Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEW^j CTThoagh Tbk Stak 1. prl^d^htft^ sbsm prminnm tooU? of Bsltiroor#, lt> ^.itSnn It so l?rg? * to require It to be put to pttm it ?n mtf boor: Adr*rtu?**ntM, therefore. should ? nt In before 19 o'clock M ; otbenn ? they LH may "PP?** antll the next d?y. THI Babjtby CASK BIFOR> ~~ Jroa. P??ll -Ye^rdsr mor^C.' Mr Fendall delivered bit closing argument on hia objection to the record, /offered by Mr David ge the day before,) showing the pendency of appeal from the decree of divorce In Iowa. The Court reserved a decision for the present Mr 1'ka> H Winder was called, and testified that be has known Lieut 9 C. Barney (the respondent) nearly all his life, and has had opportunities of knowing his habits, and never observed anything !n his conduct and deportment to lead witness to even sutptet that he was an intemperate man Mr Barney came to the United States in j 1?57 to appear before a court of inquiry organized in consequence of the action of the Naval Retiring Board His case rame before the court, of which witness was juaire advocate, ana witness saw aim <Mr B ) every day. and the greater part of every <Uv. and discovered nothing to induce witness to believe <bat be was otherwise than a temperance man. This vai witness' petfonal observation. Witness then testified as to his Intimacy with Mr Barney since his return from France in January. l-<n. and said that on one or two occasions In that period witness has seen him (Mr B ) in witness' ctflce in a state of high mental excitement. Witness didn't deem him to be intoxicated at the time One of these occasions was the one . referred U; by Mrs Oilfield in her cross examiattien, wben (as abe stated) this court bad Issued an order about the payment of a sum o money to be s?nt to France ! the benefit of the children, but wltneadidnot deem Mr. B. to be intoxicated, nor did wi'ness suspect bim of having been drink >: i * ? t _ w /IT / i ? _ x 4. _ as lOir UBUi wiinen ocara n?-r (am w. ; ie?iimoBV. Witness baa always considered Mr Barney a remarkably temperate man Wttneaw waa never in the bouse of Mr R from the time of bis marriage until be went to Parla The day after the arrival of the children here Mr. Barney called on witnesa, and at his (Mr. F's) request, witness went with him to see the children, then at the Marshal's bouse Witnesa did see them, and bad a conversation with all of them, particularly with Chasey. in the course of the conversation with Chasey he manifested proper and becoming affection for his father, and expressed a desire to livs with h!m When they (Mr. B. and witness) were about t? come away, the father and children embraced and caressed each ether, and the little one, Clavomi, had to be nM fft <irr?nmn?nv (V>am fer.m tV a knn>.> I VIIWU UUk IV VVIlipuil ? tucill JK'Ul iuc U<'U3C . Witness visited them after they left the Marshal's bouse, and re^alntd perhaps an hour with them, aad tbe same manifestations took place ns on the former rccaslon?all of them declaring that they wanted to live with their father This was within a week ?/Ter the llrst interview The next time wVW^sa saw them, the boys were on tie street In the neighborhood of Mr. David^e's ofBee. Witness observed a manifest change in the deportment of tbe eldest, and when witness ques- ' tioned him about It, he made no answer, and witness did net persist The result of it all was that it struck witness that a very gratifying feeling of mutual affection subsisted between the fltK*r Snfli okilW m r* urVtloK ?Uu> *** i ? > W.J "*.? ?? i vurM U?n unu no rrurn to chango. except In tbe case of Chaaey. Cbaaev's expression of a desire to live with his father was in answer to a question put to him by witncas, as to what were his feelings towards his father, and whoin be would prefer for bis guardian. In answer he said be wanted bin father. Witness was crrss-ex mined, but the onlv additional facts elicited were that he bad seen Mr. Barney drink and had drank with Dim since his (Mr B's) return from France; that when he went to see tbe children Mr. Barney was with him on both orcas:on<; that It was at Mr. Barney's request that witness had a conversation with Chnse in the back parlor, alone?Mr. Barney being in tbe front; that he (witnesn) didn't think the little one expressed any desire to go with her father? she is very timid and reserved and made no answer, that Chase gave no reasons why he wanted his father to be his guardian; that witness never aw Mr Barney la presence of his children before he went to Pari*, and thinka be (wltoeaa) never aaw the children before that time. Mr Kendall a<ked. "Will you state why It was that you took Chaae aside and conversed with Mai* The wltnesa answered, "I desired to know the fact, and it did not strike me as an astonishing thine tbat he preferred hiafather.'' After the extmlnation of this witness court was adjourned till thi* morning. The Cast or Gex. Ascrew Porter Before the Circuit Cocbt To-dat?The court met at the usuil hour, when the'Judges asked the cierk if thpro Karl lw?n *nw return tn Vi *? ? 1 ? J >*uj .vraiU ?V tut Will INUOl against Gen Porter. The clerk announced there was none. Mr Carrlngton (District Attorney) rose and statid that he had been requested by Mr Phillips (tbe Deputy Marshal) to represent that gentleman before the court, and if their Honora would Indulge him for a few momenta he would respond In writing * Accordi?cly a paper was prepared, with the affidavit of Mr. Phillips, stating that the rule had not been served because he had been ordered by the President not to serve it, aid because tbe prtviltge of tkt writ / habeai corpus had hern susptmUd for the prea*nt, by order of the President, in regard to soldiers in the armv of the United mat's within the DUtrlrf nf fniumKu. and disclaiming all intention to treat with disrespect the honorable cflort and lta orders. Mr. Carrln^ton, after reading the answer, offered himself rcvdy to submit an argument to the Court. The Court asked him in what capacity he offered Mr Carrington replied, as the counael of Air. Phillip* The Court ?"We do not desire to hear you, then, a* we do not propose to take any step against Mr Phillip* " Mr. Carrlntton.?'-Then I am satisfied I do not desire to mike an argument when it is not necessary to the vindication of my client." The Court ?" The return ps<-scnts n. grave question. We desire to hold it nnd?