Newspaper of Evening Star, October 22, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 22, 1861 Page 4
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p? I I I 1 THE EVENING STAR. THE VOLUNTEERS J* K*wt6U imiiMiM of tk? Tkrt* Ftskirmrn, by KingtltyThree soldiers went marching out from th? weet? Oat from tbe wnl to the south went down; Each thought of the woman that loved him beet, As the crowd stood watching them oat of the town; ?ot women mast weep, and men moat be brave, There's a flag to defend and a roantry to Bare, Though the wounded are suffering and moaning Three ooloneis sat In their uniforms nicela their uniforms nice as the sun went down; They had voted for Lincoln, and read Htrdee twice, And were therefore supposed to have done It up brown ; -For we must have colonels to lend forth our ! brave, It matters bat little bow they behave, Though the wounded He Buffering and moaning. Three bodies are there 'mid the wounded and deed? 'Mid the wonnded and dead as the sun went Im; "Dm army is scattered, the colonels have fled, And the soldiers will never return to the town ; Foe women must weep, and men must be brave. While the cravens tnat lead shun the patriot's grave. And the wounded He suffering and moaning. I Rfctnt Ei|liih Ram Lfttliifi. The ram lettings in the eastern oountieg continue to (how, u stated recently in the Times, greet development of enterprise on tbo part oisheepbreeders and the agricultural interest generally. At the letting of the Tathwell ram/, for instance, the 117 offered made a total of ?1 200, being an average of ?10 17s. each. The highest price for shearlings was ja+i, ana me mgnest price Tor two shears and upwards was ?55. At the annual Biscathorpe ram-letting, 120 fine animals were offered, and several of the shearlings were let at prices ranging from ?20 to ?30 each, one lot realising ?42, Mother ?50, and a third ?71. The two and three shears also went off well, three lot* making upwards of ?30 each, and another lot ?52 10s. The shearlings averaged ?15 Is 4d.. the two shears ?14 13s. 10d., and the three shears ?14 14s. 7d. each. The total sum repliied for the 120 lots offered was ?1.78r> 10s., and the average was higher than at any previous letting at Biscathorpe, having been ?14 17s. Od. in 1461. ?13 12s fid. in lKfifi f 11 Us. In 18o?, and ?11 9?. 4d. in 1Ho8~ Mr "Win. Torr, another well-known Lincolnshire breeder, has held his letting in the course of th? last few days, and offered 40 shearlings. 2t two-shears, and 26 three-shears and upwards. For some reason best known to himself, Mr. Torr?who is known throughout Englaad as "Torr of Alesby"?did not conduct his letting publioly, but his rams off by JirWate contract. It was stated, however, lhat he average price obtained was satisfactory. Taking into consideration the increasing prides paid at these lettings, there seems little reason to doubt that the agricultural interest, notwithstanding the unfortunato harvest of last year, is Mill in a satisfactory and buoyant condition, and has abundant resources at com- j aand The good prices obtained for meat and wool have caused additional attention to be j devoted to their* production, and bence the high prises willingly paid for first-class rum#, from which sheep calculated to yield tbe utmost possible smount of mutton and heaviest fleeces are likely to spring.? The Fit/'i. Wintering C'nlrrs. Calves, says the American Agriculturist, ehoald have loose stables, or stalls to run in during winter, with a little yard or paddock for exercise out of doers in fair weather, and plenty of fresh air always. Good soft hay, a few oats, say a pint a day for each, or an eaual quantity of corn, oats, or barley-meal, and in wild weather a quart of sliced roots, is their feeet food. In very cold weather, roots do calves?such is our experience?more hurt than good. They are olpld and watery, and scour them Id mild weather roots supply the place of green food, and we consider tnem good for that only in our Northern climate. If salves get loosT. rub a little soft grease, mixed with sprinkling of Scotch snuff, on the affected Krts, thoroughly to the skin, and the lice will ire at once. If you have not the snuff, grease aJcue will Hr> T*;. i. ?i ? 1 ? - - W> ?UID w VUOVlUAIt BUU IQO UDIJ remedy we have applied for years. Tobacco water we do irot like. It often sickens the ealvea, and is not ao certain a care as the grease Keep theealves warm, dry. and clean, and they will come out in the spring as bright as larks. fiT" Leo Is Paulsen, the greatest of Morphy'a American competitors In the game of chesa, came onl at the lirml victor at the recent tournament of the Brltiah Cbets Asaociation FOR PIELD 9ERVICE.-Heavy Grey ami Brown Mixed B ankrti, that weigh from 6 to7 aoaods aer pair,a very soarce artiole AJao, fin- Hod, Crib, and Cradle Blankets, al! aiaea. TaMeCioti*. Sheetings, Pihow Cottons, Napkins. Towels. 4c. With all?her kinds of Dry Rood* for the gen, arai and ap^oiai wauta of families. Carpeta, Cartains, Oilolotna, Rags, Ac., upper Boors. On* pri<*? only, marked in plain igares PERRY * BROTHER, Pa. avenue and Ninth st., OOlT ? "Perry Butldiag " Buckwheat flour. BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. CE&O cranberries KING ft. BURCHELL, oe n CornT Vermont >t. anJ Ijth at. NaVY BLL K FLANNEL, Broadolotha, and CM?im<rfi; Army Blue Flannela, BroadoMHha, and Caiaim rea, aaaorted qua ltisa t.iat can be relied on. Heavy Colored B anketa for o%mp a*rvioe. >V i th ail kiada of Dry Gooda for Uie uae of bonteCarpeta, Curtaica, Oilolotha, Ruga. Ac., upper tan One prioe only, marked in plain figure* PERRY* Jt BRO.. Pa. avenue and Ninth at, oo 17 Si "Perry Baildug." PROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1968. Quarter matter's, OgU* U. 8 Marin'. Corrt.l skmfton. September ti. 18HI. \ B.. ? n " ' - ? uMbCL' r XTtntM Will D? received at thia OffiO?, nnCU in* "*>tn day ot Ootob?r next at 12 o'olook.m-, fur fhrmehing rtaoai to the L. 8. Marine*,at the fot;g wtn? auuona, dating the je*r lob. vis: Portemcuch, Vaw Hmipiturr. Charleetown, MMuhiuetii; {{rookijn, lyODK New York; Pbfladalphia. Penney lwania: W eehiogton, Diatriot of Columbia. Kaob ration to conaiatof hree-aartere of a found of neee porker baoon; or oneand-a fourth round* of freeh or *ait boef; twenty two ounoea ot bread, made of extra auperfine flour, or ie lieu thereof treoti two ounce* of extra auperfin* Sour; or one pound of hard bread, at the opuon of the bovernraent. and at the rate of euht quart* of beet white beau*. or tn liea thereof