Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1861 Page 2
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1 ??qe THE EVENING STAR. Washington city: FRIDAY 1?, 1M1, On FmiirrD* at the yariooa military cunpa and poaitiona will roofer a favor by keeping na posted m to moTenenta and affairs In their tIoIdIUm. ftpirlt of the Mmi?| Prni. The Iniflhfnctr quote* Alienator Toombs of IcOO, upon the "Supremacy of the Law." The Rrpubhram notice* the murmuring* of dia atlsfactlon at the *uppo*ed Inactivity of the army of the Potocctc. OCR MILITARY BUDGET. imiCMJTtCViTID IT TBI MINT. Aa we go to preaa, to-day, account* reach the filer oflee of the evacuation of Leeaburg by the enemy. Some days a! nee we took occaaion to explain tbat aueh a atep on Beauregard and Johnson'a part would sooner or later become a military nereealty, la view of Gen. McClellan'n evident preparation for a general advance. With McC.'a advance located at I^wlnsvllle and Mlnor'a Hill, Leesbnrg waa clearly untenable by the enemy. telegram from Gen. Stone'a heedauar'era mrhf4 here last night, aaylng that onr scout* had reported the en my packing up in Leesburg at four and a half p m. yesterday Another received this forencon conveys infor. nation that eltizena frrm between the two armies represent that in the cour?e of last night all the troops that were at Leeaburg took their departure thence, going by a road leading a little north of west, as though proceeding to the Manaaaaa railroad at the neareat point As yet, this ac-. eonnt haa not been verified, though we regard it9 truth as being exceedingly probable. DOCBTFUL. The New York Titnti and Tribune are trying to persuade themselves that the main body o^ Beauregard a army laa already retired back of Manaual and la now engaged In fortifying the line of the Rappahannock river from the vicinity of Fredericksburg to the Immediate base of the Bine Ridge, rear Fauquier White Sulphur Sprtnga. If this were ao, with its right resting ? iot roaoK ai jiqnisurtti ana t.vansprrt tta front would stretch a dfstance of about fifty mile# That fact showa tfcat the notion of thoee rap?r? la ridiculous. Here It la well known that Manaaaaa Junction continues to be the enemy's base in thle quarter. The probability that tbelr effort to block the navigation of the Potomac may superinduce the landing of a considerable Union force below to amoke the rebela oat of tbelr threatening batteries, haa doubtless been provided against as far as possible by concentrating a heavy body of troops on the lower portion of the Manaaaaa line We do not believe that they have now much force either Berth or rmt of Falrfkx Court House, their last concentration being south and west of that point to meet the powible result of their river-blocking g?me. That Is, from the Court House to Evansport and Aqnla Creek, with but little more than guard from the Court House through Flint Hill, Vienna and Leeeburg, to the Potomac near the Point of Rocka. TBI BTVFf on aOLDIIKS ASK MIDI OP. The Sixth Maine regiment haa earned the soubriquet of the " Woodchoppers," by felling acres Da Km 01 wooaiana across the Potomac, to deprive the enemy of skulking places, for sbarp: hooter* They cat the trees shout three feet from the ground, felling them all one way; thus forming aMatiit through which neither horse nor msn can pass. Military roads bare also been rat from the bridges and ferry, which rival the famous pathways of the Reman legions, traces of which are still to be sren in the countries which they conquered One of these roads, leading from Fort fctban Allen,at tbeChaln Bridge, to Fall* Church, will long remain a monumert to the Industry of the Venr.onters who constructed it. About Iweuty-five thousand horses and three thoosand male* have been received by the Quar. Wr master la this city since the commencement of the war. On Wednesday there was on hand twelve hundred wagons and one hundiedand thirty-three ambulances?a portion of these being la use snd the rest ready for immediate service. Oo the same day there were there were ten thousand one hundred and forty-four horses std twenty seven mules in use, or kept as spare For the last three weeks the Forage Master has received oae hundred and fifty tons of bay and eight tbour and bosh els of oats per week. The Issue has been very near the same. 911. M'CLBLLA!! SOU TO TIBSHA. Id hi* tour of reconnolsance yesterday Gen<ral McCleilen proceeded to the immediate vicinity of Vienna, frcm which point Beauregard Lad withdrawn all hla forcea within the laat day cr two. V1B.V5A OCCVPIBS BT OCB FICKBTS. Oar picket* occupied Vienna last night So far Bo other movement of our troops has resulted from it? evacuation by the enemy yesterday or th* day before. M. BOTLB. Oor former follow-citizen, Dr. Cornellua Boyle, ramalca (or did remain up to the 1st) Provost Ma'shal at Manasaa* Junction, with the rank of Major In the army of the State of Virginia. GB5BKAL BAXKS. General Banks Is still here. He was In clwe COMGltatlon with Oen. McClellan thla forenoon V 9 ?At noon he left Washington for his hradquarters TBBASVBT JSOTIS SE!IT WBST. Thirteen hundred thousand dollars in Treaaury notaa '.were yeaterdiy transmitted to the West by the Treasury Department. SATT TABD Rtrtr Ntw?N* mmck ?f a Blcrk<a& outgkls? J1IT1ISM ? ijHBin'r &MHK ojr lOIIIIIM, fe. There are at tbe Navy Yard thta morning the following TCMfls, which came np tbe Potomac laat night:?The Government ateamer Cu-ar-deLion, which towed up the Government aloop Granite; (theae veaaela paaaed the batterlea at I 3D m. m , and were not fired on.) The tng Murray, which towed np to Georgetown the achooner John Forsyth, with bay for the Government; and the tug Puaey, which alao towed to Georgetown large cboener loaded with hay for the Government, (theae toga were in company, and about twenty shots were fired at them aa they paaaed the batterlea la the darkneaa, bat neither tbe tuga mot achoonera were atroek ) Beaidea theae veaaela the following are known to have paaaed the battarlea, all without Injury, and aome of them are WW WM rfaanur HM" * _ - ?. w.?y vt niv/Uiiiunu' Ctpi Kelljr, with powder and other Government torse, the side-wheel steamer Columbia, from Baltimore; a large wood schooner, ooe or two other schooners, sad several smeller vese?ls with oyaUis and river produce. The Cceur-do-Lioa spoke the Pawnee In Cbesipsafre hay bound down. The Pawnee was not at all disabled by the shots she received. A grant many vessels are still at Smith's Point wilting a chance to get up. Among theae are the learner Annie B. Haya, with 5,000 bushels of potatoes for the troops, the schooner Chamberlain, the schooner Kate C alia ban with coal, and