Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. EKOUNU AMD FRA.UK. A Southerner Hold to Davit came And said?'-The South la all of a flame? *Tta uaeUaa for us to hold the forta, While Lincoln's ships bl<vkad? our porta; ^ hat are you doln>>. Lord Davia, a%v, To drive these insolent ships away ?" Then Davis, eyeing the speaker aaksnce. Bald?''We hope for ahlps from England and r riucf " Then the Southerner bold went on to say, "Lord Dtrli, cannot we get our pay * People are quarreling, so they say, who shall get the bonds of the C.8 A <'ui clotbea are worn and our shoes In bolea? The?e are the time* that try men's tolct Then Davis, eyeing the speaker askance. Bald?"We hope for money from England and France!" Then the Southerner's votce again was beard? 'Secession baa never been referred To *he people's vote at the polls," said be,? 'We have no recognition at home, you see ; Lincoln saya It la all sedition? How shall we get a recognition ?" Then Davis, evelng the speaker askance, Said? We hope to get It from Eu:?laud and France!" ixo lue CTimoemri ooia, wjtn flashing ey?-s, Answered?-'Such conduct I despise: You put your trust in England and Franca To fcelp you through this fantastic dauce. I've no faith in those who don't understand To trost for help in their own right hand. W# mast b? fallen low indeed, If we stand of foreign aid in need ; Moreover, we have not the slightest chance Of obtaining these things from England and France" Preserving Fruit. There is nothing so badly needed aui< ng fruit-raisers, as a certain method of preserving their fruit. Some people are very successful in their efforts, while others, the groat majority, totally fail to save their apple* and pears wpeciallj the latter, for any lengthened period. Grain, bran, ohiff. neat, shaving*, sawdust, Ac., have all been used with more or less satisfactory results. Laterly land yfuster has been introduced, and is spoken of very favorably, and wj have no doubt justly, Its nature would seem to point it out as well adapted to this purpose, when the fruit is packed in barrels or other vessel*, and separated well by plaster. On farms, where plaster is annually applied to the grass, corn, Ac., it is only necessary to purchase it_a few months in advance, as it will keep without deterioration any length of time. It is said that upples can he preserved until May, in perfect condition and flavor- It is not too late to act upon the hint, this season, with respect to apples.? Cermantourn Telegraph. FA>aio.NA*Lf. Diseasb ?The day when i? Wai considered interesting and lady-like to be always ailing is gone by. Good health, fortu uately, is the fashion. A ro?v i-h?rt is nn longer considered ' vulgar.' and a fair, ?hapeJy allowanee of flesh on the bones is considered the "style." Ferhaps the great secrct that good look? cannot exist without good health, may have had something to do with 1he care now taken to obtain it; whether this be so or not, future generations aro the gainer*, all the same A languid eye and a waxy, bloodlew complexion may go begging now for mdmiration The "elegant stoop' in tne shoulders, formerly considered so aristocratie, has also miraculously disappeared. Women walk mors and ride less; they have rainy day suits ?f apparel, too, which superfluity was never "known tn #riet ?fnfA?ime innakin* * l~ ~ _ W.<-i wviiuv. OUUOUIIIO l/^IUJ^ IliO only atmosphere in which the human butterfly was supposed to float In short, the "fragile women of America" will soon exist only jn the acid journal of some English traveler, who will, oi course, stick to the bygone fact u a still present reality, with a dogged pertinacity known only to that amiable nation. Fantt Fku*. Cr There being the present time an extra- | ordinary demand on the New York ratials for transportation facilities, the Rochester 1'tiion a: d Adv> rtiser urge* that a larger forcc should be employed whenever there is the lwBt tendenrv to delay for the want of sut&cient force to operate the leeks, and to keep the banks in ord?r. fTT" Minister Harvey writes that the Portuguese trov(>rrm#n( haM "t *? ?* ?K* ? * i ..m *??? ^it?u vuc i/ uikt'i otatea ^i cm privileges in the importation of grain The remoral of old restriction* will be productive of great benefit to tbe produeting classe* of this country,, as It indicates the opening of a wide market for our breadstufta f,r7* Tbe ahipmecta of domestic product- from tbe |"?rt of New York, for the week just ended, have been larger than for any previous wc k in the history of the trade, tbe total l*?ing nearly lour mlllton dollars! Larjre quantities of ammunition and store* for the Government are being shipped to St Louis bv railroad ?Lf ED1CAL DEPARTMKNT OF GEWRGE1?1 TOWN COLLEGE. Wtkinttom Cut. Comer of Fand Twelfth tJufion of l*61-'62. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLE YOUNG. M. D.. Prw???or of Pnnoi?!?? and Practice <>f Mcdtome. J<?Hr*SON ELIOT, M. 1'., Profeaeor of PrmriDlss and Praotioe of Surgery. JAMES E MORGAN, M.D.. Prot?aeor of Materia Monica and Fherapsutioa. _ . J. M. SNYDER, M. D., Frofeaeor of Obetetrio* and Disease* of Women and Children. _ , THOMAS ANTISELL, M. D. Protestor of Me*ioai Chemistry.Toxicology, and Physiology. ' J E. W1LLE1T, M D.. rW>mor?fr>tnr nf An?iA.rB r~r The obair of aoatomy to be filled. Tns k??ciob wi!' oommence 011 the 22d of Goto ber aod sod in M&roh following. For fnrth-T in nrnution a*ldrm? JOHNSON ELIOT, >1. U . Pe&n of the Faculty, 40b F atreet, between 6th And T'.h ata. %u 6-lawtNovl* I^HtS PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORK, No 460 Seventh at., ia the pi&oe to bay tout Clothing, Trunk*. Hau Mil C?y?. t>o 1 lm T|Ur<ttlTB 6DNPOWDEK, *J For a*-* it mAnniaotcera pr<oee, try JOH?f J. B06UE, GicunovrM) C? ScU i/aut for ikt Dtitrut Ceium^**. A large ioh r< embracing every variety, ?tw*y? MM?i, and delivered free to aU earn of the Dutnet Order* nu aao be left at theoAoeof A ciarr.a' KirMi Cokmit. Wuh!nrtoc. D. C. fa Hi?l? j^c?vs vwauo r vn r rt i iWil? ri/R Qiiafr?ri?i}i?f'j, GJlf* V. S Mar me C?rr??{ WniMUte*, September-25.1861. ( ?iK? P*oro?AL? wiil be received at th'i oftoe, tn?