Newspaper of Evening Star, 28 Ekim 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 28 Ekim 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL WEWS.~*j gT'Tboef h Tee Stab ! printed oa the hsteet ?? n?* of Baltimore. Its edition to ? larjre ?? to require It to be pat to preea at in ?rty boar there/ore. should be Mat la before IS o'clock m ; otherwise tbey may nayaot appear oatll tbe next day. Tb? F*bo Bam Casb ?Saturday -.vioefc. Jeb? CaropbHI, who w.. anSST'by tbe Metropolitan Police for keeping a faro bank, tppnrrd for preliminary examination before Jus. tl? Tb<*np*oo. according to tbe requirement of tb* bond f Wen at hta frit appearance Tbe Govrrsment *l? represented by Messrs Johnson and ttlberson and tbe defence by Mr Davldue Tbe testimony of tbe Government w*a principally that of tbe arresting ofir-ers. who testified that tbey catered tbe bouse. found the dealer la tbe act of fieslinr. entire marblnery for the regular operation of a faro bank wm apread. all of wblcb fell lato tbeir hands: and that Campl*ell. as tbe proprietor, offered to " settle the matter " Tbe testimony of other witnesses was taken, but sotblng material was elicited, except tbat to tbe effect that when first arrested Campbell asld the fixtures were worth fOOU Tbey are certainly quite costly, tbe " lav clotb*' being of fine material. the dice and cbecka flrst-clas?. and the "dealing box'' of solid allver. The defendant's counsel proposed to elo*e the preliminary examination ad nbmit the case, but the Government counsel stated that there were several Important witnesses wbo were absent, and who could dear up some points upon wblcb It would be best to have the evidence of eve-witnesses, and asked a continuance cf tbe caae Justice Thompson postponed tbe case till Friday next at 4 o'clock p m In order to give the Governmeut tline to aecure ita witnesses ctmtral Gcaidhocsk <'asxs ? Btfurt Justice ITmlur ? Sunday?\V m Hill, nevro boy, fight )>g ib id? mff". wm Qiimiacu, iwini; wounara la the arm with a knife John Nelso<i. tbe boy wbo Inflicted the wound, w? sent to the workbout.* for 30 days Prank Saper. drunk and disorder!*; Bi?ed WW B Fnnklln, disorderly, do . #1 (?hai Smith, turned over lo tbe military. ?' W Johnson, disorderly: workb??se .10 diys. Sainl Turner, col , drunk and disorderly; do 60 days John Colbert, col, do; line # > 04 J. McDavlt. carrying weapon; do SJO 91 David Murray, walking the street with a U S mukrt supposed to be stolen; jail, (ieo Porter, riding on tbe pavement; paid 58 cents coats John Dogerty, drunk; line |i 9l Noble Anderaon, Aug. Butler. Chadwick Boone, Jerrv W IP lams and Fred Thomas, col , out after hours; fine SI 94 - * * % - l > am ? men l.?wn Munioy, a:uni ana aiaoraenv; uo. *2 91 P Hn^mar do; do. J II Dover, out sfter hours, do f I 94 Ja* Cunningham,drunk; do 93 91 Robert Smith, drunk and disorderly; do. John flail, do; do. R. Pendegrass, dli i?Md Monday ?James Avoid, drunk and disorder^; lined to M Eoiily Donn. drunk, fined So 91. Adam Hill, drunk, profanity, and threats; workbouse 90 days. P. G. Hollina, profanity; fined *1 94 Diath? ot Jk)ldii?s ? We report the followlu deaths since our lsaue: W R. Norris. Company H. 13th Pennsvlvanla; B B. Ford, Company I, *d New Hampshire, at the College Hospital Crittenden Stover, Company E, 19th Indiana, at the Patent Office Lieut. W D Ron, Anderson Zouavts, at the lolrmary. Corporal C. B Laakar, 8th Maine, at tbe Eruptive Hospital. Allen Eaenbraun, m-islclan, Company G, 47th Pennsylvania, at the Union Hotel. C white, company G, 44d New York, at Arlington. James Perkina, teamater. at tbe Seminary Cbaa Griffin, Company I, '2d regiment Excel lor brigade; Geo. Baaer, Flrat Michigan cavalry; W G Sawtelle, CompanyG, 2d New Hampshire; la tbe camps. Tax Cabal ?The commissioner of the canal will havo a boav time of It If be destgn* to keep that aoWM t* 1m r r\f A ?a tA animala fns it anrtAoso Ia be a common practice for persons to ?end dead I dog*, cat* and boga from their premises to be thrown Into the canal. It wai not intended that the canal should be uaed aa a receptac le of carron, and there wo a law to prevent auch a us? of it To be aura the commiaaloner cannot detect and pontab everv violator of the law, bat tta strict enforcement in every caae where the ofl'^ndlng partlea ar? known, will go far to -dlmlniah the evil. The larger animala.soim of wolch have remains4 la the canal (m a week or more at a time, we e ' either drowned In the canal or floated in from the river with the tide* A prompt attention to the removal of tbeae would meet the approval of the resident* near the canal, and also thoae whose bualneaa calla them frequently to and from the Seventh Ward sok.ithixo Dxsixabli ?In the Crimean war, the Brit>k Government, after trying many ezpe- | dienta to Increase the comfort of those in their twapitala eafwcially, bought up all the buffdlo robe* Imported fay the Hudson's Bay Company in one season, and sent them to the seat of war, where they proved invaluable: one being worth a doaen blaukett: each in bard watber serving for a stove cot and mattress combined, u it were, as w?ll aa an nrdlnarv blanket We ere rernl nd^l of I tha fact by seeing juat opentog, la the Immediate vicinity of the Star offlc, p^rhapa the finest lot of buffalo robe* ever brought here, moit of tbem keing composed of a singls large tkm only Tbey are for aale at the establishment of Mr. R. Da pre, north aide of Pennsylvania avenue. between Ninth and Tenth atreeta We hope that the Quartermaater General will get p?asesslon of tbem at once, for hospital uae especially. '* 1 !itibaarmo Relics."?The Baltimore Sun, under the above heading, gives a description of the Episcopal Church at Fairfax Court House, built bv l.ord Fairfax, the pulDtt and altar of LtntMut of Ik* Anderaoa Zonim, died on Saturday, it the Infirmary, on E ittwt Hie renalaa were Interred yeatrrday, at tka Soldiers' Uw, with military honora?a compauy attendUf ike funeral with music Tat Sample Law ?Pot the benefit of those ^o ate not aware of the law aval net tailing faoda by aaaple, we refer tbem to shea ban'* Df?? *. page 71 aaetloa II of the chapter on "Reva- ' aoe from Llceacea ?' a**a' Allot ?Veatorday, a little row waa ' boot to break oat la Satoa' alley between two I eltUeaa and two aoldleta, when the timely Inter* 1 tbe police reatored qalet and ae para led ?be betllcerenta H j Pianriao ?Mary Orifla waa arretted yeaterday I ~~m*?a for fl<htln^ and throwing etonea la the Noftter* LiberUea. She waa takenhefore J uatlce paraacia aad held to ball for farther henrtag. w ooU-iv* - *11 of whioh ? U b? aoid it Si loyt m?rfc?t r*m oc >6-*W Sotoh Momtings, loMhidU MOB'T H. 6 HAAM'S, Cu?0iusak?r, EijtiUi at. yo 19-1 f Lj imtsn rnimnmuo KRIN6KS, GIMPS. CORDS and TA88KLP. BUTTON Sib aver/ vanet*, on hand a-d mtde to o deby MK8. LOWK, Fnnand Trimming Ma> u'actarer, w?7 anuth aide I'a ave , between St aiid iOtb il?. N. 0 - For rajt. a fine toned 7 octave Roievood Piano uKiiJru strje, oo g6 eo8w CHUR. A K IM'S CITIZENS' COTiLLOV BAND ? Tae abo e named, having ' .JfiU tamed from hie trip lo Europ*, ia reacy toi?i farniah music for tails, part aa, eerenajJea, Jlc* te.. at the short*.at notio<?. Eiuac^menta oan be Mde lor an.all or large pirtiea, at Cbr. Arth'a Sluvmr end Flair dreaa B( Salo?c,on C at. Wash l"lton Bank Banding ; or at Jacob Arth'a I'ark Hotel. oo 84-1 w* TAILORING KSrABLJ8HMKNT-Tailoring ' its bra ohea. by JOHN ? ..?