Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1861 Page 3
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HMMMMMMMHMMMMI LOCAL NEWS. 9 ET Though Th 9-ram 1b printed on tb? futnt susm pre** In use Math of Baltimore, 1U edition -Is ao Urge as to require It to be pat to press at an sarly hoar: Adwrtitnuntt, therefore, should be sent In before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Special Mta-rms ow thbCitv Covwctls .?Tbe i Boards of Aldermen and Common Coancil having adopted a concurrent resolution to assemble on Thursday (yesterday) afternoon at 4 o'clock,4 to discharge the duty required of them by the sixth section of the charter of 18-te, In consequence of the resignation of Mayor Berret," met accordingly, in tbe Aldermen's room at the City Hall, at tbe bour specified A large crowd of spectators were present, outside of the rail Mr. Z. Richards, president of tbe Board of Common Council,was called to the cbatr, and the eeretery of tbe Board of Aldermen wss chosen as ^notary of tbe joint meeting. Mr. Moore said that, before proceeding to business, It would be proper to correct the journal cf tbe last jotnt meeting [Thst of Aug. '26. at which Mr. Wsllach was elected.?Rkf ] Be said that the secretary had, In tbe caption or preface to tbe pror*edlBgft, used one word, or perhaps two. to which great Importance Is attached. He bad uaed tbe word "late," which he (Mr Moore) contended ought not to be there. [The word is used in speaking of Mr. Berret as ''the late Mayor."? , Mr. Moere than offered a resolution, that the * journal cf the meeting of August 26, 1961, be amended, by correctly atati ng tbe object for which the joint meeting wss assembled, as the said object was expressed and declared bv tbe two boards. Jkc ; and that the first paragraph of said jonrnal be stricken out, and the following inserted : " Tbe two boards of tbe City Councils assembled In joint session this day (Monday, Aug. 26, lf?6!), in pursuance of tbe following resolution, previously adopted and assented to by both boards, viz [Here follows Dr. Brodhead's resolution for a joint meeting to elect a Mayor pro tempore," as ?' by the r oval of tbe Mayor from the city the office baa oetome vacnnt "] Mr. Lloyd didn't know what object the gentle* man (Mr Moore) had In offering such a resolution, but he did know tbat the journal had been declared correct, aud hence he ( Mr Lloyd) was opposed to changing It. It was fixed and unalterable, and no action of the boards could change It. The Secretary had recorded the action of tbe meeting aa It really was, and he (Mr Lloyd) was opposed to sny change or interpolation to suit the views of any particular gentleman Mr Moore said he waa surprised to hear the gentleman (Mr. Lloyd) say that tbe journal had been approved, as this waa the first joint meeting of tbe boards since then, and there bad consequently been no opportunity to approve it. He (Mr. Moore) only proposed to state the factoin the journal The Secretary has affixed a caption and stated tbe object of ttis meeting, and he (Mr. Moore) wanted it stated In the declaration of the boards, and not In a preface by tbe Secretary. He did not accuse the Secretary of any design, as he did It Inadvertently no doubt Mr. Lloyd said it had been read In the Board of Aldermen and approved, and In the Board of Common Council and approved. [Several mem bers of tbe lower board.?''No," "no;" "not in ?ur board "'] The gentleman now wants to strike out ' vacancy." Mr. Moore.?"No; It Is to strike out'late.' I want to state the fact." Mr. Lloyd said that the concurrent resolution (Mr Broad head's) had declared the office vacant, t Is printed with the proceedings. Mr. Moore (vehemently )?"It Is not " The Chair hoped gentlemen would preserve order. Mr. Moore (sesting himself reluctantly.)?"I am surprised tbat gentlemen can't comprehend a matter so simple " The Secretary was directed to read the concurrent resolution, and did ao. Mr Moore ?"From wbat did you read?" The Secretary answe-ed, "From the proceedlng? of tbe Board of Aldermen " Mr Lioyd called at'ention to the language of the resolution that the office bad "become vacant," therefore tbe board should proceed to elect, and asked on wbat was the Secretary to base his journal of proceedings if not on the resolution. Mr. Moore.?"He didn't do it. Did be use tbe word 'late' by virtue of that resolution? I am and have always been very precise about facts." Tbe Cbalr asked the gentleman (Mr Moore) if there was anything Incorrect in the use of the word* "late Mayor" after both boards had by resolution declared the office vacant? Mr Moore said It waa a question of f*ct,and he denied tbe right of tbe Secretary to state In tbe journal anything but matters of fact. He (the Sectretary) ought to have quoted the resolution. Mr. Dove thought the gentleman from the 4th Ward (Mr. Moore) not in "rder ss the concurrent resolution was not a resolution of tbe joint meeting but of the two Boards separate aud distinct It was no part of the proceedings of tbe joint meeting, and tbereforefore ought not to be on tbe journal Mr. Moore said be was willing then to strike out the csption of tbe Secretary snd leave only the proceedings, but the concurrent resolution was the declsratlon of tbe Boarda, and tbe Secretary bad put In a statement of his own, Instead of using the resolution Mr. Dove said It was not In order to insert it. Mr Sbepbard thought this was making s mountain out of a mole bill. It makes no difference whether the word "late" is us-d or not. We can't have two Mayors at one time, and If we have a Mayor the one who preceded him Is certainly the late Mayor. He called for the question. The Cbalr read tbe resolution calling tbe Boards together (quoted at the beginning of this report) snd said the meeting being called for a epeclflc purpose, It was not in order tocorrect the journal of any previous meeting Mr. Moore contended that the Boards had a right to correct the journal. The Cbalr asked If this was a continuous meeting, or had anything to do with that? Mr. Moore?"Who can correct the journal If not tbe two Boarda ?" Mr. Lloyd roae but before he could speak? Mr Sbepbard said that he (Mr. S ) had called for tbe previous question. Several gentlemen said be hsd not. Mr. Sbeuhard said he had intended to do so. Mr. Mulloy?"Well, you did not." Mr Lloyd said this was s matter of some importance. In bis review of tbe Corporation Attorney's opinion the gentleman from tbe 4th Ward does not allude to It. He baa bad several weeks since the journsl waa printed, and dtd'nt come to this conclusion until tbe uote of the Corporation Attorney In reply to his review is published. He wanta now to bolster up his arguments by changing the journal The journal Is right It has ho Trained this preamble or basis as to express what the meeting was