Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1861 Page 3
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I LOCAL _NEWS. Oy Thoo|th T?? Sf i* la printed on the h?tf?t ar*tn pre la i* ?outb of Baltimore, Its edition l? ao large a* to require It to be put to pre?a at an early b??r AJrtriuemtntt, therefore, abould be w aeot la before 14 o'clock x : otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. . ?? ? ? ? ? 'V-* ? * ??>v?sui3wa Ul TBR l/ITT VOC^CILP, \JC\ I* ? Board *f Aldermen ? The monthly report of the Intendant of the Asylum, and a petition of Thoa Joyce, praying payment for cleaning streets under a contract made In 1860, were severally referred The teat-oath" resolution was reported from tmprovementa committee, with the recommendation that the amendment of the Board of Common Council be non-concorred In; and the report was accepted, and aald amendment waa rejected The clalma committee wm discharged from further consideration of the petition of Morlt* Weiaay, praying rem'sslon of a Ine Impeded on him by JustkeUonn for aelling ctgsta by sample. An act making appropriations for contingent and other expenses of the public acbools for the fiaral year ending Jane 30. IMS, (amounting In he fnar diet tcta to an aggregate of & 334,) was Itr Sargent, with (ha consent of the Board, had the bill to remit a line Imposed oiJ A Hopkins, for as ng profane language In the street, called up, and said as Mr Hopkins hsd removed from the city, he would move to lay the bill on the table. He aald Mr R had been a neighbor of his for a long time, and he never heard htm use profane or ebecene language. He was sorry he could not say as much fcr the proeecutor In the case. He (Mr 6 ) held In bis hand a note from Mr John Martin, acruslng him (Mr. 8.) of having Mr Hopklna' petition referred to himself because they were neighbor* Mr Sfnupfi Mid that theatatementin tb? commontcaMon referred to waa untrue. The petition ww referred to the claim* committee, of which be (Mr 9etnme*) waa chairman. The bill waa laid on tbe table. Tbe following btlla from the lower board were severalty read and referred: An act to repeal the et entitled an act for the removal of offhll, 4c ; an act making appropriation* for tbe purpose of cleaning street*, avenue*, and gutter*. and repairing aUeetit; an act appropriating f 150 for purchaae of a hoae carriage for tbe Franklin Fire Company; an act for the repair of Center Market-honae; an art for tbe relief of A J Joyce; an act to repair tbe Common Council Hall. And the board then adjourned to next Monday evening, at 7 o'clock. Common Council ?The report of the Intendant of the aaylum, waa referred to the aaylum committee. A communication from the Mayor, relative to the Improvement of Judiciary Square, and recommending the introduction of water and couaUuction of water cloaeta for the west wing of tb? City Hall, wa? referred Mr Grinder, from the police committee, reported bick the Alderman'a bill for the appointment of Corporation Conatablea in the aeveral ward* of tbe city, which waa ordered to be printed and made the apeclal order for Monday next. Mr Grinder also reported, and aaked to be dla cDirgFa irom ioc petition or ueo fclcborn, laborer at tbe Northern market, for compensation at the rate of SI 25 per day. Mr Fdmonston moved to refer the petition bar k to the committee, with Instruction to report a bill giving the laborers at all markets of the city 91 25 per day?lost; and the report was laid on the table Mr. W ilaon offered the following preamble and resolution: Whereas, In the contest now pending in the Circuit Court between Rlch'd Wallarh and Jai. O Berret In reference to the election for Mayor bold on the first Monday In Jane, 1NW, this Corporation has a deep Interest, which would be materially promoted by a decision of the case at the earliest possible period: Therefore, Rttolvrd, That the Corporation Attorney be Instructed to u?e all honorable means to prevent any further postponement of the trill of said caw; and that the Circuit Court Is hereby respectfully petitioned to grant and require a trial at the next ensuing term thereof Mr Edmonston was opposed to the Introduction of Individual cases Into this board; let tbe parties light It out But while he was up he would say that the whole thing of getting Mr. Berret Into Fort Lafayette was concocted from tbe first with s view to getting him out of bis HMtllan U.. A U. It ? ?.? mi u.f it i* uau uccu UiC instead of Berret, and tbe matter wu proposed to me, 1 would have taken tbe oath of allegiance, but that other part, never! Tbey bad pot me there, they could keep me there till I died But 1 never would have come down to that, and I've got a bouse full of children too, who might suffer by it. Mr. Berret was a good Union man. Mr Wilson replied that be tbougat the Council had tbe right to interfere, especially as there were questions connected with the C4se which ought to be decided : Tbe question of voting upon natsrallxition papers, and tbe question relative to the right of negroes to vote, which the late Corporation Attorney had not decided, though requested to do so In reference to the charge of concocting the arrest of Berret, Mr. W. denied any knowledge of It until long after Mr Berret had gone; and any man who accusrd him of concocttng anything In connection with that arrest, bo matter who he la, or where he comes from, is a falsi At Mr Edmondson moved to amend by appropriating 91.UK) for expenses Mr. Callan moved to amend by providing that the Corporation be sut-ject to no expense In that cause Mr. Wilson stld that Mr. Edmondston had voted to increane tbe Attorney's expenses to f 1,000, and he (Mr W ) voted against it; and now Mr. E. would charge him with trying to throw money way. Mr Edmondston ?" Yes I did vote for It; but I didn't think the present Incumbent was coming In then " Mr. Wilson moved to amend the amendment by Inserting the word " additional" before ' expenses." ? *. ? .ii * ??-j a *?? ? wc ucuuuicuM were an rrjee ru, aau mc IXsolution wm pas??