Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1861 Page 4
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i Hj , r! f] / < y \ , . . i ia? THE EVENING STAR. . A MB W COTTON ECLOGI E Joan Biu Pujkm. rwjrmi?Mb. Jonathan f Prom Vanity halt ] Bcll Prnca . "Did yon ever imagine me lending you money Well, of all Var kee notion* tbat'a far tbe moat fOonjr! i. , 1 J ~ NlMn (ha Inftn VOU I iuee gotten ' Wfcy,??tfcrow|itw*y la wtthkolding my ?ot- j .. . Josatha* ?l: happrat. my Jotaa, rou'n> little brfore t?! Twill be time to refute wb?n we uk, Mr. < Turu' Hat U etaacM loot bow, O my Kimg of Horned CftUf, | ?* ?9mm tWm brunt of the 1 Ml W? Tf piflllj VI !? ? ? ? battle f Bvli Fr?c?. ' Fortaae fcvoca the orave. mad year courage I Notwithstanding Boll Rob : bat me fortune alone Caa afford you (access in this maddest of wart; Yn1** bo alatbla chance to regain your loat ten:" . Ma Jonathan. Foctane favors tha brave! ah! you found It vrai trur? Ac for laatance at Orleana?at Banker Hill, too ' And yon aaw It conlrmed when tL? Sepoya abhotr'd Sent your women ttvabaine, and your men to the rwcrd. Boll Pshch "Y?u'U -pend all yoa borrow In powder and ball, A ?d t: ? Lave to abow for it?nothing at all. Wb**. dividenda, pray, are yon like to declare O j tLe debt you 11 have auuk and b'own Into the air T?* Ml. JoXATHAX. Sweet economist, hall' that for powder and ahot Hiv? ar>e<it In vour life time iior tittle, nor jot! laqaire at the Hank! tbey will tell you, my friend! Tbat they never, O never ' were forced to ?u?jjend ' Bfll Ppwch Why, 700 know that you'a not stand the m taxation, That you get rid of by Repudiation, Though of vuue received in the fjlleat fruition, Not paying for tbat which baa gone to perdition Ma. Jonathan We know what jw'/J at and, u my patient J B ' 1 >un II UJ i? nrnVMl to h IIIK u K D ! Taxed loumi. taxed pjaturra, lax-d beer and tiled breid, Taxed roofa for the living?taxed grave* for the deed ' Bvll Punch. ' Tb? coat of yoor war you expect to defray By aa Income-Tax, do you, and that vrtio will P*V f 80 keen and ao amart In all mattera of pelf, T? think ?f a Yankee aawaelng hlmae Js" Ma. Josatha* 'Twill be time enough John, waen you pay vour own debta, To bother your bralna about Yankee asaeta; And before vou lnatruct aa in bonesty'a law, Think of Sa*dl?*r, and Robson, and Kid path, and Wuifh: Bcll Pusch. '1 know 1 am rather a sordid old acrew, Leading money I care not what for or whom to, ?o the party la solvent, bat that la, with John, A pelnt Indispensable?lt?? qua non " Mb. Jonathan. 1 know It's your habit to do what you please : 8?11 coo Ilea to planters and drugs to Chinese; And I know that In iudla?If tiurke we believe la. One Olive, and one Haatlnga. were noted for thieving! Bull Punch. I* Rut Kan a it. thuuvh cash 1 ma v lend to the 4wm If wear* of Investment, regardless of use, When toe object It evil, and hopeless the g*!n, I sbould be, If I so misemployed It, ins me Mb. Johathak. Tarn pirate turn smuggler: O beautiful Jobn ! Stain with blood the white garments your daughters pot on! Yoar daughters, the Ei'ter Hall ladles of Feeling. Who'll weep for the niggers, aod wink at the stealing! BtTLL Pchch "La*t of ail, to abuse me, malign, and decry, Aad threaten to whip and to rob by-and-by, Is aot quite the right war, not the language and lone, Ta get out of me an American Loan " Mb J 02vatha2v Last of all. nv ??little, Bull Punch, as you can Of yoor African brother*?our vendue* of man' We admit that In bodies we havn*t been nice; Bat your mi? la th?i market, and cotton a it price: TflK PKOPLt's) CLOTHING STORK, Nc itiO iL. it th* o!aoe to bar rr>n cToUinc. Trnnka. HtUMd Cap*. oc'l "lin TJ KAUQUA KTfcK!* FOILOLOTlll rsG,~H AT^ XX M CAFS?No.-.460 Scvwitn at., oparait poat Ilf%nm <v 1 lm OTOl f LIN?EY8 AND OTHER HEAVI ? 0OOD3, Sot ?orv?nU and laborera, of quahtia Ui*t ou ba rtlMd on, at our provtibttl.y loi ?no?4, mark* 1 In o!*m figure*. As uiapootioc of atook implies no oMuat.on t ?iiroD*M. P.KKV4 UKI)? no 13-5 f Pa nvmnomd Ninth ?t. \UFONT ? WtNPUWDKK. ?J For a%> at arioea, by >OBN J. UObUE- GBOB#itowi?, D. C? &oU A**tuv ft* (M biilrut of OikW' i*. A 11119 IUf;7i , ?. w bAM, ?no J?iiver?d fr?? to &j ?&rU of ehe Uu tnK Orrf#r? out so a? tt?oilc?of Adair i Kurw' vV%?hin?t??r. D. fl. AiaVY BLUK Fl.ANNKL, BroAdo'cth*. an .. 1 CAaaimarra ; Army Hid* Flanrela, i>roa<_ UaCka, and Casaim rat, aaaorted faa itiea that ca litr* ltd oo. Coiorad B'ackeU for ousp **rv:oe. \V.'Ui ail kin J* if Dry Good* for the dm of houst C*r??t?. CurtAiaa, Oilclotha, Ru*a, to., upp< floora Om >nw on.T, markeJ m plain &curea PERRY It BRO.. Pa. avenu* and Nn.Ui ft, oo 17 Jt _ "Perry Hinldin." 44 A QUA AJ*?'t'TUM CLOTHS,"(Water *rc /V Clotha.) for L+dif ana G?nt Atiuarn and Winter Wrappliiga, varieua afcaue of tke ^>*?t ?aahty. 1 A#hA# Irin/ia nf Hft for ttOHd dviij fUtl Oa? pnoe onijr. marked in plain ficnrea. Jul ?arc*U for the interiorproperly puked, fr at <?*& PERRV * BRO., Pa avecue and Ninth *t, oea-5t Perry Building.' pR0P04A.L? POR RATIONS FOR 1962. Qmmriirm+sur's, '<#?? U. S Mart** Corpt, I September A. 186i. s 9**aid Paoroe*w will be receiverat thieoft.. autil ia? 3<r. iiay >? Octobar next at is o'eloos.u iW nuBuiiiaf rauone to tae IT.*. Manaae.att iolWvia< fct?tloLe. dutr.g the tear i Ai. vi?: fort*.:,' uth, N?w Hwnp?turaj Caar ektown, Mawacbileetra^ Brock ya. Iamk iaiand. !>t?w York; WaafciafU'O. Dtetriot of Columbia. bMI r* UW U> conaiat of hre? uartera of a poo of mm pork,or t*0'ja; or on* ami a fourth aouo of Treat: or teanly fwo eunoee of bret mm cf extra up'rfts# B ur, or la lieu then t?MlT tvo ognc?i of ?I'r? anperfin* flour: or o Boutwi ?f hard bread, at tha opuon of tne Govei Mti aad at tho rale of eukt 4 uarU of neat wh ?, or in l;r? thereof tea pouuls of rioe; 1 vujpf cood oi/BM. or in lieu thereof one ?nc w(T?m?iJi of t-a; fifteen pound a of food Ni SjuUb* *Ufar; four 4 aria of vinegar; cne p >u tfuirm ri T*"*" or one-and a fourth pound a cardlee. or ooe-aiii-a-haii pound* -oJ ?