for The Secretary hsd a right to use the word "late." Mr Moore.?What right? Mr Lloyd?Right by tbe resolution declaring the office vacant. Of course, in stating the boards met, he stated why they met The gentleman (Mr. Moore) desires now to change the journal to backup bis opinion, nve columns long In the National Jnttlligtnter. Mr. Moore bad no desire for any other support for that opinion than tbe support of tuese hoards, snd nf .fi members only b voted against it. He desired no other bolstering than tbat. The secretary had made tbe mistake Inadvertently, no doubt; but the gentlemen before blm (Mr. M ) were Intelligent men. and no matter how learn> d or how honest a secretary might be. be could not be allowed to add to tbe journal. Let us express It la our jwn form and in our own way. We, aa Intelligent men, ought to correct tbojournal) and make It express trufy what we IntenX*!. He (Mr M.) was a matter of-fact man; and the question Is whether the bea d will allow the secretary to state In a caption the object of tbe meeting a fferent from what It was, or whether tbe concurrent sction of the two boards shall be taken to express tbe object of the meeting Mr Wilson said the gentleaian (Mr. Moore) was very pertinacious In this, and stated what was not ao He (Mr. Wilson) defended the secretary, and said: "He had made no mistake, and the gentleman from tbe Fourth Ward (Mr Moore) knew It. This meeting has no right to correct the journal The secretary had stated the matter correctly. It might have been aa "Inadvertence," but he believed tbat tbe secretary did It understanding^, aud thst be was a gentleman who aid not do things through inadvertence Calls for "the previous question." Mr. Moore's resolution was read; and the ayes and noes being demanded on its passage by Mr. Moore, it eras rejected-ayes hi, noes 17. Mr Moore now offered s resolution to strike the word " late" from the journal Mr. Mag ruder called for the previous question. Mr. aTc Richards roee to a point of order tbat the Joint meeting of August 26th, 1861, sdjourned I MM 4i?, and this meeting had nothing to do with that one Mr Moors waa going on to state parliamentary TP,' Magradgr asked the Chair if It bad decided the point of order (that made by Mr Rlchards ) The Chair sustained the point of order Mr Moore appealed from the decision of the Chair, and naked tbe ayes and noes on his appeal. Mr. Magrader moved te lay the appeal on the table; and after some desultory discussion? Mr Moors asked th* ayes and noes on Mr Magruder's motion; aad the appeal of Mr. Moore from tbe decision of tbe Chair was laid on tbe table by a vote of arts 19, noyes 10. Mr Ma^r ;der moved to proceed aow to the Vasts ass For which ths boards wers called togsUier Mr Dove (holding oot a paper) mid it woald be necessary first to accept tbe resignation of Mayor Berret Mr. Mag ruder ?"We have nothing la tbe world to Ao wltn accepting tbe resignation " Mr Dove believed tbat tbe charter make* It incumbent oo tbe boards, ou tbe reolgastlon of the Mayor, to elect They must then be officially notified of ths resignation Tbe resignation must N tendered to tfca only body competent to JU1 tfcc 1 place. He (Mr. Dore) held that until the resignation wis received and accepted by these boards ?n election would lead to litigation, which he (Mr Dove) was aaxloua to avoid. Tbemerefact of writing a resignation did not make a vacancy. How often ia It that rsalgnatlonssrc not accepted. Mr. Magruder aaid the board* had been officially notified, separately, of the reaignatlon: and because they were so notified thev had met here. Suppose you refuse to receive the resignation. Csn you say that Ml*. Berret cannot resign* Is the act not complete? It was not the fault of the boarda If the charter did not provide how the M ayor should resign; and the boards have no more right to say that a Mayor shall be expelled than to say he ahall not resign. These boards dldnt elect?the people elected; but as It was Inconvenient to elect by the people again, the charter Sr escribed modes for filling the office In event of esth, resignation, Ac. The boards bad no more power to refuse the resignation than to say a mayor ahall not die, or shall not leave the city. [Suppressed laughter ] He called for the previous question (on proceeding to the business which brought toe boards together). Mr. Dove contended that the previous question wns Inoperative here, according to the rules. Mr Magruder.?Well, we will leave that for the Chair. Mr. Moore said It was premature to go Into an election of Mayor until the resignation was accepted. Respect for ourselves, as well as respect for a retiring officer, called for such action. Mr Magruder (emphatically)?The two boarda were ordered to come here to el ret a Mayor, on account of the resignation of Mayor Berret, and not to accept that resignation. Mr. Moore contended that the resignation ought at least to be read. Mr. Magruder renewed his call for the previous question. Mr. Dove said that the rules of the joint meeting did not allow a call for the previous question. He wanted the rule read. The Chair said it prevailed in all deliberative bodies Mr Dove replied that for many years past there wa< no such " cut off" in the Board of Aldermen. Mr. Magruder objected to all discussion. Mr Moore demanded the ayes and noes on | seconding the previous question; and it was j seconded by a vote of 18 to 11. [The boards thus express' ng their wish to proceed to an elecI tion ?Rep ] Mr Shepnerd offered a resolution reaffirming and eatabllshing the election of Richard Wallach as Mayor on the '26th of August last, for the re- j mainder of the term of Mayor Berret, and legalI Iziflg his acts since that election. Mr Shepherd said tbe resolution was Intended to legalize the acts of Mr. Wallach since August -26th Mr. Moore said that would only be curing the defect by making his a?:ts illegal after tiiis date Mr Magruder said these boards could not by any esposte fat to law legalize the Mayor's acts. Any such action now would only express doubts of an action heretofore. The cnarter don't say I that at the moment of the death of the Mayor, or at the momsnt of his resignation, you shall fill the vacancy Whoever was the locum ttnems of the office was Mayor until his successor was appointed If you declare Mr Wallach Mayor by I resolution it will lead to cavilling in tbe courts Mr. Wilson moved that this election be conI ducted viva roes. Carried unanimously. Mr. Shepherd nominated Richard Wallach. There being no other nomination Tbe Chair rose, and was proceeding to make a statement; when Mr Magruder objected to his proceeding. The Chair?Well, I desire to protest Mr. Magruder?Then we will all have to proI test, too The Chair only desired to make a statement. Mr. Magruder said tbe same right must be I granted to