Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1861 Page 1
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w ' - < >3 i?* i>nwyp^>i j 7" (?fbrntti5 Star, I V?*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D C . SATURDAY. OCTOBER 19. 1861. N9. 2.704. .?" PosT OrriCB Window.?The Phlladel}>hia North American is responsible for the ollewing: A Milesian female approaches. She is shert nd angular, with a hatchet-shaped face, and a hatchet-edged voice. *'W here s me letther?" is her abrupt question. 1 "What letter?" asks the clerk. "Niver mind now; I want me three cints." What three cents7" 'The three cinU I gev ye to smd a letther to New Vorrick." "What do you want the three cents for, then V "Because the letther niver wint." "And how do you know it never went?" "Because whin me sister answered it, she said she niver got it." t?,"^?W ?OU'^ "k? *D1Mrer 'f s^? never got ' Arrah, hould yer head. Will yo gev me me three ointa, or won't ye." "No ma'am ; you mult be craty to ask it." "Is it me crazy'" "C?rt?ir.!y, Craiy as a bedbug "Bad luck to ye, and is it the likes of ye that dare call me a bedbug? Is there any other way of gettin at ye except through this little windy asked the now furious woman. i ma.afn' no other way." "Faith, it's lucky for you then. Av there was, I d come and welt ye like an ould shoe Niver mind, ' continued the lady as ?h* weft away "I'll till tab husband to-night, and , he 11 dot the two eyes of ye, so he will." The Toee or Bcllets.?A soldier writing from one of the camps on the Potomac thus alludea to the peculiar music made by bullets passing through the air: !H V9T* ?00<* P'ace to exercise the mind, with the enemy s picket rattling eios4 at hand. A musical edfr can study the d&erent tones of the bullets as they skim through the air. I caught the pitoh of a large siied Minie yesterday-it was a swell from E flat to F, and a* it passed into the distance and lost its velocity, receded to D?a very pretty change. One of !5l ?"?tlf'"rtl,r'gii??and8 is that produced by the Hotcbkins shell. It comes like the shriek or a demon, and tie bravest old soldiers feel like ducking when they hear it ft Is no mrtre destructive than some other bullets, but there is a great deal in mere sound to work upon men s fears The tremeudous scream is caused I by - ragged edge of lead, which is left on the shell. In favorable positions of light the phe- I VI-8?nc,imc8 b? ? you sund directly behind a gun, of the clinging of the I air to the ball The ball seems to gather up I tne atmosphere and carry it along, as the earth I 1 carries its atmosphere through space. Men are I frequently killed by the wind of a cannot shot I There is a law wnich causes the atmosphere tb I 1 cline to the earth, or Which presses upon it I with p .ofoe, at the surface, of 15 pounds to tne square inch; does the same law, or a modi- I noation, pertain to cannon bails in flight7 I do I not remember of meeting with a discus^ien ?f ! the subject in any published work. It is certainly an interesting philosophic question. I ; Bobto.h Boot awd Shoe Market.?The Shoe I ana Leather Reporter says :? | The activity in the shoe market is still con- I fined to army goods, and for these the call is 11 incessant. Considerable quantities, both ofl boots and brogai.s, are being made up of hem- I lock leather on State contracts, and larrfe obt- I Mie sales have been ejected to the United I States Government, which furnish work for manufacturers in many cases at rather better than contract rates. Rates of stock are ad- I vancing, but as all the tanners and curriers | seem now hard at work getting etit leather suitable for Government uses, it may be sup- I posed that the demand will soon be met Tho I request from the New England trade is fair, most of the western and interior buyers have I gone home, and orders recived for goods in the I regular line of our trade are few and scattering I T"* W ike or Ge> Scott, according to the I Paris correspondent of the London Star, is "in | a very delicate state of health, and quite a I martyr to nervousness She is not able to read I the newspapers till some friend I<?oks over I them, aware* her that there are no evil tidings from the North, and that nothing has hap- I Eened to any member of her family, of which I er husband is not the only one who has taken I up arms in defense of the Federation." The I same correspondent gives us the pleasing in- I telligence that "Afr* Ricletts, better kn.wn as Anna Cora Mowatt," is a near neighbor of I Mrs. Soott, in Paris. The difference between! Ritchie and Ricketts Is very slight. : Death or a Booe Pciushrr ? The Phila-1 delphia papers announce the death of George I W. Peterson, junior partner in the firm of T. I B. Peterson A Brothers, book publishers in I that citw. The Press says : 11 'During the storm of Thursday evening last, I while on his way to his residence on Washing-1 ton Square, his foot caught on the rail of one I of the passenger roads, causing a severe blow, I whioh brought on congestion of the brain. He I died in the thirty-second year of his age." A Piiimt raoM Pbus*ia.?The steirnshlp I Bo*ton, which sailed last evening for Phlladel-1 had on ,wo hundred and sixty cases, I containing 6,526 Prussian musketa. which were I m,de a present by the Prussian Government, to | V e City or Philadelphia. They arrived In the teamsalp Bavaria. IP" Missouri la one of the largest States In the I t uloir IU territory exceeds In extent (he six I New Knaland States and the State of Delaware I com bl ned It is divided Into upward of one hun- I dred counties The State ex tends about two bun- | dred and eighty-five miles from east to west, and I two hundred and eighty miles from north to I south. < JU"''said to be Prince de Jolnvllle who has I taken 9300.000 of treaaury notes, and haa sent I orders to England for the sale of consols for the I purchase of ?70U,0U>additional