tea poioda of rioe; iea aeanda of good o- ffee.or in lieu thereof one and a uJ pontic* of tea; fifteen pound* of good New Or lean* *ucar; four q?art* of vinecar; oue p >uud of aperio oaa<ilae. or oae-and a fourth pound* of daaiantma candle*, or one-and-a-half pound* of ood herd dipped tallowoandla; four pound* good, fear J, brown aoap; two e uarte of aalt; end one hundred *** tltj -aix poenda of potatoee. to eaoh hunUM ration a. The moreaeed allowance of lour ounoea of flour or bread, aad the allowance of potatoes, as ahonn 1 proncM, vin oeaao, at the terminator ol th? ereeent inaarrrotioa, and th* ration be aa provided Mr taw and relatione, on the lit of Jh!t, 1WI. Tu beef haa be delivered on tbo oru?r of t*e tonaic ling ftoer of eaen station, either in balk or by the ?in?le ration; ana shall ooauat o" th? boat ana null oftoiee pieoee of the car caee, the por k to be No l prime moee-oork. and tao grooonee to Walk* beet 4uality of kinda named. AD llU<0ttO ioiMOtlOQ. Ail bid* meat be aooompanied by the Joll owing guarantees nrm at ffaaraatM. The undersigned, , of , in the State of . and . of . in the ??tate ot , hereby guaranty that la oaee the foreirong eof ? for raUoae, aa above deaori^ed, aoooeted. he or they will, witkia ten day* after the roooiptuf Ike contrast at the Poet Offioe named, osteite (ho ooatraot for the same, with goou and oaAMOntaaretiaa^nd in oaee aa?l abail flulto enter into oon'raot aa aforooaid, we guaranty to aak? good th* difference between the offer of the ?ud and that whioh mar bo aooepted. A. B.. buaraator, Witaeaa: C D , Guarantor. B. P. MB 1 hereby oertify that Uo above naood .au.u wntH mm or property and ablo to mmk9 good UMr guruM. 9. H. jTi?? nt?*4 by Ik4 Unutd Sftu District Jndt*, Umjitd Si if Diitn. iuimm. or CMUctm.) No irofoMl will b? oou*4<ier*d aoiooa aoooai HAf" l>T tho aboro g uarastoo. (SnriNMti aathonsod to Nbllih aboTO ' oSaalbr****' ?^B^inlu* lasertion to Priaooaloto M^oodori'd "Propooaia for Rationa ?, >xn* MlT-lav?w Mi^or Ud Qi?rUri^it*n %17E STILL CONTINUE THEftAifc OF " tk# groat bvgaiaola ML of all kin *? Mu; ohoioo Uuaca ib No w Monaoaa.frtafc Pwpttaa,Monaao.ioo*. Merino P.aidi, Ac. 2?hKi ??? Pa avaaao aa? Ninia >t, mU-M -Potry Bnildinjc." ??OMB-MAJ)K to0?3 A*i> SHOES um'. Muaaa' aap Or>Laaar? **&~K m + fa. tot ?V! aad HAM* DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE. Between Ninth and Tenth Streets an 36-eo2ni 5SS t*>pca pereonally at ht? office .n thie olty MB Many persona o&n wetr theae teeth whoxann eannot wear others, and no peraon o&n wear others who cannot wear these. Dara/tti* a?I li?? ? M. t.J ? VI wvu? vafilHf ?? UfJ UUUO WHI WC 9WUIU1UVAJ?WU with any style and prioe of Teeth thejr may desire; bat to those wno are partioular and wi*h the pareet, c.eaoeet, atroncest, and moat perfeot denture that art can produae, the MINERAL PLATE will be mo'e fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 339 Paarenne, between tth and 10th ata. Alto, 907 Aroh street, Phi.artel phia. oo IS-tf ^asyittingt&c. AWM *. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeonte any ardtra With ' ?Art ORjT?AM FITTIN* nr Store on ?th atreet, a few' doors north of Pa, ' arenoe, where may be fctnd a oomalete assortment of CHA N DELI ERS and other AS, 8TEAM and WATER FtXTURKS tar u I SNYDER. PL UMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has rumored to the oorner of Twelfth and Fata, > He is prepared to introdooe Water and^ Gas upon j w? IHVI wiviavio KIIIUI BUU luaiauun ?UUI? He has on hand a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, whioh he will aell leu than ooat, &a ha > wiahee to get rid of them. na!7 W ? A3 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reoeivint, 9AB FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Design* and Finish, superior in atyie to anything heretofore offer d in this market. We inviteoituena ceneral I It to sail and examine our stock of 6as ana Water : Fix' ire?, feeling ooniident that we have the b?at eleoted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrnatod to ear oar* Will be promptly attended to, MYERS * Mo?HAN. aarl tf 37? D street nfFlCE OF INBPEQfVOR AND SEALER U OF ?A8 METERS. WaaHineTOK. Jtly II, lMt. ffOTIOE IS flEREBT GITEN, That, agreeably to the proviaiona of the ordinanoe of Che Corporation approved May II, lstfip, the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever refnired in writing, ana on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to lnapeott tir. .nine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoonraoy of , registration of %ny gaa meter in nse in thia oitY." I every meter, if round moorreot, will be condemned and Another, sealed and marked a* true, will be ; etiniM plaoe, If proved to be aoea^-aCe in ita meaaaiementofcaa, itwill be sealed acco-amjly, and nun ?ut in poaition for *ae. OCoe No. ?10 Seventh itreet, (new Odd Fel-?w?' Hall.) Oten from t a. m., to i ?. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Ij It 1f lnapeoier and Sealer of 8u Meters. WALL, STEPHENS ft; CO.. ? 3JJ FmrmTLvaHi*. AVKHD*. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHILRS. AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, se 6-if (Intel. A Kepub.) Army blue cloths andcassimeres, tuod qualities for officers Cravats, Pocket Handkerchiefs. Gloves. Suspenders, Umbrellas, Undershirts a'd Drawers, A o. One price only, marked in plain ficures. PERRY A BRO.. _oc9-5t Pa avenue and Ninth st. THE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army and a* Navy to their full ?upp!? of MILITARV^BB ana NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS. KA such a? lndi(0 Blue Cloths and Doeskin*, VV Caps, Epaulets, Laoe*, Shoulder Straps,"- * Be'ts. Swords, rword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all respective embroidery Aiso, the oelebratsd PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solicited. H. F. LOUDON A CO.. Navaland Military Merchant Tailors. ir lB-eosro agj p*. av.. iwjg Bwwtfi Hotel. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber i.aving made addition! to hi? factory, making it now one of the largest. afmu in the Dtarriot, where hit fnoiiitieakfluKR: for manufacturing CARRIAGES ?od*5?