Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Washington city: SATURDAY Octekfr 19, 1M1. Ovm FaiKND* at the various military cam pa and poalUoM will confer a f>i*or by keeping na posted as to iwwfinfnii and aftolra In their vicinities. Srirtt *1 the M?rili| Prm. Tbe Intilltgrnrer treats upon the diplomatic rormpondeare between Lord Lyons and Secretary Reward The Kefuhhrm notices that It la tbe maesrs of Western Virginia and not tbe aristocracy who have atood by the Government la thla criaia J*rrarr**t Sswaan'* Cibcclar to thi (Jovaawoar?Tbe pa pen which dtaraas Secretary Beward'a circular to tbe Governora reem to be trying their ingenuity to pervert right reaaon. The Secretary ary* in that pap>r tbat things are about right abroad Hia circular abowa only that the Government mean a to ke^p them ao. The AdmiaietraUon, six months ago, found the nation exposed to danger within and wltbost. It has t? k*n tVl* nn .at ...4 iV ' . ? *uv iu ? ciivi iucmurn 10 jnu iu fin right within, and now when tbat It done it turns Ita attention to put them right without. Aa It appealed to the loyal states for co-operation In th? former work, ao It doea In the latter. The Idea that Maaon and Seidell's having gone abroad, or tbat the gaaconade of Holllna, have bad I anything to do with the circular, la preposterous; aa every body knows here that It (the circular) was resolved upon and prepared a wrek before either of theae things occurred; and to this day the Government does not believe the first of these great secession facts baa occurred,?and the othrr, It hw no doubt. Is tremendously exaggerated. OUR MlHTAKf BUDGET. 1JITSKKST1NQ IIOX THI SOOTH? A COSFKDSRATE SUBQXO* MARKS Ills KtCAPB FKOM SICKS1I AJfatrs in jVstr Orleans?Cannon Mounted upon the Custom House?Planters Refute to Gather tko Cotton Crop?Ex Senator Foote Ridtng tHe \ Seeesk Horse ?The Rebel Fore's m Mississippi. A obama, Tennessee, and Ktnturky?Col<*"d Soldiers ? Bn'kner and Breckinridge ? " The Afiktisr Biiken " fftm Pnllr?u. _ w r J ? ? ?* J I l*? C, HC* | ttpnn ta? Death of Oen Lyons. Dr. 9. H. Bradley, formerly of New York State, bat who bu been In practice for acme years at Montgomery. Alabama, and who waaat Bull Run la the capacity of Surgeon to the Second Alabama Regiment, has arrived In thla city, having effected his escape from Dixie after a variety of unpleasant advent-urea. He, aa a Northern man, wai not particularly aatlafled with hi location in the South after the war broke out, but had to " face the music" up to the time of the battle of Bull Run. On the after. ; noon of the 21st of July, he attempted to escape to the Federat lines, but was detected by tbe con- I federates, aud was handcuffed and ironed and ent to Montgomery, where he was kept conUu- d In jail until tbe IJtb of September ? he was _ V* u. - - - ?. ..i micii uiiuc ut? witui ;xew Orleans as the most favorable route for an exodus from rattlesnake) om. Business at New Orleans (October 1) wai perfectly stagnant, but there was considerable actlv- ] !ty In the way of preparing defenses for New ] Orleans again*'. Federal Invasion Guns were i being mounted on all the defensible position* of ! the city. Four 32-pounders had been planted ' upon the top of the Custom House, which buildlag commands the rive for a considerable dia- j tancs Twelve-pounder* had been placed upon the leve* and opor. the tope of such building* as < were deemed strong enough to stand the concut- ( ten of being fired from A number of light-draft gunboats had been placed upon Lake Pontcbartrain to repel any attack made from that direction. Edibles andarticle* of clothing were getting up to a big figure la the way of prices. French c.asSlmere pantaloons sold for SH, about double their price la New York, and other article* of wear t? ? ? t proportion. Freeh beef wa? from 40 cents to 50 j ceiU per poand; be?f steak 50 cents, and tough at J that Floor wu *10 per barrel. Sweet potatoes, however, were cheap enough, being obtainable In any quantity at 5 cents per bushel. The planters were much di*satlsfie-d with the refusal of the Confederate Government to allow j their cotton access to a market. Tbere was a large crop, but the planters declare thay will let it rot in the fields before tbey will go to the expense of gathering It under the unsatisfactory conditions placed upon its sale through the mistaken policy of the Confederate authorities. There is a difficulty about saving the cotton crop, also, on account of the want of bagging mad rope to bag It with. Oar informant says it Is an error that tbe Confederal currency passes readily in purchase of anything to be sold at the South as reported. There U a discount of at least 30 per cent on tb*> ?? ??1 ? - - ii.ii iioiu, ana ior m;iny kinds rf goofes the merchant* take pains to specially advertise that nothing but teak will be taken This article (cash) Is, however, about as scarce there as hen's teeth. On hla way north Dr. B a/rlved .at Jackson, Mississippi, on the 'id of October, and witnessed a grand review of the Confederate troops there by Gov. Pettus. There were some 7,(ft) white soldiers and a number of negro regiments! Tbe soldiers were pretty well armed, but poorly clad. At Buntsville, Alabama, there w-aaSti eiie.itniprpeot of some twenty regimenta of Confederate oldiera At Nashville thefe warn quite a foree acting as a Home Guard for the defence of that place Ex-Senator Henry tj. Foote was at Nasbvllle, and a violent, loud-mouthed secessionist. Ex-Gov William Brown was also at NasLvlile. Though avowedly secesh, he was believed not to be particularly sound on the Confederate goose, and to really indulge hankerings after the good eld L'alon. At Gallatina, 1? mile* from Nash- | vllle, there was a large force of cavalry ujsder a Nashville lawyer by the name of Ewliig. * q?5 iaia among the rebel* there wai ^"^rally about an expected advance upon Paducab. At Bowling O recti, Ky., cur Informant found Gen Bnckner with tome 3,Oct) men, w-ll armed, Aad comfortably clad In Kentucky j"ana Senator Breckinridge ?u three mtlra beyond, (toward* Loulavllle,) with 7,000 men, well armed, 1 clot bed, and ahod Col. Albert Rua'. of Arkan^aa, I ex member of Congress,) waa with him aa Colonel of tke 5th Arkaoaaa Regiment | Oa kta way, Dr. B encountered the famous fighting blabop, Gen. Polk, on bla way to tbe aeat of war wltt kit troop*. Polk la a rigid dlai.lp- | llaariaji, and aita op o* sights to perfect bimaelf , in military tactic*. I At Montgomery, Ala., the Confederate* fired eaaaoa aad bad fire-works and a torch-light procession oa bearing of tbe deatb of (Jen Lyons. l^ialrr ox tie "aasTaaa aHoax"ov viaeim*. Information has been received at tbe Navy Department, from which it sppeara tbat all th? in. ?? of Cblncoteague Island (wtflch is a part ef tbe < ounty of