Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1861 Page 2
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THE T:VE>T>,G STAR. Ij WASIITNOTOl* CITY: rminAv r.......ort?her ?, i*?i. . Ova Feisap# at tbe v^rloaa military camps and position' will roofer a favor by keeping ua poatfd u to ewewerila iU ?Sa'.ra la tielr 7tclnltW tET Tbe Df* Dollar W e?*klv Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan newa aad goaatp, and rboire ItlrrsfT reading, la now on our counter rra.1v for dellwry to the public F.mbrared In lta entertaining rontenta are tbe following article?: "Roonn e of R?*l life,"' i atrlk'ng atorrof ftet; 44 ocular Ir.treptdttv :n ifrotrb of particular later** lo loidur render*; A d^rriptioB of lioaaaai JukMco ;41 Humors of tb^ Poat Office, rich and nty , Rowell'a letters tc the London ? -? . _ a i - ~ + frr tn K.nffi ?h A 1771 f x ; cnn ti trrn ji n r * ?v ? ? 5 pawn. treetii?e upon American affairs Late new* from the South, bv way of southern paper*. Fifteen or *ixteen column* of graphic detail* of late important military events ; Important telegraphic news, received ap to tbe bom of fo?!?r to P"*" lnter*eticff I*""?! news, including full reports of tbeeir-.t liarney ra?e. now progressing before tbe Orphan#' Court, The Important proceedings before tbe Circuit Court in connection wV l tbe habeas corpus case* and tbe military Hveitlswe npen Judge Merrick ; All tbe particulars \.t tbe lmpresaive funeral ceremonies for tbe lsmented Col Baker ; and several columns of other freah and readable local matter. Bdltorlals upon current topic*; An interesting 1 # -a la 1 1 las la j % ni'u^n 1*1 a^iicuuunt:, Burucuiiuroii ana uumr- i Lr\ii natter. for country reader* ; together with * uumfcer ot apropos poetical articles ; Spark hi ii columns of ? warlike wit," and no end of * lini? itrtna" interesting to all aorta of readers Tbla la Jual the paper above all others for persona adjourning In the National Metropolia to send to their friends at a distance Price only tfere? rents per copy, or 91 00 per annum; postage prepaid by a'amps when an arranged. Spirit tf the ntral?| Prm. Tb? JmulUgmctr of to-day ia occupied \*itb DjfW* natter* Tb# Hrpulluam aav* tb? blockade of the river uiustraua tbe folly of tbe politicians, who have proposed to tbe country a division upon the "tke inu / Potomac," upon tbe supposition that Wssblngton Is to remain tbe capital of tbe Northern States We can have no secure access to tbe ssa, naless we have both chores of the Potomac, and. Indeed, wltbont that, Washington lUeif would be within cannon range of an alien jurlsA lotion. OIR MILITARY BlDfcET. THl CA?rALT1*? or TUB BAT T 1.1 OF BALL'* BLCVF. From a reliable aotirre we have tbe follow)n? Interesting partlralara of'tbe ceaualtlea at tbe bittie near Leeaburg. Tbe figurea are about thtia, na near aa can be ntlmnted : 1T5 wounded. wbo arc In oar banda on tbla aide; 4? dead, burled by onr own men (allowrd to do ao by tbe Confederate*;) probably 50 drowned In attempting to aw!m the >>? riww: and mobablv 4?? or 500 prltonera or Some drad and wounds are probably not included. la the above. The wounded were brought over In boata aa fast aa they fell during the after. mi and evening. Tbe wounda are all from rlflo-ball. and a e not of tbe oioat aerlmta aort. No aboil waa uaed by tbe euemy. Tbe new hoapltai (at PoolaavlUe) !a nearly flnlafeed, and accommodates forty-Mve wounded Twenty are !n tbe old Dancing Hall; twenty-five in tbo hotiae naed by tfce General aa headquartera. T bore are aome thirty of tbe othera tn tbe regl. mental hoapltai of tbo Fifteenth Maaaacbuaetta ? ?1 ? - - ?iu4 m?nu In ih? rMrlmntil hnsn'.tal ! at U>? Tnaimany Rf|lia?it T?l ailTBSZO WOCKDKU AWD OTHKB f IIXHTHV 3obm arrangement to absolutely neccaaary by wblah thrae-montha' men returned from bavli:^ Mes pfttfonera to the dtsunlonlsts may draw tbetr back par. The U? the signature of certain of the odtatra of the regiment neoerssry, be(an any pavmenu ran be made Those regltaenia befog disbanded, the oScers are not at hand to sign the c*rtlieates. There are now naay dtoalled returned three months men here vto cannot draw a doUar of th?4r dues on that aoooont, and who being mlotia leg* and arms, mrm helpless Many wounded