He will Increase I his anouai Income about *32.000 by this shrewd! move, getting his money back again in three I years. I CTOn Sunday a very estimable lady, named I Mrs Cole, residing near Troy, went into her barn I to collect egga The straw bad been thrown up I In such a manner aa to cover a deep hole, Into I which Mrs C fell, and being oldand inflrin, she I was unable to extricate berself She waa found I with an egg in her hand?life quite extinct. IL/-Some towns are favored In a pecuniary I Banner by the war Portsmouth, N. H , was never I more lourlflblng before than It It now made by I the government works. Nearly two thousand I men we are told, are employed In the Navy Yard I ?a number equal to all the men In Portsmouth! before?and they keep money In quick circuit- I tlon. ICTA soldier accidentally dropped a bottle of | Jamaica ginger on the floor In the Rome railroad | depot, a few days since, when the contents in-1 stantly Ignited, and burning in bright blaze, con-1 sumed the wrapper and other dry aubetanceson | the floor, before it could be extlnguiahed.?Hom> I (fa'a ) Coutht ID" The Cincinnati papers state that Brigadier I General Mitchell will this week take the fleld at | the head of the forces which are to march upon | the Cumberland Gap. Thia command Is said to | ha ve been assigned to htm by Secretary Cameron, I wn.Je in Cincinnati last week, and is fraught I with Important results. I _ CUT" A young lady recently committed suicide I bv throwing herself under the ear-wheels at South | Paris. Me. She waa a daughter of Hon. David | Dunn, of Poland, formerly Speaker of the House I of Representatives. She was laaaoe. ILr It is said that the females who carry letters I to the retels are la the habit of concealiag the | con raband correspondence la the rolls ef their I hair. JCT Four batu ri~s of trtlllary are sow being I organized la Connecticut?one la each congres- I sional distriet. j tZTTbe marine loeees for September are re-1 ported at tlTMOOi the total since January 1 is - Cir The rebel* have formally taken puaat mion I Af A'teona. la the name of the "Coafed~r*u> I Sut^of Am rica " (?TSix hundred thousand pairs of sawed shoes j are ucw being manufactured ?a Alwsachueetts fee I W umf. 1 THE EVENING STAR U PUBLISHED SVBRT APTERNOON, SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THS ST All BDIURMa, Cor-r e/fsMsyiooase ooswas aM BUnutk tt. IT w. D. WALLACH. Papen served U packages by carries* at ?4 i year, *r 37 eaotoper month. To mail snbacribon t*eprtoe te S3 M year, to advowee,- for alx i SI tor three months; tad for lea tku three month* at the rat* of cento a week. 81agteeoptea, orb cant; la wrapper*, two cim Abvbbtibbjibbt* should be *ent to the *r? before it o'clock m.; otherwla* they may ao? appeor aaUl the next day. A SKETCH OF MAKA9U9 )(IltCTIOI<l. [From the Ortrgla Constitutionalist, Oct. 3 ] Th* village of Manama, or Tudor Hall, a* the Poet Office ia called, is very much smaller than is generally imagined. In th* village proper there are perhaps not more than five or fix inhabitants. Tbe station is situated on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, some quarter of a mile from its junction with the Manatssas Gap Koad. There is no regular depot, bat a rudely constructed building answers the purpose at present. One plain two story house, with a porch in front to which you mount by half a dozen steps, wa? formerly the hotel, while the only remaining roofs the place can "boast is a small white cottage, now used as a boepital, and a small rough office occupied by the Adams Express Company. The telegraph is in two horse cars, like those used on the city railroads, on one of which the battery is placed, and in the other i* the operating room, receiving room, baggage room, dining room by day and lodging room by night, of the busy operator*. These cars are placed t right angles with each other, closely connected, ana over them, among the numerous wires whi<.*h radiate from this common center, floats a large and very handsome Rebel flag. Close beside the cars stands the field telegraph, with its largecoil of wire wound upon the cylinder ready at a moment's notice to be laid from headquarters to any point. The chief here is Mr. Barnes, and he and his assistants are constantly kept as busy as bees. Jast beyond the telegraph office is that of tbe Express Compaoy. which has quite tbe appear* ance of a curiosity shop. The building itself is filled op with all kinds of curious boxes and parcels, addressed principally to men in_the army, and which had remained here for some time uncalled for. Outside, a large rectangular shed has boon built, beneath which the larger boxes and barrels, some three hundred lu number, are retained till called for bv the owaers. All the vacant space is cow filled, and a new board hou?e is be>nj? built for winter quarters. The exprees messenger leaves here bat once a day on 7 a. m train I said there was no regular depot building, bat I urn mistaken. There is one?a low. dingy looking house, extremely dirty, one end of whioh is used as the Tudor Hall Post Office and the other as a variety store, where, by the way, a soldier can spend a great deal of money with as little satisfaction as in any place this side of Kansas Th* trade here is principally in matches, pipes. tobacco, shoe strings, thread and buttons, and ia divided between this stare and tbree sutler shops or tents in the immediate vicinity. There is a long triangular platform beyond the depot building, upon which is piled a large amount of freight which is received for the different regiments. Three or four sentinels are constantly on guard here, but these ar* not vigilant enough to prevent about one third of the freight sent here from being stolon Many thing? have been taken within the last few days. Califobsia Items, Ac.?Advice* from San Franciaco are to the 9th instant. The ship