Newspaper of Evening Star, October 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 16, 1861 Page 1
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? f / (Stoning Sta. ??*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 16. 1861. . N?. 2.701. THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR B(J1L4>ING?, Corrntr %f ptHASjiraxia at4mu? and Rltxtntk H. ?T W. E>. WALLACH. Paper* served la package* by carrier* it ?4 a year, or 37 cents per month. To mall tubeui-ben Ike price la S3 ?0 a year, m dvmmtt; H for it months; 91 for three meotba; and for le? than three mootha at the rate of M cent* week. Single eoplea, oir? c*:?t; In wrapper*, two cum. LL/~ AnvaaTiaBMiMTf should be eent to the Mem before 1* o'clock m ; otherwise they may not Appear antll the next day. J ?? MR Rl'SSELL'S LETTFRt TO THE LONDON Tints. Tke last letter of Mr. Russell appears in the Timeeofthe 28th. Itis dated at Washington, fcapt. 13th. W e subjoin extract!; TRATRLINQ A*D CO!f?tTL?. I may as well warn Englishmen who intend coming over here to visit the South, that they will not b* permitted to do so. Their n?? porti, without which they cannot travel in the States, are countersigned bj Mr. Seward in these words: " It is expected that the bearer will not enter anj of the insurrectionary Slates." Passes to visit the lines are (riven with reluetanoe, and sometimes are refused altogether. Permits to jtn South are refused on the ground that the President's proclamation forbids all intercourse between the United States and those in revolt; and n?w the road through Kentucky, hitherto open te those who were not bound by the terms of their pnsspor s to remain in the United States, will be closed. How our Consuls are to act it is not easy to say. They cannot communioate with Lord Lyons or with their chief at home, and they cannot get their salaries unless a ship of war be sent to communicate with their ports. The utmost I ? . ? ? " ? - aeiwacy Ana c*uur>n mast oe ooserved in the preservation of our neutrality It would be w?U for our American cousins could they understand that tbere is a difference between neutrality of a nation and neutrality of sentiment the part of the persons composing it. A nation may preserve neutrality, and the sympatfcie? ofiw people may be nevertheless all on one ride. POSITION OF W ASHIXGTO* Washington is the National Capital, and, whatever distinctions the Americans of the Union party might have drawn as to its possession by either a foreign or internal toe, the effect on the nations of Europe of finding Mr. Jefferton Davis in the White House and the Confederate Senate in the Capitol must have led to something more decided than mere neutrality and non-recognition. It has been suggested to me that Washington himself #a3 indaenced in the selection of the site by considerations of a military character, which related to an absolute defensive power in the position I l?vu. It ii not easy to believe that tbe general ever looked so far in advance as to provide against political contingency in which the Capital would he menaced either from the North or the bouth. hat if he did, the ground w?s chosen well, especially in view of that which is now taking place Thesuccoss of the British exp?ditioo 19 no proof that the place was hadly selected as regards naval operations and foreign enemiec, inasmuch as there were no defensive works on the river at tbe time. Whatever tbe military value of Washington may be, there can be no question that those who are happy enough to live in it are exposed to some disadvantages at the same time, in coneequeooe of the alarms of war to which they are subject. Every gun fired sends a thrill through the city. The pmdIo run out to the door step* and to the Windows?others get on the roofs of their houses?some cluster on the front of the public buildings and gather on the lofty rising grounds. Soon Rumor comcs with a tremendous twanging long how and lets off awful squibs and eraclars among the men and women, along the avenues, and up the by streets and narrow lanes. THE COSTBDBRATBS The path of the Confederate Oenerals is beset witb difficulties, the greater part of which have arises from the want physioally of transport, and morally of enterprise an4 daring, and in the torpor which came over them after the battle of Manassas. They have now an immense body of armed men to oppose any movements they may make, while eight weeks ago they would have mat only mutinous mobs. Aotine on the larger and from the outer circle. they are exposed to the operations of the Federalists, who em more on infinitely shorter lines The Potomac is an immense wet ditch, only to be approached at three places for 40 miles, unless roads are made over the mountains and mas as of rock covered with forest, which form its banks from Harper's Ferry to Washington almost uninterruptedly. The confederate* are suffering much Irom sickness; but the worst part of the season has yet to come, and the bouth rings with applications for warm clothing, medicines, shoes, and similar necessaries for her troops. A5 iyFOBTAXT FACT. The officers of the regular army, however nueh they may lore the Union, do not, as a body, lova the present government On the contrary, they regard the greatest number of me v;?ninet wiia aversion, and detest their principle* It ia hard for men to fight for a cause with good heart, and at the s?me time hold in oontempt those who hare that oaose in hand at the moment. I was talking to an officer the other day in front of his tent, around which were standing six other officers. The conversation turned on Gen. Fremont's proclamation, and one Mid, "if this be made a war against slavery I shall resign, no matter what the consequences may be." i don't think there was an officer there, except one, who did not j->in in and say, "I would do the same." On inquirr I found some were Marylandert, one from Delaware, one Virginian, one from Ohio, and one from New York, antiit was remarked to me that every one of them had voted against Mr. Lincoln. A PHASE OF 8BCBASIO!t. TV* k 1 ft * ir rami Kli/?ar aAtnakn* a* a?Vi a> A UO WIBVB |V|iUVIIV?Uf. DV1UT7IIVW VI UlUCI , re not considered "genteel " They are noted as unfashionable ana low. and it is odd enough to see men wb? are tobacco, sugar, and rije merchants, swelling with indignation at the idea of being ruled bj a set of hungry lawyers and politicians, sprang from the very lowest condition in society All men are equal, but it by do mean* follows that the man who tells tobacco behind a oounter is equal to the min who grows tobacco for sale on his own estate. The North has rot the taint of commerce upon it; the South, from its broad fields of profitable crops, worked by negroes, tarns ap its refined noee at the smell ot the luore, though not indifferent to the thing itself. As one of my friends expressed it, "the North taay put what construction they please upon the war, and shoutfor the Union as they please w_ - j.t l._ I.J ?. n e irv u?ioruiu9u urvcr iu w ruieu oj i i?i of low-lived blackguard.