- * lb day ot Ootober text a' U o'oiock,n> , f<T fnr!ii?kmj rtuou to the L. S. M*iiwe?. at tbe Joitow'oi iiauoui. daMag the year idt-'. via: Foruinuu'h, N-w Hampshire; CHar.mown, MaatachaaetU; Brooklyn, Long l*lacd. Mew York; PM'ade!ph<e. Fetifciylvania, "VaahipiSrn. Dumot of Col ataxia. Jtaeh ration to constat of tBree-?arter? ol a p .unci r>{it?m pork.Gr laoon;or oneand-a fourth pound* of freait or aaii beef; twenty-two ?uuo?>? or bread, wade of extra superfine fljur, or la lieu tnereof twenty two ounce* of extra auperfac* flour; or one toikd of hard bread, at the option of the 6o?emm?at; and at the rate of eight quart* of beat white wiwu** vi iu iicu uioioui mju pouwn ok rice; ?sn a^ucds of good ooffee, or 10 lieu thereof one tad & saif poanda of tea; fifteen pounds of good New Ortaaaa aasar; foar q jarta of vinegar; one poand of sperm eandiee. or one-?nd a fourth pounds of *da*Mctice eandlea. or one-and-a-ti&ll pouudr of ?o..d ttard dipped tai.ow oandis; four poand* good, aard, ' 'own soap; two aoaru of aalt; and one hundred and hfty-SLX poaods of potatoes, to eaoh hundred radioes. las moraaaad ai.owatoa of to?y oanoea of floor or bread, aad Uxa aiiowanoe of potatoes, aa above provided, will aaasi. at the termination of the freaaat laaarreotion, and the ration be aa provided rTjaw and regulations, on the lat of Jaly, 1M1. Trie beef skan b? delivered on the order of tae ?om? oAosr of esoa atatioa, either in balk or hy the ?iag.? ration; aad shall ooasist <> t?e . - v?* miw me >ori rolA^imMt ** ?00jra>*-1<*i ?>T til* following Tbo ??<w?tiVl ??, ,n the State *>( ?r? P4 ?v?(;? ???*? ?t?te oi ?, hecoby taaranty that to dm the foregoing bid of for ration*, ae above deeorihed, he tMMkd, he or Utfy will. within ton daya aAer the receipt of the oon tract at the Poet Oft o* um?t, icon* Um eootraet for the MM,vi?k good and uft<*?r.t ?j'?tie*.andia out aaid ? shall fai. ito eater 1:1 to (oi'JMt as aforesaid. we ? uaranty to make good the ditf?r?noe between the oftr ofthe aid ? ?&d that which mar bo aoerpted. A. B., Guarantor. Witaoes: C D., Guarantor. K. F. 1 hereby oertify that the abore named -?? IW. la?T| to me ae men of property and ablo^to jm*" iwv uwir ihiuIM b r*1 (7 *? iu?W hi tk* Unutd Statu rhttric* J."***' VmtUd Suit! District Att?rm?v. if GMtCtmr.) No aropoacl will be oooatdarml uoioaa aooo*. > ptmH by the abura laaraatM. (Niiimiiw M*hori*<v.t to Mbliaii f ftbov* ?Ji nh t?" KH' oDtatmna the &;?t laatrbou to uJ4 uAm for axASiinaUoa ) Prnpoaaia to b* endort'd "Propoatla for Ration* for lUZ,** wd addroaaod to Ui aaTT l*w4w Major and cjaartormaitiri HAIR STORK, r IR&mj?hY, y-' Bf?AjjwflfiYksVW g?. iLf WIOS, FklZETTr'.S, Ao A fail atoo* 1 aJvayi OB bail, or mm* to ordar at cka ?kcru*i M'H Kau Wort ra?%iraa or ay?M>?*d. . _ < jjyj- Uoaa' HalrSraS la tVa ^oatyUral _ , _ _ _ DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Bttwwn Ninth and Tenth Btreeta aa ?- *nJm m f TEETH. [?1 LOOMI8, M. D., the lnreutor and patentee ot:a. MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at ten<1> peraonally at hia oT.ce .n thia city MM Many peraona nan wear theae teeth who^ ' '? aannot wear ottera, and no poraon oan wear othera who o&nno? Tear theae. peraoaa coJlinc at my office can be aooonimoaated *itn in* >r< r trJ erion nf TAath iku h ?.... ? - W' ? ? ?? *? M'J IM?/ UC1IIO, hat to those wno are particular and wish the purest, clearest, atronceat, and moat perfect denture that art o&a prod nee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fulij warranted. fooma in thia oity?No. 33S Pa.&vecne, Setweei and 19th ata. Also, 907 Arch attest, Phi.ade; ?>U*. OS If -tf ~~ GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM t. DOVK * OO. RK Now prepared to execute any snlsra with whioh be favored tn the FLUMBiNO, ?AS OK STEAM F1TTINB BUSINESS. fT7* Store on ?tb atreet, a tew doors north of Pa. ?Te;.nt, whore nurbe fosnd a compete assortment ?f CHANDELIERS and ether SAS, STEAM ana WATER FIXTliRK.fl. la>7-1 t ISNYDEK, PL VMBKR AND HAS FITTER, Haa removed to the corner of Twelfth and F its. He ia prepared to intrcdnoe Water and 8as uton the moat favorable terms, and guarantiee entire satisfaction. Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, which he will eeil leaa than ooat, aa he w:she* to get rid of theia. no 11 We AS FIXTU RES. E Hare m store, and are dai y receiving, BAB VIX TOHBS of entirety New Patterns and Deaiens end Finish. superior in atyie to anythinK heretofore effer d in thia market. We inviteoitixena general ly to and examine oar stock of Ilea ann Water Fix irea, foeiin* oontident that we hare the boet aeleoted stock iu \\ &ahinct?n. A' Work in the above line mtrnated to ear care will to promptly attended to. MYERS * Mo?HAN. arttf 376 Detreet. f\FFICE OP INSPECTOR AND S&ALJJR V9 OF ?AS METERS, Washirvtoh. Jaiy It, lift. NOT JOB IS HEREBY GIVEN, Tbat.acreaably to the proviuona of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May IX, 1530, the nnderaicced la dow prepared, "whenever r6nired in writinr, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty eect?. to inspect, examine, t?et,_prove, aod aaosrtain the aoeuraoy of recutraCon oi any cu meter in see in thia oily." Every mMer, tfiouud moorreot, will to condemned ud another, aealed and marked a* true, will to Mt is i>i place. If proved to to aooaraie in ita raeaenement of gaa, it wiii be acalec accoa.ujly, ann arain tat in position for oae. OAce No. ilO gaventh aire?*, fnear Odd F?l. wa'Hall.) Open from I a. m.. to 4 a.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, \j It tf lnctoetor ft Seal?r of 8?a M?t?rw. WALL. STEPHENS & CO.. 338 I'lRMTlVAKU Avutll, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READV-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTKNSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, _ (Intel. St. Repub.) Army blue cloths andcassimerks, Aiialiti^a L->/v<R i A a ?mm ^uoiiucq tui \mii'CIBCrav&U, I'ockAt Handkorohiefs. Gloves. Suspenders, I mbrellas, I'D'lershirts ft'd Drawers, Ao. One pnod on! j, marked in p'&iu figures. PERRY A HRO.. oo!>-St Pa avenue and Ninth st._ rfi CARRIAGES. 1 HE Subrcril or uavitg ir.&de addition to hu factory, uiak ing it now one of the largest - amg in the Lhstrict, where h<s fac.ilitierBvOK'V tor manofaclurmg CARRIAGES ar.d ? LIGHT WAGONS of e.U kinds oaonot be snr | packed, and from his long experience in the business, he hopes to kivo genera! satisfaction. AH kinds of Carriages and Ltght Wagon* kept oo hand. All REPAIRS ne^ly dene, Red all orders prnmpuy Biienaea i". Second hand C*rria*e? tak*n in ?