Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. 1 BTTn* ?*AB paMUboa tbe Lift of . ? I r^mlutag J a the Wwhfn^too City nm? ?*r tWprMl?the Uw dl^etlw ? to printed In tb? Mnrtpap* to Tin, lliaairttw w1thlB th? delirery of the o?car? Mri 4aily circulation 1* more thai JJ * of otter Dally prl.ted 1. the DUtrl^ of <?_ I llBMI CilCTiT Count?A Ltquor Cat# tf. ^ I SLSS^StL' if9 **tof *' ^Hir* Mootfomrrr connty, Md , r* Frank ft?h.Lr ' ^ u ?ppf><l from the dJeld T.' * *? l"0?VlO?B. who. ,n IMtltnM br Schftrpr a?atr>?t rJ . ? PT06*"" rorary of i balance on an urconnt?i7 fo,.th* r?tfae hJm Jndrmenr ' * r**m*d aald Jndment witb cotta Court ' ? '"K"'? DuVn la the ' ? m v?ri ?? Beaver (both of Georgetown) It wu argued by Messrs W.J !*tone?n<l F W Jones. counsel for ll?iI<nflltnt.(Brown.)ind Mem J C Kennedy tnd R R Jackson. counsel for the appellee, (Imw,) that appellant (Brown) w&a a'rested ooder a warrant, for giving liquor to aoldiera, l?aed against him bv Justice Reaver; tbat on trial ttoe justice found him guilty of having Inrlted aoldiera to bla boose and given them spirituous liquors to drink, snd thereupon fined him fgu under toe acts of Congress approved August 3 ud 5, 1861; that Brown wu Informed tbat be ost pay the floe or go to Jail; that be did pay ?atd ?um of WO to Justice Reaver, and tbat Reaver anbsequentlv paid over said sum to the Superintendent of Police, before this suit was brought but without the knowledge of Brown The case was argued by counsel on the above ftatement of farts; but, without concluding, the roort adjourned until U>-day. Faio Bcirnis Iktkkrcptsd ?On Wednrs. <t*? ntrbt patrolmen F.??>x McColg*n. Helae, sad Parker,' paid an official visit to a f iro establishment In the second atory of the Globe ttotel oo Ttb street opposite th?* Patent Office, and tbeir uaei?>ec'e i appearance, at a time when tbe ro^m rw crowded with better* and abetters, caused a feneral stampede of those who "fight ye tiyer" through side doors and back windows Tbe sfficera arrectfd John Campbell as proprietor *nd Robert Lansing and James Wilson as "aids." and seized tbe apparatus, consisting of que cards, checka, dealing bo*, dice, cards, and money Tbe party were tek<?n to the guard house, and gave security to float* their appearance before Justice Thompson vesterdav morning at 1 (o'clock. At the appointed hour, Me?a-s Campbell and Willlsms nppea ed. bat Lansing, the dealer, was ntm ft JobaH Johnson. Esq , and Mr UlW*riion appeared for the prosecution, and Colonel M. Thompson for the accused. Mr Johnson moved a postponement of the case In cder that the prosecution might prepare Itself. Col Thompson asked for an Immediate trial. Mr Johnson contended that the trial could not be proceeded with In consequence of the absence af material witnesses. which thev had not tin e to lubpa-m. and requested that the trial should be p tponeo. and that the pa> ties be held In goo4 and gufl^ient security for thetr appearance. The Justice then adjourned the erie until Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. and h? !d Campbell to bail In the sum of ffru for hts appearance at that time. Wilson also gave *100 security to appear as a witnea. -mm Diaths ov SoLCiims.?The following soldiers died rwttfdiy: N Velcort. 45th New York, at tbe Infirmary. W. Board man. company D. 1st Pennsylvania Rifles,and D Plummer. company H, 33d Penn svlvania, ann# Seminary. ' Walter F. Conklln,company K, 1 ft New Jersey cavalry, at Camp Mercer. John Roach, company F, 334 Pennsylvania, near Palls Church Won Darts, of company G, hith Pennsylvania Volunteers, of remittent fever, and Patrick Lobay of company G, Harlan's Pennsylvania Cavalry, of paeunomla at the Columbian College Herptlal J P Campbell, of company L, Harlan's Pea nwy Iran la Cavalry, while being conveyed from camp to the Columbian College HoaplUl. Flas Ratsios at Can? Fuller ?On Tuesday afternoon there was an Interesting flag-rala ng a1 ' Camp Fuller," /Sovernment corral,) near the Observatory At t o'clock the flag (a beautiful one, ten fee' bvsixteen in proportions.) was run up by Cant Cottingham After the flag was raised, Capt C was presented with a <*ostlv sword and sash by the employees atthestork yard Capt C is from Albany, New York State. and has served with some distinction both in the Florida and Mexican wars He was with Gen Harney in the celebrated Kverjflad* campaign in Florida, as a non-commissioned officer In Company B, Second Dragoons, Capt Fulton commanding? In Mexico be served In Compsny H, Second Regiment oi Pant Tamnklni Ge*x*o*ity?Thl* morning, tbe officer* of tb? companies composing tbe Fir*t Regiment of District of Columbia volunteer*, Col Tilt, were di? tributlng check* to tbe famillenof the men for tec dollar* each r?r month to tbe wi?es, and a dollai extra for oach child, payment* to begin from the flrat of November These cb?-rk* are contributed by our fellow-citixen, John C. Rive*, E*q. Th? example of Mr R1 ve*. If followed by * few of oui wealthy citizen*, will afford great relief to fam ilie*. the main dependencies of which are tb< army la tbe Held I.ich*!* ?There ha* been a large number 01 warrant* laaued for perron* tellint? without 11 eenae, and the trial docketa of tbe variou* poltci magistrate* will no doubt exbtblt manv ?uct - - ? ? ? - ?? a? a a eat m* cum la me coming momn. i ?irras?, i r uz gerald. D MurpfaT, M Geary, and John Shahai were brought before Jaatiee Walter by the me tropolitaa police Tbey mrere each permitted t< pa* far and obtain a license In tbe regular form and after paying tbe coats additional, were dia Dmokdrblt Sotwtma ? A few daya ance twi aoldlera named Tbomaa Aiieo and Nlcbolai Marray, were making mor- noise near tbe Nair Yard gate tban tbe law allows wbea patrol me i Arnold and Champion promptly arreted tbem Thay raaiated and fougbt de*perat?lv, bnt wer nslly taken to tne sianon douw worn juric Call much to their disgust levied a tine on eacl of them Ckstbal Guabdhocsk Ciais?Befor* Justte T\?mpton ?Mary Cannon, drunk; workhouse 3 day*. John Weser. do ; turned over to tbe mill ary. B?