Newspaper of Evening Star, October 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 21, 1861 Page 1
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/ r (gtaittg ?tar, _ _ . - - ? I -iiri till?-- -|?- 1 _ ._. V"~. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . MONDAY. OCTOBER 2i. 1861. N?. 2.705. THE EVENING STAR ta PUBLISHED BVBRY APTBRNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDING!, Cvrmtr tf Pt*nrvlr*?\a swmm mmd EUvtntk it. n W. D. WALLAOH. Papers tarred In packages by carriers at 94 I rear, or 77 cents par month To mall subscribers the price la Hit a yaw, to mdrmmei, S3 for six months; 81 for three months; and for less thaa three mouths at the rata of 18 cents a week. 81afie copies, oitb cmi; la wrapper*, two cbrts. LLT" Advcutisshskts should be aent to the oRce before If o'clock motherwise they may at appear until the next day. THE EXF1ELD RIFLE. On the banka of the river Lea, about ten milee from London, is situated the little town of Enfield, now rendered famous as the site of Government factoiy for the manufacture of the Infield rifle In 1854, when experience sained in the Kussian war had taught the English Government that the time had gone by for a continued use of the old " Brown Beea," the manufacture of smooth bore small arms was abandoned and the faotory at Enfield was enlarged and adapted to the production of rifled arms, the pattern known as that of 1853 being adopted as the best, became subsequently world-renowned as the 41 Enfield rifle." The buildings which constitute the factory are situated on the banks of the river, the site being undoubtedly chosen in consideration of the available water power, and also the means of transport which the navigable portion of the river presents. The rooms in which the manufacture is conducted are of cour*e very numerous, as the different processes amount to no less than 769. and in addition to the actual working and engine rooms, there are a number of houses, belonging to the Government, in the occupation of those employed; a mechanic's institute and library, a small church and a school house. The first form of the rifle barrel is an oblong tile-like plate of the best wrought oharooal iron of thirteen inches long, a little more than half an inch thick, and five and a half inches wide on one side and five inches on the other, the edges being bevelled in order to insure a close "join." The plate is first heated, and after several passages through a powerful pair of rollers containing a series of grooves and projections, it assumes a form not nnlike small agricultural drain pipes. The barrel is then again heated in a reverbatory furnace, and passed through a series of rollers on a set of rods until it is drawn out to the proper length. The operation is rather difficult, the grooves of the rollers not being concentric; the workman has to watch his opportunity very nicely and thrust in the barrel at the exact moment the proper part of the roller comes round. The work is so exhaustive that during the hot weather the men are only allowed to work five hours a day. The next process the barrel undergoes U that of rough boring." This is performed in machines in which four barrels are operated on at a time. An instrument like a twisted augur attached to a long rod which is made to revolve, the barrel being fixed horitontally, passes right through. The barrel is then set and striigbtened with hammers by hand. Afterwards it is turned on the outside and bored for the third time, the ehamber of the breech hored out, and, after the end has been tapped with a fine thread for receiving the breech pin it is proved for the first time with a heavy charge of powder. The object of this early proving is to save the labor which might else be wasted en a faulty barrel. If after a close inspection it is approved, it is sent to the ' grindery, ' where the outside is ground to a given guage. It then goes through some sixty nine different operations of minor importance before it is ready to be rifled. The rifling machines are of Belgian manufacture. The barrel is firmly fixed at the lower end; a steel rod, containing the cutter that forms the grooves, is made to pass clear through it, a special contrivance ensuring that this shall be deeper at the breech than the muxsle end. The twist of the grooves, which amounts to a half a tarn in the length of the barrel, is obtained with the assistant of a radial steel barrel. whi<?h is set t such an angle that araok which slides on it, the other end of which gears into a pinion fixed to the cutting bar, makes that bar revolve to the extent of half a turn as it slides from end to end. The metal Is constantly lubricated and kept cool by a stroam of soap and water. The barrel having been rifled is then polished and otherwise prepared for stocking. The stoeks are made by a copying lathe, which, like many of the machines in use, ?re of American invention and manufacture. The copying Inthe is a maohine in which a steel model is placed below the actual stock in the same relative position, and both made to revolve at exactly the same rate, 35 times per minute. Against the model a guiding wheel revolves; and a cutter, revolving 3.000 times a minute, soon brings the stock to the shape of the model. . There are nearly 2,000 hands employed in the factory, who are paid by the piece. Any material that is wasted is charged to the account of the workman who injures it; and as every portion of the ride passes thorough as many hinds, the workmen are a continual cheek on each other, each giving a reeeipt for the material he takes in hand, to the foreman of his department. Many operations through which each rifle passes Wore it is ready for use, and those relating to its fittings, and to the manufacture of the bayonet, Ac., are