Newspaper of Evening Star, October 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 16, 1861 Page 2
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^ - in ? THE E\ EjMJNCiJ*TAR.' WASHINGTON CITY: WIDSE^DAY Ottokor l?, 1??lf Or* Fiiwp* "< v?r1*aa mirt&rv ?*ninp? and ro?4t1 rma will mnt+r a fuvA? K? WaaaU? ?- ?* J r - ? ?- ?? ----- - ? ?-V. ? f |rvj**rV a to iMffBiwh and affhlra In their vlelnltlea. _ Spirit ? lh? *I?ralng rrnt. TV1? IntflUg'tti rr deflnra ?ha' waa really the original meaning of wLat la called tte 'Monroe Doctrine ? Th* K'pfithmn treata upon "The Sltnat'.on " om MILITARY nFDGET. TH* rtBtlta TBTa MORS^G Heavy artillery firing thia forenoon generated much excitement here, owing to the prevalent belief that a grand battle inav occur over the river at- any moment. It waa, however, bnt battery practice In our army. ?f?V tfit-.i.! ft a a - a ? i am nnmnnioD nrpmanran a any or iw? ? nee, 1* coalmen 'nf upen one of LI. D. Ru?aell's late lettera. take* ->*caalon 'o aay that " It la no !m. peachment of th 1 general loyalty of the regular army officer list, purged aa It Is now by resljjnaHm? and dismissals, to tay tbat wait who are till oo It havasneh aympathlea with the insurgeatM, and ?uch a diallkeof republican principlea that It i* 'k*rd' for them to 'Jigkt ?citk a ?o<xl As*rf' In the present war. And when the true hiatory of thia war can be written, It will appear that no Inconsiderable part of the national reverse! suffered In it, la to be set down to the acore of the 1 want of 'fxorf heart' In Ha prosecution, on the part of the regular army officers, including seine in the higher grades " If this accusation be founded on fact, it ia the duty of the Republican at once to name the traitor or traitors at heart still in the service, rather than thus to cast such an aspersion upon the charactrr of Its every officer. As, when it a*aall* 110 particular officer, It palpably assails any and all cf them But It* allegation is utterly without foundation ia fact. A more lovai body of cfficera never served nv r/Ml nfftr than thnao n* ? *-- *T J VVWOTM VHWU (HUOV VI ? UV pltKUi ic^uiar I S. army. Our neighbor, (the Republican ) we fear, symptthlzea too deeply with the views of uch journal! m the New York Tribune, to be able to comprehend what tmm<i loyalty really la. The officer* of the regular service are none of them abolltlonlsta AH of them are doing their beat to defend the Constitution and the I'nlon; while not one of them would draw a sword to work out the purposes of Cheever, Garriaon, Greeley A. Co , whote ends and alma are quite at reprehensible aa thoae of Jeff D?vls, Beauregard, Johnaon ft Co ?quite. We may uv aa much for at leaat nine tenths of the rank and file of the volunteer service, who, we know well, are Chafing under the a^r's of the abolition politicians to dirert the purpose of the war from what Congress has declared tt to be; and who very generally believe that the a ir? at way to strengthen the cause of the Government Id the present struggle, would be to set re a C'hetver or a Oreeley, and hold him cheek by j ?\v! with each sympathizer with atrvaaion placed in Fort Lafayette. Thtse two classes are alike dangerous lo the successful pnoecutlon of 'he war for tat Teitor*tnm of tA? Union under tkt Constitution #/ our fathers; success for the plant of the ?ae claaa. Involving aa much danger to the futuie of the c our try, aa success for those of the other. TBI PSOBABLB IRC TH OF IT We place no reliance whatever upon the New ?rleana telegrams to tht Virginia papers, p'i>>liahed in yesterday'e Star, alleging a victory of a label " mosquito fleet,'' under that notorious ^a?plpe, Holllns, over the United States vess^s-ofwar engaged just now In protecting the camp'e Won of land battery the head of the live passes Of mouths through which the Mississippi dubeucbes lato the Gulf. It is probable that Holiln^ essayed a reconaoinUcs with whatever fore* he could command, but did not venture noar enough to come within the nageef the U 8. guns, contenting himself with peppering' away, at a safe distance The die iwcan no not allege that we lost a tingle man killed or wounded, and the latest dispatch (on the second day) apeak* of the alleged ?lnktng of the Prebleaa a mere report?rumor. It la not believed at the Navy Department that our veosela sustained any damage whatever, or tkaitbe dlauntonlsta will fail to find them fully ble to deatfoy whatever they may (**nd a^ein?t tbem In the boastful belief that they may have done soffit damage already. There ia something myaterloua in what the Richmond paper* tell uaof the late arrest, Ac , of Cel. Vandergrlft, late Chief Engineer and General Superintendent of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad He 1a a Jeraey man, haa resided in Virginia for ten or fifteen yeara, and rank* deservedly aa one of the moat aocceaaful civil engineer* of the country. He was an enthusiastic seceaalonlst up to the breaking out of actual hos'llltlea, but knowing him well, we are not aurprised to And that on real'sing precisely the end, aim and real consequence* of the seceaslon scheme, he haa refused to take tbe oath to support It, and hns claimed tbe privilege of leaving the oligarchy's domlniona for a free countrv. As the Rlrhmnn<f E?H+iTrT uyi (In protesting against the act of the oligarchy in permitting him to depart) be doubtJtm knows a great deal which if known to tbe military authorities of tbe United States, will prove of vaat Importance to our cause. He is, perhaps, better informed concerning tbe capability of tbe oligarchy to maintain the war than aliunst ay ether man not In their wir otb<;e We with him a speedy advent hither. HARDLY SO. It is being said that tbe disunionists have recently Sniabed a railroad froui Gordona/ille to Aqula Creek, for the transportation of troops and munitions- to Fredericksburg Is probably Beaut. We doubt tbe truth of tbe rumor; as the work was of too heavy a character to have been so aoon accomplished Tbe bed of tbe road bad not bees graded years before, as Is being alleged Preliminary surveys for such W"rk were made perbaps^ten years rloee, and barely enough xpade work ha-1 been done upon it to secure tbe form of charter. That Is to say: tbe ground bad been broken In a military point of view the road would be of great importance to Beauregard's present position, as being likely to enable him to guard his rear, as be can ao< easily guard that without It. But we do not believe that it bts _ ? u. wr Ciinu; |>o?er U) DUild tbi road 1b queation, aa alleged. DO W.I THB B1VBB. Rleawhere in today's Star the reader will And aa accouat of the unmaakmg of a aerlea of batterlea by tbe dlmaionlata yeaterday forenoon, extending. at latarral*, from transport