Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1861 Page 3
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Local news. CTTb??(rh T*t Star la printed on th? futeat i'mib prrrt 1? ttaa *?nth of Baltimore, 1U edition la ao larr? u to require It to be pat to preaa at an wlyfcoor: Advwrtisemtnts, therefore, should be ent In before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may ra?v not uiwtr until th? n?*t H*v " Looioct"' rros the Bkbkkt Clique ? '' Lookout," the Washington correspondent of the Baltimore Clipper, baa tbe following In that paper of yesterday : "The Common Council last evening, by a considerable majority, and after aome sharp debate, agreed to tbe motion offered by Mr Moore, in the Aldermen's Chamber, to go Into the election of a new Mayor on Thuraday next I should like somebody to point out tbe proeltiOh In the charter whereby Mr Wallach standa depoaed, or the right the Councils have to change a Mayor at their sole will and plesaure. If it be ssld that Mr. Wallscb haa not been Mayor aincetbe aoralled ?resignation' of Mr. Berret?which was xittei the 14th of September, snd aent In to the Councils, or to aomebody, on the 23d?what la to **eome of all that he has dons si nee those dates, now nearly or quite a whole month? That must all bs null, Tola and illegal; for tbe theory of the 1- l? iL.t *1 as ? ....s VVUBCI ! IB IO?l IDS UB1 UTTIJ TKini for week* put, and that toe person now occupying the ofBce la not a legal Jdayor ' It will be but i natural and reasonable corollary to this proposition for the Councils to assume alto the sovereign power of annulling or legallxlng ? aa their mightinesses might please?all the acta of Mr Wallacb slnc? Mr Berrst wrote, or Bent, bla ' resignation!' One or tbe other they must do,or *be pretended dinger of tbe city suffering by keeping Mr. Wallacb cannot be removed Indeed, even tbe election of Mr Wallach blms.lf, <00 n?xt Thursday, will not cure tbe difficulty "Such la tbe dilemma to which the timidity of rertaln members of the Councils have driven them 1 hey are like tbe people of Eaat Tennessee and some other parta of tbe country; th?y make a show of courage at tbe start, but when the tug really cornea they succumb to the more determined purposes of their arrogant and Imperious colleagues, for there Is In the Councils of Washington city s very fSTr representation of that Breckinridge party, whose purposes to the American Constitution and Union were more Inimical than the wildest Imagination has yet been able to conceive No bad sample of the "principles and spirit of these men was exhibited by tbe ex-Collector and ex Register, who. It will be rerowRbered, fot about two weeks kept up a daily jjersotraVCfftltest with tbelr lawfully elected sucVn trying to bully them out of the places to Which the people bad chosen them Well indeed do you sometimes call them the '-Barnacle'' party." R TfllHITiXT rnitQBi n? Uirirvvn ?Vet? ? ?? ? - - ? ? a sa V H .1 O .? M-. ' * ? ?/' Star .-?Can nothing be done by (be proper authorities of our clcv to put a atop to the exorbitant charges demanded by our licensed backmcn from Grangers ? I am aware that you have often published the law governing these charges; and if 1 mistake *ot the hackman is required to carry in his back a printed list of rates. In consequence of a number of complaints by strangers at tbls time, I was !ndw*d to a?k several of tbe Jehu's on the stand for their card of ratea, but not one conld be fwiod They insist tbey have never W>en furnished by the authorities with such a list, and that they have never been required to keep such a list in their hacks If this Is so, it Is time our CltV officials awoke up, if there is such a law ; if not. make one; and make It tbe duty of some person to see that it is carried out by the backman. l^et bim be required to keep a copy of rat?-s in a conspicuous place in bin hack, or he fined or suspended for neglecting to do so. Confideut, from your desire to abate all abuse, you will touch this uhirct in tbe right place. Respectfully, Washington, October 16, 1*61. J. \V. A Bio Doo Fisht.?Two bull dogs came in vwuvn vr?wruay uu iae afcnuc, nrar vh?* uapiioi) wb'n the tallest kind of a light came ofl They 44 lit," and ' lit," and 44 lit," until a large crowd of two-legged animals collected about them, and the "nnder dogfixed hi* teeth in the "upper dog'a" jtw. A a our reporter passed, tbf crowd were endeavoring to separate the combatants Togging was of noavall, and a knowing looking iadtvldual, habited in a gray coat which fit htm too macb, suggested throwing a pall of water on the "pupa " This falling, a philosophic looking gent, with a red noae and green goggles, suggested n application of Scotch snuff to the dogs' noses. This remedy not being at band, our reporter left?the laat he saw of the controversy being the ?u?pena!on of the wriggling canines In mid-air, with six or eight stout fellows on each side with 44leg holta." "tall holta," and all other kind of "bolts," milliner aeainat each other, and valnlv endeavoring to sever the connection between the teeth of one dog and the akin of the other. Tbey re probably there yet. Akothkb LiycoB Ca?b ?A warrant waalsaued by Juatlce Walter laat week agalnat Mra Helloran for aelling liquor without llcenae, but on the day fixed for the trial the witnesses, Michael Mark and Mary Sullivan, failed to appear. Attachments were laaued for them, and Mack waa sent to jail for two daya for contempt of court The other witness. Mary Sullivan, plead that Wm Sbehan (Mra Holtoran'a brother) bad prevented her from coming Mra Holloran egsln appeared or Tuesday. and tbc rfiVnse having been proven, the Juatlce fined ber twenty dollar! and coat The Juatlce then laaued a warrant agalnat Wm Sbeban. charging him wttb Intimidating a witneaa, ana he waa arres'ed, but the charge was not sustained and the case was dismissed. Moat ?L. P Burke and Geo. Cornwall. convicted of manslaughter at the December term, 1660, of the Criminal Court, and sentenced to Ave years Imprisonment In the penitentiary, jaw oven paraonra Dy ine rrnia^ni, rnelr offenct *m the killing of musician in the marine corps by the name of Pasqual De Falco John Madlgan, who wai convicted of an assault and battery at the last term of tbe court, and sentenced to six month* in jail; and Robert Btnnii, who was convicted on three lndlctmen's of srsoa in September, 1859, and sentenced to the penitentiary for eight years, have both been pardoned. 