in 1 when wa'king oarri'a h?r head n?ar the cronnd The above reward wil' b? paid for Iter r?tnrr. JOHN MoCARTHY, 00 14 3t* Corner nth an-l O eta HClfl RKWARD.?Strayed or atolen. from the fj) IU aubacriber'a atable, on the loth in gv Kiant, on? aorrel IIORSK.ISS or " ji~iP huh. lelt hind leg awollcn above the knM,'^/^ it-toul 9 yeara old- and of good atv e. Tl*e above reward will be eiven to any one wlic wil! retnrn the h >rae to m* Stable, or giving anoh informaMon aa will ltad to h:a recovery JAMES H. SHREVE. 00 14 St* Sevent at., between H and I. I? 1ST?On Friday the lltn inet. on Ha. av.. b?1 twi-en 6'.h and 7th ata. ONE HUNDREDaid EIGHTY DOLI. A Rft in Maryland notee. A editable reward will be p*id to the fiader on returning the rem" to JE^E B WILSON, at No. 337 Pa. av.. bet 6th and 7th ata oc 12 3 * J^OUND? Oo my p<- mieea. on Thaieda*. 'he loth inat., on 221 -t.near ih?> o*dG!%aa H"ua?. \ ama I Black MAKE,about in han'a h gti 'I he ?wni*r ta rr^ueatod to oimo forward, prove proparty, pay nhargea, and take her away. oc l2 3f J. K. FILE. REWARD FOR EACH HORSE.?Fortyiour Horaea Stem eded ; the finree\ *1" branded on the right ja? of all eio#pt jULn >n , whioh ia a dark aorrei Any one deli v-^-Z-*^ sring the above to the enbaoriber, at hie Stable, tiaok of Clay ' Hotel, will reoaive the above reward. 00 10 6t* J. H. DENNIS. ^OLDIERS, 90METH1N0 poR YOU, Pockft Combe. 10 oenta. Do. Looking Glaaaeeu?.. ........15 " Union Enreionee, per hundred? So " Plain do. do. 2S M Imbrotypeeoi Soott,McCl*llan,Ao.,eaoh IS " Sent by mail to any ad'reea. ALFRED ft. ROBINSON. 00 5-ffw* robliaher, HarUord.Conn. PW. H. HAMILTON k. C"., RODUCK A COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 471 Nimtk Strut, btlott ~K D^alere in Butt r. Ecge, Lard. Hami, Dried Deef. Mackerel, Codfian. Cranberriee, Applee, Dried Appi.-a. Onione, Dried P'aohee. Craukera, kad Cakee. Pure Ciaer Vinegar, k.c. Gooda Oeiivired free of oharge. 00 7 lw* GRAND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; bat SMITH haa not advanoed the price of his Clothing which he hae Uiat received and ie eclliug >ff at anoh remarkable low prioee Give me a oall md eatiafy yoareelvee of the great bargaine that u-e now offered every day at SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh at. 00 1 lm DUTTKR, EGG8 AND CHEESE-No 4*0 U Eiobth St., JtelaeaM Pa. ae and D H ?108 >aokagee prime Butter juat arrived, eaitable for tailing. Freeh lots oonieg in regular, in large md *ma'I packagee A eo. Freah Eggs aad Cheese, 4 wholeeale, at the lowest ratee oa? Uf D E. DUTEOW rTO OFFIC8RS. HE CAMPAIGN -A Uampairnirg Wagon oa he Prueeian principle, arranged toreleep-?v__ ng or to aot ae an Anb? acoe in oaee ol lokneea or wopnda. with Biple room fa/VA torae and proneions; light, water-proof, and per^otjly new. having beenju.t to oroer by one if the ft ret makers ta New York, is offered Ibr sale kicoat prioe. it'St(k* .g?0u?v?i".i-jri^.' issas. VrASK .*na, behind the Cham Hoaee, between I aad H ee? r|R. WEEKS Will devote his hoe to tea eare Lr of dteeaeee of a chro. ic eharae'er. ao matter if bow long staadmg nor how ho pel aa they may + . Rheumat em, sorofala.eve-y di-ease the uanan system is sabj et to. Twenty fwar hours wlI nssrsjyET No oharge for oonsaltaUon. 