down to quia Creek. They are donbtleaa dealgned to present tbe paaaage of auppllea to thlaclty via tbe The fact that tbe Seminole paaaed tbeis under tbelr poralatent Are without Injury to aprak of. abowa that they probably fall of tbe end W> wbich tbe* ware coaatroctod We auy add that our naval author 1 tlea a at let pate little or no trouble to tranaport veaaela from them. If they eaaay to give such uafl annoyance, the flotilla will, of eowrar, bring them op uader the protection of lta gvaa AT CBKBK . From information confided In here, th* diaunioolata have within tbe last night fortnight Hflaad thirty thousand troope In the immediate vteJalty of Aqula croak, a eonaiderable portion pf them having been taken from our Immediate fteat Through aptaa tbey learned of the iromaane praparaUoi.s being made by tbe (Jov orument for a month paat. for a formidable aval expedition, or fat two or three each e*p4dltloaa. aad Jodglag that tbe latoatloo of tbear preparation* ?u to take tbelr army opposite is la tho rear, by ejecting a leadlog at or n<*r Aquta creek, tbey ant the force above referred *? la that petal. Thar have evidently made a grave mlatake, and wljl abort]y aufftr tta legltW IBtlf ^ on a ailkaaid pbisokb* -* Mr Seateei T. Aaderaon formerly of m-o'hU bat dow of New York, wbo oojourued In Fort ht wets wetfca, op tp ft\$iayateaiisg ..-I ?* *i * -- _ - * last, I* now In this rlty. Be la Intereittnjc htm* aelf to proenre the liberation of a Mr. Elliot, of Maine, a fellow-prisoner there KAVT YARD The steamera Yankee and Jacob Bell arrived at the yard late laat evening, from Indian Hend. They report that the S?mlnole was flred at yet terday afternoon from the Shipping Point battery, the same which was noticed In our paper of yesterday. The Seminole returned the Are, and for?v or fifty ahota were exchanged Aa naual. nobodv hurt " The 9eminolekept on her way. An officer of the Jacob Bell, who ha* carefully reconnoltered thla battery, says there are six guns In poaitlon, all apparently heavy ordnance The river there 1* about one mile wide. Intelligent officer! aay that the atatement about alx milea of batteries below Skipping Point la all | nonsense. Veasels might be annoyed by batteries from the ahore for a mile below there, (as far aa Evansport,) but below that point the Virginia shore recedea from the channel, and the river la so wide that batteries would b? useless If they were there. Sixteen or eighteen gun* la about the extent of their armament in that neighborhood. from Shipping Point to Evansport The Pawnee, Harriet Lane, and Yankee went down the river lait night. The Anacostla has had tier boilera put aboard, and la being rapidly fitted up. rr li A I baaK Dull V? I o V* ia rt t V>u \*? n uv tfarvv uru, nuicu vamr- up wuu ?uc ankfr lust night. has had to go 'nto ">c dork for repairs. One thousand eight hundred men are the total number of employees at this time. All the guns at this yard are being rifled. At the ordnance foundry they are casting now nothing but bras* pieces?12-pounders generally. During the past month only twelve guns were cast. Previous to this time they averaged about one a day. In thW foundry they run about one ton of iren per day into shot and shell At the Iron foundry, wuere are ninety men employed, they ran on Monday (night and day) a'lout seventeen ti r.s of iron Into shot, shell,grape and canister Of this amount 40*.) were nine and ten-inch rolid shot. During the last six weeks st tbis shop tb?-y have run about ten tons of iron per day into the projectiles specified above At the laboratory they are quite busy In the ii.tmiiacttjie "1 pcrcuwun powaer, <CC. The s-amen at the yard are being drilled each day In skirmish practice with muskets, and alto In the light artillery practice. The old salts seem to cnioy these ahore exercises very much on account of the novelty. Headquarters of tht Army, ) Washington, October 12, 1*HI J special Orders, No. 170 Klftv-seven of tbe United States soldiers detained in Richmond having been released on taking an oath not to bear arms the States l.i rebellion, an eq>al number of the prisoners of w r taken from those States, now conllied In Washington and Niw York harl>or, will be reIta-ed on taking th? prescribed oath of allegiance to tbe I'uiUd States, or an oath not to engage In arms against the United States. Of those confined In this city, the thirty-seven here named w 111 be released, as above : Towns' nd Hnbbi, W Loflin, R G. Alford, D D. I a'?et. J* S Green, David Porter,G. A. Thomas, I u'oinas Anderson A C. Ferrell. J A. Winfleld, J R Payne, W. James, A Bomamaler, F. W ard, VV A. Wilson, C Lang, R . B Boone, R. Wallr..' vv hi t t v, ~ in > ,, a.aM, ? . i'l ( * UVIMpiUll, TV jOOniO'l, V* . Burrows. J McFall, George Barker. J. Calvin. J O'Brien. S Garitt, L Rleek. W . A Barron. G. H Gramling, J Leadbetter. A J. Smith, J. F. Grayson, R Plnknev, W. J N. Barb-n, George Larabee, J T. Elliott, George Milor. * Colonel L"?inl>, commanding at Fort Columbu.?, will, In concert with Lieut Col Burke, elect twenty from among the prisoners of war under their charge, to make up the number Indicated. Tb? prisoners to be released will be sent, bv the tlrst opportunity- ?n Fort Monroe, and thence under a Ha;; of truce through the Ulted States line*. a doible Track niid? ?The Indications arc that the sideiiigs, Ac , added to the Baltimore ard Washing ton Railroad will not furnish the required faculties for the accommodation of fri ght, Ac , seeking paasage over the road, and tiiat the laying down of a double track, a* urged tn this paper long ago. wlil afford the only measure of relief. As it la, everything ia behind time over the road- not only heavier articles of freight, but malls, ci press matter, and perishable articles. Our fellow-citiien* engaged in trade in perishable articles are now losing eoormoasly, dtily barrel alter barrel of such gooda spoiling ere bring delivered to consignees, after being k*pt at timet for weeks locked up In cart upon the road. Freight was received yesterday in this city that had been rear two week* on the road from Baltimore to Washington, and parties here having goods on the way yet a longer time, are Informed that there la no telling when they may be favored with the opening of car* containing aald freight? a failure to get which ahortly will coat owners mmy timea ita mere commercial value. Hundred* of citizen* are almcat daily suffering in the same way, from the current utter failure of the railroad company to command meana to accommodate the business public. A double track is certainly absolutely necessary, If not a resumption of the Government's late man* agement of the road. The most striking and characteristic like, nesa of Gen McClellan we have