-. and" (excuse the wortla) ''suffer oar property to be at the merej of the loafers in these overgrown towns. Th i* is a tear of gentle men against the rule of gnohe " The snobs are not always beaten in rash battles, and, according to one definition of that peculiar race, it may not be easy to detannine bow far they may be distributed on both sides. Any way, it is a most miserable war, and th* sooner it is ended the better for America and mankind. V'CLELLAS'S POriLABITt W1TB THK ABMY To-day there were two alarms, the first about 2 e clock. Ona was created by firing across the river, which died away, and proved to be m n m fko atAvIra lb M K If ?aa irvai IMV H'ilJC IU VUV WVI BO, <*W?VU ? ?? ?o deemed desirable to reload. About 4 o'clock the noise of a cannonade up thariver towards the Chain Bridge roused every one again, and in spita of the rain and threatening weather the people got on the house-top*. Gen. MeClellan and his staff rode at full speed to the bridge, which is about fire miles distant, but before thej arrived the affair was over, and the General arrived only in time to hear the cheers of the troops returning from the fteld. I never heard in America more enthusiastic and vigorous sheering than marked their return to camp and their reception of the General, who has evidently beeome most popular with the men, in spite or in consequence of his strictness THE ITAIK or MtMliil. It would be euriooi bat not a pratefal task to evil the flower* of rhetoric in the widespread garden of sbase accusation and inrec- | tire, that spring up all over the States in reference to that same letoeat from Manassas. When the ttaia is to be effaoed, Uis not posai ble to aay; but I am disposed to think General McClellan will do it when he doea move, if bia troops are properly led bj their regimental officers. LIJICH LAW AT DELAWARE A MA* HANOF.n bt A mob. Smtrjia, Del., Oct. 12.?A mnlatto, named Jacob Hamilton, was hanged by a mob at this }?l?ce yesterday. Tke circumstances were as ollows: Mr. John Cloak, an aged and wealthy citixen, lives on the outskirts of the town,with his wife and two daughters?the latter agod respectively 18 and 20 years. At half past 11 o'cleck on Tharsday night, Mr. and Mrs. Cloak were awakened by loud screams issuing from ?U a t L. I.J!.. tf m _i ius i win UI iuo jruuug IHII.". iliri. UiOIK immediately proceeded to the apartment, when she wag attacked by a man wh# was struggling with her daughters in the dark Mrs C. added her screams to those of the girls, and Mr. C. hastened to her aid. He, too, was attacked and beated in a shocking manner. While the struggle was going on, a negro servant, who slept in an ont-building, procured a ladder, and by placing it against the windowsill enabled the three ladies to escape. The intruder also pot away, without being recognized. His object was evidently to violate the person of one of the young ladies. For several reasons it was believed the mulatto Hamilton was the guilty party. He was arrested early yesterday morning, and taken before a magistrate in the town. From the evidence it seema that Hamilton was employed on the farm of Mr. Cloak; he had been at the house the day previous, engaged in putting up stoves. While there, a small toy, or som? such trifle, had been given him, and this nrt'clc -is found in a portion of the pocket of the intruder,which had been torn off in th? struggle. There were other circumstances which tended to convince the people of his guilt; and int?- < exciteosnt was the result. The prisoner was of coursc commits I to answer the charge ugainst bim, and he waa ordered te be conveyed to Dover j*ii, afowmi'es distant. Hamilton was a very powerful man. u.-l in ordt>r to g'lird agninst Lis ex^apo, while ?>r< Lid way to prison, hi* anus wore riuioned oehind his back. While the hearing and the trying were in progress preparations were being made outside for lynching the prisoner. A rope was procured, a noose was made, and wh^n the constables made their appearance in the street with tleir charge the crowd gathered around, seiied him, and ran him to a Dceeh tree on the banks of a mill-Ham at the edge of the town. The rope was placed around his neck, the other end was tied to an outstretched limb of the tree, and in a few seconds the poor wretch was dangling in the air. All this took place in broad daylight, at half-past nine o'clock in the morning, in the eight of hundreds of spectators. Aanong tb<> .wxiir-vu iuih wore prooaoiy two DUDdrtd female* No person attempted to vindicate the outraged law. Hamilton met bio fate without a murmur or a struggle. While being hurried to the place of execution he denied hii guilt; but it ie said that iust at the moment he was about being suspended he confessed. The body was allowed to hang until four o'clock in the'afternoon, when it was cut down, and a ooroner's jury was empanelled to inquire into the manner in which the man had come to his death. After a postmortem examination, a rerdict was rendered to the effect that the deceased had died from the effects of strangulation, the result of hanging, inflicted by some person or persons unknown to the jury. It is probable that every man concerned in the hanging was well known to the jarors, most of whom were doubtless upon the ground at the time. It is said that after the