Accomac, Va ), numbering Marly one thousand, are true and loyal No ether ? flag than tbe stars and stripe* has up to this time bean allowed on tbe lalaad, sad tbe national-ensign la at all times kept diaplaved on a high pole, j A committee of cltizeaa, appointed to confer wltb tbe commander of a war vessel, say : ? We, tbe citlxeas of Chlnootesgoe Island, Virginia, do respectfully represent that we are lawabiding people, attached 'firmly to tbe CetrflKutloo and laws of tbe United States of America; bat by in lares* and affection we cling to tbe (Jalon ; tbat we are anited n oar man la our ab- 1 borrence of the secession heresies; that we have upheld tbe eld teg In spite of man y menace* from , our ill test on neighbors; that tbe opportune arrlTel of tbe war steamer commanded by Captain ' Money, and hie energetic measures, alone saved ' ? ina suoje&aiion, lh? enemy hutinaiMiiiil^ on the opposite shore ty that purpose " TLey therefore ask the continued protection of a (Jov- r rument *ensei On the 14th, one hundred sod : MJty voters took the oath ef?U?|fianre to tbe Unt- } ted States of America, under the flag. and In presence of Lieutenant Commands g, A. Murray, U the " LoulaUaa " D1STLMOVISBID VISITOKS- } Yesterday, the Secretory #rStole, accompanied ' * to.#' ; ?W? by Lord Lyooa, M Mercler ud Mr Taaara, tb? English, French and Spantah Ministers, crowed the Potomac and witnessed a Ine review of the brigade af Gen. King, near Arlington Hetghta. Ere recreating the rl*er, they vlated and Inspected a number of campa and fortifications within oar llnea, Including tboae on Maaaon's mil. A ?CCC1S?FCL BALLOON AaCKNMOH. Yesterday afternoon, La Mountain, an aeronaut of tha Government made a very successful balloon ascension from Cloud's Mill. Heaacendad tm a h*1oht nf nnrlr tarn ml 1m. without moor lngs, and wu gently wafted hltherward; descending. alter having completed bla aerial reconnols aance, In the camp of Gen. Blenker, a few miles caat of that at which th" ascension took place. The time was capitally chosen, the state of the atmosphere being very f-ivorable for his observatlona. He doubtless saw distinctly every position of the enemy between the river and the Blue Ridge, as he of course used the most powerful glass to be found In the army. His succssslnthls case will prove of great importance, aa affording Gen. McClellan positive information concerning the recent changes of the enemy's position, of great importance to his (Gen. McC '?) plans just now. A MISTAKE OF I DK.1TIT Y. The Rtjutblican of this city Is In error in identifying the Col. Turner Ashbv said to have been killed In the recent battle of Bolivar Heights. He wii one of the two Turner Aahbya of Fauquier; not their cousin, Turner A*hby, late postmnsterat Alexandria, Va. The Ashby family connection ! one of the largest In this section of Virginia, and la extensively Intermarried with the Turners there, another family connection equally as large. There are as many Turner Ashbys In the Ninth Congrenlonal District of Virginia, we imagine, as John Smiths. MAJOR GENERAL M'cLRLLAN. Gen. McClellan, accompanied by his staff, went acrtss the river this forenoon at 9)$ o'clock. He Is visiting the various positions occupied by the army there. 5AVY YARD. River A''wj?More Batteries. The tugboats Pusey, Robert Leslie and another, left the Navy Yard yesterday evening, to give assistance to any vessels coming up the river; but in consequence of the bright moonlight in the early part of the night, and the thick fog which subsequently covered the water, they were ordered not to attempt to pass the batteries. It is not known that any vessels, bound either up or down, passed the batteries last night. The captpin of the Pusey beard eight rounds fired from the bat teries, about half pa?t 1'.* o'clock last night, but does not know the cause. Large bodies of Confederates were at work a* Cockpit Point and at Free Stone Point yesterday, apparently engaged In erecting new batteries at those point*, or strengthening old ones. Twenty-six vessels bound up arc known to have ran the blockade night before last It is stated that vessels drawing six or eight feet only, can sheer 08 far enough to run nu risk in a passage At night. * The steamers Albany and Ellen S Cary, which left the western wharves yesterday afternoon at 'i o'cloc k, anchored at ludlan be*d The Pusey left the yard this morntag^t eleven o'clock, with a nujnber of laborers, in charge of Mr Ithinehart to take the coal off' the steamer Hugh Jenkins, which was run into by the tug Robert Leslie. The only steamers now at the Navy Yard are the Dawn, HetZ'l, Anacostia, and Caur de Lion. IO" A Washington despatch gives currency to | a report that Messrs Mason and Slidell are au| thorized to otter to England and France a protec t:>rate over the Confedeiate States for a limited period. thb curresposdknck BSIWKES thk hecRKtart of ?tatk a*d Lurd Lyon* ?Lord Lyor*. | the British Mini iter, In a letter to Mr. Reward dated Oct Ittb, 1-81, says: I "Her Majesty's Government were mrn-h con! crrned to fl id that two British subjects, Mr. PatI rick and Mr Rabming, bad be?n subjected to , arbitrary arret*: and although tbey h..d learnt thst Mr Patrick bad been release*!, tbey could i not but regard tbe matter aa one requiring their very serious consltl* ration " They "perceive that when Britiah subject* as well as American cltij sena are arrest.-<Xi.ey are Irnmt-diatel v transferred I to a military prison, and that the military authorities refuse to pay obedience to a Writ of habf aa corpus;" and " Uer Majesty's Government conceive not only that this practice Is directly opi>r>?-d to the maxim of the Constitution of the I'uited States -that no person shall be d-prived cf llf*?, liberty, ?r property without due proceaa of law;' hut it does not appear that Congress baa sanctioned in this reape< t any departure from the due course of law; and the arbitrary arrests of L'rttiati subje t? are Uleu-l, and at variance with th>* treaties c-f nmlty s'ibsistlnp between tbe two nations Her Majesty 'a Government bave therefore instructed him to remonstrate against such Irregular pr -ceedlnga, and to say that, in their opinion, the authority of Congress is necessary in order to justify the arbitrary arrest and imprison* ruent of_ British subjects " rue t*ecretarv of State. in his reply, dated tbe same day. recapitulate# tbe causes for the arrests of Mr Patrick and .Mr. R'hmtng, and the grounds for their release?Mr Patrick on ihe l:lth diy of S?"pUmber, and Mr Rabming on the 17th day of Septeniln-r. He remind* l^ord l.yons that all executive proceedings, whether of the Secretary of War or of tbe Secretary of St*te, are, unless disavowal or revoked by the Pr?siiient, proceedings of tbe President of the L'ntt?