Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1861 Page 4
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A _ ? THE EVENING STAR. Twi Stairii by t Bacbslar. 'When lovely woman Tails bar bosom With mualln faahtooably thin, Whatman with eyea could e'er reloie 'em From casually peeping la * And when bla ardent gaze returning, The dry goods heave to deep-drawn sighs, Would not bta Angers' enda be burning To pi em bis bat down o'er bis eyes ? JET A Nashville, Tenn , correspondent tbus writes of Jobn Bell: Hla lot Is tbst of complete political Isolation. He stands unreconciled to tbe present, and parted with the peat Tbe leaders In the fslse cause that brought about bis tell had no honor, no sympathy lor hi an, while those tbat once clung to his political fortunes have crown indifferent and lost their trust tn him And thus he Uvea an unenviable, lonesome, hopeless existence, embittered, beyond all doubt, by tbe conaclooaneaa of having, by one false step. Inflicted a stain upon his record that obscures all glory of hla past, and can never be fully wiped oat. To appreciate all this, it must be known that John Bell?bis public renunciation of loyalty to tba Union to tbe eontrary|notwtthstanding?has really neither heart nor band in the great Southern rebellion He jjoes with bis section, not because be thinks It Is right, but because It is his ectioa He believes, or at least expresses the opinioh, tbst tbe "war of subjugation" undertake a by ffce North Is wrong, but on tbe other hand, loaea no opportunity In declaring tbe Southern revolution unjustified Whenever ne visits pla e? Of public resort he tlkM rtr^ilnn tn dmmiBM Jefferson Davis dynasty In unmeasured terms His past public service* secure him Immunity from tne consequences this offense would entail upon any other person, but tender him at the same time unpopular among the thorough-going rebels. The late confiscation of some of his steamboat property has greatly irritated him; not aufflclsntly, however, to make him ni?re forbearing with the administration of affairs at Richmond. IH^Blondln had a narrow "squeak'' of It afew weeks ago at the Crystal Palace, England It is related that be came upon the stage, the band struck up a lively march, and the performance, upon a rope 140 feet above the floor beneath, commenced With a steady step, the acrobat paced the first few yards of his cord, then with mrrvellou* agility quickened his ateps into a rapid run, when with a crash, hlspole, weighing60 pounds, snapped in the centre; the slight rim of iron attached to It as a support bent double Blondln fell with eaav skill astride the rope, and grasping It with his thighs, waa safe. The pole hung in two pieces from the cord, held together only by the clasp of Iron. While his attendants hurried to snd fro to procure assistance he alone remained calm, with a courage and coolness which It was impossible to regard without admlratien He gradually raised the broken pieces, bent double ?s tbey were, and with this shattered and 111bllanrM) vwU k? ? (> ?? 1 * -* .m mi m mm U? BIWO Up OHU W81 ICQ X Q t remainder of the distance. lET The lawyer editor of a country paper, who wrote a very 4*bllnd" band, was frequently annev<*d by compositors' lnqulrersconcernlng words which they could not de-lpher One dav a compositor, who was aa little acquainted with the disposition of the editor aa he waa with the hand writing, entered the sanctum, and holding the eopv before his eyea, Inquired what a certain crookad mark stood for The editor did not wish at that time to be interrupted, and exclaimed, "Goto the devil!" The compositor retired, not V> his satanic majesty, but to the composing room When the editor read the proofs, be had the pleasure to see a line of his leading editorial read: IlHe (Mr. Webster) will. In all probability, go to the devil ." The copy was looked for. and the crooked mark was rendered?"be nnn?4aated " Pxrot's Pxncs ?Mons Nardi haa just told the Catholic world what has been the amount of Ha subscriptions to the Peter's Pence The '25,U00,(XHTCatboltcs of France have given. In t#a years, ?320 000 sterling; Austria, with '26,000,000 Cathnllea subject to the Concordat, haa sent ?80,000; while the Irish have raised ?70,000. The Romans themselves. together with all L'mbrla and the Marshes, have attained the sum of ?8,000, and of thU nearly the whole Is understood to be contrlbated bv the clergy and convents. In the United fltatM f OA * " - ? ... ^.uu.vuv was roDiriout^d Over ?500,000 sterling, or S2.500,u00,baa been given to the 1'ope altogether. tH^Mr Stephen Cromwell, of Camden.Ohio, baa made a contract by which be la to furniah one hnndred and fifty thousand corda of wood for the Ohio Central Railroad Company The magnitude of thia contract can be understood only when we take into consideration the fact that it makrsn pile four feet high and not lew than two hundred and fifty seven mile* in length, and rt-quirea the delivery at nenrlv fljty corda a day (Sunday excepted) for ten years. - IC^On Saturday laat, by contract, the aeven gun-botta buildinc at St Louis and Mound City, were to have been completed It Is said they would be finished by th? 15th. The forfeiture for tbe aon-fulfillment of the contract laSSUOaday from #Hl? *?4,1 a*-? ? .... ,IUi, uuui iorf are aeiiverca lo the Government. ICT I* i? estimated that England will need 04 (JUO 000 and France 00 000 WJU bushels of grain dnrlng the ensuing nine-month*. Thla fact will Insure the balance of trade In favor of the United States for a year to cone. We shall keep all the specie we get from California, besides having targe receipts from Europe. IPTA private mysteriously disappeared over the fence of Camp Chase, Lowell, one night laat week Yesterday the captain of the eompjny received a letter of explanation, In which the delinquent private pleaded as apology tliat "be wanted to go heme to kill a hog " He was ' polling" for blood. lE^The United States Fourteenth Infantry (regulars) now encamped at New London, Connecticut, will leave on Wednesday for Perryville, Md C7"The Monks of 8t. Barnard have received an odd present from the Prince of Wales, in the shape of a line piano. The next prince that enjoys their hospitality will probably add a ball room C7*"Burlelgk" writes to the Boston Jo unal that a new feature has been Introduced In New York eity. snd that Is clapping and stamping applause In the churches when a good thing Is said frr Konrt#~n ml -* " * ___ inmwmri, hi me crewi oi pflW vessels which have bsen captured In the attempt to ran the blockade, were released from Fort Lafayette on Wednesday. 