Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1861 Page 2
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THE E^ KMN<; STAR* WASHINGTON CITY: t C&AAV> ? ? ? Oft#kfr 'J6| lH^l. Or* *t tk* nrlona mllttarrcampa aid r?moo? will rcnftet a favor by keeping ui ported m ? and affWrt In tkelr rlclnltle?. T?*?* ? * * ?i*raii| rrru< The l*t'lhg'wr<T U occnp1>>d with battle deUtta Tb? RtpwhftrtH baa aomethiDg to aav about '""at r*}|ro*rta Ol'R )HLlTAHf BUDGET. "ffitui KKPOBT or THE BICKNT I.ioasixi.IT Oil BAJtTA *OBA I*LAND. Headquar, ?-.? Dipartnunt of hlori'la, ) Fort Pickens. Oct. 11, 1HS1. \ C?i#aaA: I brtelly reported to you on the <Hh inatant thai the rvbtla had landed on this Island. pertlelly dewtroyed the camp of the 9!xt> R*?i. meat New York Volunteers.and had been diiven <rff by our troops. I now report, In more detail, the raauita af tb? attack For the better underst&adlng of the several movements It iusy be well to state that the enemy landed about four mile* from thla fort Tb? place may be reeognlaed ou the map by three ponda and a mound?that the laland there la about three-fourtha of a mile wide; that a short dlatance below It narrows to some '2W> yards, then wideca again, and at the camp the distance acroaa la about Iw-ftirhthi nf m m11?- that ? iiifi>p?)nn of three or four send ridges run on the sea side parallel to tbe coast, along the island; and low, warnpy ground, interspersed with aand hillocks, some bushes, and a few trees, extend along th<barber aide, both ?hnrea being sandy beach. Wilson's camp la near the srat'cast and a short mile from tbe fort. Tbe two batteries spoken of In his report, and to which he retreated, batteries Lincoln and Totten. are the Irs? on the harbor, and th#> other ?n the Gulfs'.de. about tOU yarda from Fort [Mckens. About 2 o'clock on the morning of the 9th Inat., 1 was awakened, by the etflccr of the day, who reported that a picket driven In had reported the landing of aixty men on the point. Having little con&deoce In the correctness of this report. I directed that no alarm should be made; and shortly after he reported that the alarm was false. About half past 3 o'clock he again reported tha' volleys of musketry were heard at the camp of thu ffth \PW Vfifk VAluntAon I ? derert the roll to be beaten, Major Vodge* to Uke two companies and proceed U> the spot, and Major Arnold to man the guns on the ram parti on tbe space About half an hour after this time tl.e flriag was heavy, and tbe light of the burning camp seen, and 1 seat a staff officer to communioate with Major Vodgea, who returned very aoon and Mid tbat he had fallen In with a lar^e body of tbe earmv on the lnalde shore, and could not find tt>? Major. 1 ' tnnaedlately ordered Major Arnold to proceed to (upucrt Major Vogdes with two companies, aad at same time sent an order to Col W llson to advance and attack the enemy. I also dispatched a staff officer on board tbe steamer McClellan, with ttrders for him to take poMtloa opposite tbe lauding place, and open on the enemy; unfortunately at tbe same time directing him to go to the Potomac, lying near, and ask for tome men to Mxtft h!m, In cue landing w;u necessary. Capt Powell directed blm to tow bit ship to the scene of action, which ao delayed blm that he did not arrive until after tbe enemy bad vacated. Capt. Powell acted from the beat motivHa, and, under ordinary clrcumstan* ??. from correct principle*. But tbe retult was nufortuuate, aa the "McClellan" could have driven the rebel strainers away, and we must have n:?de prisoners of most ] of the invader*. At the request of Major Arnold, late in tbe morning, I sent forwnrda light fit-Id ^un, wbicb, bowerer, did not rmcb until tbe affair was over. As I DrODOM onlv hrtpHv In tn th? J "7 ~~~J " * *"" Iwn, I reepee.tfuliy refer yon to the oificial report marked A, of the Coloucl of toe regiment The picket of thta reg!meut and the guarda sustained lte principal If not entire Iom, and behaved well. Cap! Daly's company, on duty with the rt-tjalars, did good serrlce, and the Captain la spoken of by Maj Arnold In terms of high approbation. He had two men killed Capt. Bailey'a company wo at battery, and not called out. He waa performing hia appropriate duty during the fl^ht Major Vodgea, with companies A, Flrat ArtilWy, and E, Third Infantry, proceeded beyond the Bpaniah Fort, about a mile from this fort; vhN, from the obecurity of the night, be found VI? --?a - - - - - - juukii biiu cvminina completely 1 niermtn;jled with the fuemy. He was immediately recognized and made prisoner; the command devolving on Cap! H.ldt. of the Third Infantry, who disengaged his command from their perilous po- t siUon sod opentd a heavy Are on th?* enemy, and i Unally, with great gallantry, forced them to re- i treat, (he being ably supported by Lieut. ?eeley, i my Assistant Adjutant General, who volunteered for the occasion,) with a toss of 11 killed. Major Arnold at this moment came up, and the ( enemy r? treating, followed on. During this time i Major Tower and Li. Jackson, who I had successively seat on to push forward the Zouavts, succeeded ir getting some collected, and Col. W ilson j *lso advs iced?the enemy preel pltately retreating. ( Major Arnold, with Capt. Robertson and Lieut. Shipley's companies, promptly followed, and attacked as they were embarking, the other com | panics HfTivino nntnr/?iu*l? D -u?1 _ 0 _r . w ? WJ . v*jn. nuwcrwon opened a heavy Are. at short musket range, an the crowded miM. and I.lcut Hhlpley tome fifteen mtauUa later, joined h!ai and their Are mutt have b?n very effective Tbla was continued to long as thev ware within range. When they had got beyond It, the gallant Major ordered tbera to reese firing, and to give tbem three chetrn, *9 which no response waa J made During the time of tLla occurrence Major Tower seme up with two small companies of Zeuavea. and. subsequently, Col. Wllaon with a portion of his regiment. W hen U !s considered that Iras than two bondred regulars, with tome fifty volunteers, pur- ' sued five times their numbers four miles, and ex- f palled them, under a heavy fire, f om the Island ?K*V W?ai A to "? * - - it win, i trust, oe considered aii rvldeacw of their having gallantly performed Utli doty. The plan of attack of the enemy was judicious, 1 and If executed with ordinary ability might have been aUeuded with serious loss. Out hp failed In 1 ail, save the burning of ooe-haif of the tents of the 4th Regiment, which being covered with boshrs 1 wese very combustible, and In rifting the trunks mi the officers He did not ranch within ftve handled yuds of either ef the batteries, the guns of 1 "which he was to spike; nor within a mile of the i fort he was to enter pell me 11 with the fugitives 1 retreetlrj: before his vtrtorloiM ? i ? ..