three-years in n bars a too returned here whose regimer.n are at a distance and Ind themselves fa the sam* situ- I attoa- The Government should rerUlnly take i tha ffaponslhlllry of paying thnae crten prcr?.pt'y when Mttofled of their lawful rlgbt to rrrelv. tha money, without requiring of them the prtseuta Um of signatures which, under existing etrfum. ^ ~ ~~ ?? ? ? I w <w4 KHACfl m [ UVII! Ir*y UVI IV v*- VOIBIUCW TBI MILITARY HOSPITAL*. Tbe wounded from L??bnrg are ei p*rl?l to arrive to-day, (they fj >d to com* yeaterday after noon,) and a few will- be received is tbe Union Hospital at Georgetown, and tbe remainder taken to the Government Hoepital for the Inaane, where can have very comfortable quarter* and at tha aame time be entirely aepara ted (torn tbe uiual lama tea of the Iratltutlon. Some of the coavaleacenta from tbe hoaptta'.a here will probably be rentoved to tbe infirmarlea at Annapolla, where tbey bave two hundred va cui oeos a; iLis ume. uunng i&e wiaur me convalescent patient* will b? lemoved northward as they improve, and It ia said that the Girard House and on<- cr two other bolLdln*. !n Philadelphia have been or may be taken for tbetr tcceaunodation. paiticulab* or Lars movekests cr bivbe. (Special Corespcndence of The Star l "Camp BesoeBo*,'* mtar Pochrtll*, Ort. 'Zi, 10 P. M.?Dtar Stmr t I have been silent for some vitki from bo abae?ce oi Interesting news to coMnanteat*. but the pereaupttf orders from Headquarter* relative to newspaper earmpond?&?i haa hermettrallv mv Una Our troops crowed the river at C our ad a Ferry, oq Sunday. Several regiments and bat cries wer? est over Indeed, there waa a movement all aloog thl Mm almulianeoualy. Before erasaliig Ik* river a nv*iber of a bells were thrown over to drive off the Secession pickets, which, wbea done, our troops: under cover of several large guas made a safe and aacure landing on the otb? r atAt. l^sliu-^ Is live as lira from tUe oppoaaite bore Our troops has ad raw* i only one-half the distance up to the hour 1 write Therefore, we occupy but a narrow "itrettk" of sacred soil mo tar. Last night several of our pickets got wtthla a few rods of Leeaburg, but It is u yet aa gaafe distance More oar Undine the l>s tile hit ' tan golag on at laterrala. Yh have heard of Col Baker'i death Hit Nftaal Ml with a it out repulae, and ha ordered a retreat before batag ahot. A sec?salunlat Bred taa i?da at hi as from a ho! low tree before the fetal mm which pierced his hat and entered bis H? was brought over at a late hour laat *i?fct to PooJevTllle. His sad fete w learned with much regret by both officers and men; but fha democruatiooa of grief from his snrTlvlng tow, aad of his brother, ware mora Intense iLaa i? aanally exhibited la the aarrliea of a d?roi*t to fclaeaaatry. The fiwiy did well for a abort mum, Their ?>111 w?, Ut greater than was anticipated They captured three of our geld pieces, but wbat dml ttat aaouat to If they (ail u? oar iheoj II Is rumored to-elght tbat l.eesturg has nvteuatrd. but tbla I will roaUadlrt, u 1 knu? ao forward Ojovement baa been made to-day on account of ita Inclemency It commenced early tbla otniag to rain, nud baa been foiling u*-avily, without Utfrrmlmion, to (be present Our line w*s attacked this evening at bUlwarda' Perr\, from the wood*?tbat It. just over from that petal We poured musketry Into then, for mm time, but not beUz sujftcleutly bot, gave then Ifec brarlt (4 aome >W). which aoon ar aU tored them XM so eery i?m either i can bear mm eeraelonai raodom gua, which It doobUrse Sai U.rUlit U W Ik ? -* * - ?*? w "'l ? w it 11 UK l<f ikro?^i? ib# *ood* to k?rp tUi? qvU fr.?n ktUllf. A tar(* OjIII WUiw Lnt waa destroyed by t afcrJl ffo.a TW etWf *14* featevday Bwiy ?a.n. Miadlag I*rt fcMrd tbi? evening from b?Ww, ?%*ck Uated ?*?er*i fcmrt It waa probably front Cm Jtaaks coinma four tbarauii troop* la t*dy pa*a?l th/o^b bn? taal aj?b: at a at** hour, ritwrtJ tbaiuand t?i*w4 mam Mbt lad It was ait dob#?a - *1141 military Ilk* that not? cttlw was d tatnrM, f" probably know* anything about tt. I wltacaa'4 the ir?t battle In my llfc yesterday Muat aay I hare no particular taate for * (?