*ch%ni? fer now oon, ANDREW J. JOYC5E, rl 1* tf of Fo?rtft#pth and r ?f. rfjjjSll 1> I L L I A >1 D 8 ! PCrul Th? lovers ? of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will bud in kMniPU'd I.MMV 1?A? r o ft inn im iili? Corper o loans) lvan;a avenue and 11th street, (south side.) tiro of the most admirable TABLKS in the United t?t*te?, with every comfort and convenience auStf for the pl&yers. WATCH RliPAIRINfi AN03ILVER.WARK MANUFACTORY. I I have one of the be?t establishments, and f urnished with a complete set of to?Is for repair- .JtN. | ire every description of fie Watches, and K.rticair.r *tto-u-n five to the came, by OS "Orb OOrrr?A!pntTr.rLn>*n * ' <* - ?"-w __? ... r..v. - I> w< ikiuia^HUU U. WVIK U1QKAIJ tj<si Also. evury ile?crip ton of standard SILVER W; RE. plainandornamental, manufacturednrnlej m? own rnp?rviaui>, wiuch mv customers will find far superior in and finish to northern ware old by deaiera in ;encral and represented ai their ewn manufacture. H. O. iiOOD, ?? < V^* Pa. ar?me. n**'*th |?OR FIEl.D f*EKVICE.?Heavy Grey and r B.own Mixed Blanket*, that weigh from6 to 7 p< u'ds p ?r pair, a very scarce article Alw, fin- Bed, Crib, and Cradle B ankets, all ems. '!aMet!!ot s, Sheetings, Filiow Cottons, .Napki-e, Tcsre'i, 4c. With al! other kinds of Bry Roods for the genera! and spwsiai wa-its of families. oarpaU, Curtains, Oiloloths, Rugs, Ao., upper floors. Une price only, marked in plain figures l'ERKV ft tfKOTHER, Pi iv*nna ?* ? ?? ? > u v i?li? 1' ia?'l BV,| oc 17 " 1'erry Buil?lioK." 'T'HtS iiUHOHKAN HOIfcL. KKPI BY T, 1 EMR1CH. nt the ocniflr of Penn.fl . ? A itw!1? and Eleventh MrMt, hc.i ItMnW&y freatiy improved recently atd now offer*JawBX fra?ter ir:duo?me:.U for th* pairocago of eiHieai and itrarc^ra thin any other aublio huuae in the city, hi* jricr? bsint lee? than tiioao of aay otber hotel os Pesn. avenue, ar.d hi? aceomir odr>tioi? (or permanent or transient boarderi aae.rnijtionai'le. 7he bar ad re??urac' ar-ar.f er.onU of the Kurc*e*n ttcie't are a'r.'-ady fc-oon-? rrry popa lar. beic{ t..1 taatcaa l>9 deaired bt the rr.n?t '? ucioaa. The aroertetor aledj-s nnrexlt^i attentio: and continued liberal ejt^adi'uret to (ifeui.*faotu>n to all.and re 2 ewe his mTitatioa *# a'I to nrn the fioroaean Hotel * o?:i. d?t 4-1* ^ U N BO ATB (rtntraPs QJU?, I Wnsktntion City. July 18,1861.\ Plan* a*D {JpiicincATioHs for bulla of Qun Boaia lor the Weatern nvere are on exhibition at this office, and at offloea ot Qoartermaotera at Pittahurg, Cinomuati, 8t. Lonia at! Alton. B-7M3 to be dolivered at Cairo. Side ahou'd be acnt to Onarterm**ter l?ei:"ral of the United Stataa Army, at Washington, by lat Aucuat, at noon. M. C. MEIGS, jy ! Brn. Gen'l and Quartermaster 66n'l. UNION PAPER AND ENVELOPES.-TwentT Jiffereut atrlcfc of Note and Letter Paper, with Enve'oaoa to matah. Viewa of Waahinttcn in the form ol a Rose, and in 1 ~ ,H ivmi i oiiU| WMIMl AH the Dm It a; <1 NVe?k:y P%pera oonstantly on hied. Herald, T:mes,and Tribune received every bifht at 6 o'clock. Papers fmm all parts of the country. Be&dle's Oim? Novels and Bong B>oka. A fresh supply of Book* for summer reading, A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Reid'a Book a, Rcllo Books, Abbott's Hirtories. Ac. A discount of 10 to 50 per oent, ou all bound oooks FRENCH A R1CHSTKIN, ma 28 National Hooks tore. UT3 Pa. av. 1CASH NOTICE. N Conse^uenoe of our bavinr to pay oasfi for very artioie of goods we purchase, we are foroed to rsuuoe our bitiiMM to Cash exclusively, for the present. We have in store a very large assortmeal of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are selling at a much lower rate th&n usually. WALL. STEPHENS & CO.. 339 Pa. avenua, between 9th and lota et?, ley (lot?I.A Repnh.) \1 At'-* OF THE SKAT OP w Ai.?a ~i? iti Map of the Seat of War for only 5 oents. Also, Pocket Maps of all kind*. Boidiers' Camp Dressing Cases from #840 to At. Blank Book* and Stationery of ail kinds, Fiag Paper and Envelopes. Flags, Banner* and Bad gee. Views of W ashing toa, American and Foreign Magasines, Daily and Weekly Papers. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'8 National Bookstore, ml (Intel, k Repnb.) aT* Ha. avenne. W" K OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large assortment of 6 R K Y and BLUE FLANNEL QVER-8H1RT8, WHITE 8HIRT8, DRAWfc-RS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, to,, whion ve .uvite all oash purchasers to examine before making their selections. wall. Stephens * co., 388 Pa. av.t between 9th and 10th sts. ing (Intelligencer and Re?nb)ioan.) M?arEfc Pur*M and Poltt?SH$\? match. JvSw<iSZrafc^BS*,l? * ?? ??" .m *Nca Msgf * ^rs?lS&f&w fefei^vr ny ?vram, ifor1' * 0*'^ W?n*. ?*? . ^^TnrcmprfBgT^F thicit? in New Mmno*, Irish Po?fco.. upper ?oor** pa. inaii *od NinU>?t, ooMM -Fwr* buudin.. " Thej go right to the Spot." INSTANT RKL1KF BTOP \ OUR CORSH PUR IF V YOUR BR RATH STRENGTHEN VOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS.I 1U GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, OOQD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTITES. GENTI.EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIKS ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. I They raheve a Couth Instantly. ' They olear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioa. They impart a delicioua aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and oannot ba/m any one. I advise every one who has a' Cough or a Husky Voioe.or a Bad Breath, or any diffionlty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with roe that "they go richt to the spot.' You will find them very asefol and alearant while tr.welini or a'trnidinn public rreetings, for stillinf your Con?h or allayinc your thirst. If you try on? p.vck^f1 ain *afe is saying that you will ever af terwards ooneider them indispensible. You will hud them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medicines PR ICE TWENTY FIVE CENT8. My sixnature is on eaoli package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re ceipt of 1 liirty Cents. Address, HENRY C SPALDINQ, r*o. lihUAK 8TKEET, NEW YORK. los? NervousHeadachtmot ^ <U MniS Headache. 