*d Elites; that an insurrection, attended by civil and even social war, was existing in the United routes when the proceedings took place; and that <-'o!.gre?s Is bv the Constitution Invented with no e.v>*< utive power or responsibility wh t<-v?-r, and. on the contrary, that the President of the Utnt?*d States. U by the Constitution and laws, invested with the whole executive power of the Government He says thtt the two persons named were neither known nor supposed to be fJrltlsh Miljects when the procerdini'S occurred, and that the military officer cfc^r^ed with tbe custody of suspected parties bas declined to pay obedience to tne writ of habeas rotik.i In obedience to an express direction of the President: end that no writ of Mbeas tt,rpus was attempted to *erved In brhaif of the persons named, although In a ca^enot dissimilar the writ of kib>ai e or pus was :s?uect out In favor of ano*h#?r Hrititn nKUft u * *" _ ??. ? .. uutiu WW aw uivuucyCU oy Cll* I rection of the l'reaident He arguen at length tb ittht American people I have accepted civil war as a item necesaity. and tbat it cannot be conducted excluaively in the form* and with tb? dilatory remedies provided by municipal laws which are adequate to the preservation of public order in a time of peace. In conclusion, he aaya that the British Government will hardly expect tbat the President will I accent their explanations of the Constitution of the United stales, ai d must be allowed, there' fore, to prefer and be governed by the view of our organic national law, which, while It will | enable him to execute bis great trust with comi plete aucceta. receive* the sanction of the highest authorities of our own country, and la sustained 1 by tbe general consent of the people, for whom alone that Conatltution was established. 1 Amikicah Actoks in England ?Just now the American stage is well repreaented In England. John Drew la aucceaafully starring at the Standard Theater In London. The Florences wer? playing to treat houaea.when laat heard of, at Manchester, j and were on the wing for Dublin. Mra. D P. Bowera, who made a successful dtbut at Stdler's 1 Wells' Theater, baa been shelved?probably by mar> caprice or injuatice Mr and Mra. Frederick Conway (the latter aiater of Mra. Bowers) are playing capital engagements in the West of England Mia* Julia Dalv haa returned from London. Dion Bourclcault and Agnea Robertaon I have retnrned to tbe Adrlpbia Fdwin Booth haa playtd Shylock and Sir til lea Overreach at the H&yinarkvt l,a>tlv. John Hron. h*m ?>?. produced his coinedy of "Playing with Fire," at the Princess Theater, himself as Dr Savage, and George Jordan as Herbert VVaverly. The play had unequivocal success. The criticism on the acting runs thus: '-.Mr J. Brougham, as Dr Savage, ts exactly the cool, easy, business-like man, and bis natural dlspos:t.ou does not quit him in the midst of bis ludicrous perplexities Mr Q. Jordan, who plays W sverly, la newly arrived from America, ana. with bis handsome ttgure and good delivery, promises to stand well amo <g the representative* of gentleman on the stage " |p* The Old School Presbyterian Synod, which baa been In session for several days at Columbus, (Ob)*,) unanimously passed Dr. Spring'* resolutions declaring it the duty of the Church to sustain the Government Tbe Royal Arch Chapter of Mawons, in session at tbe same place, bas unanimously resolved that it Is tbe dftr of all Mssons to stand by the Union. _ Tatis? to BrracT a Loan ?A Paris c or reapon'dent. under <l?le n' " ' * , ?r- -v. mi . Mil lUfte IB IB Part* a Mr. Davia, president of the Loulalana Hank, of New Orleaua, who la ther- on a mlaaloa from bii State for the purpose of tt clinK ioaa for her-In which he baa Dot yet aucceedcd Rathe, tbmn iak>* the o?ib uf allegiance rrqnlred at (he roi.?uiaie previoua uj thr vis* of a peaaporl, he will prirbalilf return by way of Canada >'itiuJUL.?Mr. Charles F. Brown ("Artrmaa Ward" of Vomitg lait) eater* the field thlaaeaaxi aa a kctum. | t i . i ... A latereatlag Partlcalart if the Brll-' llaat Affair at Harper's Perry* DA KING EXPLOIT* OF THE UNION TBOOPS THE "NEW CONVERT" THE CONFEDERATE * POUNDER. ? ? ? THE "McCOOK FIGHTING FAMILY." TWENTY ONE THOUSAND BUSHELS OF CONFEDERATE WHEAT TAKEN. Editor Star .--On the morning of the 16th Inst , at8j$ o'clock, Col John W. Gmit, of the Twenty-Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment, and about four hundred men, composed of fractions of companlei A, D, F, and G, of the Twenty-Eighth Pennsylvania; C, I, and K, ThirWenth Mats'chuaetta , A, C, and H, Third Wisconsin, aided by two "amateurs" (Judge Daniel McCook and Benj G. Owena, of Illinois,) were attacked by twenty-flve hundred or more of the rebel*, including the celebrated cavalry regiment of Colonel Ashby. The rebals had six pieces of artilleryfour of tbem upon Loudon Heights south, and two upon Bolivar Heights weat. upon the Charlestown road, midway between the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers, and a mile and a half back of the Ferry. The rebels first drove In our pickets from Bolivar Heights, and then began across Ore upon us, which lasted for several hour*. Their cavalry AK. 1?W..? <!_(._ ? %_ 1 i Kum^cu i w ounm, uut wnc unvril UBCK uy the Third Wisconsin boys, aided by hella from Captain Tomkins's battery, which was upon the Maryland Hetgh's, eaat of the Ferry Two Wisconsin companies, led by Cnpt Henry Bertram, then made a desperate charge upon the enemy's guns and took a 32-pound coluirblad, but were driven back by a cavalry charge and heavy firing from the vicinity of Smallwood's woods Shell then fell around us thick as bail, and making a noise over us about like a train of cars when crossing a bridge. Capt Tompkins at this time turned his guns upon Loudoun heights, silenced all their guns there, and scattered the eni-my who Wefe seen In great numbers. The two rebel guns upon Bolivar heights kept up a cons'ant fire with shell and canister until about 5 p. m , and our men were gradually advancing upon them under cover of the houses, breaking down the fences as they went to the west end of the town, when Lieut Martin, with a piece of artillery, belonging to the 9th New Vork Regiment, came to our aid and fired upon the enemy with terrible ffl'ect advancing at Intervals, ac? compsnied by Col Geary In person. The men 0 inking right and left considerably In advance of the piece, and deployed obliquely. The Wisconsin men, commanded bv C?Dt H Bertram, were on the left; the Massachusetts men, under Lieut Jackson, a Pennsylvania company, and one of the ' Amateurs," composed the right wins;. Col. Geary, Judge McCook, and the balance of the Pennsylvanians were In the center. Our brave band, with a universal shout for the Union, stormed the heights of Bolivar, drove the enemy In the