< a u? ?c nvw ' la ny [KMNalan nine spikes, taken from tbe bodies of tbe dead. designed for our guas. 1 Our Ua la: Of regulars. 4 killed, 9ft wounded, mo* vary afcgbUv, nod a mlsstsg, amos* wboni Is Major Vodges; of tbe ft lb Regiment of New j York Volunteers, lo killed, V wounded, and 1C I missing Tbe eneoiy toot, as known to ua: M I killed, Including one captain, 7 wounded, la. i oiodlug on* lieutenant, (two alnce dead,) and 5 Scare and 22 enlisted men prisoner*; and aa be ?M known to bave carried off aome of bia dead, , and probably mo* of kla wounded, tbooe in our hands bela( all ae-rerehr ao, and unable to be , ramored, and as tbe heaviest loss Is supposed to ( have been la ibe boata, at tbe re-embarkation, It -ww probably tkrm times as great, la killed and aviutum. m i M?e namea. ( 1 c!oor with the agreeeble duly of naming to youj the bMmii Whoao faithfully performed their duty. I motion Maj Vodgra flrat, whounfortvjlately wu 4k?i priaoner, before a gua ?o oar pert w*a tfred; to aay that aaaorond In command and my Mwitlrf ofllcer, he haa eiBcieoUy and Induotrioualy performed hla duty during the wholr time of my cotnmand, arnl hliaerrlrr* hav? 1 ht+m very valuable i Major \rnold, Who secoeeded to lu command mv. im of aw comlocM the tfBh'.r with(ml galuatiy, prud*nee tad ability * Me ifmll la tha fclfuaat Urw of Cap*. Kobft 1 oa asd Hlidt, and Ll?ot?- ShtpUy and Seclev, * ?crf ladaedaf all tfc?otWra whoa* momw I giv? M?)et Tower and i.1. 1L?*, *be Englneon, . J-? Dwm, Laofdoa, Jackaoo a?d Taylor, U I 1 9#. ? Artillery, and Capt Dole, of the N Y Volunteers And it gi??* me great pleasure to append the names of non commissioned officers and privates named by their company commanders for dlstlntinguished g;-od conduct, and to recommend (hem to the favorable notice of Um Government. The following arc the companies of Mtjor Vogdea and Arnold who participated In the battle, and (with a very few exoeptlona of individuals) to whom the greateat praiae la due, Co. A, lat Artillery; H, 3d Artillery; and companies C and K, 3d Infantry. 1 eatimated the force of the enemy at 1 ,!XK) or i.5W. having cloafly observed them through a tine te'.eacope as they retreated Their two large aU-amera and a large Wrge of equal atae, and live or alx launches, were al! crowded with troops, *nd the almost unanimous estimate of the officers is 1,500 from personal observation closely. I am, Colone!, very respectfully, yours, Habvkt Blows, Colonel Com'g. Col. K. U Tuwjjisii, Ara't Adj't Gea'l, Washington, D. C. P S.?1 have teen a Pen*acola p^per which It'ves their loaa as follows: Killed'Jl, woiu.ded :?, prisoner* 12 , which probably is not onefour:!' their tciusl !o?a. OenernI Anderson Is se verelv wounded. B TO TEOOFS? RATION*?RKCtMK.ITAL BAUDS. All order was issued from the Adjutant tieneral'? rfflce this morning, In substance? 1. That linttrd states and disbursing olflrers will supply subsistence, both prior to and subsequent to muster, for all volunteer organization* raised under proper authority, whether originally granted by Governors of loyal States or directly by the War Department. a The attention of effleers supplying subsist i VMW w ? u<uu ?v VI <i I it tuv pi VVVVO Ui vuvn Vl^aill. xatton tnto companies and regiment*, both prior to and substqnent to muster, la called to the exorbitant pricea demanded and piid for the object. Rations, In kind, will hereafter be Issued wherever cooking facilitiea can be furnished to the troops; whether in (quad* or in larger bodies. If the retion* cannot be contracted for at a reasonable rate, subsistence will be procured in bulk, aud issued to the volunteers In no case should the cost of the ration, uncooked, exceed nineteen cents, and at most of the polnta in the Western States it should not exceed fourteen ceufa When cooking facilities cannot be furnished, contract* for the rations, cooked, may be made at reasonable rates, and the necessity for the same must be clearly stated In the accounts. YY ben board and lodging are rece^ary, the prices for such should be s ated, and the aggregate cost of both must not exceed forty cent* per day. 3 No bandit for volunteer regiments wilt la future be mustered Into the service, and vacancies that may hereafter occur In bands now In service will not be tilled. All members of bands now In service that are not musicians, will be discharged upon the receipt of this order by their respective regimental commanders. CALIFORNIA TO PRK91DRST LINCOLN PER T*LKGRAPH Received .1:30 p in . October -Jo, l?til,from Sacramento; 7:40 p. m.. October *21 ? To Abraham Lincoln: In the temporary absence of the Governor of the State. I am requested to send you the flrxt message which will be transmitted over the wires of the telegraph line which connect the Pacific with the Atlantic States. The people of California desire to congratulate you upon the completion of the great work. They believe that it will be the mean." of *trer:gthening the attachment which bind* both* the Fast and West to the Union, and they de*ire in tfcis, tLe tir?t m?Hage a< rott the continent, to express their loyalty to that Fnion and their determination t?> *tnnd bv the fjownment in th'n, its day of trial. They regard that Government with affection, and will adhere to it under all fortunes STEPmm J Fikld, Chief Justice of California. Received October 25. 1WJI, from San Francisco, Cad ; B p. m. 24th Oct.? To fci< ExtiiUtuy, A Luteal* .?My !) ar Sir : The sends greet ip?j to the Atlantic, upon the completion of the InUr-oceanic telegraph line. Kely upon tLe loyalty of California Your cflorts thus far to crush the rebellion And a hearty rttponse on thin coast. Fkim Kargo. 1 A K HOWIT2KKS MOT IK TMK HAM)- OF THK KNKMY. Lieut. F. S. French, of Rickett's bat'ery, who was attached to tbe Rhode Island battery, in cointnand of two howitzers in the late action up river. and w<ii wounded there, baa been brought to ihts city, and la comfortably cared for. \\> are glad to tlnd that bii wound la not In any way dan^eroua. H!a physician thinks that be will be able to reaume hi* duties In a few week*. Lieut F. denlea tbe report that the rebel* captured hi* gons. After he was disabled he charged tbe Serjeant not to give them up, but to run them Into the river, which be reporti waa accomplished is tbey retreated. Lieut. French al*o denit a the itaiement that tbe men deaertcd the gun*. He lai'K U>AV foilOKt U?ifV. iWo ? ??