yet seen, is a fullface photograph just taken a* Whltehurst's, 431 Pa avenue He is represented in folded arm attitude, taking a i>ood, square, deliberate look at some object ahead?perhaps Manassas?and the expression, likeneas and all Is most perfect. It is a capital fellow picture to the excellent photographs of Generals Scott, Butler, Anderson, Fre inont. Wool, and otber prominent men of the day, Issued from the Wbitehur?t Gallery. ArroisTio ? Moeee Kelley, Eeq , for several years past the t tfic.ient Chief Clerk of the Department of the Interior, bat been appointed by the President Register of Wills for the county of Washiuttton, in the place of Kdward N. Roacb, d?re#*d Walton J Smith, Ksq , ha* been appointed to succeed Mr Kelley as Chief Clerk of the Department rf the Interior. Co.nmuls Atpoijitbd ?The President has appointed Am?sa Mason, of N V , U 8. Consul at Manilla, and Jamts Harris, of R I , U 8 Consul at Ilaugkok. Impoitaxt thi Kanawha?Interns in< from Wr$t*rn Virginia and Kenturlry ?The Cincinnati G >i??e of Monday (14th Inst ,)?ays: The steamers Empire City and Horizon, which we e chartered ?>m? dava ago to convey the Thirty-Seventh Ohio Regiment up the Kanawha, returned yesterday The officer! of the Kmplre City report having met the lxetta,the boat that was fired upon by a company of rebel horaemen near Winileld, la*t week, and compelled to put back In her way up, with a guard or sotdserson board. They alao 'announce the arrival at Winfield of Ave hundred of Piatt's Zouave*, who came down on the Sliver Lake, the vessel that preceedsd the Ixetts, and which ltwa-> Cearedhad oeen captured, and alao of three hundred men from Point Pleasant, who went up ou the Lovan. This force waa arourlng the country In searcn of the rebel* If the reports at the Red Houae Saturday evening are to W relied upon, concerning the rebels' |4Mltlon and force, they will find themselves cornered, captured, and cued, and. the polltenets and ability of the Colonel to pass them, they may get a ride upon theateamer Ixetta which they fired Tuto. The lzetta, after her repairs at Galllpolls. went up the river laat night with her men and cargo unharmed. She will be received with unbound* d joy. SBX AMDiacOM AT CAMP dice bnsinson, etc Camt Dice Robinson, Oct 13 ? Gen. Anderson, instead of going to Washington, arrived her* yesterday evening Gov Johnson and Horace May nard, of Tennessee, are also here. Gen Mitchell Is expected on Tuesday, to take commaud of the column Simon Cameron Is expected to visit the camp at the same time An sdvance hss alresdy been made by the 17th Ohio, which la near twenty mile* down toward London from Richmond, and It begins to aDDear . . . iuai u>e movements ou thU and toe LouUville column are to be aimnltaneoua. Len Harris * M Ohio has gone to look after Breohlnrldge'a forcea on the Big Sandy. Gift fion tmi 1'bmeats Clotildi ? A magnificent liver chalice, eleven I or he* high, and a Wver paten four Inches In diameter, have Just been finished bv Tlflfcay k Co , at a coit of tlM, for one cf the Roman Catholic cbarebsa In thin city. at a present from her Imperial Hlghneaa the Prinr. aa I lotllde. It la supposed that the ctorch u> which the handaome gin la to presented ia Dr Curr.iulug'a la Twruiv-eight street, or the French i*uihollc c bapel In Fourteenth street. both of | which were frequently attended by the Prlnccaa. I A * H*~ld. J j, ^ . 4 ' m 9 ? I ?IMiMI LATEST NEWS FRO *1 THE SOUTH. We copy the following from the Petersburg (Va ) Express of Monday 14 TBI BLOCIADI IFFIrTIVI ? It la learned from a moat reliable source. (i late officer In the Fnited Statra navy, who waa compelled to resign on account of 111 health.) that the IIne Confederate States steamer Naahville succeeded in running the blockade oft' Charleston, 8 C., during s late hour on Friday night last, and Is now rapidly speeding her way across the bioad Atlantic. The Nashville Is comiranded by Lieut. D r? as ?t?L i_ n ? ' n nun*. > recrnm i ion regram fniffta me United states service in 192!?, and at the time hostilities commenced was on duty at the navy yard, Norfolk He la a Virginian by birth ] She takes out a* psasengrrs Hon. Jam' a M Maaon and Jofcn Slldell. the first one accredited commlaslon-r to the Court of St James,and the latter going in the same capacity to the t'oiirt of St Cloud Jsmcg Kdward McFarland, Erq, of l't-t^rsburK. go?s as private secretary to Mr. Mason,and the Hon (ie?t. Kustls. of New Orleans, as secretary to Mr. Slitlell. The Nashville, of course, takes ou: a full mail and valuable official documents for the Confederate commissioners who have been on the Continent fur many months past The Nashville is aid to be ore of the swiftest steamer* tb*t ever piled the American waters, and for several year* ran as a passenger and mall boat between New York and Charleston Her custom-house measurement Is about twelve hundred tons MOBS TROOPS A splendidly equipped body of cavalry, numbering 1,(XiO men and J***- horsea, from Raleigh, No th Carolina, had arrived at Richmond, en route for the seat of war WOOSDJtl) ITS THE SANTA IOIA VIOHT Tbe Fensacoln correspondent of Ort. Pith gives the following official report of the wounded at the Santa Rosa light, and now lying at the Ladle*' Hospital in Fensacola : R. L Iverson, of the Mississippi regiment; J. B Day, of the 9th Mississippi; \\ rn Durham, of the l?t Florida regiment; Michael Mortimer, of the 1st Louisiana regiment; Walter Jtrole.of the 5th Alabima regiment; Patrick O'Neal, of the Ut Florida regiment; J A Raeksdale, of th< Uirh Mississippi regiment: L. C. Wbfed?n. of the 5th Georgia regiment; Wm. L Phuney, of the 5lh Georgia regiment; Chat*. G Ichell, of the Georgia battalion; liCWli Allen, of the 5th Georgia; L C tlollingswortb, of tb>-5'h Georgia regiment; A R impark, of the lit Florida regiment; Win II Jsrkson, of tfce 5th Georgia regiment; W A Elder, of th- Georgia battalion; R Kinsad*, of the lllth Mississippi; Mr. Dnflle, of the first Louisiana; Robt Anthony, Isaac Liberln, W. W. Odevai-e. J 11 Blddow, (since dead,) of the 5th Georgia; T A. Stillman, of the -th Mississippi; Ja?. Hallington. of the 1st New York artillery; J. BossalJ, of the 3d United states artillery. A TKRR1BLK NIGHT?FROM THR NORTHWEST?COL. GILHAM'S COMMAND The Richmond Dispatch of the 10th Inst , contains the following : We stated yesterday that an unpleasant rumor froin Col Gilbam's regiment, in Northwestern Virginia, was not credited by the authorities in this city We have since received a statement of the facts, gathered from a private letter written by Quartermaster J. R .Mountcastle, of company F, and deem it our duty to lay it before the public The letter ia dated Camp on Elk Mount tain, Oct -Id. Six diys previous to that time, when the regiment was encampcd on Middle Mountain, (in tbe western part of Pocahontas county, n?