wildest confusion from Smallwood's woods, recaptured the 32 pounder and two ammunition wagons,disabled several of thecnemy's horses, took four prisoners, including Chaplain "Billy North," of Jtfl'erson county, Va The rebel colonel's cap was among the trophic*; be was shot from his horse, but remounted and made bis escape. The rebels could not stand the Arc of our artillery and Knfleld rifles, ho they fled to the woods, near Halltown, and began shelling us with the only remaining available gun they had ! left; but our shells soon silenced It; one of them striking the reb?l calson caused a great explosion When we reached the heights, we found the axle | of the " new convert" considerably damaged by a shell, and also found that the rebels bad used j great Industry during the day, by making extensive additions to our works there, from which j they had driven our picket* in the morning. The rebel* disgraced themselves more than ever , by taking of the clothing, rifling the pocket*, and I then running their bayonets through the Federal killed. , A team of a d< len horse# wa? brought up from the l-'erry with remarkable expedition, and the HI ? pun was rnnveved ?rnm the river, placed In petition commanding Harper's Ferry and the mouth of tbe Shenandoah, and vrai there, by one of tbe ,'aln lteurs,,' named "The New Convert to the Union" Aa the gun moved down the street towards the Maryland tide, we met Major Tyndale and Adjutant Flynn, with a reinforcement of five companies, to wit: B, C, I, K, and M, of the 2Sth Pennsylvania, who had just arrived from Point of Rocks. The cleering of these troops waa moat vociferous; and the Virginia ladlea of the place gave strong proof of their love for the Union by waving their handkerchief* and joining in tbe general jubilee About Ave p m , one or two other cannon of the New York Ninth crossed the river, ascended Bolivar Heights, and then the Woods in the direction of Halltown, as well as Loudoun Heights, were completely shelled, bul with no reply Our loss was four killed and eight wounded ; theirs must have been very heavy, as they had all tbe wagons of the neighborhood busy in hauling oil' the slain : two wagons were seen full of killed. Their Chaplain admitted the loss to be very heavy, and much blood was found upon the hill from which tbey were driven. Colonel Geary displayed much skill and great bravery during the whole of the engagement. Tbla was my first day upon the battle-Held, and mv venerable friend Judge McKook fully sustained the high reputation of the " MeCoolc Ji%ht. m{ family " This was not a " Bull Run" but a rebel-run affair. The rebel Colonel during the n?it day sent down a flag of truer, offering to exchange the only prisoner they took?a Pennsytva. nla corporal?for the >-baplaln A few of tbeir cavalry also appeared back of Bolivar, but were promptly shelled and dispersed by the Rhode Island battery. Great praise la due the surgeons of the 3d Wisconsin and 13th Massachusetts for skill and attention to the wounded, and to Corporal Myers, of Co A, 3d Wisconsin, for efficient aid in bringing the captured gun off the Held. Col. Uurf wa< ordered by Major General Hanks to cross the I'otomac at Harper's Kerry, in order that he might capture a large quantity of wh?at, most of which wasstored in a mill belong, ing to a gentleman by the name of Herr. The order aforesaid was obeyed and twenty one thousand biuhels of wheat was taken. The objret of the mission was accomplished before thp began. Tub Latk Naval Kngaokmint ox thk Mississippi.?The New York Time* has received a copy of the Petersburg (Va ) Kxpre**. of the 15th instant, and copiea from It what Itcalla " further partirulars" of (he reported naval engagement on the Mississippi Theae further particular*,which are evidently but a repetition of the flrat account already puhllahed, are aa follows: The Turtle ran agalnat the Preble without firing a gun, and Immediately sunk ber, by stavtng in her sides; she In the meantime being fired upon by the whole squadron, but the bails glancing from ber Iron form without effecting the least damage The Turtle then turned on the ether two vessels, which, seeing the fate of their companion, endeavored to get out of the way, In which effort they were driven uhore, their crews deserting them. - > * ... - vwiu itumilVj 111 UI9 rruori, say* DC iDlnks be I will be able to csptnre and carry them both Into New Orleans. The Preble cannot be raised A large number of prisoners, stores, ammuultlon, Ac , were taken during the action. Com Holltns arrived in New Orleans on the 14tb ult The city waa Illuminated on the receipt of the Intelligence. A Battle is Chicago ?A light occurred In Cblcagoon Friday, in a billiard saloon, which Erew out of an attempt to cowhide J . YV Shea10, editor of the Post, by Col Phllllpa, of the Chicago Brigade, ttbraban bad published a aevere article upon Phillips' election as Colonel, which he refused to retract In such form as Phillips dictated. The latter attacked Sheahan In the street with a raw hide, when he was knocked down hy one of the Post employees This led to a fight shortly after la a billiard saloon, in which twenty or thirty persons participated, aad In which Phillip* was serlooaly Injured ?Lo*itrilU Journal. Beazil and the Conteheeate*.?a letter received ID N Vork trntn nra.ll - ? ? ?? -?? " rumored there that Robert O Scott had been nominated at the rommliaionrr of the Southern Statea to obtain tbrlr recognition aa an Independent power. The Brazilian government positively refuted to treat with tb? agent or agenta of the Confederacy The papers were laid upon the table, and the subject ilsmlsacd from their council*. MATTHEW'S CHURCH -The RL J W *? Dr. CAKkKLL. Biihoe of Covington, Ky. wtU preach in St. Mftttbcira Char oh TOMORROW rth.atll o'obck It* nrw^^EV HKNRY w. BELLOWS D II .? New York, will pre%eh in the Unitarian <^h?roh. om n^r of D ami *Mxth *te . TO MOR ROW (?nnrtay) MORNING, at U o'clock If WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY lO? Compa->iei A and bvll?Mt.M<MDAY EVENING.theSlit. A. th* Store'oom cf Quatermiifr Towers, D *.. near nb. Buaineea of im> pjrtar6? will b? uanatafed. Frjl titer danoe ia notary. LEM. D. WILLIAMS, If c>ft Cd A. ! rr"5?v*OI'N? MEN'S CHRI*TI ?N ?S;OCI111 3 A I'M iM A .. ;? * : r.u:- ? - I ixj rt i i ?ex'i iiupuriam mro in? ! uin fli, soofstion will be h?d on MONDAY EVENING, & "?H o'clock, in their Koomi, cn Pa. arena*, ofp >*i>e R'ovd i Motel. An address will be delivered by tbe gentleman to wao>e activity e'sewhere the Association is grsa 1 y indebtsd for the large amount of inUresti-i* r- a.1111; ir a*t r distrihutsd in eneaTpment* and hospitals during several months vast. It is earnestly hoped that every member who oan possibly attend will he present The pub'io are also invited SAM'L MoELWKE.Jr., aH 2t ReOotdlrn Secretary ffC* *1 K.THOPOLITA N RIFLES*, ATTEN'l_3 TION !?'There wll ?