= LIGHT W\GONS of a!! kinds oaanot be aur paaaed, and from hie lone experience in the buaineaa, he hopoe to jive general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. Alt REPAIRS neatly dono, and all or<!e?a ' promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDRKW J. JOY(jfe, I 1* tf norre' of Funrto-'pth %nil H aim. MILLIARDS! I ill The lovers ' " of tho GAME UK BILLIARDS will find in KM RICH'S KINK HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (south aide,) two of the moat admirable TAf^.ES in the United State*, with every oomfortand convenience au 3if tor the players. WATCH REPAIRING AN DS1LV LR WARS | MANUFACTOR I hare one of the beat establishments, and far- I aished with a complete set of tools for repair- | inc ever* description of fine Watches, and AM articular attention give to the same, by &dHK (ho ?rh oompetent workman .and a. work caac&n tiec Aiso, ev?ry descrip ion of standard SILVFR Wi RK. plain and ornamental, manufactured under bit own supervision, which my oustomers will find ! for superior in jualitv and finish to northern ware sold by dealers in general and reareaenied as tl>eir \rn Hiaturacture. H. O. HOOD, e Ct.t*?nn?. rn'fli . rws ts nn ?* ^ ? - ? ? Inc. bunurnAii HUT EL., KKF? BY Ft I EM EI OH. at the co rear of Penn. A ?. ? A avenue and Eleventh street, hu beenWCHfeV greatly improved recentiv and now offer* laU^X greater inducements for the patronage of oitlsena and strangera Man any other ?ublio house in the i city, his prices being less than those of any other hotel on Peui. avenue, and hia accommodations for permanent ortraaaient boardera unexceptionable. The bar acd restaurar.t arrangements of tha European Hotel have already becoms very popular. being all tn\t can be desired by the most fastidious. The proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued hberal expenditure*to givesatisfaotion to all, and thus renews his invitation all to rive tha European Hotel aoail. de4-ti U N BOATS Qumrttrmnttr Utntral'* n*-r. ? IfuMlllw Otfv. JnlvT*, 1861.1 Plan* *hd SracincaTions for hulls of 8nn Boata for the Weetorn rivem are on exhibition at thia olfioe, stid at offloec of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati. St. Louis and Alton. Boats to )>? delivered at Cairo. Hide should he aant to Quartermaster General of the United State* Army, at Washington, by lat An gust, at noon. M. C. MEIGS, Jy 19 Bng. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. UNION PAPER ANP EN VKLOPE8.?Twentj different style* of Note and Letter Paper, WithV.nvKlnMi Ui View* of vf'asbingtou in the form of a Robo, and in Uook form ; also, soparato Al< the Daily and Week,* Papers constantly on hand. Herald, Times, and Tribune received every night at 6 o'clock. Paper* from ail parte of the country. Beadle's Dime Novel* aud Sone Hook*. A free 11 supply of Hooks for aummer reading, oheap A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Reid's Books, Hollo Books, Abbott's Histories, fro. A disoouot of 1? to fin p?r oent. on a!! bound books FRENCH St RICHSTEiN, ma 2ft National Rnokstor*. '4Tt* P>. ST. I CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of our bavin* to pay cash for very article ol goods we purchase, we are foraed to redooe oar business to Cash exclusively, for the | present. We have in store a very large assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and bovs' wear, wuioii are se.ling at a much lower rate than usuaiiy. WALL, STEPHENS & CO.. 3)14 Pa. avenue, between Hh and 10th st?. )e y llnt?l. k Repub.) _ MAPS OF THE SKAT OF WAR.-Aftplendid Map of the Seat of War for only t cents. Also, Pocket Maps of all kinds. Soldiers' Camp Dressing Cases from f 2.<0 to Blank Books and Stationery of all kinda, Flag Paver ana Envelopes KIMS. Banners and Vi??? ?r w?-L? 0 , * (WW* VI ?? wilt U|* J (on, American and Foreign Magaainea, Daily and Weekly Papon. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'8 National Bookatora, 1 (Intel. k. Repnh.) ttTS Pa. avenue. WE OFFEE TO MILITARY MEN a larea aaaortmentofGREVand BLUEPLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWEES. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF HOSE, Ao.. vfakob we invite all oaah purohaaera to uaniH before making their selections. WALL. 8TEPHENS fc CO., S89 Pa. av., between 9th and loth ata. ?n? (latetli?not and Rwpnb'ioan.i HAV, jEfgSS^A^.^'Jrrl par. Colored Borders, raled and plain, with Envelopaa to matoh. Alao, K >u Paper of all kinda, witii and without Mottoaa; EnvJtopea to matoh. Parses aad Pocket Book a of every deaonption. Ifaw York Papera reooived daily; Papera from a.. pa,uufthe?oBiijt^cH ^ RICHSTEIN, aaa t P?b| Mgaa Ti vOLUME BAJ^ZAC'9 NO VELS.?The - > Aiuurimai, or imm nosM of C1?M; from U>? r?,r M tn&rsi- u?. * 1* P*B?. IVMIII. RALF Wlffl, nilZKTT F.tS Jt*. A nil Moot ?<v?n OB tM#d, or ?? to ordar litt* jhoru*t Wrki?^i VSS^ggnkl HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ? IT 18 THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UN8URrA88KD BY THAT OF ANY T\VO DOLLAR WEEKLY! itu tnoiniTi nri*o a jl* a tt W o ur i v uii WORTH TO ANV FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this WeeJt, to be out on Friday Morning?price Thru Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. Every Perton at a distance who would keep Posted with reference to what is really going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICB AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. jypmcAL TMRNT gF TXT^ .L ?4 /' ei a in i?. 1 a. nuMimi till, i orner o/ r ana ncfulH OinHS* Skskiok of l?61-*69. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLE YOUNO. M. D., Profeaaor of Prinoiilea and Praotioe of >1edi<uoe. JOHNSON KLIOT, MTI>., Profeaaor of Principle* and Praotioe of Surrery. JAM KS K MORGAN; M. D., Profeaeor of Materia Medioa and Therapeutioa. J. M. SNYDKR, M. D.. Professor of Obatetrra* and Diae&sea of Women and Children. THOMAS ANTI9EI.L, M. D. Profeaaor of Medical Chemiatry,Toxioology, and Physiology. J. K. WI I.I.KTT. M n EMmonstr&tor of Anatony IT^ The ohair of anatomy to b? filled. The session will commence on the 2&1 of Ooto ber aiid end in March following. For further information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. 1>., Dean of the Faculty, 408 F street, between 6th and 7th sta. au 6-lawtNovl* J^IREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. | Capital. 