07 the ase of these Pills the periodic attacks ? | *r Ftik r^ay be prevented; and 1 taken at the oommenoement oJ an attack immediate relief from H<n and sickness will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the and I'fd/ttk* to Which females are ro rabjeot They aot gently afon the bowels, -removing Cfi For Littrmry Aim, Delieate Females, and all persons of itUntmry habits, they are rsJaable f s a Larmtrvi, tsr proving the mrrtHti, gifiug trn* and minor to the digestive orgacs, and re storing the natural t iastioifr acd strength of the WliVIO B ? Hi fill. Tlie CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of Ion* investiiatton and oarnfully oondnotiwl experiments, ha*ini l-?en id at* many ye*r?, dnrini whioh time ther have proreuted and relieved a vaet amount of pasn and snflTorinf rem Headache, whether ori|lnatinx in the ntrvovt system or from a deranged tale of the ttommtk. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposltion. and may b? taken at all times with perfeot safety withont m&kinx any chanie of diet, and lk? mhjtnri 4/ any difgrtfablt MfH randirt it Miy Is s^mmuiit I turn to tkildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! ?ne genome have fire signatires of Honry C. Spr'dinc on eaoh Box. Bold by Druggist* and all other Dealers In Mercians. A Dos will be sent by mail ?r*t*i4 & reeetpte tk? PRICE, ** CENTS. AU erdcre shosld bo addressed to HENRY C. ?PALDIN?, 48 Cidak SniiTi Niw Yon. >tmn tki Eummimm, Norfolk, fa. Cephalic Pills accomplish the ohjeot for whlek they were made, yi?: Care of beaaaohe la all its forma Ft0m tki jfiMtMr, N*r/tlk, r?, They h*TS beec tested in mere tain a ttouin > cams, w.Uj entire anooeu. JVmh I4i lMm?er?t, St. Cltud. Mwm?. | If yon are, or hare bean troubled w 1th the head; who, tend for a box, (Ct> Pills ,) so tut jo? > uLky have them in oaee of aiCatiaoi. tkt Wtsttm R. R. UmnttU, Ckiw, III. We hftarbilv imHnw M ? ?? - ..n rluu"1l< 111 unralled Cephalio Pills. | J*rtw* tk* Southern Pmtk Vimdtr, If*w Or It mat, Lm. Try them yon that are afflicted, and'v* arc nri ! that jour testimony can bo added to tho alroady nnmnroua list that haa received bonoftta tkai bo other modioine oan prodaoe. hm lii Dm*anrori, 1mm. Mr. Ppaldirj would not oonnoot hla uai vlth | an article he did not know to rooeti real Kartt from tk? Ai9trtitmr, Pr?idtmtt, JL 1. The Cephalic Pills aro aaia to bo a ron*rkabi> affnctore remedy for the Leadaohe,and oaooftha very hs*t for that very fro^aent oompJalat watek aa* ever been discovered. f ttm tkt St. Limit Jwwm. The imnenoe demfind for Ik* article (0*?kaila l'llla) in randlr moreMing. >t*M tkt Kmumkm Tmilt* Star, ZewwAe, V?. We are aw re that peraona taferiBc witk Ike ki?4 aeiie, who try them, will itiok to U?a. t\?m >kt Admmutr, Fmulmti, R. I. The toeUirorv in their foyer la atroaf, (rem Ut noat respectable aaarieta. tkt Daily ffmi, ffnrrtrt, it. i. Cepnahe l'llla are taking the plaee of all ki?4a. Frmi* tkt CommtrtiMl Bullttin, Boston, Men Um . A * 0OMU Ml TO ?oiy emoMiona lor um hettdaohe. 1 Ami tk* Commtreiai, CiwtMUUi, Okio. tfuflerini hom*nit? oan now be relieved. IlT A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue vill ht( ten time* lU ooit tonality. a D A r n r m/h a i?i> < n ? 0 raur/afli/ glue! spaldings prepared glue / spalding's prepared glue! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH (jy "A Btitc< in Tm? Satm wm?."_rn Aa aaoidenU will ! ?*, ?? in *?U r?cal?tM Crook ?r?. Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE m?eta all inch emergencies, and no household oa afford to be without it. It is always ready, aid to the UckiDf point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Brush aoooapuiM each Bottle. Pris II mdU. Addrese HENRY a 8PALD1N9, Mo. 48 Cedar street, Nov York. CAUTION. lllig^lH, SouT in? belore rurohfisini, and e'thj the fu i name. PAUHNCB PREPARED 9LREW3 u?^HtaM*vnvHri "1*t*m?V5?Srel r #Cfrt Couth. VoU, Homtoaut, / AMi.Mt ZrrilMiM #r Sore Ul U? nrMi, Rtiio** MM Rmdnmt Couth mi ComnmrliMk. i>>ra<Auu, # Catarrh, CUar and ttr* iirniU la 1*4 ??u< *f rOBLIO 8 PEAK BR* AND 81N9KR8. Few are aware of the importanae of oheokinx a Cough or "Coinicon Cold ' in ita firat etaae; that wnion in the begining would yield to a raila reme Or, if neglected. aoonattMkathe Luna a. "Erovon'i Bronchial Ttotktt," containing demaloent ingredient*, allay Pulmonary and Hroaobiai Irritation. . "That trouble in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S which the "IVocA**" areaipesibo< navint made me often *ra?rewhi? TROCHES jerer. N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " I reoommend their use to Pvili* D SPK^tni." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Sre&t service in eubduinf Hoan BROWN'S Hie*." REV. DANIEL WISE. wimrHER " Almost instant relief in the die tressm* labor of breathinf peouiiai BROWN'S 10A. C. E8BLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DR. A. A H A > KS. BROWN'S Cktmut, Kouim. VROCHE81 taATSmET BROWN'S DR- ? f- BI8ELOW, VROCHK8 " Benefioin in tt&o.irkith ? BROWN'S W' TROCHKS BROWN'S ' WARREN, ii q - . . bcftm. Roches -JMtaLtt; jsgp* - hihw'H ftEV. 8.'J. P. ANDERSON, liRO WN 8 s, Lg^u TROCHES " Kt??ct?aL in reraoYiaa Hoiru neaa and Irrifation of the Throat, so BROWN'S etoin?c>n with Shaxhi and S:n? TROCHES Prof- M* STACY JOHNSON, _ LrnGrmt?,um. BROWN S Ttaoher of Muaio, Southern Femae College. TROCHES "Hreat t.inrfi* when taken before and after freaohing, aa they Brevent BROWN'S Koar^eneaa. Fronr tneir tart effect, i think they wili be of ?e;n;aaent a?lTROCHE8 Taiitajre to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Atner.s College, Ten?, ?inn?K.8 irraoUbfil! DrnrriataatTWKN. I TV FIVK'CEN rsTA BOX.^a f 1-lT DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uaed for the Jut half oentury in the HoapitiUa of