1 O O F. Visitations ?The snnusi grand visitations of the Grsnd Lodge of tbe District of Columbia to the subordinates under Its Jurisdiction has been announced to take place lu the following order: Washington Lodge. Oct '19. Union Lodge, Oct. 3t>; Columbia Lodge, Oct 31; Central Lodge, Nov 1; Beacon Lodge. Nov 4; Ex-elsior Lodge, Nov. 5; Mechanics' Lodge, Nov. <| Friendship Lodge, Nov 7; Eastern Lodge, Nov 8. Harmony Lodge, Nov. 11; Oriental Lodge, Nov 14; Metropolis Lodge, Nov. IS; Covenant Lodge, Nov. 18. Malicious PsomcrTioN on both sides.?Louis 9benfleld wss arrested a day or two since, on tbe charge of stealing dry goods from Herman Jacobson Jscobson Is s sutler to the'29 h New York saalMAHl - r. A tk.? ? V I IW-V M>, *?? ?? ?UO! purnuciu was UII us'ifUot Other witnesses testlBdtUat Shenfield wu Jacobson's partner Xhenfleld then charged Jacobson with stealing Lis watch, but It was proved that be bought ft Justice Walter gave the parties a little good advice, and dismissed the cases Tai mbit:no op tub Bab Yestbbday?a large number of ibe members of the bar axsembled In the room occupied by tbe Criminal Court yesterday morning, for tbe purpose of adopting resolutions of respect and condolence on tbe deatb of Gen Walter Jones Tbe meeting was organized by Richard 9 Coxe. Esq , being called to tbe chair, aad John A Smlto. Esq , appointed Secretary. Euloglea were delivered ov Mr. R 8 Coxe and Mr P R Fendall, and tbe usual resolutions were adopted Akothbb Failcee to get a Dismissal rion 0 oiitiii ?a youujj iuau namea well", s mlaor, (brother-In-law of Mr Ellla, who keeps tbe Part Offlce rnUuraot la Georgetown,) was brought before Judv? Merrick yesterday on application to be dismissed from service In Captain Boyd's company of the First District Regiment, lata which tie had enlisted Tbe evidence went to a how that the young mnn'a father hsd full knowledge of his enlistment; sod the Court accordingly remsnded him to the custody of his ott "ers Aktillkst Panaba ?The Massachusetts Third Artillery Battery, Capt Fnllet, passed up the avenue thl? morning, and attracted great attention from the fine appearance of their horses, guns, and equipage The horsea were particularly no tleeable aa very much above the average stand rd of oar army bone*. FclLt Committid ? Juki Collin* and W. Jones, woo were arrested last week on tbe charge of con.iulttlnjj an outrage of a diabolical character on Mra Hughe*, on last Tuenday week. near tbe Park, bad a final examination at tbe jail yesterday , and were fully committed to answer before tbe Criminal Court. Tmb Campbell Misstkbls have added new tar performers to their brilliant company, and tonight Mr. Arthur Hughes, the fkrorlte comedian from Stanford's Opera Troupe, will make bia bow to a Washington audience, as will alao the fabm * ballad singer*. Morris Kdmonds <hd J W llllams A superb bill to-night. All R igit on the Goose ?A boy, son of Mr Jackson f uaapbrey on tbe Island, made RIM in *ne a?y mu ??i, naeing captured (?ne. i< r which Moralseachare paid when tbevare caught g alec at large, caatrary ta tha provlsiona of a cor paratiaa ordinance Nvisarcb ?A dud horse has been laying la the email Bear Fourteenth tree* bridge for the iart day or two. making ta odious addition to tha combination at bad smells which ?re encountered at ail time* In tha Tlclaitf of that ftlthy receptacle yclept the " city canawl." Taa Canal ?Trade la quite active on tbe canal t preaeut, and there are aumeroua arrivals dallr, um aaly of boat* with coal, but almost tha usual maker at this mm with lour and yrala. Armas 15 AL?iAwn*iA.?The "Local Newt" of Alexandria b*? the following: The Penmcola (till lies oft our port, and con, tlnuea to attract conalderable observation. She li 2,300 ton* register, ia pierced for !? guns, and | ia full ablp rigged. She baa a powerful engine and arrt-w paddle She la very lone but low, and on the whole la quite a creditable looking craft On Friday the waa taking In her ammunition. The health of the city during the fall has been, comparatively speaking. pood. There have been oim caaea of trphold fever, and a few rases of dip herla with, however, leaa billoua and chili* and fevers than usual. We Understand that In the varloua camp* around the city there haa been a good deal of ague and fever and billoua fever. TbeTe hive been tome few good oyatera arrived, but generally the quality baa been Inferior. The weather la getting cooler, and we may aoon expect a larger supply of the better quality of the bivalve crustaceoua aquatlca. By the following delicately-phraaed paragraph of the ?? Newa," It will be Been that quite a number of the clergy of Alexandria are ? abaent from the city," among them the Rev. Mr Leftwich, of aeceah notoriety: "The change which the fortunpe of war hal brought about In this city, la aa vialbie In the churchea aaelaewhere Regular aervicea are held In the Baptiat Church by the Rev. Mr Bitting, Ita paator, and the aervicea are well attended The Catholic (St Mary'a) Church, In charge of Rev P P Rroea, 9 J., la open aa uaual?the aaalttant paator, Rev Father Bixio,S. J , ia, however, abaent from the city. Chriat Church la used aa a place of Divine worship by the United Statea military, and aervicea are conducted by clergymen, chaplalna In the army Rev Mr Walker, paator of Chriat Church la abaent. St Paul'a Church, which waa ao handsomely fitted up laat spring for the Diocealon Convention of the Protestant F, Disc opal Church of Virginia, ia cloaed, the Rev. Mr Norton, ita pastor, being abaent from the city. Grace Church is opened occaaionally, i -? a ? r-i fices oeingconauciea Dy me R(Y u a *mHD, or the Rev. Mr. Etppltt?the pastor of tblschurcb. Rev. Mr. Sprigg, I# alio absent The Wishington Street M ? Church is open, and services are conducted as usual by the pastors In charge, Rev .Messrs. Phelps and l.emmon TheM. E. Church South, as also the Village Chapel, Is closed, the Rev Mr Blount, the pastor of th?>se congregations being absent Tb?? First Presbyterian Church, Rev Ellas Harrison, pastor, is yet open, but the Second Presbvterisn Church is closed, the pastor, Rev Mr. Leftwitcta, being absent." A Visit Across thk Potomac ?3fr Editor: Desiring to refer generally to the cleanliness and neatness of the camis of our soldiers over 'he river, which strikes me as eminently d? serving of commendation. 