Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I . i FAREWELL, TO THE swallows. II TH?XAI MOOD Swallows. lilting on the ?w, 8?* ye not the gather'd sheaese, *ee ye not the falling leaves ' Farewell' * I? It not time to go To tb?t fair land ye know ' The breeiss as they swell, Of coming winter tell, And from the trees shake down The brown And withered leavea. Farewell! 8wallow*, it la time to fly ; See not ye the altered aky ? Know ye not that winter'a nigh ? Farewell Go ; fly In aoiay band* To thoae far dlatant landa Of sold, and pea/1, and ahell, And {rem (of which they tell In hooka of travel strange): There range In happlnear Farewell 8wallowa, on your ptniona gllda O'er the reatleaa rolling tide Of the ocean deep and wide , Farewell ' In grove* far, far away, In rummer * auany ray, la warmer region* dwell. And then return to tell Strange tale* of foreign landi. In baud* Perch'd on the eavea. Farewell! j Swallows, I could almost pray That I, like yon, might fly away, And to each coming evil aay? Farewell! Yet '11* mv fat* to live Here, and with caret to strive, And 1 may some day tell, How they before me fell Conquered. They calmly die. And cry "Trials and toll? Farewell!" LKrXRVK.tTKD BRBAD. Bread is a matter whith comes home ti the stomachs of everybody, and we would siy a word on unfermented and fermented bread. I In braad-making the only purpose served by fermentation, is the generation of carbonic acid to raiM the doagh. and to effect this a quantity of yeast is mixed with the flour. But Uie same |>urpoM4s gained by mixing a quantity of carDonate of soda with the flour, with a corresponding proportion of muriatio aeid, and bread formed is more nutritious and economical. Thts k\nd of bread r ever sours on the stomach. By this method bread can be made in two nours, and it saves both time and labor The ingredient* are simple, and cost but little Fermentation always destroys more or less of the floor, besides otherwise injuring it for the porpoees of assimilation. A large proportion of the bread in some communities, is scarcely more than au active form of yea*t. thrown into the stomach only to produce frrmentatian and a host of disorders. And then we witness, of course, the blue apors, which under different aspects, areas tuinous to the welfare and peace of a family as are those of a distillery. The proportion of acid and soda (baking soda) directed to be used, may be thought too great, in which case they may b? varied at discretion. The following formula is recommended for un form en ted bread Take of flour '? lbs . bicar bonate ofsoda 9 drachun hydrochloric acid, specific gravity 1 16, 1drachma About 25 o? of water will he required to futon the dough. Tirst mi* the soda%nd fl' ur ^J3*?borou^bly ao po*gib!?. This is best done by shaking tho s?<iu (in fine powder) from a *iove over the Honr with one hand, while the flour is etirred with the other, and then passiug the mixture ?nee or more through the sieve. Next pour the acid into the water, aud diffuse it by stirTing them well together, avoidiog the use of ?nj install ir utensil that the acid might come 3n oontaot with. Then mix the flour and water m> prepared as speedily as possible. The dougb should be put into a quick oven speedily. This manner of making bread will if practiced be found to be a great improvement, and advantageous compared with the fermenting method, and also ihe quality will be foand vastly superior to the antique - leavened bread "?C J. Kobinso*, in "Coit/Urg irmil*tnn n " Haa this method of bread-making been tested by our oorrcspondent in his own experience'? Ed*. HOW TO CBE OKRA Watson's llome Garden says: ''The Okra is ?( utrornr. coarse ?rr?i?rh fran* ^ ' B > *" ?? >"?J tigh, bearing abundance of beautiful flower?,' which are succeeded by long ribbed or smooth I seed-pods. When these attain their full size, but while still tender, they are gathered for use Their value is in the large amount of pleasant and healthful mucilage which they yield in boiling. On this account they are much used in thickening soups, for whiah purpose thay m*y be kept lor winter use by being eat sp in crow slices or 'rings,' and dried upon gtrinjri like apples. They are also boiled and eaten with drawn butter, as asparagus ; or the tender pods are used for pickle). The ripe seeds, roasted and used tor coffee, are perhaps B>t at all inferior to it." PROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1962. XJ^Ct U. 5 I'OTpMjt i WaskiMtton, September 25.1861. S !*?*l?d Proposal* will berecei ve?l at thia office, uottl U?e 30tn day ot October next at 12 o'olook.m., for famishing rationa to tlie L>. 8. Marinas,at the fouowinc atationa, dunag the year lfc62, vis: Portsmouth, N?w Hampshire; Char'.estown, Massaonaaetta; Brooklyn. l.on< laland, .New York; Puiadeiphia, fcennaylranja: Wnahtngton, District ofColumbia. Each ration to oonatatof mree-uarteraof ap >und of n.ess pork.or baooa, or one-acd-a fourth pounds ftt fresh or salt beef; twenty two ounces oi bread, inadeof extra aup-rfice flour, or i* lieu thereof twenty two oances of extra superfine flour; or o . e pound of Hard bread, at the option of the Government; and at the rate of euht quart* of teat whre beaaa. or la uen thereof ten of rice; en oaaaa of food coffee, or in lieu thereof one and a WIS ? ?f rn. S.? fvwa ui ir?, u?io"u p->unJa ?>f goo I .New Indi ruja'.four <1 arts of vinegar; on* p >uml sperm eai.d ?? . or one-and a fourth pounds of adamantine cand es. or one-ani-<i-ha!t poundr of good i.ard dipped tallow eaatlU; four ponnds *ood, Fwi, brown ?oap two eaarts of Mil; and on* hundred nod felt; six pound* of potatoes, to each huncj"d tat iocs. 1 ac inerMM*l altowanoe o( tour ounces of Hour or bread, and the ailowanoe of potato**, a* at?ove provided, wi i cease, at the term cation oJ the rtMit icsurrfetion, and th* ration be as provided ct 'aw and regulations, on the Mt of J my, l?6l The beef ?ha l>e delivered ou tbe order of t >e eomman l ng ofioor ofe&cn station, either m bulk ?r by the siact* -ation; and nh&i1 ooiimkI ot tit" boot and moat ounce oftne < arcana: the pork to be No l prime me-t po: k. and t<.e groceries to be of tho beet quality of kinds named. uanbtcotto inspection. All bids mast be accompanied by the following guarantee: Formt ?