# BUCHKNmKKO. No. 3?ft. oorner Thir *i| teauthaodH ate. Geut emeu's and Boys' Km C othas M to ordar Ravine mide arranr*- W menu witk a akillfai feurn Sooirer, Tam -* preaaadto azeeaU aliord jra id this line, a* vail ?-* Macdiaa. ia the moat tatisfaatory manner. iioieii, ueaiV's ?uu 'imuiw *upp iw 17 tuv 8ol? *g>rt*~ STOCK UAl.K i CO , og 23 S'.d.S'lar* 331 Walnut St., Phi'aJelpliiA. fl^lTR sUttttiKlBEKa b?f leave to inform their 1 p%trorg and the public *ei erally of bein* amply aujnlied with * iufprior *1 ck ol*#r FALL and W1NTHR GOODS. They also re*??otful y invite a tention f f their Army and Na*y ouatonier*, and tho-e" "" rrqairini oatfila in that Hue. 'o their ruperior aualiti?a cf S*orda, fe paaleta. Shou der Strap* Bella, Chatetua. Hata, Cape Saahea, and Gold Laoea, aosataaUy or baud, wlmn are warranted la repra aeuted, W h.'at tand'rin* tbanka fy: ?ne liberal patronage 1 joyed,they wilt en<l?avor to merit aornucuftuoe, V. J. HKiatRUKR ** CO , (Suoo^aaors t > H, P. Load -n A Co,) CITIZEN. MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 363 l'ettcaylvania Avecaa. OB H #* Sffl f A DIES' notions, Gold Cords and A'my Laces, iic a al WoritaJ H*?h?s, Mlkaud Worsted Gjrija, binning* and W-bbin* Gold. Embroidered Shoulder straps. Uujle?, Wreaths, and F!acs On ti&nd and made to order, at MR3. I.OWK'8 oo 26 eo2w Trimming Manalaotory. PBUKNSII?K*S URE OLD MONONMAHELA It V K whisky; n..l. 1 ? ? *i \ . ... I.. for ejnhanre tt me Star Orfice counter. tf MARRIKI) On ths 4th of September. :86i, at Waaler Chapel paraonace. Baitim-ire, by Rev. J-amuel V D ake, VHOM '4 v. Mol.NTIMM to Mim CORNELIA. WHEELER, both of Washington, D. C. * DIED. On theM of October, JOHN THOMAS, in tho 49tii y?-ar of hi? ate L*avej a wife and a;ven children to mnarn his los*. Ltaarect father, thou hast left us, We thy l*>e? inoatdj?*p'y fee/; But 'ua Go J that ha'h bereft u.? 'He o?n ail our s?r o*a bea.'. * On the36th of October. WILLIAM L. DOWDhN, ia ?he 27th year of hia age. May he real in peaoe. " MILITARY TRIMMINUS. 297 C^vairy, lnfuitry, Artillery, Rilia, Navy and StiU ns 11 wn> cuiv (?ry wuunw, j:uw j?r; uus^u t?'o( 11 u b-i wi?Ij rudlkd &r- and tlia wvuused parte, an < ti.ey \<3 kept th<iro>)ghiv o ore red with it a pot should be in every man's kr>ap?a:fc. only 25 cents per pot. ocitt 1* co#g8s.?tha eu&len chances of oa* climatea<-e sources of FtUmonary, Brotukiul ami Asthmatic AJtction*. kxp&rioncj naving proved that simple remedies often full spe*.ii!y and oertaitiiy wiien takdb m tl.e early stages oi tits dmeaao, leoouree ahou'.d at once be had to " Brotfu't Bronchial Trochesor losen-fea. let tho cold, congh, or irritation of the throat oo evei r.o slight, as by this preflmitioii a more serioui r 'iaa? msj be warded off. Public Speakers and Sinstn wjli f.nd them effectual for ol^nn? aud etreuftheniur tha voioe. Ho* tdve.-mement. d? i-!y pirnu, persons deeirir.1 ^enaiw w:!l awlys find ti.em iuai fuu7 an kiijui ui niuia ivauurr ? inn*#, j 11 rinding Rubber Blanket*. Rubber Clothing, kc , &.C., can be obtained In tbl( city at manufacturer's pricet, at the India Rubber VVarehouae, 3<l& Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth street*. oc 16-tf NonrK.-Bew?r? of Ouuater eits and unprincipled dealer* endeavoring to dispute of th<>jr own ard other articles on the reputation attained i^jr HeltnboliTs Extract Bucku, a positive and Hp-eihc remedy for di? ?*se? of I h* U.a^dar, Kidueys, Wave;, D'opsy, to , fie., Ao. A*lc for Hel<rbold'a. Take no other. See advartisernent in another ool mnjj. aeuu Tub hozuvrs or War ;&n be greatly miticatwl by that sovoreun resr.edy, Holloway s i mtrnext, ? r-v.? ???" "k"*' our citizens with moat wondroijs power. To-night a bill unusually racy?one that will make vest buttona fly amazingly. 8e* elsewhere, the notice of a featlval to be given by the ladlea of the Kaat Washington Mission, next Wednesday night. A mo#t agreeable entertainment la anticipated. To-night the Metropolitan Opera Troupe open in Georgetown, and West Knd la aii agog aa well a* our neighbor, iu anticipation of the good things to be enjoyed thla evening. To-jnoHT the grind assembly of the Monumental Club comea off, at Franklin Hall. Don't fail to be iu attendance. India Rubber Goons ?We are pleaaed to atate ?w. * .11 ki.J. Ar l. Ji. i) .1.1... _ ouiduici, wu urging m> l'umrnur, i<uii Udiisufr, to ko In. Gallaber went Id and made a purchaae, giving the counterfeit note tn payment Hew.i asked where be got the note, and replied that tbe Lieutenant gave It to him, When asked wbo the Lieutenant wan. be replied Sblndler; "but 8hindler ain't a lieutenant; 1 only nick-named him that " Juatlce Dunn aent )>oth to jail for a further hearing, aa there may be aome othsr little thlnga aet down to their account. Accident ?Yraterdav afternoon, aa a Government wi^on waa paaaing along H street, near the Iron bridge, the team started auddenly, and the wagon body, by a jolt, waa thrown on tbe wheel bo sea knocking the driver off, and he falling under the wheel*, waa aeverely injnred. He waa ImmedlaUly taken to the Infirmary for treatment. Odd Fellows' Hall continue* the center of attraction, and the good things got off by the Plimnkiilll nlcrhtlv nt that inctitnMnn A pa nnrtn ubiva?m/vr* /mure r?untT iiuiiura r ill* geruld was arreted for using profane language so as In be hesrd In the street, and ?be wai fined tl 5S II. Morlarty, for a like ofl'ence, not paying the fine, accused was sent to the workhou-e fur ten days tl Buseher, running a cart and a wagon without license, was permitted to get a license for each vehicle, pay SI.16 costs, ;ind depart. D Looney, running a cart, do , do , fifty cents cost J. Oberstetter, ottering goods for Hale by s:imple, fined #.Mi l>4 J Stevens, peddling without licena-'. do. Richard Bennet, for unlicensed, paid 58 cents costs and got a license Thog Burke, do , do. Before Jmsiite Donn ?Saturday afternoon, patrolman Grant arrested two men, rather roughlooking customers, for passing a counterfeit tendollar rote upon Mr. A Kiessecker. They profe-s to Itelong to the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, which was doubted, as neither was in uniform. They were taken before Justice Donn. It appeared that they were noticed a few moments before the passing of the note loitering about Kiessecker's do >r; and one, who gave his name aft Lewis n... .??lM? us- ? - n *-.