Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1861 Page 1
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/ $ 1 11 I I y * Star. i - - ^ * . a V?. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. OCTOBER 24. 1861. N?. 2.708. < c ^^ THE EVEMNG STAR is PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTRMNOON, - (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BLILDl*QS, Cwmt ef Penmsylvimi* acraw* and BUnmtk H. tj W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served In packages by carrier! at *4 I few, or V cents per month. To mall subscribers the pctoe la S3 JO a yew, im mdvtut; 92 for six ssoBths; SI (or three months; and for lea than three months at the rate of 18 oenta a week. Binfie ooplea, ohb cbrt; In wrappers, two chhts. ILr* Advbetisrxbhts should be sent to th? e?#e before IS o'clock m.; otherwlae they may not appear until the next day. SKETCHES OF GE*. STO.IE AND GEN. EVANS. The following particulars in regard to the commanders of the foroes pitted against each, other recently at Edward's Ferry, will be interesting at the present time: Brigadier Qeneral Chas. P. Stone is n native of Massachusetts, and his first military career bears date 1841, when he entered West Point as a cadet. In 1845 ha stood seventh in aoltas numbering forty-five In July of that year he was brevetted Second Lieutenant ofOrdnance, and from Angnst, 1845, to January, 1848, he was acting assistant Professor of Ethics. Ac., at the Military Academy. On the 8th of Sept., 1847, he was brevetted First Lieutenant for gallant and meritorious conduct in the battle of El Molino del Rey. and on the 13th of the same month was brevetted Captain for the same conduct at Chapultepec. He was made 1st Lieutenant In the army in February, 1853, and resigned on the 17th day of Nov., 1856. On the breaking out of the present troubles he took command of the Distriot of Columbia Militia, and moved them up in the neighborhood of his recent station. On the formation of the new regiments of the regular army he was appointed from the District of Columbia to the Colonelcy of the Fourteenth U. S. infantry. His commission bears date May 14, 1861. On the 17th of the same month he was appointed by Congress a Brigadier General of Volunteers, and held the command of the Third brigade under Gen Banks. His command was then temporarily separated from that of the Major General commanding the department of the Shenandoah, and he held the position in the neighborhood of Edward's Ferry, with a moderate force, with his headquartort at Pooleswille. He has always been spoken of as a good soldier, but this is the first opportunity that he fees had to exhibit his generalship, although his bravery was fairly tested in Mexico. Brig. General Nathan George Evans is a native of South Carolina, and graduated at West Point in 1844. He was appointed h> a Second Lieutenancy in the First United States Dragoons in July, 1848, and was transferred to the Second Dragoons In September, 1849. In March, 1S55, he became First Lieutenant of he Second cavalry, and was promoted to a Captaincy in the following year, which position he held under Maj Van Dorn, when the latter commanded the expedition against the Camanches in 1858, winning no little distinction for his bravery in the severest battle of the campaign, near Witchita village in Texas. His connection with the rebels is contemporaneous with the secession of South Carolina, by whose Governor he was appointed adjutant general of the regular forces of the State. He was subsequently appointed brigadier general, and, in conjunction with Gens Jackson and Cocke, oommanded the left wing of the rebel forces at the battle of Bull Run, in which engagement he was in immediate command of the brigade composed of Wheat's battalion, Col. Hay's Seventh Louisiana volunteers and the Washington artillery. Frightexed at the Idea?At half-past four o'clock on Sunday morning, the residents In the vicinity of Baltimore and Bond streets, were aroused from their slumbers by piercing shrieks from a female. Up flew windows, out popped nightcaps, rap went the watchman's stick, dogs barked, oats screeched, and such was the uproar that every one supposed that murder most foul was being committed. Upon investigation it was ascertained that a young girl, a domestic in a family near by, had plighted faith with her dearest, and that they were to be married yesterday, at the residence of the groom's father, on the Philadelphia road, distant about twelve miles from the city. In order to reach home in season, the happy groom procured a horse and carriage and visited the house of his acoepted at 4 o'clock vesterday morning. She was anxiously waiting for him, and in a short time was seated in the vehicle. Before taking his seat in the carriage, the now trembling shortly-to-be husband appeared to realise the queerness of his position, and became faint of nerve. His nervousness increasing, he gave one "Oh! my," and fainted away on the pavement, perceiving which the astonished shortly-to-be-made wife inflated her lungs and uttered terrific screams, coupled with ones of murder, lire, robbers, Ac. She having at first supposed that her dearest had been stricken down by the band of an assassin. After considerable trouble, neise, and explanations, the nervous groom was p *eed in the carriage. As be was about driving off he exclaimed, " My love, I am afraid that I cannot sUnd it." His love replied, "Drive on, it will all be right in a short time," and away they rattled over the oobbles, to the great merriment of the disturbed residents.? Baltimore Clipper, 22d. Euditxasci on tbs March.?A great deal has been said as to the hardships of our troops in the way of marching On the march to Bull Run, it will bs remembered, Gen. McDowell found that the very first day's march of six miles told heavily on his men, while the necessity of marching on the morning of the 21st from Centreville to Bull Run has been assigned as an