-d by yeas 11, nays 10. A communication from the Perseverance Fire Company, asking the use of the Council Chamber for their meetings temporarily, was referred The concurrent resolution of the Aldermen, calling a joint meeting of the two Boards on Tburuay next, for the election of a Mayor, was taken op. Mr Richards took the floor, and read an argument In anawer to the question, " Have we a Mayor?" snowing that Richard Wallach is the legally elected Mayor of Washington. He opposed the resolution as unnecessary Mr. Call n asked If the rumor was true that Berret's resignation was forced Mr. Richards read front a letter from Secretary (*ew>rd a passage showing that the proposition of Mr. Berret to resign was voluntary, and was accepted as a condition in connection with the oath of slleglance of his release from Fort Lafayette. Mr Morgan replied to Mr Richards, and contended that there is a doubt as to the legality of the present Mayor, and that for the benefit of future generations it is best to remove every shadow of doubt that now exists in this case He favored the resolution as _ <; ti a. s a * ?? ? * air r? uson ron*no'a m?i me resignation 01 Berret waa a nullity, a.a It wa nothing more than resigning a po> 1, Ion be did not occupy if he waa disabled from acting aa Mayor, biaexercising the rlghl to resign waa an assumption Mr Richards explained tbat Mr. Berret merely satisfied the Department of Stats, by bis resignation, tbat bis dlaablllty was permanent With that the Councils had nothing to do. The disability which resulted In the election of Mr. Wallaeh bas uever been removed; and Mr R also would say that sa aeon as tbat disability was removed, Mr. Wallach would cheerfully vacate bis position Mr Shepherd contended that there was no necessity for such election, but he waa willing to remove all donbta and vote for the resolution He regarded the departure of Mr Berret as a blessing to the etty It would hsve been better bad be left two or three years sgo. But he baa left the city for the city's good! Ti e question being Uken on the passage of the resolution, It wss adopted?yeas 14, nays 7. The following bills from the Aldermen were referred: A bill to lsy certain water mains; a bill to abate a n jismce; a bill to authorize the erection of station houses, Ac ; a bill directing the open ing of aa alley in ?qu?rt A; a bill to relays gutter la C street north. A joint resolution appointing s committee to welt on the Secretary or the Navy and request that the machinery of certain war veastls be constructed at tbe Washington Navy Yard, waa pissed, snd Messrs Shepherd snd Morgsn w?re appointed oo tbe part of this board. A joint resolutlou appointing s committee to wait oo tbe Secretary of the Nit* in relation to the removal of obstructions In tbe Eastern Branch, was passed Tbe bill to coottnue tbe Thirteenth street sewer waa postponed one week. Mr Grinder, from tbe police committee, reported back the bill la erect station houses, 4c., aad recommended Its pa^ssge Messrs Kd mo ads ton snd Csllaa, of tbe committee, protested against It, as they had not been consulted The Mil was refe red back to tbe committee with tnstrncIons to report properly at the next meeting Adjourned. Th satis ?One of the most es joys bis perform mm ?fc?nrinl spa h*n laklt wiLneaand ma that m last ilgkt, of Planche'* comedy of" The Follies of a Night " Capitally, Indeed, did Mia Denlo, Mr. Brink, (a dmi deterring actor by the way,} Mr aod Mr Praaee perform their several part* ta the aaasiny *erlea of entantiemes li a ad enberraaamenta of the play To-nijfht another excellent hill. Pa u a* - several caa^s are pending before the Prise Caiilaatenera of vessels captured la the IPeiniaei, out ao decialoo baa beea reached la aay ether in those heretofore I sported In the Stor. Tkadkbs' Liens t* ?Editor Star :?As the p*rlod when general trader* license are about to eiplre, I bee leave to sugsfest through your colli una an Important alteration in our license svatem, which. I believe, would redound greatly to the benefit both of the licenced dealers and the corporation finance*. The larger portion of traders' licenses in our city, 1 believe, are fifty dollars and upwards Tblsisa heavv tax In Itself, and it becomes more onerous by I's being made payable in one annual payment at the beginning of tbe license year. Many of our dealers?men with small caoltal?find It dlfllcult to " Dlank up" tbe heavy tax in one payment, and that at tbe particular time of the year when every trader haa to uae evary dollar to rrpleniah bit stock for hla winter trade. Now thla inconvenience could be to a great extent obviated by adopting tbe quarterly In place of vbe yearly license system. Thla quarterly system It in' uae, and has been for many year*. In the neighboring corporation of Georgetown: and aa It works there to tbe great advantage of small dealers, so I am sure It would here. 1 believe It would Indnce greater promptness In renewing license*, and. at tbe same time. It would tend to make corporation scrip more of a currmty than It la now, for tbe reason that the araall dealer who cannot afford to receive fifty or slztv dollars of tbe scrip In payment of gooda at r??* pritm and lay It bv as dead capital for perhaps aye?r. woula readily take it If tbe opportunity oflered of using every three montha. Thus tbe scrip would obtain a more general circulation; In fact, become a currency which It waa Intended to, but which It la not now Many other reasona suggest themselves which I deem It unnecessary to mention here, knowing aa I do that whatever merit a communication may have, it must be brief to find a place In your columna. Trader. Washington, D. C., October 12,1961. Dodging Confkdirati Battkrics ?a Washington correspondent of the Baltimore Sun says: "Vessels continue to come up the Potomac to tbe city, dodging Confederate batteries at night, safely enough, with government stores and other supplies " rots statement Is erroneous, and la calculated to do much barm, aa It may deter vessels not expart In dodging from undertaking to bring freight to the Federal city. So far from tbeae night movements being true, all trading veaaela are compelled by the Potomac flotilla to "lie by" at night, and any Vessel eeen "dodging" would be likely to receive a abot from a Federal ateamer In steid of a Confederate battery The batteries are passed by veaaela In the day time alwaya. C kxtral Guar dhorax Casxs ?Ellxa Jane Jack eon, (col ,) profanity; lined 12 17 Wm Robbing, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Elizabeth Nugent, street walking; dismissed Antbony Selbv, (col ,) frequenting a tlpllng sbep after dark; dismissed J. Cole and Jno Brown, sold'?r*. drunk; turned over to the military. J. McCam . drunk; fined #1 17. W. J. Mandle and Mary Tnlson were found In a negro house, Improperly lodged; lined $1 91 each, and iViudle was turned over to the mllltarv Henry Brown, out after hoiini; dismissed. Six lodgers were accommodated. Assaci.tisg thk Patrolmxn ?Last night patrolman Conway, while on duty, was attacked bv three men, who undertook to beat blm The efflrer knocked one down with his fist; but toe others coming upon him too fiercely, he drew his pistol and shot one of them, Howell Stlenert, flf f hp PhHMPItrfl ??(T! man in !