London and f ana for the cnrf <>f Secret Disease.*, may now be had at lTPHAM'S,ff??jt No. 310 Cheanut atreet, ao!e agent for the United Statea It oo&taine no mer- ~ oury or other ijiincmla, find wi 1 not hr.rm the most delicate constitution A speedy cure guaranteed and no change of ihet required. Pri;?e |1 i^nt by exaresa Sold in Washington by 8. CAlrVKRT FORI), oorner 11th atreet and Pennsylvania avenne. aeps-eoly fTPHAMS H AIR DYE '.? TO COLOR BL ACK U OR BHOW.y : .'?Only 38 ceuU_a box. Three boxes for one aoi ar. bray, red or naxen hair can be obangod in a few seconds to a j t black or brown, by nting Upham's Liquid Hair Dye, the l-eat and oheapest in the world, producing, the moo ent it is applied, a rich natural appearance. Each Box of UFhAM'S HAiR DYE is w?rraiited to contain a* inuoh hair >lve a* others sell for one dollar'. So d by S C. I'PHAM, 310 n^anut street, > h ladelphia, and S. CALVERT FORD, corner tlth street and I'a. ave. ?ep &-eoly DR DUPONT'S Sl'GAR COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS are the very heft in n.'e They operate spredi 5 fl&f anti effectually. and being ?u*ar-cnate fer { crea'e no nausea upi, n the most de-icatt^ t-3 s'on aoh A trill of ttese Pill* will prove their superiority over ali others- Prieo On* Dollar a box. So'd only at UPHA.M'S, 310 Chencut street. Sent by mail to all parts of the ooubtry in & scaled envelop*. Sold in >V&*hiT>gton 'j? S. CALVERT FORD, oorner lltli ttreet aad Pa. a?e. 5 ?o1y i)B. J JU MoLKAN'H BTEE1TGTHE9IHO COBDIAL AID B.VJOU FIKIFIEH THE HRtATFST REMEDY to tk* WORLD, 2P DELIGHTFUL Jt xJl T .i COKlilAI. (2 /jFm ezjf* % AXi!Nr;^B aUM aad t.f.u"^jK t?w?'-l>l ;-t??'.?;< ?f?taa Ufndntu . WWKP Before taESfrS^jj^jlAw taking. <l?Uill?f, pradialtf a dttUl*<u, aiaiuraitai ipirk, u4 <s? ft lafEiliali r*aid? f?? ftaarulaf U> duiuK ?T?U?. ui rtilatlaj Ik* alak, itfcrlif, u4 (akilllatad la?all? u kfaitk aad ttrterlfc. MtLEAK'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Wi;i *u* fciMi CaayUtal, Bjiftpli, liudi?*,Ckreai* *1 Kiniw Dtfclll'.y, D'i?> :? tliil lidll'k, 11 d 111 diiutt* arUlaf hrtm a di?ard*r*d kim ti y*f<p*la, Hrartiira, Ua?d Fli**, *r I'ltim *1 Ik* * ???, r?ll??M ( Bi*ad ta tk> End, Ditl P<n at vimairf ta U? Btad, PaipUtts** af tk? ?n. rilitm ar W*Sj*t la lk* Pt*?**k, 9*ar luioun), Ckaklaf at tfatauag P**ilaf *rk*a daira, P?ra?*? ar Y*;!*W. in* af U? Blia aau By**, Mtj* l Iruu, lavnrd P**?r*, Pila IB :ki laall af Ik* l??k, Catit, a* fliit. t*dd*a r.Wk** ?f ?*!, ?>r**iiaa *f tptalU, Frlfklfll Punt*, kitirn, P*iHail?a*; *f any oimii dl?*t**, bar*! *t Blank** aa ik? Bkla, ud P ir?r tad A(i* (*r GklU* aad rmiJ 9TEE A MILLION BCITLEB k&T* k**a Mid d*r!? j tk? lr*t *1* lUi, aad la aa i,ta?* ka* llfalitd la taiir* rafafaatlaa. Vka, ? *, will *?B*f fita TJ*;?ni? ar D?ku>t; vtia MrkJt lM*t JIHiKa C'Jt.P iaw Ml **r? ;h 1 a Itafttp Ma **?Tty *a iQifut* liu af ikt laatdltt* tad alaicat i?l/a*?.?s? akanf* pri 'k**d / lakUf tkl* v/*rai>i m .? uueaaaa, oi.i,.i?m, ui aiund aaivtu cystiM. *k?lh?f krtkn dava k; utMl, vtik by ulWl, M l?fc>r*4 by >l?ka?u, tkt ultitd ud n>tni( WfUlt*U*a li r*?U>?4 U lU ?:1?ua? kiillt ltd *1 ( > tltRKlEl) TEfiSCli&i h atk tu, ef lmiklHu I?m vIiiiitii uiii, ?H1 1*4 MdllHI CUUUh a tkat?i(k lit tad til wrt *>.r f k??? la | nu?i ?y !ay>?icf Udiiftcafka vill tui la tkU Cartlal a ttrula ud iptj; r?.i?d*. to thjs i-i d/jm. Miuii a ntmriuiiiooiniiiia a ;? #> l*a as.4 ified- 1:11 far Uaip.tit C?c;aa^U?a, Wkttai, C>?vr*;'?C > 'Xaaii MiattiKUitt.I ?f irl-t ?- laraiaaunr r.tlliifi iktitaf, ?tlliaf ?f tkt Waaa, u JUtta, yJatiaf, an iU d?ut>?t lat'jtat ta Ptatlai. iheke js wo luorr jt talai a* ivayaT. T*aa It aaaardlaf la dlrtatiaat. It wtll IMOTMJ nr*a|i?M| mu wmm TW UQ HUI tit llMB tf k ft* lift u? BiUi yitf ftkftftk I|tli. Iti;; kfttlU 1ft | timiul t? fftv? " ?i ? ' BOR CHILDREN, U 'Ml aklidra* |'| ?la*l?. r?"T ? aBIa .ad, HIMiN COtlUa will mil U'u klaitaj, /at, ud naaal. Dalay Ml a -?.(* 14 1.7 II, a.d ka ttarliiil It li CaBalaaa ta taaa. tiX WYION, lifin af dr*?f1it? a? daalari ?Nt <? U; I* ptla im yaa Hie kluat a? ?*???pa?.;ia t/atk, which tkay (aa fa* 1 kaaa, ky aajlaf it la taat aa ratd. Araid a??h raaa. Ail lai MrkXAfcV BTE.CMBVrtlUN* COaOlAk, aud taka ! aiklaf alaa. It ia tka aaly rainady thai will aarify tba j Vlaad taaraafhly acdiuka una llrra auanfihan taa ayataaa. Uua ttaipaar la I takaa avar? maroinf (aau"( ia a raruia 1 praaamlra far Caalara, Gallia aad Farar, Tallaar Tatar, aa , a* fraaalaat Aiaaaaa. It li pat aa la lajaa kaltita. Pnaa aaf* ?1 psr kaula, ar I kauiaa far fl f . M< L'iAM, la raarialar af ikl? Cardial? >lu. ?--a VI Ui\aiik Praaipal Dim aa tka imw af Tkiii u4 Plat illitli, Si. Ulii, M?. MoLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TAB BUT kiKlMirr 111 TIB VnikP.) Tki aaly >&/ aad aanala aara fat Culm, Piiaa, T*. mii, Bvaillaga and Braaaktla ar Oalua, Paralrau, B?aralfla, WaaknMiaf U? Ma*?la?, Ckraoic av Ioiammaiary Bkaamuiara,Btlffnaaa af Osa Jali.u, C*aui?l?d Mntlu a* idu, Baraaka a> TaaO?aaka, Iraiaaa, Baraim, Fnak I I Can, Waaoda, Bltera, raaar Saraa, Cakad Braaai, Bara | B'?y 1", Barr.t, Baa 14a, Bara Thraat, aa ar.7 lulammauao at pum, aa dtfaranaa kaw aavara ar 1 ai.f tka diaaaaa may Lra tuaiad, MckBABI CEkBSBATKO UB1MBBT fa a aaruln Mitady. Tkaaaaida af kaaaa katofa kara kaaa aa*ad a Ufa ml dia irapuada and ouaary by Ua aia af tkia tnvalaakla ramady, MtLEAPPS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMSNT ""VI FV? 'n?un?a???ily, Ud it Vtll ftlMk. p?rif? aad fcaal Ua fmlaat uru is aa lucradlkla ihart Um FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS M.kiAN* cri.jcBB.ATED umMwiruSutSL. fa "f ' ? 1 ZZriB, VM((1U, l>Uitt,luitliil Limp*. H?dn a* walliota. (;11,d ? *v* *( *??i, Prtia?u, ruu^yX j***1"* **"*? ' waaai, If prayarly aaauad. r?> " "*' C*U, iart?, ?r Waaoda, ii la aa Ufallikla bMtuaa. ? 41,1,,wd * "** ? U ifuj ***' t?lla ? ( "*at vltfc Ui aui Mtiklaaa blataaau arru^VlS.^' *u?*ckXJUT? elk* , Ml Fiifritwi. Onw Tlirt u4 rmia,k.MllilIUi caanaM rrorr, nrLiT,Hiii(ui i? Wutui ? 1.1. T CIUIk. iilt-HWIi qun BOATS won. thi western rivers. QVilTllMilTn OxttnAL'l Ottici, / Wmkmtton, June 17,1861. \ Pkoposalb are invited for oonatrnoting ttanboata nion the WNttrn riven t*p"oifioAtion? will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quarter meater" a Ottoe at Cincinnati. Pit'aburgb, and at thia office. Frofoeala fro in boat bnil era and engine-build er? alone will be ouaiul?re<l. Plana anbmitted by bidders will be taken into oonaideration _ M. C. me16s*. le M Qnnrtennaater general United State C^S'cBf !^ek "EJT W. Bed Comforta, Sheetinca, Pillow Linen-i and tone, Towela, Naakiaa. T?.hle f! ? 