so similar to like opera, tions in other factories, that they do not need description. Hew te Walk > C* a fart OVSTBISG ABOUT BOOTS A5D THEIR EVILS. Lfrom Olcken's All the Year Round ] Tke bootmaker, ignorant of the relative use and importance of the different parts of the feet, has steadily persisted for oenturies. snd t this Jay usually persists, in so shaping the shoe that the great toe is forced upon the other toes more or less out of the right line with the heel. Nine civilised people in ten, perhaps, have their great toes thus by a course of submission to mishappen boots and shoes so far turned inwards, that a line run down in the middle of them from point to ball, if eontinued, would not fall any where in the heel at all, but several inches away outside the body The necensary consequence is, that the full strength of the natural lever for raising the body m destroyed; the effort has to be made at a disadvantage, and with pressure; the act of walking loses some cf its grace and much of I its ease, so that although the boot may be se well adjusted to the spoilt shape of the feet as to cause no pain, an honest twenty or thirty mile walk is more than the hampered footmachinery has power to sustain. For tbis reason, says Dr. Meyer, it is wrong to suppose that because a shoe is easy it is right, or that a oast of the foot, unless it be a healthy one, would make the last for the shoe it is to wear. Allowance should be made for the gradual return of the great toe to its place, by leaving its place (to seme extent at least) vacant for it, and permitting gentle pressure where the joint has been forced into undue projection When the shoemaker now t9lls a oustomer that he treads very much on oie side, he in fact compliments him by the information that he has a healthy and unsnbj tgated foot, determined to tread straight. It is precisely because children's feet are early in the first stage of injury, and are more nearly as God made them than as they are destined to be made by the shoemakers, that children espaciall v come into trouble jrith the shoemakers, or with the parent* and gasrdians who believe rather in shoes than in feet, for " treading on one side " A strong and healthy foot tramples a foolish shoe eat as for as possible into the form it ought at first to have had Even the distorted root, after the shoemaker has done his worst, will often tread over the leather of the inner side of the boot-heel, because of a natural effort of the foot-heel to brine itself into some approach to the right line with the great toe. In a properly-made shoe, then, the great toe and the heel hare their rig bt relative places famished for them. And, nnoe they are to be ia a line together. U mnet follow that if a wellmade pair of boots he placed side by side so that their heals touch, their sides also will toaeb through the whole speee ia front of the Inetop from the piaoe of the ball of the greet foe to tke very end ef it. They will diverge onry at th? rounded ends, where the groat toes reand off iato the little ones, along whose line, "4wwhaib else, nay possible poining of the , eh?pe ef the boot-sole can be gat. 0 0 HUMORS OF THE POST OFFICE. [From Holbrook'a U. 8. Mall for October ] Advertised Letters.?There are sent to I the Dead Letter Offioe, monthly, from the I New York poat offioe, between seven and eight thousand letters, whioh have been advertised and uncalled for. The usual number of absent-minded indi- I viduals continues, as appears from the fact that about one hundred letters, without postage stamps, are deposited in the office daily. I This class of letters, as also refused letters, are sent off to the Department, after remaining on hand one week. There are about the same number collected daily from among those put ] in the lamp post boxes, intended for the mails, I but wentmg the extra penny stamp. This olass of unfortunate missives are kept twenty-ono days, and then sent to the Department. Advertised, and city drop-letters, are kept three months, and then make a trip to the capital letter addresses. Over the rail road, and over the river, Haste In the search for one Edwin McKeever; I At right-angled Quakerdom. fanned Phllad'a, In Mount Vernon street he maketh his stay; I Two l'a and one 0, quickly followed by 2, , Marks precisely the spot where he hopes to see you. Mr. Postman. But ere you this missive surrender, Be sure that you finger the legalized tender! Michael Porter is the man, Or boy, or loafer, either, To whom give this note, If you can; If not, band to his brother. The one can read, the other can't, And yet they're smart as thunder! In Ann atreet, Boston, a short j-iunt, For postman, 10's the number! Miss Elisa Orover. in care of Mrs Blake, in fleet st a f?w doors above fulton st. on the west side of the way in the white House that stands back. paying box rent. Our city readers, especially the post office box-holders, who know something of the strin- I gency of the rules regarding the payment of I box rent, will doubtless appreciate tho follow- I ing. From the fact that the lines were en- I closed to us through the post office, we infer I that they were intended for the Mail. We are not ouito sure, however, that4hey are not designed as an advertisement extraordinary I for a certain beverage somewhat popular with I a large class, not including post offioe clerks, I of course. We cannot decline their publica. I tion merely on the ground of such a suspicion; I owed (ode) to the post office. Lines written by a "Box Holder"?Oet. lif, 1861. I 'Tie the first of October, and as often before I've stepped up and settled with "Jack" the old score; So I went to the office this mom'n to do, And a right jolly time I had of it too; For when I appeared at the window so small, The clerk roared