Herald of the Morning has completed loading for Liverpool, carrying 28,600 sacks of what. The Western Star has loaded with breadstuffs for Liverpool, and the Glimpse for Sydney. with a like cargo. The Santa Claus has loaded with wheat for Callao; from thenoe with guano for Holland. The *hip 8ea Serpeat has been chartered for Hneg Kong. The market is very quiet. Sales from first hands limited; 500 firkins Isthmus butter sold at 26 cents: 2 000 sacks of wheat on board ship Franklin Haven, for England, sold at $1.80. The schooner W. B Scranton, with a cargo of lumber, has been seized by tbe U. S. Marshal, for confiscation, being partially owned by rebels. She is one of the fastest sailers on the Pacific ocean. A largo-stxod hump-back whale was caught io the Bay of San Francisco, on the 5th. and has since boon on exhibition at the foot of one of the streeta of San Francisco, drawing immense crowds, at 50 cents each. Cbixa.?The ship Lotus, from Hong Kong, brings dates to the 12th of August A private letter to a mercantile house of San Francisco, dated Hong Kong, August 11, contains tbe following. " A privateer was fitting out at Shanghai, at th* last dates. A Captain Allen, who took the steamer Surprise to Shanghai, Captain Lynch, formerly a steamer captain on the China eoaat, Mr. n ard, who has held a ooloneloy in the Chinese Imperial ranks, and Mr. Clery, U. 8, storekeeper at Shanghai, are engaged in the expedition. It saij that the schooner has been equipped from the U. 8. naval stores. I think there was only coal thereon." " Thb Hcbt for thb Scmtxr?A correspondent of th* Philadelphia Inquirer, writing on board the U. S. ship Keystone State, at Aspinwall Oct. ftth, says: We arrived here about two weeks ago after a pursuit of seven weeks in search of the rebel steamer Sumter. We visited all the West India Islands, and from thence to South America, stopping only to coal and for provisions. After visiting all the porta in South America, we paid a visit to Surinam, where we were informed the Sumter had been, and that she had received coal and provisions, aud sailed two days previous to our arrival. The chase was then abandoned, and the Powhatan arriving the next day, immediately took in coal ana started ia pursuit, but aa the Powhatan is not a swift vessel. her only chance is intercepting the Sumter, as the latter is believed to be on tbe look out for East Indiamen. We leav* here to-morrow as an escort to the stenmer Champion, bound for New York, and after leaving here, wo go to Key West. It is rumored on board that, after leaviag Key W est, we are to be placed on the blockade, but where ao one knows. The men on board were Tory anxious to fall in with the Sumter, as her officers hav* boasted of their ability to capture us. The health of the ship is romsrkablygood. Movevbbts or Taoors ?The Dragoon regi tnent of Chicago, under the command of Col. Farosworth, reached here yesterday morning ir >m the West by the Northern Central Railway. and proc**d*d to Mount Clare Station, where immense trains of cars were provided for their conveyance to Washington. The command must*r?d 1,212 offio?r* and men, and over 1 306 horsos. Tbe men are well equipped, being provided with good uniforms, accoutrement# and arms, and are generally of good site and determined in appearance They had over twenty ear loadf of baggage This afternoon it is expected will arrive by the Northern Central Railway th* command of Col Philip St. George Cook, 2d Regiment of Dragoons, mustering over 600 men, over 200 horses, besides a full battery of artillery in the best order It is suppoeed they will arrive aboat S o'clock. They are from Utah Territory direct, and hav* s*?n considerable service. Soon as they arrive they will leave the Camdeo Station in special traina of oars for their desttaation.Amsrtean, 18/A SwiHMixe Bblts roa tbb Fbbbcb Abut.? / curious invention for the use of the army has just boon experimented on at Paris. It consists of a swimming belt on aa eatirely new principle Aa inverted truncated cone made of rhia mstal. fitting closely aboat the wais% is divided iato a namber of smbII impermeable divMoas. so that la cos* of aoetdeat to one or more of th*** th* apparatus would still be elective , the whole does not weigh more than eight pounds The experiment was made by a ' aster of a swimming xehool on th* 8*in*, and a aon-commissioned officer ia the military establishment, and was deemed perfectly satisfactory The river was srsasad and recroaaod by what is known to bothers as treading wator. eigar* were lighted, and 'he action of nsing a musket goo* through Tbe swimmers then made aa effort to It* d->wa ca th? rivar, and ovea to usrn over, hat the apparatus always feroBfhi tmm book to Um wtioai position. PENSION OFFICR^Jpitt 6tu, 1ss1. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCRRJi. made under tne aot of 2M Jan?, 186<i, for the reissue of the Land War^U dei?ribftl herein, whioh are alleged to have .?r .?*tr9Te<,? notice is hereby Riven, that at the date following the description of eaoh \Yar I!t2i'?rnew Certificate, of lik* tenor, will be laiS^' no v*''d objection shall then appear ??ia ?.! aorM? '?ued ucder the act of Maroh, 1656, in the name of James Lone and ff OD th* 31,1 d*7 of Maroh? 1856.?October M?r?h*i?K ^Or,!fi0 aore"' ' "".r1 under tll? ** ..f March. 18-56, in the name of Thomas Tanner, and fftM 00 y May' 1856 _Oo'?b*r 1?, Munk^iau' to1"!6" acres, lasned under the act ol March 1856, in the name of Po ly, widow of David Hradhury, and granted on the itfth cay of Septem ber, 1860 ?November 16,1861. No. 43.342. for t?0 acres issutd under the act of Maroh, MSo. in the uAme of Christopher L)"Ugh-it?. NoveUerl'iSGr^ 2,th ',ay ?^',,n,bw' l#?No. 93.314. for 160 acres, issued under the act of Marrh. 1856, iu the name of Guy S. Alexander, mi nor child of John C Alexander, deoeased, and e'?nte<l July 2.186n.-INovember 16. l?i N?.