Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Though Thb Stae U printed on the fastest tram press in us?? south of Baltimore, ita edition It po large as to require It to be pat to press at an early boar: Airertuem'nt*, therefore, should be sent la before 13 o'clock otherwise they may may not appear antll the next day. Thb Barmby Cat* airoaa the Obphans' Conmt, j b be i Pcbcbll ? Tteo da y ty proceed H' ?TXuriday?Mr Linton, of counsel for tbe petitioner, stated to tbe Court that Llrnt. Barney had sot only chastised hla ton Chase, on the occasion testified to by Mrs Barney (Lt. Barney's mother), but that be bad, on a subsequent occ slon, administered severe chastisement to him la the street. Tbe Coort said that Chase (tbe son) would be examined privately by the Court, at the proper time. In relation to tbe matter Mn. Barney /the mother) re-examined at her own request ?It may have been ten days or a fortnight since, witneaa waa In tbe third story, and heard the voice* of Mr Barney and Chaaey. Chaaey waa very lnaolent to his father. Witness went down stalra, and the language waa continued. Chaaey said to hla father: " You shan't be my guardian?I will have De Krafft " Witneaa thought Mr Barney had rmacked Chaaey Witnee* waa a good deal agitated, and told her son to come In, that It waa shameful to have such a scene In tbe street. Chaaey's manner waa lnaolent, defiant and threatening Witness did not aee and doea not know that Mr Barney slapptd Chare. Cross-examined ?Witneaa doea not remember what her aon aaid, and recollecta nothing of what Chaaey aaid, except the remarks already testified to. Witneaa did not see tbe beginning of It, and It did not continue one moment after she came down. Mr Barney'a voice waa not lond. Witney didn't know what It was about then, and don't know now. Witness mean a by Chasey's manner being threatening, that if a child says'to Its father " you shan't be my father," its manner la threatening. Witness understands French perfectly, aa well as ahe ever did. l)r. Davldge alluded to tbe letters of witness, (published In the Star a day or two since,) and asked her If she bad any personal knowledge of her son's conduct In Paris Mr Fendall objected to tbe question, and said that tbe lettera were not in evidence, and th? council must confine himself to the questions ask'd witness by him, (Mr Fendall.) Mr Davidge said counsel had not offered the letteis In evidence. Mr. Fendall said well, he offered them now then. A discussion ensued, during which Mr. Davidge aaid be cared nothing for the letters Mr Fsndall replied, "Let them go in then." Tbe Court aaid one of the letters was read, and lt waa the impression of tbe Court that the letters had been admitted In evidence by consent of counael Examination continued:?The statements In witness' letters to her son's wife about the conduct of Mr Barney were baaed only on letters witness rectlved from her daughter-in-law, and witness had beard nothing from any one else of any misconduct of her son. The examination of the witness closed here, and Mr Fendall called for tbe production of the letters which witness testified to having received from her daughter-in-law Tbe evidence was read to witness for correction Several alterations were made?some by request of counsel, (Mr Fendall, to conform to hla notea,) and some by desire of witness. Mr. Davidge had recorded about witness's letters to.her son's wife, "letters not in evidence, but shown to witness." Mr Fendall objected to that statement forming a part of the record. Fridiiy?The examination of Mrs. Catharine Oldfleld (sister of Lient Barney) continued, (from last week") Witness first met Alexandrine parfalt at witness's mother's, on Seventeenth street, and afterwards met her at witness's sister's, (Mrs Rogers',) on Fourth street. Witness was piesent at tbe conversation between her mother and Alexandrine at Mrs Rogers', but did not hear the whole of it Witnesa came In after Alexandrine had been there The conversation was partially. In French, which witneaa doea not understand, and waa resumed in English. Alexandrine said that she called there in consequence of a note sbe received from Mr Barney abuut her returning to France. Sbe stated that she was very anxloua to return to France, and thought he ceuld let her return at half price Alexandrine said that what sbe knew (of tbo llhertlts with little Hebe) she got from her mother, who was a very good woman, and always told the truth, and sbe (Alexandrine) repeated tbis several times. Witnass saw tbe children immediately on their arrival from France, at Mr Phillips's house, ?nd they were most kind and affectionate to their father? Chaaey also. Chaaey asked his father to come back again, and Eddy cried Chasey said he wanted to live with hi* father, but did not care about a guardian He said be thought a guardian was to look after the money. Crcas-examlnatlon :?Witness was cross-examined at some length *? to her intimacy with her brother and hla family from the time be was nfern*d antll the departure of the family for Europe, and as to her opportunities of knowing his habits, after which she testified tbat ahe saw nothing objectionable in her brother's habits during tbat lime Witness never saw him drink freely?he drank like the others. Witness never saw him drunk but twice, but has seen him merry. Tbe first time tbat witness saw him drunk was at her mother's on Seventeenth street; tbe second time was st Mrs Rogers', one day after Court here, and then be waa cot much intoxicated?his mind was excited It was before he went to Paris?the day the money had been ordered to be aent to Paris. From the time Mr. Barney came over, just before bis wife's death, to the present time, bis habits had been very good. When he lived here he kept an open free house, but lately he has lived with his mot&er more domestic and has not kept that kind of a house, and has drank nothing but ale at dinner. The tlmea witness saw b!m la'oxlcated bis children were not present Witness hss no knowledge of bis drinking anything but ale (since his return from Paria ) During the time Mr Barney lived In Waahlngton, his wif? had charge of the children. Witness cannot say wben her brother wrote the letter to Alexandrine It msy have been that morning She came down In consequence of lt Witness'mother asked Alexandrine tbe questions in regard to Hebe. Witness had beard that tbe charges had been made, she thinks, not very long before tbe conversation; and that they were veiy horrible, but wltnessdldn'tknow what they were Wltnees beard them, sbe thinks, the day after her brother's wife (Mrs Barney) died, and when witness saw Alexandrine sbe knew what they were Wben witness saw Alexaudrine witness had beard that ahe (Alexandi lne) would testify to the charges in regsrd to Hebe, and witness' mother wanted to find from Alexandrine what I she knew. Dr. W P. Johnson recalled.?There were no Dew facts of any Importance elicited In tbe reexamination of this witness, snd at Its conclusion tbe snaouncernent was made cf tha deatb of a relative of one tbe counsel, (Mr. Kendall ) and these upon tbe further considerstlon of this caae was postponed until Wednesday next to give Mr F. time to return from Philadelphia, where he goes to attend tbe funeral. Court adjourned to meet this morning, when other business will be taken up Tub Rblbasbd Pbisonebs ?As was mentioned in Thursday's Star, Justice Dona, in compliance with tbe direction of tbe Government, visited tbe prison at tbe Old Capitol, sad administered tbe obligation not to bear arms to the persons selected for release. The obligation is as follows : " 1 do solemnly swear that I will not take up arms against the United States, or serve In any military capacity against them, natil regularly discharged according to the usages of war frem this obligatioa." Tbe number of those who took the obligation was thirty-three : from the District of Columbia, 1; Virginia. 