1 ik)tih?, ?c. All atoar p'overbiaiTy Iow"prio*e! marked 10 plain fitnree. Nev oomera, tranters, sojourners ud eitizena will inspeot our aiook at iltwira. ' PERRY * BRO., ? tt-H Pun, iwwe ana Kh st.. W?n, travelin? trunrb. IrWMBfCSai p,s>arey,R.tei < Oom, Oarpet Ba?s, 4o? wtueh we are now aa' ling at very low priMa. m1| WALL, CO^ TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |f|H STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YOB RAND LIVER POOL, Laadisf ud tnbtrkiDi pasMnfert tt Q?eenatovB, Ireland. Tli* Liverpool. N?w York and Philadelphia Steamahie Company intend dispatofcinc their rail powered C.?d?-bttilt iron a* follow : GLASGOW ^....fcurcfcr, Aogaat ad. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " M Vth. KANGAROO. - " VSth. And every Saturday, ftt noon, from Pier44, North river. uiuvi ?? *>. Firtt Cabin. .-? . - ?? Do. to London - *> Do. to Parte ? . 86 Do. to H&robnri BUerue ? Do. to bondon 34 Do. to 3* Do. to Harahiri, #_ Puiuian forwarded to Hi?r?. BrHHn. Rotterdam,Antwerp, &o . at redaoed throcch farae. Pere?n? wmhin* to bring oat their frienda oan bay ticket* at low rata*. Kor further information aptly at tke Captain* Office. JOU 136|irSfcdlra* Jpf.#Yt* Or to Q. A. HERRING,idaaa Kxpmms 'juiLmora. ^ ^INDIVIDUAKKNTERPRISK &?j mm ?- L.1ISK. T"" EASTERV J,Yl) WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J H. Kirwan ' ?ION EE R," Capt. W. Nornu, Will ran their route# a* foWowt, leavi*c Light ttrest, Batwnore, foot of Cam.ien. at 7 o'clook A. M * KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* or. Choetank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and NooiUy* For Anna?oh?and W?it River, every TL'ES DAV and FRiDAV and returning ea<re day?. PIONEER-For St M ehaei't an l Laeton.via Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY ,aid return the same day. _ _ _ ? For Anr.aooll*. Weet River. Carobridre. Oiford and Kaxtou Point, ov?*rT THURSDAY, returning by sMue route on FridayFor AnnRpo'i.*. Weet River, St. .Miehael'? and EutoRirikHilri River Ferry, every SATURDAY* rctnrning every .Monday by same rente Fire to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaaton Point >i 60 Fare to ht Michael's and Milec' Rivera round trif.Rl,) ? 100 Fare to west River, (round tri?, 1 eo Faro to Annapoli" (ronnd trt?7$ceiitt)__. 71 MRALS EXTRA. fT"^ Freight mnat be srepaid. wharf and Office, LifeHT ST.,foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. E. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. HUUfU I VTl'V IlL'MT'u Iifpinr > ? vuii a a i/r r iv/Of( Ca-Lvkkt Statics, Batimore. May 18,1K1. ( On M.U after Sunday, M&t 19th, 1^1, Train* on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY arrive and depart as follows, until farther notioe, TRAINS NORTH. Bail ats is a. m. XI'RKSS at 3.9' P. M. HARR19BURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. M. The ft.15 A. M. train connects at Relay Hoase with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Gettsburg Kailroada; at York with York and Wrigiitaviile Railroad, at Ilarr-etar* vith Pennsylvania Railroad for ail part3 of the West also with Lebannon Valler KMlioad to Nnt \mk dtnet; at Northam l?er!fcntf with'L and II. Maiiroad for Kingston and ali parts of Wyoonung Valley.and at*unbury with the 1'hiladelptua and Erio Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 ?' 1*. M train makes all the above connections except Hanover Railroad, WrightaTill* Railroad *n<t the Letiannon Valley Railroad. T'.e f P. M tram makes oonneetions with p*?n. ev'.vaiit* Railroad for all parta of the YYeat. and direct oomecta for Naw York. TRAINS AHRJYE. Mail a* 619 P M.; Ex pre- at 7 a A. M.; Harriabnrs Accommodation at i?3 P. M. For TioSeta and information irnnire at tha Ticket office, Calvert Statioa. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, BapX ? Mi|, i- LEAVE PHILADELPHIA I FUR NEW YORK. The Camden and Am hoy and Philadelphia and Trenton Kanroad Companiaa' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NKW YO?K AND WAY PLACKS.from WALNUT 8TREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT,will leave aa fol low?: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy. (C. and A. /vuooniiuouiiior:. > . A* 6 A. M-, via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Accommodat toe.) At 8 A. M., ria Camden and Jereer City, (Mornire Mail.) _ , _ ^ At \"x A. M-, via Kei.smeton and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12H P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( Aooommodation.) At 3 P M.. via Camden and Amboy,(C. and A. Exsrws.) At 4H P M., via Kensinfton and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At 4.S ? M , via Kensirgton and Jereer City, (Second Class Ticket.) At 6 P M., via Camden and Jersey City, (ISvewni Mftl'.) At life P. M., via CamJen and Jersey City,(Southern Mail.) ! At6 P. M , via Camden and Amhoy,(Aoonmjnodation, frnight %ud passenier, Fiist Class Tioket.) BecondnJia** Ticket. I Tu?6 P. M Mai! Train runs daily. ThelUf P. M. Ma:!, Sat jrdays ercopted For Beividere, Eattoa, Lambertviile, Flemiu I ion, so., at 7.10 A. M.; tiici p. M., from fce*aincton. Fur Water <3**, tftrondaUirc, Scrantnn.Wilkea! barrc. Mnntroee, Great Bsnd, Ac.. at 7.10 A. Mi from Renaiaeton, via Delaware, Laokawar.ce and I WeiWn n&?'road. For Mauch Chunk, Allent" wn and Bethlebero,et 7.10 A. M. auJ ih P. M. froip Eor.?jciton defot; . the7.10 A. M. ti e oonneota with the train laavini ; Laaton at 3 ? P. M. For Mocnt Holl j at and I A. M. and t and Of ! p. n. i For Freehold at A. M- and S P. M. For B'letol, Troctoa, Jko.. at 7.10 A. M..4X and 6H P. M. from Kenainrton, and XH P. M from Walnut aireot wharf. For Pa nirra Riverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Barii niton, F! >retneoo, Borasntown, Ao., at 113*. I, S, <H ar.d 5 1' MWte.\m?r Trenton for Bordeo town, and intermediate plaota, 2H P. M. from Walnat street i wharf. \U~ For New York and War Line*, leavtas Eeuuiuton Drpol. take the ear* on Fifth street, | above Wal mt, halfac honr bwowimi toll The ; A&ra mn int % ' ?: ~ r _ ... ...-? *uw auu wu wiitai ui (nun res I from the da.iot. t-1fly pound* of baggage only allowed to'ach ' pa?eengrr i'urrDieri are prohibited from taking i anything vi baggage bat their wearing *ppar?L 'Ail bascage over fifty pound* to be paid for f extra. The company limit their responsibility f .r | b\t;r.ze to one not ar per pound, and will not be I liable f..r any amount beyond one bnndrad dollar*, I exoept by sp^oiai oontract. WW. H OATZMKR. Agent |?T FOR THE *ill3t3PE W EST AND flOUTH BALTIMORE AND OHIO Homiun ! On and after Mm 16tn, 1*61, the tra;r.s will ran a* follow*, via:? Keav^ Camden Station. Baltimore.?Mail,?except Sunday,* at 6. 