Newspaper of Evening Star, October 28, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 28, 1861 Page 1
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0 i * -r -; ,- ? ' " I 5 * ra* j0 ? ->: T (Etoittg ?ter. V?fe. XVIII. WASHINGTON. DC. MONDAY. OCTOBER 28. 1861. N?. 2.711. I ^I the evening star IS PUBLISHED BV&RT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCBPTED.) AT TMK STAR BriLOHQl, ?/ Ftmmtflvmi* ***nu4 ?%d Kltvtntk H rr w. l>. wallaoh. Piprrt served tn packages by carrier? at ?4 a few. er 37 eon la per month To rail subscriber* Ue fr\ot la S3 JO T?**, aa adwaacs; S* for six Mthi; tl for three moot ha; and for Ira ?>"i Ifcree anoaths at the rate of 18 centa a we?k 81a< gle copies, orb c?*t; la wrappers, two cikti. (~T AoviariaaunTs aboatd be aent to tba Act before It o'clock ta ; otherwise they may a*t appeal until the next day. ^^^i AN OLD TIME HORSE RACK. Soma tan or twelve years ago whan we drat earns into the Miaaissipi Valley, high old fan ?u the order of the day Effeminate habita, lata hour*, and constant. enervating dissipation hsd not emasculated the yoath of the country, I so that nothing leaa than a fight or a foot race was considered manly amusement. We stopped a few days ooce at Prairie da Chein, and thero witnessedji horae race, whieb will perhaps remind some etf the old settlers of Dubuque of similar occurrences here. We were traveling in those days with an eccentric companion who, I although a Methodist minister's eon, was considerable of a "horse man," and knew the etints of an animal as wall as any other man. e dearly loved a race, and would stake his money any day upon the result even to the last oent ia his pocket We might as well eall him Jenks, as that is a eognomen endeared to as all and will answer as well as another. He ia now a ahining light in the ministry, so yon see it would not do to "blow" on him under his true colors. The race track was a strip of level sandy road, leading northward from the city, and wss very good ground for the purpose. The stakes to be run lor was a catch purse of five dollars, free for everybody and everything. It was a fine sunny sfternoon, and the circumstances earned to bid fair for sport The ground I around the judges post was crowded with a mixed orew of half-breeds, Indians, French Canadians, backwoodsmen, and an addition of Iudiun ponies, boys and squaws, to make tho gr?up complete. Two very decent nags were being walked over the eourse by their riders, preparatory to the contest, *wh ich was soon to take place. One was a bay horse, blind of an eye, who gave promise of doing some very respectable work, while the other, a neat little mare, appeared to possess wind aud botUm enough to have maae her superior to her antagonist in a longer race. It was agreed there should be five heats, the best three in five to win the purse. Aside from the purse. Sets multiplied rapidly amon? the bystanders, the wagers ranging from "driuks" up to ten, twenty, aud sometimes fifty dollars aside. Odds were given on the horse, who seamed to be a favorite. When the time for starting had arrived, both horses were up to the scratch, and eager for the word. The jockeys, two half-breed boys, were stripped to their boots and pants, and wsre without exception, the best riders we ever saw "All ready?" 'Aye, aye " "One, two, three, and away you go!" At the word three they both bounded away as ii they had been shot out of a cannon. Here they come! Get out of the way! Clear the track ! The mare's ahead ! Good on her! Stand back and give the mare a chance, or I'll bust your head ! Three cbeers for the mare! Hurraw! Five to one on the mare! Ain't she a doin' on it bee-autiful! Yip!" said the mare's partis ans, while on the other side the backers of the horse had not as yet lost confidence in their favorite as might be seen "The hoss ain't a be-ginnin' to try his best licks," said they. "He s jest a throwin' off on her for bigger bets. He oan give her the two first beau, and then win. But, by golly, see how the dodrotted critter's a-crawlin' up on hsr ! I swan to a man they are neck and neck! I'll be doggoned if he ain't a-leadin' of her ! Hurraw ! for hurraw ! Where's the man that's bettin' five to one on the mar ? I'd like to | take a few of them thar bets." In less time than is consumed in detailing ths above exclamations, the first he** was over, being won by the little mare, who came out a neek ahead. Excitement raged furious. There were three fights in five minutes, besides sundry other squabbles occurring among the niggers, Indians, and Frenchmen. The horses were slowly led back to the starting post, and allowed to rest for a few minutes. A squaw, with about three sheets in the wind, us the phrase goes, forced her acquaintanceship upon as. and insisted on betting the whiskey with us on the mare. We endeavored to excuse ourself from the honor, but it was no go; we must bet. So we backed the horse to ' the amount of a couple of snifters, to get rid of her, in which we succeeded admirably, for the horse beat, and the aborigi ness kept out of < eight the remainder of the afternoon, for fear she should have to pay us the wager The horse did much better at the second heat, having fairly distanced the mare, though that was probably to a certain degree attribu table to a collusion betweaa the jookey* and ( some of the knowing ones. A general season of fighting again took place, as every loser thought himse4f cheated, and perhaps was not far from right. At about this time an individual of somewhat verdant aspect, who was sitting astride a dejected gray horse covered