Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1861 Page 1
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4 (&bmx tig $>twc. V%: XVIII, WASHINGTON. D. C . FRIDAY. OCTOBER 18. I86J. N?. 2.703. THE EVENING STAR m PUBLISHED BVBRY APTBRNOON, (9UFVUAY KXCKPTKO.) at thk *t va BriLOines, e?nwf / P*n*'flr?a?e and Eltrtntk St. IT W. D. WALIf\OH. Papers mt?4 la pcki|? by carriers it 94 I Tew, or 37 cents per month. To mall subscribers the price It 93 JO a year, in odeesus, W for rtl Month*; 11 for fhfoe months; and for leifc thih three months at the rate at 18 oents s week. Single copies, out cairr; In wrappers, two cbhts. ET AoTnnTiraxasiTs should be sent to the o?ce before IS o'clock m .; otherwise they may not appear until the neit day. 11 / - "if 'I &M6ULAR INTREPIDITY; In 1T76, Admiral Watson, having sailed with his squadron and the King's troops from Fort St. David to the assistance of Calcutta in the East Indie*, stopped at Majpore, on the banks of the Ganges, where the enemy had a place of considerable strength, called Bougee Fort, ^hi^h it Wa4 neceisary to secure oefofe ne ^oeeeded any further in the expedition The nction was begun by a brisk cannonade from the squadron, which soon silenced the cannon of the fort; but the garrison not offering to surrender, and continuing to dischsrge fire arrows and small arms, it was determined in a council of sea and land officers, that Colonel Clive should endeavor to take it by assault. For this purpose, at five in the evening, the Admiral landed an officer, two midshipmen and about forty sailors from each ship, under the command of Captain King, to assist the Colonel in storming the fort, which he intended doing just before daylight, under cover of two twenty-four pounaers, mounted close to the ditch. In the meantime, the colonel had given directions that the whole army?the necessary guards excepted?and the detachments from the ships should rest on the ground, in order to recover themselves as much as possible from the fatigues they had undergone in the preceding day's service. All was now quiet, in the camp; and we on board the ships, which lay at their anchors but a small distance from the shore, had entertained thoughts of making use of that interval to refresh ourselves With an hour or two of sleep; but suddenly a loud and universal exclamation was heard from the shore, and soon after an account was breught to the admiral that the fort had been taken by storm. This was a joyful pioce of news, and the mere so as it was quite unexpected, but when the particular circumstances that ushered in this success were related, our exultation was greatly abated, becaase we found that the rules so indispensably necessary in all military exploits had been entirely disregarded in the present instance, and therefore could not help looking upon the perron who had the principul hand in this victory rather as an object of chastisement than applause The case was this: During the tranquil state of the camp, one Strahsn, a common sailor belonging to the Kent, having just been served with a quantity of grog (arrack mixed with water,) had his spirits too much elated to think of taking any rest; he therefore strayed by himself toward the fort, and imperceptibly got under the walls. Beiag advanced thus far without interruption, he took M into his head to scale at a breach that haa been made by the cannons of the ships, and having luckily gotten upon the bastion, he there discovered several Moor men sitting upon the platform, at whom he flourished his cutlass and fired his pistol, and then, having given three loud hussas, oried out: " The piste* is mine The Moorish soldiers immediately attaoked him, and he defended himself with incredible resolution, but in the encounter had the misfortune to have the blade of his catlass out in two about a foot from the hilt. This mischance; however, did not happen till be was near being supported by two or three other sailors who had aocidently straggled to the same part of the fort on which the ether had mounted. They hearing Strahan'scjiea, immediately scaled the breach likewise, and echoing the triumphant sound, roused the whole army, who taking the alarm, fell on pell mell. without order and without diacipline, following the example of the sailors. This attack, although made in such confusion, was followed with no ill consequence but the death of the worthy Captain Dougal Campbell, who was unfortunately killed by a musket ball from one of our own pieces in the Sineral confusion. Captain Coote commanded e fort for that night, and at daylight the fort saluted the Admiral. It was never exactly known what number of Moors there were in the fort when our people first entered. We took in the fort eighteen cannons, from twenty-four pounders downwards, and forty barrels of powder. Strahan, the hero of this adventurous action, was soon before the admiral, who notwithstanding the suocess that had attended it, thought it necesaary to show himself displeased with a measure in which the want ot all military discipline so notoriously appeared. He therefore angrily inquired into the desperate step which he had taken. Mr. Strahan, what is this you have been doing'" The fellow, after havin* made his bow, seratohed his head, and with one hand twirling his hat upon the other, replied : "Why, to be sure, sir, it was I who took the fort, but I hope there was no harm in it." The Admiral, with difficulty, was prevented from smiling at the simplicity of Strahan's answer, and the whole company were exceedingly diverted with his awkward appearanoe and his language and manner in recouating the several particulars of his mad exploit. Mr. Watson expatiated largely on the fatal consequences that might have attended his irregular cenduct, and then, with a severe rebuke, dismissed him?but not before he had given the fellow come distant hints that