-ar the Randolph line.) an order to retreat was issued, though from what cause is not ffpflnitol v " jLuI I? ?? ? *-?,w?- ' _. J >ra,vu II Ifua a HI r I "if lllgm wucn this order wu given, tbe rain pouring In torrents, and the darkness almost Impenetrable; yet the tents were struck, the wagons loaded, and the reglmeut was ready to march at daybreak After proceeding three miles, the troops were brongbt to a halt by the high wa'ers of F,!k river, whit h rendered fording impossible At tbia place, we regret to say, tt wa& found necessary to burn the wagons, trnta, baggage provisions and otber articles which Involved a loss of property estimated at fifteen thoi<siml dol'a s value. The regiment truggled forward, marching through inud knee deep, suffering many hardships, and finally succeeded In reacting Klk Mountain. Tbe troops bad only a scanty supply of food, and tbe letter mentions that company F bad just come in from tbree (lavs' picket duty, on short rations. Tbey were nearly broken down with fatigue and hunger. We could not conscientiously withhold this intelligence for a knowledge of the fact* will unquestionably occasion tbe adoption of measures for tbe relief of the regiment TlIC rfcTKKHBURG (VA ) MARKETS. Tobacco 1* dull and lower We quote lug* at St 75&S3 75, sales mostly at ? > 50af.'l; poor to middling leaf at #3aS5; fair S6s$6 50, and g'od to fine *7sf.l". Wheat is In demand and receipts light. Prices range from 70o. to SI 10 Corn is more active at tiOa&5c. R ye Is selling at SI SOaSS 50 Oats SI per bushel. Cotton Is dWlining under large mesa?laai nmii I?% cent* per lb , but large lots would not bring at much Coflee very scarce, tbe government having bought up nearly all the supplies Ordinary Rio worth 60c per alugle lb. Pepper coromauds from 45 to 60c Adamantine caudles 15a5?c prr lb 9JafS 50 for uruund alum, and *<$ 50?*7 for Liverpool flue The stock la amall and the demand increasing dally, Shoe thread per lb Cotton yarn is active, and readily commands 45a!?7c. per lb Lard '.Wc per lb. for good quality, In kegs Conxidtrlng the season, the bacon market Is well supplied with Virginia A large sale wss made recently of hog round at 32c Per lb., nevertheless the demand has slackened. We quote from ?i to 25c , tbe latter for best quality bams. thk v1ctokt iii tux west The Richmond Examiner of the 7th Instant has the following: Additional intelligence received at the War Department gives full confirmation of the victory gained by General Jackson on tbe Greenbrier river. The following Is tbe official dispatch of General Jackson himself, addressed to the Secretary of vv ar: (>rbk:?br!kr Rivkr, Oct 3.?Th? enemy attacked us at eight o'clock this morning in conalderable force, estimated at five thousand, and with six pieces of artillery, of longer range than any we have. Aftera hot fire of fourand ahalfhnurs, and heavy attempts to charge our lines, he was repulsed, evidently with considerable loss. We had no cavalry to pursue him on bis retreat. Tbe loss cn our side has been inconsiderable. A fuller report will be given through the regular channel*. For aeveral daya my correapondence wlthfieneral Loring haa been Interrupted. The en?my'a force waa rairb superior to oura, but we bad the advantage of poaitlon. H A Jackson, Brlg'r Oeii'l Com'g. Further prlvnie account* of the battle atate that the fly bt waa principally between the artillery, our artillerymen abootlng well and fi >htlng gallantly \Ve had only tivr or aiz killed and eight wounded The loaa of picket guard, who were atatloned between our camp and that of the enemy, waa not preciaely known. The loaa of the enemy waa call mated at a hundred killed. The moat remarkable clrcumaiance of the action la that of the part taken by our plcketa, about two hundred of whom are aald to have held the ene my in check for an hour and a half. The locality of the battle waa on the pike lead ng from Beverly to Htannton. On their retreat the enemy had fallen back about aix or aeven ml lea, to the neighborhood of what w&a k'iown aa Hlabln'a Cabin It waa not known whose command the enemy were Among the killed waa Surgeon Graves, of Capt Rice'a artillery company. Capt. Rice wax badly wounded, having had one of hia feet (hot off by a cannon ball ^ supplies giving oct. In the rapid exhaustion of all aorta of auppiiea in the South, we rnuat look for an alternative of relief, either in tk* nt tv>.? -- - va ?U' WiUVABUC) ui III the prompt and enterprising ;.id of Southern capital tu tbe production and manufacture of various articles of prime neceaalty. We have plenty of corn and 'flour, rice and tobacco, and cotton, but very little of anything else. As wintrr approaches, many of our supplies are being fust exhausted Our markets are nearly bare of candles, cotton, starch, soap, oil, bacon, refined sugars, salt, iron, show, clothing, and other necessary supplies. The demand for bacon, an article of prime necessity, Is largely in excess of the supply, with exceedingly small stocks in the hands or dealers Mobile, Oct 5 ?Toe few prisoners who escaped en route to New Orleans have keen arrested and lodged in jill. a fedbbal vessel off mobile Mobile. Oct 5?On yesterday tbe II. 9. war vessel, the Mississippi, steamed up to withlu a mile of tbe fortlflcaltons now In course of erection on the Gulf coast. She fired a broadside at the laborers employed on tbe work, but nobody was hurt. ThiGiut Expedition knows at the South. Tbe Mobile Register has a le;fc-r from PensacolB, under date of 515th ult, which nays: ??We bave reports of several expeditions to tbe South. Let them come. Their tombs are op?n " The Memphis Appeal says: '-The rumors relating to an attempted raid, by a Lincoln horde of ?5.<<U0 vandals, upon our Southern coast, are not without plausible probability. That the exptdition tali tritet vith a warm reception is mott certain. Governor Brown and General Lauton bave bad their eyes on the strategic points of tbe coast for same time, and what they have done In ruformra to i. i? - ..w -v?vm piupv^Du viaim win D knOWli when the arrival takes place. We bare no doubt the reporU froin that quarter will be only ?ucb report* aa can be canaed by the right sort or uuns In the right place, served by the right sort of artillerists. It will be oo Hatteras afftlr " The New Orleans Delta states that Captain Dan Hlekok bad made a requisition on the proper authorities for six rifled cannons, to be placed at the pickets stationed at the approaches of the New Canal. The Delta has a full and aocurate description of tbe new gunboat fleet, built and building at tbe Government Navy Yards and private ship yards, North. Thenames, tonnage, number and calibre, of guns, etc , are glveu in d'tall. tT7" The national debt of Sweden la onlv about f 11 ,?W ?W, and by means of a sinking ftind will be extinguished In thirty-eight year* This sinking fund Is not provided for by Uxattoa but comes out of tbe surplus revenue. The brandy imposts make one-fourth the whole Income of the kingdom?amounting to 9*,quo,oqo. i ' ' * - . . ie ? 