important cause of defeat. This was simply because the troops were raw, and not beoauso the distance was anything that ought to trouble a well-trained soldier or anybody else. We hope the army knows the use of its legs better now than it did then. As an example of what troops are sometimes expected to do, and of what they have actually done in the way of marching, there is a striking illustration in the history of Napoleon's Italian campaign of 17i>7. It was his desire to effect a junction with Joubert and defeat the Anstrians at Rivoli. He therefore took M assent's division, which had been fighting at \ erona on the 13th of January, and marched that night to Rivoli, at least fifteen miles distant. They fought and oonquered the Austrians at Rivoli on the 14th, Massena's division doing some of the hardest of the fighting. The battle lasted nearly all day, and at night Napoleon set out with the same men for m still longer march to Mantua. "These brave soldiers," says Thiers, " with joyful faces and reckoning upon fresh victories, seemed not to feel fatigue. They flew, rather than marched, to ?over Mantua. They were fourteen leagues from that city !" To march all night, to fight all day, and then to march for another night, did not seem to be a hardship to the men into whom Napoleon had infused his spirit. Is the spirit which animates our troops to-day less inspiring than that whioh filled the followers of Napoleon.?Boston Advertiser. Trial or the Savahkah Pirates ?The trial of the Savannah pirates will commence in U. U. Circuit Court, before Judges Shipman and Nelson, to-morrow. The prisoners, it will be remembered, are the four offloers and nine men captured on board the privateer Savannah, off Charleston harbor, and brought to this city by the Harriet Lane, June 25. The case will be an interesting one. The prisoners are indicted for piracy, and their only defence is that they were sailing nnder a letter of marque from what they presumed to be a government. The long confinement of the prisoners has made them anxious to have their case brought to trial, and they will h# represented by eminent counsel, proimoesit S*ong whom are Messrs. Brady, Lord wtJlarooqne of this city. The case derive* Interest, also, from the respectable connections of Me or two of the pfiscners. and from the threatened retaliation of Jeff Davis apon the Federal prisoners at Richmond, in tha event of the conviction sad execution of the Savannah pirates.?N Y. Post, t2d, C7"Tbe Rev Mr. Spargeon.ln s recent lecture, tts>4 that the human animal needed &muaem*n' ei aome kind or the other, and that If the right hi ad were eot supplied him he would certainly ?*?k the wreng The Rev ^entionun then proceeded to illuminate bis audience with a discourse on the subject of tbe "Gorilla," which he r#?ai?cd n amusement of Iha right fcisd 1 4 Bedroom Battu Amoks the Newspaper Correspohdejcts. -The Jefferson City correspondent of tfee Cii oinnati Gazette ?u one of the " press gang' not long ginoe collected at the Capital to write the history of the FremoHt campaign. Thev all lodged in one room ef the hotel, and occasionally diverted themselves by a species of warfare whfch is first desoribed by the Gaaette man as follows: Happening to drop in the other night. I found the representatives of the Missouri Republican, the Ciacinnati Commercial, the New iork World and Tribune, engaged in a hot discussion upon matrimony, which finally run into metaphysics. Now, it is not to be supposed that people oan long indulge in a metaphysical controversy without coming to blows. So finally the Republican having plumply disputed an abstruse proposition of the Tribune, the latter seised an immense bolster and brought it with an emphasis upon the glessy part or his antagonist. This instantly broke up the debate in a row, and A general melee oommenced. The Republican grabbed up a towel, and doubling 11 UP. aimed a stunning blow at his assailant, which|missed his and brought up against the nasal protruberanoe of Frank Leslie. The exasperated Frank dealt back a pillow, followed by a well packed knapsaek in return. ^?D. 7.? Ml8Souri Democrat 3ent a coverlet, whifh lit Mnon and developed the knowledge box of the Herald, who repaid the compliment with a ponderous pair or saddlebags, which passed so close to the Gaiatte's head that in dodging it he bumped bis head against the bedpost, md raised ,v|uite a respectable organ where none existed before. simultaneously the Commercial threw a haversack, which hit Harper in the breadbasket, and doubled him into a folio, while, at the same instant, the Chicago Tribune plumped the New \ork Times between the peepers with a ragged eopy of Ovid's Art of Love, just as the latter gave the Herald a heavy side wipe on the mug with a strapped-up India rubber rrcoat, which knocked him against the World, who, that moment, eaught a pillow on .u! * g?.*f * ?bair' "pitting it and scattering tb? feathers through the surging atmosphere, and Ha these two worthies went down together they carried the table with thom. spilling the ink, scattering the literary contonts, and putting the candles out, which brought tho contest to a sudden close; and, after considerable delay in feeling round for a stray match, which at last turned up, a light was struck, the combatant# proceeded to adjust their toilets and repair damages, and having lit the calumets of peace, gently resigned themselves to the soothing influence of the weed. I Amisijjg A conversation of a most amusing I ?u^CtV pl*?? yesterday afternoon in 1 the Exchange Reading Kooms amongst several I gentlemen, whose feelings and prepossessions I are deeply inclined to the cause of the SecesI sionista. The animus of what was said was I that the navigation of the Potomac river had I been effectually closed by the erection of ConI federate batteries on the Virginia side of the I nver, that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad I Company was unable to transport the requisite I quantity of hay and oats for the horses of the I army, especially as none of their cars could I carry more than half a ton each, and thatconI sequently the War Bepurtment would be eomI pel led to dispense with half of their stock in I order to prevent them from starving. In the I rP *' n?