at a proper opfortunity he would be certainly punished for is temerity. Strahan amazed to find himself blamed where he expected praise, bad no sooner gone from the Admiral's cabin, than he muttered these words:?"If I am flogged for this ere action, I will never take anoiner fort by myself as long as I live, by G?d!" The novelty of the ctse, the success of tbe enterprise, and tbe oourageous spirit which he had displayed, pleaded strongly with the Admiral in behalf of the offender: and yet at the same time, the discipline of the service required that he should show him outwardly some marks of his displeasure. This the Admiral did for seme little time, but afterwards, at the intercession of some officers, which intercession the Admiral himself prompted them to make, he most readily pardoned him. And it is not inprobable, that had Strahan been qualified for the office of boatswain, he might, on some other pretence, before the expedition had ended, had been promoted to that station in one of his msjesty's ships. But unfortunately for this brave tellow, the whole tenor of his eonduot, both before ana after the storming of tbe fort, was so very irregular as to render it impossible for the Admiral to advanee him from his old rtation to any higher rank, how strongly soever his inclinations led him to do it. Tat Paiscasa Ansa, of Denmark, one of the ladiec spoken of as tbe destined bride for the Prinoe of Wales, is just fifteen; very fair, with a meet brilliant eomplexion, and lovely fair hair, clustering in thick curls about her neck, and shoulders. Her royal Highness has been moct carefully brought up, and is possessed of a most splendid musioal talent, cultivated to its utmost extent by tbe first masters in Europe. Altogether she is oonsidered one of the most aooompliahed Princesses in Europe; and her portrait, in white muslin, with blue ribbons, and a single roeebud in her golden hair, long formed one of tbe greatest attractions of Giroox'a exhibitions at the Boulevards. Tbe Priooecs of Hesse Darmstadt is not so well known, bat is described as being fair and coaely, with ehectnut hair, and isnotonly the beauty of the family, but is remarkable for great cweetnees and amiability of disposition, and is also slightly blue." The Grand Doesl Palaee at which the Princess Alice ia to reside, bears the reputation of "a little paradise on earth," because of its undisturbed harmony. UZT1 A repeat Leavenworth paper says: " From Rentlemea V well known character belonging to ie nine coaattea ea ear border, we gala Information whleh ahowa that at lead eae hundred slaves leave Mtsaouri each dav for Kansas " -.ID*A general order baa been issued from tbe tajtlWh war department which authorUes the P" PO?"?d for tbe recovery Uom ??"?e<Jn or held guns d'Orleans and Capt of rZjliute henceforth tbe designations of Uxate 4a Pane and Doe de Chartrw. # Warlike Wit. [From the N. Y. Express ] The privateers hare always managed to I escape, by outsailing, and keeping olear of our I vessels, which proves the truthfulness of the old proTerb, which says, "The race is not | always to thm fleet " "Every man godta shall tale the field; from Jeff. Davis down each one has a sacred I duty to perforJi. and shall do his share." Exactly so: and Jeff. Davis, we presume, will be sent-in- el. A dying officer, at the siege of Monterey, I wished that this simple but expressive epitaph should be alone plaeed over his grave: "He fell at Monterey!" How different a one should be I chosen for him who fled so ingloriously during the fatal 21st of July . 8 He expedited bis Peg'sus a At the battle of Mansanas What is the difference between October and November? With Oct. the leaves fall; with >iov. the fall leaves. (From Prentice.) ?A couple of gentlemen write to us in- I quiring where they can find John C. Breckinridge. If the traitor is alive, they had better look for him in \ irginia. If dead, we fear we mast bid them go to ?. ?When we have occasion to lash the disunion party, we are very particular to lash the abolition party also, for tile two deserve to be I lashed together. ?Stories are still current that Hen McCulloch is dead. If Ben is alive and would l^ke to Vuhe fact known< he should bestir himself. ?"They say that Mr. Rarey can bridle the I wildest horse, but there's no mortal Rarey to I bridle a woman's tongue. ?They insist that Ben McCulloch is dead, but he issues proclamations. Though dead he vet speaketh. I l0a want 10 be * "Knight of the Golden Circle, get the girl you love to give you a ring. ?The wife of Moses Barras, of Chicago, pro- I cured a divorce from him last week for inhu- I man treatment We congratulate her npon being dis-M. Barras-sed. I ?The boys are often ealled striplings. The women seem likely to win the title from them Thk Rebbl Post Office Department.? I Ine rebel Post Office has proved a miserable I failure, financially and practically, and the I curses it receives from the southern papers are I loud and deep." At the last session of the rump Congress it was $500,000 behindhand, I whUe its inefficiency creates general disgust. I the Richmond Examiner of September 16th I declares that "the Confederate postoffice estab- I lishment, under its present management, has I become an engine for impeding the circulation I of information. The first intelligence of all I important battles thus far has been obtained I from northern papers, received by eircuitous I routes, and long before the news can be got I through the rebel Postoffice Department;" I her?at the Examiner thus explodes : . ' 7?