Newspaper of Evening Star, October 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 21, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Though Thr Stbb la printed on ths fasted tram prw* In ?" oonth of Baltimore. Its edition * to large aa to require It to be pat to press at an esrly boor: A ir?rt'S*mentt, therefor*, should be eent 1b before 1* o'clock v.; otherwise they may nay not appear until tbe next day. Abbbstrs and DtamssRD ?Yesterdsy a war. rant was Issued, though not dated, by Justice Harnaclo, on tbe oath of H Rutter. who charged *)wtn wm Fuller, Adam Redebaugh, Nelson Wernst and E McQnsde with obtaining *eventy-nlne bead of cattle from him by falae pretenses, and felonlonsly defrauding him. The warrant was directed to Patrolman Hannan and County OUlcer vVatson, who promptly arrested the three flrat-named of the sensed party at the depot. aa the cara were about to start, yesterday afternoon, aod carried them before Justice Ur>nn. It appeared that the parties accuied are droveri dealing In tbe Philadelphlacattle market, and the prosecutor had purchased of them the fcattle upon what they called oash payments?that la, checks payable at a banking house or broker's In Philadelphia. on a certain day- the catUe to be used In Philadelphia The ptlrcbaaer put the cattle on the cars snd brought them to tbe District 'the drorers followed the cattle, and employed foetectlvea Allen and Btishcr to recotet them. They went with a warrant to Georgetown. and met Rutter coming from the drove yard, and arrested blm. Rutter voluntarily agreed to give up the cattle, to be sold by the drovers, or either of tbem; and If the sale produced anything above tbe amount Rutter waa to give, tbe proflta should go to tlm, If for less, the drovers to austaln the loss. The cattle were sold and did not realise the nmount, and Mr. Wernat, who waa selected by tbe drovers, received the money The droyera had not received their portions of the pay, but today being their sale day In Philadelphia, they were about starting for home when arretted at the csra Tbe Justice saw no ground whatever for the charge, and at once dlamiaaed the caae. MsaTtJwi of Government Chaplain* ?There w*a a meeting of Government chaplalna In active oervtce at Trinity Church on Saturday morning Kast. By general dealre. Biabop Mc.livalne, of the xllocese of Ohio, who waa present, waa calUd to preside. Rev. Dr Butler, pastor of Trinity Chnrch, stated the object of the meeting. The Bishop waa formerly chaplain at West Point Military Academy, and haa nad other experience In military and naval matters. Mr. Ballantyne, superintendent of the Bible and Tract Society, was appointed secretary. Several resolutions were Introduced. touching the Important work of Army and Navy chaplains, fully discussed and adopted. Step* were taken to aecure at-veral objects that experience haa shown to be necessary to the proper discharge of the Important duties of the chaplain1! office. A committee of gentlemen, constating of Bishop Mcllvaine, Rev Mr Jamison, chaplain of the Second Rhode Island regiment, Rev. Mr. Carpenter, chaplain Dlatrlct of Columbia volunteer*. Rev Mr. Ne*le. First Minnesota, Rev. Mr. Merrill, New York Thirty fifth, and Rev. C. W. Denlson, chaplain of the general hospital at Fortress Monroe, waa appointed to wait on tbe Secretaries of War and Navy and make certain propositions of value to tbe public service. Distinguished Divine* in Washington ? Yesterday, Rev Dr. Bellows, of New York, preached to a very large congregation In the 1'nltarian Churcb, corner of Sixth and D streets. The subject of bis discourse, baaed upon James, 1st chapter, 13th and 14th verses, waa the duty of resisting temp atlon. and was explained and Illustrated with tbe ability and eloquence for which Or B. la celebrat*d Rrv Joclah Yarden of tbe Methodist Protestant Church, is in tbe city, open a visit to his relatives, and preached yesterday morning In the Ninth street church to a very large and attentive congregation a discourse In his peculiarly beautiful and impressive style, upon the 67tb verse of the 6th chapter of John. He 1* quite feeble; and his discourse yesterday was bin Urst effort to preach since March last He will remain in the city a few days, and return to his residence In Frederick county, Md. Draths i!* thi Army ?The following Is a list of deaths In the army of tbe Potomac yesterday and day before: At Union Hospital?Wm. T. Estelle, company H, New Jersey Cavalrv; Frederick laaw, comps y E, Kentucky Cavalry; H. S Tower, company D, Stockton's Independent Regiment, Michigan. At the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases?tieorge Motzer, company A. 46'h Pennsylvania; Wm. B. Keppler, company C, 18th Indiana; Robert Maxwell. company 1.3d Regiment Excelsior Brigade. At Columbian College?E R Darlington, company E, 9th Pennsylvania Reserves At Camp Tennally? Barney Sullivan, company E. 13th Pennsylvania Volunteers At tbe Seminary Hospital?Jas Rowe, company F, 1st Michigan. In Camp?Wtlllam Campbell, company B, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves Rebel Sympathizer* Herr ?The Washington correspondent of the New York Swn.nj Past writes : ' Tbe city councils met here yesterday afternoon and went through the farce of re-electing Mr. Wallach Mayor of the city, for tbe unexpired terra cau*ed by the resignation of Mayor Berret. Tbe political enemies of Mr. Wallach?tbe Berret sympathizers?thought to oust him at first by the new election, but finding that Impossible fell in with the current. There Is a very active little squad of politicians here who sympathize with the rebels, and whose friends, or at least many of them, are In tbe rebel army." Finb Otstrrs ?Harvey's supplies of oysters continue to he remarkably fine, and are sold wholesale and retail at very low rates. Apropos? It will be well for oyster esters a' restaurants to be aautloua least they be sprved with oysters opened In Baltimore rather than Washington Dealers in that city are taid to be sending quantities of shucked oysters to tome restaurant keeper" at price* which showtbat they must be refuse oysters, and therefore, to say the lenst of them, nnwbelesome. Be aure to reject all Baltimore shacked oysters. soldiers, named Edward Hughes and John H. Kennedy, were yesterday mornmg arrested on a charge of having robbed a man of a pocket-book containing a five dollar Treasury note and some small change To make tbe