haaging of the mulatto, it was found that there was a frejh gunshot wound in one of his legs, and a ball was found in the wound. Mr. Cloak fired two pistol shot* At t h a intMirU- *L- ? '* UU..UJ BUUS)IiO in the dirk, and it is supponed one of the bulla took effect. There is bat little, if any doubt, >f the guilt of the poor wretch; but, in true lynch-law style, he was hanged first and tried afterwards. Mr Cloak was seventy-two years of age yesterday, and Hamilton had been at the house the day previous aiding in the preparations for a party in honor of the event wnich was to come off last night. The mulatto was to have been the priacipal waiter on the festive occasion. The deceased was unmarried, and about twenty-eight years of age. He was a man of herculean strength. It is said that he was charged with a similar attempt on a for mer occasion, ana be escaped punishment at that time. This fact bad much to do with deciding hi* tragic fate. The Dr.rurcKS or Nkk Orleamn.?A gentleman who is familiar with the situation and defences of New Orleans expresses doubt whether the oitj can be invaded from the sea so easilj as has been supposed. The Mississippi river is believed to be amplj protocted by Forts Jackson and Philip. The approaches by way of Lakes Borgne and Ponchartrain are well guarded. Forts Pike and Wood, wsich command the two ehannels leading from the former into the latter lake are formidable structures, each mounting fifty heavy guns, with double ditches and bomb-proof casements Veasels approach Fort Pike through a narrow channel, which i? commanded for six miles by the raking fire of the forts. The point where the British landed, which is in a bayou leading ont of Lake Borgne. is commanded by a strong battery?open, howAvar ia ?- ?1 ? -? *uv ? ?a* . jl u?i o 10 anu a onuu((i/ lui tilled tower on the shore of Lake Ponchartrain, commanding the entrance to a creek extending into the mainland twenty-?eren luiloa below New Orleans. Oar informant thinks that Fort Pike might be silenced by landing a force at the mouth of Pearl river, and bombarding it from the opposite shore. The naval forces which hare sealed up the entrance to New Orleans threugh LakeBorgne are not ao unpleasantly situated as many have supposed The coast is healthy, and in the winter season the region abounds in ducks, geese, and other wild fowl, and at all season* of the year with oysters, crabs, redfish, catfish, Ac. Baio&diik Gknkbal Pixbci ?TLe Taunt'm ' Qazette says that Ibis oScer Is at preaent at honit. la Freetown, In feeble health, and 'hut the newspaper statement that be has b*en serving a* a private In Colonel Webster's Regimen* arose r . .r the fact that while on a visit to Co cnel Webster uc iwici luiunmrru iu c?sr 01 aiarui, ana ooff umc iimi oelng shot by tbe careless use of a musket In tbe hands ?f a volunteer IJj^Capt. Bower*, of the San Kranclaco clipper hip Black H?wV, belonging to the Black Hall Line, commltw-ti suiride on Saturday by flring an ounce pistol ball Into hlsbtud He committed the acton board his vessel, whilst lying In tbe harbor of New York. IE?"Tbe French Government, ft is stated, baa purchased foreign wheat to tbe value of eleven millions sterling, since last harvest, which account* for tbe rapid lorn of bullion by the Bank of France, which bad raised Its rate of discount to per cent (JjTThe Nashua Manufacturing Company have contracted with tbe government to furalah 300,000 cotton flannel drawers. This will furnish goed employment for large numbers. They are all to be aewed by hand. pT Tbe advanoe in freights and the increasing t>u?l nee* on all the roads leading from the MlaaUalppl to New York Is Inmlng the attention ef capitalist* to railroad aharea, and pricea are rapId If improving. There are more more than fifty thouaand mllea of telegraph wlrea In uae la Great Britain. Dnrlatr I96i? tne general public uaed them to the extent of 1.787,t57 meaaagea |p~y? Th? nett Ohio l.eglalature will be composed of men of strong Vntoa aeatlmenta; bat according to the old party Unea the Senate will be Repoble<in and the House Democr itlc KZT llkaa' "Spirit' states that M Berger. the blUlard player, made 6,000 by his exhibition In thi? ceunVy. * Ti pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Hcust of Rtrrtstntatit fi of the United Statu,I Clerk'- Office, September ao, 1861. S In r^marANC* of the seventeenth Eeotion ?>f the a;t of Cong e;a of Auinit 18?2. omitled "An act legalizing and making appropriation* for auch necessary objeot* as have b?en u-u\!lj ino 1ml id in the general appropriation bi la witbnu' authority of iair, and to fig and provide for oertain incident alexpcmeaol the Departmenta and offioee of the Government, ard for oth'r purpose*," ?ealed propnca'a will te r?ioeived at thia office until Friday, the 2?th -'ar *> October next at twelv* o'clock m , for furnishing the following artioies of Stationer? lur wit- u?? ui iub nouio 01 nepr^unuuvai oi the United ?t<vte?, viz: Chi sa No. 1. 75 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, faint lined 10 reams blue car pap^r, 'xtraauprrfin*. feint tned 5" reams white cap p\per, extra sup"rfii>,?, plain 25 reams whit" flat rap, estra supeifine 1M) reams white quarto poat, extra aup*rline, feint lined, afit 25 reams blue quarto poat, extra auperfi-ie, feint lined, gilt .V) ream" *hue quarto poat, extra superfine, plain, 10 reams h ue quarto post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 25 re ims white quarto poat, lirje aizo, extra thin, le;nt lined 10 reams white quarto post, large aize, extra thin. tfl&lll 5i> reams ?mte 'anl Bath post, extra supeifine,feiat lined, riit 1> reams whito aid Hath poet, extra superfine, plain, Kilt 15" rea>"-? white not*, extra superfine, larje sue, feint lined, gi t W) ream* buff wt?, extra superfine, large sua feint lined, ei.t 25 ream-damaslr note, extra superfine, large aixe, feint lined, gilt 25 reams white note, extra superfine, large size, p aiu. Kiit 7J reams white not<v extra superfine, small size, feint lined g It 25 ream* white note, extra supefine, rmall size, plain, gilt 25 ream* v hue note, extra thin. No. 6. feint lined, c<)t | 10 ream? ?