/ (Juarant'*. Tbaundersigned, ,ol , in the 9tate of . and .of , m the Mate ol , hereby guaranty that in eaao the fomnim nto 01 ? for rations, as above described, fee aooepted, he or tti?> wiil, within P*n da** after til* raceiptof the oottr&tt attii* Poet Offioe named, execute toe oontraot for the . arae.w th good and aufioieat swretiee.and in caee said shall fiul to enter into aontraot aa aforesaid, we guaranty to Mke good the difference between th" offer of the and tiiat which may ha aoa-pted. A. B., Guarantor. Witoaaa: C !> , Guarantor. E. P. IMS 1 hereby oertiir that the aNrve named are k??wn to me a* men of property and able Ui Mke good their guarantee 6 H. Jjrki masrf tm tk* Unit id Stnift D**trut Judit, XJnx'.td Statu DuttUl or Coiiutor ) No erapoeal will be oonsidered anlees aooompanwd by Ue above guarantee. (Newspapers authorized to publish tke -above Wiil eeoa the paper aottataing the hist insertion to tuso^i# for eaamins' >)t ) rroeo*-eto beeadorsnl -Propoeal* for R a turns for IV, and addressed to the un.iwslgned. Wi B< SLACK* ee 2T-lat?* Major and Q*art^rmahter< PIANOS, PIANOS, PIANOS.?New Pianos raaaivatf every week c.ome aod look at the as acrtaMAtat W.6. MKTZEKO ri"? MaeicDapot, ee?fSf Hs? *ad Rl??wtli ?t. ?l THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORK, No. jsriw*? is the plaoe to bay yoar I M Iim?. n?? ' 1M o* I lm m TOP HAM T? OSS d F R B M I O M TRUNK WO MANVFACTQHY, 4H laruTH OTUIT, WuiimrM, D, 0, 8Uv?r M?U1 ft?ar>t?d hy Maryland InadtaU B?.? nv'.c. Novell l:?r ?. L4U. A:?*. ftlecil laMiliU, ^TSBW W ryyC iiax. U4 I'MllSt Trurti, ? fai'iaier, QarMt,*p4 , , ^TSsSsWKi.' At I.* * ffhil. Meebere ef Uonrreee ?r<1 trav*t*ra will pleu? ?narr my tHoaM boi->r+ ?u?'.fiiD( aUavhAre Tnuka th*l w? m?.le n. fce?tUr ?< > T si>i? ?u<l? ti #/ 'Pi . (nth oorerw! a^J r?f ' ai ->.cr* nt-rov ( W?J Ctiirwt^ frw* **? I ' Vlf ? ? ? ... j, DENT13TBY. Dr. (HARLES R. BOTELER, DBNTIST, No. 3*? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Ninth and Tenth Streets aa ?-oogm M TEETH. LCMXMIS, M. l).,the inventor and patentee <rfth? MINERAL PLATTE TEETH, at tenils personally at his office .n this city .MHb? Many persons can wear these teeth who** aannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oan not wear these. Persons calling at my o&oe can be aooommoaated with any style and shoe or Teeth they may deeire: nut to thoee who are particular and wiah the pureet, oieaneet, atronjeet, and moat perfeot denture that art can produce, the MINERAL. PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms m thie oity?No. 339 Pa. avenne. betweea tli and loth aU. Also, 407 Arch atreet, Phi adel elaa. oo 1 i-tf GAS FITTING, Ac. Ad?m WM T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeente auy ertera with woion they rca* be favored in the pIum3&4. ?AJ> OjJTOAM num. 117" Store on tth atreet, a few doora north of Pa, may be fouud a complete a??ortaieai BNVftKR PLOMBKK AND OAS F1TTSH, Ha removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ata. >2a prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon in jet favorable terms, and cnaranUea enure I at action. e iaa on hand a lot of COOKINO and other . i t.s, wmcn lie win eeii laaa than ooat, &a lit ? ? to get rid of them. no 17 w ?AS FIXTURES. "" E UtTt in atore, and are dai j reoemnj, 9AS FI1TUHKS of entirely New Pattern* and Deaicna and Finiah, auperior in atjle to anything heretofore fl'ei d in thia market. We invi??oitisena aeneral It to rail and examine our a took of Gsa and Water Fix iim, feeling oonlident that we have the beat e'.eoted stock in Waahincton. All Work ii< the above Tine intraated to ?ar oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS * M08HAN. JUrl_tf 3T? Ditreet 0IF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF CAS METERS. WAaHinaroMj Jaly II, 1W. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE?/, That.arraaably to the proviuona of the ordinance of the Corporation approved Mi' It, lfUS", Uie underaiined 1a now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and on pre-pay meat of the fee of fifty oenta, to mapeot. tiamme, t?at, prove, and ascertain the acovraev of rnriitrt.tin*i nf in# mmm * *? 4l? - - " w. .u; i?a IUV?C| IU H?0 1U 11UI Q41J '' Ever; aster, if round inoorreot, will be condemned and another. seai?J and marked a* true, will be w? in i*n ptaoe. It proved to be aoosra?e in IU Beaeaiement of (ae, it wU! be sealed aocoaiafly, anc acain s*t in po* ition for ?*, ( lee No. ?lo street,(near Odd Fslt??' a?H.) Open from ? a. in., to I w. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINtfHJLM. Iv 1? if ln??eoto-and Sealer of ?? Metsrs. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. 3J'i PlN*?VLVA!tIA AVB!fV?, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND HEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS. AND EXTI NSIVE DEALKRS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNI&HLNG GOODS, ee6-if_ (Intel A Repab.) ABMV BLI'E CLOTHS ANDCA^KIMERKS, sood qualities ! " officers Cravats, Pocket Har.tlkerchiefs, Kloves. Suspenders. I mbrellati, Ppdershiits a- d Di&wers, Ad. One p. toe ou!t, inarkoi 111 pMn bcures. PKRRY ft BRO.. oc9 H Pa aveaue and Ninth st. rpilh St "BSC P I BKHS RKSPKCTFULLY I invite the attention of the Army and a* Navy to their full -uppl* of MILliAHV^B ana NAVAL* PI'KNriHfNG G?"#D?>. Ill sooh R? Indigo P1"" Cloths and Doeskin", Taps, Kpau'dts, ? #?:.. Mioulder Straps,^" Beits, S words. Sw<?tu K Caps, Hats, and &H respective eiutu'>'.der? A so. th? o-.ebrated PATent filtering cantkkn. Ord?r? in that linn rc>*oeri.f?ii? f*o'ieit?w1. H F. l,Ol'UON & CO., Naval *t><1 Merchant Tailors, i? 18 eooiri 3h.i I'a. av.. nnder Mrovn'o Hotel. TCARR1ASK3. HE Subscriber having mvle twldltionato his fv 'or r, n ak :ne it n< -r one ol the in tbo thetrict, rrhcro his fa M!iti?BVKjHS[ for n viu'v^urin* "JAK!UA'?KS an<1 ? LIB Ml' WAUtl'.i of ail kui?e cannot be sur parsed, and irotn In* lrnc rtpert^ace in ?be busice??, iie to sivp central :iAii?lacnon. Alt of CamatM and Light Wa(?us kept on h*a<i All HEI'AIHS neatly dene, and all ordete jromptij aMarui- I t?