affhlr more disgraceful, the lost of the pocket book hss but one arm The occurrence happened at Mrs Fitzgerald's on English Hill, and the pocket-book being found on Kennedy at the time of hla arrest, he and his comrade were comas Itted to jail. in Georgetown ?There was considerable excitement In Georgetown yesterday, ransed by a person, said to have been confined at hla home for some time with smill-pox. having made bis escape while laboring under temporary derangement of mind, snd running through the streets with bis head tied up and the eruptive marks of the dneaj* plainly visible. He was captured In a stable, where he had taken refuge, and conveyed to his home The Srvrntt-Ninth, Highlanders ?At the special request of the Highland Regiment tbey have been detailed for duty In the naval expedition of which Major General Isaac I Stevens Is In command They paasedtbe President's Mansion on tbelr way to the fleet at 3 o'clock on Saturday morning, stopping a few minutes to serenade Mrs. Lincoln by playing some of tbelr favorite Scsfttlah air*. Tmr Prrsident on Boars thr Prnsacola ? On Saturday afternoon the President, accompanied by Secretaries Welles and Seward, went down tbe river In the steamer Mount Vernon. Arriving opposite Alexandria tbey went on board the Peosacola, undet a salute, and were cordially received by pspt Morris Arrival or Rboulars?Five hundred regulars, undor command of Col. Philip St George Cooks, arrived In this city on Saturday night, direct from Camp Floyd, Utah, which place they left on the 15th of J uly last Tbe fores consists of companies A, B, and C of the 4th artillery, four companlea of the 10th Infantry, and two companies of tbe 2d dragoons. Fatal Accident in Groroetoww ?A heavily, loaded cart from the western wharves was passing up Jefferson street, in Georgetown, on Saturday evening,when the driver, John Reed, finding bis load was not srranged properly, attemp'ed to move a heavy box. when it slipped from tbe cart and fell on blm, crushing blm so badly that be died In less than half aa hour. He leaves a wife and two chlldrsa. Obstructions o* tbb Sidbwalrs ?The Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners at their last meeting directed the Superintendent to have tbe laws In relation to obstructions on tbe sidewalks In this city strictly enforced Storekeepers snd others will do well to pay attention to the matter la time, and save the trouble and expense of an arrest for violating tbe law. Thr Depot ?Last week waa a busy one at the depot, and we may expect a large increase of business this week if tbe interruptions to the navigation of tbe Potomac continue A boat f WW yards of sidings were laid down In tbe vicinity of our depot, besides s great deal of such work elseWaere on the roe Thb Campbells ?These popular m lustre la, In addition to their usual budget of mirth and music, which Alls the Boose each evening, commence this tbelr thirteenth week with additional attractions, having engaged four new stats?a basso, a comedian, a violinist snd a tenoratnger, all of the first-class Go early If you want a aeat. Govbssmrht Supplies ?Five millions of dollars' w?rth ut public supplies have been received by water, at tt?<? Government stores on tbe wee*- ! *rn wharves, since tbe opening of tbe wax. Of i this, 93,009,000 worth art bow fa the warehouses, j \ MirV,E,"s,RocKraLK-Fro? *be Rockvllle, On l.?t? i****10 we Uke following K? L . l!!ndav a nrFro belonging to A Z the Mrt <*qA,i*?n A Klmmel, llylng near ro^nh ?1 Airy,H11!?^ ,UU?n- ln Frederick carried, by teams'era of the Federal n^Il . ?m W?nnt A,'T ?? ?h? camp of Major r?n B&ok*, near Darneatown, In thia county. On Tuesday laat the negro was taken up by J p0Pe; ^9 - ??' I.aytonsvllle, In thia county, dreiaed In /ouave crstume, and pretending to be free, and oa hit war to hia home In Pennsylvania. H? waa lodged ln jail as a run!ft.a/kan. ' Zn lMt- Wr. Kimmel, after having having made ln?ulri*a all through * CV"P' without getting the allgbteat Information about his negro, came here to stay all night, and, by chance, heard of the commitment or the boy, which proved to be hi*. The negto had ln hla poteeaalon a pasa. and the narties of placcs In t? Pennsylvania, conies of wnlcb we publish for the Information of the public as to on? of the waya and mode* bv which our negroes aM emthlad to escape to the North Col. Klmmel lay ,bf matt?r '?? ?>?fore Gen. Banks for his investigation. Headquarters, Maj. G?n BankDir > d. V?rne?own. Md., Oct 13.1601. t Charles Jobnaon through all aentinela and Lfu-'a. ? discharged a?rvant of an offlceTln this eervice to Gettysburg, Pennaylvanla. Per order Maj Gen. Banka. o w ... ? Moan Copilix.A.A A G. Rerkville, Cookavllle, Unlonvllle, Weatmlnater, Gettysburg. Chambersburg, Philadelphia Riram Burke, a private In the New Vork Thirty-fourth, waa committed to the Jail of thia county by Justice Moulden, on Wednesday last, for the killing of a member of the same regiment by stabbing him with a knife From what we can learn, they both were drunk at the time the act waa committed. It la currently reported here, and generally believed, that Lanahan, who shot Major Lewis, of the Pennsylvania Forty-slxth, and was tried by a court-martial and sentenced to be ahot, baa left. In company with a number of the same regiment, ror parts unknown?some say to Virginia Cehtral GtTA*DHorg* Casks?Be/ore Jmttiu T\ mpson ?Sunday. Kdward Farrell, drunk and d aorderly; fined SI 58 James Owner, do : do Albert Rldg el ay, do.; do #191. J O Brlen, do.j do. SI W Henrietta Banks, do : do 8*2 91. Mlrhael Porter, do ; do #191 Jno . ?.rn,^?: do M Setb Lunsford, do : do *191 Cha? Flnnegan, do t do #191 Martin Hresnahan, do ; do *3 01. Edw Barret, disorderly conduct; do. *5 94 Timothy Kelly, do; -wP Montgomery, (col ,) out after hours; do. # 58 Edw. Hughes and Jno. H Kennedy soldiers, charged with robbing a fellowaoldier; jail for court Eight lodgera Monday ?David Blsie and Essex Reed, col'd, for falling to give the bond required of free colored persons coming to reside in the city, were lined *10 94 each. Elisabeth Campbell, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days Eliiabeth IJirch. col'd, do ; .10 days Peter Dolan, do ; fine ,,*? Hugh McEiroy. do ; turned over to the military. Frances Weeks, col'd, do ; workhouse . f?Vi'. Melbourne Center, do ; fined #1 94 J. J Flndley, disorderly; dismissed Ed litiliard, do ; fine SI 94. Ellen Hall,drunk