117" The average of bank exchanges In New York, ssya the World,of that city,have Increased over a million each day for the past three weeks, in consequence of the revival of trade. CarascTs ?There Is an Immense crop of chessats this year In Connecticut f i per bushel Is aak"d for them, bot those who Interest themselves la the matter say they will be down to SI CU"The grandfather of Gen McCtellan was born In Ireland, and served on the American side ia 'ha Revolutionary war. El EADCIL'ARTKRS FOR CLOTHING, HATS n and CAPS?At SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street. oo 1-1 rn T^HB PEOPTfcf'S CLOTHING STORK, No. 440 Seventh at., is the plaoa to boy your Clo?hin<, Trnnks. Hataand Ca?*. wilin jjMEEMEN'9 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... ?uoo,ooo. QP? mtmt C itrm mmd Lomtrum ?., mnt AnU Wttktmtio*. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY A9AJNBT LOSS BY PIRli. ?o. RHftm, 5^4tt?lCrofl?T? WUIUUB WlliOO, Rinhikrd Jodm, John D. Barclay, JAT..0 (ihloon, iaclrtwF" , t.V fnist RSlttBfc. No obAtt* for ADAMS, fluMM Aim. O- Datm.Bmwtjfy. ? 9-*n?i W* TOP HAM *8 'WaSBM M F M M MI 1M TRUNK Sfi MAM If FACTOR 7, Itl Bitwh nun. Wumiiwim, D. C. Ala** ninnicM, D. C., UOr. 'v '*" * 11 L?? Pruui M?ab?r? of OccrM* Hid tr?T*lera will ?1mm MSUM Wry atoef b?for? farcha^icc Tviiii that arc mad* la othar cit:M. ieyerior LMthir and Drew Treals mU I* *<{Z^???y>OW?'*nd ^rnirfB.TOP1AW. 1 niANM. P1ANOK PI4NOS.-NW Piuo? tJMlT_?ye? TOK BITINT1 ITRIBT, fa. o* 1-1? MOURN>N& AND OTHEK BLACK SILKS. ' J"I ft fMftMOrtlBMlt.ftU Vldlba Mi ftiitlM, ftt (Hi.- l#> WW**. W ilk ft &{0 ftnd ftra- I y* 4 ?i ?r thick ftftj Una tftbrioa for Mu>?raia( t 4. . *?b. ?? ? *JB?y t BEUn NHI ^?U. imMMtflU NIK, I DENTISTRY. Or. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth Streets as jjMag? M TEETH. LOOM 18, M. D . the itiTentor and patente* fUts MINhR AL PUTh TEETH, 4 UmCf personally at his offioc .n this oity-Mm* Nin; persons nan wear these teeth wh<v*rrTIt* oaonot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. Persons sailing at my ofice ean be aooommoaated with any style aod pnoe of Teeth they may desire; hat to thoee who are particular and wish the purest. UlOVUVDk, IklUUEdl, ftlld IllUlk VCIiWV UCUIUI D IUBI art oan prod use, the MINERAL. PLATE will be roorefslly warranted. Room* in thia oitr-No. 339 I'a STenue.betweei tt and 10th sU. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phi adel hia. oo U-tf GAS FITTING, kc. A M WM *. DOVE * CO. A.RE Now prepared, to execute any srdsrs with wfc 10 a they raaj be favored in the PLVMBINd. HAS OK STEAM FITTING oUSINESot IZT Store on tth street, a few doors north of Pa, I SNYDER, PL UMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the oomer of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas npon s*U?fa!c?uoE?TOrable tArrna* and cnaranties entire He has on hand a lot of COOKING and oMier STOVES, which he will sell leas than ooat, as hs wishes to get rid of them. po 17 117 , ?AS FIXTURES. and W dai-T receiving, 9AS FIXTURES of ontireiy New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore snsr o in this market. We invite citisens general ly tc sail and examine onr stock of liia and Water I r ui *io?t iwiiii| uvuuaoi.: lUAl WO IlBTO IHO DVH eoted stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine latriated to ?ar oar* will be promptly attended to. MYKR8 * MoSUAN. j?r ttf 3T6 1) atreet. Of F1CK OF INSPECTOR AND 8EALEK OF ?AS METERS. WtlHIWTON, Jalv II, 1M, NOTICE IS HEREBY OJTSN, That.agre*ably to the provisions of the ordicanoe of the Cor* poration aeproved May IS, 13?0, the anderaigned is now prepared, "whenever refnired in writing, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty cent*, to inapeot, examine. test .prove, and ascertain the aoosraoy of regiatration or any gaa meter in nee in thia oity." Kvery meter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned , and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be setmfM plaoe. If proved to be acovaie in it* will be aealea acoo-dmgly, and again pat in position for use. OCoe No. lib Seventh street,(near Odd Fei.#*?' Kali.) Open from t a. m., to i p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNIJS4HAM, Jy 11 tf Inapeotor and Sealer of Saa Meters. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. vv 322 pin*stlva!?ia Avknvi, MILITARY AND NAVAL MLDlMtiM'P 'rail /?DU a A/IILiVIiOi AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, se6-if (Intel. A Repub.) ARMY BLUE CLOTHS AND CASSIMER ES, good qualities for officers Cravats, Pocket Hand kerchiefs, Gloves. Suspenders, Umbrellas, L'ndershtrts ard Drawers, Ac. One price only, marked in plain (ieures. PERRY A HRO.. _oc5?-M^ ? P* avenue and Ninth st. 'l^HE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY 1 invite the attention of the Army and a* Navy to their full supply of M1LITARY^Ml and NAVAL FURNISHING G??(?DS, snoh as Indigo Bine Cloths and Doeskins, Wm Caps, Epaulets, Laces, Shoulder Straps,~amm Belts, Swords. Sword Knots, Caps. Hats, and all respective emfuoiderr Aieo, the celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respe< tfu'ly solioited. H F. LOUDON A CO.. Nava! and Military Merchant Tailors, it IS e?i3m 3fiil Pa. ??.. under Hrovn'i Hotel. CARRIAGES. J. HE Subscriber having male additions to hia factory, making it now oue ol the larsest. JM. in the District, where his fnoiiitiesW^DKg: for manufacturing CAKRIAGIOS aD<t*^?