8; Mlaslsslppl, 4; youth Carolina, 6; Georgia, 9; Alabama. 4; Maryland, I. Three took tbe eetb of alleglanee, namely: Joseph Ellet and Geo Larrabee, of Maryland, and Jeremiah O'Brien, of Georgia. Tbe District man, D D Porter, was rather Indisposed to teks tbe obligation at first; but as tbe authorities did not seem to car* a great deal whether be did or not, and returned him to his old quarters, be soon caved in. and gladly kissed tbe book. He will be sent to Old Point with tbe * others He Is not of tbe stripe to be held as a k great acquisition to any community, and Washington city would very cheerfully find herself relieved of msny such maaeau tujett Tbe oath of allegiance was al?o administered to Emmerson, alias Lieut. Hill, who was taken as a spy la Alexandria las'. J una, snd who has beenever since in prison. He was released Flao Pbbsehtatioh ?The friends of Col D H. Williams, of tbe Thirty first Pennsylvania Volunteers, will present the Regiment with a suit of colors oa Tuesday afteruoon at 3 o'clock, lt is expected that some of the heads of Department snd other distinguished visitors will be present. Col. James Ssge, of Philadelphia, a veteran of the war of 1812, Postmsster of Philadelphia under Gen. Jackaon, Commander for many yearaofthe State Feoctblee, will be present on that occasion This Regiment contains many of tbe otlcers and men of ibe Philadelphia "State Feaciblee" and th* veteran Coloaei, who will prreent tbe colors, feels s personal interest In ite prcseat and future success Col.Wltlisms' friends and ihoee of the Reg'meat generally expect to be present at tals interesting cer-mouy This Re^lmeut constitutes a part of Gen Grabam'a Brigade, and Is situated oa the BiaJeaaburg road, two miles aorth from the Capitol. Obpiass' Cecat. SI ace Moses Kelly, Esq , qualified as Register of Wills before icd^e Purcell, on Tbarsdsy mornlag, a great deal of business haa been transacted a< d letters of administration oa several estates hsve been granted Yesterday, Dr Tbos Miller qualified as executor on tbe estate of Gea Walter J?nes hsving tv en named In a will of deceased, walch has b*n admitted to probate The court was la ssssloa this morfflug for tha fciasactt? ti leuttae bos la?. On* Citt Post Orvict in Wn Tihi ?The war, which baa done ao much to revolutionise and upset the quiet old-peace-time routine everywhere, killing off bualneaa of some varieties. and quickening It to preternatural activity In otbera, baa accelerated the working affhira of tbe city poat oflfce to a degree never before experienced alnce lia establishment Since tbe Inauguration of active war operations here, and tbe consequent concentration of a vaat army In and around tbe Federal Capital, the malla have lncreaaed more than two hundred fold. Tbe occupation of the mall roulea to the North and Weat by the Government for tbe purposes of armv transportation, baa bad the ?ffect of cauaing great irregularity In the arrival of tbe mail tralna here, and In consequence, on auch days as tbe detentlona thus caused occur. It ia Impracticable to have the mall matter distributed and the office'open to tbe public at tbe regular hours At leaat a slight delay must occur, and the public neceaaarily auffer to the eitent of waiting till tbeir letter* can be aaaorted and boxed, a work of vaat labor juat now, In view of the many thousands of soldiers here, whoae epistolary achlevementa are no alight matter, and whoae friends at home are no waysb^ck ward In their epistolary obligations. The office (since tbecommencement of the war) la alao embarrassed by tbe tona upon tona of transient newspapers sent to tbe soldiers by their friends, and which, being stale generally when they arrive here, are but Indifferently received by tbem ; yet they must b? assorted and distributed? a work requiring tbe constant occupation of several men. But notwithstanding all theae embarrassments and drawbacks, tbe immense work of tbe office is performed In a manner creditable to Postmaster Clepbane and bia force. Several valuable Improvements as regards office details have been adopted, and others of still greater Importance are Impending, among whlcn may be noticed a reception room for the ladies communicating with tbeir window, and for their especial behoof, which, when completed, will prove most acceptable during the approaching winter. The postmaster Is just now absent from the city Id tbe prosecution of arrangements looking to a change in tbe hours of transporting the mails hither, wherehr the public will be efficiently served Tbe making up of the accounts of the office for the quarter ending Sept 30. f ultimo,) presents tbe following results : Kstlnaatea number of le'ters received and assorted for tbe quarter, 3 610,000. and about the same number sent away. The receipts from unpaid letters received amount to 9 I 890 25 Fromsaleof postage stamps ?5.272 89 From newspapers .. 795 75 Making a total of ?27,864 89 Amount paid Into the Treasury during the quarter, 916,540.00; exhibiting an excess over any previous quarter of 914,010 Flag Presentation ?Yesterday afternoon, the Interesting ceremony of presenting tbe flags sent from California, to the Second Rhode Island regiment, took place at the encampment of the regiment near Fort Slocum. A large number of ladies and gentlemen were present Visitors were received In a large marque, elegantly fitted up and decorated with flags The regiment passed In review before the President and his lody, Governor Sprague,and Gen. Anderson,after which the letter of the donors was read, when Gov. Sprague made a brief presentation speech, and through the hands of President Lincoln, presented the fings to Col. Wheaton, the successor of tbe lamented Slocum. Col Wheaton very gracefully received tbem, and made a few appropriate remarks, which ended tbe ceremonies. The 4th Rhode Island Regiment, Col. McCarty, was then reviewed, and both regiments being in line, Bishop Clark, of Rhode Iajand, made an eleqnent and stirring speech. whiWelicited rapturous applause He was followed by Rev Mr. Wheaton, of Brooklyn. N Y., who also made a patriotic speech; and theDoxology was then sung. GvardhoCsk Casks ?Yesterday, Cooney, drunk; lined 93 74 Wm. Wilson, drunk and disorderly; do SI 04 Thomas Slater, dtsordlcrly; do 