-11 ? 1 ?uuui'ff u ' 'iggeq Amia* at Rocktillb?Tb? Rorkvili# XJmm ofiutwMk baa the following iloma. Arrttfd ? James W Ofutt, i former ecboeit*?char here. and arrtl known na a ?'olent awialonlata, and who left tbla conntv lut aprlne to go to Dixie, returned to h'a neighborhood acme twn weeka alnse The fact of hia being here having f-ome to the nn of #*p< Aramon. of the Proro-l Guard, he. under Inatructiona from Gen. Bank*, proceed*d to ~**e?t him. He atarted. on Monday laat. In the direction of the realdence of Olfutt'i auut. Mra. Tbomaa Claggett, where It waa underatood Offutt had been concealed, and where he b id received hla aeceah frienda: h-it before reaching the houae the Captain learned that the person be w&a In porault of bad tied Learning tbst Offutt'a mother realded In Georgetown, he proceeded thither, and. on Tueaday. procuring the aaaiatance of L1?nt Drake, of the Provoat Guard, and a aquad of men, they aurrounded her real ..<! <1. m<in<4o/1 tho r> rswi ii/nI i ah <, 9 L UrllUC IIIU u^iuaiiuru ?ur ^/ivuuviivu VI Lrl on. She swcre positively that he wa? not In the hone* and tbat she bad not seen blm for tome month*. Howeve*,after considerable delay be was produced and duly escorted to the 13th street military prison. Washington. Ktrke4 by a Horst ?Mr Richard Harrison, of Washington, s irember of Capt Thlstleton's Putnam Rangers, stationed at Poolesville, wbo bad been to Washington for borses, wss yesterday returning to camp, riding one and leedlng two, when bnving reached a point aboutfive miles below th's village tUe homes became unrnlv and commenced kicking, one of which kicked Lim on the leg below tbe knee, Inflicting a painful wound He reached the village last night and was unable to proceed further He was kindiy provided with a room end properly attended to ny Mr Trail, of the Washington Hotel. Dr. Somers Is attending to bis wound. Homicide ?Hiram Barke, of Company B, 34'h Regimen', New York Volunteers, was committed to jail of Montgomery county, on a charge of stabbing and cutting Lawrence Rooney, on the night of the 12th instant, at Camp Seneca, of which wounds Rooney afterwards died. Dnt C- Pit. ' ' " " Bg AMUSEMENTS. T* HEATER. *' ' I MONDAY, Ottcbw 9*. Fir?t nicht of a Local and Patriotic SKeteit of tV? Time*. entitled OUR VOl uWTKlilt^. if which MtwSt'SAN OKNIN arH M' TRi* Tneiil will appear, New ^aeaerj i>? Mr. Lamb. Toeotiraenee with A CuNJUSAi. Lli'SON. on ?-lt? . j orn ff.i lows' hall: Above DSt. Continnrd 8u jc * of ; Thii FftroriU Troops! TWEL FTH WEEK of the CAMPBELL MINSTREL*. 1* STAR PERFORMER?. Imm#n?e 3n?ce8? of FRANK SW TL? r> 4 l ? r 41 n ' V . _ I no urmi inoi;iiiip?r wp?ra I roopp. Niw cOtfil A*D AFTIRPltCS* ! Concludi' k with *h? f) y S OF MALTA. He-wool<)-be a Son F. Wyftad Admi?aion 25 oanli. oo 26 I OI1K OI'T FOB THE MONUMENTA S! Tho MONUMENTAL CLUB tub. * treat ?lea?nr? in annonnninr to t ei<- friend* 9W and the public in f*n?ra' thaf th?*? will five#B[ 'hair thirteenth OK A N D AS- KMHLV atUiSk vH?iKt.i!? Ham. c^r 9th ard Data . on MONDAY t-" VENINO, Oot i8. Ticket* &> tents, admitting a gantleinan *nd la<iiei. oc 25-3t* WANTS." WANTF.D?A PIE and HAKh' HAK*"'R. Inquire imm?Ji**?!? at U. II RIDKNOUR'S Conf*ctio"eTy. *' 4 Pa ?r?nn. It w ANTED-Bt a lespeotaji'f, mIw *#d indjM- | ** imoub 'oune in*n a ??i ri'vnuiM aa r>ar i tender A Jtlfn-* Box 20, ^tar Offioe It* f^WO SMART BOV8, ag?a abopt 15-ifi ?eir?, wanted H? work in a ttalc?r*. A275 n* averue, Metropolitan Pi***nd fake Btkery. U* WANTE0-A SERVANTr.IRI. todo genial ou?ewot k in a srna I 'ami'y Inquire a* No. 1 m W SeocnJ at. between I) and K tta. nortl . ??c'.8-n* WAVTKD?By a re*pertali'? woman, i SITUATION a? nn-?e ?nd to do j>!?:n r?wi"ic. or to do t o>uework aid p'ain sewing (loo.I reference can be ri von. Apt It at No. 102 i4?h st.. between Land M If WANTED?A (irst rate COOK (none othernerd spply) to oook and wash f.?risix person*, at the Hospital, I'rion Hotel, Geor-efo^n VVares Ml S mnoiii j\ ppif on I n<*s<l? ?, \\ Wnfl'i'H * ll Thursday mornings from 10 to 12. oc 28 3 * WANTI'H-By an "fficer in the Atitr. i fur nish*l front K'?oM and small Bad lloom, with Board, for wife, infant, and l^-'v friend. Tit in? mu?t be moderato. Ad lies* "M. J. J. " NoJJ1 Bridge ?t , Georgetown. It* W A NTEP?Ht a gentleman snd wife a neatly furnished PAR I.OR and H-D ROd^, idioiniriir. wi'h Board for tti * winter. L^oatiou b twrf n 14'h and ?31 sts. No boarjing lif>n?e r.eed reolr. Andreas "U. S A.," for th eeday , c?rr Offie. o :? St* UOA^lT) WANTED, for two gentleman, in a r> q ii?>t resp-vjtahle house, nnior* than 5 or 10 minutes' walk from the W?fOfiof. A famil? 'rca the Not^h, who live in No-thsin stile, preferred. One good-sized pie* g*nt room, with gas. require d. To m* t-oat be mode ate. Address "Boato.Ma",'* this ?o2t St* WANTED? * STORK, with oven aitached. A oply at 329 G at, between 12th and 13th. on ?6 2t* WANTED TO KENT-HOUSE, fu aiaM or .,na u..? a xmr a i l/u'ti o* uuiui iiisiiuii r uui^g rv. al nr<n . -iar Offing stating pr'n? and location. oc 2fi 3:* II/ANTKD-Tw^nod WAITERS. App!r im*?cdiatt,ljr toT. POTENT! Vi*? H fHiau rant, i79 Pa *venue, b tweon loth anl 11th ^ts. oc 36 2t* WANTED?* GIRL, *o ^o r- tiata' hous?a-urk m a small fam ly. A prly at the Siar Office. oo?3 3t JOURNEYMEN TAI'OR*. NOTICE Wanted immediately, Un Coat Hasds. and f ur Hand* on Panm>o?n* U 1 \TM\T fl. TPI* I A f\H II. ? .. niii i uii a iriDii< oc 25 lw between 4H and 6th at. WANTED?By a gentleman a plainly furnished ROOM, without board, i*> a quiet retired family. As the advertiser ha* 1. i?nre evening*, he would prefer giving lessons ia phi>n graphy, Latin, <Jreelc. modem ]&r>guas*s, the soietces. &o.. in payment for tho rent. Address Box No. t?, star Office. oo2b St" WANTED? By a gcnt'eman thoroughly acquainted with merchandising. and who oan furnirh t^e necessary capital f r a vigorous pro-eontion of the hnain;g.s, an interest in * regimental autlerehip. AdJrcss"Merchant,''at thia office. oo 24 lw WANTED-* BUGLER f rthAlJ. 8 8. sloop * Penaaoo a. Apply on V?osrd (t ff Alexandria), or top A PARKER, l"x?outive Officer at the Navy Yard. oo 33-1 ? * IT'URNISHED HOUSE WAN TKD.-An cxper nerr.ed and careful lr>ur,ekecj*er deeires to rent a renteel Furnished House, capable of accoinin."> dating * moderate!