9900,000. U#34 tvrmr C strut and Louisiana ?., ???r Ban* 4f Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAIN8T LOSS BY FIRE. Dlft BCTOB*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Joues, John D. Barolay. Jacob Gideon, Aii'lrew Kothwell, Thos. Parkor, Riohard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. O. W. Davie. No charge for policies. JAMES ADAMS. President. Abbi G. Davis. Seoretary. au 9-eo?m LEA tr PERKINk' CEI.KBP. ATED 1W ? ! o it ui vcsiciaim v ntiutts Prononnoed by BJ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS if of a Letter from a to be the II Medical Gentleman " ONLY" GOOD T^Zer SAUCE." ^ Woroeater. and applioable to gJgS! ? fell L?V#%rv\iva v ri0t that their Saure ISVRKI .'"Jr"1" ia hichly MtMraed S~?rr in India, and ia, in VARIET\ my opinion, tho inoat >. fV*r..K pa atib'e, an well a? 111-' ni4H inuit wholMom' WISH* thut ia mada." The above SAUCE ia not only the bist and moat fopula* co*dimi5T known, but the moat Fconomiral, aa a few drnpg jn Soup, (trary, or with Hi\k. hut and oo!d Joints, Buf Sttak, Uam?, e., impart an exquisite z*?t, wluoh unpr i?r ipltd Sauce mauvfacturera have in vain ent>avor??l ti> imitate On the Break fart, Lunctfvn, Dinner, or Supper TnbU, a ciruet oonta'iiing " L?EA A PKKKJNS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indiaponaa lile. 'i'o appreciate the rrctllmi qualities r>T tl?i??/t/iritmi preparation it ia only neoesaary to purchase a ?m-li Ixitt.e of the genwnr. of a respectable gro oer or <<ea er, as many Hotel and His aurtnt oro pnetnra ma don> place the Pure ?auoe be/ore their gueata. but sni>atitute a genuine Bottle tilled with ' a spurious mixture. For sale bj tir< csrg and Frnitarera every whare. JOHN DUNCAN k. SO -S, ff- . ? o - - ? " " i/Biim square ana 141* strtzl, iVW Yvrft. 8oU Wholesale Agent* for the United y?tite?. A Stock al van in store - Alto orders reoeived for direct shipments from Kngia d. IC7" Brwart of CouHtrrfeUs and Imitation*.-TT1 icp S-lr.eo I j pKNSlON OFF1CK, Jom Om. lUCi. TO ALL WHOM Tf MA Y CONcflKN. Application having been mado under tee act ol 23d .l"ne. If^i, for tho reissue of the Laud WarI rant described herein, whioh are alleged to have I Deen ofci or nestroved. noticeis hereby giv?*n, that at th<< date following the description ofe&oh War rant, a new certificate, of like tenor, will be ueuM, if to valid objection shall then appear I No <*yinn, for ltio &cros, issued under rhe act ot ! March 1855, in the name of Po ljr, widow ot David Bradbury, and granted on the 19th oaj 01 September, I860 ?<Novem'>er 16,1M1. NS. *3.342 for 60 aorea issued under tha act of March. WS6. in the name of Christopher Dough ?it?, and *ra ted on the 27th day of September, 1856. November 16 1861. No- 93,814, for I6D aorea, issued undar tlie act of March. i>.?>. iu the name of Buy 8. Alexander, minor child of John C Alexander, deoeaaed, and July 2. I860.?November ?6.186' No. 2,163, for 160 acre*, issued under the a?t of March. 1856 in the name o' Beuj%miu Keily.and granted on the 27th day of June. 1856 No 652. for 80 acres, issued under the act of Maroh. 1856 in the name or Reuben Woodruff, and I ranted on the 9th day of May, 1855. No. 856. tor 160 aores, 'suueo un^er tl,e act of Maroh, 1855, in the rune of Samuel H Water house, and granted on the23d day ol May. 1853 No. 2,683 lor 80 .acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1855, in the name of 8h?llv Downs, and (>ant?d on the 2d day of August, 1856.?November 16.1861 No 41 98fl, for Iflo acres, issued under the aot of March, 1856. in the name of James Pray, and cranted on the 21st day of March, 1861 ?Nt>\ember 23,1861. No. 25 33n, f >r 160 sorer, issued under the act of Maroh 1856, in the nami of vv il'iam M.JolinsC. and John D. 8., minor ohi;dren of lrwin Ragget, deceased, and gr .ntsd on the 24th day oi May. 1856? November 23, 861. No 44,818. for 8n acres, issuei tinder the aot of Marnh, 1856 in the name of Gettv, widow of Thoman Ei wood, and granted the 19th day of January, lftSJ.?Nnw??nKA? iQfll w ??w f ~WWI I IW1I No. 7ss^i lor 160 aorea. leaned under the sot of M&roh. 1856. in t>'? naine or Alexander Mo nHough, and traiaed on the 8th day of January, 1MB.?.November 21 lwi. No. 8,"68. for 16n acres, inaued under the aot oi March, 1856, in the name of Alexander Mctjuain, and granted on the 12th day of Ootober, 1866.?November an, ia61. No. 9,769. for 120 aorea, laeued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Daniel Weat. and ?ranted on the 14th day of July, 1856.?Deoember 7, 861. No. Kl&a for 100 aoree. ia-u'd under the aot't Maroh, '856, in the name of Ilarinali, widow of Jamea Wnaon, and gracted on the9>th day of February. 1857 ? December 30,1161 No. 643V, for lau aarei, inuM under the aot of Maroh 1855. in tee name of Martha. widow of And ew Me'10c. and grafted oh the 16th day of Ap, il, 1866 ?December 2 ,1861 No. 33ng.for 160 aores, ieeued under the aot of Maroh, 1865, in the name of Bainuet R. Jaokway anJ granted on t*?# 1st day o' A?gu*t. 1856. No. 3 l'4,for 160 aerea, i?aued unde the aot of, Maroh, 1856. in the name of William H Tarrance, and granted ou tne 13tu day of July, 1866. - Decern Iter 21, 1861. I No. 14345, for M airea, laaued ander the aot of ?eptrmber 8)0 in the name of Levi Treadwell, and granted Sep ?mber 29th, 1861. No 31^9B, fo 40 ?Msree. la.ned under the B&me act, in the nanDof Ah?l*. und ath.lSsl-December* T?r No 72 524 for l?o aorea, laened under the not of Maroh. I85>, m the name of Thoiiiaa Johnson and granted on tne 9th da; uf Stptember. 'M7.?January 4,1W2. ?o. 42^16, for 80 acre*. laaued nnder the aot of Maroh, 1855, in the name of folly, widow of John d fran<?i on the tad dar of September, 18fii ?January 4,1W2. _ JOSEPH H. BARRETT. * ?-l?w Commissioner. ?TOPHAMS ana P R K M I U M TRUNK ?" MANUFACTORY, ?i? Bivbntu smn, WiiiiMT*i,D,a SllTtr Medfcl warded hy Maryland JaatitaU AU?. njf I?-*. 1 -.rag8?( zsassASnzisurx* MaMn of OonjrM* Md trroim will plaMC Xro iS*uiiJirt nmd? t? superior Leather ud Dr*M Tract* out I* Tnioka imnA put raMurw* at wort aotw* Ooo^a dehw?J free of ch&rn to ftsyte?rt o? tks it? ire rteir*. ?cd Aitiji.dn*. _ 1/ MP* W.TOPHAM PIANOR, PIANOb. PlANOA-Niw VuMM ~fe I II >1 I - #Ofr* Comtk, C*U, Homrtmuti, JmAmmum.mmy Irritation er SctOf ikt lVMi, Rtlittt IAt H+dnni Coutk ra Omimvfioti, Bronfkitu, Alkmm, t Omtmrrk, CUor mmd rin ttrmgcA to tiu loici PUBLIC SPEAKERf ' aiis SINGERS. a Few are aware of the impmtanoe of ohecAinc a oih or "Common Cold''in iU finit ttace; that ion In the b?fininf would yield to a mila re?n^ a?, if neileoted.soonatuckathe Lante. "Bmm't orrntktAl Trocits" oonUinwi demaToentincredi nu, illmj Paunouary and Bionohial Irritation.