*t reliable report* show that I the Potomac is not yet effectually olosed against I navigation; secondly, that tho aggregate stock I of horses and mules at and near Washington I does not exceed 2V,000, and that the Baltimore I and Ohio road, witheut any extraordinary efI fort, forwarded on Monday evening and night I more hay than these horses and mules eould I possibly eat in a whole week, They forwarded u car loads of hay, and each car contained I more than three tons, and in a few days notice I was given that they could transport double I that quantity daily. The Government allowI ance for each horse and mule per day ig 12 I pounds of hay and 15 pounds of oats, and those I interested can make the calculation as to the I number of animals the Government will find I it necesgary to get rid of on the ground of an I anticipated starvation.?Bait. American, 2Sd. I The New Uxfermexted Bread.?About I three years sinoe, Messrs. Perry A Fitigerald I invented a prooess of manufacting bread from I unadulterated flour, and in a manner which I should render the bread entirely free from any I impurities. The staple produoed by this proI oess was termed unfermented, and since the I date of its invention has steadily advanced in I f^vor with the public. Now, the manufaotoIwies in operation in this and neighboring oities I are taxed to their fullest extent to provide a I daily supply of the bread. The process is simple; the same agent for I raising the dough?carbonic acid gas?is emI ployed that is used in the eld system; but the I noxious salts which in ordinary manufacture I are employed in neutralising the effects of unI due fermentation are not present, and the opeI ration of kneading being performed by ma ohinery, the bread, when ready for the oven, I is necessarily purer and oleaner. I The water is incorporated with the flour in a I kneader; the mass, when prepared, is forced I under pressure into a receptacle containing I pure carbonio acid gas. and then passes into I the pans in masses resembling whipped syllaI bub in its delicate porousness. The heat in the process of baking dispell the gas, and the I loaf is taken from the oven a mass of pure, I wholesome bread.?N. F. Com Advertiser. I Grapes.?How to Krey Th*m.?We find the I following directions in Field Notes, and as they I come from a grape grower, where the first I vineyards in the Atlantio States were planted, we presume they are worth following. In fact I we know the plan is a good one, and probably I the best. The paper should be soft tissue, and I the wax, such as is used to seal bottles, should I be applied hot. Handle the bunches only just I as much as will answer the pun>ose. The folI "owing are the directions of W. E. Spear, of I Switzerland county, Indiana. " Cut the buuohes carefully off the vines, dip I the stem where cut into melted wax. then wrap with paper or cloth. Put a layer of cotton on I the bottom of your box, then a layer of grapes I and a layer or cotton, and so on. Set the box where the grapes will not freexe, and they will I be kept good till spring." Odd Fellow?hip is Maevlakd?The report of the Grand Secretary, Joe B Eacavallle, reI cently made to the Grand Lodge, s'cowsthat there I were In that State on the 30th of June last 91 I lodges, that during the year there had been 561 I Initiations, 5# rejections. 40 admitted by cards 81 I withdrawn by cards, 118 reinstatements, 740 suspensions. 21 expulsions, 107 deaths ToUl number of members within the jurisdiction, 11 929 During the fiscal year, 1,856 members and 153 widowed families relieved The amoonta paid f?r I the relief of members were 929,077 48: for widowed families. ?18,150 83; for education of or1 pbans, 93 80S 30, and for the burial of the dead, I ??'ai9 ,8? "naklnga total for relief of 959.253 79 I The total amount of receipts was 908,419 18 Of the amount expended for relief 92,593 42 was from conklbutlona. Il-T Mr. E. A. Sot hern, of "Lord Dundreary" renown, la in London, and after the termination SL. /'..U I*?o4h* "K?g?ment) will make hla th? Haymarket Theater. The piece aelerted for the occasion la Tom Taylor's version of "Our American Cousin." fiuckatone la to play "Asa Trencbard," and Compton "Blnney " All I the cast m<UQber* of the company seem to be In IT7"Tht little village of Evanstown, Illinois, containing but hundred Inhabitants, baa sent to the Federal army two colonels, one lieutenant colonel, two brigade surgeons, one major, one regimental adjutant, one chaplain, on* lieui tenant, and an Indefinite number of non-commls(aiooed officers and privates. E5""91r," said a lady to a would-be waif, "your jokea always pat me la niiud of a ball." ' 4,Of a ball, Madam. Why ao, pray?" "Beoaoae tkeynever have any point." proposals for stationery. . Ho*it Representatives qf tk* United States, f Clerk's Q^ce, September 20,1861.,S In mscanck of the seventeenth eection of the act of Congress of August 26, 18*2, entitled "An Mt legalizing and miking appropriation! for auoh neoeseary objeota aa have been usually inoluded in the fenerai appropriation bitla without authority of iaw, and to fix and provide for oertain inoident al expeniea of the Depar tmenta and offioes of the Government, and for other purpose*," sealed proposals will be received at this offioe until Friday, the 25th day of October next, at twelve o'o'ock m , for furnishmr the following artioles of Stationery for the use or the House of Representatives of the United States, vis: Cla?s No. 1. 