the schooner Mary Miller, with lumber for the Qaartermaster's Department. The tog Robert Leslie, which left the yard last Eight, ran Into the steamer Hugh Jenkins, bound down, near Meant Vernon The Hugh Jenkins was struck about ten feet from the bow, and was completely disabled She bad on hoard a troop of cavalrr?with the horses. She was immediately ran into aheal water, on a soft bottom, and the Leslie came up to the yard tor n scow to take the horses oC. Fortunately no one was injured. The Wyandank and Alger bava left the Yard with stores The Mooat Vernon went down lsat evealng, bat Captain Mitchell deemed it prndent to return to Indian Heed without purtic the batteries The Harriet Lane left the Yard thla mornlof at seven o'clock The cew bettery ?t Timber Branch moun'.a lour goat The Yankee baa oa board a large-sized rifled bell, wLlch wee flred from the battery at Budd'a Jerry (between Kran*port and Bhtpphig Pclat ) it want through a barn oa tbe Maryland ah ore, I ~a penetrated several feet Into a baaVfTtarfh I H- "I % :* ." ' 0 Aft** th? N a*hvillb ?The Government have dlapatcbed. from tbla port, the armed sturner! Alabama and Augusta. In pursuit of the rebel ateam?blp Nashville, which aa already atated, ran tbe blockade at Cbarleaton on Friday and la now on her way to Franc* or Fneland, with Meaars Mason and Slldell (Ministers Plenipotentiary) on board The ateamer Connecticut, It la said, will alao be aent In purault Tbe Auyuata and Ala* ? -* ? * ? ? * a <i bama left on weoneeaay niai'i ?ana in? nectlcut will be off to-day The chase will be an Interesting one,?but as the Naahvlllelsa very fast veeeel, her purauert will have need of every i lnrh of sail and every pound of steam to come up with her The N , ha? bsd.flve dav? start, hut the greater distance she has to ruu will about counterbalance that, and make the race very nearly an even one ?A' Y. Exprtt*. ir"?"METROPOLITAN RIFLE?. ATTKNijof TlON !?There will t>e a ineetir c of this Company held at th? Truck House ou i>1a*E&chuletu avenne. on MONDAY', the 21st of October, at 8 o'olook f. m. By order of the Captain. oo 18 3t* rr^* ATTENTION HOWIT7.KR C<>>1PAII? NY D, WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY?There will he ft meeting on SATURDAY EVENING, the 19th, at 7 o'clock, for the pu-pose of electing offioera to fill vacanoie* It in n?o??sary that a'l members should be present, at Ar asoa tia Hall, Navy Yard. Bt order of Lieut in command : oc 18-2t* S ' MUKI, CROSS. T?r" MASONIC ?The member* ?>f Hi am II g Lodje, No. 1?, are h-reby no i; rd tbattha AUnua1 Viiita'ion of th*" Gr*nd t.ojce w.ll t^ke place at their Hall. Nn ete nth at, t>etweei, P.-. a-. ana G at., THIS EVENING, at 7* o'c'-ck. Prompt atte-dan^e la eam?*tl? requested. 'I he memwri of a:a er lodge*, atd aojourning brethren, are oornially irvited to be preaent.'" Bj order of the VV M.: It* JOHN M. JEWELL, Seo. ^j|?GENERAL ORDERS, No. 11, HEAUtUAKTras t?T BRIGADE, D. C. M.. ( Wanh ncton, Oct. 17, i36t S The eommiaaioned offioera of the Brigade and ail commiaaioned offwjer? of volunteer companies attached thereto will meet at the Columbian Armory on the 21?t, 22d and *Sd of thia m >ntti. at 2 o'clock p. m. eaoh day, for dill! and instruoiion, according to the reqnirementa of the law. Br order of Brig. Gei 1 P. F Bacox: ooU-2t CH A^4. KVKH ETT, Brigade Ins'r. anr^^MAYOR'S OFFICE, Octobk* l<5. 186!.? LL5 There will be a meeting of th< B ar" of ealth, in the Council Chamber, on SATURDAY* EXT. 19th ica'ar.t, at 12 o'clock m. oo i7 itt RU H'I) WALI APH. MftTor. ry?=?THK UNION PRAYER MEETING will hs holdeu EVER Y DAY thm week in the English Lutheran Church, corner of H and 11th sts., oommenoing at half-past 4 o'olock p. in , to be continue*! one hour only. oc 7 3m DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN LU? POL.1CE?The Board of Police Cominisaionera having tak*n the house 316 Eleventh at., all business connected with the Police of theoity will be transaofed at that place. A genera! oomplaint book will be opened, and citizens are requested to oall and enter anv e?mplaints they may l ave to make ol any matter re lating to me police or health of the city se 27 W B. WEBB. Superintendent Y^company "a," u. s. engTnkkrs.Fifty intelligent and ahle bodied mechanics win be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imam fixau by law?150 men. Inquire at No. 34 i* O street. Pay from 313 to $31 per month, besides food and clothing. an 17 tf For rent-A PARLOR and two cham beks (furnished) in a hou?e with a private family, no children or boarders, in a p!?a?ar.t part ft the town?on H street, between flth and 6th, No. i 550. Price moderate, if applied for to ?n. oolg 3teo? I^HIS IS TO GIVE N O T I C K. That the A. pubscriber hath obtained from the Orphan's n a. _ r \%r 1 /- r v,uuri ui \> unmcinn county, in the District <>r Columbia, letters of atniinistratmn n? th*? personal estate of Juiia Keep, lat* of .said oountv dec -ast-d. Alt persona having claims aramst the said d?ceated are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub?crib:r, on or before the seventeenth day of October next; they may otherwise by law be excluded Irom ail be aeiit of the caid estate. Given under my hund this seventeenth day of Ootober.18'1. Mrs. LUCV WHKKi KK, oo 18 law3w? Administratrix rpHE COMMONWEALTH Ot VIRGINIA. Exarcnv* Department, J Whkkli.ns, Ootober 12,1861.S TO THE PEOPLE Of V'ROW IA Whereas severa' of the Congressional districts of this State are unrepresented in the House of Representatives in the Congress of the United State*, by reason of failure to elect on 'he 'ouith Thursday in laBt.caus d by armed men in rebellion against the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State ; and it being the right of the loyal inhabitants in eaoh district to t>e represented m said Hon>e by a Representative of their owr. appointing. the C< n\ent.on of Virginia, on theSQthca* of Aurust.1861. passed directing an electiont be held on ihefou th Thursday in October instant.(24th.) in every district of the State eo unrepresented ar.d wher<* vacai oies exut. It i fu ther a.aoe the law, by virtue of the ordinance aforesaid, that any p?