Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1861 Page 1
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/ V%. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. OCTOBER 17. 1861. N?. 2.702. THE EVENING STAR u PUBUSIIBD EVERT APTBRNOON, (SUNDAY ViXCKPTED,) AT THE STAR BOILOtnei, Centr / Pt**sj[iwnf *e?N?u mud BUr-tutk it. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served la package* by carrier* it K l year, or 37 cents per month. To mall subscriber* the price U|).K a yew, m for aU uontha, Si for three months; tad for less thaa three moatha at the rate of lft oentst week. 81afle copies, oni c*j?t; In wrappers, two cxct*. IZ7~ AoviaTisawaxTs should be sent to the o?re before W o'clock m.; otherwise they may a?t appear until tbe next day. SOUTHER* INTELLIGENCE The PltTd and Wit* Difftcu tjr?Interesting (;tm Riclatnd rbom wester* virginia?the operations op floyd and wise. We find the following account of the operations of Floyd's and Wise's forces in Western Virginia sinoe the battle of Carnifax's Ferry in the Richmond Dispatch of Oct. 2. Its authorship was attributed in Richmond to Col. Henningsen, who arrived in the rebel Capital with Gen. Wise on the 20th alt. It is severe upon Floyd, and is pronouneed too partial - to W ise by the Richmond papers. Caep Defiance, Sept. 25, 10 p. m.?On the 14th of September Gen. Flovd and his forces encamped on the summit of tbe Big Sewall, and ordered the Wise Legion, which, to oover his rear, was drawn up in order of battle at Locust Lane, to camp east of him at Stsales', on tbe turnpike. The troops of the Wise Legion, who were in no amiable hnmor at ro much retreating, and, especially, at being obliged to retire from Dogwood Gap without fighting, were much exa . ? ? - ? nausiea ana annoyea at naving been kept on tbe road from 6 in tbe morning till 11 at night mixed up witb an interminable train of wagons belonging to tbe Floyd brigade, for the purpose of only proceeding a few mile* and without being able to obtain any definite order as to their destination. On the eastern-slepe of the Big Sewell, between two small farms called Dixon s and Vaughan's, Gen. Wise selected bis camping ground at the place since called Camp Defiance, and which, undoubtedly is, with Dogwood Gap, one of tbe strongest positions between the Alleghaaies and toe Ohio river. On the 15th and 16th Gen. Floyd was industneusly occupied throwing up field works to the westward of the summit of Big Sewell. The position, however, was not one tenable against a superior force, and this Gen. Floyd seems to have found out. On the night of tbe 16th to the 17th he made a very precipitate retreat from the Big Sewell, with about 3 000 men. to Meadow Bluff, destroying much baggage, and abandoning much provisions. Bis troops were under the impression that Gen. llosecrana was pressing ot> witb 15,000 men After passing tbe Wise Legion, he ordered Gen Wise on the following day to prepare to cover ais rear im 10 iollow mm to Meadow Bluff haying information that the eneiny was advancing one column bj the Wilderness road. It was impossible for Gen. Wise to comply with both orders, even had they been positive, and in fact one was cot executed at all. It was only by maintaining its position at all hazards that the Legion could protect the rear of the Floyd Brigade. The experience of Dogwood Gap, oocupied in force with artillery by the enemy a few hours after the Wise Legion left it by Gen. Floyd's order, showed elearly, and the event at Camp Defiance subsequently confirmed, that on the abandonment of the latter position the enemy would immediately occupy it in force. Floyd's Brigade was much demoraliaed since his retreat from Camp Gauley and the following retreat. The Wise Legion, willing enough to fight, would have been equally demoralised by retreating any farther. Meadow Bluff affords no position No real demonstration had yet or has since been made on the Wilderness road, nor did there exist any reason why there should be, since the enemy conld more conveniently, if in force sufficient, strike the turnpike further eastward, as for instance at tne little Sewell. Jf the Wise Legion had retreated, and been followed up by superior forces. it.? existence was imperilled, and thereby the rear of the Floyd Brigade left unprotected But, at all evenU, that retreat was impossible of execution without the abandonment of baggage because Gen. Floyd had detained many wagons belonging to the already insufficient transportation of the Wise Legion, and because the roads had been so much cut up by the va?t train of the Floyd Brigade. The writer counted 2S wagons belonging to, and following, the Ian regiment of lien. Floyd's brigade, which wasjust20 more than accompanied tha regiment which closed up Wise's column. Under these circumstances. Gen. Wise resolved to make a stand where he was enciiaped, aad where, on the morning after his reaching the ground, he had begun to throw up entrinohmcnli ll.r* it ? ? : : LI - c. ? wart, uw- !?? AAVI V M V TT ?W ltU|/V9CiUiO IUT SU enemy to bring more than two guns or a thousaad men to bear on any part of his position; and on every point, within a few minutes, Gen. Wise could bring six of his eight pieces and two thirds of his force into play, beside the advantage of entrenchments in addition, most of the officers of the Legion spoke openly of if compelled to retreat any farther. 