*i-V dipped tAilawaandlf; ftur pound a ?o( Kart, bravt* ?o*P. tw > totrtt of aalt; and one hj aH a ad tftr-aix pound* of potatoee, to each hi mm tauooi. Taeiaoreaaad aj'owaaoo of looronnoea of flc or breaU. and the alio v~*aaoe of aotaloej, aa a be provided, will naaaa. Ik the terra.cation of t Flint laaurrrction, aad the ration t? aa prone ftrlaw aod raiuiauoea, on th* ipt of J air, 1*61. Tee ta*l auil be delivered ol( tha order of t nCaarofuaji <:*h?r u 11 or br tko t n?S*'atioe; %ad a hall 6 >?*>?? o? I 6boat 'vfl no it ehoio* pieoea of the caroava; *%e a<b* No 1 M'm* and tue groceries j1ifto best *?alitr of kuult named. X., ?ut?'o;to (aspect, on. AH bids aut bo aoct mpar.ied by tke followi lumtM: Warm of OMrauu. T*S na?*?umea, ?. of ??, i n the Su ?f . mT- . of . In the state , Web? (MTUtr tuat 10 oa*e the forecoi hid of ?? for rations, as abo?e deeorih be MfXi. M or th?jr "ttl. within tw d?j. ai tho roo*iptojf taoo. i.crvjt at tbs P<?it Office nam tx?hu tao ooatraot for tb? imm, vita good a out*ect eareUoa,ai*d ta caso said it i?ri to rater iaso oon'raot a* aforesaid, wocuara tu male good U? ?lid>-*coe between th* offer of U i >i?l that waioh mar bo aoo*rted. A. U., Huaranto Witaaai: C D., Ouruti) E. P. 1MB 1 Webjr 0?rtifr that the a^ove named ??? re kmn to me aa m^n of property and ab.a mmk* gttod their (MnuitM 9. r j Jeto Ml?W fry 1*1 U+iuU Sf'** District Jut U?tt*d Di-triet 4u*nut. or ColUtttr.) >p ?-opo>*4 wiU be *.aa>derad acieM acoc M'.iee bt tha above faaraatoe. (M*v>M?ri aa h >rtie4 to aaMiak f t ab< vu1 -*ui (b* 9* ft o-'i.tainut ?ha ft at inairt ui t^Tm for m niaatioa ) )"OMe*U to be endora d *Proy>?a!a for Rati. * xfr. sts-rK. 4v Maj'?r and Qaa turmaif ^ U aVP4klf V > i?i i *' w*A? us o? T. > 6 ? tM?, h*'i A o > " *- JS? i J mmmm? DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. *36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Botwwn Ninth and Tenth Streeta M M TEETH. vsmxizas ^ar sssi'i i'^feysa ??.?? B&ACot v??r others, and no person oaa wear others who cannot wear these. Persons oalanjr at my oAoe oan be aocommooated with any style aik! price of Teeth they may deoire; bat to thoM who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, ana most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATTE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 334 Pa.arenueJbetweea Hn and 10th sts. Also, ?07 Aroh street, Phi.adal Ikia. oo U-tf GAS FITTING, Ac. ~~ AWM T. DOVE *00. RE Now prepared to execute any or4?n with Whteh they mar be favored m the PLWMBIN8, CAS OR J3TEAM FIT*1N? BU9INES8. (17 Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be foand a oomaiese assortment of CHANDELIERS aid other ?AB, STEAM and WATEH FlITURFi ia>l-l? 1 SNYDER, PL UMBER AND HAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to mtrodaoe Water and 6as upon the most ffcvorabio terms, and g'-nranties entire satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will sell less than ho wishes to get rid of them. no 1? W? AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai y receiving, OA8 VfTTfTW CCnf Anhrnlv X aw *nil llMirna W A Ji J, V M ? M v VI VMMI Wl^ V R A w*?v 1 U? WUU V "W 1> < and finish. *up?flor in atrtP to anything heretofore offer d in thi? market. We invitecitieens ceneral It tc tall and exan.ine our atnok of Uaa ana Water Pli trea, feeling cofihrfont that we have the beet elected stock in Washington. All Work in tbe above Tine ictrivted to eir oar* 1' i be promptly attended to. MYKftS * Mo3f1 AN. jwtrijf 376 t) meet /VFIOR OF INSPKOTOK AND sealer VJ Oi' *AS Mfc.lfc.RS. W A BHI MO TO P. J tlr H. 1M*. NOTICE IS flEREBT HirEff, Thlt,ajreeab!y to the proTieiont of the oidmanee of the Cor poraticn approved M*y 12,1^1, the undersigned is now prepared, "wheaevor repaired in writing, and on pre-paTree.-it of the fee of fifty cents, to inspeot, esaru:r.f, le*;,j-rcrf. t-J ^oertAin the *coar*cr of registration of s.r.y gas meter In nse in this oity\" Every meter, iffu^nd iceorrsct, will bs condemned U)<1 another, Reeled and narked a* trie, will be et in ? ace. if proved to be kcon^aie In ita mei?aitment cf [t% a vi.l he sealed aeco-dingly, and again put in ?o*ition for use. O#oe No. ilO Seventh street,(near Odd Val. ws'uisl!) Open from S a. m., to I ?. m. CHAKLilid \V. CUNNINGHAM, It U-tf Inspector and dealer of 6as Meter*. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. " 38a Pbnksylvahia Avamra, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, ANQ HEADY-MADE CLOTHItfRB, AND EXTKNSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, e 6-if (I ntel. A Repnb.) Army blue cloths andcassimeres, good tuaii'iee for offioers. Cravats, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Gloves. Suspenders, Umbrella*, l/ndersbirts &- d Drawers, Ac. One price only, marked m plain figures. Pfc'RR\ A BRO., rwn twit P& avenue and Ninth st. Tcarriabf.s. HE Subscriber harm* i,;awla additions to hia factory, wakinc it now one of the Iinest.. flKI+ht, in the Distriot, where his faoihti^aWwCWgg; for manufacturing CARRIAGES ?3<jSc^^fc5 L1BHT WaGOJIS of all kinds otuoct be snr passed, and from his Ions expeneaoe in the business , he hopes to civo several satisfaction. A'.', kinds of Carnp.jss and Llg.-t Wagons kept oc hand. All REPAIRS noatly dons, and all orders prompt!; attended to. Second hand Carnaeee taken in excLanxe for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCffe, d is tf corner of F??i't*?nth ard K uta. BILLIARDS! mng The lowers ' " n of the GAME OF BILLIARDS ( will find in KM RICH"* FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvar.w aveaue and Uth it-cot, (south side,) two of the roost admirable I TABLES in the United States, with every comfort and oonveniecoe au 3-tf for tho players. WATCH REPAIRING AN D9ILVEE WAR1 MANUFACTORY. ? I have one of the b??t wnahlishmenU, and fur niched with a complete tat cf toola for repair- M leg avert description of Lne Watches, and Am ' particular attention give to the uuie, by a^H , {hex "Ugh competent worlcman.anJ a. worlr tafran r Cac Also,every desoi.p len of standard SiLV F.I Wi RE. p!am and ornamental, manufactured unde nr.