*b. colored, driving upon tb aldewalk; fined fU 94 James Powers, vagrant workhouse 9) days Tbos Clark, drunk; turoa over to tb# military. G W. Kinley, do ; work boose 30 days. ~ Thsatib.?Tbe favorite eccentric comedian Mr Ben Rogers, takes hla benefit to-night, am will doubtless ban a bumoer. both on ictsaai < the eetimatton be la held In bT the public, and c the attractive character of the bill of fare Mil Huaan Den In appear* in two characters, and tb program nee inc'udee the sparkling comedy of tb ? Ladies' Battle and the rlcb farce of " The Poi of Honor." Watii roa th* Gabbisors ?Wells are bein dag. Bad walled with brick, In the militar works in this vicinity. They are of ample dl mensiona?being about 8 feet In diameUr, an generally range rrom wio bw ieei wp in on case, oo the Virginia aide, a well h<.s alreart been sunk 100 feet, and water baa not yet be? mcMl Passiso a Coc.tTEirKiT Coin ? Yesterdai Thos Jackson was arrested by tbe Metropolis police for passi njt a counterfeit cotn of tbe denon 1 nation of Ive dollars. He was taken before Jui tice Dona, wben It appeared that tbe coin wt given wltuout a knowledge of its base cbaracte He gave good mouey for It, and tbe case was dli missed Thi C am pbsll MmiTitu are now In U t?sU vt'k of their remarkably successful aeasc la this cltv. No slmllir roii.pany that ever vl ltr4 Washington baa been able to make so trinn pbsnt a r-cord. To-night they appear In som< thing Dew and especially good. Tn MttinroLifti Orti* Tioon, made grand hit at Odd Fellows Hall Navv Yard la Blgbt. they present another I n vl 11ng bill to-nlgb should All the ball to its esparlty. Fatal Accibut ?A negro man attached *m at tbe csaips on tbe Virginia aide, near Fo Ns 4, was accidentally abot through tbe bod yesterday, sad died soon afterwards. OiriA?' Cobbt ?Tbe court met yesterda bat without transacting any buMnesa, adjourn* ever until to-day. Isou Rubbbb Goods ?We are pleased to sta thai mv all kinds of ladla Rubber goods, 1 eluding Rubber Blankets, Robber Clotbln Ae , Ac., can be obtained la this city at / <f?r?r'? frirtt, at tbe India Robber Warehoui k*l?MR Ninth *r T~" ??j ? Teotti str*>u oc 15-U Tag Hofiotn of Wa* i?i mitirat bf uatf'TtrruB ramwlj, Htflomy t Cintm*' M it vt.. ear* am* womai, howevr wiM'f*.if V) wMl root ii mromaJ the w> maiod parti, an ' U ^tft thuroag hty oorered witfa it A pot ahou M u r?rj sta't kaapaack. Only ? ooau Mr r> oc 91 I v f c ? MARRIED Oa tae meant. h? the Re*. Mr- McNa'l * L)LN H V.M io Miaa 8 USA > liUWAKUS, DOUOI llll OIQ. " iUH V*u?* Jl h iiuU"t EMMA P, th? Moond & If o( tr.d FnuioM Djmb, H* fjwraJ wi!i >*k? on 84Ufd?r ?A< Vff^VSvhlaSftEK*3^ i \ o~ ?A*M ;"i/.tf*;. n:1' ' ^ tt^en M. Kibbvy, 4??J I >Mr M?1 9 MaaU*. Piijl. Fjmi E^wtHi' Ptrry-MtTtBiBti e< tki * EaniT?Skt'?likl?| b??4ut' Fuit, Oct S3 ?On Toeaday, Capt Vuikan, of tbf RMcIiland Battery, wentmr the rlrer wits a flap of trot* to tcot^t rmt of the dead, aad aaccrtaln the fate of other* Ha wma detained by the enemy, and bad not returned at nlgbtffcll About 5 p. m. to-day (Wedneadav) rebel brigade waa aeen proceeding In the direction of Conrad'a Perry, and disappeared behind a wood, where It ia attted there It an e .rlbwork mounting *??ven gnn* The point if between the rieer ar. * Leeaburg two miles fron the litter place and boat three miles from F.d? ?d*? Ferry. If iaupposed they are the uu< tioopi which attacked onr picket* on Sunday About the same hour Gen Abercromble writ word to headquarter* that the enemy'a forces were advancing toward* his position on the Virginia aide from above and below, and asking for reinforcements His command waa aeen drawn op line of battle, near the ahore, and orders were Issued to push a strong force to hi* relief Up to th?> present hour, 10 p m (Wednesday,) no attack has been made Five person* were arrested st Poolesvlle to-diy on-the charge of being secession spies They were examined and remanded to safe keeping The skirmish on Tuesday was fought on our side exclusively by the Independent Corps of Andrews' Massachusetts Sharpshooters, and comK of the Nineteenth Massachusetts. The enemy's force consisted o* one regiment each of Louisiana, MiwlaalDOl find Vlruinla The latter atteinDted to flank our little forc?, but the terrible fire from the Sharpeboo'ert, a rebel falling at each shot, and the firmness* of company K, prevented the execution of the plan The loss of the en<-mv la tue skirmish was great.whilst only one of oar men wu killed The skirmisher*. however, were aided by several well directt-d ?hoU from the battery on the Virginia ahore Edwards' Fkrry. Oct 24 ?Yesterday, on learning that a large force of the en'tny were approaching, and had arrived at two polnta above and below, and in the immediate vicinity of the ferrv, it was judged advisable to withdraw the portion rf our troop* which was on the Virginia shore, both at Kriward'i Kerry and Harrison's island I hi? was rendered toe more necessary from the high stage of the water and tbe gale, which made It a matter of Impossibility to throw over a sufficient force to make our positions there perfectly secure against a general attack The forcta at Harrffcon'g Inland were removed first, In the ftce of and unmolea'ed by a large body of the en* my, who. wisely perhaps, forebore to make any demonstration. Gen Stone commanded the division opposite Kdward's Fcyi and removed them during the tempeatuou* storm In the nlohf t-?f?lv rind without :utv a.Tid^nt Km being among tbe l*st to leave the shore. Tbe number* of the enemy are not known to ou'*lder% but It la inferred that they had between 13,OtX) and 30,(JW> men Their positions were in dangerous proximity to the ferry, and a night attack w?uld have been disastrous to our small number* there. This morning iionc of their encampment* or troop* are visible, except, perhaps, one occasionally passing along the toads through the openings of the forests C7*The Planters' Advocate, lately published at Marlborough. In Maryland, has been suspended, in consequence, it Is said, of the following order from tbe Post Office Department forbidding Its transmission through the malls: n ?_ t"v tie io? iusi urriu, uct id, noi It appearing to tbe Department that the "Planters' Advocate," published at Marlboro', Mary, land, Is a treasonable sheet, advocating the overthrow of tbe Government, and giving ai?f and comfort to ita enemies now in ams against it, itii ordered that the same be excluded from all malls and other postal facilities of the United States. By order of tbe Postmaster General J OH 5 KASSO!*, Assistant Postmaster General. CHK. AKTH'B CITIZENS COTILLON BAND?The tlKxe n?mo<l, havii % retu:n*<t from his tnp to Europs, is rev^j tf 4PS# furnish music for rails, part es, Grenades, 7SaJ* etc.. at the shortest notice. Engagements can In made for srrall or larie parties, at Chr. Arth's 54h\vm? and Hair dress ng Saloon, on C st. Wash ington Bank Butidiug; or at Jacob Arth's Kark Hotel. oo 24 iw Hh!