*r Bdvisement for Jk (V ? ?.ill -J: . ? . mi no mu oujuurn lue court until Wednesday morning." Fopbth Wan M*teopolita?i Poljck.?On Thursday. V Danniker and John Klien. arretted for profanity, were fined SI each by Justice Walter Daniel and Jane Donibue were arretted for fighting, and taken before Justice Johnson; dlsmiaaed Mary Flinn and Ellen Stanton, for a like offense.were fined *1 W each by Justice Barnaclo. T P Dull, peddling without license; fined IS* 34 by Jastlce Walter. J.W. Edmon?on, a blacking boy, lighting in the street; gave security far peace before Justice Donn William Elli* was chargtd with the larceny of a cap. but Droved that he nut. cbas-d it from another'boy for fifteen cents, disislMfd by Justice Donn Yrmtfrday morn:n^, James Harris wai armUd for peddling shawls without license, fined #9) 53 by Justice Walter. Louts Dtltmar, for running a wagon without a license, was fined *16 36; and Marrun Cohn, for peddling without a license,was fined $25 94, by the same magistrate. Deaths or Soldikbs.?The following soldiers died yesterdi-v: Corporal John Ray, company A, Thirty-third Pennsylvania regiment, at General Porter's headnatrtcn James Cooper, Indiana cavalry, at the Patent Oice W MeBrlde, company D, Fourth Pennsylvania reserve, at the Union Hotel. John Stewart, company P, First Pennsylvania re?rve, waa killed by the bunting of a ahell at Prospect Hill, Va. Edward Bennett, a private of the Fourth regiment McCall's division, died at the U. 8. General Hospital, (Circle,) at 3 o'clock p. m , yeaterdi? Private Clinton Hoyt, nomptor F Harlan'a Pennsylvania Cavalry, dted yesterday of typhoid fever mt the Columbian College Hospital. Liicixi Cioii.?Veiierdiy, Detective Allen, of tbe metropolitan .police, arretted a amall boy mined Walter B Donaideon, upon a charge of stealing from tbe City Collector? office. He la a new*boy, and waa a general favorite, and frequently ?topped at tbe Collector's office,where he waa permitted to fold bta papera Some davi ago be stepped la, and getting an opportunity be to--k three S&U pieces; since then, he has never returned Mr. Allen, being told of the losa and tbe suspicions of the Collector, narrowly watched the little fellow, and dlacoverlng that he was flush of tn >aey, arrested blin. Horace Hart, of New York, another boy, about 14 year* of age, waa arrested for atealiug a hat from Geo Kingabary, and waa aent to jail for a further hearing. Axothkr Noithhx Debt Cask ? 1 he extensive dry goods establishment of the M*?ars W itmrr vrss closed this inornlag la obedience to an order fre?n the Military Coart. It sppears that prelim!aary proceeding* bare been taken In that Coart, by a northern debtor of the house, similar to those in tbe late case of Meade k May re and Addlaon, Wallace k. Co. Tbe flnal sdjudication of tbe matter has not been made, bat tbe eaae will be tried In a few days, Mr Slaymaker, tbe junior partner ef tbe Arm. representing its interests, and that ia tbe meanwhile tbe establishment will be placed In the charge of a military guard ? AUx **dria "Local Orphans' Covet, to-day ?Mr Davldge, counsel for respondeat, being aecasaarlly sbsent before a naval coart, tbe Barney -sse was postponed ttaui i up?if morning, ana gmi amount 01 me aaual bud mm of the court wn then done Or J oh mm appeared and quail ted aa executor on fee eatate of Mia Com. Crane, deceased. Diath or an Ovrtcii.?Lteut Cia-v, of Um> TblrtUtL New York regtuieat, died of a fcvrr, r.ear I'ptoo'a Hill, on Tburaday. Hla remains wet* seat In the afternoon train, yeeterday, to New v? _ _ ... . ... Attbmpt to Bksak ?This morning, the guards at the county jail discovered a bold effort of priaone In their charge to eacape from the jail, which might have proved aucceaaful In another night. The two brothers True, wbo are in prison awaiting trial on the charge of complicity in the bind perpetrated upon the banklnc uuuac 01 Li jonnson ? uo., months ago, ana Rsastas Robinson, the mutrr'i mate, who wai arretted for obtaining money from the Navy Agent upon forged papers, a week ago, with several other prisoners, occupied a room In the eaat wing and second story of the prison The room is furnished with a wa?er can, which sita ne?r the wall, and the dampness has discolored the wall behind the can. The efTort was msde at this spot, and by gradually removing the plaster and bricks, they bad worked a bole through to a single brick. Through this hole they could have acceaa to the passage, in which is a window facing north The design was doubtless to remove the bars of the window, and by means of their blanketa descend to the northern yard and escape over the wall They carefully replaced the bricks and planter after each night's operation, so that the surface still had the appearance of the discolored UTt.ll Ditt *kl. ~ ? I ^ - J- a ?????. u<?% iui9 iiiuiiuii^ unc ui itic ijuarai nappened to notice something peculiar about the look of the wall, and discovered the hole. The prisoners were immediately secured with irons, which will prevent any similar efforts on their part. Throgch in a Day ?This morning, Mayor W allach received the following telegraphic dispatch, which, but for the unusual press of business on the northern routes, would have been received yesterday: Dated San Francisco, Oct 25, 1861?received Wvshintjtnn. fVt "11% Iftfil To Mayor of Washington : San Franclseo to Washington sends greeting, and congratulates her on the completion of the enterprise which connect* the Pacific with the Atlantic. May the prosperity of both cities be Increased thereby, and the projectors of this important work meet with honor snd reward. . H T Tkschmukb, Mayor of San Francisco. mator wall aoh's rkfly. Mayor's Offick, ) Washington. October 20, 1?6I. J Hon H T Tesckmuer, Mayor of San Francisco. California : Washington receives with pleasure tk. 1 ? 4; - # o n s ? * ' lit;niui?ium ui son rr;inci?co, ana rejoices in the success of the enterprise connecting the \Vrstern and Eastern almost as much as she deprecate* the attempt to sever the Southern portion of the Union. Richard Wallach, Mayor of Washington. Prather's Al1 by?Last nigh', the residents in this well known locality were aroused by a rowdy demonstration, and the interference of the police to restore quiet. Two men nampd Godfrey and Plummer, were taken out of the alley, and a sergeant and private of the Thirty-sixth Pennsylvania regiment were required to appear as witnesses at the guardhouse. After the trial was over, the sergeant and his soldier went along the street from the guardhouse, and not being sufficiently warned by the example they had witnessed,.beg an to behave in an equally unlawful manner; yelling and whooping, and "making night hideous " Thev wers taken back to the guardhouse and turned over to the Provost guard. The row in the alley developed matters for future l_ A : a: 1 AS ' * - ? - luvt-Bugauoa ay ice magistrate. Ckstral Gcahdhocsk Casks?Be/ore Justice Thomp son ?S. T Perry, disorderly conduct; dismissed. Timothy Costello, running a cart without a license; allowed to get a license and dismissed upon payment of costs Wm. Boston, colored, out afier hours; ?1 94?workhouse 30 days in default of payment. Adolphus Johnson, colored, do ; #1 91, and turned over to the Provost Guard Samuel Godfrey, d'sord^rlv; dismissed L Ltary, drunk and disorderly; 81 94. \Vm. Plumber, for throwing stones; ?3 94?workhouse 30 davs in default of payment James Stevens, peddling without a Uceus?