*? Vv?.. -* that five of thein were ibot down by taU aid*-. Lieut. French was bom in the Htate of Main*, and it the ton of Uen W. H. French, now in command at Fori Taylor. The tiencral bit*every reason to be p'oud of to brave a son. KAVY YAKD?RIVER MW?. The ?train?r Reliance came up from ?be flotilla last otgbt, and ou ber way to tbe yard, about 9 n't lock, abe grounded near the A'cenal. \ ut aoon <ot off. SLe brought up from tbe tJoti.ia Mr. rox, Assistant Secretary of the Navy and it one o'clock a. in the left the vard to join the fotllla igiln It i%*eportrd that the Ice Boat (which hn a fine battery of four guns') and another . teanier have again run past the Matthias '"oint batteries In ttie nl^ht. and that they are now between the George Pagr and Aquia Greek. With the Y ankee and Resolute lying at Htump Neck, opposite Cock Pit Point, and the otber steamers below Evanaport, tbe rage Is in rather a tight place. She was lying near the eaptured schooner Fairfax yesterday morning, and was supposed to be aground. On board tbe flotilla at Indian Head, heavy dnng wan beard yesterday afternoon In a southerly direction. Two schooners bound up with stores ran the biorkade night before last without receiving a hot moM ink urrcn miomac Private arconuU from the upper Potomac reprelent that soldier* reported as missing are from time to time coming into camp, whilst others carried down by the eurrent of the river are known to be now niidwr shelter In tenements on its banks FKOM ACK04S THK POTOMAC. Gen. Han jock remained nearly the whole day of yesterday at Vienna, with a large force, who reeonnoitend the country in different directions for miles without encountering any forced of the enemy. iQioriiiaunii n* rivttd laat night represent every thing ax qui ft along the whole line A WA?Ml!?l?TO* BOY IN TBI FlMHT. Among the ofllcrrs mentioned wltb distinction for bravery and good conduct in repelling th?* lair aasault of the Confederate* upon Fanta Koaa I aland, we Me the nam" of I.t I'ratw-k K. Taylor, ion of our fellow-tuwounan, Franck Taylor, Kaq. ubvtsnaxts trroinn. i k ocofwry cm war. ym'eraay, appointed twenty aergmnU to the position of aecoud lleuteuint?, on account of merttorloua service. Many of them Uare served for years, and have aeen much tervlce. naval codat cp ijt^uirv. Captain Poore, who was commander of. the Meamer Brooklyn of C bar le*tou harbor at the timet the SijcntM escaped from that port, having naked a court of inquiry, hla request waa granted, and the court Is now la aeaalon la this city uanaaai> Uvuteuaat William H. Powell, (of this elty,) p lA0*ntry L . #. A., haa baen ordrrwi la 4ni?*t Kort Colombo*. New York harbor. Lwr or THE WOCXBIU ! THK BR0A4XMK!tT Mil unms i'bf loJUtWlag list Of WounJrU 111 11# eugag* jnrat ct Tueadiy vru received y?*t?4ay at th* lead^tar<ara of tUe wnf, from Pooiesvtlio, by eierrmpt tnst I ultfyi ai-i /U<iw?i-I.!*ul. Col. W later, 1tC?tl rlnow joint. Captain l.ewl? lilenaall, cob. lauy t?. emituae4 wound of back. Llrutenanta? lobcrt Ttuaplatoa, company K, right boulder; , . ' 1' ? ... ' 3 !? t ' ' ' ' * Frank Wade, company D, right shoulder, J Templeton. company K. left ahoulder. Serge?nt Mnior Herbert Haitian, company K, right aide and elbow Color Sergeant Randall C. Wood, both lega wouad?-d Sergeanta?Eldrldge Bunn, company A, right leg; John Tbitcher. company A, breast. Corporals--John Paul, com pan v H. right leg; Prank O L*wl*?t, company S, right anr I Stephen \V Make?, company G.nghlwriit; Wm Berkley, company D, left wrlet, Frederick Piper, company P, right hand Private*?And P Hooper, company A, right aide. a'Doe daad; Gecrjre N Hiopfr, company A, ?hou d?r bl?de; 9ev ell Randall, company D. left aide ud lep, inee died: Christian Schaffer, company Q, left boulder; Frank E111?, company A. right shotilder; \Vm Brunei, coiupanv G. no?e and left eye; Joshua Steainleck. company G. rlijbt leg; Win Holland, company G, rlijht le2; Kill G, left knee; C. K Dslton, company P, injured internally: Cbarle* W Kelly, company H. left lee; James Patterson, company D, hip; Wni Cole*, company O. foot; Godfrey Ohembl*, com* panv G. foe* Samuel G Vurpby, company G, Ipu! Mpnrv PoIp rAmnanv F Vn*-?- Ilonrt? R i*?lr , -< pi - - - V J vmm f? "J J ? 1 ? f li< .11 J ?? 'V? j I company I), leg; Edward B Taylor, company A, right arm; John Haney, comoany A, stomach; Jacob Lntje. company A, right th!^h, and cut In the neck; Thamas R McKerney, company L, left thigh aad foot; Ilenry II Allen, company A, left leg; Richard R Nlcnola, company C. ankle and heel; VVm Smith, company O. hip; Lewis Rand, company G. thi^h; Charlea I'illig, company A, hip; Joaeph H Sio-tn, company C, hack; L.G. Trulnn, company C. arm; Pat I. Hurke, company G, lightly; John Lipsev, company A, arm; ChVrlea R Smith, company C, leg, (J Shuber, company G. rlht foot; John Reynolds, company j ti.hip; Philip Smith, company G, snperttclally; Edward Mann, company G, left thigh; Edward VVlaner, company A, both ahonld era; Bailey VVat on, company H, right thigh John Stanlev. company G. ahou'der; William Fisher. company ?, finger wounded: John Llpnett, company A, arm; R. J. Joalln, both buttocks; Richard Hartley, company D, foot; Stilea Benson, company I), arm; VVm. Thompson, company O, leg; Joseph Fallen, companv G, leg; Philip Smith, company 0, leg; Andrew Mark, company L, foot; James Culligan, company M, finger. Fifteenth Massachusetts R- giment ?Lieut Col j George H. Ward, left leg; Capt F. S. Sloan, of company F, left foot; Capt A W alter, of comnanv t?, rljjht foot; first sergeant H P Georgeson.of company A, right arm; first sergeant Diamond Dranie, of company F. right side of the head; ergeint George E. Tiffany, of company G, right arm and abdomen. Corporals?James P Adams, of company F, side of heart; Fred. B Robbins. of company G. throat; H. S Holbrook. company G, I right shoulder; George F Daniels, company B, right wrist and shoulder; Henry Ctllar, company H, bullet wound In groin. Privates?Lewis Hale, company H, left shoulder; Frank Marble, company G. both shoulders; Joseph H Apgood, company A, in hip; Francis Geilen, company I, wounded in leg; 1) ],. Dana, company H. foot; Ux?. rII D ? *-* *- * ? * - % r.,., n'uipuuv u, iu nanmapr; tcnfr H Amis, company D. Internal jnjurv; Tbos Halvey, C"inpany H, In groin; John Holland, company C. Lip; Chas H W and ankle; Ralph T. Finnay, company D, tblgLs; Harris Day, company D. left foot; Oeo B Simons, company B, right ttiiuh; Win. L Fuller, company U. right lei;; E. B. PitU, company H, left tbifcb; K R. Brown, compeny H, neck; Augustus Brink k, company 1. left chest: A W Condrcy, company A, neck and left thitrb; Kdwd. , company A, left ankle; Thos A !