*J?[.for Ifio acr?s, Issued under the act of March 18o5 in the name of Benjamin Keilf. afid granted on the 27th da? of June, 1856 No 6S2 for 80 acres, issued under the act of Maroh. 1856 in t'ie name of Reuben Woodruff, and (ranted on the 9;h day of May, 1855. m. JP? acres, issued un^er the act of Maroh,1855. in the name of Samuel H Wsterhouse, ? granted on tne23J day ol May, 185V No. 2,533 for 80 acres, issued under the act of March. 1865. in the name of Shell? Downs, and fe^lWl ?D ^ daT of Autust, 1865.?NoTember .No 41 939, lor 140 acres, issued under the act of March,!0: J in the name of James Pray, and framed on?.itt,e?212Ltl%T of March, l8ol ? November a, 1?61. No 25 330, for 16o ecre?, issued under the act of March 1856, in the name of vs ll tarn M . Julius C. A., and John D. S., minor children of Irwin Bagdeceased. a^d granted on the 24th day of May. 1856 ?November 23,186I. No. 44^8'8. fcr 8o aores, issued under the aot rf Maroh,1856 in the name of Getty, widow of Thornfwte&lS'rgtf!?? "" ?*+,ol JU?u,. No. 75 3.0, for ico acres, issiied under the act of March, 1865, in the name of Alexander M?< Ullough. and granted on the 8th day of January, 18j8.?Novemoer Zi. l?6l. ?!lo*i?''!?L'J0-r acres, issued under the act of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Alexander MoQuain, and granted on the 12th day of October, 1856.?November an. 1861. N?.9,7ta for 120 acres, issued under the aot of March, 1865, in the name of Daniel West, and t rantod on the 14U day of July, 1855.-Deoeml>er 7. 1 'Mi I No. ?7,8ifi. for 160 acres, is?u*d under the act cf Maroh, 'OSS, in the name of Hannah widow of James Wuson, and granted on the r>th da? of Feb ruary, ias7?December 30,1861 No. 64,SV), for 120 aores. issued under the aot of Marohc1855. in the name of Martha, widow of AnI'sS-teCisw,'"1 "* "? "b *? No-3,302.for 160 aores, issued under the act of March, l&Vj, in the came of Samuel R Jackwar air) grant-d on the 1st day o' Aigu't. 1855 s . ?Y3 Jlit J?? acres, issued unde- the act of. Maroh, 1856, in the na.-ne of William H Tarracce, OU tn? 13t!l da,r ?f July'1856 No. 14,"M5, for 80 aores, issued under the act of ^epteml?jr '5<i. in the uame of Levi Treadwell, aiid granted S.-p ?ml?er 20th, 1631. No. 31/138, fo 40 acres, issued under the name Aot, 1'l" a*'"0,0' Abel Plaits, and gran'ed November ^?th,18>l?Iieoember 23 1861. No. 72 SJ4 for 160 acres, issued under the aot of iUarch. Ift51, in the name of Thoaian Johnson and u??y4 1ft62 Ul* 9lh 'a' S*pt0lnber? W7.?Jan42j2'6. for 80 acres, issued ander the act of March, 185a, in the name of Polly, widow of John ?rahr<i1 ?? the 23d day of oeptemlwr, lCoS?Januaiy 4.18K2. ... JOSEPH H, BARRETT, e tv-iaw Commissioner. SOMETHING NEW ! \^ ^Y^Ga^TES^ DM^KRT J At 391 C * tree!, opposite *? 7'A?tt'e*. ? .w au .. 0/2,Tfctt8 STEAMGD in the Shall and Thoroughly CookH (far superior to a roa*t) in two minute*, the fastest , tttHt on record. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs hu friends in the District, and visitors to the city, that ho has refuted huoLnand wkll-known istami.isiimbxt in a most thorough mm,., acd has inade complete arrangements to furnish OVSTKRs in any sty.ei and in any quantity 4H0to500ga lona shucked per day. 2 HO to SK>i oans of Spioed a id l- esh put up dally?cans lierm-tioally sraied. Furnished id the Briell by ihe liushe or barrel. PerB<,,n? wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, should oall and make arrangements at onoe Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of nie, as I furnish an article equal to the celebrated Baltimore estabhshraents, at prioes just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, l.obsters, ^ardlnea. Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ac. ?o..Ao. Also, Pickies, Catsup, Sajoes. Brandy Feaohes, Ac Also, Game and Fiesh Fish. TnrUes,Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. C..d, Halibut, Ac. In faot. eveiy thing for sale in the Northf rn markets always on hand, at reasonable piicet Hotels and fatnlliei* supplied with Oynte a. delivered without charge t^ any par- of the Distriot. in^eason. it the monay is sent with the order. My establishment is open from 6 a m. to 12 at night, every uay, exoept Suiiday, when 1 close at 10 o'clock a. in. T\M. HARVEY. M. I. VHANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN. U44 Penn'aav.,'noith side,) bet. 12th and 13th sts. Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pebble or Perieooplc Glasse?, suited oorreotly for ever? eye-sight. * FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIRLD-ULASSFS, Miorosoopes, Compasses, and Mathematical In struments, at the lowest Eastern prioes. seg? tr LEA k PERKINS' celkbratrd Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by >5 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS >1 of a Letter from a to be the J Miiual tientltman " ONLY GOOD Am Madra* To His Brother 8AUCE" Kite! ? Worcester. and applicable to _ May. 18.51 " Tell Lea 4" PerKVVBV iT^SSSI r*?* that their Saute ? highly esteemed vi d,d>pv India and is, in VAK1E.XY mjr opinion, the most taM^^npaiattb'e, a? well as OF DISH. |Bk~i|flHthe most wnolerome Savse that is made." The above WAUCE is n?>t onlv the b**t and most ropela a condimknt known, but the most ?con?mtenl, as a lew drops in Soup. Uravy. or with F?.?A. hot and oold Joints, Beef Steak, ire . impart an exquisite zest, whion unprtncipUil Sauce manufacturers have In vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast, Lunih'on, Dinner, or Supprt TSilitXJUS#.o?ntainlng " LEA A PKRRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensable. To appreciate the excellent qualities of this delietcms preparation it is only necessary to pnrohaae a sra?ll bottle of the genuine, of a respectable gro eer or nea er, as many Hotel and Re* aurant pro pnetors seldom place the Pure Sauoe oefore tneir guests, oat substitute a genuine Bottle filled with a spurious mixture. For sale by Grooers and Fruiterers everywhere. ? . JOHN DUNCAN A 8o's, i .V?? Square and 14t* street. New York. . Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Ptook always in store?Also orders received i?t direct shipments from Engla> d. IfrBoMn qf Counterfeits and Imitations Sl\ ?y >-ly.??o (^REAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH 8TREKT, 1*?5,e I!.'?*1 bargains offered l>y SMITH, In Puraisking Goods, Trunks. Hats and Capa. No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Post Of oe 1-1 wi piREMEN's insurance company washington and 6eoroetown. Capital. ?M?0,00?. OP* O firm mmd Ismiiasi ss? ever Bmmk Wtkmttm. inbvke houses andotheft property against loss by fulk No charge for Pohoi?s. JAMES ADAMS. Preside^*ktXL B. Datu. Secretary. m B-enOw>