>. ^eooi.J ..and Carnage* tek?>i in exohaace for new one*. ANI1R K W J. JOYt'li, >i IS tf fnrn#' of Fourteenth an<i K ?!? BILLIARDS! PPI LI The lover. " ? *- of the GAME OF BILLIARDS vill 6nd in KM RICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and lltb street, (aonth aide,) two of tbe m^st admirable TABLES in the United Statea, with every comfort and oonvecienoe an 3 tf lor the players. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARS MANUFACTORY? I have one of the best establishmenta. and furuahed with a ooiopiete aet <\f toola for repairten every description of htie Watches, and W E>rtioulp.r attention give to the same, t>y iwflHK o. Mali oomp-Unit workman.and a worfctJkaMvn tied A.?o, ev?ry <'e?torip ion of atandard SILV KR W i RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured nr.dej my own supervision, winch my customers will find far superior in inality and finish to northern ware ao!<i hw fl n --1 - a - - ..^iouviw mwi rc?rr>acui0u r,? itieir wd tunuiMliirt, H. O. HOOD, m ( IS* f?.?T>n'i?.Tlnr*tb THK EUROPEAN HOTEL., KEPT BY T. 1 EMKICfi. at t'ue corner of Pone.A. . A avenue and Eleventh it.cei, haa bwnWfflf greatly improved recently and noir offeraJAjU tIk*tar irrfosenienta for the i?Mronaie of oitiaena a^d atrangora ttian au j otuer public houa* in the 0U7. his pncM being le-? uimi thoae of any otnar hotel on Paun. avenue. aud liia aooominodfttiona for perir.aneat or trftuaio^t boardera oii&xoeptiocab's. Tee tii and rentanraiit arr&:.geruatita of the turoKt- R.uel Lavu ?irea?ij kocon.e very aopo lar. being all tliatoanbe iesired by the most faa aduan. 'fie troanetor sledses unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to give aatiafaction to all, and tuna renswa hia luvitation '# all to five the Kuro?.i*n Hotel a nail. Ha ?-?i r IJ N U U A T 8 'KHr:irmmi|T UtntrnPt QAlet. I Washington City. JulyTs. 1861.\ Plans awd SracirtrsTioss for hulls of 8un Una-* )<>r tn* \V??tern river* sro on exhibition at litis otfcce, And Ki offices ol Huart?riua?<ters at PitUtmrg. Cu.oiuuau, ot. Louis an<i Aiton. Boats t<> !>e delivir^t at Cairo. Kids ?n"u!<l he seuito Uu.\rt?rm%ster General of the United State* Army, at Washington, by 1st August, it noon. M. C. MEIGS, Jy 19 Brig. Gen'i and Quartermaster tien'l. UNION PAPER AND ENVELOPKS.?Twenty different styles of Note and Letter Paper, with Enve opna to ma'oh. View* of Washington intneforino; a Rose,and in Book form, auo, separate All the l>aily aud Weekly Papers con?tantly on hand. Herald, Tunes, and Tribune received every n?itit at 6 o'clock. Tapers from ail farts of the country. Beadle's Dune Novels and Son? Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading, oaeep A large assortment of J nTeniles? Mayne Reid's 1 Books, Roilo Kooks, Abbott's Histories A o. A discount of in to 5ft per cent, on a i tound t>ooks FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, ma National Hooks tnr?. IT"* Pa. sr. I CASH NOTICE. N Conse^uenoe of oar having to pay oash for every arttoln ol goods we purchase, we are foroed to reduce our Suniaess to Cash exoiusively, for the piest-:.t. We h%ve in store a verv large assortment !>f READY MADE CLOTHING f?r men and 'toys' wear, whiol! are at a inuoli lower rate Uian asnai.y. WALL. STEPH ENS ft. CO.. 3*4U Pa. avenue, twrtweeo 9th and ltitn ,w r unto'.* I<e?nh.i \IAPS OF Thh SKAT OF WAR.-A aplendid L? I Mas of the Seat of War for only ? oenta. Alao, Pooket Map* of all kinds. C^ldiara' Camp l)r??i!irn Caaea from #2 60 to ft. B ank Books and ^tatiODery of all kioda, Flat Paper and Envelop*?. Placa, Banuoraand Badgoa, Viewa of Waahingm>h, American and F'>rei<n Macau nea, Daily and W eekly Papers. FRENCH ft RICHSTEIN'S National B<>okatore, ra 1 (Intel, ft R??uh.) 'Jl* Pa. avenae. ll/B OKFF.R TO MII.ITARV MEN a lari* vv assortment of UK E\ and BLUEFLANNFL ovfr-*hir rs, win re shirts, drawBRS. CAMP BLANKETS. HAl.F HOSF.fto., wtnca we invite all mm purobaMra to examine before making their selections. v wall, STEPHENS ft CO., 349 Pa. av.t between 9th and lath ata. m g (latellnneer and Rw?wb icyi.> U FRENCH * R1CH8TEIN M Tttopontr aatoh. A''M* t 1m Paper of *11 kll.di, with and without MottoMfEnTt.opet to mateh. Firm and Pookrt Books ol every dMWipUon. Ajw't?rjpPlp?ra rnoeiTeil laily; Paport fro* iV*1" ""IMBSNCH * KICHSTEIN, k?a $ <T? Ponn BW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?Th? g Aloh?mi?t. or tUlflgjS* of Cia*; 7ro,u th. Fnnti of Honor? d' BIBH. r? by mail, Bl. Zmrsuj II n OT* ^*n4. ? ** . ? rziBiMT till >mik jgpgjSbvnfer1 MTh?f t? r If lit to th? Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \OUR COC9H PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ABB OOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, OOOD FOR LECTURERS, HOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINOERS, OOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. SENTf.KMEN CARRY 8PALDINGS THROAT CONFECTIONS. I.AIMKS ARK DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They r?ii?ve a Couth in?tantlj. ThAV nU*r tliA ThrABt They jive strength and volume to th? voio?. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. The; are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. 1 advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voioe.or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package 0f mjr Threat Confeotions. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go richt to the spot' You will find them very useful and plearant while traveling or attending public meetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If yon try one package I am *afe in saying that you will ever af terwards consider them indispensiUle. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My sigrature it on each package. All others are counterfeit. A 1? 1 Ml * - - " a i imago win ne gent t?y mail, prepaid, on re oclpt of 1 hirty?ent*. Add raw, HENRY C SPALDIKC, No. 4* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. r?