* utn supervision, wl.ioh my ountomers will fim 8 far superior in *ualitr and finish to northern war e *oid by Jaalera in gerierai a:.d represented as thei ?wa manufacture. H. O. HOOD, *?S* P*. a?*mt*. n**'?tb r ? POR FIELD SERVICE.?Heavy Grey am ' I Brown Mixed Blankets, that, weigh from 6 to poa'd? p-r pair,a veiy soaroe *rtiole Also, fiu? B?d, Cub, and Ciadle Blankets, *1 size*. "lablevj>t s. Sheet.ii.Ki. Pihow Cottom . Napkins. Tuwolt, ftc. with all other kinds of Dry fiotxla for the sen eral and rpecia wauta of f*ruilie*. Carpau, Curtains, Oiiolutha, Rugs, Ao., uppe floor*. . One price only, warknd id plain figure " FERRY* UKorUKR, ,i Pa. avenue and Ninth *t., ' o?17 Herrt Building." T'HK EUROPEAN HO'i'LL, KEPT UY 1 1 EMKlCa. at t''-e coriur of ? i avenue and Eiersntn rtreet, his bcAnVnBl c ireatiy ;rn?ro7cd meLtly and aosr oflersj&flSJ rreater lrlJC?T.C!.t.? fu. tb9 t& of ci^iaer and sti ALC'-.r* t.lar n.y olhfc' j?nt>'io house in th oit?, bis pr.oce beinj ih.j iuc.-j ol at.y o?ii? aotel on Per,i<. avenue, an-i Lie accommodation " for f r cn.^at *? tijbtaiprt .>oardcr? uu?uoe>t!i?r ablu. Tue I>a: and roeta^ra-t t::ar>c"!inei.U of th Earopean EoU?l have already become ver7?u>t lar. b?icc all that can b? de&'.red by the moat fai adiona. The troaruuor pleoiee u.r-mittsd attoi _ tionand coatisueo ni aral expenditures to eiva na . iafaotion to aii.and thua renews his invitation < ?; *;i to Civn tb? roro5?in Hc.??l % OS *-t1 ' ?. U N BOATS Dt UnarlirmaiKr (Vn*ra."i Q#r?, I Washitmton Vity. July18,1861.% - PlAHS AWD S?8CI?lCATIOX3 for holla of ?t! ' Boat* for the Western river* are vn exhibition i this office, and at oflioos of (.{uartermaaters i , Pittsburg. Cincinnati. St. Lioa;? and Alton. _ Boats to be delivers^ it Cairo. Hideahoud 1 aentto Utarterm^atsr General of too United Stati Army,at WaaUiceton, by 1st Au<ust,at noon. M. C. MKIG8, Jy 19 Brie. Ge^'l ar.d Quartermaster Gen'l, * I [NION PAI'ER ANO ENVELOPES.?Tirei ? *J tjr uiterent styles of Note aud IiOtter l'&foi ne With Envelopes to tu&tah. Views of Washington in the formbi a Koae, w in Book form; also, separata AiJ th?s Daily ar.d Wee*!* I'&pors oon?ta:itly < Ti nee,and Tribune reoeivjd eve olcht &t 6 o'c jojr, _, Papers from ail e.irts cf the country. Beadle's Dime Novels and **<>?$ Book*. Afresh sapply of Books for rummer read in oi.?ap A large assortment of Juveniles?Mayne Koiu Books, Rullo Books, Abbott's Histories. Ao. A d.soouut oi l> to 5o p?r coat, on at bound ooo ?' FttKNCH A RlOttSTEIN, ?? ma 2* National Ronka tore. tiT*k Pa. av. ?? I CASH NOTICE. "4. *N Consequence ot our having to pay cash 1 ?* every artioie ot goods we purchase, we are foro oi to radooe our business to Cash exclusively, for t *? present. We have in store a very large aaeortme ol KKAIJY-MADK ULUTHiNU lor men & in" boya* wear, winofi are aeiiini at a inaoh lover n than ueuaify. WALL. STEPHENS & CO.. ,ur 3'4'i Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th st? ?* _?? ? j Intel. A Htpnki led (If APS OF THE SKAT *?F WAR.-A aplem I" I Ma? of tfce S?at of War for only 6 oenta. :>> Alto, Pocket Map* of all ku.da. ilk goldiera' Camp Dracaing Caaea from S3 SO to | Uie Blank Booka and Stationery of ail kinda, Fl ?.'k Paper and Knrelojea. to Banneraand Badge#, Viewa of Waahu Wo, ? merioaa and Foreijr. Mat&ciuea, Daily a w??k r a's National Bookatore, ml flaiei. 4 Bepufa.f V78 Pa. arena* iu . : .. ? <4 VVK OFPKR TO MILITARY up #14; J ?il0tt w? 'nvll# *J' o**d pur?DM*rs to azuni ibd before msking ttieir eeieclicnj. L*^! WALL. STEPHENS* CO., thl rn /I IX?. P* ar- b*,^"n ?th 10th all *" _ ^g (lat^llifnoT lad R<?ioh>ioftn.1 T. H FRENCH 4 R1CH8TEIN r* *Jr " *h of Not* I .? ?&jr2BEfc?F**?K ' No* York P?H" fr' KtUofth?ooui^r^cn RICHBTEIN, m mm # 'I7? P?wn U?n?l ,T* TTkV^VOLUME BALZAC'* NOVELS.-! 7 \vLvi? jH M?y eb<)ic?Uiin^? in_N?2_*[?r,S?g*'in** jet I iirf.moiiiifiiBw. m?nuu riw?f??v> *>\ C?rMt?, Curtains, *uf < 'J1' '?1 k I Ac., upf^r floors. PERRY k BRO., irtt I P? ?renn? *n4 Nintfc rt, I m U-Jt "P?ry UuildiBg, "They 90 right to tb?Spot." INSTANT RRL.IEF STOP %0U* OOV9H PURIFY YOUR BRSATB STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGER?, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 0F.NTf.EMEN CARRY 0 SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough inetantly. They dear the Throat. They give trecfth and volume to the voice. They impart a delioione aroma to the breath. They are delightful to tbe taate. They are made of aimple herbe and oannot harm any one. I advise every on* who haa a' Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to iet a package of ray Threat Confections. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will agree with me that "the? go rivht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and plearant while traveling or attending public meetings, for stilling yonr Cough or allaying your thirst. Ifyontryoue package 1 am safe in saying that you will everaf terwards consider them indispensibie. You will find them at the Drugguts and Dealers in Mediovnea PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENT#. My aurature 1a on eaoh paokage. All oUiera are counterfeit. A Package will be tent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of 1 hirty Cent*. Add react, HENRY C SFALDINO, No.4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. & OIK NervousHeadache A CURt i Jdn^ Hea&aclie. Br th? ??5 of those Pilla tha Mrio^ia tttuki o *m<nu er Sirk Jimdxrks may he >rereplM, and I taken at the commencement ot an attsok lium# Jiato reliel I/om and siokaens will be obtuned They seldom fail in remonnj the Nmnttm an< h'**i*ckt to wiuoh females are eo aabjtot. They aot jsntly ujca the bo vela,?removinc Cti KtMUI. For Liirrmry ?In, Siudmit, Delioato FenuLee and