>?:t9 nnte. extra thin. No fi. plais, *i!t > reams white note. ext>? tLin, No. 8, plain,gilt 10 'earns whi;e no'" extra thin, No. 8, leint lined, gi't 50 rea.ns Je?- k B os. e; asi'perfiue, white wove , :-Jtar'~nt>at(\.Mc ruiM ? Claf* No i ? Em tlopu 50,?iu whit* thiok adhesive envelopes, by 3>i inOiOJ an **? * lire thw>k adhesive envelopes, 67,' by 3J? inches < >, ofihnff thiotc adt>e?iv?ecvelopM.SJl "T3?? i..ohe? 4j,OOu wh to tin Ok. huh^sive envelopes, 5^ oy 3,^ inch"t 10,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, Ski by ??? inches 25.000 wh'to thiok ?dhe?ivo envelopes,a*f by 3'* in cue* l.OOO noo bufflhiok envelopes, (V by 3}i inohes lftyoo liufT thick adhesive snvefnpes, 7?? by 3^nnohea. CL*s? No 3. ano gross best metallic pans, in boxes *5 terras Ferry's double patent larie blue barrel pens, fii.e points, in dozen boxss Mi dozen blank swan quill p ns IS rross penholders, assorted atrles 2 gross cut and preaned g!asa inkstands, assorted sizep ai d styles. Clas* No. 4.?Mitcllan'oui. 6 dozen pear! handle porket knives, f>ur Wide* 6 dozen > lie! handle p >oket knives, four blades in cozen pearl and shell handle pocket kcives, 6 hlad-s I 1 doaeu office ahfara, 11 inohea | 1 dozen office shears, 9 inouea 4d z<v. office shear* <5 iuoliea 4 duzen aoiasora, 4 inchoa 10 dozen oolor peuo.U, large and small I 5n pounds aealiug wax, beat quality 2C0 spools red tape 6 duzsn letter clips. Kilt and bronze 2 d"?en letter fi ea 15 pounda Indian rubbor, medium aized pieoea 4 do??n bottles p>unoe 6 dozen ahort rubber Qenoili | 4 dozen portfolios, different stylet. CLAftS No. 5. 15" rmma brown Manil a enveloping piper, very tough, with amootli surface, *7 by 37 inohea, to weigh not leas titan 42 pound a p<*r ream 600 ream* f rown Msni la enveloping paper, very tounh, with ani'joth au lace 2i> by 25 inches, to weigh not leaa tnan 26 p'lun la per ream 800 reama aamo a* above, 19 by 24 inches, to weigh not leaa than 23 pounds per ream. Proprtaaia for the above must atate the prloe per I ream for paper, and prioe per thousand for enveiopea. and be aoooii.panied by the names of the auretiea intended to be offered. By tne aot approved June 17. 1844, the Clerk of the Houae of Repre?entativea l* "directed to confine hia purchases exoluaive y to artiolea of the *rowth aud manufacture of the United J'ta'.es. pro v dad the aa-ne an t>? procured ofauch growth and inanufaotuie, of suitable quality,and at reaaon live nriooa. uonn , ?.in i t?rm? *? ?.> ' ' , ? r- ? ? H uainj l?cu price, a* can be obt&iued of fjreign growth ai.d manufacture." A P'efeenoo will therefore be Kiven to the productions of American indu?t'y; aoil at! persons making proposaIs to nupply any article wil ft*t? whether the rame is the growth and manufacture of the Lai ted State*. The arttoies aie to b? delivered, free of ar.y oliarge for carriage, at the office of the Clerk of the House <>f Rep fuentatikos, ou ot before the twen tietn day of November n?>xt. Kaoh bidder, thou<h he inay desire to propose for the whole of the artioles above enuiueraf'd will be required to make a teparatt and dittmrt proposal for each c/a?j;and no proposal or pa/er embacing mo e than * single class will be considered. Each proposal to b?endor*td, "Proposals for Class No ?, of Stationery for the Mous? of noprsteniauves 01 iii? united St*t and addreaaed to the undcraigned. They will be Iree of fo?tue, Sutfeoient specimens of each class mustaconm panj ihe proposals markeJ with the name of the t>id'ier aud the number of the ciaas aooordinc to the ataveadvertiseinect. The peraon ofl>rins to fiirnich an* description of articles at tho lowest pnoe, quality oon?idcred, snail reofive a contract tur th* same on ex. outing a bond with two or more sureties, satisfactory to the lerk of the House of Representatives. for the p-rformauoe of tlia same, under a forfeiture of twioe the oontraot price in the cue of failure; which bond u.ust be fi ej in the oflhoe of the Mid clerk within ten day* afte- the proposals have been op?u*d aud the reau't declared EMERSoN KTllhR I USE. i?x6 w4w Clerk H. R. II. 3 SOMETHING NfcW! 0^. tTc* f ^pMtnw Discoyaxt Old I mjj \U\Mr THKA6II: Smv ilt 8*1 C f'.rttt, opposite *Ae 'iA'a ?r. _ OYfTKKS STKAMlJl) (a the Shel! and Thoroughly Cooked (fur suoerior tu a roart) iu two minutes, the .fastest time on record, rail ai<d see. The underNixr.ed re. p-ctfmly informs his friends in the liialr<ot, and visitors ti? the city, that he ha* rt'fitted his old and wkll-known *staBI.i*hms t iu a most thorough nisnntr. ami liao u ade com plete arrangements to furninn OYSTERa i<i ai.t gtyl? and in any *uat.ti;y 40o to 50n A Ions rhuoked .... ,1. _ O (u A o <v> - - ? A' ?-? - ? - 1 * * pci u?j. ??mw tu o?*> ~ u&uh 01 ?pirea t u r 'etii put up daily?cans lieniWicat ? s aled Furnulteri Iti the sli -1. by the huslie or barrel. Persons wishing to hare Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, without fcar of failure, ahoti'd call an<i make arraug imoiiU at onoe Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, as I furnish an article equal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioes just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, to, *e..dtc. Also, Piok es, Cataup, Sajo*s, Brandy Peaches, Ac Also, (jam* and h resh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Freah L dialers Cod, Halibut, 4o. In faot, eve> y thing for sale in ' he Noith. rn market* always on har d,at reasonable piioes Hotels and families supplied with Oystars. tleliv red wirhout oua. g* t any parr of the District, in 13ssav. if tiie moi is sent wi'h th ? order. My e?ta, iaiiTient is open from a m to 12 at I night, evnr* day, exoept Sunday, when 1 olose at '? u oiuok a. m. f 37 T. M. H ARVKY. OUU JOHNSON % NAGLbi Ou(k No '!>? 1 KNJKY..VA.NIA A VJ?ir*, tDJ H?rw a ii and I <nth ata . oouin aid*, IMPORTERS OF W^NES, t-lQUORS. SBGAnS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, SARDINES, FINE GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORE* IN GENERAL. Juat arrived the following branda of CHAMP AON Kb: 6 H. Mumm, Piper Heidaiok. Moat k, Chandou, Car tier k Co , Barat & F&fot, J'ourette, Rojal 6 rape. r at New York Prioea? freight added. JOHNSON k. NAffLE, a?9 Panna avenue. Abm. M. Bin'njer fc Co.'?(]9 Jro^d atreet. N?w York.) * orM renowned BOTTL.ED WINESand i wiiinaa f?-- m?i._;?T ? ??rr ivi uviiirt.uniivBHijwN r ami 1 USD, oonitantly on hand told at New York PricM by the Owe. At JOHNSON * NAGl,E'S. #89 Pen 11 v avenue PICELES. Pesser and other SAUCES. TOMATO CaTSUP. by the bsrrsl, r&llou, or dozen, from the oe *brated mannfiotora of Kohr< nb&rh k, Co , New York, at aetonuhinrfy low prices. At JOHNSON * NAGLE-S, .&& m auks. or half-h>rrel. ea lo IRISH POPLINS AND NEW REP-.-Many 1 stylish thing* opened to day. With ill kind- of Dry Goods, in sf*p'e and faaoy fabrios, for theourrent wants of f*miliea. Unt iriMotlt. tkl iAtiul tuh at&nil&rif ?*! marked in PfeRRY * BROTHER, _oo6-6t P*. avwnu* ?wd Niath *t ghV\VLS AND CLOAK8-Nrw !<* er?red