\R> MlLLbR. from Baltimore. w-uld re gp'ctfulij aunounoe to the citiz-ns of Washington and Goorgetow that he is civinc Lesson* in Horseback Killing for Ladies and fJontl^men. ai d a bo practicing in all b.anohej of Veterinary CUfgery N B.?Particular attention paid to officers just entering the A rmy an ' wishing r?? l-*ru hors^mansh p. ?'mars to be left at No. <91 B si. h?t?een 3d acd 3.!. ?>o 84 3t* T the amebian watch i 1 HE AMERICAN WATCH inGodand Sil> ver Cas"? Also, I adi?s' and Gentlemen's [ verT superior I onJon, I iverpool. and Geneva f?) W atohes. of the latest imp rtation. sSlMt IT7- Wa cKes.Chronon.otcrs, Jewelry,Ao ,oarefuMy repaired. Engraving in all its branches promptl* executed. M W. GALT A BRO. Jewelere, 354 Pa. av., 4 doors ?- st of \ oo 24 St Brown'a Hot?!. ORANUK4*, l?RlED APPLES, &0. 12 bbla. HmutORtNGE^, I 20 " J>Ri El) A FPLE-, > 5 ? CRANBERRIES, r 5f<af1<? D\TK? HlMixei Bunoli RAISIN!*. , 6 bbla. Fresh Roll BU f I ER. Juat received &?d for aal" b? I NO H. HK ME* 4 CO . Corner Vini at. and Louisiana av , f Opp"Pit? ve?? end Center Market, oo 2? 3t [Republican] -\ r> *?UKNsIDE*8 I 1 URE OLD M??NON?AHF.LA RYE WHISKY. i Hotels. Dealers and ku?p iM by the . Sol? 1({-Dt?? 3TOCKDAI.K A CO , j oc 23 3td.**frw* 331 Walnut ?>.. Ptii'a l^lphia. , f^OUNT OA VOUB'^SYSTEM or WKITINO, - for Ss-ise on the Warpath ?n i Gene-a's in the Army Th? most b aut ful *'d wordarml ?y?tem ever published. Practical for writ-nc all Ian 5 cum*!' Ad^rwi (inc'Oiin" one dollar) I). R. * ^EI.SON. Wa?hi6gU)n. U. C oc 23 iw' y ^Vrange county condensed milki It ia hiashly leoommended by Physicians, Masters and fiavalws. Iusnros a a *e?t, pure ?ir P tide for ai.y length oftime Nevor becomes oheesy, p arj'i sn.irantied <o lte?sp in aiiy oliinate. f!~7* For sale at facto t ?ricei. II king a burchell, oo22 Corner mh ?t and Vermont w. ? OAISINS, PRUNES. DATKS. Ao. U It 125 boxes Bunch RAISINS, 20 *cxea P H I! N ES, e SOfrat'a DATES. 2S barrels uRIEb APPI.ES, 5 barrela OR A N BEK KI ES. 11 3'ooruma F W do*3t jura BRANDY PEACHES, 10ovka CURRANTS. Just received and for Fa'*by i, oc 23 e< ot MOlt RAY A SEMM ES. d? DUTTER. CHEKSK, Ao. >f 1> 90 kegs ehoic BUTTER, if 12? ItoxesClJ EFSE, is S.M?lb?. COi'PI*. - 2.?(*>!b??. HA UK KI*H, I arm boxes denied HI-RRINUS, * &o barrel. Nsw MA'KKREL, II lOta reli N?v^tCKt,K?. J oat reo-ived and for sa e by oc a-"o t MURRAY A PEMMEB. y f U*T ARRlVEP.di ect from an Eastern Auo |. O lion llma-N 50 b%U? aheap CAM i'KT. Alio,21m d BKDM'KaDs, whioh were bought low for o*?i aad will be ao'd at a small adtaoce. Together will a lar;e asssrtmeat of Housekeeping Articles y H. l(UCHI>V'i n Furtiture Dealer. 448 Seventh nt.. oc 22-lm* r>eiween <? a"d H at?. . I^AlLORiNG ESTABMSaMKNT-Tailor m ' I c all its bra ch*?. by JOHN I . mm n BUCHEN*EKG. No. 395. corner Thir ^fl )- teenthanJII ate. Gsnt emen's ail I Hoys' ?- C othos c'Jt to order Having m*de arrange- <iY u menu with a sViVful Strain Scourer, 1 Mi-" . prepa ed to execute all orders in this line, a* wel as Mending, la the m >st satisfactory manner. ' oo 22-*w* PERSONS NKKDINu H ,ACK GOOD! M- ar? aonciwu u> iiinp'c . our srice !inu comptei atook of ali the atanoard labrio 1 lor mourninc ap pare, with all the minor requisite* for peraona I P* b ack a- An inapaotioa of atock imphea do obligation t a- puroiiaa? Oo? priee only, marked in plain firurea. Ca'pat*, Oilo'iotha, Curtain*. Mattiaga, &o? up a per tioora. PtiRKY & URO , t a. avesu* and Nintli &t, * O? 22 5t "Ferry Buildint." ' IN CLOAKS, SHAWLS, AND OfH Kl 1 Wratpinca for Autumn and Winter, new, atyi ,a lah and novel thmt* opened to day. . Tne whule of tiie ab?vo at our proverbially loi , tariff of prioea, marked in plain fieurM ly ? rKRRV A BBO., Peun. iveau* and 9tn itrMt. oeO-St "Perry Building." i I BLANKETS AND FLANNELS^ 1 HAVKon kftodi 'aria a??ortnren ?f Wh'tf Red, D ue. Grny and Yellow Flannels,heavy Cour try I- annt-la. Joey Flanne'a in fmcy oolora, Ham ^ i.ton and other ?<>od make* of Canton Flannel*, n- A.?o. Bail Blanket", Army BWnkat*. Bhrivent' K, B ankots, at low prices. HENRY EGAN, a. 321 (south aide) Fa. av., bet. 6th and Tth sts., oo ?-6t New Iron Baildin|. 'd fMJCKKtMCHFS. COCKR' 'ACHES! ? Ti a-/ subscriber wubes respectfully to inform tli citizens of Waahington tliat they oau have all ii *d mo:* ?nil vertn'n destroyed from their dwelling M? Hoseita a. harracka, hoUla, pubiio and privai >t baildi"ga taken ou contract and keet permanent! ey from a I kinds of vermin Ord?ra reepectful d aoltcitrd and promptly attended to. Addraea 1 >L REYNARD. Waahington, D C. P. REYNARD, = P** of PfrVifolZlS&A. _ _ - "Y" " "* t w??w^*ril wi >ui .... Ofio? hoar* from 3 to 5 p. m. oc 19-1 w* IJ ^UTur.RS AMi* Dfc.A LhKS. ATI KMIi^ ,N O D Pupt iSiMrior Kranoh BU?k Varolii i taned April W?,1?o,\h?b??tartic:aovarii)Ti?nt< for rarniaal c boon .MruMi, oarna<*e. wiiitai aooAqtrameota, and firauen'a eaja.' F,f rale t Ki JTkViN A ? D * CO, 107 K St.. iMtYMB l?h a] " o^ook ? h?#r" frP"i * ^ t- I^RKAT*RUSH TO SMITH'S. No. 46* t* OB U antii St., to ae>? m? atook of Pali Ciotfaia Traaka. Haw aad Ca?a oel-la gAir. rn fiii.i. AT UMITH'B, 1 r^'-l Goo4*t fraukti M?U M4 C*?*? ?? Hi? V . "*r ? ? 4 %?-t ' - m+A %# - AMUSEMENTS. Wi 1 appear in the LADIES' BATTI.KmkI POST OF HONOI, A ? well a* M?. TEN ROGERS. II* Great excitement AT TKX NAVY YARD! TH? pa?ft#'? Favorite*. th? Metropolitan Opera Troupe Opened last ni?ht to s well fi 'ed house sad were received witli RAPTUROUS APPLAU9K! Come to light and ?ee T.J.ANDREWS, in his Ngoyo Comicalities! Come and hear JOHN PURCELL ?ir* rockis i!t the Ceadlk of till Dnr. And Prof. NACHMAN. Whown received 'ast niiht with snob outbursts of applause, will repeat to-nUht sh0ulp attld /cq0ai?ita5c? be fokoot. Hnn'f ft .1 tn W N W HR I PV oc26-2t* PaVnaw Agen' and Tr<>a?iir*r L~ OOK OUT FOR THE MONl'MENTA 8! Tho MONUMENTAL CLLB take I eaaure in announein< totneir fneid* Jnf an J the public in central that the* will cire#JB heir thirteenth GRAND AS-KMBLV &tb3b Fr?mklj:? Hall o r 9th ard Hats . on MONDay KVENlNG.Oct i8. Ticket* 5J cents, a^mitHn? a gnnt!em*n and Ivlie*. oe 25-3t* ODD FBI.LOWS}* HALL! 8fv*nth. Abovk 1>Pt. TWELFTH WEEK of the pamprki.l nin8trkls BURLESQUE TROUPE. 1 - jt'l'AR PF.RPORMKRS. Look out for T??k Fora New Stah=, PR ANK SW t N \T, tii? Great Ba?o ; LUTI1KR Hi'GHK*, tleGiea* Comedian, (lately of W?n<brd'? ()pi>r? Troupe ;) Wong EDMONDS, ths G-e&t V'oliniet, (lately of r-anfo-d'f <>p*ra Tronp#;? JOHNNY WILLIAMS, the Ueautifa! Tenor Singer. N. B The Manager take* great p'eaguro in announcing the above Lamed gentlemen ?