all, and if the call for the previous I question was broken through, first one and theu I another member would desire to be beard. I The Cbatr, (seriously )?I then desire to give I this meeting warning-? I Mr Magruder ?I wish too to give tbe Chair I warning that nothing retards business so much I in a deliberative body as discussion by tbe Chair. Mr Mulloy rose, but there were lead calls of I "order " Mr Moore.?We elect by ballot? Cries of "Oh, no! viva voce." The Secretary then proceeded to call the roll, I each member naming his choice for Mayor as his | name was called Mr Bayly said tbat he had said he would raise I no factious opposition, and he would now vote I for Mr. Wallach [Sensation ] Mr. Fisher, when his name was called, anI swered "Pass on " Mr Lloyd answered "Mr. Wallach, but I vote I under proteat. as I consider him Mayor anyhow." Mr. Magroder answered "Richard Wallach, I I don't want any of the other Wsllach's for MayI or " [Laughter 1 Mr Bayly said if there was any doubts he I would state that he also voted fur Richard Wallach Mr. Moore declined to vote. Mr Raub explained tbat he had paired off with I Mr. Emerson He said If he (Mr R.) had voted, I it would have been for Richard Wallach The President Z. Richards voted for Mr WalI lach but also voted under protest for tbe same I reason as Mr Lloyd?be (Mr. R ) considered tbe I whole proceedings Illegal. The vote was?for Richard Wallach?Messrs. Brown, Bavly, Clark, Lloyd, Magruder, A C. I Richards, Semmea, Sargant, Dove, Byington, I Given, Lewis, McGrath, Murtagh, Peake, ShepI herd, Stevens, Talbert, Wilson, and '/. RlchI ards?'20 For J. B. Blake?Messrs. Edmonstor and MoI hun?2 For W. W Seaton?Mr Mulloy?1. Mr. Thomas Carberry?Mr. Calian?1 For George W. Rlggs?Mr. Turton?1. Tbe Cbalr announced tbe election of Mr. RlchI ard Wallach as Mayor, for tbe remainder of tbe I term of J G Berret, and appointed Messrs ShepI herd, Mulloy and Brown, a commlt'ee to walton I Mr. Wallarb and conduct him to the Chamber. I After a recess of ten minutes the committee reI turned with Mr. Wallach. to whom the oath of I office was administered by Justice Thompson. I Mr. Wallach, in a few words, thanked the I members of the two Boards for the additional I honor which they had conferred upon him, and I promised to do bis best to fulfil faithfully the duI ties Incumbent upon him, and tbe joint meeting I therefore dissolved. Embalming ?A committee of scientific gentleI men, with several examiners of the U S Patent I Office.visited this morning the rooms of Dr Tbos. I Holmes, and witnessed tbe operation and process I of embalming, and filling the blood vessels of I several dead bodies of soldiers to be forwarded to I their families In one hall the bodies were emI balmed, and In another room they were very I handsomely laid out in their coffins by tbe under I taker?Mr Buchly Tbe committee expressed j themselves much gratified with ths success of tbe I process. The ejecting Instrument, Invented and I used by the Doctor, is a xprY Ingenious air vessel, I self-operating, with a regulating ejecting pipe, I by which tbe corpse Is prepared in twenty minI utes. Dr Holmes has secured the services of Col J. I F Reigart. one of the most scientific patent attorI neys in this country, who has prepared the speclI Hcatlons and drawings, by which tbe whole proI cess *s beautifully delineated and exhibited, for | the purpose of obtaining letters patent of tbe [ United S'ates for this most wonderful and useful I discovery of tbe age. t Fatal Accidbst ?We hear that a soldier of the I Htb New Jersey regiment was accidentally killed I while on guard Wednesday at the camp on Meridian Hill. His Sergeant was Instructing him I in some of tbe details of bis duty when his mus1 ket wss accidentally discharged, tbe hall enterI lng bis body and causing speedy death. The I body was Immediately prepared to be sent to bis I family 1a New Jersey. The Camfbblls have an entire new programme I to-night, and of course will draw tbe usual mass I meeting of an audience. On Monday night their new stars, Mr Frank I Swann tbe great basso (formerly of the Cooper I Opera Troupe), Mr Artour Hughes, the Inlmltable comedian (late of Sanford's), Morris EdI monds, the famous violoncellist, and Williams, I tbe deltctoua balladlst, will appear. Thbatbb ?'To-night MlssSusan Denln appears I In two favorite characters, as "Fanny" In "The I Eaton Boy," and as "Madelon" In "The TrumI peter's Daughter," (with her greet encoreeong.) I and on the same occasion Mr. Rogers appears In I tbe Immortal part of " Timothy Toodles " A I great bill Indeed. Oca bbpobt of the proceedings In tbe Barney case Is crowded out to-day by tbe press of matter. Ibdu Rtbbbb Goods ?We are pleased to state I tbat no%B all kinds of India Rubber goods, inI eluding Rubber Blanket#, Rubber Clothing, I &.c , 4c., can be obtained in this city at manufanm-tr1 s prtc*t, at the India Rubber Warehouse, |3i*S Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and I Tenth streets. ?c 18*w Stabtliko ! arr Tara.?The Volnnteer* are I bravir g the dancers of Fever, Scurvy. Woundsard I Cholera Many a sallaat fellow w?jl?eave h|* I bores to bUaea. who, br the s?l of Hollo*oay * I Pill* and Oimtmrmi, would have returned M nis I f aiily str<<BC and l?a the. Soldiers, uy them. Only 36 oeata per boa or pol oo 14-lw "* "y HLARRIKD ijisus, t . . tn tj.a iftth of October, 1M, froai the effects of j'isKPH ?AHaUtL. infant soo ft -fVIi J .^ JohaSm. ated If^.aajT _ I AMUSEMENTS. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! I SKVRNTH. ABOVB D ST. ^ I TWELFTH WRRK b CAMPBELL M*N8TRtLS j B (JRLRSQUJ TROUPE. ,! PERFORMERS. d Look out for r _ T?* Form N*w Sta**, FRANK 8WANN, thtGrmt Hain; ' LUTHER HUGHES, the Great Comed,an,< lately > of Stnford'a Opera Troupe;) Mons EDMONDS, the Great Violinist,(lately of . Sanford'a Opera Troupe ;j ? JOHNNY WILLIAMS, the Beautiful Tenor Singer. N. B The Manager take* great pleasure in an nounoing the above named gentlemen an bricht | particular stara. Th'y will appear on Monday ? evening. Slat. (oo 18) O. DUPONT. a; f|^ HEATER. * I FRIDAY, Oftobrr 18 a miss susan den in Will appear aa Fannt, in >the eton boy, And Madii.on, in the trumpeter'8 uaughtkh, * In which ahe will aing "Whack Rowrie Dow." t Mr b Rogkrs in "The Eton Boy," "Trumpet- h er'a Daughter," and "Tha Toodlea." It* ^ . D Iook out for the monumentals!- j The monumental club take great pleasure in announcing to their frienda 9a u and the puhlio in general that they wil give/im ? heir thirteenth grand assembly atUB [ Fhahklii Hall, oor 9th and d at*.,on monday a evening, Oot.28. Tickets 50 oenu, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. oo 18 3t* b notice. he party ol the george washing- f ton q ua dr i l le associ ation, ft* i which waa to have taken place on Thursday jh e*enmr. Oct 17, has ben postponed u til mb f>< monday evening, Oot 3). The Com-UMi g mittne pledge them*elves ti matt thia the moat ol agreeable Party of the season. Proeperi's oele- oi brated band haa been engaged. Tickets so cents. al oc 18 3t' ??