^ LIGHT WaGONS of all kinds oannot be sur .passed, and from his lone experience in the business, he hopes to give renerai sa'.miaotioo. Ali kinds of Carnages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly sttendt-d to. Second hasd Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J.JOYCE, d IS tf oorre- of Foil rtoentii and K sta. BILLIARDS! I i_J CI The lovers 1 3 of tho GAMK OK BILLIARDS vill find in KMRICH'8 KINK HALL. Coiner o Pennsylvania aveaue and 11th street, (south side,) two of the in>st admirable TABLES tn the United States, with every ooinfortand convenience *n 9 tf lor the players. WATCH REKAIH1N6 AN I)SILVER WARE manufactory; I have one of the best establishments, and foroished with aoomp'ete set of tools for repair- JK me every d??oription of fine Watches, and jFAA K.rUcnar attention Rive to the same, by a^HK o. ucticouipotent workman .and a work^iaAn | tied A!?o, evwry desorip ion of standard SILVER Wi RE, plain and ornamental, manuf&otnreoiinaer bit owu supervision, whinji my customers will hnd fcr superior in fualit* anl hinoh to northern ware old by dealers 10 ceroral and represented their wn Hitngitctxr*. II. O. HO<>Dt u( 1M P< ? 'I^HE EUROPEAN HOTEL. K EI'T BY T? 1 EM RICH. at the oornor of Penn.A- \ A ivoluo and Eleventh rtrcet, has y^SbT (reatly im?raw' recently ar.d no* IflfNM I greater .nd a cement* Tor the patronage of oitixenj and atrikUc'-'B than any other ?ub;ic honee in the eity, hi* prices i eiai !?*s than ti;o-?e of any other hotel or. Pe*:u. Are;.us. * ad his aocomiuotfatioaa for permanent ortranaient bosrdsrs unexceptionable. The bar and restanrant arrangement* of the European H :te! have already become tnrj?o?uiar. being al that oan <+ ueeiretf by the most fasttaioua. The proprietor unremitted Attention and continued liberal expenditures lo givoaatii/miiob to all,and thus renewa hia invitation # all to give the European Hotel a eaii. <ie 4-tt QUN BOATS OvarttrifwiiKf Utntral's OJU$, ( Wasktnttcn Vtiy. JhIvTh, 1861. t Plaw* and Specifications for hulla of Snn Boat* for the Weatern river* are on exhibition at thia olfioe, and at offline of Quartermasters at Pittaborg. Cincinnati, !<t. Loaia and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bida ahou'd be sent to Quartermaster General of the United r'tatea Army, at Washington, by l*t August, at noon. M! o MKIGS, jy 19 fint. Gen'I and Uuartermaater Gen'l. UNION PAPEB AND ENVELOPES.?Twenty different atylea of Now aud Letter Paper, with Envelopea to match. View* of W aahington it the form of a Rose, and in Book form ; aUo, aeparat<? All the OailT aid Weekly Papera constantly on band. Herald,Times, and Tribune receivod every nixht at 6 o'oi?ok. Papera from all parte of the oountry. Beadle'a Dime Novel* and Sons Hooka. a rrean aupply of Books for larnmsr reading, oheap A :&rx?? aaaortment of Jovenilfla? Mayne Raid's Book a, Rollo Hooka, Abbott'a Hiatoriea. Ac. A diaoountof in to a" per c?nt. on all bound boeka FRENCH A RICH.?*TKIN, ma 28 Nminrni' Roofcn tnro. 'il* I CASH NOTICE. N Conaequenoe of our having to pay oaah for vary arUoia ot goods we purohaae. we are foroed to rednoa oar bnainoaa to Caah excluaively, for the preaent. We have* in atore a very large aaaortmeat of REAUY-MA.DE CLOTHING for men and boya' wear, whicui are eeiling at a muoh lower rate than usually. WALL. 8TEPH KNS A CO.. 349 Pa. avenue, between tth and loth st?. >?T flntol.A Keauh.) \1AP? OF THE SLAT OF WAR.-A splendid L?1 Map of the Seat of War for only t oenta. Also, Pooket Maps of all kinda. Poldiera' Camp Dreaaing Cum from 92 60 to ft. Blank Booka and Stationery of all kinda, Flat Paaer and Envelopea. rlag?, Banneraand Badges, Vieva of Waahlngtoa, Amarioan and Foreign Magasinea, Daily and Waakly Papera. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'8 National Bookatore, a 1 (Intel. A Repuh.) 4T9 Pa. avenna. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a laixs assortment of GREY and BLUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS. WHITE SHIRTS, DRAW" ers. CAMP BLANRETS, HALF HOSE, ao? whion we inrite all OMi purohMera to examine before m&hin? their selections. wall. Stephens * co., 3*8 Pa. ??., between 9th and loth MS. wg (lat*Uiteno?r and Re?nbno*n.t U FRENCH * rich9te1n H.AVE Just received a fresh supply of Not* Pawith and without Motto?*; Envelope* ts> i Parses ud PoeSet Books oi every deeoription. lpi' ttPerxrStshiu,; *>. k parts ??|-n?2WCH * RICH8TEIN. _2fi flT< Poni>. m??h? MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The pIBWB" HAIR STORK, I i Hvmya on hUM. or bom* to order at the shortest mm, mmi I / | M Ttaey go rlf h( to tlio Spot," INSTANT RELIEF 8TOP \OV% COU6H PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLE RQYME N, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. | flENTf.EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDINQ'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They give etrength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to Ue taate. They are made of simple herbs and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voioe.or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "thev go rirht to the spot.' Yoa will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst, li you try one package I am ?afe in saying that you will ever af terwards consider them indispensiUle. You will find them at the Druggiits and Dealers in Medicines TRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are counterfeit. A Paokage will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re ceipt of 1 hirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. I iSC?. NervousHeadachi /!>, CURfc JL Headache. By tfa? in of thftae Pilla the periodic* altaoka o Nirmtm.' *r Sick H$*d*ek* may be prevented; and I taken at the coinmecoein*nt ol an attack imme dlate relief from pain and atoknee* will be obtained. They aeldom fall in removing the jVa??Mi and H$*Uukt to which femaiea are *o aabj?ot. They aot gently upon the bowela,?removing C*t MMII. For Littrmry Mtu, Stndmtt, Delicate Femaiea. and all persona of ?*4?t<ary kmbitt, they are valuable u aXazaitrc, improving the arr?