-; fined S'20 94 by Justice Walter Ten lodgers were accommodated; the number cf vagrants from abroad for the city to maintain during tbe winter is gradually Increasing. Sppirb Penmanship?Our urbane and goodlooking friend Crowley, the favorite card-writer, i? just now busy with someordersforcard-writlng and ornamented penmanship that surpasses in beauty anything we ha\-e ever seen from goosequlli, Gillot or stencil;?in fact they might readily pass for the finest copper-plate but for tbe fact that they surpass the engraved plate in easy grace of outline It is really worth the readers while to call at Crowiev's stand at thp N'stiniul Hnt?l and examine bis beautiful specimens, not forget^ ting to inspect bis late style of "I'nlon cards " Theater?Mr. Rogers had a fine ho"se far his benefit ni.;ht, we are happy to say, and the performances went off with Infinite spirit To-night the favorite comedy of "Still Waters Run Deep," with Miss Susan Denin as "Mrs iHeruhold," and Mr. Rogers as "John Mildway;" after which the farce of "The Post of Honor," with Mi?s8u*an Denin as "Trudthen," with a popular song The Campbells, at Odd Fellows' 0all, have just now a great card in the wonderful basso, Mr. Frank Swann, late of the Cooper Opera Troupe. His performances create the utmost astonishment, as, since Herr Formes, nothing approaching him as a basso Lus been heard here, lie appears to -* - ? ? i * * UUIJI, auu auuiuri j^irai ailiauuuil II prCB^niCQ 111 "The Sons of Malta." Circuit Court.?B. F. Council, Esq , of Ohio, having been examined and fonnd qualified, wu admitted aa attorney and counsellor of this court The case of Greenbury Brown rs. Justice Reaver, was argued by counsel yes'erday, and the Court reserved a decision until tt-day. Thk Popular Mktbopolita* Opera Trohpk giv>** its last performance at the Navy Yard tonight, and will make Its appearance in Georgetown on Monday night VVe advise our Navy Yard friends to make the most of thein tn-nluht and our Georgetown friend* to look out for them .Monday night India Rcbbrk Goods ?We are p!ea?ed to state that novo all kinds of India Rubber goods, Including Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothing, Jcc . A.C., can be obtained in this city at manu aelMrer,t priees, at the India Rubber Warehouse, 3<? Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth strecU. oc 16-tf Noticb.?Beware of oounterr?its and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of 'heir own and oth.T artto'es on the repmation attained by Htlmbold's Extract Buehu. & pnoitive and speoifio remedy for diseases of ihe b a<'d?r, Kidneys, Gravel. D'opsy, *c, &o? Ac. Ask for Uelir hold's. Take no other. See advertisement ic another ool una. s?30 n.itiiS3? Persona desiring pennies will always find then for exchange tt the 8tar Ortioe counter. tf VW.U, On the morning of the 26'h instant, at 9>* o'olook. 81Ui\bV DsCAMP,egru <* months ai d 3 da\ s, only and beloved son of Kate S. and Charles A Chipey, U. H. Navy He took the cap of life to sip, For hitter 'twas 10 drain; He put it moeklt from his lip. And vent to sleep a am. The funer& will take plaoe from the residenoe of his grandfather, sidn- J DeOamp, on Bandar a'ternoon at 3 o'o'ook, to which tbo friends of the family are invited " On the 25*h in?t , LEVI M. O^BORN, in the 54th year ol his age. His funeral will take plaoe trom his late resid3noe. on the Pine* Branch Road, oj Sund*? morning at 10 o'olook. * On tie morning of the 28th mat, at the residence of her brother, Rev. K. R. Gurley, (No 36 Missouri av.t between and 6th at? ,) Mrs. MARY M. GILLETTE, widow of Rev. Eliphalet Gil ette, D 1>, of Haltowell. Maine, for many y?ar* Secretary of the Home Miaaionary a>ooieiy of that State. Her fnenda and those of her brotner are respectfully invited to at'end her funeral, on Monday, the 28th iaat, at 12 o'clock. * On Thursday, 34th Miss EUGENIA LOUDON. aft?r an illness of a few days, of inflammation of the bowels. Ft lends and relatives of the family are invited t > attend her funera1, at her father's resHenoe, on Uth st eet, between K and L, this aiternoon at 4 o'cook * CHR. ARTH'S CITIZENS' COTILLON BAND.?The above named, having re- BL turned from kia trip to Europe, is ready toiflH furnish mnsic for bails, part es, serenades, etc., at the shortest notioe. Enaacments oan be made lor small or large p^rtiea, at Chr. Arth'a Mkstrills arH Utlr.Hraaaiiia Ja l?... fl .a IIF..L L7UJf >U| -?? ? ??> UIOH Ufi OCUVi'Ui UU V/ Bb ? IT Mil in*ton Bank Building ; or at Jacob Arth's Park Hotel.j O0 34-1W HENRY MILLER. from Baltimore, would re p*otfnlly announce to the oitis<ns of Washington and Georgetown that ne ia ct vine LMsons in Horseback Kioing for Ladies and G*ntl<?men. aiid a ao practising in all brauohes of Veterinary Particular attention paid to offioers just entering the Army and wiitwg to l am horsemansb a 'raers to be left at No. *ttl B ?t., between >dand ?t. oc*Ht* '|i THE AMERICAN WATCH 1 HE AMERICAN WATCH m God and Silver Cases Also, I ?di?a and Gentlemen's v*ry lopertoj ! oodoot l G'Den^flJ w ?wn?i, oi mi ia'*?i impnriMioo. \Xy Wa'ohes,<?rs, Jewelry,ko ,uar&fu 1? repaired. Engraving in ail it* branobes prompt!* executed. M W. OALT k BRO, Jewellers, 364 Pa. av, 4 doors writ of oo a* 3t Brown's Hotel. | ? _ fcUTLEftft WANTED. VIREAT ADVANTAGE4 to bo found by 8utle s, and de*jer* ;p and Shoo*, at tb?JiAa NgWYORKWH >LE8ALE BRANCH I HOUSE, 349 Pennsylvaniaavenue, (<>\er^ 11 Jsnney's Shoe ^tore,* " We msaofaatura oar own Goods, and sell at Jitw Yarhptie**, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on u&nd aTaree Slook. we oan supply at a nomect a uotioe, ati? , rit? cesir d. A large assortment of 3 sole High-out shoos, and Long-leg B >ots. Sutlers hlMra.lj uoaltwitt. , A call frcm al' dealors solicited. * WHTTEHOdSE k UNCKLE9. 1W I ? itrMC. ool-la AMUSEMENTS. Theater. SATURDAY. Oetobtr 86. IflQfl BI14AIW y w>. W? i-rnMll* Wi!l app??r in two Pieces. Tlif performance wnl o(ininiemi> wir theoomedjr of ttTlLI WAl'ER RUNS DEBf. To ooEolndo w 'h the post of noNon it* ODD FF.I.LOWS' HALL! Sfvshth. Above DSt. Continued 8uoc??? of This Favorite Troops! TWELFTH WEEK of the CAMPBF.LL MINSTRELS. 