^ ? b< WANTS. ? Wanted imm kdi at ely?Several good coat makers. None other* need apply. oc 18 3* e. owen a co. ? Wanted-a situation, by a middle a*ed ~ a m?rican woman. aa housekeeper in a gentle- r man'a family. Addreas " w. g.," Star Office. * ' oc 18 31* Wanted?Bra reapectable young woman, a situation to cook, waah and iron. Good reference can be given. Apply at No. 94 Second at., between f acd g. It* oi Wanted?By a reapectable young woman, a ? situation as cook wa*h?r and ironer. l Good reference, if required. Apply at No. is 6th j at.,_between h and 1. It* The subscriber, about to open a Sutlcr'a Store in thia city, wiahea to form a partner ahip with aome peraon having $2,non to $3/w cash, in order t'> extend the hu?ines*. Addreaa Willarda' Hotel, Box 231. It* wantkd-a furnished room, with ? Boarding, for a gent'eman and wife. Terms [ moderate. a private family preferred, where the jj comforts of a home oan be eoioyed Addreaa Box it No s45 Poet Office. oo 18 3t* a an^ed?a small or iikderat*--siied fur- jj nished house, north of Pa avenue 3 blocks, between loth and >6th sta. Ren? reasonable. rt Address by letter j. h. house wright, 314 ?' ti street. oc 18 3t*_ || Wantep-a girl to do the work of asrrall di family. Must understand p ain cooking, wtah- lr irg an?' ironing. To suoh a one good waken will it b? given. Apply at 57 7 Maryland av. Detween j' 9ih and loth ata. oo 18 2t* wanted?Two first rate coat makers. t at jamks lackey's. Merchant Tailor, m Seventh at .opposite Post Office. oc 17 2t* ai Wanted? a ser vant to do general housework in a small family. a'ao.ama^to attend to horses Appl* at No. 320 Pa. avenue, between 9'h and loth sts. oo 17-tf >. Wanted im m e~di at ei. v?a cbtcit fj trimmer. a?ply to walter. kar |8 mann a bopp, 346 Dst, between 9th and Mth ?; sta. oo !7-3t ' Wanted.?a peraon with from ?2,nnn to wfl ai cash rra? becur? partnership wi"h a regularly n commissioned Brigade Sutler, who is doing a large ai and very profitable business, bv arresting, with- ol out dflar, "Henry." Box 630 Post Office. (t oc i7 2t* ? Wanted to rent-a house, for three months, plr-atantly located, v ith modern lm &| provemen'a ^ one partially or wholly furnished & preferred, with carnaee bouse ard stable attael ed. ni Addre?s Box 299. Washington p o. oc 17 3t* ? Cook wanted ?Wanted, a good Cook,(col- j! ored woman.) at 64s, Minnesota Row. 1 at., between 2d and 3d. oo '6 ec3t Wanted-a good tin anusheet iron ? worker, and a boy tl<*t has worked at l the business. Apply at 162 Pa avenue. First f Ward. oo 16 3t* * wanted-a good gunsmith, Apply to ai ** john j. peabody.No.60 Louisiana av- a< enue, between 6th and 7th sta. oc lft-lw oi n House wanted.?a email House, or part of ol a house, furnished or unfurnished, for a man pi and wife without children, from 5 to m minutes' walk of the Navy d^part^ent. Kent modeiate; oi payment prompt. Addresa "Thomas," 8t?r Office, tl oo 14 Iw* , ri Wanted?All Dairymen to know that the Washington urowvi having oommenced jj brewing for the wint?r season, they oan get Fresh (; Grama every day at 4 o'clock, at in cents per truah- k) el. Call, onoand all. c. colineau, ? oo 10 lm* q>r. k and Twenty aeventii ata. 0] Cutter wanted. Call at wall, ste- ?' phens a co.'s. 322 Pa avenue. ae 18 jjj anted?TAILORS, TAILORS ?so Tailora jj] competent to work on military zooda. Apply g. kolp. at Wall, Stephens a Co.ra. ae?5 Wanted. for the cash-a1i kinda ol ^ secondhand furniture and ti housekeeping articles. Persona leav- t) ing the city or having a surplus will do well to call w immediately. r. buchi-y, 0, je 3 42* Seventh, between g and h sta. pl LOST AND FOUND. I Found?This morning, a pt'rsk, with a small j> amocntof mone? in it, which the owner can have b* applying at Room no 7 dower floor) p?*n f sioe Office, ano paying for thia advertisement. vi oo 18 3** ei reward.?Loat. in i, by the Pasa Office, Fifteenth, or Pennsylvania avenue, on the ? 16th of this month, a mustering of Colonel e vo" Schoening. The finder w 1'please to bring it t to National Hotel. Room n-?. 85. It* n b ?c rewah d ?Strayed or stolen.a largewlute t< v*' raw bone cow The above rewa'd will he paid for the return cf sa d Cow o corner of Green and Stoddard atreets,jbj0m? Georze'own, d. c. no 18 3t john dk'kson a f ost? About a week ago, anppoaed to on Pa v La avenue or Ea?t r"*pitol st., )><>tween 3i at. enst d and 7th at west, a gold locket, containing the miniatnreoj a deceased chi'd The finder will l>e liberally rewardci by leaving it at No. ssi 8th c street ea<-t. opposite the Garriaon. Navy Yard. ? ocms1.' daniel j. vqijng. ql*r r l w ard ?Strayed or ?tolen, abmt the 31 , <5 / instant, a large hia?k horse. 'u'l/jv-? h tail, white spot in forehead, m*-rked 'u s.' *l?j on hind quarter ar>d"c." on fore e uarter,'-^-'-* ,, left side. The above reward will ne paid on his ? return to in*. p j. newman. i" 261 Pa. avenue, south side, 0 oo 18-3t* n^ar Twelfth at tl District of Columbia, washinstox i Cousty, To wit: i hereby certify that g\ q James Magee, of said count*. brongh' be- tujy fore me as eatraya, treapa^sing on his ?n- ^ olo-urea. two horses, one a bay and the other a brown, marked with a "p" on the neck uuder the _ mane, about 15 banda high, and aupposed to be 8 or 4 9 years old. and haw been worked in gear. . i gi?en under hand of me. one of the Justices of , the Peaoe in and for aaid oounty, thia 17'h da? of October. 1861. robert white [[y The owner or ownera of the above deaori^ed r horses are requested to prove propertt .ray chargea, > and take them away. james maftef, o^ 18 3t* Near Tenallytr wn pstray?Came to my premises, on October hi 13th, a grey horse, whioh the owner k i ean havo by proving property and payirgh^rjk expenses. Apply to j no. wisfcnbokn.^cz^. on Pieroe st, betwe >n New Jersey av. and 1st at., between 5 and 6 p. in. oc 17 3t* TRAYED AWAY-On the loth iwatant. three STEE", with tar mark on each hip f S W A liberal reward will be given on their a return to m?, *YT ~^5T JOHN H 8NYDER.'" M oo 16 3t* Butcher. 499 17th at. p OCA REWARD.?Strayed from the enolosure , 'W'JXJ of the subscribers, on the night of k tEe 13th instant, three dark bay HtiRsES K and one sorrel HOHSE, white stripe in hia^^ZX A face: and one blood-bay MARE. Any peraon returning the eaid horaea to our J table, on G street,