and disorderly, workhouse :*> davs Ann Hirkman, do ; lined *2 94 Samuel Woodland, d- ; fj 94 Susan O'gga, drunk and vagrant; workhouse 90 days. ?0lg?gART POHISHMEST OF TUBBULKNT WHIM. rhwiJ'u." K young hackmen, named r*** a hn Kemp, created some cons derable disorder at the railroad depot by th?ir rio ous behavior, which ended ln an assault upon the sentinel there Fortunately for them the sentinel was either too merciful or two ?reen to u?e his arms, or the riotous youths would have suffered from the bayonet and built# As it was they were Uken before Justice Thompson, and ordered to pay $6 12)$ each. GtotfiETowM SOT Ukhi.nd Hahd ?The Union 1 idles of Georgetown Lad a meeting last week to carry out the recommendations of the Sanltarv Commission. Mrs. Sweeny, Darby, Ball, Daw, Morgan, Hines, T<mney, P. Berry, and C. B Jewell subscribed SO each, and Mr B. R May-' field some heavy blankets The money has been applied to the purchase of comfortables, Ac., to be sent to the Sanitary Committee This it only tbe commencement of the good work in our titter city. , Theater ?There was another overflowing house on Saturday night to greet charming, vivacious, black eyed, cherry-Upped Miss Uenln To-night a bill of extra attraction, three pieces on the bill, and Miss Denln In two parts, with new vtrs-s to ber great|eiicore-E-plurlbus-Unum-starapangled-bdnner-hail-Kerlumby-aong of ?> Whack oi?Wj!e Oow " All the favorite performers of tsiand s capital company appear to-night. Review?Ten regiments of Jnfintry are to be reviewed at Meridian Hill this afternoon The Thirty-sixth Pennsylvania and Fourth Rhode island regiments passed our offlr-e on their way out the marching and carriage of the men being creditable to their ofllcers and themselves The Pennsylvania's are preceded by a drum corps, and the Rhode Islanders by a line brass band, discoursing lively airs Circuit Court ?Thlsrourt met fortbe regular fall term, this morning The death of (Jeneral Walter Jones was announced In brief and appropriate terms by Chief Judge Dunlap. after which Mr. R S Coxe delivered an address eulogistic of the debased and the Court thereupon adjourned until tc-morrow. Oiphasi' Court ?A great deal of business was transacted inthisrourton Saturday Amongst other estates which were administered on. was that or Mrs Ccm Crane, on wh'cb Dr. Johnson and Mrs Chubb administered, having properly qualified. Accident ikCamp ?A bombshell accidentally exploded a' the ramp of the 4'b Michigan Regiment, while a squad of soldiers were amoslng themselves with it, and two of them were severely woundod. An abriiable timk may be" passed with the George Washington Quadrille Association which gives a party this evening To dancers we need only say that the music will be by Prosperi's band Acciptrd ?The Rev. Mr. Channlng has ac- I I cepted the call of the congregation of the Unitarian Church of this city, and will enter upon the I dutiea of pastor about the first of November. Ijidia Rubber Goods ?We are pleased to state I that note all kinds of India Rubt?er goods, ln- | eluding Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothing, Ac , Ac., can be obtained in this city at manu- I facturer's prieti, at the India Rubber Warehouse, I Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth audi Tenth street*. oc I | Tn? Horrors or War ran be |rr?at!y militated by ihar sovereun remedy, Holimray's Dintm'nt, I a? it ?i:l on re any wound, ho tt ever despeato, if it I ba well run bed around the w> un4ed parts, an ' tl.oy I he kept thoroufh'r covered with it A pot should ! be ia every man's ki.ap?ack. Oniy 25 cents per pot. I oc21 lw r I Notice.? Beware of counterfeits and unprinoi- I pi^d dealers e^id 4voring t<> dispose of iheirown I ard o*her art-o <*s on th? repma'ion at'aiuod by Helmbold ? Ertratt Burhu,a posit veaud rpeoifio I remwy fur disoases of the B addsr, Kidneys. Gra- I v*l D opsy, fto , Ao., Ao. Ask for Heir hold's. Taknnu other. See advertisement it ano'h?r c>l I n,r,n- ae 30 Startling ! rut True.?The Volunteers are braving the dangers of Fever. Scurvy, Wounds and Cholera. Man* a gallant fellow will leave his I who, hy the aid of Hollo\eay''s | rul* and fHntm*nt, would hive returned t? hia I family etr'-nt and heathy. Soldiers, tiv them. Oniy 35 oenta per box or pot. oo 14-1 w Cow?hs,?The sudden ohanges of our olimate are I sources of Pulmonary, lirtmcAiat and Asthmatic I Affect\<ms. hxpenenoe having proved that simple I remedies often act speedilj and oert&inly when I taken id the early stares of the disease, reoourse I should at onee be had to Brown't Bronchial TroeX??," or Loxenges. let the Cold, Cough, or Ir- I ritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by this I precaution a more serious attack may be effectually I warded off. Public SptaJurs and will find I them etfeotual for olearing and strengthening the I voioe. Se* advertisement. del-iy OIKD, f o.%2<Sn?ay.E?L0tinit- Pot- 2l' FREDERICK FICKKV H?'PK1NS. aged 11 montiia and V6 days, orlyson of W.M. S. and 8. K Hopkins Funeral wi l tske place at half past 3 o'olook p. m.. on T'leaday, the 22d. No 441 Sixth it., between E and F sta. [Intelngeneer.) rPO~etTTLYRS " 1 AND DEALERS GENERALLY, lco boxes Manufactured Tobacoo?consisting of Fi et, Ha'f pound, and Pound Lumps. Snocoss Fine-Cnt Tobacco, in I il?P.antation, Am*'**. Virgiu Leaf, and Savory, if barrels Goodwin's Looee Chewir.g Tobacco, | 00 gross Goodwin's Af-pound Smoking Tobaooo, 15 Na'rels Virsi-na Smoking Tobacoo, ha es Virginia Smckiog Tobacco, von^oi Mediom and l.ow-prioe Uigais, Merschaam, Brier, Powhatan, and Clay Pipe*. For aale at fair rates by G-O. W. COCHRAN. 398 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bin ot " Jisa Crow." I 7 3-10 u. ?. treasury notes, whieh will be supp ed at par to onr oastomers, free of eha'ie. Dema-d Treasury heretofore, wtl bereeeivedon depontas speoie. SWEENY, KITTENHOUBKTPANT k CO^ oe lt lw Banker*, 339 Pa. av., near Brown'a cr*tLAcVo?FNS!;#..ris.w^.r.o,ss.op ? l-lwi U/OOD FOR SALE-^01? 30.090 oorda of Oak, yv Kiekorr aad Pine Wood, standing sUaatM within k to ailM of the Aqaapolia Janotioa. Appii to A. WJNALDnONi Savage r U? aear I Ani apolis jBROtion. Howard ooanty. Md. I "" *"^lr* I ** * NTS. I IVANTED?On? BliACAturu ?tH tro 1 HELPtRS. Apply on 6th ? ~utk of P*? **enne. oo 21 3t* J \COB WIL8QN.. WANTED?A email co orM or whit? GIRL, to nura* and do li?ht work. A rood on > will have a rood hom* good trea'm?nt and fair wager. Apaly at 904 14 h at, between C and D oo81 at* W F. rHANDLEF, IODGING ROOM WANTED either o o .arre j or two ins mm rooma, ?