91 91 James Westmoreland, drunk; do 91 94 John Daughertv, stoning a house; workhouse 60 davs Dan Flanagan, drur.k and disorderly; fined 93 94 Charln Connelly, do ; dismissed. Thomas Qulnn, do : fined 92 94. Cooney, (second time,) drunk and disorderly; workhouse 60 days. Charles Robinson, disorderly; dismissed To day ?H J Shlles. drunk and disorderly; fined 91 94 Ann Catharine Gormley, disorderly and Indecent language; dismissed L. A. Tucker, disorderly: fined 92 91 Jos. Kelley. drunk and disorderly; fine 92 94. Thomas Powers, sleeping iu tbe etreet and Henry Brackman. sleeping In tbe marke', were dismissed James Clark, drunk and disorderly; a soldier who refused bis name, sleeping In the market, and G T. Beers, found In the wrong quarters, were turned over to the Provost Marshal. A Cask or Hydrophobia ?Three weeks ago, a dog exhibiting symptoms of hpdrophobla attracted tbe attention of some soldiers In the northern part of tbe city, and thev attacke d him w1thston< s to kill him Mr. Schieffner, a batter.who resides on Fourth st. north, thinking the soldiers mistaken, took tbe dog In hN :irins to protect him, and the animal bit him on the arm On Wednesday last Mr S. began to exhibit unmistakable evidence that the virus bad taken efl'eet In tbe wound Inflicted by the dog; and we regret to hear that on Thursday he wai In the most horrible condition imaginable. A Falling Front ?Yes'erday afternoon workmen were engaged In excavating for a cellar under a brick bouse on Seventh street, between M and N. north, when the brick wall gave way about four feet above ground, and fell. The entire front will probably require to be rebuilt to b?' lmrte safe, as it was era' kt-d a considerable distance above the fallen portion The wall was temporarily underpinned immediately, by tbe workmen. The house was occupied by Mr. Martin. ex-Councllman of the Third Ward, as a dwelling and store. Fortunately none of the inmates were Injured. Th* Capitol ?About one hundred workmen are employed upon the new dome, which Is making satisfactory progress towa*ds completion. All of the sections of the bronze statue of Freedom, for the summit, have been cast, at the foundry of Clark Mills, the artist. The figure is 30 fret In height Tbe frescoe painting Is being retouched in some of tbe rooms, and some alterations have been made In tbe plan of ventilation of the Senate Chamber. Smashing things ?Yesterday afternoon a horse attached to a porter's wagon, started from the vicinity of Seventh street aad Louisiana avenue, and caused a general s?atterat|on of pedestrians thereabout, until brought up by the show windows of Mr. Bell's gunsmith shop, Louisiana avenue, which was smashed, glass frame and all. No other damage was done. Arrived at Carter's wharf (foot of Tblrteenand-a-balf street) schooners Almira,Travis, H<?vrede-Gmce, with a cargo of eoai for Mr Ge? rge Bogus; Ixorah, Ruark. Philadelphia, with a caryo of coal, for Mr. Geo. T. Langley; a. W Thompson, Reeves, Baltimore, with 150 00'* feet of white pine lumber, for Mr. Samuel Norment. Thk Ca fine, excellent, superb bill to-niuht at Odd Fellows Hall. On Monday night a number of new star performers make their appearance. Theater ?The theater Is crowded nigbtly, Miss Denln, Ben Rogers and tbe Bland company continuing to prove cards of the first magnitude. To-night Miss Denln in two parts. Correction.?The Julia Thomas mentioned in gua u house oases in the -tar of the 17th instant, is not the JuliaThomis who lives on Thirteenth stM between C and D. It* A kaillunt Colored Hall was (lven Thursday last by John rayu?*, for wnich he deserves great credit His managers vers polite and gentlemanly, bis musio was good, his ref eilim ats plentiful. and hi* guests we can justly ter<n the elite of Washington, tor their deportment was truly worthy of imitation. (If) ASPfCTaToa. India Rubber Goods ?We sre pleased to state that ?oto all kinds of India Rubber goods, Including Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothing, 4c , kc., can be obtained in this city at massfacturer's prices, at tbe India Rubber Warehouse, 3UH Penosylvaoia avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. oc16"1' Startling ! rct T?c*.-The Volunteers are braving the dangers of t-ever, Scurvy. Woundsand Cholera. Many a gallant fellow wi'l leave feja to bltaen. wno. bj the aid of Hollov** s PUls and fHmtmtmt, would have returned t-? his f.milj atr<-ng and heathy. Soldiers, uy them. OrHj 25 oents per box or pot. oo 14-1 w JJARRIKD ?>n the 15th iu?t, by the Rev. Mr. Wbite. Cast. J O' N.York, to Misj M. A. uloBRli t., f Washington. On the!?rh instant, by th? Rev. C H. Hai!, Mr, JOHN T. uAVlc to Miss KATE QU1GLKY,al > f this eity. . On tbe 17th instant, by Rev. Petor Light Wilsan, M.. W1LI 1A>1 S HoKTON to Miss iiLi-KN M. W AM WICK.a 1 of this ei?y tlnte ligenaei oopy ) ?? ot'al, On Saturday morning, 19th instant, at IX o'olaek, RoHbtiT H. the h year of hU *\Si? fria ds ar>d those of bia father, B S Kinaey, a?e re?pectfm y wv t d to attend his funeral, tonio row Sunday)altera< on. at S o'oiook, from No, 461 D st. between id and 3dOut e tt;k inat.. BANFORD. infanteon of Rob. tE and i ail-a luoeey, aaad W moatha,t i'.? isaid issufMr tothaj, in i Montgemerj* M ) , ou Thursday, Ootober 17, Mi*s ALb'r i'A zOlNa t lI), ia tae l?th year of mi *Ou Friday, tie ltth instan'. at , anil'uess of2?e?k', kLL*. F, BBIMY, aged I9y"? s.rnly da igntar of Isa:\h fi. ami Ag a? r *'?TZ iVrn'mmti sramvit dtoattenj ???o'clock p.m. WANTS. 1*7ANTED?#<* f.ABORERS Ap^' at MY F.RS A MoGHAN'S, PlomDars, *T? D it oo 10 at* Wanted im media tely?agood w?shKR WOMKN,?t Quar'ermaster Ho'nitil, No 139 F ?t oo 19 2t* WANTED-A COl.ORF.n BOY. AppWstthe Su'ler's Pie and Cake Pakery corner Loilstana av and Sixth st Apply immediate v. it* BO*RD AND ROOM WANTED, hv a single gant.'eman. in a private family. Good referenoea given. Terms moderate. Andrew B?x Tl?. Wa*hmgton City Post Office, stating terms and location^ oc 19 St* WANTKD?A BOY Also want?d, lots of Book", Old Dooumenta. New Documents, Rare Old Papers, Autotroph*. Coirs?any thing curious, unque. wonderful, odd New Treasury Notes war *n, at 5 per cent premmm. ALFRED HUNTER. oc 19 St* Wil'ards' Hot*' Square. FURNISHED HOUSE WANTKD.?An experienced *.nd careful housekeeper desires to rent a senteel Fn; wished Hou*e, capable of accommodating * moderate!* sizH family. Address Box 4, Star Office, stating location, description and terms. 00 19 tf Extraordinary inducement -Partner wanted, with $vw to 81,00\ti engage in manufacturer and selling an Army Knife and Fork, an article Just invented and of the greatest utility. The inducements to a party will be nnex oeptionaMe. Apply to P. ULMER. at th* Warh ington House, lmmediat'lT. 0119 3t* WANTF.D IMM KDIATELY?Several good 0OAT MAKERS- None others need app'y. 1 00 18 3t E. OWEN & CO. WANTED-A SITUATION, by a middle ared A merican w?, a? housekeeper in a gentleman's family. Address " W.G.," Star Office, oc 18 3t* WANTED-A FURNISHED ROOM, with Board ng, for a gent'eman and wile. Terms moderate. A private family preferred, where *he comforts of a home^can be enjoyed Address Box No S4 3 Post Office. 