0 / N !!> 1 ill III ' HI UT" De Gratb, of Electric Oil notoriety, baa been adjudged to pay 91,000 for breach of promise to marry one Amelia Hartraat on tba 10th of December, 18?0 The Philadelphia Ledger,which reports the case, says: To the lady'a father, the defendant represented blmaelf as a "professor," and sold aoap' A few daya before the tim* fixed for the marriage, the professor" broke the engagement and mnrrled another lady. In addition to the testimony of acquaintances. the counsel for the plaintiff put in evidence a letter written by defend int to plaintiff J one 30, itfoo, and dated the village of Sing Sins*, New York This letter was addressed to ' my dear wife," and complained of being lonely without the society of his dear "Amelia " The writer then proceeded to give some description cf bis journey to Sing Ping. 44 While traveling on the road," he wrot?, ? I saw the trees loaded with cberrits, ard I stopped on the road and picked eberries until I am full When 1 was up the tree 1 Wished 1 li>(i mv Hour A mails _ ?j ?- >iuvcim " < u ?hv av ?ua? I could throw down some cherries " Tbe defendant bad no witness in bis behalf, hut bis counsel, in presenting bis case to tbe jury, described hi* client as a roan known In the city for some years as tbe ?? Electric OH Man " He wai eccentric and erratic, both in bis mind and action*, or.d the counsel did not believe that be could remember a sentence the mlnut* after It wn? uttered He was a most singular Individual,

and to show that It Was only necessary to say that notwithstanding constant and repeated notices of tbe trial, be was not^present tn the court to protect his dollars; In fact, he had forgotten all about tbe case Notwithstanding this statement of hlscounsel, tbe jury rendered a verdict that be should pay the young lady SI,000. Fbicf.?Further Intelligence from Western Missouri falls to dispel the existing uncertainty res(?vtlng Price's designs. His army la now reported to be about one hundred miles south of Fremont's which has advanced beyond Tlj.ton, and Is In swift pursuit The report that Price and McCullocb had joined their forces la contradicted by the statement that such a junction Is expected by tbe rebels to take place at Sac river This conld not occur till about the 20tta in*t , before which time Fremont w ill probably compel a battle The public patience may be additionally taxed by -h?> fact that the telegraphists are forbidden to tell us of Fremont's movement*. This, however, ennnotadd materially to the principal delay of intelligence experienced in getting news from the army across the loni/ renrh lummH telegraph lines?St Louis Republican. Oft l*2f?. {?7~The street railroads feel th? pressure of the times keenly. At Cincinnati their earning, the pa?t few month*, have been about 25 per cent, leas than during the corresponding period last year. Ttelr expenses. however, are ten or flfteeen per cent leas now than then We understand the bu*ine?s of the Philadelphia passenger railway shows a very similar result. (Ytf* PROTRACTED MEETING?Comi^sred JOT "t Metk Protectant Ckurch st , b'tv>*>n h and Fst* ?Rev J. ^imivr, < f Ha tiiure will pr<?acli THIS EV ENING. se-vioe to o mmenie at half-past 7 o'clock. All are invited to attend. It* r**?OYSTER SUPPER.-* n Oyster J*, pp r ij^jsr wi 1 b3 ser? ed up at the Island Ha!'. ' n vireirra avenue, h -tween 6th aud 7't> s's , Ula <1. on THl'R'JDA % EVENING 17th instant, at half pa*t 8 o'clock ; alter wluch tiie remnants ol the Fair will be sold at auctim. Tiokets Fifty Cents ro 16-2t* REGIMENTAL ORDER NoTsT ^^Hkauvdartbrs 4th Rsgimbxt D C. M . ( Washington. Oct 12, If 1.\ The commanders of companies composing this regiment ar? hereby noti&eJ to muster .heir oom fames for retim^ntal parade <<n 'he <7'h ir.?tant. at o'clock a m. The right to restoa Maryland avenue and tin street. N B? Tn. C< mn:issioned Oftners of tl is Regiment wn! nifctat Co umbian Armory on the Uth instant, at ! 'o'olook a. m . for instruction by the Brigade Mftjoratitl li ?f?ctor. Bt order cf J HN L. SMITH, Col, Commanding Wm G. Brock Adjuta it. qq '.2 15.16 nrg^TME CM ION PRAYER MEETING Uof will be holden EVER V DA Y this week in the Englisn Luth ran Church, corner of H and 11th sts.,commencing at half-past 4 o'clock p, in . to he continued on* ho"r only. oo 7 3m (T*?pEPARTMKNTOF METROPOLITAN LkJ* r??The l?oard ol Hcltc? Commiasionera having tak'n the lionae 316 Kleveulh a\, all busiu*ea conneoted wi'h the Polios of the city will he 'ratiBao'ed at that p ace. A general omiplaiut book will be opaned. and citi*eni aro refii^Dtfd to oail and enter jinj complaints tht>y may havo to make ol any matter re fa in? to the polic? or health of the city e27 \V B WEIIH. Superintendent VV?M5O.M I'A.N Y "A." U 8. ENGIN VER8^ Fifty in'elhgent ar.d ahle bodied mechanica will be eniiste I to fc!l thu Company to th* max inmm fixM by law?15<> mm. Inquire a* No. 'iiu O ?tr*?t Pay from 9IS to 934 per month, beside* food and clothing. an 17 tf THE SCBSCR 1 BKR8 beg leave to inform their patrons and the public generally of itig ampi? *u?.plied with a supe.K r *>C ck o:^H FAI.L and WINTER GOODS \K Thar also reaphctful y invite a'tent!on?f [f their Arm? and Navy ouato;u?ra. and tho e rr quir nt on1 file in that lice, 'o their tuperior aualities of h pauiHa. Shou der Htrap? Bella, Cha'eiua. Hata, Cars 8aah*a, and Gold La^ee, ooiistactly on hand, winch are warranted aa rapre MM Wh;lat ter.d*nng thank* for the liberal patronage ei joyeJ, tli?y will endeavor in merit aoonimuauoe. F. J. HEIBERGEK At CO. (Succpaaor* to H. F. London A. Co ,) CITIZEN. W i ljtary and i> A v aL TAILORS, 362 1'unijayIv&iua Avenue. oo 16 9r 3m rpHE COMMONWEALTH Ot VIRGINIA. Exicutivk D?ramTii(5T. /, October 12,1851.