<? a rent pm?n. The location moat be hetwren lo?h and 17th at* Anawera to this may be directed to A. 8. T.. Star 'ffioe. until W?dneaday. oi Tl->t* FOUR (IBNTLKMEI*. em>loyed in the War D* feartment, aeaire to procure Rnnmi, w?th or without rinard in arenteel family. and in adjacent Inaality Addreaa "Thomaa A.." at the Star Office, within a few data. oo 2' 2t* WANTED IMMEO* ATELY?A P1NINGROOM SERVANT. one who understands his bn?ineas and is not afraid of work ; wares to be #16 per month Alro, a good Cook wanted. Apply at Star Office. m oc 81-3t WANTED??0 LABORERS. App'? at MYERS A MoGHAN'S, Plumbers, 37? D at oo 1Q 2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?2 good WASHKR WOMEN, at Quartermaster Hospital, No 13S F at oo 19 2t* Board AND ROOM WANTED, by a aingle gent'eman, in a private family. Good referenoea given. Terms moderate. Addreaa B?I 716. Washington City Post Office, atating terma and location oo 19 3t* WANTED-A H'tY Alao wanted, lota of B?ok", Old Document", New Documents, Rare Old Papera, Autorraphs Coins?any thing curious, un;que. wonderfn", odd New Treaaury Notes wanted, at 5 per cent oreminm. ALFRED HUNTER, oo 19 *t* Wil'ards'Hote'Square. FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED.?An experienced and careful housekeaper desires to rent a renteel Furnished House, oapable of accommodating ? moderate!* aixed family. Addreas Box 4, Star Office, atating looation. deaoription and terma. oc 19 tf CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THESU?acriber, asout two werks ago, a y u"g tafiytk red COW. The owner will please oom"JEa4r^ forward, prove prope-t*, pa? change., ami takeheraway. DAVi D HARRINGTON, Louisiana avenue, nrrtb s'de. oo 19-St* between 9th and 10th s's. t?XTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENT-PartHa ner wanted, with 8 W to .$l,00\ ti enrage in manufacturing and selling an Army Knife and Fork, an article juat invented and of the greatest utility. The inducements to a party will be nneioeptiora^le. Apply to P. ULMER, at the Wash ington House, immediately. 0319 3'* WANTKO IMM EDIATELY?Several good COAT MAKERS. None oft.ers need apply. 00 18 3t E. OWEN A CO. WANTED-A SITUATION, by a middle a?ed A merican woman, as housekeeper in a get.tieman's family. Addreaa "W.O.," Star Office. 00 18 3t? WANTED-A FURNISHED ROOM, with Boarding, for a gent'eman and wile. Terma moderate A private family preferred, where the comforts of a home can be erjoyed Address Box No S43 Post Office. 00 18 3t* WANTK.P?A small or m'derat'-sixed FURNISHED HOUSE, north of Pa avenue 3 blocks, between I'th and I6t.h ata. Ren' reasonable. Address hy letter J. H. HOUSE WRIGHT, 314 K street. 00 18 St* WANTED? A SERVANT to do general house*T work in a small famiW. A'so- a MA"* to attend to horses Apply at No. 320 Pa avenue, be twcen 9*.h and 10th eta. oc 17 tf COOK WANTED-Wanted, a good Cook,(co'ored woman.1 at 64S, Minnesota Row. I at., between 2J and SI. 00 16 er 3t U/ANTED-A good GUNSMITH. Apply to w J' > H N J- PKABODV.No. 60 Louisiana avenne, between 6th and 7th sta. 00 16Tw WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Waah'.ngton Brewery having oommenced brewing for the winter aeason. they o&n ret Fresh Grains every da* at 4 o'clock, at in cents per buahel. Call, one and all. C. COLINEAU, 00 10 im* Cor K and Twentv-aeventh ate. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHKNS & CO.'S. 383 Pa avenue. ae 18 WANTED?Tyt7I.OKS. TA TLOKS -50 Tailora competent to work on military gooda. A pply 0. W&ll.Stephena A Co'a. ae25 WANTED?We ar? buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES arid BED DING, for which we are paying the hirbest cash prioes. Families declining housekeeper, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give aa a "all. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH, }e 13-tf No. 369 ?th st.. Uctw. I ann K sts. WANTED. FOR THE CASIi-Ail kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKKKPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to cail immediately. R. BULHLY, je 3 48^ Seventh, hetween G and H ata. _ LOST ANI> FOUND. 1 ASTRAY -Corns to my premises, October 20th, a a Bay HORSK. Inauireof WM CHOPPIN, Ctrp?nter, corner of IStti at., and New York ave. 00 21-It* ESTK A V ?Taken u? as as'ray on 'he 2f>!h instant. 3 HORSES, wh 01 the owner C\?* can have, by proving property and paying damages bj applying to the aubscrib^r, 11 st betwoen 21 gt and 22d sts. 00 21 3t? _____ G. P. SEYEBS. S? REWAR D.?Strayed away, on Friday, the t *.8th instant, from my reaidenoe. cor g/ttM ner Third anil K a'a , a large whitish gray CO W, in roo>'order, with short cn oVrd Jkuw* horns. The above reward will te paid for - er return [oc 2' 3t* 1 M. HINK^. fi^STRAY?Caire to rry stable on L street, bej tweer 8th aa^l 9th. about7 days ?io. an iron grey HORSE. The owner s requested to come forward, prov' property, p*y y v charges, and take him away. oc 21 3t* HENRY KINSLEY. Horses. H'?hses. horses'?.^5 rviry4?/)-1* HORSES ST A M-gy . PF.Di'D. rhe fi-ure 'I" branded on the"j_^\ right jaw of esch horse,except one, which ? Is a dark sorrel. I will pay ih^ above reward for eaoh borse delivered to me. a'Olay's Hotel, or at my stable, at the Old Gas House. 00J1 jt* J. H DENNIS ^PAKEN UP.?On the 18'h insta't,a hay MARE, 1 with military Saddle a d B^'dleon The owner is requerted to com" fo wa-d, 'WTI prove property, pay charr-'s, and take her away. Applya'. A. R FOWLER'S Livery Stable, on 12th at. bet M and N oc 19-3t* r REWARD.?I.oat, on F iiav evening, one f!p*J dark bay M * " E, with aign of blister r\ near hind quarter, with new 5-*add e and jL-iv Bridle and Martingale, military taehion. 1 7 will pay 85 for her delive'y to me THOMAS DONAHUE, Smith and Farrier, iwenty first street 00 1<>-2t" between E and F. FOUND?Thia morning,a P"RSE, with a amsll amount of moue, in it, which the owner can have by applring at Room No. 7 (low?r floor>Prn sion Office, and paying !or thia advertisement. OC 18 3?* ? C KKWAR D.?Strayed or stolen.a large white raw-bone COW. The above r^wa-d ^n|| will be paid for the return cf aa-d row to |Ur comer of Green and Stoddard atreeta.