1 was particularly struck with the extremely comfortable character and plcturercue beauty of the camp of the Garibaldi Guaras One cannot but be attrac ed by its arbors, its huts, and especially by a clever-sized octagon house, composed entirely of evergreen branches of trpes, woven artistically and Ingeniously together, and by their ( omfortabie beds and s* at*, formed by strips of bark (an Inch In width) plaited s'ronylvand se ured by stakes driven into the ground Even when on duty as pickets at Bailey's Cross Roads, which order was promptly obeyed, evidencing thorough discipline, they immediately adapted themselves to their changed position by constructing comfortable shelters, composed of boards and branches of trees, thus amply protecting themselves from the weather and exposure, so detrimental to health at this season of the year. Vour readers already know that every civilixed nation is represented in this regiment. pith?r In rninmnlM ? - ? _ T ^ _ ... vi vi i w cuv inn ofllcera. and the evident good feeling which exist* augurs well for the glorious cause In which they have so patriotically engaged 1 hp excellence ?f th? ir drill is evidence enough to any mind of the military skill and aMlity of Colonel DTtasy, whoee thoroughness in the science of his profession is shown in the admirable condition of his command He (the Colonel) is familiar with elyht of the modern languages, all of wroich he speaks fluently, enabling him to have intelligent intercourse with his officers and men Not withstanding the comfortable situation of their camp, theGaribaidl Guardscvince a readiness to advance upon the enemy whenever *he necessity to do so is communicated to th^ir. and is .?eside conclusive that patriotism and a devoMon to the tl^g and Iiovernment ?f t toeir adopted rou"try La? prompted them to take u^> arpi* ir. It*defense, j F.Dn* M. Central Gi'AXDHorsE Cafes ?Martin Burns, vagrant; workhouse 641 days Jno Leahy, drunk; fined fl 91 lienj. King, delirium; dismissed L. Goodyear, drunk; fined*! M Wm. Grandln, do ; do 81 91. Michael Donohoo, disorderly; dismissed, Joe Kacher, drunk and disorderly: workhouse 60 day* J no Sbehan, do ; fine 11 M'. G. Kennedy, assault; dismissed Arthur O'Brien, drunk; do' Jas McGarvey, do ; do T S SexU>n, delirium; dismissed Julia Thomas, col'd, out after hour*; fined P2.W Andrew Kldwell, stealing; jail for court Jacob Sand' r*. col'd, dlsordeilv; flue #1 W Wm Greason, drunk and disorderly; ruled for trial. W. Stake*, disorder j ly conduct; dismissed. J Cromer, carrying a | concealed weapon; fined *}. India Kubbeb Goods ?We are pleaied to state that nous all kinds of India Rubber goods, In eluding Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothtntr, Ac , Ac., can be obtained in this city at manu/#t(*??r'i prise*, at the India Rubber Warehouse, 1'eunsyivauid avenue, between Ninth and Tenth street* oc lfi-tf Ptaetlisg ! bi t Tece.?The Volunteers are braving thedangersof Fever. Scuvy, Woundsand Cholera Man; a taliaut fellow wrl jeavn hi? bone* to hlracn. who, t>y the aid of Holloirny's Pills and Otntmem, would h%ve returned t" lit* family str ng and heathy. Soldier*, tiy them. Only 25 oents per box or pot. oo 14-lw None*.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of iheirown and otti?r art'o e* on the reputation at'ained by HtlmholtTs Extract Buriu, a aad speoifio remMy for di*4aaes ol ihe B alder, Kidneys, Gravel, D'opsy, Ao , Ao., Ao. Aslt for Heln hold's. Take no other. See advertisement lr. another ool umn. , se 3D r . Covahs.?The sudden changes of otir climate are sou roes of Pulmonary, Rronchial and Aithmatic Af*etiont, Experience having provod that simple remedies often aot speedily and certainly when taken in the early stage* of the diaeaae, recourse ahonui (it onoe be had to ' Brown's Bronchial Trotkts," or Loiengea, let the Cold; Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever ?o alight, aa by this precaution a more aerious attack may be effectual!? warded off. Public Speakers and Strters will find them effeotual for clearing and strengthening the roioe. See advertisement. del-ly Pimm. Peraona desiring penniea will always find then for exohance at the Htar Office eounter. tf BIAHRIKI) On the IMh instant b* the Rev. Father Mathias Alls, L.? U 15* GALK'l ZK1, Captun of C mpany A, Nfw Vork Moant?d Rifles, ?o Pt.LAGlA TVP-OWSKI.daughter of Antoinette Tysaowaki, of thia city. ^ " OIKl), On the morning of the I'tli inefant. Vr, NELtf N C. DRIVhR, in th*31st year of his ate. The funeral will take p ace from hia late re*iden?e, on Ot street, corner of K ?t-eet aouth, to m >rrow (Friday) aAernaon, at 2 o'clock. * After a ahort and painfu! i Iness, \VI LLlAM D. V INCfc N l. in the 45th year of hia age. CHOUGHS, COLD?. HOARSENESS, 4c. / TYLRK'S COMPOUND SYhUP OF OVM AKABIC. Thia p!e?sant and popular Cough Remedy has been ro long known ami extensively used that most parson* have oecome fam<liar with ita extraordinary efficacy. It oan be had at all the prino pal drug stores, at 25 and 50 cents a bottle. oo M d2m&eo4m* ^RTlFIClAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho'i Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. M6 Ukoadw.t Nkw Vokk These unritailed substitntes for lost limbs, whloh have stood the test of ovsr 27 years *-xp?ri enoe, and have nver been surpassed, can be had only of WM. SELPHO, Patentee, ilb Broadway, New York. oj u im v Medical department of georgetown college. Washington City. Cormr of F and Vioelftk Struts. Session of lS61-'68. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBUt YOUNG. m. D.. Professor of Principles auJ practioe of Medioine. JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D., Professor of Principles and Pruotjoe of Surgery. JAMKS E MORGAN, M. D., Prolesaor of Materia Medioa and Therapeutioe. f It M V V* I I L D M It 4* 111* c.* I LSIjKX ? iU. u., Professor of Obstetric* and l)n^?e? of Women aud Children. THOMAS ANTISELL, M. I), Professor of Medical Chernmtry , Toxiooingy, *n.l Physiology. J. E. W1LLKIT, M D., Demonstrator of Anato<ny rrr The ohairof anatomy to be filled. The ssssioa will oomraenoe on the 22d of Goto bar and end in March following For further information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D, Dean of the Faculty, 409 F street, between 6th and T'h sts. ?u 6 lawtNovt* LU M B K R ! LUMBER!! .<*> imo (est of LUM BK K, oonsitting of WHITE PiNK PLANK.OAK PLANK, MAHLK PLANK. PoPLAK, OHEKKV. B\rBWOOI), Ao., for sals ?err low for cash, to olose consignment, hy J. HKNR k t.IKgK, oo U 7t 'il Ppesr's Wharf, Baltimore. 7 3-10 U. H TKEA8URY NOTES, whioh wHt be sdh led at par to oar customers, fres of oua gs. Demand treasury Notes, as hereto ore, wi.i '? recsirsd onriesoMt a< specie. HWVKNV. HITTKAMIIIIAk KAN'T V u Tf ? M* T * ? v ? w W W??| ' ? -w ) oo U-lw Bmltera, 338 P*. */., per B otn'i. POME AND SK? OUR NKW STOCK OF * / FALL UL.OTHINU?No. 460 9?v?nth at. oo 1-lm r|ULlPAN AND ELEGANTES J SEG * R8? >lao. ft BBiuter of othor o?iobr?t?d branda, vhoiMlo aad rouil. ? WM 6IOMU, Havana S*c*r Store. M *-lm cor. P*. ? . muI 6th st., wmlud(toc AMUSEMENTS. H E A T E R. THURSDAY. Octobrr 17 MI&S 8I;8AN DENIN Will appear in ths Com*dy of THE FOLMF.9 O"' * NIGH T. Anil a* Orlo. the Pate, in ASMODEUS. In whioh she will en g "Hapry be thy I)rwm?." no 17 1f _ LCH>K OUT FOR THE Gl< AND COTILLON P * RTV of the GKOPGE W*?H INSTON QUADRILLE ASSOCIATION ? which will oertaioly tase p ace at Coombi'/IB^ New Hall.on Pa arenue, near 10th at., on\jt?