all persona of aUmary KabUt, they are val able aa a L*z%iivt, improving the ciwiuj ton* and mitt or to the difoative ori\r.?, and re torinc the natural elutioity a&d streetth of th who!o system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reailt of Ion " investication u>d carefully conducted experiment! s &a*in* bean in nse raaay years, dnnnc whioh tim Ihey have prevented an J relieved a rait amount c ip&tn aa<t at- flerinc rem taohe, whether on ji eating in the ntrtcms ayatom or from a derange ata!o of the ttowimtk. t They are entirely vegetable in their eompoattior j and may be taken at all timea with perfeot aafet i without making any chant* of diet, mnd. lu ml INK* Qf My ditmrttabu tasU ri+dtrt it taiv i ' dMimutt Um to cAiidrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTEHFKI13! j The gennine have fire ai gnat urea of Henri ( 7 Spalding on each Dox. Sold by Driggiata ard all other Dailera in Mod ' ticea. ' A Hox will be sent by mail prepaid on ra?eipl< I- the PRICK. 'if CENTS. r All *rd?< ihoald be addreesed to HENRY C. SPALDIN#, 48 Cxsai Stbirt. NBW Yore. ' Frtm tkt Hxrnvtmtr, Norfolk, Tm. k C'p.'ifcjic Pilli aocorn?lith the object for wbii I :S*t wore izj*de, ?n: Car* oi iMUik* In all I for ii.*, a ir Pri* IU XtMiup, fa.. [ hare tesn tMtiHl in sort tian a thiw it/ci, BLiire iuooecs. J. ??M Ik* Lremoerm:, St. ClmX, Aft mm. ) 15 yon are, or bare been troubled w ith the ,*c. t- *ohs, aeud for a (?ox.(C?Bhi.ic Pilie .J ac taal t< ? n.tT have them in cut ot aniMUok. ? t'rpm tki Wtsttrn R. R. Ckii*f, HU We fceartaly endorse Mr. iijaldin*. u4 *>s a rivalled Cephalio Pills. )n Ft*m ik* SoutUrn Ptk Pimdw, Ntw OrUum, L it Try them ! too that are afflioted. and'we are n n ibat yonr testimony can t?a Mlded to the aire* numerous list that lias received beuelta tlat i Km other maJiomeoAn irotliiM. K tram tkt tf Dm*mp?rt, lru>o. Mr. Sf &!din{ would not oouneat hit ulu* Vl tu iirtioic he did net knott to t<>a*ea? r?t icerit. P" F*oi* tu Adt-irtmr, Ft0*i+*mt4, JU J. ' The Cephalie Pi!l? art caUio t-i h maaricii , i ellovtift remedy for the hoacache, and *>Lea!t very beat for th*i rcrf fre^sent senifiaint wki )n ba? evor l>eea dlaccTored. r m 1-V??i i>? Si. / \it V*m+4*6t. The ii&morae demied for Ue title!* (C'eykaJ ftlla) la fa/idly iucreuing. f, t >V#?i U? K*M*k* VmtUn El*r, ??Mu>a, V* We a e i)irethai persona sidleriAK with the kti lehe ?ri 11 ? ?W *.? *^* m -? --v :/ Fv?? im Adii-ttstr, rrowi-Usut, X. J. ' T!ie to?t:mon inilieir fetor u ctroi t.frem I ur Oioil :ei>?o**b'a %u*riBri. Fr&? ik* Dmii* JVwt, JVrapert, K, I. iaj Ce?!ialio I'llli we i?kuc the jli.ce of til kudi kt? >>??i Ui Co*;m#ret*f Duilttin, Bottom, M?u tt*.d to be **ry etto*ciou? for the headache. ? Prom tkt Commtrcial, Cxnemuati. OAt?. ua Safferinc humanity mi now be relieved. M. _ M ? CT A duct* bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue trill me ten timei lU ooct annua! ly. L_ SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE # SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ma 8AVt THE PIECES! rn/iuak/vf ??? - - mvwn11 HiOf ATI H ? E^"A 8*i*cg m TwiSavm Ni?b."^CD Aa aooidanta will torH".. *? U vail r?f?l* n. families, it la Tory daaireblato have aomo ohi d? ukCooBTWiMit w*r for ranirio* Farmtar#, To * Crockery, Ao. ?c. SALDINO'S PREPARED QLUl ora bmU ftli a*oh amertenoioa, and no hoaaahoLd < StorS to b* yithojU it. It u ilwira ready, and to the atioKin* ?-o*ai. L_ - USEFUL IN EVEBY HOUSE.1* ha n b.-A Break *eoomp*aiea awh Bottle ti tha m unti Addreea MuuEwmm HgNmY c BPALDIN9, lO, ? - ? ?* ? ? Ul, ^ **W Yorl k. CAUTION. np 4* Mrtainmaf riMifUd Mnona &r? tttaautmi Z e* b*gr* >"?fla??5yA'i *"' PAL01N9*S PREPARED 9LVE?? " ^i^Uisa,'-<,TO7w*u,tt-,Rass 1 " 1 jl ^ = ' mtr inr t A ila ui voic/of' PUBLIC SPEAKER! and SINttfcltS. ' Few are avare of the importance of eh*ctu.c Oonih or "Common Cold'* in ita first atace; that vninh in thm ^aimnv v<.inH tia.i1 to a mild mm# cIt, Uf B?f leclted,aoonattacks ?ke Ludcs. "Brtwn'i BrcmekiMl TreeA$t.M oontaini-nf denaTcentingredi ??, alia? PaitnonarT and Bronotnai Irritation. D?nnr?na I " troabJa in my Throat, rfoi BROWN S! whioh the "JVecis*" area sjariiio narina made me often a mere whit TROCHES jarer* N. P. WiLLlS. BROWN'S " 1 recommend their use to Sriiiiu.'' TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great aerviee in an brining I1oak?b BROWN'S REV. DANIEL WISE. VR lien km "Alicoct uutaut relief in the dn traaiing labor of breathing jaouuai naannraiMa to AlTHMi.'' Dnu"',i' REV. A. C. E68LESTON. TROCHE? " Contain do Opium or %njthinc _ injurious." DR. A. A HA^ES, BROWN'S C'tisiiii, fiiiwi. wanna tu " A sim#!e and plMSAnt oombiu TROCHES bOEforCoMHs. Jtc." no t\\ju uiu DR. 4. F. U1SKLOW, BKUWNt* Btittm. .ROCHES BROWN'S Bttitn m ! h?Te proTsd th?m exMllent for

TROCHEE Wmopiho Oo??n." REV. H. W. WARREN, "- R.ilM BfcUw in c npnt? " Cer.tfioi*! when oomMlled t? TKULHL5 BUffermt from CoLDi E"V, S. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN f* St. Limit. VROCHbS " RtnervkL In remoTici Hoarae nsi*42d lrr:t*tion of'he Jtrost, ?o BROWN'S common with Hruiiii ?nu SiaaWROCHES rnt M- 3*ACY JOHNSON. L* Grutt, Ga. BROWN'S ImoliOTof Maaio, Sou there Fsnutie Collate. VROCH?d " r?t f.eneit when taken before and kitor preakohiaf ,fcs tfeoy prevent BROWN'S HofcraetiCM. I 'pdi im:r nv.parm, I think thor wiil t o ot permiDout 1ROCHKS *ant*-9 to me. ilEV. E. ROWiiKVi A. M. BROWN'S PreaiJent of Aln?t!? Coildce, Xenn. TROCHES JETSoldbjall Drncstctstt r\V KN*Y FIVE CENTS A HOX-Tll U 1-1f DR. GODFKEY'S ANTIDOTE UMd for The l&st half ocntur* in the Hospitals of London and I'aris for tiio cure of Secret IWP^ Dinar's, majr now t>e hai at L'PUAM'S. "irysx No. .110 Ohegnut str?et, aoie aeant for the United States it contains no m*roury or other minera's, and wi I not harm the most dfhoite constitution A speedy cure eua-Miteed and no < hange of < let requirod. Pri~e 81 3??nt br express Sold in Washington ht 8. CALVERT FORI), oorner lltn street and Pennsyiva seoS-eo!