(*mtntt. The wounded, and mot prlaaoera, hiw beeo coming la alt day. Several of oar pickets were k'lled laat night. The California ard New York Fifteenth f?lnifnli suffered most severely yesterday The aecesslonlsts bad themselves entrenched in rifle pits. 1 do not kaow whether they had any cavalry In the action. Doubtless many of your renders think 1 should aay srmethlng relative te the Patnam Rangers, and feel uneasy for the safety of their brothers, sons, and other severed ties, since the advance haa been made. Well, they have not had time to write to their frienda, and beside, we have only a tri-weekly mail to this place, which give* our letters a gocd sge by the time they reach ?L..I. * *? - " turir unnoaiiun. The Rangers were railed upon on Sunday last, and turned out to a man for any emergency, In a twinkling They mostly perform escort duty; bnt dally a large portion are sent as bearers of dispatches and acouters. Several have made narrow escapes, but all are well and on tbe north ! and safest side of t&e Potomac to-night; but are kept in constant readiness, momentarily expecting marching orders. Bin wood. XAVT TU9. Affair* Down the Rirtr. The Pusey ramp up to the yard last night from the Potomac flotilla, and reports that the Confedcrate steamer George Page harbors In Quantico Creek She occasionally runs out Into the Potomac, hut keepe under cover of the batteries. Their gunner* amused themselves again yesterday afternoon, by'browing a few ahellsat our men on the Maryland side TKa I /?*? Rnftt 1 ni nn a n<1 *3atal 11 ta UfWink uta>a between Shipping Point and Matthias Point In tbe early part of tljli week, received orders, a* aoon as the Additional batteries at tbe latter point opened, to retire below Aqula Cr^ek This they did one dark night, and tbe next nlgbt the Page slipped out of tbe creek without encountering any opposition. The Yankee, ReaMu'e and Reliance are now statioued at Stump Neck to watch her movements, and krep her within the limits of her pres*nl nnnttartoH Asnialu/* r* ?/???4 r\ > v *.? ? |IIIP1U^ ^iuuuu There are now therefore none of our vessela between Matthias Point and Shipping Point There are below the former point the Iceboat, Union, Satellite and Rescue; above the latter point, the Harriet I.ane, Vankee, Resolute, Reliance, Wyandank, and others Faox Niw Granada ? By letters received !n tLtia city, we have lbs following late Information from New Granada : The legitimate Fret! dent-elect of New Granada, Mr Jnllo Arbo'.eda, after having taken by force the city of Popayan, capital of tbe State of Cauca, had joined to his forcea those of tbe wealthy S'ate of Antioqula, and tboae which retreated from Bo1 wlipn (un marnnawi *v? -?1 n .. ?v ? WVM . mvi?|U^ia Utuupicu IUC irun a I capital Mr Canal. Constitutional Governor of Suntander, was considered very strong,with three or four thousand men under bis command, and General Morquera thought ne< essary to march In permn a^ainwt him. At last dates the intruder and sectional government of Morquera was ruling only over tbe small ne^ro states of Collvar and Magdalena, and over the parts ef Cundlnamarra and Bopica materially occupied by bis army He is supposed to have a force of 7,(IK) men ; and Artxiado, f'W and Canal, tbe constitutional gen er&ls. 11,000 General Morqtiera bad most ernelly ordered tb? Illustrious late President Osplna, Attorney General Dr. Cslvo ar,d other gentlemen, to be locked up In a flitby dungeon in Carthagena, as if be intended to kill them by degrees, after having been prevented from shooting Dr Osplna, which be ordered in July. ? The Congress baa power to meet wherever It la able to; the legitimate party stands there In great 1 majority, and a sasalon was expected to take plare In Popaynn, in order to proclaim Mr A r bo led i legally railed to tb?' Presidency by tb? last popu| lsr elections TW ? XTF; >' V 2 N J * K *1 D ? N T 'a M(> U N TKP 01A RD ?Severai oi the old ex mem l> r* who first ory%n>led the above popular corps, oo?B ?*at of the importance of efficiently reortanizing this favorit* frrup as a p*rm%i>ent bum ?u? d request thei' old oomrade* in arm?, and all ottiers who f?