-sou who is prevented from attending such eleotion, by reason of the oocupat on of his own county by armed men in hostility to th-* Government, that s mh vnt?r vote any where in hi* Congressional district It is further ordaned that the e eot on shall l?? ondnotrd and the result a?o?rtaind, dec areri, arid oert iied in the mauner directed in the code of Virginia ot tne edition o! I860. By the tlth sro ion of ohapter 7th of that oo<le, an* tw > freeholders m&y hold an election directed by law at anj place of voiinp, if no Commissioner to superintend the same appears and is willing to act, rr i{ no Oommissiouers have been appointed to ho d the e.potion. Now, therefore, 'n consideration of the premises, I. Francis H. PitaroiT,'lovern1 r of th<s Commonwealth of Virginia, do he'eby entreat the loyal voters of this Slate to hol't eleotions in their sev eral distriots on the day abovs m?nti >oed, to the end that the p <-ple may be represented, the pnnciple of representative government sustains, and tbe Sta'e have her due weight in tne National Legislature oc 16-td F. H P1K.RPOINT. SUTLEKS WANTED. \1REAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutle-s. and dMler* ic Boots and Slice*.at tl>"?gfc? NEW YORK WHOLESALE UK ANCH SMi HOUSE, 349 P'linaylvauia avenue, o-err El Janney's Shoe Stora.) * We manufacture our own G< ods, and seh at New York prites, thereby savins freight. Having constantly on hand alarse Mock, we can supply at a momsLt's rotioe. ai r quartiir de*ir>d. n ismi ?v oaaui kiucuk ui O IU1D n lg U~UU I CUUDI, &LU Loin-l?c Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A oali from al dealers solicited. WH1TLHOUSE A L'NCKLKS. <M7-lw2dp.&S?* BALMORAL SKIRTS, of new and novel patterns at low pi lots. Hoop Skirts of tue !<ert grades at reduced rates With all kinds of ilry Goods for the current wanu of families. A new supp y of Cloaks, Ra?lans, Mantles, Shawls. Ao. One price only, marked in plain 6*ures. PKKKY A BRO, oo 15 5t Pa. avenue anl N st. IVRTM. KOCH, V CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And froin S02 Broadway, iSew York Branch ottce? i!4G Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th and 13th str., Washington. i*. O. Corns, Bullions, Soft Corn*. Callosities. Club Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, A o . our-d without oausing pain or luoonvemence to the panent The Boot or S)??e can be worn immediately after the operation. His treatment is fuunded oatt.e strictly rule of soienoe, such as all ?ur^*oD? will app ove. Hi* ofcar*e? are qnite moderate, trifling indeed, ooin pared with the relief and satisfaction he atf'ords the sufferer neiers u> Uie l'hysioians and Surgeons of tl.u oity. Persons attended at th?ir room* or residero.?R wahont extra oharge. hy leaving or<er? at ^16 Fa. ave . bet 13th %n<1 13th ?t?. ?? 1 iwi* 4 "OUGI1S, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. V/ TYL KR'S COMPOUND SYHUP OFOUM ARABIC. This >lo<sant ai.d popular Couth Remedy hai been to long known and ?*xt?rsivei> u-ed iliat most person* have oeoom-> foni'liar with lU extraordinary efficacy. It oan he had at all the princ pal drag stores, at 25 at:d ?0 cents a bottle. oc 14 d2raAef>4m* ^KT'FICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho't Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 016 Hkoiuw.t Niiv >ork ThMe anmalled substitutes for lost limbs, which have stood the lest of over 27 year* t xp ri enoe, and have u ver been surpassed, can be had ooiv of WM. SEL.FHO, Patentee, tlU Broadway, New York. ool2-tm nmri LUMBER!! SOOJWO feet of LUM IIEH. consulting of WHITE PINK PLANK.<?AK I'LANK.MAFL.E HUNK. POPLAK, CHEKKY. HASSW'UOl), Ac., for Mia vary low for cash, to close consignment, by J. HKNR \ ??IKSE, oc 12 7t 91 Sppar's Wharf. Ha timore 7 0 in "A n\iyi) 0"IU U. 8. TREASURY NOTES, Which will be sopp ted at p*r lo oar ouitnm?rs, free of oha'ie. DeiaA' (1 Ire&aur; Notes, m heretofore, will ne received oo d^ppf it at ipocie. SWEENY, R1TTBNHOU8*, FANT A CO., 00 1Mb 332 Pa. >t? uear Brown'e. COME AND 8KE OUR NEW STUCK OF HALL CLOTHING?No. 460 Seventh ?t. oc 1-lw 1 ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES 1 bEG*RS. A'w, a nimbtr at othnr oelebratrd brand*, wholesaleaad retail. VYM GROS8E, Harass Sectr Store, pe S-ln eor. Pa ar. and 8th ?L. WaahiDiton??TOUT L1N8EY8 AND OTHER HEAVY O 900D9, tor esranta aad laborer*, of qualities that o&n he rolled on, at oar proverbially tow pno?e, marked m elaia Sinree. A* inspection of atock intliN no obligation to purahaM. VkRRY A BR"., oe 1VM Pa avenee ?nd N nth ?t. 1JUCKWHEAT FLOUR, O BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. vuu CE4NBKR RIKS. KINO k, HUstOHKLU Q3 l' Conner Vermont air. ana ISih ?t V\ o;?i> KUK Sf a I K-IO to 9) mo wrdT^foaST ** H?. korv-?n<t Min# *V??d. Handing minted w H ? iX ??> ? of the Aarmpom Jaaoti<>n. A^V'? i" A IKiNALiUpOM. Svift I*. ??? riMbr At" apoiu Juuolioii, Howard oount>, Md. ov isrtr* LIST OP LETTERS REMAINING III THE POST OFFICE, WASHINGTON CITV, October It, 1!M>1 (Ordered to be inserted in th? Evemiss Sta.h, it being the newspaper having the largest oiroulatioc of any daily paper published in Wtvshiugton.] 117 All persona applying for letters in the followng list, will please ur they are advertisrb. w ? ntr>a? * tot* LAUir.n Atkins Mrs BttMf Dillon Miss Marr Mijr Mitt Lills'.i* Aitiudir Mn E A DtifltM Mim M Mnyhew Mar* Autun Ulna Ciiimt Danflads Mim F Martin Mua A W Andrews Mrs J R D^ftspn Mn Ha Miller Miss H Allen Mrs Ehsa D?vos Mrs Julia A MarshalL^liss J A Andrews Mrs Jane PeBye Mi?? W Mockbe# Mrs M Anot Mary Davis Mrs R W Moran Miss CO Brown Mrs Rosano Fieseii'"irner Mrs MMount Mim Joanna Buir Mrs T 8-i Erwm Mrs J L Millard Mrs K Brooks Miss Emily Espsy Mis? L V McMahsr Marj Boyle Miss Alice Evens Miss M May Mrs J G Brown Mrs C Fair Mies F nny Melons* Mrs Boven Miss 8 L Freas Mrs Caiham N'ourse Miss L Biss Mrs lease Farron Mrs M K Nsal Miss Nellie Bum Mrs James Fostbennsr Miss E Nolan Mrs M Blecker Mrs J R F trail Miss Mary O'Connor Miss M Bites Mrs J II Fryer Miss Annie Offerd Miss Sally Black Miss Miry tiallther Miss Kate Oshorn Mrs Mary B'JI Mrs Mollis (lardiner Miss Jane PcHerscn Miss I. Brooks Mrs Col (ioldm Mrs Henry Paten Miss E B?ssett Miss KJRe Oilman Mrs Julia Pumphrey Miss B Beaden Miss Mary Gni^jrau Mrs A J Porter Mrs Mary Benton Miss M C Oo?cr Marraret A Pettersou Augn?ia Boluiitl Mra M A Hall Miss Mjrv Powell Miss 8 A Brady Mtss E M Hickey Miss M Parkins W Bow en M ss I, L Hitchcock Miss E Poineroy Mrs K R Be i?>n Mies H Harrison Miss Josis Peddecord M ss R B irk^r Mrs Capf Han 1y Mrs II D Piar.t Mrs Juh i Beecher Miss L S Holliday Mrs 8 Reed Miaa H T liusion Miss M A Holden Mrs Cyrus Re ?d Mrs Mary Butler Miss Bcttie H ue 11 Mrs Richards Miss A Hrawner Mrs W H Hose Miss Elixa Reily Miss A Bamstt Mrs T J Haeiland Mrs J fl Remington Mrs C L Barker Mrs Sfpphesi Hudson Mrs It Ridgelv Jsoe Buckley Mrs Mary Humpnree Mrs W LKusae'f Mrs M Child Mrs C Hardc ml? Mri II Ryan Miss 8arali Caines Emtua Jonss Mrs M J Roberts Mrs M Ctrr Mis# M^rir e Johnson Rachel Randolph Miss M Clark Mrs L J Jackson MissH.irah R:cird Miss Alia Cone MreChaa F Jordan M iry Robertson Miss J E C lark Mrs L 8 Johnson Ellen Raiuaey Miss E (.have III if K*t? Johnson Mra L r. Kiyggoi-l Mra r- A Clark Mim L V King Mra MG 8-fna Aire Susan Gallery Mm Sarah Klock Mitt S.?nh Smith Mra M.