^ THURSDAY EVENING, 0*t 17 Ticket* M oenta admitting a centleman and ladies. N. B.?Pleaee refer to previoue par tie* oo15 3t? ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Www Anni/V M Ht IMMENSE SUCCESS of the CAMPBELL MIN8TKKL3! IS STAR 1* STAR PERFORMERS. IN A ^ROGRAMME Look oat for NEW YEAR S CALL! FRESH NOVELTIES In Aetive Preparation. Admission Twenty-five Centa. oo 11 Dr. 6. FORD. Agent. WANTS. WANTFD-Two first-rate COAT MAKERS, at JaM^S LACKEY'S. Merchant Tailor, Seventh ?t , opposite Post Office. oo 17 ?t* WANTED?A SF.RVANT to do general houcework in a small family. A'so. a MAN to attend to horses Applv at No. Jtao Pa. avenne. between 9th aid loth ate. oo 17-tf WANTED IMM EDIATEf. Y-A CO1 CHT D I LI Vl L' D A ..I. tV A I TL'D IT A O ' * i i\ ? ,TI :?i ' i\. nvpiy t*? IT nui "?< nan MANN A BOPP, 346 D st, between 9th and 10th sts. ?? <?-8t WANTKD.-A person with from S2,ono to ftjnio oash rra* secure partnership wi?li a regularly commissioned Brigade Sutler, who i? doing a Isree and verr pre.Stable business, b* addressing, without delav, "Henry." Box 360 Post Offios. oo 17 2t* WANTS-Wanted, a FURN.SHED HOUSE, in or atiou* Georgetown, containing 6 or 8 rootni; ga'den or lot desirable. Kent mu-t be low. Address immediately, s'atirg rent and other partiCHlars. D. K. UIL.M AN, Druggist, next Brown's Hotel, Ha av It* WANTKD TO RKNT?A HOU-E. for three months, pleasantly located, with modern im provements ;1 one partially or wholly furnished preferrfd. with carriage bouse ar d stable attached. Address Box 899. Washington P. O. oc 17 3t* COOK WANTED-Wanted.a good Coolt, (colored woman.> at 64S, Minnesota Row. 1 Rt., (>etwpen 2 t and 3d. oc T> e 3t WANTED-A SITUATION, by a middle aged American woman, to make herself useful about a house. B st of referenoes given. Address "J T.," Star Office. oc 16-2t? WANTED-A good TIN ANDSHEET IKON WORKER, aud a BOY that has worked at the business. Apply at 16a Pa avenue. First Ward. oo 16 3t* WANTED-A HOUSE, unfurnished or furnished, having not less than 7 or 8 rooms, convenifnt to the rr?a?i'ry preferred ; furniture may be purchased at a fair Valuation. Address "6. W. M., General Post Office oc <6 2t* tJTORE WANTED.?A lood Store, larse and convenient, suitable for * wholesale grocery, on or near Pa avenue, is wanted immediately, for which a fair rent will be paid. Apply at Philharmonic Hall. 321 I) gt. oc 16 2t* ll/ANTED-A rood GI NSMITH. Apply to w J " H N J. PRAIinDV.No, 60 Louiuanaaven'ue, lietween 6th and 7th aU. oo 15 lw \\T ANTKD?10 *ood enereetio M EM, to tell Pa'vv te'> Approved Military Wjirks I oheap edition) in the camps. Enferprisin* me-> can make 9 ?0 per day. Applr to M. E. VVlLSON, 231 Penna. avenne. oc 1S3t* WANTKD-Twn YOUNG ? ADIES to attend store. None but those fully experienced in the bu inegg will be employed AUo. firsr clft^s Dressmaker*. M. WII.LIAN, oc 15 St 336 Pa avenue. House WANTKD.-A gmall House, or part of a house, furnished or unfurnished, for a man ai l wifs without children, from 5 to l'? minutes' vilk of the Navy Department. Bent moderate; 1 lyment prompt. Address "Thomas," St*r Offioe, oo 14 lw* WANTED? All Dairymen to know that the vv waeinngron lirwrr naving oomm?ncM brewing for the winter i?Mon, they can eet Fresh Grair* ever* da* at 4 o'clock, at 'it cent" per liushel. Call, one and all. O cjLINKAU, oo 10 im* Cor K and Twenty seventh ma. ft UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHKNS A OO.'S. 3'jaPa avenue. sel8 WANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Tailor* competent to work on military goods. A pply G KOI.P. at Wall. Stephens A <*ose 25 WANTHD.-VVf (ur now huiin* SECOND^ HAND FURNlTUKi^STOVE*acd BKD DING, for winch we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining houxelceepiac, or having a ?urplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ub a "all. BO NT/ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th st.. betw. 1 and K sts. WANTF.n. FOR THE CtASH-All kinds of SECOND HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, je 3 49* Seventh, between G and H sts. LOST AND FOUND. fj^STRAY? Cam* to mt premises, on Ootober J 13th, a grey HORSE, which the owner |JV-^ can hav? b* prov nr pro.-e-fv and ravine expenses. Apply to JNO. VVI^feN BOM * on Pie'o? st. between New Jersey av. and 1st at, between 5 and 6 pm. oo 17 3t* IOST?On Tuesday nicht. at the alayette J Club'* Cotillon Party, at Franklin Hal', two tnermo SHAWl.S and two worsted CLOUDS The finder or find;>r? will nonfer a *reat f-vnr b? returning them to the Manager*, or to 30? Pa. avenue. U* LOST-On yesterd*T evening, in the Railroad Depot, a P0RTEM'?NNAIE, containing $3 in specie, a pair of ear ring", and two locket* (one with a ohain attached to it.) The finder will confer a favor on ?he owne' by leaving it at thia omce, or at No. 387 Thirteenth at , between New York avenue and l at- tt* STRAYED AWAY-On the Kth ia?tant. three STEE?. with tar mark on each hip fvSSrW A liberal reward will be given on their ft, return to m-. W 11 JOHN H SNYDER. J*-"? oe 16 3t* Botcher. 499 17th at. Q; C REW ARD?Strayed from the Scott Place, *C>*# Georgetown Heights, a younc red CO W. The above reward wi'l r>? piid for he' return to the above named place JLJLi oc 16 21* J F COWA\. C; *n REWARD.?Strayed from the enoloaure 'J'JVJ of the rubscri^ern, on the night ?fr\ the 13th instant. ttiree dark ba* HORSES; and one aorrel HORSE, whire stripe inhis^^2^ fare ; and one hlood-bay MARE. Any person returning the said horses to our Jtabte, on O ttreet, between 17th and >8 h rts , will receive $50 reward. ool61lw*_ S. C A E WROJ^_ w-^ n a tr rfi? l i_ al . 1 ! V ii 4,'airvA* ?ixen up dt mi an (Marnier, on me j 14th in*tant, at th? Toll bate of the fr\ Wagliir.irton and Haltimore Turnpike. f' ur T?vC li V SKS. two lia?? one brown ami one^^*-* orrel, each about l5!t hands huh. The owner or ownt-rs can have said horses by provinr property and paying all cuts The > or<-es can be soen at Mr ??iddings' Stables, at said Toll Gate. oo 16-31* THOMAS R BENSON. C'SJfl RKWARO-Ksn nirsy from the subscriber. two N'KGROKS. mother and m on. Sophia, the mother, left abo-it the l?t fff of June ; she is 34 years old Will am left drrm. on the 8th inutsnt; 17 years old; che?tnut Jfc-.tt1 color; about 5 feet 3 inches high; light buiit;jCaL?? pleasant when spoken to; supposed ?o be about Washington 1 he above reward will l-e paid for both, or 940 lor either, if secured in jail, that I may get them. JOHN HIGG1NS, near Beltsvi 1-. 00 16 3t* f'rinoe George's count t, Md. 