&B^s, Georgetown, D. C. 00 18 3' JOHN DD'KSON IOST? About a week ago, supposed to be on Pa a avenue or East f'apitol ?i. h?tween 3d a'. ?ut and 7th at west, a GOLD LOCKET, c/Dtaining the miniature of a deceased child The finder will be liberally rewarded by lea ing it at No. ASi 8th street east, opposite the Garrison, Navy Yard. 00 18 3t* DANIEL J. Vt'lJNG. RE WARD ?Strayed or stolen, ab 'ut the3l / iiis'aut.a large blaok HORSE, >ul' C\ tail, white spot in forehead, marked *U S." on hind quarter and "C." on fore quarter, left side. The above reward will he paid on hia renirn to me. P J. NEWMAN, 861 Pa. avenue, south side. 00 l^6t* Near Twelfth at District of Columbia, Washinstok County, To voit: I hereby oertify that try James Magee, of said oounty, brough' be-1 fore me aa eat ray a, treapasaing on hia 'c- * olo urea two HOR SES one a hay and the other a brown, marked with a"P" on the neck under the mane, abnut 15 handa high, and aupposed to be 8 or 9 years aid, and have been worked in gear. Gi?en under hand of me. one of the Juatioea of the Peace in and for aaid county, thia 17 h day of Octob r. 1861. ROBERT WHITE Tfe owner or ownera ol the above deaorihed horses are requested to prove property 1 ay chargea. and take thein away. JAMES MAGEE, 01 18-3t* Near Tenallrtown. D r/l REWARD.?Strayed from the enoloaure V?" of the subaoribera. on the night of fry the 13thiuatant. bay HuRSKS; and one sorrel HORSE, whi'e atripe in face; and one blood-bay MARE. Any person returning the aaid horeea to our .stable, on G street, between !7th and 18 h ata , will rcoeive $50 reward. _oo 16-lw* 8. a A E WROE. EUGENE CARUSI, ATTORNEY *ND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Of?icb?No. 3S Louisiana Avanuk, Near Si^th Street. llJ- Partioular attention given to the proaeoution of aoidiera' and oontraolora' olaima beio e the aeveral Departmeata of the General Government. 00 ?&-M? PBERGNER'8

HILADELPHU LAGER BRER' 8. STERN BF.RGER, SOLE AGENT, No. 333 DStbkst, (Adjoining Star Uffioe.) A largt aupply oonatantly on hand. 00 l&-lm gOLDIKRB, 8oMKTH1NG FQR YOU, Pocket Combo. ? 1 ih cents. Do. Looking SlMaea..^. ? Union Envelopes, per hand red . .fio " Plain do. do. , . AmOrotypeeoI Soott,fcJ<>Cl'llaii,Ao.,eaou 15 " Sent by mail to anr ftd reaa. ALFRED #. ROBINSON. ooft ?w* rabliaber, Hartfora.Coim. ' 1! LI PAN AND ELEGANTES., I SEUtRS. Alan, a iiuuil>er of otLar celebrated I. anJa. whoieaaleaud rotail. GROSSK, UN-la oor. Pa.??.aii'ast.'v^MiT/iiiuju, j m TOR SALE AND RENT. STORE FUR RENT. A?,lv ?t No. Hi P?nn. avenue. between 19th and SQth tt? 1'* \17 A REHOUSE FOR RENT ?l?^?ire of ? GRIFFITH A SHIELDS. 3 ?9 Pa.ave. f. 81 3t* FOR RENT?a HOUSE on Pennsylvaniaav., "So. as, with tag, and water in the ?ard, with oewithont fnniture Also one on H ttree?, N'i. 7? inquire of DOCTOR NEUMAN. 76 H ?t. ?3 81 3t* |;?'R RENT?A PARLOR and two CHAM I BER 3 (furnished'in a hoo*e with & private far'iy. no children or boarders, in a pleasant part <ifthe town-rn H street, between 5th and 6th, No. 4.10. Price moderate, if appliel lor to:>n. oo i8-3teo? HOUSES FOR RENT-No. and No. 27,on the south aid^)f Indianaavenue, both of them very large and convenient houies, with good stablisg and carnage-houses. Also, the commodious and large House, No 3SS, on the north side of C street Apply to THOMAS BLAG PEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf FOR RENT?HOUSE 403 Pennsylvania a*., over the bookstore of Franck Taylor?a plaoe for a professional man. se 4-tf Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with cas and water, and convenient to the PaAnt and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490K Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 5th sts. ma 33 BOARDING. llOARD.?Families and single gentlemen can 19 obtain very pleasant Furnished Rooms, with Board, on moderate terms, at 391 and 393 C, between 3d and 4)i streets. Transient and Table Boarders accommodated oo 9 2w* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ry?MAYOR'3 OFFICE, Lk_3 Gkoboktowk, D. C... Sept. 9?th. 1861. Th? attention of the citii?ns of th's town la invited to the two following sections of a late act of Congress, entitled "An act to o'eate a Metropolitan Police Dis'rictof the Distriot of Columbia, and to establish a Police therefor." "And be it further enacted, That the Beard of Police divide the ?aid district into precincts, not exceeding ten, and may assign one eergeant of folioe to e\oh of said preoincta. The board may, roin time to time, establish a station or sub station in each precinct for the accommodation of the police force on duty therein, it may. from time to time, det\il and ohange, without regard to or limitation of residence, the sergeants or patrolmen to such parts of the district, or to such of the polioe or criminal oourts and to the publio offices of the government of tho United States, or of the oities of Washington and Georgetown, as it may deem advisable. It shall promulgate all regula'ions and orders through the ?upenntendent or polio", who shail take the p'ace of the mayor or toe city of Washington or Georgetown, as being the head of the police department or force in the ?a;d oities, but always *ubject to the orders and regulation* of the beard of polioe ; and it shall be the duty of the polion force to respect and ober tho said s ;j>er inteudent of police, as the head and chief of the same, subject to the rules a d regulations and genera' order- of th? board cf police. And he it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the board of police hereby constituted, at all times of the day ar.d night, witnin the lioui.da nes of the said police diftrict, to preserve the public peace; to prevent crime, and arrest offenders; to protrotthanghts of person and of property; 'o guard 'he public health; to preserve order at every pub io election; to remove nuisances existing in the afreets, roads, alleys, highways, and other p'".oe?; to provide a proper police force at every fire, in order th*t thereby th? firemen and property may be protected; to protoct stra gers and travellers at steamboat and rhip landings and iailway stations; to see that all laws relating to tho observance cf Sunday,and reguoing pawnbrokers, mook auotions, e ections, gam ing. intemperance, lottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly pers <ns, ana the public health, are promptly emoroed. and to enforce and obey all laws and o dinanoes of the city councils of the o ties of Washington <ind Georgetown wmph are oropeMy applicable to polioe or health, and not inconsistent with the provisions of