^ea 09s CURE ^0. NervousHeadache <* & <* Headache. Br the see of th?M Pll!? the periodic attaoka o ffirvtmi t* 8irk ma? be prevented; and 1 takrn at the ooramencement ot ac attack lnima d late relief from r*'E and *loknee* will he obtained. They seldom fall in removing tho /Va?j<a and Hfuimtk* to whioli females are *o aabjtot. Tbey aot gently apon thebowela,?rrmOYUir Cei Man us. For Lti?r?ry Mm, RtwUmts. Oelioate Females, and all peraon* of ttHmtmrv Kabxt*, thej are Tala&ble aa a Iw.'in, imarorinc the imtiu. ririnc _ ? - m ??- ? ? ? torn and wit or to the digeetive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole systsm. The CEFHAL1C HILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully oonducted experiments, having been in nse many years, dvnng whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amoant of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the system or from a deranged state of the stowuuA. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety withoat making any ohange of diet, aiid tkt mbi*nti qf any dis*grif*bU tstls rmdort it *s/v Is mdmtnitttr tkttn to tkiUktn. BEWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five si glials res ol Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Draggists and all other Dealers In Me4i sine*. A lies will be sent bv mall area*!* on r??ii?i? the * ^ * PRICK, ttft CKNTtt. All ertfera ahoald b? ad<1reaeod to HKNRY C. StPALDlNR, 48 Csdas 8nin, Niw Yokk. hm t&a XttnMir, Norfolk, f?. CapluUio Pllla acooiiifliah the objeot fer wklak they were made, vis: Care of headache In all it* forma. Prrm tko Eaamiaor, Norfolk, fa. They have been teated In mora than a tkaaaam taaea, with entire auoooaa. from ttu Domotrot, St. Cloud, Mtaa. If you are, or have b<*en troubled w ith the head ache, aond for a box, ( Pilla ,) ao that y oa may nave them in eaae of aOitaok. From tko Wtstom R. A- ????"' r" Wo boarMly endorse Mr. tfpaldmi, u4 kit 11 rivalled Cephalio Pills. * Pi*m tk* Soutturn Pmtk Pimdir, Ntw Orlnmi, 1ai. Try them ! yon that are afflioted, an4"ve are uri that your teaUinon/ can be added to the already numerona Hat that haa received beneftta tkal ne other medioioe can yrodacs. Prom tk* Jwiyifl, iMM. Mr. Spaldint would not eonneet hi* Mae Willi an article he did not km<m to poceees-realaerlt. Ftom tk* A4**rtittr, fmtfwili JL I. The Cephalio Ptlla are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headaehe,anil eneefthe very beat for that very freiaent aemylaint whiah haa ever been dleoovered. >Vre? tk* Si. Lmtii Dtmnrmt. nc imnnTiMi Q8IMJJC for Ul artlele (Ce?*aiU Pills) it rapidlj inoreaainc. >Vm I k* K mm aw km fmtln Sltrr, IimwU, Tm. We are ?ore that yereona rafferlag with the km4 anha, who try them, will aliok to item. IVm tk* Ad**rtu?r, Prtmidmtt, Jt I. The teatimorv in thetr favor i? atreng, freia Ue oat tea poo table taartera. tk* Daily Nmi. If?*f i1t R. /. Oerhalio l*illa are taking the plaoe of all kio4e. J-V#? U? C<m*mtrtiml Bull* tin. Bet torn, Nan | Said to be vary eftoaoioaa for the headaohe. Prom I At Commirciml, Cincinnati, Ohio. Safari nc hamanitv can now be relieved. ITT A aingle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will aave ten tiraea ita ooat auoually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S P~RbPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH Stitch jw Tim Savm Nihb."^1J Am aocidenu will happen,l? well remittee it ?ery desirable to taviiom obeap *o<Q?oa??niwnt way for repairing rurnitare, Toys Crockery. 4c. SPALDING S PREPARED GLUE m>t> all noh emergenoiee, ami no household ea afford to be without it. It is always ready, and | to the stlokint point. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." < N. B.-A Brush UMmpkniM mck Bottls. Pr?? m tutu. IddrMfl ( HKNKY C. 8PALD1NB, Me. 48Cwl?r etteet. New Yerfc. < CAUTION. A* WKtoin wmh J>r# to iuui\ ciuniM b#fert? m* Iff h th< fit i nsibe. | fAl?l)lN#*S fRKPARKD ?L*K^1 | to?? y vmt*iillftlw m #cw? Omtk, om, hwwiiii. /?Awih.mi IrrUmtiom fr S*?rMl ?/ U? niritl, t4? /f?c?mm Ooutk m Cm?ww C (WVrii L-tSmf MM ttTtUftk || til Hici 0/ rVBLIC SPEAKER? Am SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheekinc Com h or "Common Cold" in ita first itace; that which in the be< mint would yield to * mila ram* dr, if aegleotc>d.eoonattaccathe Lnnia. "Brown'! Bromtkiml 3Ymjmj," containing demulcent litfredi nt*, allay Palmonarj and Bronohial Irritation. "That troable in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh the "Troth**" area apeoifie) ?? havinc made me often amerawbia VROCHES perer.* N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 rMommand their mm to Pbbu* Brittm." TROCHES KKV. K. H. CHAP1N. "Great eervioe in ea lxl*inf Hoaxb BROWN'S nbm." HEV. DANIEL WISE. filopuLu "Almost in?uut rekef in the die anuv.uE.3 tr^Minc labor of breathing jronliai KKIIWNM to Asthma." ukuwn. REV. A. C. E6BLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anythiai injarioB*." OR.A. AHAVES, BROWN'S Cktmu I, A oil**, D/woi-ti MAsimpleud pieaaaut ooinbina f KUtHbf UOB for Covch*. so." aiown? ?* 4-r -??L W??OMI? " ???ITW.'L'AV. BROWN'S B?tm u 1 h*?<? proYed th?m exoellent for TROCHES WaaorijM Cobbh." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Boiiaa. "Beneficial wtien compelled ta TROCHES apeak.euiferiut from Gold.'" BROWN'S KVTS. J. p. ANBERSOPjU^ VROrHM Ii???c*tAL In removing Hoarse TKuonr,? DOM txi Irritation of the Throat, m BROWN'S oomnion with SriAras and SineTROCHES Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON, BROWN'S T~0h"f^."^ilS."UerB TROCHES "Oreat benefit when taken before and after preaching, as they prevent

BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past effect, 1 think they will be of permanent aaTROCHES vaataxe to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Te^n. "oo"BS O l-lr IOY FOR THE SIC* AND SUFFERIN? * ART ALL WHO AKE A VVLlCTiD RKAJ>! ATT4.1 THE AMMEDT KM JO 19* /" HEALTH. f riead. da tss safer? Are ye* the visttni af aay I these nameroas aliments wkiek ansa from taKity aft he blood? Wfcatare tier, do yoa ask/ ther ask, what are they not? The blood is the soarae af lite aod heaitk, and it is the ftrst element of oar being to respond to any aaise whioh affects the system, as the pals* infallibly attests. The ever prevailing Nearalgia, the irritating Erysipelas, the sbWe sorofa'n,the agomaing Rheamatisin. Nervoas Debility, Dyi pepsia, Liver Coinp.airt with its torpor and defaotioc, and the nsinberless ills that Seen la heir to, derive their hwleces origin from the hiood. Peal ktndir t*en and gently with the Nood. ?se the vita!i*<ns resosroes of natare for Us aid. ?iu iiicr *b ii' wiuiuri?u w fv?i voiiioou^niLi ? * that truly medieament knewn u MAS. M. 0*1't> INDIAN WUHXT&BLK DKCOVTION. W It* retard to > m"il infallible Milk ??>M!ar rntimsat ha* spoken in decided term* tc(! the f?iden??j of this e">?t eMoaey ar? ? tamed by pn'.iuu: troirt j of oi?r?iiTe ?fe<jte ar.d the haaneet re??lt? from iie ?*e are after a'l other 'enjedie* aid the beet imniioal *kil) have fa:!eJ. 1^1 ?? wit, in c*iic!ualor, tha? eertiBeatea are not ?o?ch*froia tiie illiterate atd anperleia!, bet they are ?ol*rte?red irom tin* rr?o?t resectable eoaroeaand iaaiify the hif heat tern.* in whifh it it foaribls to commend ?r? walnaMe a eciUo to Ml-'ic aayroval. We may add aiso tntt U>e auratire ?rop?n!e?of the m^ioine are equalled n!y by ita reau-rau*e effects, the Byatem ieoo*er ng froiodi*?a*ewitii renewed oopititnUonal n?rr. for a?!e b; ail reapectable Draccieta >n (hi* lit;, and by tne proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hone (entice lnieta he? ram* > blown or tka ?ottle ana her eeai on the oork K- I'rioe 9 i p~: oottle. ?; x bottle* f?r *. R. J*. T. <HS3hL, Prifcul Peorgetoirit, li. C.. Whole**:* Aceat for the Dl?tuot, and wii; >*<7 tie trade at my tnoe*. aa is tr Dk. J. II McLEAN'S BTEEJaaTHEJflJJG CORDIAL A*L? ULl'OD FIRIFIKK. THE HUSAT&S7 REMEDY m ikt WORLD, $ M rjr* TAKEN iLff'' JpL f;ii* I \fr til* aa<2 t-f?u M m kit r>?- w R66U Hill k; Ikt <lWl'!.a to* t| tjgWt Uaa af twia^atka, Ek. ?S l.iikftNt.hiurt' wJnSP BVW kik, tad D*?l?l'.?? WaSs foMlMw aaiara lata III at?- ^F i \f 111 . tatltt ititfi jr?- | a. jfcr-^JL 3f n??ditj f>ia?tfii #f aaak laftadltu in Befon taHitiyrff.'tVES"*''18' ukll!5. 'Uillltar, iMiil>|t dtllalaat, luiliitUif ifiiit, aad ut aat lafaUlkla mbiJt fat rt?t??Uoj m tlumd lytit a, Ul raaiartaf Ua ?! ?, lal artaf, u( dakllluiad laralld M katitfc a?d itiiifU. MtLKAN S STAMNtJTIlMMIP/K UliVlAh Will afatiaally aata bm Oatuflalai, SfaktptU, 1 41m, Ckntll at Daklllty, DUuita aflit IIIiiti, u< all dUaaaat util>( ftaa a dutrdarad klui ? IimiiI, fi^ipli, laajlkua, la ward Mat, Aaidlit > liakaait at Ua llaatak, rvllsaaa a< Blaad ;a Ut Baad, Bail Paia at viaalaf U Ua Baad, Paipiituaa a# Ut laati, Ftllatia at WtUk? la iki Btataaak, Bratuutat, Oktklaj at mfaa&tlaj Fttllaf vkta laylaj dava, Dryaaaa ti TtlltW. am af Ikt tkta aad Byaa, Plgki iwtttt, lawmd Favata, Fala la tka Snail af Ua Back, Ckttt, at tMa, Vaddta Flaakai af laat, apraaalaa af ftpttita, Ftl|kifil Diatat, kutaat, ttaaadaaay > any uar'aat dlaaata, ititt at Blaiakaa AM lla Ikta << * * ?? ? ? - ? ? \*( UHHI M? Bgy*|J 0 TMR A M1MO* BOTTLE* batt km Mid dartaf tat liitill Mtti,ud la aa latitat* hat U fultd la (Itlaf lullrt atUifttuaa. Hit. ikta. *UI iifu hta Viumh at Dtkllliy wkta Miklik'l nilHiriMIII COUlAk will tart yaa ' liipi|t IU Mtfir ta aatqittt Ida* af lk> taaitltli tad tlam Blraiaitai aktcgt yndattd ky uklaf tklt Cardial Ja tki dltaattd, dakllltalld, tad tkailtiid atiraii lyttia, wktlktt krakta diva ky tittat, till ky atiwt, at laiptlrtd ky I'tkaiti, iki filtitd tad uitnaj iifulttllaa It rtitartd l? lit pvirllai ktallk ted vlfat MARRIED rKRSOIfSi it ilktu. Manilla if taakUliy frtm wktlivir taait, will tad MckXAfTI rTEBHSTICMlHC C'JUin a tkani|k itf lairatir af tit tyitiB; tad all wka Bat kart La |?rad UtBitirti ky lapnatr U*t.|tatti will aad la un Cardial a Itrula aad tptidy riMtdy. TO THE T. AD IS 3. HfUil-l ?TKBB4Tiae:H? (KiaBJAliU a UTir?lfa aad ?pi< dt tail (at latlpltal l^uaif Uta, Wktm, ktiratitd at rlfliail Miatuutiaa.1atiatlatati at Vrtat n IatalnurT Kntiiri tktita.', Faillaf if Ut Wiak, IddlatM, ftlailaf, a?4 all dUirtii Utldlal la fiaaltt. THRRE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT tltu ai nifir. Till It tmrdiaf la dirttdiai. It will illntlau. iu*t|ik?<, tad laflfinu yi? tad tint tki klaaa af team w a.iui ytar tknk if tit. lui) I till t It wtrraatid m fltt itt'iUtuaa. fOK CHILDREN, II yaw* thildnk tn tltkly, pt?r if allaud, Hltltll COKBlAb will aitki Ikta kitltky, fat, tad >akti|. Duty tit a Hiatal; Ifj U, tad yiawll! ka taatlaatd. It li dtBtliwtaukt. 9A WTION, Xivifi ml dmrttu > A? ? ? ?? --? ;? klttar ? t *mtk, wk'ti Ui/ ui ? T tkatp, kruvlif ll li luturMil. Anilutli mu. Atk fat McLKAlfB RKIMribl*<l CORDIAL, and uti aaikirf (lit. It ii tkt ar.p ramadp taai will panfp tha Blaad taara* fklp and at tka km lima atiaofthau tka apaiata. (in* iiufHiifil utin ?tiij mtroinf fatting la a eartata p r aramlra fat Ckalara, Chill* and t far, Y al law farar, at ait araralaat dlttaia. It la pat aa la larfa kattlaa. frua aafp 91 pat kaula, ar I kaulaa far ft J. . MikEAN, Bala ataprlatar af ikta Cardial; alaa, Makaaa'a Talaania UI btaiaaat. PrlaalpaI Uapat aa tka aaraai a* Tkitd aad Ptaa atraata, Bt. kaala, Ma. MoLtan't Volcanic Oil Liniment, |TU BUT klXlMKMY IK TBI WOBkn.) Tka aalj aafa aad sartaln car* far Caaatra, Mitt, Tm. art, Bwtllinft aad Brantkila ar Caitra, Faralvata, Naaralgla, Waakoaaaaf tka Mkaelaa, Ch?aai? a* laiuatsaisry fckaanauaai, BUIaaaa af tkt Jamta, Cantraatad Maaelaa ar auti, Kanaka atTaathaaha, Brmlaaa, Baratna, Pratk Cau, Waanda, Blcara, Faaat Baraa, Cakad Braati, Bara laplaa, Barnt, Baaldt, Bara Tkraat, ar tup lalanraatiao at ala, aa dtfarauaa kav aarara ar laea tha diaaaaa aaap ka?a aslatad, MckKAM C K UIIATKO kl HIM KMT ta a aariata ramadp. iihhioi *r mbu kalafa uti kaaa u?i< a Ilia af dta arapilada and ciliary ay tka ma af Ula tavalaakla ramady. MeL BAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will nllara paio al?aat luauotaaaaaaly, and It will claaa, farlff aad kaai tka faalaai aaraa ia as tnaradikla akart una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MakBAICfl CJCLKBR ATKU LINIMKNT ia tka aaly aafa aad raliakla raraad? far tka aara af Ipavta, Uamaa, Wladfalla, pilau, nnaiarU kampa, Nadaa ai Svalltafa. It aarai (aliad ta aara Big laad, rallarU, Flatala, (Jld hul>( km, at laiair. if pranarly apptlad. Baa, araint, Irataaa, hcrataaaa, Cvaakad liala, (jWfaa, taddla aa Callat BaJla, Caia, Saraa, a* Waarda, It ta aa tafalUkla raaady. Apply It aa dkiaatad aid a aaia la aatttla ta aaary taataaaa. Tkau tftta aa laajai vltk tka aaa?y vartklaaa blalmaaU >ffaaad i? yaau OkuJn a aappl* af Da. MckBABI CltkBBIJITKD kiamsirr. It vlll aara raa. J. I. H( kCAM, Ma Frapdatai, Oraai Tklrd aad f ta* ata., *t- hub, Ha. CIAIUI tTOTT, >71 Pa. ??., aala ifaat ta Waaktag aa t.1 T niHlk.aa.rral*?