* we have a most huge and costly I institution called the Postoffice Department, I charged with the exclusive duty of transmit- I ting intelligence. Though we live in the days I of telegraphs and railroads, important news I trom our own armies, leoked for by our people with agonised suspense, gets over the ground I at about the speed of the camels they are now I breeding in Texas, or of the small asses, carry- I mg great loads, which ornament the hiehwavs I and prairies of that region " I kButi ^ &Tam"l"r "?js "that the outrage I thus inflicted upon the bouth by this brutal I suppression of the news is only equalled by the I tax now inflicted upon the soldiers in the camps tor the newspapers they read." The Postoffice Department charges two cents postage upon I every paper sent to the camps, besides detain- I ing them to be stamped?which is no rapid I operation, as they are sent by the thousand? I and by the tiuie tbey reach the soldier's hands I hey cost him ten cents apiece ? Wheeling I (I a) Intelligencer. I Affairs ijc Utah ?From theDeseret News, I of Sept. -o, we gather the following : - r n.?ar'y week, and up to Monday last, a fire, said to have been set by Indians, was I rfglPg !? th,? 681 Mountains, in the vicinity I of mnghaui s Creek, and report says much I wood and timber was destroyed. There seems I to be no way of preventing such occurrences, I / tbeliamanite? claim and exercise the right I of enkindling fires where and when they please I and they are generally quite indifferent about the damage that aocrues to the whites in con- I sequence of their lawless acts. I he work of fitting up the Tabernacle, that I U may be ready for the holding of the Semiannual Conference, is progressing as rapidly I a? could be expected, and it will fn all proba51.'"J b* ownp'eted by the time appointed. Should the weather be favorable, there will I doubtless be a large concourse of people in I attendance?more, by thousands, than can get I within its wall;, in which event the people re- I siding in the city will unquestionably give I plaoe to th?se from the country, as they have I generally done heretofore on suoh occasions. I Hon^ J. M. Bernhisel, Delegate to Congress I from this Territory, left for the Federal city I in the overland mail coach yesterday morn-1 ing_ He certainly enjoys the full confidence of his many friends, and from the experience I of the past, they do not expect that he will I secede even if Washington bo taken and sacked by the Confederates, before his term of offico shall expire. nu SiISTKO'?^?w York correspondent of! a 1 hil'idutphia Sunday paper has the following m regard to a man well remembered here: Tasistro gate us a recitati&n of one of Shakspeare s plays on Wednesday night, but to no crowded audience. Poor Tasistro! once a gay dashing elegant Lothario, the envy of the "ij *** won,en ! here he is now, old, blind, poor, helpless, almost friondless, groping his way through the fag end of a sad He was once editor of the.Sun here, and S*ri\^.Judg# LJnch'? daughter. The famous Miss Mel son, the actress, bewitched him, and he eloped with her. Next he turned up as a lecturer. Next he appeared as an actor and p aved in your city on Fanny Elssler's off night. Next his knowledge of languages made him Government translator at Washington and he moved in "good society." Next he reported a dinner-table speech of the French Ambassador and lost his situation. He marned also the daughter of a wealthy merchant in yourcitv, who "out off' that daughter for the act. Next came cataract of the eyes and gradual blindness. New we find him, as he is an object of sincere commiseration. What a world of vioissitudes it is ! Little Comforts -Nothing makes a more refreshing and palatable drink for the sick than grape jelly and water. At this season, when grapes are so abundant and so cheap, w?uld it not be well for those who wish to add to the little comforts of our military hospitals to make a supply ? The following is the receipt: Wash the grapes thoroughly in cold water; seperate thenrfrom the stems', aad mash them io an earthen vessel with a potato masher. Then put them over the fire and boil them twenty minutes Strain them through a bag made of three thicknesses of white musquito netting; to every pint of the juioe add one and quarter pounds sugar, and boll twenty minutes. Put it up in pint jars?china is the strongwt; paste white paper over the top, and then tie a piece of strong muslin tightly over it. Peek them with hay (or old linen rags, if yon have enough) in candle or starch boxes, first taking care that the box is well nailed and strong eneugh By boring two holes in each end. near the top. /tad patting in strong rope handle*, the boxes are more eertain of being kept "this side up ." u^a new directory of San Francisco estimate* tb- population at composed of 40.0UU white i aaaiee, &7.ouo white females, 3,000 Chinese, and 12.000 aegrees. 1 SICE AMD tfOtfrlikfeD SOLDIERS IN , HOSPITAL. Published in conformity with the resolution of tht Stnatt of July 16, 1861. At General Hospital on E strut, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Oct. 11. lit Excelsior l l?t Rhodelsland VolTl M do 2 4th do do.. 1 3d <*o l 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 5th do 2 2d New HampshlreVol 4 16th New York Vol... 1 lit Michigan Vol.... 1 22d do do ... 4 2d do do 1 24th do do.... 5 3d do do 1 29th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 36th do do 1 8th do do 3 43d do do.... 2 Stockton's Michigan 46th do do.... 1 Independent Vol... 2 79th do do.... 1 7th Wisconsin 1st Massachusetts Vol.. 1 1st New i ork Cavalry. 1 loth do do... 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 18th do do... 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 1 19th do do... 1 'id U. 8. Cavalry 1 2d Vermont do(?) 1 5th do do (6) 1 4'h do do... 2|6th Penn Cavalry ... 1 *th do do... 1 1st Penn. Independent 1st Pennsylvania Vol.. 3 Rifles.. 1 8th ao do..11 4th Peuft. CaValfy .... 1 23d do do.. 1 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 26th do do.. 1 19th do Volunteers 4 27th do do .. 1 1st U. 8. Artillery.... 1 30th do do.. 1 O. C. Volunteers...... 1 3l*t do do.. 1 ; 3d do do.. 1 Total.,. 