75 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, feint lined 10 reams bine oae paper, extra superfine, teint lined SO reams white cap paper, extra superfine, plain 25 reams white fiat cap, extra superfine 160 reams white quarto post, extra superfine, feint lined, gilt 26 reams blue quarto post, extra superfine, leint Mined, gilt 30 rearr* white quart" post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 10 reams blue quarto post, extra superfine, plain, tilt 25 retms white quarto post, large sue, extra thin, feint lined 10 reams white quarto post, large size, extra thin, plain 50 reams white laid Bath post, extra superfine, feint lined, eilt 10 reams white laid Bath post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 150 reams white note, extra auperfine, large size, feint lined, gi t 50 reams buff note, extra superfine, large sise. feint lined, gilt 25 ream* damask note, extra superfine, large size, feint liued, gilt 25 reams white note, extra superfine, large size, plain, cut 75 reams white note, extra superfine, small size, lined, gilt 25 reams white note, extra superfine, small size, plain, gilt 25 reams white note, extra thin. No. 6, feint lined. Kilt 10 roams white note, extra thin. No. 6, plain, gilt b reairs white note, extra thin, No. 8, plain, gilt 10 reams white note, extra thin, No. 8, feint lined, Kilt 50 reams Jesup A Bros, extra superfine, white wove post, feint lined, (wide ruled ) Cl.A?8 No 2.?Envelopes. 50,000 white thioAdhesive envelopes, by 3Ji ohes 50,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, 5Jf by S'i nohes 4^,noo buff thiok adhesive envelopes.b\ br 3%' inches 40,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, 5s*' by 3!* inehes 10,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 5J< by *\ inohes 25,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 5*i by 3>i? in chea buff think envelopes, f\, bySJi inches 100,000 bufl thiok adhesive envelopes,7?i by inch ea. Class No.3 200 gross best metallic pens, in boxes 25 gross Ferry's double patent large blue barrel pens, fine points, in dozen boxes 25 dozen black swan qmil p*ns 15 gross penholders, assorted styles 2 gross cut and pressed glass inkstands, assorted sizes and styles. Class No. 4.?Miscellaneous. 6 dozen pearl handle pocket knives, four blades 6 dozen shell handle pocket knives, four hia-Jos 10 dozen pearl and shell handle pocket knives, 6 blades 1 dozen office shears, 11 inches 1 dozen office shears, 9 inohes 4 dozer, offioe shears, fi inohes 4 dozen scissors, 4 inches 10 dozen color pencils, large and smal I 50 pounds sealing wax, best quality 200 spools red tape 5 dozen letter clipz, gilt and bronze 2 dozen letter fi es 15 pounds Indian rubber, medium sized pieces 4 dozen bottles pounoe 6 dozen short rul>ber penoils * dozen portfolios, different styles. Cf,A"? No. fi. 150 reams brown Manil a envelepmg paper, very tough, with smooth surface, 27 by & litohos, to weigh cot less than 42 pounds per re&tft aooreams i-rowp Manilla enveloping paper, very tough, with smooth suuaoe. 20 by 36 inohes, to weigh not less than 26 pounds per ream 800 reams same as above, 19 by 24 inohes, to weigh not less than 22 pounds per ream. Proposals for the atove must state the prloe per ream Tor paper, and prioe per thoueand for envelopes. and be aoocrtpan .ed by the names of the sureties intended to be otfer6o. By the act approved June 17, 1844, the Clerk of the House of Representatives is "direoted to confine his purchases exclusive y to articles of the growth and manufacture of the United States, pro vided the same < an be procured of such growth and manufactnre, of suitable quality, and at reason able prices, upon as good.terms, as to quality and prioe, as can be obtained of foreign growth and manufacture." A preference will therefore be siven to the productions of American industry; %nd all persons making propoxals to supply any article will state whether the same is the growth and manufacture of tho United States. The arttoles are to be delivered, free of any charge for carnage, at the office of the Clerk ol the House of Representatives, on or before the twen tietti day of November next. Each bidder, though he may desire to propose ii whole of the articles above enumerated, will be required to make a separate and distinct i proposal for each class; and no proposal or pa?er embaoing mo-e than a single class will be considered, Each proposal to be endorsed, "Proposals for Class rvio ?, of Stationery for the House of Representatives of the United Stites," and addressed to the undersigned. They will be free of postage. Sufficient specimens of each class must acoompapy the proposals marked with the name of the bidder and the number of the class acoording to the above advertisement. The person offering to furnish any description of articles at the lowest price, quality considered, shall receive aoontract for the same on exeouting a bond with two or more sureties, satisfactory to the Clerk of the House ?>f Representatives, for the performance of tne same, under a forfeiture of the contract prioe in the oaso of failure: whioh bond must be fi ed in the omoe ol the said olerk within ten days alter the proposals have been opened and the result declared EMERSON ETHERIDGE. se25 w4w Clerk H. R. V. 8/^SOMETHING NEW! s"ATxDisco;VKrT or TO A|J At asi C street, opposite tke Theater. . .v .. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and ThorougWy Cooked (far superior to a roast) in two minutes, the fastest time on record. Call and see. .Pe undersigned respectfully informs his friends in the Distriot, and visitors to the oity, that he has refitted his old and will-inowk istablishmknt in a most thorough manner, and has made complete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in any style and in any quantity. 400 to 50" ga Ions shucked per day. .2 000 to 3,0?i cans of Spioed and Fresh put up daily?cans hermetically staled. Furnished in the shelf by t he bushe. or barrel. i P?r,.