0* the 18th Gen. Wise addressed the troops of his Legion, stating substantially that hitherto he had never retreated bat in obedience to superior orders. That here he was determined to make a stand. That his force consisted only of 1,700 infantry and artillery, and that the enemy was alleged to be Id.000 strong That this he did not believe, bat that his men mast be prepared to fizht two or three or several to one, and even if the enemy were in the fall force stated, the position admitted of successful defence, and he was determined to abide the issue, lie warned them that they would probably be attacked front and rear for niece mi re days. and he called on any officer or soldier who felt doabtfal of the result, or unwilling to stand by him in this trial, to step far ward, promising that they should be marched at once to Meadow Bluff. This speech, delivered successively to the three regiments of infantry and to the artillery, was received with the wildest enthusiasm Not one solitary individual in the Legion failed to respond, and the spirits of tha corps were raised and maintained at the highest fighting pitch. The provi?ions and baggage wagons were withdrawn into safe positions, and theoampon all sides strengthened. In this attitude the Legion remained till about the 20th, when it wh strengthened by the arrival dt Gapt. homer's artillery company, with one gun, and by that of one Virginia, one North Carolina, od three Georgia oompaniea, which swelled the forces of the Wise Legion to over 2.000 men. About this time Gen. Lee arrived in Oen. Floyd's camp, at Meadow Bluff, and wrote to Gen. Wise, advising him to fall back It a j.?? ' - ii wuuuui uviaj. ociUrQ aoilOg on this advice Gen. Wise requested Gen. Lee to inspect the position in person. On the 22J Gen Lee arrived at Camp Defiance, and, after a careful survey of the ground, ordered Geii. Wis* to maintain his position until further order*. The enemy had. meanwhile, advanced to within three or fonr miles, and seretal skirm ishes had taken place betweeu the outputs and the remaining cavalry of the Legion under Major Bseon, formerly captain of mounted rangers in Nicaragua, and afterward aid to Gen. Garnet!, and woanded by the side of that Gosoral when he fall. The rest ef the cavalry was still under its gallant Colonel. J. L. Davis, and Lieut. Coi. Ciarkson, south of the New River, where they had poshed a daring and suss?sfal foray up to within twelve miles of Charleston. One night Gen. Wise, with a few picked companies, including the Richmond Rifles and Misaisaippi Ranger*. of the 2d Regiment, under Capt I a bode o, attempted to feel and ambuscade the enemy aod drive in their outposts, killing three of them, the General himself lyiag down (or Hrtril bo?ra in a pitiless bower Notwithstanding, all that could be ascertained of the enemy was that be was on the turnpike, probably j.000 to 6.000 strong. Oa the afternoon of the 23J,while the artillery and infantry ef the Legion were rehearsing their parton the contemplated point of attack, the enemy suddenly appeared, driving in our pickets. The next morning the summit of Big Bewail was whitened with his tents, and skirmishing commenced and continued till evenOn uuriuit two gun delacbiuent* of the artillery and three companies of the Second Regiment er the Legien. of which Col- Hender son ia colonel; bnt in oonsequence of h>? having aharge of the infantry and artillery, und>r the immediate ooramand of Lieut. Col. FrarL Anderson?who distinguished himsuf by t:ie daring exploit of capturing Castillo, in Nicaragua. with 48 men, after Lockrid^e and lius had failed with 800 men?Captain Imboden's, Copt. Lewie's and Captain Crane's University company were the companies engaged, with one 6-pounder and one howitser, under Major Uibbs, of South Carolina, Capt. McComas and Lieut. Pairo, of Richmond. The casualties were trifling on our sidte, though we bare to regret the death of Lieut. Howgll, of Mississippi (of Captiin McDonnell's company), and that of ono ef Capt. Imboden's gallant Rangers. Capt. Lewis was shot through the breast, but is doing well. Three privates were wounded in the nbove-natned companies, one severely. The only loss in the artillery was Lieut. Pairo'i horse, shot under him. The enemy was obviously only feeling for the flanks of cur position, and evidently could make nothing of it; and "no wonder," as Prof. Snead remarked, " since it has no flanks at all." The guns were only advanced to avenge the casualties which befell our men, firing a few rounds and then retiring. For instance, when the Ranger fell, a six-pounder suddenly advanced along a ridge where a gun could never have been expccted, and drove the enemy from a stable; laying out four of them. In sight, on another occasion, seven were dropped before the howitter. A company of the enemy rcconnoitering. and commanded by a mounted officer, came on a picket of the University Com* pany. The sentry shot the mounted officer down, received the volley of the company, and retired unhurt. Major Lawson, of the Second Regiment, having seized a rifle to surprise one of the enemy's scouts, was himself surprised by another, who sent a shot through his coat. The Major, however, avenged himself on thi? interloper by shooting him dead. On the evening of the 24th, Gen. Lee arrived with his regiment* and two pieces of cannon. Late on the 25th Gen. Wise received a communication from the Secretary of War, requiring him to report immediately in Richmond. Ilavin* OrdnrnH f!rv1 ?r. ??? .? - 0 ? ? wva. jitvuulligOUU IV/ UVVOLU him. he left Camp l)efian?e far that city the same evening, with Majors Duffield and Stanard. Captains Farish and feneed, and Lieut. Wise ol his staff. The position of Camp Defiance, when Gen Wise left, was defended by about 5,500 men, with 11 pieces of cannon, (which in 24 hours would be reinforced to near 7.000 men J commanded by Gen. Lee in person, who has vindicated Gen. Wise's military judgment by determining to try conclusions with the enemy-in the positions selected by the latter. They are, doubtless, impregnable, even by a force of 20,000 men. It can hardly, however, be anticipated that the enemy, even though reinforced, as ascertained, by 30.000 men, will venture to attaek Gen. Lee with his present force, after hesitating to attack Gen. Wise when he had only 1,700 soldiers. If Gen. Lee should fall back, it will only be on account ol demonstrations on his rear. Gen. Floyd was at Meadow Bluff with 1,500 men. Intkrkstisg raow Wkstkkx Virbixia?7V Campaign En<i?