BROWN'S VROCBK8 SS?* "" ^VWILUS.' BROWN'S ^ " 1 reoommend Uair km to Smtui." fROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. *'fi raat aanri/ta I at ail Main* U /\ 1 W 1 w? VV i ? IVW IU BUIAI HI u? uva BROWN'S ??( <?." REV. DANIEL WISE. ? R npRKa "Almost inatant relief in the die 8 troMiuc labor of breathing peculiaj BROWN'S to A9\fKv. A. C. E6BLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything v Inlarioaa." DR. A. A HA ^ KS, BROWN'S Oumist, 1lotto*. TROCHES BROWN-s JR. 4. K. BIHKL TROCHES ' ?? ? <*? Ki BK?wn'S ., >r0,M ?J>?Z TROCHES C.g.^ WARREN. t> mm wwr ai?? ** - oftunii's jycutm, _ u B?a?ftoi*l when oom relied U TROCHES apeak, auflerihg from Coi D. ' REV. S. i. P. ANDERSON. BROWN'S St. Limit. ma nrnira " CintTitL in re?oviac HoirwTKui/HCr Deg> aDd jrrit?tion of the Throat, 6EOWNf8 oomraon with Spi&iui and 8iw* wroph km ""'Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, TROCHES L# urmmtt, tf a. nf 8rt?thnpn onvvrms - FrauiTe College. TROCHES " 6rs*l benefit when taken before and after preaching, ta ther prevent BROWN'S Hoarseneis. From their past effect, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantage to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Tenn. WOCHES it l-i t TOT FOR THE SICK AND STFFERIN# J IMT ALL WH(^AKJi AFFLICTED AMY THS M.MMMD1 MMJOI0M17 RMAJLTH. Frlaad, do yaa aaffar/ A?o jam ue via tin of uj ftkaao nain?rom? oiimetta vkiek ortao fram lmKlty of the blood.' WiM?re t j, do yoa uk I ther oak. vkat ore they not.' The blood ia the aoaree ef life ud hwlth. and it ia tha flrat element of oar boinc to reapood to ony eoaae whioh aflecti the aratem, M the pale* infallibly attr?t* The aver prevailing Noar?lria, me irriUtinc Erya!pe.aa,tbe aabtle Borofala. tha wonisint ftheamatiam, Ner rots Debility. Dyapepna, Liver Complaint with its terror and df-jtction. ana ih? namberleaa ills that Bean is h'ir to, danve their nwJeowa oririn from tha blood. Deal kindly tfcen and gentiy with the blood. Vaa the viiaiiaint roaoaroea of oatare far it* aid. and sefar aa to oommend to yoar ooi'ftdence act ae that tra i valaable meiiaament knows aa MRS. M. COr8 INDIAN TK&KTABLR DMCOCTION. With retard ? thia alinoat infallible s?eail? poaalar aeptiinent haa spoken in decided lerma ana the evidenaea of tbia treat eScaoy are aaatained by constant avowa s cf curative elects and the happiest reaaila Iroia iu va* are kiier ail outr 'emedio* iLti Xte beat meiica' skill have failed. Let oa aar, m eoro'usion, that certificate* area are ijot aoacht from the illiterate aud euaertoial, l>nt they are yoianteered from the moatre aeotalne pouroea aud jvatifr the hisneat tcrma in *hia? it ia poa*ibie to ojmmend ao ralnabis 4 aaeoiao to pablio nap royal. We mar add alac that the curative pro parties of the medicine are equalled illy by it* reaiorative effoot". the ayatem recover* injr from diaeaae with renewed constitutional Tit or. For aaie by all reapectabie Druggists in thia %ity. aud by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Nonn rename ameaa her nam* ia blown an tfca aottle ana her afl*> on the oork . Irr rriofl ai p*r totue,r* wniw tor ?. W\?l*$4ki* if mm. ?. S. V. CISS'dL, Oncrist Ofort?town- 1). C.. Wholenle Asent for ttat Diitrlct, *Ld will nppij lh* tr?4e %t my ?rioe?. It IS if De. J. H. MeLEAN 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PlRlFlEH run GREATEST REMEDY tn tU WORLD, J fMM FAX EN ^*5^. s<" b,,,<: talk, Hi aadallaa ImSAJ^ af aaaa laffidUn'n Before L??*:^T tafeirs. f?tllH?f, i'?itiiii( a dt'lattia, asiilaitilaff pirtt, ud Ut attt lafalllkla ? ??<!? fat Mnarailag Ut Jliaatad i;iub, tad nalartaf tki (! ? inf trl*g, ?t 4*kllilat?d lavtiu ta a?a)lk tad i!'ci|il. MtLKAIfS STRXNUTHEWIXV CORDIAL Will ftatuliy mi blTar Caaplalat, Cjip?p?ia, Jandlaa, ijki?a4a > M?r*a?i Dakljtty, Dliaaiaa aflat lidatft, k?? mil iu?*>m ar??| irmwm m u *?ru?r?u urvr ! itutl. lunki?, la ward Piiaa. Aalditr at llttaua af U? Ijauk, nil>M( af Blaad la Ua Baad, Dail Ptu > wiaaalaf <a tka Baad, Palpitanaa a/ tk* til, FaUaata at Waifkt la U? ttaaaick, ?aat *nu<-uan?, Ckakiar at afaaatlag FaaHaf wkta i*ri?r d??i,DryiiH at YallaW. a ?u ( i<i (km i?J J;m, l|ti8wiiu) lnwatd Fit?h, Paia U tka laall af Ika faak, Ckaat, at Blda, laddaa Flaiko af Matt, aptaaalaa af ylnu, Ftif kiral Diuai, buraar, Innidui; at aay Dtirtia dltaaia, Imu at Blaukai aa tka Ikla, aad Fat?i aad afaa (at cuut u( r# J 9TMM A MllllOIf BOTTLMO ka?a kaaa aald datlaf tka laat all aaatka, tad la aa la(Uail kai 11 fallad la (frlaf aatlra aatufaatlaa. Wka, tkaa, will aafat fiM Wiuuu at Daklllty wkaa McUAl1! mumuiai ouuuk via *ata ytm ? Ma laayaaga aaa aaa?ay aa aaaqaata id., a af tka lauadlata aad alaaat altaaalaaa akaaga predated ky taklaf tkla Cardial ta tka dlaaaaad, dakiiiuud, aad ikauatad aatraaa yataa, vkatkat ktakta dava ky aiataa. viit ky aatmta, at lapaitad ky aUkataa, tk* talaiad aaa uttni| atfuU Mtiaa U tattarad ta lu filatlaa kaaltk aad rift rn.AM.iiKD rsRBoir&t at atkara, aaaialraa af laakllltr ftaai vkatavat aaaaa, aril ad HalliHI rrBBM?TaBMlK? CO A* I At a tkataafk ttftaattiM af tka ayataa: aad all aba ut kaaa la tatad tkaaaalvaa ky laptaaat lauag aatta vtll fad la Ula Cardial a atrtala aad apaady taaady. TO THE LADIBB. hIAII millTlllllt'lVUIIlkll ? HMh tin aad im fat laarplast CaoaaapUaa, Wklttt, kitrattttf > ?ia?*lt Kn>mujH,lamUi<Mi af frUt u lavalaatatT MMihi tkirtaf, FaMlaf af ik? Wash, 1<Jdta?n, fiJaUaa, uiall dlttuaa laaldaat ta Ftaalat. THBMt IS NO MISTAKE ABOWT IT afftr a* laafat. Tata It aatardlaf la dlraattaaa. It vlll ilailMt unirilia. aad larl|aMl ya? aad uua tka klaaa af kaaita ta ratal 7**' akaak aftia. ??try kattlt U timiui ta (I'l aaUtfaaUaa. roR CHILD ABU, UrHi akildita a?a tltkly, r??T at Itttd, MeklAII COltlAk vtll aUi tkta kttltav, fat, aad rakatl Dtlaj a at a araitti trj It, aad jwalfl at aaarlaatd. It U dtilalaat tauka. 9ATTI0N, avara at draff*Mt at daaltit tka may uy ta palai aaaa 7?a aaiaa klutf ar tarMpartlla t'atk, vkick ;h?y taa aay tkcaa, k* aatlaf ll U )vt at ?a*d. Avaid tack mta. A?k fat MckEAkl irEIMariXKIK* COEU1AU, and ttka aatklaf alia. It la thaaoly motdy that viil parify tka laad u>trtij? T ' J *1 lk? aarea uma (liang that. th ti la m. On* taaapaaofal ttkai. a?aty learning failing i* a earula pravaattra far Ckalara, Ckill* uil Y*li*w rarar, N ar ?T*T*l*ot dlaaaaa. Ill* pit ap la Ur(* k?ttl**. f r,i* aaly 91 pat kaltla, at I kaulaa fa> H J - McLBAH. Sal* araprlalat *f tkla Cardial; alaa, Makaia'a Tataanla 01 fctalaaal. Frtaalpil Da pal aa U* twiai *f Vkird ui ria* itfliUi ?t. fcaala, Ma. oLetn't Volcanio Oil Liniment, (TIB BUT UK1MBXT IB TBB WOlkD.) Tk* aaly ufa aid aarulo w* fat Caaaxrt, Ptlae, Tm. an, vallUft aad Branckila at Cattra, Paralalia, Baaulfta, Waaknaaaaf Ik a Maael**, Ch -aolt */ lniacamtiary Bkaaaailam, Bufaaaa af iha Jatuta, Caoiraatad Maaclaa ai kifamanta, Baratka aaTaathaaka, Braitaa, Bpraina, Praak Cau, Waanda, Vlaara, fm? Baiaa, Cakad Braaai, Bar* m.w... mmrnlMrn ?... *k...