-irv L Crocker M .ee L T Kinf Mm Umiiili Se ira Mn Soph! i-2 Coliina M aa M A Keinan Miaa Kate H Sirritli Mra Jane Coleman Miaa M Kni^aburr Mra M ESmith Mr* D <i Campbell Miaa C Kemnn Mra E Stewart Mra Ci oper Mali A Ko?eraoo?cr Mad 8<"ain*n Mis* IfjACft Hfl M IbHhm M-aa Rale Crocker Mi*s L, T l.acel'ea Mr< Hheplier.l Mma M 8 Co?jj e. Mr# t? A J Lighter Mra M A Sta*fi;a Mra .1 Craa-iel. MratJ Lehman Mra S 8ticorn Miaa A K Chandler Mra H W Laurence Mra S A 8>rrpaon Mr* C Carpenter MiPsEViLojjjn Mra Geo Torpin Miaa M J-2 Crippen Mra M D Loury Miaa Ginme Tueion M u K M Cair.J hell Mra M Lealie Mra M K Tomey Mra M Cavnarcu Mra J E Laurence Treveland Miaa S L Colin* Mirfarh Lewis Mrs Annie Tucker Mr? M Ci'titi'r Mtat Lime M\cotnl? Mrs 8 Thompson Mna M Colli-a Mr* H F McCafferay Mra M Viera MieaS.illie Ccl'.ina Mra 8 irah McCarthy Miaa W hitner Miaa Halite Cowlin? Miaa P Mclntire M-aa R Willarcl Jennie ( imp M.a? Altiano Mr Aiftna Mra B Wilaon Mra Win Dick Mia? Raster McMurrey Mr* R W illiama Mra 8 T Parley Miaa Sua to McLeond Mra R Williams Miaa L Deltar Miaa M*ry McLtughlin Mra West Mra M Dnsenberv Mra(> McCarthy Mra Ann tol"??Miaa Conatancei GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A?h Z W Koyd W H Ccopcr Dr Ainacher \V Uwrd W P (?ooperGKSurgS Arrenoi* W Haum VV H Crotiran GHCol Andrew* W C ^lly \V H ''fleeter Geo M Ar.f1.ewn W Btell \Vm Camel Geo \V Anderron \V S llortel Win Cox Geo M 2 Arrold \Vr Hennott Wm Cameron G Alien \\ k iforrowo \v l.i uusnman li r-2 Asp'n Tho? B??er W N Col'amcro G VV Asnvoy T J O Bovee W l* Gen AndrewaT F Brown W L Coopar G VV Ackelaon T A Broarton Wm Ci'fsen G Adwiiiin S K. Burr W M. Collira F I A?res R B CapUiutt H Carleton Geo W Anderson R Bexla Wm Cook F Ardrews N T Boyle VV J < ramptm F W Alexander N J B'ai?d?ll W A ColJier F H Aroh Lt B Brent VV B Cln t- ck F M A!o 'rn Mr 3 B"?rd T H Calvert t G AtcWVI J Bri wiT P Coorer F. Arthur M Brodn^k V C&ptChealeT Fdw Alleu Lt Bnrch T VV Crowrll E 2 A den J IV l)r Beyaid F F ? ii&rlas Coi F. C Alien J VV Hon Bayi.e I hoa Civ pe< i?-r E VV Arthii'*J*a BoiavirsT C*?hKdw Ai>eiiJuoB ' t ook T Casper Kliaa Armstrong J F BvmeTho? C?noto E Andermid ' C LtBousela T M Cain Kdwin Andrews J A BomeT D-ill Carroll F.dw Adams Jai BufkTT Carlos Dr AlhuhtJaaF Mrartley hen C'wk'r l)r Andrewa Jaa M Brenan The a C ark l)e O AineaJaxT Briatow Saml Carro'l 1) 0 Aden J M B%a?ett8 VV Lt Carpenter D C Abell J A BenjaminLNLt Conovee I) D AndreuxJno Bovera S J Co!e I)?nl >dellemanJO BrovneSE 2 Col<iov? Col Adams Jas Ij Brant T Comeron Ur Ch ArdesonJoa Baxter S 8 Hon Cole C AdamaJnoL Bell Sam; Chase ChaaM Arthurs Jsa B\ker Saml D Cadet'apt A f well H C Hi:lan 8 VV Criimma r* r n Anner H Brewer ^ F C? burn Cha^ Anth ?ryH BHonBesiey S Clothier HevOW Alden H H Bre.'hart R M Co liniwortnCD Appleton H D Bailey d O ColeC K Atkinson H Berry Kichd Crocker CW Artnrs 11 B??;by M B Ch?mberlinC H Adams H A B ooite Robt ( hisler B Anderson G W Bernaid Kobt Care, B*nj F 2 Anderson Brig Bell' w Rob: Carrey Ueni Genl Bernard Kiohd Cheever U ?l Alehorn Geo Br wn r C Oa:p?uterBD Aoiiabach **eo Bayley K B Carroll B H Aehe'bsoMJW 2BuckW R Camp B F Avery <? W Maj Irmhard O G c 'ie A T Alrean G W B sbing O P C"le An.os Alexander F Buiter O 8 Cla'k A G Aber?er F A Barker N Capt 2Cameron A Artand Dr Behnert A Carnegie v Ash D M Barke- Noah Clark A M Andrews Chas Barintz McK Cwit??s A A 2 Anbery C K Barnard M C C ark A H Adams Chrs*enri.lteMr Dale W J 3 Allen Cha* Hriekel Mai Dunn Wm Abbot rhas 2 Bius ivl Dennison W P A?'ains Caleb Bergman L M Davis W W-2 A ten B Brown I. W liu<J!ey \\ J A1 b iott A H BsrwrliC lirak i \V B Ames A l.t 2 Babbitt L L D'nniniton W Atwell Albert B uckman L Dnoba- li VVm A., fct A Bayley L Donolds \Vm Atwat-r W M 2H<*ardiley L VV Dunne Jno AIbro Walter Brook U DoHisJnoO I'rownJ M RevBurt JasD l>ou<la? W R Rayne J no H Dr '.o.-ne J no F Dav s W H BcTid.'t J no D 2B?y !e J T Gen Down* W G-2 iiowdish j B i^aac Drayer Wm Bradlee J as H B*a'e Jaa S Dove W H non ij'S nrown juo IJiioiey \V N Bryant J G CaptBurk Jaa ])<\riin?*on WM Br:s*ey J C Beal* Jas Davis \y F Bradley J \V Barnes la* Droen W H Billing-Jno F Brown J no DuinontFS Bittmann Jno-4 Brown Jfi S Te Koiiza ThoD Ba dwic J D Beck J o 8 2 D^laney T B Barren J H Br.enJas D<>,,*ld?on T W Barlow J \V Lt-2Bayoo JnoHDr Davis T H Brennau Jas A Byrne Jno l)-.>wdlhoa B'nnett J K W BensonHy Capt Deiaury Thos B Bridgl'.nu J no ABarlawJnu.N Li Up FrondatC ? ol 2 BleekJno i t Donenhowtr C Ha*?ianJx.o Burk Jno Dapu'y Th?i? R HleiW T Bro^n J R^apt Davit t^aml 2 iiui-'d Jno Ca?tBuon?* Jn>> F Drake S W Hra-ile- la* li 2 turn J o W ? in mor? r* P-3 Hii?lerJ W Hon2Col:m? VV F-3 D:cke? 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K ' Campbell B-2 Doane ri H Barrows LG OapCoole r }? r0l Dai,nine H C uatndridcs E CCarney P G?n D^emer H 0 Lt Catel.on p E Da ".alia H A Burnham Fratk Collins P B Dudley By B own A V Carver N Donn irbso W Brown F D 2 Ciarke \V D Durgin G A Bo*a Edw Corbett M l>e Foe G A Eastman A BrosClarlr Mr Dickson Geo W ua,I,,ft^Capt & ".?* ,i ? Diokenson Geo ga,,dJ5 c , . ?h17,1it!8lll#r M R*n,"? FraLk Ball Kdw Lt (.?lt M T Decosta Geo W Hrowre f) Jay 5Colt Leander Dr?ke Frank Btrri k D-J C a-kJn - is Col Dever Frank Hrowu D Crowl Iraao D<>urhtr F H 2 Bord-n Da til D 2Coy Jas M "a"i? E W u0,(l P v. C arkJnoC Hadlei E F Bo*d D M CowauJneF D ane E Burner u W C auser J K Dun.phrey E B alley Dr U'nne? J*? M Do Ville s Gen neanaouai j, CMinay Jnu W De Ko forarr Uui dren L> \V Cravan J J Hnrj Col E Berr* 1>W Cumniinc* J no Dake E C Weundell D Cram J j Or Davia ? d L S*[.r ^ Cochrane Jaa Dam maun Kd Pabow k ChM ECoooer Jao Drapera E Blo?>d C H Canfield 'no Donohue Dan! tfittle ChM W ChanaeyJdCapt DayleaaDr Brnrree' C F C?i?y /o. Ho&Diar A H Cowfili Itaac AjanielaCH Butler f-haa ? om or J A Do*'* C Bamea C H Coor'a- Jno W D^m dm Chat Bauinsardn?r ACanfieldJto Direly Chaa f? b. ? few tec ?5r"wg-'-Bw msaftt cssii j a k'.rc'a' gjj'wA. . 0 CornBlioua Jno Dem a ?Bra nud A P lovan J F ' inibi eri A C near Jno M D.via A 8 eli A O CWin Jno Doyle A Huikitt Alex Carter Jaa O *v,_i Z-j Clit? UHMii DoatonA rftt Car" H*^tn,b Bur aw W J ?hambar"ta H Hfcvoiu Vf BKf*?" guUt^nW SsSfT^W3 ' 4% ? J. ? / M l ' Ellia Warren Ho vena EliM LfttohfordW-S t F.vfrettW I) Honer Eli?a Uw^ee W ! E*K?r & Wolf Hand Dan'l 3 Lee Win H Enisle* W C Hal't ran D Lanahaa M Ellis W A Hankie D Lambert Wm K liyr W E Hastings D H Lawaon W H E wards W m H iwe.l D Lrsarua W H^" Edward* W P Herring D L?enion H H Emrael V Hunt 0 Luidlay F P J-??rftt L 8 Harr-nctcnC 0 Lanne-_F D E li-'tt Tbornt'n Hurley r M Lester Thoa ?rrell 8 Harlow Chaa i Lent 8 RldruUaSA Herd Chas Lawless R E trill* A H&nfhtnn 4 P ra?An*nn B h km* RG Hanfcd C J Livinn?'< n R L Kmaraon Rebt Hano<ok CBS Leech U P Esehiott R 8 Hiwes Cha- oey Unoein N J Kills R N Hiring Chas Lampoy L ?,an!8.K . H.vrdCB Look LA Eliotte l.Tnde HainsChas Lirr.e Le?i E"*e J G-2 Htik'r C t? Lee L W Ea le Jas I) Hay DrCD Lloyd Jno W Eley Ja* W Harrison C F Lou* Jas W Evan? Jno H Ilowart; O L L^ae Jno KtdilowJH Hal^yCB lakeJaaL b i?0U Janao Harm Capt L'ttler JOB Huak Cha* l.angdc J l-dwardeJee HarlfotChae LtnianJa. EmeriohJu laus HurilCD! Lir.nard J C tT,JPr J.,A Hamilfa C S leaser Titos J kichny H Hewlett ChaiS Lntsnlraao hrdino' H Hanscoin C \V l*#avy Jii* Ellis tiro HerronCH Lathrop J H Ewins Geo H Heohner Chas La hfrman J h.v?feU08o B Hamilton C II l.omas Joe fe J? Hollaed CO I.auiontain Jno-2 > K??rt Chaa D Howard B l>auohra? Jss

