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Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1861 Page 2
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TUB 'EVENING STAR. - WArtHlNOTON CITY: TfMDAY October SS, 1*?1 Ovt KtimiM M thf mrloos military rsmpe in<t positions wilt naftr a fsvor by keeping n? posted u ft movements and affair* in their vicinities (fT To onr Haiti more rerders we would say thai tbe first and second edition of tbe Star can be bad |a Baltimore of E. F Hsxelton. agent. No. 7? Weat Baltimore street, near Gsy-the fl at edition at half past four and the second at eight o'clock, on the arrival of tbe trains from Waatr ngto* tlying all the lateat newa from the aeat of war up to the time of going to pr? Sptrtt ' tfc* ?" ? ? Press. The InuUigftt treats npan the downfall of Ktsg Cotton The comments approvingly upon the decision cf Pro/rat Judge Freeae of Alexandria, that merchants In "Dixie," within the laloa llaes moat pay their debta to the North. OCR MILITARY BI DGET. slit. stonx's obdbbs to col. baxxb. The following Is a copy of two notaa from Gen. Saooe to Col. Baker, received by the latter after he had cr wed the email portion of bla force he waa directed to lake over the Potomac They were taken from hia hat, after bla death : H <4 Car pa of [hare a word was evidently carried a# with the corner of the aheet by a bullet] Edward's Fbbbt, Oct. 91,1*1. Col E 0. Baker, Commander of Brigade. Colonel: In caae of h<avy firing In front of Barr'.son's Island yon will advance the California re*!ment of jroar brigade or retire the regiments jnde/ Cola. Lee and Devens, at your discretion, camming command on arrival. Very respectfully, Colonel, your moat obedient aervant, Cass P Stosi, Brigadier General Commanding. MiAD^VAkTBaa Cobps or Obsbbvation, > MJiemrd't >*eey, Oct 22?11 SO a m. $ Cmk E. O. Baker, Commanding Brigade Ooloaei: I am Informed tbat the force cf the enemy la about 4,000, all told. If you can puah them you may do an as far aa to have a strong poaltioa near Leesburg? if you can keep them before you, avoiding their batterlrs If they pass Leeeburg and take the Gnm Springs road you will not follow far, bat seize the first gcod position to cover that rood Their dealgn is to draw us on, 1/ tbey are obliged to retreat, as far as Gooee Creak, where tbey can be reinforced from Manaasas and have a strong position sport frequently, so tbat,when tbey are pushed, ?orman can come no on their flank. Yours. respectfully and truly, Chas P. Stosb, Brig. Gen. Com'd'g. We at> not Inappropriately add, that these mart have bd*? merely supplemental orders. Or, In other words, It" ere Col. Baker commenced his preparations to trots the river, be received attar order* from Gen Sloop, on which his movemeat waa baaed. Col. Colbura, Gen. McClellan's aid, oa his return frem the scene of the affair, peaaayBy explained that tbeae orders were to take 7,000? net TOO?men over the river, and not to pro oeed beyond Harrlaon's Island, unless satisfied that fete means of crossing and recrosalng that force were suSclent; and, further, not to Irave the Immediate Virginia bank of the river until he had crossed hia whole 7,000 men, Ac. Wa have as yet aeea nothing shaking onr conviction that the diaaster grew wit of the gallant ?aksr*s failure to obey these original orders mentioned above. coKcsBHUsa m toboid dispatch. To ik* Editor if iAs Star?Sir: An article in yoar journal of yesterday speaks of a certain despatch, purporting to have been sent by General 9toae to Coloael Baker, and pnbliahed In the Ckromiei* of Sunday, as a "sweeping forgery.*1 Perhaps as I waa the canse of the publication of this despatch In the Chromirlt, it la only jnst to that newspaper and to myself to say that 1 ob tained It at Conrad's Ferry, and from a reliable source. It was prlated from no desire to defend Coloael Baker, or to embarrass General Stoae, but In gsad faith and as a piece of new*?Just as 1 would have printed the announcement of a victory of Oeaeral Stone, or the defeat of General Beauregard. f had no doubt of Its authenticity at the time, and I must say that I have little doubt now. I am convinced that surh a dispatch was sent to Coloael Baker, that it cam*? through the usual source of military communication, and that it wu regarded as the Instruction of a commanding oflrer But If, as you assert, "General Stone has telegraphed to Gen. McClellan's headquarters that It Is a sweeping forgery and nothing else." that eettlea the matter aud leaves me nothing more to say. I quite agree with you In denouncing "the atrocity of forging rrch a piper, even to screen the mistake of a gallant dead offcer." but you will certainly adiuit that the "atrocity'' must be charged to those who may bave bad the motive aad the opportunity for tampering with military operations, aad not to a disinterested newspaper correspondent. I am, sir, with great respect, your obedient servant, John R Yocho, Special correspondent Phlla. Press "Washington, Oct 29, 1M1 Sote.? '.No one will attribute the authorship of this atrocious forgery to tbe correspondent of tbe frets, bet he must certainly see the propriety of stating more definitely the source from wnence he obtained tUe forged dispatch, In order that tbe responsibility for the deed shall be placed where If properly belongs.??