<><? ? <av -v ? u ' I ^ ?UV IC^I ?* UCII iur party ran. This morning Sergeant \Va?on and patrolman Bryant arretted Stlenert, and took bim before Justice Donn, who committed him for a further hearing. Arrivkd at Carter'* wharf (foot of Thlrteenthand-a-balf street.) schooners Union. Hud?on, from Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for Henderson Fowler; Chieftain, Jone*, ?ame port, with a cargo of coal for C M Kets; Streamlet, Stokes, ?ame port, with a cargo of coal for James Fraser; Charm, Starr. same port, wi'h a cargo of coal for Geo. L. Sheriff; H D Dllitush, Bartley, ume port, with 200 ton* of coal for Terrence Drury A Wuiiim ?Last night, the police made a ^iescent upon the house of Carorine Adami. coi'd, on H, near F,igbth street, in consequence of Information received relative to the character of the house Several persons. all colored, were found there, and all of the halr-dreMlng profession; but aa there waa no evidence obtained to confirm the charge* the parties were dismissed. It will serve as a warning for the future. Dkad.?Gen. Walter Jones, the oldest member of the bar in this District, and distinguished for his professional ability, died in thiacity yesterday afternoon at the residence of his son-in-law. Dr. Thomaa Miller, at the advanced age of 85 years. There will be a meeting of member* of the bar to morrow to pay the customary tribute of respect to his memory. Va akA..lil fmll -**? -? ? ? 1>U "uvuiu mil m auriiu lur UI1PT] imi"*o performances of the Campbells at Odd Fellow*' Hall. This, their ninth week, promises to be the best of all, and as the period of their departure draws near, each opportunity lost 1* irreparable. A huge bill to-night, good In everything. ~ Attbjitio* Is called to the notice, In another column, of the Klisworth Club cotillon party, to be uiven at Stott's Hall next Wednesday evening Look out for a huge thing The Hospitals ?There are now s*ld to be about nine hundred sick and wounded in the military hospitals of the army of the Potomac. Philadelphia Pbint Bctter?Weare selling the b?-st at 2o cents per lb at Stewart's, corner of Twelfth and H streets We will open our Market on Tuesday, the 22d oc 14 3t* Geo W. Stewaet A. Son. 8ta*tlI!?o ! but True.?The Volunteers ar? braving the dangers of Fever, Scurvy, Wounds and Cholera Many a gallant fellow wi'l leave his bor?>? to M?ach, who. t>* the aid of Holltnoay'n Pills and Ointment, would have returned t- his family ilr n< and heathy. So'diers, ctv them. Only 25 cents per box or pot. oc 14 lw Notice.?Beware of oounterreits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of 'heir own and oth*r artio'es on the reputation at'ained by HrlmboUT* Extract Buthu, a p isit've and speoifio rem-xiy for diseases of the B at'dir. Kidneys, Gravel. D'opsy. A o , *o., Ao. Ask for Helf hold's. Tate no oiher. Bee advertisement in ano-h?r ool urrn. se 30 Cow?m*.?The sudden changes of our olimate art souroes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Attkmatie APteUons. Experience having proved that simple remedies often Ml speedily and oert&inly when tak?n in the ear!? states of the dneaie, recourse should at onoa he had to * Brown'* Bropektal 7VocA?5," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Couch, or Irritation of the Throat be ever ao Blight, m by this precaution a more aerioua attack may he effectually warded off. Public Sptaktrs and Smrrrs will find tfiera effectual for clearing and strengthening the roioe. See advertisement. del-ly PSKHISS. Persona desirinjc pennies will always find them for exohanre at the Star Office counter. tf WK STILL TONTINUK THK SALK OF vv the great har.aina in Siik oi all kin 's. M?cv choice things in Ne w Mennoea, Iriah Poplir.a Mouakeilne*. Marino Plaids, Ac Carpe's, Curtains, ku(i, Oili-ioths, Mattings, 4o.. upper floors. I'KRKY A URO , Pa aveuue and Ninth st, oe 14 5t -Perry Building." /MJUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS. 4o. TYLKR'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF GUM ARABIC. Thia ple?saot and popular Cough Rsmedr has been so long known and extensively used that most persona have ueoome fam'liar with its extraordinary effioaoy. It oan he hv1 at all theprino pal I drug stores, at 25 and 50 oenta a bottle. oo 14 d2rn&eo4m* I BILLIARDS: BILLIARDS!! Chiap Pk'cks. Six Imp ovtd Marble B*d Tailet. We wi?h t? inf rm oit xcn? and strangers that w- still I'ondnua at our re<luoetl prices, wiiioh is one ir.ird less than the usual oity prices, viz: Single gam*. 29 o's;nx gam Pi, SI MILLER A SIMPSON, Athenaum Billiard Saloon, 430 Pa. av. oo i eo6f FINE SHAKKR AND OTHER WHITE FLANN KLS. with all other kinds of Woo ena for Autumn and Winter us?. One price only. m* ked in plain figures ; henoe, no purchaser ia deceived Ail baying and aelurg being now redooed to the oash standard, our whole scale of prioea is made to 0 clorin thereto. Aa examination of atook implies no obl:gation to purchase. FKRRV * BRO., Pa avenue and Ninth at, oo l? St "Peny Bui)<iinf." 1 U M B E R ! | j LUMBER!! 00,000 feet of LUM BErf, oousistinc of WHITE PINK PLANK.<>AK fLANK.MAPLE PLANK, POPLAK, C it ERR V B\fSWoOD, *o., for sa!o ?erj low for cash, to oiose consignment, by f U LM D v I^IL'JL' J n rini\ i *? * <<cri| oo 1J 7t 31 Fpear'e Wharf, Baltimore. 70 in n hand' ?5 IUu.8 treasury notes, whioh ill be sapp ted at par to oar customer*, free o( oh*-c . Dcm?'d Treasury Notes, a* hereto.'ore, Wl 1 he r*c?i?eJ on a* specie. ("WEENY, K1TTBNHOUSE, FANT A CO? 00 II- Im Baakers. 3Si Pa. ar., near B own'*. fOME AND SKK OU* NEW STOCK OF * FALL CuOTHlNtt-No.460Swnth ?L 00 1-1 m 't ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES 1 8EOARS, AIM, a rami or of othor o?lebrau?d brands, wholesale and retail. WM 6KOSSK, Havana Sojtar Store. mM in cor. Pa av. end 8'Int. waahinctoa. WOOD FOR fil.R-10 toSOONoordt of Oak, Uickorr and Kin# Wood, standing *nuated vitbiu h oM uiet of the Annapolis Juboti >n. Astir to A UONALl^ON. r^va.-e iv O.. near Ah> a*oiit J action, Howard ooantj. Md. 00 4-hr* H tfWt* 001 In ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HAND?. Selpho's Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 516 Bkoidwit Nrw Yobk Those nomallad substitates for lost limbs, whtoh have stood the test of ov?r 87 yearn < zp*nenoo, and have n ver boon mirui'*' nn had onlv of WM. SbLPHO, PateMse, #10 H ioad *ay. New Vork o if-im S OFFICERS AND SOLDIEHS. IG HT DR ? TS sold on a I parts < f the United States, in Bum* to suit officers and so'dicra. Also. Drafts oa London. Ireland, Scotland, ale* and Germsur Unonrrent mnn?y housht a? h?st rates. SWhENV. RITTKNHOUrtE. FANT A CO., oo ia-im Banker*, *.1-2 Pa. av , near Brown's. RKP9 AND POPLINS. Plaid and Plain, new *.?. oa'&p ana styuan tmnga On* price only, marked in plain figures. PERRY A BRO., oc 3 5t Pa. avenue and Ninth at. Hamburg chefse HAMBURG CHEESE' 500 lbs Hamburg Cheese, tiro years o'd, aud very anterior. MING A BURCHkf.L. oo 12 CoT?r Vermont av. and 15th at. Li^OR SALE VEHV LOW-Two fin?Oo!d Patr ent Lever WATCHES and two Silver Iv ones. Partiea interested mnat take notioe. p!