out at me, "Four dollars is all'" I Now four dollars, these times, Is a Jolly good j?ke, More particularly so, when a man is dead broke; I Having squared up his grocer, and paid his house J rent, Finds himself In possession of "nary red cent " i-'ut to talk of four dollars in this humorous style, I 1 really felt hurt, but couldn't but smile, As I heard the gay chorus that greeted my ears. "Four dollars! four dollars ! or you'll be in ar-1 rears! Four dollars ! four dollars ! four dollars ! to-day, I Four dollars' four dollars! your box rent to paV. I Four dollars! four dollars I couldn't but think, I As I saw the rich coin, and heard Ita clear chink, I Really! how true It Is, "Money Is King." And four dollars, just now, la a very "big thing." I Now what's to be done ? thought I; here's a esse? I Unci* Sam doesn't trust; so I can't run my face;" I I'll "play sweet" on the clerk, mused I to myself, 1 And get bin to lay my bill on the shelf So I steps to the window ?puts on a sweet smile; I Oh, hetivt-us .' his face is drawn down full a mile. I "Come out, my good friend, and we'll take a I small sup," ''Four dollars four dollars! or your boi will go I up!" 6 I Zounds! thought I, a drink he refuses, Now I'm bound to mike out just what his ex- I cuse is " (iood friend," said I, with my face ail agrin, " Do I understand you to say that you uo back on I your gin ? " You're a liar!" roared the clerk, "on tkat point I I'm sound, Just you wait a few moments and I will come I round " So shutting his window and locking the same, I be^an to bethink me how to play out my game. I We met not officially, but met as two friends, Me tne lnvlter, with "nary stipends;" But my credit wsi good at Mendum's you see, For'twas there that 1 lived on thoae lunchaa so I free So we bent our steps thither, and over that drink I made It all right?at least so I think; For my friend from the post office kindly con-1 sented To hold on to my box?so It cannot be rented. 1 advise all my friends who are fixed In the same I way To do aa 1 havedone, and they'll come out "O K " I later?october 2. What"changeacomeo'er tbesplritof my druam!" I I've lost my box!?yes, so It really seems. Fer when I called to-day my friend to see. He tells ins?"Round the corner?'1 to Z " 1 Indignantly 1 looked at him, and scanned his I visage o'er? "I thought vou'd hold on to my box?you told I me so oefore." "And so 1 will," the clerk replied, "and won't I let go my hold, "Till you come down four dollars more, and own I that you are sold!" moral. All ye that have a P. O. box, with due bill stuck I therein, Don't think that you can "soap" the clerk with I Mend urn's "Old Tom Gin " ? ^ A military portable tele6raph has been I tried successfully in France. It consists of a I carriage constructed for the purpose, in which I several cylinders or enormous bobbins are I fixed, round whioh is rolled a quantity of iron I wire of the thickness of a Btrong cord. This I wire is passed by machinery into the box of I one of the wheels, and aceording as the oar- I riage moves the wheel turns and unrols the I wire. A platoon of cavalry soldiers follows I Two men alight at every fifty paces to raise the I wire on a slight stick. Four others do the I same while the first are moving forward, and I raise the wire with a forked pole, whioh they I fix in the ground, and which is fastened with I cords strengthened with iron plates. That I being done, they relieve the other workmen, I and they do so in turn. The horses in the oar-1 riage go forward at a gallop, and the telegraph I is fixed with extraordinary rapidity. The ap- I paratus is worked in the carriage,which serves I as an office. When it is intended to return, I the aotion of the eytinders is reversed, and (be I carriage is turned round, preceded by the I men,who take down the poles, replace themin I a light wagon, and wind up the bobbins. In compliance with the order of the Sen- I ate, the portraits of ex-Governors Isaac Toucey I and Thomaa H Seymour, have been removed! from the gilt frames In which they were hereto- I fore anspended; and a suggestive void now puts I the spectator upon inquiry The Comptroller Is I instructed to return the portraits to the places! they formerly occupied wbeoever be Is satisfied of the loyalty of the ex-Governors ? Hartford I Oisrssl. f?J~ In the first session of the Superior Court, Boston, on Tuesday morning, the Jury in the case of Count Joannes agt / K Pangborn et al , returned a verdict for the defendants as to Francis U Whlston. and for the plaintiff against Z K Pangborn, A H. Pangborn, W. H Ladd, and Wo. Schooler, comprising the Bee Printing Company, aaaesalng the damages at 890 The libel rirnslslri in styling Joaaoos a soi-ditant Ct uat try Etekiel Woodman, of Chelsea, Maes . ''rot off" tho fallowing prise conundrum at limten tast week r "Q ?Why la a water-lily like a whale' A ? Bocanee It coatee to the surface to Mow"?which so tickled "a committee" tkat Kaekiel received a hundred dollar gold waleh aa ; a reward ot msrit. irr Punch thlnka they had better have stock 1 to the aaiue of "Leviathan" for the Great eastern for It seems that the shareholders are deeaned to blubber. ' # pENSION OFF1CK, Jom ?tii, 1S81. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. mh J?avl^g been mad? under tee aot of ^ ttle reissue of the Lani Warrants described herein, whioh are alleged t?? have kf?EJX,?r n*trOT*d'not,',#ia Riven-that at the date following the desoription oOaoh <Var ISHV %Certiioate, of hk? tenor, will be is<* im r ?ijj??tl0n *ha" thsa ?PP?*r for ?e? Mree, issued under the act oi Rr^fknriH' '5 ^j1* ?* ['? widow of David EguS!,5th?" ? NtT.'mb.itV ?'* "" ^ ?* v.^-P-V93for 16? acres, issued under the act of nnV.!h<i f n?!ne.?f ?"y 8. A:exacder, mi?