> 1 _ ? [*, na dTfar'anaa ka'w hum ar >h| (Jit imui bit kiti ailatad, MckKAHt CKkJBBBATXD klNlMKHT tt a HDila riDtdf. nniudt ar ? *? kiii|i i?i nu HTii iiiiirf du wirmdi aad aim; by tha UI af Ula laralaakla ramady. MeLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will T*U?T? pam tlmtil luataotaaavaaly, and U ?U1 alaaa, tad kill U? faalaat Mill la aa luaradlkla akin Uai. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MalJCAIft CELEBRATED LtN IMEMT U tha aol? tali aad iitiikli nail; far iki aara af Sparta, tlifkMi, Wladjalla, pttaia, Bnoataral karapa, Nadaa ai tvallicfa. It aim fallad ta tar* Bif liad, rallavU, riatala, Old Baaalnf laiu, at waacr, If praaarlp appliad. rat praiaa, Braiaaa, lantlkia, Craakad taala, Ckafaa, Maddla at Cellar Sal la, (Jala, laiti, at Waanda, It la aa tafalUbla naadr. iffl; It aa dlraatad aad a aara la Mitala ta a?ary lamaii Tkaa ttlia aa toaftr wiifc tka bim watthlaaa klalnaala iffaaad ta yia. Okiaia a aapplt af Ob. McUAII CfckB B.ATBO klMlMMPT It will aara in. J MrLKaW Bala Onu Tklrd ud Pu* IU-, H b?l?, it*. ciauii itott, m n. mi !<? u vuut> ?. ?. I rRMU.Im|(?n MMIWII QUNBOATS foe tuWEBTKRN RIVERS. Pbopobalb ar? inn tad for oonatraoting 6uboata o?oc tfco Woatoro rivera Bpeoiloatiooa will bo ijnmodiatolr profarod and niay bo uuniud it thtQivtirMitor'i Olot at Cinoinnati. Pit'aburgh. and atjiiia offioa. Propoaala from boat bail era and amino-baild mt alona will bo ooLiidarod. Pa,n submitted by biddwra will bo taken into oonaidorauou M. C. MK16U, to U Q aartormaotor Gonoral UniUd State TKAVei,IN? TRUNKS to lo foand inaa.^ Uooa. Oar Mt Ba?a, to., wblcL wo aro now ao Uuj HX ""**** "tobiassk TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. <tat ,m\o?ayru/?B5?g.N L?ndtc? ud embarking pM*?D|(rt ?t Que*natown. Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Coitumw iat?nd dupatahiac their fall povarad C jd*- ouilt iron 9team?hip? aa foitowa: GLASGOW J..v-5!,*orC,kT? Aaiaat 9i CITY Of BAL+IMORR, " " l?U. KANGAROO. M " I3tl>. And every Satnrdar. at noon, from Puru. N, tih nr?r. eatii or niuci. Firit Cabin ..#7S Po. to London ? ?.. M Do. to Path *S Do. to Hunbare ~ StMrue #90 Do. to bondoa 94 Kto ?'aaa 3* to Humbnrc 35 Puaencara forwarded to Havre. Brfmen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, 4.0 , at reduced throoth larea. Peraona wishing to bring oat ?heir friends #an hay tickets at low ratoa. For further information apply at the Captain* OfBoe. JOHN B. DAL?, Agent, lft Broadway. X. Y . Or U>Q. A. HERRING, Adama Express Baltimore. ^ "^INDIVIDUAL^E^TERPRISK A! ill \* BASTER* A>3> WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EEyTCapt. J H._ K rwan. "tlONhSR,1 Capt. W. Norman, Will ran their route* a? follow*. leavt t Lisht trest, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olook . n. KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing! on CJjoDtank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATrKDAV, returning every Tbar?day and Monday. For Annapoliaand Weet River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning eaiedayt. PIONEER?For 8l Miohaql'a an<l Eaaton, via Mile'? River,every WEDNESDAY, and return the same day. For Annapolis, Weat River. Cambridge, Oxford and Eacton Polct, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Frid&y Vnr ?? > U I a* Mi.I 1? J ? vi uuf/i ID > ?? vot JICI | o?. miorrwi cifiu Ea>ton, via Mile's River Ferrj, every SATURDAY , returning every Monday by same route. Fere to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaston Point f 1 so Fare to St. Miohaei'sand MLies' River^ronaa trie, 91.) 100 Fare to West River, (round trie, f 1 en Fare to Annapoli* (round trie75oeflte) 74 MEALS EXTRA. IT^ Freight most be prepaid. Wharf and Offioo, LIBHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN ISW CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Calvkrt ?tatio*, fiatimore. May 18,1861. { On and after Sunday. May 19th, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAlLWAV ar rive and depart as follows, until farther notioa. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. EX PR ESS atsjn p. M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M Th<l fl IA A H train AAnnMts B ala? Ua? ? with trains on the Western Maryland ftanroad; at Hanover Junotion with Hanover and Gettsbnrg Railroads; at York with York and Wristftsvllle Railroad; at Ham?:.ur? with Pennsylvania Railroad for all part* of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to JVste Y?nk 4tr$tt; at Northern berlaud with L m d 0. H ailroad for Kiocston and all parts of Wyoominc Vallevjand at *ncbury with the Philadelphia and Krie Railroad tor all parts Northern Pennsylvania arid New York. The 3.3u P. M train makes all the above oonneotions exoept Hanover Railrrad, Wrightsvills Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. Tne 8 P. M train makes connections with Penn sr vauia Railroad for an parts of the Wast, and direot connect* for xN#w York. TRAINS ARRIVM. Mail at 610 P M.; Kxprc s at 7 45 A. M.; Harrisbure Accommodation at 2.4S P. M Fnr TioV.t. >ml . nf. ... .4 " m?/l > Utll'U tll^UHO IUV Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. j. c. ctAlK.a?in. ? LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOK NEW YORK. The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad Companies' Line iron PHILAPEi-PHIA TO NEW YO?K AND WAY PL AC P. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as fol lowe: At 6 A M .via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) Ate A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N. J. A ooommodfttion.) At 8 A. M., na Camden and Jereey City.tMornir j Mail.) At lift A. M-, via Kensington and Jereey City, (Western Express.) At 12K P. M., via Camden and Am*>oy,( Aooommodat>pn.) At 3 P M., via Camden and Amboy,(C. and A. Ex ore* e ) At <k f M.. tw Knnsir.rtnn uul i?rm Pit, (Evening Kxpreaa.) At 4X P M , via Kensington aud Jersey City, (Seoond Cliu Ticket.I At6 P M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Evening Mail.) At 11W P. M.. visCamden And Jersey City,(t*onthere Mail.) At 5 P. M , via Camden and Aint-oy, (Aooommodation. frotght arid passenger, Pint Ciasa Tioket.) Second Cla?* Ticket. Th*fi P. M Mail Train ran* daily. Thelljtf P. M Mail, Saturday* excepted For ?ei videre, Kastoc, Lambertvtlle, Fleming- I ton. Ac . at 7.10 A.M.; and 4)* p. M.