with galls and harness marks, took occasion to deride the race in no measured terms. He, however, directed his most disparagiug remarks towards the horse, whom he desiguated as ' cussed old one-eyed mule, and not wuth a ooppor darn for running." The owner of the borso, who was a pepper} little Frenchman, fired up at this, and stewed at a greet rate. "By gar, vous have called my oheval, my horse, one coppare darn, and cannot make se run. Saere! I will bet five, ten, cinquants, 4MU, fifty dollar, you can't him beat, iiere Is se moueys, 1'argent, the gold " "I never run hosse* in my life, but tain't beosum I wouldn't like teu. But, my friend, you'd be mighty fooled ef you should see this ere &ld boss gallop wonst. He's great en galiopin', that old boss is." "N'importe! you 'ave call my horse 'le roi,' one mule vieux ane. Here is fifty dollsr in se gold; if you vill not eover him you are one cogger, uu chiffoniers, un pauvre diable. sans courage!" "I don't keer much foryer fifty dollars, and wouldn't be the chap to squawk ef I should lose twicetas much,but I'll be dogsquiziled ef I don't thiak my old boas oan beat your'n the best day he ever seed ; so here, you little frog spawn you, here's the rhino for to cover that ptie of your'n." baying this he drew out a buckskin purse, and souotsd out lire golden eagles, then coming up to us he said : "Stranger, I want some honest man to hold . stakes sni pay 'em orer to the man what wins the next heat." We looked sp to his faee, and beheld disguised by an old greasy wool hat. the familiar phis of our travelling companion Jenks Our |U-concealed astonishment received warning by a quick look of intelligent from him. -Now, understand me, stranger," said he ; '*ef I beat Johnny Crapo's one-eyed hoss the next heat the noney s mine; if not it is histen Is that the talk, Frougtay?" Yes, O'eetil." "Praps somebody else would like to lose a ft vs or so to see this ere raoe come off. 1 might as well clean out the crowd while I'm about it." v One or two more bets of ten and twenty dolIsrs wsre got, and the money plsced in our haads, making in all some two hundred dollars ia our possession. We rolled it up in a silk handkerchief for safe keeping, and held it in our haads. Jenks and his horse were us rough a pair of customers as you would meet in year, especially the horse, who stood alone in the crowd during the dispute, with the most thoroughly downcast and spiritless expression possible for him to assume. Ws recognised in nla Jenks' gray Billy.a passable horse enough for a roadster, but aothing extra for renning Ws began to look upon ths whole affair with good deal ef apprehension, and considered j o?r friead a hundred dollars out of pocket. However, when hs led the horse over the traek took his position with the other nsgs, it *ss then he for the first time shoved animation j od training. The moment he was brought ^oug-side the other horses he seemed fired ( * -t> Ufa Placing his feet on the tape, with ? heed erect, be stood motionless, stralnl jg i _ ra i MtD,0AL fg^SgfafogF eEOKSK Wajkxntton City. Comr of F mud Tvtlftk Struts. Skssioh of 1361-'62. FACULTY OF, MEDICINE. D , NOBLEYOUNO, M. D.. of Prjncjji.. gj?f l|?dioin.. Professor of Mittrit Medjca and Therapeutios_ , J.M.SNVDER.M. D.. p Professor of Obstetrios and 1>imum of Women and Children. n , THOMAS ANTISELL, M. D, Professor of Meaical Chemistry, Toxioology, and Physiology. J. E. W1LLETT, M D.. Demonstrator of Anatomy !T^ The obair of anatomy to be filled. The session will oomraenoe on the 23d of Octo ber and end in March following. For further information address johnson ELIOT, M. D . D<??i.of.tb* Faulty, *<*8 F street, between 6th and 7th sU. au 6-lawtNovl * f^ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES ~~ * . _ SEGARS. Alao, a numter of other celebrated brands, wholesale and retail. WM. GROSSE, , ? Havana Segar Store. ?e 2? lm cor. Pa. av. and 6th st.. Washintton. UEADQUARTERSOP THE U.S. MARINE corp3, Quartermaster's Office, f Washinoton, September 28, 1861.\ Sbalid Proposal?, f r< a^hc'assseparateN .will be received a: this office until 12 n'olock mi of ,? November next, for furnishing (l?. UE1V>d Statss Marine Corps, during the year lp?i, the lollcwing supplies, to be delivered at the om/jeof the Assistant Qua>termaster of theocrps, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, free oi eipsnse to the Unit d grates, in such quantities as may from time to tune be ordered, viz : Class No 1. 14 W varrfs of Sky Blue Kers?y. ail woo', free from hair,54 itches wide, to weigh 2iounoes to the yard,(indigo wool-dyed ) 6,000 yards Da k B ua K?rsey. sll wo^l, free from ha-r, 4 inches wide, to weigh 22 ounces to the yard, (lLdigo wool dyed. 8,ooo vards Dark Hlne Twi'led r loth, all wool, for n inform ooats, (indigo wool-<iyed,) 54 inches wide, to weigh 22 nunc s <a>d. 150 yards of Scarlet Clot!), all wool, (cochineal dyed,)54 liiOhes wide, to weigh 16 oscces per yard. Class NO 2. 8 040 yards of 6 4 D^ra Blue Fiance', for oversacks,all wool,(indigo wool dyed,?54 in.-hes wide, to weigh 13 onnces p<?r yard. 18 ooo yards of 3 4 Dark BU'e Flannel for shirts, all won) (indigo woo -dyed,) 27 itohes wide, to weigh 6H ounce* per yard 1500 Gra* B ankets, a!) wool, to weigh four pounds each, wl'h letter* "U S. M " in b ack, lour lucres long, in the center; to be 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, and fr e from grense. 6.Oi'O pairs of Woolen Sook.?, tl rae sizfta, ?rop er:? made of ,;od fleece wool, with dou >le and twisted yarn to wei h three pounds per dozen pairs, free from grease. class No. 3. 