between 17th and it h ata , will reoeive $50 reward, oo 16-1 w* S. C. ft E WROE " T7STRA Y ?Taken up by the aubacriber, on the I MZj 14th matant, at th- Toll bate of the gy t Washington and baltimoreTurnpike, f'urTJlJI o H HSES. two bay a one brown and one^CZX % a??rrel, each akout 15X hands high. The owner or a owners can have said boraoe by proving property a and paying alt e?ata. The hor.-ea can be seen ai " Mr t'ddings' Stables, at said Toll Gate. i oe 16-X* THOMAS *. BENSON. ^ I son. Sophia, the mothar. isft about the l?t M of Jnaa; sheisS4r?ars old Will am left o on the 8th instant; 17 rears old; chestnut ~ o<?ior; ab ut 6ieet I lnehea high; light bailt;fS?k sleasaut when ssoken ; pappoaed >o be atx>et Washington The above reward will be said for ,, both or 940 for either, if seoored laiail. that 1 " HIGGINS, near Beitsnll* oo U 3t* PriuaeQaofge'saoanty, Md. *Q RhWARD FOR BACH HORSE/?Forty- \ 1'ur Horses Ream eded ; the igurec\ 1 "i" br .tided on the right ja of aa exoept T on , whiakisadarksurret Any oaede.iv-; ribs Ute above to the sab?ortber,at his Stabla, 1 baok of Gilo's Ho?l, Will receive the above reward, J ^... _ fob sale and rent. i FURNISHED HOUSE FOR J*ENT-Thra? ' story briok, brown front. No ST P?, (TtnBt, etween 34th and JSUats. Ga?, ko , throughout. o < 17-3t* ! FOR RENT-Two oowf rtably FURNISHED P ROOMS, in the northern part of the oitv, a -ry pleasant looation Breakf-st furnish^ if esired. Apply at this office, No 3 oo H>-3t __ rO EXCHANGE?A beautiful improved Ci?T i Property, for a food improved t-arm m the n?tric:; Apply at 36 4 Ninth st weet. opposite lorthern Liberties Market. ocll-lw* H. JOHNSON. I i*OR^RENT?HOUSE 408 Pennsylvania * ., r over the bookstore of Fraaok Taylor-a place >r a professional man. " <-?? I JANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8 A Four nandsomely Famished Rooms, supplied I 'ith gas and water, and convenient to the NM I nd Poet Office Departments, for rent. Apply at I 90H Massachusetts avenue, north sida, between Ih and tth sts. ma2?^ " boarding. " JOARD.?Families and single gentlemen can I 9 obtain very peasant Furnished Rooms, witn I oard, on moderate terms, at 391 and 393 C? I stween 9d and 4H streets. Transient and Table I oarders accommodated. oo 9 2w Georgetown adyert'mts )OTATOES, POTATOES! , ? 3,000 bushels Meroers, Buokeyes, and Peach own for sale. PETER BhRR t, oc !7-3t" S3 Water street. Georgetown. 1UCKSKIN GLOVES, > GAUNTLETS, fco. . I Ws call the attention of Sutlers, Kegimenta! Of- I ;ers, and others winding to purchase Huokskin I love*. Gauntlets, Mittins. Purses, Tobaooo Pol- I ie?, Portmonnaien, Leggins, ko., at wholesale, to I ir extorsive stook?all of our own manutacture? I tour store, 105 High street. Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens are of the I >st quality, of real fiuckskm. Muitar* Buff and White Gauntlets, Boxing- I oves, Buckskin Shirts ,?nd Drawers, made to | der. RAMSBURG A EBI-RT, 105 High street, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.?A large quantity of scraps of Buckskin I id Chamois for polishing guns, accoutrements, I c., on hand. se 2?-lm I J% ASSEY, COLLINS k CO.'S CI PHILADELPHIA DRAVQHT. Expeeted this day, per steamer J. Jerome? 200 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale. Terms oash i delivery. ARN\ k SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. I Fust receivedlo hhds. prime Porto Rico 8UGARS 1J0 bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, I*) bbls. HERRING and A LEW 1V E8, m bbls. Crushed and Rofined sUgaRc, SO bag* Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.( low-priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN^ BOGUE. ae U NOTICE -SALE OF PITTSBURGH. bORT 1 WAYNE AND t HICAOO RAILROAD - \ y virtue ot a d*oree or the Cirouit Court of the I nited States for the northern d strict of Ohio, in I oause mtohanoery therein depending, wherein I harlesMoian and others are comslainants,and I le f ittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rail- I >ad Company and others are defendants; and par- I iant to auxiliary decrees of the o<rouit courts of 1 * United for the western metrict oi Penn- I . 1 ania, the district of Indiana, and the northern I [strict o' Illinois respectively, in causes deeend- I ig n chanoery in said Court* respective!?.where- I i the same parties are Complainants and d*fend- I its respectively, as in said oause first above men- I oned, the undersigned, John Ferguson and I horr.&s E. Walker, as Grantees in Trust and I ruetees in one of the several Deeds of Trust or I [ortgage upon which said decrees are founded, I nd also as bpecia Ma*ter Commissioners of the I nJ Court? respectively, duly appointed by said I ourts respeotivel? for that purpose, will sell at I uf.lio auction, to the highest ni aer, for rash, but I >r not l?*s than the sum of #5,o,ooo. at the L nited I tate* Court House, in the City of Cleveland, in I le State of Ohio, on the 24th day of Ootober, A- D. 1 16', between the hour- of ten o'olook a m and I >uro'clock p. m.. of said day, the following de I jribed property,to wit: The hairroad of tne Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne I nd Ch cago Railroad Company, ino uding the I ght of way th*refor, the road-bed thereof, the I jp ratruotureof all sorts thereon, its water and I thers'ation houses and shoes, and the lacds and I rounds connected therewith, and all tool 4 and I rpements used or provided to be used therein,! cd in oon*truoting and repairing cars and ma^hi- I #ry for said road, or the traotand superstructures I foresaid; all turn-tables; al depots and builoings I nd fixtures and structures of whatever came or I sture, and the ands and grounds connected ther- I ith, used or provided to be used in operating I ud road and belonging thereto. and wherever I tuata; and all cars, engines and rolling etoe* be- I mging to said Co" pany; and all suepli's of tim- I ?r, lumber, iron, fuel, and every other thing pro- I ided by said Companies,or by the several original I on.panie* which were consolidated into said I lttsburgh. Fort Wayne and Chicago Kai'road, I > be us<xl in operating said road,wherever situate, | y the same lit e by which the ?am? are holden by I nd Compan*. or by sa-d original Companies,! jverally together, with a>l corpo-a'ive franchises I I said Company, and of the said original Compa- I le* severally, including the right and franchise I f said several Companies to ba and act as a Cor- I oration, to be sold as an entire! v. Sal i decrees provide that the pu chaser, upon tha I anlirmation of the *a!? and lull o >iiip!iarice with I ie conditions thereo . shail ho'd all 'he property, I ights. franchises, and the arpurtenancea thereoll j sold, hy the same title br which they are neld by I ud Pittsburgh, Fort Wayue and Chicago Rai I load Company, and eaoh and a11 of said original I ompames, free from the lien of all ssid nioct- I a^es. and free from all liability for any debU gainst saul original or consolidated Companies, I r either of them, and Irotn all olanns on account I [ capital stock ; but tubjttt, ntvertkeies*, to the j ens, if any suoh exist, upon any real estate ?n- I luded in the sale, for purohane money thereof n< t | rovided by said decrees to be paid out of the pro- I wd* ol the tale, or by former orders or decrees to I 3 paid otherwise The right of way, depot groun's I ou lots, and ia .de In the * lty and vicinity of Ch:- I igo, purchased by said Company since the penden- I t of said suits, and the bridge property and other I ?al estate of the Company at the City rf Pitts- I trgh, are subjeot to mortgage liens The samel ill be inoluded in the sale tut subject to said in- I iirnb auc?s, no provision b?