'TAKKM UP, as astray, ou the premises of Craa. 1 Kipc, on the B ookvlle road, near th* Toll Gate at Tenailytown on the 11th ofVUr Ootober, a CO W and CALF. The former JEmJLm is red, with a white bel y and a white spot oc the rump, and wide horns; the latter is spotted The owner can oome, prove property, pay ( barges, and take thein away. oo 15 3t CHAR LK8 11NG. RKWARU FOR KACH HORSK.?Fortylour Horses Stam.eded ; the figureex. 4*t" hnnded on the right jaw of all except jUirjk on*, which is a dark surrel Any onedeliy-*^^ ^ ering the above to the subsonber, at his Stable, back of Clay's Hotel, will receive the above reward, oo 10 6t" J.JH. DKNNIS. JUST RECE1VKD, one of the largest took* of New and fashionable Clothing rver ?iffote?l in Washington, which muit be sold within the next thirty day* to make room for winter goods. Persons wanting Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Trucks, Ha s and Caps, should oalt soon, as now is the time for bargains, at No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Poet Office. ool Ira t moore's west end drug "tore, 113 Pa av.. oan be had: Osgood's India Cholncogue

; Ayer's Ague Care; Weaver's Powders; Moore's Ague Cure ard Antidote; Shailenburger's Pills; and a large supply of the most popular Med* ioine*. Also, Toilet, fine Cigars, Ac. sea 2w Butter, eggs and cheese-no 440 Eighth St.# Betwtn Pa. av and D si ?100 paokages prime Butter just arrived, suitable for retailing. Fresh lots oomiDg in regular, in large and n.a i packages a so. Fresh Eggs and Cheese, at wholesale, at the loweet rates. _ o loss n I? niTTD i\\AJ un j i?% m*- ?? M nv ww ?JOMK-MADK UOOT3 ANi> 8HOKB, Lamm', Miaan' and ChildisVs Wui, IM -?? P?. ay.. hM. tth Mj <th Btm. WOOU FOR SAl.fc?I0IO 30,000 oorUa ol Oak. Hickory and Pin* Wood, (tending auuatM Willi111 H o 2S uti<? of the Annapolis Jnu?ti><B. Appli to A. DOiNALUcOi*. >ava<e r. U.. near Annapolis JuoUod, Howard uoujjty. M4. I OOf-?W* ' +4 'm . . FOB 3ALE AND RENT. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR FENT-Three tor* brjok, brown front. No 87 Pa. avenue, b?twe*n 34th and i5th iu. Gas, Ac , throuchmt. ot 17 3t? |P<?R RKNT-Twooomf rtably FURNISHED r KoOMH, m the northern part of tit* city, a very pleasant location Breakfast furnished if desired. Apply at this nffioa, No 3 oo lf-3t* TO RENT?Serera! Furnished or Uofurnahed HOOM8. Inquire at 1T0 K si raet. between Pth and19th sts. oc15-p< 3 * C*OR RENT?A two story br ok HOUSE, w'th ' ?ood-honse and convenient premis???No. 3A4 Thirteenth *t, between L and Massachusetts a*. Inquire witlnn. oo 15 Step* ROOMS* TO LET.?Twoorthrsesanti mm, or a gentleman and lady w-thout ohildren, can be asitk A ka niiaom A m*% ft nf cn?ni?k^4 vv/iiiMnm?ini W1VII Cfc UIU'IBUIUD CUM UI m HI UIIH^I Room*, in a private family, n>ar tlie Paten' and Pott Offices and convenient to the Avecue Meals furnuhed, if demred, in exoeilent itylesnd at moderate rat ss Refer-noes r? qui red. Inqui'eat No. 337 H. between 4th and 5th ?ts. oo IS Steo* 'T'O EXCHANGE?A beautiful improved City JL Property, for a rood improved Farm in the District. Apply at 3<>1 Ninth at. weet. opposite Northern Liberties Market. oo 11-1 w * H. JOHNSON. C*OR RENT?HOUSE 402 Pennsylvania av., over the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a place for a professional man- *-tf HOUSES FOR RENT-No. 9* and No. 97.on the soutii nde of Indiana avenue, both of them very laree and oonveniect houses, with good stabling and eamace-houses. Also, the commodious and 1 atje House, No. 3S8, on the north side of C street Apply to THOMAS BLAG DEN, No 499 Seventh street, . jy 17 2awtf UANDSOMfcLY FURNISHED ROOMS.? II Four nandsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with ra* and water, and convenient to the Patent and Poet Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 49fl? Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 6th sts. ma23 n/\ a nr\T\rn KUAIVUIHI*. BOARD.?families and sir.fle gentlemen o&n obtain very ,? easant Furnished Room*, with Hoard, on moderate term*, at 391 and 393 Ct between 3d and 4,^ streets. Transient and Table Boarders accommodated. oo 9 2w* "educational. ~ PLAINFIELD ACADEMY. Nkar Cakiiu.*, Pa.?31 nt session (in weeks) commeno?s November 4. Thorough inst-uotion and the comforts of home. Ciroulars at Star Office Will be at Martin's Hotel October 17th ; or address R. K. BURN!*, s" 30-eolm Piainfield. Cumberland oo . Pa. WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. A Boarding and Day School, No. 422 Fst, between 6'* and Ttk sts., Washington ; mnd No. 151 Wmi ft., Ueortetoten. The duties of this Institution were resumed in September. Cirotiiars may t>e obtained at the book stores, or by addressing the Principal. se28 eotf M. J. HARROVKR. georgetown advertmts POTATOES. POTATOES! 3,<*X) bushel* Piercers, Buckeyes, and I'.*ach Bowsforsale. 4 PETER BERR >, oc If St" *5 Water street, Georgetown. UCKSKIN GLOVES. GAUNTLETS. Ao. W call the attention of Sutlers, K*cimenta' Officers, and others winding to purchase Huokskin Gloves. Gauntlets. 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BOGUE. se U CLOTHS, CASSI.M ERKS AND VEHTINGS. New "upplies. of qualities better and prioes lower than u&ual in this market one price <>niy. marked in plain ficurea. We also ofTer our usual full stock of all kinds of Dry Goods for children's wear of botli sex**. PKR RY A BKO.i Fa avenue and Ninth ?t, oo 15-5t -'Perry Building." BER UNER'# 11ILADELPH1A LAGER BEER! s. sternberger, SOLE A ? E N t, No. 3*23 D Strkit, (Adj inirc Star Office.) A large supply constantly on hand. oo 15-ltn Soldiers. SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pocket Combs 10 oents. Do. Looking Glasses......... 15 " Union Envelopes, per hundred.. .Sn ** Plain do. do. .. .25 " Ambrotype? of Scott, MoCH!an,Ao., eaon 15 " Sent by mail to any ad reus. ALFRED S. ROBINSON, oo 5-5w* Publisher, Hartford,Conn. Depot quartrb.master's office. w?s!il>otoif, l>. c., oct0bsr lotll, 1861 Sbalrd Proposals are invited at this offioe until October 2lst, at in., for supplying the Quartermaster's Department with tons ol Hay, and 100,000 bushels of Oals. The Hay to be good merchantable Timothy put iib and doll v?r#w1 in hnl*? The Oats to be a good merchantable article put up in sacks of about two bushels e&on Mks t i be retained by tlie Government without extra oharge Oats to be reoeived by weight at <331 ttuity two pound to the bushel. Ait the hay M.d oat* to be delivered at the Government wharf or Railroad Depot iu thia oity within (3") thiriy daya after doling the oontrac?. The p-opotale to be in sopar-.te envelopes. Those for hay to be marked "Propotals for Hay " Those for oats "Proposals for Oats." All to be direo'ed to Coi.okil D. H. Rcckir, DepotQuaitfrma?t?r, Washirgton, D