Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1861 Page 1
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7 a* I - - T 1 bmm ^tar. i i V"-. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . SATURDAY. OCTOBER 26. 18S1. N9. 2.710. ; THEEVEN1NG star IS published evert afternoon, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED J at the star buildings, 9f F*?*>9Iwtiw ?'??? tmd EUvtutk ft *t w. d. wallaoh. pip?ri iwTfd la package# by carrier* itMl year. W 37 wnU per month To mall lubeciltaer* Its prloe It S3 90 t year, m *4v~u*, 92 for six v?Dttia, ?l for three months; and for lev thaa tree months it the rate of kt cents > week. Single oopie*, oan eari*; In wrappers, two cms. ?T AnvHTtsnvt^TS should be tent to the ?*ce before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may got sppesr until the next day. FROM THE SOUTH. The BattIs an Santa Reta Ulead. confederate accocht of the affair. Kichmond papers of tha 17th inst., received in this city yesterday, furnish the following acoount of the fight on Santa Rosa Island, and tome ether Southern news of interest : rcLi Accourr or the fight. A correspondent of the Atlanta (Ga.) Intelligencer giv?s the following account of the tght. After describing the landing on the IMand of the rebel force, to the number of 1,900. the writer says : Ascending the back hill of the beach, we found ourselves smong a squad of picket guard, who gave our close ranks a most destructive firs, throwing the company, of whieh I was a member, into great disorder. We were charging tbeui with the bayonet, thus hoping to drive them from their strong position, when I rashed in their midst and received a severe blow over the head, which sent me rolling to the foot of the hill. We were in line again, and as friends, were engaged with Wilson's Zouaves, and our misfC-rtune had prevented the possibility of cutting off their retreat, we double quickened for those quarters?after a little skirmishing along the way, we reached the encampment just in time to see the quarters fired and the guns spiked. The Fifth Georgia and the Tenth Mississippi each claimed the honor of having first reached the tents, Ac., and applying the torch. As these composed one column and they arrived Uiere together, I supposo they will have to share the glory. As much fuss as the Northern papers have made of Wilson's Zouaves, and as proud as the United States is of such "pets,' I think them the most contemptibly cowardly wretches thatever disgraced the face of the earth. Here, in an entrenched camp, where were quartered an entire regiment, having all their olothing, arms, and much property, these men were surprised and fled withoat firing a gun, except in retreat. This, too, was after *e had been fizhting all around them, and they ought to have been able to laughter every man upon the island. They were snugly fixed, and have lost a vast deal, besides beinsutterly disgraced. We formed round the burning camp and shot down the wretches as they dodged about, and took a good many prisoners. a Urge hospital building was within the entrenchments, which we left without the slightest molestation Our men nearly all took some prizes, embracing mules, clothing, guns, pistols, money, swords, Ac. 1 felt interested in other thing*, and made no oaptures. After remaining till the camps were consumed and our object accomJdished, we retreated for our launches, as the ort oould not be earned by storm. Amid this excitement and conflagration, the wildest disorder reigned. Companies were disorganised and no such thing as a regiment was known. Our men retired in great oonfusion, and the line was a confused mass, moving without order*, and almost without object. We expected every moment to be shelled by Pickens and the fleet, which could have swept the island and not left a man. Fortunately for us they had sent out several companies to intercept our boats and cut off our retreat. These lay behind the sand hills and embankment and fired upon our disorganised masses. Several at* tempts were made to rally into line, bat without effect. The island is alternate marshes, ravines and hills, with occasional long sandy plains. Whenever we met these squads, we bad to carry the place by storm, yet their advantage was too manifest. They con Id bide behind sand hills, completely protecting themselves from our bullets, and shoot into our disorganised body for several minutes before we could come upon them. Several times we met these hostile squads and mistook them for friends, occasioning us heavy loes One time I remember in particular, we were assailed by a body of Zouaves, who stood in a swamp. As they commenced firing we f;ave the watchword, and were answered riends. I thought, perhaps, they had forSotten the reply, yet they continued to shoot own the men around me at a fearful rate. I noticed them more closely, and could perceive the peculiarity of their dre*s, and could tell by the whis of their bullets that they were armed with rifles that were not like ours. We thea turned upon them and soon cleaned out the company This was the severest tug of all, and we suffered severely before we discovered their complexions. In the spot I fought from I saw some seven or eight of our men fall within five feet of me, while several othfrs fell around. This was about the last skirmish we had, yet straggling bodies fired for miles, doing but little damage. Scattered as we were for such a distance, and exhausted aa were our men, they could have