81 00th do do.. 2 (a) One officer. (6) One office#. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Oct. 11. 2d U. 8. Infantry 3 Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 2d Maine Volunteers.. 6 26th Penn.Volunteers. 1 6th do do 3 27th do do....*. 1 9th Massachusets Vol.. 1 1st Long Island Vol... 1 14th New York Vol ...13 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 24th do do.... 4 Teamster 1 29th do do 3 19tb Indiana (?) 8 33d do do.... 6 2d Vermont 3 2l*t do do.(a) 2 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 18th do do.... I 19th Massachusetts.... I 35th do do.... 1 3d Vermont 16 Garibaldi Guards 5 5th Wisconsin 8 Mnwirt 1 6th do 5 1st Fire Zouaves 1 33d Pennsylvania 10 Tammany 2 New Jersey Brigade.. 1 1st Michigan Vol 3 2d Wisconsin 1 2d do do 1 44th New York .. l 3d do do...(6) 4 Mod's Artillery 1 4th do do...(e)!4 21st Pennsylvania .... 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... 2 10th do 8 8th Penn. Volunteers. 1 42d do 10 3d do do...... 2 1st Pennsylvania Rifles 4 30th do do 1 9th do do.. .(rf)14 Total.. ....187 1st do Artillery... 6 (a) Two officers. (6) One officer (c) Foilf officers. (d) One officer, (e) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner t>ridg and Washington streets, Georgetown, Oct. 11. 2dNewYorkVol 2l2d Penn. Volunteers . l 13th do do 4 3d do do...... 4 14th do do...... 7 4th do do 1 17th do do...... l 6'h do do 17 18th do do,..,., lifth do do.,,...10 19th do do...... 2jl2tli do do..,.,. 4 22d do do 4 24th do do...... 2 23d do do 3 27th do do ? 25th do do 1 35th do do I 26th do do 1 45th do do 1 29th do do 1 Baxter's Fire Zouaves I 33d do do 7 McLane's Reyiment.. 1 35th do do 2 21st Indiana Vol 1 43d do do...!.. 1 1st Michigan do I 49th do do 1 2d do do 14 50th do do...... 1 3d do de...... 4 79th do do...... 6 4th do do...... 8 1st Long Island Vol.. 1 |2d Wisconsin do 6 Morart Regiment 1 5th do do .... l Bonkwood's Battery.. 1 ?th do do 1 Mott's Battery 1 1st Minnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 6 1st California do 13 6th do do 3 Stockton'sIndp'tReg. 4 3d NewlIampshlreVol 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 6 2d VerinontVolunteers 9 Teamster 1 3d do * do 12 Hostler 1 4th do do 1 Officer's servant 1 9th Massachusetts Vol. 3 New Jersey Cavalry.. 2 Total 199 1st Penn. Artillery.... 5 At Hospital at Columbian College, ITa Oct 11. :? ? ^ 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 2d New Jersey Vol.... A 3d do do...... 3 3d do do.... a 5th do do 4 5th do do ... 2 ?th do do 3 7th do do.... 1 loth Massachusetts Vol 16 1st Penn. Artillery.... 1 14th do do. 3 3d do Cavalry 4 19th do do. 1 13th do Volunteers.. 1 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 31st do do 4 6th Connecticut Vol.. 1 aid do do 22 7th do do... 3 Chroman's Rifles, Pa. 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 Volunteers. 1 1st New York Cavalry. 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 3d do do... 1 1st do Vol 3 2d do Vol 3 2d do do 7 9th do do 1 4th do do 2 11th do do 1 7th do do 3 14th do do 1 8th do do 21 18th do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 7 22d do do 6 2d Wisconsin Vol I 25th do do...... 4 5th do do...... 8 32d do do 1 6th do do 12 33d do do 2 7th do do 1 35th do do 6 lit Minnesota do 2 36th do do 1 19th Indiana do 14 37th do do...... 8 27th do do...... 5 43d do do 2 1st California do 2 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 3 3d U. 8 Infantry 1 TammanyN. Y. Vol.. 2 4th do Cavalry 1 Garibaldi do do .. 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 De Kalb do do .. 1 (Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Berdari'sSharpehooters 1 1st U S Chasseurs ... l Total 235 1 st N ew J ers^y CavalrylO At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Oct 11 ' 4th Cavalry 1 2d Infantry 3 5th do 4 3d do 3 1st Artillery 7 8th do 2 2d do 10 33d Pennsylvania Vol. 2 3d do 11 (Quartermaster's Dep't 4 4th do 2 ' _ 5th do 5 Total 5S 1st Infantry 5 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 11 2d Cavalry, U. 8 A... 1 3d Maine 11 2d Artillery, U. 8. A.. 6 4th do l(j 5th New York 1 5th do t 15th do 1 Teamsters, U s! S 16th do (a)30 Lincoln Cavalry...... 3 17th do 23 Young's Cavalry 1 18th do 6 32d Pennsylvania J 26th do 7 1st New Jersey (b) 1 jfth do 9 5th do (e) 1 31st do 9 1st Minnesota Si 32d do 17 2d Wisconsin ] 37th do 7 2d Vermont 1 38th do 9 2d Michigan 1 40th do 11 3d do 1 79th do 1 _ 25th do 6 Total 19( (?) One Captain. (6) One Lieutenant (?) On< Lieutenant. k.IPT W* pl??e copy and send bills to the W ar Department. oct 16?31 /^SOMETHING NEW! j?> ^Y^Ga?AT?.TH D?co:v?ar At 281 C strut, opposite the Tk?rer. . ,w ?... .. OY8TEK8 STEAMED In the Shall and 1 noroughly Cooked (far suHrini to a roast) in two minutes, the fastest time on record. Call and see. respeotfuily informs his friendi ifc P'?tnot. *nd visitors to the oity, that he hai refitted h"soLD and waLL-xwoww istablishmbm in a most thoroagh manner, and has made oom plete arrangements to furnish OYSTER* n, style and in any euaotity. sou to no ga ionsshuokec per day. 2 WO to 3,00u oans of Spioed ai d I- rest without fear of iailure, should oall and mike sr. ranrjmenta at onoe Freight tima, and money .bT.fBroh.*f,nf ?J !?*, M 1 Ornish an artirli equal to the oelabrated Baltimore establishments at prioM jaataa low. _ , TO 8UTLKE8. Ao., Ao. Also, Pioklee, Cafcup, 8aaoes. brandy In iaot, every thing for sale ia the rf<utk. ra marlrsaiMSESi: ffiwia.111"' My establishment is open from 6 a m. to is al nisht, every uay, except BurUay, when i oloM ai lOit'olooka. m. B0ft. JOHNSTON, ALTitlORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat ditt?9$r$d tht noil Ctrtmu?, Spttdf mmd mJ| Effectual Remedf i? tht World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*tkn***of :?* Esck, Strictur**, AfietiMitf t*t? Kidt> ; end Bladder ^TMluan iJiecnargea. luipottocv, Gen *r?l Debility, Nttvouen***, dyapepey, Lanfuor, Confueioo of Id***, I/O* tir..?, ?-:fuiuou of th* Hurt, Timidity, T/emblinft, DiiuuiKcrf Stgat or Glddinttt, Dieeatt of tht Htad, Throat, Not* or 8^u, Afferttont of tbt Lui.ra, Stoinacn or B^welt?that* Terrible DitntSin anting froni Solitary Habtte of Youth?'ht?* Drtadful and fiertmttvt Pricik*?