00 7 M* #1 I auction SALKn By THOMAB DOWLIN9. A ee ! ???- ?. ~~ f A RGE ?ALK O* IRON. 8TEE* , ANp " Artmii Oi FtfDAY MORNINe.itth iiMit, at ? ' 4k. I will sell, in front ?i the A notion Room# a lirr* aaaatity of Iroa, 8tee', and Carnage Findiage. A o , oomprim n(t? 5 W p~nnd* ft?ort*d Irrn, " Bering Steel. ??,* t-laoh Caet 8'eel, t V i(N> 6 Axle Arm* ?"> p >ands oral ftLd half round Iran. 4 Hack Band*. 4 fcf*?r r<MM, 3V> pound* fta?o*te<5 Kira Ir^s, 1* " Bli tared J*te?:, A 0 " kftlf-roiM Iroi, f' arw " assorted Bolta. I Plat/or? Beaifa, ft ?air Ha be, y j spokee. Tuna oaab. 00 1? THOMA* POWLINC, Aae<. By THOMAS DOWLINO. A noting \ CHA>CF,RT 8ALR-tf vutaa R the Circuit Conrt af tr a Di?tnet rf C< kumb.a W ' for the oonntt of TVaehiactOB, it tir e in ChftaeerT. ftnd H'M ift oftaee vl>*rMi Baftr* Walker at ra eomp ftinaat*aa* K.iaa^eth Walker etal aj-a fendft ta. 1 *na.l aroceed to aail. oa Um imrtaat. on Ta eoay. tha IKB day of October, at a o'elor a part of Lot nam' ered i?mtf twojja,) la Themaa Meall'* of Georre'a. A< ditlot to Goor*etowt.jH a in theoo?n'v < f WaehinrtoB.ia the i-ietnot oiCo.nn' i",which ia rose it?d aad boarded aa fuller* .ta wit: Tha moat southerly eghtr en feet f?-oat ofatid )ot(extend ag back thirty feat; then bo th, parallel with WMbinrt-;! *treet. two feet; thaa weal. pftrftllt I With Budge street, thirty faat mora; than aoath twa ty faat, antr it ir.t?r*ect* t*e eoath hae of aftid lot nambe'ed twanty two.together with thft laaprovewnt* thereon. Term* of *a'e. ft* present ad b? dacraa : One third of tha pnrohaaa mon?j to ta paid ia ea*fc,a> 4 tha residue ia two equal laatalmeata. ftt *ix aad twaKa month*, -easing intereet (run tha day of eala, ftnd a-^ured by tha note* or bo rd* of tha purehaaer. with good ftnd * uffcient perioral aecanty.taba approved by the Trnataa .. ~ Ki)?'D 8WANN. Traataa. *e24 gtawAd* THQ8. DOWLINO. Aaat. By THOMA" DOWLIN0. Aectionaer. G?a orcsra. D. C. PIRMTIBK A5nHOl!?hHO' D FfFFfT? ' aT Praur Arrymw.-On WEPNFPDAY MORNING, October lS'h.aMno'cl'ck Iwii.eefl ftt my Auction Roomi, No 174 Bridge at. ft rood aaaortment of Furniture, 4 o , tha effect* fa (ami 'A 1 the city. 1 name in part, via? Mahogany Piano and S ooT, W?lnut ^p^nt a'at 8offt and Rorke*. W ftlrut i xtecaion Tftbla, Sidatcd otha' Tftblaa, Hureana Wftrdrobea, Waahatonda. 0 Maa a. B?da? ada ana and W. od a?at Chairs Rockers, Feather Beda. Carp-ta. Rtis and Oilcloth * ookina. Parlor, and "tber tores At dirons, G ass. Crocker> and China Wi e. ha , Tocether with a ceneral a?aortment ol Kitehen _Reanisites, not enumerated. Te ms eaah in par funds. gj 5 TBo*^DOWLING, A act Br THOS. UOWLINS. AboUom^. ^pRUSTKE-S PALE-By nrt.e of a dead'f 1 trnat dated A an i 5,1 <??, and record?d ia I ihor A' '? I Wl!l ofrf for UL t. pabltoe auction, on W I)Vi KHDA Y, the Iftth C*y ,, ftt 4 p m .on the p'crm as, . all ttioae pieces of groand ia Georgetown fietor.oed a* follow*, v i: L All that part of lot reranta^ (17 t ia o'd Gf<?!l,^^i?^DVb''*,0rElr,* J?,r |U b J'1'*' the ee<) of toe third 'ma of aftid I t. on Fa la at'eet,asd rnnniar theroe. by and with Falls itrect. ea?t th r'y-thfee feat. tVnc no ther' a 1 oaaOod autnn. \?? i, l.e nt n reiy ire feet from Falla atreet thence ?