^ TO THE PEOPLE OK VIRGINIA WhurpR* >PVPrtl nf * v. .ii" vuiiftiraaiuufti U191 TICll of thin State are urrepr*tented in the House of Kepre'entativej ii: the Congress of the United teta-e-. by rea?on of failii'e to elect on 'be fourth Thursday in Va* >ast. cans d by arm*d men in rebellion arainft the Constitution and law* of the United States ar d of ilm ^tate; and it being the r ght of the lo>al inhabitants in each riistnot to be repreaen ed in said House b? a w epres'-ntati ve of thrir own appointing. tae C nvent on of Vi.ginia, on the ?nth ?ta? of A u<us- 1961 paaaed an ordinance directing an election!" be held on the fouth Thursday in t ctobei iuriaut. c24th.) in every diatnot of the Mate ?o unrepresented and where vacancies exi t It i fu tlui u a<ie th* law, by virtue i>f the 0.dinance aforesaid, that any pe*soa wbo is prevented fr?'ir. att< ruling auoh election, by reason of the occupat o i of hia own oounty by armed men in hostility to th-4 Government. that such voter may vote any where in his Concessional dirtrict It is further onla ned the e ect on shall be conduct'd and 'he result ascertain:d, dtoared.and oert Bed in the manner directed in the oode of Virginia of tiie edition of 1360. By the nth a?o ion of chapter 7th ot that oode, anv tw freeholders may hold an election dirrc'ed by law at any plsoe of vo.inp, if no Commissioner to superintend the same appears and ia willing to act, or if no Couiir.issiouers have been appointed to ho d the election. Now, therefore. >n consideration of the premises, 1, Francis H Piuepotit, ??overn r of the ?'oinnionwralth of Virginia. do h? eby entreat the loyal voter* of thi4 State to liol-i elections in their sev erai "liatrioU on the day above mentioned, to the e id that tha p . pie may be represented, the principle of representative government sustained, and tne Stae have her due weight in the National Legialature oo 16- d F. H PIKRPOINT. ^OLDIERS, SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pock*t C< nibs to oenta. Do. Lookin? 6lssi>e* 15 " Unt??n Envelopes, per hundred....5?< " Plain do. h<i ** ?- -?# to Atnbroty pea of Scott, MoOlMlan ,Ao., eaeti 15 " Sent bj mail to any ad rem. ALFRED ?. ROBINSON, oc S-Sw* fublisher. Hartford,Cuic. STOUT L1N*EYB AND OTHER HEAVY 6UODi$, for aervanta and laborers, of qualities that can bo relied on, at our proverbially low prioea, marke! in olam fwures. Ah iuapeotion of atook implies no obligation to purol.aae. PlRRY A BR()., oo 15-5t Fa avenue mJ N'nth at. El'GENE CARUSI, ATTORNEY ?N D COUNS BLLOK AT LAW. C'Ffic*?No. Louisiana AvaMus, Near Sixth Street. {17 l'articu'ar attention given to the proaaoution of soldier* aud oontraoior?' olaiina befo ethe several Uepai tinenta of the General t?ove. nmeut. < c '5 5t* _ _ f^LOTHS, CASBIMKRE9 AND VE8T1NGS. Vv New ruppliea. of qualities belter and prioea lower than uoiia! in tlua market One price >>nly, marte-i in plain fignra*. We also offer our uaual full atook of all kinds of Dry Goods lor children's ?w of both *exes. PERRY A BRO? Fa avenue and Nirth ?t, oo l5 5t 'Perry building." PB KRONER'S HILADELFHiA L.AGE1 BEER! 8. 8TKRNBKR6KR, SOLE A O E N T, No. 333 D Stkckt. (Ai'j iuicg Star (iSm.) A largt supply comtautly on hand. oe IVlm BALMORAL SKIRT-"*, of new and novai patter us tuowptioes Hoop ftkirU of tn? bait grades at rednoed rates \N lib all kinds of urj Woods for the onrrent wants of faimliea " a oeiv aupp j of Cloaka, Raclana, Mantlea, &lia?l?.Ao. One pr.oe only, mirked in p'aiu fetures. Pr.KRYABRO, oc 15 61 fa a.enne and Ninth at. TTO OFFICKRB. BK CAMPAIGN ?A Cam^i(nin( Wagon oc the Praaaian prtnoipla, araixtu lor ileep- tr\ _ Ing or to aot as an Aul a anoe in ?"* J_~?T~ aickneaaor wounds, with ample room fci^SO ?>tor^s aud provisions; light, water-proof, and p?tftotly new, lian.ig l>een ju?t ' uiIt t? order by one of tAe brat makera in New York, ta offered for sale fcl QOat pr|Af l?o, a handsome, atrong, aovnd, dark brows HORSIS, either for aaddle or harneaa. Both may be aeen on atp.ioation to JAMK8 BROWN, it Mr. Inrioe^s ?tabie<. Corooran'j rtrfrtts Chain Hoaee, Set vet n 1 SICK AND WOrilDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL r*bhikod m t on/or miif with tht m?tel'?a / tkt Stnntt #/ Juif IS, im At Otntrnl HatfUnl on E ttrttl, ('Wl* and Ftjtk itruti, Washington, Oct II. 1st Excclalor 1 I at Rhode Island Vol. 1 ad do a 4th do do.. I 3d do 1 Stb New Jeraey Vol... I 5th do t id New Hampab.rc Vol 4 10th New} ark Vol ... 1 lit Michigan Vol 1 2art do d* ... 4 Jd do do 1 aoh do do.... 5 3d do do 1 V9:h do do.... lj4U> do do 1 Wh Hn <4? tloik J - 1 ? ? ?v %??'. . . . 7ltt VIV ?".# *9 43d do do.... 2 Stockton'* Michigan 46th do do.... 1 Independent Vol... 2 7?tb do do.... i 7th Wisconsin t lit MacMckuM ttaVol.. 1 l*t New i ork Csvalry. 1 10th do do... I Ut Kentucky Cavalry. I lfiih do do... 1 Cameron Dragoon* ... I 19.h do do... 1 lid U B Cavalry 1 2d Vermont do(<*> 1 Sth do do (6) 1 4th do do... 2 6th Penn Cavalry ... 1 2th do do... 1 1st Penn Independent l*t Pennsylvania Vol . 3 Rifle* I 8th do do..11 4<h Penn. Cavalry.... 1 'ill do do.. 1 Ut Indiana Cavalry... 1 '26th do do.. 1 19th do Volunteer* 4 27th do do.. 1 1st L". 8. Artillery .... I 30th do do.. 1 D. C. Volunteer* .... 1 31st do do.. 1 ? 3d do do.. 1 Total M 50 h do do.. 2 (a) O.ieotflcer. (6) One offirer At Stmimmry ffntpit+l, Gifrfilrm, Oct 11. 2d U. 9. Infantry 3: Kentucky Cavalry 8 2d Maine Volunteers . 6,26th Penn.Volunteer*. 1 6th do do 3 27th do do 1 9?h Ma*sacbu*et* Vol.. 11l*t Long laland Vol .. 1 14th New York Vol ...13 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 24th do do 4 T<*amster 1 29th do do.... 3 tvtb Indians.. (e) 8 33d do * do 6 2d Vermont 3 21 nt do do.(?) 2 4tb Penn Cavalry .... 1 l?th do do.... 1 t9tb Massachusetts.... 1 35tb do do.... 1 3d Vermont 16 Qartbaldl Guard* 5 5th Wisconsin & Moznrt 1 6'b do............. 5 1st Fire Zouaves I 33d Pennsylvania 10 Tammnnv ' I o.??a * ?. iitw ?ci ut i^auf. I lit Michigan Vol 3 2d Wisconsin 1 2d do do 1 44th New York 1 3d do do...(6) 4 >1o:t's Artillery 1 4tb do do...(c)14 2lst Pennsylvania .... I Ut Minnesota Vol .... 2 10th do 6 8th Penn. Volunteen. 1 42d do 10 3d do do 2 1st Pennsylvania Riflt-s 4 50th do do...... 1 9th do do...(rf)14 Total 167 1st do Artillery ... 6 in) Two officers (6) One officer (e) Four cera. (d) One officer, (t) One officer. At Gm'ral Hospital. Union Hotel, tomer Brirlgr and WafHmfton ttreets, Gtorgrtou>?, Or I 11. 2d NewYorkVol *J|2d Penn. Volnnteeis . 1 13th do do 4 3d do do 4 14th do do 7 4th do do 1 17th do do IjO'h do do......17 18*h do do l'Sth d<> do......10 19th do do 2 12'h do do...... 4 224 do do 4 24th do do 9 23d do do 3'27th do do 2 25th do do 1 33th do do 1 2?tb do do 1 45th do do 1 5<Hh do do 1 Baxter's Fire Zouavea 1 33d do do...... 7 McLane's Regiment.. 1 35th do do 2 21st Indtsna Vol 1 43d do do I 1st Michigan do 1 49th do do 1 'id do do 14 ? 50th do do...... I 3d do do...... 4 79th do do 6 4th do do ? 1st Long Island Vol.. 1,2d Wisconsin do 6 Mozart Regiment 1 5th do do...... 1 Bock wood's Battery.. 1 6th do do 1 Mott's Bstt?*ry 1 1st Minnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteer* . 6 1st California do 13 I 6th do do 3 Stockton'sIndp'tReg. 4 3d NewHamoshlreVol 1 Kentucky Ciralry.... <5 '2d Vermontvoiunieers 9 Teamater 1 3d do do 12 Hostler I 4th do do I Officer's servant I 9th Massachusetts Vol. 3 ?? New Jersey Cavalry .. 