<ii?, giving ton* and minor to the digeative orgar.a, and re atorlng the natural eiaatioity and atrength of the Vhole afaUm. The CKI'HALIC FILLS are the result of long inveatigation and carefully oouduotod experiment*, having been in u*e many yeara, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and auJering rom Headache, whether originating in then*r?0?is ayatemorfrom a deranged atate of the ttowtark. ' They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect saf?ty without mafcinc any ohangeof diet, mnd lk? mbi?nct of tult rmdtr$ tl i?iy Is a4wit?t.if?r iktm to tiifrirtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have tire siguaiures of Henry C Spalding on eooh Hox. Soid by Draggists and all other Dealers Is Medi sines. A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on raaetpte the I'HICE, J ft CENTS. AH srdats should be adi'.resseo to HKNRV C. tfPALDIN*, 48 Cidak Stiubt, Niw You. F'tmikt Fwtmintr, Norfolk, fa. Cephalio Fills acoomrlieh the objcct for whisk ihey were made, via: Care of headaoii* in all its forms. Firm nt En*m\**r. Ntr/?lk, Tm, They have been tested In mors than a Usasa&rf iu?i, with entire aqocess. Ft Iki Dtmmrmt, St. CUmd% Hlimm. If yon are, or have N?en trouble! v ith the h?a<t ache, send for a box, (Gef Pills ,i so that yos may have them id case of an>ttaok. From tkt Ifuiirii It. R. tfiiilU, OkiMfii III. We heartily endorse Mr. Spaldiof, as4 his unTalieJ Cephaiio Pills. Frrm tkt Soutktm Pmtk Fimtttr, ifiw Oflf m, Lm. Try them 700 that are afflicted, and'wearo ssrs that yoartetumonv can bo tuided to the airsa47 niimeroos list that has received benslta that cn otber medioine oan frodaoe. From tkt tlmmtttt, J?w?. Mr. Hfftldtce would not oonneit klx B**a vltt an article he did not kmo* to pocseta re*: &arli. From tin A'irtntitrr, Fro+iim**, K, I. ThACophaUfl Pillaare and to 1* ft raraarkabl? effooti re remedy for the hnadaeh*, and ?ne?(the rery beat lor that rnrj fre^aent emnplftlnt v&:ch hfta aver been dlaooTered. From ik* St. Lmtit fhe demand for the artlala (CcjJtalU Pull) la rajiiilj inoraaaing. #v#m tk* E?M?U YtUU* Star, Iwwita, fa. We axo an re that pereonr aaJTerlTU with the head Mii*. who Irr them, will tick to taem. J*rtm tk* Advrrtiiir, Prmdtn**, M, J, The tMtimorT in their Avar la atroni, frem tat moat 1 soeoUb'e % strlera. from tk* Daily Ntwi. Ntwptrt, JL J. Cetltalio i'llla are taktnc the plaoe of all kind*. fr?m U? Commercial Bull*it*, Boston, Matt Said to be very effloaoioua for the headache. from th* Commtrexal, Cincinnati, Okie. Suflerim human it? can now be relieved. ? - -i--. ?i !_ia O* A ainjle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will nil tan ttme? tta ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY' DISPATCH iet-a StitciI in Tims Saves Nihb."^Q] A* aooidmta will hsppon, ev?n In vnll recnlateo famine*, it is very desirable to have some oheap Lnd>oiir*Dient waj for repairing Furniture, Toys Crook ?rj, Ao. xpa i.n lya-s mmmm _ - I ? ? AVMA JUM XJ Uiwl/JS Mill ?uoh em?rgeDoiM, and no honMhold e* to b? without it. It u itviri r?dr, and to the attokinc point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Break aooomfaniM Moh Bottie. Pris M oanti. AddrtM HKNRY a 8PALDINO No. 4SC?d*r rtrwK. Nov York. CAUTION. u ?mrohJ?lni. *a2 mfbt ihe ' , PEKrAEBO 8LVK??H It ( ?Om* Couth, CW4, /fNrnMii. h ?ssrs-s.fsr Nmekmt Couth tn ft?n?vHm, B'onrkuts, Aihma, t Catarrh, Clttr and g*9i rtrtnrih ( tkt v?w< PUBLIC SPEAK KIP AND SINUERS. Few ue aware of th? importance of eheokinc Uoujh or "Common Cold" in lU firet *tace; that vhioh in the togimog would yield toanitia remedy, if nefieoted.aoonattattkathe I.unci. " Brown"i Bronchial Trcchttoontaint-ng demulcent iPtretli au, allay Palmonary and Bronchial Irritation. "That trouble IB my Throat, (foi 8R0>VN'8 whioh the *'7V?A?f" area apeeitie) havincuade me often a mere whie TKOCHB8 pern.* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S ? ' reoommend their use to Pvili* Spuini." TROCHES rev. k. H. CHAPIN. "8r?laervioe lneuhdtnng Hoak?? brown's R*se." rev. DANIEL wise. fKonnEa "Almost inatant rekief m the dii treaamg labor of breathing peouhai BROWN'S t0 Asthma." rmuwna REV. a. C. ESOLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injBrioM." DR. A. A Haves, brown's Cktmut, cojio*. annnuu " A simple and tieaeant oombica TROCHES tionfor Copshr, ao." brown's dr 9ROCHE3 " B??^ K, brown's _ Bum I have proved them exaelloat lor troches wimum Coi?h," rev. h. w. warren. brown's Botlm. "Beneficial when compelled te TKUGHba apeac, audeni:g from Cold." din_mw kev. s. j. p. anderson. brown's St. Lent*. vsnrnuq " Kmctiil in renovine Iloarae IKU^nhH nesa and irritation 4t tne Throat, m brown's 007001011 Sriima and Smatroches "">* ? m.stacyljohnson^ brown's Taaohero^Muajo j southern troche8 "Sreat 1-enefit when taken before and alter preaohing, aa the? prevent brown's Hoaraeneea. From their paat effeot, i think they will bo of permanent adtroches vantage to me, REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. brown's President of Athena Collece. Tena.

"ooH wmtmmzsr<e 1-1 y READ! Am J THB AM MX D7 A WJOIOM iiV HMAJLtR. Friead.da y oa aafer.' Arc r?m the netlm of aay f tkoae nameroaa a:'>aeEU vkiek iriM from lInK1ty ofthe tlood.' Wliitare tkey, do 70a aakf tker tfk. whatare tkey net.' The blood ! the loirn of life and health. and it ! the ftrct element of oar being to reapond to any eaaee wkir-h a#>cta the arateni, aa the p?!ae infallibly attpata. The ever prevailing Nearaicia, the lrriiatirc Eryeipeiaa, tae aabtle Soraiala, the atoaixinj Rhea mat! am, Nervoaa Debility. DyTfOMia. I,ivor Cumplaint with lie toreor aud dejaotion, and the n?njbe?leaa ill* that Seao ia heir to, derive their hideona origin from the blood. Deal kindly tken and centiy with the blood. Bee the vita iaicc reaoarc^a of ratare for a? aid. and aafer ?a tc eommecd to yuar o?n8dec;e ana ee* tkat traiy valaaMe medicament know* as KfiS. M. cors INDIAN fBUSTABLK DECOCTION. With retard to ttiia aimoat infallible apeeiftt rvrnai aQuiiifirni t; ijflsr:. u, nrvuaeu verrr# *ca the eridea*** itl this treat eficacj are "aslamed b? oansUr.tavowm.sofosratir* effects and the resells fioru ' V mi %'t after ail other remedies kd<l the be?? ?".scio*i sk'.' have filled. hot ?