> aata MVU QUNBOAT8 ros tnWBHTKIW RIVERS. QvarauuiTii Sinnu'i Of ncm, I , Jtmm 17,1881. < PmopoKALt ?r? invited for ooMtraeting 6ubotu upon th? WMM>ni river* Rveoifio&tiou will t* immediately prepared Bad a*2IHtSsS??lia!?g?a ? Propot&la ?rm"*nd **nfia*- h*lid . w* ?lono via t>? ooDiidered. W? ^travklin? TRUNKS. TO Oflfcr jar *j4* th* InrfMt rKAVELlNe TRUNKS to d? found iiimnb ^.^rcpRjBS Iom, OftTMt 8m, to., whioh V* M BOW Uai TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. "^oWBWk/.VBKJ' Landing aad embark id? ptntcitn it Q?HHtOTB, Ireland The Liverpool. New York lad Philadelphia Steam ? hip Company intend diapatehiartheir /WU powered Clyd^-baill iron Steainehipa a* follow*: S1-A9GOW v. .Pfrtartar, Aagaat 3d. OITY OF BALTIMORE, ~ - intt. KANGAROO. " " UtS. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. _ rate* or paiiisi. Firat Cabin #73 Do. to I .nrnlftB T Ml Do. to Parte ?& Do. to Hair.bare K Bttarac* $y> Do. to l?ou<U>b. ... ? 34 Bo. to ?*? 1a? 3* o. to Humbyig 96 Paaaenrera forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, fce at rednoed tbroucf) (area. Hera< n? wiahing to brine out 'heir fnenJa can buy tickets at low ratea. Kor further information aptly at the Captaina Office. JOHN 6. DAL* , Agent, 13 Broadway. N. Or to Q. A. HER RING, Adaraa Kipre'i Ba.Lmore. JT?"^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINK. EASTER* AXD WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. 'EENT,:' Capt. J H. K rwan "tlONKEK."Capt W. Norman, Will rnn their routea aa follow*, leavi- t Light street, Baltimore, loot ot Camden, at 7 o'clock A. KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings ou Choptank rive., every WEDNESDAY ami SATURDAY, returning every Tb?rad*y and Monday, For Annapolta and Weat River,every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and retorting ?a" erfava. PIONEER?For Bt. M ioUaei'a an 1 Eaaton, via Mile'a River, every WED.N ESDA V. a?.d return the same day. for AnoRnnlia ?? ? * ' ?-1? ??-??j - ?. r^..* ? ? ? ?%i ??i ? vbuii'i iu)(v, vaiuru *ml Easton Point. every THURSDAY, returning bf same route on Friday For Annapolis. Wmi Kiver,9t. Michael's and Ba?ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATliRA Y, returning every Mnuilay Ui same route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and F a*too Point f l ? Fare to St Michael's and Miles' RiverUround trie.fl.) inn Fare to Weit Hirer, (roand trie, 1 ?o Faro to Annapoii"(round trip75oento) 74 MEALS EXTRA. IT7" Freight roust be prepaid. Wharf and Offioe, LIGHT 8TM foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. _- NORTHERN HSP6S CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvvkt Station, Batimore. May 18,1861. \ On and after Sunday. Ma* 19th, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaV ar rive and depart as follovs. until furtner notioe. TRAILS NORTH. MAIL at8 15 A. M. EXPRESS at SS I'. M. H ARUiHiirDf: irrAuifnniTini'.i ? ? nv/v*/iiiUU?/nilV{1 ! or* M. The 8.15 A. M. train connect* at Relay Hoim with trams on the Western Maryland Rai road; at Hanover iurotn>n with Hanover and Ge*t*bu'it Raiiroad*; at York with Vmi and Wrigirtaviile Railroad; at Hsrr?Suri ?uh Pennsylvania Railroad for all part* of the We*t, alao with Lebannnn Valley Ka'lroad to York ritrtn, at Northern heilan'! wuh L and B. "ailroad for Kingston and a!i part* of Wyooming Valiev,and at tfanoury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.30 P. M train make* alt tne above correction* except Hanover Kail read, Wrigbteville Hailr^ad and the Lebaunon Valley Railroad. Tt e R P. M train mate* oonneotione with Penn *t! vani% Railroad for all parta of the West, and direi.t oouner.U for New York. ^TRAINS AH HIVE. Mail at 6 I<rW M.; E* pre i at i 44 A. M.. Harrieburr Accommodation at 2.43 P. M For Ticket* and information inquire at 4h# Ticket Offioe, Calvert station, Baltimore. J. c CLARK,Ssp't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA F?K NKW YOR*The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Tren'oF Ra>lroad Companies' Line from PHILADEt PHIA TO NKW YOMK AND WAY PLACK8. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave a* fol Iowa: At $ A M , via Camden and Amboy. (C. and A. Aooomnodaiion.) At 6 A. U. via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Accommodation ) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey CUy.< Mornit a Mail.) At flx A. M, via Kensington an J Jersey City, (Western Expreaa.) At UH P. M.. via Camden and Ainfmf.i *innmm?. dat'on.) At 3 P M., ri? Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Kxore?s ) At P M . <* Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At 4)4 P M , via Kensington and Jersey City. (Second Claae Tiokct.) At f> P. M., via Can.Jet and Jersey City,(Evoning Mail.) At Ilk P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Sooth ern Mai!.) At6 P. M , Tia Camden and Air.boy, (Acoommodation, froight and passenger. First Claes Ticket.) Second Class Ticket. The 6 P. M Mail Train runs daily. Thelljtf P. M. Mail, Saturdays oxcepted For Oelvidere, Eastoo, l.ambfrtrille, Flemington. 4o . at 7.10 A.M.; and 434 P. M., from Kessington. For Water Car. tttroodsburg,8oranton,Wilkeebarre. Montrose, Great Bend, Ac., at 7.10 A.M.. from Ker.*inKt?n, v|a Delaware, l.aokawanna and W?st?rn Hail road. For Mauoh Chunk, Allentown and Bethleiiem^t 7.10 A. M. and 6;i P. M.. from Kensington dopot; the7.10 A. M. ii e connects with the train tearing t as ton at 3 33 P. M. For Mount Holly at and e A. M. and I and 4X | For Freehold at A. M and J P. M. For Bristol. Trentoa, Ao.. at 7.10 A.M., 4M and : &S P. M from Kensington, and ih P. N from ' W a.uut street wharf. i K(ir P&lmtta II ivar*/.?? ^1- * ~ . unsuuii, Dflyoriy. Bttrlincton, Floremeoo, Bordentowu, 4.0., at UM, I, ,1.4HuidS!