* mr* r?v uuuo. ?. _ U~PHAM'J* HATR DVE !-TO COLOR BLACK OR BKOW 1Only 38 o?nta & box. Three boxes fur one dollar. Gray, r?J or flaxin hair oen be ciianaed in a few aecnda to a jt blaclr or ' brown, by using (Jpham'a Liquid Hair Dye, the beet - and cheapest in the world, producing, the mon en: it i* applied, a rion natural appearano*. ICach Roz of UPHAM'S HA'.R L)V"K is warranted to contain as much hair dye as others sell for one dollar'. Wold by 8 C. UPHAM. 310 t'iiesnut street, -'h ladeiphia. and S OALViRT FORD, corner 11th street and t'a. ave. tepfr-eoly D~K IlUPONT'8 *l>liAR-COATED FEMALE KKGUI.AT1MG P1LL8 the very best in use They operata apee4i y an? ?-tlr<ctuai:. r, and being ' ug%r-o?nue- f orea e no nausea up- n the mo?t ds.icate^ tJ a?o<rach A trial of tteae Pills will prove their aupenority over all othera. Prioe One Dollar a box. So'd only at UPHAM'S. 310 Cheanut * * ? * 1 ~ ??- ! nsrta ttf tlin /UMIiitr* ? n WOCl. oeni uy Iiiati f?u V. %<?v w? ...J ... a sealed envelope. Sold in Washington by 8. CALVERT FOKl>, ocrner 11th street and Pa. a?e. * nep 5 eoly La. J. H. McLKAN'S BTEEiaTHEHIKtt CORDIAL AND BLOOD PLKlrlfcH THE GREATEST REMEDY *m tU WORLD, >*iIt, ,u3 S fclfe ,1 Before takin;. I- <!?Ulllaf, aradu! -; i /tUtlau, ?iaiUrtitif ipliH, aa<1 lk( h mmi Ufalllkla raadrfar rccariitaf tki 'liuiil lad riMHUf laa kite, iifiruf, ??< (akUllaUii Uv?i>4 u k*il?k u< tutagtt. > McLXAWS STRKXGTUEiriPIB OORDIAM. 1 Will UTtr C?w;!alat, Jm i. dial, Ckmll *> ftDtfc.iiij, Dlittiti ?f tii t iiifi ud til dlMiMi If a a IMiti J Luir ?i . *>?a ' riatpila, luitkut, lawai 1 Pilii, AaldllT at InUui ' Bt>ma*. PlUWi ?f ii?4 w ik* B .? \ D?il Paia r iiwiiua, w ta? inn, rai.a*? r W*[f?t la til eianatk, ?*/ Bmcuilcci, a ; iifmuif vk*a iavlaf u*wa, Urjotu > YaliaW u af Ik* Ikia iaJ tff, KigLl fruu, !atuJ ft'in Pala la tki Ciaall af ?.ka Bait, Cfcttt, at lid*, 3;dd?i 1 futii af ?!, 3*p???laa W Apulia, fi kK|t?>, Buiiaiin; ?r aap L?rr?a> d. ??, tarn a Biatakt* aa ta* alia, fi f?T?i aad Aja* (at CklUi u ' rrttu) fjrrz A UJLklOtr B0TTLI8 hat* "-** a*id dti>?* Sk? laat a.x naatkc, aa4 !a aa 1? two m ltfaj:?d ta firing tuura ttt.a.'itilaa. Vka, Uea Vlll tnStt ViiiHH at OaVl'.Ur wk*a NcUMl **.c? i;oadial viii r*. > Ma lufiifi taa aa loiijo.i idaa af iki lmacd! at* *ad ai>*i*. :ra*?;?a? akaaf pjad.aadk/ uklaf iki Cardial ta ike dtaaaaad. daMHtalkd, aad akautttd a?i**k wkiUit ?i?ki? ???j ?7 iiimi, ?iii >y ntkx n laaptirad If ktittit, U? h!?mJ u.t itiuMf ar-ta: tiilaa ' iHMii'i ta lu ?r!r-.'ji fcaalix aid w'gtt ? MAKX-MD tMRSOMBi ?? aUirt, a?*i?Ua- ; iatk^llY fraaa wkiUTir ?' ua Mak?AH's truintriKiiiao cun?uk 4 iki Hi(k il|liinui af Ua aj.d all vka Kir kt:i li |?*ad ikaauaivia ?y latf m?i. Iadi>titn v.i: C~u la ik! 31 Cardial a tlrUia aad i;?tdj iMtdj. ro rHJT ladis8. MlUUI'B EY*.EE?T??JC1?1? (WUlii u a I 'l ?lra aad ?ar? fai Utiplaai *Ja;a . fettrtalad ai MitttaU ff tauntuM j ttaxttirta af Uru ?" * l?*aUa'.irT Uakirra Iktntf, Pallor af tkt TT*?' '* Stddtiaaa, ^alaiiaf, aadcli dUatto latla^ai la rtaalta. THKRB IS NO MISTAKE JBOVT If afar a* :aa(a>. Tata It a:tarH?g U olK4i?u. It *1 '?. ittii^tai, aad l*Tl*ama y*? aail hih it B- tiMi ( kaaita i* ??i y?*i >>nk B'#if kaula vtiiuud la |1t? aatfafaaUaa. FOR CNILDRhN, a, H yati tklllfia at* altkiy. ?*?T ?i iBIiK^HiLIAf .. COUIAh wiil aaka U*? kta.lfc., fai, abU rakaal D?'i j, IK I (Mixtit) u? tl. ?*d yaa-?ill ka iHTtkiid. It la di "i lIlHIMUlt. " liFT/OPf, ItviN if dn;^li h daalara atay tfy I* pala IM f(? Mat km?r > auraaparilla Uaah, vkiak ihay ua ka tkaas, k* tarlti j 11 la ] <. aa raj'l. A?aid aitk man. Ai u (at McUttih ? BTAa.KfVltK:n8 CORDIAL, and tal mtk'.ut alaa. ll !i iha tr,\j ramady that will parif/ tl Blaad tk*r*(fk|* and ai lk* aura* urn a auauf ikan iba ayilai Una ukan artiy can iff faaiiuf it a cam paaTaullva fai Ckalari, CkUla and Pavl/, Yallow Parar, i ll} aay ?f?*a!?nl dlaaaa*. It la pat la larja fcattlac. fru lit aa'y t' P?? k*?tl?, ?t t katliaa 'ax (l J. I. Mckk'.AH, ell Bala ( Ikla Ctidlal; alaa, Kakaaa'a V alcana 0 klalaaist Fdatlfal !Ja>at ?a tka aaraar af TkllJ Ij Plat Hunt. $i. k*ai>, Ma, i? KoLaan'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIC IIIT L1K1MKMT IN TIB WORLD.) Tka aaly aafa aad aaruln ma fat Cantata, Pilat, T ? aara, BwalUnfa aad Btacak'.la at Callta, Paralraia, Ha falfla, Waakuaaaaf Ua Maaclaa, Ci ran it at iulammtiai IkaaaaUain, Btlfotaa af tka Jain la, CaoUaelad Mucin Ufa. a ma Karatka at Taathacha, Braiaaa, Bpnina, Ftai Cau, Waanda, Heart, F??ai laraa, Cake J Uraaai, Ba Nitpiaa, Barm, Baalda, Bare Thraat, at any ioBamaatiaa ikt pala, aa diffarauta kaw tt?trt ar lanf tht dtiaaia mi kava talaltd, McWKAI'B CICbRBRATlU) UJUMKHT a atttaia itmady. Tkaaaauda af Muaaa katnfa kava kaau aavad a Ufa af dl mpitau# tad m??rj ij ! uu ia*ti?akl* nrijj ' McL VAX'S TOLCAN1C OIL LIN IMS ST Will f*ln ?lma?t lunanUntaatly, *uJ it will (In 1 fmtUJ u< di?. the him la aa tuaMdikl* iWnua FOR HOKSBS AND OTHER ANIMALS. MthKAM'aCJCkKISilATUD LIMlMEMT 1. iht Ml. u tad MlUkU far lk? car* af pavia, Riofkaa WLadftUa, flpUou, onatatal kampa, Madtt at vaUiai It aiT*r Uilad la aar* Bif laad, Palit?il, Pitiala, 0 taMinf kiH, ar It praaarly tapltad. F 1 AumIm. tiaiAM. AtMUkM. (.ntkad la>!a. (!hafaa Mm A/ M OlUr tJli, CMtt, Iotm, ir Wiiodi, Uliu iafitlN ftaiiy. Apfl; M u dimui ud a tin U im&H u ? Tku tftla aa l*?f?r Vl?k Ua BUf warlklaaa blalau (Mi u y? Okuio a aapplT ?f OK. MckCA*'* CXk IIATU klllHUT, It will car. r.a. J. . MckKAH, Ma PiapritUf. Cinai AM aa* flia iu., St. faaala, Ma / CRARkia rrOTT, m Fa. ? ., aeia a*aal la Waakta M R. . T Cllllk. ftwrtun aa U-MWti / f QUN BOATS FOR ?H1 WESTERN RIVER QUARTRRMASTRR 6lN*RAL's OlIICI, ( Wa>kinxttm, June 17,1861. \ Proposal!! are invited for oonstmoung Gu boats upon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared a; mat be examined at the Quartermaster's Office er? alone will be considered. ' Plans submitted br bidders will he in oontideration.' " " ftl. C. Mbly'i, f )e 18 Unartermaatar General United But* * r?RlB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKE1 V> aod COUNTERPANES.all tiaee anc. qua tiea, Bad ComfbrU.Bhaetinfi, Pillow Ltoant a potto ns, Towel*. Napkin*, TabU Clothe, Tiakini _ Dorliee, Ac. All at our proverbially low priei ?3K&.?