00 18 3t* WANTED-A small *or m> der?t'-?i*od FURNISHED HOUSE, north of Pa avenue 3 blocks, between 'Otli and 18th sts. Rent reasonable. Address by letter J. II. HOUSE WRIGHT, 314 E street. 00 18 3t* ' WANTEI>?A GIRL to do the work of a sirall family. Must understand p'ain cooking, washing and ironing. To snch a one good wages will b? given. Aptly at 57T Maryland av. between 9th and loth sts. oc 18 2t* WANTFD?A SEP VA NT to do general housework in a small family. Also, a MAN to attend to horses Applv at No. 320 Pa avenue, between 9*h and 10th sts. oc 17 tf WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COVCHTRIMMER. Aepl* to WALTER. KAR MANN A BOI'P, 346 Dst, between 9th and loth , sts. oc 17-8t_ VI/ANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE, for three " months, pleaiantly located, with modern im provements;? one partially or whollv furnished preferred- with carriaee bouse ard stable a'tae^ed. Addre?s Box 'i99. Washington P O. oc 17 3t* WANTED-A good GUNSMITH. Apply to ** JOHN J. PEABODY.N0.6O Louirianaavenue, between 6th and 7th sts. 00 15-1 w HOUSE WANTED.?a small House,or part of a house, furnishM or unfurnished, for a man and wife without children, from 5 to 10 minutes' walk of the Navy Department. Rent moderate; payment prompt. Address "Thomas," St*r Offioe. 00 14 lw* WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Washington Brewery having oommenced brewing for th? winter season, the? can get Fresh Grains evert dar at 4 o'clock, at in cents pe.- bushel. Call, one and all. O. COLINKAU, 00 10 Jin* Por K an'1 Twenty seventh s's. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A CO.'S. 3'ii Pa avenue. se 18 VI/ ANTED? TAILORS. TAILORS-!*) Ta'lors "" cmpotent to work on military gdods. Apply G. Wall, Stephens A Co. s. se25 WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVE*aud BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining h>"isekeepine, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ne a "all. BO NT'/ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 nh st.. betw. 1 ami K sts. WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AU kinds of SECOND HAND FURNITURE A N D HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUCHI-Y, je 3 43* Seventh, between G and H sta. LOST AND FOUND. TAKEN UP.-On thel8h instant,abay MARE, with military Saddle a djlridleon S\___ The owner is requeued to com" fo-wa?d,T? prove propert?, pay oharre?, snd take her""'-*away Apply a- A. R FOWLER'S Livery Stable, on 12th St.. bet M and N. 00 19-3t* CtAWE TO THE PREMISES OF THE f*URs scriber, about two we?ks ago. a y. U' g tofrUt red COW. Theownerwill please forward, prove prope:t?, pa* chs'j:^*. and Ji iLi take her away. DAVID HARRINGTON. Louisiana avenue, north s;de. tt* between 9th and 101 h s's C REWA RT> ? Lost, on F idar evening, one dark l ay M * R E. with sign of Mister /TV r.ear hind quarts, with now ?add 0 and "TiTw Bridle anil Martinga'a. military fashion. 1 will pay 85 for her delivery to me THOMAS DONAHUE, Smith and Farrier, i w^nty first street, oc l<i-2t* between E ^.nd F. STRAYED OR STOLEN.? From the p emises ofC. Saliare', on Wednesday ''otohfr/rv Ib'h a iinht ba? HORSE, marked U. P. jL-59 ar.d marked a'so letter i*.on the shou der,?-5^? Any person that will give information where said Horse run be obtam-d ordeliver tnc sam? at or on said pr ni?es. shall b? paid tne rewa'd of two dollars and fifty cents. CAMPER SCHAFKR, Twenty Second street, b*t. N and O sts . It* 1st Ward, Washington City, D. C. A PPREHENDEL'?On the evening of the 17th f\ ins'ant. TWO HORSES and ac\ CAR I'. appa-cntly belonging in the conntry, without a driver The property has"-*-* ' een left with the subscriber, on 3d street East, No. 741 opposite ti e old to! acoo warehouse. The owner of the above is regueatod to oome forward, prove propc rty, pay chargea, and take it away. _oo 19 y* H. A. MATTBIESON FOUND?This morning.a P' RSE, withasmsll amount of monet in it, which the owner can have by applying at Room Vo 7 < lower floor) P? n sion Office, ana paying lor thia advertisement. 00 18 3t? C? C RE WAR D.?Strayed or stolen, a large white raw bone COW. The aliove reward gM| will be paid for the return rf sa d Cow tojMr corner of Gr?eii and Stoddard streets, Georgetown. D. C. 00 18 31 JOHN DICKSON. f OST?About a week a*o. supposed to be on Pa li avenue or Ka?t ^apit?il s?.. b?tween 3d sr. east and7'h st west, a GOLD LOCKET, containing the miniature of a deceased child The finder w ill l>e liberaUy rewarded by leading it at No. 3S1 8th street east, opposite the tiarrison. ^avy Yarrt. oc 18 3t* DANIEL J. YOUNG. R L WARD ? Strayed or stolen, abr>ut the 31 O' instant, a larre black HORSE, lull try till, white i*pot in f rehead, marked 'U S." on hind quaver ar,d "tJ.*' on fore ana'ter.*-^^-*leii side. The above reward will l>e p?id on his reTurntome. P J. NEWMAN. 261 Pa. avenu", south side, oc 18 3t\ N^ar Twelfth at District of Columbia, Washington Codntt, To veil : I hereby certify that James Magee, of ra d county, brought be- TLrt fore me as estrays;trespassing on his *nclo urea, two HORsE> one a bay and the other a brown, marked with a "P" on th? nock uuder the mane, about 15 handa high, and supposed to he 8 or 9 years old. and have been worked in gear. Given und*r hand of me, one of the Juatioea of the Peace in and for aaid 0011 n'y. this 17 h dar of October. 1861. ROBERT WHITE The owner or owners of the above describ ed horses are requested to prove property.cay charges, and take th?m away. JAMES MAGEE, 00 18-3t* Near Tenallytown. ESTRAY ?Came to my premises, on October 13th, a grey HORSE, whioh the owner gy, can have by proving property and paying expenses. Apply to JNO. WISfcNBOKN 011 Pieroe st, between New Jersey av. and 1st st., between 5 and 6 p. m. 00 17 St* e REWARD.?Strayed from the enclosure of the subscribers, on the night of/rv 1 instant, three dark bay HORSES; and one sorrel HoRSE, white atripe in his^^ face : and one blood-bay MARE. Any peraon returning the said horses to our Jtabie, on G street, between !7th Bud 18 h sts , will receive reward, oc 16-lw* 8. C. A E. WROE. SEALED PHOPOSALS, till the 31at of Ootobar, 1861, at 12 o'otook m? are invited for sua plying the inny with Beef cattle on the hoof, to be d-.livered at Chamber'burg, Harnsburg, or York, in the Suto of Pennsylvania, aa the Gov ernment may designate. ? _ , Bidders are requested to oomi y in all partioulara , witn the form of bid publ ahed herewith. Gofernmeni reserves to itself the right to pay in Treasury notes or other funds it baa for disburse [ m-nt, and to rejeot anv bid and for anr cause. No bi t will be entertained an eaa the bidder is present t? respond to his bid. The Government will reoeite 4,000 head under the oont^act, ai d will reserv* 1 he right to reqnire any ail J it onal number up to 16 non he-d. Deliveries t? be male wceic y in aooh quantities as may be required. Th'.- cattle inu?t average 1^00 pounds gross weight; and -o animal will be received whioh > weighs leaa than 1JW0 poands groaa. 1 No eouditional bid will be reoeived. '1 no bids to be du-eoUd to Capt. A. Bkciwhth.