3" A. M.; Kxpress da?y at 3. C P. M. Both Trains so directly tiir&ngii f"t?R ALL PARTS OF THE WK8T, BOtlxHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASBENGKRS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M, Train; h?tween Piedmont and Wheeling take Aecommutation Train, leasing Piedmont at 6. ?o A. fa.;and hetwoen Grafton aud Parkersbnrc.take the h 9> A M Train from Baltimore. The FREDERICK TRAIN twee Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. and Frederick at 6.3ft A. M. Thr ELLICOTT'S MILLS fRMN leave Baltimore at 6 30 and 9.15 A.M. ard 1 in and MO P. M . and Lilioott's Mills at 7.40and 11.60 A. M .and 3.4a and 7.W P. M. For farther information, Tiekets of rrery kind, Ac. apply to J. T._EN6LAND Ajent, at Camden Btation, or at the Tioket office. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transport!on. I_ M.rni K T,.ir.? > ? " ^ "M ' iwwa <?|VUW YOKK. HARLEM AND ALBANV ,R A I i,H < >A0. LKAViisG NEW YORK FOR ALBANY, TROY, NORTH ANO WtA. HUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commencing Honda*, Mar *?h, 1861. ** m" traia from b or Dorer Plnina?4.-W p. m stopping at White P ?.ins and ataUona north to Dover flaica?from Mth atreet atatioc. ' tram will ran to Millerton every Saturday ForCroton Falla?fcHa. m. atoHiu at all ata pnorDWh^ Piam26,11 itr#* x WD!t6 r 11111?2^, 4:10 led 5r00 I m itna. from 9SU ?treet station. " ?<a '"I* rlaiiu-fc]j i, hb. atoa>inc at all atafrom White atreet aUtion. r or w uu&ms Bridie?7 Ju, 11:16 a. m. and Me y. m. stopping at all stations from 17th street statiun. Returning will leave? Albany?WW a. m. fast express train. Dover Plains-MO a. m. (This train leave* Mil lerton every Monday morning at 6 a. m.) . Croton Falls?6 e. m. White Plains?& is, 7:00 a. m. 4:10 ft. 7:00 p. m. Wiinams Bride*?fcao, 9:00 s. m. A 1.-00 p. m. Snnda* trains vill leave 4th Aveaae oorner 9d street, for Central Park, Yorkville. Harlem aad High Bridge every few minutes, from WO a. m. to IMp m. JOHN BURCHlLL, Asst Bep't. YORK AND ERIK RAILPassenger Trains leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long l>ook, from foot of Chambers street. New York, as follows, via: 7.00 a. m . KXHRKS^ for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal intern* we Stations. JK'a. m , MAIL, lor Dunkirs. snd orauoca?Thia Train r*maina owi nif kt at Eiaura, 3rr,Mjtra.r'fir,^u?iii..?4 M. "liooa. m^ACCOM M O D ATI O N. daily , for Port I 'vsvrrttv! grasu-^. N-b.?k. and intorni?d:M* StAUona, LOU i. m.. NIGHT EXP* ESS, daily, for Daakirk, Buffalo,>d arinoipal Station* Taa Trair of Satarday atop* at ail Mail Train Station*, aad raaa on \j to Elmira. 6 00 j.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Hornacnlla. aad pnncipa. Station* CHAR. Ml NOT, 6?1 Bvt NATHANIEL MAMttH, Roqmt*. J.,?. 0N10N&-0NI0N&-0NI0NB. . UST Received on ounsicnmMft ljoo MMht* prima Onion*. For Mi* low. KINO A BUECHELL, Pnrnw 1 ONE VKRY NICE t?KC??NO H4ND PIANO for Sfld. A lao a l*r? lock of R * ;' ? -mm Uaaoo k. Co ' *nd SUibwm A floo'i bir. |HHh| last beon received a the Muio ?t< re of "1 VH ? W. ti. MtTZtKOTT. 117 PiAoot for rani. oc I RltUeore. led Old font (Porirf?.^<^ t\ Monro*) tc N> retintxl, 01 inc day) fW>n tkmr whajYTfoot of OaKm bott. n 4* ' look p. m., or lnaM"tately alto Ik* arrtv* 3 U? WMtiiMtoo Trail. vki?k nth wukizta at >H c/oTock p. m. wfr-tf M. W FALIJt. Nrt PallLADKI.Pffc A. WIL ~ SX'?? ?W dfettla Traina lor Pkuado ?hi* !.. e*ve Prc?.i>nt Mtm Depot dftiljjsxoept 5*undaf?>a? fc!!t?i, vjhipr?M Ti?ln ?t 115 A. M . W*y Mail T mti MS A. M.; Et*eici Mail at 4 46 o'olook. On #lN BAYS at 4 45 P.M. only. All tratB* oodr?o( ?iu v York traiaa except44t P. M. Irate on Hat?r daja A Froifht Tram witfc ear attacked laarMats P. M . at ?nn? at ail Btati >n? *>???*-. Baltimore and Hjrr* dr-6rao?. Ptn?i(fri for j)?l?wire ar.d the KatUrr t-feora of Maryland will Bad the noitex paditioaa ruate way of WMminiton. |T^ All Colored Ptwdi ant bond before cterkr ( the oar a. WM. C1AWFOKD.Aihi. ab i- 4t ry\T?ti ioi't^k.. hHBKl UK HUDSON Ht t^Wf? XAlLhOAU ?4 IS E W YUhK CKlTKAL hAjLROAp, Karraaj Train* laare New York city depota of Budaon River Rai.roal daily. dvndara excepted, nlol?wi: From Chambers street. Krr m Slat at. station. At 7 no a s> At 7 25 a m 11 00 ? snopm 1 .28 " 5 25 p m SJ? f m lit r IB Montreal and ftrflalo ii?m wiia aiecprg| oar*, g.'S ? m I 1 V> f m C< nn?ourc at Albany with the New V orh Cm trai Railroad for eneetady. Roabarter.I'tio* Hatim. Rome, and ii?boni on Row* Mid H turSm Railr-a*. Bnfa.o. ?? * ???. Niitt t * mansion Bridfe, Aabarn. Geneva.Caiandaicka.' Train* in oonnectu>u leave Bufla'n and ?* ?.(, ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo ifi i *ke Dn os at d ?reat Western Railroad. for Hamil'on. r<>(. ct(l Detroit. Chieac*. Toledo.Miivaukie. For. I>? iAC' La Croaae, Madis< n Prairie l?u CMm. Gami' Danleith. l>ubu*ue, Peoria. R?-ek itlaod, .Mntratine, Iowa Citv. BurHn*ton, <Juirev, i*arib*fir <r Alton, !?t. Louis. Cairo, Te re Uante, ln<f:ana??> it. Louisville. Cineicnat' I ?*Uin, Colon.bu?, Ckva nd.aadai: pout* W eat, Northwest and H>ata***** NORTHERN ROUTE. Conneetms with Train* at Troy, with Troy 4 Boaton and Rena. k. Sarai-?* Poa<1* for Sara iota Whitehall. Rutland, Huriii.f ton, Rohm Point, Platttbarch, Ofdeust-urih, Montreal, Jte , Jto. II ^ Freifht Arr&nf?m*ntf hi ?hn ? above, without chang? of (iwi, from the Depots ni Chambers and ? anal street*. are at ail times as favorable at m*?le by oth? r Railroad Companies. The facilities of this treat \>w York K -oU,?t> the Weet commend it to the corfidenee of meichanU an 1 *b pper* lor* ard du patch Passenger train*, with Smoking and Sleeping Care ron in oonnection on the New York Centra. Road. For particulars as to looal trains and freight ar ran-etnents, inquire at the depot, Warren *t. A. f78M1TH,Superintendent JP?"s?. U 1*. GOVERNMENT LINE~ ttiTTRWlfr TO t'ORT MONROE AKD OLD point com pout. Leaves the lower end rf l<N|oN IMJTK.Ba.ti more, weet aide, I'AILY. (Sunuavs inch ded.iat 43< o'el'-ok P. M. takint parsencrra and feight. and connecting with the Railroad lines, to and ftoan Washington. D. C., Philadelphia. New York, Bost<>n, York. HarnaSnTg, Pittsburg. I* , ai <i the Weet, immediately afler tbe arrival of the Express Train from New York aad Philadelphia. The following is the Schedu e : From New York to tort Monroe and back. f U From Philadelph e. and back- lie From Baltimore and back ? f?. IETPROCURK VOI R TICKETS In New York at tbe New Jersey Railroad Oftoe fo-tt of Conrtiand street. In Phi adeiphia. at the Company's offioe.N. W, ?orner of Sixth and Chestnut atreets, or at the Depot, Broad and Prime streets. In Baltimore, on board tits Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HUGH O'CONNER, Pa**ar,?ar A a ? ? U?vi n|Ciii - FOE BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. By the s?