-en nadeforthe | vjinenCtiiereof. JuHN FERGUSON, THOMAS E. WALKER, rustees, and Master Commissioners. asalor< said, I oc 2 aot I SEALED PMOPOSALS, till the 2lat of Ooto- I ^ ber, 1361, at 12 o'olook in., are invited for sup I lying the \riny with Beef cattle on the hoof, to I e delivered at chamber-burg, Harnsburg, or I ork, in the St?te of Pennsylvania, as the tiov I rnment may designate Bidders are requested to oomp y in all partionlan I 'ith the form ofitid pub: shed herewith. Government reserves to itself the ri/ht to pay in J 'reaiury notes or other funds it has ror disburse I tent, and to rejeot any bid and for any cause. No I id will be entertained un ess the bidder is present I i respond to his bid. The Government will recei?e4,ono head under the I ont act, and will reserve'he right to require any I ddit onal number up to 16.00<i he'd. Deliveries t? be made week.y in suoh quantities I s may be required. The Cattle inust average 1,300 pounds gross | reight; and 1.0 auimal will be received whioh I reighs less than 1,000 pounds gross. No conditional bid will be received. The bid* to be directed to Capt. A- Bkckwith, I !. 8 , U. S. A , Washington. D. C., and endorsed Proposals lor Meef Cattle.' Form or Bid. I, A B, do hereb* propose to deliver to the Gov- I rnment good Beef Cattio on the hoof for pAr I undred pounds gross wight. The Cattle to be I oliveredat Chambersburg, Harnsburg, or York, I I the State of Pennsylvania, as the Gov*rnmni t I :av designate, according to the terms of ;he en- I lo*ed auvertfsement. The Cattle to be wighed I II the soales, and the weight so determ.nod to be I lie purohase weight. 1 heroby agree to give a I ood and sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the I ortraot, ana to receive Treasury note* or other I lo vernment muds inpayment lor the Cattle. The first de ivory or the Cattle will b* required I > be made about the 10th of November, 1861. so 27 td I ^LOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS. 1 -/ New supplies, of qualities better and prices I iwer than usual in this market One price only, marked in plain figures. I We also offer our usual full stock of all kinds of I >ry Goods for children's wear of both sexes. PKRRY k BRO., Pa avenue and N n th <t, oc 15-5t 'Perry Building." I > BERGNER'S . Ill LADE LP HI A LAGER BEER! j S.STERNBERGER, SOLE AGENT, No. 3US DStiikt, (Adj inir.g Star Offioe.l A largt supply constantly on hand. oc ?& lin I iOLDIERS, S SOMETHING FOR YOU! ockf t Combs ?. ... ~.. -" ** oenti. I Do. Looking 61asset_. 15 Inion Envelopes, per hundred...^. .5" " lain do. do. , . ? " .mbrotypes of Soott, MoClellan^to.. eaoh 15 * I Sent by mail to any ad-ress. ALFRED S. ROBINSON, 00 5-5w* publisher, Hartiord.Couu. ^RaND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; but J SMITH has not advanced the price of his 'lothing which he nas uist received awd is selling I ff at saoh remarkable low prioes Give me a oa* 1 I nd satufy yoursolves of the ?reat J'arf^o* I re now offered every day at ftjilTd 8, no- 4b0 I Kventh at. ?e 1 1* J OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS. 5iGUT sold on a 1 ?aftsofihs United tates, in sams to smt officers and so.dier*. Also. >raftiou London. Ireland, Scotland, .ales, and '"^'ENvraTrff^uKV." o lUm Baakera. t?al Pa. aw? near Brown'a. ih/K STILL cONTiNUB THE SALK OF f V the great barf ains in Silk' ot all kipde. Many cuoice Uungs in N?Jf Merinoes, Irish Pop- 1 Ins, Mouasellnas. Merino Plaids, *0. Carpe's, Curtains, Oilcslp^a, to., upper floors. PER*? * BRO., ool4^? * ri'.ild'ai." ruint -. Hais and Caps 1 '? _ j'aoN' I" KAIL TO OALL AT8M1T1W. No, \J 4bo bevsnth st, aatf bay yoar Ciothia*, Farusijing Good*, Trunks, Hau and Caps, ocl-lm TELEGRAPHIC NEWS THE ENEMY RETIRING FROM THE LOWER FRONT [Special Telegram to tbe Star ] Aliurhu, Va., Oct. 18, 1 p m?From Information derived from country people near here, It Ib believed to-day that yesterday afternoon and laat night all the aeecaaion troops poated between Alexandria and Falrfhx Court Hour, at Annandale and on tbe Ravenswood estate, were draws In to ao roe where back of Falrfhx. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. BiLTiaoii, Oct. 18.?Tbe Old Point steamer brings the following : Fortress Mokioi, Oct 17?No (Iaga of trace will be permitted to go to Norfolk for a number of days. Neither will any from tbe Confederates be permitted to come thia aide of Sewall's Point. Appearances indicate that the frigate Merrimac baa been brought down a ahcrt distance from Norfork. A severe gale from the Southeast Is prevailing. The War la Miaseart. Poutosco, Mo., t?ct. 16.?We have tbe f blowing account of tbe attack on the Big River bridge yesterday morning The enemy was discovered approaching the buildings about 7 o'clock yeaterday morning, by a German sentry, who gave the alarm. Our troops, numbering between 40 and 50 men, Instantly prepared for action, and although the force against them numbered somewhere near flOO, under the lead of Jeff. Thompson himself, they stood their ground, and from atone-plies and other places of shelter did good execution Tbeyjwere finally surrounded, however, and obtt*ed to surrender. Their loss was one killed and six wounded, while the rebel loas was five killed and four wounded. Immediately after the surrender tbe Federal prisoners were sworn by Jeff Thompson not to bear arma againat the Southern Confederacy. The rebela then burnt the bridge, and apeedily retired Jsff Thompson says that be has 5,000 mounted men in tbe vicinity, and that be lntenda to burn tbe other bridges on thia road, and that Pilot Knob and lronton would soon be attacked and captured The troopa along the road have been ordered by Col. Carlln. commanding that post, In anticipation of an attack. A strong force is said to be in the vicinity, threatening our force at the terminus of tbe rosd Col Csrlln's force consists of the Thirty-third and Thirty-eight Illinois, Iwenty-flrst Indiana, and a detachment of Indiana Cavalry, which, with our strong fortifications, is considered sufficient to repel any force the rebels have in that section until reinforcements can reach them. raica's aixt still in pvll rbtreat Jeppbrson City. Oct. 17 ?A scout just arrived reports