6 000 ye.rds White I inen for Pant", 80 inches aide, to weigh 13 ounoea per yard. 'O.ftiO yards Wbi'e l inen lor Shirts, 80 inches wide to we gh 11 ounoes oer yard. _ 16 oco ya d? t ant<?u Flannel for Drawers, 27 laohes wide, to weigh 7 ounoes pjr yard. Class No. 4, l.Ono Uniform Cars, complete (except Pomp >ns.) 1,5*) Pon)pon8,red worsted, ball-shaped, 4 inches in circumference. halgu* Caps, (vi'ii covers,) to be n ade of blue cloth, indigo wool-dyed. 2.000 Stcoks. Class No. 5. 000 gross Coat Buttons, (Eagle.) 4fl0 gross Jacket Buttons. ( Eagle.) 100 gross Vest Brttoos (Eagie.) l.'Oo pairs Yeisow Metal Crescents a'd Soale straps 280 ?ots Epaulette Bullion for Sergea tsand Corporal*. ' ?JP sets Epaulette Bullion for Privates. 60 Red Worsted Sauhes 2.50O yards of Yel'ow Binding. 2,500 yards of Red Cord. 100 swords for Sergeants. 5? Swords for Musicians. 6" Drums (tenor,) complete. 50 D'um Slings. 500 Batter D'um Heafe. 60 Snare Drum Heads. 100 Drum Cords. 100 sets of Drum Snares. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifes. Class No. 6. 10,COO pairs Army Boots. (infantry pattarn. Class No. 7. 1,200 Cartridge Boxes | 1,200 Bayonet Soabbaida. 1.2"0 Percussion Cap Po-aches l^on Cartridge Box Betts, 1,200 Bayonet Hells. Waist Belts. 1,2^' Waut Plates. l,*>o llrrast Plates. 25o Sword Frogs. t ir . Class No. 8. 1,300 Knapsacks. 6(?t Havert aoks. flfW Canteens. 60iJ Masket Slings. Class No. 9. viz^ ni8*,nt triuin ing the following artioles, Watch Coats Sergeants' Corpora's'.Musioians', and Privates Uniform ard Katieue Coat?; Wooll?n and Li'.on PantH: Flannel and l.inen Sliirte; Da wars | Flame. feaoks;aml Rea and Blue Jackets lor Boys. The above mentioned artic'es must conform is 5 5? ''*'^1 sta- dfi-.j pattera< in tiie ofnee of the Qa<vrterma?t?r Marine Corps Marine . Jia racks. W ashmgton, D C.; A?s ttant Quarter < Corps, 1,220 sprnoe stro?t, 1 Phi ad?lpi.ta;acd at tne Marine Stations, Bro. kiyn, New ? <>rk; ana Loaton,MasEachusetts: whore t: e? oau be examined. Apl whenever the artioles named above, or a-iy portion of them, shall be oonsidared aaaotfallv uoiiformuig; to eainplt s, they will l>e reieoted and 1 the oontra tor will be bound to furnish others of tha rrqmred kind at once or the Quartermaster wiilanpply the deficiency at the expease of the contraotr. i*1'' ',era*tl0 upon tlieaooacted delivery ? ,iuart.?y? Vv*ln'' 'nay from time 'o ( time be ordered. witnho:dmg ten per oent from the I payment of aooount rendend under first ord?r, uuul *ecoad order is fil'ed.aui tan per oent from aocouiit rendered under second order until third I ?\ v"i '* "1 ?d, and ao on, until oontiact is oorapleted. f Eaet proposal must bo aooompanied by the following guarantoe: _ , Form of Ouarant-t. Mtl :#n?UDdar,lgn^* >otZ ^e State of . and ? , m the State of , hereby guarantee that in ca?3 tue foregrjlnr bi<f ' ?* . . , 'or supplies, as above described, be accepted, he or they will, within ten days after 1 at th0 1 Office namrd, < exeojtethe contract lor the same with good and authoyut sacurilioa; and in oaae the said < shall fail to enter into contract, as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the aaid and that which may * be accepted, \ B, Guarantor. E F, Witness. CD, Guarantor. .1861 I 1 hereby certify that Jhe above named I arc kuown to me as men of property, acd able to maxs good their guarai tee, O. H. . 1? ^ *"t?Sd b' Unita?i SUtea District .nidge, Um.od States District Attorney or Colleoba considered unless aooompasieu bv the above guarantee. < Newspapers authorized to publish the above arill send the paper containing tne first insertion to . this ornoe tor examination. I The bidder's plaos of business, or msnufaotur , ing establishment, must be speoifiaally stated in 1 the proposal. The above list of articles is believed to bo about theeuantity of each arUole that will be required k- Vki16 I**Ii T11 th? Quarterniaater reserves u r!!V ord#rint a greater or leu quantityv should the interests of the senrioe resuire it Pror^ais to be endorsed on the envelope, "Pro poaals for Supplioe for Marine ? orpj for K*i," and c. i T^10d ? Wicttfffv NOTK8, whioh will be snpp ied at par to our ouatomers, free of , cha-re. D?ma-d Treasury Notes, as heretofore, ' wM be reoeired on deposit as specie. SWEENY. HITTENHOU9K. FANT A CO., j oo 12-lm Bankers, 322 Pa. av., near Brown's. j rkUPONTU GUNPOWDER^ " StU Atmev for tht Dutricn* Column*. . ?5^IU14\?? 57:1 wea^i^to^'paruoY thesis? t duckwheat flour, l d p.,__ buck\vaEAT flour. ? fao . tfl^tVuibBKLL, Corner Vermont av and H'.h st. i U AM BURG CHEKSE ! ' Hamburg cheese' 6001be Hamburg Chfrese. two years a!d. and vary superior. MNG A BI RCHKI.I,, b *x> 13 t.oraer Vennoiit av and 15th st 9 #^REAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH 8 TREKT. d 5J,tog"t some of Uw great bargai-s ofered by SMITH, in Furaiskiag Woods,Trunks, Hats snl Cape. No. 4?4> Seventh at., opposite Post of. 4 lea. oc 1-ln ' PIANOS, PIANOS, PI AM OS.