which rtndtr Marriage lmpooeible, and deatroy both Bod; and Mind. YOUNQ MEN Ktpoclally who bava become th* victim* of Solitary Tie*, that draadfpl and dotructiv* habit which annually *w**pi la an antimely grav* thonaande of Yourg M*n of th* moil etalted talent* and brilliant Intellect, who might oth*rwi*a have *ntrane<d Iteteiang Senatee with the thundera of elo. auenc* or waked to acataey th* living lyr*, may call wilt full conldinc*. MARRIAGE. MaRRIBD PSRjO.vj, or Young Man contemplating Mar riage, being awar* of phyeical w*akn*a*, organit dtkility dtrcrmitm, Ac., tpttdilv cored. He who tiaeet himeelf under th* car* of Or. J. may religi' ate j confidt in hie honor * a f tntltman and cooldtotlj taly upon bi* ekill a* a phyeiciati. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. loft band eide going from Baltimore atreet, a few doora fron th* eorn*r. rail not to obeervt nam* aud ominber. Ltutri matt b* paid and contain a (tamp. DR JOHNSTON, Mtmblraf th* Royal Collect of Surgtont, London, rrtdi' at* from on* ot tSt rnnlt erninent Col!e*e? in tb* Unittd Itatee, and the rrtattr part 0/ Wheat lift' hat bttn aptot It th* hoepital* of London, Pari*, Philadelphia end tltiwhtr* hat ttftcttd aome of the mo*t aetoniehing oartt that wtri ?er known; many troubled with ringing in the head ant tare tFhtn a*le*p; preai ntrvoutntat, being alarmed ai tuiidtfl fUndt, bajhfnlneaa with frequrnt blaebtng, attended MmeMnll With d<tan(*ret?t ef mod, were curtd Hume dlataly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men ana othere who havt injured themtllvtt by 1 eertain practice indulged in wh*n alone?a habit freqoenti] learntd from *ti1 coinp.<niona, or at ecbool, th* eCect* a: whicn ar* nightly felt e?en when a*l*tp, and if not cored rendare marriage impoeeible, and daitroy* both mind and bod*, ehould apply immf4iately. Tneee are toiut of the ead and melancholy effecte predated by early habiu of voutb, vix ; Weakneee of the Bict and Limb*, Paint in th* Head, Diirnttt of Sight, Loee of Power, Palpitation of tna H*art, Dyiptpay, Nervou* irrita bility. Derangement of th* Digvttivt Function*, G*n*ral Debility, Bymptome of Coneumptton, Ac. MimtaLLY?Tbe fearful anecu on th* mind ar* mach U b* dreaded?Loea of Memory, Confoeion of Ideae, Depreeeioc f Spirit!, Evil Foreboding*, Avtrtion of Society, Self-Di* truat, Lot* of Solitude, Timidity, etc., are torn* of th* * will produced. nervous piailitv.?'Thoatandt can now Judge what ii tb* caaee of th*ir declining health, loelng their rigor, becom tng weak, pal*, nervoue and emaciated, having a emgalai app*aranc* about th* *y*t, cough or tymptomt of contampU*n. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whtn th* mieguided and imprudent votary of pleaaar* Indi be ha* imbifctd tn * eeeda of thtt painful diftatt, it too ofttt hapf ana that an ill-timed eente of eham* or drtad of ditcovarj datara him from apply in* to thou who, from tducalion ant rtaptctability, can alert* bilriend him. il* fall* into thi band* of ignorant and dceigning pretender*, who, incapxbli f caring, filch hi* pecuniary *ub*t*nc*, ketp him triSin| month after month, or a* long a* th* *mali**t r?* Can ' i e*> Umad, and in daapair leav* him witb ruined health to eigl var hi* galling di*appoiatm*nt; or by th* aa* of that d*a?lj potaon?Marcury?haat*n th* ooumtutional *ymp<oma of thn terrible dieeaee.euch ae Affectioneofth* Heart,Throat, Head kin, fcc., progreMing with frightful rapidity, till d*ath put* i period t* bia dr*?df?l aufferinge ty aeuding hinit*ib?t?n diac*v*r*d country from who** baarn* q* trav*l*r raturu*. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OROANll WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By thia rr**t and impormnt r*m*dy weakn**a *f tha crgani ar* *p**dlly ?tr*d and fall vigor r*et*r*d. Thoaeand* or thi *ei nervoue and debilitated, tht had l*et *11 b*pe,u?vi been immediauly r*li*v*d. All imp*dim*ut* to Marriage, Phyiical H Mental Diaqaal llcationa, La*e of Procr**tiv* Power. Harv**a Irritability Trtmbling and W*aki.*u *r ?inaa*tioti of tht moat ftarf* kind tpttdlly ?artd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. TBI Mawt Tnofaanos cartd at tbit inttitation wuhij tht latt eeventtin v*ar*, and th* naineroue important Sargi a*, oparatione parrarined by Dr. Johnetou, wiUieaaed by tLi rtpar.ara of th* paptre and many other carton*, noticta * which bavt apptartd again aud again btior* tht pablie, b* tMtt hit Itariduig at a gtntltmtn of character and retronei ailltv, le a aaBcient gaarantt* to th* ?Bic;td. mar la-lv JSOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY" ThiaCumpauy otfera to ihet public " Unequailec Advantages'' for the Safe au.l Quick Dispatch o; Heavy Kreighta Packages, Valuahltte, Money, Ao AO., to all parts of the United state*. Kxpreeaes to and from the North and West depart from and arrive iu Washington twice daily. All Expresses are in oharge of txptritnctd ant1 reliable Messengers. All Packages for The SoUIieri oarneu at "ohi hal?" our unual rates. All Goi ds for the *o-o&Iled "Confederate States' and all Articles *' Contra!>and of War" will tx Kitiiid. Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1.8, and 6 P M.. arriving in Washingtou at 6 A. M. and i M t Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8* A. M. and 11 P. M? arriving in Wanhtngton at 5 3ft p. M. anc 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P pLj^amviiig in Washington at 6 A.M. and 5a Expresses for all points North and West leav? Washington at 7JO A. M and 2.30 p M. daily. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight oan be made on application to this < >tfice. All Goods eallea for ailtl delivered Jrte of hxtn oharges. E. W. PARSONS. 8?p't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 23. 1861. au 23 tf Ywood and coal. i)U Will sorely get your money's worth bj calling at tiie PlONfc^R MILLS, soutkw*?t tor er of Aaron:* street and Canal, (GEO. PAGE Agent.) They sell cheaper and give better measnn than any others in the oity?out, split, and dehv red free of oharge. If yon doc t t eheve . 1 < the Pioneer Mills a tria., and be sajkis&e<i. ^-lv-r |JOOTa AND *0 B?I* T>1 We are now manifacturing*all kinds of BOOT! and tiHOKB, and ooi.atantly reoeiviox ssppiy of eastern made work of everfde KgU ortvtion. inatie expressly to order, and villf 1 be sold at a ir.oon lower price than uas l>een* W heretofore oharged in this oity for mtoh infene krtwlN, Persons in want of Boow and Shoes of eastntu ity made work, will always find a rood auartruM l& store and at Ike ierest prioea. Give asaeall. GHiKHN A BRO? * * "4 ksdth?Iftnu arm y# Armv supplies. JUST RECEIVED?o cans SAUSAGE MEAT. 240 nans fresh tomatoes, 48?oaua FRESII VEAL, 3fi0 oaua BEEF.a la mndi, 240oans ROAST BEEF, . 3Wcans FRESH MUTTON. 240 oans REEK and GRAVY, 340 cans SOUP and BOUILLI, FRENCH DEStflCATED VEGt I A A0u1J0( I For sale at New York Factory prioes. 1 _ KING A BlTRCHLLL, I ? < Cornor I and Hitoenth atreets. aNiSW DOOK9 STORY of the United Netherlands, by Joh 1 Lot tiro a Motley ; 2 vols.; free b? mail, f 4. 1 . The Rise of (he Dutch Uepuhlie, a history, b ^ona Lothrop Motiey; S vo.s 010th; free by maij I Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by th anthor of Adam Bede cloth ?i|cenU ; paper I j aer it?. Life and Career of Major Acdre, by Wintro B&i IWlQt { AfU?r loebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyac I !S ^hr?dor and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis I 1 Nfl^b e ; fl.60. , The Manufaotare of Photogenic or Hydro-Cai bon Oils by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; 1.1ft. Any of the above frwe by mail. 1 M FRENCH A RICHSTE1N, ' ap a ^7*? I'em.a. avenue. VV~~ BOYS' CLOTHING. * * k Have received within the last day or two assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH r INO, embracing all styles of iow-prioed, mediun and fine qualities, wfuoh we are selling a t var low prioes for cash. 1 WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3 Jii Pa. av., between 9th and ltth sts. f mC < Intellnenoer and ReettHiaan.' r PR,B.?CRADLE AND BED BLANKET 1 V*nd COUNTERPANES,all site, ?0i. qua!] 1 H?!' Eed Comforts,Sheet ngs, Pillow Linen, an I Lcttoua, To wala. Napkins, Table Cloths, Tickingi D?y lies, Ao. All at our proverbially low prioei marked tn plaiu figures. New oomera, strangers, Sojourner* aad oitisen will inspect oar ptook at pleaaura. ... * PERRY * BRO.. Penn. avenue and 9tb at.. ' i^\AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, 1 Back of Re lational Hotel. 4 4 mi|noat liberal advaooes aaade on Gold and m!v? " atchea. Diamon .a. Jewe.ry. Silver ware,Cloth lag, Piatols, and all kinda 01 Metohandiae. Boai neas striotly confidential. , ISAAC HERZBRRG, S?t C atreat. aa 11m Between 4>4 and ath eta. Dry Gooda, in atap'e and fancy fobrios, for theoui i rent wants of farnil .ea. One price otTy, the actaai ca?h standard value marked in plain figures. , . PERRY A BROTHER. I ?>o .S-st Pa. avaaue and Ninth st. 1 TlSa-^i (HS.'Sa UEADQUARTERSO* THE U.S. MARINE IT CORPS, Quaituxiitii'i Orricu. ( Washington, September 24,1981.% Sxalid PaorosALs.f rraoholaesnenaratety.will be rece.ved at this oAoe until 12 o'olook m. of Wrdnesday, a*h of November next, for fnruishing to the United ?tat*s Marine Corp*, during the year 1862. the following supplies, to he delivered at the ofll-e of the As-istant Quai termast-r of tbeoorpe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, free of expanse to the Unit'd Matea. in aooh quanutieaaa may from time to time be ordered, vix : Class No. i. 14 oon varda of Sky Blue Kereey, all wool, free from hair, M inohea wide, to weigh 22 ounoea to the yard,(indigo n?ol-dyed > fi.oooyards Dark B ut Kereey. ill wool, free from hair, '4 inches wide, to weigh 22ounoee to the yard, (indigo wool dye?l.' 8,000 yarda Dark Blue Twilled Cloth, all wool, for uniform ooata, (indico woal-dyed.JM inohea wide, to weigh 22 ounce per ?ard. 150 yarda of Scarlet Clotn. ail wool, (ooohineal dyed,)54 inches wide, to weigh 16 oatoss per yard. Ouai No. 2. 8.oon yarda of 6 4 Dxrc Bine Flannel, for oversack*, aU wool,(indigo wool dyed,' 54 inohea wide, to we<ch 13 ou noes per yard. 16 0i? yards of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel for ahirta, all w<??l, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 inohea wide, to weign 6>* ounoes per yard l^no 6r?? Blanketa, all wool, to weigh four pounds each, with lettera/'U S. M " in black, lour inohea long, in the center; to be 7 feet long aid 5 feet wide, and fr e from grease. 6,000 paira of Woolen Sooka, three aizea, prop er:y made of goid fleeoe wool, with double and twiated yarn, to weith three pounda per doxea , paira, free from greaae. CU'i No. 3. 6.000 yarda White I inen for Pants, 80 tnehee wide, to weigh 13 ounces per yard. I 10.000 yarda W hite i men lor Shirta, 90 inchea i wide to we'gh 11 ounoea per yard. , 16.000 yards canton Flannel for Drawer*. 27 > inohea wide, to weigh 7 ounoea per yard. class No. 4. Uniform Cara. oomplete(except Pompons.) 1.5W Pompona, red worsted, btll shaped, 4 inohea in oireumference. 3,000 Fatigue Caps,(wi'h cover#,) to be made of , blue cloth, i'digo wool-dyed. > 4,000 Stocks. t Class No. 3. . 600 gross Coat Buttona, (Eagle.) 1 400 groes Jacker Kuttona. < Eagle.) 