~j 4 pf John C Alexander, deoeaaed, and franted Jul* 2, I860.?November 16, 18*' mVlmV tSi ?r .u? acre,? ???"fd under the act of Maroh. \M6 in the name of Benjamin Reily, and |r5D?,1?Dtrh,^th daj of June, 1353 """''"a MVuroh *CTt"' 1?,"ed under the a?t of ,1r^fc o.kP-.nain^2, Reuben Woodruff, and ?^?n {h? ?'j> day of May. 1855. MArn'h^otc ?r ?i?? ?or*?, issued under the act of Ml J856> in the name of Samuel H Water house tl,e231 da' ?? Mi . IMS ' ?*?.'?? i.aores? i?ued under the aot of alint^ o?^{,?n?>,ithf "aVne 0f Sh,11? fe. 1861 7 of Autu,t' 1M6-?November M'arflh'iR^'.^rk160 Mr#,v!,,ued under the act of on th? the name of James Pray, and granted No al ?i fT, i<^aroh*1861 ?November 23,1861. MirA iS'- .i acre*, issued under the act of V IS,^ i^k n S na,nJ of vVilliam M . JulioaC, a., ape John D. 8., minor ohndren of lrwin Bar^ ' V^ iKI ?? -?? SaaS SygjgsBg.afe'gje^ &3?Ss[ 5cbs? s a d" ?< aa??^a*i2?' ff?J ?' acra*i iasued under the act of March, 185a, in fie name of Alexander Mo uUoueh vSm^r^lw" U,68th dai ?f aor??. uad under the act of I *1,5 ,n lb? ?**? cf Alexander MoCiuain, vemf.e? i 1861 ay of Ootol>?r> M?.-No,7??i/or iM'jed under the act of I ?. I ? natoe of Daniel West, and I 1881 ?n y ? r'1356-DeoamLer 7, 11? aorM- '?*uv^ under the aot cf i-m2if\v ' of Hannah, widow of ,,?r^ i\Y*n*&n 5r*nt*d the2*>th day of Febi2 c ?December 30,1861 r? &3rei, i8?u*d under the aot of ri ? aii^'ln ie na,n? Martha, widow of An- I l&r-&mbSr1'*lM.ted ?" lh9 15th day ?fAp "' Marn'h3^ ?k icre"? '' "U<*d under the act of March, 1855, in the name of Samuel R Jack way I ^ <?a V2? 1,1 dly ?' Auisu't. 185*. M.^'k {Lh r A60 ?orea, Uaued undo the act of. *r,y ? ln name of William H Tariance, be?2M86^ ?n th? 13U day of Jul5r' ,8SV-l>eoem of2.r 80 a?rM? i?sued under the aot of September, ay) in the namo <.f L,evi Treadwell. I v *^,^2drScp *mbor 29'h. 1851. I i n ??? ii * r under the aame dot, "thH?MIQ,sn k ailJ granted November I *?th. 13>1?December 28 1861. M*r? J2!Su forJb" *crea laaued under the act of 85',,l10 the name (,f Thomaa Johnnon and I u?7UW? ' of 8ePtember, '867,-JanM-ii' aor8*- iaaued nnder the aot of I ln the name of Folly, widow of John I fejSLuaV,Tr^?n the aaT of September, _ i?i__ JOSEPH ii. BARRETT, J Conimiasioner. lyWlOW OYgTBl IIIFOT^Tha udanigaad .k1' announce to their,^. fri^nda and the pub io that they have#^ /-J aiw&Tt on harifl a 4reNli auppiy of I 5 ^f,t?ri the market oan aupjly, ^xSe^r I a^d served in every atyle. I r amiiiea and Sutlera supplied, I /-^SOMETHING NEW! I as' V street, opposite I Tkta'er. I in ik> av. II oysters stkamed In the S^ell and l horouithly Cooked (far auperior I to a roa>t) in two minutes, the fastest I Tl. .ttm* ** **cord. Call and see. in fh? ?r? ? ??D j'^'P^'fu'ly mforma hiafrienda I in the Diatriot, and viaitora tatheoitr that he hai I lnfiaU?^^OLD^ WkLL-ktfOWN kSTiiuaHM^; . i ,horou?h manner, and ha? n.ade com- I OYSTER a in ?n. I atyle and in any quantity. 400to50f)ga lona shucked of Spload a"d Kre?h fn thJhermetioaliy staled Furniahed I m the shell by the kuahe or barrel. I larlv'^n.^'h1".?? to Oysters furniahed reju- I wiilnlt f f i i wintfr' *t Baltimore prices, I without lear of lailure, should oa)l and make ar- I at pnceVj'ust aa iow.<, t ^aitJU,WI? Mtabh.hmeuU. ? _ ? TO SUTLERS. Canned Meata, Lobstera, Sardines. Clama I *nra*nerr*'lrrw:0,,,\!Jl"' >'et, Tripe, 40 i Peaohes A n".' }4aj0M. Brandy I teaones, *q. Alao, Game and Fresh Fiah. Tur-I In,^?t^^2Ji,n,\kr?*h^,'ob?t8^, Cod? Halibut, Ao. I v?ry Lh,ni for aJe ln the riorthrrn m?ru . ihand, at reasonable prioea Hotela and families supplied with Oysters, delivered withoutotiarice uany part of the Diatriot I in aeaaon. if the mon?y is aeiit with the order. My estab iahmeat ia o?en from 5 a m. to 12 at I fo o^oio^Va7 'm.'' *X08pt ?unday, when 1 oloae at I -**" T. M. HARVEY. M. I. FKANKLli^ SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICrAN ?44 Pean'a av.,< not th aide.) bet. 12th and I3?h stal Improved SPECTACLES with genuine Pebble ojo anht. GlaM?B' oorrectly for every FIRST fcirfB jj CLASS MILITARY PIELD-ULASSES, and Mathematioal In e a? ' at the loWMt Eastern pr.oca. LEA?cPERKIN?* CKLRBRATKD | Worcetttemblre Sauce. Pronounoed by fi EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS fl of a Letter from a I to be the B I Medical dentleman I "ONLY GOOD V at Madras ba?OE, and applioable to May.l&5l I .???*; " Tell Lta f Per- I EVERY n:-"**yr;.t rl"* that their Sattt? I 1,1 M5S23! i? htrhW esteemed ViBii'Tv in India, and ia, m I VAKif.r> ,ny opinion, the moat | BP -' . qpa.aUb'e. aa wen aa | OF DISH. |firw?tht? most wholesome I that ia mads." I The above >*AUCE ia n<?t only the BtsTand most I ?"T "nown, but the most Hconun- I f,f,r JJ5 a |5Wr p* IP Sou*> (travv. or with Fitk. I ?n . Joints, Beef Steak, tiame, fe, impart I Sfl^f,?rUer."hfc!!V' wb'^ Sauce man uncturers have in vain endeavore<l to imitate iwktm m ^T*^t *tf Lunckeon, Dinner, or Supper I VrTir ,iI^i^ .? l ? *'?***?. of a respectable gro I ' ?ny Hotel and Res aurant pro pnetora asidom piaoe the Pure Sauoe oefore their I a n.!5?niitut? * g?nuine Bottle filled I For sale by tirj^rs aDd FrniUrars arery where. ? . -JOHN DUNCAN St SO -S, I HnU \!vZJi*m/Ye ?md U'i strfft' Nev York. I A s2l^k *i? Acenu for the United States. i? j" in store?Also order* received I for dirwtsh'pments from Ei>fl??d ' KsMry* ?c~?fr/*ilsand Imitations p*lREMKN'B INSURANCE COMPANY J WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, >800,000. Qfi~~n*,0 stritamd Louisi*. of Wmthmttom. INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. r"*Y MLr Am. 6 Davis ADAMS. Presideat am UATII, Burwiiry, I BBtpMKBVSSreSftB BOH. JOHNSTON, ilTIMOftE LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat 4/ttt?tfd tk? most Ctrtaim. Spttdf mad on If Effectual Rtmtdf in tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPL.Y IMMEDIATELY. A CVRK WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakneea of {is Cick, Stridor*,, Afeeuooeof the Bid d