<* VllJ lnepeot oar atoak at pleaejre^ ? - ? ? fhKR> ? HHU, ? 87 Pub. ?vcnu? fife il S MKMKffi&a n SfSriftrySC ** *"?k ' " ??* r HU ^ALL-"Er?^&\c?i. 0 TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. L&adicf u4 mbarkiof y>?p? M QiMUtovn, Iroiand. Th? LiT?ryool. N?w York and Philadelphia Steamnhm Conpanr intend d:?pauhin? thur tali owored Cyd?b?ut iron 9uam*hi^ an follow*: lihASGOW Satsniav. Aucurt ad CITY OF BALTIMORE. " - lot*. KANGAROO. " " UU. And every 9aturd??, ?t noon, fro? Pier 44, Nortt nv#r. Ufll Of fiHitl. First Ca^ic. ..h.? *. ... > Do. to Lo Jam . m Do. to Paha at Do. to Hamberf Steer ate #90 Do to Liond.B ? ? 94 ro. to ?-a-ie . 9* Do. to Humbert * . ... i n >"i wmuru to n?Tn, ninnwterd&m, Antwerp, &o , at reduced throneh ?r? . _ Hemon* wuhing to brine ont 'n?r fri?naa can buy ticket* &t low r*,?e?. m Kor further information M?ly ?t the C*pt*in? Oftoe. D*L' V'v1* 1# Broadway. N. Y... Or toQ. A. HERRING. A 'ami Ex?r?M Baltimore. ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE Jkm' *** EASTSR"*LAyLi WKSTFRN SHORE STEAMERS. ?rrj vw?n u p " " ""AT.if 1? *_ ?**? * *? a ? w?i " tlONKEK,'' Capt. W. Norman, Will run their route* a* foiicwi, leavi< cLibM treet, Ha tiraore, foot ot Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Derton and Landnja on OaoDtana river, evory WKUNK8DAY and SATi5k DAY, returning every Tburaday and M cnday. I For Annapoli*and Weat River,erery TUIs.8 DAY atd FRIDAY and ret jrnmj aa<re daya. FIONEER?For ttt. MioUaaTa ani Eaaton, via Mue'n Hirer.every WEDNKSDAY,aud return the aama day. _ , For Annaaolis, We*t River, Cambridge, Oxford and Fas ton Foint. every THLRSDAY, returninj oy win? rorw en r riaay For Ac na po!. ? West River.St. M ich?#!'i and Ea.ton. vi? Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Momiay liy same route. Faro to Cambridge, Debtor., Oxford and Ka*ton Fuint f 1 SO Fare to St Michael'* auU Milet' Rivera round trip. 91,) v . 1 W Fare to XVoet River, (round Trie, 411.. 1 <* Fare to Annaeo!i?{ round trio 75 onitil . 75 MKAJ.S EXTRA. irr Fraifht must be ?r<>M.d. \V hat f (iffUm. I !C H T fik^t r>f ('niniUn fiaitiTror*. C.'K. CANNON. IH, | .. I,..- NORTHERN CKlNTRAL RAILWAY. 2LFERI/JTF.N DENT'S OFFICE.I C*lv?k.T Station. Batireore. May 18,1861. I On ar.-i ait?r SKndar, Mar Ittti. 1061, Trama on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY arriTo ana depart m foliova, until farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at * M A. M, E X PK at SJR P. M. 11AKKISULKU ACCOMMODATION at I P. M _ . _ The 8.15 a. M. train oonneots at Relay Hoim with train* on the Westers Maryland Railroad; a' Hanover Junction with Hanover and Ge'Uburj Railroads; at York with York and WniKUrl^ R&ilroad; at Hnrr-st ore snih PenueyIvania Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to A?t? Yorkdifft; at N orthmm k.. ../< _.>k I ...< II ?- - -?-l I.? * ' ITT7 1 IBll'l WlkU U BUU J ?I "Olll V?U IVI nitil??Ull BjUM all parts of Wrooinin* Valley .and at *oct.ory with tne Philadelphia and Erie Railroad tor ail part* Northern Pennsylvania awl New York. The 3-3-1 P. M train make* ali the above eotineotiom exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrijhtiville Railroad and the Lebannon Valler Railroad. Tre 8 P. M tram maxea oonn<*ctiona with Penn Tlvama Railroad for al! parts of the West, and direct connects for New York. TRAINS AHKirS. Mall at 610 P. M.; Kxpre.* at 7 44 A. M.; Harritbcrg Aooo:nmodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tiokeu ai.d information inquire at the Ticket Office, Caivert tfHtiou. Baltimore. J. C. CLAng.Bapt. rrr.irwi LEAVE PHILADELPHIA for new yorL The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trantoa Hailroad Co-npaxuep' Line from PHI LA DELPHI A TO NEW YO?K AND WAY PLACi-S.from WALNUT STREET WHARF AN l? KENSINGTON DEI'OT, will leave M fol iov?: Ate A M .via CamJoc and Amboy, (C. and . A oocinrr.ode.ticn.> At 6 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. A ooomraodati on.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey Ctty.tMornirr Mail.) At UX A. M . via Kcuaington and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12h P. M.? tic. Camden and Amboy.tAooommoJ dat'on.* I At 2 P M., via Camden and Amboy,(C. and A, l ( '* arn-a I At P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Everting Express.! At iH P M , via Kensington and Jeraey City, (Second Ciaes Ticket.) At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evetuni Mai!.) AtllK P. M., viaCaudenand Jersey City, (801th em Mail.) At6 P.M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aoooimi}o<la tion, freight and pans?tier, First Clan Tioket. Second Class Ticket. The 6 P. M Mail Train rans daily. ThelUf P ? ; M. Mai!, Sa'crdars excepted. 1 For b'e:videre, Easton, Lambertville, Fleming 1 ton. ko., at 7.10 A. M.; and 4H P- M., from Ken line ton. For Wa'er Gap, Strondnhore.Scranton.Wilkee hArm. (trout Raritf. A.a . Ktl.lU A. M. , ! from KfcflfUiC'on, v.a Delaware, Uaokawanna an< : W?it*rsRtilrou, I 1 For Ma-nch Chcak, Allentown and BeU*;ehem.a ' 7.10 A. M. and SX P. M. from Kenaincton depot the 7.10 A.M. lie ocnnecU with the train learns 1 featton at S 15 K. M. * I For Moutt Holly at acd 8 A. M. and I and 4} '' i For Freehold at I A. M. arid ? P. M. ' For Bristol, TrenU>*,fcc.. at 7.10 A. M..4H an< 6!i r. M. from Kensington, and 3X P. M fros VV alnnt street wharl. i For Fa'myra Kiyerton, Delanoo, Beverly. Bar lintton, Ftnetneoo, Bordectown, Jfco., at lSJkg. 1 . 3,4S and 6 i' M. J r Vrenton for Bordentown.and interme ! di&ta places, fct iX P. M. from Walnut atret I. wha-f. < It/" Po*- New York and Way Line*, leavin Kensicsto!) Depot, ?