_ O ?rio?oBijl lu plain ftgur*,; th*i?for?, no yifliixt u ddMivffd I'KKRY ft. UKU, ' oo 9-H Pfc. avenu# and Ninth at. Bi>(l JOHNSTOft, ALT1MORK Lock HOiriTAL, H*i dittovirid tkt molt Certain, SfiHy nmd nif Fftrtnal Runtif t* tk* World, FOR ALL DI3EA3K9 OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WA^KRAFTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WmIji ?? ?f "J.i **;k, Stnciar**, Aftcttou??f tb? RidBl?dd?: .u-Tciu-.-ir* Oitcnwf ? , lmpottnct, ti?o rai wuiiuj, nii'iniiiHi, iJ?araptT, Lianrocr, 'oa:o? af Mua, Low 8fir.;?, ?.-.:pi'i;i6u of lha Haart, TlmtdU*, Trambluiga, DimiuM of 8ifn or Gtddmaaa, Diatiaa of lha Naad, Throat, Not* or Skin, Affacuoua of lha Lonra, B:om cn or Bowala?Oiaaa Tarriblt Diaordara armc( from Solitary Hat.iu of Yoath?thaaa Dreadful ind Unlncii'i Pricticaa which rtndar Marriaja laipoatiblt, and daairoy both Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN vbo baft bacoina thaaiciiiaaaf Solitary Tlca, lb at riraadfal and daatrsctiva habit which a.iuaally awaapa M an nnluntly jra?a thtuaaiija of Youif Man of tha moat aialiad talanta and brilliant intaliact, who might olharw.ia ha*l iitrarred Uatenanr Scnattt with lha ihundera of ?lo??anca or wakad to ?S?Uiy ifci li?i"f lyra, nny call with all contdanca. MARRIAGE. Mm It I ID PMtOKj, or Ycang Man cwilamplatiDf Mirrtaft, baiflf awara of phyaical waakntia, arfann dability, daformtuaa, Ac., apaadur cered. Ha who placaa hirnaalf on Jar lha eara af Dr. J. may rahriMil* eanlfi* in his Kminr nilam^n ><! */4 ? ?1? reij upott ilia (kill a* a phyaician." OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left band aide (omg from Baltimore afreet, a ft? doore from the corner. rail not to obeerre nam* and number. Letter* m??i bt paid and contain a tump. DR JOHXSTOX, Mimbir ?f the Royal Collate of 8nrreone, London, Indian from one of tha moat eminent Collegee in tha united Staiee, and tha rieater part of whoee I if a hai been epent m tha noepitaleof London, Pana, Philadelphia and eleewhere, haa effected aoma of the moat aetonlehinf esree that vara a?ar known, many troohltd with nnjrinr in tha head and aara whan aeieep; freat nerToieneaa, >?m* alarmed at endden aosode, baabfSlneee With frequent fciaeSiiijr, attended aomeiimee with deranfan,ent of mind, war* cured muoeTAKK PARTICULAR NOTICE Voung Men aiu othera who ha?a injured themeeleee by a certain practice indulged in whan alone?a habit frequently learned from evil comp^mooa, or al achool, the eflecte of are nightly felt e?en when atleep, and if not cured, rendera marriage imposaibla, and deatriyi both mind ana bixlr, ehoald apply i> mediately. Voeea are aotue of tt.a aad and met ar chelv eflecta produced t? i?rly hat it* of ??uth, ?it: We?*n?u of th? Sack and L libt, Pain* in the H> <d,* of S jht, l<>?? < .M use u,ar I *er, Palpi'atiou of in* Heart. ?,S?iiom irritab iy, ber-ngeroent A the Digeati** tunc.: > *, General Di mi?, Bjii r>'o?n? of Con*umpt>n?, Ac. MlSTAULY.?The fearful effeS'J r>n l*-* rutnd are much te he dreaded?Loe* of Mtwory, Confu*ion of 2u?*3, Def remiou f Sprite, E?il foreboding*, Ateraioti of Society, B*if &;?tru*t, Lot* of Solitude, Timidity, ?tc., ere ?oin# of the evil* produced. n1R vol's nMlllTT.-Thousand* can new )udge whet ie lh? caua* of their declining health) toeing their vigor, becoming weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, having a aingiilaf appearance about the eye*, cough or *ymptom* of contumpti?D. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided and imprudent votary of pleaehre flrde he hae imbibed trie ee*d* of thie painful dneaee, it too often happene that an ill-timed **n*? of *han>* or dread of ducovery detere him from applying to ihoa* who, frum education and respectability, Can alone befriend him. He 'all* into the hand* of ignorant an<! designing pretender*, who, incepable I curing, filch hie pecuniary *uh*lance, k**p him trifling mo h afttr month, or at long a* the emtlleat fe* c*n be obtained, and in delpair Itave him with ruinel health ugh hi* Calling d;**Ppointra*nt; or by the u*? of that deadly poi*m>?Mercury?hatU'i tfc* ccnk??f?:*M*l *yiu*ooi* nf this tsrnhl* di**a*e. *uch a* ATtctior.eof th* Heart, i utoa!, Htad, km, Ac., progressing with frightful r*pidity, till il**th pat* a Svtivu m nia uriauiai >BH?nn|l OJ linaiOf fllfUl ft ifidt B*J-iaecTtrtd cosuirv from vbMi baarua Ha tra?al?r rilarut. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By thia fr??l and important ramady waakmaiaf tha trrtn ?r? ?pa?d~,y ekrad ana fell ?ijor rttlarad. Th?uicd? *7 th? mi n*f-r?ui and dabilitatad, vb* had iMt all btpt.twvt b?an imroadiatalj rtlitrtd. All lrapadlmanM ta Marriaf a.Phjiieal at Mintal DtaqaalIteauana, Lmi ?f Frecraau'* Pewar. Kir'Hi Irritability, Trtmblinf and WaaknMi ar Extiaaaiiao af lb* meat ftarfal kind fpaadilj cuid. EfibORSBMKNT OF 7 HE PRESS. Taa Mart ThoU?aNDs earad at tbta Inauiafaa within kka laat utauuan vaara, and iba ninarnu iropaiuar.t tal aparaaana par/orm*?! t>r D> J .h.,b7 ?l> tapartari af tha papara ana mtuy othar paraoua, ncticaa af vnich ha?a appaarad ag uu and ajatn baler a tba pablic, baaMaa bit itanduif aa a fantliman af eharactar and raapaiaiHilly, la aaMciaut faarantaa 'a tha ulictad. mar IS It NOTICE. MM -111!?? 