* Mr, in orfioiueicn, t|-?t certificates s?rm are mo? sonjht from the illiterate vr.n sapertciai. but lliey volBnl?~?. e<i iroi'i the inost r???oot?b!e foirces slid justify the huhest terms )0 wIjiom it is pornWe ti oomr-iead Talcat'ie a i?ec;fio to public approra:. We may add alio that trio omatire properties of the inedioire are equalled only by it* r??wr?.tiTe-?5aacts, tiie sjstem reco*erinc froiadijcvje *ith renewed constitutional wieor. For rsie by a:! respectable Druttiet* id tkla aity, and by the proprietor, MRS. Al. COX, Mote cenaiue ir e.*.? her name is blown en ti* lottl? tnd hsr e?*i on the oork fry Price 91 p?r tx>tt!e, r 1 lor *. Wkelumi* luni. R. 5*. T. C1S9EL, Dr*f|i?t freoueiovu. i). C., Wholesale A cent for tas District, trA wil! Mtppiy the trade at my prices. a* 1< v Dft. J. H. McLBAN'B STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A.NO BLOOD Fl'RIFIKK THE GREATEST KKMEDY * tkt WURLV, 0tnap?J& dsJIss Bcforti LV'lViV> taking. <WUlUa(, r?<la?l ( t dallflaaa, axrilaiiUac aptru, tad tka : Mat "afalltkla rata a<17 far u? lutiid ifiua, tad Matarlag Ua aiak, (?r1?g, ? daklltuiad liuUt l* ttd atitaftfc. Mtl.VAIFS STAEyUTHJiMIIfH COP DIAL Will affaitaallj lift kiaar Camplaiat, Cjaaaptlt, Jaaadlta, Ciiimi ?' *tr?aa? Dakli'17, Dliinn ilui E'.daa?a, tad ail ilottti triala j fraaa a Uiaardarad LI rat ar laatak. | lia'Ekui, Ia???1 Mil, A tidtir > itkaatt al taa fetaattk, Fallaasi af l!??d la Ua Bead, Dail Tub at lath* Bttd, Palfiiauaa aS tka Intl. filltm ar Vilfkl la .? ?>ia???k, ?-ai Vratullaat, 'kaktaf at ifaouaf Ftal'air * >? I?? i?* dawa, Dryiiaia ar T tllaW. aaaa af Ika Et'.a ltd jfl7?i, lll*V? Ivnti, luarard Fa*art, , ftla la tka ftntli af tkt Btik, Okaai, ar Sid*. Raddta Plaakta af att, Fapraaaita ?f iptfiu, Frlfklfal Sraama, ! ku(iar, t>a??aaiaa?? ar t.r.y ntrraat diaataa, lata) at Kiattkaa aa tka lk<a, tad F?*ar tad A fat (at CklUt tad hTiaJ 9TJXX A StlkAlON BOTTLMB kara kaaa aald darlaftht Ital all maaika, tad ta aa la- 1 auaat kta U ftlltd la fi'luf aniira aatiafattiaa. Wka. tkta, vlll aafar fraaa Watliuaa ar Dtkliii* vkaa McLBAfl'l COEUIAV will cart j*n 1 Ma jt iu aaaaa; aa act^aaia Idat af tka laiaatdl- ! tka aa l tlaatl iraaalamt akaaft pra<*a?ad k* uklaff ikli PWI-I U iWa 4i.a..a^ -?AI I <-? ^ - na m? (VlltCVIfl KffTHI i *kifku kiAti iivi ?r **' *?. *??k kj atiai*, : ?> l?tp? If! / tltktlil, U? Itliun atduiuai llflll- ' uUaa 1? laalaltd la U? ??'?'? ktahk vtf ai UAB.B.1SU rZRBOIf/fi 01 atMra, lr?<* vkaiavar ?MI tad uiiiiiMt iriiHTiiim couitti a u?raaft af lk? tad all vka at> kata la toad Ikaauklraa k/ tapcaatr u *?:??a??i will fad la Ula Cardial a aartala aad ?M?dj raaadj. TO THK LAD IBB. MtkStl l VTKMtTI UOKVlik i* a hop ?? a?fl ifthlr ?ai? fa? latitat '>>xa*yt'?a, Wkltt*, . jd'a?ita?u-a,I ?f frlaa M lartfaan tuOutr tktiaaf, Fa.liaf af III fftak, Sldd'atM, ytlaUa*. ia<r (II laaldaal la Faaala*. TFKAB IS NO MISTAKF ABOUT IT taS#r n? iaaf*f. Tat * li aaarriUg t? it w' U iiiiikuu, aad larlcarait T?e aad aaaia tka kiwr af katiia ta aiaaai yaar tkm afala. j katil* la fimiut :* fi?* miIiIimmi. IfOK CHILDRJty, U_/?*r allldifh art ?l?klj, ar iflUiad, MckBAHl COUIAW will aaka lkt? k?a!tkr.f?i, tad rakltl. Rtlay aai a ae??*ali Us It, aad 7a?-vlli ka aaarlaaad. lit* daUUaat la'.aka. ? ?i ivn< Itvtn if dr)||Ub ar daalara try ta pais un j?u aataa klit*i if aaraapanlla t?aak, wkiak mi aaa kar akaip. kr a*Ti?f It li l?*t aa ? <!. A?aid aach rata. Aik fai MCLEAN1! BTBEWBTBEWIMO COEDIAk, and taka a?l>"uf alaa. It ia lha anly rai.jady that will parity lb a Blaad t*ar??ffelj a rid at tha una lima alraof-han laa ayalaa. Una laaipaanal takau arary marntnj faatiof ia a cartala I prarantira fai Chalaia, Chilli and Patir, Yaliaw fnar, ar J aay araraUnt alaaaaa. It ia pat aa In larga aaulaa. Ftiaa aaly B1 par aaitla, ?r I br.t'.aa In ft. f. . McbKAH, la piaprlatar af thla Cardial) aiaa, hf akaaa't Taiaaoia 01 kialaiaaL Prlaaljal Pini aa tka aaraa* af Tkud tad rtaa auaata, St. kiila, Ma. MoLe&n't Voloanio Oil Liniment, (TIBINT kmiMCMT UTIIWOlkD.) tka aalr a*fa aad aartala aaia far Caatara, Fllaa, Ta. art, Iwalllaf a aad Braaahila at Caiua, Faralrala, Maaralfta, Watkuaaaaf lha Maactaa, Ohraata ar lniunmatary Rkaaaaailam, Bufaaaa af ika Jair.u, Canuaciad Maaelaa ar klfaiaania, Kanaka arTaatkaaka, Braiaaa, Bpraina, Fnak Cata, Waaoda, Blaara, Fa?ai Baraa, Cakad Braaai, Kara ipplaa, Barua, Baalda, Baia Tbraat, ar u; lolammaiiao ar paia, aa diffarauca haw aarara ar laoc tha diaaaaa mar Lara ailatad, MckEAB* CEkEBEATED klNlMEMT la a aartala lamadr. Tfcava&ada af hanaaa kataga aar* kaaa aarad a Ufa af Ala aiapHada and aiaary hy tka aaa af Un taralaakla raraady. MeL BAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralitra pain alrtaat iuaUoiaaaavaly, aad It wtll alaaa, partfy aad haal tka faalait aaraa 10 an lutradikla akart tiaa. FOR H0A8ES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtkEAlffl Ck.kEBH.ATED klNlMEMT la tha auly aala aad raliakla ramady far tha aara af Sparta, UafMa, Wiiiifalla, flic'.a, Bunataral kampa, Hadaa ar Bvallion. It aarar fall id ta aara Bif laad, Pail aril, Fiatala, Old Baaalaf Btna, ar Bwaaay. If praparly aapliad. Far praiaa, Braiaaa, Bcratakaa, Crack art Biala, Caafaa, SadAla at CaUat Balla, Cata, Baraa, at Wamnda, It la an iataiiikla laiaady. Apply It aa dwtaiad aad a aara 1a aartala la avarp (BlUAIIi Ma trlla aa laafar wild tha Aa?y awrthlaaa klalmaala afaaad la yaa. Okulo a aapplr af OA. MckEAH'B CEk? UTtD klllHtir i. ?tfi J. l.licUcli, Ui fttfrlilM, Unii T*lid ut rta? >UH Bu W??n, Ma, dUkU tTOTT, PI Pi. Mi i<nl U VukUt am 1.1 V.niNBk.?MWM*> nM-MVI? ^jun boats to* tb? west ken e1vkr8. Qsafmuim SnmL'i Omra, I 7mm 17, 1961. S Piorouu are invited tor oonatraoting 6ubo*u upon the Weiicrn rivers 8)k>oi5??tio*a wii 1 be ^mediately ?r*>*rfvl ud m?y b* examined at the Quirternuurter1* o*oe tl Cincinnati. Pit*?bnrgh, and at this oftoe. rrapnaala from boat bail' or* tM aactM-baild tr* alone will be oon?idere<i. Piana nbmitted by bidden will be taken into consideration M. C. HKlOS* )e 1? QnartermaaUr general United Plate &aa?Bgj5B& [mm. Oftf IM Bacii Jlo., vaioh ? u? lot m tiug TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. "Si*KoTfHUL.VBSIRH" Landing ud embarking pwntm it Queenetown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York lad Philadelphia Steaniahi* Company mt?n<i di?p*tohin? i tkeir fell powered C!yd? r.uwt iron Steam?hiM aa foil owe : tiLAS(H>W .....Satire at, Aogait 3d. CITY OF BALtlMORfi, - " loth. KANGAROO. 