-e<terly to a bounced s'o-je No ft. 1 fortyfeet, to .n'ersfto ?aid third lir.a of lot \ aeventtec. beink ninet; fire feet from Palla atreet, and tf en<n southerly, with said third line U the \ bejinnirg, w th the imp <>vemerta. V k. Also, that moiety <Tlot tip hteesi of old Genrte t >wr, bennniag. lor its br a da, at tha aoalhwaot co-n'r t.f lot aev n'ear, being we?*or'y. fma boandary No X fe*t. and n the l>ao of Palla atreet. an?t running vith ot aeve?-teen, north to Pr^ap'ot street, thence with the line o( ProfMet a'reet weater ? ihirty threa feat, thenr* with a line drawn aoa'heil para'lal aritii the fcrat line to Fftlla street and 'henoe with aaid atreet aaat t j tha barinnirg with improvements Terms of aa e : One third of the parat ftae money to be pvid ir oa h.and the rraidae m two 'aaal lasla m'nts, at six and twelve months, with internal. to t?e eecored br d ed oft a ?t Temii cf aale to be oomplied with wit hi a ra* week after the ale, or the property may be ro?oTd at the ru k acd ooct of the parchaaer, after oae weeks notioe. EDW. OAMMACK Traatea e85 hwkds THO*. POWLINC, Aaat RUCTION SALE** IN PHILADELPHIA. WM R 9MITH~G?erai isdiawr, 50^ Cher nut it., above 6 h Regular Sale* TUESDAY ftnd SATURDAY Morn'ogs at lo a m Fine Table and Pocket Cutlery. Had ware. Fancy G -ods t*oapa. <?ila, Mrashes. h e . Aa. Foreign and I omestic w ine? and Llgu'-rs. l.ftO ioU erery Tha adfty Morning oc tf. if? \1AR?HAI '9 fAI.E?In virtue of a writ of 1?A fieri ta-iaa i sued from the t letk'a Oftae of the Cirou t Court ot t eDiatriot of Col em bta and to ia dirtoted, J will ?*poae to pablia aaJe, lor um' , in fioDt < i 4j# B&li of U 4>hir (toB. on TUE^D t i . tha ai day of Ootober instant, oommer.cing at 9 o'clock a m , t*e folk wing goola and chattel*, to wit, via: Marbie^top Ureas lag Ra eau; MantM C.ock ; lot Msnte1 UraaneaU; Fracoh P a'e Mantel blsas: cace sea' and Faney Chairs; Bedsteads. Redding, and M at I reeeee ; Glsaa and Cu a Ware; 1 G'obe; lot Blankete. Feather l edr. Bolster* and Pilkwa; lot Pictarea; lot B-ussels Carpet; 1 Piano and Cover; lot Bliada. 1 Cham bet: I Mahogany Glaaa; OiloWh. Ac.,?aid fttUo oiock, I will aeli, under aa>d fieri facias, lot y 1 'ak I tml^er. at the l ane Kaotory of J vmea Crufch tt. ?*isAd and Bpon a* th* lootit aid c atteU of J \me <'rutohett. and will be so d to ?a isfy J{Hlo'ftls No io Jannft'y term. IWO, la favor of A Miller ri. James Cratchett. XV SlkLDfN. oo? *? Late V K Marahal P. fc. \OTlCE-SALK OF PITTSBURGH. >Q?T Ml WA YX? AND iHICAQU HAlLR ,aV- i By v.rtue o! a ?i-oree of the Ciroait t'< u't of (he United States for the northern d atrwt of Ohio, la a oause in Tohanoery tiieie n depei dinf. wherein t.harloa Mo an ara othera a e comala i.anta,and the tit**burgh, Fort Wayne and Cnioago Railroad Co in pant and others are defendant*; and parauant to ftuxiiary decrees of thee roait oorrts of the United Mates for th? western oiatrietol Prna**' ftaift. the oletnot of Indianft ftnd the northers . diatriet o' Illinois re<??otively, in eftatee de?a-d- f log n ohanoerr id Mud i'oart? reiy:tve!t,w|t?? in the sftine parUee are oom pi am acta and d feadants reapective y, as in aaid oaaae brat aitove mentioned, the anderaigaed. John F erg aeon and Thonaa E Walker, aa