<?n* wishing to have Oysters furnished regu.? the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, should call aud make arrangements at once Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, as I furnish an article equaj to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioes jnst'as low. . TO SUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ac., Ac., Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peaohes, Ac. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibnt, Ao. in laot, every thing for sale in the Northern mar*?s always on hand, at reasonable prioes Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without otsarge te any part of the Distriot. in season, if the money is sent with the order. irt y establishment is open from 5 a. m. to 13 at ?n?i ev?ry ???Pt Sunday, when 1 olose at 10 o'clock a. m. T. M. HARVEY. (||1M TOPHAM'S pi ft *, . VOn PREMIUM TRUNK VU MANUFACTORY, 499 Szvx.ith brai?t, Washington, D. O. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Inetitate o Baltimore, November 7,1980. AIM, Medal ^Metropolitan Mechanics' Institste, 1 am constantly making, and always have on hand. Iron Frame, Ladier' Dress, Woo* Uox.and Packing Trunks, At L*m Prices. ^ ^

Members of Congress and travelers will pleaae famine my stock before purohasin* elsewhere Trunxs that are made in other Superior Leather and Drees Trunks made to o rd er Trunks eovered and repaired at short noboe, Goods delivered free of oLarge toanytaart of the eitT ^M>rgetown, and Alexanana. Uj JAMES S.TOPHAM. S NOTICE. TYL1SH Autumn and Winter Wrappings for (?fqualbetter thannsual 1 y foundin this market, in Woolens and Silks Many novelties in Shawls. Wifh aL kinds of Dry Goods for the general and speoial wants of MUiiae aad housekeepOse prloe only, the aetaal eaeh standard valie, a'in plain figures. ; Oar Northern and Eastern correspondents eend as new sspplies daily. ^Carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths, Rugs, Ao., upper SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IH HOSPITAL. Published in conformity with the resolution of tko Senate of July 16, 1861. At Qtneral Hospital on E street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Oct. 18. lit Excelsior. 1 lit Michigan Vol i 3d do 1 3d do do 1 16thNew York Vol... 1 4th do do 1 22d do do.... 2 8th do do 3 24th do do.... 3 Stockton1! Michigan 29th do do.... 1 Independent Vol... 4 36th do do.... 1 7th Wisconsin I 43d do do.... 2 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 45th do do.... 2 1st New i ork Cavalry. 1 1st MassachuaettaVol.. 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 1 10th do do... 3 2d U. S. Cavalry 1 18th do do... 1 6th do do (6) 1 19th do do... 1 lat Penn. Independent 2d Vermont do(?) 1 Rifles 1 4th do do..: t latfi.JeraeyCavalry(r) i 3th do do... 1 1 Slth Indiana Vol 4 lat Pennsylvania Vol.. 5 lit U.S. Artillery.... 1 4th do do.. 1 l?t Rhode Island Vol. 1 6th do do.. 1 4th do do.. 2 8th do do .. 9 5th do do.. 1 23d do do.. 1 2d New Hampshire Vol 2 26th do do.. 1 3d do do 1 27th do do.. 1 4th Maine Vol Id) 1 30th do do.. 1 _ 50th do do. 1 Total *....77 3th New Jeraey Vol... 1 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (e) One officer. (d) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Oct. 18. 2d U.S.Infantry 3 9th Penn.Volunt'r?(fe)10 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 4 10th do do 3 6th do do...... 1 26th do do 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* I 33d do do 7 3d do do....12 42d do do 4 9th Maaaachuseta Vol.. 1 lat do Artillery . .. 5 19th do do.. 1 lat do Tliflea 4 14th New York Vol... 9 4 th do Cavalry.... 1 21st do do.(a) 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 24th do do.... 2 19th Indiana Vol...(e) 6 29th do do.... 2 lat Michigan Vol 3 33d do do 3 3d do do...(d) 2 3oth do do.... 1 4th do do...(?)14 36th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan 41th do do.... 1 Independent Vol... 1 Garibildl Guarda l 2d Wiaconain Vol.(/) 3 Mozart 1 5th do do . 5 Tammany 2 6th do do 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 lat Minnesota Vol .... 1 lat New Jersey Vol... 1 Teamatera, Q. M. D .. 2 3d Penn. Volunteers. 1 8th do do 1 Total 130 (a) One officer (ft) One officer, (e) One officer. (d) One officer. (?) Five officera. (/) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Oct. 18. lat Long Ialand Vol... l|6th Maine Volunteera. 1 2d NewYorkVol 2 3d NewHampahlreVol 2 13th do do 2 2d Vermontvolunteera 7 14th do do 5 3d do do 10 17th do do 1 9th Massachusetts Vol. 1 18th do do 1 New Jeraey Cavalry .. 2 22d do do 2 lat Michigan Vol 1 23d do do 1 2d do do 5 33d do do 3 3d do do 4 35th do do 2 4th do do 5 40th do Mozart.. 1 2d Wisconsin do 5 43d do Vol 216th do do 1 50th do do l|21at Indiana do 1 79th do do 5! lat California do 10 3d Penn. Volunteers. 2 2d do do 2 4th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 1 oth do do 6 Stockton's Michigan 8th do do...... 4 Independent Vol... 3 12th do do...... 4 Kentucky Catalfy.... 4 28th do do 1 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 27th do do 2 Mott's Battery 1 35th do do l 5th U. S. Artillery.... 1 1st do Artillery.... 5 Teamsters 2 3d do Cavalry 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 Total 130 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Oct. 18. 4th U. 8 Cavalry 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 3d do do.... 2 3d do do 2 5th do do.... 2 5th do do 4 7th do do.... 2 9th do do 2 lat Penn.Artillery.... 5 10th Massachusetts Vol 10 3d do Cavalry 2 14th do do. 3 3d do Volunteers.. 4 19th do do. 1 8th do do 10 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 10th do do 6 1st Long Island Vol ... 1 I2th do do 7 1st New York Cavalry. 1 13th do do 2 3d do do... 1 31st da do 5 2d do Vol 3 33d do do 9 llth do do 1 35th do do 1 18th do do 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. I ?2d do do 3 1st do Vol..... 2 23d do do 4 2d do do 5 25th do do 3 4th do do 2 32d do do 1 7th do do...... 1 33d do do...... sjsth do do,..?.,17 35th do do 2 Stockton's Mich.Vol.. 5 36th do do 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 5 37th do do 6 6th do do.... 5 43d do do 1 7th do do.... 1 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 2 1st Minnesota Vol 2 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 2 19th Indiana do 12 Garibaldi do do .. 