> bright p\rtieu'ar stars. Th-y wili appear <n Monday *v*mr,g, i'lst. (oom) uurvmi, W/VNTS. WANTfcD-A female SERVANT, cap-He of ^ _co"kinc- Inquire 31 6 l_stroM. oot5 2t WANTKD-A NI HHK totnk* c%"> ortwon! iidr?n and r?w. Must be from f.5 to 3-? j"ws rid. Waews 85 Ingii'r* a* S?*r Office. It* WANTFI) TO KENT-A HOUSE, fii'ni?li<?d <>r unfurnished. Addross"K. E, Star nffio*. It* WANTED? * GIRL. ^ rto hons?work in a small far.i 1?. A pj!j at tiisS'ar Office. nil JO U R N E V >1 E V TAT' ORS. NOTJCF. Wanted immediately, ten Coat Haxdn. and f air Handtton Pan'aio -rp HINTON & TEEL- 40bl'a ?v? rc 2> 1 w between 4H and 6th *t. WAVTKO-A" fi7^~rate"TioT)K. WASHER &n1IR"NKR. Aluo, a(jirl to do oha*?iherw< rk and sew. None huttho?e who can coma w? 1 'ero^mended need anjly. at No. 442, corT.?r Kift'en'h at a d N'fw S'nrlt av r>c Ub 51 * WA \ TK I)?|!y a iPntlenian & plan I* Hi nie'ied ROOM, vit'iont lioard, l ' a qui?t retire;! faini'y. An 111* advertiser ha* UUiire evenin??. he would pr*f>r riving i??f>ous in pbao graph), I.atir., Ure-k- inj-dern lantusgog, the foieuc?s. Ao^. It psjinem ior ine rem. Auarae* i>9z nn, -uar Offioe. _ rc 25 3t* W ANTKD IM MEDIATELY, a Fi; R NISHK0 HOITSE.c,>*-tirunm tr> Pe n?yl ?nm?v?nue and tki priDciral hi>t?ls. A If%?? f>r ?ix m >nth?. with the ?nvil s? of ronewal, will he t*ken. Mid pa-me"** m'd' mon'4i'r. f desi^d. T< e h?n? should be larne enough to aocommodt'r a family of ssx or Mult*. Address " Now YorVer. a* tnu offic . _ oc 2* 2t* WANTED-* ama'l n?*t|T fHrnMh?d HOUSE. A>1 Jre?g B x67T VVaahimton Post Oflica oc 2t 3t* WANTED? * sma i HOUSK or p*'t of a hoi;?3 (S or 4 rooms); nei .'hhorhocd of Ont?r Mar ket preferred Address Box No. 1* Star?iffioe. oo 2A $r? WANTED-A roo4 MlhLfNKH.. Xore hot ? ? the Dest need acpiy ? itM.i.r.K. No. 34 Market "p^oe, on 84-3t* Ketween 7fh and Rth ?t?. WANTED?By & itTt'emMi thoroughly aoauaint rl with merchandising. and who can furm?h the necessary capit?! f r a vi*o-oui? pro?ecu'ion of the huain?a?, at> intere?t in a regimental sDtierahip. Address " Meroh&nt," at this office. oa 24 lw WANTED?A ST'?RKBOOM <u* iUi-?) on P?nns?'vani? avenue. between 6th a^d "?'h g's Addr*?>s **H. \f.,"at this < flip". oc23 3" I IL'ANTRP-A FURNISHED HOU8K. i" a * ? pleosant part of the oi*y ; rent moderate. Address r'P*r?.in " Box V2"i City Post Office oo 93 3t? 1 k.mshhj nursn ? i mi, in a g"ou r neighborhood ; si lae uot to exceed iav?n hun dre.1 dollars. Addross "Martin," at Brown's Hote'. oc 23 y* W'ANTKI>-A BUGLER for the U. S. S. Sloop *' Pen??co'a- Apply on fcoarH'iT Alexandria) or to F A l'AKKKit, Fxeouttve Officer at rhe Navy Yard. noM-i*' WANTKD TO H RK, for ons month, withtte privil?r<* of pnrch**". one of Wheeler 4 Wiison'iSKWINO M\OHINK* (second hand > Address* B.,"Box7"* Post Office, with prioe, \n. oc ?-3t* WANTED TO KI'NT? A STABLE, to hold two horses room for two em?li carriages, Bomewliorfl between C and G a-d Eighth actt Fourteenth ?t?. An* one hwint; push aStaMe to rent m*y find a t?n?ui by addrcK*inc a line to Box No. t. Star Othc?, statin* where to o?U. ?.? os q> UU <2 >ji LH'RMfHKO HOIJ4E W AN I'KD.-An eiper rianced arid careful housekeeper desires to rent ft rented Fnmi?hcd H".u?ot oapahls of acoommoriatine * mod?'atel? auM fa**.ilr- Address Uo* 4, Star OfRoe, statin* location, description and terms. ' oo 19 tf WANTED?All Dairymen to Icnow that tho Washington Brewer* having commenced br<>wiii(t foi- th? wintor season. the* can eet Frash Grains ever* da* at 4 o'clock, at 'floentB p?r buahel. Call, one and all. <J. COLINkAU, oo 10 Im* Cor K and TVanty seventh stt. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TEPHKN8 & OO.'S. 3U2 Pa avenue. ?e 18 WANTED- TAILORS, TAILORS-50 Ta lora no.nnnfAiit ?n work on milltar* foods. ApdIv G. KOLP. at Wall. Stephens A Po.^. >625 ' WANTED.?We are now burins SECONDHAND FURNITUHE,STOVES anil BKD DING, for which we are payine the highest oash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having & ?nrplus of furniture, will land it to their advantage to give us a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. je lS-tf No. 369 ^th ?t.. bfftw. I anil K ?U. WANTED. FOR THE CASH?AH kinds ol SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEKPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or havinga surplus will do well to call ' ?D nnftHI.V. I j* S ' 4'i* Parent!!. between G aud H its. LOST AND FOUND. |^OUND-\ SKAL RING, with name engraved r in ide also *h? hst'irea 1853 The owner oan 5 have it by identifying it a->d paying fjr this advertisement. Call ai Star Olfioe counter oo 25 3t LOST?Lait night, in going from C St.. u?Sd, to E St., a I'OR I K.muNNAIE, contaii.ine * .921) note U. Treasury, 1 gold dollar, acif$i75in II silver The findwr will grea'.ly ob ige a poor iervant girl by r* turning tho sam?, for a suitable re *ar4 t*> tbe Pastor of the Lutheran Church corner - of Forth a d K its. north. It* 3 ???? ?!TK WED OR STOI.KN- On the ni*ht ofthe C7 24th instant, from the atable, Marbl* ffv a a AUfj, between 4>* and 6*h eta, a aorrel jLm? MAKE, about 15 hands high; had on a new^" o leather halter; oollar rubhedonthe left ahoulder. Any one returning said a.are will be liberally rewarded. O G. TOWSON, i- oc 25 3'* No. * Four and-a ha'f at. HPAKKN IIP AH I RAY?On the 22d inatant, a 1 browner dark tar H? >RSK. about four tr\ - years o'd. between 15 and 16 hands hign, t right hiLd fetlock white. Tti- owner or^^2-^ownera are requested to come forward, prove propAitw r.a? AhicfA* %nri t&liA him &V&T w " "rw" A;-R. FOWLER. oo 24-3t* No. 12th at t>?tween M and N. eo KKWAR!>.?L??t, a back aud tan KAY TERRItR. The above reward<s^_o - wi I l e pau for tin return to 423 F >j#twe?*n 6th Mid 7th oo23-3t* ?-aj? ? !' | OST ? From aa A'niy iia;gage Wagon, be