Bladder .;r.roi?n;ar? t)lechargee, ImpotenCT, General Debility, Ner.?n?ieneea, Jyepepey, Uonor, Coafaeioo of Ideae, Low Spir.u. fs-pitaaou of the K?? rt, Timidity, Trerablinge, Dimneee o'. Bigntor Giddiriaaa, Diaaaaa of Uil Bead, Throat, No*e or Skin, ASVctiona of the Luigi, Slumacn or Bcweli?theee Terrible Dieordere arteing from Solitary Habit* of Youth?thaea Dreadful and Deetractive Practicee which render Marmge impooeible, and deeiroy both Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN eptcielly who haee become the viettrae of Bolitaty Tie*, that dreedfwl and deitractiTe habit which aunsally eweepe to an outimely grate thooeanda of Toarf Men of the moat ' a^altad taleote and brilliant intellect, who might otherwiee hate entranced Ueteanf Senatee with the thunder* of e!o. aueoce or waked to *c*tacy the lieing lyre, may call wilh fall conldenc*. MARRIAGE. MaRRiID PKasoni, or Yoang Men contemplating Marriage, being aware of phyeical weakneea, organic debility, derormiuee, Ac., epeedil* cored. He who placae himeelf under the car* of Dr. J. may religi aely confide in hi* honor a* a gentleman and conf deatly re ly apon hi* iktll aa a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left bend aid* going from Baltimor* *tr**t, a few door* from the corner. Fail not to obeerve nam* and niraber. L*U* ** matt b* paid and contain a *tamp. DR JOHNSTON, Mtmbtrof th* Royal Colleje of Sargeone, London, frmdene from one of th* inoet *min*nt Colieree in th* United Btatee, and th* rieater part of who*e life hae been epent in the noepiule of London, Parie, Philadelpbiflknd eleewher*, hae effected eorae of th* moat aatomsh^p corei that were ever known; many troubled with ringing in the head and oar* whan aeleep; great ntreoou.eee, Xeing alarmed at eadden eoande, baehfalneee with frequent blaebing, attended eometime* with deran(*m*nt of mind, were cured trntu*diat*lj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and othere who her* injured theroeeleee by a certain practice indulged in when alone?a habit freqoenuy learned fro? evil companione, or at ichool, th* oflecte of whicn ar* nightly f*lt e?en when aeleep, and if not cured, render* marriage impoeei&le. and deetrote b<nb mind and bode, ahould apply immediatefrTheee are eome of the ead and melancholy effecte crcdaced by early habit* of routh, *ii: Weaknee* of the Back and Limb*, Paine in the Head, Dimneee of 8ight, Loee of Maeca>ar Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyepepey, Neraoae irritability, Derangement of tb* DigeetiT* Functiou*, General Debility, B/mptome of Coneumption, Ac. MIttTlLLT.?The fearful effect* on the mind ar* mach to b* dr*ad*d?Loee of Memory, Confceiuu of Ideae, Depreeetoo of Spirite, EtiI Forebodinge, Atereloo of Society, Self-Dtetru*t. Lor* of Solitude, Timidity, etc., are torn* of th* *filt producad. NIRTOU1 DlllLiTr.-Thoauol^cD now )adg* what i* the cauee of tbeir declining b?alth, loaing ?heir rigor, becoming weak, pale, oerToue and tmaciatad, having a atngalai apptaranc* about th* *y**, cough or *ymptom* of coo*ampUN. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When thl mieguided a- d imprudent ?ot*ry of pleaiar* (nde he h?e imbibed the eeede of this paibfel dileae*, it too often heppene that an ill-timed of ebeme or dread of diacoetry detere him from applying to tt ose who, from education and raepectability, can alone befriend him. He falle into the bande of ignorant and designing pretander*, who, iccapabl* f caring, 8kh hi* pecuniary *ub*tanca, keep him triAing month after month, or aa long a* th* tmall**l fee can b* obtained, and in deepair lea?? him with rain*d health to *igh o?*r hie galling di*app?intm*nt; or by th* ue* of that deadly poie'm?Mercury?haetan th* com* itatiooal (emrtom* of tbie ttrribl* d :*** *, etch ae A ffecuone of th* Heart, Thinot, Hud, km, Ac., prograeting with frighdfct rarHttt, till death pai* a Seriod to hie dreadful eufferinge by **ndiQg b'.rat a ihat uui*coT*r*d coantry from who,, boarne no traveler r*tanil. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thi* great and important r*ra*dy w*>ki.***af the argene are epeedlly cured ana fall Tiger reetored. Tboaeand* af th* o*t nerroae and debihtaud, wha had laat all hap*, her* been immediately relieTedr All iinpeduntnt* to Marriag*, Phyeical ar Mental Dieqaalllcatioiie, Loee of ProcreattTe Powtr, NerToae Irritability, Trembling and Weakoeee or ?xhaaeuou of th* moot fearfal kind *p**dily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. Tw? Mai?t Tmocmkdi car*4 at thie inatituuon within th* lad eerenteen yeare, and th* nam?rou* important Sargiaal eperatione performed by Dr. Johnetoo, wiuieeeed by Uie ?cp**t*r* ot the papere and many other rereone, noucee of which ha?e appeared again and again before the public, beeldei hie etanduig ae a gentleman af character and reeponeiHilly. 1* a eeBcient gaerantee to the aBicted. mar 18-ly NOTlClt. ISflB iSBHE ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY" This Company offers to the pub'io" Unequalled Advantages ' for the Btfeanl Quick Dmpntch of Heawy Freights Paokaaes, Valuables, Money, Ac. Ac., to all parts of ihe United States. Expresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive in Washington twice dally. All Expresses are ia oharge of uperitnced and reltnbU Messengers. All Packages for Tlie Soldiers earned at "onb half our usual rates. All Oooda for the so-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Articles ' Contra!>and of War" will be kkvit8bd. Ou' Expresses ,lwve New York at 1. S, and 6 P. PM ln w,uhla*ton 8 A. M. and 6J0 U*re Philadelphia at 8? A. M. and U P. M? arriving in W ashmgton at 6 SO P. M, and n A* ifla Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M.