<l ?The ateamer Mary Cook arrived laat evening from the Katiawba River, bri >jjing from the cam pa near Gaulev Urid?e 184 Ick and wounded soldier*, *b" were Immediately taken from (be steamer to the Marine Hospital Our fellow citizen, Mr (.{ulnn, who hai been 'pending a few weeks iu Western Virginia, wag also a passenger on the Cook, and from hlin we learn very Important particulars from thai section of the State. He corroborates the statement of Colonel Friz?ll, that the entire country of the Kanawha Valley Is devastated, and tbit farmers are leaving as rapidly as transportation can be found to bring them Norfh Forage Is out of the question, and proviMons cannot be procured The condition of the roads and country Is such that an army of 4.(MM men could not winter there, the Impossibility of transportation being so great, and the risk of reaching the army with supplies, kc , being so hazardous Generals Rosecrans and Cox are at Mountain Cave, only thirteen miles from (iauley Bridge, with only six thousand troops who art able to perform attive duty and art. available. Between Gauley Bridge and Camp Lookout there were on Tuesday last l.fWO patients in the hospitals, prostrated with the camp fever At Cross t rrn- near Carntfex Ferry, are 180 patients Those that can bear moving are to be brought here as ran dlv as 'earner* can be secured. During the past two weeks there have been continuous rains, and the roads are almost impissable. The campaign In WwWn Virginia Is virtually ended, and preparations are ou fovt to wilhd'^w a portion of oar forces there and send their, into Kentucky, leaving only a sufficient force to pveut tee rebel* from approaching north of Oaul?v River or wi-st of Cheat Mountain 'I'jeprcMbilltte* are. however, 'hat the seccsheri have nc de?ire to come through a country they had already laid waste and left barren .Mr (jnlnn wa* at Sewall's Mountains when a ba'tle between our forces and the rebels was so .The enemy was entrenched on a mountain foni mllfs and a half from our army, and th* ^n-.ip flres were plainly visible. The enemy'i pickets tired upon the Federal pickets, but nc damage was done On Sunday evening General Rosecrans fell back on Camp I<ooknut, and then to Mountain Cave W e will not be surprised U bear of Rosecrans in Kentucky within ten days The enemy have already gone In tbe direction ol Cumberland Uap.?Cincinnati Enquirer, 12<A. M AS?*< HU*ETTS AND THE WAR.?Up to tb( present time Massachusetts h*s sent to the wat twenty-two full regiments of infantrv. and of ar tillery f ur full batteries. Five infantry regiments were three months troop#, and one battery of artillery wai for three months; hut these having returned, thia State has now In the Held as follows : Seventeen full reelmenta of three years lnfantry, 17,000 men; eight detached companies of infantry for three years at Portress Monroe and Iti vicinity; three companies of Infantry for tbret years, forming part of the 4'Jth regiment of New York, and three full batteries of light artillery foi three years, of six pieces each splendidly equtped and each battery manned by 150 picked men,and having as many horses. In addition to the troops above enumerated, it ii estimated that Massachusetts baa furnished 1,50< m?n for th? regiments of other States, 900 from tula vicinity alone having goue to New York U connect taeniae Ives with the Irish Brigade In tha State Besides this number, it Is computed tha at least ten tbouaand sons of Massachusetts hav< entered the Naval service of the country. There now In camp and in a good state of for wardness five more regiments of Infantry, on< battery of artillery and a regiment of cavalrv The cavalry regiment baa now more tban a thou aind picket men enlisted, and tb? infantry regl ments will average to-day at leaat 750 aoldlera Two of tbe regiment* are so nearly full tbat they will leave for tbeaeatof war earlv next week All the other, except the cavalry, will be able t< eij'er upon active *ervice before the close of th? present month ?Botton Ttnnstripi. JET A regiment of picked men, foraeaand land service on the southern coast, Is to be raised lr Connecticut. The camp is to be located at Fori (irlswold, opposite New London, where tbe adjacent waters are well situated for boat practice, where the grounds are peculiarly adapted foi drill, and wbere the guns of the fort may be used to learn tbe volunteers their proper msnagement Gkbman Aetillkbists ?A number of German artillerists, who have seen service In fc'.urnpe, held a meeting at Turner Hall, on Sunday laat, and unanimously resolved to O'er their service* to tbe city, as a body Tbevdonot understand Kngllsh, and hence most hare a German organintlon and I German commander.?Cm JVncs. |T^ The UtUe bay mare, Flora Temple, the ' undisputed Oueen of the Trotting Turf, who recently retired Into private life after a lone aad unexampled career of triumph, ia now on exhibition at the Hollday-straet Theater. Baltimore, at a , fixed price per head for admission try The state of Ohio haa In store within slsty nit tea of Cincinnati, over eighteen tons of rruiket and cannon powder of the v^ry best quality that can b? manufactured Thla la being held for any emergency thai may occur. I HIT'A Nashville paper s'ates that the Union men in Fentreas county, Tenn., are very refraoWry. and (bat they have killed (our or Ave secAalomsu aud the county she-Id \[J- The S*t Louts Republican appears CWtailed four columns In lta proportions. ' SICK AND WOUNDED ftOLDIgflS tft HOSPITAL. Published in eonformity with the resolution oj the Senate of July 16, 1861. i At General Hospital on E street, betieeen Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Oct. 11. l?t Excelsior 1 1st Rhode Island Vol. 1 2d do 2 4th do do.. 1 3d do 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 8th do 2 '2d New HampsnlreVol 4 I lBthNfeWYork Vol1 1st Michigan Vol 1 i 22d do do ... 