Grantees ia Tract aad Traatee* in one of the aevetal Deed a of TYaat or Mortgage upon which aaid deor ea are loaui*:, and ft'ao aa Speoia Master Co<nmiaeioa*ra e( the Mid Coart? reapeotively, da y aspointed by 'fttd Courts reap-otivel. for that aaraoae.wil' ell at ?a*>lie auction, to the higheet bi der, for ash, bat ft>r not le?e than the aam of RSno.notL at the United r-tate* Court House, in the Cttj el C>e*eiaa-1, la the ^tate of Ohio, oa the S4th da# o Ootober. A. D. 186 , between the hour* of tea o'etoek a m aad foaro'olook p. m of aaid dat, the following do acribed property,to wits The aaiiroed of tne Pittaburgh Fort Wayoo aad Choago Railroad ompany, ino adinc the nght of way U rafor, the road-bed thereof, ths ana raUcoture of all aoru thereon, ita water aad other a atioa hoaaea and hop*, and the .arda aad g oundi connected therewith, and ail loo|? aad imp'ementa uaed or provided to be aseo therein, and in oonstraotmg and r?pairing cars and n a hinery for aaid road, or tha tract aad superstraotar. ft^oteeftid; ail turn-tab ee; al depota aad bailciag* and fixture* and structure* of whauver taae or nature, and the and* and ground* oonnected ther with, neod ?r provid d to be u*-d ib operating aaid road and belonging ih'reto. at..: wherever aitnate; and a'l oars, eng nee and rolling at>c< bolonging to aaid Co- par.y; and ail aa> p t -* of tiaaber. lamber iron, faH, and every other thing provided by aaid C?mpani?a,or by thaecvra or gir>a! Com?* which were oonaoiioated into aaid Pittaburgh, F< rt Wayne and Ch>oa<i Rai'road, t-> b- aaed in operaUng aftid road,wherever ait aft ta, by the aame tit e by whiah the aam- are holden by aaid rompan>. oc b* aad original Companiea, aevera'iy together, with ft I oorpo a ive f anrhiaea oi aftid Company, aad ol th aaid origiaal Com pa nies aeveraby, inoiadinf tne right and f.a. cLise of aaid aeveral? ompanie* to b> and aot a* a Corporation. to be eola aa an enurety 8al j decree* arovide that the pa ahaa*', upon tha eonfirmation of the aale and fall a mp.iaaoe with Ue oood Uona t'ereo . a nail ho d ail the property. right* fraaeiMeoe. aad tbe appart nances thereof *? f*"!? *'* bt which the* are hold it paid Kiktabargh, Fort Wayno and Chioago Rail Road Compaay, ftnd each aad all of aaid original fro* from the Ilea of all aftid wortgage*, and iroe from al< UabUii* lor act <J Ha agaiaat aaid ongiaal or ooi.*<^:?aiea~C^ii.pauiee, either of th'm and irom all o.aiaaa oa account ?'"took ; but imtjeet, ntrmktUit, to the I IitrfLi . eaoh exiat, upon any r a eetau afor Mfoha*e money thereof a I *? ob* of iha pr *? ?ale or by fotwr o-deraoi d ore** ? Thenght of way, depot groue- a ftou lot*, ftnd Iftnd* in the ity and viciniit of cb?- i o??o> ?Hroha?rd by aaid Company Mocoihe; ? aa- \ reaf U# ?'opart? a .U tAher .Co"M?y ftt the City -f Pi UVi^!i A? "origftge liena 1 he eania i 'ftO'oded ib the aale t>at *u jM to >a d m???rowiaioc ha v bc bean ad. lot the ?ft}a+at thereof. J_ollFhRGt 90 ^ . TraatjMM a. . TI.OMA9 E ^ ALKKR. Maater Con miasioner* a*a(ur aaid, 00 1 JllaIiitliC,?lVfI>if |^OME-?LADE BOO^t? AND SHOES. 3siFs:??i' ".ip^ss "?ri? "M'Sld eall Booft, ft* BOW m tha fo^Wat^4tOSoTwathaC,<yye i^iisg-jsvr.'ag.

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