>e a meeticg of this Company he d at th? Truck House on Massachusetts avenue. on MONDAY, the 21st of Ooto&er, at 8 o'clock p. m. By order of the Captain. oa 18 3t* fTff?A TTE^TION _H?>WITZKR COM??Aj.3 ny u. Washington light inkanTR V?Th-ue will be a meeting on SATURDAY EVENING the 19th, at 7 o'o'ock, for the purpose of electing offners to fill vsoanoies It is neoe??%ry that a 1 members should be present, at Anaoos tia Hall, Navy Yard. By order of Lieut in command : on 18-21* HtMlilil. milM rj"^=?GENERAL ORDERS, No. II. Hkaiqcabtbk* 1st Bri6adk. D. C. M., { Wath nut on. Oct. 17,1861 \ The oommiss!on?d officers of the Brigade and all commiMtoped ofnoers of Volunteer Companies at=taclied thereto wi I meet at the Columbian Armor? on the 21 t. 23d and 23d of this month. at 2 o'clock p. m eaoh da?, for drill and instruction, according to the req'iirem nts of the law. B? order"! Brig. Gen'l P. F Bacox: . _ oo 18 2t CHAS, KVKRKTT. Brigade ftis'r. |> y THF. UNION PRAYKR MEETING IfJ? will Iw holden EVERY DAY tbi* week in the English Lutheran Chnroh, correr of [I and Uth sts., commencing at half-past 4 o'olook p. m , to be continued r?ijf?ho"r only. oo 7 3m DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN POL.1CE?The Hoard of Police Commissioners having tak*n the house 516 Eleventh- st., all business connect?* wi'h the Police of the oity will bo transac'ed at that p ace. A genera' oomplaint book will he opened, and oitisens are roiuest^d to call and enter any complaints thay luay have to make ol any matter rela' in* to the police or health of the city ?e 27 W B. WEBB. Superintendent ,?# COMPANY A," U. 8. ENGINFEFS.l]^Sf Fifty intelligent and able bodied mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to the ma*

imum fixeo by law?150 men. Inquire at No. si4* 6 street Pay from 913 to 934 per month, besides food and clothing. au 17 tf I/('R aALE?A well broken Cava ry HOR9K. Inquire at the Cavalry Stabe? s^uth of the Treasu'y <>c 19 ?t* I7CR SAI.E?A very strong 4 passencer new CARRIAGE,suitable for a club ?I ( fficeri. Inquire of KOB'T H. GRAHAM, Coaohn aker, Ki hth st. t>c 19 3t* C^OACH LAMPS. FRA.MF, HOLTS AND y KETCH IS, 8 I DINS BOL rs. and all other <>ac!i Mountings to be had at KOB'T II GRA HAM'S, Coaol'maker, Eighth st oc I1) Iw* SUTI> RS AN^nKALKRS. ATTENUON' D. Pn prat's SupTio' Kreneh Black Varnish, o* ten'ed A cril 1", IStji, the he t artiole ever invented for varmshi r boot*, harness. carriages. mi'ita-y a^confements, and Iir*m"n'a cape. For "ale by R EVNAH I) A. C'? . 307 E st.. between 13 h and Washington City. Oflioe hoars from 3 to & o'clock p. nt oo H lw* FV)R OFI ICEMS "AN D fci?LDIEKS - . uJ7 > kin Gauntlets, several qualities. Hew* Grej Blarkets for Cainp service. Mine Cloths and Cas-imer s various qualities. On? price o.ilt, market) it plain figures. We also ofTer all kinds of first class Dry Good* for the general and special wants of families and hoasrkeepers. PEKRY A HRO , I'a avenue and Ninth st.. _oo 13 .St - "Perry Building." yOM F.T HIN6 N E W?S V ?FK IOIl HULLED l>~ PWK.Y-TMi 'b crioer, having eottheag?ncy 1 toa.ip Ijr Georgetown with this delicate preparai tion of Corn would respectfully nsw of his fr.end*. 1 and tne pubic at 'arg", to give it atrial. Also, l Popped Corn, plain and sugared WM KRtm.V A | Pa. avenue between 18th and 19th sts. 1 N. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monu| ms"t?, Table Tops, Ac. A large assortment a ways on hand. oe P 8m I IN EN 8BKR TING8 PIL.I.OW LINENS, ^ K'ankets, C mforta, Oniits, Cotton sh-'otitgi Tallin C otas. Tickings, fiiwU, Nap<ins,ant al o?hir kinds of I?ry Goods for the u e of ho-jsekeep > rs. at our p overli.aly low prices, marked in p!a nJ hitur-s. Curtains, Oiloloths, Carpe's, Rugs, to., up>e r floors An Inspection of stock solicited : it imp'ies no obligation to purchase. PERRY & HR<\, oo Irf-3t Pa. avenue and Ninth st. |~?OCKRO\CHK8 roCK?^ACHES!-Tbe V/ *uhscnl>?r si>bes ro*pectfuliy to inform the oiti* -us of Washingtiin (hat tue* c&'i have rII msrots r ml verm'n de-troyed from iheir dweilincs. liosiita's. harmoks, hot Is, pnblio and prua'.e bui'di: te tak?u on contract and *rp' permanently f ee from a.l kinus of vermin < 'rdTs re?i>?cfuli so!>it-d and promptly at'e>.ded to. Address P. RBYNAHb. \Vanhingtun, Li C. P. REYNARD, (Firm of Kevnard tt Co.. i f New York c tT.) r?fl7 k'. ml .. 1?!. I ? ?? U IvHIl auu U"f IW. Offioe hours from 3 to 5 o. ni. oo 19 1? * r|-?0 eUTLbRS 1 AND DEALERS 100 boxes Manufaotured Tobacco?consisting of Fi'fls, Ha'f pound, and Pound Lupins. SWe'Oss Fuie-C!ut Tohacco, in f il?P antaticn, Amu'et, Virgin Leaf, and Havirr, in barrels Gor.dwm's l.o ise Ohewirg Tobrcco, 51 er< as Goodwin's '.,-poind Sn-okiu< Tobaooo, 15 ba rets V>r*ir-ia Sinaki * Tob .coo, 2<M>aesVir ir,iaSmi ki gTolao;o, ??>,? ? \Udiam and I .<"w-p<ioA Clears, Metschaum, B ier, rowhatan, and Clay Pipes, For sale at fair ra'es by 0 ??. \V. COCHRAN. 39* Pennsylvania \vnue, oo lB-3t Sign ol " Jim Crow." B LA DIES' CLOTH CLOAKS. LACK Cloth ('oats and CircM ars, Grey lo b Coats ar.d Circulars, Drab Cloth Coa** and Circulars, stripe I Cloth Coats and Circulars. AU the N*-w styles Tor Ka'l and Winter will be reoi iv<d and opened on Saturda* rrornint, October 11th *t "*v ? ? iu.i A ?? r.Mi'n Cloak and M*rtilla ro 17 3t?o H'jM |?a avenge UK SUBS':K IBKRS boc leave to inform their 1 patrons ani the p> l?<le *cne ally of iue Jimpij rurplied witli * superior ?t ok of>wH PAUL and WINTER GOOJJS. Ther also respectful y invite attention of \f;f their Ann* snd Navy custo.norc, and tho-1?*r quir.iu on'fits in that in e. 'o their superior aualltieaof Sword*. F p\ulets, Shondsr Strap* Helta, lha***ii*. Hata, Oar* Sashes, and Gold I^ea, Conataniljr on hand, whi ju aie warranted as rep re >cnte<1. Whi'at lerd'ring thanks for the liberal patronaro et joyed, they will endeavor t<>merit a o< ntn.uai.oe. P. J HKIRKRGER fc CO . (Successor* to II. F. Loud n A. Co ,> C1T1ZRN. M i LIT AH V <??'/ NAV M. TAILORS, 362 t'ennaylvama Avenue. . oo 16 ?' 3m EUGENE CARU8T~ ATT IRWRY *ND COUNSELLOR AT LAW. OFFICB ?No. 3S Lol'Isl ANA AvkM'6, Near Sixth Street. ICT Particular attention siven to the proaacutiou of aoldiers' and contractors' claim* beio e the aevera departments of the General Govenmem. oo 13-5f PB KRONER'S H1LADELPH1A LAGER BEER! 8. STERNBERGKK, c n r ts u \s mj B A U H i> Z" ? No. 32* D Stkeit, (Adjoining Star Office.) A large supply constantly on hand. oo 15-Ira ?6LDIKRBT ? SOMETHING FOE YOU! Pookft Crmbs... ? - .. .10 ofnU. Do. Lookin< 15 " I Union Envelopes, par hundred.. ?. .fin " Plain do. do. .25 ** Amhrotypesof Soott,MoCl*llan,&o.,eaoh 15 " Sent by mtii to any ad ress. ALFRED #. ROBINSON. oo5-5w* Publisher, Hartford,Conu. ROUGHS, COLDW^HOARSENESS, &o. COMPOUND SIKUP OF OUM ARABIC. Tin* ple?