4 '2d do do...... 1 24th do do.... 5 3d do do 1 29th do do.... 1 4th do do.;;... 1 36th do do..;. 1 8th do do 3 43d do do.... 2 9tockton'a Michigan 1 46th do do.... 1 Independent Vol... 2 75>th do do.... 1 7th Wisconsin 1st Massachusetts Vol.. 1 1st New rork Cavalry. 1 l 10th do do... 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 1-rh do do... 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 1 Iftth do do... 1 2d U. S. Cavalry 1 2d Vermont do(a) 1 5th do do (6) 1 4th do do... 2 6th Penn Cavalry ... 1 5th do do... 1 1st Penn. Independent 1st Pennsylvania Vol.. 3 Rifles 1 ) 8th do do.. 11 4 th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 231 do do.. 1 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 i 26th do do.. 1 > 19th do Volunteers 4 27th do do.. 111st U. S. Artillery.... 1 Odtk * - ? I n *> ? jviu uo uo .. i u.\j. volunteer*...... 1 3lst do do.. 1 ? 3d do do.. 1 Total ?1 ' 50 h do do .. 2 (a) One officer. (6) On? officer. At Strtiinary Hospital, (*eorg?t<nrn, Oct. 11. 2d (J. S. Infantry..4... 3 KentuckyCaValry.... ? iJil Maine Volunteers . 6 26th Penn.Volunteers . i 6th do do.????? 3 27th do do...... 1 9th Massachnsets Vol.. 1 1 at Long Island Vol... I 1 14th New York Vol...13 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 94th do do.... 4 Teamster 1 29th do do.... 3 19th Indiana (?) 8 I 33d do do.... 6 2d Vermont 3 21st do do.(a) 2 4th Penn. Cavalry .... 1 18th do do.... 1 19th Massachusetts.... 1 3.?th do do 1 3d Vermont 16 Garibaldi Guards 5 5th Wisconsin 8 Mowirt 1 6th do 5 1st Fire Zouaves...... 1 33d Pennsylvania 10 Tammany 2 New Jersey Brigade.. 1 ' 1st Michigan Vol 3 -id Wisconsin 1 i 2d do do 1 44th New York. ...ii. 1 3d do do...(6) 4 Mo t's Artillery 1 r 4th do do ...(e)14 21st Pennsylvania .... 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... 2! 10th do 8 ?th Penn. Volunteers. l!42d do 10 3d do do 2! 1st Pennsylvania Rifles 4 50th do do 1 ' 9th do do...(<1)14 Total 187 1st do Artillery ... 8 (a) Two officer*. (6) One officer (e) Four officers, (rf) One officer (?) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, eorn'r Bridg and Washington streets, Georgetown, Oct. 11. 2d NewYorkVol 2,'2d Pena. Volunteers. 1 i 13th do do 4 3d do do 4 I 14th do do 7 4th do do.*.... 1 ; l?th do do l|6h do do 17 [ 19th- do do...... I "th do do 10 lQth do do Sil-Jih dfl do 4 . 22d do do 4 "21th do do 2 23d do do 3 '27th do do '2 25th do do 1 35th do v do 1 '26th do do 1 45th do do 1 '29th do do 1 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 33d do do 7 VtcLane's Regiment.. 1 35th do do 2 21st Indiana Vol 1 43d do do 1 1st Michigan do 1 49th do do 1 2d do do 14 90th do do.ui.i 1 3d do do 4 79th do do...... 0 4th do doitttu S 1st Long- Island Vol.. 1 j'2d Wisconsin do fi Mozart Regiment 1 5th do do 1 Bookwood's Battery.. 1 6th do do 1 Mott's Battery 1 1st Minnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteers .6 1st California do 13 6th do do "U Stockton'sIndp'tReg. 4 3d N*wHamDBhlreVol 1 Kpntnrkv C?v*lrv H 2d Vermont Volunteers P, Teamster 1 3d do do 12 Hostler I 4th do d? J Officer's servant 1 9th Massachusetts Vol. 3 New Jersey Cavalry .. 2 Total 199 1st Penn. Artillery.... 5 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Oct. II. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 3d do do 3 3d do do.... 2 5'h do do 4 3th do do ... 2 0th do do 3 ?tb do do.... 1 loth M aseachusetts Vol 1Q 1st Penn Artillery.... 1 !4th do do. 3 3d do Caralry 4 19th do do. 1 13th do Volunteers.. I 3d VVolunteers 1 31st do do 4 0?h Connecticut Vol.. 1 33d do do 82 7th do do... 3 Cbroman's Rifles, Pa. 1st Long Islnnd Vol .. 1 Volunteers 1 1st New York Cavalry. 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 3d do do... 1 1st do Vol 3 2d do Vol 3 2d do do 7 9th do do 1 4th do do 2 : 11th do do 1 7th do do 3 ' 11th do di 1 8th do do 21 I lr?tb do do I t*tockion's Mich Vol.. 7 I 22 d do do 5 |2d Wisconsin Vol 1 ' I 25th do do...... 4|5th do do 8 szn do do 11 dtb do do 12 33d do do...... *|7th do do 1 35th do do 6 lit Minnesota do 2 1 36th do do 1 19th Indiana do 14 * 37th do do 8 '27th do do A > 43d do do 2 lit California do 2 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 3 3d U 8 Infantry 1 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 2 4th do Cavalry 1 I Garibaldi do do .. 1 Lincoln Cavalry...... t > De Kalb do do .. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't I ? Berdan'sSharpshooters 1 l?t U. 8 Chasseurs ... 1 Total 235 f 1st New Jersey Cavalry 10 At General Hospital, (Circlt,) Washington, ? Oct 11. 4th Cavalry 1 2d Infantry 3 5th do.............. 4 3d do ............. 3 , let Artillery 7 8th do 2 , 2d do 10 33d Pennsylvania Vol. 2 3d do 11 Quartermaster'a Dep't 4 4th do 2 ? 6th do !.. 5 Total 5? 1st Infantry 5 ? ? ? " I ~~ , At ueneral Hospital, AUxandria, Oct 11. [ Sd Cavalry, U. 9 A... 1 3d Maine 11 2d Artillery, U. 8. A . 5 4th do 10 [ 5th New York 1 5th ao 9 15th do 1 TeamsUrs, U S 2 16th do (i)30 Lincoln Cavalry 3 . 17th do 23 Young'a Cavalry 1 ; 18th do 6 32d Pennsylvania 3 26th do 7 IstNewJersey (6) 1 27th do 9 5th do (e) 1 . 3lit do 9 lat Minnesota 2 32d do 17 2d Wlaconaln 1 37th do 7 2d Vermont 1 38th do 9 2d Michigan 1 40th do 11 3d do 1 ' 79th do 1 ' 25th do 6 Total 190 (a) One Captain. (b) One Lieutenant, (e) One Lieutenant. 117 Washington paper* please copy and send bills to the War Department. oct 16 -3t > M. I. FRANKLIN, , SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, ' 944 Penn'aav.,* north aide,) bet. 12th and 13th ate. Improved 8PECTACLES, with genuine Pebble or Pertsooplo Glasses, suited oorreotly for every 1 eye-sight. FIRST "j nfani ijBBilj CLASS MILITARY riELD-OLASSES, MiorosoofM, Cobimum, and Mathematical In atrumeata, itu* lyweat Eaatem prions. e 27 tr _____ Fine shakkr and other whitk FLANNELS, with all other kind, of Woo ana tor Antumn ud Winter n?r. One pnoe only, me kea ia plain fifnree; henoe, no eurchaaer it dwawd All beying and eelung being now redooed K> the oaah atandard. our vhole aoalo of prioea ia made to oc nform thereto. An examination of atco* lmpiiea no obligation to parohaae. _ FRRkY * BRu., Pa arena* and Ninth at. oo 14 6t Parry Batiuinf " SHAWLS AND CLQAKS.-New lota ma. ed dail*. O .eprioeonly, masked in piatu figures t!*?r>*oo Mt Pa. avenue and Ninth *U Bur Johnston, ALTlftlORK LUCK HOSPITAL, H*t diico+trtd tki most C*rtiin, Svttdf ??kd Mlf afftttnal tn tit World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IAPRLDOICE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREtEltT. APPL.Y IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE,