1* STAR PERFORMERS. Immense Success of FRANK SWAMN. The Great Basso, from the Cooper Op*?ra Troupe. New S"*56? a.wd Amtnicis! I Concluding with *h* SOS S O P M A L T A. He-woa!d-be a Son ...F. Wyand I Adminion 25 centa. oo X R E A T EXCITEMENT AT THI N A V Y YARD! The People's Favorite*, the Metropolitan Opera Troupe Opened last night to a well filled hou?e and were received with RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE! Come to Heht andjee 1. J. A1>1)RKYVB| in his Negpo Comicalities ! Come and hear JOHN PURCELL fin* Rockvd in the Ckadlk of thr Deep. And Prof. NACHMAN, Who was received last night with such outbursts of applause, will repeat to-?ii*ht Should Auld Acquaintancr br Forgot. Don't fail to come! VV. N. WOK LEY, IWlQS-9t* Pusinflc* 4<ron? AnH Traftsurcr ^JALA NIGHT! GALA NIGHT!! ENTIRB CHANGE OF Pro3HAMMK! LAST NIGHT of the METROPOLITAN OPERA THOUPE, at the NAVY YARD! When we will offer & Bill of Rare Fxcellence. TheCharmin* BaPa^ist, JOS. WHPfAKER, will sir* Dear Mothkk, I'll Comk Homk Again ! And HARRY FENTON, Sesiso Nelly Home. The Great Pone P'ayerand Comedian, HARHYTALBUTT. wilt a-jpeir in NEW SO/YGS, DANCES, fie W. N. WORLEY, It* "naines* Agent and Trfamir??r. rOOK OUT FOR TIIF, MONUMENTA'S! J The MONUMENTAL CLUB take #JL g-eat pieatnre in announcing to tr eir frierds a* and the public in gemrs! that thov will give/?* heir thirteenth GRAND AS'KMHLv atUUMt Franklin Hall o-r 9th aid D ?ts . on MON D \ Y EVENING, Oct 8fi. Tickets 53 cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. oc 25-3t* WANTS. WANTED?* STORK, with oven attached. Ap?ly at 329 <i st, between 12th and 13th.ooS6 2t* U/ANTED TO RENT?HOITSK,fn-nishel nr unfurnished. f drlrnss A. WAIKKR. Star Office stating prto? and lunation. no2R 3t* WANTED?Two mod WMTK"a Applr im"<cdi*t?ly to T. POTKNTI Ni'S Restaurant, '279 Pa ?venue, between 10th and 11th sts. oc 86 2t WANTKD?A COI.ORKDWOMAN.with rood ref>r?nce. t" coolr, wash and iron f ra sma'l fami'y. None but a rood washer ne?d apply. C&ll at No. 429 Thirteenth st., nrar (J It* WANTKD?Two ROOMS*, with lull Board, in a eood Incalit*. lor a gentleman, !ad< and littl?ohiM. Address (stating terms, Ac ) Box 71*2, P >st Office. it* WANTKD?A female SKKVANT. cao-ble of cooking. Inquire 316J 8tre*t. oc ffi 2t WANTED?A GIRL, to do ynoral housework in a email fam ly. Apply at the Star Office. oc rs 3t* JOURNEVMKN TAI? ORS. NOTiCKWanted immediately, tf n Coat Hasd?. and f >ur Hands on Par.'aionr* H1NTON A TF.EL. 4 00 Pa ?v., oc 25 lw between 4V4 and 6th ?t. WANTKO?A first rate OOOKr WASH K R and 1RONFR. Al?o,aGirl todo ohami.erwnrk and sew. None i >it tho-e w'.o ran come V7f> 1 rAA/ saslv ? Nn A A .? <i/v*nar L'. f ? ww" umunvu U-7CU nw^ii i ? ab 11 t i ?, uui * 11? t'enth lit a d Now York &v. oo 25 ?t* WANTED?By a gentleman. a plainly furnished ROOM. wi?hont hoard. 11 a quiet retired family. As the advertiser ha? ieimre evening", he would prefer giving lesson* in phonography, Latin, Greek, modern language#, the sciences, Ac., in rsyir.ent for the rent. Address Box No. Ifc. Star ffice. _ oc 25 St* WANTED IMMEDIATELY, aFURNISHED HOUSK, contiguous to Penn"yl? ania avenue and the principal hotels. A lease for six month*, with the privilege of renewal, will !>e Uken.and payments m?de mon'h'y. if desired. Tie house should be large enough to accommodate a family of six or ei?ht adults. Address " New Yorker,"' at this offio . oo 25 St*_ WANTED-A small neatly furnished HOUSE. Address Box 677 Washington Post Office. oo 24 3t* WANTED?A una 1 HOUSE or part of ahnnse (3 or 4 rooms); nei*htorhood of Ontar Mar ket pr?f>rred. Acdress Box No IS Star Office. oo 2< 3i* WANTED?A good MILLINER. None bat the best need apply. S HELLER, No. 34 Market ap?ce, oo 24-3t* t-etween 7'.h and 8th sts. WANTED?By a gent'emtn thoroughly auaint'd with merchandising, ar,<l who can furninh the necetsary capit'l f r a vigo-ouH pro'ecution of the business, an interest in a regimental sutlership. Address "Merchant," at this uffioe. oo 24 1 w VVANTKI>~A BUGLER for the U. S S. Sloop v* Pensano'a. Apply on HoaH ("fT Alexandria). ortoF A PARKER, Executive Officer at the Navy Yard. oq.23-1 w? FBURNISHED BOUSE WANTED.-An experienced and oar?fnl housekeeper desires to rent a rented Fnrrii?h?'d Hou?e, capable of accommodating ? moderatelv sized fsrrily. Address Box 4, Star Office, stating location, description and terms. oo 19 tf WANTED?All Dairymen *a know that the Washington Brewerv having ootnm*noed brewing for the winter season, they can get Fresh Grains every dar at 4 o'olock, at '0cents per bushel. Call, one and all. C. COUNEAU, oo 10 im* Cor K and Twenty seventh ets. /-< !'TTL' D III A MTL'H r*m 11 \\T A I I 12TLV l i nn ?? i !/ v?f?n n? ?? aii ut o i r<Vy PHF.NS A CO.'S. 3?a Fa avenue. se 18 WA N TEIy-TAII.OHS, TAII.OKS -50 Ta Ion oompet?nt to work on military foods. A pply G. Wall. Stephens & Oo/s. se25 WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for which we are paying the highest oasli priees. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplun of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a ?%!!. ilONTZ It GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. I ana K ?ts. WANTED. FOR THE CASH?AH kinds of SECOND-HANI) FURNITURE ANl) HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE*. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUCTHLY, je 3 43* Seventh, between 6 and H sts. LUaT AJND ifUU JN 1). LOST.?On Monday, the 21at, on 7th street, between I and K.a pair of feOI.I) SPECTACLES. The finder will be1*,- V* nuitahly rewarded by ieavmf them at thit othoe. on 26-3t* AO REWARD ?STRAYED OR 8TOLEN& About three week ago,from the fir?t -O Btadenaburr toll gate, a black and wh Newfoundland DoG. had on leather ool- " tar with a ring tewed in. The above reward will be paid for hi* return t> the corner 24th and M ?U., No7.1. lt? mr DL" 117 a D n UT D i VLM1 J k D k I L* M v k nn a rv i/.?o i i\a i riU ui\ o 1 uuriii ? <?> > A COW. with re<i aides, white baok grfi:J| and fao?, a leather strap ronnd her nMK.jWr^ large horns. The above reward w'll bs^^A* paid for her return to ths subscriber, corner 9tli street and Maryland ave., east ot Ca?it?l oo 36 St* HKNRY KOONS. tfOUND?V 8KAL RING, with name engraved inside, also the figures 1853 The owner nan have it by identifying it and paying for this advertisement. Call at Star Offioe oounter oo 25 3t STRAYEOOR STOliKN-On the night of the 24tb instant, from the stable, Marble gv Alley, between and 6'h sts , a sorrel MAKE, about 16 hands high; had on a nev"21 leather halter; oollar rubbed on the left shoulder. Any one returning said mare will be UboraJiy rewarded. O G. TOWSON, oo 2S-3t? No. * Four and-a half st. r|1 AKEN UP ASTKAY-On the 22d initant, a 1 brown or dark bar HORSE,about four jMn old. between 15 and 16 handa higu, right hind fetiock white. Th- owner or^^ owner* art requested to eome forward, prove propoe S4-3t* No. 393 12th at. between M and N. Horse*, h??kses, horses '-a* asVTAU.D-18 HORSES 8TAM-ffv PEDED. the fitura ' i" branded on " ? ??A rig lit jaw of aaoh bora*, except one, whioh^^"la a dark aorrrl. 1 will ;>%y lb* above reward for eaoh horse delivered to Clay'a Hotel, or at my stable, at the Old Gaa Honaa. __ . _ OOH W J. H IIKWIMIS. I BLANKETS AN1> FLANNELS. HA VE on hand ft 'ftr?* a?eortiren' < F White, Bed Bl??v?r^rftiid V?iIow Fianne)a,t.e?i? C.ui.