C. S , U. S. A , Washington. D. C., and endorsed Propoaala for Beaf Castle." * Poa* op Bis,.. _ I, A B, do hareb* proaosa u> aelivaf to the Gov' ernment good Beaf Catio on the hoof for ? psr hand rad foands w*??bt The CatUa to be ' delivered at I'hambarabarg. Harnsburg, or T ork, tatha State of Pennsylvama, aa tka Governmart may daaigaata, acooriiM to the tersaa of the enolvsed aavertiaen??at.^Th# Cwtta to be wMghed , oa the scalea, and the weight so dptarw aad to b? , the purchase weight i herwby agjw to give a 1 >ot?I au<1 ?uflloientl>oii?i fox the fii'hilnient of the ooi uacl. sua to re.a vs Treasury no a* or other I Go vernineat laftds m pviM; t tor the ? att-a. FOB SALE AND BENT. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RE NT?-Three st ?ry briok, brown front. No 97 Pa. avenue, I et? 24th and 35th ats. G&*, fto , throughout. oj 17-St* TO RENT?Several Fum?thed or Unfarn abed 1 ROOMS. Inquire at 170 K street, betwren 1'th and 19th aU. oc 1^?h3 * FOR RENT-A two story Kr ok HOUSE, w-th * ood-honae and oonveni*nt p fran'?-No. 353 Thirteenth at , between L and Massachusetts *t, Inquire within. oc 15 3teo* ROOMS to LET.?Twoorthreegentl*imn,or a gentleman and lady without ohildren, can be a oommodated with a handaoine anit of Furnished Room*, in a private family, near the Paten' and Post Office* and convenient to the A venue Men's furnished, if deaired, in excellent ?tyle and at moderate rates Refer noes required. Inquire at iNo. 557 H. between 4th and 5th sts. oo IS 3teo* HOU8ES FOR RENT?No. !l? and No. 97. on the south side of Indiana avenue, both oftheru very large and convenient houses, with good sta bung and carriage-houses. Also, the commodious and large House, No 3SS, on the north side of C street. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf FOR RENT-HOUSE 409 Pennsylvania av? over the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a plaoe for a professional man. ae 4-tf Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely Fnrniahed Rooms, supplied with cas and water, and convenient to the Parent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490K Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 6th ets. ma23 BOARDING. UOARD.?Families and single gentlemen can ' obtain very pleasant Furnished Rooms, with Board, on moderate terms, at 391 and 393 C, between 3d and 4}? streets. Transient and Table Boarders accommodated. cc 9 2w* EDUCATIONAL. PLAINF1ELD ACADEMY, Niak Cabliklb, Pa.?31st session (20 weeks) oommenoes November 4. Thorough instruction and the coirforta of home. Circu ar* at Star Offioe Will be at Martin's Hotel Ootober 17th ; or address R. K. BURNS. seyveolm Plainfield, Cumberland oo , Pa. WASHINGTON ANDGEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, A Boarding and Day School, No. 422 Fst , between 6'A and 7tk tit., Washington ; mnd a o. 151 West ft , Georgetown. The duties of this I nstitution were resumed in September. Oircilars may oe obtained at the bookstores, or by addressing the Pnnoipalte28 e:>tf M. J. IjARROVER. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS (Vy*MAYOR'S OFFICE, LLs GxonoiTowrt, D. C., Sept. *>th,1861. Th* attention of the citix?ns of this town is invited to the two following seotions of a late aot of Congress, entitled "An act to create a Metropolitan police Dis'riotof the Distriotof Columbia, and to establish a Police therefor." "And be it further enacted. That the Board of Police may divide the said district into precincts, not exceeding ten, and may assign one rergeant of police to e^oii of said precmots. The board may, from time to time, est&hliah a station or sub station in each precinct for 'he accommodation of the rolioe force on duty therein. It may. from time to ime, detail and change, without regard to or limitation of residence, the sergeant? or patrolmen to such parts of the district, or to such of tho police or criminal courts ard to the public offioes of the government of the United locates, or of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, as it may deem advisable. It shall promulgate all regula'ions and orders through the ?uperintendent of police, who shall take the pace of the mayor of tb? city of Washington or Georgetown, as. being .the head of the police department or force ia the sa:d cities, but always ubjeot to the orders and regul&tibn* of the board of police ; and it shall be the duty of the police force to respect and ob?? the ?aid super n.tendent of police, as tho head and chief of the same, subject to the rules a d regulations and genera' ord*r* of the board < f police. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the board of police hereby constituted, at all tunes of the day and n>giit, witnin the bour.da lies ot the said police district, to preserve the public peace; to prevent crime, and arrest offenders; to prot-otthe rights of p-rso:;s and of property; >o guard 'he public health; to preserve order at every pub ii elfctioi,; to remove nuisances existing in the streets, roads, alloys, highwajs, and other places; to provide a proper police force at every fire, m order th?t thereby tli? firemen and property may be proteoted; to p'Otect stra gers and travellers at ste&mbou and ship landings and railway stations; to see fflat all laws relating to the observance of Sunday,and regarding pawnbrokers, mock auctions, e eotions, gain -ling, i?tempeiaece, lottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly persons, and the publio health, are promptly enforced, and to enforce and obey all laws and o-dinances of the city councils of tli* c ties of Washington and Georgetown which are proper ly applicable to po ice or health, and not inconsistent wnh the provisions of this aot" It will be seen that I have no forth r control over the polios foics and have no power or right to enforce *he ordinances of th* town in regard to dmorders or nuisance. In all such cases complaint must he made to and redress obtained from the United Si&tes police, whoso serceant will be found at tho ?uard-liou?e near the oanal bridge. High street. It ma? be proper to state that this new pohoe system promises to be the b-*st one, in all respects, for tho preservation r.f oiiler a d the protection ol person - and property, t.iat hai ever existed in the Dtst-ict of Co. umbia. It gives Geuigetown a force of eevent en policemen, free <>| ezpeiss ?. in lieu of a very feeble one which has been a heavy charge upon our Treasury. .... Although 1 havo no immediate oontrol of this police, yet. being a m-m!i?r of its hoar I. I will alwavs be ready to hear the complaints cf any of our citizens In regard to nuisances ai'd disorders to whicti the police m*y fail or refuse to givn p oper attention, ana will endeavor to have such remiss ness corrected. It will be expected of a 1 good oitizens that they wili countenance an<i siutain this new system t J tlie extent of their abil'ty. oo l-2aw3w HENR v ADDISON, Mayor. POTATOES, POTATOES! a.fvw bushels itiorcera, Buckeyes, and Peach B ows for sale. PETER BERR i , oo 17 3t" 85 Water street. Georgetown B~ucTkskin gloves. jAUNTLETS, Ac. We oal! the attention of Sutlers, Regimental Of fioers, and others wishing to purchase Buckskin Gloves. Gauntlets, Mittins, Purses, Tobaoco Pouohes, Portinonnaies, Leggins, Ao , at wholesa e, to our extensive stock?all of our own manufacture? at our store, 105 Hign streot, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittona are of the best, quality, of real Buokfektn. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxingG'oves, Buckskin Shirts and Drawers, made to order. RAM*BURG A EBK.R l\ 105 High street, Georgetown, D 0N.B ? A large quantity of scraps of Buckskin and Chainoia for polishing guns, accoutrements, Ac., on hand. ?e 2?-lm fVl ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S ~ 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day, per steamer J. Jerome? &J0 barrela XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbla. do. do. CO. Whioh on arrival will be for eale. Terms cash ondelivery. ARNV A SH1NN, _ m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Kioo SUGARS Ifn bbls. Old Rye W HISK Y, m bbls. HERRING and ALEWIVES. K bbls. Crushed and Refined wUGAlta, ! > bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhde.ilow priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. se 14 SW. TUCKER Would announce to the oiti sens, military and sojourners in Wash-, ington that he is now prosecuting the Tai Hi loriuc Business in all its branches, at No. PtA 497 ??ixth st., 3d door north of Pa av. He intends to manufacture, cut, repair, n ?Irr' model, oleanse, and stiive to be generally accommodating. Economists should oall and see him. 1 otheTrade? Facings and other Machine Btitolling neatly executed. se )7-3awlm* QQQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, QUQ mOi/ No. 'JS9 I'knnstlvania Avsncx. AiOi7 Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. soutn side, IMPORTERS OF WINES, i IQUOHS, SEGARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, b 4RDINES, FINE GROCERIES. AND S UTLERS' STORES IN G EN ERA L. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNES: G H Mumm, Piper Heidsick, Moet A Chandou. earner A Co , Barat A Fagot, Tourette, Royal Grape. Whioh we otfer at New Vork Prioee? freight added. JOHNSON A NAGLE, 9S9 Peuna avenue. Abm. M. Bin'nRer A Co.*?(J9 Jro^d street. New York.)Vvorld renowued BOTTLED WINESand LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal, and Family use, constantly on hand and sole at New York Prices by the Case. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S, 2S9<l*enna. avenue. PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCtlK. TOMATO CaTsU P. by the barrel, eallon, or dossn, from thoce'ebrated manufactory of Fohrcnlwrh A Co., New York, at a?tonishingly low prices. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S, Sole Agents. Alao, PICKLED. PIG FEET, l.AMU ANU BEEF TONGUES, TRIPE, ato., by the barrel or half-t>arrel. y 10 CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS. New supplies, of qualities better and pnoes lower than usual in thia market One prioe only, marked in plain figures. We also offer our usual fell stock of al< kinds o! Dry Goodafor children's wear of both taxee. PERRY A BRO., Pa. avenue acd Ninth st, oo 15-5t 'Perry Buildin*." JU*"T RECEIVED, one of the largest atocka of <*w and Faahionaoie Clothing eyer offWM la W aaLmgton. whieh muat be sold within M ahxt thi. >y days to make room for winter goods. Persons wanting Cloth.n?,Famishing Goods,Tmnks, Ha a and Caps, should call soon, as now is the tine for bargains, at No. 4M Seventh sc. opposite Post Uiaa oal lm Billiards billlardb'.! Chxaf Pxicxa. Six Im* ovtd Mmrbh Btd Trait*. We wiah to iafurna oit sens and strangers that w atill <M>ntin?e at oar redaoed prices,, whioh. is one i :ird iess than the nsnal ot;y prices, vix: TELEGRAPHIC NEWS DEATH OF FATHER WILDEY Baltimore. Oct 19 ?The venerable Tbomu Wlldey, the founder of Odd Ftllowiklp li the United State*, died auddenly bere thir mora lag FROM MISSOURI. Get. Fremont Preparing ts f rtu the Oti|? Rtver ia Hat Pnrsait ( the Retreating Gea. Price. 8tbacu*b, Mo , October 17.?A meuenger from Gea Fremont reporta hi* arrival at W'araaw, on the Omge river, (about alxty-five miles aouthweet of Jefferaon city,) which he waa preparing tocroaa by mean* of pontoon bridges. He expected to be arroaa the river by Wedneaday night On bio arrival at the Osage, the opposite bank waa Ailed with rebel cavalry, who were diaperaed by shelling them. Gen Fremont was determined to push on energetically, and force the rebels to tight or retreat. It is reported that Gen. Price has made a stand In Cedar county, 25 miles from Oaceola, with a force of 20,000 men Gen Fremont baaaent a dispatch to Camp Kinstry. stating that he has reasona to believe that Gen. Sterling Price will retrace his atepa to the 0*age river, and there make a stand and give oor forces battle Adjutant Gen Smith has ra sed over 10,000 men for the Miaaouri State militia, and thinks be will be enabled in due aeaaon to obtain the remainder of the 42,tt? Gen Sigel's advance is already acroaa the Oaage. Hla cavalry to-day had a skirmish wltb one of the enemy's mounted parties, and took three prleoners. He is in possession of the bridge over the Pomme de Terre river, with infantry and artillery. St. Louis, Oct 17 ?The Democrat learns that Dr W lner. Surgeon of the 23d Illinois Regiment, of Col Mulllgan'a brigade, started on Wed needs v, by order of Gen. Curtis, for Gen Price's headquarters, with an order to effect the liberty of Col. Mulligan by tendering in hla place the release of Gen Freat. who was taken after the capture of Camp Jnckson, from his parole of honor. We hear, alao. that a like exchange will be tendered for Cdt. Bowen. Gen. Fremont's army is in five divisions. One is commanded by Gen McKinstry; one by Gen Hunter; one by Gen. Sige<; one by Gen Asbotb; and one by Geu. T. L. Price ANOTHEB FIGHT St. Loots, Oct 18?The following dispatch haa been received from the telegraph office at Pilot Knob, Miaaouri, dated ten o'clock last night: "Major Gavitt, of the first Indiana cavalry, made an attack on the enemy this morning, when, discovering its strength of position, he Ml back until be came to Colonel Alexander's aix hundred infantry, of the twenty-first Illinois regiment. One piece of the artillery of the enemy followed, fighting all the way. Major Gavitt then got his gun in position, and concealing hla Infantry, caused a part of hla command to retreat further, drawing the enemy Into an ambuscade, and forcing them to fall back with a heavy loss " bepobted advance op gen harper to bb1nforce gen. price Syracuse, Mo., Oct. 18.?General Hardee recently reported as in Kentucky, Is now said to be marching to the aid of General Price wltb 20.000 troops, and ia expected to reach him by next Sunday. Nothing, has been heard from our advance guard to day. Cincinnati, Oct 18 ?The St. Louis Republican denies the reported suspension of the fortifications there, and says that &4 000 <"0'i will arrive there next week to pay the debts of the