100 gross Vent Brttons. (Ease.) 1.600 paira Yellow Metal Creeoents ard Scale Straps [ rets Epaulette Bullion for Sergeants and Cor[ pora'a. 2 or? seta Epaulotte Bullion for Privatea. fo Red Worsted Sai bes. 2 5on yarda of Yellow Binding. 2,500 yarda of Red Cord. loo Sworda for Sergeante. 5" Sworda for Muaichsr*. 50 Drums (tenor,) oomplete. 50 Drum Slings. voo Batter Drum Hears. 50 Snare Drum Heads. ion Drum Cords. 100 aet? of Drum Snares. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifea. Class No. ft 10,000 pairs Army Boots.(infantry pattern. Class No. 7. 1,200 Cartridge Boxes. 1^00 Kayonei Soahbarda. l,2oo percussion ?ap Pouches l^T- i Cartridge Box Belts. 1.2<v? Fayonet Belta. 1,200 Waitt Belts. 1,200 Waist Plates. ^ 1,200 Ureast Plates. 250 Sword Progs. Class No. S. l,2f~o Knapsaoks. 600 H%ver?ackg. eoo Canteena. ?oo Muaket Slings. class No. 9. For milking and trimming the following artiolei, viz: Watch Coats Serg'ants'.Corporala'.Muaioiana', and Privatea* Uniform and Fatigue Coats; Woollen and Lmen Pants; Flannel and Linen Shirts; Drawera; Flaune. Sacks; and Red and Blue Jackets for Boya. The altove mentioned artie'ea muat oonform ta all respects, to the aeaied standard pattern* in- the office of Ilie Quartermaster Marine Corps. Marine Bar racks. W ashmgton, D. C.; Asa-stant Quarter master, office Marine Corps, 1,220 Spruce street, Philadelphia; and at the Marine Stationa, Brooklyn, New York; and Boston,Massachusetts; where tfceT can he examined. And Whenever the artielss named above, or any portion of them, shall be considered as not fulls I conforming to ran.pies, they will be rejected, and f the contra tor wili be bound to furnish others of the rrquired kind at onoe or the Quartermaster wi 1 supply the deficieuoy at the expense of the oontract' r. Payment will be maae upon theaooerted delivery I o'the whole quantity, whioh may from time to time Reordered, withholding ten peroent from the t payment of aooount rendered under first order, unril second order is filled, and ten per cent from > aooount rendered under second order until third ) order is filed,and ao on,until contraot ia completed. Fact proposal muat be aooompanied by the fol) lowing guarantee: f orm af Guarantee. The undersigned, , of . in the I State ol . and , in the State of , hereby guarantee that in case the foregoing bid . of lor supplies, as above desoribea. be ) acoepted. he or they will, within ten days after the receiptor the contract at the Post office named, > execute the contract lor the same witn good and sufficient securities; and in case the raid ? t shall fail to enter into contrao' *a aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between i the offer of the said and that whioh may be aooepted. A B, Guarantor. ? _ ... C D, Guarantor. E F, Witnees. ,1861 1 hereby oertify that the above named ' are known to me as men of property, and able to mase good their guarar tee. G. H. To be aigned by the United Statea District 9 Jud*e, United States District Attorney or CoUeo" tor. No proposal will be oocaidered unlesa aooorapanieu by the above guarantee. Newspapers authorixed to publiah the above I will send the paper ooutaining the first inaertion to thia office for examination. | The bidder'spiaoj of buaiaeaa, or manufaotux ing establishment, must be apeoifioally stated in the proroeal. The aVve list of artiolea ia believed to be about , the quantity ol eaoh article that will be required t during the jcar: l.ut the Quartermaster reaervea the right of ordering a greater or less qnantity, I *botvd tne interests of th? service require it i Prop-iaaia to be"3 on the envelope, "Proposals for Supplies for Marine Corps for lsfti," and addre*?ed to Major W M B. SLACK, Quartermaster M.C., Wasnmgton, D. C. - seao-law-lw DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uaed for the Ifrst half oentury in the Hospitals of London and Paris for the cure of Stent Disea.'fi may now be had at UPH AM'S.^HbL. No. 310 Cheaiiut street, sole agent for the l nited Elates it coiatains no meroury or other minerals, and wH not harm the most delio*te constitution A speedy curt guaranteed and no change of diet required. Pnee fl. I f^nt br express Sold in Washington br 8. CALVERT FOKD, oorner 11th street and Pennsylvaniaavenue. ?pft-eoly UPHAM'S HAIR DYE i?TO COLQK BLACK OR BROW *:!?Only 3S oenta a box. Three boxea for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan II be ohanged in a few seoonda to a H biaok or brown, b| uaing Upham'a Liquid Hair Dye, the beet y and obeapeat in the world, produomg, the movent i it ia applied, a rioh natural appearanoe. Each Box of L'PHAM'8 H AIR DYE u warranted to contain ? aa uiuoh kair dye as othera sell for mm dollmr'. k **oldbyS C. UPHAM, 310 Jfceenat atreet, Ph ladelphia, and S. OALVbRT FORD, oorner 11th p atreet and Pa. ave. ?f t-eoly e n* DUPONT'S 81;'GAR COATED FEJ u MALE REGULATING PlLLS areA the ttry best in use They operate apeedi yKf. r. \im effectually, and being >ugar-ooate< / create no nauaea upon the most de.ioate' f s'on ach A trisl of these Pills will prove their superiority over all others. Price On* Dollar a box. Sold only at UPHAM'S, 310 Checnut - atreet. Sent by mail to ail parts of the ooantry in a sealed envelope. Sold In Washington bv S. x CALVERT FORD, corner Uth street and Pa. ! ave. up 6 eOly V W NOTICE. ~ " t^TYLl^H Autumn and Winter Wrappinga for ladies, of qualities better than usually found in tkie market, in Wooler.s and Silks Many aoveltaee ia Shawls. With all kinds of Dry Goods for the gen eral and special wants of nuniliee and houaekeeaS era. I One nrloe only, the actual oaah standard value, d ma-keu m plain figures ? Our Northern and Eastern correspondents and ?. us new supplies daily. Carpets, Curtains, Oilclotha, Ruga, fco., upper ! floors. t * n inspection of stock liupliM ao obligation 8o i 8Hdti^^ AND t:LOAt8?N#w opmti W One prioe only, marked in plain figures; theret lore, op purchaser is deeeireif - lies. Pillow Linens. Sheetit gs. Ao. \ Oa.nJr.5eVl'nrit.,niM?lEM**n^l2a InmitaM - ro pLrch&wr i, dnnml. fJA-BUKO OHEEPRU|>ulie Mu lbs Hamourg Cheess, t#o >misw. s<* very k eeperior,^ ^ hlNG A BUfcCriLLi.. ||| 00IS Conn V8n#OM?v,?idlH4 8la f. THE WEEKLY STAR. nil omUw null ? * "m Immeeatolala* a greater variety et n?nN tm4 >*t than r?M he tonad la any ettoi It patltotod PrWUy mora lag TbEHB?OsU, MMTMMy, Ml liNM w?fl? oopr, pet urn 31 M Fire ooplee ? 