E y liavil Hohaon B P Joah Euoa UII 2 Haddock A S Leavanr J J Kd'lm b H Hirnch A Longiy J K hdwards Ether Horpin ADft^o t*annon Jaa Emerson Cha* Harris Arnold Lonsbery J \V Ehrer krook Ms Howe LtOIMP L\n*ley J O F.agan B Hollicffshead L Ludwif J H Kliwi od A H Hitchcock L B I. an < try a vans Asberry Hood Lewis l.utzkc H CidWirili A Muiii-tf I* G L^n,nn*lr?? II Err.est A 3 Ha I M _ Levna ly H M i"Uj. ? A ^ ^ Longheart H Eddy A R Ha l Jas Leffingwall H Ft-alory W ll Hall Jos E Lowry Henry J-arrJiam VV-2 Heard Jno T Lund H Held? Win Ho k J Lean;? G U FreDCh W H Haul Jno Leonard K Fa? \V H II Hughes Jas LiMwy FB Fergu??n\N A H&w?i J&? 11 2 LeuBberg K tuh-?r Wm Hell J Linard 1) Fon?tt \\m Heat'1 J'-o Lawenoe U M F?nil yft Wilson Hu l Jno Longnecker D Forney \V C Hftrru l)r Jas-2 Lowell C K 2 l-rzeerald Th-2 Harris J rt Larrebe* C H Fos *r l.t X' ni Hancock Jno-2 Lord C M Ferris W H Harrisonl-tJasELevis Chat Fo-o'pr G G-2 H ubert J F l.yman C Fulton Ssm I Howard Jno E Letts Chas Frey Sam'i 2 Hartman Jus I.amber; B A Foster S P Hantaan Jacob Langhead B F Kru'ohinS*aru'l Hathaway JasL l.ongley A ? Hepburn Jno LimbertAS Font Kobt Holloway J H-2 Lewis A G Farnum K M How!andJ?? Lawrence A N Herbert J K-2 Little a Fox WPS Harlan J vs Law ence A S I i lien rerry Haidley Jas-2 Leigh A Herns O Hyslop-Jas Luokin A J Fowier N B Ha ley Jai E Millar Jno D Fisher M A Herzharc Jog Monney Jno Fjaragau M H?rt!oraJos Mathews J A Fletcher M J Humphry Jno MetcalfJas Flowlow L 8 Hamaeher Jos Medlar Jro W Fraile* L Haukty Jo* /*?cNu:ty Iraai Flond Jas Henderson JdW Montjomtry J E Foltx Jacob Heron Jos P McNuItyJno h rench .? K Harding Jonatn McNulty Dr Joo Forbe* J H Humtr J no Martin Jai FlyJa* Hoover JnoW Miller Jno A Fry J no Hamilton Jno N Malone Jai< Fortz Jno Hamilton J N Mackenzie JnoF Frenoh J?s C Harnit Jat F Martin KevJno Fuller J W Hutchison Jno MeshonCapJ D Ferguson Jno HerronJno Myers Jno Fontain J L. Hiusley Jno Mo 'oi<l Ja? Fenheot Jno Hoppin Jno C Merz^l Jaoob Fop eg Jno If Hilton J H McKbight Jos F?rmt J M Hogan Juo Mason Julian Fisher Jno R Harrell irvm Mootnom1" Jno F' h r Jo? Hawes 'A Mitchell Ja* FisherJno Hanson t W Mu-ray C?pt Jn~ F-fhsr Israe J HewettW W M"Car'nsy Jno 2 Fuhor H Harty ItWT Matu Jai Farmer Jno W Hough Win Mcln'lre Ju Karmer J > H*ley Rev VV D Morrison Jn i J Ftiges f^api Jos Hut>l>ard XV S 3 *'artm Jan A Finley Jno F Hnrtte- Wm Merwin Ja* H 5 Fair! auk* J R Hutchison LtW Melntire VV J B F ederiekOP 2 F McNultyGanJ Frnj H A Herder?hot\Vm Murray J B Frost H A Hoey \Vm Mayer Isaac 2 F ey H Hamilton W J Magellan Dr J French Geo XV Heck W C MulinJas Fifr*hnerG Holmes Thos 2 McMa-ter Jno FinleT Geo Hancock T C McKinr.ey t M Franklin Geo Hooton HonTB ?iahon l.t Jas D Fo eman Geo HintonTh^s Mulligan Jcli Fosiaril G*i H Harris W B MoCoyJosS Fol'ett F M Hams Tims A Major Juo J ferns t, Hums Mont iviontgon e.? J ao Foster Geo Hopkins SurfS Metzl?r Jno H F *terCH M2 M >ri' kn John R Frei* CIim H&ii W M Martin Jn?. C Francis C Ma.ll G C ,MoC^k?iJnuK Flinn ti Hah Rioh M Morrison J A | Fnu' nr A Hotnain saml MulhnJ** FuOer A Ihloh 8D Murphy TI>oe t Fagotte A ^ Hays F Morrison Jiio I F>-nwick A F HayesS Maynaden Cap I ordon W H Hat man 9 B H K GerrengT Wm Hilsheim 8 Millhol.enH w lireath^ad \Vm3 Howell S II Moiiregor J as D Gormon W A Ha en I)r8 R ?Moy*r Henrr Gra am VV VV Hellmuiii S MciJonalU H Gorlener W G Hednsk R G MianH II Ga>retson WF2 Hafnunn R *iorehau?eH M Gu'idoil W H Hi ! W M More Col H Giltron W C Hil RoNt McCiiire H Gonlon Tht H Holman H A H'ut^r Hfnry Greene W L Holineg Rott Morton G \V Grera W M Hendrick l)r P Mol.?an G W Green Dr T Hull I* D Ma^iu G?o Green 8 F Harr O M Phuers Geo Godrtani T P J halstedjrOis W J Bo d r H Howard LtOH Mll*G*o Greetileai D Hunt N Martin Geo \T (?r?enlesf9 f Har? N M< rr-ll Gen 6 Geary Tfcon Healr Mr W4 Gaff ney Thos Hart M 2 McDonali Geo ree^balt I'D ilopkinaor Mr MoLean Oro p Gahan Thos H-z-lt ?. M K Mltohell Gen Graves Thos Hogan M S Marsiek Geo A bidding* S S Hatch W M Moran limn \V-3 Heo?e r-anil Hoiton A Mitchell Geo A Peter llatnt* Dr A Monro" Geo? uarieu P Hill A 8 MoCatyUeo ?<.<jdard P J Hart Col A W Mart.., Geo VV 2 Graven OF Harrell * D Morquit G?o W Gondii gO Hol'.rook A Mitobel (>eo S Goodwini O II Hotf D-AH Morrow G?o H GihhaOC Inr;i? W P Ala shall F GrrtimanO ln?leO Minceatieim F iilOert M Ireland M B 2 McMurta* F C Gadd I. M Ire an Jno Mclutire F K Gra? J H Ilier Jno-2 Alyers F R GmneJ'f UMey Ohas 8 M rae E W G?li'e J F Id in ks 11 - Mon'O" K P-2 G >re J A June? vvm H M%rviu E <1 Gulick J H Junes W 8 MedicviedetEL Gleasun J 1) Jouph 8 T Mancfi^lo E D-2 G eennian J \V Jenss T O Moran K W Garrison J W J . es t* 8 Ma> nard Ur E G&stin Jno Joues R Moti fc ?a mon Jno J.?ues N 8 Mitchell Z Giv^oJnoA Jordan Walter MageewmJ Gibson J II Joy W 8 Milier Win brlln.iJas .'otu ston A Morris W it G? bdy Juo JoSiDLon K Muilius \Vm o onion J at Jt hiit'T* O aHkih J M P bulky J yV J&cuson W 8 Merr 11 Lt W F. GuJ'ines J R 2 Je<?Wm MechRo \VWr Krid ? J H ii ff?r?on Peter Mabii* W F G alisin A \V Johnaou H Mcrpn* Win (* rA.l?fLtTl J fill llthllBiiri H I. \lararall \f 1 GoorcaJ JohckonJos Morrison 'Vm Go dsboro J H Ji hnson J (. MDrgn, Wni Gor(?r? JH Jones Juo H-3 Mo In tosh \Vm Gilbeit H F Jon*s Joshua ? Moroham Wm Gi.bsr:i> j "'apt J no Mown W L Green (I C J. ne* Judson Meeck Wm fco;xlr?olte H P Jones 'cb au May Wm Garr' tt H JoneaJao-3 Marice. F Gonky G 8 Jones J Mi ee F J lira* Geo M t'apt Jno Mooe F H Gibcon Geo James J V * artia Thos Geo .man Geo JurfdJG MaoUo *.Ia TE Goes (i G J'irrejb.ino Mve'Thm tirahamGH J,urerJas Mockie TliosW G>an*?r G H Jao bs Jno Murray F .M Grey Gen Jookaway Jos 2 Martin F O Groves Go T Jones J l. Miller T K Gatsbercer F 2 F Moore TG it h.' F V. Jaoksou II McFarlandTH Gerherd F Jamison Gen Mad.eenTn s bagsr F Jamison CU2 May J W Gemberiine E Z J., dan A H MoMahon Thos Gunnison e T JavettCA imc: hersoi/rheo i?enerou E Johnson Fran*2 MoNu:tj Dr T Gar anil l> S 2 JoSmobDH Monte my L H Grant G H J >hrson A McE>ant?y-am Grant Oapt Jacobs AN MerdthCo)S2 Grieb P Kello* Wm M uran Hfenhen uernborlim D R Kiahbaugh Win M%ran S??il Sr0'"^ Kinc 'Am U MarkaJ-aml 6asaCC KeleyVVm McKatzie Sum! Glenn Chaa Kely Tho. Ma .otto tstoplia Got-en Ctaaa kel fTH Murray L H Gardiner C H Kennedy Wm MoKam Or R 2 Giroig B Kennedy W M MoElhone R M Gilinor* K He- nedy *1 hoa Murley R K Grisvold A A himpievVm MoCt> K B Grantor A lex KiroyThoa MardVi]To K E Ghe?n A H Ken'a Kobt McKeyJnoS Gm on a G Kinsie Robt McKibbonLtR Go??a A F Ki"g R H Mood* R Hanley Israel Kent K K Mo\dama Pet2 Hamlin Jacob K memy Pat Murray Pi Holinan H A Kirbj N Miley P Homier H L KnappN MoGow?nPeter Hammoi.d H C Kanianiz M Myers Pat Hauonett HA Keja M a Miller P H?