1 27th do do 1 De Kalb do do .. 1 O. C. Volunteers 2 Berdan'sSharpahooters 1 1st California Vol 2 lit U. S Cbaaaeurs ... 2 Lincoln Cavalry 7 Total 215 lit N ew J ersey Oavalr v21 At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Oct. 18. 1st U. S. Cavalry 2 1st Pennsylvania Rifles 2 5th do do 1 27th do Vol.. 1 1st do Artillery.... 4 33d do do... 1 2d do do 9 25th NewYorkVol .. 3 3d do do 5 4lat do do... 1 4th do do 1 4th, McCall's divlMsn 7 5th do do 4 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 1st do Infantry 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 2d do do 2 3d do do 1 Total.... 48 8th do do 1 Sick remaining i? the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama. Oct. 18. 3d Infantry 2 47th PennsylvaniaVol 1 8th Maine Volunteers. 2 8th Michigan Vol 9 31st New York Vol... 1 1st do Cavalry.28 34th do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... l 46th do do.... 1 7th do do....27 3d Excelsior 7 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 Cameron RI Ilea 1 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 U. S. Chasaeurs 1 1st New JerseyCavalry 7 l?th Indiana Vol 9 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 &th do do.. 1 Total 104 40th do do.. 1 At Qeneral Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 18. 2d Artillery, U.S.A.. 2 4th Maine 9 15th New York 1 5th do 1Z 16th do 27 1st New Jersey 1 J * <J? 19 5th do (6)4 18th do 5 32d Pennsylvania 3 45th do 6 45th do 6 26th do 5 Lincoln Cavalry 4 JWh do (<*)14 1st Minnesota 1 31st do 8 2d Vermont 1 32d do 14 3d Michigan 1 do 2 Cameron Rifles 3 38th do 8 Teamsters 2 do? 13 otv 79th do 1 Total 184 _(?K>ne Lieutenant. (6) One Lieutenant. K.fPT ^'a*.l?!n^n P*!* PleM? OOP* and >end blUato the W ar Department. oct 23?3t M. I. FRANKLIN, 4. * I SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 Penn'aav.,( north aide,) bet. 13th and isth sts. Improved SPECTACLES, with xenalno Psbble or Pertaoopio Glasses, smtad oorractly for every eye-sight. FIRST ^ rTlMM CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mloroseopes, Compasses, and. Mathematical In struneata, at the lowest Eastern prices. sen tr UAMBUEG CHEESE! *21.^0 k ^HAMBUEeCHEESK* 400 lbs Ha*barf Cheese, two years old, and vary suserior. Hid? A BURCHKLL. oe H Corner Vermont av. and 13th st rjEEAT BUSH FOB SEVENTH STREET, Bdr johnston, alt1biori lock hospital, hm 4i?t?tr$d lit most Ctrtmm, Svttdf mmd mtif Ejf*ttuai Rtmtdf M tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PR EYE ITT. apply immediately. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*akn***of *Jsa Back, Strctara*, A faction! of tba Aid i;i id< Bladder .^.ttiisun DtHMrfN, hfMMG*n rml Dtbtlity, biat.?outc*ea, i>?ep*p*T, Lanfanr, Coufiuioa | of Mete, Low Spinu, P pitiooti of tba Heart, Timidity, Trembling*, Duuneee of Bigot or Giddmeaa, Puiiu of thi aed, Throat, Noee of 8kin, Affectiooe of lh* Linn, Stom CD or Bow* 1*?theee Terrible Dieordera irMicf uon Soli- . laryHtbutof Voaib?thtee Dread/al *nd Deetrncuae Prae- t tK which render Mir:ii|* impoaoible, ud d octroy both Bod; ud Mind. YOUNO MEN ? Eepocially wktbif* b?eom* th* ic:im* of Solitary tic*. that draadfai and daetractia* habit which annaally eweepa ta an antimely grave thoautiS* of Toarg M*u of tb* lalttd tal*DU and brilliant int?li*Ct. wno might otherwiae fca?* entranced Ueteang Seratee with th* tbandera of *logaence or wak*d to ecetacy th* living lyre, may call with rail cact dine*. MARRIAGE. MaRBIlD PlKIOIfl, OT Towng M*n contemplating Marrtage, being awar* of pfeyaical wtakceee, argaals Ability, deiVrrciuea, Ac., epeeditv cared. < H* who placet birr.wlf ond*r tb? car* af Df. J. may r*ligv aily con/id* in hi* honor a* a gentleman and confidently raly apon hi* aklil a* a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left band aide going from Baltimore etreet, a few doors frem \ th* corner. Fail not to obeerra utae and aamb*f. beuere j ma*t ba paid and contain a atarap. DR. JOHNSTON, Mtmbtraf th* Royal ColUg* of 8urreor,e, London, grids- 1 at* from on* af th* moit ?min?nt Ccllegee in th* United J Stat**, and th* greattr part of who** lif* ha* b**n apent ia th* hoepitale of London, Pari*, Philadelphia and *l*iwb*r*, baa elected eome of tba most aatoniabing carta that vara r aver known; many troabled with ringing in th* haad and , aara whin aeleep; gre?t neraooaneee, teirg alarmed at * addan *oanda, baehralneee with frequent blaebing, att*od?d toroetiraet with derangement of mind, war* cared kbb?diately. , TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE 1 Young Men and (**>*? who bare injured tbemeelv** by a ruin praetic* indulge J ia wh*n alone?a habit frequently learned from e?il companion*, c? a*, tchool, tba oSecta of whica ure nightly fait a * n when aeieep, ard if not carad, r*ndtr* marriaire impoeeible, and d**troy* both nund and *] body, abonld apply immediately. Tbeee ar* aomt of th* tad and melancholy (facte credsced by early hatiu of youth. Tit i Weak neat of the Back and 1 Limb*, Paint in tha Head, Dimnett of Sight, Lota of Power, Palpitation of tn? Haan, Dyepepey, Nar?oaa irnta- . bility, Derangement of th* Digeetiao Function*, General ' Debility, Synptome of Cooeampttoa, 4c. >-rful effacte on th* mind ar* mach t* ] t* dreaded?L^ee of Memory, (.'onftiion of Idaee, Depreeeioo af Bpirita, etii Forebodingo, AeefySn of Society, Self-Dietrnat, Lo?e of Solitade, TimiJity, etc., arl ms* of tba *Til* ^ produced. Slkvori DCaiLiTT?Thoaaande can now Jadje what te th* caaae of their declining health, loeinf their nfor, b*co?ln( weak, pal*, neraune and imaciataa, baeinf a amgalaf app*ajasc* aboat th* *y*e, coafh or eymptom* of ceeiamfDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the miegaided and imptp^ent votary of pleaaa^i ind* be hae imbit>?d t<ia teede of thu pamial d-?'e?ee, it to* often < beppene that an ill-timed eeuee of ehamaor dr<a(* of diecaeery J detere him from applying la thoea who, from adacatlaai and < reepecubihty, Can alone befrtaod bim. He fall* into tht handt of ignorant and deeigmnf pr*trnd*r?, who, mcepabla aI carinc, filch hi* pecuniary eabetance, keep bim mling month after month, or a* long a* tn* email**: fa a can be ob- t tamed, and tc dtepair leave him with ruined htalth te aijrh , *?ar <11* galling di*a*7<a?ntm*nt; or by th* uee of that daaaly ] poiaon?Morcary?liaatan th* owi*<i;auonal aymptome of tbie t terrible dieeaee, euch at Affection of the Heart, ihiroa:, Head, . Skin, kc., prorreeemr with frightfal rapidity, till dtath pau a atriod to hi* ar*adfaf aeffanrga by **nding hint a an- / diac??arad coantry from wha** boarn* na tra?