completely cut us off with cavalry or flying artillery, had they had eihier. It took a long time for us to re-embark; as we were huddled together in open scows they fell upon us after we were out of reaoh and shot several of our men. Their larro Eufield rifles carry a ball a great distance, ana, elevate my musket as I would, the bullet fell short of the beach, while their balls fell among us or passed just over our heads. He re Brig Gen- Anderson was wounded very severely, though he had paused all danger on the Island, and that, too, far in the rear of the enemy. It was wonderfal that our soldiers should have fallen into such disorder, and been so entirely giren up to excitement. Our men were as brave and daring as it was possible for soldiers to be. and, in the presence of the enemy. acted with as mush gallantry as the occasion warranted. One cause of the confusion of ranks was the strange land we had to climb over, and the deep bogs we hsd to wade. I should rather attempt to scale the ruggieet peak of the Rooky Mountain than to make a foreed march on Santa Rosa Island. It is impossible for tha beat drilled troops in the world to keep ia line in such a place. Another thing that pravontod, was that the advanced bodies were lees tired than the rear, and marched too fast. Again, a section, just front of us, had their oaptain killed and a lieutenant wounded, and came crowding back into our ranks. I scarcely know whether we achieved a vietory or suffered a defeat. We did the duty we went to perform, and did it well; yet we shot down oar own friends in numbers. Indeed, I think, as many of our men were shot by friends as by foes. Night skirmishing is a dangerous business, especially in an unknown country, as was the Island of Santa Rosa. It ia impossible to estimate the damage dote on either aide as yet. I came across and saw at least 75 bodiee; to which side they belongod I oould not always tell. The column that fired the Zouave camp report a great many killed while escaping from their tents. The loss of the enemy is perhape 50 killed and 20 taken prisoners I do not know anything about the wounded. We captured a Major, Captain and Lieutenant among the prisoners. Gen. Bragg sent a boat to Fort Pickens this morning, for the dead. They rave them ap, and report onlv 15 bodies found, and 30 prisoners I fear the loes may prove heavier after investigation. The siege ia 'momentarily expected to commence, and every preparation made; perhaps it will commence aa soon as the dead and ^ wounded are eared for, and the soldier* have rested from last night's fatigue. The enemy Ppear boastful that we did not aaaault the fort after we had driven their men and gone almost under Its guns. We aooomplished all, and, the great misfortune ia, more than we intended. k1llbs axd wophdsd The Pensacola Observer has the following ami-o&ciel statement ef the killed, wounded, *#d prisoners: Killed. 21; wouaded, 3S, prisoners, 22, among *hom Is Lieut, iayre. The surgeons, arrested while ia the performance of their duty, have L been released upon their parole, not to serve ^ ?f*in in the State of Florida. 4 We have 18 Yankae prisoners, instead of 15 I A ** reported. [ . tha Confederate was taken prisoner Tomb ?tn7in* th# PP#ratu? of Surgeon Lips- I ?Jt!*?1. 8*3;!*.to "v?r?lj wounded in the leg; imputation it is thought, will be necessary. MOM HATTKRAS. The Norfolk Day Book of Monday says: The I steamer Roanoke, Capt. liobba, arrived last I erenlng about 8 o'clock from Roanoke Island The Roanoke left the island 6 o'cleck Monday afternoon, and hercantaia reports that the Confederate Reamers Curlew, Fanny, Raleigh, >V inslow. and Edwards, left Sunday afternoon under command of Commander Lynch, for Hatteras. Very heavy firing was heard on Moiiday following, in the direction of Hatteras which began at daylight and continued until 8 I o clock; but no reports from the expedition had reached the island when the Roanoke left. The captain farther states that it was report- I ed that two Federal war steamers were cruis- I Ing in Pamlico Sonnd previous to the dopar- I ture of the expedition, but that they were ohaimd out by our steamer*. |Our advices from Hatteras Inlet, of late date, received via Fortress Monroe, report that the Confederate fleet merely appeared I near the Inlet, and then retired.] [iVetrs by Telegraph to the Richmond Examiner J I THB SA*TA ROSA APPAIR. AransTA, Ga., Oct. 16 ?Pennsacola intelli- I gence to the 13th inst. has been received. It "nounced that * true? was sent from JSJiS" 10 ??n on yesterday, tating that the prisoners would be sent to New I iork on Sunday. Gen. Bragg sent the Pay- I master over to pay off the men, in full, for the I remainder of their terms. AFFAIRS 1H UKTUCKT. I , jH Oct. 15.?The Louisville Courier ot to-day confirms the destruction of two spans I of the railroad bridge over Green river oy a I misapprehension of the orders of the officer in I I charK?- Any forward movement of our forces I I which may have been contemplated has thus I I been delayed by this great blunder. I mm A n?*1- ARKANSAS. I . . "J10'8, Oct. 15.?A duel was fought to- I day ln Arkansas, opposite to Memphis, between I Messrs. Lauke and Chambers, both of Missis- I I sippi. and rival candidates for Congress. They I fought with rifles, at fifty paces, and three I 1??