government. Anft^r Fight. at Hirper'j Ferry. Baltimore. Oct. IS.?A gentleman direct from the vicinity of Harper'* Ferry announce* that the rebela again appeared on Linden and Bolivar Heights this morning and renewed the Attack on the Union forces, under Major Gould, with artillery. Major Gould fired upon them wltb canlater from the columbiad captured on Wednesday, and drove them back, but not until the vandal* had burned the mill of A H. Herr. F.sq . and took the miller prisoner They charged him with giving Information to the Union troops of twelve thousand bushels of wheat being brought there to grind. The fi'ing wai progressing when our Informant left. Women and children were fleeing in great terror to the Maryland shore. In anticipation of the town being burned Major Gou'd wa< throwing shot and shell from the Maryland Heights after the rebels, and was confident he could keep them off until reinforcements could reach him. another account. Sasdy Hook. Oct 18.?The spacious mill of Me*sr* Herr A Wel*h. at Harper'* Ferry, wa* fired this afternoon by the Confederate*, and Is now in flame*, and will be completely d^atroyed. The mill wa* burnt by a force under Col A?hby after the Federal troops bad taken twenty thousand bushels of wheat collected there by the enemy After removing the wbeat, the Federal troop* retired to their original position, opposite the Ferry, after their engagement at Berlin. A* *oon a* the enemy commenced their work of destruction, Major Gould, in command of this po*t, ordered hi* tnree companie*, C, I and K.and a detachment of Colonel Geary's Pennsylvania regiment under arms, and C*pt Tompkln*. of the Rhode liland Artillery, opened fire from the Maryland heights, whilst Capt Shriver, of the Thirteenth Massachusetts regiment al?o opened with his two 12-pounder* and the 32-pounder, all pouring a telling fire into the rebels, who made their appearance on Loudoun mountain, driving them back so as to prevent the further destruction of Harper'* Ferry and Bolivar, which Is threatened by Col Asbby. The few remaining residents at the Ferry are rapidly emigrating Into Maryland. Reinforcements Ordered ti Kentucky. Cincinnati, Oct 18 ?Yesterday Gen Hberman telegraphed an urgent demand for reinforcements, and on the arrival of Secretary Cameron here, orders were sent for 8,0<i0 troops more to be sent to Kentucky immediately. Louisville may now be considered safe An important action in central Kentucky Is expected shortly. Reported Removal of Gen. Fremeat. Cincinnati, Oct 18?The Gazette says that General Fremont's removal will take place early next week, probably on Tuesday, the order having been handed him by Secretary Cameron. Gen. Fremont asked a delay of a few days. Orders Sent to Europe far Army Waoleas. New Yobr, Oct. 18?It Is reported that the Government intends sending large orders to Europe for making army woolens. The rumor has caused considerable excitement among the manufacturers. The National Lean. Providence, R. I . Oct. 17?The subscription to the national loan in this city to-day reached $300,000. From Kentncay. Louisville, Oct 18.?Gen Hardee haa 10.000 rebel* at Bowling Green, Including 2,COO Texan*. Depot oju artfrmaster's office. W t *HI NGToN, II. C., OCTOBBB 10th, 1861. Sealbu Proposals are invited at tin* offioe until October 2l*t, at U in., for aupplyicg the Quartermaster'* Department with S,!**) tons ol Hay, and JDftjUrtj bushel* of Oata. The Hat to be rood merchantable Timotht put up and delivered in halea. The Oat* to be a good merchantable article pot up in sacks of about two bushela eacn. facts to be retained by the Government without extra charge. Oats to be received by weight at (32) tnuty two pound?to the bushel. \li the hay and oats to be delivered at the Government wharf or Railroad Depot in this oity witain (3") thirty days alter oiosing the contract. The p opoials to be in separate envelopes. Those for hay to be marked "Proposal* for Hay Those for oata "Proposals for Oats." Ail to be directed 10 Colonel D. H. Rucebb, Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D C No proposal will he entertained whioh ia reoeived after the reading of the bids ha< been oommenoed, nor will any bid be o<>n*idered, unless the parties are present or represented by an anihorixea agent or attorney. Good and nifloient security with bond, A a., will no required fcverj bidder mutt give his foil address wi n either the number of hie house, plaoe of hu*inesa,or Post offioe box The undersigned removes the right to rejeot all bid* that ne may oousider too high. u. a rucker, oc 10 dtl9 Quartermaster and ColoneL t>OR FIELD SERVICE.?Heavy Grey and a Brown Mixed Blankets, that weigh from to 7 pcurds per pair,a very aoaroe article Also, fin- Bed, Crib, and Cradle B.anketa,all sixes. Jatleoluj a, Sheetinge, Pillow Cottons, Napkins, Towels. Ac. w ith all other kinds of Dry Goods for the general and special wants of families. carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths, Rngs, Ao., upper floors. One price only, marked in plain ignree PERKY A BROTHER. Pa. avenue aaa Ninth at., oc 17 St " Perry Building." TVaVY BLUE FLANNEL. Broado:otha, and In (Jaseimeres; Army Hlne Flanre *. Wroadoioths, and Cassim* ree, assorted taa itie* that can De relied oa. Heavy Colored B ar.keta for oaaaa ootsieo, W ith all kiade of Dry Goods for the use of koueekeep-ra. Carpets, Curtains, Oilclotha, Rugs, upper rr GRAND ADVANCE OF TH.K ARMY : tat SMITH has not advanced the pripe of his Cl thing which he haa jnat loeeived aad ta eeilinc off at anoh remarkable tow pneee. filw aaa a oaTl and satisfy youraelvee of the greet Uargaiaa that are now offered ovary day at SMITH'S, No. 480 Sevei th at. oe 1 \m SECOND EDITION^ THREE O'CLOCE P. M Cool! Cootn!'?! tbteorrapt?<t?n (published to div) between tbe British Minister i?4 the Hoa Win H Seward IWWfcy of S??W, relative to this Cwwiewm rlfbt to plaoe la Fort l,afhyette, tor Its owe safety persons claiming British allegiance who bare been engaged Ik aiding the cnrrent rebellion, Lord Lyons cool If tell" Mr Seward that the legal ad* leers of the Britlah Crown have adviaad her Mijraty that tbo arrests and impriaoaments In question are lltogal under the Constitution of the Vailed Mate*. Whereupon Secretary Seward retorta that however great respect the Preaident has for the counsel of the sdvisers of the British Crown, he has mere for that of hit own legal advisers under oar Constitution snd laars?a flttlag reply to the vary silly assumption of the Britlah Government. m 9 m OUR MILITARY BUDGET. theie wheeeaeocts. The New York Timti and 7V?