*ler ratarct. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By thit great and important ramtly w*akn*u af th* argan* 1 are eptcdlly Cbrtd and fall *ig?r reaiarad Tboaaande ar lb* a*i norroaa and debl'itated, wba bad loot ail b*pe,ba*a been imm*diat*iy r*li**aa. All lmp*dim*nu t* Marnagt,P>rntv or W*atal DlaqaalUcauona, Lo*e of Procraatiee Power. Kit'fw* Irritability. Txmbling and W*akn*** or Iitaiauea af tba fearfal , kind ap**3ily car*J. 3 ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. THI Mart Troviindi cared at tbi* inaiita'ioo within tb* laat eeaenteen year*, and lb* nameroae Important Sargi*al oatratMne pertarraed bv Dr. Johnetao, witneeoed by tne reporter* of tbepapereana many other poraoaie, noucoe af which ha*? appeared again and again before the pablic, bee'.dee bie etanding at a geniltman of cbaracur and reepenel- a btlity, te a aaBcient gaarant** to a* aBicttd. mar IS-l ? NOTICE. , ?' ADAMS' KXPRE^^fS^ Thia CoTijany offers to the publio " ijneqaalled i Advantacea" Uif 8?fo and Quick Dispatch of Heavy f'eirhta. PaoK&a?s,, Money, a a. ac., to all parts of the United states. Eipresbes to anil from the North and West dapart from and arrive in Washington tvice daily, . All Kzprenses are in oharge of txrtrienttd mmd . reliabl* Messengers. a. All pack&goa /or The Soldiers carried at "oitb k half" our uru.v rat<?s. _ All Goods for the so-cftIl?ii "Confederate States" s and all Artiolea "Contraband of War" will be Rkpcskd. On- Expresses leave New York at 1, b, and p. m.. arriving in Washington at 6 a. m. and a30 p, m. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8j0 a. m. and u p. m? arriving in Washington at 6 so p. m, and 6 a. m, Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 30 a. m. and s p. * m., Arriviiig in WasLington at 6 a.m. and 6 90 p * m. _ Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at730 a- m. and %jk p. m. daily. Special Contracts for large Quantities of Freight f oar. be mMe on application to this < >lLoe. u All Goods ?a.loc for and delivered fru of Extra charges. F.. W, PARSONS, r Sop't Adams' Express Company. ? Washington, August 28.1X1. as g-tf YWOOD AND COAL. ou Will suroly tet vonr money's worth bv sailing at the pioneer mills,initi?iii tor . if V Stxt*ik strut and Canal, (geo. page, i Agent.) They sell ot.oaper and give .*u?r m.eaaurs than any others in the oity?out, split, acd deliv ered free of oharge. If yos doo 11 elieve . i ve the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be satisfied. , 1-lv.t _ * goot8 amd b|.(^fsg to svit t** we are now nana&otunng all kinds of boots and shoes, and oorstanLy reoeiving a^^^ sspply of eastern made work of every a?-mstsfl scmj tion. made expressly to order, at a will t v> 1 be sold at a msoh lower price than has bees nl heretofore oharged ia uua Sity far mscb uuenar artiolea. Persons in want of BooU and Shoes of sastsra ar sity made work, will always find a food a?or tinea la stors and at us lowest pric*a. Hive as a sail. biffin * hro., ' tld M?tir,arly%ni> taenia army supplies. A JUST RECEIVED- 11 ?ncans sausage meat, * 340 cans fresh tomatoes. 48"cans fresh veal, 960 cans be ef.a la mods, 340 oans roast beef, 980oans fresh mutton, p 340 oans BEEFand gkavy, 940 oans soup and bouilli, b 90 cams french dkss1cated vege TAoLbS* For sale at New York Factory Brioaa. king a burchlll, se Corner i and Fifteenth streets. History bJ Jo ha I u Lotcros Motley ; 3 vols.; free b? mail, $4. d The Rise of the Dutch Kcpobue, a hiatory, bp John Lothrop Motley; 9 voj oioth; free by mail, > Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Bede ;" oioth 7f|oenu ; paper 10 oents. Life and Career of Msjor Andre, by Wiatrop Sargeant; si ao. After loebergs with a Paintar.a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newioondiana; by Rev LoaisL. Nob e ; #1 jo. The Manu&otara of Photogenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Antisell, m. d.; ?1.76. Any or the above free by mail. o french a richstein, ap 3ft Wl avensa. For officers and soldiers?ksok kin Gauntlets, several qualities. - r Heavy Grey Blankets for Camp eervioa. ?lue Cloths and Cashmeres, various qualities. One prioe only .marked in slain figures. , We also offer all kinds of arst-olass Dry Goods for the general and special wants of familiss and housekeepers. perry a bro., _ Pa. avenue and Ninth st., oolS-fit "Perry Baildiaa." W BOYS' CLOTHING. e Have reoeived with i c the laat day or two a large assortment of boys' 8prin9 clottting. eint ra:;cg all styles of low pr.oed, madiam, and ane qualities, which we ara salliag tvsry low prioes for oaah. wall, stephens a co., 32a Pa. av., bet weft <>th and 10th sta. rn b Mntelhf enc?r and Repnbliaaa.) \ / \at the ?bd8, orr,ct /?\ ; W'W-Bfk of tk* Natimml HoioL 9 9 mr st liberal advances made on Gold aad Mlver Watches. Diamonds, Jewe ry, Stlvar ware.Ciothing. Pistols, aod all kinds of ksrokandise Business stnotjy oonfidential. . isaac herzberg, Ml c strsat, as mm Between 4m aad kh eta. irish poplins and new rrps.?Maay rent wanU of faalliea. ... a One prioe only, tba aotaal oaah standard vataa, * marked in plaia figures. , perry a brother. ^ oo5-5t Pa.aveaaaaad Ninth st ? . . . THE WEEKLY STAR. nil exeeUaat Family ui Nawe J?mil Matal'alag a greater varlaty af lBteretfSac raUa* tbaa caa be found la any etbdT-U pabUabed * Friday morning Trass?Catk, m?nmkif, im <!?