this act" It will be seen that I have r.o further control over the polioe force acid have no power or right to enforoe fhe ordinances of th? town in regard to disorders or nuisancea. In all such cases complaint n;ust be made to and redress obtained from the United States police, whose sergeant wiH be found at the xuard houte near the canal bridge, High street. it ma? be prop?r to state that this ikw police system proni'iseK to bo the b?st one, in all reepects. f>r the preservation of o'der atjd the protection ol person* and i>ri pert*, tuat has ever existed in the District of Co.umhia. It rives Georgetown a lorre of seveiit en policinen, (re? of expensi, in lieu of a very feeble < ne ahioh has been a heavy oharge upoi. our Treasury. A Ithojgh 1 have no immediate control of this police, yet, being a member of its board, i wjil at^A?s lie rea ly to heir the complaints of any of our citizens in regard to nuisanocs ard disorders to which the police m*y fail or refuse to give p oper atte"tion, and will endeavor to have such remiss ness corrected. It will be expected of a 1 good citizens that they will countenance an l suntaiu tins new system ta the extent of their ability. _oc l-2awSw HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. POTATOES. POTATO KS! 3,<X>0 bushels Mercers, Buckeyes, and Peach B owe for sale. PETER BERR r , oo 17 3t* MS Water street. Georgetown BUCKtfKIN GLOVES. GAUNTLETS. Ac. We call the attention of Sutlers, Regimental Of Seers, and others wishing to purchase Buckskin Gloves, Gauntlets, Mittina, Purses, Tobaooo Pouches, Portmonnaies, Leggin*, Ac , at wholesa'e, to our extensive stock?all ol our own manufacture? at our store, 103 High street, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mitteaa are of the best quality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxmgG'ov-es, Buckskin Shirts and Drawers, made to order. KAM"?BURG A EBKRT, 105 High fctreet, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.?A large quantify of scraps of Buckskin and Chamois for polishing guns, accoutrements, Ac., on hand. se2?lm IV! 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HEN Hi 1.1 ESK, oo 12 7t ?1 Spear's Wharf, Baltimore. WE STILL CONTINUE THE SALE OF the great bargains in Silk" of all kin-Is Many ohoice things in New Mermoea, Irish Poplies, Mousselioes. Merino Plaids, Ao. Carpels, Curtains, Mugs, Oilcloths, Mattings, Ao.. upper floors. PERRY A BRO , Pa avenue and Ninth st, no l4-5t -Perry Be'lding." DUPOfMT'S fcLNPUWDEK, . For Okie at naumfaptarers prices, by JOli-N J. BOG Ut, G oawnoww, D. C., Sol* iiMtf far tk? Dulrut tf Oifwitia. tnct. Orders cac also be leftai the office of Adama* Exsres# r^omeaav WssNBrtot. D- C. faVlawlv IJOMK-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, Lamm*. Miaata' tnt Ciiinw'i Waal, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Pr?a MliHirl. OBN. rmict MAX150 A UTAH? AT CABT HAG B. Rolls, Oct If ?Gen Price has made a atand at Carthage, and Gen Johnaon baa been placed la command of all tbe rebel troop* in Mlaaoarl. and has I saved a proclamation forbidding tbe transportation of any more property, meaning slaves, from tbe State It la not stated whether Gen. Johnaon auperaede* Gen. Price A letter la published In the Fort Scott Tlmea from John Roaa, the Indian chief, giving hia adhesion to the rebel cauae He aaya . " At a maaa meeting of about 4.000Cherokeea at Tahlegua on the 21st Inst . tbe Cherokeea, with marked unanimity, declared their adherence to the Confederate States, and hare given their authorities power to negotiate an alliance with tbem " In view of thla action, a regiment of mounted men will be Immediately raised and placed under the command of Col John Drew, to meet any exigency that may arlae Having espoused thecausof tbe Confederate States, we hope to render ef ficlent service in the protracted war which now threatens the country, and to be treated with a liberality and confidence becoming the Confederate States." BEBELS DtSPEBSED Stbacc**, Mo , Oct. 19 ?It Is reported that acting Brig. General Wym&n, who left Rolla, several days since with about 2.500 men, has arrived at Lynn Creek, where be dispersed a body of rebels, killing a considerable number and taking over 200 prisoners, capturing eighteen wagon-loads of goods, belonging to Measra McClurg A Co , whom the rebels bad robbed The Inst advices from Gen Fremont are to 7 o'clock Friday night. He is still at Warsaw tils pontoon bridge acroaa the Osage river was to be finished by Saturday. Gen Slgel's division bad crossed the river It is reported that Gen. Price haa been largely reinforced by Ben MrOullough, and that the combined forces are fortifying Oceola. where they Intended to give Gen Fremont battle. Sisihrrs ftews via Leaksvtile. Lofisville, Ky., Oct. 19 ?Dates from Cbarleaton and New Orleans to the 1Mb, Savannah the 10th, Richmond tbe 10th, Knoxville the 12th, and N*shvllle the 13th, are received. General Twiggs has resigned, on account of ill health. Gen Mansvllle Lovell succeeds him Travel from New Orleana la under strict surveillance. Parson Rrownlow supports tbe candidates for the Confederate Congress, but severely satirizes the rebel authorities. Messrs Breckinridge and Preston were at Nashville on tbe 7th. The Lotlisville Courier was to be revived at Bowling Green on the 14th Rebel accounts say that only two rebels were Injured by tbe Monticello'a lire near Chicamacomlco, and both but slightly A special correspondent of the Mobile Advertiser, on the 10th, says of tbe Santa Rcsa Island affair: "The hospital structure la now tbe only building standing on the island Kleven hundred men were In the expedition under Gen R aggies Wilson's New York Zouave camp was the first one reached. His sentinels were either killed or captured, and the whole regiment rapidly fled beyond the eastern wall of Pickens The Colonel took to his heels, clothed only In a shirt, and the race eclipsed Bull Run Our forces advanced to within a mile of Fort Pickens, from which not a gun was fired, neither did the fleet fire upon our forees, who were on the island f om 2 to > In the morning. The boats engaged were towed bick by the steamers Ewing, Tims, and Neofln A doien or more of the rebels were killed, and twenty-nine wounded The latter are how In tbe Pensacola hospital. Some exhausted rebels were probably overlooked and left upon the Island Major Vodges, U S A , and aome thirty other Federals are