44 M l*h. Aud every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North nvar. ? . ?4T? o? PAaaASK. Firat Cabin.. ....... Po. to London M i>o. to r?m ?. N Do. to Hutbiri - ? Steerage *> Do. toLondun.. .. M i)o. to ?... r Do. to Humbert..... ....... 96 Paesengers forwarded to Ha*re, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at reduoed thronch fare*. ker?on? wishing to bring oat ?heir friMMa Oaa buy ticketa at low rates. kot further information apply at the Captains Olfioe. JOHN S. Da Lfc , Agent, 18 Baaadway. N. Y . Or toQ. . HERRING, Aaama Ex tree a Ba.timore. ^-^1ND1V1DUAL( ENTfeRPElftK JKsfiBlfi EASTER* AXD WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT\" Capt. J H. K rwaii " t lONhER," Capt. W. Norman. Will tun their routes aa follows, leari t Light atresi, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at7 o'olook A. M * ' KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on rhnaUnk n??r atllMliK'" -~J SATOrfDAY. re'urnln? every Thursday ud Moudhy. For Annapolis and WmI River, avery TUESDAY m.g FRIDAV and returning ?'# ilay?. PIONEER?For St. M'cbae:'* an<1 Easton, vi* Mile's River, every WEDNLSDA V, and return thonmeday. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oaford ard Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same ruute on Friday For Annapolis. Wfit River, St. Miohael'aand Kaiton, via Mile's River Ferry, every saturDAY, returning every Monday by same routeFaro to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point *1 SO Fare to St. Michael's and Miles' Rivera round trip.fl.) 1? Fare to West R lver, (ronnd tria, $1) 1 ?0 Fare to Annapoli* (round trip75 oenta) 7t MEALS EXT HA. fTT Freight mnst l>e proaaid, Wbarf and Ot&oe, LIwHT ST., foot oi Camden. Baltimore. C. fc. CA\XOW. NORTHERN IsBHBS centralrailway. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Caxvbit Station, Batimore. May li, 1M1. \ On and after Sunday, May 19th, 1861, Traiaa on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY 1 nve aou depart aa lollowe. until further notiae. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 115 A. M. KXPRRW at 3 an P. M. UARKl^BURU ACCOMMODATION at I P. M The 8 15 A.M. train oonoeots at Relay Hoaae with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; At Hanover J unction with Hanover and GetUbu'* Railroads; at York with York and Wriglftavllla Railroad; at Harr'i<t>urr ?i?h Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parti of the Weil, alio with LabaoDon Vailey Railroad to N*n Yorhdirtet; at Northum her land with i> and B. Hailroad for Kioiatonand ali pa; ta of W rooming Valley .and at yunnury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parta Northern Pennsylvania rmI New York. The 3.30 P. M train liiakea all the above connection* exoept Hauover Railroad, Wrijhtaville KMlroail and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. The 8 P. M tram makea connections with Pennsilvaui* Railroad for all parta,of the Weat,and direct oonnecta for Naw York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mai! *t? lo P M.; Expre** at 7 ? A.M.; Harriabur? Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tioketn aud information inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station Baltimore. J. CLARK,Bap'U I.KiVK PRII tnifl DBI1 for new YORK. The Camuflu and Amboy ami Philadelphia aad Trenton ll&ilread Coma-inies' Line from PHI LAUKI PU1A TO NKW YO#K AND WAY PLACfS. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave a* fol !()WI: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. aad A. i Aooommodatioh.) At 6 A. M, via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Aooommodation.) At 3 A. M., ria Camden and Jersey City, (Moraire Mail.) At 11K A. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Western Exjroea.) At 12X P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooomaod at i on.) At2P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. E*pre?a ) At 4H P M., via Kenamrton and Jeraey City, (Evening Exyreea.) At 4X P. M , via Kensington and Jeraey City, (Second Class Tisket.) Atb P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City, (Evening Mail.) At Ilk P M., via Camden and J?raey City,(Southern Mail.) At5 P. M.t via Camdec and Amboy, (Aooomn\'>daUon, freight and paaaenger, First Claaa Tioket.) Second Class Ticket. Tl>?8 P. M- Mail Train, runs daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, Saturday* exropt^d For Belvidero, Km ton, Lambertville, Flemington. ftc , at 7.10 A. M.; and iW P. M., from Keaainrton. FW VVit*r flap, !#troad?*mrjt,f*or*nton.Wilke?blr;e, MomUoi*, Great BenJ, Ac.. at 7.1? A. M from K?.*.?ni?ton, via J>elaware, Lackawanna and W???t?rn Railroad. For Msuch Chuni:, Allentown ard Bethehem.&t 7.1'> A. M and fiK P. M. from Kensington depot; the7.1') A. M. li oonaects with tiie train leaving feaston at S 36 P. M. For Mount Hoily at and 8 A. M. and I and 4)6 P <W. For Freehold at A. M and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ao.. at 7.19 A.M..4H and 5>$ P. M fr?m Kensington, and SK P. M from \V a:nut street wharf. For Palmyra Rivortoo, De'.anco, Beverly. Burlington. Florem***), Bordentown, Ao., at 1SK, I, 3, <k and 5 )?. M. bteamvr Trenton for Bordentown. and intermediate f l&ccs, at 2X P. M. from Walnut street wharf. _UJ- F or New York and Way Lines, leaving I Kenainston Depot, take the oars on Fifth street, alxive Wal iut, half on honr before denature The oars run int > the depot, and on arrival oftrain run from the de >ot. h iftv pound* of baggage only allowed to each passengar. Passengers are prohibited from taking anything an baggage but their weanng apparel. All baggage over fifty pounds to be paid for extra, fJieonmpany limit their responsibility for baggage to one rfol ar per pound, and will not be liablef<>r any amount beyond on* hundred dollars. oAuuvi bj cvfuia. ounirnct, WM. H. fiATZWKR . Agent. WE8FT?ANTD?