*ant and popular Cough R?medy has been to long known and rxt- nsiveiy us?d that most person* have oeoome fam'liar with its extraordinary eftioaoy. It oan be had at all the prino pal drug * tores, a> 25 at>d 50 oenla a bottle. oo 14 d2m&eo4in* . ^RTiFlOlAL LEGS AND HAND?. Selpho's Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 01b Hkoadw t New iou | ThM* unri i 11*^1 *? i * " ? * ? ? ?1?WM oui/amBMJD tur 1UVI nmoa, vhloh have stood the teat of ov?r 87 T?n <x?erienoe, and have n ver b?n *ur?aa*e?], 0*0 be had oniT of WM. SKJ.PHO, 1'atentee, 416 Broadway, N ew Yorlr 00 U-lm DR ^CH'/ROPOM^T FROM PARIS. And lrotu Broadway. Maw York. Braooh oftce?34tt l'?ncay I vaaia avenue, between Uth and lath ?t?., waahi jton, U. 0. Coma, baai<>Qt, s?jft Corn*. Cailoaitiea, Club Naila, and Naila penetratin* the fleah, Jto , ourrd without oauaing pain or inoonvaniaooa to the patient The Boot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after the operation. Hij treatment la founded on the atriotly rule of aoiaaoa, auoh aa all Hnrreona will MP OT?, th? tufmr. Refer* to Ui? Phjtioiana and 0arg?OM of Una ^riou att?dxl at their rooms or rwMloaeo* "nirftFi AMUSEMENTS. T H B *8AT(kt<**T It OnUnafd f>aoo*M of miss susan uknin. Wfco will ?rp"*r fhj? -vr.:n^A< NOkAH CR KIN A. ^ ud A9Mui>EUS< In wkioh ahe viil aiif "Haprr thy Dr?am? " Mr. Rin Hnaiit in "Your Life's in Du(H.n oo IT lt? OPO FKLLOWS' HALL! Bivbsth. A BO VI i) J*T. TWELFTH WEEK nftn<5 CAMPBKLL MINSTRKL8 and BURLESQUE TROUPE. 1 HTAR PERFORM F,RS. Look ont for Tbj For* Niw FR AN'K 8WAMV, the Great Bum : LUTHER HUGHES, the Great Cornediaa,< lately of Sanford'a Opera Troupe;) Mona EDMONDS, the G<eat Violiuiat.(lately of ^nford'a Opera Tronpe;? JOHNNY WILLIAMS. the Beautiful Tenor Singer. N. B The Manager takee great pleasure in ?nnonnoing the above-named gentlemen a* brlcht particular atara. Th?y will appear ofl Marday evening,Slat. (ool8> C. DUPONT. IOOK OUT FOR THK MONIMENTALS!j Tii? MONUMENTAL CLUR take f% great f leaaure in annonncing to their frienda tl und the public in srneral that they vul g their thirteenth UK4ND AS*fe.MHL'> atygA Kbamli* Hall, cor 9th and!) It*;.on MoNdaT EV ENING, Oot.28. TioketaM oeou, Admitting a gentleman and ladies. oc IS St" NOTICE. HE PARTY of the GEORGE WASHINGTON QUADRILLE ASSOCIATION, g% which vaa to have take* place on Tfaaraday AS evening. Oct. 17, haa bf?n pnata >nrd u- til#]A MONDAY EVENING, Oct. St. ThaCora-6? mltt?e ple'ge themselves to mace thii the moat agreeable Pkrty nf ths aefon. Proapen'a celebrated band haa been eng&ged. Tiokets 5ft centg. oc ib at* fJ,HE CuMMONWEALTH OK VIRGINIA. EXBCUTIVK DBrAtTMBNT. ( VVHBBL1N6, Ootober 12,1961. \ TO THE PEOPLE Of VIRGINIA Whercaa several of the Congreaaionai di at riots of tnia State are nnrepretented in tgie Houae of Kepre?entatives in we tJongresa or (tie United Stum*, by reason of failure to elect on the fourth Thurrday in W?? last. caus d by armed men in rebellion acaintt the Constitution and lava of the United States and of this Mate ; and it beinc the rght of the loyal inhabitant* in each diatriot to he represented m said House by a Representative of their own appointing. tne Convent.on of Virginia, on the 20th car of A ugust. 1S61. passed an ordinance directing an election to be held on the fourth Thursday in October instant. (24th.) in every distriot of the ^tate to onrf pre?ented and where vaoancios eii-t. It i' fu-ther rr arte the law, by virtue of the ordinance aforesaid, that any pe> son who is prevented f>om a'.rendina euoh election, by reason of the oocupat on of his own count* by armed men in hostility w the Government, that I jch vier may vote any where in his Congressional distriat It is further ordaned ti at the e eotion shall ba oofiduoUd and the result a?certain>d, dreared.and oert'fisd in the manner directs in the code of Virginia of the edition of I860. By the lith sec ion of chapter 7th of thatoode,*nv two freeholders may hold an election directed by law at any place of vo inp, if no Commissioner to superintend the same arj>pars and is vitlin^to act, or if ro Com niiBsiuucrs utiro wen sppcioiru to BO a we eotion. N<'W, therefore. 'n consideration of the ?remis4b, I. Fhascio H. Pikrpont, ?ioyern -r of the Oominoow' alth rf Virginia, do hereby entreat the loyal voters of this Stare to holi election* in their sev t-rai <'isiricts on the day above mentioned, to the e id that the p <">p!-? Hn*y be n-preseiit?J, the principle of representative tovernmer.t suctained, and the Sta e have h?r due w. iglit in the National iLtKidature oo '6-td F. H HI KK POINT. S OF* ICE US ANU S'JLDIKKS. JGHT DK \ > TS so d on a.l tar.* of the United States, in sums to suit otkoers and so diers. A so. Drafts nii L'tldon. Ire and. Scotland, *, and Germany. Uncui rent mon?y bought at beat rates. BWhENV, BITTKNHOU8E. FANT* CO., oc U-lm Hanfcers, l.'t j Pa. av , near Brown ?. di PUTLKKft WANTED. " 1BEAT ADVANTAGES to b? found by Sut)e s. and dealer* in Boots and Shoftn, at thf^dXi'a NEW VORKWH LESALE BKANCHSHI HOUSE, 31* Pennsylrania avenue, (o?err ! Jaur.ey's Shoe f*tore.> V^. We nannfaotura our own G- ods, and seh at Neiv York tnx fe?. theroby saving freight. Having constantly uu hand a large Stock, we oan supply at a moment's notice, an* quantity desind. A large aieortment of 3 sola High-cut Shoes, aid Long-leg Boots. butlers liberally dealt with. A cai< from al' dealers solioit?d. WHITEHOUSE k. L'NCKLES. oc 7-1wSdp.& 3w * ____ N(?TirK-Si4LBT OF PITTSBURGH. J-O/iT WAYNE AND IH1CAG0 RAILROADBy virto* o! a decree of the Circuit ?*onrt of the nited Sl&tea for the norUiern d air.ot of Ohio. ib a oiute id "chanccry there n deper.dmc. wher?mi; <5hsrlea Minna ana others a e coaipla iiants.?i.d the *'itteburgh, Fort Wayne at! Chicago Kail road Company ?w* other* Are defendmi'e; &Ed purauan' to auxuiaiy o'eornM of the c rouit oourtj of tiio United State* for til"? weetrrt oittriot ot Pinnay 1- ania, the ciatriet of Indiana, and the northern tlistno*. o' llliuou rerpeoiiTely, in caaiea depending n ciiancorT in ?aid cocru r-e^??ctiveiT,wherein th? ?amo p&rti?a ars ooinpla.nanta a?n d. fondants r^apecU voiy, ? in *ai d cacae l>rat above ni*c?ttoned, ii:o or le'auned, Joun Ferguaon and Th ?n aa E Waik?r, &a Granteo* ia Trun^and Tru?t-ea 'n one of tho aeve;ai IVede of Truat or Mortgage upon which amd tiecr^oe are founded, aud also aa Hpecia Mailer Commtaaion^ra of the aaid Court. respectively, du y a;joint<?d by *ai<i Conrta' OHp'ctr.el' for that purp re, wil ?oll at pu jlic auction, to the highegr hi der, for a*h, bat for not 1*33 than the aum of Sfr'H.OOo, at the Urited - fata> f..M -a U *1 * - - ' ' .???. '-/vuiw ijuut, 10 mo V;iiy ui uiewojwi'ii id tho Mat* of '>hio. ?.