*outhwi< k, company H. left thigh; Sam! B Klnsr. comnanv K. rlpbf th1?b; SomT. 0 Smith, company C, riybt Lip; Mr Sawyer,company H, rijfhtshoulder; Jas. Kelley, company G, ri;<bt arm; LHnman C Jude, company H. left lev; Edwd C Arnold, company H, ri({ht arm; Alonzo B. Belknap, company G. right che?t; E L Adams, company F. left cbeek; Abner H K i^e. company G, shot in the abdomen; Kdwd Harrington, company H. wri?t; B D Scarer, company S, arm; Lemati Sullivan, company H.left tbl?b; Chas E. Preston, com Dan y G, In bead; Mat Brenan, company E. contusion Twtntieth tt.t Regimut?Captain Schmidt, company E. left hip, right thif>h, and back: Capt Dinher, company (1. bullet wound in bpirl P?nt Putait* ~UA ??? j VU|-. * u?uuuif wiupa'iy n . 1Ul ami amputated Lieutenant*?Sewell, compmy E, right hip; and Hol;nts, company A, bullet wound In the abdomen. Sergeants?H M. Warren, company E, gunshot wound; >lozin*ky, company C, lei/; Riddle, company !, right tilva Corporal Dwyer, company A. thigh Privates? James S Seeton, company I. ankle; Charles Love, company II, arm; Jr.s G Warren, company 1 D, gunshot go'ind; W R Little, company I. I right arm; C I'lr cc. company II. a? alp wound; 1 \\ illiam tirady. of company A. finger; John Ik?l- ' lam. of company (J, left arm; James Rtley, company G, gunshot wound; Uriah J Stenien, company E, aim wounded; Patrick McDermot, company A. right knee; William Bahrork, company A. left shoulder; \Vin Hathaway, rompiny 11, right side; A. F.mtnons, company 1, Anger wounded; J?*eph Uert, company I, kIio' through the thigh;!-'. K Graves, company 11, left shoulder; George C. Pratt, company I, wounded in knee; Patrick Crowley, company G, elbow; Charlea Congllle. company II. right *1de, slightly; Albert Sherman, company I) right foot and head; Albert Shackpole, company C, wounded above right trochanter; Win. Edson, company A, shot through from left to right side; Joaiah Proctor, company 1). wonnded In back; Julius Streck, company I, right elbow. Tammany Hfgimtnt ?Sergt. Patrick Sword*, company K. left side of he*d. t.'orrmra!*? Stap"leto'n, company A, coutus'.on of leg; Pe'er McGeever,company K. left thigh Privates?Edward Gallagher, company K. right arm amputated; Edward Reld, left breast; John Staler, company 1, contused wound; .Mtcbael GlUUi^haiu, company A, wounded; Daniel Fenney,company A, in back. Third Rhode Island Hattery ?Sergeant H . A. Tucker, right leg Privates?Jas M Maldson, lee; N C llutkins, shoulder blade broken; John Asplnnall. shoulder; Geo. R Maldson, left side; P. M Matheson, both legs. First V S Artillery?Privates Archibald Allen, company I, left shoulder; John Nixon, company I, r.gtt arm Ca valry.?Private Caleb Sear*, contused wound. KILLWD. List of Killed in Tammany Regiment ?Capt. Alden, company H; Corporal Duncan McPhall, company C; privates Thos. Bailey, company A; Daniel Graham, company E: Jas Danver, John Sullivan, Joh > Cabill. Edward Sullivan and Dan. Urabam, all of company K. The above list contains the names of all known to have been killed in this regiment Doubtless some on the list of the missing have been killed, but no further official account had been received ai Headquarters up to 10 o'clock last night. ThkSaniyary Commission, through its energetic Secretary, Mr Olmstead, is supplying our wounded soldiers in the late action with all needful articles tor their well-being. Niw T m.ei, rath .?The President of the United States received yesterday a telegraphic dispatch from San Francisco, California Death or Colonel Marshall, op thk 9ivesih Maine* Reoimknt.?The Baltimore Sum says: " Yesterday, about noon, Col. Thomas H. Mar. hall, In command of the Seventh Maine Regiment, which hat been encamped on the eastern confines of the city for nearly two months past, died at the boarding-bouse of Mr. N W. ftlade, in Broadway, near Lombard street The deceased was a gentleman of some note In Msine, having been speaker of the House of Representatives at one time He died in the prime of manhood, being thirty-five ye*rs of age. His disease was typhoid fever, from which be has suffered some three weeks, and during which time he has been most n^sldnously attended by the bent medical skill of the city, Drs. Buckler. McKenzle, and Cockerell being with him. "The remains will to-day be removed to his late residence at Belfast, Me , tinder a military escort The regiment which he commanded was veaurday removed to some point unknown, and therefore cannot participate la apy funeral aolemnltlea In bin honor." Arrival or Transport* at Loccst Point ? In accordance with prevlona order* the ateam tr\nnpcrta Thoniaa Swann mid Virginia, from New York, loaded with arinv aupplle* and atorea for WaKblngton. arrived at tbla port and comuienced dlarbarslng at l.ocnat folut. Tbt-ae ateamera were followed by other tranaporl Nailing ve?ela aud atMinera from the mouth of the I'oUimac and elaewbere until lata >eaterday afternoon, when there wua fleet of >?? ???- -> ? __ luail lAirril vhmIi lying off Locust Point. Mr. J I). McKnn la tbe agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Katlroad Company at the Point, and be h?s energetically art a large force of labour* to work trai storing the Horn from the vessel* to the cars By running tbe freight trains by nlgbtaa well as by day. It la thought the immense extra transportation business ran be affected without materially changing the time of running tbe regular passenger trains to and from Washington Yesterday YVm P. Smith, Ksq., master of transportation. waaanae mini anperiDtenainR the arrangement*. The iucrea*ed arrival of veeaela baa *rtded to the lively appearance of the lower part of the port ? Ball S*? Col,. Haivit IIiowi'i liiTKNTtoia ?Mr. Packard, a native of Maine and a fugitive from Florida, who arrived by the McClellan, communicate* the fact that Col. Drown had made all hia arrangement* to open the batterle* upon Petiaacola on the Iftlh: and that he was prevented by the affair at the mouth of the Mlaalaoippl, which made It necemary for two of the *hip* which were to have taken part In the action, to go to the aid of our blockading fleet Montreal Pilot Mate* I kit a gentleman ha? rear bed the United State* who la to relieve Dr Rua*eii, the apeclai rorreapendent 01 the London Time* 117"There are arventy tnllia In Neiv Kngland now encaged In innniif?rtiirlng cloth for the Government, and the value of the goods ordered la about S*j,0gu,0()u. i i????mm?m ?? LATE FROM THE M?VTH OF THE WIS- : SIMIPPf. (SbAQtM EMT HTWin THI C. t. SLOOP-OF Wit ; RICHMOND AND A KHKL 6TKAMBR- { We are permitted to copy the following extract of private letter glTlog an account of an engage- . meat which took pluo* off tbe avntb at tbe Mia- { ?tia1pptrf*?r no tb#> Otb lnat ,_(k"eeday* prior