.. I- twran the Raiiroed Drp^t and Oejrgetown.a braae fustrumect, and tour Mosio H<ok? in oase. >. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving thoin at th'a offioe. i o 33 3 * < J7*8TRAY ?Cametn mr premises, Oc tober 22, a MU young bay MARE, whioh tiaa (or haa try ~,l had) fistula. Inquire at ?h? residence oiT," -'? - ?? - * r?i i * iri _ - uap'. a A. narwooa, oiiu?niuur|. , a;- -- ' ovoar ii rrqueil?d to nome forward prove property, par ohargea, and take her away. oc 23 3t* H. W. HARWOOD. ly T*AKKN UP E8TRAY.?On tha20th instant,! I* I Sorrol HORS?>', with Bridie and Ba'l-1\, die, mirked U. t*. Tha b wnar will ooma for TLaTP ward, prove property, pay expenaee.and^*"take aim ??? . FOR saLK ?A large Bat Hoiai a fine 8ad<T< and Harnf < Horse, also, one fina vm k Horaa and Cart, vl 1 be sold verj 1 ?w if appliad for soon, r. T. DRURY, Wood aiA Coal Dealer. , oe 23 3t* Pa. a*., near nth atraet ^ H^'RSKH^ JJ.QRSKf f* RE i ?? tr&.B.V ?i~> n u KvfiB nTAltt-cv pBDKI), the Ifur? ~l" branded on Hn.|JI >4 rifht Jaw of Moti how, exoept one, whioh^P^1 laadftrk rrM. I will ?%jr ife* above reward foi _ Moh horao 4?1?M to m?. at Vmj', Hotel, or al e- m? stable, at the Oil Gaa Hoaaa. ' ?' oo?1 et* I- H DENNIS. ?? %? * m FOB SALE AND BJBNT. F H2&7IUM WT JEW# ioctcn. It contains a am*.1 hous*. with oonv*-i*at oat building*, atabl*. o">? bou?? %nd ?c?..- iate ?ir nta.alarcaoirtwnfir am wato ,'prao* "-~t*rd. >C ri?T to HRNRV \VE*T, ?98 - mia ave ne. fc jtm I?/UM FOR 8ALF, or Ejtcha-jr* for City ~ Prrporty. ai'uated in Somwef?i!l o^untr N. J#r<-*T, containirg *2 acrea in a h?a'ate < f oult rrt cn. fool dwel in<-hnm , wi'h *11 neceeaary < n? * Midmca. fooil w?t?r po??r fire ->roha <1,?rd wel- enoea,2X mile* from Central Railrned, (6 d uly icisll miles f om fj> idsfi * d. and 20 miiea fr m. JerfT C.ty. Y?r furthar am'Meuiar* iMaire ffi W BRAY". Jeweler. 5l6 Sorenth a* . of posits Intel meno?r Uffi a ' c 25 1m* 4 <inn -'I'RIW w? OU for SalK. or the IIUU FARM, "f 5P0 acrea. in the ild ?ta e ro?d, r.e?r D* pm Ml If. The four thousand oo da c?n be a^ared and eare a full aoppl* tor the farm. Tta? wo" d conaiota Pina, 0?k, and A-h. Tnewhle land and wood can be houeht for $6 000 One 'earn nan deliver two ocrtia pur day to the army, now stationed pouth of Diggee'* Farm Apply to EDWARH oo ?5 St 390 C atTe?>. I^OK%FNT-Ooe amall BRICK HOUSE, on r K atreer. between 11th and 12th tta. Inquire of GRO. W. the atore oornar of H and 12th ata. oc 24 3t 7UIR RPVT?4 fnrniihltrl P\Rf.< R with a. Cbatnner coTimunicatinc A!so. two ?paciona Chambera, whic^ oommnnTc*'''. Ajp y to Mr*. MAHGARET SPALD1.M6. ? ? Fourth ?t . between D and E. With or without Board. pc2* 3 * CJTORK and cellar for RENT. !nr* quire at cornor II and Eleventh >U , No. 431. oc 23 2t* UrARKBOt'KE ON THE WHARF FOR R KNT?The Brick Warehouse, with aJate roof and four floors, No. 73 Water street. Georgetown. by the Government Ferry, and ?nitat>le for iv wfco'enn'n erooerr to aupplr auUeia. Apply next Uoor, No 77. Ai?o, a Brick Carriage Home and Stable, with a hydrant in the y*rd. Aptly at GEO. L'PPERMaN'S Grocery,cornar of bridge and Jfff-rson at* , GeorretoW'?. oc22 St Ej*OK KENT?A HOUSKon Pennsylva>ia av., r N'o. 'J\, with k*s, and water in the 'ard, with nr ir ltKnut fumhira Aim Ann n > (I i (ran' V 79 Inquire of LOCToR NKL'MAN, 76 'K at! oo 21-ftt* LH R KRNI-A PARLOR and t#o CHAM F BKKSifuruis1 ediin a hou e with a private family, no children rr boarders. in a pleasant part ' f r.he town?on H st-eet, between 5th and 6tti, No. 350 Price racdnrat", >f arp'ieJ lor iojn. oo t8-3teo* FOR ItKNT-HOUSK 4fl'i Pe^STlvama a*., over ttie book stir- of Franck Taj lor?a place for a prof-?8?iona! man te 4-tf HA N OSO M ELY FURN1SHKD ROOMSFour handtomely Furnished Room*, snppl'.ed with eai and water, and oonveiient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for tent. Apply at 490*< Massachusetts avenue, north ?ide, between ?th and oth eta. ma23 Iboarping. HOARx. . amiliea and air-fl* gentlemen can obtain very ?e&sant Furnished Kooma, with Hoard, oo moderate terms, at /i91 and 393 O, between 3d and 4% streets. Transient and I able Hoarder* accoiimtou&uui. coh zw* UEO KG Eli) WN ADVE LtT'Mi'S TO WHOM IT M \v CONCERN.-A1! rcr uii* lniiobtet to *-i<iiin%r. St. Hunt, or 9pi'iiiau A Co.. are iier?i)T notified to inaVo payment of tho name to no one except tha undera.KiiMl JAA1 KM l?. SjPILMAN, Or F. W JONK8 fieor*eto*n, O C . Oat. 21, Ifril. oc 22-3t? NOT1CK?littler an atyigiiiiiflut from Ja?. D. ^pilm* ii, ilalr recoi d; d, tits un ertiiRned alone i? entitled toooilect thed'bts lefo red to in the above noti"?. II. K. HKR R V. Oct. 33. 186'. oc iS-3 * KL'CKHCIN ULOVKS, lilllMTI L I'k ?, ~ ^ I |J|< It-'i We call the attention ofSutlers, R- eimenra Of fioers. ahd others w hmi.'h to purchase Buckskin Glovee. Gauntlets. Allttlr.s, Purses, Tohasco Pouches, Portronuuaies, (. srins, Ai, at whole*a e, to our extor sive ?t'?ck?all ol our own manufacture? at our ' ?ore, 10."? lltjjii street, Geor??town Our ij loves Gauntlet* ai.d Mitten* are nf the best quality, of real Buckskin. Military iiuif arid White Gauntlo's, BoxingG nvea, Buokskjn Shirt* and Drapers, made to order. RAMSHURG k. Kilt* RT. | 10.'? High street, Georgetown, L?. C. j N. B ?A lante quantity of soraps of Buokbkin and Chamois for polishing guas, aoooutrometjts, on hand. se i*-lni MAS8LY, COLLINS A CO.'tt PHILADELPHIA. DRA UUHT. Expected this day. per steamer J. Jerome? *>0 barrels X\ DKAlitiHT ALE, 4" do. XXXX do. do. ?rr. VI f kkl^ A. . H.% A . RAJ t*il,-UUIfl. uu. uy, uu, Whsch or. arrival will b? for sale Termi cash on delivery. ARNV ft 8H1NN, in 7 Union Dwot. tteoreetown. JU8T1TKCEIVKJ>10 hhOo. pn:ns Forto H ico SUGARS 140 L>l>'s. U:d Kji WH1MKV, UObbla. IIEB KiNfai ?rui ALE WIVES, *> bbla. Crushed and Refined ^L'GARS, to ba^s Rio aod Java OOKREK, 10 uh<la.( low-priced) ftliiLAJSSEiS. For sale by JOHN J. BCGtE. i?li 1 ATTENTION, L\P1E8! HAVE Just rejt'iviv! a, large assortment of new styl?- H..op Skirts. Baiu.ora ?kr ts, Jou?an'? Kid (jb>ve? (75 c?nt3 per pair.) Buck anil Kid Gauntlets, beat mill"* of Whi.e and OolortJ 0? ts. Embroidered Lin?n and cambrio Collars and ?*?ts, L'.nen cambrio Ham kerchiefs. Cotton a~u Woolen Hosiery and Gloves, Ao. THE EUREKA ATTACHMENT SKIRT 1 would lejpaotfnlly call the attention of Ladia* to the above near ?t.jI-* Skirt. THE ADVAN TAOER ARETh? low*r hoop, being rcurd and iurn?>l in front, form3 a lever, keeping the *kirt in perfect lorni. tuereby Lot a'lowing it to hitch up or ?et ontaugU-d iii any war wiiate?er The open space in front forming a circle obviates all olieti uctjun to the l. et wtale walking or guiticg in and out of carriages. Owing to its peouliar con-truotion, the tendency while sitting is to fa!l In a vsry graceful pofiticn. HKNRV EGAN, 323(south Hide) Pa. avenue, oo 21-6t New Iron Building METALLIC AII.TVTOXXjf roi Cleaning. Fellahing, and Preventing Rut. Tlsis ia superior t > al! other oil* in the world for the above purpose*, as wall as for machinery and lubricating u?es. It la e?uailr applicab e to gunlocks and aevm; machiaea. It ia in h'fb favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnance and machinery. Principal Dtpot and General Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, I'enna. avenue, tear Eleventh at IT7* AgenU waited with teams, to supply encampments. se 24 2m 9IITI.KKM WANTED. iJREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutlers, and dealer* in Boots and Shoo*, at th^^A* NEW YORK WH LESALE ItKANCHMlj HOUSE, 34B Pennsylvania avenue, (o?er# B* 7 Janney's Shoe store.) * We manufacture our own G> ods, and sell at Nero York rtict*, thereby savins freleht. Having constantly on hai.