( from Kes lncton. to' Water fiap, tftrotidsbarjc. Scranton.W-'ltesbarre. M"i?tro*e, Great Betid, Ao., at 7.10 A.M.. Irom K^hKinctoii, vta Delaware, Laokavanna and WMtMi Railroad. For MaacL Cl.ank, Aliectowr and Bethlehem .at 7.1'i A. M. and b'A P. M.. from Kensicztnn dnxit! the 7.10 A. M. ii ? ooncecte with tie train leavmi fcaatoD at 3 36 H. M. _ For Mount Hell/ at sod A. M. and S aod til P M. For Freehold at A. M- and S P. M. For Bristol, Trenton. Ao.. at 7.10 A. W., Of and W P. M from Konsington, and SH f. M from Walnut atrest rrharf. For Palmrra Riveiton,pe!anoo, Beverly. Bnrlinctoa, Fi iretueoo, Bordentown, Ac., at UK, I, S, and 5 )?. M Bteam?r Trenton for Bordentown, and intermediate alaoca, at 2fc P. M. from \Va!nut street JET" For New York ud Way Line*, leaving Kensington Depot, take tbe oars on Fifth street, above w al iut, balf an boor before drpa-ture Tbe oars run int > the depot, and on arrival of train run from the dex>t. hifty pounds of baggage only allowed to*aoh passenger. Passengers are prohibited from taking anything a* baggage but their wearing apparel ; All baggage over fifty pounds to be paid for I *xtra. The company limit their responsibility f.?r i b&gc&ge to one rfol ar per sound,and will not be i iiahleTor any amount beyond one hundred dollars, exoept Wy special oontract. W M H GAT7MKR. Agent. WE8T?ANTD&WT| 1 BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Mil istn. IUKI the tra.ina will r?i? aa follows, via ?Leave Camden Station, Batimore.?Vml, > exoept Sunday.) at A 30 A. M.; Exrross dariy at 3. 46 P. M. Both Traina go directly hrough f(jR ALL PARTS OFTHEWE8T, southwest and northwest: for way passengers. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A.M. Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Aoooimnodation Train, leaving Piedmont at 6. 40 A. M ;and between Grafton and Parkersbnrg, take the h 3>i A M Train from Baltimore. The FREDEKICK TKAIN leave# Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. and Fre<lerick at 6.3r> A. M. Th- ELLICOTT'S MILLS I K AIN leave Baltimore at 6 an and 9.15 A. M. and 1 4.* and A40 P. M , and Elliooit'a Mill* at 7.40 and ll.W A. M.,and 3.45 I and 7.nn p. M. For furth?r mfnt riiUion, Tioketa of every kind, Ao , apply to J. T. ENGLAND Agent, at Camden Station, or at the Tioket office. W. P. SMITH, Master of Tran?p.>rtion. L. M. CU'.E, Gen'l Ticket Agent. t^^^NEW YOKK. HARLEM AND ^ IHB ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NEW VORK.FOI ALBANY, TROY, NORTH AND WAST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commeiioini Monday, May fTth, 1*41. For Abany?11:00 a. m. nit express train from ForDover Plains?4.-00 p. m stopping at WhiU Plains and stations north to Dover plaina?from MLb street station. _ ^ . (This train will ran to Millerton every Satarday Foi^Sroton Falls?A I* a. m. atossina at all sta tiona north of Pordkam from 98th atraef station. Por White Plains?23), 4:10 and fcOO a. m. stopping at all stations from 28th ?treat station. For White Plain#?6:i6 p. re. (topping atallataBona from White street station. Por Williams Bridge?'7J0,11:14 a. m. and 8$o p. a. atopring at all atations from 37th street elation. Returning win leave? Albany?9K*? a. m. taat expre** train. Dover Piaine?630 a m. (Thi* traia leave* Mil lerton every .Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Croton Fall*?6 p. m. White Plain*-* lo,7:00 a. is. 4:io k. 7M f. m. William* Bridge ?;3?, 9:00*. m. A 1:00 p. m. Sunday train* will leave 4th Avenue corner Sd tre^t, for Central Park, York?|lle, Harlem aad High Bridge ever; few minatee. from **0a. n?. to 7:00 p m. JOHN BURCHlLL. Aeet Sa^t. YORK AND ERIK RAIL Paaeenger Train* leave via Pavo ma Ferry and Lon? Dock, from foot of ChamScre street. New follow*, via: 7.00 a.m . KX^RKS^, for Duck irk, and Buffalo, and p'iucieal irterme^ia'e Station*. ona. m, MAIL, for Dankira. aad intermediate Station*?This Train remain* over night at Klmra, and erooeed* the next morning. 9.i*' a m.. MILK dailj, for Otwvtlle, and.inter m?<nate Station*. II on a. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port ?W"IT IXTIRS8. daily, fbr Dn. kirk, Buffalo, Canaadau principal station* ?* Train of Haturday atop* at auHtail Train Stations, and ran* onU to blnuni ACCOM MO DAT1 ON,for HornMrtlU. NATRANIBL JONIONR?ONION#?0?N IONS. U8T RaaeiTMi on oontii cmeat UN TMIM prtua Onion*. For aal? low. KIN? * BU&CHELi.. * Cnnnw FiftwiiitK *<* T Mi. 0"jK Vf.R"* fiK'K !*?0?>Nn RANDFIA^O f-'f 15". sl*o. a large loak o| R? M._ Ha ii * Co'sand Httiuw*) A *??n ba? Juki lcm ratalv*i at Ue Musjo ttu^re ^t, CT Piaaoa for raot, " ^ WMHicctoa Train, wnion l?w WMklaftot * SH o'c ook p. m. **>-*1 M. W PAI.I,*. Pr?t SSjEElmiE D?pot oniij_<e*oept 8nndar?)ae fcllov*. vim: MfrmTnic ai?.l5T7|(.. Way Mail Tnunat MS A. M.; Ereniiu Mail at 4 46 o'olook. On Rl'NBA V9 M 4 45 P. M. only. All trains ovnotot ?it?i v York trains exo*pt 4 44 P. M. train on 9atar days. A Freight Train tritk paseenrer ear attaobed Imvn at 6 P. M . topping at all htabou Mvsts Baltimore and H?rrf de-6rao?. Pa*?rcf?r* for !> aware ard lbs Kastern f bore of V norland will fnd tbe most expeditions ronu b? wsyor w iimiactoa. 115^ Ail Color?d rereou nraat bood bffor* ?ni?rta( tiieocre. WM, CIAWFOKD.Aimi CJCNTII AL.f OltTE FOB SHMETHK >VC8T. ?m HUDSON 1f KAILKOAO mmd KFW YOKt CENTRAL RAILROAD t.xpr? TratM York oity depot* of H?<**pis Ri*?r K?*4 <! lis ?<4 > ii at il m m f<>! nwa ** ? ' j uvyi'?7 wm, nv IVIV wa From Cbsmbera at reel Frnm 31 (t at. atatioa. t 7.00 an At 7 3ft am H oo 5 00 > m HJS - (Sr* Sjn p m SSSp n Mootrtal and Bafal? Train With a. er pc | oara, S.'6 p in i a p m Col- *cnnf at Albany with U>? Nrw York C?a tral Railroad for 9cbeneetadp. Rcebeiter, ruoa Batavia. R.-me, and atationa oa Rome and WnUptown Railr a* Hvffaio. 0Traoaae. Niagara Pal a, Saeper.*i"n Bridge, AtNprn. Geneva.Ca> arriaigaa Traina in connection Jeav# Buffalo arc fur pen aion via l,?ke Shore, Buffalo ar?J i ake Naran and Great Weatern Railroad, for Ha?nilt?m. T?r<f>to, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo, Mllwaukie. Ron Da Laa. La Croaae, M*dia<n frairm Da Chien, Gt ?a. Dunleith, Dulruaue, Peoria. Roek lakaad. Maao* ttM. Iowa Cltv. Rn'Mngton. (Juirov. farinr Alton, ^t- Louie. Cairo, Terre Haute. In<f ana?.> ia, Louiaville. Cuicirnaf . 