IN FRO A1 ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waaknaaa ?f ?a Back, Btrietaraa, Affactiona of tha Kid *nd Bladdar Jiteitou:* Diaciurjtt, lmpotancT, Ginaral Pabtlity, Ntr.?ouana??. Lanraor, Confaaioo f Idaaa, Low Sftr.:a, ?-:pi*iU<hi of tha Haart, Timidity, Trarablinga, Dirrn t of Sifht or Gid Jinan, Diaaaaa of tha Head, Threat, Noaa or Skin, Atft rra of tha Loun, 8torn- I acn or Bowtli?thaaa Tamblt Dtaordara afJrti# *-jm Solitary Habita of Tooth?thcaa Draadfal and D??tmctt?l Practical which randar Marriara impoaaibla. and d tutor both Body and Mind. YOUNO MEN tiraaltily who hava bteoma tha victima o( Solitary Tiea, that draadfal and daatracu't habit which annoally awaapa to an aotimaly grata thoSaanda rf Yoorg Man of tha moat axaltad taltnta and brilliant mtallcet, who r'tfht. otharwua ha?? antrancad Uatamng Senataa with tha thandara of a!oaaanca or wakad to acatacy tha imng lyra, may tail with fall contdanca. MARRIAGE. MiIHID P?K?on?,or Yoaoit M?n eontamplaung Marriara, being- aware of phyaical waaknaaa, arfanie dability, daformiuea, Ac , apaadily cored. Ha who piaeaa himacK andar tha eara of Dr. J. miy raiirt aaly eoorda tn bia honor at a gentleman and catildauuy raly upon bia akill aa a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. i unim viuf Ewiii| nuw uaniniuri ?u ?* , ? I? w uwi uuia th* corntr. t ail not to obaerre nam* and narab*f. Letter* silt b* paid and contain a atamp. 1>H. JOHNSTON, Member af tin Royal Cflll?fa of 9ur(*one, London, gradaJt* from on* of th* molt emln*nt College* la ti>? United Ut?*, and the greater part of wholt lif* hai been apint in th* notpl'al* of London, Paria, Philadelphia and ?l**wn?>?, hai effected torn* of th* mo*t iftoniehing carta that ?<rt a?ar known; many troulUd wMh ringing in th* haad and ara whan aalcap; great nlrfffCanaal, r?iog alarmed at udden *ouud*, baahfclneea with frequent biai'tuf, attlnded aomatimaa with dirangtment of miud, vara cored irarctdiatalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Man and otbara who ha?a injured themaelvaa by a tertain pracuA indulged tn when alone?a habit fraqoaudy laarnad from aril companion*, cr at ichoel, th* e-ffect* of wbicn ar* nigitly felt i??n when a?ieef, an* *f no} cured, randara marriage impotaiMa, and dtatroy* both mmd and body, ehould apply innnediatclr. The** ara aome of tha aad and melanchoiy effect*jprodactd by early habita of vouth, ?i?: Weakneae of th* Back and Limb*, Pain* in th* (lead, Dimneae of Bight, Loaa of Ma*cu,ar Power, Palpitation of tna Heart, Oyepepey, Nerroua irritability, D* range m*nt of th* Digeetive Function*, Gei.eral Dabllity, Symptom* of Conramption, *c. MtftTALLT.?The fenrfnl tuecu on tha mind ar* much ta b* dreided?Loaa of Memory, Coufttaion of Id(a*, DePrtiuoo af Spirit*, Etil Fcrebodinge, Avertion of Society, Self-Dietraat, Lot* of 8olitaut, Timidity, e" , art *om* of th* *?il* produced. NKHTort Dkrilitt.?Thoaaand* can new feat i* th* cacaa of their declining health, loam? their vigor, becoming weak, pnle, ner?oue and (maciatea, baring a (ingulat appearance about th* *y**, cough or ejmptom* of conaumptiao. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin tht miarmdtd and imprudent votary of plaaanra fir da ba haa imbibed tha aaada of thia painful di?t?a?, it too oftao bappana that an ill-time 3 (gnt%cf ahama or dread of diacoaery datera him from applying to tnota it'ul, !rr% er*cca;ion and raapecubitily, can alona befriend him. Ha faiil Ml ttl banda of ignorant and deaigning pratandara, who, ineapablt af eorinr, filch bia pecuniary anbatance, keep bin trilling month after month, or aa long aa tha amailaat fee can ta o>>tatnad, and in daapair le*?e "him with rained haaltb to aigb e?er bia railing disappointment; or by tba Baa of that deadly poiaor?Mercury?haaieu tha oouetilcuor.M eymntooie of thia tarribla diaaaaa, anch aa Affectiaua of tha Heart, Throat, Haad, kin, Ac., prorreeiinr vith frightful rapidity, till daath pate a period ta bia areadfal Bufferings by aandin'g hinu o iiia: anwacafefad eocn'.tf from ?hea? kaan.e ra traveler ratarua. DR. JOHNSON'S REMBPY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND ItiFOTKNCY Sy tbia great and important raraady veaknaae af Ubi erf ana ara apeedjly ebred and fa Li eigrr raatarad. Tbaaeaode af tba aet narraaa and dabihtaiad, vba bad laat ail bapa, baea baao immediately relieved. All lmpadimanta ta Marriage, Phyaital ar Mental DieqaalUealiane, Laaa af Praeraativa rower. Jferveae Irritability. Trembling and Weakneee ar Ksbaaauac af Iba naat faarfal kind epeedily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. Til Mint Tnovundi carad at thia inatitauan wilhia the laat eeeeattln ??*??< and tba nameraaurepartAnt Bargiaal aperatiene performed b* Ut. .''iin?tan tui?uad by tna repertars af the papere ana many other tahnrl, nct!c?? af wbieh baee appaarad again and again bafort tha psb'ftj be Mee hie atanding aa a gintlairan af charactar ana Mlrvceibllity, la a aaleiant gaarantaa ta tba aSieted. mar 16-1 ? NOTICE. "ADAM!1 MFBIEM COMPANY" This Company offers to the public" Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe an it Quick I'ispntoil of Heavy Fi'eighU Packages, Valuables, Money, Ao. Ao., to all parts of ?he United states. Expresses to and from the North and Weet depart from and arrive in Washington twice daily, All Expresses are m charge of experienced and reliable Messenger*. Ail Packages for The Soldiers carrier at "onk half" our uku&I rate*. All Goods for the so-called "Confederate State*" and all Articles " Contraband of War" will be KzrtflKD. Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 5 .JO P . M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8.*) A. M. and 11 P. M.t arriving in Washing ton at 5 3" P. M, and 6 A. If. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M , arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 5 30 P M. Expresses for all po;ut? North and West leave Washington at 7J0 A. M and 2.30 F M. d*il?. SpeoiaT Contracts for 'arge quantities of Freight oan be made on application to this ' <{f no. A'l Goods nalleu fjr and delivered free of Extra Charge*. E. W. PARSONS, ISnp't A Jains' Express Cotnpanv. Washington. August a. 196i. au .J tf Ywood and coal. OU Will aurtny est your nwney'a wortn oallinc at tne PIONEER M1 LL.f>, ter ntr of Sivtntk xtrtit and Canal. (GEO. PAVE, Agent.) The? Mil oheaper and g IV# bettor m??url than any others in the ?ty?out, split, tod aaiivered free of oharje. If ton doa 11eiiere ,i? the Pioneer Mllla a tria., and be satisfied. *-lTT IgOOVri AMD WO 8V1V VMS We are now manafaotnrini'all kind* of BOOTS and BHOEB. and ooMtantly reoeivini s ssyply of eastern mads work of every de Bme aeration. made exprossl? to order, and will* !11 be sold at a muoii lower snoothaii baa been* IK heretofore oliarged in thia aitj for maota inferior artio.e?. Par./ir.. IF. o * ai VIVWUB ui warn ui OWM mau or.ofl* 01 OMlArn II lty madfl wort, v:!l *1w&tifinda good la ?ior?*Ld at tb? l?v?u noea. ttive bb a call. RIFFIN * uKU.i ?? ? ?l? 4 RMY SUP.I'LIK8. 4m. just received? 4f*> oana SAU9AG K MEAT, 340 cans FRESH TOMATOE*. 48 ' c&Ui FRESH VKAI., 380nana BEhF,* In 24?o&na ROAST BEE K, ?>oan? FRESH MUTTON. 24noans PEEK and GRAVY, 840 cans SOUJP and BOUILLI, an cases FRENCH DE8S10ATED VK9K TABLES. For sale at New York Faotory prioea, KING ft. BURCHELL. ?e 4 Comer I and Hftcantli strata. Hnew books. 18TORY of the United Netherlanda, by John Lothroj Motley ; 2 vote.; free b* mail, t4. The Rieeof the Datoh Reyublie, a history, by John Lothrop Mot'jy; I to a oioth; free by mail, Silaa Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of 'Adam Bede cloth 7Moenta; paper M oecta. Life and Career of Major Andre, by W in troy 9a/(4anti fix). Alter loebergi with a fainter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rot Louia L. Nob e ; 91.SO. Tne Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas Antiae'.I, M. D., #1.75. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH 4 R1CHSTEIN, ap a arf Penna. avenue. WBOVS' CLOTHING. K Have received within the last day or two a large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH 1N6, embracing all style* of low-priced, mediun>, and fine qualities, wnioh we are selling a t very low pnoea for oa?h. . WALL. STEPHENS k. CO . SsiS Fa. av., between 9th and 16th sta. mii (Intel In encflr ami KepuMinan.' f^KlB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS Vv and COUNTKRPANEi.all siaea anc. quail tiea, Bed Comforts, fheetin*a, Putow Linen < and Cottona, Towels. Napkins. Table Clothe, Tiekinga, Doyiies, <^e. All at our proverbially low prioes, marked in plain fignraa. New comera, atrangtra, sojourner* and oKnena will inapeot oar etook at ple*aure. ' PERRY * BRO, ee TISt Pend. avenue and 9th at-. int. ulu r*wn urriut, , Baek ?f the A/*tioittil Hotel./ 9 V tttst liberal advanuaa mad* on tfold nd -ilvrr Watonee. i>iaiuon<.a, Jewe rj. Silver vare.Clothinj. Pistol*, and all kmda of Merohandiae. Basilicas stnotiy confidential. . ISAAC HERZBRR6, 341 C st'eet, 1 J? _ Between and 6th sta. IRISH POPLINS AND NEW REP*.--Many * stylish things open?h1 to aay. With oil kind* of Dry Goods, iq stap'e and iaoor fabrics, for too oarrant van Is of families. One pnodoiljr the actual oMh standard valae, marker in plain nriiraa. PKRK.Y * BROTHER, , _ 00 Pa. a?auaaand ftiuth at. ( S~^\ SOMETHING NFW! X"~\ lm? -?? '" "'^ly il HSl i' ttrttt, crrnitt >Q|V t4< 7 Va;?r. OYSTERSSTEAMED in tho Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far interior to A roiitl in fife mtMwffs, i4c /attat Hint m ftrofii. Call and see. The andersifoM icform? hi* friend* It the District, and visltorrto the eity. that he has refitted His 01? and wili-irows i'tabliihxi>t in a most thorough mmnfr. and has ir.ade oowi p ete arrangaroerti to furnish OYSTERS in acy sty'eand in any quantity *00 to Son ca lonaehooked per day. 2 i*o to a uw can* <>f Spiced and h >?* h put up daily?oans herm*tio%liy staled. Furnished in the aheirby the hustie or barrel. Pet sons wishing to have Oyster' furnished recllarly through the winter. *t Baltimore prices, without fear of fa<!gre, rhonid oa'l and make arrang*m-nt? at once Freight, time, and money mm k> an* aV.. . i n? Af A ? V fnrniaK n *pf i?U di?pvi 1/j puiuiiaa uk vi iii^t ?" ? ?iviw e?ukl to the celebrated Haiti more establishments, at prices just as low. TO BUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sa'dir.ea, Cluni. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F*et, Tripe, 4c, *c..Ac. Also, Pickles. Catsup, Sajoes. Brandy Peaci'es, 4c Also, Gaineand Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, 4o. In fact, ever? thine for sale in the North* m n arkets sivauou Lar d, at rev?ouab'e prices Hotels ani families supplied W'*h Ovste-8. delivered wr.hout* t- any parr of tdeOistriet. in season, il the money is sent with the order. My estab ishment is open from 5 a m. to 12 at night. every nay, except Sunday, when 1 oioee at to o'clock a. m. seyr T. M. HARVEY. OQQ JOHNSON 4 N\GLE, k>wQ No a*# P*!?if?n.VA?iiA AVKwr*. Between Xintii and Tenth els . south side, IMPORTERS OF WlKsj, i 1QUORS, SE OAKS. PICKLES, PRESEK + FS, a A RDINES, FINK GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STOREa INOhNERAL. Just arrived the following brands of ? CHAMPAGNES: 6 H. Mumm, Piper Heidsiok. Most 4 Chan don, Cart ier 4 Co , Barat 4 Fagot, Tourette, Royal Grape. Which w? offer at New Yors Prices?freight added. JOHNSON 4 NAGLE, 999 Penna avenue. Abm. M. Bminger 4 Co.'s ?1? Uro^d street. Nov Vnrk. I VV oriii renownfil ROTTLKD WINM&nd LIQUORS, for Camp, Medioina', and Family *?. coi:atanti> on band aud sold at New York Prioe* it the CM*. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S. 4*9 Penna. avenue PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCES. TO M ATO C ATSUP, by the barrel, nil >n, or dozen, from the oe>brated manufactory of r-ohrrnharb & Co , New York, at a?toni?hinaly low price*. At JOHNSON A N AtiLK'S, Sole Amenta. Alao, PICKLED*. PIG FEET, LAMB AND BEEF TONGUES, TRIPE, etc.. by tue barrel or half-barrel. ?* in LEA fc PERKMI' CBLRBRATBD Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Bl of a Letter from a t? ba the II MtdUal "?NLt Toiler SAUCE." ? at W"roaeter. and applicable to ? Tell L,?V plrrvBB V TTiSaE'T Hn* that their Saute Ej v c*iv i 1V !? highly eat^emed ? , ? in India, and la. m \ARlhTi my opinion, the moat jaW^M palatib'e. aa well aa OF DISH HL-__Jrhe moat wnoieaome (hat ii A 99 ? I I ? The above SAtJCF In n?>t onlv tne hit tod most popular condiment known, bat the molt Economical, as a l?w drops in Soup, ftra<*p, or with >Y?A. hot ?nd oo!d Jomt>, B?*f St*nk, <?? ?!?, ft. impart an exquis.te xeat, which unprincipled Sauce man ufacturers have in vain endeavored t'? imitate On the Breakfast, Lumkeon, Dtnn*r, or Table, a cruet containing " LEA ft. PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indupensabie. To appreciate the excellent qualities of this deliK<m.t preparation it lfl on y ncoessary to purchase a srtMll bottle of the limine, of a respectable gro oer or ^eaer.a# many Haul and Hes aurant pro prietora ae doirt r ace the Pur> j*auoe oefore their ruegt?, out Hut'Stitutea Muuins Bottle filled with a spurious mixture. For aaie by t?roo?rs and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN & SO '8, Union Square and 14t* street, Nrte York, Sol* Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Jtoek always m store ?Also orders reoeived lor direct shipments from Enffla^d. __ Beware ?/ Connltr/rite and Imitations?fTl s?-p 3-ly.eo grerjB TOPHAM'8 WTT| ?l??S PREMIUM TRUNK Wlfi MANUFACTORY, 499 Bxvxnth Stexxt, Washinsto*. D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute o Baltimore. November 7, IP*). AM. I am ooostartlT makinj. and ai*?ji have on kaod, of the be*' material, every deecriftioR ol i Fin* Iron Frau?e; L ad i?' Drew, Woo.) Box, and Packing Trnnkt, Peiliaier, Carrot, *a4 C_im Trafo.iiii Ban, School Setcbel*. ke.. At Lorn Prices. Mcn. era of Conrreii and tfavelere will pleaae examine my itock before perchance eleewhere Trunks that are made in other eitie*. Superior Leather and Dre*? Truck* made to order. , ? , , . . Trunk* oovered and repaired at abort noboe. 0ood? delivered free or char re to anytpart of the oity, fleorjetown.and Alexandria. Jan-Wen J AM Kg S.TOPHAM. ! the only known and beet ar1<- c to ~~1" ' V?_|J?C ?T Urn,; nfcX Roaohea. rH Htifi, Ante, Moth*, FliA#* fi;..:.?_ r ?? Flean. Garden W ormi h cimiMu ho peum. SCHWERIN'S PILLS are eure death tn RaU and Mice. M Sohwerin ha* reoeived oertifioate* from the President ol trirard t/ol.e* ?. Directors o! House of Refuel, Pennsy'vania Hocpttai. and other PromiB^nt institutions of Philadelphia ; U. 8. Jail, W Mitiugtou, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, New Orle&cs. La The original certificates can I* seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot Mi North Second street, Philadelphia, ?nci for sale in tbia oity by D. B. CLARK, corner Pa. avonue and sU., and by al! Druggists and trrooera. J'.WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. " Remember to ask for Sohwerin's Annihii Powder. I" * None genuine nnleaa signed M. ScBwmn. ma l6-6meo DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE ua?d for the Ifrst half oentvry in th*v Hospitals of London and t'aria for the care of Seertt Distastt, m&y now be bad at UP HAM'S. !KL No. 310 Cleannt street, sole agent for ijJ/ the United States It oo<>taiaa no meroury or other micerala, and wi 1 not the moat dehoste oonat tutioa A cwrt guaranteed and no change of <<iet required. Pn-e #1 ?*nt by express So'd in Washington by 8. CAl. V KKT KUKD.eorner llth atreet aod Penney Ira nia avenue ?e?3-eolf UGUAM'S HAIR DYE '. ? TO COLOR BLaCK OR BROW* Only 38 cent* % box. Three boxes Tor one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair oau be ohanged in a few eeoooda to a j t black or brown, by using Upharn'a Liquid Hair Dye, the beet and cheapest in the world, prodaelng, the roosejit it ia applied, a rion natural appearano*. fcaoh Box ofUPtiAM'S HAiK DV K is warranted to oontaia aa much hnir rfyc a< o?h?ra cell for utu dollar'. Hold by 8 O. UCHAM, 310 . heanut atreet, h ladelphia. and S. CALVERT FO?D. oorner llth atreet and Pa. ave. aept-eoly DR DLJPONT'8 SUGAR COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS are^^ the rery btrt in use They operate apeedi yJBT. atw' ett?, and being ?ugar-ooate< f orea e no nauaea upon the moat de.ioatt^ r a'Ofi acli A tn .1 of tfceae Piha will prove their auperionty over all <>ih?--a Pnoe On? DpUmr % box- So'd only at UrHAM'8, SI? Cheanut atreet. 8ent by mail to ail part* of tit# country in a sealed envelope. 8wUi in Washington by 8. CALVERT KuKl), oorner llth atreet and Pa. a-* ?? 5 eqw S NOTICE. TYLiHH Autumn and Winter Wrapfiora for ladiea, "f qualitiea better tfeae usually found in Una _ .L.t . _ iti I ? j ki.u a? i< a _ it.-.?*oi(iu TW uoiodr ar?u .UMij ootviuvb iq Sua wis. With all kinds yf l)rr GooOa for tbe isn?ral &nd apeoial wanta of fhmiliettnd housoksop ra. One prloe only, the sous' ctaaii standard mlse, "8i,*&S?S|:fcri3-t.r? corrMfOndMta ^ a new aupeliea dally. , ^ Carpeta, Curtsint, Oilclolhs, Rn|a, 4a., fffr floors oo i-5t Pa avacas an? Ninth at. HB\DUUARTKR9 FOR CLOTHINO. HATS ' fjhlOAPS-Al SMITH-8, No. 4M ?