^ w?r" Int?rcbanged. Xt the third fire I L?uk" WM ,hot mortally, in the bead. Mr. I Chambers Iwu uninjured. The difficulty oc1da,nn? th?,r. c?nvass, and great efforts I I t 5ft , wltbout success, to prevent I I the hostile meeting. f I I ?TH* f,d*ral flbet off charlf.sto.v I Charleston, Oct. 16.?The Courier of this I morning states that the Federal fleet off this I port consists of seven vessels. I RK-ELBCTION OF GOT. PBTTCS, OF MISSISSIPPI. I I .AF?P?TA, Ga., Oct. 16?The Mississippi! election returns are meagre, but they indicate I I the re-election of Governor Pettus. I j (From the Richmond Examiner, Oct. 17 ] j I MANASSAS. t> - news f^om Mana**? is full of inter- I PM#f?K?r" fr?n? there by the Central n VJ*l 7 r#port that Court House had been abandoned by our troops, on | kdSSA tad that tb? S the I neighborhood, previously occupied by us, far the quartering of onr soldiers, had been burned I prevent the enemy from turning them to I I useful account. Our troops are said to have! retired in the direction of Centreville. All I Tuesday night the trains from Manassas to I i-airrax were busily employed in transporting I I troops and carrying supplies back to Manassas I. "i'J tJ" .*> ?> that heavy firing was heard in the direction of Fairfax, yesterday I morning, for half an hour before the train left I I MiDtMas. ThtfMl^1 T",.ElUwOIIIl RlOIMRXr.? I I Cnl bonor of the lamented I!i JL.. orth? arr,v?l at the President street I " '"V* for fhe 8eat ?f war lu W v^w ,. oraanlxatlon of this raiment I !J1 wa" designed to select men from I I hi fh*. " ?' the 8tate' and mo"t successfully I h?s the project been carried out The regiment is I I ' ?on ?' whom are over years of aze I I wMrh?n nolt,waJ>1*1Mature of th^ organization", I wL,,?e k Li??' r"nk and Ale, Is that the belonging to It are unmarried a swei.h?i. !!Ln ?at' at on,! blow'- many ha'#brn drP'lTed tor a time of the I th?men Ka?lant. The uniform of I ht* aa,ne "" worn ,n the regular armv I Jh-V e*reP,ion of a "out leather gaiter: but I tbe Zouave corps attached to the regiment Is I ? k blue-w,th red facings I I following Is a list of the field and staff I I Col^1i~f0 d i W?, 8trVkfr; Lieutenant I I Adi ,r?n'? l? u Rice: Major, James McKvwn; R MnnH.i' ? KnoX' Q^'ter master, Frederick I I y; 8J?rK5>n' Ur P'othinKham; Assist- I I HP^2ee?n' BlaM,i Chaplain, Rev. Loomls I Co! Stryker Is but 2C years of age. He assumes I I enfhi71?? ?f .re?lmeQt nerved with all the I I Md nr,Mt SI! v ot youn>' M wel1 a* 8 large I ^eJera lvh M{Tr,ene? ?f military stfalrs in t^e New V?rk 5 hB preMBt War broke out- aD<1 !,??! nV k Zou* were ln course of organ!- I wii'mnnifuM11? ?f Ellsworth, the Colonel I I re^ment ? f Lieutenant, and went out with tbe I I regiment !;. tuat capacity At the time of Fll?. I ^dth " d^"th he ^ the f**' of Acting Adjutant, I I r?ln m v" wi.t.h ,he r<,malnsof his deceased I I Colonel to New >ork. He stayed with the re I ThlnnrUDJiL!iran,ferred 10 the,r 'a,t rratl"K place. organization of tbe Ellsworth regl- I mlnH T^K ??1 tOT b,m 10 re*'8n L,a co'?- I ?,d ,."ib?Plr? Zouaves to join the m?n wt.o I tVteni .'^fl? ave"??e th? <?eath of his former Ll^?/Ed,K0roma,H?er H* w" "nanlmous" I SlTSiir u the man to command I I which be promptly accepted I a ^f7ua 8bo^t det?n?lon at the Pre-ident street I depot the regiment marched to the Camden xtaI tlon. where a train was in readiness to convev I ttirm to Washington The departure of the reglI ment from New \ ork city was msrked by one of I the grandest demonstrations manifested towards V ?;Ra,,l"tL?" which has left that city I for the seat of war ? Baltimore Clipper, 25tk. I tLL1Z\,A DT75L?AI,vA pllc* o? PLAISDia ? The monotony of W ashln?{ton life waa ruffled a iT SL y,a "?cldent A young in "KL i" r*h P*,r ?f military shoulder tei^TV ./-inH 70,unte?r aervlce, boastlnglv utI tf kII. ? 8Ca"dal?us remark at one of the hotel MtJm.Hi r<,ference t0 h,? Intimacy with a most r"00.*^i^?K?" 1 m*rr1 rd lad* ?>ere-the wife of I ber of th? niB* ^ command?whereupon a memI } ?r 8 mllltary family called the deT^. ?i-? aJcount' a?>d aent him a Wlllgerent note. hlm^lf ^en accept or to exPla'n I fil , e othCT meeting with htm at the door of the hotel, branded him as a liar and fro^Thtaild i p^* Ptor,1y wrenched his sword from his side,in presence or tbe poltroon's friends IXZCtU d,?2,t'?n of the lookerso'; ana grMtly to the consternation of tbe libeller who only escaped a drubbing, through his subse' qoent pusillanimity. The lady's defender waTa manly young officer ln the regular army temporarily attach* d to the staff7? the olS wife s honor was assailed .and has relatives in high command In tbe military service In Massachusetts The aflklr caused a little excitement,for tbe kour but "all's well that ends well," so no mi^ are' mentioned."? Boston Transcript. I Tm Rkbsls Thsiatb.i to VVintks m Cmcimst, -We express the opinion, baaed upon wnat we believe to be a reasonable hope, that our army of the Ohio?that Is tbe various commands .V-Johnston, McCnlloch snd Price, which J! " when combined?will be able .jP'.?, '^'/winter quarters In Cincinnati and ?ir ?ir f Potots In Ohio, so as to cosnmand y# ?' communication eaatsrard, branchlngoff from tbe commercial capital of the | State?A'tsc Or Una t Dtltm, ioj*. tuiJul NeW8 ,tatee, on reliable au.kI*?1 ,lS1**r>Ph from the I Mlasourl rlw to tbe Pacilc coast will, no unforeI aeea accident preventing, be completed bv the 10th of November, on which day, it U thought dispatches -ill be taleKr-phed ' tkr^gh ffom ocean to ocean?from New York to San Francisco and froea Sao Francisco to New York d^teoil-MillUry Gentleman, in the habit of sporting undress uniforms, Ind themselves In trouble la Washington. The proroet marsbaPs patrol ask *11 sorb for their passes When they j answer that 'tbey donst belong to tbe army " tbe raptatn of the guard tells them that if they ! don't want to be pu' In tbe guard-bouae they , better take off that uniform. SICK AND WOUNDED AOLDIKRI I % HOSPITAL. Published in conformity with the resolution of tko Senate of July 1#, 1861. At &t?