71 Tm copies..,.???? ....... M TwcutY-Jtf 19 It lavarlahly ooatalm the " WaahlBf tea Ne*re? that has udt IV Dm if Wrmimg sier etreitaM eo generally throughout the cooatry CTSlagle eoplee (?a wrappm) ou to procured at the counter, Immediately after the tow of the paper Prtoe-rRREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Xxtraot Bnohn, A and SpeeiJU Remedy Par Diiimii of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, aad DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medioine lnoreaaes tb? powar of Digeettoa, aod exoitea th? iwoiiiot* into heaJtty aetooa. by wb.oh the watebt oa c*Lcaaor* depoeiiioaa, and ail esuegi*??t? ara redaoed. a* well as pain and i.uuaMtTiun, and la good for MKNi wombn. or crildrrn. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weeknee?ee Arising from Exe-sees, Habit* of Diaeipatooa. Early l'diaor?tu?a or A^aae. Attend/d with th* Following Symptom* : IndiapoaiUon to Exertion, Loaa of Power. Knea of Memory, Pifioalty of ^reathta?. Weak Nerves, TrepMiaf, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness. Dimneea of Virion, Pain ia the Back. Univerra' Lassitude of the Ms? Pratem, Hot Hands. Fleshing or th< h'< y. Dry net a of the Skin, Eraptloae on the Faoe, PAILIE COCK TBI* ARC*. These *yrnat< ma. U a loved to go on. whioh Una medicine invariably removee, eooa followe IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC PITS, In on* ef which tk* Patient may Eorper* Who can aay that they are rot free aen tie followed by those "dibbtcl dibeasbs,*' INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are awareof the oaaae of their suffering, but nohb will conyrsa. THE RECOR DS or TRE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Death* fc? Onewmptiem, BEAK AMTLB WITH BUS TO TBE TBFTH OF TUB ABSBBTIOH. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE APFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* the aid of medloiae to strengthen and IBT\f orate the System, which HBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT RUCRU A TB1AL WILLCOWViKCB THE Boll fcXBPTlCAL. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, ?L0 WfmjSSmMWIg' ** In Man y Afftttient Peculiar te VtmaUr the Extract Bnohu ia uneeaalUd by any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention, ItT'galanty, Pain fulness, or Suppression o? Customary KraeuatiQLa. Uioerateo or Sehirroaa atate of the Uterus, Lenoorrhea or Whitee, Sterility. a*d foy all oomplainU incidant to the eex. whether arising from lndlaoretion. Habits of Dtseipatioa, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE t 8BB CTMPTOSM ABOVB. NO FAMILY should BE WITHOUT ITTake no more BaUam, Mercury, or Vnpl*a*am? Medicine for Unvltatant and Dangtrem* Dteemeee. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV erase SECRET DISEASES In ail their Stages; _ At littis Expeaae. Little or no onange in Diet; No laooDreaieaee; And Ho azpetmrt. It c&naea a fre*u n: desire aad givae atreagta to Urinate, thereby Rem jving Kbatiuotione, Preventing anfl Curing Siriotaraa of the Urethra, Allaying i*a?v at.d icflamn.atl.ia. eo fre^aent in the class of disea?ee, and expelling ail Potsoncut, Dx**a**d, and worn out Metier. THorsABIM t'POM TKOCSAHDa WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QVACES, and who have paid luaryjte* to be eared m a ehert time, hare f >und th?y were deceived, aad that the "poiaos" haa, by the uaa ot"p*w*r/ml dttrmgente" been dried up in the cystem, to break oat ia as aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE* Ue? HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU all affections an i d aeae^a ol the URINARY ORGANS, whether exieUng in MALE OR PEMALIt from whatever oaoae onginaUag and ne matter ef MOW LONG STANDING. Dieeaeea of theee Organ* re*aire the aid of a lhubbtic. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it te certain to have the desired effect ia Dieeaaea/or winch it ii r?eomm*ndod. TIDB!?C? or THE MOBT BSSPOBtlSLS ASD SBLIABLE CHARAOTSB will aooompanj the mediolaes. ciaTiric^^rouySj^ "** FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB MAKB "BO BBCBBt" Of "IWUIBWI." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ib eompoeed of Baohu, Ca^eba and J uniper Bemea. aelected with great oare by a competent OrargvaL PREPARED IN VAOUO, BT H. T. HELM BOLD, Practical and A aa. ^M^Chenpet. aad Bole Mae helmbold's genuine preparations. AFFIDAVIT. &$rnr r-cASgrm !>eing duly awe n,doth iay.hi? preparation* Wjtain no naroot c, no meroury.or other iBjtnou druge, but are purely vegr-^bl^ H ^ y poLD. Bworn and subeenbed b??j? me,}K?|kW o{ " "MU. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M TO % P. M. Price SI per toUla, *r *U let M. Delivered to any ad drees, eaearely paehad tot o bear vatioe. Addreea letteis for information Ib eoaftdeaM to H. T. HELMBOLD. Ck*miet. Depot, 10? South TeaU aL, toiow Cheataat, Phito. a ? * " * BEWARE OP COUNTRRPRITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS HelmheWt Oenmtm* iSipsralMsr, 44 u Extract BmeJm, 44 u m BeriepaHUa, t4 44 ImpreeteA Reas Psih Bold by S. B. Wajtb, Z. D. Biubab, Jobb wan. B. C. Po??. B. r- RwTwwrta, r. C, Majob, Ribwbll * UnncB, 4. r. hajob, Weehiagtoe ato GeergetowB, AND ALL DRUG9IST8 EVERYWHERE ' ask for helmbold's TAD HO OTHBR. Cat eat the atrai trsamsat aad eaad tor it. and avoid IMPOSITION ??d EXPOSVBS. Sfmjtumt m Commemir^titma c??MMatH<i Aivtst Grsmi i WW e I " >.

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