-New piaa -e o reoaived evtry weak. Come and look at the as- a eortaeaoi at W. G. M KI ZEROTrs Maeie Depot, a twrneg J?a. av aod JkttvauUi (, Ml g % every sense 10 catch the expected signal. It oime at Uat. ' One, two, three, and away you go !" Giving a simultaneous jump the three stretched away over the sapd gallantly. For the first few rods the one-eyed horse led the race, much to the glee of the owner, who out up more monkey shines in fifteen seconds than any poor Jocko on a hand organ did in an hoar. He fondly imagined that he was going to have it all his own way, when Jenka drew a rawhide from under his coat, and giving a loud yell, passed easily to the head, and placed a gap of many yards' width 'between himself and the two others before reaching the winning post. "Fraud! fraud! a trick! a trick! That ar bldttod uhap ceme here a purpose to skin us !" was yelled from the excited crowd, but Jenks. dashing up to the spot where we stood, leaned out of his saddle, and snatched the handkerchief containing the stakes from oar hand, without slackening his speed. In another minute he was over a knoll, speeding towards town, out of harm's way?Dubuque Timet Preatice-ana. The Southern organs do not hesitate to denounce their whole Post Offioe establishment as serving no other purpose than that of swindling the people. They say that it conveys very little information to the oitisens except the information that they are shamefully robbed. The Charleston Courier says that the deep shadow resting upon the soil of Kentucky must be removed. Undoubtedly the ugly shadows cast upon her by the invading armies from the South must be removed right speedily. The mao, who, when his State is invaded, does not feci his soul rise ia arms against the invaders, is a recreant and a traitor. And, if a man's soul does rise ia arms against the invaders, his body had better keep it oompany. A Government is entitled tooommisseration, when, ir time of war, those, who should devote substance and life to its support, are trying to see how much money they can make out ofit on acoount of its troubles. The people of all the Atlantic cities in the South refuse to pay their Northern debts. Well, they may probably find, when the big fleet gets down there, that, if they won't "shell oat,' thoy will be shelled out. The authorities of Ohio are arresting, every day, some of the Kui^ht* of the Golden Circle and holding them for trial. The obligations taken by the Knights in Ohio make them murderers. Fellow Kentuckians ! the glorious old flag of our country floated over our cradles. Shall any other float over our graves? It seems to us that martial law ia Missouri is a dead letter and might as well be sent to the dead-letter office. A lady wears a veil because she thinks it indelicate to let the gentlemen look at her naked eye. The tree of a good man's life has birds and blossoms and masic and perfume among its boughs The discharge of duty at this time involves the discharge of cannon, rifles, and muskets. When two fellows call for pistols and coffee, thepr are quite as apt to settle as their coffee is. The young' Kentuckian, who will not now fight for his btate and his coantry, is not fit to wear the clothes of a man, ner yet those of a woman Let him dress in bloomers. If the U. S. armies now involve, as they are said to do an expenditure of a million dollars a day, we hope they are earning the money. The Signal, a violently treasonable paper in Alabama, lived just one week. It wasabignal failure. A Prcxixo Hook.?A man has been arrested in Cineinnatti for stealing a box of prunes. Thk Attack ox tbi Blockadiko Flbkt ? The Arrival of tk? McCltllan at Pats a VOntr* ?Tbe steamship McClellan arrived at Pass a l'Outre early *n the morning of Oetobtr 12. trom Fort Pickens, with despatches from Col Brown and Capt Powell, Flag Officer at Fort Pickens, the purport of which, as reported to us, was to order one or more of the m^n-of-war to Pickens, to assist in the propoeed bombardment of the Navy Yard At 7# a m the Captain heard guns tiring up the Paaa, and soon after picked up a boat containing a l>r Bradford and two men, who were on their way up to New Orleans, as they said, under a general permission from Capt. Pope, of toe Richmond, for all the Inhabitants along the Pass to go freely to tbe city. As he had no written vouchers, however, Le was detained a prisoner Arrived at the head of the Pass, Capt Gray ascertained that tbe fleet bad been attacked by the battering ram Manassas, the ?rra**d steamship Star of the West, with oth?-r armed steamers and a long live of fire-ships As there were 125 barrels of powder and #50.000 In money on board tbe McClellan, the captain thought that If the enemy had driven off the fleet Itwculdbe folly tor him to k?*ep on, and accordingly turned about and beaded down tbe Paaa W hen the rebels saw the McClellan approaching theyc^sed firing at tbe atranded ships and made for blm, three of their vessels turning lute another pass to cutoff his retreat. He escaped, however, over the bar, aud, entering the Southwest Pass, went alongside the Richmond and delivered the uurs ana ammunition which he had brought to Capt. Pope. The Richmond was fast ashore, as well as the Vlncennessnd Nightingale. He then went to tbe Viticennes. Giade fait, and tried f<jt two hours to haul h**r i tt?j-rklng out the bltts of the McClellan?but without success. He then returned to the Richmond snd laid beside her all night At daylight next morning he hauled at the Richmond, and by 7 o'clock he got her safely off and across the bar He then made fast again to the V ncennes, with tbe U S steamer South Carolina on the other side; after working three hours and a half the two s?:cce*<Ud in goatlng her off An attempt to get off tbe Nightingale was unsuccessful; but it was thought when Capt. Grey left next morning for Fert Pickens that she would be got ott' by the steamers of the fleet. Election or a Bishop ?The Dlocemn Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Pennsylvania, lu session at Philadelphia,on Thursday elected Rev. William Bacon Stevens. D O , Assistant Bishop of tbe Dloce-e, to fill tbe yaeaucy occasioned by the death ol Blsbop Bowman Twelve ballots were had by the clergy without an election. The thirteenth ballot resulted as follows: Rev. Dr. Stevens 85 Rev. Dr Leeds 50 Rev Dr. Batter .* 8 Rev. Dr. Tyng I Rev. Dr. Goodwin 1 Rev. Dr. Norton I Blank 3 Whole number of votes U9 Necessary to a choice 75 Tbe laity now proceeded to vote. A request was made on the part of a delegate to tbe Bisnop.aaklng whether Dr. Stevena was loyal? Bishop Potter arose and said: ?' 1 will answer for blm. He Is entirely loyal."