try f atneii, Jo?y Flftnne'i m f*noj eolora, riaiu ilt<>n ftnd other good makes of Canton FUnu*l < Al?o, lied Hlanket*. Arm; B' -nkeU. *linveut'a Blanket*. at low price*. HENRY KUAN. 3U? (eouUi udt) Fft. ftv., bet. ?th and 7th eta., oo Jl-k New Iron Buildinc. / I FOR SALE ANDRENT. TO RENT?Sever*] Furn<ahed or Uafarnished ROO*8. Inquire lit 170 K ?treet, between 13th and 19th ata. It 1,'dR RENT?A mull FARM of loK>re?, ?-n the ( id B'adenebure Ro* '. 4 mi ?? f>om VV?<h i.ifton, It oontaiaa & t><su*e, with convenient out !'Uilainci>( stable, oow &rd c-v-riae" Home. alarreciatornfor* Vi*i wfvt?-,"p<-*eh orch%rfl, *c. App.y to HENRY WEST, ? ? Vir-inia ire-ue. <>c 5 3f !?>' M FOR SALE, or Fxchance for City _ Praperty. iiUiafe I in ^Miiii-ervill OMintr >j. Jerte?, containing *2 acres in a hiet; state of oult v* ti< n. jtood live! icg hoaa?, Tri'h all necessary < ut buildings, good water power, fine oroh%'d, and well-fenced, 2H mi!e* frcm Central Railroad. (6 daily tra ns) 3 miles f om Plamfield, ai?d 20 ir.iles fromJerieyC tj. Kor further p?rtieu!aM inquire of 6 W. BRAV, Jeweler, '51G Seventh st , oppose Intel igencer Offi e. rc i!> 1m* 4nnA' URD3W<ODPOR S*L.K, or the .\Mr\l FARM, of 2f0 acre*, on the oi l sta e ro.vl, ne^r pin Mi le. The four thou and co ds can be spared and cave a full supplr lor the farm. The wo<d consist! Pine, O'k, and A'h. The whole land and wood can be biiucht for 46400. One tmrri can dsli^er two cords p?r day to the army, now stationed louth of Dirges*' Farm Apply to EDWARO ?*1MMS, _oo_2a-St 390 C tree'. EfOR R KNT?One ?mal! BRICK HOUSE, on I K street, between Fith and 12th f t?. Inquire of GEO. W. STEWART,at the store corner of H and 12th *ts. oc 24 St EH1R RENT-A furnished PARL' R. with a I Chamber co'r>a,un ta?in? Also, two spacious Chambers, whio*' oommunic*t?. App Mrs. MAHCtARET SPALDING, 392 Fourth st, between D and E. With or without Board. oo24 3 * f AKGK HOUSE FOR R KNT-\o. 37, on the I t south aide of Indiana avenue, between 3d and sts . beine the enter of tha row of five brownt'ront hous?H, ?ith laree and lofty parlors opening oe to la'coHies north and couth, and other la'ge rooms, olosetx, an i every desirable convenience, and having a'so a spacious stable and carriage house in the rear on a So foot alley. Apply to i THOMAS HLAGDKN, No. 49? Seventh st. oe ?2-?aw2w FOR RENT-A HOUSE on Pennsylvania av? No. VS. with gas, and water in the yard, with I or without funiture A'so. one on H street, No. 79 Inquire of DOCTOR NKI'MAN. 76 K ?t. QO 21-,St* ' "" I IfOR RENT-HOUSK 40!i Pennsylvania ??., over the bookstore of Fr&nck Tajlor?a place for a profo?sionai mMi. ?e 4-tf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.Foar handsomely Furnished Kooms, supplied with *as and water, and convenient to the Parent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490>? Massachusetts avenue, north side, between <th and 5th sts. rnaiS BOARDING. BOARD.?Families and single gentleman can obtain very peasant Furnished Booms, with Board, on moderate terins, at .->91 and 393 C, between 3d and 4S streets. Transient and Tattle Boarders accommodated. oo 9 2w* EDUCATIONAL. PLAINFIKLD ACADEMY, Near Carljsli, I'a.?31st session (20 weeks) commerces November 4. Thorough instruction and the comforts of home. Oircu'ars at Star Office Will be at Martin's Hotel October 17th ; or address R. K. BURNS. se 30 eolm Plainfield. Cumberland oo . Pa. WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. A Boarding *nd D*y School, No. 422 Fst , between H'k and 7tk TVmkinttcn ; and i\'o. 151 West st., (stOTMiown. The duties of this Institution were resumed in September. Oirm-lars nay i>e obtained at the hook stores. or by aidres^ing the Principal se 28 eotf M. J. HARKOVKR. ^E<)ROETt7\VN ADVEKT'MTS BuckskTn gloves^ GAUNTLETS. Ao. W e call the attention of Sutlers, R?gnnenfa! 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HKR RING and ALE WIVES, 10 bbls. Crushed and Retineri SUGARS, >0 bin# Rio and Java COb ^ EK. 10 hhds.( low-priced) MOLASSES. For ca!o 1>t JOHN J. bogue. Mil T ATTENTION. LADIES! 1 HAVE Just received a large assortment of new stv!e Hoop Skirts, Balmoral Skirts, Jruvnn'< Kid Gloves (75 cents per pair.) Buck and Kid Gauntlets. best mvkes of White and Colored Corsets, Embroidered Lin?n and cambric Collars and Stta, Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs. Cotton aud Woolen Hosier; and Gloves, Ao. THE EUREKA A TTACHMENT SKI KT I would respectfully oali the attention of Ladies to the abovejn? w gk irt. 1 tic. Ally AN I AIjUS AKK? The low^r hoop, heing rouMJ and turned in front, forms a lever, keeping the ekirt in pe-fett formthereby not allowing it to hitch up or *el entangle*! in any way whatever The opeu space in front f"rmint a circle obviates all obstruction to the lt et while walking or gutting in and out of carriaprs. Owinj? to ita peouliar construction, tlie t^ndercj while sitting is to fail in a v >r? graceful position. HKNRV KG AN, 3'23 (south side) Fa. averue, oc 21-6t Now Iron Building METALLIC FOR rinBnincr. Pnlitkino a nH Praventine K Mai < VU U* A uuva M. 1 V T *V UJII This is superior to ali other oils in the world for the above purposes, as well an for macdinary and lubricating uses It is equally app'ic&b e to eualooks and sewinr machines. It is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for onlcaiice aud machinery. Principal Depot and General Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penaa. avenue, near Eleventh at. 117" Agent* wanted with teams, to supply encampments. se 24 2m Dr. m. Koch, chiropodist from paris. And from SOS Hroadway, >e? YorkBranch oftce?'240 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sts., Washington, I). C. Corns, Humous, Soft Corns, Callosities, Club Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, &c , eur*d without causing pain or inconvenience to the patient The Hoot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after th* nn^ratinn Hia I a fmtn^ An tha triotiy rula of aoionoe, such m all Efurgt-onH will app ova. flis oharge* are ^uite moderate, trifling indeed, onmpared with the relief and natiaiaotion tie affnrda the sufferer Refers to the Phjsiciana and Surgeons of this oity. Persona attended at their rooms or reaidenoea without extra charge, by leaving orders at 246 Pa. ave . bet 12th and 13th ats. oa Mm* rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beat in the World, The Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dye Known. Sold by all D run gists; also, at Hrirkton's Patent Medioine Store, t p. Patent Office, oor. F Jfc 7th, ? and at Gisbs's Hair Store, 242 P^nn'a avenue, where Ladies can have it applied, if desired. Factory?81 liaroiay at. (late i33 tl road way) N. Y. oo S-lv QUO JOHNSON & NAGLK, OUU ? No. 889 1'knnpyi.vania Avinti, sZTjJ Metweon Ninth an<l Tenth its . south side, IMPORTERS OF WlNHS, . 