<! a iaree Stock, we can supply at a moineLt's i.otico, any quantity de?ir?d. A la'ge assortment of 3 sole High-out shoes, and Loui-leg Boots. Sutlers libnraliy dealt with. A call from all dn.iiers solicited. WlllTEHOUSE a. UNCKLES. 00 7-lw2dp,as?* rjiQ MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR D\E, Tha Moot' in!H TV Ojt.'y Rtliab'u ami Hirudins ifair Dyt jfoetcn. gold by ail Drucg?sts; Hbiukton's Patent MtvJiviua htorj, < p. latent Otfice, our F k 7th, and at Gibbs's Hair Store, *242 Pean'a avenue, where Ladies can have it apphrd, if desired. Factory?t?l Barclay at. (late iZ} Broadway) N. Y. oo 3 It DR. M. Kf>CH, CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from 502 Broadway, New Yorfc. Branoh oftoe? 246 Pennsylvania avenue, tatwaen 12th and 13th at*., washiLfon, 1). C. Corns, Bunions, Sjft Corns, Callosities, Ciub Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, Jto ,our*d without oauaine oain or inoonvemenoe to the pa*i?nt The Boot or Shoe can be worn immediately aft*r the operation. Hia treatment ia founded ou the triotry rule of aoienoe, auoli at ail burgeona will app ove. flu obarfea are *mte moderate, trifling ieUe^d, oompared with the relief and aatiafaction he afTorda the apfferer. Refera to the PhjBituana and Surgeons of thia oitr. I'eraona attended at their rooma or reaidenoea without extra oharge, by leaving order* at >146 Pa. ave . bet 13th end 13th aU. oo 1-lm* 9ftQ JOHNSON ft NAGLK. QUQ Ov No. 88t PisngTLrAWi* Aviiftr*. Between Ninth and Tenth iU.. aout& aide, IMPORTERS OF WINES, i lOUaRS, SB' OARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, SARJust arrived the following branda of CHAMPAGNKB: SH. Murom, Piper Heidrfok. audon.Cartier & Co , Bant k, Fagot, Tnurette, Ko;alGrap?. Which V* offer at New York Pncea? freight added. JOHNSON^NAGLK, A bin. M. Bininger & Co.'a (19 Uro*d itjeef. Naw , York.) World renowned BOTTLED WlNKSand LIQUORS, for Camp. Mwhaiaai,, ^sneuiiK.?dSSa3k I 2<*?h ?i'jintiLf?, to t? had ftt EOBT H. 6K A flAAfb. Co*?tBHU*.i Eifntii a to i*-hr* . t : M. 4 * . ?C TELEGRAPHIC NEWte The Attack ?f lit Cmmt apaa Ik* film Immth. Nnr Yen, lift. 14 ?Additional advices by th? .MrCle'l n aute that the Zouayoa la tbe afffclr nrir Fort P:~!tr?? wm badlr managed. Md Col. "\Vil*oa I* oen?n rnd ~He did not reached tfc* scene of action QBtil til wu ow Tbrlr cinp ww ?1moit destroyed, the offlceraand men losing everything M<Jir slfwby had a narrow ncipe from caDtor*, b>ln(rrnri|nrd tn hli brd from dangerous Uln^sa Ot>e of bis Zouar? was killed and another takeo prisoner Majoc. Newby shot ooe of the rebels with hi? revolver, and then got out of the bnnae. mounted a bone, and eacajvd through a storm of bullets The regiment los? ten hilled, sixteen wounded n^d nine made prtsonera The regulars engaged In the action loat four killed, twentv wounded, and ten prisoners The rebels loat bv their sUtement 330 killed and wounded, and missing. We took thirty-#re prisoners, Including three doctors who were released. rrn tu*d wt b *irrt ** The fight occured on the morning of October 9 The Zouave camp wjj ?! tuated on Santa Rosa (aland, about one mile from Fort Pickens, and waa so distributed a* to command all the approaches to the Fort; and alao to protect the betterlea. The rebel forces, fifteen hundred atrong. embarked from the Penaacola NaT* Yard In three steamers, and landed on the ialand about four miles above the camp; It was about Sam, and verv dark; they rapidly formed in three columns, and proce?ded silently towards the Zouave camp, hoping to tflVct a total surprise. In this they Wfrc but Dartlallv aurrei.?f:il Thi? nlrVpt marH stationed about six hundred yard* from the caonp, disrovcrrd and tired upon them; this gave the alarm, and saved ike ret; ment from annihilation. The attack of the enemy's columns was simultaneous, and volley after volley was aim^d upon the volunteers They were forced to fall bark, leaving their camp in tie hands of the rebels, which they immfdiate'v commenced biirnlux. Fort Pickens whs by this time thorough aroused, and three companies cf regulars c?ine to our assistance. . It was now our tnrn The rebel* commenced retreating t?? their boats, cios? iy followed by the rejjnlars and a small number of volunteers keeping up a destructive tire upon them, killing aid wouuding a Urge number The re?>els iinally succeeded in reaching th"lr boats, but were not permitted to depart so easily. Their steamers were about five hundred vards from the beach, and our m? n poured vo'leys into the crowded mass Kverv bullet told, and by the shouts and utU-r confusion of the en?*mv it wa* cli>arlv ?vi<lpnt that we hid obtained am pie tat infection for the intuits to our 8:13 The regular soldiers b- haved nobly, - rid gres? credit is due to Captain* Roberta -n end Hitt. and Lit 11 tenant* Seely and Taylor for the admirable co. lness, tbey displayed in maneuvering their respective commands. Trar Account of the KitsI Affair ktlstr New Orleans no damage sustained by thb national fleet Nkw York, Oct *21.?The steamer McClellsn brings an account of the tt^ht at the mouth of the Mississippi river The rebel fleet consisted of six eunboats. the Mains***. and a large number of fireshlps, which lill'd the river from shor^ to shore Our squadron romprand the Ricbinond, the IlitnlsvHIe, the Water Witch, I'reble, Vincennes, and the storesbip Nightingale, which last named wa* at anchor inside of the Southwest Pasa. The Manavsas drifted foul of the Richmond, kmtrking a hole in the quarter stem, but doing little damage. To avoid the tire-ships the nquidroti tot under weijjb, and immediately drifted down the river. The Richmond, f*rebie, Viiiccnites, and Nightingale yot a>bore on the bar While there thev nnc oiwi' u uy uir rcupii only pne >uoi loot rfl'ect, striking the Kiehmond on tbe quarter. The rebel* were beaten "If by the Vinreun?a with two guns; she having. M tlr?t, thrown one overboard, with chain*, anchors. etc , to lighten. Not oi.e person wei killed or wounded In oar squadron. The Richmond, Preble, and Vincenne* were towed oH' tbe next day by the ahtp .YlcClellan. The MjiLtli.gale wai still ashore, hut probably got off the next day. Seizure of fcntraband (<*idi-Ma*?n and Midell at t ardenus New Yohk. Oct !M ?Tbe steamer Salvor, from Havana with contraband good*, was captured as he was entering Tampa Bay, by the Keystone State, and towed to Key West Her cargo Is said to have consisted of six hundred ptstola. half a million of percussion r aps, six hundred dozen bats, e'ght cases of shoes, and four hundred bags of coffee Capt Scott refused to give his p*lte up to the IT S. Marshal for adjudication, and to obey the I'nlted St'tes Court, and he sailed with bis ? . I... KJ V..U p i i ic iwi 4?c?