*%nGeo Keftey M Manginc Pat Hoy 1 C A M Kurpolls L Phili? Harman H K Kirk L MoHeary P J H..gan H E KeutLU MawnOH uan"S $ K 5r(?,,u a Mo JanleyOwon Hull fi C Knigh' J A M*ann O F 2 Ha? H M 3 Kin* J a McGaochna N He'per Rlt-J Kerr J J Mam % T Hii'iD Han v kent J h. MnrU? u Hanl<? H H Kmc J MoCarron M Hi(th H?nry Kara J MoCjrmaok Mr Killi?'HJB? Mitchell MC2 HandoufieldGeo Kn^w,t?n J H MoGinaey M HarabnghtG w Kelloy J M Mom m Hooki?'? (too KeirnmJE Morrow L 8 Heuderaon baa Kirkpatriok J W Merrill L C Herron Geo Klecsti joa MtreluutLtwia HantnornGeo KinslerJua MoCaoIey L b?SL.?^"b Isttss! asssir' ps? w-,fe&suLL Hami Mn r H Klscfel'er F Mureaiaaao SiftE* ? Moore DrJno HahnjK Kasaebaam F Milee GenJnoD 8?LtPA, . K<*n*aliJ Miatjp Hahn a Firoh 2 Kidj E Mi! a Jaa H H?f?FN. Kiliora D 5 MiilerJ w w&Lst s^'0^0 rar E& v Sjg&vT HofiKJ KingO MoCarrwi Joe Hudson E MoR K- oVl'doiff C Mulloy Ju Howard EL KlwaC M?cM. Ju Hunt ? H Kmds Obp* MoKurljr tt HvtMDK KdlerCM MolAv|KNo 0 Hud?on E Me Kelly <^h*? , Jtcletoih l? Helton EL + Bifht B P Merit Dftvid HimKV Kbo'i a>x Moore DP ^ HoTtni 8 A Kneelntd A Mende*C?ftC S Htrmoa E P (.tlkua W P uot'aale, C*ft ^9*SBSuttS^in ? ?,' . ^ - .n, Mffi C W RifTHH SpriBfttaap K A My?ra C Reborn* H O Stake* E Mulford C M Ru>tGeoH Kaokefl E McKmC B-i Rmt 6tu W Sohuaber Adam Mixwtli I'hu ?Reeh Geo Siw ?!ICfi Slmtnti A Ro!ikoi?? Gro ^tirunCKl Chambers 2 Rn' ImGtoH i*?ttoB C F Mulsuberc C P Rich* dsoa F A Strenn O Moras D 9 Rohe K 0 Sohomm^he'CM tfiMiter C Hay D W M'ouliirt B Morrison CO Rodi neon A R St lea B F Maxwell C B K obi neon A Settles B M' ttChaa 2 Rcrneh Or 0 Ptcrer B Mipjcley Capt^ Ren- >ck CaptDSSasen A M Renter C B Ncdman DC SchoeafA Morgan ( H Roberta D H Schoolcraft A 8 Moflor* Chaa Robert* l> M Siney A'ex McGee B-2 Roberts C 8tw? B Meyer B Rogers CO SchalnAH Mft?aba B Ko<ers D Sibey Aie* McKaieCol Koogcrs D A Siaohope A McHiniev A RMch^rifl r C. A J Moocey Rev A Reeves C MiftC W M ttiar Amos Rwifil C W Taylor W R 8 Mitchell Acft Russell C Tompki"* W M Mar low A H Kussell A W Terrell W G * McMillan A Reuolda Capt Turrer W r Mim?ri A * ethbona C Trtcfcer W H M *rtia Ala Roots A B Turner M Alette t A A Reyno'da A Tiiaton W (j Moorae Alex Rr bb A A T.adal1 W S Ma'ootm A 11 Rose A A Titus Thoa M iore A P 8 ?uth W H 8 Thompson 8 W Ma.lory Allan Smith W F.-8 To?tThsa Mo>reAll?a Silvey Wrn TnmMem R MoWatt A 8-i-liWT Tromh ej ? T 'Msh'iw Al?x Sho' W A Tompkins P B MoFarUn A Ptotsb?r? W C 2 Ta?k*r M r McD-jnald A K Stewart vVm-2 Taofre*sMr MoCaff rty A Spenoer W O Taokly Mr Ma t' Adam Sjenoer W Tucker M W Minister A 8n!|\VW Toole L C McKeniie A Stoker W S Todd J B S 3 Myers ? G Strom W K Ttiorna Jii 2 Norwood W H Sievens Win Tu.k Julias Xutt Mai Wm ?hirle? W B '''paor J Norton Wm Shultx W H TluMldington J 2 ?ay lor W*m O Sparks W \V Thorn jom J it N*? ie*an T S Sa^ford VV H Ttiaee? J?* Nail f ohi*s f*tonefaok Win Trumbm J N-rrome Thoa HhortWui Thayer J S NoanT'noaH Ptier W H Tay>orJ Norris R B Shutta W H Ta?i<r Jerome \J ? t M a r L- .9 \* LI 'I I O i ? 'in. r r^'ocr ?? ii i sjiui J r Muh Ji.o Mever.s T W T?r or J B N oye* J W Sweeny T W Taylor Jonu Norwood I t) Shyrouk J H Tay 'or J T Nulley Jno Mudrick J S TaukewKZ J N-wtooJne St*inbereer J-2 TerhnneJG Nester J J Sweeny Jno Tysou?k? Mr NorrisJno Sherman J Trace* J Narrcn Jno Styder J G 'I ucker J M Niolda Jno W Semford Jno ^roxeil J P Nichols Jno She'mrun J To-id H J NewunJos SpaMing l~a Thompton H Norton H G-2 Sahwartz J Trowbridge HOS Nicholson H Stark weather J BTyler Hug* Nieol*nG Sha ron J Thatcher ti \V-2 I^obleGeo N S'.c.ens I I True Geo Norrn K Waller Jno Tracy ? A-t Nugent D Sowersly Jno Tingle G K Norn? Cha* E SkilU.n J A Taibert ? N Nichols Cha* Simons J W 'Ihayr Kli-S NorcrossO M Spansoy J K Ternard K Nichols Chan Spangler Ja? Torry K 0 NewmierA Sypherd Jas-8 Tin O M Nelson AH St-rensJ t Tiwle C F Nichols A D iHaymakeJ J B Upson B J Qiunn \V H Sweeny Jno Cfcher K G Office W W SfotlerJno t'nderhill W C Orr S C Sawyer J O VallW W H Owen J SttgtesJ H Van horn W rru N J fullivan.lno Valient me W M O'Connell M S?rj gle* J no Vallentin* Th-> (Jn?y M 8 ShomoJno Van Zaudr S Z 2 Wuin M SenterJ-oF Venderboco't L. I Is^An I II U.U?II U XT -4- I.. ;;?,,v,u " *npn*#n n miuiuii'1 <ap Qn?en Mr M\nton HB Vacamfoor J Oeston J Sparry H Van Bu-ki>k.lM On.alJiio Smith H H Van D?k? H M Huinn Jaa street H D V-n? G 8 .sion J H St?vfDi H >p G M <>84?i >d J ?b?rm*a Hoyt Vone F 8 osbtrne J G Setti H Van Vieit F 2 Otis JH Sk inter H L Vo'tht Frea Owe us J N Shields H Veal E L. Oakes Jas Selirck H Van^dal C C Orru Jn ? Stephens H W Vierecg C 8 O-erton Jno shaokelfo d HA Vanhorn O 8 q dig H 8m th H H 2 Van Hlenk Chas J-J'V' M Scoti G VanamBerg AM OcbenbookeGeo faates U Voes A 1> Qui n F Scntt H Wendship WC 2 O r D P Smith H L Wets J <?neill Sounders H Wa ker A Son O iverCR Ste.lw?gee H 3 Weeks Wm O'DonrellC i-h^r^an H L Wood W n Owen A M Smaller H Woo<1 W E Owen A k Stcne HK ood W A jarkerWU San tee H A William. W L. ?vur W D Quisles H G Wa k M V Plowman W R Phaff.T O C Wa ter W G 2 Porter W D Stnbbs Geo Willenson W P.ers. n W A 8hear-r Geo Wi sod W A Po'ami M Seits G H Watson E H Phillips M S Sara?a Geo Watkios E F Prott A H Sen war7. man G A Walker K A P'interMP StevensonGeo West E-2 Patch f Shiel G K Wfc,t?e* F. Phtrn T n ,t n LI U7...L* f U * w M f fc it WW I IE ItV Wa El F'.ultne* T 2 Staicca G J Wanner E Porter T P Km nlj F W?'d K ParkeSarol StoleenGeo W.liiamaKC IViomSC SoeG*o Wauon E H-2 Pnoo R C Sa'deraGeo Webster E Pirlm'r R Shearer ??eo Wva't D E Pl"yrc R StuvrtGB William* i> V Porter P B Shaffer G?o Wyjkt ff A ? o Patten Maj Sulfa Tor t W hite U W PenybaokerWC fmi'h T F W?i mau D W Painter M Sarsent T F WiuUA Pinner M 8o*er8 Webater D P.arce L. H S?