1QUOHS, SEUARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, SARDINES. FINE GROCERIES. AiXD SUTLERS' STORES IN O ENERAL. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAONfc-S: G H. Murom, Piper Heidsiok. Moot fc Ch&iidon. Gartier ft Co , Barat St Fagot, Touretta, Royal Grapp. Which we offer at New York Prices?freight addod. JOHNSON & NAGLE, 469 Penna avenue. Abm. M. Hininger ft Co.'s (19 wro*d sirest. New York.) World rouowned BOTTLED WlNKBtod LIQUORS, for Camp, Medioina', and FamiU use, constantly on hand and sold at New York Prices by the Caae. At JOHNSoN t NAGLE'9, 369 Penua. avenue. F1CKLE8. Pepper Ud other SAUCES. TO M ATO CATSUP. by the barrel, rallun, or dozen, from tbe oe>*brated manufactory of Fokrtnbarh k. Co., New York, at aetojuahiDclf low pricey. At JOHNSON 4 NAGLE'S. Sole A rente. also, pickled: pie feet, lamb and BEEP TONGUES. TRIPE,ete., by the barrel or half-harrei. ** 1<* COCKROACHES. COCKROACHES !-Ti e vy aubacriber *iahea reip<otfully to inform tbe ottis?na of Waahington that they oan have all inaeoia end vermin destroyed from their dwellings. Hoaiit&'s. bar rack a, hoUla, publio and privaie baiidiBga taken on oontraet and kept permanently free from kind of vermin Orotn rMBAatfuwr aph<ut*d and promptly attended to. Addrosa P. KEVNA?0.?a,U?u,n. U(i aEyNAjii) (Firm of Reynard k Co., of Nov York oity,? SOT R at., batwwan 13th and 13* ?t*. Offiao hoar* from 1 to 6 ? a- ool3-lw* JU-sT RECEIVED, onaoJ tbe largoat atooka of ^ W and K&abiouable Clothing ?T?r offered in W is' intton, whion moat be aoid within the next tfci.?> daya u> make room f">r winter good*. Poraous wanting Clothing. Fur-iisbing (iooda, Trucka, Ha a and Cap*, alioutd call aooa, aa now ia the Urae for basgauia, at No. 4W DovmUi aU, oppoai to root Oflot. oe 1-1? TEMEfiKAPHIC NEWS Fr*a> the Cpp?r Pstsnac Edward#' Fbbkt, Oct. 24. p. The rebels during this afternoon were busily engaged In and around their fort between Le*?burg and the river fronting Edwards' Ferry Tbey had previously removed their ordnance, but from tbe movements obnero-d it U'-<l hiftirnH Dittv U'?ea anusrr?/1 In rm. I j ? ?V, placing them The fort la located on the crest of the lirat range of hllla from the river, several hnndred yards to tbe left of a piece of wood*, with a breastwork connecting Itwlih and extending Into or in the rear of the wood*. To the rear of thia elevation is Leesburg. Parti-a of horsemen have at different times during the day come up to tbe forti Oration and viewed our batteries ranged alone the hills above the ferry. Between tbe llrst hill and Leeabure evidently reata a large rebel force Tbe smoke from their camp fires hoi been diacern&ble all day. It la believed. however, that their main body Ilea ne?r to and directly opposite the ferry They have not expose themselves in any force, but their pickets and small reronnoitering parties have several tinua been aeen. Daring tbe afternoon a train consisting of about 1 (Ml urnonni nrv?aAn mnm Kill " ? w ? ^vvi? u iuv>\< **i?%?>1 uhi iw mr right of Leesburg. and enramped there, under the lee of a piece of woods. Toward* dunk a considerable body of cavalry were *een approaching a firm houae near the river, a mile above the ferry, where, during the afternoon, several bodies of office hid p<.id visits. It la thought that this house ha? been occupied as a headquarters of some brigade or division. The regiments engaged in the affair of Monday have not yet completed their reports of the losst* sustained They will be msd? as perfect as possible, and returned to-morrow 1'he various regiments located in this region are endeavoring lo make tbemselvea aa comfortable aa tbe limited facilities of the country will admit Edwaips' Fkebt, Oct. 25?Last night our acoutft went over tbe river and picketed tbe abore for half a mils back, north of Goose creek Not a sign of man or bor*e waa beard, except tbe aplaab of the oara of a boat some distance up tbe river Thi< forenoon the rebel pickets are seen at various points on and near the river above tbe Ferrv: ?<>me are mount- d while otbera are on foot. No l?rge bodies have been perceived, but it Is known tbat tbey are concealed by the wooded range of hills half a mile back from the river Thf?V still rvooiinv IImi fnrt Kn? x -r, - ? -- IIUI 1II any great force, although a very heavy body lie* directly la their rear At midnight there wai continued firing at the mouth of the Monoeacy. it resulted from the shelling of a rebel rump by our batteries. The enemy did not reply to r>ur shots with anv large guns At headquarters the affair is not spoken of ;is of any great significance. The result of our firing has not yet been fully ascertained, beyond the fact that the enemy retreated from their position. Their number is represented to have been small. Private* Tuttl", Clemans, Molher, and Reymo!;d, of th<- Third Regiment Wisconsin Volun leers. were niiea; ana private Rom, company C. Third Wisconsin; Corporal Pratt, company A, Twentyfighth Pennsylvania Regiment, were taken prisoner* by the rebels Tbe War ia Missouri. gk.n thick still kktbeatlne. 3t L.ons, Oct 25?At the latest accounts Gen Price was retreating towards Greenfield, In Dade county. Gen rMgel's advanct nuard was near Bolivar on Tue?dey evening, and his main body at Quincy. Gen. Land's forces were at Osceola and Gen ^turgts' entire command was but one day's march behind Gen rMs;el was as far south as Gen. Pri"e'? rebel arm*, but some twenty five in lies eastof him, and evidently aiming for ??prini;fleld to cut off his re vr^ai Bourn wnne 'yen L.ane was only two days' march north of him. Fremont It at Pommedetta river, en route for CJtiinry. Gen. Pope was marching on Leesville, via !