* or thi? project of ofrpetnatin* an o'can aanon which has ever hee i the pride <?t this fit*, to meet them ot TIJESUAV KVKNl(V?J n*xt, lb* '."tli instant, at f o'clock, in CaapariR* Hoa on Capita!" Hi!', wiitre the Guard wsfirtt ? (tsix d. oc a tt* rr** NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGEHemtar Comae of Le'tii'oi in thia In ahtatioa will oomrnenca on MONDAY, 2?th, at 3 ?> c!"ck p. m , at the Cohere Buil^inga, K utrcet, tmtweon 11th and 12th. For further information apply'o JM? C. RILE v . AJ- D.. Dean, ic i& St 4 5'VUfh^at.., !>???ween F to d G. Ys" R Eli1 ITER'S OFF.CK, j^3 Octo?? 92. 1861, TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Notice ta fieretc riven that liceneea riven to tavern*, retai era of tpirituoa3 ard fermented li?|0 ra. viu?* an<) oordiala to croceriea.dry tooda, i.?r<tware. medicine*, pe fumery. watchra a <1 jawei'y, lumber, wo.>d a.jd ooal, commi^iion n er ohan'a; a ao, to k*e?er* ol hackney oarnagea and I ( Dl'lihlllAS. hll 1 r- tfth'oa ???-??' ? -?J ... .wy ?? "BM fW BHUJB OUU UUU fee ion*! j, ar.d (jt hawking a d poddltn*, and onlm in o.d irou, f raaa, o>p*sr. *a , will expire oc Monday, t iie 4'h day of November next, anu th?t mid iifl.-nses must h< renewed a' iiue oijoe within ten day< after that tiro*. HAHUKL E. DOL'SF.A^S, oc 28 MU Nov. Kegiater. ?W?OyMPA.\V ' A." U. 8. KNaiNKKUS.J Kitty inreiiigant and afcle bodied meohaaioa will be emiated to fill t>ue Company to the max imum fix?u by law?ISO men. Inquire at No. 944 9 atreet Pay from 913 to ?34 per month, bt?idsa food *nd ololhin* " CUTLER*, ATTENTION !-Haolinf to camp r> by ?tr*l?or aouSe team*, on abort notioa. at iair yrioffc. Apply at >14 Pa. avenuw. oo2S3t* BFIfH AND CBKESE. I AMCHARD A LEACH, Wholesale Dealera 10 Ch??^#. \'o. ?6 South ?*.. M*ltn;o:e, fcave iuat reo?ivfld a large i?t of ty&ckeral, llarrinj, Cod&ati, Hako-&ali, &e., Ao Alao. prin.e Kaafrn Chaaaa. A.! ol vtioh vr.U baaortatthe lowoat markwt rat?a oait-iw* RMV SUPPLIESF OK TAB i E FORGE", TRAYor C * N AJL BARROWS, ffilEELBAH RO Wp. TRUCTtS, J;**vvaad izht. HOHtfK^r BAlL ^ITjKETS. MK4BJRK9, GIM)6T(?Nr8. complete, Q?U^PSToNKS*nd FIXTURES, PfuKp [.ATchfcTS. AX HANDLF.S, PJ' K HA.MOLKri, FORKS N ?' *TAUL,K BROWS*S' shovels, J=P\DKH, LOW CHAINS. FIFTH CHAINS. Haltij: chains. tuack CHAIN*. HWINULK TKKES, HAMfc*, CORD*. CL'RKY COMBS, Fairbarfu Platiorra ami Cjuoior ?uU Hay 8CALKS. BLTCHKKS' SCALES. 1JUTCH KllS' KNIVK.b. \ BASKKTS,4c?*u,tc. KuV Mi* at wholesale p>icm by J. P. BAKTMOUJW. Agricultural \Varehoui?, 559 J'eveutb it.. i>o ? ) roao between Pa av and Om>l. pROFOSALS FOR t URNifHlNG LUMBER. Depot Quaxtmmastxk'i Orriox I w asmncioD, U. U., Oot.24 1861 J &e ?lsd Proposals wi.l be reoeived at this ofcoe until 12 frt , the i*;h instant, for furcishinc by oontrifti itevan i? and red smJ fifteen thousand fart Lumber, ofthefoilwwiLf dimensions: 6 faet 4 4 wo, oulllDg 11-inch boards.) 10nt>C4i " 6 4 ' " (IJtf inoh boards 1 Ard two hoeJred and eichiy-fav* tiioimnd feet Scant it g of the foil jw dimensions v,ia?? feat s t j 6-12 feat lonj, SSjnt ' Sb.ft-16 - " S by 4-14 " " i /?? ' 3 <i 4?lil SU.rtB " 3b? 4-12 " oijuai " 7 Of 4?1# " " To <>* teliTind iu v? atiunitoa 4'iti, O C > within thutj daja after gltfiinr the eoUrMt. No proposal r<*08! v.iTafter 12 m. the .#th uu?tant * i II *e cor.?id*.r?l. tiadoi* or tlieir coly authonssd areata ars re ^netted to be j? e ?nt attne opmi?f of tbo bid*. Kaoi> proposal U> t' e the lml adJr^ae of the bid ?m. _ Ample ecu-itr Co.- the ftithfal pe. formats* of the eoatract wi | be repair, d 1 be prmlefeu reee<?ed b? and for the Uwf*l 8tau? of rejeousg m? proposal th&t ia+1 be df?n> d n!r???|iiii, or for other rHiooi, I' ? ?a.? Will i>? ? doreM on ti.e envelop* M in/riujrw^g ior iiraii * Hi * ?I *yjadd M-UW o H. tficlflflju ' rj.rkTr.bwi* and I ikm ;ViIniii'idir'r N. A. arj li. ri. bUilK PUi ad?',hifc ; b*J Ti^r. AB?UIII, B P*tnol; (JOIU Cl*t? j,.nM,fti; Mefaii IOM. N?Uou? InUi I(?b0*r WmLIocIjc Cur l ?.?**> ovpj un- .i (.* ?th luat, and B,uij b,? W 1 y <wi,6?d H&MJUl a* l ?*s/VK txoital .?,HAI8 nhfrAPS-At Vi>. itO 8motl t 1 yfij-lm U?T?? klTTKR* RHUiNlNO IM THC PWT OFFICE, WASRI1VQT9!<r CfTT. OrUbw 9ft. IM1 {Ordered to be laaerted la the Ktirim 8ta*. 't oelag the wwfifir hanng the laryettt oirouiation <u; daily paper pubiithed in Wuhiactoa.] All persons appoint for letters in the followo? ilat. Till please sat titer are iBraariaui. LADIES' LIST. Abbatt Mm* Bit* I<vir4i MInA Mupt MriJtal Allen Mih E A FtMir Mih linh Mil ?r MmL3I A Arnold Mr* [4 Fuiltrtw Mr* M J Moraland Mm Jaa* Aheao Mr* Maria friibj Mr* Jane May Mm Ullatta A>uml?