#T*ath rtrer-t oe l-laa I^rfK-PKOPLE^ Cl?OTHlN? SJTORfc, No. 4ft0 Seventh et., is the fine* to buy yonr Clotiunj, Trunks, HsU Md Csps, oe 1-la I THE WEEKLY STAR. Yfcla uoflleii Family u< New? Joeraai ? containlag a gurtw n>Mf ol laiu artliif r?4ia? tbaa caa be to a ad ta any ftbrr?U p?Mlabed aa Friday morn lag. Taait*?Cmtk, mtmrimklf, m wtmmm tUnjle oopy, prr m.?J> * P1t? esfiln 4 1 Tea coplM.ft?? i ? Twenty-Ire copies ? M II laearlably ooatalna the " W*biaftea Neva' ttat baa made Tk* DmUf 5Mr elreiMl ao generally tbrong bout tbr country CTSiBgie coplee (la wrapper*) aaa be pencured at tbe counter, Immediately after tbe tmee Of tL?' HUM Pri/M TUB L'L" 'BM* HRLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu. A PttUrrt amd Sft*Ju Rtm*df For Dimhm of tU BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROP8ICAL SWELLINGS. Tota M?dioia* Inomiw lfe? power of DifMtooa, ard r*c:t?? tb? A?*<<BBt:?Ta into r.edthy boUob. by whio* th? watbbt ok ctuaaci dbpo?iiion?. aad b1 cii!i?tcttL KXL?Re*M*m? we ibhmi. b? well ma pa.1m AAl) lhvlajotatlob, m4 m food f?r MEN. WOMEN, OR CRILDRKN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU For WfkkMi'ti Amine Irom Fxe*aa?a. HtMU of DiMifMiot, F.arl? I' d:for?tir>* or Avoae. Atttndtd teilk tkt Foliotttng Spmptv?u : I ndi? position to Kxertion, Lo?? of l*?wi, i-"uof M?morr, [fluty of nre%th>a?, Witt Nerve.. Trentm^! Horror of D **& ?, WlkMVMM, DimnMi of Viaion. fun ti tli* H*ok. Umvftrta' Latitude of tha Maacular f*T?t?m. Hot Hand*. FlMbiEl oftkt R^n, Dry not of the Skin, Rraptiooa on tba Faoa, p4i lid rorstihanra. Theae ?ympt? ro?. II a owed to ro vhtok Uua medicine invanat ly removaa. aoon follow# IMPOTEMCY.FATUITV, EPILKrriC FIT*. In oim of which tkt may E+pm* Who can >U tn- tbey are not f<e?aently hh lowed by thoee "ciKxrrL nsEAtu." ** INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the mdn of their BCT HONS WILL COHrPMTHE RECOH DSor THE INSANE ASYLCM8 And ike Mtlnthtif Draiki by Ctmimmftim* BBA K 1MPLI W1TWE*? TO TBI TIFT1 ?T TKB iHltlM. the WrTssrMcWihwar*9 Requires the aid of medioine to etreafthwi ud I l vigor ate the Sfitta, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCMU MtenfMy 4m*. A TK1AL WILL COJrviJK E THE MOST HlfTlClU FEMALES? FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Manf AJftttions Ptcuiiar le Ptmmin the Extract Buoht la uneeuaiKd by uj other remedy, ?f in Chloroeu or Retention, Irr fn.anty, r?UUiD?M, or suppression wi wmwowi ?m nation. Uioeratea or Sehirroae state of the Ctarati Leuoor hnft or Whites, gteriiitp. ?ad lor all complaints inoidenX to tbe mi, whether ansinr from Indiscretion, Habit* of Dieaipaboa, or ia the DECLIKE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! KB SYMPTOMS AlOVI. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tnk' ao more Baltam, Af'rrary, or Cylinnl Mtdhin* for Unylratanl mmd I>a?gtroth Wmmm. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BTJCHV rim SECRET MlEltU Id all their 8'axes; At little Ifiym Lattle or no otuie in Diet: No inooc*eiua**?t And no axro'wt r ?-? It causes a fre*u nt desire a At (nCBnuIh to Urinat*. tLe.ebj Removing tlwt uctione, Prrvettiuf and Cii nnj 91 not tree of the Urethra. AUajim raw aud lr fiamr- */!< %. m> fro^usct in the elat-s of disea*ee. Mid cxpaUlag aU Poumiokj Ltt i?std, and iNm out Matter. THor?aiiD? vroa thoviahm WHO HAVE BEES THE TJCTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tare paid tuaryjeo* to be oared ia a afcart time, have f >und tlu j were deoeired, acd that the toisos" lias, by the mof *>osetF/id*?irMM?u'? been dri*d up in the system^ break oat la aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AtTMR MARRIAGE. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCflU ill ?ff<53tioo? Ml di?rMM of tiM rfUMARY OR6A.1I, wbeuier u.atinc in MALE OR FEVALI, (rum whatever mum orifinatinc and to matter of HOW LONG STANDI1V0 DuruM of U?m Organ* re*?lr? the aid of a Dtnmc. llELMUOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it u oertain to have the dMirod offoot 11 Dimwi/it Mu4 O t< rtcommtndtd. IDENCB or TU MOST BBBPOKItllj AMD RBLIABLB CBABACTBR wll! aooompany the idniouin. CKRTjFICATKB OF GURUS, ^ Krrm 8 to & rw with Nam*? known lo SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE'NOTICE.* WE MAJLB "WO llClir ' OF "156REDIB1TTI HKLMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU n oompoattl of Huoha, C?n*bt tod Jwimt Bomoa, ?l?oted with groat oar* by a oobmW 4rarcua. prepared in vacuo. BY H. T. HILIIOL D, Praotioal and Analytioaj ChMiit, aad SoU Maa faotnrar or HELM BOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT Pomonajlr a??M'? oofora mm. aa AJAarana ot the city ST Fhuadtijhia, U. T. BautaoLa, vho b?lnc duir aw<; s.duta (ay. hi* proparattoa* ooa taui no mercury. or otftar lajnrtoia ''***. BKLMBOLD. Alderman. Mint* at..??? ILnoe. P&iW PHYSIC I ASS IN ATTENDANCE FROM a A. M. TO 8 /. M. Price f I nr kettle, nr aix tor |l, Delivered to >*7 nddreee, eeenrely fMktd from observation. Addree? letteia for information in enaii?? to . H. T. HELMBOLX), ClUmiM. Depot. lot South Tenth eti, below Ckeetnat, Pfella. MEWA1E OP COUNTMPSiTC AND UNPRINCIPLED DEAL ERA who endeavor to dianone "of (heir own" *nd *'otner" nrtielee on toe reyetnuon attained by HtimbcWi Otumim* fnyrawiei, < " Extract BttcAu, 4 4 e? 44 " u Jmprtt+d /Um W*U. Sold by S. B. Wa.ite, 7L XX 8il*a*. Job* Wilh. 8. C. Fobs, 8. B. Iitwutli, B. C. Majob, Kidwell k I*avbb*?e. J. B. liml, WMkinfton Mi OtonUm, ALL DRVQ0IST8 ETgRYWHIRM ASK TOR HXLMBOLDt. TAILS *0 OTHXB. Cat oat tfca alrwtwwal aatf mmitmH. 4 AND AVOID IMPOSITION aad fXPOeVftf. Bftertl* Sfmwf*w?* ?i/i-MMmmmi rsttant HiVf ? 1Cam Gatruuw ' |Ud?? ttriito j, * - 4

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