^arnving in Washington at 6 A. M. and Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M and 2J0 P M. daily. Special Contracts for large <uantiti?s of Freight ??n be made on application to this ??ffioe. All Qoods walled for and delivered fr$? of Extra charges. E. W, PARSONS, ... . . . Sop t Adams'Eip-ess Company. Washington. August sei. 1861. au 83-tf Yo.T W 1. WOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely tat yonr monoy's worth by oaiiinr at tne PIONEER Ml LLS, inuAwin tor V.o/, ''?" '* ffrut a?W Canal, (6EO. PA?E, Agent.) They se;l cheaper and rive better measar# 1,5? others in the oity?out, split, aad delivered free of oharge. If you don t f eiiere r i re the Pioneer Mills a tna., acd be satisfied. J-IT.T jftOOT8 AMD SH^O^ *0 CHIT IU ..7unrfiE.aW w?*^otjiriag'all kinds of BOOTS Bad SHOES, anil ooistantly receiving aa** s?PP 7 of eastern made vork of every de BBI nULde to and wilirWj be sold at a inucu lower pnoe than has been* Hk keretofcre ohargtd in uua oity for mioh mferiir tr liO.ra. Persons in want ot BooU and Shoe* of eastern sr sity made work, will always And a cood assortmeB Id store and at tks owest prioes. 4ive os a call. R1FF1N A URO., ** * ' Tt< ^TnaTlyania temie Armv supplies. " ~~ JUST RECEIVED? 480 cans SAUSAGh MEAT, 240 cans FKKSH TOMATOES, 48-;oans FRESH VEAL, a60 oans KKfc-F, a la mtdt, H4<)cans ROAST BEEF, S60oan* FRESH MUTTON, U40 oans B KEF and GRAVY, 24<t cans SOUP and BOUILLI, FRENCH DESSICATED VE8K lAoJitSe For sale at .Sew York Faotory prices. ? KINGA Bl'RCHELL, B* * Corner 1 and Fifteenth streets. HNKW I STORY of the United Netherlands, by John Motley ; 2 vols.; free b? mail. $4. 1 M Dutch Rep ubiis. a history, by ^ohn Lothrop Motley; S vo.s :oiotn; free by inBil, tlV? Wsjavsr of Ravelol, by the ant^or of "Adam Bede cloth mcenU ; paper *< Sa^/4nSitU0a*r ofM^or Andr#' tT w,ntrop .^1 15?b?rK? y'th a Paintfr, a Summer Voysce Nob e ^tfjo Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L Tne Manufacture of Photogenio or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas AnUsell, M. D.; #1.76. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A KICHSTE1N, 85 a7* Penna. avenue. W... u BOYS'CLOTHING. v v h, Have reoeived within the last day or two a .ar?e assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHembracing all styles of low-priced, medium, and fine qualities, wLioh ws are sailing a t very low prioes for oash. ' ? WALL, STEPHEN8 A CO., 389 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. in 17 < lntelltceno?r and RepnMican.> r1*IB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS COUNTER PANES, all sixes ant quai ties. Bed Comforts, Sbeetincs, Pillow Linen < and f)ovh2?' f?w?iVNt'klna' Table Clo'hs, Tio kings, 2yi^, *?r A" *tonr proverbially low pnoes. marked in plain figures. ?7*w oomers, strangers, sojourners aad citizens will lnapeot oar stock at pleasure. ? PEREY4BEO, so Peon, avenue and SHfa at., /f\AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /?K 6 f Bath Hotel, 0V liberal sdv^cr.^adtTu Gotland Tilv watehes, Diamoa-.e, Jsws 'y. Silver war',Clothing. Pistols, and all kinos u^keiohandise. business stnotly eonfidential. , . ISAAC HKAZBF.RG, SSI C strMt, M 1>? Between 4H aad th sU. P48H POPL^S AND NEW REPK-Macy styllsh things opened to day. With all kind* of w^ifssairjr1 *" " """ One snoe only the aetaai oash standard valae, marked m plain ftcnrML I HEADQUARTERS OP THE U.S. MARINE II CORPS, Qn*iTiiM??Tn'i Officu. I Washinsto*, September ?, 1861.\ Sealid Peofosals, f r < aoh class separate, y, will b? received at this office until 12 o'olook n? of I W 'dneadav, >*h of November next, for furnishing I to the (jetted States Marine Corp*, during the year I la62, the following supplies, to be delivered at the I om-^e of the As istant Quaitermaat*r of thceorps, I | hi'arteiphiv Pennsylvania, free of eap?nee to the I Ucit-d s?ates in suoh quantities as maj fromtme I to time be ordered, vis : Clapa No 1. 14 00" Tarda of Sky Blue Keraey, all wool, fVee I from hair, 54 inohea wide, to weif h 22 on noes to the yard, (indigo wool-dyed J 6,000 yards Da>k B ue Kersey ill wo^ from hair, '4 inohea wide, to weigh 22ounoes to the yard, I (iudigo wool dyed.' fl.noo rarda Dark 3Uie Twi'led < loth, all wool, for I unifo-m onats, (indigo wool-dyed,) 54 inohea wide, I to weigh 22 omo'i per ?ard. ... 150 yarda of Soarlet Cloth, all wool, (ooehineal I dyed,)64 inohea wide, to weigh UoaLoea per yard. CLAaa No 9. 8 on# yarda of 6 4 Dare Blue Flanne', for overI aack?,a'l wool, (mdigo wool dyed,>54 in heawide, I to weigh IS ounoes per yard. 16 000 yarda of 3 4 Dark B'ce Flannel for ahirta, I all wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 inohea wide, to I weigh 6)4 <>unoei p*r yard , . _ 1,200 Grav Bankets. all wool, to weigh four I pound* each, with letter* -'U S. M " in black, four I inohea long, in the oenter; to be 7 feet long and 5 I fret wide, and fr- e from grease. 6,000 pair a of Woolen Socke, three sizes. prop I eriT ma-ie of good fleeoe wool, with double and I twisted yarn, to wei h three pounds per dozen paira, free from greaae. Class No. 3. 6.000 yards White I ineo for Pant*, 60 inchea | wide, to weigh 13 ounoea per yard. yard? White i it.en lor Shirta, SO inohea1 I wide to we'gh 11 ounoes ?er yard. I 16 noo ya-ds canton Flannel for Drawera, 27 I inohea wide, to weigh 7 ounces per yard. Class No. 4. Uniform Capa oomplete (except Pompona.) 1.5"0 Pompona, red worated, hall-shaped. 4 inchea I in circumference. , . 3,000 t-atigue Caps,(wi'b covers,) to bs made of I blue cloth, i? digo wool-dyed. 2,000 Stocks. Cla*s No 5. 600 g'osa roat Buttons, (Eagle.) 4"0 gross Jacke' Muttons. (Eagle.) 