C No proposal will be entertained whieh is reoeived after the reading of the bids ha? been commenced, nor will anj bid be ooiiaidered, unless the parties are present or represented by an authorized agent or attorney Good atd sufficient seonrity with bond, Ao,. will oe required Kviry bidder muet give his full address wi h either tii? number of h s house, place of busines-, or Post Office box. The undersicned reservea the right to reject all bids that he may oousider too high. D. H R LTKKK, oo 10 dt!9 Quartermaster and Colonel. S BALED Pm OP09AL9, till the 2lat oi Ooto ber, 1861, it 12 o'clock in., are invited for aup Elying tho ?rn?f with Beef cattle on the hoof, to e delivered at Chambenburg, Harriaburg, or York, in the St*te of Pennsylvania, as the Got ernment mar do?ignate. Bidders are requested to oomp y in all particulars with the form oi bid pubi shed herewith. Government reserve* to itself the rirht to pay in Treasury note* or other fund* it has ror disburse ment, and to rejeotanv bid and for any oause. No bid will be entertained nn ess the bidder is present to respond to his bid. The Government will recei?e4,ono head under the oont act, at d will reaerv- : he right to require any addit onal number up to 16,oon he d. Deliveries t? l?e made weekiy in euoh quantities as may be required. The Cattle mutt average 1,300 pounds gross weight; and ?.o animal will be received which weighs less than 1,000 pounds gross. No conditional bid will b* reoeived. The bid* to be direoted to Capt. A Bkckwith. C. 8 , U. S. A , Washington. D. C., and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle." Form op Bid. I, A B, do herebr propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Catilo on the hoof for p*r huiidred pouuds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Chamherbhurg, Harriaburg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania, aa the Government R:at deaignate, acooraing to the terms of ?h" enclosed aMvertia?ni?nt. The Cattle to be weighed ou the scales, aud the weight ro determined to be the purohaA weight 1 hereby agree t > give a good and suffioiant oond far the fulfillment of the contract, and to reoeive Treaaury notes or other Government lunda in payment tor the Cattle. The first delivery of the Cattle will bi required to be made about the loth of November, 1861. se27 td Grand advance of the army; but tfMITH Iih not advanoad the price of hia Clothing wtiioh he Iim i?at received and is aelling on at auoli remarkable low pnoea. Give me a oall and aatiafy youraelvea of the great bargain* that are now offered every day at aMITU'd, No 460 Seventh at. oo 1 lm OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS. OUT DK v > TS sold on all par>a of the United Scat**, m iumi to auitoAoera and ao.diera. Aeo, Drafts on London, Ireland, ttootland, * alee, and ' ennanv. Unourrent nion?y bought at b~at rat?a. SWtKNV, RITTKNHOUBE. KaNT* CO.. oo li-lm Bankera, ?3il Pa. aT., a ear Brovn'a. RK"g AND POPLINS. Plaid and Plain, nav oh^ap and atyliah thinga One prioe only, marked in ?lata fi^uraa.^ oo 3 M Pa. avenne and N lath at. We 9TILL CONTINUE THE HALE OF the great hanaina in Silk* of all kin'**. Man/ otioioe thinga in Na-* Merinoee, lriah r'oplina, Mouaaellnee. Marino Plaida, Ac. Carpet a, Curtaina, kuga, Oilcloth*, Mattinga, Ac., upper door a, PERKY A UEo , Pa avenne and Ninth at, oo 14-At -Parry tfwilding." GRKAT RUSH TO SMITHS, No. 4*0 ** \enU at., to aee hia new aloflk of Fall Ciotliing Tnwka, Hata and Capg oo 1-lm * ' - 0 ? I TEl.Efi'KAPHIC NEWS FROM OLD POINT. Baltimobk, Oct 1?.?The Old Point (tranter bring* the following intelligence Foktksm Mokbob, Oct. 1?.?The gunboat fteminoie ha* arrived from Waablagton When paaainu Evanaport, above Aquia Creek, abe waa 11 red upon by the rebel batteries Four out of forty ebota took efleet; one nearly carrying away ber minenmaat?but no ona on board waa Injured The Saminole returned twenty-ati abella, aoB? of which burat over the rebel battery TL^. . ^ * * t?l_? A ?? * i or ganooai niK nu irni up tiiuiDK prill, taken but a short distance off Fort Sumter, laden with molaaaea and fruit. The War la Mlssaart. St Jossm, Oct 15.?Eighty of Major Jamr* cavalry, at Cameron, on Saturday, came upon *250 or 3lH) rebels tn a corn-field, twenty mile* south of Cameron, In Ray county, Mo The advance guard of our men routed them, the rebels seeking refuge In the timber Our guard was then reinforced by thirty of the cavalry, when they completely drove them from thataection, killing eight and taking five prisoners Pour Federala were wounded and one killed. Our cavalry were at first fired on by 76 men. One lieutenant hud thirty-two bullet hole* In his clothee, and nix of the shots scratched hla akin. SIIZCIZ AND IXLIASI OF CNI0N AIMY OFFICII* Riwick. Mo , Oct IS ?The train on the North Mlasourl Railroad from St. Louis was stopped at thi* place yesterday morning by a party of thirty armed rebels, and *Jx Union recruiting officer* on board taken prisoner* Tbe rebels then searched the train, but for some unknown reason did not enter tbe express car, In which there were three hundred Knfield rifles and two ton* of military clothing, destined for Nebraska. Two of the captured officer* were relea?ed on tbe *pot, aud three of the four others were aet at liberty a few hours afterwards. No shots were fired, and no* body was hurt. MOll BRIIKil BCINING IN M1SSOCII. It is reported that Big Kiver bridge haa bten a i t - - * ? ? ? ? Durnea oy a purxy 01 reoeis irom St. Fnocli county. THK MIR?OCRI UTATK ELECTION POSTPONED. Si Loom, Oct 16 ?The Stat* Convention yesterday pawed an ordinance postponing the State election till the flrst Monday In November, The ordinance wai passed by a vote of 4!) to 1. Farther from Europe. Halifax. Oct 16 ?The steamer Arabia, from Liverpool on the 5th has arrived Her news po??e?*? but few striking points. An insurrectionary movement had taken place InCyeldz, Russian Poland, In which the Mayor was killed Mr Lindsay, member of the British Parliament, in a recent speech at Sunderland, gave It as his opinion that the Knglish government should urge the raising of the American blo ckade. That Kngland and France should consider the eip?dlencv of recognizing the "Southern Confederacy " The financial depression i ontinued at Paris, and there bad been some agitation owing to the advance In the price of bread In tome of the Pari* fauborgt seditious placards were reported to be numerously displayed, and some arrests Were made Troops have embarked at Toulon for Rome, to replace the other* there A strong naval expedition, with troops, had left Venice for the coast of Delmatla and Flame At a recent consUtory the Pope Is said to have /tanAlinnAil mil /inmnvnrmtao 11 1 .? - - ? U(.iivuii\A/\I mi i vul|Ml'Uli?T< vaiiiii^ uil iiil IUp* porter* to be Arm, and have no conciliation with impious men. It is assert?d that the relation* of the Italian and French government* are ass-itisfartory a* possible. France bad not asked for any cession of territory. The Spanish expedition to Mexico is actively progressing, and will leave (Spain shortly.. COM V ER< IAL The aalea of cotton on Saturday at Liverpool are given at l.UUO bales. The market closed nrm. tlreadstu** closed llrm Provisions were ouiet Flour was flrmeri sales at Liverpool at '.its Wheat was steady Corn had an upward tendency; mixed 31s ?