that Gen. Price's rebel army on Sunday last wae at Clintonville, Cedar county, twentyfive miles aoutb of Paplnaville, on tbe Carthage road. The whole army have effected tbe passage of tbe Osage and are Btill in full retreat. Rolla, Mo., Oct. 16?Thirty wounded men havs arrived here from Springfield They report that a abarp skirmish took place on Monday, at) miles this Lebanon, between two companies of mounted men and about 130 rebel cavalry. The latter were surprised and completely routed, killing about thirty and taking the aame number of prlaoners. Major Wright's loss wr?s one killed. Col Taylor's regiment of rebels bad marched northward to join Gen. Price. amnesty offered to rebels in missouri. St. Louis, Oct; 17 ?The State Convention has Cissed an ordinance pioviding that all persons king the oath of allegiance within thirty days snail be exempt from punishment for having been in arma against the provisional government of the State, and giving aid and comfort to tbe enemies of the country, The convention also adopted a resolution requesting tbe President to issue a proclamation of amnesty for similar offencea against tbe United States, on taking the oath of allegiance. Fran New Mexico?Snrprlse sf ( apt Mentz's Independence, Mo., Oct. 14 ?The Santa Fe mall reached here yesterday morning wlVh dates to the latlnBt. Major Lynde's command of released troop*, under Capt. Pollock, numbering two hundred and fifty or three hundred men. were passed on Wedntsday at the htad of tbe dry route, about 35<i miles from here, on their way to the States Capt Mentx, with his command of volunteers, was surprised alraut thirty miles from Fort Craig, and h'.maelf, his second lieutenant and nine of his m*n taken prisoners. The balance of his men ran back to Fort Craig. The rebela also captured three government wagons Captain Morris, of tbe Rifles, with a command of four companlea, has started in pursuit of the rebels. Kleven companies have been mustered Into service In New Mexico, under command of Col. Gallagher. Missouri State Convention. St Lopis, Oct 16?In tbe Convention yester-, day a resolution was ottered authorizing tbe Governor to is*ue State revenue notes to the amount of fi (Kio.uio, to be received by the State as gold and to be redeemed In gold at the end of three years without interest. A memorial was received from the U.S. grand jury, requesting the Convention to declare all county offices vacant which have been filled by persons known to be In any way disloyal to the United States government, such vacancies to be tilled by appointments by the Governor. Depression in the New Yark Stack Market New Ycmx, Oct. 17 ?The circular of Secretary Seward caused some depression In stocks to-day, especially in government securities, some thinking tbat tbe Secretary of State is In possession of knowledge relative to foreign movements, which prompted the issuing of such a document. Government sixes of 1881 declined abouttwo percent., and some leading stocks fell of nearly 4 per cent The noon market, however, slightly more steady. % Indiana Troeps Indianapolis, Oct. 16 ?Indiana disputes the statement tbat New Hampshire is tbe first State that has her full quota of volunteers In actual servlre. Indiana, whose quota is 34 UU0, has 32 regiments of infantry, of 1.046 men eacn; <>ne regiment of rivalry, fourteen companies, of 1.151 men; three batteries of 156 men each, and one of 1U0 men? making an aggregate of 35 357 men In actual service. I n addition to this, there are six regiments now ready for the field, as soon as arms can be ftrocured, and sixteen more organized and rapldy filling up. Massachasetts Politics. Boston, Oct 16 ?Messrs Dickinson A Abbott have written letters declining their nominations by tbe Union Republican Convention for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. Both aasert their unwavering support to tbe national flag Gov. Andrew accepts the renonimatlon for Governor. Vermont Legislntare. MoNTrELtER, Oct. 16 ?In joint Assembly today George W . Bailey, Jr , was chosen Secretary of State. Major General Butler, who Is here on business relative to raising his New England brigade today addressed the people in ths hall of the House of Representatives, which waa crowded to Its utmost capacity. From Kentucky. Louisville, Ky.,Oct 16 ?A speedy movement of Buckner's fores from Bowling Green Is anticipated from the fact of bis annulling, last week, the contracts previously made for provisions for his army. Movements of Secretary Cameron. Louisville, Ky.. Oct 16 ?Secretary Cameron, who is slightly lndlspoaed, arrlvad here this afternoon. He will leave to-morrow morning for Lexington, en route for Cincinnati. Death af Ex-3eaater Beckmaa. Albany, N. Y.,Oct. U-Dr.J.B Bsekoan, ex-State Senator, d ed quiet suddenly at Kinderhook to-day. . EPOT QUARTKRMASTER'S OFFICE. Washington. 1). C., October 10th, MR. Sealed Proposals are invited at this oflboe en til October Slst, at 12 m? for sasplying the Quartermaster's Department with 5,&? tons ei Bay, mt inOjOOO bushels of Oats. . _ _ The Hay to be food metehantable Timothy pat up and delivered in balea. The Oats to be a cood merchantable article pat up in sacks of about tvo basnets wen. faoks to be retained by the Government without extra oharte Oats to be received ky weight at (SB) tnirty-two pound to the byahet. A I* the hay and oaU to bo detrrerad at theOorj ernmect wharf or Railroad Depot in this oitj within (*?> thirty days after closing the eon tree*. I t?S for o?U%'Propo?tUfor " 11 to be direo<?l to counril d. h. ifcflt, z . '.av.Tfry are present or represented by an antnenned acenB 0lie?od aad suAoient eeoonty with M. .to. ?. ~r ?.-?>? _ oe 13-dtW Qearfrmaater and Coioael. SECOND EDITION! THREE O'fUHI P Ml OUS Ml LIT A R Y BUDOBT. CltMIM TBK1B POBCI 1* FBOBT Of M Volrrdif, thorough sooutlng la front at our li nes over tb? river developed tbe hcl that B?i regard baa withdrawn all hi* cam pa aa far back as Falrhi Court Room, wlch la now hla extreme front. That la la aar : tfcoee that wwt not long alnc? at Vleans and Flint Bill. Gri Wsdsworth, In thfrrtolai, aewtrf by company of cavalry, and one t infantry, after romItIiik the report of hta scouts. proceeded lo within a Mile of Fairfax Court Houac. From hla poaltlon there be aaw three or four reglaeenla of the enemy (ono of cavalry) betas drawn op la line, apparently under the Impression that hla (W 'a) reronno'terlng party waa tbe advance of a more considerable force The fact of throe change* of the positions of Beaurogard*a force lately camped nearest oar 11ms, conflrma oar imnresetoa stated atai whsra to day, that the mala body of the eaamy la betag coaeaa trated oa an extensioa of their lata front from Fairfax Court Booae to Aqula Creek, to be la position to meet a flank movement against their batterlea on oor part, whlah