* vi . The Consul at Havana sent the intelligence to Major French of the sailing of the Salvor from Havana, and also that an< titer ve?s-l loading with arms and munition* of war, would leave on the l?th. Theie b^ing no r.aval vessel ?t Key Weft, she will undoubtedly aii[> into Tampa, which is not now blockaded Major French am-sted Charles Tift, a member of a lars>e commercial house at Key West, and confined him at Fort Taylor He is supposed to be acquainted with the Salver caae, ana be will be detained as a witness Tift lately took the oath of allegiance. A K?-y West letter of the 2t)th instant, reports the arri val at Card?-n-is on the 16th of the steamer 'Theodora, from Charleston, with the Preach Consul and his family, and Messrs Mskoa and Slidcll, cuuuriissicxur. to France and England. ?' U - llr I- Ml. ? a 41 r n ur in jiiii^ari. Roll a, Mo , Oct. 23.?Col. Tavtor, in command of the rebel force* at Springfield, recently U&ued a proclamation declaring that all Union men wlo bad bflontred to toe Home Guard would be required to leave the country or go into tbe Southern army for the same length of tine a? th?*y had served In tint Federal army. Mid requiring a pledge from the I'nioa men now there for the exemplary conduct of tbelr friend* who are ahient from heme. The proclamation also prohibits the carrying of any more slu.ea South. aa such a course is calculated to lesseu the confidence of the people In the ability of the Southern tuny I to rnaliiUin itse'.f in Missouri The re.-ult of Major Wright's march from Holla to Linn Creek can be suonHRf4 up as follows: Three successful tights, In which 66 rebel* wer? killed, about tfce sjune number wounded, 87 ' prisones taken, and 133 gun*. 15 horses, several yoke of oxen, wagons and many other articles were captured. ; v 6IHIIU OSTBACTS. St Louis, Oct. , einocrat learns that General Fremont bus 4eu' brigadier General r?irong, recenuy <m.- ?!s ?ian Irom ."New York, to take i" t -nettled acco>iaU and contract* of tt" t.ut,that e vs. v tiling may be aeafchtnglv scrutinized la reference to their final adjustment by the Secretary of War fl|ktiD| in \Vril?ro Vlrjtala, Parkcrpbcro, Oct M.?On Wednesday night last a metatn^er arrived at Elizabeth, Wirt county, reporting that a patty of tbe rebels were committing depredation* lu tbe neighborhood of Burning Spring, eight oiWea distant Captain liiil, oS the First Virginia Cavalry, stationed at Eluab*-tb, withfarty of his companvi slatted In pursuit of tfae rebels When six miles beyond Elizabeth he was Hred into from tbe side of a hill, close to his road, by seventy-live rebels. He returned the Are, killing twelve, wounding one. and taking live prisoners. Two of Captain in. a J a nui ? iruop* were wuunueu. On Friday night a force of two hundred rebels attacked Klizabeth, but were repulsed by Capt. Hill, with the aid of a few Houi? Quardi; but little damage was done on either aide. Two companies while scouting on Sandy River, on laat Saturday, c&me upin a secession force, killing 11. wounding many, capturing5 prisoner*, 9 horse* and 9 rifles. Election in Western Virginia the Dlvl Its si the State Whkkliko, Va., Oct. '24 ?'Th? election on the question of the division of the State, as ordered by an ordinance of the Convention passed at lta recent session, cam? ou wrougooui western Virginia to-dsv. The vote In tbts city and county was overwhelmingly In favor of a division. Reports from the interior, as far a* received, show a still greater unanimity. Death train W*is4> Pools*villi, Md., Oct JO ? AndrewG. Hooper, of PblladeFphla, s member of Compauy of Col. Baker's regiment, died bere this morning from wounds received In the bailie at Edwards' Feriy oa Mondsy. George W. Hooper, his brother, and a member of the same company, was also wounded In tbe shoulder. Aaether Pirate at Sea. Niw Yokk, Oct.21 ?The brig Granada, from N*n?>tHfnr New \ ork. wascaaiv'ad aa tha ISth. in latitude 33, longitude 71, at ..ildnight, bv a pirate named **?allV" The pirate mounts along vun amldahtpa, and ran the blockade of Charleston pq tte Htfh last Embezzlement at St. LhU. ?t Locia, Oct 23 ?An investigation Into the affair* of the Mlllera and Manufactures' Insurance Company, of this city, tewels an enbexaleuent of W?,OU) by ths secretary. Knrthqanka at Cmlnta. Ms Calais, Me., Oct 83 ?A shock of sn earthquake was distinctly felt at abont 8 o'clock thla mornegiK'J&sa <xj 19-im i>?aK?r*i ? ? > ~tf. i. - . SECOND EDITION' ?-? THREE O'CLOCK t. . y , . Rirrtit ?The CwWiiir at Patoata la the exercise of "soond dlacrstloa," tea rsAwd to rut a patent to a cltlioa of Rtefcuad, Virginia. who remain* there and aeeka a patost tars through hi* attorney ? ??i OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Flaewher* to-day, we *(ee all tbe roUsMo partial l?n at the affair of Tuesday last, opposite Levsburg. that have rear bed Washing too si so* our mat wiw, including u>c im report 01 ur aoaudited Preaa. We may odd. that it baa traoopired that Major Gen McCieJlaa did m*t daatga throwing either tbe force of Gea ?tooe or Oo?. lianka over tbe river; and that all that waa roally Intended br Gea Stone waa to acoonpliak a reconnolaaaare ia none fore*, wltbovt Agbttag aa engagement To that ead Col Deveua waa aeat over she river with 3no ir.ea, and oa Col Baker waa detolred tbe duty of covering Col. D *a return to the rleer, with 7.U00 mra ; or of eitaadlag reeoanoJaaance quite to l<eeoburg, If awecaaa fully crossing over his whoW ftm of 7,000 RMS, and ascertaining positively tbat the torr* of ftw?r or five thousand which the enemy bad bad between Stone i command mad Leeabarg had hem withdrawn, mm-ii alleged Col. Baker erased but a thoarin* of hta men, and pushed forward, hearing that Deveaa had been attacked. He soon found himself assailed In frout and upon