>ant S Willi?ma i) Poo JnoA Smitn Saml WashinrtonC W Parke J no G 5 Sturdevant S H WiMCha?2 Pr.oeJno Snelle > 8 G 2 Walk-rOM Pr.ce Ja-iob S uth S J Woodward C C Pe ryfi-ii J B ShaW R W WricbtC \V Puray J I) : nnth R D W hiteCliaa 2 Pniiupa J H Shufuei R W Wj 1 0 F Per <on J no !>hi R B Wmta'i C G Pock hp. ton Jaa Smith R WildmanG Po and J no Smith Kot?t Woocbary C H Paaair.ore J D Skinner R Wr jlitCA Purdy Jerom* Sfierman R We^taooit O H Penny bar ker J Selzer P \v entworth C r*ato in J Sui evan Pat WrirhtO 1) Pickett J C Speed P WytT,e A K Piliin* Jaa Selleck P Z Wtlk,n?on A PurvianceJN Smith P Weaver a-2 Parrott H K Sweeny Pat We?t A J Flunkett H Sturart ? Ward A !*'0"1 H ? Salisbury O V\ ataon A Khl."!.s S,C. Snepherd N O Ware \ W ?r*tl ? N \% iLdelt A R Hiper G W 8ap.,?ton N J Wilmnu A J I .eroe beo W Stoddard N Wil.iaiiaon A ?af"G. o Stone \ C White Jaa B Palmer Geo W Seara N 2 Ward \V W Pomr. y G P Si car M Warre?ka W M PhiMiat F M S>muh M Woif J 2 Pronpina F Sykea Mai Wheeler T G Park ?r h H Sp clear Mr WheoerT Pendleton E Shinn M Warren T PhillipaD Speer W H WhitmjTB i UrljlA f I W 2 a ? lit ... _ ' I, is A mj rvc|iu?yor m w emevui ? z Pedro D n S?e*u Mr W Irfon Power C Sh ff-rMr WikinSA Peterson C wraa ir i_, Wilkinson S H HierceGapt 8?nfrove I, A Wiili?*l> Pi lobe u c; A Booby L H Witely R H R Paririd*eC Shawls L Whaler K J Sands L Williamson R S } a**-l C Sweasr L Williams K Putnam BP 9 Stuart J K Wells K H Pwter B 8 ^ w a r. n J B Wood*oriP(}l jorter A p-2 .St.wartJJ WilstonPT Perry A J Sh..u' J Wei Mm I ir P Kenulcton A fi Shu .1 J E Walker N B P anketA t- 1- Sett J no Wito?o N L Hwn? A W b;aok j b Weioh M Power# A U Smith Ja? Wai ioc M I "?mb A J $le?no J M Wir-ni vV m HoyaitW Strok J M W hi-lock M M, Raup W M S,?rr J M Wetael L G Ki-hvd* W M 3t,*v| JM Weuton L KiotiarJ W C Slack J??H Williams S A Rerrou \\ m str.ns J J Wiuiit J J ? f'Oym fcmith J J TViaue J D-2 Rnho Win 8&,beJuM WiuJO Koi.e V\ in tutU Jro Wein J H Kyan lira Storms J J Wwimi <Uo Win*wait S Scnroii J II White J C Re.rer saml Mm n J M VVarj J R Robinson S A Smith J t* Well? J B Russell R Smith J ?} P WiUoiiA !i?K* K O , S a>!?nl J C Woivi-ar* J B Kubincon R J Skill J<> Wl.eeerJno RUM. K H tStiLdly J V\ at4on J K.orey Pat ScryveruW Wrl iagto J W J Kotera K U 8rmt.i Geo N Wnggerinan J H S?? O J Sherree Geo Witiey J RoDbina N J Smith Fraooia Williamson J W K uij&j N W fetaalejr F T Wnlauna J U Robbina N H 2 Si?-del F Warrenton J J Kuper M Saxtoo F8 Wilkinson J Rauoh J no U Soha.k F WhitehillJt Rom Ja L Stanley F W?Hm - J 5?^"!"? r* Woodworth J R R ad John D Stanley t. Wood laaao RoblyJno ?tillB-2 Woodwa-dJJ geverna B L Will n?to>lia-2 Redfield J 8n w B 1) WindeTa If RaitomJn >2 wnroth Chaa Weeceaaer H Ratten Jno W geeta Chaa Wilkinaon U L RodgeraJE ftoott Chaa T Ward H B Robinaon J Sloin C L Winn H Reve:l J iNjhmidt Chaa White H T KoaiugJno etouffen O Wothyher G Rioba daon J B gteWman C E Whitinii atnGH Rogera Jno Stone C B Wood G W Reynolda J 8tuart C B Wilaon G A Roiiaid J A Swift C W Weeber G O 8 Raymond Jaa Sliuma C M Warner Geo Ryker J L, btewar Ci aa Wilaon G T Riley Jno Smoiinaki Col Warner GW Ranacm Jno 8toone C 8 vi arioc G F-l Ri*by Joe 8oh?ffen Cha? WnghtG W Rogera Jaa tSerrell E W Whitney G H EKocera H J Snnona E L W..oda G W eilyjro Sutton E B Wittey G C ?.J?i.J?00b Sherman Dr Wheatou F L uchardaon Jaa Stuart 1)r Walker N A nsiimra JBO Smith 1) K WhM ? kOO-lt Rauiing J no Sprafue D Will*re J ReeteHU Borner? D H Wuhjiar J Reidr H A iiat of drop noUa will ba found on the bulletin board at the Post >lfi?e (h^lsttus mvst iii jlu.< u pur ml. Drop Letter*, in all oaaea, ma t be pre-paid. Got 11 LEWIS CLMPHANE. P. M. rpO MILITARY OBF1CERS AND OTHERS BATCHKLOR'S GENUINE HAIR ?>YE. The Beat in the World, Tk* Only tUlimkl* mmd HarmUtt Hair Dm Imm. Sold by (Ul Dracgiots; alao, at Baiartoa'a Patent Medicine store, ip. 0?2e,oor. F 4 7th, Qinaa'a Hair Store, S48 *Penn'a areeae. where Ladiee oan have it applied, if denirec Faotorj?SI Barclay at (lata M3 Broadway) N. Y. TftBCAM^WirSKSUnin. Waaoa on ? ? rrewuu puowpie. krtUfM Tor ?li*p- e\ in?orto*o? M uAaniuM is ?ITS^n lokneu or wofiud?. with ??p!e rows for^?*? fj? order bj on# rSto.r'"* *N-* *?* - <?' ? of'fti* rtrxMif o.Bd, dart brown ii ? 1 ?' saddl# or liirnau. Bll?JtvN*Tk* 0n V*'6** * 'AMRS r* . ^ M. M> _krv\o*fm iiumm, 4 o.ouru'i L?u^ U>uiud Um ChMi! UuttM, hMWM 1 MMi H *TM*, mm I -A. . AUCTION 8ALE8. Br GRKEN * WILLIAM*, AMUnmt* TO THE INTEREST Of FAfcM**?K X T ? * ?V 8aLB < V ABftlCVLTrBAL iMPLB *?itv Maciiubbi *fIM. Fnninni * . at Atcriow?Oa THt RPDA V, l?tk. 'Kl. we ?? ?:! ? Bt t*>* AcrtoBhamJ of Mr IWwBrd F HimfBna. alt ^rnU trm mrth of P?bm>: vmriA twmi. WHimi Bt 1< o'c c>0? B M .IM BOBtiSBB (KB U> Ut I Bflli 1 all - 1 - - '"r~ " ? ?1| >IUMi,aoauitiu IB part of? Raaamic awl lowmt Machtaaa. Araia Dnila, Aoraa Powar and f ,raat>it? Maeaia*. Grata v rad' ^8 ? Bprinc Tooth Har,? Rakaa, rki?i, Harrow*. Calt.r ton, Chama, Whaol Barrow*. Corn Slial ar*. Hay. K?raw and <HaJk Cattara. Oa Volroa, Bow*. 4a., Pwirtla Tr?*, Btora Troeka. Vegetal la Cutter*. garar Mrr?. Maat Cotwa^ka . GardmEncitaa, Chain Paaip* and Fixtaraa. Baixl s??rrans, Sat. Laddera ai d Tra laaaa,Cara P.antara, S'??d Drilia. Appl* Pifirt, Root Pa!lar?. Ha* atd oihar Kbit**, Trao?, I^o*. Hal'ar. Cow and ot*ar Ckamf.'k r*!! f aadaa, Forka Hi.a-.Hakaa, P>ek?, to/the and Hnathaa. Hollow Waraaad Kattiaa, H nraa Maoopa. Pramng Kaiv??, Van's. Grata ?ca?, Plow Hftna and Handlat. T'lbmr- Tila, Ham**. Wall carta, plow Caatinga, Bolta 4a, a larga niWr. _ Fia d. 6ardrn. and P.owarSa-da, | Wool and Blood Manara, asd other artialaa too namaroaa to in ration, P?t*nt Fira Proofs*/?, with ooaating rooai fha.> I ThVattantion of Farinar?.Ga'daiar? A?d H???* k#-a?ra i? ra t eatarlf i?Tit*d to tha ab"?a rtiu I dnrdirf t.n nBiwirfnnif* bit a^'llfWi mmt WlLk ia? oh'aitnnn eueh goo at prioea to aait to* tin a. Sale po< reeerre, and for oaah only in specie. oo 5 oAda GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acta. H7" CONTINUATION OF THF. ABCA'R SAl.E?T.e p>iMi't? r-pp^ctfally ;nforir*d tin' tii* aa'a of the ab??e ex enaive at cA o' coodr will be oortinaed Thia M<>rmrc end *f?r? da? until all i*sold. Great tannine may b? exported, aa tha at'?ek la 'arte ann n.uat beeo d wt'hort ree*?