*TSi %2'pU l "".J* 'tT"t> bet,e*'* Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Oct 18. lit Exc?lslor.111st Michigan Vol 1 i?.w ? L 1 'id do do WU? New York Vol... i 4th do do l 22d do do.... 8 8th do do T you h? do.... 3 Stockton' Michigan 5? do.... 1 Independent Vol... 4 ttth do do.... 1 7th Wlsconsln 1 2? do.... 2 Ut Kentucky Cavalry. 1 4jth do do.... 2 1st New rorkCavalry. 1 ' Cameron Dragoons ... 1 i?h do... 3 2d U S Cavalry 1 iQth 2? 2?"* ! #th do do (fc) l ,, do do... 1 lat Penn. Independent id Vermont do<<t) 1 Rifle. ; 1 tth a? do-.. * 1st N .JeraeyCavalry(c) 1 5th do do... 1 1?th Indiana Vol..:;.. 4 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 5 lat II S Artillery.... j i,jj do do.. I lat Rhode Island Vol. l fih do do.. 14th do do.. 2 8th do do., ft 5th do do.. 1 .*m. j do.. 1 ad New Hampshire Vol ? ?? a? do.. 13d do 'do i ?<th do do.. 1 4th Maine Vol id) 1 30th do do.. 1 _ ?,h? d.? do., l Total 77 3th New Jersey Vol... 1 (a) One offlcer. (b) Une officer, (e) One officer, (a) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Oct 18. u *?' 'n'*"*rF 3 9th Penn. Volnnt'ra(6)l(? idi Maine Volunteers . 4 10th do do...... 3 A, 0 do 1 -26th do do 1 3d Vermont Volunteers I 33d do do 7 jjd d? do.... 13 42d do do!..!.! 4 DthMamchuwtiVol.. 1 1st do Artillery... 5 19th do do.. 1 1st do Rifles 4 14th New York Vol... 94,h do CavMry!!.! 1 .? ?? 5? do.(a) 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 5? do. .. 2 19th Indiana Vol...(e) 6 29th do do 2 1st Michigan Vol 3 33d do do ... 3 .3d do do...(</) 3 3oth do , do.... l 4th do do...(?)14 3ttth do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan do.... 1 Independent Vol ... 1 Garibaldi Guards i id Wisconsin Vol.f/) 3 Mozart 1 5th do do...* 5 1 ammany 2 6th do do.... 4 fcicelsior Brigade.... 3 1st Minnesota Vol .... 1 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 Teamsters, Q. M. D .. 2 3d Penn. Volunteers . 1 8th do do 1 Total 130 /jlfl/l^De ??cer (6) One offlcer. (e) One offlcer. (a) One offlcer. (.) Five officers. (/) One offlcer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, romer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Oct. 18. 1st Long Island Vol... 1 6th Maine 1 2d New YorkVol 2 3d NewHampshireVol 3 13th do do 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 7 "1V do do 5 3d do do 10 1/th do do...... ] 9th MawachusetU Vol. 1 ISth do do 1 New Jersey Cavalry.. 2 22d do do,.,... 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 23d do do...... l 2d do do...... 3 33d do do 3 3d do do 4 35th do do...... 2 1th do do 5 40th do Motart.. 1 |2d Wisconsin do 5 43d do Vol 216th do do 1 50th do do 1 21st Iildlana do 1 Xj ? do do 5 I?t California do 10 3d P.nn. Volunteers . 2 2d do do 2 4th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 1 6'h do do 6 Stockton's Michigan 4 Independent Vol... 3 'ff do do 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 4 26th do do 1 Baxter's Fire Zouaves I do do 2 Moll's Battery 1 35th do do 1 5th U. S Artillery ... 1 1st do Artillery.... 5 Teamsters 2 3d do Cavalry I 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 Total 130 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Oct. 18. 9,aTalry 1|2d New Jersey Vol.... l id Maine Volunteers.. 2 3d do do.... 2 ?d. do do 2 5th do do,... 2 Ik 2? 4 7,h do do 2 m? v do/-;;v 4 l,t Penn.Artillery.... 5 10th Massachusetts Vol 10 3d do Cavalry 3 l!!!4 do. 3 3d do Volunteers.. 4 19th do do. 1 Hth do do . . 10 3d Vermont Volunteers I 10th do do ? l.t Long Island Vol .. I 12th do do.!".!!! 7 1st New York Cavalry. 1 !3th do do " 3 3d do do... 1 3ist d. do.'.*!."!! 5 'fd do Vol 3 *3d do do 9 ! do do 1 35th do do 1 U.U do...... l 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 do do 3 1st do Vol..... 3 ?3d do do 4 3d do do 5 i5th do do 3 4th do do 3 3*J do do 1 7th do do | "j , do do 3 8th do do 17 do do 3 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 do do 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 5 do do 6 6th do do.... 5 du? do...... 1 7th do do.... 1 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 2 1st Mlnueaota Vol 2 Tammany N. Y. VoL. 2 19th Indiana do 12 Garibaldi do do .. 1 27th do do 1 o 5*1*. do do.. 1 D C Volunteers 2 Berdan'sSharpshooters 1 1st California Vol 2 1st U. 8 Chaafteurs ... 2 Lincoln Cavalry 7 Total 315 1st N ew J ersey Cavalry21 At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Oct. 18. Ifl 8" Ca*al,y 3 1st Pennsylvania Rifles 2 8 do do 1 27th do Vol.. 1 *? Ar,111?y .... 4 331 do do... 1 4d do do 9 25th New York Vol .. 3 do do 5 41st do do... 1 4i? do do 1 4th, McCall* division 7 5th do do 4 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 I? 1? Infantry 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 2d do do 2 r 3d do do 1 Total. 48 bth do do........ l Sich remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama. Oct. 18. 3d'?^*ntlT--- 2 47th Pennsylvania Vol 1 Malne^Voluntcwn. 2 8th Michigan Vol York Vol... 1 1,1 do Cavalry.28 j? do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol l ST. do.... 1 7th do do....37 Jd Excelsior 7 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 Cameron Rifle. 