-n the W4th day oi Ootobtr, A- D. 186 , between ?he hoar of tell p'n'oct a ta And four o'clock ?. m. of said da?,the following de oribcd wit: t'ne nauroad of tn? Pittsbnrgh. Fort W?rc? And Cn oaso Uailroad ?'ompany, ice uJinr the risht of way th?r?*for, the road-bed thveof, th? sup rstrvcturo < f all sort* ihereon, ita water And ot!i?rs ation houa-a and shops, and the ands and ground* conn cted therewith, and all teol- and imp.entente uaed or provided to bo used therein, and in oon'-trunt nc and repairing cars and na:hlnery f ir ra<d road, or the tract and auperttruotur?a aforesaid; a I ru'u-tab es; a. depots and buildings ar.d txturesand etrnctnrea of whatever name or nature, Ann th? auds and groundsOonnected ther with, used or provided to be used in operating sanI road and Vionrmg th?reto. And wherever situate; and all cars, eng.nea and rolling stocj belonging to- said Co? pany; and All ausp>i?a of timl).-r. Inmber. iron, fuel, and every other thing provided by said <"omPAni**,or by th? s*v<rrmt or ginAl Conipanie* which were consolidated into aaid Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Oh oag ' Kai'road, t> b- n?e,<1 in operating aaid road,wherever situate, by the sain tit e by which the sam? are holden by aaid <'oni|?\n*, or by sa d oririra! Companies, aevera'li together, with a I oorpoiA'ive f anchiaes ot said Company, and of th- aaid original Con-paruec severally, including the right And franchise of said several companies to b? and act as a Corporation. to be sold as an entirety. r*al i deorees provide mat tue pn ohaser, upon the confirmation of th* ?ala And full c mpUenoe with uv vuu btvua vurigu ? Bliftll flU U All *HO pfOICriJj ruins. franoniees. and the appurt-nano*s thereof e<> sold, t.j the rams title b? wuioti the* are held by oaid f'ittnburgh, Fort Wayi.e and Chicago Rail Road C< mpany, ar.d each and a< I of said original Companies, free f'cw the lien ot ail said mortgazes, and ireo from al liability lor ary dsbts Ma:nut oa'-d original or coi.Hohdr.ted Companies, or either of Uimu. and lroin all c aims on aooount of capital stock ; but >ubjtct, ntrertktUst, to the h^ns if any such exist, upon au* r?a estate noludeJ in the ?. for f uruiia^e money tiioreof n t |-roviii?d by raid de. rees to be p -id out of the proceeds oi the sale, or by former orders or decrees to ba paid ottierwiae The right of way,depot grounds ana lots, and lands id the ? ity and vioinity ofChioago, purchased by said Compauy f ince the pendeuoy of ?aid suits, and the bridge propertv aud other real estate of the Company at the City of Pittsburgh, are subieot to mortgage liens. The same will be included in the rale but subjeot to said inoumb: aiio?s, no srovision having been <rade for the payment thereof: JOHN FERGUSON, THOMAS E. WALKER. Trustees, and Master Commissioners, as aforesaid. oe a ant mm ? *w* a * w mil i aiiiiiv roi Cleaning. and PriTtatlai Rut. Ttiii ia superior to all other oil* in the world for the above purposes. M veil at for machinery and lnbricating uses It is equally applioab e to innlooks ana sewing machine*. It is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnance and machinery. Principal Dtpot mud Gmeral Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh sL JET Agents wanted with team*, to supply eaoampments. seiH 8m TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Prussian prinoiple. arranged lor sicca-f^, Incortoact as au Ambu anoe in oase of~L^n siolcness or wounds, with ample room stoMs and provision a; light, water-proof, and perfectly new, haviug beenju*t built to order by one of the first makera in New York, ia offers ?i fti coat p' loe. Also, a handsome, etrong, sound, dark-brown HORSb, either for saddle or hsrnese. Both may b? seen on app.ication to JAMBS BROWN, at Mr. InrioM Stable*, Corooran's Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H streets mr>? CTOUT L1NHEY8 AND OTHER HEAVY 9 GOODS, for servants and laborers, of qualities that can be relied on, at our proveibialty low prioes, marked in slain fit area. As inspection or stook implies ao obligation to purobase. VfcRRY A BRO., oo 1VM Pa avsnse and Ninth at. 7 8-10 U. 8 TREASURY MOTES, wfcioh will be snep isd at par to osr customers, free of oharce. Demand "treasury Notes,ne heretofore, sfesr.rA'K'WuvrvANT?co? oe lf-lm Bankers,laa Pa. as., near Brows's C| JoMK AND 8?E OU* NEW STOCK OF FALL CUOTHINe-No. 464 Seventh et. oo 1-lm %JU CVOD FOR hA' K-WtoSIMiaordi < fu?k. Miefcorv sni Pire \V? us. staging *1 nntoj Within >? o W ?i u / * ?-?* 004-tV w. I ?? AUCTION BALES. By GREEN a WILUANs. A??H?mii HOrgKHOLD AND KITCHEN FIRM TCEB AT Am ION ?OB TTEPDAV. Ue 7M irc'ftnt we Will m>1 ?t the reeideae* <Y? (? ?! ???1 (iMiiriM Ho?wkM?>u. ?t Mo. ?*| tweea b *rd B itrwU, t rood lot ofFiniitt*. Til? Merble trp and other Tablet. Oil PuatitK, P*r or. l h??i?r end oth? r (\ruta CottMeSjt ?odoih?r FtmUrt, Co- kit*, Radiator and other tHnree. , A?d?too<i -U of K tehee R?t?'tit?a. with M?r oth?r*rtiolee wueh we oeea iinrntmn In en nin- rate T?rme ?a*h. ool?lt>R?M GREEN A WILLIAMS A?e<?. Br URKKN A. WILLIAM*. A netuwMra to THE INTERB8T of PARMS?ft._ 1 Firnnvi 8al? . r AatirtLTVftAX Impli mi*t? m?cHimT, pmm. Fkbtilizu*. kc.% at Avctiow ?on i HI Rt*DA v, ootohor ink, ' 61. we (hall Ml) at the AanoBltarel W?rM>oM* of Mr Edward F. Simpaon. No. iit Seventh street north of PobovtItmm arena*. ooamnaTni atlOo'ctooka in . and ?onduoe from 4m to dor until all ' diapoaad of, his entire (took. mMhi in part of? Keating and Mowing Maohmea. Gram Dr i. la. Homo l ower aid ThrMkiai Mimim*. Grain Cradles, Spring Tooth Horae Rake*. Plows. Harrow*. Cnlt v tors, Cknros, W heel Barrow*. Corn 8hel er*. Hay. *?raw and HtaJk Catera, Oe Vokae^ Bowa. Ac., Swirgle Traee, Store Vegeu'!e Ccttera, Ssrar Mills. If eat Cattera.a a., f.ard*n Kngirea, Chain Pomp* an<J Mxtarea. Sard Soreena, 8eir?a. Laooora ar.d Tra'leaea, Corn Plantara,s*ed DriJla, Appl* Parera, Root Pollers Ha? ar.d otbe- Knire-?, Traoe, log. Halter, Cow and other CbaiD?,vh -Tela ppad?e, Forka. Hoe?, Rakea. Pick*. ???tl,? and Snathe*, Hollow Ware am Kettle*. Horae Booopa, Pruning Koirna, V?n-a Hrai" Hralee, Plow Seama And Handles, Tabint. Tile. II hiMl I'erbe, V\ >w Caatiuga, Bolu A a , a large variety. Field, Garden, and Flower Seeds. Wool ifid Rli.od lUnrri. An/) I.thur Rrfwika Iaa nnmeroo* to mention. Patent Ftre Proof Sfe, with ooanting rooan f?allure. The attention of Farmer?,Gvdener?.aii4 Hoinke*P"ra i* pa t cuiarty invited to tbe above >a? aa aflordic* an opportunity hut ?? dom met with far ot>'aininR sncn ?oo a at prioea U> rui; the tim a. Sa'e rserve, ai d for cash only ia specie. oeS-eo&ds GREEN A WILLIAMS, AncU. IC7" CONTINUATION OF THK ABOVE SALE?T e pu'-li'i* r**p? ctfelly informed that tne sa e of the abi\-e ex enaive at ck o< rood* will he e<>rtinned This M< rnw.j and ?vn day until all i*s?ld. Great I* gaics may be expected, as the stock is !ftr4S ani n.uaf b?a? d wither* reaerv?. oo l? it GREEN h WILLI M S. Au eta. Br WALL ft HAKN AKP, Aaet oneerr. IARfiE 8 A LB OF WELL KEPT HOl'SRJ MOLD Fcasn una ?On THUH?D\Y MORNING. 