[ MriH Forr**i Ro*?tt* Mattlar Mn Laura lltuad'r Mra ? A Preach Mr* Joa'e Marco* Mm P M Adam* Miaa Fltaa Oaraar MraSophia Mitar Catfearn A4na** Mica Alic t MOuthr* MimHN Mora* Mra ]t j S Bowie MitaTM Garaan MraCatheraMuch Mra J D Bailey Mra M Mra Anna Mann Mr* E 8 Btaocki Mra M Glaaaon Mra W H Mann Mra J B Berrin Miaa R Gardner Mita Jane Nilly Mr* M Berjrao Mi** Ri l!o?e Mra J A Oaborn Mr* Mary Brewer Mn* Gray Mr* M O'Raily Mr* H Brady Mr* C Oraeo Miaa M C Oaboroe Mra Mary Breverton Mr* W HUroof Mr* 8 J O'Brini Mr* Mary Eryan Mn Ft C Greta Mr* > Parmaia Mm L Berg mai.n Mri C P Herbert Mri Th?? Paver* M irfirh Brener Mi?* Sarah Hoover Mr* J A Patton Mm R bfrrmin Mm M G Htnbirr Mr* ItUkcPartsli Mm* J E B ker Mi?* E J Hakio* Mr* Mary Power Air* M J BrannanMitaA Haady Mr* Jane PaiaioaoJt Mr* S Barker Mr* E C Hatch.?on Mr* Wit R?f*n Mary Better Mi** Elisa Hathroaa Mr* J Roper Mr* EUcn Burr Mi** Becea Holland Mr* Wm Rtch?rd*on Mr* M Brifht Mi** M A Hoffman Mr* Ter*a Ru***ll Mr* M Brown Mi?? V M Hayne Mr* M Robert* Mr* L Barrh Mr* Henir** Mi>* M J Riehardaoa Mia* K Clements Mr* I E Hamilton Mrs J Rimell Mn K J CI?m?on Mrt r M Ham* Mra Lucr Rtynolda Mr* H Ceattr Miss E Henrelj Mra 8 H Read Mra C-4 CnuiurharoMi**AC Howleu Mi** H M Rrtat Mrs C T Cractell Mra E Huatead Mr* A E Ret J Mr* O H Crpple Mi** F 3 Hail Mr* H A Roache Mr* J Carter Mr* H 8 Hamilton Sarab Shepherd Mia* M S Cleveland Mr* E F Hail** Mm Clara 8 mpaon A E Carpenter Miaa L Hunt Mrt Caleb Sunpaou Mr* E A Collioa Mitt M A Jane; Ellen Hampton Mr* C A Clayton Mr* D A Jordin MmGeorf itSt Clear Mi** Alice Colli * Marf*rh Johnaou Mra Rhoaa 8ankcrlanee Mra D Coliint Mrt S T Jothlin Mra E aluer Mrt 8 E Crocker Mitt J Jay 8*rah Jane Seldner Crawford Mitt J Kramer Mrt Smntlwood Mrt P Cain Mitt Cathern Kettridfe Mr* B Shock Mrt 8 L Cook Mr* Wm Kiger MnMT Smith Mm Janey Cain Mia* Cathtro Knollen Mr* Anua Thompaon MrtCapU Clark Mr* N B Ketchtm Mitt A Tharmau Mr* E Clark Mr* N B Kean Miaa S Thompson Mr* C Clirk Mu* Clara Kiop Mrs Ja* I Thcropwi Mia* L A umie in>is n m. rvirnt mrs a t. i ri? tri rt nmr j Cut Miu Diauiha Kinc Mra M A Troxal Mia* M J Clin* Mra Suairma Kate Mr? R Templer Mra A DcujNaa Mm MA Loatar Mm M Tliompaon Mm M Pornicr Mr> R 0 Locktmau MiaaC Thom.ia Miaa L Dcauy Mm M Livrtoct Miaa C Welp Mra P Demo Miaa Stiaao Lawrence Miaa C J Wardlm Miry Darby MiaaRebaca I.?e Mis? Fanny Weloneth Mra II N Dick Miaa Ruiber Lowe Mra E Weatfill Mra .'en Orowoe Miaa M L l.e* Mra S E Wirtera Mra J Eaatmtn Mra N Mooney Mr? Edw'dWtl mnia Mra M N Eaaex Miaa Emma Millar Mwa Jnlnua Walla Miaa Lucy Eliott Mm L Miller MraCathern GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Ave-y Wm I. I!jr>*on II S Ohilohnat Jno AiwiW Win KuHl Henry Connnl! Jo<? Allvna Wm B B rmetfHonHP '"oTifclin Ji'o a n._ n; lir r? -. L. - _ 11 ? n r* ai'nn *> nuifttiiir n r, v>on piUR J rO 19 AlVcrsan Thos H'lesfifo H 2 <'armor R H Armst t*TIio? B*boork Geo \I Crane J H Anthon?8tephenBeo'aft Geo B < hM?bfr'ainjH Artftrer aml Flaleh Geo V Croeh n Jno Ad-msSR Ho*lir?rGvV Cletner ce Jaa Ayr** R B 13 H%ker Geo Chriotr II Arnold Oapt R 2B a km?il Cap* Coodron H T A'en Ma'or R Geo H Chadwreir M A Atki8. ii Robt BurTjh*m G?o 2 Child* H K A r drew Orlin A B?.ll Col G J 2 Clarke H L Ad\mRS?r(ttMMHbTkrr G W fooper H A Arco'd M?i I, G "cnt Geo F Carp-rter Harrr Adrir'. Adj t* u B tt* Gfo Cobb Henry Ar?h A Stine use.oh Geo L Cheeftmn<^ H C Ac ley L . . Rotp F'fd CI:apmao G W A n^Ai-,.r.n I ABII h 11* I i i, .a, L' rvUl *?? _ . 1 _ "i I /> -? %.M n . >*u ii' jii*^ i luiiyi aiiuil i' " '"u ,t1 Andrew? Jn A Bick ord FT Conr?wl K F Aiidrfw J.;<> A Kailey Frai.'klin ''oddirsgt'in B S Atwcll J%* S Brady t-'re-man Co'eman <ieo D Aiv*rd J W Boyle Felix '*ox Geo \V AH^n B-i< ti?n Br eis F J Cay <?eo W J W Buxton FI> CiendertitiGeo2 AimmJoa Bunnm F-2 Cueier G?o AivonJnevJ\V 2na*aetE 8 2 Caw Gm> A noMJnoJ Bi#eIow E B Char>? Geo Addison J Bailey Sur* EWChoater G*o At>ram?Ja? BrreauEnisineerClintock F>?rd Au*m8Jn"ll Unro^rn K J CrandvlFH Ada>r>R J E Bragc Mai tS Croahv Lt H B A* eli Is'ih F Bentlr Edw Cain E L-2 AlloornJno Berger E K asIi J P Btrnaroura F. MCurtia Ewd M AyeraJn'>B Baxter ? apt E Cla'k Edwin Av*ryG<K> W P Bo?d EC ? auser Edw Abbott Geo C Bett" Ewd Cfeapin E C Alyn Franoia tfwk Edw H Ci-at-n Ewd AdaHH F-2 Bowra David Cox Danl Amey Ewd Bu'f-iret&DoLg Campbe'l Danl ArponsEwd herty Cahil Danl A1 en Krvin Barker D N Chatham D J Adaina Dai I H BiahAp D J Consoy David 0 Ander-on D L Ba rett Dan' H Cumer David A at;s ft Co Brown David Cnat? Dan! Abbott ' has A Border Danl Corran Uanl Alberton Ch*s F.Boyd Paal M Canfi'ld Chas B Ai)Mii? 