1 |stjndlana Cavalry... l Harris Light Cavalry. 1 U?S Chasseurs ...... i IstNewJerseyCavalry 7 l#th Indiana Vol 9 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 i? do-- 1 Total 1W 40th do do.. I At General Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 18. U 8 A . 2 4th Maine 9 !?"? New York 1 5th do U J** do 37 1st Now Jersey 1 } J do 5th d0 (6) 4 o^v ^ ^d Pennsylvania 3 8 do fl do 5 Lincoln Cavalry 4 ; do (o)14 1st MinneMta 1 31* do 8 *d Vermont I JJd do 14 3d Michigan 1 ?o 3 Cameron Rifle. 3 do Teamsters 2 40th do 13 79th do 1 Total iki 3d Maine C) One Lieutenant, (t) One Lieutenant. 1,3-10 u. 8. TRKA^RY NOTES, which will be r^oeired oo detont &8 spooio JZSF*'' ANT A CO., oo 13-lna Boakwa. 353 Pa. .v., nw Brown's. DUCK WHEAT FLOUR, CKRO ?UCK^HKAT FLOUR. CRANBERRIK8. ? ? KINO * BURCHtLL, ?? 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The underaigned respectfully informs hiafrienda in the Dintrict, and viaitora to the city, that he has renttod hia old and well-known establishment in a moat thorough manner, and has made complete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in any atyieand in any quantity. 4<Wto30ngalonashuokea per day. 2WO to 3,000 cana of Spiced and F>eah put up daily?cana hermetically a<aled. Furnished in the ahoir by the huahei or barrel. Peraona wiahing to have Oyatera furnished regular!? throuth the winter, at Baltimore prioos, without fear of lailure, should call and malce arrangements at once. Freight, timf, and money saved by purohaaing of me, aa I furnish an artiole equal to tne oelebrated Baltimore eatabliahmenta, at pncea juat aa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meata, Lobetera, Sardine*. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoep, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ac., fto., fto. Ala?, Pickiea, Catsup, Sajces. Brandy Peaohoa, fto. Alao, Gameand Freeh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Freeh Lobstera, Cod. Halibut, fto. In faot, every thing for aale in the Northern market* alw&ya on hand, at reaaonable prioea. Hoiela and families aupplied with Oyste-a, de-. iiver'd without cnarge t? any part of the Diatnot. in season, if the money ia sent with the order. My establishment is open from B a. m. to 12 at night, every cay, exoept Snnday, when 1 oloae at 10 o'olook a. m. ae27 T. M. HARVEY. TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Pruaaian prinoiple, arranged lor aleep- f?v ing or to act aa anAmboianoe in oaae of *}?.A sickness or wounda. with ample room for stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and perfectly new, having been just ?>uilt to order by one of the first makers in New York, ia offered for aale at coat prioe. Also, a handaome, atrong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harneaa. Both may be eeen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. lrvins*a Stables, Corooran'a Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H atreeta. g*an CMRKMEN'S l.NSLi K AftCE COMPANY R of WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 400,000. UPee timer C street and Louisiana ?., mr Bank of Wxskmrton. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diebctor*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samuel Croploy, William Wi!?on, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Thoa. Parker, Riatiard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davit. No oharge for Policiea. JAMES ADAMS, President. ABEL G. Da Via, Secretary. au 9-oo?m 91. 1. FRANKLIN* SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 Penn'aav.,'noith aide,) bet. 12th and 13th ate. Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pebble or Periaoopio Glasses, suited oorreotly for every eye-eight. first (raw iSBO CLASS I MILITARY FIELD-GLASSE-S, Microscopes, Compasses, and Mathematical In atrumenta, at the loweat Eastern pncea, ae 27 tr TVAVY BLUE FLANNEL, Broadolotha, and i" Casaimeree; Army Hlue Flanrela, broadolotha, and Cataimerea, asaorted qua itiea tnat can be relied on. Heavy Colored Blankets for Cimp aervice. With all kinda of Dry Goods for tne use of housekeepera. Carpets, Curtama, Oilolotha, Ruga, fto., upper floora. One prioe only, marked in plain figurea. PERRY ft BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth at, _oor7 6t "Perry Building." 44 A QUA ASCUTUM CLOTHS."(Water proof TV Repellant Clothe,) for Ladie* and Genta' Autumn and Winter Wrappiaga, various shades, of the beat quality. With all other kinda of Dry Gooda for ourrent daily wanta. One prioe only, marked in plain figurea. All parcela for the interior properly packed, free of oharge. PERRY ft BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth at, oc 22-,St "'Perry Rtnlding." nTOPHAM'S am, PREMIUM TRUNK QUO MANUFACTORY, 499 Seventh Strbrt, Washings*, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Marytand I Latitats Baltimore, November 7, lMn. Alee, Medal or Metropolitan Mechanics' lnatitate, Waahington, D. C., 1897. I am oonatantlr making, and always have aa Band, of the beat material, every description s>r Pise Sole Leather, IroB Frame. Ladior' Drees, WuoJ Box, and Packing Trnnxa, Pe.iiaier, Carpal, bb4 Canvna Traveling Baga, School Satchels, fte? M At Low Prices. Member a of Congress and travelers will please examine my a took before purohasing elsewhere Trnnka that are made m other oitiea. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to ordar. Tranka oovered and repaired at ahort notioe. Goo^a delivered free or charge to anyfpart of the ait* -orgetown. and Alexandria JAMES S.TOPHAM. C lD? NOTICE. C5TYL1SH Autumn and Winter Wrappinga for ladiee, of qualitiea better than uaually found in tlua market, in Woolena and Silka Many novelties in Shawls. With al. kinda of Drv Gooda for the general and spaaial wants of nmiliea and housekeepers. One prioe only, the aotual cash standard value, marked m plain figures. Our Northern and Eastern oorreapondents send ua new a applies daily. Carpets, Csrtaina, Oilcloths, Rugs, fte., upper floora An Inspection of stook implies no obligation to parehaaa. PERRY 4 ?RO., oc 2-8* Pa. avenue and Ninth at. ROUGHS, COLD8, HOARSENESS, fto. ' COMPOUND sJhUP OF HUM ARABIC. Thia pletsant and popular Cough Remedy haa been ao long known and ext?naively used that moat persona have beoome fam<liar with ita extraordinary eftoaoy. It can be had at all tiie pnao pal drag storee. at 26 aud ?0 oents a bottlo. oc U d2mfteo4m* A.DVANCE OF THE ARMY; bat \M SMITH haa not advanced the pri9e of his Cf ithing which he itaajnst received and is sellinr on at aeoh remarkable low price Five me a cifl and *atish yoorselve* of the great bargains that are now offered every day at SMITH'S, No. 4bo Seventh at. oel la Bur Johnston, ALTlNOai lock hospital, Hat ditttmtrtd tkt mott Ctrtmi?, Spttdf mmd ealy Efftduai Rtwudf ia tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PR STENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. I CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wtaknssaof lie Baek, Stnciares, Affsetloae af the KMasys end Bladder ^Toiar.^r* Discharges, Impotent?, Geaar*l Debility, Nar.eowsness, ;">*ireper, Unrgor, Coi'him J of Ideae, Low 3pirv.s, ?: J!'juoi, at ths Hurt, Timidity, TrsruMings, Oimntaa or Signi or Osddlusss, Dutui of ih< ad, Throat, Nut or Skin. Affsetione of ths Langs, atoaeacb or Bowele?theee TerriNe Disorders arising Irofn Solitary Habits of Yooth?theee Dreadfal and Deeiriteu'o PraeUcaa which render Marriara irapoesihls, and dsetroy both Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN bepeeWUy wbo haee bacoma the eictims of 9*!itary Visa, that drsadfal and daatracura habit which aunaaUy swssps l* an antimely grave thoasanda of YoorgMeuof tha Bast exalted talente and brilliant intellect, who might otberwioe h*?e ttUAncad uataiai ; Barataa with tbe tbanders of alooasnee or waked to eceucy tha tiring lyra, may Mil with rail cooldanca. MARRIAUE. "? MakriBD Pl*?Of?j,or Yoang Mao contemplating Marna*a, being awara of physicM weakneee, ergania debility, d efcrmitioe, Ac., speedily cored. Ha who clacee himeelf ander tha car a of Dr. J. may reUgi- J eaely connde in hia honor aa a gentleman exd eaofdSBUy rely npnn hie ekill aa a pbyeielan. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. left hand aide jrmng from Baltimore etreet, e few deere frees | tha eornsr. Fail aot to obssrre nana and bmNi. fcsttifa i taaal ha paid and cor. tain a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, Msmberef tha Royal Collars of Serfaona, Lendoo, rrada- | ata from ona of tha moat snman: Collsree ia ths Doited j States, and tha gieater par. of wboaa lifs has bssn epeot to tha hospitals of London, Puna, Philadelphia ar-d slsswhsrs, baa elected some of tha moot aatoniehing aarsa that wsrs , e?er known; many troablsd with ringing to tha hsad and , sars when aeleep; great BsreoBsneea, being alarmsd at ' saddsn aoands, bashfnlotss with frequent blasting, at'.sadsd sometimes with derangemant of oind, wars carsd leansdiatsly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. 1 Yennj Men and others who ha?a miored theineelree by a eertain practice indulged in whsn elSul?a habit frenosnUy Isarusd from sail coinpaniooa, or at school, tha electa of wbico are nijrbtly felt e?en when aaleep, and if not cared, rendera marriage tmpoaaible, and deetroye both mint and " body, aboald apply immediately. These are eorue of tha ead and melancholy eg acta prcxlaesd by early habits of Tooth, ?i? t Wsakneea of ths Back and ] Umba, Paine in the Head, Dimueee of 8ig ht, Lose of Maaca>ar Pf wer, Palpitation of tna Heart, Uyipapay, Neraoaa irrita- Wiry, Derangement of tbe Digeeti'e Faucuoue, General * Debility, Samptome of Coaeamptioei, Ac. M imtsClt ?T*;e fear'al effects on the mind are mach u ] ha dreaded?Loss of Msmory, CJorfaaim of Ideas, Depreeeioa of Spiriu, EtiI Forebodings. Aversion of Boeiety, Pelf Dietraat. Lots of Sotuade, Tinudity, etc., are sons of tha sails \ ptodacsd. Niktoui Dbii LITT.?Tboasande can bow )ad(s what Is ths caaae of their declininf health, loaiog their aifor, becoos* tnf weak, pala, aaraoas and emaciated, baatiif a eingaiar appearance a bo at the ayes, coojb or eyuptoma of eaoeampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whsn the mispaided end impradsat aoury of plsasars led* ha has imbibsd ths ssede of thie painfal duaass, it too of'.so happane that an ill-umsd of ehamaor drsad of discoesry 1 date re him from applying to those who, frowi edacauoo and . respectability, can alone befriend him. He falla into tha hands of ignorant and dee jnmj pretenders, wbo, incapable af carinr, filch hie pacBiiinry aabatance, keep him trilinf month arer month, or ae long aa toe amalleet fee can ba oh- { tained, and io deep*ir Ieaaa aim with rained health to eirfa t ever aia railing diaappoiaimetit; or by tte see of that dead)/ poiaon?Mercery?haaten the coiietitatlonal eyirptome of thie J terrible die ease, each aa ABecuoneof the Heart, TTiroat, Head, ! kin, Ac., prorreaainr wi'.L frifbtfal rapidity, till death paua aeriad *o bie dreadfal aaferinfe by eeodinf himt o that an- j dsace'ered coBi'.tTT from whaae hoarne no traralar rstarns ? DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By this rrsal ud importaat rsmedy wsakceas af the orfaas ] ers epesdlly earsd and fall rigar ree^red Theaaands al the Biaet nerrevs and debiliuted, who had laat all haps, hava been immediately relieved. All impedicaeou to Marriage, Pbystaal ae Mental Dtoqaalller.uene, Iroee af Precraau*e rower, HerTeas Irritability, end Weakness er KinaBsuoti of tha moat fearrai klad apeeaily eared. . ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. TMB Maf*T TaousAieoi cared at thie iuetitatioo withla the last aaeentean Tea re, and tbe nameroas important larri al opsratior.e performed t? Dr. Johnetao, wiu.eeeed by the reporters of ths papsrs ana many ether Bereoaa, noucea af which ba?e appeared agate and again before the pablic, bee.dee hie etanding aa a gsntlsmsn of character and reeponai- . bHUy, le a eaflcient gaarantse to tbe elxted. mar l?-l? NOTICE. , "ADAMS' EXPRE^^iliPAJIY '? This Conioany offers to thi pi>bIicM L'n?^u?Ued Advitr.raeep'' for tta? Safe ana Qaick DupaUsh of Heavy Freights) Packages, V&luabiea, Money, &o. Ac., to all parts of the United states. Kxpros sea to and from the North and West depart from ".n^ arrive in Washington twioe daily, . A!l Kx!?re?ccs are ia aharge of txptritneed and rthalU Messengers. ! Aii Packages fur The Soldiers o&rrieu at "on* i half" our usual rates. ' A;i Go< <1b for the so-o&lled "Confederate States" ' and all Artiolea ** Coutral and of W&r^ will b? Ritdeib. Ou' Kxpressea !eawe New York at 1.8, and P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 5JO P. M. Expresses l?ave Philadelphia at 8.*> A. M. and II P. Marriving in Washington at 6 90 P. M, and 6 A M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. 1 M.^ arriving in WasLington at 6 A. M. and 6 90 ExpresseB for all pointa North and West leava 1 Waahington at 7jn A. M. and 2J0 P M. daily. Special Contraots for large quantities of Freight . oan be made on application to this ??ffioe. 1 AU Goods ?aliea for and delivered frm of Extra charges. E. W, Par?ON8. , Sup't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 8?. 1?61. au?-tf ' Y?? ? WOOD AND COAL. OU Will sure!* get your money'* worth by sailing at the PIONEER MILLS, fwtkttttt eer , tr qr Str*ntk ?ir??f and Canal, (8EO. PA6E, Agent.) They neil cheaper and give better measure than any others in the OJty?cut, spl.t, and delivered free of charge. If yo? doo 11 eiieve ? ? i ve the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be aanshed. T-ly-r j^oots amd shuty^ *0 8?1? tjlb We axe new manufaotuncg'all kinds of BOOVf and SHOES, and ootetantTy reoeivmg a^^^ sayp y of eartem mads work of every ae-IH k vuon, made expressly to order, anawitlwVj t>r sold at a msoii lower pnoe than has t>een* heretofore charged in uua eity for maoh infener Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern er eity made work, will a'ways find a good assortmea la store and at the lowest prices. Hive as a oail. R1FFIN h BRO., 1 * P?nn??!v%n?t A rmy SUPPLIES. A JUST RECEIVED-~ 48" cans SAUSAGE MEAT, 340 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 48"oans FRESH VEAL, S80 nans BEEF, e In mod*. 240 cans ROAST BEEP, 80ftoans t-RKSH MUTTON, Mo oans BEEFand GRAVY, 840 oans soup and BOU1LLI, prencb DESSICATED YE9E i aolhe. For sale at New York Factory pnoes. _ KING A BL'RCBELL,. M * Corner I and Fifteenth streets. H.ISTORY of U^United^Netherlands, by Johl Lothrop Motley; 2 toib.; free b? mail, f4. The Rise of the Dutch Kepubiie, a history, by ^ohn Lothrop Motley; S von oiotn; free by mail, Silas Marner, tbe Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Bede oloth 7i|oents ; paper to oonts. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sirgeant; flJO. After Icebergs with a Painter, a 8ummer Voyage to LAorador and Newloundlana; by Rev Lous L Nob e; flio. The Manu&tctare of Photogenic or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; $l.n. Any of the above free by swil. french* richstein, as ? OT* Penna. avouue. por officers and soldiers ?* uok I *kin Gauntleta, several qualities. Heavy Grey Blankets for Camp servioe. Bine Cloths and Caseimeres tanous realities. Ous price only, marked in slain tinures. We also offer all kinds of first olass Drr Goods for the gmeral and special wants of ftmiliee and nousekespcrs. PERRY A BRO., Pa avenue and Ninth st, oo 19 ? "Perry Bailding." W~~~ BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived within the laat day or two a itll? M?ort ent of BOVS' sprTpJg CLOTHIN6, embracing all styles of low-ariead, mediam KSS.'fcVr;: mg <intelligenoer and republic-) At\AT TH|S 0^8rPAWN OFFlCK.^#V iKtettssitisrj'Ssss1 ness striot y ixn.h'icLtiiv.. M ..m'8aao Dry Goods, in staple and faaoy tebrlee, brtMSlrrent wants of fam lies. Oae enoei oaiy. the aetaai oath standard valae, *"*/&?toi'Vfti?? a B.OTBM, oeHt Pa.avneeaad Wisth st t .ci2sfks , THE WEEKLY STAR. VUa fmlM Family u4 Nrwi Jwm> fciaiat a imtor vamof ot latmartUR ill* lB* c? he found la ut o?hae U pabllahed ?a Friday morning. Txxas OmA, ??HUp,to .to ? PlncleoopT.p.^,^ j?l?0 in ][? ^P1" to Twenty fve copies ? * II Invariably oon tains the "Wto^tN News' that baa made Tk* Daily Enomtng Smt riliiiwitoto 10 generally throag boat the e?atry !Z7"Hln<f\e copies (la wnppwi) eaa ba pe*. sured at the counter, immediately after the leaae ?f the paper Price?