^J Apply to C. MARTIN. Proprietor of Frank-AUE lin Hotel, oorner 8th and D sts. oo 12-3t* I^O PHOTOGRAPHIC ART1STS~-A RARE CHANCE ? For aaie, a CAR for photoeraphio purposes, built in the beat ttyle, with all the lateat improvements, stock*) and fnrriiahed oomplote. Pnoe $450, cash. Addreaa J. H. WALZL, 913 Baltimore at, Baltimore. oo 12 st? UNION OYSTER UEPOT.-The underaigned respectfully annonnoe to their^^. frienda and the pub 10 that they willflT^ f?J open their establishment on Tuesday next?4SO. oorner Twelfth and E ata. 'QBr Oyater Miuckera wanted. _ ? oc5-1 m* SWORp & CO SEALED PROPOSALS are invit dforFLOUR C9 till the 16'h October, 1861 at 12 o'clock m. About 6,oo<! harrela will be required, in aepar&te lota of about l.oon barrels each The Floor to t>? in hob ui ntw wnew, ann in? asuvurr ni ius wiiole lot to be made by the 26th Ootober 1861. Th? Floor required to be of the following brands, and to pass the inspection ol a Board of Arm* Officers, or suoli other inspection aa the Subsiatence Department tnay direct. Arlington Extra. Congrefta do. 8 Pr? do. Fair view do. Cedar Vale do. Glenwood do. Jagett do. i>>ewoome do. M. Smith do. Roxbary do. Joe Charles do. J. Davidson ft Co. do. Foundry do. Heck do. J). L Morrison k. Co. doLyon's Union Flour, do. Hig Spring Joe Charles,do. Ede's Extra linker's, do. A few barrels of the same grade of Southern Flour will be taken, provided that it proves rqu%l in grade to the brands above-named. Tin bidders to state the brand and the number of barrels of each kind they propose to furnish. The barrels ountaining the Flour to be strong, well-hooped and heid-lmed. The proposals to bcaddressed to Maj. A BECKW1TH.C 8., U.S. A.. Washington, 1). C., and endorsed, "Proposals for Klonr." oe 9 SKAliKD PHOPOSALS, till the 21st of October. 1?61, at 12 o'olook m.. are livited for sup Rlyin? the Arm* with Besf Catt-a^n the hoof, to e delivered at Charabersburg, Harrisburr, or York, in the State of Ponnsylvanic, as the Gov ernment mat designate Bidder* are requested to comp'y in all particulars with th? form of Did publ shed herewith. Government reserves to itself the right to pay in Trea urv notes or other funds it has for disburse ment. and to rejeot any bid and for any cause. No bid will be entertained un ess the bidder is present to respond to his bid. The Government will receive 4,non head under the cntraoi. and will reserv* the right to require ar?jr addit onal uumoer up to 16.000 he'd. Deliveries t- be inaie weekly in such quantities as m*y bs required. Tno Cattle mufct average 1,300 pounds cross weight; aad uo animal wili be received winch weighs less than l.oon pounds gross. No conditional bid will be reoei>ed. The bid" to be direoted ro Capt. A Bkcewith, C. 8 , U. 5. A , Washington. D. C., and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle.'* Form of Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Governm?i t good Beef Cattlo on the hoof for P"r hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Chambersburg, Harnsburg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania, as th^ Government :..m nuoijuovr, n-cUlMUUiS LU * "O WCI Lli? U1 Uin Cli* closed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the scales, and the weight so determined to be the purohase weight. 1 hereby agr:e t > give a good and sufficient bund fur the fulfillment of the oontract.anU to receive Treasury notes or other Government lunds in pvmert for the fat tie. The first d-^ivery of the Cattle will b* required to be made about the loth of November, 1861. 37 td METALLIC .A..fc-S.3VXC2* I*- OIL. rot CImdId;. Polishing, and Preventing Rut. Tnii is superior t'-? ail other oila in the world Ibr the above purposes, as well as for machinery and lubricating uses. It is equally applioab e to gunloots and sewing maohises. it is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnanoe and machinery. Principal Depot and General Kteney, PHILHARMONIC HAM., Penna. avenue, near Eleventh st. JHT" Agents wanted with teams, to supply encampments. se 24 2m rpo MILITARY OBF1CERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, The Only Reliable and H'lrmlefs Hair Dye Knoien. sola ry all Druggists; also, at hrirxto* a Patent Me"i ine Storo. t p. 1'atent Offi ;e, oor. F fc 7th, and at Gibbs's Hair Store, 242 Penn'a avenue, where Ladies oan have it applied, if desired. Factory?81 Barolay at. (late i3J Broadway) N. Y. oo 3 ly f SUTLERS WANTED. llREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sntle a. aad dealer* in Doota and Shoe*,at thr^^. NEW YORK WH LESALE BKANGHBB? HOUSE, 349 Pennsylvania avenue,(?>erv ? Janney's Shoe ftore.) * We manufacture our own G' oda, and aeli at Nete Ycrk price*, thereby saving freight. Having constant;? on nand a large Stook, we oan supply at a moment s rotioe, an* quantity desirrd. A large assortment of 3 sole High-out Shoes, and Long-leg Boota. Sutlera liberally dealt with. A oali from all dealera solicited. WHITEHOUSE 4. UNCKLE9. oo 7-lw2dp,4 3** Dr. m KOCH. CHIROPODIST PROM PARIS. And from 502 Broadway, New YorkBranch office?'24H Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sta., Waahugton, l>. O. Corn*. Bunmna, S->ft Coma. Calioaitiea, Club Naila, and Naila penetrating the 4.0 ,cur?Hi without o&uaing pain or inoonvenienoe to the patient The Hoot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after the operation. Hia treatment la founded on the atriotiy rule of science, auoh aa ail surgeons will app ove. His chargea are suite moderate, trifling inderd, oompare<1 with the relief and aatislaotion he atforda the nutTerer Refer* to the Phytioians and Surgeons of thia oitr. Persons attended at their rooma or residences without extra charge, by leaving orders at 246 Pa. ave . b?f lgtli an<t 13th ata. on 11m* Depot (.'juartfrmaster's office. W ? SHINOTvN, 1). C., OCTOBKK l"th, 1861. Sialkd Proposals are invited at thia office until October Slat, at 12 ia., for supplying the quartermaster's Department with ifif) tons o! Hay, and loojjoo bushels of Oats. The Hat to be good merchantable Timothy put up and delivered in bales. The Oats to be a good merchantable artiole put up in tacks of about two buanels eacn. nu>k? to be retained by the Government without extra charge Oats to be received by weight at (32) thirty two pound - to the bushel. ' All the hay and oat? to be delivered at the Government wharf or R vlroad Depot in this oity witnin (9>) thirty days after closing the oontrao*. The aionotaia to he in aeD&rite r nvelopea. Those for bay to be marked "Propoials for Hay " Thoae for oaU "Proposal* for OaU "