>%*e tie rare on Fifth strew i, above Wal sat, half an hour before departure Th l. sara ran int> the depot, arid on arrival of train rc i fiom the do ?ot. hifty pounds of bacc?t? only allowed to?ao . pi^senjer. I'Maecgerh a-e prohibited trom taxic anything an luggage but their woariug appar* , 1 All bag?*.ge over fifty pound* to be paid fc I, { extra. I'j.e oompary liir.'t their raaponaihiiity f< ; baggage to one rtol ar per pound,and will cot t i .lablo ?>.r ariT amount be) oca one hundred co.iari except t>y epooiat contract. ? i WM. H. iiATZWKR. Agent. '* ffT* -wta?r FOR THE k? WEST AMD SOUTH H 'ffTg BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. il 1 On and after Ma? 16tn, lWI, the train* will i? as foiiowa, via.?Leave Camden Station, Bait l? more.?Mat I, * except Sunday.) at 6. 30 A. M.; Ej rroas dai- y at 3. 45 P. M. Both Trains go direct] hrouen tOR ALL PARTS OF THE WLSI a SOUTHWEST AND N#RTHWEST. j ri'K w A i rAnstnobus. >- Between lialtimnr* and riecimont take the A. N Train; between Piedmont and WbeelintUkeA' oominodation Train. leaving Piedmont at 5.40 A > ' M;a:id bftwMn Grafton and Parkerebarj, tak 7 the 6 sit A M Train from Bait: more. '* The FR1.1!KK I<)K TRAIN t<avea Bait.mor ' ! fct 4 ? P. M. and Frederick at 6Jn A. M ' | TheKLLICOTFB MILLS TK AIN ienve B& tirnore at 6 ? and 9.15 A.M. ar.d 1 45 and 5.40 P. M a and KIIioo'i'b Mills at 7.40 and 11.90 A. M . and S.< " aud 7.nn p. M. For further iiiforn&tion, TifkeU of every kin< ,1 ! to . apply to J. T. F.N6LAN D Ajent, at Camdc ; Station, or at the Ticket ofliee. ! W. P. SMITH. Master of Tracaportioo. ! L. m. CO I.E. G?-n'l Ticket Agent YOLK. HARLEM AN rjmWKni albany railroad. _ I f? a Ira b.n iiCir k n *> nn i ^c.? iuhk ru ALBANY. TROY, NORTH AND WK8T. '' SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commeuoii-s Mob'Iit, May 27th, 1?61. " For Abany?11:*? a. in. fast express tnun fro ? loth street. i_ For Dover Plains?t.-on p. m stopping at Whi , Plains ana stations north to Dover plains?fro ttth street station. i, (This train will run to Mtllerton ever? Batardi wninjt.) For Croton Falls?fclfi a. m, stopping at ail si tions north of tordkam from ttrfi street station. * For W hit* Plainr-fcso, *10 and fcoo p. m. sto ping at all stations from 36th street station. For WhltA r I&l n B A*1 m ttansiria a* *11 f* tiona from W bite ?treet atation. i For Williuni Bridge-7.Sn, 11:15 a. m. and M* (* m. atopving at all etationa from STth itrMt alalia '* Returning will Iww ' Aibacy?9*>o a. no. taat expreaa train. 'J* Dover Piaina? MB a. m. iThia train leave* Mi ' . lerton ever? Monday morning at 6 a. m.) ** Croton Fall*?5 a. m. ... Wkite Plaiii#-^ 10,7:00 a m. 4:10 A Mb p. m. Jf William* Bridge?8:30, 9^0 . m.A 1:00 p.m. _ 8ubdar traina will leave 4th Avenue oorner 2 atreet, for Central Park, Yorkville. Harlem at High Bridge everyf?w mi&utee, from a. m. 'f T^Op m. JOHN BUKCHlLl.. Aa?t. Bap t ,^^_,N?W YORK ANI>EftlK*Al ~ ROAD. . _ Br Paaaenger Traina leave via Pat nia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot ofChamN a atren. New York, a* followa. vi* : r 7.00 ?.? . fiX^R ESS* for Dunkirk, and Buff*; D- and principal interme la'a Stations. 8 l/a. m ,MAIL, for Dunktr*. and inUrmedii ad Station*?Thi? Tram remains ovar night at Einu: M '9^0*?^NHLK^iL?^/1 OUtrille. ud ipti J mff??.m*AcfcoMMODAT10N.??Uj,toiri " N-fr, and intermediate Station*. ? 6.00 p. m.. NIGHT EXPRESS, duly. tor On SJ 9SS^cr^oWW,oTiJb,e<?^ ? .^.^.PH.-AMJNOT.s-n 1..1 Ill naioaniBliUUl. IIOBIWi i_ J UST ffiKSrtfSSSKffl'BSfi-7 " %gMglfssva. I 0 Bf Baoon I Co ' and SUiuwm I ?on h*v jut t?an received at the Miuo tSu re of ***? J W.U.MtTZiEOn I |jy Pianos (or rtat. Ml f wbTfi5T?* umII^?)^ ft ^JutnMMC1 day) from thair vb*rf, foot cf Uaioit Dock, u ?* t*m*9,m*9*immrintni ** 14a am%^ 3 I Sft*| M. N KALI*. ?W. PHIL\I?KLPH'A. WIL SSHSB f^iidfl! RlftSiSlJi: 4?,Vwir?SK Tnuna for PhiiM# ?h ? will 1?*t* PreaidMt k!m D*pot OftilTjMMVt 9M*M?)?S fo.i?Wa,Tis; > xpr*aa Tr?m at 6 IS A.||. ^ Mui Trmjau * ?**> <H SI N ui i o m, ? %o r. m. WH.?. * I. trasa cor r?ol wi > N r* York tratna ?xo*pt ?.?A P. H tnu on Satar. *^[*Frai?bt Train w th paM-anctr oar Iwvn lis P. W , atoppinc at all Ptatuna Baltimore and HjTr* <j*-6r?o?. riw?ii?f for Dokawar* a> 4 U? f ut?rc > bora of Maryland will tod Ua moat axpaditioaa roau by w?j oi W>lmm<utii. fi^Al! Colorod Pfricu mual fir# bond twfor* .t.ri.|tl>. em. WM C&AWPO??.AM en Hit OtN TKAi HOITKlot HHRTHK WEST, na HVDf-ON t-IT KAlLhOA U *arf > KW YOhK CK\ThAL hAjI.KOAf) M^reaa Tr*t?? inv? New Yfrk o'tj d*P''? r ' Hndaor. R:*?r R*i road ?laily,8?ni!r?a aoofUd, toliowa: Prom Cbanbara atr?.t 11 r? mi Stat at. station. At 7 oo an I At 7 88 a m It 00 > sno a m I 1'JS ' AJi m 3.3" p m I SJ6 p n Montr.*.1 atul BvlTalo Train with ala*p m oara, 9.'5 ? m | 1 45 a n Connecting at Albany with the New Vac* ('n : tral Railroad for 8*a?n?otady. Rooheet#'. I'tian Data Tin. Roan, aad ataboaa on tnnM and VV.ur town Rwlr-a^. Nuffalo. Pvraouee. Ni*fa-a p. i . jaaynif n Bride*. Auburn. OeDm,Cai?tdil(l.' Trayie in oooneotioc i*a*e Rufla'o *r><i ior via Lake Share, buffalo and ' ake fi?o*r<t Great Wentarn R*'!road far Hammc. r,,r, rto DatroK, Chicago. Toledo. Milwaukie. Fon It? Lm' Ka t'roaae. Madiai?n Prairie 1>? Ci.ier. #,a ?, Duuleitli. Duba?ue, Peoria, H<ct Itiaod, Mum' tine, Iowa nut, Rn'Miirton, UnircT. Sarit.tbed, Alton. St- Lonia.Cairo.Terre Maatr- ltdia.r,a?<. LnaUville.Cinoirn&t', 1 a'tnn, Coinn baa. rim' Land, and ar. poitta Weat, North VMt ud South VMt* NORTHERN RG4.TK. Connecting ?ut> T,in * at lro?, with Ttt>y a Bo*tou and K?n? k. Saratofa Road* for Saratoga Whitehall, Rutland, Har!in|ton.*t. Aibana. Rout* Point, Plattilurfh. OgJeLat.uifh. .Montreal, &a , Jfco CT Freifht Arraagemonta by tki* roate m abwve, vitiovt change of Caie, trom the i?pouig Oiambera and fatal atreeta. ar?