they anticipate. Tbia forenoon. ciUseaa of the territory betwosa the two armlea report preps rations bslag apparently made by the enemy to evacuate the Court Bouae Our belief la that they are aimply fretting ready to bouace out of It In caaa General McCtoilan ataortly concludes to pay them a vtait there ta force; designing to keep what troopa they hava at that point alck there, until another forward mevej ment of McC. may threaten them; aa hla latee movement compelled the evacuation af Falia Church and Vienna. TBI aiTVATIOI DOWII TBI BIVBB. Three tuga and one eteamer went dowa from the Navy Yard laat night. Two of the toga paaaed the batteries without being ftred oa. Tho ateamboat would not make tbe attempt, and the other tug ran Into a propeller coming np, aad dlsabled ber. The tuga that had paaaed tho batteriea then towed back two loaSed vessels oomlag up, which were flred at, bat not atruck Counter batteriea on the Mary tod eh ore eeean to be needed, aa well aa a force of plcketa aad guarda to apprehend those on tbe Marvlaad aide, who are engaged la aigaalliag the eaemy aa our veaaela appear In alght. Also, to preveat tbe peessge of the river at alght, near the batteriea, la email boats, to communicate with the eaemy. raBNiWOBTB'a illiboib cavalbt Thla regiment, aa It appeared on Pennsylvania avenue thla forenoon, embraced aa lae material for making efficieat aoldiera la time to com* as we hare aeen In tbe army of the Potomac. They paaaed la review before tbe Prealdaot la froit of tbe portico of the Executive Mansion, each oompany cheering heartily as it arrived Immediately in front of the poaltlon oocupled by Preside Lincoln. a hxw riaaicr rxr.a During the Late session of Cong rem an effort waa made to reorganise a western judicial dirtrlct, with the view of getting rid of an objeetloooble judge?Monroe, we believe. But this oEcer baa rendered the projected arrangement unnecessary ; he having, according to report, "aereabod " At ail events, owing to hla resignation, Bland Ballard haa been appointed in hla place as Valtod Statea Judge for the dlatrlct of Kentucky. DBSTBOTISS TBB lOiM Mill. Scouting between Fairfax Court Bouse aad Vlenns yesterday, disclosed the fact that Beauregard baa again broken up the roedi between those points, aa before McDowell'a advance to Bull Run. Be has alao obstructed them In tbe dlioctlon of Leesburg All these obstructions are however unimportant. col.KBBBIOAH. Thla New York city officer, who haa beea under arreat for some tim^paat. was to-day brought over the river, under a guard, to be placed la charge of Provost Msrshal Frig Gen Porter. He la charged laat with generating insubordination, and will probably be elected to eerve here after with ex-Col McCunn, la New York. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Forskbv ?Yesterday. Mr. orown, tbe Navy Agent at this post, called upon detective Allen, of tbe Metropolitan police, to aid him la the capture | f f a young man who, by means of forged papers, had obtained from him ?* Mr. Allea went at once to work, and detailed roundsman Craala for apeclal Service with him, and the result was the capture of tbe young man and the recovery of the money, except sboot a'x dollars. He Is quite a youth, twen'y years old, haila from tbe State of Maine, and goes by the name of Eraatoa Robinson, alias John Lindssy, alias John Peterson Wednesday afternoon he went to the office of the Navy Agent and presented an appointment aa acting Mister In the Navy, by the name of John Llndaay, purporting to be signed by Captain Dahlgren He waa told that It waa too late to obtain his nay that evening, and to come next day Yesterday he went to the office again, la tbe absence of Mr. Brown, and was told by tbe clerk that tbe paper he presented ought to havs the Secretary's Indorsement He went away and returned with the signature purporting to be that of Mr. Fsxtoa, the Chief Clerk of the War Department Mr Brown having come in, jiave him a check. Soon after the young man left the office. Mr. Brown auapect?l the signatures were not all right, and gid a carriage and drove rapidly to the Department, where he learned that Mr Faxton's signature was a forgery. He drove to the Treaaury, and was told by Mr Mlddltion that the check had been paid Ave minutes before Roundsman Cronln having arrested the young man, b^araa taken to Justice Donn's office, and submitted to s search, which resulted In obtaining ?a&0 (?, and a number of papera. among them a regular appointment of John Liudaay aa master's mate, upon which oraa an endorsement fbow'ng hii recarlD* It of on Sept. 2??t, l?l This U supposed to bfclong to some regulsr officer, and to have been obtained by tbe prisoner surreptitiously. He was afterwards taken to hla late quartera, and a earn sufficient to increase the amount to ftS? M was recovered. He was then committed to jail by Juatlce Donn. Libbl.?Yesterdsy J R. French was arrested by officer Kimball, and taken before Justice Donn, on s charge of causing the publlcaUen of a libelous article effecting S 8. Wllllaaaa The article referred to appeared la tbe "Army Correspond^ ence'" from Waahlngton to tbe Bostoa Journal of August 28,1851, aad chawaa that the i"^pMaaat is s secessionist Mr. C. C Coffia, the spondent of the Journsl and writer* the irticle, t?tHed that tbe passage U the subslaaco ofa <" versation he bid with Mr French, and that Mr F knew at the time that be waa the correspondent ?fMr branch discUimod any other matter than that of customary comnaeot In ordlaary conversation upon military mstWs^ la order to u et the case off the maglstrate'adoc ket. heex^eased his reodiasss to give balltor a higher oourt, WMrhwn1tams stattd other causes growing oat of It, knd thoe^ct_to nr^uS*3SSb tETtE^ aatufied from evidence before him tool mars was no truth in the charges made Mr Coffin mid that upoa Mr Williams axaUlalag to him his pedttoa, end daaylag the statement, be bad published a retraction aa fall aa tbe irst statement, which pubttoed ratracttoa was offered la evldoooe Mr WUIlnBsa The action la thla csael not for damagss. bat la altogether a crlmlual pi saaratiaa^ ACCIDBWTSt. SBOOTIBO ? Pflugger, who keeps s little torejlotBeaerxneru part ol tbe Third Ward, wss takes btoesJ amoa Doon. upon a cMrgesisMwd^ sM named Zercum Patrolmou N ^ ^ tet^ebmt. aad a aorgooa was extrortlag tBs mm_m be arrested Pd^gPf., T^T^fTl^h? rTor 5 s? s-fsss?, ^jiLjfrgrgjsii apeosm Be wllMagly gava bad ft* a farther Sbbvots Ob a bos -Ysstorday Jacob ratoor wm arrested by Uaat Ool Owoa aad AdJ' Bmaali mt the M f>w.? Youag*s Kentucky Ctouiry) a^d tokap btom Jastlce Dean Tbe onessse^d tobe,?ho* tb^r officers ^asx to the cf?yto?rtA ^ ?? erty formerly ta the 1 * PfL, who taoow la pibia; aad way m golat it al? tasgtaaittm " J oa v?*

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