William Welsh and John C. Cresson, Esq , lames S. New bold and Peter .McCaU, Esq , were chosen tellers The following Is the result, by which it will be e*.n tbst Dr. Stevens was confirmed by tbe laity Assistant Blsbop of the Diocese: Approved M Not approved 37 Division * W hole oamber of Church* voting.. 123 Necessary to a choice 68. C7" Geo O M. Mitchell was last week summcuW to appear before tbe Federal Court In Cincinnati, to anawer a writ of habeas corpus for eight soldiers, bat he refused to bear the writ read; whereupon the soldiers' couusrl, George F. P'igh, moved a writ of attachment, judge Leavttt granted it, with tbe understanding that Gen. M ltchell might answer at his leisure. KA Mind man has been arrested In Cleve r marrying three different blind girls In as Baay weeks Two months ago be burled his I rat wife, who was not blind. He declared be could not as* any wrong la tt. U^"Tbe Govermoe of New Hampshire has sppolated Thursdsy, November 28, to be observed is r day of thanksgiving In that State. 07* Why is an old fashioned silk hsndker* rblef like the Southern Confederate flag* Ue au*.* one It a bandanna snd the other is a d?n i*uaer- ' < LEA A PERKINS' cslkbratkd Worcestershire Sauce. Pronoaneed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS fl of a Letter from a to be the 11 MtdUal at Madras ONLY GOOD UHUBnUm SAUCE." ?Worcester. and applioab.e to ? fell WfItEVERY ?"kShlTthSt^J ... =^rs?r; in India, and is. in VARIETY my "'Pinion, the moat pa.ati b'e, M well m OP niRH ^B<*J2Bthe moat wholesome Oh that i? made." The above SAUCE ia not only the bbst ami m >at popular condihkft known, but the most ital, as a few drops In Soup. Gravy. or with li?k. hot and oo'd Joints, B*tf Steak, Oame, fe , impart an exquisite xest, which unprincipled Sauce man ufacturers have in vain enueavored to imitate On the Breakfast, LuniKeon IHnner, or &upv? Table, a .iruet containing " LKA A PKRRINS WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" i? indispensable. To appreciate the excellent qualities of this delicious preparation it is only neo?s?ary to puicha-e a im 11 bottifl of the genuine, of a reepe--tal>le gro oer or H?a as many Hotel aod Aes.aurant fro prietors sadofii place the Pure Sauoe oefore their guests, t'ut substitute a genuine bottle filled with a spurious mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SO*s, Union Square and UrA street, New York. Sol# Wholesale A coin* for the United States. AStookalwars id store ?Aloo orders received for direct eh;pmenta from Eugla'd. l?jT Bewire qf Counterfeits and Imitations ?Ql a?*p !My.eo OSSs SOMETHING NEW! bbatast Discovbbt / |j At SSI C Street, opposite ? I he Tktaer. ~ OYSTKRS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a r<>%(t) in tieo minutes, the fastest time on record. Call ard see. The undersigned ret p-ctfdiiy informs In* friends in the Itistrict, aad visitors to the city, that he has refitted his old and wiu-tNow.i xstablishmk-.t in a most thorough manner, and ha? made complete arrangements to furnish OYSTER-* in any style and in auy quantity. 4'*) to 50" ga lonashuoked per day. 2 (an to 3 on* can* of Spice,] a-t d I- >ech put up daily?cans liermetioal'y scaled Furnished (n the sh-sl! b? fhe busue or barrel. Peisons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter. at Baltimore pnoes. without fcar of lailure, ?houid oa.! and make arrangement* at onse Freight, time, and money save.i by pnrohasiug at me. as I furnish an article equal to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, a* price* just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes. Pigs' F*et, Tripe, Ao, Ao.,Ao. A!bo, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes. Brandy Peaches, Ao. Also, Game and t-resh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh I.obstere Cod, Halibut. Ac. In fact, every thing for sale in th-? Nortlu rn n.arkets aWays on hard, at reasonable piles Hotels and families supplied with <>TKte-s. delivered without charge"t? any par* of the Diai'iot. in season, if the money is sei.t with th > order. My e*tat> ishment is open from 5 a in to 12 at night, every nay, exoept Sunday, when 1 olose at to o'cloox a. m. ae27 T. M. HARVEY. T* TO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Prussian principle, arranged for sleep- rv ins or to act a* an Ambulance in case of "jJSrk sickness or wounds, with ample room stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and perfeotiy new. having been just ?'uilt t:? order by owe of the first makers in New York, ia offered for sale at cost prioe. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen oa aj>p>ioation to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corouran'a Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H streets se 20 pMREMEN'S INSURANCE. COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. ~..#*00,000. Jfu iimir C strut **d Luuuizna ??., ever Bank of Washington. INSURE houses ajydother PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DlEBCTOiS. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Kedfern, Samuel Cropiey, William Wilson, Richard Jo'.os, John i>. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth #ell, Tbos. Parker. " Richard Barry, B. B. Frenoh, Dr. C. W. J/avia. No charge for PolioiM. JAMES ADAMS. Prcsidsnt, Atti G. Da vie. Secretary. au 3 eo%m M. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PR ACTICAL OPTICIAN, (44 Penn'a av., no. th side,) bet. 12th and 13th sts. Improved SPECTACLKS, with genuine Pebble >r Peruoopio Glasses, suited correctly for every ?ye-sight. FIRST 0 CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, tficroKoopes, Comrassas, and Mathemitical In atrumanta, at the lowest Eastern prions. ee2T tr NAVY BLUE FLANNEL. Broadcloths, and Cassimerea ; Army bine Flannels, Broaailoths, and Cassim^res, assorted quaiiti"a that can >e relieJ on. Heavy Colored Blankets for OMnp servioe. With all kindaof Dry Goods for t^e ute of houseteeprrs. Carpeta,Curtains, Oilolotha, Rugs, Ac., upper loora. One prioe only, markod in p'am figures PERRY A uRO.. Pa. avenue and Nitth at, 00 17 6t "Perry BuildiAg." >< A UUA ASCUTUM CLOTHS,"( WaUr pud J*. Repol'ant Clutha.) for L.acia< and Gents' Vu uinu acu Winter Wrappijga, variou* sLadea, >f the beat quality. With all other kinds of Dry Gooda for ourrent laily wanta. One prioe only, marked in plain figures. /Ill parcels for the interior properly packed, free oharge. PERRY A BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth at, oo 22 5t 'Perry Building." Htopham's scma PREMIUM TRUNK IHhQB MANUFACTORY, 499 Sbvmi-ih Stbsxt, washiiwioi, d. 0. Silver Medal ^warded by Maryland Icatittte o Baltimore, November 7, lMu. klae, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, Washington, D. C., low, 1 aa eonatantly making, and always have en hand. of the beat material, every uescr.pUon of Fine Sole Leather, nispw. Wood ^ Pacliug Tranka, peiusi er. Carpet, ap4 Canvaa Trave .ag Baga, School SalollelaiAa* At Low Prices. Members of Congreca and travelers will pleaae ixamtne my a lock before purchasing e!?ircU?M ruiaks that are made in other oiti&g, superior Leather acd Ltjas Tranita made to >rd?r. , I ranks oovrfoa aud repaired at ahort nonoe. oo;'s delivered free or oharge to anyfpart of tie >itv -orgetown, and Alexandria. JAMES S.TQPUAM. B NOTICE. i STYLISH Autumn and Winter Wrappings for adies, of qualities better than usually found in this narket, in Woolens and Silks Man/ novelties in foawls. With al. kinds of Drr Goods for toe geniral and special wants of families and housekeep>ra. Oae prioe only, the aotual cash standard value, na-k^a in plaia figures. Our Northern and Eastern correspondents send 1 is new supplies daily. ^ Carpets, Curtains, Oiloloths, Rugs, *?., vypej w Oo f-lt Pa. avenue and Ninth at. J QOUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Ao. ^ COMPOUND UP OFOUM ARABIC. \ This pleasant and popular Cough Remedy has en so long known and extensively used that most ersona have beooaae familiar with ita extraordiary eAeaey. it eaa be had at all theynae pal 1 xag stores, at as aod oemta a bottle. J oo 14 d?mAoo4m* 1 ^RAND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY: bft ' J SMITH hae not -dvaaoed the prioe of his . .lothing wnieh he has jut reocived and is eellinc ff at auok remarkable low pno^ Give j^e a -afl 1 mi sat sfr yourselves of the great b-.rgams t'-at re now offered evory day at ^jllTU'3, No 4i>o r tvMfcst Ofliua i BOH. johnston, ALTIMORK LOCI HOSPITAL, H*t diit**tr$d tkt autt C*n*m, Spttdf mmd saif Kftdual Rtwudf w tkt World, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREJBNT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CORE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*tkn***of 2i fc:i, IrncwN, Afeeuone af Ktdaays sod Bladder -ivoianiirv Duenargee, Impotencv, On rml Debility, Ntt vootneea, D.nMpii, Lanraor, CMfwM of ideae, Law Spirr*. ? -pitauo* of th* Kurt, Timidity, Tremblings, Fhmtees a? Big*t or Uiddnaaa. Duiui of lbs * 4, Threat, Nos* or 8kui, Af acuoui of th* Lvri, ten or BowiIi-Oiiii Terrible Diaordere (.mini from So.iury HtUuof Yoath?Ut? DnUhl and Dtitncux PracIKII which rtudir Mirrufa impoaaibls, ud destroy bock Bod* ud Mind. YOUNG MEN Especially who have b*r ,m* th* vicuna of Solitary Tk?, that drtadful and dtitr .vtiv* it Mcb t.jih),; ewespe to on untimely grave tb um.ii uf Yoci g .Msu of ths Boot esalted taiente aud brilliant intellect, who migtl otherwise kt>i entranced Ueteimng Senstee with th* thandere of slo. aence or wtk*d to *cattcy lb* living lyr*, all call witk fall caaldeuca. MARRIAGE. MaSSiSD PtBeoss, or Toang Mod contemplating Marnage, keing aware of pbyaieal stake***, etganit dtkiLity, dtformitt**, Ac., epeedilv curt J II* who jplic** hm.aelf under tk* car* of Dr. J. may uluioaely J a to hi* honor a* a genUeoLtn and iTnUtatly nlj ?pon hi* ikill a* a phyeiciaa. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft band aid* gou.g fro* Baltimore *tr**t, a few door* from tb* Cormr. k ail uot to cbeerve nan* a ad asoiker. Litters mm b* paid and contain a tump. DR JOHNSTON, Sletnberof th* Royal College of Serf ion*. Lo>.doo, grtdtat* from on* of th* raoe: *min*nt Coll*;** la th* Uuitcd tutce, ai.d th* ri*at*r part of who** lif* ba* b**n *p*nt ta the irepiu.le of London, Pari*, Aiiadttpkiaand *lM?b*r*t ha* ejected aom* of tb* moat aetouiehing ear** that were l'*r known; many troubled with ringing in th* b**d ai,d *ar* whta a*l**p; rra*-. o*r*on*e(*o, beiog alariatd at euddeu tocndi. baahfulneae with rre^aent blaehing, att*ud?d *9tn?uib?* with d*r*u(*ia*nt af iniod, war* cured iram*dlaldy. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young M*ii and othtn who have u.)ured themeelve* by a run pracuc* Indulged in wh?a aioi?e?a habit frej*emly learned frum evil ccmpamoue, or at achool, th* *fici* of whica are nightly f*lt even when a*l**p, and if aotcureJ, rei.uere marriage impossible, aad dastrov* bath wad and kwlr, should apply immediatelv. The** ar* aom* uf th* *ad and melaachoiy e (facte pro<lacr4 *y **r'/ habit* of vooth.viti Weakarae of th* b.c* and Limb*, Pain* in th* Hod, Dimneea of Sight, L?*s of Vuer Huwtr, r-vlpimtioo of ui* Heart, Oyap*p*y, Ncrton imtakilny, Otrangemaut of th* Di|nti>? Kuncuoo*, Utniral D?t>iuty, Symptom* of Coniamption, Ac. MBrrTALLT.?Tti* fcartal *D*ct* oa th* nlad ar* mach to k* draadad?Loo* of Maruory, Confuaiou of ld*a*, 0*prt**i?a *f Sprits, Evil Korcbudiup*, A*?rsms of Bocicty, Bslf-D.sua**, Lo?* of Solitad*, Timidity, *te., ar* Mm* vf th* **il* pr?dac*d. Sutot'i Dibii.itt?Thoasinda can row }ad{< what is U1* caua* of thiir diclioinf btslth, lu*inr thdr tigoc, o*cu*aInf w?*k, pai*, u*r?oc* and *aiacial*a, basing a singular ap| aarai.c* sboat tha *y*(, coagh or *yruptom* of eoasamptlTtl. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whin tb* mi*gaid*d and tinpradcct votary of pl*s*ar* (ad* k* ha* imbibed Jia seeds of thi* psmfal dissa**, it toa aftaa kappana that an ill-:im<d of ahum* or dr*ad of discoviry d*t*r* hirr froui applying'.0 tho** who, from tdneatioa and raspsct*bihty, can alon* b*friaud him H* (all* into th* hand* of ign"niut and ,ug pr?ttnd*r*, who, locapibl* af carinr, filch hi* picuniary aobauuia, k**p hin triliog month afiar mouth, or a* long a* tii* *mali**t f*? can b* ?t tiiri*'), acd la daspiir l?iv* him with rait*d haslth to aigh *?ar sia rslling diaappomtmant; or by th* aa* of that dea/y pouun?Mtrcury?ha*t*o th* con*utauoaal (ymptoei* of tki* ttrribl* diaaaa*, such aa Affactioc.* of |>* Heart, Throat, Head, kin, Ac., progrettmg with frigbt/kl rapidity, ull death pau a Sertod ta bis dreadful entering* by etuding himta ikat au.scae*r*d coantry (rem wbset kaaroe oa traveler retarua. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tbit crtat tod remedy weakntat of the ergtne tie eptedlly can* ana fall vigor reatored. Theaeaode or the noet uervoae arid dtbllitatad, wh* had laat all hoy*, tav* kto i^.ra*diat?ly r*h*?*d. All imp*dira*nu ta Mtrr'tgt, Phytiaal or Mania! DltcaalUcatiaoa, Lot* of Pracrtauv* P*w'*r. K*rv*a* lrrltakUity, Trsiuki or ud Weakaen a* kuitiiaa af tka meet faarfai ktad aysedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRES8. Tmm Mamt T?oi*a!?di cared at tiila laautanao withia the last eeventeaa rears, and tha namerea* important Sargi**I *per*tiooeperformed by Dr. Jobutoe, wiusaaed by the repor.en of th* papers and mtnr other Dtreona, ooUca* of which btv* appeared tgtio and agaia bofore th* pabltc, b?*M*a hi* atanding ta t geatleruto of chartettr too respon*iei'lty, ie t eaMcieut gat ranee to the t?icted. nat li-lv NOTICE. "ADAMS* KXPRESS COMPANT." This Conipwy ojsra to the duVio *' Uue^uallAd Advantag?*" for the Safe ana Quick luspatoh of Heavy Freights. Paokves, Valuable#, Money, Ao. Ao., to all parts of the United State*. Eiproaaoa to and troin the North and West dapart from and arrive in Washington twice daily, AU Exyeoeea nre in oharge oi txmnmtU mnd reliable Meeaengers. All Packages for The Soldiers oarnea at "on* half' our u^ual rates. All Go< ds for tlie >u-oai!od "Confederate States" ' ant all Articles " Cobtraband of War' will be Kzfcsbd. OU' Expressf s leave New York at 1.6, and 6 P. M., arriving m Waahiagton at 6 A. M. aad AW P AA Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JO A. M. and 6 V:d' ' ftrriTlfl* iu ^Vasniagton at 6 A P. M, aad Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 29 A. m. and s p. M. arriving m Wan ring ton at 6 A. m. a&dSSu Expresses for all po?nts Nor*h aa<1 West leave 1 W asfancton at 7 Si) A. M and 2jn P. M. da., t . Speoial Contracts tor large ^uantitins of Freight ? oaa be made on application to Uus ?>ffioe. ' All Goods .aliea for and delivered frtt of Extra oharges. E. W, PARSONS. , ?T .. . Sup't Adajri* Lxpress Company. Washington, August ta. Ifel. au 2S- tf ' Ywood and coal. on Will snrely get your money's worth by oaliiag at the PIONEER MILLS.indiwui car ?r Qf S*vtmk strut and Canal, (6EO. PA?E, i Agent.) 1 hey sell cheaper and give better measure thau any others in the oity?out, split, tnd tfoliw- i ered free o: charge. If yo? dew \ [ snare . i vs the Pioneer Mills a tria., ac4 m satisf ?d. y-iv-r i goon AMD ^YlSdRS W? 8,i* T11> " *|f< markfaoluring al! kinds of BOOT! Ud SHOEs. and oorstaotly reos.?;ng a?Aa s*ppl7 of eastsrn made work of every de-BHM sor??Uon, made expressly to order, and will fKJ pe sold at a tnaak lo^er jarioethan has boan* 9H aretofure charged in (Lis e:ty for mtcfl icisner a.-i O.e.. Persons m want of Boots and Shoes of eastern ar lty ma ls work, will alwavc <r.-i a goo! assortmea I. .....!..? ^Fj|?va?ii. "1 ''?nM,iviiin name. A rmy SUPPLIES. A DECEIVED- I 430 cans SAUSAGK MEAT, i 240 cans FRKSH TOMATOES. 49<?cans FRESH VEAL. ?n cans BEEF, a is wttvf*. 240 cans ROAST BEEF, SdOoans FRESH MUTrbN. 1 240 oana BEEf aau URAVy! 8*3 oan> SjOi. jf* And flOUILLI. 