* s;gH fa?r ily. Address Box 4, StAr Offi3d, stating location, description and f rrr>s. oo 19 tf WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Washington Brewery having commence*) brewing for th* winter e?a?nn. the? oan get Fresh Grains every daT at 4 o'clock, at mcosts per bushel. Call, one and all. O. COL1NKAU, oo 10 im* Oor K an ! Twenty seventh gts. CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE' PHENW tc ?;Q.'S. Pa a venue. se 18 WANTED -TAILORS. TAILORS-50 Tabors competent to work on military goods. A pply G. Wall.Stephens ft Co.'s. se?5 WANTED.?Wo are cow huvins SECOND HAND FIJRNITUH E, STOVESar.d BED DING, for which wo are paying the highegt cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or raving a ?urplu3 of furniture, will find it to their *?t tftrilftrA lii fivA i?u M. on1 RONT7. Ac GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 300 ^th st.. I>??w. I Mi.i *' ?t?. WANTED. FOR THE CASII-A1I kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEDEKFING ARTICLES. Perrons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to eail immediately. K. BUCHLY. je 3 4 8S Ssventh. between G and II sta. liOST AND FOUND. _ IOST?On Sunday, the 27th instant, on K ttr'et, 4 between 14th & <1 T2th. a go d BRACELET. Ti.e finder will b? suitably rewarded ty leaving it at No ?10 I'we fih nt , betwoen I and K. It* <2| REWARD.?STRAYED OR STOLEN? -* Krnm the nnmmnna in th? Kirat Ward. on the S5ih tusC . two f'OWS, one a B'ackCow -?ith white s?ripe down herJbJhsb&oif, and white belly, arid very wide horn*, and will ha fresh in a f?w days, looks a little fierce; the other a red and white or milk ai d o'der oolor, with whi e fane and shorthorns. The above reward will be e ven for the returning of said cowa tome. ^ CHAKI.k'8 uKNMAN. on 17th street, betworn K ar.d L, np 28 3t* First Ware1. rU8T ?On Monday, the 21st, on 7th street, bej tneen I a<?d K-a p*ir ? ! t?OLD r " f.<?? SCKtVl ACI.ES The ftadfr will be*>* suitably rewarded by lea/inj them at tiili office _o^_26-St* ?ff RKWlRD.-STRAYEO OR HTOLKN? '**' A COW, with led sides, white Lack ^f-rgZ and faoe, a loat: er strap r- und her n*cx.mLr large horns. Tbe abova reward w'll b<>JwJw paiil f >r her return to th? Bubporiber, corner 9th bi r r v n 1 u mai J ii?uu a* u < vi vy ? ooiCSt* HKiMRY KOON9. STK IVF.D OR STOLEN?On the night of the 3<tb iustaiit, from the stable, ftlarbn c\ Alio*, lutwcu */n anil C'h sta , a sorrel MAM E, about 16 h*nda lughi had on a n?w?** ' leather halta-; collar-rubned on the teft shoulder. Auy one returning said ma.e wil> be liberally rewarded. O G. TOVV80N, oc 25-3'* No. 3 Four and-a half at. FOR SALE AND RENT. l/OR R EN'T?(Furnished or Unfurmahed,) & r f^or.t ROOM, on first flo ir, pleaaautly fcilu&ted in Judiciary Square, either for an offic*, sitting or bed tooin. Apply to 390 Fourth at. oo 28 St* T^O LET?One large magnifioent PARLOR, with Room adjoining, (nnfurni*hed.>w one cf the flaest ioo*litra? ; suifaole also for comnl'teea. Rent moderate, if taken soon. Inquire at FRANKLIN'S, 244 Pa. avenue. oo2B-l<r Fok k Ktvr?The mree st >ry orion l?wki,l<JNG HOUSE on the south sideof Pa. avenue. 0"! Capitol Hill, at the oorner ot Third at., a few ittpi Iroip the Capitol square, containinc some 13 room?, with a slap e god carnage hpus?; a!i i? excellent ordor, with poanessior on the lit cf November apply to Thomas ul>agi>en. n?, 4#9 ^v.'ttth St. oc 28 3t L^KM FOR 8ALK, or Exohange for City r Property, situated in Sommervill o >uaty N. Jersey, containing *3 aorea in a high state or cultivation. gool dwelling house, wiln all neceseary cut buildings, good water power, fine oroha>d,and well-fenced, 2K miles from Central Railroad, (6 daily tra ns) s miles f om Hlamtield, and 20 miles froni Jers'v C ty. For further particulars inquire of G VV. IIKAV', Jeweler, 516 Seventh st . opposite Intel igenoer Office. oc 25 lm* 4ann rCRD3 wcod for SALK, or the UUU FARM, of io aires, on ?h* eld stq. e ?*? ? IWahi VI i l? 'rha fnnr tknn . nH An /! I WO?| UW I I/O' |><l| list mm t k. UW vw< wp o?n i>? spared and !mv? a full supply lor the farm, Th? wood oonsiste Pine, 0*k, and A*h. The whole Isnd and wood can be baucht for 96 an One team ean deliver two eorda per day to the army, now stationed south of Dice**'* Farm Apply to EDWARD SIMMS, oc 25 3t S90 C street 1/iOK RKNT-HOUSK 409 Pennsylvania av., I over the bookstore of French Tay lor?a place for a professional man. ie 4-tf 1 ANDSOMKLY KURNISHKi) ROOMS.ftl Four uandaomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Ullloe Departments, for rest. Ap?!y at avenue, north side, between I BOABDINQ. BOARD.?families and single gentlemen can obtain very /e&sant Furnished Rooms, with BoarU. oa moderate terms, at S01 and St3 C, L etwreti auu *>% ureeis. Transient and Table * LiitD.niiiudiieL MM%* OQ 11 n?w nun OBHUIBI, 3b'hk people's clothing utobk, n?. l?ffiS.|KBaa to.^kar M fa c c0r1!.l^ldof5r,rffo.n<5.w^^of oa 1-lna h ^thlng^hatp PBRVUMEKY. ire.. BRAIDS. CURLS.W168. HALF WltfS, FR1ZETTES, Ao. A full atooa unj? on hand, or made to order at the chorteai notice, Hair Work repaired or exchas-jod. N. li.? Lad 1m' Hair Dyed In the moat natura ??mi?' ma M tn> WIDE WH1TF. SKIRTINB CAMBRICS, Alio, a!l other kind* tf White Cambric*, and Plain, and P.aid Muahne*. With all other kinJs of Dry tiooda, adapted to the wants of amihe?. New aupelie* in Carpets, Cartaina, Oiiolotha Ruga. 4o , upper floor*. cue pr.oeonJ?, marked in plain figure*, henos no purohate; la over ohareed. PERRY hBROTHER, oo 36 6td Pa. ar , and 9th street. Red, Blue, flrey and Yellow Flannels, heavy Country r:annels, Joey Flam.e'a in faney oolora, Hamilton and other good makes of Canton Flannel*. Alio, Bed Blanket*. Army Blanket*. Shri vent's Blankets, at low prioe*. HENRY EG AN, SSI feonth aide; Pa. av* t>eC *th and ?th*ta.. Agnoaiiuru w arenouae, .?o? seventh at, oc 25 Imeo between pa av. and Carijl. pOUNTCAVOlIH'# SYSTEM of WRITING, for Spies on the Warpath and (iene als in the Armj Th* moat h autiful and woiideriul vatem ever mbiiahed. Practical for writing all laniuuu, Adoreaa unoloaini one dollar) D. R. NKt-SON, Washington, 1). C. oo? 1W / MBDS' HAIR STORE, VI NfV JJ'i P A _ * xr _ BV* I9*n a WTi ll*n mmm HATUHKTS, AV^Andlks, PllK HANDLES, RATTAN o. STABLE BROOMS, FORKS, SHOVELS, SPA DiSS, LOG CHAINS, FIFTH CHAINS, HALTER CHAINS, TRACK CHAINS, SWINGLK TREES, HAMES, CORD*, CURRY COMBS, Fairba^k/a Platform ami Counter and Hay BUTCHEKS' SCALES, 8UTCHKRS' KNIVKb, ASSETS. Ac., &o , Ac.