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F*nr>'t2 J 3 Halm F J Morton Thos FiskJnoW H?rnF>ed Marbl* 9 8 Ftr*u?on J P Hanna Francis MoGstTerty N Fulli- (Hi) Hoinmitt F McCuukey 9 Ptink H?nry Hartley F MoComa? S O Frank H Haiei'ton F H Mudd sf M u-?*?* * v?c? i rimIIU rj o 1*1 onuoni"'?o;i Ferr r Frank Hoadlev K F Marshall 5* R-2 I'j!>?er Fiaher A HunterEdwM 2 M?yonberg 8 A Foater Fr?nk T Harna E'lwm VV Poster C B Howard K B McKibben R P F*nia E F Her-aEdw MeNrlly R Freeman D W Ham in H??nE# WoCo-ma ItRC Fo?arty D Hine I wilC MoClore R Farley D Ho imt'at K I. MeiahonJnoD F&rr O ** Hnnningrr Dav Ma:on? Jaa Fay O H Humphrey 1) E McK*e Jua A Fewde'.l Cba* Hurhea Oeruia Marahali J F.a-eidenChta Hinkle Da^id .Miller ? apt J 1j Flint CC Hamilton David McCready J II Forney C D Hant n Dennia Monroe Jno French Chaa E Humphrey" D E Macomb J <M 'r?nnh C K Hagg Df-vH Morri <**y J oo P.anknCL IUt Dr C O McCnrrkJaaR Fi rayth A HoakinaCh?a .McSu!*t J?m Fletcher Dan" Ha-nilton Brig-M ffittjno F-rmson A M <?en Martin Henry Ferguaon Adam Hacoock Capt Mac n H Po?? 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Casper Moron K D Goodenourh i A Hill C H Mu>ick Geo A f !?P?T SllM H&T1F& B O Wu'li (i L Goodwin S H Hushes Be.n&rdM ills G<?o W Glin"> d Riohd Hill rt E Mana'au Geo Go'don 8obt-2 Hurst A R 2 Morris Geo fiott Hiohd HartO- 1 A W MoOono"?h F Gr.ffiii R B Hayward A S M add ox F T G'a -Russe'W Hoaj an.l A D Myri P M ?rambn>ht P HemjM A W MoetioU Fml <?iiet)ell Paul Harrisir&n A P Mott K f Garow O'iver Ho! brook Hon Mit er F>ank GartrerM Amor* Motioard F M H Jordan W MeGrath F J Gro?s M Jaik-or. Mr McHar* Ju Gannru Mr Irwin Mi es Mitoa?'l K F irmrn M J ohn.t >n W W Moi leKC Gibbs L Jack-tn W VV Mo -o'loinEJ fiarriaon I. Jillard i hos Martin K C GanisonCapt L Jackson Thns J Mavwo- d E Gresn Milo Johnson F W Mdvean h R Green Jno Jacoby S MnnroeEP Green ?os 2 Jenner Metten Mutd? Rev Dr Glenn Job Johnson S?n?l me Malign Danl Geoige To! J as Jones Owen Mullen M GoxeJ A 2 J one* N M?ers Lt Dsn ( An H 111 A lirrt cnn > 4 M ^ 4 K.4.. n G l> J A joxt*? 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CaptJg laaaa Jaa Muhlenberg C P GU'ley J -> A 2 Jackaon A Ma'eeCF GilieuJaB Jackaon Irvin Neh\u< H W Geonter Jaotb laeman Henry Macon Chaa Gtftr Jno JennorA McV.dlan <J 2 Gua* H^nry K Jenkins H?nr* Moor"<;M Gua'ey H O Johnson G*oN Me?.? ffayC D Gillinzhim H C Johnaon Goo C McVaM apt UATiord Hwny Jop* ett r G P Mtlaa Cpl Gre nfieuH Joiin.*on f J Mathewa Charly Greer H M Jarvia I- H JVtun?ee C> ?t C uranoeryueoi.* jonnsion rrani Mniliewwin C B Ge'chell G*o B Johnaton K Murphy C Gray Geo M Jon-a E-2 Max?elC Gorm'ey F JewettCA M?oro Chaa Gregory K H JamiaonGsnCD MyeraC W Gran, Frank Johnson B P-2 Merrell C G Gerha.-dt t^edk Kiroy VVni C Monty B Giann Frk Kilgo-e Gen VV McKibb?n Lt R G?odnow fc S Kin? Wm B-2 P-2 Grm' eriingKlijhKuler W Martindall R C Gating* Lt K Keicham W W Milltcan P J GrosevinorKO 2Kennedv Thoa MoClora RMS G eeaon Ed K?nn*4y L Martin Rob -2 GilUn O Kt jhen Tbeo Martin P-2 Garkill Chaa KueUr S A. 2 MoNai'ev Petar Green C 1} Kelly R H-2 Mead P?ter V Grofn A J Kellej Pater MaGova P Giroux B Keim Peter Myers Pat Gaiboufh A S K&ieer Philip rt&ng Pttar Hal'oway A H N MadJeh I"t 2 Gerdorff A KliRkmaij Mr Fuller Pecker Gray A Kearn*John L Murray Pat ttormin A K-auaerJos Muilhail Gorman A'x Knight JsbezC Merlins P Gnner A W KnightC**t J H il P?t?r WroeLlearA Kane J no J Murray P 2 Graven /v Kirso i Jos Mi.rri'l <) T G<ah<m A U K ait J W Mavis O H Mi l Wni H 2 Kmey Jon Morris Uw^u W ra E Kenedy Itracl Mayer Nation H#rl?4 *L 3ene4l? JV Mftoraa N C Haghfj Wm H K*nady i B Mirrst W u p . Fxu a K|nn,"J J w., MoMahon M H. udrick W H Keetmona H MoClellan