*edalia The trestle-work bridge erecting at Warn* wai completed, and the genernl belief was that Gen. Price would be compelled to tight or surrender. A detachment of U J*, cavalry broke up a rebel camp at Buffalo Mills on Tuesday night, killing IT and wounding a lartre num*?er. Also taking ninety prisoner* and a number of horses t?T I.oris, Oct 25.?The following is a spveial dispatch to the Democrat from Jeflerson city: Weare reliably informed that about 5.WW Confederates are congregated in and around Fulton, Callow.iv "iunty whose design is to seize some pass!nir steamer or ferry for themselves, and burn the <>aage bridge, on the Pacific railroad A formidable and vigilant^uard will be maintained at the bridge. Gen Fremont is said to have discovered 160,000 bushed of corn buried at Warsaw, and delivered it over to theU. S. Paymaster. RETofltkd TOTAL DKKKAT OV M 'CDLLOTGH's ARMY t*T Loom, Oct. 25 ?A Jefferson city dispatch to the Democrat reports that It was rumored at Tipton, and believed, that Lanesnd Montgomery navr inwrcepien Aicuuuougb's rebel force and cut bis whole army to piece* fight in carrol countyPt Locis. Oct 24 ?Col. Morgan, with two hundred and twenty uien of thp 19th Missouri regiment, and two pieces ol artillery, bad a fiyht with lorae four hundred rebel?, on Big Hurricane creek. Carrol county, last Saturday, killing fourteen, taking eight prisoners, end putting tbe balance to flight. Col. Morgan had fourteen wounded. Important Telegraphic Achievement?Cam pieties af the Telegraph ta the Pacific tHft, Ntw York. Oct 25 ?The following congratulatory dispatch, signalizing the completion of telegraphic communication between the short* of tbe Atlantic and Pacific oceans, was received this afternoon: San Francisco, California, Oct. 25 To the Mayor of New York Saa Francisco to \'hW York apnrl* C/r?*?tin<w unH ^Aiwrratnlaloa her on the completion of the enterprise which connects the PaciUc with the Atlantic! May the prosperity of both cities be increased thereby, and the projectors of this important work meet with honor and reward [Signed ] H. F. Tkscrmatkk, Mayor of San Francisco. Salt Lake City, Oct. 25 ?The pony express passed here at f> o'clock p m ., with San Francisco dates to the afternoon of the 9th instant. ..M , ~ 1 *1 JA-*- -?- -A? * * m uc vuiciai rourim ui me siaw election err jug* announced The wbele vote cast It a fraction under 120.000. Sandford, tbe republican candidate for Governor, received 56,036; McConnell, I Breckinridge,) 32.651; Convene, (I'niou democrat,) 30<**> Capt. T. J Steeple*, commanding tbe steamer Pacific, win shot at Portland. Oregon, on the 10th instant, while aiding to arrest a gambler. He died a few days subsequently Gen Sumner will leave on Monday, 23d inst , bv steamer, for Washington.with nine companies of regulars ur.der his command, who jfo to New York. One thousand Ur.ited States arms go forward by the name steamer. Arrival ! the Keystcae State with the Prize Slramer Sairtr. Philadelphia, Oct 25 ?The U. 8. steamer Keystone State, with the prize at-ampr Salvor la tow, arrived at the Navy Yard at 6 o'clock this evening. When oil' Cape Hattrraa. on Monday, ahe encountered a aevere gale, lasting until Tuesday. during which the Keyatone State separated from the prize, in charge of Lieut Donaldaon. The prize drifted to the weatward and the steamer to the eastward, aeparating them 176 mi lea before the steamer could go in search of her When found ahe waa steering lu the direct course. The Keyatone State left Philadelphia on the 19th of J uly, and hax aince traveled fifteen thousand mile* in search of the pirate Sumter. Shearrived at Port-au-Spaln live days after the Sumter left She heard of the Samter at Surinam, where she was from the 19th of August to the 1st of September. The Keystone State arrived at Surinam on the 19th of Sept She spoke the US steamer Flag off Charleston on last Saturday?all well. | From ( air*. Cairo. Oct '24 ?Col. Buxford and Capt Dresxer, of lien McClernand'a ataff, accompanied by several other gentlemen, went to Columbua yeaterday on tbe propeller Sampson, for the purpose of effecting an exchange of prisoners. Tbe party were cordially received by tieneraia Polk and Pillow. Sixteen prisoners were released The town of Columbua is well fortified. A battery of eight 32-poundera ia placed on the upper end. two forta are being built a mile and a half above the town, but no guna have yet been mounted The number of rebel* at Columbua la not over ten thousand. - - Fram Eirtyc. St. John*. Oct. 25.?The ateamer Cltv of Baltimore bu been intercepted off Cape Race, with Liverpool advice* to the llilh ln*t The Karl Ruaaell in a speech at New Carte deplored the ?tate of aflfetra in America He aaid that England had no reason to interfere, butshould watch the courae of affairs, and if able, interfere in the cause of freedom and humanity He aaid Ue could *ee no Lurmony either by the surrender or subjugation of the South. Sreadntuft closud buoyant. Provisions clowd dull. RtiiilitUn PtaaiylTultlw TrilHiUaauscao, Oct H ?The War Department made a requisition on tbe Governor, to-day. for vr compjDtM of heavy artillery, and aaked that Col An^mthe of Philadelphia, ahali en llat and roruirenil tben? Tbe bovtroor approved of tbe rtquulliou, aud ?Le conipaulta are to be enllbied. I aui?t>i?(c<i. r^uirit-d nod armed by tbe >. I voTrruwot, uiidtr tbe order of tbe 45th of > .1 tember, aa contained la tbe proclamation. j ?? mrnrn^mm SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK P. M. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. SO BATTEBiia AT MATTHIAS POIHT. Ara'.atant S?:retary Fox returned this nigral from Fortress Monroe H? lefl there reeterdef. He reports that there are no guns whatever la battery at .Matthias Po.nt Thoee that were recently there were evidently field pieces, w? trmm* tit m. A livttw. Gen. McClellan. accompanied by bis staff, pre* ceeded across the Potomac tbla forenoon, tore* view the division of his army command'*! by Gen. Flti John Porter KLICTSD We bear tfcat Joseph 8e*ar. Eaq , waa elected to Congress yesterdsy, from tbe Hampton (Vs> district. i*. F. Beach received all tbe voles catf la tbe Alexandria district OFFICIAL liroiT or THE A FF All OF TBI IIIH* RAM u.S Ptsaxabip Ricawo<n>, > S H" Pan ?/ M ttttt>fft htvtr, Oct. 13, V Sir: I have the honor to mike the following report : At 3:45 a. m , Oct 13, 1-41. while tbe watch on deck were employed In tak ng coa1 on board tbe acUrnuur Joseph H Toone, a rant wm discovered In el?se proximity to this ship By tbe time (be alarm could be jflven ah* had strnck tbe ablp abreaat of tbe fore channels. tearing tb? *<booner from hf fa*ts and forcing a bol? through lbs ah'p'* side Passing aft, the ram Md^arorfd to rftct. a breach In the stern, but failed Thre* plank* on the ship's sldf were stove in. about two feet below the water line, making a hole about live Inchea lit circum'erence. At the flit alarm, the crew promptly and coolly r?palred to their Quarter*, and as the ram passed abreast of tbe ship. tb? entire n?rt battery was discharged at her, wlttx what effect it was impossible to discover, owing to tbe riarknets A J ll-L* .L. . A * t a rra inui waiiiuwg hkiikhisi ' ginnir, ? and the ?quadron wu under weigh la a f"w minute. having ullpped their cables 1 ordered tb? I'reblf and Vlncennes to proceed down to fee Southwest P*as. whil- I covered their retreat, which tfcev did at about 4 SO a on At this tlar>? three large fire rafts. stretching across the rlw, were rapidlv nearine us. whil? sevral large steamers and a bark-rigged propeller were seen astern of tbem Tbesqusdron proceeded down the river In the following ord-r: First, Preble, second. Vlncennes; third, Richmond; fourth. Water Wit h. with the prize-schooner Frolic la tow When abreast of the pilot settlement, the pilot Informed me tbat be did not consider It sate to venture to turn this ship In the river; but that he believed he could passover the bar I accordingly attempted to pass orer the bar with the squadron, but in the passage, the Vlncennes sad Richmond grounded, while the Preble weat over clear This occurred sbout 8 o'clock, and the ? ? ? ? ?? ?' ilntsrn t kc ?