hl? right flank by a force tbat gradually swelled to four or Ive tbonsind As Lis men were wounded they were seat back stagly to the river; ai,d in crossing them sa great was tba coi.fusioo (th re having been ao guard left with thf boats) as that by overloading they ware sunk b< fore the main body reached the river In retreat From 11 ret to last our whole fore* engaged fought with the courage and diacipltne of veteran msru lara, though outnumbered four or Ave to ona \N e hear that there were do aeouta thrown out ahead or on the right flank, nor was any guard left In the rear to protect the approach of aay portion of the reat uf the 7.000 that might ful.ow the force of about 1 fluo. with wh'ch Col B left the river hank. Three hundred did follow, aad were unable to form Ibe junction on that acoaaat. Linear rtox the moorm or tbk Miaaiaa;rrt. IHt t . s. Squadron Mm a<n*d Pio Damagt from Holhns) Steam Ham nnd Mosymtt FUtt Tbia fortuoon the Navy l>ep*atu?ent teoelved full accounts of tbe affair at tbe MLaalaalppl Paitei in whicL Hollln* profeaaed to have sunk one of the U. 8 squadron with a steam ram, Ac. We have only apace this after..o?c to aey that the deapatchea to which we r?f*r bring tha gratifying Intelligence that then- ia no point of trath whatever It; tbe taaay report of Hollina 11 :a r&tu struck not the Treble, nor the Vl?c? nnea, but tbe war steamer Richmond, which could not avoid tbe cotiialuu, oaiv becauac of too great length to be turned in the river. Tbe colllaion made a hoi* flve inchee in diameter In her bull, which did aoi aiuk her, as alleged Tha rum essayed acother blow, but waa beaten off. Our ships all theu made for tbe mouth of tbe ri*rr inf rrtwf went over me Mr. wit Ik* Richmond and Vincennta stuck upon it. Tbera tbcy were annalied by Holllns' musqutto floet, whuw guns dl?i uo daina^e whatever to speak of Our 1(>M wan one ship's boat, that rot adrift; and also a coal coal con tainlag fifteen tuns of coal. We did not loae a nan. ktlM, wounded, or Dilsaillg. Kre the mesaenger bearing the deapatafeea lelt, both the Richmond and tb? Vinson net bad ftoated clear over the bar again, and all waa wall with them THE LOSS O* TH* M A?<ACH*SETT? TWSHTtSTS A dispatch received from Ueaeral Stone's cam mand Just as we go to presa, reduce* tbe total milieu, wvuiiuni, ana laming OI (Of K1 MR cti Jieta Twentieth, in the engagement of Tuesday la?t, to 165, with some of those hourly coming la. It will be ren.embsrsd that on tbs day beforo yesterday that rs*iia?at wa? aid to have lost full j six hundred mfr?. xiacmivovs icmoh. the mischievous rumors Moat within the laat forty eight hours baa boon was to tbs that Gen. ."JcC'lellan was prisoner tn the bsadi of the enemy Of coarse there was not the slightest ground for auch al&ie Gen McClslisa returned te town Is* night, from fcis trip up river. SEEULEM tLilH. To quiet the wesk nerves of those who ur In s flutter, tearing the crowing of the Confs^rate* into Maryland, opposite Aquia Creek sr that vt clui:y, we have to uy that we have t>y ihla time there a force of ample atreugth to Wake the export meat ? fatal one to the tatipy, abound the? attempt tt. THI AITIlHlt LOkT OR TCE*DAT LUt. There were 1? at in the engagement of Tueaday last two howltzera and on? Jamet 13-pouader rifled gun, the latter the property of the Rhode Itlaodera; which on that ??c?sion wai la the handi of New York troops No Rhode lalaitd troops were engagtd. aa Laa been stated. ArmiKTKO Lieut Thomas W iUon. of Oth lufantry.U. 8. A., haa been appointed a Commissary of ^ahaisteaec, with the rank of Captala. ccpi Theodore kp?<1 baa been appointed an Assistant Adjutant General of Yalar.Utit, with the rank of Captain, and ajist^aci to the brigade of Brigadier General \V . T. U Brooka WXitasB In pursuance d a court-martial sentence. Cap! Won. F fully, of 13th New York volunteers, has been dlsmiaaed from the military service of the United States. late local news. Fraioca Driviwg ?This morning, * colored man named James Davis, a servant of Colonel Thompson, of Kentucky, contractor for furnishing Government horses cine down Ninth atroet toward the Avenue, mounted upon a splendid thorough-bred animal, helouglng to the Colonel, tiding furiously, and urgta^ tbo sains! to increased *j>eed He was stooped by pstrolmsn | urai. wnu uiuri uuiirr^ ?na liuilr \tj dltluOMII He was taken toward the central guard tome, and the patrolman thinking he would go quietly, w*a walking a few paces from Lin; when Darts sprang upon the horse's berk, and kicking furiously. was off in a moment. The patrolman watr-bed him, and went to tbe V. 8 Hotel, and f.iuud him seated in a room eating his breakfast. Upon attempting to arrest him, Davis made a show of resistance, and the patrolman struck htm with bis stick, cuttl ?g a alight gash in bis aonlp, from which tbe blood flowed freely nnd aoen painted the prisoner* face and clothes giving him tbe appearance of an Indian in hta war paint He waa taken before Justice Thompson, who fln?d him M for racing horses ia the street, aad SI M for riding upon the sidewvlha Not i* the Battle?As there ia much anxiety in many families I a Washington to knew w better their relatives and friends belonging to Ike ml meut of the laic Col BUer an, err will wy Uit we have a?*en a letter from an ofleer of th? rqrlnaent, la which It la stated that the baltalloa to which tbe Waahiagtoa company, Oapt. Waa^b, t? attached. "U not la the ragaiteneet. tat waa on special duty aeer the line of the canal, al Meaocacf. k ftoht ? One evening thia week a n*?curred In front of the ah*p of Mr Oatek aa Eleventh street eaat, between Mr. Gate* aa<tea irlabmeu During the pragreaa of the affray. Mr Gate* received a black eye, and oae or fee "Greek*' a cat heed a pistol weidrawa byoae of tbe Irlabnten, bat waa not used OMceraCtarh <4u?* mvi^Ba uautuiv* MM fw?Tt ?/ Ukeo bofore Justice Call, wbo l*?l ttea " sit r?ud." flFICiAL. LBCe~A.MD HAND* Selpho'i Patent Xlartio Lef ft Hart. No. 416 bioaewit, Niw iou ThM* rri-aJled lubstUn*#* for loot limb*. Tklik MTI Itood Us* toat of orrnr SI rwri (tnn ?^irsAFs5as?ri% ru? Now York. IU-T KKCE1VBD, od? of the i&rgMt Metkirf J 1-w md KuiiiomoI> Clotmrt >t? ofww t* U Oil 'Brtnn. *ti?k bhM n d *Mn :bi..y dtjii t ?.m itMi for Ri odi vuuac Clock inc. Hrint^i ?ood?. Tuito. tia tnj ?ha?.<l eaii oo, M mw nK? Uomi fo^b^rcaiu*. at No 4M MmU MM* | C LI PA.N A.NAJ KlLOaN Tt? bulemi*a-i rtull. ?* J*<>**? . t? 3 l? cor. Pa JU. 4 " *>> 4 ? "f?

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