Mr Merry W P Kamke H MoHurh M Harthorn W mM Kufklemau Me It; gorlM K Hunter Wm Kca i Herman Mak*!y M Hrtt.nan Col W K? jk-11 Henry Mcrreit M F H&ftip:on W mH tuhn H*n> y H Mock L G Barri?on Win Kiildell Ged II Mace? L Hall Win H 2 Keau G 1? Mafemhiok L Hirrincton W Kllcore G H MiEKn i * U SH 2 KelTen tteo Al?rtin Lt L artier MB Kitu G F McCartjLt oward Win C Wafer 7orell *nn Ja> O Hi dmhWm Kent F W Mills jao SunKIDit25Xa ? &,nc M,ller Coi HnobaiTl WB A King C T Mark.Jo.C3 B ? ??r Kend'ick R E Moore J,u H art \V in Ki<gorei)2 Moors ino T in tin's V\ m^Kliboh 1) M'irri.Ja. olme* Wni Knox Chas MoL Mix Jno Harrier \>m K>.hen' e rC Moon Ju H Hare dapt W F Keliey E H Mill. J H Houston not W Kimball C G Machrner J K Ioi:^?!ri?S',cK ssewjl H?rr>"j;ti>n V Kimball Chas McGlne. Jas He# d Thos jv?niol aar A!* Montonre A J Hiuoook Ti C K-5 A Martin J a? 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Ro*th Jaa P bipei, W B Wo drttfJonath Rice J as btoaburg W C Welled Jos Ruth J baundere W p Wi?oubu,?Jo? Rulb Jco V btewa t W H Wi-rUC-4 Roes Judaon banratar W J i r Kendall Jno L Sa . p e \V H H B Kiobar... Ja? Small Win Waaterrtlt H C R?vbo di Joa E !?medle? \V R Wi'kiMoa H L, Ke^nolcla J J Btratd Wm Wi foot! " Ramaon Jto 3 Snrapaon W A Wilao.i G F K> on J no 2 Stoddard W c WiUun H-nr* Randall J L Mnnu Wm Welia h h Rv/uolda J G Tiadell \V N-J Woodward Hen Renanaw Jai liilatoaWM Wah. Geo W MobinaonJaa 1 Uompao'i \V RWaiktr Um H Riley JUC Terra iWG Walker Kamaey J G Tipton W R-2 Waker Jno Kobmaon J H Tuompaon W Watt u C Rich man Jno C TrauibownWHS Watlaoe Hob A Ritchie Jm 1 Wm W C Th?rep?.)n Wm Warner Franoia hLL/h I ap^ayWm WrdteAW k ?* ??* n h ?i*u,vlm Wiluaaa hn, 6Ke\aeau H lailfr \ i,e< Gen AS oberta H M Teahen Tiioa Wi'lTaraaA n'n'y .Tho,^p ti.,15 "L Walker aItib n>ad J D I lunton A Co t} Weaaon a J Rogera Geo Tew K 1 WaUaf A&aaa Reynor Qeo Taylor Walter We wd aw Sw?l FV T2Z.?.? &?"?> C ? 9*0 b b 'j iumaiof Mr YuIm cm Si5ler IF Mr \ ogni Q S %lv. Tfjto*cb *r VouuS Ka a ??wi jcuruen* Youlj Jno HObriag K Troup j do Young J ao R Roberts Ed Tort? J B 8 Yoan* J as RoferiA Tally Jno C Yo??.tg fhot Km mood K A Tr>orp Jm M Vcung Warren KxuEAii Tiltou J 0 Z #uUi A Rsamer A Tuofc'rJnjB ZimmermantJotl Kcd(?j C 'jay!orJno? jfiilfler O W Room C Thoinps ?n Jm Zook W W MISCELLANEOUS.?Corad c?o*r 4th Aitf-3, JIsrnaon'a Express C, Coma Oflioer Sl 1) t(.uuj . P.O.; Mr. t?r ;J.R L S;Mat-??t U.ion 2; Ham. berger Cons*!; Ed. Con.utottju; vtfeae lien, of Purvey*; Nat Hymn Commit.?*; Howard's Kxpress; i_arit?n ' U.S. Express; J. F. f ; chr. Net 1><.qi Kx. Com. A list of drop not* will be foand on the baitetin board at the Poet uAoe. nTLmm hvit m all cun u Piinit. J Drop Latura, in all outi, rao?t b? prapa^d. Optt$ LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M, J t?"aiJzsWi"mK' o*U?l totlla axteniiva u'? oT ?)r? Uood?, Hotter;, Cioth, Cuimrm. Shawls, XloAka. O ?- ? wwuu, ?o., , to i4w:d ?t ?* rt?*- o( H. Bj^SsSSmSSSBm^Si i tool kfl diSIQIM of. 1 Tho foodiwill to told vitfcott r#-orr? Hi TOrt' oe Sf-tf MONT* It OJUFHTM. A?oUowr?. 7 -4 r. ?? - #? ' * auction sals*. ^ Mr WILL ft IAlK4*ft ixti>mn r^>WT1xUATlON or TVLtTrifl! **? V> ?T t>AT4L?#VC ?? I I* Wllltl lo OM llf B*? ? 4T *f?no? - i 1U?.*D*V Mbf&l IN?.Mkiift m t A ?"?* " iM If* 1,1 I- *,, LrjssjjSw I i'# 4|^ 9 ^ ?WJ!. __ P 5V..i ^"ww^s^^E- ? S^VS^1 WS" >M *"" ,? ? c?t. ?* V.J ..* ? >*" '?* '? ruu, ? - *r?. - Mod*], prt ?ot? to Br ord-r of thVfY* {% ?&*?*??. AM ?STTiTiieOtlF * ro^ A?eti?**T?. W^^SSStJSSt rt g ?i \r? kNII OS MTVIMT, 0| W t ar 2*, at I* oaK at a m. ct Kit B? ?RKEN * WILLIAM#. AaotSoaaaaT~ HOR9K. WOUSliaOLO AND K'TClRN FrasiTca* AT AVCIIOW ?OE SATURDAY, t atGth inaiaat.waakali ae!l.i?froi.tai aaratora, No i*? 9aT*at>! at at W o ale k a. an taaallaat a?aortai >it <.f Farattara, w a: o'a*. Baraaaa. Ch?ira. \N anlrot^e, fU<i?uvi. M.-.ttiMa, Badu n*. Crocka-T ao4 61a*a Wara, Ona good yniBi Horta, waiok ridea wal! iui wort a ?atl in aay aarnaaa, With a 'arc* aaaortaaaat o( othar aiialw, wkiah wa airarrar; to antisarata. T?rm* aaah in apaoic. ^JRERN k WIU I AMR, oo Xtt (Raaatxioa?) Aaauomoara u O'uskmof?D Un,*NIT?r R." ciSWrn, AT c cCT 10N SAT^URDk\'HUAT?