-v*. oo H GREEN A WILLI , MS^Aocta. By WALLA BARN ARB, Aaot on*er?, IARGK SALE OK WKLL KEPT HOl'SKj mold Frasuraw ?Oa THUKSD* V MOKIV1N6. ^?th mat., at 1* o'clock, we a ill sail at the r iderio* Nr. 360 ?.etw*?n 4% an* bih etr*e'ii,a U-it a aortment of Household and Kitchen Farnit ir?,oon? *t?n< of? Mahota< y Sofa* an 1 Chairs, L r?e i uinb*r of i a peL , Kitir.i on Dining and oth?r TaMea, Bookcase, Hurrans Werdrobe-. Heriatmria. Hair and Miack M-ttrej,e-, Blankets, Comforts, an1! oth?r Bedding, . O icl?tli. aahatan ia,and Toilet H?ta, L" oe and other Car?a ?a. nd Onrrncea, A :are aaaortmert of Wf? d aad Coal Btorea, Andl one, Kendera Ao , Ac. Te ma oash. AA It U* Aft ^ DADMABH A - I "v ?? *? n Uii DAV\ A n Mi A BOW* By i C. McGl'IRK h CO., Aie*iowi. FI RMTURK AND KFFKCTS OF A PA M f ilt Rkmootini Fan* thi C itt *t Abctiob. OnSATt'RDAV MORNINt*. l*n inatant,at i<? o'clock, in front of the Aaction Jkkiti*, we thai I aell? Mahoganv and Walnut Hair Spring Seat S?faa, Roskera and Parlor Chair*. Marble toa On'er and *?f% Table*. Glaaa fro it Bookoaae. Whatnot, Lot of Paintinc* atd Rngravmga? Care aid Wood seatCbaira. Lounge. Kxtea-iop Dim e Tab.*, Card Table*. Brua-el' a-d Three p * Carpet?, bedstead* B ireau?, Waahstandt, Mattre**e*. Feather Beda, Beading, Cookie* and otfler Store*, Ac-, Ao. Alto, At 11 o'olock, pair oi excellent Bar Carjiage H?r*e* Term* oaah. a oc n-d J. C. MoGU RE t CO.. A pet* BrGRFP.N A WILLIAM*. Aaotioaeer* Handsome yofno hay hursb? Hocmkb?ld *wo ti'Tcns* Frawitraa. Stove*. Ac. Ac., at acchoi* ?Ob SATURDAY, the 13th indent, we rha I **11 in lront of onr Store, cornei ol Jevccthand D street*, at 1? o'olock a. m.? One Fine Younc Bay Horae. fonr jeara old LS hand high, mie* wel.ard vork* w?tl many harnra*. Alto, a iar*e lot of Honeehold and KitchM Furniture, vi?? Sof*?.< hai'i Bedateada, Geda. Bedding. Hair a?d other Mattrcaie>. Bureau*, I.o->kirg Glaaaea Sideboardaand Tab 1 ee, Carp-1* ard Mattinr. Coolcing and other !*fove?. With a large asaor'mect of other artiol*. which we deem unneca*?ry to enaner?te. Ternu ?pw le oo 17 (iRKEN k. WIIUAM". Awof Br HOMZ A GRIFFITH- A? tj"n??r?. TKt>TtKS r-ALt OF STOCK OF DRV 1. S^OM. Hoe'?*T CLOTRI.CiMlliniV ?C.? On MO>D*V MORNING.Oot 2l?t.'ommeiw in* at 9 o'clock, and ootinuint from day today nr-til the who:e la diapaeed of. we shall aeil the en ire at'ck of Dry Good*. Hos?er?, Ac., of R Brio- Hal:, in Store No. 373 Seventh ?., between I and K st*.- oorapri?mg, m part? Prints. Detainee Mousse i ei, Si!k?. Me.iaos. Cambria*. Ciot'e, Cass n.erea and Vesting*' Mroohe, 8tHJ? and K a^ii et Shawie, Incram *n<l T ree ply Carpets, D.-uKieU. Run, Ac., SO.-'i'zen !!<> < acd Half Hose, Gjnves, G-unt iU. Ac. I of ether with a general assortment cf good* u ma It fuBLQ in a retail dr? goods store. Term* cash. THKO SHr.CKhL' .Trretoe BONTZ * GRIFFITH. aaauoo 17 d (Repub loan > 'y J. C. MofillRK A CO. Auotio???ere. SUPERIOR RO-EWOUD C A * F. PIANO h urti< Kl'oiht Komn'OOD BlOCillLltc vebkd Pablos FcBJTTras. F?k?ch Plat* Mikkoh*. Carpet* ?i?r Hochmold Effects -On tl K8DAY muhmmi.otw ber 2id, at 10 o'clock, at the large reeidenoe on H treet, opposite 1 ??f**ette ^u\re. recontly pied t.y ti e C hi lan Mi '.later, wa shall sell all the Furniture and Fff ?n. c .mprismi ? VerT superior Rosewood Case Piano borte, by Chioke'ing, __ Suit of elerant Ro-ewood Crimeon Brroatollo t owered Parlor Furmtare. consisting of 3 large Sofa*, 2 Arm Chairs, and I Tartor Chairs, "uperior t?ilt Ua> Chandelier and Gas Fixtures. Su t of Walnut f'lcah oc?er*d Parlor Furnitare. Ha d omo Evy Chairs, Lounges and Kanoy Chaira. Roaewood MarMe top Tables, Walnnt Whataot , i Superior K os> w< od Secretary and Bookcase, Ha dsor e Fiench Plat- Gi!t-frame Mirrors. Lady's Walnut Secretary, Japanese Cabin*', I \> aim*. Extension Lining Table S?de'.oaid, 1 I) in nc Chairs, Side Tables, Plate Warmer, China, Ginaa and Crockery. Table Oatiert, j Fxoelfent Brussels and Ihree-ply Carpets, *>t*ir Carpets. Oilolotn, Matting, J Walnut French anil Jenny Lind Bedsteads, Do. Dieasing and P'ain Bu'eaaa, Wadrobea, Waeliatands, Toilet Seta, | ^Ulterior Car'.ed Hair Mattretse*. Blankets, Bolsters and Pillowa, Sp eada and Comforts, High-poat and Ccttaae Besteads. Cace seat Chaira. Ro'kera, Arm Chaira. Refrigerator, St^vaa, Kitchen 1'tensile, A? , Ac. Together with many artiolee of Household Furniture not neoestary to enumerate rennscaah. J < . MoGCiRfe. A CO., OO it d t Repub ) / n?t ODMn Bt WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneers wJAl.K OP PERS;?NALTV -B* vwtae of a <ieed of tr?si f-om Abert Woodier, to the subiCMbar. the Stat d&j of Auruit, lWo, atd re oordec in Liber J A. 8 , No 1%, folio 46*, Ac , of the ifcr.d records of t .e uiatriot of Columbia. 1 will offer for nle at public auction, to the his lies' bid der, or the p'?mi%??. former!* known ac the "Howell Hou?e." on the sou h aid* of P'aa??lrania avenue, b*t? eec 17Ui and isih ?treeU. m Waihingtoo C.ty, at !0 o'clock a m , WFDnE8DaY? th 23d itat., the following personal effects. to wit? The Bar and bar Fixtures; 3 Arm Ch?i*a;Sl CI airs; II Tables; 1 Dtrung Tar e; 1 Cectar Tabic; 4 Pictu e?; S Cloc ; 3 Looking Git sees, Jd?~i a *!?? <> and alt the Crockery \V re and Cookiag UtT?il?:9 Window ?hnde?, 1 Cooking I* to re; 3 Bedstead-end U- du n?; 1 V? aakstaud and Appartenatoes; F.oor Matting; and 3 Lounges Terms oaah. GFORGE GRAY Trustee oo 17 WALL ? BARNARD, a acta. Bt WALL * BARNARD. Auctioneers. npRU?TRE'8 BALE BY CATALOGUE OF iWK&ijmifSrtrJBSWS: at 10 o'clock, we will sell *??">? "' " a la'ce atook of nr*n?r Wim, Brandiee, Whi?t?ea, JtnuM Im, and other Ldqaura, oon rUD( OI? C**ka Skrrrr and Med*'* Wim, Cuoitml Baskets Imperial and Cabinet CkftaMki Qtvd, Domt k. Co Braady, X Cuki L*?er F rede, and aeunette, tad Caetello Brandy, ere<a Jamaioa Ram and Holland Gia, rel- Boorbon and Mononsekaia aad Bator Whiakey, Caae- aaaoried L quora. Ca-oa Brandy aad Whiakey, Koran. Tin* aala wll offer a r*re opportunity to Reatae rente, Seller'*, a: d other a Ha!a poaiu ve a uc Uraa oN?h. Cataloeuea will baat the AaoUoe Rooaa oa Mor day previoaa to aale. By ??rdarofth?Tr3rt9*. oo )? WALL* B4RNAKP, Aeeu. A UCTION 8ALK9 IN PH1LADKLPHIA. WM V SMITH. UaMftUwotMr, ftOt Ck*?Mt it., tbort Hk. Regular Sslcs TUtSfeDAY and SATURDAY raises at m a n ! . Fin* Tablsahd I'^ckot Catisry. Hardvar*. F?bc) Goods Msi*, Oris, Brashes, A s . Ao. Foreign asd I on e*tic * u >? and Li<wr?. !.?* loU every f>s*d?y Morrnii os IH?* \f ARSHA' *8 t*ALE.-Ia Tirtae of intt of i iff ten tafias 1 sued f'oaths Clorfc's Off** ? >! the C iruu'l Court of tse Distriot of Co. *>(?!* an? I to ?* sir*o?sd, I w.. ?apoee to sul..4? sais, for Cas1, in front of tbo Kmc of Washirgtoa. oa I TUESDAY, that* day of" Oshpbor lostast, mom moncinc at B o'oiook a m , tho fbUevmg goods aad chattels, to vit. *ii: ?. arMe-tos Drstsiag Hs rosa ; *"ants Clock ; lot Mantel OrnassU ; F'sreh P as Mart* telsss: Caaossat and Piser Chairs; B<*i?i?a3?. ueodiag, aai, MaMMBsw t 5S;:?5afSS%SS I SfJ!** ?S > Fm*nt of JdBpf thwor of W?l?* Millar vi. Jum? gjk!? l??O K. MBBBBhi IJUME-MADK UOOTf AMD SBOUT I %

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