to th?attaak mad* by tbe ftra-ahloa, battering ran. I kc The letter ta'chiefly Interesting a* showing the character of tbe annoyances to which ovr squadron in thoae watera ft exposed U. S. S Richmond, Head of tk? Patsts, ( Mississippi Rittr, Oct II, 18C1 j Dav before yesterday oar ship bad a abarp engagement wttta the enemy?a naval action. For three hours the ahell were bursting and whizzing around ua, but only live took effect?wounding three, but killinsr none, think Heaven! To explain : At one o'clock a rebel ateamer wss discovered up the river An hour afterwards? <*featly to our astonishntent, I can assure you? he Very plticklly opened Are upou ua. At first, | we laughed at what we called her f mpndencr; hot m b*r shell began to fill around us, and al we found our heaviest guns failed to reach ber, thing* looked disagreeable. I will confeaa, and frankly tell you, that the flrat five or six shots that came whizzing through our rigging made me tremble all over; my knees knocked together, my mouth was bound?I could bardiy speak, hardly breathe: 1 waa frightened. Hut as soon as we "beat to ouarters" aud I was ordered to mv division, all fear left me The shell still wbizztd, but 1 neither heard nor cared for them I was intent upon my duty) and as my division had all the fighting to do?being tb< only one hearing upon the enemy?1 wa? too much absorbed la (he working of my gun to think of anything else; and 1 can Mure you I felt as happy arid unconcerned ?s ever in my life Tbe rebel*(who by-the-by wai the N?-w York tugboat Wm H Webb, armed with four broadsides and two h-avy 32 pound rlfl"*.) was our superior, inasmuch as her guns ranged quite a half mile beyond ours About one hundred shots were flred, and yet I do not think a single one of our shot hit the enemy Half-patt 1 '2 p m , Oct. 11.?The Webb is again in sight, and we are preparing for action. I wish it was all over, for 1 am exceedingly doubtful of the^ result Two o'clock p m ?Tbe ship is cleared, and we have given the enemy eight or ten abuts, but she does not re'urn them She Is evidently "playing us some trick," but we will never "give up the ship," end if we only get our rifle 42's, (which are expected daily,) New Orleans will be ours

before Christmas Fire o'clock ?The Webb Is out of sight, and the excitement greatly subsided, so I will continue my account of the first engagement After firing from half past one o'clock until four, the enemy retired, lenving lis as bewildered as we were relieved. Besides three shots in our hull, our mlzen tnpirmst backstays were shot aw? y We are In a rather critical position,?first, our draft has been Increased by six additional guns?tbe water on the bar Is low, we cannot crors; second. the enemy can steam two knots to our one?we cannot tun; third, the enemy'a guns range further than ours?we cannot fiiiht Tlje*e circumstances were communicated to the Commodore, who ta!d, "I thoroughly appreciate your position, and will leave mvself for Pickens, to obtain iome rifle guns " When the?*? arrive, we can defy ali *ece?slondom ?X. Y Journal of Commerce. Military Movements in this Vicinity ? There was some considerable atir in the camps of the mi'tary bereat>onts during Thursday night and yesterday, in consequence of ??veral regiments receiving marching orders for other pointa. Several regiments moved from their camps, which were occupied by others. The Third regiment, from Fort McHertry, appeared on the afreet* early in the afternoon, headed by a very flne band, and drilled In Monument Square The regiment is attired in the regular army uniform, and looked and drilled remarkably well. The regiment returns d to the Fort about 1 o'clock.? Bait. Sun. T-^RKV. Jj'SUAII VARDKN Will pre*ch In X5 th* Methwliet Pr< tegtait Churoh. Ninth St. I D.-iKpn K and K ?ti . T(l- ?lOR HOW <?nnH< i MORNING, at II o'olock. All are iuvite<1 to attend. It* O. O. F?OR AN U KNCAMPMENT.t l * Anadj timed moetir.g of the K. \V Gram) Kuoanipinen ?>f the Distriot f r/Huinhia will l>e lied lit Odd Fell >w?' H&.l, on MONDAY EVENING r.oxt, at7Js o'clock ooJb'-2t H. S. noWKN.G ?. (Y^?MAH()N!C NOTICE.?The nt?nl>? s or National L< due, No are herehr not.fied t a a ? tAi^'i o^nxnanirat oil will t>* lie d at Maeonto Hall THIS EVENING at 7 o'o ook. Prompt atrardas.ce i? earnestly requ stel Tiie n enit<ers o? ?'?ter l.odees. an<l eoion'iiin* Bret'iren. are coidia'-lv lnvit??I t'? In prene^tBy ord^rofthe W. M.: 1" vv. MKR'I .^ec. rftr" Gt NERA L, OHOEKS. HKAn.<CARTKP? iiP D'V. P. C MlMTlA, / Was> ie?U>ii, October 23,18*51.{ The < ftu ers eoi-i nandir * Nru-atos ..f thie Regiment wiiJ issue ' nlera at oust to the co'oi ela of rejiinentg in their re-pective hrtradea, dtrestinf the tiirn and p'ace for the nuutl Fa 1 Ma.ier, a? p'eborilied by law. li? order of fien'l C.THOMAS, Maj Gen'l Commanding 2d L>iv. D. C. M. Edward C. Carr'kgtos. Inspector Gen'l 21 Div M.D C o-^26 3t 'VV^/T f KNTiON PRKS1 PUNT'S MOUNT'll{ Kl> 'J UaR D?Several <*i the old ?X mem h?re.wh.; firat or(?an>z?-l the above Doon'^r wi oo-niz*nl of the importancs of efficiently reorganizes this favorite troop as a frmicent home cut d. r?*qu?*t 'h?ir old oomra-ler in arms, and all others who fv or thi? project of perpetuating an c> Kan'aatjon which has ever t>eeu the pride ot thia nt?. to meet them 01 TT'KSDAY KVKNIM? n?xt, the 2Uh in?tant, a* 7 o'clock, in Casparia' Hou?? ov Capitol Hill, wn;re the Guard ws first orgasis: d. OC 25 <t* NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE Jo? The Regular Course of Le^tu^a in thia lnrtitvtioo *ill eommenoa on MON DAY, 28th, at 3 o'clock p. in . at the Coll??s Baii<1itig?. *" street, l<etwe?n 11th and 12th. For farther information applyto J>t) C. RILEV, M D.. Daan, -c 23 3t 433 '4th St.. between F ird G. |r^=-REGISTER'S OFFiCK, Jl jf Octobsk 32. 1^61. T/l ait lir %jr\ k0 ft* tr m. v ?/. ?"?*- ? m- v /i A~d*-d r? nunt i i i'iil I Ol/iVl jEi A/Y. Notice le herein riven tLat itoemet given to taverns, retailers of spirituous ant fermented hqu rs. wine* an I cordials to erooeiiea.dry Roods, hardware, medicine?, pe fumery. watches ai.d jewelry, lumlter, wood and coal, commimon irercl;an s; a so, to kfererf ol hackney carriages and i inni' uses, hil iarc tab ea ten-p:n alleys and con fee ionary, ar.