now our prisoners Lieut Slaughter, of the Mobile Continentals, was taken prisoner while bearing a white flag to Fort Pickens He has been released The rebel General Anderson has been severely wounded. Later from Enrepe. St Johns, Oct 19.?The sfc>amshlp Etna arrived off Cape Race, at 10 o'clock, on Friday night, bringing Liverpool dates of the 9th Inst , and Queenstown of the 10th Inst , being four days later than those received per steamer Arabia The steamship Anglo Saxon, from Quebec, arrived at Liverpool on the frtb inst Tbe London News Bays it was reported that Prince Napoleon had aent tbe Emperor an important State paper on America affairs The King of I'russla had paid two days visit to the Emperor of France The Emperor of China is dead. Earl Rus?ell discourages Interference In International affairs In Mexico, but says the government will exercise tbe right of requiring securl'y for persons and property, and for the fultlllment of engagements. George Vandenhofl", the actor, Is dead. lie was 72 years of age. It Is stat> d that orders sre about to be Issued to prepare a French squadron for Mexico The Hank of France has arranged for the relief of the financial pressure. The French government has stated that the price of l>read will not be further advanced Garibaldi had left Capera?destination unknown The affairs of Hungary are unchanged The American minister at Berlin was negotiating with the Hanover government for the ratification of tbe conditions for tbe abolition of the State dues At the Insurrection at Cyclyedy Leopona. tbe Russian e -gle was torn from the public buildings, and the Polish substituted. COMMKBCIAL. The sales of cotton at Liverpool during tbe two days previous to the 9th, amounted to 30,000 bales. th? market closing with a firm feeling. Breadstufl'a had an upward tendency Provisions were quiet, bu' prices steady. Fiotir ci?a<-d at 2S 3t:s Wheat closed firmer Corn ?teadv Beef closed quiet and prices steady. l?ard is downward Consols closed st 92\a92\ 7ht Lafst-via Quie**totcn?Cotton closed on Thursday with aaiea of 6.0X1 bales, one half to speculator* and exporters. The market is considerably excited, and very firm. Cornclosedactive. Provisions closed steady. Latest frtai Kentucky. Locisvill*. Oct. 17 ?The rebel General. Hawthorne. of the Mississippi Brigade, now at Hopkinsville, bas transferred tbe Post Office at that place to the charge of a rebel Postmaster, and through him tbe towns of Southern Kentucky are regularly supplied with the Southern malls, under th-j authority of the rebel Pot:master General It Is reported that General Hardee la in com mand at Bowling Green, with ten thousand troops, including two thousand Trxmi whom, from their wild appearance, the people there take to be Indians. The is quite an accumulation of Southe n bound travelers at our hotels who find it Impossible to get through our lines. Mr. Seward's tircilar Letter la Canada. Toronto, C. w., Oct. 19?Both the Leader and Globe newspa;>era to-day devote eacu a lengthy article to Mr. Seward a recent circular letter. The Leader says : "If preparationa of this na, ture are to be carried on on the South sbore, British p?wer Is bound not to lag behind It cannot be an Idle apectator of works avowedly intended to be a menace agalnat Its dominion " Tbe Olobe savs that 'the Federal Government la exercising a wise dlacretlon, which we of the British Empire, considering our own antecedents, should be the last to impugn " Ke monstrance Against the Pa rchase af Araiy Clsthlai la Earspe Boston, Oct 19 ?The Board of Trade and committee of the associated banks have presented to the government a -emonstrance against tbe purchaae of army clothing In England, and It ia rumored that tbe government haa countermanded the order by telegraph to Halifax or Cape Race, at which latter point the Niagara calls to-night. Pacific Telegraph Open ta Salt Lake. Fobt, Utefc, Oct. 18?The Paclflc Telegraph L'ue was completed to Salt Lake at one o'clock to-day. The line between Salt Lake city and San Francisco will be finished in a few days. rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, The Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dye Known. Sold by at! Druggists; also, at Buirob'i Patent Medicine Store, c p. Patent OfBoa, aor. F k. 7th, and at / G lias's Hair Store, 2*2 Penn'a a venae, where Ladies ean have it applied, if desired. Factorj?SI Barolay aL (lata >33 Ht jadway) N. T. oc 3-ly I/OR FIELD SER VICK.?Haa vy Gray and r Brown Mixed Blankets, that wU(kfroait to7 poards per pair,a vet j aoarca artio. t. Also, fin- Bed, Crib, and Cradl-t Blankets, all sixes. 'la'leClot s. Sheetings, P.IIov Cottons, Napkina, Towels, fco. With alt other kinds of Dry 6ooda for the f anaral and speeiat wants of Is mi llaa. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotha, Rasa, Jto., apper float*. p.!,* as-.Gk\ND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; bat sMiTH baa not aavanoed the price of hia Clothing wbioh he naa jest reoeived and ia aaliinz oil" ?t su jh i emu table losr pnoes Give as a oeil and satisfy )onrsel>ee of the great bargains that are not offere.1 ay rjr day at ?(tlTH S, rio 460 Hoverith st. _ eel ! DON'T KA1LT10 CALL AT bMlTtiV, No, 4*0 Seventh at, a?db?y yosr Ciothing, Furjuahing Good*! Trunks, Hats Md Cape, ocl-lm SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK P. M UrCoBMiCK'a Extmsioh -TVOm. mlasloner of Patents ku decided oa MrCoruelck'n application for the extenaloa ?' kit r?p? I 1M7? 1st That the inventioe Howrf greet utility and lir porta or f to the public. 2d. That the sum* si reedy racalnd hjr McCermlck, and the sums he ta filled to recover fwn Infrlngemeuta, together amoaat to aa adequate remuneration, and therefore the potent should no? be extended Affouited ? Char lea Hopklm, of New Terk* haa been appointed to a Drat claaa (Sl.tuu pet annumN clerkship la the Penaloa bureau. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. The Progressing Battle nemr Leesburg. The following telegram from Gen Ptooe'a command to the Headquartera here, tella how the new progressing fght near Lecaburg commenced,thia morning: "Edw*id's Feext , Oct. 21,1861 ?This morning, at one o'clock, flee com pan lee of the Fifteenth Massachusetts croaaed the river at Harrison's island, at daybreak They bad proceeded to within a mile and a half of Leeahurg without meeting the enemy They still hold on, supported by the remainder of the regiment and part of the Twentieth "A gallant reconnoiaaaaee waa made early thia morning,by MaJ Mix, Van Allen?Cavalry, Cap*. Stewart. A. A. G , from Edward'a Ferry towards Leeaburg, with 30 cavalry. They came on the itth Mlssissslppi regiment, received their Are at 35 yards, and returned It with their pistole, and fell back In order, bringing In one prisoner. " We have.poeseaalon of the Virginia aide of Edwards' Ferry " We learn Incidentally that the poeltloa of oor t'oops subsequently attacked?by the enemy?waa Hamilton laland, about three mi lea Tom Leeeburg Up to 3 p. m to-day Gen Stone bad held hie own sat1*factorlly there, though his comparatively small force upon the island are engaged with some 4,000 of the enemy. We predict that by sundown to-day either Gen. Stone's or Gen. McCall'a advance will oocupy Leesburg. * Knowing the position of Geo McCall'a division, we take it for granted that he haatened to get between the force attacking Stone and reinforcementa to that force from the direction of Leeeburg. the alleged ?rrxBsxprax or ex* fbimoitt In a few minutes after publishing our flrat edition to-day we became aatlafled of the Incorrectness of the Impression intimated ta it, that ere leaving St Louia Secretary Cameron trunomltted to Major General Fremont ordera assigning Major General Hunter to the command of the depart* mentof Missouri, in his stead On the contrary, we feel that we may atate poa itlvely that he (Secretary Cameron) declined to act In the premises until sfter his return here. Of course, those are almply our Individual impressions, baaed upon such floating data as wn have been able to gather to-day. THOUGHT BETTER OH'T. It turns out that Beauregard had determined to give Gen McClellsn a fight on Friday last, at or about the crnaalng of Goose Creek by the Alexandria and Georgetown turnpikes to Leesbnrg. He 4>ad, on that day, four reglmenta of infantry, (the 13th Mississippi being one of them,) and aome cavalry, with much baggage. The approach of Gen. McCall'a division In larger force than he anticipated, however, evidently caused him to change his mind; and he accordingly retired bia troops referred to above in the direction of Mana*sa?. FAIRFAX COCKT HOC*X. It is alleged this afternoon that the enemy withdrew entirely out of Fairfax Court Houae laat night We have n? time, however, la which to verify the fact ere jjolng to preaa. navy taed. There la no newa of lntereet from down the river The Reliance went down to join the flotilla lust night. The Robert L?elle started down at noon to-day. As the particulars of the capture of the achooner Fairfax Lave been erroneoualy atated, we have been a! some pains to get a correct account of the affair. On Saturday morning, during the prevalence of a heavy fog down the river, the steamer Resolute made fast to two schoonera-^-taklng the Lydla Ann on the atarboard side, and the Fairfax, Capt Mott, on the larboard. Just as the boats got fairly within range of tft Confederate bafteriea, about 9 o'clock, am, rain commenced falling, and the fog lifted The Confederate* commenced firing rapidly, and In one hoar discharged 154 rounds at these vessels The Fairfax received 25 shots In her hull, and about 29 In her deck load of hay, and aloft. One shot passed through the awning of the Reeoluta, aft, splintering the sustaining bar, and paaaed Into the cabin of the l.ydla Ann,where the captain was at dinner?no doubt spoiling his appetite. The Resolute must have been sunk If it had not been for the protection the Fairfax and her deckload of bay afforded. When the vrasels were nearly out of range tbe hawaer of the Fairfax parted, and left tbe Reeolute rxposed If this accident bad occurred ten minutes sooner, tbe Resolute must have been aunk. It would havecertalnly led to tbe loaa of the Roaolute, if an attempt bad b?en made to again take tbe Fairfax in tow. The Fairfax fell Into the hands of the Confederates She wai loaded with bay and cement, and had on board a ptano and some furniture belonging to Mr. John^vans. of tbe Williamsburg (N. Y ) Time*. That gentleman's pecuniary ioas Is about tl 0U0 , but he lost some afticles which, on account of family association, cannot be valued Some of the men on tbe vessels sasert that they heard the grating of a chain along tbe keels ef the vessels, but tbe oflcers of the flotilla treat the chain atorv a? a good joke. Tbere was a rumor afloat that 50U Confederates hsd croaaed and recroaaed tbe Potomac laat night between Shipping Foint and Evaaaport, bat the report la not credited, because tbe nnly place where they have boats to ensble tbem to croes te at Aquia Creek, and at that point a crossing woold be thwarted, not only by tbe flotilla at that point, but by a portion of Sicklea' brigade stationed en the Maryland aide oppoalte the month ef tbe creek. AFFAina in iliiardku. [Special correapoa deuce of The Star J Alixarhia, Oct. 21 ?Editor Stmr: On Satnrday, Robert Snyder was before tbe proves* neort for an aasault on a Mr. Dwyer, of thia city, and to* violent and threatening language against the Federal troops and the Union aaen of the elty. Judge Frlees fined him S500,and held him to ball In the sum of S5.000 for his good behavior Several veasela arrived on Saturday afternoon and night, having paaeed the blockade darlnf the day, among them the achooner Elisa Jane, from Philadelphia. She waa struck Svetlmeala paoalag the batteries, but sustained bat Utile demag* except by one ahot, which atrack her malaaaaer Everything le quiet here to-day A reooonolssance waa made towards FikfU Court Beaea yesterday, and it ia sold that a movsassnt will he made aa far aa Gargoa' or Gosdwla's to-day. LATEST NEWS BY TBLhQR?tU. LIXINSrON HCIPTDIIO Jeffeesoe Citt, Oct. tl ?The rebel garriaoe at Lextagton waa eurpriaed by IM ef tbe Pint Missouri regiment, and tbe place recaptured,With all the sick and wounded, and a quantity ef guru, piatola, and two pieces of cannon A hundred of our sick and wounded hsve boon brought bat*. The rebel garriaoe numbered throe hundred The capture at Lyeu creek la coaSraaai. REPORTED CAPlURE OF THS PRIVATEER SUMTER Rostoh , Oct tl ?The Is agar Time* pubtiafcaa aa ax ract of a letter from Barhedrre. dated a*pt 27, statu.? that tbe private r Sumter bes boon nature! to tbe leeward, by ti.e Mesas Pewbatan ; > ut i<uere from Varlntsaa dated Sept. re calved bora, awka no nn>"? rep~t l

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