>d Beef quiet aud steady. Lard tirmer On Saturday breadstutl* closed Arm and excited Consols 9-J \a93. Frsm the Upper Pstsmac [Mall Correspondence of the Associated Press } 1)a d \ K^Til W V I Irt li i In* of fhp nmiars #?f the New York Thirty-fourth, captured with others !wrn wffks ago while on a scout opposite Col. Le Dero's encampment, returned yesterday. He wm tt<ken to Fairfax Oouft-house: whence he escaped. He reports that there are no iafge bodies of rebel troops between the Great Falls and f/ee?b'if?. Two of the six or eight rebel reglmeut* which paid our troops their respects at the Or rat Falls three weeks ago have mutinied and left the rest It is stated that they are <Missi*stpptanK The remainder of the force are scattered at Winchester, Martlntburg, Bhephardstown, and Hancock. There is a full fefcirnent at the latter place, which, from the fact of its being the only oust where salt could be obtained, was thought of sufficient Importance to protect by a superior force. This accounts for the sudden disappearance-from this quarter of the rebel army Some of the regiments have not been fully supplied with their outfit of winter clothlntr. and these have been seriously reminded of the fact by frost* of the past few nighta All waa quirt along the Potomac yesterday and to-day from the Great Fall* to the mouth of the Seneca. The Overland ( alifarnla Mall Route. Atchison, Kansas. Oct. 15.?The statement made tn the eastern papers th t a party of secessionists attacked one of the ov ;rland coaches is utterly falae. They run wit j great regularity and without trouble from any aource. I he employees <-f the company, num'ierlng some hundreds, have all recently taken the oath of allegiance. Secretary Cunseran Gaing ta Laaisvllle. Cincinnati. Oct 15 ?Secretary Cameron, Adjutant Geieral Thomas and Senator Chandler arrived at Indianapolis last night, and were escorted to the residence of the Goveraor. Secretary Cameron made a speech to a Urge crowd of citizens, complimenting Indiana and Gov. Morton. Tbey go to Loulavllle. Rega'ar Infantry far Perrysvtlle, Nd Boston, Oct 15 ? Lieutenant Colonel Schriver, with fonr companHa of the Kleventh regular In fantry, left Fort Independence \esterdiy afternoon for Perrysville, Md. The steamer Ben Deford Las been chartered by the government Ceaaectlrat Legislature hartfokd, uonn , uci. id ? i be sure senate, by a vote of 1*2 yeas to A nays, to-day paas*>d a resolution ordering the removal from the Senate chamber of the portraits of Hon. Isaac Toucey and ex-Governor H. Seymour, on account of their alleged disloyalty. Drath (I Prafesser Lsnj Bostoji, Oct IS ?Professor Long, of Dartmouth College, died, In New Hampshire, last night. pR01?0SAL9 FOR RATIONS FOR 1*K>J. Quarter master*?, Q#be XJ. S Marine Corrs,( Washington, Septeiiit-er 25, 1861. \ Proposals will be received at this office, until tne3ttb day o! October next at 12o'cloak, in., for fuinislunc rations to the I). S. Marines,at the following statioas, du'ing th? year IMS. vii: Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Charlestown, Ma?sachusetts; ' Brooklyn, Long Island, i\?w York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Washington, District of Columbia. Each ration to consist of hree-earters of a aoand of meat pork,or baoun, or one-and-a fourthfound* of frean or aau i>e? f; twenty two ounce* or bread, made of extra aupirfine fl iur, or n lien thereof twenty two ounce* of extra auperfin* flour; or one pound of hard bread, at the option of the 6o\ eminent; and at the rate of euht quart* of beat whit* bean*. or in lieu thereof ten pounda of rioa; ten pounda of cood oofTea, or in lieu thereof one-and a half pounda of tea; fifteen pounda of food New Orleans auga^; four q art* of vinegar; one pxnd of sperm oacd ea. or one-and a fourth pounda of adamantine oand'a*. or one-and-a-half poundr of Rood hard dipped tallowoandla: four pound* good, r>ard, brown soap; two a uart* of aalt; and one hundred and fi.ty-aix pound* of potato**, to each hundred rations. The inoreaaed allowano* of toor ounoea of floar or bread, an.i the allowauoe of potatoes, aa above proviced, will oaaae, at the term.ration ot the preaent lnaurrrotion; and ration be a* provided by law and reculationa.on the lat of July, 1*61 The beer (hail bj de ivereil on the order or tbe oumw wn$ ftoer of atat.un, either ia bulk >r by the ain*l* ation; *nd ahall oonsist of the best aua must otioioe pieoea of the caroaaa; the pork to be No. 1 prime meea-aurk. and tbe grooeriea to be of the beat quality of kinds named. All anbicctto inspection. All bid* muat be aooompamed by the following guarantee: Form if G-uara*iet. The undersigned, ,of , in the Mat* of , and . ?f ?in the state of , hereby guaranty that in oaae the foregoing lud of for rationa. aa above deaonbed, be aooepted, hi or tbe; will, within ten days after the receiptor the oontraot at the Poet Oft ce named, execute the contract for the tame, with good and mftotent sureties,aod in oaae aaid ahall (ail to enter into oon'raot aa aforesaid, we g uaranty to make good the differ* >oe between tie onr of the aid and that which may be aoc-pted. witMc t k gSKS!: B. P. 1*3 1 hereby oertify that Ue above named ? are known to mm a* men of property and able to make food their faaraatee. , M< J To b* <?|sW by tin Vnttul Stout Diftritt Jwiii Unittd Stttt Dxttnct Attormy,0r Collfttm.) No DroftAt&l will ^MnndftT UL^Mft IttOB p*ai?4 b* the above f uariutee. (Ntwiikwri unhr>nx?<l to eublteh the abore will tad the p&per ?>btftuuBC IM ire* loeertion to thu oinoe for exaiitafttion > Prn^oMla to b? ?nA>r??d ;Tropoetie for JUtioM w7M?w?w t w ^wwrnmw .1 'i gk 4 ?