<H*r Willi #M riicmy wuu wnc hvw uu??h ?.??. ? ?? ateamer*. commenced firing at ut, whtl# we returned tbe fire from our port bsttery and rifled pun on the poor?our shot however, falling abort of the eremy. while their ahell buret oa all aides of iia. and several passed directly over the ahlp. At about 9 3<i Commander Handy, of tbe Vtncennes. mistaking mv alirnal to tbe ships outad* the b 'r to ?jet underweigh for a a trial for him to abandon his ship, came on board tbe Richmond with all his officers and a large number of the crew. the remainder having gone e<i board the Water Witch Oapt Hindy bffore leaving his ship bud placed a lighted slow match at tho magai'ne Having waited a reasonable time for an explosion. I directed Commander Hmdv to return to bia ship with bia crew?to start his w?ter, and. If ne<?ssary, at his own request, to throw overboard his amali guns, for tbe purpose of lightening hi* ship, and to carry out his kedge with a cable to heave off by. At 10 a m the enemy cewd firing, and drew up the river Daring the engagement a abelI entered our port-quarter-port, and one of the boa to was stove bv another shell, At 10 3l> a.m. diepatched Acting Master Devens, of the Vlncennes, in the Frolic, with orders to the Sooth Carolina, in Barataria B^y, to come down to oar asslstanae At 1 p. m made a *'earner standing down from Pass al'Outre towards us, which proved to b? the prrav transport McCleltan with Enlield guns from Fort Pickens for thif ahlp. At4 p m aentthe Water Witch down to Barataria Bav for the South Carolina and Huatavllle, with orders to order the latter to Pass al'Outre and the former to this place At ftp m received on board the guns and ammunition from the McClellan. My object In despatching the Water Witch for the above named steamers waa for the purpose of having them up as soon as prwible, and to send tbe II untsville to guard Pass al'Outre and the South Carolina to assist In towing tbta the VinranriPt rtfPf fW. to DTCTfllt ber bHnz flrrd nnd sunk. I Lave this morning iDTwiM in getting this ship over the bar The McClellan and Booth Carolina are using all expedition to get the Vlncennes off The Nightingale U hard and fast ashore. to the northward of the bar. 1 hare succeeded In reducing the bulk of the ship, ao that our small engine* keep the ship free This la only temporary, and the ship will have to go to some place and have three plank* put In. I have received the rifle gun*?placed tfe>- 34-ponnder on the forecas<le and the 12-pounder on the poop. The coal schooner Joseph H Toone fell Into the hand* of the enemy, having about 15 tuns of coal on board Could I have powibly managed this ahip In any other way than keeeplng her head up and down th? river. I would have stopped at Pilot Town to give battle ; but tbia was found too bazaraoua, owing to ber extent:ve length The attempt wu made, but tbe broadaide could not be brought to bear without running tbe ship aahore I then concluded, aa advia-d by tbe pilot, to ran for tbe btr and truat to cbaace of fludlng water enough to crcaa ? # * In narrating the aff iir of the river. I omitted to ata'e that the ram aunk one of our large cuttera. ar.d a shot from the enemy a to re the gig I am plraaed to say tust the Vincennea la afloat, and at anchor outside on our atarboard quarter * * Very reapectfully, your obedlerv errant. (Signed) Joh* Pops, Cajtala To Flag Officer \Vm W. McKaxs, commanding blockading squadron. LATEST MEWS nr THL.MHxn.Jirn. FROM FORTRtS# MONROE. THK GREAT NAVAL EXPEDITION ABOUT TO SAIL. Baltihokb, Oct !k> ?The old Point bwl thin morning brings the following: Fortress Mosim, Oct 25?The expedition will sail to-morrow, unless (he weather should prevent it, the arrangement* been nearly completed After Its departure a full list of the vessels comprising it will be furnished. Nothing new has occurred In the vicinity of U'fl Point. Tt>? Cambridge la In from the blockade ofl Beaufort The Albatroaa lost two men drowsed In a fruitless attempt to land a few men south of Beaufort. Lass of Oral* Vessels Lakt Haroa Detroit, Oct 24 ?'I be acbooners Wm Nrtsod, Flying Cloud. L M Mason, Ualoa, E J. Gray, A Carson, and three others moms unknown, ail ?ra1n laden and bound for the lower lake, went ashore on Presque Isle, la Lake Huron, on Tuesday night. The three Irst named will prove a total loss Male of a Railroad. Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 21 ?The Plttabary. Fi rt Wavne and Chicago railroad was sold at auction here to-day, for t2.0(l0,0U0, to J. P. D. Lanier, for the purcbaalng committee, aad tho sale has been confirmed by the oourt Congressional NsalaaUta Boston, Oct 24?Tbs Republican convention of the atb Congressional district to-day nomlne'ed M r Samuel Hooper for the vacancy caused by the resignation of Hon Wm AnnWtnn ARTIFICIAL LKGB AND HANDS. Selpho'i Patent Elastic Lag A Hand. No. 516 Beoadwat N?* >ou. These rivalled (* lo* iiafes. wtaioh ton ttooo the Mat of ow tl jmn **Mri euoo. ?n<3 iw J***" * ** oniTof vVM.tefc.LPHO PttmtM, 416 Broftdwty. M?w Yorfc. ?*m? C OFFICERS ANU S0LD1EKS. Sight dr^ts aoidontn nr of u* u*it*d teiaf*. in hm to ?uU oibo?r? *00 n'*. Ai*o. Draila t>o London, lr??nd, Aootiand, " kH Germany- Cncurront mon y bought ?t b*?t r?tr?BvtfcTENY, KITTEN Hul'sfc, PaNT A CO.. o* H-liw B*nlr?r?. P*. w . >w>r RrdTTiV rmr ?uiki ? t *_ i ! >. ^ 1 ?BOjcnb?r baU obtain.d from the Orpbafc'a Ooart of Washington Ooiaiy, in tha DUtriat o( Oolaabia. lafcer? .4ao miration an the p?r?opd ettateol Juna k?at,ooanty MMMt All >wn>m baring t iftin1 tb? aaid dacea??*l are hereby warned t? ?*hi M th# W*. viMi the V. tbar^c;. in Um eatxeribr, oa or baf>r? the N*?cU?itli 4 k/ of Ott.-bar ?ft: tfcfl m?T otherwise by taw .< axoiaiad from all baaaflt of the ia>d Mta a Givan uiide: my Ua?j Ui**?y**taafth dM ofOatnf,-v m L tar*. LUCT w| KKi RR, oe 'I <av3w* idaiiubitril ^awa?aai??ux'sswi! ISMt. WHB * i#" '

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