* at all time* aa favorable aa made by uth'r Railroad Compa"i*e. The Tacllitiea of this (r?at N>w\ ork Host*, *n the Weat commend it to the oo? f detioe of me cUanta ao ' ah pi?er? for promp'reas and diapa'eh Pasaenger traira. with Smoking and Sleeping Car a ran id oonnection on the New York Ceatra. particn'ari ti to local trmtna and freicht ar rancewenU, inquire at the depot, 6* W arret. ?t. A. F. SMITH, Superintendent. U 8 GUVKKNMKNT LINK A?4j^^nTO FORT MtNKOE A fib O Lb rulNT COMPOHT. Lmtm the lover er.d of LNIoN DOCK.Bati nmre, v?it aide, DAILY, (Pundars included.) at <H o'olrok P. M. takinr pa??er.rer? and feij ht,and oonneotinc with the Railroad linen. to ard f*on. Wanhioi'oB, AA, Phi.?d?? phi*. New York, Bm ton, York, HMWinti'l, Pitubnri. Pa. acd Lb* Wmt, lm mod lately af>er the arrival of the Lipriu Xraiajrom New Yoik and Philadelphia. The fo'lowine ii the Schedn.e : From New York to Fort Monroe and back. fU From PhiladelpL a ard f?ack.. iw> From Baltimore and hack H PROCURE YOUR TICKET*?XD I In New the New Jortey Railroad OAoe ' /- -a O ?a a 1 IVWk I'l VU?IU?IU I I tw w. d Id Phi adephia, at the Coir ptny'a rftoe.N. W. 1 ooni?r of Sixth and Choatnat Kr??u, or at Ua Depot, Broad and Prim* atreata. In Baitimora, on board the Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HU?R Q'CONNER. rMwagr Aft. JT?^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. Fy lee ?leodid and maenar Staamer* METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE CP M A 1N K. ofgraat atrencth and aae^d, but partioalarlr adapted to the navigation of Lone ia'and Soatd, tannine in connection with the Fall River a->d Old Colony Rail road, diatanoa of M milea omy to Bortnu Leave Pier No. 8 No'tii Rtver naar the Ratta'y. The Steamar EMPIRE STATE,Capt. Bra.toi; Monday a, Wedneadaya, and Friday a, at t o'aiaei ' P. M., toachiat at Newport aaoh wa?. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, oa Taeedaya, Thnradbya. and Satardava, atio'ofoot P. M., toaehint at Newport each way. Tbeae Steamer* a>e fit tea with eonmodioaa state rtKJm?, and er?ry arraniement for lb* aecari > tr and comfort o! who arc affbrded by tan route a nights' mt on board, and on am?a: at Pall River proceed per Steamboat Train.reaeh iii( Boston early the folfowin* mornings or any > remain on board until starting of the Aooommoda tioa at 8 A. M., by whioh tney may reach Boatot ' about 4.44 A.M. A baggage muUr is attached to eaoh steamer. *. who reoeivea and tickets the liagrage. ud aeeoai1 panies the tame to Its deetination. A ateamer rare in oonoeotion with this Line be * tween Fail River and Frovidenoe daily, except Sundays. Freight to Boston is forwarded through with great dispatch by au Kxprest Train, which aavea Fall River ever* roornmr, Sundays eicepted,a* " m o'olook for Boston and N?w Bedford, arriving 1 at its destination at about 11 A M ror rrei*titor pasaac*. app yon board.or itUi t oBoe on Pier No. 3 North River For atate rooms * ?ad bertha apply on board, or if deeiroc to NMn 1 them in advance, to W M BOROEN, A?'t 1 If tod T1 U est attest. N Y. i THE REGULAR MAIL LINK GRI/TON, 8TONIN6TON . I ^ ^ 'and PROVIDENCE, FOR BO* D TON?Inland Uonte?The shortest and motldi reel?Carry the Eastern >iail. The ateamer PL\MOUTH EOCK. CapL J. C. ?eer, and COMMONWEALTH, Capt J. W. fil.'iams, in oonneotion with the Sioaineton ?jm h Prov,.:ence,and Bon'onand Providence Railroads, ,t leaving New York daily, Sondata exoeated, from Pier No It North River, at 5 o'e! ck P. M.. ai-?l ? Groton at ur> o'eloc* P. M., or on the arrival ?>( r M Mail Train whiob leaves Boston ?t s ? P. M. e The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New Y?rkD Monday. Wedneeda*. and Friday. Froai iit? toe?Tu'ad*', Thursday,a>d SatnrUa;. h The COMMONWEA1TH,Torn New York, Tuesday. Thereday. and Saturday. From Grotoa j. ?Monday, Wedneeday, and Friday. ,r Paaaenrera from Groton proofed per railroad te >r Providecoe and Boston, in the Eiir?i Mat. * Train, r.aohmg taid place 111 advance <>f tho*? t-y i other route*, and in amsis time tor a I tne early tooruirg Lines ooaootinc North and Kast Pa* sengers tbat prefer it, rem^c on bcatd US ? earner, eajoy a nigbta' reet nndistsrbed break f??t if desired, aud lea ire Groton in tne7 15A. M. Train, connecting at Providence Witk ike 1# A M. Tram for Bo?t< n. Fare from Providence to Newport, F'Jtj oenta n A baccate matter aooompaiuss tiie Steamer and i- Trameaoh way. I- For Paaaace, Bertha, 8tatt Rooms, or Freight, I VI1'on l*?*rd **>s steamer, or at tks Freickt r, Oftoe, Pier 12 North River, or at tte Oftoe o< the C<, No. 116 We?t at-eet.oorner uf I'ort land street. New York. Feb. a, !Ki. [" [^^HUDm'N RIVER RAILROAD^ for ajlhan\ and tr(>y,co\ ? NKCTINO with TRAINS north And W KS r. Trains leave: e From Chambersst. N.Y., ! rom 31h street. klDruf.l ar ri 11 a. m ,"V2V 11 ftk * n til i *n<f3^0 Uil 6 p m. 5J6 p ut Troy and Albany iwiti ie.4ip.rn, (Vacua)* iail aleeping oar) 10,15 p. m eluded.) Poa|hke?p?ta train C, a 6,25 a. m., and l.#p. ?. L- rSiAaiWi , 4. *>p n ? 2S p m. si n* Si Li train,9.oi>B in , 9,as a m.. and 4 M a?4 and 4 X and 8.1*' p. m 8,25 p. ni. Plank ill tram, &.?> p. nn V5ej> in. V K RMITR. ' D ^^^3. at :mwcrifi*s InnUiUatliK , Powder la the only Uot* aU kMt *.rtxi L. A Dtv, jrfctM, Fi'?s. ._ *2?*?*"Flflfca G*r(W Worm ^VluBui,**. X: N.J?i,^'a,u"'" c7-*S2B w?. u ^ V5?n! Vf y?P?! IMITATION?. ? * ??i for Bafewsrui'* Aaaikl M l*jil I 'd CJ Nomjuhjh, icImi nrn?dM.Scswn:ii. to mi i?- rof? ESdiS? b^W ** r*J* i~? ?' T?f" "?<* of Hiriee'e likBtrrwi Ki* - ^^5fi&A45f-alJ,niU.W *' All**** CMHadija efldrdee'i TMUM, M Ik. tfa. Horn* SuJh *2 01 th# WSSMf!!. u* 4 "- irlt hcK k4f'i?<^Jor * ?* ! na tu? ,?* ? IOUwt.8.1 tj*ai ry **"' cfiK,$iliJ2!*."' " ?* ? ? ? "?? w*d?!? <* ? n a*?"****Air Of A# ftWOY* Mi)t by Mil fr^. KkKNOH k KICfltCTf?*, ? F!?.EA^5d.K? R ?N,? OTRKl WMTt! " ? ^k? bi^ ?,|| lO b*i?t i?* ' tt* ? ?U^S5^'t^r " ? * n?u * +* W fc?^2tS2SI,*l'w* of atcmk im?ltoi r.? ?M <* < toMr?MM. r?fcll> |)C .. J I uuu r* * (??- ?"4 .\ ? ^ " ** -tout *

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