Bub. Johnston, UTINORI _ LOCI HOSPITAL, H*? MKNirid iks Mil Ctrtmtn, Spied* mmd mlf Effectual Remedf ta lie World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weatneee af the Back, Striciares, Afectione of the Ridaeyeead Bladder ".-Triliiu:? .ilecnargee, ImprnsnCT, Gsn rsl Dsbility, Nsi.tpusness, Dysospay, Luncaor, Coofoeiou af '< u? Spins, ?:-.:p!UUOM of ih? Heart, Timidity, V"! JS**' D'mntM - Rifaior Giddiness, Dihui of the He?d, Thruat, Nmi or Skin. Afectione of the Lunge, Sium2f theee Terrible Disordsrs arising from Soli- I WT Habits of Voath?these Dritdfal and Deetraetise Practkee which render M>rtu(? uupoaeible, ud itiuo* both B*4l hi,4 Mind. YOUNG MEN (especially whfthars become the victims of Solitary Viet, that dreadfal aoa dsstractise habit which annaally aweepe to an aoumely grare thousand! of YoorgMeuof ths most etalted talente and brilliant intellect, who might othsrwial baas entranced lietemng Senatee with the thowdere nf eloaisnes or waked to ecstscy ths Imng lyrs, may call with rail cenldencs. MARRIAGE. MittUD Pltioitl, or To?n| Mib eanterapleilng Marriage, being awars of physical weaknese, organic Ability, deiormitiee, Ac., epeedily corsd. Hs whoplacss himssHr audsr ths cere of 0T. i. may rellgioaaly consde id his honor as a gentleman and cenfdeutly rsly apon bia skill as a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FRRDERICE ST. Isft hand sids f?'"C from Baltimore etreet, a fsw doors from ths cornsr. Fail not to obeerre nam* and nambsr. Leitere Bast bs paid and contain a stamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Msmbsrof the Royal College of Sarrtons, London, gradaats from ons of ths most sminsnt Colleges in ths United States, and ths gi latar part of whose lifs has bssn spent IB ths hospitals of London, faris, Philadelphia and slsswbsrs, has effected tome of ths most astonishing ears* that wars srsr known; many troubled with ringing in ths head and sars whan aslssp; grsat ncrrooaneee, tsiu slsrmsd at sauuSa soanda, baahfalnsaa with frequent blsehing, attended eomstimsi with derangement of mind, wsrs carsd tramsdials ly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Teang Men and others who has* injured theroeelsee by certain practice indulged in wbsn alone?a habit freqaendy Isarnsd from eril comptniore, or at echocl, ths s-nscts of which art nlgfctly felt s*eh when asleep, snd if not eared, renders marriage impoellMe, and dsetroys both mind sua body, should apply iminsfliately. Theee are aoiua of ths sad and melancholy effects rr? 1a:ed by early habits of sooth, six: Wstkntu of ths B*ck and Liinba, Paine in ths Hsad, Dimnsss of Sight, Loss of Musraiar Power, Palpitation of tns Heart, Dyspspsy, Nsrsoas irritability, Dsrangsment of the Digeeuse Far.cuons, Censral Debility, Symptoms of Consamjtion, 4c. M*:?TALLV.?The fearful electa on ths niind are much ta bs dreaded?Loss of Memory, Confusion ml Idsas, Depression af Spirits, But Forebodings, Aversion of Society, Hslf-Pistrast, Lrse of Solitude, Timidity, ate., are eoiaa of the esiie produced. Nkhtoits Disilit v.?Thotuande can now )adge whst is ths causs of their declining haalth, losing thair sigor, becoming weak, pa!e, nerscve ar.d emaciated, having a emgelae appearance a boat the lf*i, eofgh or eyn, florae af conennpDISEASES OF IMPRUdZflCS. When the misguided and imprudent votary of pleaeare he has imbibed the seede of this painful diaeaes, it too oftsn bsppene that an ill-urned asnss of shauis or drsad of diacorsry dstsrs him from apply inf to those who, from aducstion and respectability, cau alona befriend bun. Ha falla iota the hande of ignorant and designing pretsndsrs, who, incapible f curing, fllcb hie pecuniary eabetanca, keep bin trifling month after month, or ae long ae the emalieei fee can t~e obtained, and 16 despair liaii hlm with ruined health to eigh arty bia galling disappoiatmaot; or by the see of that deaeHy paisia?lRsrcnry?hasten tha cotiftitational snnptoDis ef thie tsrrlbls diseneS, sceh aa Affectiona of the Heart, Throat, Head, kin, Ac., progressing wi^S ffi|htf?l racidity, till death pate a period la his drsadful be eerding busi a ih?t anuecarersd csautr? from wheae baarna i.* tf?<4!e? ritarul DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANlt WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thie grey and imparupt remedy waakr.asaaf the argane are epeedily ebred ana fan rigor restored. Thaaeande af the sat narvaas and dabiliutad, wha bad last all baps, kara been immediately relieved. All impediments ta Marriags, Phyeiaal ar Manul l>ieoaalllcatiane, Loss af Pracrsatirs Pawsr. Herraat IrritebAiiy. Trsreblir.g and Weaknses ar Kiaaasuao af lbs meat fearfat klad epeedily cared. a ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRFSS. T?? Mart Thousands cared at this inslitauaa withia we laa? esssntesp fea-e, and the pameraas important Sargiill ap4Vati?ns perhtuSil b? Or. JnHnfa, wiu.aesed by the repartee* af tfce papers and many other refione, reticle of which hare appeared again and again before the cablic, tee:dee bit e tan ding ae ? gentleman af character and reetonelbilltr. Is a saSc.snt gsar-niss ta Uie aflicted. mar il ls NOTICE. ' ADAMS' KXCRESS COMPANY." Thi? Company offers to the putt'io" Unequalled Advantages" for the S'afe ami Quick Mitpatcli of Heavy Freights Packages, Valuables, Money, Ao. &o., t?s all parts of the United Hfttes. Kxpresaes to and from the North and West depart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily, AH Expresses are in oharge of experienced and rtlxabl* Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "on* Half our u*ual rates. Ail Ooods for the so-oalled "Confederate Statea" and all Articles ' Contraband of War" will be Kkfuskd. Ou- Expresses teve New York at 1.5, and 6 P. P Si*'' ln Wa*JuB*ton &t 6 A* M. and 5jo ,XIp.r.e8ip,1?