Ail to be directed to Colonkl D. H. Ruckxk, Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D 0. No proposal will be entertained which is reoeived after the reading of the bids ha< been commenced, nor will any bid be o?nsidered, nnless the parties are present or represented by an au'horixd cgent or attorney Good and sufficient eecnr ty with bond, fto., will be required Fvery bidder rant give his full address wi h ei'her th* nambsrof his home, place of husinee*, or Post Office box. The undersigned reserves the right to rcjsot all bids that he may oonsider loo high. I). H RU< KEK, oo 10-dtl9 Quartermaster and Colonel. 1ARUE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL -j STOCK OF Fall and W Inter Dry Goods, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER t CO., Noe. 199,1101 & .03 Baltimore St., Baltimobx, Have now in store, and are constantly adding thereto, a large and varied stock of 1MPOKTKD A >U UUMbSTlC UK V UUUU?, inola<>infa aplendij a*aortment of Co'ored and Black Dreaa Hilia. Dre*a Goo<l? in every variety. Shawls, Cloaka, and Mautlee, Kmoroideriea. L.aoea, Mualin Trimming a, Hamlkercnjef*. Skirt?, L. G. Hdkfa, Hosiery, Linen Oooda and Houaeteepin* Artioiea in every poaeible variety. Mourning Oooda of every deeoription, Flaine s. Quilts, lsnketa. Good* for Mrn's Wear, Also, Domestio C< ttona and Do meet 10 Goods of every deeoription. tor oueehold purposes. Servants' wear, ana Farm and Plantation a e. Oar Stook will be foand on* of the most extensive and o<jb| ete in t&a United States. The Foreign Goo-ls. most j of oar * own importation," carefully by one of the firm residiac in Paiie. who sanda as any novelty as aoon aa it appeara. . uor purunMW uoiui ?? *? ???? ? bum u? tJU m?l advaatwus turn*. ?nU our Halcs Fob Ca?b NLV.etakblm ??t? our i>>od? ?t pno?? ry fctlvauiA?eoui to WkiUtmU mmd RamiI buyer*. % # m AMUSEMENTS. T* H E A T E R. TUESDAY, Otlrbtr 15. MISS SUS^N DEN IN Will appear ?hi? ninj na ftADKI.AINK, And *1 o a* SM,LY S'^H AGO?, In which the will ?int "Whack Row d? Dow," wt*h new v??r?. it* r OOK OUT FOR THK GRAND COTILLON I' l'*RTV of the george WASH IN?TON quadrille al8 ClATH'V. jjt vt.ioli will oertainly ta?e p are at Coombe'/S* H*!|.on Pa avenue, no*' loth at.. onLjF thursday EVENING. 0?t 17 TiokeU 50 cents a cent'eman and ladiM. N. B.? F eane refer to preriooa parti? oolA St? The cotillon party that \v*s to have taken piace la?t Thursday, at Odd % Fellows' Hal!. Navy Yard, vu po?tpored * till TUESDAY EVENING. th? l?th Oc'o her Tioketa 50 cMit* Danoin; to oommeneeMlA at > o'clock. Per order. 00 13 3t* I AFAYETTE AND THESTAR SPANGLED L? BANNER. By Reqaeat of onr many Lady Frienda. the Memb?ra of the LAFAYETTE CLUB Intend giving their ninth grand cotillon party At Fbmckliii Hall, oor 9th and D ata , On TUESDAY EVENING, October 15th. 1981. The Committee pledge themselves that no pnma orexaenre will be spared to make thia equal to oar last Pa ty. A celebrated cotillon band jPE ia engaged for the oo*aaicn. / Tiok>ta ?0 oenta, a mitting a gentleir.anMflk and I adieu. 00 l?-3t* For the union\-kll worth clvb. The First Grsnd COTILl.ON PARTY M of the El'sworth Cob will be givan at WS ^rnrr't Hm ?nr P? v RnH Mth at. WEDNESDAY EVKNINe.OqJ 16. Th*W? member* plwdre themtnlve* that neither pains nor expose will be spared to make this the Ball of the e4aon? ^ Tioketi $1, admitting a rentieman and lad iea I'otnmitut of ArranKtmtnt> W. L. Philip*. W. K. Prnrj, B. R. Reed. Flvtr Manautrs. John Dant, David Bingor. C. 8. I itchfield. 00 8 9.11,13.14* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Skvixth, Abovk I) St. IMMENSE SUCCESS of the CAM"BKLL MINSTRELS! IS STAR 1* STAR P KB FORMERS. IN A CHOICE PROGRAMME EVERY NIGHT. Lrf>ok out for Nl?W YEAR 8 CALL! FRESH NOVELTIES InAotive Preparation. Admission Twenty-five Cents, oc 11 Dr. 8. FORD. Arent. FUR SALE AND RENT. 1TO RENT?Several FPRNISHF.D ROOMS. Inquire at 170 K street, between 18th and 19th sts. > oo IS 3t* DOR RENT-A two story brick HOUSE. w ?h 1 w r\ rvX -Kaiiba and A/iniAr, isnt nrami aaa \J n ? ? ?'vu huuo' tawvj 'ut cuiriit y mui ?r n . ? w, ,? ?w ?w Thirteenth st , between L and Massachusetts av. Inquire within. oo 15 Steo* ROOMS TO LET.?Two or three r#ntl men,or a gentleman and dy without children, ran be a^oommodatod with a handsome suit of Furnished Rooms in a private family, n?ar the Patent and Post Offices and convenient t? the A venue Meals f-rnuhed, if desired, in exoelient sttle snd at moderate rat^s Ref-r roes required, inquire at No. 3*7 H. between 4th and 5th sts. oo 15 Steo* P'OR RENT??everai FURNISHED ROOMS on Ninth st , between E and F sts , No 44?, near the Patent Office. Inquire between ihe hours o' 9 and 2 o'clock p m. oo 12 3t* TO EXCHANGE?A beautiful improvd City Property, for a good improved farm in tlie District. Apply at 36'< Ninth st. west, opposite Northern Liberties Market. oo 11-lw- H. JOHNSON tTOR RENT?HOUSE 408 Pennsylvania av? r over the bookstoro of Franck Taylor?a place for a professional man. se 4-tf Handsomely furnished roomsFour handsomely Furnished Rooms, suppljed with gas and water, and convenient to the Pafett and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490X Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 6th sts. ma 33 PERSONAL. M NOTICE. V Wife, Charlotte Sohl, havinc left my bed ana tioard without anr just c*u<e. taking with her my islant s n, and she being now from home without mr consent, 1 hereby wa~n all persons against giving her oredit on my acoount. a? t shall pa? no such c aims, as she has always Deen troviaed for lirerally by me. BOARDING. UOARI).-Families and sickle gentlemen can ? obtain very plensant Furnished Rooms, with Board, on moderate terms, at 391 and 393 C. between 3d and streets. Transient and Table Boarders accommodated. oe 9 2w* EDUCATION AL^ ?>LAINFIELD ACADEMY, Near Carlisle. 1. Pa.?3iet session (2" weeks) commences November 4. Thorough instruction and the coirfo;ts of home. Cirou ars at Htar Utf.ce Will le at Martin's Hotel October; or a<Mre?* R. K. BURNS, ?e 30 eolm Plainfieid, Cumberland oo , Pa. WASHINGTON AN D GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY', A Board1 sg ahd Dat School, No. *22 Fit , btttertn 6'h and Itk ??*., Wa<hintton ; end iVo. 151 Weit ft , Georgetotm. The duties of thia Institution ware resumed in September. Circulars mar ?e obtained at the book stores, or by addressing the Principal se 23 eotf M. J. IIARROVKR. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTri rT5?MAYOR'S OFFICE, LL3 OioHBETowi, D. C., Sept. rth,1861. 1 h? attention of the oitif -ns of the town is invited to the two following sections of a late aot of Coi.eres*, entitled "An act to o eate a Metropolitan Polic* Dis'riotof the D'striotof Celirmbia and to entablish a Police therefor." " And be it further enactid, That the Board of Police ma* divide the raid district into precincts, not exceeding ten, and may assign one -*rge&nt ol police to e\o'< of sa d preoinots. The board may, from tune to time, establish a station or sub station in eaoh precinct for he a?oommo<lation of the fiolioe force on duty therein. It may, fn m time to ime, detail and change, without regard to or limitation of residence, the serrr antr or d.itroimen to such parts of the distriot, or to such of the police or criminal courts arid to the publio offices of the government of the United States, or of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, as it mar deem advisable. It shall promulgate all regulations and orders through the superintendent or polio*, who a^all take the p ace of the mayor ot the city of Washington or Georgetown, as being the head of the police departments or foroe ic the sa d oities, but always 1 ut ject to the otders and regulations of the board of pouo? ; and it shall bi the duty of the polio? force to respect a- d ober the ?aid super i' tendent of polioe, as the head and chief of the same, subjsot to the rules a d rrgulatioas aud general order- of th? board cf police. And be it further enacted. That it shall ba the duty of the board of pohoe hereby constituted, at all times of the day and nigr.t, wiUnu the bou^da lies ol the said polioe dutnot, to preserve the tubbe peace; to prevent crime and arrest offenders; to pritt'Otthe rights of p rto.:s and ofpmpert?; 'O guard the publio health; to preserve order at every pub 10 eleotiou; to remove nuisances existing in the streets, roads, alleys, highwajs, and other plaoer; to provide a proper police force at evory fire, in order that thereby the firemen and property may be protected; to prot'ot stra- gers and travellers at steamboat and ship landir gs and railway stations; fc> see tha: all iaws relating to the observance 01 Sunday,and regarding pawnbrokers, m'^olt auotions, e eotions, gam ling, i' temperance, lottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly pera ns, and the publio hea th, are promptly enforced and to enforce and obey all laws ana o>dinanoes of the otty councils of the o ties of Washington and Georgetown which are properly applicable to polioe or health, and not inconsistent with the provisions ofthisaot" It Mill Ka tan that I hnuA nn In > tlisr finntrnl ntrar I ? W III m VH ?ll9k I ??? ? w MV ( nil' I Wlltl VI V??J| the polios foroe and have no power or right to enforo* fhe ordinandi of th?town in regard to di?orders or nuisanoea. In all such oases oomplaint molt be made to and rediess obtained from the United State* police, whose sergeant will be found at the jaard-hou?e naar the oanal bridge, High street. It mar be proper to state that this new po.ioe system promises to be the best one, iu all renpects. r*r the preservation of order a->d the protection of pera<:oi and pnpertv, t .at has ever existed in the District of Columbia. It gives Georgetown a force of ceve-.t en polio, men, (re? of expens?, in lien of a very feeble one which has been a heavy charge upon our Treasury. Although 1 have no immediate oontrol of this polioe, yet, being a m-inber of its i.oard. i will always be ready to hear the complaints of any of our citizens in regard to nuisanoes ar.d disorders to wh oh the police ihm failor relusatogive p-oper attention, and will endeavor to have suoh remiss uess oorreoted. It ?Ui be ex?eo>ed of a 1 good citii?n? that they will oountenance and sustain this new system tj the extent of thoir ability. . oo 12aw3w HENRY ADDISON. M-yor. BUCK?K,N 0"'V^dAUNTLETg, We call the attention of Satlers, R'gimenta" Ofboers, and others wishing to purchase Buckskin Gloves, Gauntleu. Mittins. Ftrses, Tobaooo Pouoiies. Portmounaies. Let gins, ko., at wholesa e, to ? aIi a! mip nwn manntftnf nrA? UUI OAWnvivv ?WB?mi VI uai w w M ... _ it our Mora, 103 High atreet, Georgetown Oar Giovee Gauatleta and Miltena are of the heat a ualitj.of real Buckskin. Military Buff ud Whit* G?untleta. Boxing G ove?, Buokakin Whirt* tad Drawer;, made to order. KaMHHURU A EBKRT, 104 High ?treat, Georgetown, D C. N.B?A large quantity of aocapa of Baokakia and Cnaiooia lor aohaxiing fana, aoooitremecU, Ao.. on hand. ' eefrlm DMA VSBT. kXMOtod una d*j, per at earner J. Jerome? p=a.jH^ApR*fet. ? W hli-bbla. do. do. do. VV hieh on arrival will be for aale. Tar ma cask on delivery. AKNY A 8H1NN, m? Union Depot, Georgetown. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Frta Ftrtrcu >l*ar*e. PoftTtsaa Monmos.Oct 13 ?TwflTtoftb* New York Zouave regiment ware yesterday tak?n byi the rebels a short distance above Newport Newt Lieut Geller. who wai in command of tbe party in quest of fuel, i> under arrest for cowardly behavior Tbe frigate Suaqnebanna will sail for tbe blockade off Savannah on Tuesday. ATTACK OH A BALT!MORI ?HIP?EXPLOIT OF TBI GCSBOAT PATLTGHT Vnitrd Statu Gunboat Dayhgkt, ) Off Cape Henry, Oct II. 19*1^ Yesterday, at the close of a heavy gale, mck bad lasted f r slity boura. it waa reported by the officer of the deck that a battery, whose existence had been previously nnknown to us, situated on l.ynnhaven Bay, bad opened Are ttpoa tbe American (hip John Clark, of Baltimore, which bad arrived from Havre the day previous, and, ancboring In tbe bay dnrlng tbe gale, with two anchors down, and dragged within Ita range. We could aee the enemy's shell dropping about tbe ahlp in all directions In a short time we ran down to the ship, and opened a brlak fire upon the battery, which was aa vigorously returned and sustained for forty minute*, when having effectually ailenced their guna, and thrown several broad idem into tbem. which elicited, however, no response, tbey hiving " shot up sliop," we turned our attention towards extricating tb? ship from her perilous position, whtcb we finally did by sending a part of our crew on board and getting her off, under her canvas, having failed In several attempts to get a line aboard of her to tow her off, owing to the heavy sea and strong tide prevailing This occupied one and a hslf hours after we had fired the last shot, giving our adversary every opportunity to renew tbe combat. Finally we got under wav and anchored near the