* ? ? SECOND EDITION. THBEI O'CMKR P. M. OUR MILITARY BUDGET Further Particular* of Col Goary'a Oloriou* Victory. THE TROOPS THAT PARTICIPATED IN !T DETAILED DESCRIPTION OK THE ACTION. Ac . tut. (Special Telegram to the Star ] Pkidkeice, Mo, Oct 17, Ml?A frntlrman who wltneaaed the battle of Bolivar Heights yeetrrday haa reached this po'nt, and glrea me tfco following Interesting parttculara of that glortotM afialr. Vl^ : Col Oe?ry had at and around Harper'* Perry | all com pa u lee of lafeatry, vt?: Two of R tiger* Third Wisconsin; two of his (Geary V Twenty eighth Pennsylvania ; a Ml two of tbe Thirteenth Massachusetts Volunteer* Yesterday morning, at about half past eight o'clock, nneof the Wieconsin corapanlea, which, wu pouted in the advance, discovered the enemr In S.nallwood wood*, abouf half a mile distant, on the mi) tbeaat This company charged on the enemy, and drove tbem Into the wood, and captored tbalr gun Ba* they (the enemy) rallied, and the Wleeonatn men beinu unable to maintain their poeltlon, abnndoned the captured gun and lei 1 back In gaed order. Tbe Wleeonatn company w&a soon after Enforced by the whole of the troope on that aide of the river, named above Other reinforcemetMn were tnatantly aent for from Banks' column on this side of tbe river, and tbe engagement went on nearly all day In tbe meanwhile threo^leoeaof tbe Rhode laland battery (under Capt Tompkins In person) reached our troops from Band? Hook, and immediately took part In tbe engagement At between three and four, p m , a f nal bayonet charge wa? made by nil our troops, which scattered tbe rebela In all directions la Ula chart* our irallant fellowa recaptured tbe aamn gun, (a 33 pounder,) and took ten prteenera, who, with the gun, have been aent over to Gen Banka'a headquarter*. At the lateat intelligence fro* there <at four and a half, p m.,) which my Infer, mant bringa, the firing bad ceeaod, and ear treepe were in parauit of tke enemy, acattered In all direction! Other reinforcement a (in addition to Capt. Tompkina' R. I. battery) were then being ?ent up to Col. Geary The total number of our troopa engaged?Including aoire amateur* who took part, and the reinforcement of artillery? waa about The bayonet charge waa a terrificallymagnificent affair. Our low waa four killed, nine wounded, and three mlaalng 4 At leaat one hundred and fifty of the enemy a killed and wounded were left behind tbem on the flp'.d in their flight Col. Turner Aabby, their brag cavalry ofllrer. commanded the rebels, ai d loat bla life in the engagement aa gallantly aa hla brother loat hla not long alnce In the battle of New Creek THE BALLOON HKAIIII moM A correapondent wrttea o* : On Sunday. tie 13th of October, a balloon fell In a man'* field about four mtlea from t*harptown, Md It came fmm the direction of VVaahlngton, and la la the hands of aouthern rlghta men?rebela?who propoae to have It advertlaed In the Philadelphia papera They think they ara going to make a good thing of It." THK THIRD AND rolRTH BE6IMENTS P. C. were out for regimental parade to da*-, and made a most creditable appearance Indeed Thecompanlea averaged from fifty to one huadred mem bers, and aim oat all of them were athletic and soldierly looking nieu. aucb aa the Navy Yard and Island are in the habit of turning out. MILITARY ArPOIBTMBBT*. Major VTm.T. H Brook* U 8 A.. haa been appointed a Brigadier General of Volunteer* Win. Lllley. of Ohio, haa been appointed a Brigade (Quartermaster of Volunteers, and assigned to duty with the brigade of Geo Stevens THE HKAVT TlRliM VP TIB RIVER Yesterday forenoon, a heavy fir1?g was beard in the direction of F.dwsrd'* and Conrad's Ferry, which, we take it, was battery practice aa oar side. ecretart cameron. Secretary Cameron Is, to-day, not expected te return bere until Monday next. assistant "bcbrtabt scott Assistant Secretary Scott, we are glad te dad, la able to be at his post again, to-day. LATE LOC/L NEWS The World's Fair.?At the adjourned meet Inc. lsst night, the Commissioners appointed by th- President to attend to the Interests of America* exhibitors at the World's Fslr, the following named gentlemen w^re appointed aa the Kxecl tlve Committee: Dr. B F. Johnaon. of New t* *_ in < %* as ?r A? a i or*, vuairuian, .irnri rienry, i\?*aneuv, ana Seaton, of Waabington; and Mr. Partridge, of Maryland. tbe last-named Secretary. The duty of (be executive committee la to mUt all necessary preparatory arrangement* for tbe International Exhibition. Aa oAce |q be opened In tbla city, and a description of all tbe article* Intended for exhibition la to be submitted to tbe executive committee for tbelr action. Inventor* and otuera may apply to any of tbe commlaalonera. Figuttrs in tbi Marekt?Eliza Foreman, colored, waa arretted tbl* mornlr.kf for assault and battery on an aged German woman It waa tbe result of a contention about tbe occupancy of n ft^nd. (he property of neither, but which tbe owner allowed the while woman to occupy In bit absence. The colored woman kn >cked the white woman down 8be waa held to ball for Court Hoke $*tralirg ?It teema that there artminv horae thieve* round about tbe District at tbe pre* enttlme. From tbe complaints of cltlsena, and tbe aearchet daily made by troops for mating anl mals. It is evident that horae thieves are noi only nnmMrniia hilt nre l.iorMdfnl An#ra(AM ( OfTl plaint* of the U>ss of tlx, by varloasTndleldaala. were made to the police this morning S*est to Rbltimobb?Wm Moor*, who wii arretted in tbi? city by officer Jnmee M Bseher, for obtaining S500 from Mr M Caeie. of Baltimore. by fraudulent me<na, wh yesterday taken to Baltimore by officer Buaber, and delivered to Juatice S bo war re, wbo Immediately committed biui to jail for court. At Woke ?tbit mornlag, a number of prison era were at work on tbf avenue, under guaid They are aoldters arrested by the Provost Guard for Insubordination or other offences They were employed to-day in making a trench 1b the avenue at Ninth street Tbfatib?Tonight Asmodeua' Bad the "Follies of a Night''with Ben Refers Bad Mlas Den In In both pieces A most tempUag Mil! Swobs ih ?Moses Keller, Esq . was sworn fa to-day by Judge Purcell. of the Orphan's Coert, as Register of Wills VTNION OYSTER UEPOT^-Ths aadereicned U respeot/slly Baaoaaoe to their lr lends Bad the pub le that they uave^S I niwa?s on hand a iresh sap ply? Us^^iv )>est Ousters the market eaa supply, a id served in ever? sty la. ? ami iw a tad fo?U*r? WORD 4 CO. ooS-lt* 4?H, aor?r nj mt m3 K tto. < W. TUCKER WoaldiuouM to to* ?ti i?na. m liter? ud aojoarnvra la .nctoa thftt bi l* uvw yroeeeeUei Ik* Tu orici nuKinoM la?ll ito bru^ No. EA THixih et^3d dtK>r eortli ofK ?. ? ir intend to mmmwi. ?U, r*p*u. r? model. DuXL?.^i?0.ZSKi HE SUWtKRlBKJUfcaf la?*atota<or?UMlr patron* and toe pa t> 10 aiully of Vt ^ .?? ??a?ltad vtte a mintr at* at ?OH faui/w* WiNTkM eobbe n J. EH^K^iS ooMtuulf oa hand whi jfc art wtmM la Npr* "wSiWt ??.*J ?n?t think* forth*Hfcmi wMft j?y*d,UMf wii "<tr?r tomrit ?jwMU9k' t^Z?SffViaEL^ v CJTjZ . J, ?j./TA.M |r mmd rti f Ai^TAILOMA, -life ?r| ofejl? 4 4

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