*v# Philadelphia at 8 M A. M. and 6 A M IT,nr ,n ^ ashintton at 5 30 P. M, and Expresses leave Qalfimore at ? 20 A. a?d fl P. P.'k&rnV"'* m Wa*",ngU,n at 6 A. M. and 6 30 Expresses for all poinu North and West leave Washington A. M. and 2J0H M. daily. Special Contracts for targe quantities of Freight oan be made on application to this ?iffioe. All Goods vailed for and delivered fru of Extra Charges, R. WJ PAltSONS, ... .. . 8?P t Adams'LiJiSss ComrMf, Washington, August 23.1861. au 25 M Yes.. ?r ? WO,OI) AND COAL. Ou Will snrely yonr money's worth by oailing 4t the PiONtn^R MILLS, iMiiweii tor \1j?f,,rV and (GEO. PA?E. Af?nt ) 1 hey aeil cheaper fvoii rive bettor measure than auy others rn Uie wty-out. split, aod deiiviL t% f T0U doc 11 eiiere , t ve the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satis tied. *lv.r y00*S AND ?pOESs WO 8?1* III &tT?S2.v n?nafM>turing'ail kinds of BOOTS SHOES, and eorstantly reoeiving a^Aa sippiy of eastern made work of every de-iiKl sorption, made exprestl* to order, and wilir IT be sold at a much lower Irioe than has been* VfcL heretofore oliargr>d in this suy formach lnfenet arUeles. Persons in want o! Boou and Shoes of eastern er say made work, will always find a good aaeorimss ta stere and at us lewest prioes. 8ive as a call. . CR1FF1N h BRU., ** * * * ^^nnaTlasnia arenee A RMY SUPPLIL8. " *? JUST RECEIVED? 480 cans SAUSAGE MEAT. 240 cans FRESH TOMATOES. 48" cana FRESH VEAL, :?j0 oans il li EF .a La mode, i40 cans ROASV BEEF, 360cans FRESH MUTTON. -4" cans BFEF and GRAVV, 340 oans SOUP and BOUILLI, FRENCH UESrAcATED VE8E 1 AdL CiOe For sale at New York Factory prices. ? KING A BURCHELL. ** * Corner I and Hftecntli atfets. HNI2W BOOK^ ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by JoLa Motley; 3 vols.; -free b? mail, ft4. j^n6? ?rof ? history, by mn Lothrop Motley; S vo s oioth; free by mail, 8i|as ftiamer, the Weaver of Ravelol, hy the ?U?ir of Auarn lie^o elvth ?Hoents ; paper M I;if? and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop wriaant; 91 AHer loebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L. Nob e ; Sl.SO The Manufaotnre of Photogenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Antisel", M. D.; #1.74. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ??" 'JTS Peiina. avenue. Wa,., BOYS' CLOTHING. vv t, Have receivCKl within the last day or two a iVf>e u*?>^nient of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHir\b. embracing ail style* of low-prioed, medium, and fine qualities, wfuoh we are selling a t ver j low prices for cash. _ WALL, STEPHENS A CO., sua Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sis. ** I lu'ellirerioer and W ?puh!joan.) rR,?? CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS V *nd pOUNTEKPANKi.allsisoaanw <uau tiee. Bed Comforts, Sheetincs, Pillow Lir.em and Cottons, Towels,Napkins, Table Cloths, Ticking*. U?y'l*fi.As. All at oar proverbially low prioes, marked in plain figures. New comers, strangers, sojourners and oitiaeas will lospeot our stock at pleasure. PEREY * BRO, ? ^ Penn. arenue and Hh at . i /^V AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /Av O ? <* t S'wZ&Ul H.ul. It ing, Pistols, and all kinds of Merchandise. Busiaees striot,^oon^eBUal^KR8 ,fl c aaUss Bet wen *H and tu ska. sa fcbri-*& ? ?>ne prieeoLiy the aotaal ea^h standard value, ma: kec m p.aiu bearse, ;; ; Wrssasrsa; JJEADQUARTERSn^THE U.S. MARINE QuiiTiinmn'1 Orric*. I I Washington, September ?, 1H6M I 9iuid Piornitn.f r i wk oim,?ill I be reoeived at tma offica until U o'alook m. of I W dneeriay, ><th of Noveml>er next, for furnishing I to the I'Lited Stat?s Marine Corps. during the year I 1862, the following *upp in, to be delivered at ?ke I office of the AaM??nntQuaitermaateT of theerree, I Philadelphia. Penasylv?nia, free of expenae to the I Unit d Ma'ei, in such quantities as may from time I to time be ordered, via : Cum No 1." yarda of Sky Blue Keraey, all wool, free I fr< m hair, 54 inohea wide, to weigh 22 oanoee to the yard,(indigo wool-dyed ) . _ fi,0>?n yards Da-k 8 ne Kersey ill wow. free from I hair, '4 inohes wide, to weigh 23 onnoea to the yard, 1 "gfffS'rarti1 Dark^Blae Twilled ( loth, all wool, for I nmfoi m ooats, < indigo wool-dyed,) 64 inohea wide, I to weigh 22 onno-a per *a<d. I l?e yards of Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (eoehiaeal I dyed ,) 54 inches wide, to watjhttoaioaa per yard. I Cum NO 3. 8 000 yards of 6 4 Dart Bine Flannel, for over- I sacks, all wool,(indigo wool dyed,>44 in- hee wide, I to weigh 13 ounoes per yard. I 16 080 yards of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel for shirts, I all wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 inches wide, to I weigh 65* ounoes per yard . . 1.200 Gra? Blankets, all wool- to weigh four I pound* each, with letters "U S. M " in b'ack. lour inohes lone, in the oenter; to be 7 feet long and 5 fret vide, and fr e from grease. I fi.CMt pairs of Woolen Socks. three sues, prop eri? inaie of go<d fleeoe wool, with douMe and twisted yarn, to wel h three pounds per dosen I pairs, free from grease. Clap# No. 3. 