>UTH BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Mar 16tn, IKI, the trama will rnn a? follows, via:?Leave Camden Station, Baltimore.? Mail, .exoept Sunday.) at 5. so A. MExrreea darty at 3. 46 P. M. Both Traita to directly hrough "-OR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWE8T. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Haiti aior* and ("tedmont take the A. M. Tra;n; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Ao commodatior Train, leaving Piedmont at 5. A. M .and between Graft.n and Parkertborg, take the 5 30 A M Traiii Iroro Baltimore. The FRKDEKIOK fKAIN Uavea Baltimore at 4 SO P. M. and Frederick a. 6-30 A.M. Th- KLLICOTT'S MILLS I R AIN leave Baltimore at 6 2ii and 9.15 A.M. and 1 43 and 5.40 P. M , and r.lliooit'e Mill* at 7.40 and 11.6" A. M.and 3.45 and 7.0ft P. M. For further information, Tieketa of ever? km<1, Ao , apply to J. T. ENGLAND Agent, at Camden fetation, or at the Tioket o?oe._ W. V. SMITH. Master of Tracaportion. L. M. COLE. Gen'l Ticket Agent. YOhK. HARLEM AND fiH^B ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NEW YORK FOR ALBANY. TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commencing Mondav, Mar *Tth, 1x61. For Abany?11:00 a. in. fut express train from Jfeth street. For Dover Plain#?coo p. m stopping at Wklte Plains and stations north to Dover plains?from Ktb street station. (This train will ran to Millerton every Saturday evening.) For Croton Fall*?1:15 a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordham from W?h street station. For White Plains??3B, 4:10 and fcOO s. m. stopping at all stations from 26th street station. For Whlte Plaine?6; '6 p. m. stopping at all stations from W Lite street station. For W llliama Bridge-Mf), 11:16 a. m. and fcfB p. m. stopping at all stations from nth street station. Returning will leave? Albany?a. m. tast express train. Dover Plains-fc30 a. m. (This train leaves Mil lerton every Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Croton Falls?6 p. m. White Plains?wio. 7,-flO a. m. 4:10 A 7*? p. m. w imam* Bridge?6:?), 9^0 s. m. & 1:00 p. m. Sundar trains will Imt* 4th Arena* corner 2Sd atraetTfor Central Park. York Till#, Harlem and High Bridge erery few minutes. from WO a. in. to iMp on. JOHN BUBCH1LU Asst. ?a>'t. YORK AND ERIK RAIL Pumier Train* Iwwtu Paroma Perry and Loag Dock, from foot of Chambers street. New follow*, yi? : , _ 7.00 a.m . EXfRKgeiior Dunkirk,and Buffalo, and principal u,t*rraf ia'e Station*. Iooa m .MAIL,lor Dnnkir*. and intermediate Stations?This Train remains orer night at Klaura, and proceeds the B*xt morning 9.00 a m Mll.K dail,, for OtisriUe, and inter mediate Stations. 1100 a. m , ACCOMMODATION. dally, for Port Jern*, and pilnaipal Stationi 4?0 p. m . WAV, for Middistows, Newbnrfh. .ITBImll -' v ONIOm-ONIOtm-ONION*. U8T RMfivfd on wimuMt 149 mbw print Oatou. FornUUxw. KING 4 Bl3*CHtLL, ?* * ^rm?f FiW<mw?- ?Nl T >t? O^K V'l.KV NICE ^KCiiMO HAM) PIANO ft?r ft&i. .Uw.titnt tonk H? vu &.?:?' Mtd HteiuVkj k, !"oa'? b%r. H|M )utMMNj?ir*di(UNMHMBu>no( ln\Tl . W. U. MLTZfcAOTT. 07 PiMuw(orit*. Ml I o'ciook p. m.. or lmoMdlately fcfUr the *rrtT?J oT th" WuMniton Trmn, which <?niVriftl?|1o( at .S o'olock p. a. F?-tf U. N FALL*. N?t PHILAMKLPHtA. WIL JHlHi MINGTON ANfc B A LtlkORE RAILROAD. sPRJXo ASDr\FAii\ i Tnuni tor PkitJL?fci? win inn Pr*?j*NH*UMit N#w York trltni eloept 4tf >. M. trail ot Mlar. I Ji PrMtht Trtm with leaves atl P. M , stoppingat ail^tatioaa Mvni 0Wtimor?to4 Harre Puwitri for tVe nirt Mid tk* Km tore ftor* of Maryland wiU find the most expeditions roan bf Wl^7"AN C*l'o'???Vernoaa ttohat fit* boai before eatnrtag ee?m. c>AWFQ1Pt A?iafc fid^OAO ?a4 MJtW YORK CENTRAL RATI ROUp KXpraea Trains l?e*a .Now York eity depota of Hod so a Rirer Railroad laity. Bandaye excepted, aa toltewa, Frnjn Charabera street. KrnmSlat at atltlon. AiTjooia _ At? K a ib HOC" 3 ftp In l'Jtt " SJBpia Sjn p m S S6 p aa Montreal and Brffalo . Train with aleep ng oara, 9.'5 pro 1 45 p ai Connecting at Albany with the New York Cea tral Km. road for Bchenectady. Krone*tor, L'tioa Baiavia, Rome, and ataUona on Rome aad Watoctown Railr^. Hnflklo Stracne#. Nioga*a Fal'a, Suspension Bridge. Alburn. 6ei ieva.Cn: arUaigaa Traica in oonnection tear* BaffVo and 9utp?n aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo ard i aka Baron and Kat Western Railroad, for Hamilton.Toronto, roit. Chicago. Toledo,Milnaukie. F6n Da Lae, ba Croeae, Madiaon. Prairie l)n Chien, 6a ena, anleith. Dnbn^ne, Peoria, Rock Island, Maeeatine, Iowa City, Partington, <^uir>cr. Sarins held, Alton, St. Louis. Cairo, Terre Hauto. lrwf ar.aaclie, Louisville. Ciroirna", I avion. Colnn.bna, CI're land, and ar pouts Vvtat. Northweat *.nd flaatk. NORTHERN ROLTK. Connecting with Trairs at 7ro?, with Troy h Boston and Kens * Saratoga V o?uii for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rutland. Hnrliniton, ~t. Albans. Roih Point, Platt<burch, Ojtdeusburch, Montreal. Jta.? Jto fT7" Freight Arrangements by thi? roate aa above. without change of Cars, trosi Lba lkp?u la Chambers and ranal streets, are at all tines aa favorable as merle by oth-r Railroad Companies. The faoil>tiea of tnis great New York Rrate, *o the West commend it to the eocf decoe of maichaata ac; sbppers for promptness ard dispatch. Paaaeiiger trains, with Smokinc and tUeafiec Cars ron in oonnection on the New York Central Road. For partioolarsas to loot) trainaand freif ht ar rangeatei.U, inquire at th* depot, 6% Warren sU A. F. SMITH, Saperintendent. JT-s-a. U S GOVKRNMKNT LINK* tf^??TO FORT MOM HOE AND OLO roiST roMPokT. Leave* the lower end rj I N'HiN DOCR. Baltimore, weat aide, I'AILY, (Sundays included.) at ?