4N ? ADAMS' KXPRES4 COMPAJIY " This Company offers to the public" Unequalled Advantages" f<?r the Safe an^ Quick l'i?p?tah of Heavy F r6izhts Packanes, Valuables, Money, Jtc. &o., to all parts of the United Htates. Kx Messes to and from the North and Weil dapart fy,in and arrive in Wa?hingU>u twice daily. All Expre?sos are in obarge of ezperiouod and reliable Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers oarnou at "oax half" cur usual rat?a. Ail Goods fur the so-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Articles " Contraband of War" viii be KxrussD. Ou- Expr?ssf? leave New York at 1,5, and 6 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 530 P. M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8.SB A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Waahiugtua at 5 30 P. M. and 6 A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. and S P. Jl.j^arriviLg iu Wa?Liugton at 6 A. M. and 5 30 Expresses for all points Nor?h an-' West leave Wastunxton at 7.90 A. M. and 3.90 1' M. daily. Special Contracts for <arge quantities of Freight oan be made on application to this < 'ifice. All Uoods vailed for and delivered fret of Extra wii?i (DB? C?. U ? rAllDVPISi Sup't Adams' Kxpre*. ComfAny. Washington, August 2S, 196U au 23 tf Ywood and coal. OU Will stireiy get your money's worth by atlliD{tttii? PlONKbR MILLS) lovlAwiii tor %?r 4f Stvtnth strut and Canal, (6EO. PA6E, Af eot.) They sell oheaper and give better mauar* Ui&n any others id the city?out, split, and delivered free of charge. If von doc t I eiieve ?i ? the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satisfied. t-iT.r y (JOTS AMI) SbOt^ WO 8H1V VMS We are now manafaclurinx all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oorstantly receiving axA* sapply ol eastern made work of every ae-aSC sorption, made expressly to order, and willw ] beaoldatamuaiilowerarioethanhasheen* Wk heretofore oharged 10 tiua eity for m*oh inferior artic.ea. Persons in want o( UooU and 8hoea of eastern ei ity made work, will always find a good aasortmsa Ik store and at the leweel prices. 9ire as a can, TIFFIN * BRO., *14 ^' nnatlTmnie *v*na? A ftMV SUPPLIED JUST RECFIVEIl 480 cans SAU&AGK MEAT, 240 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 48i>o?n? FRESH VK.\L, 360 cans 15 EKF.* la modi, 24?o?DB ROAST BEEF, 36" Oft ii? hRKSH MUTTON. 240 oana BEEF and GRAVY, . 24" can* SOL'P and BOU1LLI, jooum FRENCH DES510ATED VE?E TAB LKS. Kor Mile at New York Factory pneoB. KING A 01 RCHKLL, bo I Comer t and * ifteentb BtrooU. HNliW BOOKS. I8TORY of the United Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley; 2 vols.; free b? mail, ft. The Rise of tue Dutch Republic, a history. by John Lothrop Motley; I roj aioih; free by Silaa Marner, the Wearer of Raveiol, by the author of "AdanTlTede , oloth 7ifoenU ; pap?r K j mti? Lule and Career of Major Andre, by Wiatrup Sar?*ant; #1.?. Alter loec->rr* with a Painter, a Summer Vuya** to Labrador a; d Newfoundland; by Rev I juib L. Nob e: fl so Tfco Manufacture of Photocenio or Hydro-Car bi> "lie, by Thomas Antmeli, f-1. D., fl.76. \af of the above fr?*? by ma:1 .FRENCH A. KICHSTEIN, at IS ' #7" Pecna. avenue. WBOYB' CLOTHING. E Have received withic the iaat day or two a I larce ansortment of UOYM' ftl'BINO fil.nTH | ING. enibraoinf all *tTle*of low-priced, medium, ana nee (ualitie*, which we are *e!:in* a t *er j lov prices for ouh. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., 3)14 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th its. m C I Intajlunnar >n<i K?puhli?an.? CH1B, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS I and COUNTEKPANES.all ?i*?* aac. *uai tie*. Bed Comfort*.Sheetinca. Pillow Linen* and Cotton*. Towel*. Napkina, Table Cloths, Ticking*, Dojliea, &o. All at oar prorsrbially low priaae, marked ia plain fifurea. New comer*. atrancer*. aojourner* atd oitiiena trill inspect our a:ook at ple*anre. PERRY * BHO. *e Tt-bt Pepp avenge and Pth *t.. ^KAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. Wpv W i B*tk ?f Hotel. W ? yt< at liberal advance* made on Sold and e ilver Watotiaa, Diamon a, Jew* ry.Silrer ware,Clothing, Pirtola, and all kiada of Meroha&diae. Buai... c.,.?^ M 1-ftn Between 4j< and 6th aU. rilHE niBiT nan TO t*ua I"? ? I SMI TH to nt?Ji"North Hd rMicciah hint.'ck of f ALL mod WINTER ClOTHINO, vhioh r>? off*r? M raAarkftM* lov prioM, it No. ?M> Brr pth ?t . Pnmt H mws?s.,!?iiIOTa**aM2 tre? t OO l-i? TIMCSMJ SglSFX SEmti I IIEAlXil JARTER9 Of THE U.S. MARINE 11 CORPS, QCARTkRllASTKK't OrFX*. ( Wahhirsto.1, September a, IMl.f 9kalid P*oro?AL?, f r?aoh e'au nep*r*t?fy,will be r?f? r?l at thia uffio' until 12 o'o.ock <o of W dneaJar, ? th or November n#xt, for furaiehiD? to the United i?tat?a Marin* Corps. daring the year 1MB. I he following cuapiiee, to be delivered at the of the A? iaiant Qnartermaat^r of theoorpa, J'hi'a-'islphi*, Pennaylv&nia, free of eipenee to the Unit d mi:ii in auoh quanntieeaa mar ironlmt t j time be ordered, vis : CLifi No 1. fa aaa ...j # ol rai _ ? t/ .11 01 DIIC 111^117, m'. wiwi, 1 ret from h&ir, b* inohea vide, to weigh li on com to the j&rJ,(iadico wool-dyed) 8,Out yard* Da k B u? Kereey. sJl wool, free from hair, '4 mche* wide, to weifk ttoanoee to the yard, (ibdlcowooi dyed.' ?,w rsrdg Dark Bine Twilled rloth, all wool, for cn'fo m ooara. (indigo wool-dyed,> M lMhet wide, to weigh 39 ouno ?er ?a<d. !.*? yarde of Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (ooehineal dyed,) M iiohea wide, to weir fa 16 oaLoee per yard. Clam No 3. g nm tarda of 6 4 Dare Bine Flannel, for overBack*,all woo!,(indico wool dyed,'64 in hea wide, to we<efa IS oannn p?r yard. IS ono yard* of 3 4 Dark B'ne Flannel for ahirta, ail wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 inohea vide, to weirli 6,H ounoe? p*r ya.d l.?w Gr?, Bankets, all wool, to weigh four pouiid? each, with letter* "U 8. M " in b ack. h>or inonee 'ore, in the center; to be 7 iej? long ana 5 feet wide, acn fr fl from grespe. 6.0M pair* of Wo?len Soot*, three sizes. prop er r ni.\ !e of go d fl-x?oe wool, with <lou>le acd twisted yarn to wti h three pound* per dozen pair*, free from grease Oust No. 3. 6 000 yard* White I inen for Pant*, M in'bo* * ide, fo weigh 13 ounces per yard. 10.000 yardi White i ii en lor Shirt*, W> inches wide to weigh 11 onnoc* per yard. 16 000 yard* c anton Flannel for Drawers. 