6.ono yards White 1 inen for PanU, ? inehee I wide, to weigh 13 ounces per yard. 10.0J0 yards White I inen lor Shirts, so inches wide to we'gh 11 ounoes per yard, 16 ooo va'ds canton Flannel for Drawers, *7 inches wide, to weigh 7 ounces per yard. Class No. 4. Uniform Caps. oomplete(ex?ept Pompona.t I lji<>0 Pompons. red worsted, ball-shaped. 4 inohes I in circumference. ... .. . _ . . I t-a'igue Cap*, (wt'h ?overs,) to be made or J blua olotn. i? digo wool-dyOd. 2,000 Stocks. Class No- 5. 600 g-osa Oat Buttons. (Easle.) 4(io gross Jacket Buttons. (Eagle.) 100 gross Vest Brttoss,( EaaiO. > Ijf* pairs Yellow Metal Crescent a?-d Scale I 2w?ets EfOflette Bfllhonfor Sergea tsand Cor- I P?r!Vn sets EpauleMe Bullion for Privates. fo Red Worsted Sei hes. 2 iooyafdsof Yellow Biuding. 2,y)o ytrds of Red Cord. Km Swords for Sergeants .yiSwords for Musicians. .K? Drums (tenor,)complete. D'lim Slings. >00 Batter D um Hea^s. 50 Snaio Drum Hsads. 100 Drum Cords. loo set? of Drum Snares. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifes. Class No A 10,?? pairs Army Boots.(infantry pattern. Clam No. 7. 1,200 Cartridge Boxer J lyoo Baronet SoabbaiUa. l^"?i Perou?sion cap Po-iohee i^i?t Cartridge Box Belts. 1 JoO Baronet Belts. i,?*> Waist Belts. 1.200 Want Plates. Breast Plates. 29o Sword Fiogs. Class No. 8. l^jm.Kna# sacks. 6W Havefi-acke. 6o0 < :anteens. bin Musket Slings. Clas? No. 9. For making and trimming the following artioies, I V'\V&tch Coats Sergeants'.CorjKirale'.Mueioiana'. I and Privates' Uniform ard Fstirue Coats; Wool- I leu and Linen PanU; Flannel and Linen Shirts; I l)ia?ers; Flaunt*. Sacks; and Red and Bine Jaok- I ets tor Boy a The above mentioned artic'es must oonform ia I all re put5, to the seated standard, pattern* in the I office of the Quartermaster Marine < orps Marine I Ha-racks. \Va-hing^n D. C.; Assent Quarter I Faster, ofcae Maiite Corps, 1,220 Spruoe street, I ni'adelphia; and &t the Marine Stations. Brook- I l?n. New York; and Boston.Maaaachuaetta; where I fi.Pf ean be examined. . . And whenever the artioies named above, or any I portion ?f them, shall be considered as not fatly I conforming to samples, they will be rejeoted. and I the contractor vili be bound to farnish others or I the rrquired kind at once or the Ouartermaeter I vi 1 sttpply the deficiency at the expense of thlooi- I trpa\ment will be man o upon the accepted delivery I or the whole quart tr, which may from tune 10 I time !>e ordered, withho'.dtng ten per oent from the I pa) iner t of aocount rendered under first order, I until second order is ft I:ed, an4 ten per cent from I acoouct rendered under second order until third I order is hi ed.and so on, until oontraot is eom- I P1' . j Each proposal must be aooompanied by the fol- I lowing guarantee i For*i at Owireuit**. I The undersigned, , of , m the I State ol . and , in the State of??, I hereby guarantee that in oase tne foregoini ?nd I of lor supplies, as above described, be I accepted, he or they will, withm ten days after I the receiptor the contract at the Post (ifioe nam^d, I execute the contraot for the ume with good and I suffioi-nt securities;and in case the taid I hall fail to enter into contract as aforeeaid, we I cuarantee to make good the difference between I the offer of the aaid and that which may I beaooepted. A B, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. I E F, Wttneee. , life. 1 hereby certify that the above named-?-?? I are known to me asmeh of property, and anle to I ma*e good their guarantee. G. H. To be signed by the United States District I Judge, United StaUs District Attorney or Coilea- I tors I No proposal will be oocsidered unless aooom- 1 panieu by the above guarantee. Newspapers authorised to publish the above I will *6ncT tlio p&p*r ooLlviniac tn# firit insertion to I thia office f.?r examination. I The bidder's plao* of buaioess, or inanulaotxr I ing e*tabli?hm-*nt, muat be apeoifioally stated in | the proposal. ... ... ...? TneaVve list of articles is believed to beaboat I the quantity of each article that will be ra^airM I dawiig the tean i>ut the Quartermaster reserves I the right of ordering a greater or leas quantity, I should tne icteresU of the aervioe require it Proposals to be endoraed cn the envelope, "Pro- I potali for Supplier for Mtrint t'orpi tot 18flj' iod I addre'red to Major WM B. SLACR. | Quartermaster M. C., Washington, D. C. ae3Q lawtw I DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE ueed for the I last half century in the Hoapitala of I London and Paria for the cure of Seertt | Ditta.'ts. may now be ha1 at l'PHAM'!!,|BML I No. 310 Cheanut atreet, aola agent for lat*' the United Statea It cobtaina no mercury or other minerala, and wi>I not harm the I moat delicate constitution A ?fHtdw cmrt guar- I anteed and no change of met required. Prioe #1- I Sent by express Sold in Washington by 8. CAL- I VERT FOKD, coraer 11th street and Pennsylva- I ma avenue ee> >-eolT I UPHAM'S HAIR DVE!-TOrOLOK BLACK I OR BROW ?f .'?Only ?? centsi a box. Three boxea for one doiiar. Gray, red or flaxen liair oan be onanged in a few seconds to a i-t biaok or brown, bj using Upham's Liquid Hair Dye, the beat and cheapest in the world, prodnoing, the moment it is applied, a rioli natural appearano*. Lach Box of UPHAM'S HAiK DYK is w-rranted to oonUiB as much knir dye as others sell for mm dollar: Sold by S C. UPH AM, 310 ?'4ioanut street, h tadelpt ia, and S. CALVfcRT FORD, oorner Uth atreet and Pa. ave. t?> Holy it DUPONT'S SUGAR-COATED fe"MALE REGULATING PILLS the rtry bttt w utt They operate speodi y^V>( ana efleotually, and being 'hgar^ooate- / orea * no nausea upon the moat de.ieate j a'oi aoh A trul of U eee Pills will prove their sunerionty over all orliera. Pnoe On* b?ll*r a box! Sold only at UPHAM'S. 310 Cheennt street. Sent by mail to a.! part- of the ooantry in a sealed envelope. Sold in Washington by 8. CALVEHT KURD, oorner Uth atreet aad Pa. ave. aep ? eOly S NOTICE. TYL1-H Autumn and Winter Wmppiui for ladies, of qualiUea better thanaaually foand ia tkia market, in Woolena and Silka Many novaitiea in Shawla With all kmda ?iTD?7 ?