For sale at wholesale p ioes by J. P. UA&THOLOW. ^ W? ?VV.t l?w f "W ??? w? oiu O vi m Brtce HH!,? 11 To morrow ( \\ ednesiiai) Morning, at9)4 o'clock, and continuing daily until thewhoe StOCK 18 disposed of. The goods will bo sold without reserve. No postponement on account of the weather. The most detirab'e goods rem - in unsold. THEO aHECKELL, Trustee. oo 22-tf HUNT7. H <>R I FFI'I'H A uctiontwis. ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? It is hiehlr recommended by Physiotans, Ship Masters and travelers. Insures a swee*, pure artiole Cor any length of time Never becomes cheesy, and su&rantied >o keep in any climate. JO" I*'or sale at laoto y prices, KING fc BURCHELL, _oo22 Corner 15th pt and Vermont av. Army suppi.iesfokTABI K forge?, TRAY or C ? NAL BARROWS, XV HRKl/BARROVVS, TR IJCKS, heavv and 'ight. IIOHHKor BaIL BUCKETS, MEASURES, G1NDSTONES, complete. GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES. AXES, PICKS. Amplesooaritr for the futlifal peifnrmanoe of the contract wnl be requir d. The privilege i? reserved Ly Red for the United States of rejecting an* propoial th%t mar be de?in?d extravagant, or for other reasons. Proposal* will be e; dorred on t.'ie envelope en cio<-in< tham.''Proposals jur furriit ing I umber," ar.d (uldreared to D H. RuCKKK, <jLartoima*tei an t v olonci, Ac. [Mew York Tribune aud lime* ; Puttiio i.edcr, N. A. ar.d U- S- nazett*. Philadelphia; tiai imore American, U~ ltnn>>r?> Patriot; Olno state J<>urual; Mepubhoan, National lutel'ueiicor. VVaihir(t->n City ; p!e*.6o oopy until tne 29th iast, and send bill to this office,| oo 25 td T? AUCTION NOTICE. 1 Attention of tl>e public is tesprctfuily cali-d to the eiten ive *n e of Dr? Goods, Homer;, <-'oth, Ca?*imeres, Shawls, Cloika. Alanti.las, t Irflvu Qlla.ilt Ar .V n ti\ t\A '?!<! fhu .-fD JJKPOT ^UAKT?RMA.8TtR S ttFPIOK ( VV&Ehintetuo, L). C.. Oct. V4 I8CI \ Seilid Proposal* will t>e received at this oftice utit11 U m , the .9.)i instant, for furnishing by contract : Seven hundred ami fifteen thouiS.nd fe?t Lumber, of-the foliowu % dimensions: 6:5^yt' feet 4 4 com. culliugs (1-icch beards,) 10O,<C0 "64 " " (IS iich boards ) And two hundred ar.d enhty-hve thousand fe?t Scant u<R of tlie follow dimei.s ons : S'.OCi' f?et S by 6?12 leet loag, S5,t*?n ' 3 b? 6?16 ~ " So,<100 " 3 by 4-14 " " 5 ,0"0 '* 3 ?y 4?l?? 4 " 60,00" u 3 by 4?1* " " 50,1X0 " 3 by 4-16 '* " To bo delivered in Washington City, D C , within thirty days after dosing the oontraet. No proposal >>u>eivbu after 13 m. the 29th instant wi I be considered. Bidders or their duly authority] agents arc re guested to be p-e.ent at the opening of ttie bids. Kaon proposal to gi?o the full ad-ir- ss of the bid der. l orne nany ami s*tvre your Stat* : Doors open at 7; p?i forniauoe commences at 8 o'clock precisely Adn.ugion 25 cecta. W.N. WORI.EV, oo r.8 2t* Mininegu A rent and '1 ro urer. VI ASSEY, COLLINS & CO.'3 I' 1 PH1LAUELFHIA DHAViillT. Expected ting dar, per steamer J. J Dromes'") barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 500 hlt-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for aa^ Torm* cash ondelirery. ARNV ? SliiNN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED^ 10 hhda. prima Porto Rico SUGARS W0 bb!s. Old Rye WHISKY, tfr'< bbla. HF.RRINfl and A LEWIVES, i<> bb!s. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, 10 h&gg Rio aad Java COFFEE, 10 hh.'a.(low-prioed) MOLASSE3. For sale b? JOHN J. BOOUE. aa IS PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING LUMBER. n i ? - " vJ For tne UEQRUETOWN hULKS! Tin Ckirhrated Metropolitan Opera Troupe and UK ASS? BAND Wi:l make their Fir?t Appearance at FORREST HALL, UEURUBTOWX. On THIS (Monday) EVENING. Oot 28,1881, When they will present a Di!l of Mate i- x.'ellduce. Th ' B asa Band vriil gi ve a CONCERT In F"ront or tns IIall EVERY EVENING. Provioua to t!<e Perfo, m?i,cj hospitals in your city. It it understood that the wounded in the battle are in the hospitals lu the vicinity of Foole?ville. We bad a quiit Sabbatb yesterday, and our cburrhes were well attei.ded Fuel is scarce here, and the prices very Llj;b I'll lets navigation on the Potomac is reoptneJ, there wlli be much suflVrinamongst the poor in our midst GEOKOETOWN ADVEKT M'1> y5f?'flIK UNION RELIKF SOCIETY OF L 7 ctawn. an assjcia ion of ladies to carry out the ret o-mnei datu.n* of the Sanitary Co in nil.-si>,n, wiil h?ve ano her meeting at Mrs. l?arti?'s residence, or .Market ?t,. near First, o? AEONL8DAV AFJfcRNoON next, at four o'clock ooi8-3t tl O O D N K \V * mem oi ibe atreeta at each end to open that line trnrture to the travel between our two cittea, which h?a greatly increaaed lately. It would be a pity to keep auch a natural and convenient avenue of communication (which haa coat the Government to much) closed, because of th? alight additional expenditure required to grade theatreeta at each terminus A great numlter of ambulances and attendants were in waiting on thecanal banka here on Saturday evening to receive the soldiers woundrd at the battlf of Ball'a Bluff, but none came About fortv sick soldle's.bowevtr, were brought down from Gen U a tiki' division in canal boats, mid arrived here about one o'clock, am, yea erdav. Ttaev were imrardiatelv convpved to the , .I.JI .11,.I '*US*t GEORGETOWN H fltUI ^? ' ? ^|| * ' * | Corrufondtnes / Tk* Star TJ*bt?f*rowv Ittt 98, l-fil At aaptcial maatiay ?L -auxUlty Coon? t ?, oq Friday evening la?t. resolutions-- lo pav 1?,?> n. pciif<t of tbe poor and workhouse; In f?yor of llolwrt \Vhite, and providi, g4* a flag footway on High atrert?were passed by both hoards Resolutions?to pay (or repnlrscf pumps; to pay wafer rxpea>?es: and to pay for trpal to of Pap rmill bridge?were paaaed by tbe Bojrd of Common Council, and referred in the upper board The subject of tbe improvement of Aauednct *t-e?t was under consideration in the Board of ("n nmon Council, and was referred to a commit. tuA anil (Ka D(ia??4a ?!e*111 C ?' ??* irv. u uv? >mv uvhiua uujuui iicu tiu * i iw> y nc?? 7 o'clock Aqueduct street la tbe continuation of PennavlvinUt avenue or tbla tide of R? k Creek?a atreet made neri-sxarv by the building o( th* Mel^? bridge This bridge h?.a been tiiiah?d aome montba, and tbe abutments are now rapidly approaching completion Mr Carman, the contractor. hat done the work In a moat excellent manner. Home trouble waa experienced in getting atone tbe Seneca quarriea thla aeaaon, but enough baa now been boated to flniah tbe abutmeiiU, and tbey will probably be completed in three or four weeka. and It will then only need the Improve t TELEGRAPHIC NEW 8 I. rmmcvTown held bt th* rtnu&L rtoori? PtJBBCTTOT Tioiinox'l rosea. Pilot Ks<-b. Mo , Oct, 26 ?Col Piomaner bu rrtnrned wttb bt? command to Cape Gtrardvcu. Col. tJa/lip La? occupied Frcderlcktown with a ftElinent of lnfaatrv, a squadron of cavalry and j*-crm or artlllfery. Thompson ??d hit rebel band were purwufd THRU O'CLOC* f *1. A (is * rot to c? A?