*erd?d and superior Steamers METROP^JLI*, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MAINE. ?.f (rwi strength and speed, but perticoierly adapted to the navigation of Lone If land Sound, running in connection with the Fall River ?"d Old Colon; Ran road, distance of M miloa owy to Boeton Leave Pier No. I .North River near the Battery, The 8iea?ner EMPIRE STATE.Capt. Barton. Mondays. Wednesdays. ana Fridays, at t o'ciook P. M., teaching at Newjp?>rt each way. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Can. Brown, on Tueauayt, Thursdays and Ssturdars, at I o'clock P. M., touohinc at Newport eaofe way. Theee Steamers are fitted with cmmcdiots state rcoir.s, and every arranirenifrt for Uteaeenritv and oonifort ol pasaengera. who are afforded by tliia route a night#' reat ol board, and ok arrival at Fall River proceed per Steamboat Train.reach log Boston early thw following morning: or may remain on board nnti. start'ny of the Aeootrmodation at A. M., by which tfcey may react. Boston about 8.45 A. M. a u?**c.?c ! nucaK to Met rteairer, who rwiT#i and tioketa the bacgag*. arc aooompaniee the rarue to ita destination. A rata m o?>nn?ction with thu Line be tvwo Fall River ai.J Proridenoe daily,exoept Saaiaya. Freieht to Boston u forwarded throerh wiU K?t dispatch by an Express True, which nrN :i R.ver ever? moimrc, t<cnd*y? excepted, at IX o'olock for Boeton and New Bedfoid, arr:*iLg at its doetinatioo at abcat 11 A M For freight or par sac*, arp y ? c board, nr at the omoeon Pier No. S North River foreta'e rooms and he thfc apply on koar*!. o* if desired to eeenre them laadvauoe, to WM BoKDKN Aj't 7ti and 71 W est street. N V. THE REGl'LAR MAIL LINK VIA GROTON. sro.MNblliN ^ and PROVIDENCE, FOR BOB TON?Inland Route?The shortest and most dj rect?Carry the Eastern Mail. The steajner PLYMOUTH ROCK, Capt. J. C. 6ear, and COMMONWEALTH. Caft J. W. Williams, in oonnection with the Stonmgton asd FroT:deuee,ajHl Bos'onand Providence Rai rt ?a?, [earing New York dai!y, Sundays excepted, from Sier No It North R.ver, st 6 o'clock P. M., and roton at o'eioca P. M.. or on the arrival of he Mail Train which leaves Boeton ?t iX P. M. The PLYMOUTH fr..? Vnri Monday, Wed?eadav,and Friday. From Grotoo?Tu'?da?j rtiursday,avd Saturday The COMWONWKAI TH, from New YorkTue?day Thursday, and Saturday. From 6roton ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Paaaengera from Groton proceed per railroad to Picvidenoe and Boa to a, in the Kxpr*ea Mail Train, reaching said place in advanoe < ftboae by other route*, and in ample time lor all the eery Morning Lines oonecUng North and Eaat. Pat engera that prefer it, remain on board the teamer. enjoy a nigkta' reat undisturbed break fast if desired, and leave Groton in the 7 15 A.M. Train, connecting at Providence with ihe 1 to A M. Tram fur Boston. Fare from frovidenoe to Newport, F ifty eenta. A baggage master aoo< mpaniea the Steamer and Train each way For Paaeage, Bertha, State Roonu, or Freight, apply on board the steamer, or at the Freight GAoo, Pier U North Kiver, or at the Ofboe of the C< mpany, No. lit W eat st'eet.corner of Cort land street. New York. Feb. M. 1861. W5m* RIVER RAILROaD^ mMM-rALKANV AND TKO Y, C? ?N ^^^^^NECTlNG with TRAINS NORTH And WEST, Trftir* eave: Froa Chusb* ?i. W ! rom rth ?trwt LxprMS. 7 and II a. Ili.. 7^5, UJS a ui . ?n<l 3 V lodt^iDd ip m. -,?!? p nt. Troy and Albany (With 10^, (Sand*;* it*l#epm? car) l'OS j> n cu-!?.' ron(hke?p*i? train 6, a 6,26 ft. m..?nd l,#o p. iu. n . MS p. m Miikill train, ?.<?p m,4.2Sp m. Site train,9.00 ? m..9_24 a m., and 4M and ftnd ? anandl^n p. m ^ p. m. Flan kill train, *3' p. m.l%S6p m. A. r SMI rH. KHWKRIN'I ABDlhllatlai .jmPowder la th? oaly knowc ftftd BESugBHH kwt artMia t* g ^.-jsrisrw _a adii, noma, riiee, r i "T~r _~1 Tn Worn Tim Bin, ?e. /? IWHWI M >?<?* 8CH WBB1N'8 PI LL8 are air* death to Bat* fad Mum. M. Sotaverm haa received eertifcoatee (rona the President of Sirard Cotter*. Director* of Hooae of Befkge, f>no*ylTao:e rio*pitfe, aW other Proraiaent InaUtitiona of Philadelphia ; U. 8. Jul. >*uliliiol. D. C., aad Cha/.tj HoajilaJ. NevOr.eam. La The original ?ertifioate* eu be Been at the Wboleeale and Betaii Depot 184 North mow street, Phnpde.piu*., ud for Mie in thia otty bv P. B. CLABK. eoraer Pa. areuse aad o* au.. aad by fflK^^*OFe8PUlftoU8 IMITATIONS. C'* Rerr.mibar to ask for Sehwer:n's AciuhiB3 ' None genniae a alee* signed M. Soman"TOM. F BENCH A1 R^ChVtI KN^hara^aat reeeiead a large *nd oompiet* aaacrtm?>nt of Military H<>oJa nl all k.-J. ?1 ?- ? -* ? ? - - ?. wuicn inv; vgcr irva vm w ?i'j p*r cent, below the regular ftmii pno**,?in iMiac: A new edition of Hard**'* Infantry aad ftifla Taotiea, oomai*t*, flJ* Fort**' Voiunt**re' Muul.t vole. |! All*r'a C<imj>?nri?BQ of Hard**'* Tmum, * 6 riui'i Military Sorter*. Tic Niku'i Fi*ld ForUboa'ion and Oatpcat. eaofc M Hardee** Tactie?, oheaa edition. ttc o .Th^ tra IShL wsaymrt M the Home 6avd 2*<a The HiLd Bookiw tit* U.S. Podifr. Mat ir.t l^'k of ia*tra*tioa to tie V. I*, lufaa'rj la*? "?'ao, Military Nm, Ma# of tU Seal of Cufts, Gc>d*?, 4.e . .. F i&ca,i B*d?e? iul Medal* ?>f w*r? 4e?cnpM??a. **> ?t? +?nraw -* l? ?-< *?*? F'fZJS ffiWMa, SSCT for Aatupn aad WiuUr *??s Ob* pnee ulIt, naa ked in plain afar ; **n**, ao pvrohaaer > d*e?ived , .. Alt boring and ee) i*c h* n? n~w ?d <? ?? ^ ?" <m* oar vho!? * *( of i* ?0 ? lorn, tb-r?to. AoM?.a>ii.aooE of atoai iiBfuaa he i " loraroMM. fKKH V fc? - . .. ^ 1*1 a VMM* Ut4 N ??. ? f oo U N -J?arT7 *ai*??

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