|VG*"(5T tob?r36V aMto'aloek, wa aaa'l ??!1 it frontal tha Auction Rm mi, a ar?a lot of Haaaofcoid ui Kitchen Kuruitn-a, via? Sofaa, Chaira, Bads'aida, Rada, Mattracaaa,aad Baddinc, Draan c Burbaa*. Wa?hataoda, 8ice'-.* a? TklilM 1 Bay Horaa, Sp. icg WM"*.*"*1 Haraaw. sr^r^vrv ui* R* co.,A?U_ u.rRpvv ? WI|.LI*Mi AmUowi. PKWS GALLKFliV, COLL MN? PULP T, Gk% ?c*s*a<.rin? a*Dat 4urno?. on VON DAY. the ?th. tMtant, ? hall ? tA -* * ? " . ?L. " 1 m l9f U1J * rinjty Ccroh, on k fu *'.. between i.oaiaiana arena* And E it , the f?, lowing article*.?ii : ' All th-P*w?,Ga l??ri#*. Paljit. Column., Gaaburtier* and Pi**. S*to*a?, Ao., to be ramoT.d Termi oa?L, in ?p?oi* <*>*A * WILLIAMS. Anetr. BAILIFP*8 BALE OP F ? R MING UTEN~ , TIlMILI ARB r?o? TUB 6BC VKT> ?R* t1 rUie of aB order of distnaii t, imiM bv ? hart** H. Pa? ce aiaiB.t i be Cood* and ehatu,? of Sear* Linghain, to b* decreed, w* *ha.l ?*| at pnblle ale. on the ?remi*?*, on MONDAY Stk uT to^.atlOo'oUk a m.. do*7 T alVtowVtb* followiar property. to wit: Fortt-ir* ae ft of Corn ob the found, two acre* of Potato** in th* in three to ?ii thoau- d head* of Cab VS* ' Tf ?na r trail M, l l^rt, 1 8?rit m Horn-. 1 Sor,7 llJTS iTJSt r-Mii Rr1 Cob- 1 twn TTr H'lAr,1 B?, Cutter, plowt. Harrow*. G*a a. ftn<< ot*?r Farm DJL I- ' will too rram?rou? to nation. Term* oath, in current fanda 24 *. w l rot59' jo9 f *elly. 2i* Bailiffa. \I AR8HAI *SJ HALE?In nrtue of a writ of ! ?>?< fTjn, tba tWf, o?? ol mic vnui^'i vvin ui I/i|iriO( Ol CoiVMblt to n.f dir?oted, I will rxnoee to pehUe ea.e, for Ca?' , in front of be Bank of \\ a*hit (ton. on TUESDAY, theSd da? of Ootnber matant. ton mei.cirg at 9 o'elook a n , the foliowtng good* and cha.oli, to wit, vit: Marbl?-?of Dreeeing Bn reau ; Mantal Clock ; lot Mantel Ornaments ; Frerrh P'i'e Mantel ttlaaa: Cane neat and Fancy Chairs; Bedsteada. Bedding. and Mattreaeee , Glsas and Chi a Ware; i G'obe; lot Hlarketa. Feather P'dv, Bolster* atri Pi!l? w?; lot Piotaree; lot B-naeela Carpet; 1 Piano and Covar; lot Bltndi, 1 Chamber; 1 Mahogany 6lane; Oiletaai. A*.,?an4 at lSo'oiock, 1 will aeii, under sad fieri facta*, lot cf oak I umber, at the Cane Factory of Jamee Crutch ?tt. eeised and '.erie?! npoc a* 'he good* ana obottel* of Jame< <'rutebett. and win be an d to aaU?fy J u<iioial? N<> I to January t*tm. INu, ia favor of Weila A Miller ? ?. Jan m Crutchett. W SELDt-N, oc U-U Late U b. Mara ha! [>. C. C7"THE ABOVE 8ALB 19 POSTPONED nnUi P \TL'K DA V . the t?'h last., iame hoar and la. e. i i coDUaniiio* af thm r? i.. ~ ~ "~W. SELDE.N, rp g Ia'? f S Marahai D. C. By OR1, EN * WILLIAM*. Aaetiuaeara HOLSfcHOi D and KITCHEN FLR>ITLKK at Avction.?On TUESDAY, the 2*tt< ml. weaball eaii, at the rea dene* of a f e?t emaa Coo inin< bovaekeeping, at No 1*9 Suth, batvera M and N atr?eta, ?tlo o'oiock a a, aa exoe.ient aaaortment of Furnitare. vis; Wali.ot Sprint So&a Chain and Kosktr. Marti* topCen'er, Exteoaion Dinius and other Tabiea, Whatnot, Dreeaiiw and oUi?r Bureau-, Iron Crib, fainted Cottage Cban t>?r Set. oom??t*. Jenny l.ind. Cottac?, and ?>ther Bedateada. C ock, China, OUta a> d C o?ke y Ware, Fin* Velvet. 'lw, and Chamber Carpeta, Mar' le top Waahrtacd, hair ar.d oui?r Matraaaaa wLei-TiiWi rm?,?nd liatUtn. Ouoking, bu Me mini and ot*er *iov#?, Cok"008 R(t. Coal and And irary other artjolee, which veil Mm unsroM ary to eoum-ratr. Terms oasb,in ?? i?. ORfcKN ft WH.I.IAM". A?*to OPPV#ifto*,^o'S!'i.* CO? Auouoi wi. CLPERIOR RU-EWood C A ? E PIANO "p *? ***1, K o? it wood BioroimC ****? Pxtkoa IcmiTcvs, Fimci Pk4T* ri!? f' ^yfiJUSP Uonuou tmcti Ah 7?~0n F * D A Y MoR.M^U, Ceto TA^' M 10 o otoek, at the 'arje reaidenoe oa > *?i^Ndii^ivrt. rfeoevU? ooc? . rVMt" w*?ha|l sell ail us Furniture and i fleo's, oomprisint? vk'nkmnaf 0*ew00^ Cue Piaao Fort*, bf Suitof eiftract Rorawood Crimson HrocateHs t?T?r?d Parlor Fnraitnrs. consist]rjt of i large _ * Arm Chairs, and t parlor rhaira, Cha?#3Sr and Ga? Fi*tur?s, ' 'r'O Parlor 1- urmture. Chairs Chairs, Luun^es and Fancy toaewood'MarMa top Tables, Wainut Whatnot ?. upericr h ?>* wood - wary and B< okcase, iri.Vd.!?or'\h*ui:h tii't-fraine Mirrors, ii _? -.1. J*p news cabinet, W altut: Kzuntion lMBinf Tabl? t?i?U r/i^nfc'f^i S'2? T*u<*? ^ Warmar. C>tna. Glaaa and Crocker*. TaMe Cutier*. 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