*ault rr?Mt>tu Star, i*?kd on a Fob?kbt ?Tb? M'mhtacim Rtfmkhtmmtfcln morning, nn4er th? lilnMct U IU weii-k??w? chronic ?pW?n ngntoM UHolemif tht Tiffcr innr, undrrtak** to throw ^iKiiW? ^>l*?n upon the editor of tu\? j?orn*I. upon Ik* ntremfth of the following a'.iegvd dltpnt-h. pnhlHked H justification for the movement of the Late CatoMi ? t _ ft. A At A - ? _ A ft A m Mm a _ iwmiit-iwo w.ilf* beyond Frederlrktown, on G-e*nirlUe road, wb?n tbe cbaae wu abandoned "fte rebela nre probably now it Greenville, and will doabtleaa continue their retreat The detacbirent aent out to burT the dead after tbe battle reported aear two hundred of the rebela kHl**d and left on Ibe field Oar lo?a waa all killed and about forty wounded?one tnortallr. thi BATTL* OF FRIDK*1CKTO\V?? ?JKrr THOMPSON pdb?cbd TWIStf TWO milks. Pilot KjicB. <>?*t 20 ?Gen. piiirntner baa returned to Cape Girardeau xnd I'ol t'arlln oroplet Fredericktown. Jefl Tbompaon'a rebel armr bita been purautd twenty two tnllea beyond Frederirktown, wbere tberbaae wa? abandoned Tbe rebel* were greatly dernorallied, and will doubt1?m continue tbe retreat. smmerikld beoaptcbid?the rebel* dih ii oct, a kd the chios flao iaii1don thkcocht novnu St Lotrn, Oct. ?;?a dispute h from Gen. Fremnnt, dated on Saturdav evening, announces that Major Seagonl, at the head of a email force, drove two thousand rebels from Sprint;Held, and took potseaslon of the town, raising the I nion Hag over the Court House. The advance will occupy the town to-night. The War in Keatacky. Lexington, Kv , Oct 25.?Information from Camp Wildcat says that Gen Zollicotr<r has retreated beyond Loudon, and la suppos d to be falling back to Cuiubrrl >nd Forty-three mounted rebels, armed with United | Statrs musket*. revolvers, and bowie-knives, and confessedly bound for tbe rebel army, were ?urroutided and taken prt*oner?by tweiitf-fonr Home (tuarda, under C'iptain Craddook and Major Hu~kner; alto, four otfcer men and forty b?r?e?. Tbe former were aiding the cavalry to ?*oape I,ori*VTi.LK. Oct. 25 ?Tbe Courier, published at liowltng Green, coutalna a card f om Breckinridge, avowing bta In'eutiun to resign bis at at tn In tlie Uniud Slates Senate A paste; eer from Nashville reports great suffering and sickness amonsj the rebel troops at Bowling Green. Hopkinsvllle, and other contiguous points. They ciaim to have IJU.OUO troops in these localities. A letter from H pklnsvllle says 700 out of the 1,500 rebel troops these are sick, and 5 to 10 dyisg daily. Frtm California St Loo is, Oct 23 ?The ctfirlai vote for (jo* eruor in California was incorrectly transmitted over the wirta. It should be as foil ws: Stanford. (Republican) 5(? ihi McConnrll- /Krn-klnriHu^ 'M %ci Connes*, (Douglas Democrat) Captains Jlri^aand Green, of the United States navy, ex-Senator Gwiu. and Calhoun Bcnhun, left somewhat quietly lu the Orizaba Their are withheld from publication in toe passeiner list Four hundred and forty regular troops and ten thouisnd stand of arms have been forwarded Kast by th^ Orizaba Among the Orizaba's pisaeujrera are General Sumner, Senator Nesmith. Colonel Merchant, Captains Judd, Stewart, Hendrickaon. Kootea; Litutensnts Upbain. Gallls, Welleston, Sinclair, Warner, Hardin, and Leppall?all of the United Statts army. Battle in Western Virginia. koksev taken and the rebels routed with heavy loss?all their cannon and numerous iris ners-jaken Philadelphia, Oct 27 ?Tbe Wheeling papers of Friday anuounctd that Gen. B. F. Kelley bad started from Piedmont with two regiments for New Creek, and that hi*destination waa underatood to be Romney, Va.| Private dispntcbe* received here this evening announce tbat Gen Kelley attacked tbe rebels at RoonneV) on Saturday morning, and after a aev?re battle of nearly two houra succeeded In routing tbem. capturing all tbeir cannon and a number of prisoners. Tbe dispatches say tbat the Federal loaa waa small and tbe rebel loss very heavy. The Pennsylvania Volunteers. Uarrisrcro. Oct. '27 ?Commissioners have hwn appointed by the (iovernor to attend to the interests of Pennsylvania volunteers around Washington, and in Kentucky,and to arrange for allotment rolls for remitting portioua of their pay to their families. It appears from official data that the State of Pennsylvania Las 70,000 men In the Held, and that thirty additional regiments are organizing A portion of tbtm are now ready to move, and all will be In service within a month?making a Srand army of over 1 (JO,000 men, besides leaving >e material for fifty additional regiments, if needtd The Battle ueair Lreihtr(-S*sthera Ac* ( t of tbeir Lhwi. ?nt> /a-# O* TU- D l?U. J n _ t nibAuiLraiH| *>' ? i uc muuiuuiiu E<I* aintncr, of the 24th lost., received bere, at know ltdge* the !>>s* of three hundred In the battle near Edward'* Kerry. Other account* state tbe lot* at nearer one tbouamd. In expectation of a Federal advance to heetburg, Gen Evan* bad been largely reinforced. The V?tt in Wrilera Virginia Whkkling, Oct 25 ?Further report* from the dttt'erent countie* chow that tbe ticket for a division of tbe State has carried almost unanimously. Tbe vote 1* not full, owing to the prevalent disturbances METALLIC ARMOR OXXj. FOR riaaaU* Ual lalliMa nh,l ? ? ??? ..t.cuiia* This is supaiior to all other oils in tho world for i the above purposes, as well as for inachiuery a.;d lubrieatHig uses. It is equally applicab e to tun- ( lock* aud sewing maohinea. It u iu hull favor at the Uovernment Navy Yard* for ordLaueo and machinery. Principal Dtp at and (lenttai Aztncy, PHILHARMONIC I1ALL, Penna. avenue, tear Eleventh st. C7* Agents wanted witii teams, to supply encampments s? 24 8m I DR. M. KOCH, CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from 40d Broadway, Nevr V'nrk Branch ottce?84tt Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sts., Washington, l?. C. Corns, Bunions, Soft Corn*. Callosities, Ciub Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, Ac ., eared without oausing pain or inoonvenienoa to the patient The Boot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after the operation, lit* treatment ia founci?d on the striotiy rule of aoienoe, auoh aa all burgeons will app ore. His oharges are <nit* moderate, trifling indeed, oompared with the relief and satisfaction he affords the sufferer. , Refers to the Physicians and Surgeons of this oitr. Persona attended at their ropiaa or residences without extra cnar.e, by leaving orders at H46 Pa. ave , bet 13th and 13th sts. oo^ 11m* JH> MILITARY OFFICERS ANDUTHKRS BATCHKLOR'S GKNUISE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, Tke Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dye