-J for bawkius a..d peodSm*, and dealers in old iron, bra?a, o^pp.?r. See , wii! exp;re on Monday, th? 4'h da* of .November next, ano th-1 said in?w b? rone^red a' tins cftiae within ten days alter that time. SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS, jc a ttt' Nov. Register. rvTg?T?;K UNION PR AVER MEETING LL9 wil! l>?h?IH-r. B?tf? f?? v _____ m-* - f .a> l villi WITT"* 1*1 the English Lutheran Church, corner of H and 11th eta.. oomroAticiDK at liaif-ptist 4 o'Ciook p.m . to be continued ouehoar only. oc7 3m |V?r DKPARTMEVT OV METROPOLITAN 1V POLICE The Hoard of Polioe Commissioners havinc tak m the house ii 16 Eleventh at., all buameaa coniii*ct?,d wi'h the Polioe of the city will be iranaao'ed at that p ace. \ cenera! o<>mplaict booV will \x> opened, and citixens are requeiited to call and enter any cmfilainia they inay have to make ol any matter rea in* to the polioe or health of the oity ae '/T W B. WEBB. Superintendent COMPANY "A." U. 8. ENGINEERS.? fifty intelligent and ahle bodied meohamna will be enlisted to fill thia Company to the max imum_fix?a by law?130 men. lnauire at No. *i4a G street Pay from $13 to per month, baairiea food and olothins. au 17 tf POTATO K8.?For sale, from aohooner Dahlia, at Riley's wharf, 1th ?t, 7.500 bushels he-t Jaokson White Po^toes. Applv to the Captain on hoard. oo26-3t* BUTTER ? 3O0 Firkins, of all grades Juat reoeived And for tale b? JOHN O, LYLK A CO , oo 26 Iw No. A3 Louisiana avenue. F^LOCR.?500 Bbls. Choice Bakers* trH t* CI . * i"ui iu obure. And lor sale bjr * ? , JOHN O LVLK k CO., oo 36 lw No >3 Louinana aventie IJ A M 8.?.">0 Tieroj* mf Choice Cin. , , , Brandt. reeeiviuc A ad for tale by JOHN G. L.YIJB 4 CO.. oo J^iw No. 33 Louisiana avenue. QHODLl)KR8 -11J Hhda. reoeivinn AidfnrulehT JOHN G LYLK * CO , "Q No. Louisiana avenue. C1HEK5K. - 300 Boxes of tli? B*?t / New York Cheese, Fr^sh from the dairies. For ul? Uy JOHN G LYLE * CO., oo 26 1w No. 53 Louisiana avenge. WK WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oar former patrons. and citizens tenerallj, that w-> have no* le e v. <1 our fu'i supp'y of Fa LL aid WINTER QUODi*. and are prepared to furnish them at an MrJy notice an?l in the heat and most approved styles. H'N I ON & TEEL. oeVti Im Merchant Tailors. No. 40* Fa av. I A DIE*' J DSB89 TRIMMINBB FRINGK9. GIMPS. OORIMB aal TASSEL*. Bl TTOiNSm ever* variety, on hand acd wide to o der by MRS. LO^K, Frin*? and Trtmranf Manufacturer. 897 south tide t*& tv?, between <H < and iDTb its. N. h ? For rejt. a fin* toned 7 octave Rosewood Piano inc d jrn style. oo 86 ooSw NH EW PRESS GOODS' AND CLOAKS-? Various Ne# ai.d Styliso tlunrs opened taTue wUois oi?" red^. <mr f a. av., and rtib itr^ett ucp?&'j -Pem f^RKAT RUSH TO SMITH'S. No. 4?0 8*f\I sntfa It , to see his new atnok of KsJI f!lo?hln* rrn??. Hattend c*m mi tm | TO CALU AT SMITH'S, No. ? **. jWvfnm it,end our roar Ctodurf. P?ffhmr (lo,?.|t, TmB\, 0<.t? mH (1m> FRAME BOLTS AND i 297 MILITAm JNUMMIN6S. 297 Car?lry, Icfvntrr, Artillery, Rifle. N?v> and Staff Mgjfctfcfir giving* ?C7U TT C17WI ?| wu u, hrotdercd Sfcou.ler Sinifi, Buflas. WrwtiM. and Plata ?" l"""! "d "* " UMR8. LOWK-B oe SB 0, Zw Tnmmmg Manufactory. w E Be* l#are to w^the^attention of Offoera of the Army to o?r wr? e?t?i.?iva mmort _ |t tnent of a<! nlaaaa* of FQlj f M ENT8, eepeoia.iv to &tt artmle vf Military Blue la Cloth and Doerkin L'aarnnere. whioh we >fjr warrati' vi I retain its ooi'>r. Our a??ortmect of Sworde, hashes, Be U, GauntleU. Arm? Caps < indigo dtei, superior Flannel Hhirte. Lege'npt. Swi-rd Knot*, Gold and ? eather Bog.ea, Shoulder ^i*aps, an<i rievioae of a I desonjtio ?, ia row oom?l-te. and we are wall satisfied U>at an inspection wil! prove satisfactory lr. en-ery particular. HiNTONAIEEU oo *-lm Merchant Tatiora, No. 406 Pa. av, SWORDS, SAL'RES, SASHKS. k.p?tii UTTi-a a. M. W. GALT i URO , opens thit morning. With other hno Mi'iUry food-, Richly Embossed and H<aviiy Gilt 8WORU8 a?d KaHRKSB onxe and Gilt :*c\bt.ard?for presentation par P Th'NEW REGULATION STAFF DRESS, Lln?, \ava!.a d ether Swords, Sabres, Hasbaa, Ep'-nle ts, fto. The abo -e,with a general assortmentn( Superior Mi'it\ry and \aval Goods, ar" < tfered unusual? I M. W. tf ALT A BR".. Jewel era. 3f>l l'a. av., 4 doors west of Brown's Mot*.. 03 g-st fcrhALKD PROPOSALS aralnwit dfor FLOUR O ail the 10'h da* November. 1861 at IS o clock m. About 8,tmr> bftires wi>! be r*quired, in separate | lot* of about 1."00 barrels eaoh Tae Flour t" be mad* of nmr *tn?t, and th<? delivery of the wholo lot to bo made by tfie #th November, 1961. The Flour required to be of the following brands, and to p\es the inspection of a Board of Arm' Officers. or sc oh other infection as the Sabsiateuoe Department may direct. Arlington Kxtra, Conerees do. 8 Pry do. Fairview ?io. Cedar Vale . do. Glen wood do. Clagott do. J. ftewoome do. M. Smith do. Koxbnry do. Joe Charlea do. J. Davidson ft Co. do. Foundry do. Heak do. D. L Morrison ft Co. do. Lyon's Union Die Spring Joe Cna' Ede's Kxtra Baker's, do. A few barrels of tho s*me grade of Southern Flour "will be *aken. provided that it irovni ran*! in grade to the br?u3s above-named Th? bidiWs to stato the brand and the number of barrels of each kind they propose to fiirnirh. The barrels containing the Flour to be strong, w*ll-hooped and hetd-lined. I The prcpor&U to beadaressed to MaJ A BECK WITH, C S.u.8. a. Washington, U. C., aid endorsed, "Proposals for Flour " oo26 PROPOSALS FO? RKE" CATTLK ON THK HOOF. Fkalbd Pectorals for supplying to the GovernKw| Catt!? on the Hoof, are i vited the 15th day of November, 1861, at 12 o'clock in. The Cattle to le de iv-rtd in Wa-hington oity.oi the ??>th day of November. i3fil, or a soon thereafter i ik, t~ ? - >-IJ. - - ? <?iv ? ?ciiiii?ru? ifirt* ' I '"Ckt A II*7 UIU1 U3 directed to Lieut. 8 C. 8RKKN, A C. 8.. U. 8 A , ?treet, Washington city, * Kndorard Propoaa b " Seai-ki) Propos? t* are a'eo invited till *hel5th day of .\ovtmber, 186 , at 1 o'o ck ?. m., for aupp y ng tiie fioverr. n' 4 ft-fl Hea<J ol B<"-t Cattle on the hutf, Th? Cattle to l>e deliverei at Ha ria b.irc, I'a . on the S-'tii of November 1861 oraa k on ti e r ak'r ti the (i.->v*rrmei.t may direct. The bi<la to La direoteil to Li ut F H UAKROI L, A. S* . IT. 8. A , 523 ? street, Washington, D. C. and "Endorsed Propo*al?." Skai.*i? Proposals are invi'ed till the 15th of November. Wfl, ?t I n'ci >ck p. m., for ajpplying 4 0C? Head of EKef Cattle to the GoTernm *nt. The Tattle to deliv<v.?d on the soth day ol Janaary, 13*2. at either Vork, Chamberaburf, or Ha-ni bv.rg, Pa as the tiovornment may direct The bids to be <lireoted to Maj. A. LJ K JK WITH. C 8. L 8. A., 223 G >treet, Washington, D. C , aod 'Endorsed Propo**le." Jorernmeni reeervaa to itself the richt to ?m in 1 Trea ury note?, and to -eject any l td for any > c%w*e. * o bid will be entertained unless the bidder ! in pr< sec- to r-ssond to his bid. ?ac:i lot of Cattle del vered (ball average at U-^st pounds cross weight; and .o animal ! wil: bo received which weighs less than l.?00 Hounds gross weight. fo%h of Bid. I, A B, do hereb roposs t-i deliver lo the Government gooi? Beef Catt e on the hoof for p*r i'tindred pouidt gross wight. The Catrle to be , d^Uveied at. according to the terms of the euciored a. vertis?invit. The Cattle to be wighed on th<"> s^a'es, ar.d the weight ?o determined to b? the purchase weght. I hereby agree to give a *ood a'->i sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the contract, sua to receive Treasury notes or other Government ian^H in payiuect for the Catt.e. oc 2b t<i WIIJK WHITK SKIRTING CAM HR ICS, Alao, a'l ^tber kind* cf White t amb-ica, ai?l Plain, and Plaid Muslmes. Willi all other kinds ol Dry 6oods, adapted to th.