>? o'el-ok P. M. takine passe&rrrs and fright, and connecting with the Railroad lin?a. to ard from Washu g'on, D. C., Phi ade ehia. New York, Breton, York, Harriabarg, Pihaborg. Pa, aid the West, immediately a^er the arrival of the Llpreei Tram from New York and Philadelphia. Tbe following if the Sohedn.e : From New York to F?rt Monroe and back. #14 From Philanelph a at.d i?ack. 1** From Baltimoreand baok? It IT^PROCURE YOl'R TICRETS^O In New York, at the New Jereey Railroad ORoe fo;>t ofCourUar.d street,^ _ ia rm.MV'paifti tar uompilj'l OBOIt II* We oorner of Sixth and Gheetnnt street*, or at III* D*pot, Broad and Prim" street*. In Baltimore, on b^ard the Steamer*, foot of Union Dook. HUGH O'CONNFR. Passe i.ger Acnt. j*^mFOR BOSTON VIA NKWPOIT ANb KALI. RIVER. By lh* spiendid and ***enor Steamer* METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and S TATE OF MA I * E. oftreat treatth and saeed, bnt parttc marly adapted to U* navigation of Lone Island boced, rncnmg ia ooane tioc with the Fall R iver a?d Old Colon; Railroad, distance of fit mile* only to Boaton Lear* Pier No. 8 TVo'th Rlrer near the Battery. The Steamer EMPIR ESTATE,Capt. Brsjton. Plonday*, Wednesday*, and Friday*, at ft o'clock . M., touching at Newport each *n. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt Browm. oa Tuesdays, Tharsdajs and Saturdays, at I o'e.ook P.M., toaohing at Newport each way. These Steameas are fitted with eoinmodioaa tale room*, and every arrangement for the seearit? and con;fort ol passengers, who are afforded by this route a nights' rest on board, and on arrival at Fall River prooe*?d per Steamlxiat Train.reech ing Boston eariy the foliowinr morning: or may reinaiu on board until start ng of th* Aeoommooa- . tion at* A. M., by wfatoh taey may reacn Boston about 8.45 A. M. A baggage master ia attached to eaoh steamet, who rooei res at.d tickets the baggags. and aoooapanie* the same to iu declination. A Btoatner ruts in oonneoLon wit^ thi* Lin* between Fall Hirer and Providenoe dailr. excest Bandaya. Freigbt to Boston it fonrasded throneh With great dispatch by an Kxpres* Tkaio, which iMrn Ki K.vpr f?rt mornn.c, Bandays exoepted.a* 7J* n'olook for Boston and New Badioid, arriving at its destination at about II A M For freight or pa>*ag?, appty on board, or at tha cftoeon Pier No. 3 North River for state :o?Ana and berth* apply oa boar *, or :f desired to aeoara them id adv&noe, to WM. BOR DfcN. Ag*t W and 71 W Nt street. N. Y. JT"? THE REGULAR MAIL LINK Ch"T^ ftvit GKOTON, STONINGiON " ^**?acd PROVIDENCE, F<?K BOH YON?inland Route?The shortest and most <u rect?C*rry the Eastern Mai!. The steamer PLYMOUTH ROCS, C. !eer, and COMMONWEALTH, CaaC J. W. r'il i\m?, in oonneotion with the s*tonir>r?4)n apd rondfiK-^nd Ben oa and Providence R aiiroaa?t aving New York rtaijy, bandars ex col. ta<1, from Star No 18 North R.ver, at s o'clock P. hi.. ana roton at 830 o'ekoc r. M? or on the arrival of he Mail Traia wliioh leaves Boston at 5 Si P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from Niw YorkMonday, Wednesday, and Friday. From Groton?Tarawa*. Thursday ,and Haturdaj. The >;OMMONWEAI TH, from New York? Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday. From GroIon ?Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday. Passengers from Groton fii>c?-ed per ra;.road to trondanoo and Boston, m the Lxpr??e Mail rain, reaching aatd place In advance ?>f those by other rooter, and in amala time tor ail the early Morning Lines oooecting North and East* Fas aengers that prefer it, remain oa board the steam?r, eojov a nights' reat undisturbed breakfast if desired, and leav? 6roU>n i a the 7 14 A.M. Train, connecting at Providenoe with the 14* A?M. Train for Boston. r*re irnai frovdeooe to Novport, Ftfty oenls. A bt((U< muttr koo'imfuiiN Uw 8tw?r and Train etch For Passage, Berths, $tat? Roomi, or Freight, apply on bi*rd the it*tai?r, or at the Freight Offioe, Pier It North Kiver. or at U>e Oftoe oU the Crmpany, No. 116 V> Mt st-eet,oorner of Cortland street. New York. Fer ?. >Ki. HLI>S??N RIVER BAU>R flHBForALBANY AND TROY.CON NKCTTNO with TRAINS NOR And WEST, Trains leave : From Chambers st. N.Y- FromtHh street Express. 7 and 11 a. in.. Tjs. njs a. ml, and Ml and 3,an and 6 p. in. SJ6 p. m. Troy and Albany twith 10,45 p. m , ' delays in sleeping oar) 10,15 p. m elided.) Pougbkeeptte train6. a 6.25a. El.,and 1.4P p. m ra . 1.15 9. m Keekskill train, p in ,4JSp. m. in* tiibf train^ ooam .|9J6 a. m., aad 4^t aad and 4 3D and SJWp. m 8JK p. ra. Plahkill tram, 63< p. ir.l5J6j> m. 4. r SMITH. Heperiatoixlofit. DCHWKRIN'S luilhUatlBi k P?wder la thejjn^r known aad tmtmmtm yi?a. SCH WKRIU't) PILLS are smradsaOi to Rats Tii* original oertiioatee eu be mm at U* wboieaale and Sotti; l>e*ot 1*4 No t:, fteot-aC ilrMt, Pb.-adeiptue., anu fur sal* i> Uia olty by D. M. CLARXToorner >'v aTNH nod 4* ate., a?4 by all Druggists and Srooore. BKWARh OF ^FURIOUS IMITATIONS. K*~ JUamnbar to ask for ftohweria's ftaaikilaPt i Powoar. ID Nona intiu anions tt|MdM.taavnu. nlftftwoo FRENCH ft KlcVht)fc N?baSejiact rmr? n large and eompiet? assortment of Military Hooka of all kiads, vbiek tboy offer trow tea m> IAf ear oent. below tha ragaiar ratau yriaaa, molading : ft nsw adition of Hardee'a Infcatry and Rite T&otici. ooaulete, 91.25 tor-we* Volunteers' Manual. S vols, RS Alie 'a Ooawaaoiuin of Hardeo'e T actios, We b &rd?Va Tactioa, ahens edition. >* S ts^waa.'TEit a **Th? H*Ml-?ook7?r H>? O.Hj *?*?. toiaj ft rat took of lAatracbo* to tto U. *. I (Jtmln ?miUH. \T*f. FL?*a/Booi?' Mi of rj 4ooenpt4<*c. M * OT* ' W"! !"??>. FmaMijuMRjaaerfSS!". for Aotume ?r?0 WinUr oo*. Om >r.o<- . lit, mi k*d mytftio k?w, f ? ^ ? 1 ? o#i _ All bojlPr Mi li.( M)l| l?* r?4i-0M ?r ?r? M(k MMM, Mr ?lioU lotto ( ? M?* i* nn-> Id 0' !<>?!? I^ntn. At (IMlliMiui u( tlvk iVOliM D? 14 lioiiK* toyarohAM. _ KKKKV .Ml . MU? *

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