Known. Sold by all Druggist*; also, at Baiakton's Patent Mediuine Store,i p. Patent Office, our. F k. 7th, and at Gibbs'r Hair Store, 242 Penn'a avenua. where I Ladies can have it applied, if desired. n a? r? 1 ? ? > - - ? < - - - - riMJwrT ? CI D?roi?7 iklitlO DroUVayllV. Y. oo 3 ly OQQ JOHNSON ft NAOLK, OtfQ ?tOV No. 289 Pixkstlvaxia Atbnck. ?w Between Ninth and Tenth aU.. eoutn aide, IMPORTERS OF WINES, > JOCduS, SBOARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, S4RDINES.FI N E GROCERIES. AND SUTL^KS1 STORES IN GENERAL. juat arrived (he folio* inr brands ol 6. H SiPu^nmfpi^iir Heidaick. Moet ft Chandoa.CartW ft Co., Barat ft Fagot, Touretts, Rojal Grape. Whioh v* offer at New York Pneea freight added. JOHNSON ft NAGLE, HM H?nu tnnut Abm. M. Bminger k. Co.'a (19 ?ro*d street. N?v YorkJ World^renowned BOTTLED WINES and ? LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal, and Family em, r constantly on hand and sold at New York Pnoee by the Caae. At JOHNSON A NAGLK*S, 269 i'aana. avenue \ PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCES. TOMATO CATSU P, bj the barrel, gallon, or doien, from the oe'ebralM manufactory of Kohrtnbark k Co., Now flfSSEitf JfSgtti beef* tttSTSs or half-barre!. ae 10 ' JUST ARRIVED, di ect from an Eaatern Auo ( Uon Hoaae, fio bajee oheap CAK PlST. Alao.SOO < BEDSTEADS, which were bought lov for ?nh and will be aold at a email ad too*. Together with ft largo kusruoeai ui nuuNiH^DK Aruciet I oo a-lm* between 6 and H eta. ' swisesssiaiiKsasss i s$as^n; it5 trial. Al**, PoJ5^^r^j|Ln J i ; J ufciMton. viuofe must t* o.dVfckia $ mt MU:lj a*j? to ibm* roofi for vutc too4i. Pernor.* w*nt;ri?: C!otbin*7Krni?hini Qooiii, Tniikt, 1 U?4 ii. l Cms* mkoula mJI scob, m bow ia tfc* i tiew for bbrgiiip,it Ntti 4?0 ??tbetii eL, oiwwie Fw OlM. m rim < >.cw?vr?, 4 L :\?W J?rarf, M* IIMiMpQ, 71B Jcrty, *U? New J?wf, m4 M LuiofeU Rc?lBMBt Bnani lacuund ?pe*?lPM vmr prweet, Ibr trtwp* io?d? a *pim4)4 >ppMraac?t /Hi ?t^ i aw to be iBitoui to merit tkr apprutekUM. ?( ttHlf cvltBUcdcf. - - froM. NNi?ta| Ue (HowryWu. Qiwil HoCIoUm ttu took * ptiIUm ami the orstcf of the groand, Geaeral Casey om hit right ltd kit turoflcera about him,Vnd the regleentim err bed put him In the following order: The 44th New York Rag I meat (EUvworth Aveagera,) 4th Rho4? liliai, 7th Maln^lfrh Pennsylvania, 45th reoBayt-raaia, f>a?yhiyl? 'putting through^' that romroonweaixti'a vteli mown war-oMSlS-clalui. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. H m ?* 0*ASD*m*w. * Gen. Casey's division, comprising eieM?fjgluents of infantry, was reviews* this sTsrjMfn by *en . McClellaaoathe p*radegreoad ah set si is fast of the Capitol. The regimen Is formed la ilae stoertly afcet loon, and Osaeral Mcdeilaa, seceespantei ">y lU staff and a company of cavalry, rods along the luuigtn to accept hit propoeal te pay htm ?ne ibouaand dollar* for the vole ef Suator FVaeradea la fa tot of that or aoaae other like olalm. It la due to Mr. Fcaeendeo that we abo*ad ftdd '.bat he la aald te have Indignantly rtpodhhdMie luthority of the JteyaWteaa'* edl'.*r to to Mrter hia vole eo any terina. If aught further were waiting te pre*? Itfticeding bad taate of tink a charge oa m Boat mek a aooree, w? tear aot Inappropriate!* total I labile attention to the celebrated can * la irhkh the Governor of MaaaaehaaetM alleged i perm latent effort of the aame ataa to Mirk nail him, or hit State, for aliened iail 7I. tat'.on upon the Star of bnvlng tm asked o?rf!?i*ed sixpence from any person li the manner indicated In the lnaia nation Sorb i charge against us,.-comes with bad grace iaieed, from an Individual whoee recant attack iipon tbe Rational JnltUigfetr, ostensibly because it bas been allowed a claim of #4(1,800 by tke Secretary of the Treasury, la attributed, upon Pennsylvania avenue, to tbe refusal ef Its kiave to say that It Is a rotaitr from begloalog to end. Gen Stone hH telegraphed to OtMil McClelland headquarters tha: It laaswaeptBg forgery, and nothing elae. The atrocity of forging auch a paper, even to icreen the mistake of a gallant dead o?rer, re ^ulrea no illustration from onr pen-speaking as It does for itself, so that all military nan will it a glance understand it. . 4r>ropos of tbe charge of being a ' mtirrfarj ditor," with which oar cat-faced aboliUoa aoleuiporary aaaaiia na la tbis caanectieo. We have to aay that we defy any man to aseelf* ma iaaM. and swamped, one of them containing ttftr warn Tbe rebel* were pouring a plunging tlredowi among them from tbe bank abovo (Mm, Mil called out that they would gmm firing If they would aurrender; but tbey refuted to aurreiitor They were < rder?*d to throw their arm* Into tbe ilver and save thwnaehrea. Thto o-d'r Wu coolly obeyed Muiketa and aworda were rut into the river, but atill the men refiwd to aarr?rider. iiuuc* rtio co'tll iwnn to >k to the water, otb^ra avsiled ihematlve* of lo^aor plan ka .other* irattered up and down tbe river, ana while aoate mutt have fallen Into tbe enen.v'a hand*. otbe have ea< aped.many of whom havealncemanaged to get back to camp. Now, aa to the alleged dtapatch, npoa which tbe R'publica* undertakes to aaparae Ike editor of the Star, purporting to be algnvd 41 Stoat," we stantlally correct: "During tbe day General Stone received iMt aagea from Colonel Baker that alt waa programing lineiv. that be bad no dtttculty li c-oaafag, ai.d tbe impression was made that be bad crcaaad bia . whole command, and wai able te drive Utc rebeia before bim, until the new* came of tbe dcfttb of Co'onel Baker and tbe repulae of tbe force wltb him " It waa then aacertalned that Colonel Baker bsd crossed tbe river with only about level hundred men. and tbit Colonel Ue??a waa tallta* bick in good order, but cloeely preaaed by tbe eneiny in auperior number*. Without waiting for the crossing of bin whole command, be preaaed forward with bia seven hundred men, tad, without sending srou'* to tbe front or upon tbe Bank*, he rusbed cut and engaged the whole force ef lv? or aiz thousand of tbe enemy Tbe men. who were th->n about Seventeen hundred in all, famgbt like lions Tbey disputed every inch of greuod, but were driven b^ck. Tbe reUforeemeats, com'ng up from acroaa the river In detached com panics, were atUcked by tbe bank, and there waa no alternative but to fall back, which was done in good order until the river bank waa rcaebed Arrived there, the m?ena of tranaportation ??a lnsuflcient. Some of the boats were *?eri?aii i* wi. Dsirr nuea to aena out acouts In i4nset of bia main body, or on his right flank 'id. We also bad Information that Capt Young, Col. B&ker'a Quartermaster, whose grmadlloqmBt accounts of the affair have been published far nod wide, had Mid to officers bere that oa the receipt of the lant despatch or order from Gen Shae, Cel. Baker put It In his hat wlthont stopping to rwd It even, and pushed bis commsad ahead, though it turns out to bave been a second cantlon, per telegram, against bis doing so. 3d. We knew further from two or three Intelligent persons just from tbe scene of aetion, that the following statement, which we Uks from tbe New York ?