27 isohe* wide, to weigh 7 oocoes psr yard. Class No. 1. ? 1 coo Uniform Caps, complete (?xcept Pompons.) l,*m Pompons, r*d w-jstf'*. 1*V shaped, 4 inches in oi?,cumfer<>r",'\ 3,000 hatigue Oap*,(w)'h oovrrs,)to Ne naJe cf bin* ("'--th, i> diro wool-dyed. if"* stocks. Cla*i? No. 600 gross f'oat Hatt- ns, i Fiat la) 4*? grcs? .lack ? Button* (Eagle.) Vf?t r.i;te.) l.'flo faira Yei ow Mei&l treeoea'a a"d Scale Strap-. 2V -d.s Epaulette Bullion for gorg??a Uand Corpo a 2 uOset? Fpauie'te Bui ion for Private*. f* R??d Wor?ted Hat'hra. 2 ?*? yard* of Y?!jow Binding. 2ry<0 >*rd? of Rm Cord. I(? Sword* lor >trff*!it* ,V?>words for Muaiotare. So Drums (t^nor.iooinpiete. AO D um Sunt*. ;?) Batter Drum H??i. 50 Snar* Drum H*adc. l?o Drum C< rds. 100 ?et? of Drum Snaree. 100 Boxwood ,'B" Pifti. 0 CUM NO 6 ]o/oo pairs Army Boots. < infantry pattern ) Claa* No. T. 1,2<o Cartridge B >xr?1 tijLvn'.At Sn&lib&ida. j,2no Percnsion Uap Poichea 1,2m Cartridce Box Belt*. 1.20.1 HRron^t Belts. i,?* \V?i>t Belts I,2Ti> WSlit P'&tes. 1.2W1 breast I'latre. 250 Sword Frog*. Class NO. (*. 1,2") Knapsacks. #*> H*.vsrack?. OMrutMu. 600 M ask?t Slings. Clii> No. 9. For making and trimming the falloviog artioles, viz: Watch Coat* Serc?anta* CorpnraV.MuateiaiM'. and Privates' Uniform aijd Fstuue Coats; Woollen and Linen Pants; Flannel and Linen PlilrU; Dawers; Flaunel Sacks; and Red and blue JackStl far Itnrs. The abive mentittkad artir'es mcit oonfom in all T* r*ct>, to the sea.ed *ta,daa pattern i in t'ie offue of the Quartermaster Marino corps Marine ua racks. V\ ashington, D. C ; Ats stant Quarter master, <Hloe Marite Corps, IAO fpruoe street, Pui aoelphia; and at the Marine Stations, Brooklyn, New Y?rk;and Boston.Massachusetts; where ti e? can be r jammed. And whenever the articles named above, or a*y portion of them, shall be considered as not full? < or.formirg to ran.plf s, they will be r?i?cted and the contra- tor ?ili be bound to furcisa others < f the required ki^d at once or the <Jnirt?rmaster wi 1 supply the deficiency at theexreise of theooatract r. Payment will be ma<ie upon theascerted delivery o'the whole eoar t t?, wnioh mar from time 10 time be ordered, withholding ten per oent from the pajmeit of aocount rendered urder first order, until second order is fitted, anl ten per cent lrom account r^n'Wed under second order until third order is fiied.and so oc, until contract is oumpl^ted. Ea it proposal must be aooompanied by the fol lowing guarantee: Form of Guaranty. The undersigned, , of . in the State ol . and . in the Stata of , hereby gu%rantee that in oast tue foregoinc l>?d of tor supplies, as above d**ortbed. be aoo*pte<l. he or they will, within tea after the receiptor the contract at the Post < >(? ?e nam- d, uxecate the contract lor the s\me witn good and suffici'ct securities, and In oase the 4 hail fail to enter into oontrae' *? aforesaid, we tuaraatee to mske good the difiVenoe between the offer of the Mid ana that whioh may be accepted. A B, Guarantor. C 0, Guarantor. E F,\VitnMft. , >861 I hereby certify that the above named ar? known to me aimen of properly, and ah e to mate good th*tr guarar tee. O. H. fo I* signnd by the United Stales District Judge, Unr.ed tJtaUs District Attorney or CoUeotor. No proposal will be oocsidored unless aooompanieu by the above guarantee. Newspapers authorised to publish the above will ?eiKf the pap*r ooi.taining the first insertion to thiaoAce fur examination. Joe bidder's plao < of business, or manufaotar irg establi?hm tit, must be spec.fioaliy statel in tne prototai. The a1" ve lift of artielee it believed to be about the quantity of each a Hole that will bp required dn io* the year; tot tne Quartermaater reserve* thencht of orderint a greater or lea* quantity, thoud tne irtereat* of the servoe require it Pr< p *al? to he end'>r?ed cn the envelope, 44Pro pcsala for Sjpvltee for Marine Corp* for lUi," and aldre tftd to Major V\M b. Pl.A" K, Quartermaster M.C., Wasi.intton, D. C. ge 30 law?w pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR !* ?. Ottartermaxter't, OJlct V. S Marine Washington, September 85,1861. \ Sialic Proposal* vi.I he reoeived at thiaofioe, until ihr 3?to oay <>l Ootober next at IS o'e'ook ,a., for furniauiiic rationn to the li. 8. Martnea, at the to,loving BtAtiuL*. du* ing tha jear ltd, vis: Portsmouth, N*w Bampahire; Charlectovn, Ma?*achueetts: Rrooktyn, Lonj. laiaori. wew York; rm aaeipnia. renmy ivania: W aahing ton, Diatnct of Columbia. Each rauontd conaiatof > hree-aartert of a pound of meaa pork,or baoou. or one-and-a fourthaeundi of freah or aaU beef; ixn'j two ounoaa of bread, made of extra aupirfite flmr, or la Ilea thereof twenty two oancea of ?*'ra ruperfin* <! >U': pound of hard bread, at th> opfior of ?he G'> en men!; and at the rate of ei bt *uait? of beat whi e Maua, or in teu tUere-a tea poai U? of rioe; ten p und? of Kood oofTee. or in lieu tlwreof one-arx! a ft If p?U "u? of t<sa; ponnoa of good New Orleans aura-;(ou~ c "It Ntar; one p ur I o! sperm oanr1 "a. or uu?-UiJ a <urtb pocnda ' adamantine i vad'e? or r>n??-an -a-ha'' i >nd* i good I ' rd-dipt.>d taUoW oandla: lour poanda cood arc. 'own aoap; two e uarta of aalt; and one nandreu s.nd hity-aix pounda of potatoee, to eaoh hundred rati una. The increased allowanee of lour oanooe of flour or bread, and the altowanoe of potato*i,aa above provided, wi>l oeuae, at the tenu>catioa of the preaent maarrrotion, and tha ration be aa prrided by law and regulations, on the 1st of J air, !* !. Tr.e beef klia.l be delivered on the order or the oomatan iitig t (fioer of eaoh station, either ia bulk "I ttj tuv a>up4v au?'U| nuu II' best and most ohoice pieoe>s of tbe caroa*s; the fork to be No 1 prime mess-eurk; and tae grooerim to be of the best <nality of kinds named. All sabkot to iaspeotion. All bid: must bo aoouanpaaied by the following guarautee: Form of (rMristw. The nodersirnrd, , or , in the Mate of , aad .of , la the Mats oi , hereby caaraoty that in esse the fore?atni bid of for rationa. ae above dnaenbed. be aooosud, h* or they will, within ten days after the receipt of the oontraetat the PoatOftoe lmi.k. ex?cate the oontraot for the tame, with good and riiffHwert ?uroiiet,?tjd ia oase said shall fail to enter into ooB'raetae aforesaid, wscoaraaty to make food the diflWaooe between the oW+r ofthe Mid aad mat whioh mar be accepted. w??, . - t k iUSSSf: E. F. IMS I hereby oortify that tae a bore aamed ?? knova * -* ?