outo llgbt-ship, and. while ruminating over the events of the day. were run foul of by tne John Clark as she stood for her anchorage, smashing a portion of our upper works, starting several Knees forward, carrying a#ay one of the flukes of our sncbor and doing other damage?throwing herself Into our arms, as It were, with an unwieldy gratitude for which we were entirely unprepared The Clark was struck once or twice, I believe, by fragments of shells, but sustained no material damage, and tbis morning, In charge of a pilot, stood on up tbe bay towards Baltimore Frsm Gen. Basks' Dlvlslii. [Correspondence of the Associated Press ] Darsirtowx, Oct. 12?A geaeral co?jrt-martlal for this division has just been Instituted It is composed as follows: Major Atterbury, of the Ninth New Vork, president; Lt. Vsn Buren, New Yorth Ninth; Cspt. Kinsler, Pennsylvania Twenty-nlntb; Lt Maguigan, do ; Cspt Savage, Massachusetts Second; Lt Brown, do.; Capt. Gould. New York Twenty-eight; Capt. Prescott, New Vork Ninth; Capt Charles H.T. Collins judge advocate On the evening of the 9th one of the sefltlnels of the New Vork Thirty-fourth discovered a boat containing aix men coming Into the mouth of the Seneca river. Concealing himself, he allowed the boat to reach tbecanal aquwduct, when he challenged tbem. Instead of answering the challenge, the leader aald to the others, "Boys, by (??d they've got us; pull back like h?1 " The sentinel gave the alarm and fired, wounding or killing at least one of the party, but before be could receive assistance or load his piece they were where he couid not get a bearing upon them, and the boat and crew consequently escaped Tbe spot where this occurred is near the farm of a man named Cross, and tbe men In the boat were probably his friends coming to communicate with him, or ascertain bis fate, as well as to get inside our encampments and report tbelr condition, positions and movements to tbe rebel leaders It is stnted t bat Cross himself spent several days visiting our camps?disguised as a teamster and riding a mule?before being arrested. It is currently reported that C?*l. Cbantry, of tbe Thirtieth Pennsylvanis, has been removed fr?m bis command, and that tbe reglmentls in an Inefficient shape Voting tock place In the Pennsylvania regiment* belonging to this division. in the Thirtieth and Forty-sixth there was but little Interest taken in tbe matter, but in tbe Twenty-ninth the "boys" went into It with a will. There the election was conducted according to Philadelphia usages Polls were opened in tbe several company streets; challengers appointed; orators made stump speeches on tbe ola plan, and tbe whole camp at timet resounded with cheer* for ?his and that candidate Toward* the cloving of the poll* mimic row# were Indulged in, but nobody waa hurt In the evening bonfires and hurra* succeeded. and finally a procession wa* formed, headed bv the bind and torche*. which marched through the various streets, and the ceremonlt s conchidfd by a grand serenade to Col Murphy. S*ome of the regiments are preparing apparently for winter quarters. The Second Massachusetts are preparing spaoious stible* for their horses,and digging cellars for tbelr tents Paymaster Stone visited this regiment yesterday and distributed the much needed pay of the officers and men Additional from CaliUrnin Pacific Sraisos, Oct 12?The pony express, going east, passed here this morning. General Sumner has issued bis proclamation, ordering the manning of the forts In the department of Callfornis, by volunteers, and concentrating the regulars at convenient |>olnts for their embarkation for Panama. Liutenant Colonel Merchant will detail four companies, of twenty men each, from bis regiment, to garrison Ports Churchill, Humboldt, Bragg, Crook, Gaston, L'mpqua, and Scranton Captain McMahon, recently appointed on Gen. McClellan's *t?ff, started for Washington, overland, on the tf^h Inst The Arm of Burton k McCarty, liquor and provision dealere at Sacramento, was closed by a tarbment on Thursday. Their liabilities are aid to be between f70 000 and *90,000 John C Falls & Co , of Marysville, hare failed for a large amount. A very fine regiment of horsemen is now being formed In this State by W. Romp. > loyal Texas Ranger, and is nearly full, although, for the purpose of procuring picked men, the organlzitlon !a kept from the public They style ibernselves Cossacks, and are Intended to perform similar service for the American army that the Russian Cossacks do for the Russian army They are good horsemen, using the rifle going at full 'P^ed. and re also exp?rt in throwing the liuo The men are represented as wonderfully proficient. Their services have been tendered to toe government. The Synod of the Pacific representation of the Old School Presbyterian Church met at Napa on Tuesday Resolutions Were passed complimentary to the Rev i)r Scott, and lamenting the demonstrations of personal violence at San Francltco The Rev l?r. Anderson and one other member voted against the resolutions. Resolutions of loyalty to the government were also adopted. The War in Mmusrl. information from prick's army Syraccsr, Mo , Oct. 13 ? L?ett?*-* from rebeli in General Price's army have been Intercepted and brought here They are dated the JKh Instant, and represent that Trice and his army was within ten miles of the Osage river, near Papensvllle, and that he has 2 000 wagons, 19,000 hones, end from 19 000 to 20.000 men MISSOURI STAT* CONVKNTION. St. Lorn, Oct 13?la the convention, yesterday, Mr Hetdrlvkn. from the committee on elections. introduced a bill to postpone the State election till tbe first Monday in August, 1602, and providing for the continuance of tbe present provisional Governor, Lieut Governor and Secretary of State In otfl<-e till their auccesaora be duly elected and qualifled The balance of tbe day waa occupied by apeechea from Messrs Uriel Wright and Birch. One of tbe gunboata in course of construction at Carondelet was launched yesterday. tbk LirsaT raoM lcisaocai. Syiaccsi, Mo., Oct. 14 ?A deserter from Price's army reports great dlssatixfactlon among the rebels, many of whom would lay down their arms if they could be secured aeainst punishment for acts committed against the Government. Gen. Price on Wednesday was at Johnstown, in Bates county, going South Gen Fremont's movements are hindered by a want of transportation facilities. A Skirmish la V* patera Virginia. Cincinnati, Oct 13 ?Yesterday afternoon, at a point 14 miles south of Gen Rosecrans' advance, and 6 miles from the Confederate encampment on Green river, a detachment of 40 men of the 39th Indiana regiment attacked 3U) Confederates, half of which were cavalry, without low, killing 5 and wounding 3. Tbe whole Confederate force waa driven back bsyond Bacon creek. Tbe Case *f (' !. Raakia. Toeosto. O. W., Oct 14.?In the cane of Col. Rankin, arretted here aome day* ago for trying to enllat men for the Union army, the maglatratea have decided to bind him over to take hla trial. L'eatraeUoa of a Bridge by the Rebela la Efitaeky. Locibvillb, Oct. 14 ?The Iron bridge over Green river at Munfordayllle wu blown op by the rebela yeeterday. MLT rKAMuiii SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 Pou'ft ay?' no: th side.) bet. l*h and UU ate. Improved 8PECTACLK8, with (WntM P?6b!? or Pernooplo Olf mi, cuitM oorrooUj for wwi yo-aigkt. FIRST CLAM MILITARY MELD-Q LASSES. Mloreeoofee, Cohmmm, ud MiUtauiotl la itu? lovMtnmre >noi?, M^r tr SECOND EDIT 10V. THREE O'CLOCK P M Tb? ItieiftK**Hir of WiLU -l'p ?tw*^p. a. lo4ir. me ippol*tnw( of lUfti1* *t Will* for this District bad btn midf by tb# Pwldnt. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. TBI ritim THIl MOFKISO Tbe artillery report* beard tbla forenoon w*? doubtless from the ptin* juat placed la battery upon Minor's HIU. Their range was being triad. Sec elsewhere la tbe Star to day news via Norfolk, Va., alleging tbe slaking o( tbe Preble aad defeat of other U. S war ni ta The Nary n?psrtment bare no confidence In tbe accoaat whatever Holllna, with whom it originate*, la notoriously a chronic 1?r when peaking of bia exploit*?all tbe nary know. LBBaauae We are In expectation of bearing that tbe disunion troop* will all drop oat of Leeebarg, Va , and tbat vicinity, an soon as AfrClellaa nay adranee any portion of fall force a mile farther tbaa his present position Anysucbadvaaceoa McClrllan'a part will make It nmcary for Jobnaoa to evacuate Leeaburg tn doable qalck time. LA TB LOCAL NEWS. Oeph**?' Corn T?>-?at ?Tbe wldowof Mr John Gibson, who died few daysslnos(Without i will) came In Court and offered bar Wri of administration on her hatband's mate The personal estate la worth 0? She offered Mr Charles Kloman and Mr Francis Prott as aecu rl ties The Court accepted her security andg'aeted her letters, though they could not be made est In consequence of a Register of Wills not having been yet appointed Mr. Davidge then announced la appropriate terms the death of Gen Walter Jones, the oldest member of tbe bar, and moved that the court now adjourn as a token of respect to his memory. The court tb?n adjourned until Thursday morning at 11 o'clock. Jvstick Whiti's Dae is ion ?Mr P W J<mea counsel for Greenbury Brown who warranted Justice Reaver of Georgetown, for tbe recover* of aline Imposed m him foraelllng I Iq nor to soldiers, si noticed In the Sfar s day or two at nee. says that Justice While based his decision not on the merits of the case, but on tbe ground that U was a case not of debt but damages over which be bad no jurisdiction. Ait Ihtolbbablc Ncisancb?Our neighbors of tbe country are complaining bitterly of the practice of parties In hauling tbe carcasses of of dead animals from the city to rot In tbe open air. 0 1 LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. m AN ENGAGEMENT AT THE PASSES OF THE MISSISSIPPI. THECONFEDERATESCLAIM A VICTORY. Cap! Hdlin Sf>d? Eialtul Dtiptlck. ? i THE CONFEDERATE STEAMER NASHVILLE ROM THE BLOCKADE FROM CHARLESTON. SHE CARRIES SENATOR MASON. AS MIN1STKR TO ENGLAND, AND JOHN SLIDELL, AS MINISTER TO FRANCE. THE FIGHT ON SANTA ROSA ISLAND. PLAN OF THE CONFEDERATES TO DESTROY OUR CRIPPLED FLEET IN THE MISSISSIPPI. Baltimore, Oct. 15 ? The old Point boat baa arrlwl, and bring* the following : The Norfolk Examiner, of Monday, received here under a flag of truce, coutalna a dispsfe b from New Orleans, dated the lttb Instant, ststlng that a naval engagement bad taken place at tbe bead of tbe passes, on the night of the lttb, lasting one hour, and afterward renewed. Alao, the following dispatch: 44 Fobt JarKSoa, Oct. 12 ? Last night 1 attacked tbe blockades with my little fleet 1 succeeded, after a very abort struggle, la driving them all aground on the southwest Pass bar, excepting the Preble, which I sunk I captured prize from them, snd after they were fast In tbe nana i pepperea mem wfii. lucre were no casualties on our aide. It was a complete sucoMi. "HoLLIRt." FURTHER FARTIt L LARb. Niw Obliass, October 13?The force of the Federal fleet was forty guns, and nearly one thousand men, while the little confederate moequlto fleet was sixteen guns and three hundred men. It is reported that our Iron steamer with her Iron plow sunk the Preble. Commander Hollina arrived last night The names of eighteen wounded confederates, at the Santa Ron affair, ara also given. YET FURTHER PARTICULARS. Baltihobb, Oct IS ?Richmond papers state that the steamer Naahvllle run the blockade from Charleston on the 14th with Senator Mason aa Minister to England, and John Slldell, Minister tn Pnnr* jinrl tnltM vhn ir? nnV nn tb^ OTJil Penaacola paperaglre llatof arrenteen wounded from the 9anta Rum fight at the hospital, Including J. Bapaall, third U 8 Artlllerr, and Jaa Hallinuton. of Firat New York Artillery. Another dlapatch from New Orleana expreaaw the belief th-it aufllclent force can be organised to capture the whole Federal fleet la Ita present disabled condition. The rebel fleet waa In command ol Cms. Hol11ns. FRO>1 >llSSOl HI KOLLA, UCT 19 ?li il rrponra iuai ior nin>?> troops under Montgomery have rooted 4,400 rebels. tbe advance guard of MeCnllogb's army, at Sbangbal, Barton county, and pursued tbrm foe forty miles The rebels at Spring*eld apprehended as attack Three hundred rebels at Wilson's Mill, Dong, las county, were defeated by the Home Guard. Fifteen were killed and twenty wounded. There is s report, but which is net conlrmed, that the Thirteenth Indiana reglsaent, Gen Wyman, bare captured Lebanon, Laclede county, with nil tbe rebel stores snd provisions. ^JhDlCAL IT?ilia(i?a fVl?. Csmsr if Fmmd INn^U Btrmi*. Sbssioh or IMI-'M. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. J .HN80N ELlbfnri*... Professor of Prm^isles and PraoUoe of 8nr?ery. Prolessor of Materia Medioa and Tbsra?snfaea. J. CSNVDt RjrD^ ? Professor of Obstotrtos and Diseases of Wonssn TflOMA.8 ANTItStujM. D . Professor of Meooai ChewistryTTojueoUgr. and J. B. W1LLKTT, M D? DwnoMtralor of Aimoht KTh? tkur of wtMi to to tiled. NMOI ?1 OuUMM Ol Uf BO (if OttO SW. TUCKER WotldiuouN loitM MM. UM^y MtM^CBrnrraia Wuk ?? D *u?jr<r? ?UM-uwuk*. For Mi* at muilMtlrin JOWiT BOttCk, 6*oMBTo?rn,D Cm S?i* iiMQ fm m W*r??rf ?< Oi<?In. nON'TFAltTO CALL AT ? *? i^ssnji^sv?: uTo^rit-ir

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