1 ^?jCbi!FSl "?t8S1CATKI> VK#E Por sals atNsw York Factory pnoes. KING A filJRCHELL. wl Corner I and Fifteenth streets. Hnew books istory of the Unitad Netherlands, by Jobs ? i^ihroa Motlev ; 2 vols.; free b- mail. B, 5 "Tife and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop 9^^0s After Icebergs with s. Painter, a Samaar Voyags to Labrador aod Nswloundiand; by Rev Louis L. Nob e ; ?1.50. The Man nature of Photor Shis or Hydro Car baa Oils, by ThouiM AmisHl, M. D.; #1.1*. Any of tfas afeoW jfree py mail. o FRENCH A RiCHSTEIN, ?7t* Heona. avaase. I^OM OPF1CERS AND SOLDIERS-isok r skla Gaontlets. several ssalitaes. r Heavy Grey Blar.kets for Camp servioa. Blue Cloths and Castimsres various qualities. On? prise only, markediu slain Litres. We slso offer all kinds of irst olass Dry Goods for the general and satcial wants of families aad housekeepers. PERRY * kro., Pa avsnne aad Nlath st?, 1 "Ferry Mathltos." W BOYS' CLOTBUffe. ^ E Have Taoeived within tba last dar cm two a iargs assortmsat of BOYS' BPBIMvLOTUIN?. embracing ail stales of {avTarfi^aMiani tad line sual.tiss, w^ak ? ' low priees fvr oaak. . 1 H , rWv"TTHEoi.orawN oWrtot.^ * aiKvsitfiik!.' o^av-sisi: r?he people's clothing store?No. i 4WSOTSiUio?9UAiMru?OAte. <Mlm ? THE WEEKLY STAR. ?*ln*Uoopr. pwunu *' ~ ^2! L ri.,0^,. , ? - " IN **??? ? 99 P? It Invariably moMh Um "W^Mtn Neva* ttat baa male Tbo Dmtif Enontmgauaralfwlata ao generally IfeiMfkMl tba eoaa^y JET?!?* n' ? * ^ coi*d at Um eoaatar landiaklj after the lamia f'Wf pmpm Prto?THKBK CENTS HKLMBOLD'S UENllNE PREPARATION. 44 highly concentrated? Compound Fluid Extract Buohu, A Poiuir, mm4 RpoctJU Ktwudf ,UMn ?.SSS,Sfc'Thra Mcdjoina Ibo'hin the power of a-d aioitN tki tiwiann foe by vhioh the watbbt oa c. LCEB0CeA?!||12n2??L' ???Ji m.tsiMtnti ara raitalSJ* f<Jr *** '""-a***"?". ^ !y?w MEN, WOMEN. OE CB1LBRRN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV . . . , Fw WotknN'M Ariainx from Eao'eeee, Habit* of Diaaiaatiwa tiily T- ditar'tmi or A^iat, WSASvrr' fejyvss. hThJM L**?iu^* of Maecalar Wv.uJJ * Hot Hand*. Klaahinc of tki rfiJi 1/ryneaa of the Skin, K.apUoai ?a the Wei.* rv,? '* L?eo?mi4Kfc "aaa ?ympt< ma. if a oar-d to to fa, aklsk uia medicine invariably remova, aoaa fotlowa IMPOTENCY, PATUIT\ EPILEPTIC PI7*. In oim a/ triii* [At Panmt map F.jpin , W^.?w0,,i ?h?T ara rot roaaaatly followed bj thoae 'wi?m Diiiiitu," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the ?anee or their eafferiac ?pt NOW! WILL rour tea THE RECON D8or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Mtlanrkeiy Drmiks bp fauaaiftiM "?* *"fL? WITH Baa TO Til T1VTV or TBI AUtinoi. TBE Require* the aid of mediein* to etrenftbaa aad long orate the Syetem. which HKLMB"LD'S EXTRACT BUCSU imr~*r*atlt da,,. A TtUL WILL COKTIKCB TBB MOaT , females? females? females, ?-D smftV4,%L%Avw?i?- u? In Many Affection* Peculiar to Ft main the Kztract Bboqu la aneaaail?d by any other remedy. m la Chio-ona or ket*(.Ui?B, Irr |aanu, Painfulneas, or Suppreae.on ot Cuatomary Evaocauotia. Ulcerated or -ova atata of tha L'taraa, Leaoor-hea or Whitee, Sterility, atd/or al! oorrpiaiuta ineidect to the omx, wuether ariaibc from I odiaeretion, Habit* of Diaaipatioa. or la tLe DECLINE OR CffANOE QF LIFE ! in arMPToiaa above. NO FAMILY SHOULD BB WITHOUT IT. Taktn* mart Baltmm, Mtremrf, or Vnplomomnt Medictnt for "nrltaiomt mmd Dmmformut HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU rraaa SECRET DUEAIU In ail their Stage*; At little Ftreat* Little or bo ehanre m Diet; No inaoavajaiaaa! And t# || nimn ltoauaea a fre?M'Bt deaire aad (iraa atraaftk to Urinate, thereby Rem.)ring cbatfuotioua. Pre vet tin j and Curiae StriotBrea of the UraUra. r ? . Aliayinc rai. and itflammatlOB. ao frequent in the clui of dieea*ee. bb4 ?x?elllU ail Ponvnous, Distattd, and worm out Maxtor. THorsaaiM rro* thoc?ajids WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF (jUACES, and who *ara pmii ktat?/?? to ba eared ia a abort Ume, have f jand tt>-y were daoaiTeo. aao that Um roiao.V' haa, by the uas Wrme.rful annar?u/ ?*' dried up ib U.e ayatem, to brtak oat la an aa[raratod form, an?l fEAHAPS AFTER MARM1A0M. Ua;HKLMB?LD,S EXTRACT BVCBU Lii aaectioDk as I d aeaa ? ol ua URINAMT ORGANS, rbather axiatin( in MALE OR FEMALE* Tom vhat>rer oauae oritinatiac aad to mattar of HOW LONG STANDING. !)iaeaaea of tbeaa Organ* require the aid of a DirasTic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, f.ud it it eeitain to have the fleaired effaot ta Jiiaueijor teAiea it it roeommemdod. ITIDKHCI Or TBI MOST KBtFOMIBLa ABB SBLIABLB CBABACTBB rill aooonifaay the madioicea, CERTIFICATES OP CURKS. w Prom ?to 30 , rare" aiaodlar, Vilii Namae kqowr *o . SCIENCE AND FAME. 44PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB Hill "BO BBCBBT" OT "IBSBBBIBBTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU a ocmpoead of Uucha. Cabeba aad Janiaar Bamaa. le.aoiad with treat oare by a aompeeent draf % tat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Praotloal and Aaalytidal f.k?..?t, ^ n.? ohoUrtr of lELMBOLD'S GENUINE PBEPAEATI05S AFFIDAVIT. r-itigszui tajnf da!y awe a, do?a aay. bia yraaaiattowa aoa am ne aarooUa, ao meroarr , or oiaar lajaiaoaa rata, bat are rarely veieUb1* Alderman, Ninth at., above Rmi, PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM ft A. M TO 9 P. M. Pried 91 par botUe, er Hi lar ti. ftRSSf ? M'~- ? " Addreea )?atMa for la/ormatioB ia ao aid ewe to M? T. RELMHOLD, QUaitt, >epwt, Iim Soath Taath at., Uaiov Cbeataat, Pkila. CEWARK OF COUNTERFEITS ' AMD UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS rbo endeavor to diaroae -of tkalx ova" aad other'* arttalee oa tae raratauoa attaaMd ay M*lmbold t (haaiiu Preparation*, " M Extract B*ckm, " u * *? Sartarmriiia, " " Intprootd Ran WmU. SoM by ft. B. Warm. X. D. Oilman, Jaaa Vilbt 8. C. Fobb, s. B. Ebtwiitlb, B C Iajob, Kibwbll k La cm buck, J. R. Muta. VaeAiafton aad Oaoftetova. AND ALL DRV&idlkTB EVERYWHERE. A&E FOB HELMBOLD'S. UnHOOIItt. )r HD AVOID I*POSITION Bad EXPOrURA. Symftamu m *U CwwimiWiM t. dm fla>ml?e<I A4*aac OtMtl ?4'*W - .] ^

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