> M. I Steam?r Trenton for Bordentown.and interme ! diate plaota, at P. M. fro? Walnut atreet i wharf. JC7" For New York and Wax Lines. leaving : K^ukicftun Depot. take tie oara on Fifth atre?u ! above wal tut, half ati hour t<efor* depa ture The 1 o?.r? run iutj the depot, and on arrival of train run [ froui the de ?ot. tiltj pound* of t>agga<e only allowed toraoh I fiuecfor Paaecugeraare prohibited from taking 1 anything an luggage hut their wearing apparel, j An baccate over fifty pound* to he paid for rsira. 1'heooirpany limit their reaponaifeikity f?r { baggage to one not ar per pound, and will not be liable f?r any amount beyond ?>ne hundred dollars, ezoept by apeoia- oontraot. WM. H. fiAT/MKK. Agent. FOR THE iffll30GtiS WEST AND SOUTH S4L1E! BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, IWi, the t>ama will r.un < aa iollowa. vie:?Leave Camden Station. Ba tiI more.?Mail, lexcept Sunday.) at 6 anA.M.;Kx| pre** dartj at 3. 46 P. M. Both Traina go dirootlv through f(,r ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, ' SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENCKRS. Between Kaltimor* and fiedmont take the A. M. Tram; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Ac| eomm->datioii Train, leaving Piedmont at 5. ?o A. kl \?* r? A ' ? uoivmii uruii'D ana ra:Kerit>nr{, t&ke the 5 3* A M Train from Ba.tiniore. The I'RKDKKIOK TKAIN leaves Baltimore at 4 30 P. >1. an >2 Frederick at 63> A.M. Th- ELLICOTT'S MILLS < R A IN leave Bal- I tunor* at 6 J* and 9.15 A.M. and 1 45 and 5.40 P. M., and hliicou'* Mills at7.40and 11.6" A. M.,and 3.45 ! and 7Jtf> P. M. For further information, Ticket* of ev?rr kin*', | Ac . appiv to J. T. kMOLAND Agent, at Camden fetation, or nt the Ticket office. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transprtion. L. M. COl.K. Gen'l Ticket Agent [^^.NEW YOKK. HARLEM AND ALBANY IAU.R"A!i LEA VIMS NEW YORK FOR ALB Z6miwsi^M*WTCommeaoinc Monday, May STth, IStf. Por Abany?11:00 a. m. fast express train from *th street. , For Dover Plain#?4.-W p. m stopping at White Plains and stations north to Dover p ains?from nth street station. < i bis wain will ran to nillerton evert Saturday MMUUt) PorCroton Falls??:1J> a. m. stosping at all at* tions north of Pordham 1mm 96th street station. For W hit? Flam*?*30, 4:10 and fcOO ? m. stopping at all statins from 36th street station. For White Plains?&<5 p. m. stopping at all stations from W hit" street station. For Williams Bridja-7 11:18 a. m. and 1^0 p. m- stopsing at all stations from 27th street station. K eturning will leave? Albany?(N? a. m. last express train. Dover Plains?fc? a m. (This train leave* Mil lerton ever? Monday morning at 5 a. m.) Croton Falls?6 p. in. White Plains-&1?. 7K? a m. ?:? kMOp.a Williams Bridge? m. A 1:00 p. m. Bandar trains will leave ?th A vena* corner 22d street, for Central Park, Yorkville, Harlem and Hick Bridge every few mi nates from 9rt? a. m. to 7,-OOp ra. JOHN HUBCHlLL, Asst hsp't. a^^NEW YORK AND ERIK RAIL Passenger Trains leave via Pavonta Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chsin ers street. New follows, ris s 7.00 a. m , EX^RKSt^for Dunkirk, and Baftlo. and srineipal interme-ia e Stations. a op a. m 7 m All-, for Unnkirs. and intermediate ?>attom?This Train remains over night at Klmira, fu, mediate Stations. 11 06a. m . ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port Jems, and p/iaetpai Stations if*. <wir< *. D?. .....ouvu.vuuukimm ?naoip?! hlMion* TMTmto of tteUrdaj Uop\ at all MailTraia _ioo?pRm.. Jot UoraMTtlla. and pnso;pa Btafeona WATHANIBL ^MflEiSW1"^ j?.T isaKw^saa'sar-*. fr nrtOiuona. For??>Ufffc BpjlcHK, , X?fc Pom?r FiO??? >? ? ??' I ?>? ONI? WIT MCE 3KC Tsn H\M>PIA>0 for 9*. . Ko. aurjf f?:k 4Mr)twj?^ bfc ?? a *: i act) JUi.wi) 4 -on kir JkSM '" rrLT" * $"* teaJm Crriuoifcrrwt. Th JjQTicK iy *nuth# O'c.oc* p. in., or immediately aiWr Ut arrtTaJ o? the WMhioctoa Train, wkicb i?m Wiikii|V>i at swo c.ocE p.m. fr-tf ? N FAI.tJ*. Pr?*t PBII a hk* nu> ? iw?? "li'.I n f JY, TT | U* l>fp..t dai yjanoepl Saaid*?})ae fo JW?. rim: ! x pre?? Train at 15 ATM Way Mail T-uitl MS A. m7; Evening Mail at4 45 o'eloek OnSuNDA V8 at 4 45 p. M. only. A11 train* ? nittl ?iu \?w York trama exoept 4.45 P. M. trait, on Patai tea ... A Freight Tram with nwatw ?ar attaeted learM at 5 P. M . stopping at all Btatioua Mvm Baltimore and Htw d?^rM?. Paaeecgers for Dataware a> d th> Raster* Ctor* of Maryland will find the moet expedition* roate by way ofW'lwingtoa. . JOT All Colored PmoM ?n?t |)y? bond before WM CUWFO.D.>W EHBe'Sv" SK1 *!/ r"fn* !W iH^AlttOAU mmd f^Aw'rpiiK SE1TKAL KAjlhOAp- Kx?r??a TraiBa ew York e tr dejoU of Hadaon RiTar Railroad kily. Sands-?* excepted, aa loliowa: Praat'hMitieriittMl KrMiMit iL itatioa. At 7 00 a in Atlitin p w M sniym 1 .26 " 4X p 3 an f m S 46 r m Montreal ard Btflalo Tram with aleep'nt oars, s.'i am 1 46 p > ConueotinK at Alhau? with the New York Cm tral Rabroad f?r Scheneotady. R' , I tioa Batavia. Roma, and ?t?ti >na on Roma au4 W?wtown Raiir' a*. Hufla.o. Si ra^naa. N ia?a a Fa! a, Saspenei'fi Bndfa. Aabwrn. Geneva.Cai at datgha. Trains ia connection leave Hnlkloaini aion via l<ake Shore, Buflalo and lake II yor and Great Western R?ilr.,iui. for Hamilton. I ??r? cto, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo.Mi.waukie. K.-n l)a Lao, La Croaee. Madiaon- Prairie Do Ctiien, Ga en?, Dunleith. Dnbn^ne, Peoria, K>-c? lilaod. Mcxatina, Iowa City. BarHngton. l^ainev, Serin(fi?.<it Alton, St. Loaia.Cairo, Terre baate. Ir<f<ana*<> is, Loniaville. Cir.cmnat ,) avton, Colairhaa. Cl?veland, acd all poicta Weit, Northwest and ttoath We"t NORTHERN ROUTEConnecting witli Traice at 1 rot, with Troy A Boat<>ii and Rena. A Saratoga Voada for Saratoga, Whitehall. Rutland, Burlington, -t. A Ihaca. Jtoa?e Dai.i Dla??.K... W /k-J ? i- ?' r a viuk, I I?11)U?I|II| VKUVUinorgn, iUODirWI, CO.