<?<> the eral and special wanU of feaultee and hoaaekeep"oiie price only, the actual oaah standard valae. ma kedin plain bgnrea Oar No. them and Eaatern correspondenU aend na new aupeliea daily.,, _ Carpets. Curtains, Oilcloths, Rags, te* apper floors. SHAWLS AND CLOAlS.?Now im^n?i daily. ^ One pnoe oaly, marked in plain fcgarea; therefore, no porohMor " ^ERRY^ BRO^ hoe. P.. <>w LMeas. Sheetirgs. Ae. isTpSus ft fares; heaoo "" """"tSH . ?2TUfiSi?. oe5 5t Pa aveaoeaod mwthat ha"bua6 cbblileawe cieui "JTii"' THE WEEKLY STAR. oaK rtd* ^ COplgB ? ? ? 4 W ? ? ? ? Twwly-ln Nptaan??>IMMWM?9 ? It linrltklf tonUiai Ma "WaU^w MM* that has m4c 7U Dmttf mmvH CT Single eopNa (> wi?ppw) ?n to pea. eared at the eonnter, f?altar ?a taaaa of the paper. Prioe?THREE CK1YTB. HELMBOLD'S GEN11NE PREPARATION. ?' HIGHL Y COXCIWTRATMBn ~ Compound Fluid Kxtract Buchu, A PwUin and Spoc%J? For Dimum of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, OB A VEL, u4 DB OPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tlii? Medicine lnoraaae* the power of pi|Mtta?, ar.d axoitea the iitoiiun into healthy eagieo. by whioh the watbbt ot ctunwi bfowuoafc tad a I cbbaTvbal irkwim*aia era rihKM. B? wail B* PAIR ADD lNBLAJBMATkOa, IMI U gCBQ MEN. WOMEN. OB CHILDEBN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Fur WeUDWN nsinc from Kxo*aeee. Habit* of PaaipaticB, Karl; lrdiaor?tina ?r Abaoe, Attended with the Folio*tug Symptoms : Indispnaition to Exertion, Loh of Pnvw. I ." ? of Memory. Diltc?:t7 of Rreathiag, Weak Nerrea. TratnMiag! Horror of D ?f?w, Wtkmaata, Bimneaa of Vitioa, Pata la tba Back, nivarial Laaiitodeof tba >J asaular t?r*tem. Hot Hand*. rlaebiLg of tba Mr, Dry net a of tba Pfcin. Eraption* tba Faoe, PAlLID court bra sex. Theae sympt< ma. II a 'owed to so ? , whioh tbia medicine invariably removaa. aoop fo Iowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In oeu a/ wkiek the Patient May ??p4r?. Wbo can ray that tbey ere ??t fteaaeatly fcl lowed by Uioee^piaBFrL naBAaBB," ' INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of tbe oaoae of tbair suffering, bct rorb will coarsea. THE BBCOKDSor TBK INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melons holy Death* by Omtmmpnon. BXA K AM TLB WITHIN TO TBI TltTf Of TBS aaaaBTioM. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTBD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* the aid of medioina to atrengtbea aod lovigomte tba Sjitta, which HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU %n< ariabty dm*. A TRIAL WILL CORT1BCB Til MOaT HBPT1CAL. 0 " % ## * ? FEMALES- FEMALES? FBMALBS, OLD ggNWi^m^AMWI?- ?' In Many Affections Peeuhme (a FkmaU* the Extract Buoha i* unaaaallrd by any *her remedy, aa in Chloroeia or Retention, Irogaferity, Pkir.fu neaa, or t*oppre**.on o? Uutcirtr/ Btm nation*. Ulc?raUO or Sebirroaa atata of jheTterna, Leuoor-hea or Whitaa. Sterility, and for all oomplaiuta incident to tba aex. whether inau from Indieoretion, Habit* a( Dieaipetion. or ta tba DECLINE OR CHANGE BF LIFE f KB BTMPTOHa ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mote Balsam, Mtrnry, af Vnpleatmmt Medicine foe Unpleasant and DMfirraJ fliiwui. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU cvmaa SECRET DISEASES la all tbair S'*ge*; ? At little Expense. Cattle or no obange in Diat; No laooBveniaaee; And ne hzptwra. .. It c&usea a fre^a nt deaire awl niTea aUaoxtb to Uriaat^, the'eby Rem Ting obaV ueUooa, Preventing aad Curing Strietnraa of tba Urethra* Allaying rait and lniamm?Qnt. ae frequent in the olaaa of di?ea*ea. and ?xfelling au Pononvni, Diseased, and morn out Mat tor. THOCIANM rro.1 THoCaA.RU* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who fcave pail luatv jeet to baoarad ic a abort time. ti?ve I>nn-1 tb*y were deoetved. ani that the potaoR" haa, by the n?e uf"f??<T^W attrmtenti been ari-d up m tne ay item, to break oat in aa aggraYBted form, and PERHAPS Al-TER MARRIAGE. MM Ue? HKLMBOLD'S EXTBACt BUCHU all affection* and diaeaaM ul the ' I HILARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEHALB, from whateyer oaaae oruinatiBt aad no matter ef HOW LONG STANDING. DiseaaeB of tbeee Organ* re^atre the aid of a Diuxxtic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it ia certain to have the deoired affect in Diaeaaea/or wttc? il is recommended Y1DBHCB OF TBE *0?T IlirOlllIU AMD M* L1ABLB CHARACTXB will aooompany ue mediouiea. CE*T.riO^|^roi?MUtof ?U, N.n,~c^jJJ^ANp FiJ1E. "PHYSICIANS" rLtiSt'KOTlCM." WI MAKB "BO BBCB?T" OF HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ib oompoeed of tf aoba. Ca?*baaad j?lf?r Bewioa, a elected with great care by a ooiapOtoat drag giak. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HILBIULDi Praetioal and Analytjeal Cbeaaiat. aad ' Mas nraoturer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. draga, bat are parely vefeUbl^ g ELM BOLD. # Swore anH aabaenbed beforejaeA Nove"bi,^i-. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM b A. M. TO 9 F. M. Price SI par hotUa, or aU ?e* *. Delivered U any addreaa. aeearely paokod Boat obaerraUoa. Addreaa letkeia for iiifinaaahaa ia ooahdeaoe to H. T. HBLMBOLD. Depot, lot Soath Taatt at., below Cheataat. Phila. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS^ AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS Holmbeld's Qenm*ne Prcpara***ai, m u Mxtrmct 4i *4 M m w Wmsh. ftold by S. B. Wartm. X. D. OtLJkAB. JaaB Wuw. S. C. Fobb. ^ W^Tl DRUGGISTS EJEEYWmtB*. . - ? a AJBK FOR HXLMBOLD 8. TAXI HO OrHRR. Gat oat the gtyatjiaiit aad aaad tm *. AND AVOID IMPORi PI OH a?l llfUlWBI. Dicrtbd SymjUome hi +>J f <*"*** ' mil fiMrar? ' A|t?M mHj* a \*

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