< warts of ami e<. New supahe* in Carpets. Curtain*. Oilolotbs Rues. * ?.. u.iper fi tor*. One price onlr, marked in p'ain ttgor**, henoe no pu cha.e is over oharged. PtRiY * BROTHER, oo 2C Hd Pa. av.and 9th street. SUTLERS. ATTENTION .'-Hauling to camp liy sincle or double trania, on abort notioe. at fair prices. Apply at 334 Pa. avenue oa 2S3t* BF1SII AND CHEESE. I.ANCHAR!) A LKACH. Wholesale Drains in Che?>e \o 56 ><outh a?.. Halt more, hare just rpceivxl a larje lot of Mackere , Herring, Codfish, Hake-fish, A o.. Ac Also, prima Ka*t"rn Chelae. All of which w 11 b^ so'd at the lowest market rales oc pROrOSALS FOR FURNISHING LUMBER. DEPOT UciKTUMitTU'i Orrioi ( \% iveiiicetod, L?. C., OOt i4. 1861 S Sk lcr> Proposals wi I be received at this office unM \i ni , the i9;h instant, for furnishing by contract : S?ven hundred %nd fiHeec thousand le*t Lumber, of- the folio wir t dimensions: fi Vt feet 4 4 com. cuiiings (1-inoh board*.) 1 oi?, oo "64 " " (I.V inch boards ) And two hundred and "nhty-bve thousand fact ?. ? IT n v< UIC <?n|VW UlIIlOUH't'DI ; 5 .('?> ftet J? l.jr 6?12 feet ioof, 35.fino ? 3 by 6?16 44 " S'.iion ' 3 by 4-14 44 44 5 41 3 *y 4? In * " 5<i,iHO 44 3 bt 4-12 44 44 5rl.M? 44 d by 4?16 44 " T<> be ' eliverrd in *a ashington City, D. C , within thirty daysafc^r o'obidk theoontiact \o proposal received after 12 ra. the 29th invtar.t ? i :l be coD?tdered. lit'de<-8 or tneir (July author.xsd agent* are r? nested to he p eient at the opening of the bids Kao' proposal to gi e the fui! ad-lrens of the bidder. Amplesecurity for Uie faithful peiformanoe rf the contract wi 1 be re^uir d 'I he privilege u reserved by and for the lTnit*<l Sta.-o? of rejecting an* proposal th?t may t e " " "i'lavmui, or Ior otner reatoca. I i' potala will be e dorred on tbe envelope enoioj"i? fsm. "Propown for furriaHne I.umber," aud add tewed to D H. RUCKKK, Quartermaster and colonel, *o. f New York Tribune and Time*; Pubtio t.e<u?r, N.A.andL-8. t-aze't*. Phi&dephia; Bal'imore American, liwtimore Patriot; Ohio ttate J<>urna: Nonn i inur Marin. I?1 . ' r ...uv > IUWI inuorr nuriinnn City : plAM? copy omil to* 20th in*t, and send >?i 11 to this office. | oc25 IU The Vermont bake ovens, ARMY I FNTSTOVF-8, HAY ana i?TRAW CUTTERS, meat cuIters, , fal" B \NK'.i HA.Y, PLATFORM and COLNter scales. w\qoN and CARRIAGE JACKS, BUCKETS, *o..fco.,*c. t or aale bV J 1'. BARTHOLOW, Airiiooltnral Wareboute, 538 Seventh ?t-, \ oo 24 f>lm between Pa.av. and Can*'. P?OUNT OA VOUR's* SYSTEM of WRITING, for Sjji*?on the Warpath snu Generals to toe ami, i u" aio?i o?auiuai a^a vouderiul *yateni ever published. Practical for writing all languages. Adereea (moloainc one dollar) D. R. NEI,SON, Wa?hington, 1J. C. oo28 IV OH RANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? It is highly recommended by Phyaioiana, Snip M%ntera and I'ravelera. Insure* a avee\ pure ar- ! tide for auy length of time Never hecomea oheeay, and guarantied o keep in any climate. | ITT" For aale at facto' t price*. KINO ft. BURCHELL. 00 22 Corner 16th at acd Vermont av. JUST ARRIVED, di eet from an Eastern Abo tiou Honae, flu balea obeap OAK PET. Alao.ano BEUSTEaDs, vhioh vera bought lov lor eaah and will l>e sold at a small advance. Together vita a large aaajrtment of Houaeaeeping A^uc^e* Furniture Dealer. *9^ Seventh at., 00 22-lm* " ? -?? . w opu u HM n ?, |N CLOAKS, 8HAWL8, ^N0 OTHER ..h ??1?!.piDf.\?Br Autumn and Winter, new, atj J uh and novel thine* op?ned to day. The*>?1*?f tfcaahoreat our arovarbiallv low tariff of pnoea. marked in elain firuro* PKRR Y 6 BRO., Peun. avenue an<l 9tr, it/Mt. "Parry Hmltfinj " T~~ _ AUCTION NO I'ltiK ~~ His, Attention of the potilio is reeaectfu1!* ?Uled to the ax te naive aae of Dry liooda, Hoaierl Cloth, Caeaiineree. Hhawla. Cloaka. Man'i'aa' Ureta gooda, Ac., Jtc , to be aold at th- ato" ?f R' Bnoe Ball, on To morrowi Wadna?di?i Mor! r. atvfc o'clock, and oontinumi d^ly nntll the wto'e atoec ta dtapoeed of. . 7 ? 11 ,Mwbo * Th<* WiktiAm will Ka ? ?i _ miu ?iuk>?( rMtrr*. No postponement on aoeount of tha vMtlwr. T'" """ a" ooff-H BONTZ k GRIFFITH Awotioa?ra. U EAOUU ARTER8 FOR CLOTHING. HATS flud CAPft-Na...460 b*?tiU at., oMoaita P??t Offioo "81 ! ^UMKTHlNtt HKW-8Vr**10MHVLLM ? CURS -Tf* aottioribar, hana? cvttkaatwe) to up?ly Waahiogton ana Oeoriatowa with tkia dan oat* prtwratinn of Corn, would raapcotfailj aa& *tf hia mfi. and tto* Mbiif al large, to rt? , u. * -? * A.UUT10N BALES. ) rn."vrM * WILLIAM*.A?ro???r. BiS nf!l!ilUB*.OOLVKX* fll.PT. I niWt, OALLt*???'^M fTov?? *t All I ? . CtSfef?*S ? ?"** 1 1 <A *-' r Do?i?i?n* *T^M Md A ?t. U? k A W'priTT:G* i-rtw. Fr>tt . Col mm, Cm V bornVr. Jvd P*>?. *"? *?. A fc> U ' *<>*-4 7 Term? A WII.UArj. A not, . Rt WALL A BA?NA*D. A??*lnutn CONTINUATION OF TRlfTI-F-* J-AU riWis.,WoW I ?S?1 ?!hlnft a< 0 o'c cx?*. w? W. 1 ? u. l8t'SU5>iiR ? ??? k rf?-Mnur UlM., I M Hiiuri >!? I gS . Ci.V. Ot? r/onrc; * Co Brwdy.. . I ^ uvt?i r???, mum l/Ut#'jo Bnto<1f? Barrels Jamaica Worn anl H< \r<i (J^r B*rr??i? Boart?o?p, Mnnor?*beia and B?nn Whiskey. Case* - irted Lt^fra, C-*** Br?'.<ly. W t ?^ey *nd Tbn ??! wll < W?* *? opportunitt to Kn^i rants. Su: ers, and otken. Pa'e po'itireand term* c??r. Cat* icae will h? at the Anction Rooms oa ^ MA <im.? nfifinnt tii ' Br order of the Tr??U* o?!i WALL A BARNARD, Hr J. C. MtCl'IRR A C?w A??tionwi ^ IPLRIOR RO'KWOOD CASK PIANO ^ fcu*Tl. fc.Hi.ANT RutlWOOli Br?x A1tLL? r^TiRirt Fast or Ku rt u, Fhnch P.?n Mittott, Cakpkt* a*l> HornnoLB Krr?rt? (ii*it?ALLT -On T^SDA Y MORM^C, U?t? her iid, at lit o'oloct. At tfc? .arte rMidenoa or. H V ?tr?wt. ofpo?it? I .?r??*tte ^quAre. roowH oaeu J jjed t>? t: e ( hi tan Mit hIm, we shall wll ail the Furniture aoo H ff -<v?. onmpriaiac? VarT aapanor Hum wood Ca*? P<*no horu, by Cbiekonng, Suit of ainrant For^wrv d Crim?nn Urooatrila t'.overed Parlor Karnitara comutict c.f j |a>t* Sofa*, 2 Arm Chaira, and e rarlor cop<nor tiiIt Ga* Chandeliar apd tia? Kxtara*. nB i m v?ainui r;usn co?ereo ran^r hsrnitar*. j Hacdsome fca<y Chairs, Loiihn ami Faeey I Chairs, ' Rosewood Marble top Tables, Wa nut What sett, } Superior m os^wood r*coretary and B<-oboa?e, m Ha dso? e Pier eh flat# Gilt-frame Mirrors. Lvdjr's Walnut Secretary, Japmese Cabinet, f \N alnut Kx tor: ion D:niaa Tat>.e Su!? ?