# ko C7" Fnifkt Arrangement* by thi? rest# aa ai>o?e. without chance of Cat*, troai the lir^oti in Gharobera and laual atreeta. are at all timee a* favorable aa made by ???h? r Railroad Coifrani'a. The taotl'tiea of thia treat New York ? IL* Weet r<Ki,mpLf1 it to the confidence of ir.e-elanta an - eh ppera for ^romptreea ar.d di'pa'ch PaaaecKer traina. with Pmoking ami *ieep r ( Cart ran in oonneotion on the New York Centra; Road. For partioolara m to local traina and freight ar rangemenU, inquire at the depot, f Warren at. A. Ft SMITH, Seperinteadent JP"*^ V J* GOVKRNMRNT LINK FOhT MOSROE OLD POIST rOMPOKT. Leave* the lower end H I NI??N DOCK. Ra ti more, weet aide, I'AILY, <?iindava inobded, i at IX o'ol' ck P. M.takinc paacec,c*r* and fnckt. and connecting with the Railroad line*, to ard frnai W&ahmg'on. D C., I hi.ade ahia. New York, B??eton, York. Harr.abarg, Pittabarg, P* , and the Weat, i in mediate ij af>er the arnva' of the fcspraaa Train from New Yo*k and Philadelphia. The following la the >*oheOu e : From New York to Tort Monroe aufl l<aek. til Froir. Philaaelph a and back.. it* From Ba:timore and back ? #f> PROCURE YOUR TICRKTrt^QJ In New the New Jereey Railroad Oft*e fo.H of Conrtlaed afreet. In Phi ad*>pht%. at the Company'a ?f*oe N. W. oor:ier of Sixth and Cheatnut atreeta. or at the Depot. Broad and Prme ?tr?eta. In Bvtimore, on b ?ard the ^teem?ra foot ol Union Dock. HI GH OCONNER, Paaaenger Agent _ ?? ? FOR BOSTON VIA NfcW PORT AND FALL RIVER. By the tpieodid and anpanor -a* If L'TD i ft Li / l 1 I i l u D I b w t a a ?. t iivi ;?i u * v * ui "i cr A r< n /\ I r, . BAY 8TATK. and BTATE OF MA l> fc. <rfcr**t strength and saeeri, bet partieo arlj adapted totfc* navigation of Long It and Hound. ranning in oounection witn tne Fall Hive* a?d Old Colony Rwi rood, distance of M miles only to Boston Ueive Pier No. North Hi vor near the Battery. The 9'eamer KMPIRIiFTATE.Caf* Brayton. Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays, at S o'clock P. M., tonohiug at Newport each *11. The Steamer MF.TROPO}.??, Capt. Brown, en Tuesday?, Thursdays *:.d B*tnrda?s, at o'r oci P.M., tonohing at Newport each way. These Steamers are fttted with comoidiotja stats roomi, aad every arrangement for the secarity and comfort ot passengers who are aftorded by this route a nights' rest on board, aod on arrival at Fall River proceed per Steamboat Trainjeaob ing Boston early the following morning: or mav remain on beard nntil starting of tli* Aooommoda tion at A. M.. by whieh tney mar reoo* Bost< l a boa? 8.4A A. M. A baggage .uastsr ia attached to eaoh steamer, Who reeeivea and tiok< U the baggage, and aoootu parries the same to its destination. A steamer rara in ocnneetion with thia Liae be tween Fall River and Piovideno* daily, exe rt Bisiwn. Freight to Boston is forwasded thronfh with great dispatch by an Express Tram, whiea inavea Pall River ever* mornwg, Handaya 1% o'clock for Boston ar<T New Bedloid, arriving at its destination at about 11 A M For freight or pa*aag?. apply on board, or at the ofioe on Pier No. S North River For state rooms and beiths apply on loard, or if deal red toseoara them madviaoe,to_ WM RoRDKM, Ag't. aw 71 w eat itrm, N. Y. ?rfCY " ^ ??and PFOYlDKNCK, Po* BOB TON?Inland Ronte?The ah or teat ud noit? rect?Carry LUe k*atern Mail. The ateamrr PL\ Mt't'TH ROCK. CpL J. C. 8mt, and COMMONWEALTH, I'uD. W. Wi'.iiama, is CT, r.pct;i.n with the H'.om nctoc af<: providerep,and Boe-onand ProTidenci Railroad*, M*ini Nf* Yor* daily, Pandaya exoeated, from Sier No la North R.ver, at i o'clock P. M., at ! roton at S5? o'oUioc p. M., or on the airiral of he Mail Train whioh teavee Booton at 6 9P.M. The PLYMOUTH ROCR, from New York Monday, Wedaeeda*, and Frtda,f. From 6roton?Ta?ada?, Tbareday ,and Hatardat. Tha OOMlTONWtAl TH, from New YorkTu?>iley Tbaraday. and Batamar. From Groton ?Monday, Wedaeeday, aad Fnda?. Paaaengera from Groton piooeetl ear railroad to Prondenoe and Buaton. ib the Kipr?ee Mail Train, reaching aaid y laoe in adraooe of those t-y other ront?*. and in am ale time tor all the early Morning Linea ooneotinc North and Kaat. Paaaenitera that prefer ,t< remain on board the ateamer, enjoy a mgbta' raet aadiatarbftd breakmat if deai red, and leave G roton in the 7 14 A.M. Train, oonn'ctinc at Providence with the 1 ? > A M. Train for BoaUm. F*re from ?*ro?ideroe to Newport, Fifty eenla. A bar race master aoeompaniea the Steamer and Train each way. For Paaaace, Bertha, State Roome, or Freight, aaai. ?k. Ja - - ? W myw 13 WO v??'U inr iy%in<T| or K Ul r rtlg b( Offioe, Pier 18 North Kiver, or at tfce OAo* o| the C< it pan;, No. lli W m( at corner of Cortland atraot. Now York. Fob. 3*. 1KI. , Hl lWtiN R1VKR RAILROADai.KaNV *NDTHOV,CON NKCTING witk TRAINS NOR i d And WK5 T, Train# lea re: Erom Cham be a at. N.Y-, Froai 3 Ik atro* zproaa. 7 and II a. m . 7,35,11 J6 a. m, aj.J 1,46 and3^0and 6 pm S.SSpm. Iroy and AH-anj iwitli 10.45 p.m. (Bandars inalecpiiif oar) no5 p. n. enceo.t rou?bk60o?io trail, b, a 4,25 a. m . aiU 1 in . I.IS p. m PookakiJl train, ?.'??p n. 4 2r> p. m. Sine Sloe trains on a ra.. 93b a and 4,56 and and 4 3l> and t.?w . m i^p. n. Fiabkiil train, kjn ?. m. sis a n A. K WMIrH. (*?poriBtoo4aiiC IIHWKRIN'R MRlhllatlRi Powder la tk* Ami* V W "owCT^I'll, anta. ?<oth?. pY>o?. Ky^^dwa Wrrmi CHWKEIN^ P1LLJS u* "!* dtwlh*"uT***U feed Mto*. M Schweris hM rooelwJ MrtbotlM from tfee President of Girtrd 0' . ?&? Dirretort oI fer^SS^STyCteajt T. B. Jul, vv Mhiuflo*, D. c^ud Charity Hospital. Tm original oortifioatM ?u b? ?c at th? Wholualfaad Retti 55fot 194 North gwtoixl Soot, FliUadolphia, uw for aa.o is ula alty by p. CLA R I, oornor Pa. imit and ?>4 at*., tar* by BFWAfii OP SPFeIOLS IMITATIONS Ch *.em?inb?f to uk for SoLvoud's iuihij5jNoMutao'tB* U1?M HfMi M. Viwiim F.KNCH *ary?> mad ooaylM* kMorta^nt of Military Book* o* all kiwi*, which thoy offer froa tn to lAy por onL bolow Um rag alar ratal I pnoM.?laeluding: __ A now odition of Hardoo'a liiutry ard Kifl* 1tS?,3fi&SHLv*.?^ .. All??.'a Coaiwdita of HardM'a TtobM, 0* he':sjO!EfiBm-.?s r !?'? rwumuw ? VlfUW, IK T> H a.ra?o*i Tftotios, choop edition. *f TM r?oldi?r*a 0**4?, %* win! ?i?l drill book for tko tool U? VoliiUor MiliU*oo4 tko Horn* 9a?rd. & Tk* Htnd- Uooktm Mm u.b. Soldior. boin* brat book of iutrMtMM U tk* if. B. Iikato toooo^V *yXVi d"i??T *> ^"^r avir.i :* C'l.|. r??kff-to . ; . ? . auuuMm of sicc# tatruw *? V. *.4- m iltrutMM, ffe.itatv ? Mil I ?? rr,fffr

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