100 gross Veat Brttoaa. ( Eag e.) 1 ,.'flo pairs Yeliow Metal Creacents ara Scale I Straps. . _ 250 sets Epaulette Bullion for Sergea tsand CorI por& s I 2 **> eet* Epaule'te Bullion for Pnvatea. I f0 Red Worsted Sai he*. 2.snn rarda of Yellow Binding. 2,500 yarda of Red Cord. 1 HO Sworda for *ergeanta 50Sworda far Mus ciars. 5ft Drums (tenor,)oomplete. 50 D um Slings. '.00 Batter D'tim Heafs. 50 Snare Drum Heads. loo Drum Cords. I 100 set' of Drum Snares. loo Boxwood *'B" Fifea. Class No 6 10,(100 paira Army Boota. (infantry pattern. CLas? NO. T. I 1,200 Cartridge Box** j l^oo Bayonet Soal>baida. l,2oo Perou'sion Cap Po-iobes 1,200 Cartridee B?x Beits. 1.200 Bayonet Belta. l,2i<0 Waist Belts. 1 ,200 W aiet Plate a. 1,200 Breast Platoa. I *50 Sword Frogs. Class No. 9. 1,2ro KnapbAok#. 601; H&verracka. 6<i0 canteens. 600 Muskst Slings. Ci.aos No. 9. For making and trimming the following artioles, I Witoh Coats Serfr--ants'.Corpora's'-Musicians'. I and 1'rivatea' Uniform and Faticue Coat*; WoolI >n and Linen Pa'.ts; Flannel and Linen ?liirta; I l)'a?ers; Flanne. baokt;and Rrd acd Blue JaokI eta for Boya. The above mentioned artie'ea must oonform ia I all T'*r*ets, to the Sealed standard pa'teras in the I ofTne of the Quartermaster Marine i orpa- Marine I Ba racks. W ashiugton, D. C.; Asa stant Quarter I master, office Marine Corps, 1,220 Spiuoe street, I Phi'adelptna; and at the Manns Stations. BrookI i J*n, New York; and Bustor .Massachusetts; whete I t; ey can he es&ro^ed. And whenever me artieles nameJ above, er any I portion of them, ahail be considered aa not fnllv I t onforming to sairplea, they will be rejected and I thecor.tra tor ?ih be bound to furnish others of I the required kind at onoe or the Quartermaster I wi I supply the deficiency at the expense of the oonI tract t. Payment wi:l be made upon theaocepted delivery I o'the whole euat.t tv, which may from time to I tim? be ordered, withholding ten per cent from the I p?jinset of aoconnt rendered ur.der first order, I umil second order is filled, and ten per cent iroir I account rendered under aecond order until third I or'ier la filed,and ao on,until oontraot la oomI pleted. Kaot proposal must be aooompanied by the folI lowing guarantee: Form of The undersigned,? , of . in the I Stare of . and , in the State of . I hrreby guarantee that in case tue foregoing bid I of lor aupplies. as above described, be I aocepted. he or they will, w;th:n ten days after I the receiptor the contract at the Poet office named, I execute the contract lor the same with good and I sutfioi Dt securities; and in Case the said I shall fail to enter into contrao* aa aforeeaid, we I guarantee to make good the difTerenoe between I the offer of the said and that which may I be accepted. A B, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. E F, Witness. , 1861 I hereby oertify that the above named I are known to me aamen of property, and able to I mate good their guarantee. 6. HTo be signed by the United States Distriot I Judge, United States District Attorney or ColleoI tort No proposal will be oocsidered unless acoomI panieu by the aboveguarautee. Newspapers authorized to publish the above I will send the paper coi.taining the first insertion to I this office for examination. I l'ne bidder's piao? of busi iess, or manufaotur I ing establishment, must be spsoifioally jtated in I the proposal. The a^< ve list of artioles is believed to h*abont I the quantity of each a'tiolethat will be required I duiing the year; hut the Quartermaster reserves I the right of ordering a greater or less quantity, I khould the interests of the aervioe require it Prcposals to be endorsed cn the envelose, "Pro I posals for Supplies for Marine Corps for 18K2." and I addressed to Major W M B. SLACK, 1 Quartermaster M.C., Washington, D. C. i law4w I |1R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE UMd for the I ipst half oentury in ths Hospitals of I London and faris for the onre of I Distant*, may now be had at UPHAM'S.fl^SK^. I No. 310 Chesnut street, sole agent for I the United States It contains no merI cury or other minerals, and will not barm the I most delictte constitution A ipsedv cwr* gnarI Mteed and no change of diet required. Pare f l I ^cnt by express ?*oid in Washington by 8. CAI^I VERT FORD, oorner 11th atreetand PennsylvaI nia avenue sep 6-eolr I ITPHAM'S HAIR DYE '.-TO COLOR BLACK I U OK BROW v / .'?Only 3S cents a box. Three I boxei for one dol ar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan I be changed in a tew seconds to a j-t black or I brown, by using Upham's Liquid Hair Dye, the best I and cheapest in the world, produoiug, the moment I it is apphed. a rich natural appearanoe. fcaoh Box I of UPlf AM'S HAIR DYE .s wrranted to oontain I as much hair dye as others eell for on* dollar 1 I I *o:d by S C. UPHAM, 310-Miesnnt street, 'h laI delphia, and S. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th I street and Pa. ave. sep ft-eoly I \R UUPONT'S ML'GAR-COATED FKI U MALE REGULATING PILLS are I the very best ii? use They operate speedi ylKr I ana eifeotually, and being 'egar-coate ? / I orea s no nausea upon the most de ioaU^ " | s'o ! aoh A tn>l of Uese Pills will prove tteir I superiority over all others. Prios Chi* Dollar a I box. Sold only at UPHAM>8, 310 Cbesnit I street. Sent by mail to ail part* of the ooantry m I a sealed envelope. Sold in Washington bv 6. I CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th street a?4 Pa. I *" eep ? eoly I NOTICE. I k^TYLl^H Autumrand Winter Wrappin(s for I ladies, of qualities better than usually found la this I market, in Wooleua and Silks Maay novelties in | Shawla With ali kinds of Dry GootMor the genI eral and speoial wants of teauiies and boiseksepI One prioe only, the actua' oaah standard valas, I marked in plain fignres Oar No -thern and Eastern eerresp wadsets send I as new sapslies daily. Carpeta. Curtains, Oilcloths, Rags, Ao., upper floors. ;?rr0"01 "AMW " I eot-t Pa. aveaas and Niwtti st. I ?SHda^V1'8 AN? cLOAK8,~N*w loU SS I Ocs price oaly, marked ia plain figures i tbsrs I fore, no purobaaer is deoeiveC _ . lies Pillow Linens. Sheetit gs. Ae. A fine stoek at mooeraie nrioee. _ One priee only. marked in plain icarra; Has* co purchaser ia deeeived. JJAMBOSO CSEE1SF' ?