2?tn leaf., at 10 o'clock, we will a? ai the reudenoe No. 3BO C ?t., between 4% an^ I'h s*?. a la-?ea sortraentof Household ani Kitchen Fsrai tsr?,oona etint of? Ma'-oja'-y Sofa* and Chairs, Liue r.umber of Ca'peU, Eiriraion and oth?r TaMea, Bookcase, Siurran* War 'robe*, Heriatoada, HairandMiuck Mattreaae , B ankets, Comforts, an! other Kedcins, Oiiel- th. W aahe'snia. and Toilet Sets, L*ce and other Cortn aa. and Omioea, A lare asaortmert of Wood and Coa! Stovos, Audi on?. Fenders Sc. he. Te mi oaah. _ocJ? WALL * BARNARD. A nets. By BONTZ k GRIFFITH. An'?i?n*er'. TRUSTEE'S fALE OF STOCK OF DRV G^ota, lloa'aav Cloths, Cikishii, Ao.? OnMO?D*Y MOKNI M. Oct 2t?t t mmere i"K at i o'olock, and co.itininne freni day today until the who1* ia tiispoeed of. we atiail aell the ID Ire st< ok of Dry Good*, floater*, ha.. of R. Itrin* Hal . . n Hi ? r m *7-1 iUvMitk at Ui*?Ai> j and K it*.; in part? Print*. De'ainet i et, Sika. Me-iuoa. Catnb'iea. Clot a.Caea rrerea ar,<1 Vestuf. Kroohf, St?ila and Hank e* Shawla, Inrrain td T ree ply Carpet*, Druc^eU. Ruica, Ac., S ? omen Hrueand rtalfHoae, Gl?vea, G -U'lt?t?. & e. Together with a general aatnrtment of good a u'uaT'y found in * retai. drr good* etore. Teriuacath. THKO. SHfOKM,? .Trcetor. BONT7. * GRIFFITH. Aaot*. oo 17 d (Ktprt'wii) I'F J. C. MeGUIRK A CO . Auctioneer*. _ SUPERIOR RO KWOOD C A W K PIANO hoRTB. Fl?GA!?T K08?W00I> BBOCA! BtLBC*KRBD PaSLOR PrRMTTR*. FRBKCB PlaTB Mirror*. Carpets ?np HorsEHcLD F.rrtcr* i?e> ?On TU* SDAY MUK.N l>?, Ooto ber 2H1, at 1?'o'clock, at the -arne reticence ob H treet, opposite r-^ recently ooeji ried by t:.e Chi ian Miria'-er, we eb&ll aril all tke Furniture and I ffsc'a, c >mpriain|? Very tuperior Rosewood Cat* Piano l-orte, by Chickling, Suit of eierant Rosewood Crim* n Rr<v>at#li? 'ovcrod Pr.rlor Furniture contisuct 2 large Sofaf, 2 Arm Ct'Rirs. end 8 rarlo' ('nairt, cupenrr Gi't 3a* C'iia: ceiier and Gat F.xtuiBB. Pa t of Wa'Lut 1'Iimh #.'?fri(l I'arl-r Furniture. Handtcm) K?-j CUaira, L.onjea ?aj fancy Chaire, Poet wood MarMe top TaMt>a, Wa-nut \\ liataot Septritr I; o?- w rid ? eoret*.ry ard li<*<>oa*e, 11a dao- e K ench ?*iate Gilt-frain* Mirra-.ra. Lvdf'a Walnut Secretary, e Cabin**, v\ ait?? Lx'ebeioi) Umi?( TableSir**' ??rd. Din n< t'iiA'.rs, Side Tal lea. f .'ate V urunr Chin*, Gi'.r? and Crockery. Tahle Culler?, hzclient Br???e s and I hree-ply Carpets, M?ir fkrir'.l, Oiolotfi, M&tttrr , Wflrnt French and J'vbj Lmd BeotUadc, IK?. l>rM?int ?fn! C hid l!u csb?. Wa urohcs, Warhstain-tr, Toilet >uperior Car rd Hair Mattre. ae-<. B<anket?, Bolster* &i:4 Pillows. rivds ar.d Comfort*, It.fhp pt and OitMge B^ett R'l?. One h-at Chair*. Rot kern, A rm Chairs., StuTJl, Kiutieo I'teotile, *0 , 4e. Together with mar.y article* of Houaekokt Fnrnitoie cot i^oeseary ?o enumerate 'ffrmicMti. J <7. McGllRh A CO, oo P d i Rpyub ) A u*t oner* By WALLA BARN*R0. Aucriouee.-*. TRU8TKE'* ?ALK BY CA1 AfcOGUL OF FlSK WI.MS, J.lOCnR*. A>D ?kuaE? AT -A PCtlJV-dnTl h*l>A> MORN1N., OctoherKM. at Hi o'clock, we will eeii at the Auction Moomi, a larr" stuck of ??p?nor Wiiim, Brandies, Whixkirs, Jamaica R uic, and other LifB^ra, ?ona tine of? Catks Shirr* and Made ra Wires, Cu t and Basket* imperial aod Cabinet Cham pa*ne, X and 3tf Cask* Otard, Dnpay k. Co Brandy, >4 rami Leger Krede, and feeifnette, anti Ca*teik> Brandy, Ear re s Rtfir and Hollaed Gin, arreU Bourbon and Moncngahel* and Be*ore Whiskey, Case* as*or>?d Liquors, Ca?e? Brandy and Whisker, Pegar*. This ?ale will offer a rare opportanitT to Re*taar*ntis Km f m * A ' ? * , >.? m r*x iinmn HO Crm c%ah. Cataloiuoa will beat me A action Rooms on Monday p r?nn?i to ?!?. B y order of the Trast??. oo 16 WALL* BAW NAF P. Auota. By WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneers CALK OK PERSoNALTV-By virtu* of a S3 deed oi treat from Albert Woodio*. *o tfte anbteriber. m%d* th<-2!at da? of Auuit, IMn, IN re oorde*' in Lib-r J a. S , No ls6, folio 466, fte . of the !ar d record a oftve i is?rict or Columbia, I witl otler for sale at public auction, t? the tugboat bidder, ?u the pi?mi*ra. former!* known aa the 'Howoll Hou*?," on the ?ou h aide of P^nn?y1?ania avenue, bet? een 17th and S'b ?trreta, in W wkingio.i C ty, at 10 o clock am, W'h D>KSI)A \ , th- 23d >uat? the follow* nr personal efleeta. to wit? 'J'he Bar and fca Fix<ur?s; 3 Arm Cb"i'a;31 Chairs; |1 1 ablet; l Diving Tab e; 1 Center Table; 4 1'io'u w; 2 C!cc<s; S Looking Gaaea, 2 d< s*n wla*aes and al iho Crockery Ware and Cook ng yt*neil*:S? Window ^i..-tle?; 1 Cooking IS to re; > Bedatead* Mid H dd or; I W Mha and and Appar* tenaiiona; F our Matting; and 2 Lot rue*. Terms oash. GEORGE GRAY. Trustee oo 17 W A I.I. * *?' RUCTION SALtf IN PHILADELPHIA. wm r smitht^o*^*' Auctumttr, SO* Cb**nut at.. a bo re 5th rscalar Salra TUES>DaV and saturday Mornings *t 10 a m. Fin? Tabl? aad Pocket Catlery, Hard vara. Fancy Gooda boats. Oils, Bruthes, *o . Ao. Foreign ?"d Domeatlo ines and Liquors. l.fltw lots ever* TLcadar Morsing. oe U-lw* MARbHAl *8 SALE -In virtaa of ? writ of fieri taoias i-saed from the clerk's Ottoe of the Circa.t Conrt of tue Dietriot of Colambia and to rce direct, 1 will expoae to e*ie, for Cae?, in front of the Baut of Waahiagtoa. on TUESDAY, tfte 23d day of Ootoher instant, oow meoainc at 9 o'oloak a m , the following goods an? ebattel?, to wit, * la: Marble-top Draeeing Ha resa ; A'n.tsl Clook ; lot Mantol Oraaments ; Frenoh P a'e Mattel Glaas: tue srat and Fancy Chairs i Bodataftda, Bedding, and Mattreeeea ; GUss and Cbi -a Ware; l Globe, lot Blaokata. Feather Ped?, Bolster* and Pilkwt; lot Pictures; lot Braaaels Carpet; 1 Pi?ao aad Covar; lot Riada, I Chamber: I Mahogany Glaaa; Oiieloth. and at U o'clock, I wii: sen. ander aa'd fieri faaiaa. lot of Oak I ? oWr. at the tase Factor* of JiaM Crntoh ?tt. eeiaed and leyied a poo a* the goods and OQMteU of Janie* rratohett. aad will ba eoTd to eattsfy Jnjic al* No. ? to Jaraary term, IMa, in favor of We'la A Millar vs. James CratchatL _ * * 11 u L*te U b. Marahaf^.'c. MILITARY obficers and others. BATCHRLOR'S QKHuINX HAIR DYE* The Beat in the World, The (Ml* Rtlt&hlt aid HarmUn Hair Dys Xaswa. Sold by all Draicieta: alao. at bimma hf.i Meoiaine fetor*, c*. Patent Oitee. oor F * 71k, Ad at OiBM'a Hair Store, U4 3 Pmi'? truu, tkm LAdiea ?u U?r* it applied, ifiMirai. FfccUirr?M Barclay itilaMtt Hroadva?> K. Y. DALMURAL SKIRTS, of T aad uorm\ palJSSBF^ tiivjtris I Efcr"* * ItMitt*. '|ULrPAN AND KLEGAJITKt^ ,usuLart&? . NgHr ? ?lm mmn Pa a*.?d y?!t. I

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