>? ?* Pelt of Frtdsv last.was aot> ana guaraiui: dk rear; and on no account to make a deuiou?tr?tlou ualeea aw poated aa to feci aure of auceeaa Col. Haker, however, moved forward before more than*-veil or et^ht hundred had croaaed With that nnmb-r, leaving no guard at tha river, aud keeping up no comiutinicaUoH with It, ao that three coinpantea, which aubaeqnently crowd, were uuable to join him?after he had been joined by the nine Ma*sachuaettacomp?ulea, under enaimand of Col. Devena. be, with about l.SttO inen, wm attacked by Gen F.vaua' whole force, with the exception of hi* battery, wblch remath?d on a hill oppaa!te Elwarda* Ferry, belnj? threatened by Gen Stone, who made a feint of cwaaing In order to keep It there. We learned from Col. Colburn farther, that n?.i n .1 - spot, investigated the matter after lb* artlon, which a atement vu substantially, a? f .llow.. vl?: ?!en Stone having information that the rebel Ken Kvaus had 3,(*JU men near I,ee?l>urg, k?d that he had sent bin baggage over Gooae Creek to tbeaoutb, that be might not be impeded In retiring to Manassas if attacked by a superior force, and ptrcelving that tbecoest was clttar, concluded to attempt the capture of Evim' whole force Col Baker took command Gen Stone gave bun 7,500 men. being Col Maker's own brigade and the Tammany Kei(tment. with cavalry and as much artillery aa the enemy bad. and tbe residue of the Fifteenth and Twentieth MaaaachuaeCta, beiiu the boat regimeutt be bad Csl Haker s orders Merc to cross at Harrison's Uiand, not to go beyond the ialand unless bla means of trsusportatinn were am le; not to move from tbe Virginia aide of the river until bis wbole force was over; wbeu he a.lvauced to be careful In sending otit arouta and nktrmiebera; in protecting bis flasks a - a.. 7 -? ? 1 <W WW IDfUlB| M> carry favor with the living, the true InatVocS of tbf people will demand that jnatlre ahull be doe* to a brave soldier who has fehen with hka front to the foe." In reply to the above, we have to state that we kail evidence on which we baaed oar lntimatioa tbat tbe disaster was the remit of Col Biker's diaregard of the orders of Gen. 9ton* Pint, we had a atateinent from Col. Colbarr, as aid to Gen McClellan. who had In dmuii ?>i ? Uiirr.wDun coa; iuii gauani oai in.nscrooi |W ticman hi* life, and tbe uiw of lb* L'alUd Stein a vallluM dt-feat: " To Gnttii Baku ?Sir : Soon a* yog grt your forcea In position sake a dash at Lih>m . and shoot down aoy lawless depredator tbat My leave the ranks Geo Gorman Is aorlaf upon the left, and I expect to be la puastualsu of Lasaburg to algbt. ItorI ' Th? krjmhlirmm,? roniinli on tm pwperled dtipatrb, ki fir u they reilert m tbe filW ^ S/ar, art- at follows : ' In thl* connection wf cannot rfftil# from ? preaalng the general indignation at the attempt of the Star, without a pa-title of evidence, to throw the blame of our defeat upon Col Baker, m hnvtag violated the ordera glvm htm Tbla l? acting, with a vengeance, upon U?e theory that a living dot; '* hotter 'ban a dead lion. Out while mor rpnirv (d)t<.r? m?r ha - * ? * Painful Accidmt?Saturday afternoon, as Mr J. L. Lov? waa driving a wa^on to tl>e Park, a IttUe boy. ho'i of Mr. Kinaey, on L, between Eighth and Ntn'b atreeta, ran out of the Northern Market to Seveuth atreet, and fell under on*- of the wheel* of the wagon, which paaaed over thechild, braising and cutting It. but fortunately not dangerously Mr. Love, who wcia greatly distressed by the accident, voluntarily placed himielf in rusted? of patrol man Bhedd. who went with Dm to 4Mtlc? Loan and gave bail for a hearing, If necessary The child Ta doing well to-day. All roi TNI Bin ASP *??UIVI1J OULDHII Tbe Georgetown ladles bare gone earnestly Into tk? good work of carrying oat the recoatutendatl?? of tb? Sanitary Cpmmlasion. and bare organ, lied a ' Union Relief So;iety " Ladle* wishing to join tbem will tee their advertisement In tbe Georgetown column Tbe liland ladies are not backward in work* of mercy, and a society called the " Seventh Ward Sanitary Aid Society" baa bean In active operation for two week* paat laraoviMttfT* ?Mr Charles Miller, batcher, la b?Udlag a due bouse on tbe southeast corner of Second straet east snd Pennsylvania avenue, the site of the Ira some months since Tbe two vacant lots on tbe aouth side of Pennaylvanln, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, nre being Improved by tbe erection of stores. We notice in several other parts of tbe city the eroetton at states and dwellings, showing that o?r eltiMM bare an abiding faith 1q the ability of Unci* Bam tfl take care of tbelr property here Look to too a PntcmcTa, Mit>opolita!is 'Yaeterday there aeemed to be a lack of attention te tbe police precinct Including tbe Fifth Ward; and the conduct of men and boys was not much better than on Sabbaths under the old system Hey* W?r* amusing themselves by smashing tbe windows and other property with stones, killing people's chickens, Ac., and men amused tbemaetves at shooting at a target In tbe street juat north of tbe Capitol. Dura or am Orrifti.? War D Row, First which were cooatructed In England, and aaya that Gen. Waahlngton waa married at thia altar, which la now nearly all cut away by the tuldle't It hype hi that Uen Washington waa not marrWa at that alt ir: the altar and pulpit were not made la England; nor did j*ord Fairfax build the church, bnt men of the nrra^nt veneration did. aid it still stand* a nest whit#- frame cburcb, beariag little evidences of " dismantlement " With tb?ae trifling exceptions the Sun's dearript.on will past. Thbatkr ? Public expectation Is up to a high pitch to sre th>- new local, patriotic and musical pteee, ' Our Volunteers.' which has been In rehearsal for some time, and which was prepared especially for this thrater, by the popular playwright Mr T B DeWalden The piece will be brought out to>nIgbt In fine style, with new local scenery by Lamb, and sustained by such performers as Miss Susan Denin. Mrs. Bland, Messrs Rogers, Brink, and others of the company. Tbe play, we hear, abounds in fun tnd patriotism. In about equal proportions, and has also much dramatic intertst It will draw immensely, we take It.

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