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. 44 HIGHLY CONCENTRATED** Compound Fluid Ixtract Bnohu, A Foiittea and SpoetJU Romodp For Diaeaaaa of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,aad DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thte Medicine Increases tba : jwer af . ltd exoites th? <M?Eir<ri fata haaJtlr aeooe >y which tba watut ok c?LrxRore "niip-n ind a'l cssiirKiL xkl?roxmarts arc rsdaoed, m well as pair am imAHMATion, aad is s<.*xi "or men, women, or children. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakoee*ee Arising troan Exe?eeee. Hablta of Disaiyatooa, Early ! dieor*tina or Aiwa. Attended if itk the Follotting Symptoms : Indisposition to Exertion, _ Loea of Power. I^aaof Memorr. DiBealty of praafchiag, Weak Nervee, TrcrfVim, Horror of Dieeaee, Wakefulness, pimnaaa of Vision, Paia la tba Back, Jniverta' Lassitude of tbe Meecnlar System. Hot Hands. JFlaeking of tba flcdy, Drynesa of the Skin. Eraptlone on the Faoe, PA! LID COrifTBRAJfCB. Theee ijm?toini, 11 a'lowedto go on. wbiab thia nedioine invariably removea. aoon follows MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In on* of irkick tk* Patient may Rvpire Wbo oan tay that thev are not fteaaeatly fblowed by thoee "bixxfcl disbasxs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of tbe oaaee of their eafferiac, btt Hoax will cost tea. rHE RECORDS op THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Mtlmnekolv Deaths Ay Onw?Mp?wa, IXAR AMP LI WITKXSS TO T8B TRETB Of TBS aaeaaTiOB. ?* syrxTJfJi^Hv^^sf.0"0 Ret aires tha aid of medicine to streofthea aad Invigorate the Byeteau rhioh HELM GOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably deee. a T1IAL WILL C05VIRCX TBI MOST SXXPTIOAL. FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, _>LD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many i/?dieai Peculiar to Aaiaiii he Extract Buoha is aneeaailrd by any atoar rem?dy, as tn Chloreeis or Keteatua, Irrfgaianiy, Paiafaineee, or Suppression o* i as ternary Knalationa. Uloeratad orSchirroas a talc of the U teas, Leooorrbea or Whitee, Sterility, tod for all ?>inplaiuls incident to the eex. whether arieing rom Indveoretion, Habits of Dissipatioa, or la tba DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! sax symptoms arovx. SO FAMILY SHOULD BS WITHOUT IT. Takf as mart Balsam, Mrrmry, or Uetple a* ant Medicine Jvr Unpleasant and Danger on* Diseases. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU ctraas SECRET DISEASES [d all their Stagee; At little Kipense, Little or no chance la Diet; No laoonteaienoe; And no Lzponare. It causes a fre^u nt desire aad (iree strenrth to Urioat?. thereby Remotrinc obsti uetioca, Prcvectinf and Curing Striotaree of the Urethra. Allaying raia and Inflamm^Coa, eo [Yeauent in the olass of disrates, and expeliiag mil Poisonous Diseased, and worn out Matter. THOCftAND* IT POM THOCSABOS WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACES, tnd wbo bare paid Acsry j**s to be eared ia aahart :nne, nave f >und th? y were deoeived, and that tbe *potaofi" has, by the use of "pewir/wl astrtestonla" >een dried up in the ay stem, to break oat ia aa ag jravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. a Ua? HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUOflU til affectiona and dtseaa*a oi tbe URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEHALKf !rom whatever oaase originating aad no mitta of HOW LONG STANDINO. Diseases of tbeae Organs require the aid of a DiCXXT1C. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it lace-tain to bare the deeired affato lB Diseases for irAteA tl is rocommondod. BTIDBBCB OP TBB B08T BXSPOXBIBLB ABB BS* LIABLB CHAXACTBB will aoocmpaur the nedioiaea. CERTIFICATES OF CUREP. From 8 to JO y tars' stand tag. With Nam's known to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB M AXB "BO ?BCBBT" OP "IHBBBDtSBTS. " HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ia composed of Baeha, Ca^abaaad Jenifer Bemea, selected with great oare by a oompetent drag gist. PREPARED IN VACUO, BI H. T. HELM BOLD, Practical and Analytical Cdemist, and Sola Maa nfaotnrer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. v-siiisszz beiogdaly awe n.doto aayThls praparatiuns aoataAa ao aarootio, no meroarj. or other iniarioaa ilruai. bat fcr. ,?r.T, HELM BOLD. Sworn and ss bear l bed t*lo^re mc tihi i>?! day of November, ltM WM. P. BIBBERD. Aid9rmaa. Ninth at., above Raae. rhfla. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 6 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price ?1 par battle, ar ail tor *. Delivered to any addreee, eeearaly paaked frsa obaervauoa. Addraaa letteis for information ia aeallaaee to H. T. HELM BOLD. Ctumiot, Depot. 104 Boith Tenth at., below Cheetant. Phi la, BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS AMD UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS Hilmbold's Genuine Pretention*, ii ? Extract SascAas, as a m amompmrUla, m ?? Jasprsesd Rase PasA. . Bold by 8. R Waitx. Z. IX Rnjuji, Jaaa Won, S. C. Fobs. R R Ebtwistlb. B O. Major, Einwaix * Lavbbbcr, 4. R Major, AND ALL DRUQQISTB EVERYWHERE. ? f T Mfff ASK FOR HKLMBOLD 8 TAKE MO OTHER Cat oat tba tdaatiiwast aad aaad Br U. .*1 4 > % AND AVOID l?FOSir|CN aad rXPOaRRR. Describe Symptoms r* *fT Comm*n<wt:*?f. (art./Us?ruleed : Adaaaa I-,. ^

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