*>? Sla?le copy, par ?.41 Five coplea ? ? t H ceplee....? ... 90 H It la variably contains tbe "Waablaftaa Neva' bat baa made IV Dmitf frmtof Star elnaMi generally throng bent tba ooontry iLTltaih coplea (la wrapper*) caa be pro. tared at the counter. Immediately after tbe lean* ftbe paper. Price?THREE CENT*. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? " HJGHL Y CONCENTRATED? Compound Fluid Extract Buoku, A Posuira Mi SpetiJU Remedy For Diaeaeee of tba SLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, aad DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Medicine lnereaeee the power of Digestion , cd exoitea the AaaoaaxHT* into healthy aatioa, >y which the watbbt oa calcbbocb dapoeiuoaa* nd all cnnatubal iXLttoPM inv* are rK?r*4. ? wall u ram abd laruAjAMATien, aad ia good MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For We4ko?MN Lriaing from Lxo*eeea, Habita of Diaaiyahai, Early Irdiscr-tioa or Abaee, Attended witk the Following Symptoms : udinpositioo to Exertion, Lose of Power, .nss of Memoir, Difficulty of Breathing, Veak Nenree, Trembling. Jorror of Dteeaea, Wakefalness. )imneea of Vision, Paia in the Baok, Jaiverral Lassitude of the Muscular System, lot Hands, Flaehing of the Body, )ryneaa of the Skin. Eraptiona oa the Faae. PALLID ror5T*?ASCX. Theee aympt< ms. il a lowed to go oa, wbiah thia nedicine invariably removee, eooa fo.lowa MPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS. In on* of wkick the Patient may Empire. Who oan aay that they are not fteaaaatly folowed by those "masrrL r'saAaaa," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the oaaee of their eafferiag, BUT WOJ?B WILL CONVSSt. rHE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tke Mtlanckoly Death* by Consumption. ibab amtli withbss to tbb nrn er tbb assbbtion. rHE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESC leauirea the aid of medioine to strengthen aad Icvigorate tbe Bye teai, rhioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Mtrarae*/* doet. A. TBI AL WILL COWVISCB THB MOST BBBTTlCAl* FBMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, JLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Affection* P etui tar to Females he Extraot Buohn la or.eenailed by any ether rea*idy, aa in Chloroaie or RetenUpn, lrr'gulanty, fainfulneaa, or Bappresaton of Customary E variation s. Ulcerated or Sohirroaa atate of tba Uteus, Leaoorrhea or Whites, Sterility, a^d for all iomp ainta incident to the eex. whether ansicc rem Indiaoretion. Habita of Diaaipatioa, or ta tba DECLINE OR CHANGE BE LIFE ! ?BB iYMPTOiee ABOVSJO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no more Balsam, Mtrewy. or Cnplentan* Medicine for Unpleasant and Dinger out Diesaiae. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CCBBS SECRET DISEASES n all their Siagea; At little Expense kittle or ao change in Diat; No laooavaaieaoe; And ae exposure. toaneee a fre*a'nt desire aad gives strength to Jrinate, thereby Removing Obeb notions, Preventing and Curing Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying faiaand inflammation, so ref nent in the olaae of dieeasas, and cxpeUiag ail "ouonous, Diseased, and worn out Matter. thousands rro.t thoi?a5D? WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QVACES, nd who have paid kiavp/eo* to be oared la a abort line, have found tbf y were deoeived. and tba! tbe roiaoa" has, by the nee of"powerful astringents" een dried np in the eyatam, to break oat ia aa agravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ue-HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 11 affeotiona and diseases of the URINARY ORGANS, % rhether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, rom whatever oauae originating aad aa matter of HOW LONG STANDING haeaaee of theee Orgaaa require tba aid of a DlBBTIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC. nd it ia oertain to have the deeired effect ia >iaeaeea/er teAtrA tl is retommended. IVIDBUCB or TIB HOST BB8POBBIBLB tfl B?LIABLB CHABACTBH rill aooompany tbe madieiaee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From to SO years' stand 1 bi . yrtth Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS- PLEASE "NOTICE." wa maii "ao sacaar" or "laamaaiJiaTa " HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU i oom posed of Baahn, C a he be and J ameer Bemee, aleoted with great care by a oompetoat draggiet. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. H ELM BOLD, 'raotioal and Analytical Chamiat. aad Bala Man ufaotnrer of [ELMBOLD'8 0KNUI5B PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. srxrurxst:r?sfr. eiog duly ewora. doth ?ay. hia un no narootio, no other laiarioaa ruga, bat are parly ve,,^ ^ BELMBOLD. Sworn and an bean bed b#lore ms tn.-i^day of lovember, IBM. ? WM. fTfi! BBSRP, Alderman, Nlatb at., above Raoe, Fbila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price SI par battle, ar six tar If. Debvered to any addraaa. eaoarei# paakad from baarvauoa. Addraaa letteia for infonaaboa ia enaldeaee ta H. T. HELMBOLD, CkomieU epot, KM South Tenth at., below CbaMaat, Fbtla. BEWARE OF COUIfTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS '%tt?&xsr~ZiJAa?i z' MelmkoWs Oemmin* Preparation*, u *? Extract Batha, ea aa ** SmreaparUia, ee u Improved Rase WaU. Sold by S. B. Warn. *. D. Giljlab, Jaaa Vilb*. 8. C. Fobs, R R Ebtwibtlb, B C, Iajob. Eibwbll 4 UtUMb J. R. lam, Washington aad Georgetown. AND ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. a ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S. TACK NO OTHXR. Cat oat tba advartiaameat aad aead flar it. JtD AVOID IMPOSITION awl BXFOBWR*. iairrthe Symptom* Aa eJ( iafi?M. CwaaeatnaiNd: Advlca Gr%m\

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