1 arton, Colon boa, Cl?re land, and all points W eat, Northwest and ttosthWa,t* NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting w.iti Trair.a at lro?, with Troy A Boston and Rene A Saratoga Doana for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rutland, Hurhcgtcn, M. Albans, Rosa* Point, Plattebnrgh, Ogdenabuigh, Montreal, As.. Ac fE^ Freight Arrantrmsr.ta by thte routs as above, witbout chante of C*ts, troai the lispota in Cham Sera aed canal atreets. are at all times as favorable as made by oth* r Railroad Companies. The !Oeil'tiea of thia great New York R<*ite, *o ths West oo?nmend it to the cot ftdsnoe of msiehaats an sh'ppera lor prompt' eea and dirpatsh Passenger train*, with Smoking and Sleeping Uri ran in oodimoUod ce tbe New 1 ork Centra) Road. For parti ou era aa to looel trtina and freight tu rtn|?m?Bti, inquire at tbe depot, W*rr?n at. . K. SMITH. enperiBteatfenL v J? GOVERNMENT LINK FORT MOyROE AfiiD OLV fO JN T COM FO R T. Laavea tbe lower end ?f I'MnN DOCK. Haiti nmre, weet aide, "AII.Y, (Sandeva inclined,tat <H o'cUck P. >1. takir* patser.cera and feif ht. eed floanegtinr with the Railroad Ilnea. tn erd fiom Waahirf'on. L). C., Philadelphia. New Yrrk, Boa ton, York, Harriabnrg, Pittebu rc. P* , and the Weat. immediately after ibe arrive of the Eipreee Train from New Yoik tad Philadelphia. Tbe following la the ^cbedn.e : Prom New York to Fort Moaroe and back. fl< Froir Fhiivle oi. a and hack- am From Ba.timore and Nick 96. PROCURE YOUR TICRETtf^CD Id New the New Jersey Railroaa Ultf foyt of Co?rtlar>d street. In Phi.adeipfaia, the Com^u;'! office, N.. W. corner of Sixth and Cbeetoat street*. or at the Depot. Broad and Prim* i?r*eu. In BMim?rre, on board the Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HUGH O CONNER. Paeeepcer Afeit. ^FOR BOSTON VIA NF W PORT ANfc FALL RIVER. By the ^ticxiid and ?u?en?t Steamer* METROPOLIS. EWPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MaInE. ofcreat trenfth and rpeeo, tat particularly adapted to the cavitation of Long Island So nod. ranBinc in ooeneotion with the Fall Rivet a?d Old Co.ony Rail road, distanoe of S8 miles om? to Boeton Leave Pier No.8 North River near the Battery. The 8t?arr>er EMPIRE STATE. Capt. Braytoa. Monday*. Wedneeday*. and Fnaaya, at $ o'clock P. M.t toaohine at Newport each wa?. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Cap I. Browa. oa Tuesday*, Thursdays %ud Satnrdars, atio'e"ct P. M., tone hint at Newport nob way. Theee "w?miif? ar* fitted with eommodioaa t?te room*. and every %rr&neement for the eecuM tr and comfort oI paxaenter*. who are atforded by tbia route a nubU' reet on board, and ck arrivai at FaU River proceed per Steamboat Trail..reaoh in( Boatou early the following morninjor mar remain oo board until etartint of the fooommoom Uon at 8 A. M., by whioh they may react Bvetec about 8.4S A. M. A bacc&ce mwtar ii attacked to eub itMKM. who reoeivee and tiokru the ba?ra?e. and aoeonpamea the came to iU decti nation. A (teainer rjj^a in ooncsction with this Line be rween r ail Kircr a.iia rrovicenoe duly, exoept Bnndaye. Freijbt to Boston u forwarded thmsrh with K?t dit patch l?y an Fxpreaa Tram, which eavee 11 River ever? luomuc, Sandaya ?jo?pted, at IX o'clock for Boston ard N?w Bed ord, arriving at its destination at aboat HAM For freight or passage. a?p y on board- or at the oftoeon Fier No 3 .North Kivrr For state roon.? and berth* apply on ?<?ar<1, or if dees red to see* re tham in advance, to w M. BoRDF.N. Ac t 70 and 71 Wast street. N Y. Jf-"k THK RKG I'LAK MAIL LINK CKUTON, HrONlNG'ION ^ ^ and FRUVIDENCK, FoK BOB TON?Inland Route? Tto shorteat and Dixt di ract?Carry the Eastern Mail. The steamtr P!.> Mol TH ROCK. <Mt. J. C. ?eer, and COMMONWEALTH, Capt J. W. Williams, In ooaneotion with the SlonfnirtOD *r,<i |Prondeno?Aod Boron and Providence Railroadt, K'li U?uyf CUUUITI oxorpiWt iron rler No IS North River, at 6 o'olock P. M., ard Groton at 8jn o'oloo* v. M , or on the arrival of be Mail Train vbioh teave# Boston ?t 6 9' P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCl, from Naw YorkMor.aar, Wedneada*, and Friday. From Groton?Tu??da?. Thursday, aDd haturdav. The < OMMONWKAI TB, from New TorkTue?day. Tharsday, and 8at?r4*y. From Groton ?Monday. Wednesday, aad Friday. rassengers rrom Groton proceed ?? railroad to Providenoe and Boa ton, ib the Expr?es Mail Train, reaching said plaoe in advance of those b? other ronte*, and in au?l? time tor all the early Morning Line* ooaecting North and East. Passengers that prefer it. remain on board the steamtr, enjoy a nights' reet nndistarbad break fast if desired, and leave Groton in tbe7.16A. M. Train, connecting at Providence with the 1 v< A M. Train for Boston. Fsre from ^rov.denoe to Newport, Filty cents. A baggage matter aocra panics the Steamer and Train each w?y. For Passage, Berth*, State Roomi, or Freight. ?t?if on board the st*&mer, or at the Freigfet Omoe, Pier 18 North River, or at the Oftoe of the C? mpanj, No. 115 W e*t t-eet,corner of Cort land street. New York, Feb.?. l?i. HUDSON RIVER RAILROADF<>r ALBANY aND TKOV.CON NFCT1NG with TRAINS NORTH And W ES r. Trains leave: From Chambe sst. N.Y- From*?th street Express. 7 and U a. m , 7,25, 11.35 a. m , and 3M and 3,80 and 6 p m. KB p. m. Troy and Albany (with 16.4S p.m, 'Sundays insleeping car) 10,15 ?. m Haded.' PoughkeeMie train*, a VSSa. m..and l,?e p. ?. m .1.15 p. m Paakskill train, 4.<* p m 4 25 p at. Sing Sing trains or. a is . 9.? a. m., and ijbb and and 4 3D and 8.?> p. m 8J? p. m. Fishkili tram,(3 ? m. m A. F AMI rft. ICUWKEIN'I jMlhllttlBf K^i m. Powder la Um oulr k?m aa4 baal artMli to JEgSgTWUh' H ?r?rd *"* 1,1 l'" Von,nU*r *?!*?? Mrs Sa^t SMgttbtx?' ?* "" I.7'ui Sf f ^^.T-ASS 4~rt^~' PRKM.-H *TjCH*TfclN. n? ? ??* M?NiW f?.i? ??>??. FfUMxwv??ss? xist*. f." AntuniL sod WiitirM*. Omm frtof or If, wt k*4 la rtot" tr?r< ; km**, DO pP F(j ? i g (]|ko(*| Vc Al buria* nnd STi?f t>?.n? wrjr r?1??ad ? ti ? AnMuirc mr vwlo m* af ft>on U ia?3 *4 tnlorui 'kn to Aa iMMufttiuii W ?u?ok iq<*w? M (lit lonrMHt. " Pfcftllt s>? . 00 14 M BCHWBRIIVSPILLSarod?l!tb to*Rate and Mioe. M Sohvorin ui roeei?ed oortifteatoe 6on the President of Sutrd Coi *?. Utrwton of out of Rtfut, Pwurinait Hospital, tu otfcer PruiEinect I i.stttatiea* o' I'l sc^.shia : C. 8 Jul. HMhiiifU L. D C.; tnd Chant/ Hospital. New Or bbci. La The ordinal eertifioatee tu be mm at the WkolMftle *ru Kct* L>*?ot 194 North Scoot,c treot, Fl. n:?,phi*, nnd for ?le ta tbu e?y by 2?. B. CLAEK.oorner FiTkraiMiad OtiU^ud bf *"B? "SF^PUEIO US IMITATIONS. . E'*jf?n>'n" >-?r to uk for Schwerin's AnnJhiIMU t POWMT. (0* None featiie uieea ugne4 M. Sea waam ilMnur If 11 V?a V un^ira r EENCH r*o*iv*4 . fcrtf Ukd oomp ?t* MMrtawnt of Miliary Bu?|? of All kiada. vhiek U*y offer fro* ton to Tift J *fr,?*nt. b?.ow Um recalar retell ^ntH.-n Miai: Am* editioa of HtrdM'a la&atry ud Ail* TiCtlC?? Ocflipi^t^ i 1 .H ForWV^to.r.' Mum. J vols, ft

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