~o3sasasav: THE WEEKLY STAR. aeattfaiat t (i?tw wMt af mrntm^rnU taf tku ou be bu4 la U7 Hfcai to pabUatod I Friday moralaf Slacle oopy, per auw. nhhR ft P1?* ? n niplii. KM HlinrUklyMaWMtkt "WafelacMa fiawx" Ua t baa mad* TV. Dmitf fun nj 8Mr ilnataW ao generally tbrougboat tb* oeaatry eoplea (la wrapper*) eu bo pr^ oared at tbe counter Immediately aBar tbe ln? of tbe paper. Price?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPAEATION. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buohu, A PctutTt ?U SptctAt Irawtff For Diaeaae* of the BLADDER, SIDNEYS. GRAVEL, aad DROPSICAL SWELLING* Thrs Mcdioine lncr*a**s Ua sower of Pi. **line and HOitH the absobbbxt* into h*a)ui j aeboa. by which the w?ti*t ok clciioci aepoeiiioM, and e<j cnh4Tt'r*l bshbokm axis are redaeM, as PAIH A?l> INPLAMMATIO*, Md U |vW MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaknaeaee Autndtd with tkt Foiling Symptom* Indisposition to Exertion, Loaa of Power, wsfttssr- jyssM> rror of Dmaaaa, WakefaiaeS* Err.v'iii'r.'j..,?. ??as asSf*-' Dryne** of the Skin. /sssass'"^ FAI LID CorHTBH A BCB. These lympu mi. U a loved to go ?i, whleh Uu medicine invariably removee. eoon follows 1MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of tektck tke Patient may E<rr*n Who can cay t*?a? thry are not re* neatly fol lowed by thoae "wimi eisxasb*." M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are near* of tbe ?*** of their suffering, but ?om will roanaa THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melonckoly Dtaikt by OMnaviwa, BBAB AM TLB WITNESS TO TBI TXPTB Of TBS ASSBBTIOH. THE WrlTffiSlWcSPf&ABt0 Require* the aid of mediome to strengthen lad Invigorate tk* System. which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU tnvarimkl* dm*. a tbial will cojtvtjjcb thi most aKBrricaL. FEMA LES- FEMA LE8- FEMA LBS, "LD AMNP-0,1 In Many Afftctiont Ftcnluxr to Ft wait t the Extract Bucha 1a nneaaaUed by any otbsr remedy, a* in Chloroeia or Retention, Imgaianty, Paiufaine**, or Sappreae.oa of Caatomarr EvaccatiOLa. U'oeratM or Schirroae state of tbe Ute rus. Lenoor'hea or Whitea. Sterility, aad ror all oomplairita incident to tbe eex. whether arising from Indtaoreuon, Habita of Diaaipatioa, or ta the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE' SBB SYMPTOM ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tak> no more Baltatn, Mercwrj, ar Unpltatmnl Medicine fur Unpltatant and Dangtrou* Dtiemt*1. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU oraaa SECRET DISEASES In all their Stages; At little Rxpeaee, Little or no onange in Diet; No iaeoaTeaieaoe; it oauaea a fre*u at clesiriTVtd give* strength to Urinate, thereby Rem ring Obstructions. Preventing and Curing Strictures of Ute Urethra. Allaying rai? a .d lnflamm%Qo?, aa fre^ u#Lt in the olui of dintkii, Fouonoui, Dx.ita.scd. and warn ami Matttr. THOCSARDS CrOI TIOCSAIDS IWHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF Q VACES, and who fcare paid ktary/?* to be eared 1a a abort time, nare f >und tn?y were deoeirad. and that thi poison" has, by the use of ainiataili" been dried up in the ayatem, to break oat ia aa ac? gravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ua? IIKLMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUOEU all affestions aa i <i< teaa >s ol ta* URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in a MALE OR FKSALI, from whatever oaaae originating aad aa matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Disease* of theae Organ* require tbe aid at a Di* TKBTIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it 1* oei tain to hare the deaired efleot ta Diseases for rckick u u rttomm.$ndsd. BVIDKMCB or TBB HOST BB8POVIUU AMP KSUAB1.B fHABACTBB will aooompany the medicine*. CERTIFICATES OF CURBS. ^ From 8 to 90 yi arr ?mad tag. ?Itli Nam** know ?o SCIENCE AND FAME. MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB BABB BO ?BCBBT" Of "INB1NVTI." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU i* oompoeed of Kucha, Ca*eba and Jaalaar Bernaa, elected with great oar* by a oompetaat draggiai. PREPARED IN TACOO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Practical and AnalyUoaJ Chemiat. aad Bate Maa liltotarBr of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Pereonaily appeared oelbre in*, an AMarmBaaf th* cityof Philadelphia, H. T. Hn*BOL?,wbo being daly iwo n. dota say. hi* pif Biattaaa aaatain no narooto, no meroary, or otaar iaJanaaa "" HBI.MBpLD. A id *r man. Nlath aL. a^oee Raaa, Pafla. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO* P. M. Price SI par battle, ar aix fter B*. Delivered ta aay addraaa. aaaaraly paekad tnm ; obeetvatioa. % H. T. HELMBOLD. mHI!'"' Depot. 1M Soatb Teatb bL, below Cheetaat, Fbita. ?,: . -- v #i#aafifhtaM BEWARE OF COUNTRRFRITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to diapoee -of tbalr eanT aad 'otaar" ardalee oe ta* riyabBaa anaiaed ay HalwUaWi Oimmimi Pr^mrmHmu, m ?< Ez tragi Jaaia, ^ u it * BeraaparWa, m *1 Ja^praaed Baaa VW. Sold by 8. B. Warn. Z. ft Btutaa, iaaa WiLB*. tk a Fau. tt. B. EBTWiar&A, B. C. Majox. Kuwau. A Ufmta J. R. Majaa. AND ALL DRU&VISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOE HELMBOLD'S. TAU HO OTMUL Cm AND AYOID IMPOSITION aad f XPOSBBS Dmeriid Sfmpfmt m fammitmitlSimi BKM 1

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