*m?,wefear,ar? deceiving themaelves egreglously, la crediting Beauregard and Johnson with Usvlag already virtually abandoned Manama* Junction as the bone line of tbelr operations and fallen, with their am in army, back to the south bank of the Rappabaanock. We doubt the fact, If but became the Una of the Rappahannock from Fredarlcksburg to the Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, at the foot ?f the Blue Ridge, Is by ao means so defeasible so their present line, Occoqaaa river aad Its band? Bull Run to the Bull Run mountain, (back of Sudley Church,) the spur of the Bine Ridge nearest to Washington. This last (Bull run) line embraces fewest fords, has precipitous banks, Is densely wooded, and is bounded on both sides by a very broken topography The line of the Rsppahanaock river, oa the other band, abounds In shallow snd accessible fords, Is skirted almost everywhere with ftrm, cleared snd wide flats or low grounds, with adjoining cleared tsble ground of bat comparatively slight snd remarkably-level elevation. From Man*seas Junction to the Rappahaaaack river the country Is level, snd destitute of wood, having been long in cultivation. Artillery can travel almost anywhere over the flelda and branches between Manraaas Junction and the Rappahannock between lines drawn ten miles nbova and tea miles below the route of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. Wherever between those lines Gen McCtollna may elect to cross the Rappahannock, he will finl a convenient crossing place perhaps within a hundred yards Thst Is, If be carries slaag a supply of wire rope sufficient to make six or eight cords s hundred or a hundred snd fifty yards long, snd plank enough to cover a tempscary army bridge of that length. His engineers can put up such a bridge perhaps In an hoar. Back of the Rappahannock tor at leant ten miles, the country continues as level and cleared a? between the Junction and the river Afterwards it becomes a rolling country, far less precipitous and far lea wooded than between the Potomac Aid Man&ssak Junction. Thst is. until Gordonsville, tbe junction" of the Orange and Alexandria and tbe Central (Valley) Railroad, la reached. From thence to Richmond, (following the line of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad,) tbe country becomes gradually level, and Is comparatively heavily timbered. Under tbeae circumstances, we sre very sure that if Johnson and Beauregard And their present line with Manasaas Junction for ita base, unten! able, they will not venture to make n serious stand on the aouth bank of tbe Rappahannock*, perhaps naturally the leaat defensible line they could select between Waahington and Richmond . am important kkconxoisakcc. A reconnoisance was msde yesterday towards Occoquan, taking the telegraph road as far as Acotink creek. Parties were seat to Acotlnk aad Pohlck, and on a road leading op tbe Acotlnk. This latter party fell In with tbe rebel pickets, who immediately fell back and gave the alarm. The long roll was beaten at their camps across the ^reek. From Information received there are ao rebels between tbe telegraph road and the river this side of Occoquan, and but few at tbe latter plnce (Special correspondence of the Star.] ALEXAND ?1A, Oct. 19, I6ll.-?tfi(?r Star : Our Union Associstion here Is making very favorable progress in point of numbers. At our Isst meeting on Wednesday evening, twenty-four were added: and we now have enrolled aver three hundred and fifty members. In compliance with the proclamation of Gov. Pierpont, an election will be held on Thursday next, tbe 24th. for a member of Congress to represent this district. 8 Furguson Bench, Ksq., of this city, a gentleman every way qualifled for the position, is spoken of aathe man, and I think will be the choice of the voters. By an ordinance of the Convention sitting at Wheeling, alt the county and city offices are declared vacant. A meeting of the Union party was held laat night, respecting those offices, and adjourned to'Tuesday evening next, when It Is expected tbe nominations will be made, of which I will ad viae yon. Tbe work on Fort Lyons, sonth side of H anting Creek, is progressing rapidly Guns sre being * mounted, snd when completed will be the strongest fortification sround this city. Tbe fort on tbe Bellview farm, on the Maryland side, makes quite s formidable appearance from bere. I notice workmen taking down tbe farm house, (long tbe residence of the Adllsoa family,) and wiiicb appears to be in the center of the fort. This looks like putting the finishing stroks to that work 1 learn that James Green has refurnished his fine hotel, (the Msnslon House,) and that It Is now open for visitors Considerable firing is beud from bere to-day, apparently to the south of us All Is qalet In the city, and I notice a number of vessels In the river coming up. Union. LATB LOCAL NEWTS. Descent rpom a Ra.nchs?Detective Allen, of the Metropolitan Police, having obtained Information that tbe upper story of the house formerly occupied as a restaurant, on the avenue, near Sixth street, was used as s gambling room for negroes, detailed a squad of patrolmen with Roundsman Crenin to maks s descent upon tbe establishment snd take all hands The descent waa made last night sbout 8 o'clock, but tbe gamb'ers?ten or a doxen?who were there when the policemen approached, vamosed and were not captured, because of their baving been notified n moment before tbe squad got la Tbe whole mscblnery of s regular gambling establishment?as costly and complete as most of such establishments?were taKen, Including the cloth, chocks, Ac. Tbe srrangementa were evidently for an extensive business this winter. An Urjcst Cbaeoe?Tbe charge agalaat Misses Msry McDonald sad Caroline road, for stealing a sm void piece from a person named Mary Drummond. noticed la yesterday's 5<or as hsving been Investigated by Jostle* Dona, wa learn, turned oat to be utterly unsupported by s single particle of proof, whereupon tbe Justice dismissed tbe charge Tbe accused partiss are. respectable persons, and It la bat a no to them that It should be thus made knows that there was nothing whatever found aa which to base the charge. Dismissed ?For four dsys la saocsasiea Justice Johnson haa been Ustoalag to testimony, aad particularly to argumeats of counsel, la a eass of false pretence, brought by f Dsaaiss sgaias* a. j. de >?eyke Tbe charge was that the see essd obtained S300 by ? false token aad thins represents* ions " After bearing all the evidence, which tended to abow considerable bostnsss transections net ween the parties sad tbe nrgamenti of ossssol. Justice Johnson dismissed tbe eass. Mr. Uord a p pes rod for tbe proeeeatlaa, aad Msssrs Ds ridge aad Lsahey for the defence Secceitt roE Peace ?Yesterday. J. p beuea was srrsnted by the Metropolitan ponos tar sssaelt aad battery on Mrs Phippa and her eon It seams that tbs part iss are nrlgbbws in bualnsns aa Seventh street, sad the accused nsm plainii that Mrs Phipps'show ease, ta wh'ch she exhibits ? bar daguerreotype specimens, ebatructod the vtow of his show window a quarrel sbeat this resulted la a iws<, which cauaed tbs arrant Mr. Raltm gave secartty for peace bsfnra Juetioe Dana. Family Jaes?Lsot night Mia Edward fits gerald went to tbe oA.ce of Justice Itaaa, taking net Children wltt ber end complained that hat husband had aaaaulted nad rtrnck herjmd sfc* was sfraid to sssy at home with htm tw imavm arrested by lb* ptUcei* lty for peace. In mi ?J*?ea*.?The U .wu?r term trf thle cyan IT is an Monday next. t

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