2 Total 199 1st Tenn. Artillery.... 5 At Hospital at Columhtaa Colltgt, Washington, Oft II. 'id MMnts Volunteers.. 5|ad New Jersey Vol.... 1 3d do do...... 3 3d do do.... S 5th do do...... 4 5th do do.... 2 9th do do 3 7th do do.... 1 HtthMaaaarhnaettaVol 1? 1st Penn ArtlHery.... I 14th do do. 3 3d do Cavalry 4 19th do do. I 13th do Volunteer*.. I 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 31st d? do 4 6tb Connecticut Vol .. I 33d do do 22 7ih do do. . 3 Cbroman's Riltes. Pa 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 Volunteers 1 1st New York Cavalry 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 3d do da... I 1st do Vol 3 'id do Vol 3 2d do do 7 9th do do...... I 4th do do...... 2 Uth do do 1 7th do do 3 11th do do...... 1 8th do do......21 16th do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 7 22d do do 5|2d \\ IsronslnVol 1 25th do do...... 4 5th do do f* 3*M do do...... I '6th do do It 33d do do 2i7th do do 1 35*h do do 0 1st Minnesota do 8 36;h do do 1 19th Indiana do 14 37th do do 8 27th do ' do 6 43d do do 2 1st California do 2 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 3 3d U 8 Infantry 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 2 1th do Cavalry 1 Garibaldi do do ..1 Lincoln C>nit? i IV Kalb do do.. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Berdan'aSharpabootera 1 lit U S Chusrun ... 1 Total 239 lit New J erary Cavalry 10 At General Hospital, (Cirtl*,) Washington, Oct 11. 4*h Cavalry 1 id lnfan'ry 3 5th do 4 3d do 3 l?t Artillery 7 Sth do 2 2d do 10 33d Pennsylvania Vol. 2 3d do 11 Quartermaster's Dep't 4 4th do 2 ? 5th do 5 Total 9* lit Infantry 5 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 11. 2d Cavalry, U. 8 A... 1 3d Maine 11 2d Artillery, U S A . 5 4th do 10 5tn New York 1 5th do 9 15th do 1 Teamsters. U S 9 16th do (a)3? Lincoln Cavalry...... 3 17th do 23 Young's Cavalry 1 lHh do 6 32d Pennsylvania 3 26th do 7 l?t New Jersey (6) 1 27th do 9 5th do (<) 1 3kat do 9 1st Minnesota. 2 32d do 17l4i WW?I. ........ > | m ? labUIJWIlM 1 3?'h do 7 3d Vermont 1 :fc<th do 9 2d Michigan. 1 40th do 11 3d do 1 79'h do 1 45th do 61 T?tal 190 (a) One CapUtn. (6) One Lieutenant, (e) One Lieutenant. l?7? Washington papers pleeae copy and aend bills to the War Department. oet 16?31 f 8UTLEK3 WANTED. * J RE AT ADVANTAGES to be found by Satin *, and dealer* in Boots and Shoes,at the^^tea NtW YORK WH LESALE BRANCH HOUSE, 348 Pennsylvaataarenue,(o?erff ! Jsney's Shoe Mur?.) * Mfc We manufactare oar own G< ods, and sell at JVne York prtte<, thereby savins frelshU Ha vine constantly on nand a large Mock, we can supply at a moment's rotioe. an* quantitr desired. A large assortment of3 eole High-cut Shoes, and Lone-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A oali from ai1 dealers solioit*d. WH1TEHOUSE A L'NCKLES. oo 7-Jjradp,A 3?* DK M KOCH CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from SOS Broadway, New York Branoh ofioe?246 Pennsylvania avenae, between 12th and 13th sts., Washington, l>. C. Corns. Bunions, Soft Coras, Callosities Clab Nails, and Nails penetrating the fleah, Ae , ear?d without oaasing pain or laoonvsaieeoe to the patient The Boot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after the operation. His treatment is founded on the strictly rale of eoienee, saah as all Pargeoas will app ove. His oharges are *aite moderate, trifling indeed, oompared with the relief and aatistaotion he affords the sufferer Refera to the Physioiaas and gars eons of this oitr. Persona attended at their rooms or reaidenoea w.thoat extra oharge. by earing orders at ?4? Pa. are . bet l?th and 18th sts ot 1 In' METALLIC Cleuiac F*llikli|i ui PrtTtaUii R?t Tbia ? ?u peri or to all other oila is the world for Re above parpoeee, m we)) u for aaohiaary and br;o?ting uaea. It ta e*aaUy a? ient> e to con looka and sewing maehime*. It fa in kith favor at the Government Navy Yard a for ordnaaoe and | machinery. Prmcijml Dtpot ui Om*rml Asmu*, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avesae, near fclevaoth aC I tamfm^e"** vmatad vlUl tauu< *? *m99^ ^pp MiUTAKY OH?lCk*ft aNPUTHKH^ BATCHKLOR'S OKNUJItt HAJR 9YM, The Beat la the World, Tkt Omly HtluUU mmd HmrmUi* Hmir Dv? laMn. Sold by pll Drmif lata; alao, at Bttanon'e Patent , Maritime ?tor?.? p. Patent Oft *e, m Ft 7th, Gisas'a Hair etora, tttH^aaa'a avenoe. where \ AUCTION SALKS. By WALL ft. BARNARD. Am'ioi ? Cm. Uk H. tmmtk **< F*. er /\hio HORPEg AT AUCTION -Ob TBI ** 1/ DAY MUR ?l NO. October !? > o*. we will Mil. r: ?m of ?H? Aaetioeikon.? A < t of Ohio H? ?, )0?t roeeirrd direei. aw*. will bo*old wit boat r ?erve, AI? 'Wl S?mo? ?'*l 0>?rf?1 W%con?. el Is f'<r iu"fri. Term' oe?U. ?t WAt.I * WAWN?KD. By wA LL a BARNARI). Ais'iomm HALF. BY CATALOG!** <?(1 FIRS WIWM, i. vtoa* IM ifutii, AT Avr ,|.??.-On fUK*6A\ tfoRMM.. ooW&M. ?t I? o'elooi, w? will ??M at U? Aartioe koomi % Itrn Btook of Hf-nor Wim. RrM4i?a, Whi*Ki*f. J?ui*io? Rum. and oUn lni>,u, ao? C*Vk?8h' rr? a-?d Madota Wim, Uia^tud Ba???u imperial auJ CkbiMt Ch?a. w and*1* ^aakt Ota-d, Dutay A Co Rr^ndr, l|i Wk>l4ftfFi(d?,tMi Md Oaltio Br*r.dy, _ Barr? J*niaioa R?w HoUaM Gia. Barrel Bourboa acd Moaoe?afcfla aa4 >M?r? \VM?k*y. . . fiiei Mtort^d Lioorit C*-M UilBi; lo4 Wtifket, ,? -? * HI. ..IT Will van m rmrw opp?r*IIB"? M) In*!! r?nU, Sotl?r'i. Ud otb?r? Sa ?o?itiT? ??<j Urr ?uh. Cata:oc u*a will bttlUt lietiM Kix mi on Mood*j pr?viou? to Ml*. Bf ordrrofth?TrB?t??. _? _?? wall ? BA?NA*P. A?ta. Br thos. uowlinc. AKtinw Trustee** sale-By *irta* oft??m ?i trust datad April 5. ??, and rnordw) in Lib*' J. a- p., No. Ill fo jna #n, i wit) offsr for a*1*, *t pubUea auction, od W?l)N^>DiY,lh? l*tb day of nrzl. at 4 t mi ^>itltt?rmait?rf all thoae pieeaa of gromM ia Georfwtowa. 4*aorib*d aa followa, v.a: 1. All that fart of lot rcrent*** (17.) ia o'd Saorcctovn, t>ec?r>ni' a. for ita b' arit?. et tb? (|' of ttt* ' bird in* of a**d !< ?.?? Fa la ?tr?H, an J | mamas Ut*i.o*. i>t ai.d with Palia itmt. aa-' ih'rty-thre* f<?', thciea r.?-tneil?, fo a boa*<t*d atone, No 2, l?mc an*ty fir* feet from ral a treat there* weit'rlv to a !*> ?'"iwl a'oa* No S. forty-fire f*?t. to tn'eraao *a*d third lia* of lot MTPnlWD, beinc Bioetr f?*t rmm f.h and t*eno? annthe-lT. *ith third ilne to the beginning, the ii*ipr>vei?e?iU. 4. Aiio. ih<U moietf of lot rirhlMr, of old C?orr? t i*t, Mtiaai -r - l?