^ Uuittd Statu D%?trut 4>l*r*M, m ftllmir.) No pro^owU will b? cwidarad ulMt >hib ptnird by the tbore *#*ranU*. (NniHMiri aa noriz?d to wbtUh t*? ?bov? w 11 w>d ih? p?p?r o .utmirm* to* frst 1m*rtion to Pru^oali U>*"w^/Trm- ?' ProMiau far ft?b?u for 113," and MirWMf to the ?nW?l?nod. W, fl. SLA C h, M nnviv Major HU qim>. p^^sssbhbsbheshhsshhhbs THE WEEKLY STAR. This Fiatly i>4 !* ? itirwlowklilif i twtlw rule*y H UHereeHeg mtlag tbu r?a be I??a4 la aay elkw > pvMfcfcaft ? Friday aoralag. Single copy, per Mian. H Five copies ........... 4 7? Ten I ? ^ "eaty-lr? coyHee. ? ?# # ?. ? ii It iavvUblj ooataiaa tb? '' W irfclnf tt Nrw?' tkal baa made 7\t Dmitf Xwataf Star etawM a gaaaraiif Uiroagbout tin eooatry. 0~SU?le aoplaa (Is wrappan) ouk.^ eared at tbe counter, temedlalely aflat tte Mm of the paper Prioa?THREE CENTS. II ELM BOUTS GENUINE PREPARATION. HJUHLT CVXCMNTRATMAT* Compound Fluid Extract Buohn, 4 PoiUtr* mnd BftxJU Amm4| Far Dtaaaaaa of Ua BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, a ad DKOPSIC A L SWELLINGS. Tbta Madioin* fnorwooa Um power of DlfMCioa, *?oit?a ths a??<>*?? ?it* into )wttr Mdol, by wbioh the w?tiit ut C4Un?ti mpmmmaf* *U(1 ft 1 C!f> ATCftAL KLilfitXlRII ftT* IliUl. m wall a? TA.IK AhD iniLiHHtTioii, m4 to good f#r men, women, ok children. HELMHOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU For V\'iKkn**>fi Anainc from I xc?aa?a HkbtU of DtMtpoUo*. fc.?wljr l>diacr??n?? or Attmdtd tritk tkf FolUvimg Symptomi: lndUpoa'tion to bxert'.on, L#o?? of Powe, I -oaa of Mrotorr. Pifteiltj of Rnatliiii, Wwk N?rvf?, TrtaMQ, Hi>rro? of d >ik*. WakaMaaait Dimnnai of Vi?io*. Pain is tba SMk, L'n v?r?% Laatitudflof tb? MoaruUr Hot Ha il*. Hatbinj ?T tba> 11...^-. r?k. uki. ? ** - - ? - wijiniaoi M" '- mi n'lfUPM M U* rNT| r Ai LID COUNTERARTB. The?e (jmpt m*. II a owed to io ?~n. vhioh Uu medicine tn vanatly innovji, aoon folova 1MPOTENCY.FATUITY EPILEPTIC FITS.* In emt / trkttJt tkt m*f Evpi** Who ou f?i t*?t they are not r?neatl| W lowed by thoae "uiuri L ri# ? INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Ma ( are *** of the amm of tknr ofTnt??, BTT ifOHB WILL THE RECOHDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And iA? M'lnnrKoly Dratkf fry fwiwifOii, BEAK 1NFLI WITHVs? TO TBI TITTH OF TMI utoitm THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires lite a'J of medicine to *tr?nj'han and Irvijoiate the B;?Ua, which HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUC tn'-artnhly 4ott. A TBI4L WILL rotfrisc* TNB M9tT ^KKFTICiU FAJIM LES? FEMA LES- PEMA LBS. OLD OR YOUNG 8INGLE. MARRIKD. OR OONTbMPLATING MARRlAGB. In Many I/mIimi FtttU**t ( F-maltt thf Extract Buoua ia aneaaaihd by any i thar r?n *dr, aa is Chiorcaia or Ket^tUoa, Irr fro antt, P*ibfu:n?u. or ttappr^aatoa o< CMlomwi Isvm uAtioiiB. Uicratoo or Sohirroaa ?tat? of th* Vf ros. Leuoor'h** or Wliitn.SMnliW. ted for ail ooMipluQtU inoidaot to tie m, wfcetbar ariai?? from lodiaoreriou. Habit* of Diwfuboi, or ia tfca DECLINE OR CHAffQt OF LIFE' U erMFTOlM *M?|. HO FAMILY SHOULD BB WITHOUT IT IR1.1ARY ORGANS, whotitor ez:aUo( in MALE OR FEVALK, (rom wb?t?ver o?u?e ori?iu?tiai u4 no nltM of HOW LOHO ITANDI.IO Diwuu of U?m Or|U6 require tbo Aid of A 01crktic. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHO 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC^ Mtd it u oeit&in to h?vo th? ueaired offoot la Diiwm 'or Mtn *1 ?.< rtcmmwundtd. BYIDBNCB OP TIE BOUT BBflPOBIIBM ABB MLIABLB CBABACTBB Will aooompuy Ui* modioiBM. CKRTiFIC&TKS OP OUBR*. Mnniv>i)i) an' uadlftSt with Nftm*? know* to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS" T LEASE * NOTICE." VI HAKB "HO IBCUBT'' Of "IMllDIlITt " HKLMBUL1TS KXTKACT HUCBU itoom^oMd o; Haobu, Ci*itUiadJiH|il Bftmftt. Mieoted with ktmU oftr* bj ft oo ???(? ( dr?r |i*l. PREPARED IN VACUO. BY H. T. HKLMIVtVi Praotiotl and AnfcirtiMi Chemiat. wd Soto Mmuhkcturer of HELMBOLD 8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS '? ?r AFFIDAVIT. I P?r?on*iiT IHIVM oolur* n?.?c A Idinn ?f th? city <fr PhilM?l?lu%, B. T. BiuiioLb, wfcn b?ing daly nrr n.dotu t?y.hi* yr?ix>U?i w? t*io ao o&root ?, >o Bwtiri.w HM> u)in?? dr.,.. b..M Mr-, .EiJ.K.La .ur.p^ . * ' i "**?) '>(i# PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 9 A . M. TO P. M. Pric* <1 m* k*tu?, it rii fcr 91, _ to My iidn?. aMvaiy pM>?< Iw h. t. *? Depot, mm 8mU TMtt rt., Mw Tlr-mr*. fMt. IKW11I OP OOVNTSKPBIT* AND VHPMITfCIFLMD DEALERS who ?4?roc to di^m -of UMr ?wi" ' otMr" oa t*? tOUMd fey (riUuu ftiftiiiiwi, u 44 BmnmpmrM*, 44 *4 JimM Am IF***. .--HJi! ' guru ~ BoM by H, ft. Waits. X. D. ?oiu, Wilmi ft. a Po*?. ?? B. krrwwru. ft. O. MAJML* Kivwsll * Uiuki, J, tu IU?W< W-kmw Omtsmto. azx druggists inirftMit, ? % m ASK: FOE HXLKBOLD'8 TAD MO OnOBL Cat ??t tW ?lTwtwwi ml lw M. AND AVOID IMFOfttriOM Mi KXhMU. Smerxit Symptom* *n mil Q%mmMniemtxom ? ? Takf it* mort Balram, Ntrcmf, m Mtdictnt for Unrlta*ant and Dmngtramt Pium?s. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BVCHV SECRET DISEASES In all their ?;?* ; At littl* K?f M?. Lat.le or bo ob*uc? m Di?t; No iDOOfiTMitaw; And no axporwrf. It causes % frr?u ui deair* a .d givo* ilreuU to Unn*t?, the ?bj Rem vine n bat motion*. Prvv?A. tniff snd rim ALriAtur?-B of th# I'rAthn. Allaying rti? i oflemtnallaa. so fr*qu?ul 11 the clui of diirt>M. Md UMuiii mil Poucnout. and mi Afaiicv. THor*AinM rron TioruuM WHO HAVE BEEN THB VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tare paid i??i?ij?? to be eared ic a short Ume, 1i%vp f uod tvy wore deoeirea. and that the poi?os" h*?, by the uaeof"nw.rfnl aitrmcmlr' beendrt'd up id tue ajilem, u> br?u?iitaut(* gr?T?t?J Jorm, and PERHAPS AFTMR MARRIAGM. f Us* H ELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BVCBV for all affe.Uouk an 1 dieeaa* ol the

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