>ar?l, Pinnc Chairs, Side Tablet, P.ate Warmer, China, Ulsss asd Crookerr. Table Cutler*. Excellent Brussels and l brec-piy Carpets, *t*ir Carpe's Oi olotb, Matting, Walnut French and Jenny Llr.d Bedsteads, Do. Dressing and P'ain Bureaus. Wardrobes, Wash stands. Toilet Sets, Superior Curled Hair*. B ackets. Bolsters and Pillows. Sp eads and Ci mfurts. High-post and Cottage Bedsteads. Cane seat Chairs. Korkers, Arm Chairs. Refrigerator, Str ves. Kite Hen Utensils, At ,4a. Together with many articles of Hcusehold Fur mtare not necessary to enumerate Tfrmi cub. J O. MoGl!IRt A CO., I oo 17 d ? Repu t> > A??toD?m, I IETTHE Af*OVK p A LE IS UNAVOIDABLY puatpoued niiti I MONDAY. Oct. aam# boat 1 and pl&ce J. C MoGL'IKh ft CO., ooll eodftd* Auctioneer!. By GR: EN ft WILLIAMS. A notion**. ! HOLSKHOi U asp KITCHEN FURNITL'IK I at Acctiox ?On TUESDAY.the ?ah mat . W weahail Mil, at the tn den e "fa (tent emu dr f c mint houaekeepiRx, at No 199 Sixth, hetwwn M and N etreeu. at !< o'clock a m , an excellent Miortmectof Furniture, vix: Walnut Sprinr Sofa* Chair* and Rooker, MarMe top Cen'er, Extcoaion and ottm Tablea, Whatnot, Dreeaini and othar Bnrexu Iron Crib, J Painted ('< Ua*e Crarrber Set, complete. W Je u ? Lind. Coitare. and <-th?r Bedateada, C ock.China.Glaea a d C oeka y War*. ^ Bin Wive:, - liti', acd Cl.amoer Carp*u. I i ar* le top \Vaah*r?r<t, Hair and other Mattreiae* 1J One 4-waMl Ki'Q'e Can^r?. and Mawicx, '"oxinf, baa Btrr inc and other ttotM, With a rcos lot ol Kitchen R. qniaitta, Coa aed Poke, And n a< j other article*, which ?<d?nc anneoea I eary to "nam^rate . Terms oxah. in > da. i?. 1 GRfcKN * WH.LtAMf. Ancta I Bj J.C. MoGLIRt k CO.. AaebvDMn. St LM'RMTlRKtm HOUMEHOL l> EF* ECTS 1 1 r at PVBLIC acctioh ?OnTUESDAY MOENIM8, Ootoi>?r Z?'h. at 1* o'clock. at the reaidenoe of the late Mra. Julia Kwf.oc K at'eet, betweer, loth and Eleventh arreeta, I ?hall ea!l b? virtaeof an oider 7'om the honorable Orphan's rourt for W.oahmeton oountf, D. C., all the Psrmtare and Eff-ot% oon.prieinc? Excellent K ore wood Piano Forte .SHooi.aod Cover, Ha><dtoine Rosewood Hofa, and Arui Cham. Smahel in G'een and Gold Brocat<'!!e, > Pair of elegant K er.o'i p at* Mattel Mirror*. Marb e u?p Canter TabWhatnot, v* a nut Hair-tprirc teat Parlor Cfcaira, V?*lTe' %nd Brussf !f Ca*p?ta, Oil?*lo?h and Stair Carpet*. Out Window ?bv>a. v.crn!o*?. and Fixtaree, Hand?opie Curtain-, ac? Cartsira, I Plnah Lruote, Mahoaany Secretary a d Bookcase, ? ) Slabaand Brackets. B ?n*? Hat Tree, .Mantel On amen?. Vain, k Uandaome oo lection of Si -1 u. r H&ndcouie Green ai d Gold Marble-top Cettaie , S?t, Mahogany French Bedataada. Bureaus and Waat I stAuil* Superior Father Bed*, Bolsters sod Pillows, I Caned Hair Mftttressec, Banket* Comfy ti, Coonte'parM. I Sever*, whole t owi of sspsrior Irish Liner, fur ^ **heetmc, Towels, Naskir.s, Ac . Solid Si vsr Tea Set, Wate' Pitcher, GobtsU, Spoona. Forks, Fish Kuves, Ssjar sod Bat I Sp obi, to.. .Vah kbcy J* de' osrd with Msrble-top, 7 Do Dir>inc and ot* ?r Tehlei, 1 Together with mai y other articles of Hnssekssp- I inc i- fee s not ns?*9?aiy to srju narrate. 3 T? ms: $50 ai d urder. ca?h:over tiat ssst oredit of ?> cur, for sat ficlortly endorsed nets*. j beanc interest. LUCY A. WHKKLKR. Adm mstrstrx. I . oca J C Mo6l IKK A CO . AncU. I * RUCTION SALES IN PHILADELPHIA. | WM. R SMITH, General Auctioneer, _ AO* CJ?e*not st-j above Mh I n?|iiar BUM TUbMIAY and (ATLiBA* | Moruinr at 10 a in. | Fine Table and Pooket Cutlery. Ha'dwarr. Fanoy 6ooda 3oih< Oila, britlm, *? ?0. Foreign aod I'o?ie?tto ?* inea and 1,000 iota every Thu'*.ay Morning. oe 13-1* ORANGE*, DRIED APPLES. Ao. IS bbls. Havana OR * NOES. 2* - DRIED APPLE*. \ 5 " CRANBERRIES, f 6 f ail* DATE*: 75 Itoxee Bnneh RAIBINB 6 hbla. Freak Roil RU r 1ER Jilt received an<l lor ?*le by JNO H. BE > MES * CO. { Corner Ninth at. and Louisiana a* , Oppoatte weet end Center Market. oc 34-3t jRepuUioan I Pi ~ BURNHIDE'S .URE OLD MONONOAHELARtb WHISK V* Hotels. Dealera and ^amiliea sapp ted by the Bole ?r?U- STOCK DA I K A CO . oe 23 3td ,**sw* 331 Walnvt^t.. Philadelphia. ffBTTfi N E R'B HILADKLi'HIA LAGER BEER B.8TERNBERSKR. ? sole ao fn r. No. S'iS D Stbiit. ? ( Adj^inicg Star Clfiioe i 7 A lain aap?ly MMfcrti on haad. oe IMi m TAJL.ORING KSrABLlSBNENT-Tailor* " in ali its l>m ehee. h< JOHN BIXHEN?E?G. No. 3t4 oorner Thir S| | teeoth aod H iU. 6rat even's ud Bur*' IQ I C othes cut to order Having in vie arrange Ww 1 meuts with a ski. lal hUM Sooarer, I wi** prpoft'ed to exeoate all orders in this Una. a? veil * as Mending, in the moat satisfactory mincer. oe Ul-twT ' THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to ic'arai then patrons and the fubuo generally of beFitr^NiEkVoSK'" "n They aleo renaectfn! y innte attention of WW , their Array and Navy on a toners, aad those- " repairib< oatfitainthat une. to their sapanoraaa! itiea of 8?ords, Lpaaieu. Shoe der Straps Be.u, Chapeias. Hats, Caps Sashes, and Gold Laoes. oonataotiy on hand, whioh are varranUd as ropr* W hiltt tendering thanks for the libenU p^troe??* enjoyed, tlw wiii endeavor to merit ? ooetin??ee*. w% i* H hi BkHOKR ^ CO-t (Snooeeeore to H. F. Loedn* ? Co ,1 citizen, militarymmd natal tailors. 363 I'ennijlvnnm A venae. oc 16 f3m __ pOLDIEKS, BoMKTalNe FOR YOU!^ A Poeket Combe. HeeeU. Vg Do. Look inn G M M W< UDion Envelopes, per hundred . * ? I Pleia do. do. * 1 Ambroty?eeolS?ott.MoC!'il?. ^e.eeor. t 1 Sent by m*n to nrr nd reee. 1 ALFRKI) B. ROBINSON. * oo?-5w* robliaher. Hartford.Conn. Mg pURsoS* ytLkDisu B.ack (iOul* ^ <Mir arte nod ?o?irW* I took of JUI the aUndard fabrics far roiruii I ???* with all U>? minor ratu'site* for poraoas i* b r^lt;T',?i<? ?U>ok implies do obliratioa *> ? 8m pnoaonly.markad in plain ftcarM. fll arrets, Oiloloths. Curta u>. M?ttiu(S, fco., *" Hriooi*. PKRRY k HaO., fa. aTotinr anc NTatt sU, oe 22-St ' u u.iMim" ITNION OY8TEE i#KrOT.-Ttao I y> r*?p?oljMily iuoum to thcir^^, I f"0?a? w?d Um Mb ? U*t the, k?>?C\ImJ I on Iuuk) a troth acpplyol UiXiV ft *2* ou rap;lr. 1 nsd Mfrtd k (rwr itrii m FtaiUfOUxl btMra Mroliod. 1 f ?sfi? ' ?th*r kin<U of Dr? ?o^, brum of kom~*~f V iewrSe^" *r*v#r*iai1' low ?" **? w?rkoi i? I JjcjuUioo. Uiiototfca, Co** . ft ho. ft*. ?H* 1 4tjgyftftar J EIUME-MADH MlinT* A Ml) RROKH J n Wr? ( m ? ? f 1 '

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