>r it* &?' ' <* , *t the acatkwe?r co'ijer of tot *ev ntee*. beiag we??er!p, fr?'n? boundary No 36 s& in th? lioaof Fal e etreet, and running ?i?h ot ifVMtcf#, ?or<)i to Prmvtt with the ineof Pro?pect e'reet ?Mt?n hirty ti.w f*et, tl W line drawn anu'lierl . p?r*'lel v:t!i the first line to Gail* atreet and thereo witn *ai 1 it wt east 11 the ginning. with improvement* Terms of aa e : On# tHird of the pnra^aae money to he paid in oa h. a d the reaidee in tw < 40a n ta'.meoU. at eix and twelve moatha, Witt mtereat. to he cecarol br d eJ of i-u?t Te mi of eam to b? ocmplied with within one week the ale, or the proper tf ma? he *e?o <1 at the r.?k aid o"et of the purchaser. afu?t wet-ks' notioe. liDW. Traetr* ae2S 2awfcd? _ TH'K poWUNQ. Aict By URI- KN A WILLIAM*, Auctioneer* Th o the interest of farmkksI FxT?waiv? Bill r AenirTLrraaL Ikfli mb9t? Mien MIf, S*?DI, FldTU-ltlM *f.. at Arcnos?On 1 Hl'lisnji -'-k" **" Kl. we al<?fl aall at tH? Attica tare' W?r*boo? ? of Mr Edward F Him peon No. 219 8e?en'h street nurth of Penr?*;vana arena ',c"inm?r.(ji'j tt |i> o'tlcot a m *-n?l oonttnue from fat to da until all a diapoaed of, hia enure at<v>k. ooaaialii t in pat of? Reaping and Mowing Maehtnoa. Gtaia Dri la. flo-ne t ower s d Threnhtog M*euinWt ?raii Cradlea. Epring Tooth Horse Rakea. Plowa. Harrow*, Co I Ir tora, Churn*. Wheal Barrow*. _ Corn Jihel er?. Hay.H'raw awl Ptalk Cat ?ra. Oi Wfcee, Eowi, A.O., ewi gl? Traaa, Wore Trarit. Vegetal la Cattera. Pugat M il a. **?tl . ?.arC*n hDgl? e?. Chain i'ainp* aod Kutarea. f?*tV rtcreen?. vi, ri-1 ?t Tr? ?" r>~ P Miters,S*ed D'llis. A ppl? P?rers. RootPu ler*. H?? * d other Kr,iw?, Trao?, I *t. Halter. Cow and ot er t bac?,-k ?v*le . Forks Ho**. Rites, Picks, ?c>ths and Saatljf*. Hollow Wart> u < K-?tt e?, H"rse?coopa. Pruning Kr.iv??, Van-* Grain i?c*ies, Pl?w Beam' aid H%udl<x. Vubms Tile. Hame*. Weil Carts, clow Castings, BolU A o , a targe variety. Pie'd, harden, and Flower Seeds, WojI and Rluod Ma-nre.and other articles too n?m?rom to mention, Pcteut Fire Pro..*/ S.fe, with counting roowtfaiuTie attention of Farmer .Ga'de-iersai"1 Hoeee k* p- rs i? pa t ou.arly .nvited to tke above ra e as effordirg an opportunity bnt sn dosi wet with for obtaining sack coo at woes to sui; the kwt-s. Pae po. rreerve,aod for ?tsk on!? in VaoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auota. By THOMAS 0OWLIN6, Auctioneer. Gtarwrtcw*. IARGK SALK O" IRON. 6TEKI-. ANP j Cadkuri Pi^phigs at Acctiow Oa P?Ir% s ?t s . ^ ?* - s? jfisg-a K -is?. txf&.tsrrsxs. Ac., oo?npri?in?saafi r>Bnda ?*ortM Ir B, ?IM " 8?rir* ? ?. , iS ' J-i?chCMtfr?li a Viom, e Axlo Arm?. jib BdBDd* ot*i w?<l hill romirt ?"" 4 B&ck ? h?ry ri??*? SVi pouode smotUmJ I; ir? Iron, 70 ' Hli-tored ?) ktlf-rMwl I roe. ano " a?aorW>4 Bu t*. -1 PI?tfofm Pofcifa, ? Mir HBM, Jt* Spoke*. Twwwli. oo 15 THOMAS PQWL1WG. Aaot. RUCTION BALK* IN 1'HlLADfcLPHlA. WM R SMITH. Omrral Aau-fieiaear, tot Cbeanat it. above 5th Regular 8?iN TUt.SUA V and fcA TURDA V Moraines at lo a m /1o? Table awl Poeket Cat.err Hvdvtrf. *ncy Good* Soap*. "h'i Hruebee, A a . Ac. Foreign ard Poneetio ? ie"e and Lna?rv 1,<K>? loU every Thu eday MfBUw- wU lm* MARSHA* *S SALE-Ib virtue of a writ of fieri laoiaa i-tued fro? Uie clerk's Oftoe of the CtrcB't Court of the Diatnot of L'oluwUa ard to n e direeted, I will exeoee to aublie aaie, for Cat*, in front of tbe Banc of Wa?bt'gt?a. on TUESDAY, the S3d day of October instant eom rueociDg at 9 o'olook a m . the following goo la anC chattels, to wit, via: Marbie-toj Dreeeing Bureau; I*ante; ( . oik ; lot Mantai Ornament* ; Prenoh P a'e Mantel Glass: Cane sr?t aad Faact Chairs; Be?J*teade. H?>, and Mat trail ; Glass and Cbi?a Ware; 1 Globe; lot Btaeket*. Feather B*d?. Bolster* and Pillowa; lot Pictures; lot Brueeei* Carpet; 1 Piano and Cover; lot Blinds, 1 Chamber. 1 Mahogany G>aas; Oid<>th. A?.,?arc atUo'eioek. 1 will eeli, under aa'd fterl fitalaa, lot of Oak i unbar, at the Case Pactorv of Jam** Crutoh "tt. ?ei?ed and lev. rd upon a* 'he g uooa and chattel* of Jaune? Crutohett, and will be aaid lo aa*iffy Judicial*No. io January term. INO, in favor of Weils A Miller m. Jaioes CratobeU. W SKLDKN, oo 11-ta Late U b. Marshal D.C. Notice -sale of fjttsbvhon. mult WAYNE AXD CHICAGO UAlLR^ApR? Virtue of a. r,f tL> ? J ? wa -a- viiuhii W1TIOI United State* for the northern c *tr?t of Ohio, in a oaiiae id'cb'woery there 11 depending. vherewi Charlaa Moiu mo other* a-e ooaiik UaU.iml the Mttabargh, Fort Wayne an'1 Cn;oa?o Railroad Company and other* are defendants; and parinant to atixihurT decree* of the eroait ooaru of the United rttatea for the weetern diatrict of riu rl'anta. the clatriot of Indiana, ana the northern dlatriot o llliooia re?pecti?e!y, in eaaee* deee-dlnc n chancerj in eaid v o?rt? raapaatovaty.vharein the uune parties are compiauuata aai 4'leadante NWHveij. aa ia Mid eaaee 6rat a>aw mentioned, the ctderaigaed, John Farraaoa aad Thonraa E Walker, aa Graateaa ia Treat and Traateee ia ona of theaaratal i>eeda of Tract or Mortgage aeon which a*id daor?aa are foaaderi, and aieo aa Special Master roi.cii?aion*ra of the aaid Courti reaeeot.rely, daly a r pom ted by eai<1 Court* re*??ctiral? for that parpoee. trill ?all at uLlic auction,to the tut heat at ear, for 'aah, bot fbr not Wa than the ram of ##? JOO, at the l/nite. Mete< Court Houee, ia the City ar Olwanrt. in the State of Ohio, oa the Mth day el Oatohar, A. L), 1M , between the h?w of taa o'c ink a m and lour o'clock p. m.. of ae.d day, the ro towtag da or:bed property, t?> wit: The k ai I road of taa Pittabargk. Part Warn* WW biwo Coanpaay. im ad>a? Ua right of way th-refer, tha ro>i Irt U?raoC, Um hi ratr?otaraoi all aorta ihoreon, ita *at*rtc( oth?r a atioa hoaaoa and ihoit. anc tba Hida ar c I round * ooaaaotad luarawit*. aad ail Uol* acd ma emanta aa*d or prune ad to ba UM ifearain. u) la oonatnMtiuc and opatriac wn to* rt-hinory f?r P?U road, or Ua traat and aapai fbmatarra aforaaaid. ail |M tab law; at dayotaaad tantaiata and ftxtaraa aad atraotaraa of vbiUnr ru>* or aatara, and tha aad a aad rrounda ooaaaotad (Mr with, aaod rr iranM to ba ia*d 10 opa?alia? aaid road acd be.obciof U^ratu. aad wbaravrr aitaaU; aad ail oars, laiJNa ard raTuog alro* balonftac *o aaid Company:aad all aaapTi*a oftuabar. iaa.c>ot. tran, fail, aad a vary atkarlkiafiro idee by aaid Comaaaiea,or by Ik* aawtrai ar gir>a. Comaaaia? which ware oonaaiiuaUd lata aaid PnuVorch. Port Way La aad Ckiaac** XaTraad, r, S^^Trsaavria^teraf aaid rotaaaiiT, or to aai ortfica! Oaaipaaiea. aavaraiiy tocatbar, withal aaraa>auva f<aaabiaea OI Mia MTW^l COffUiM IO|Mk^M(il ? CcfkOr?t)OB, te> b? ??W M Ml MliKtT. . _ ?tel 1 wwi<i? ttst tM eii ehwr,e?*tt* wntrmWoi of tke ul< IM tmll w?U> the ooixi'tiou tk?r?o . aMll b?'i all ? jro??fty. nihil ( MMrt>|Uw?*ol o r^ort V^W^L^C!2L5>s?1 .iwf1 ei Mi^aort atid orifiljJor Coaftiufi. or ?ith?r of tti-m. mo irono ail o.*ib? oa mxk uh of oa+itaJ atoek ; few n*/?*, MMlrtm, t? tkm willM I?IS the Mi* bat alM tojM b** *^^ub!>r?af >roTj *'n r^r^yTTliori ^

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