<4. Star. ASIMPORTANTOBUXX The fr?tk>wi?g order was sent out with tbe commanders Oi the forces accompany lug tbe great expedition War Department, Oct. It, l&ai. . Sir: In conducting military operations within tt tales declared by the proclamation of the President to be In a state of iasurrection, you will Ha vera yourself, so far as persona held to service voder the laws of such States are concerned, by the principles of tbe letters addressed by me to Major Geoermi Butlar on tbe 30th of Msy and tbe ?*C cf August, copies of which are herewith furntd>ed to yeu. As special directions, adapted to * nyeiai circumstances, cannot be given, much n ust he referred to your own discretion, as Comzuadlag-General <H tbe expedition. You will, JLowever. in ger.eral avail yourself of the services U any pe-r?o?s. whether fugitives tiotp labor or X**., who mar ?C r them to tbe national ticvernjhaat. you will employ such persons in such asrTteeaas they may be fitted for, either as ordinary employees or, if special circumstances seem to xAf.atrc I*. In any other capacity, with such organ- 1 Uatki. la aquads, companies, or otherwise, as jMlKti n ost beneficial to the service. This, fesrever, u.ot to mean a geaeral arming of them ta mil.tary tfrvica You will sssnre all loyal marten that Congress will provide just compete sattoa to them for i*o 1< sa of the services of tbe yeteoas sa employed- Jt is believed that tbe Course thus indicated wtL best secure the sub*taatisl rights of loyal mastorf, sod the benefits to the I'nltea States of the services 02 *U disposed Ss sapport tbe Government, while It avoids sll interference with tbe social systems of local Institutions of every State, beyond tbat which insurrection makes unavoidable, and whleb a restoration of peaceful reiatloas to tbe Union, under tbe Chastitattoa, will Immediately remove. Eespi gtfnlty. PmoH Cambbon, Secretary of War Brig Gea.T. W Shbbmah, commanding ex? podlfToo to the it on the rn coast a sbhtlk hist SJuor Star: During ths rebellion the Navy Department ought not to permit tbe cabins of our oottonal ships to ha fitted op too tomfvrtably Facts prove thst many of onr mishsps and sfrortcomiags la the aaval service grow out of tbe want of a frrigix lookout Tbe cabins and the (t+uaxt of (k* lecktrt are too luxurious After the war Is over our sqantic heroes msy turn their attaatioa to these faaey matters without detriment to the service; but new, when everything depends upon nm easing vlgllaaee, the dttk Is tbe place isr oArers, as well as the mea. We have had evidence enough that those against whom we are aoatendlag are qaite up to us id ingaaalty of contrivance for tbe meane at crippling and asaoylng our navy, sad far beyond as in activity aad watchf uiaees as witness their frsquent rsrspes from our iMacksde WaV*g-Do? III HXrHMTIOH to TBI souths** coast L p to mom to-day ths Navy Department had no intelligence of the sailing of the grand combined aval aad aaltitary expedition from Fortress Mum Tfceugh eompsratively pteasmt here, the weath e-' at AurU.k ?.^e Saturday evraisg last was uafBrarahle, ver> ?Uowing a gale an shore, outside IPeprs Tte gaie lontlnued crrtilaly through dh ??a? out Sunday, We, howwr, bop* to bear in the ftcuree of the dsy that It bad so moderated on Punday night u that the fleet duly wiled yesterday. prisoners abbivbp l.ast evening. J Owens Berry, late f?ov*n> ment employee in tbe Pa'ent Office here, W?n. D,T|I. Of East Tennessee, and S?mo*l E Vnrden, of Richmond Vs ? prisoners taken In tbe battle of Ball*! Bluff, reached Washington under guard, and were duly placed In the military prison. Berry, If wear' not mtataken, la a Georgetown man. asd professes to hsve been a lieutenant In the ?tb Virginia regliaent when taken in tbe act of committing treaaon. so oranp review to day. Tbe rumor that there was to hare been a grand review of two or three divisions?Gena. Mr.Call'e, Smith's, and Fiti John Porter's?this forenoon, over the river, Is Incorrect, tbongh Gen. McC-all probably to-day Inspected hla divlalon. middlebur6, va., price current. October 5.?Bacoc?ham* scarce, 30c ; sugar 85c.; coffee 50c. Previsions of all kinds scarce, except flour and corn. Money very plenty, aucb aa It la?ahlnplaitara and paper traah. which miul prove awful atuff on redemption day. contbdebatb mail*. A number of lettera have been received by peraona In Alexandria from ovtsidt of the pickets, dated to 22d October. OBNBBAL .X 'CLILLAN. General McClellan remained to-day on thia aide of the river. NAVT TARD?RIVEB KIWI. Tbe Puaey came up to tbe yard from the flotiila laat night, at.d will go down again to-day. The George Page la r.ow cooped In Quantlco Creek, aa oar batteries on the Maryland abore bear directly on tbe month of tbe creek, and will prevent her appearance In the Potomac. Sickles' brigade haa been atrengthened, and the men are working night and day In tbe intrenchmenti, and have aeveral heavy guna mounted, and one or two large mortar* in poaitton. Tbe Page would no doubt be glad to get back into Aqula Creek again, aa there she could be bidden, but at (Quantlco ahe can neither run up the creek ncr out Into tbe river. At night a vigilant watch la kept for her by tbe Harriet Lane, Yankee, T B Hale, Resolute, Reliance, Murray, Herbert, Jtc., above her poaltlon, and by tbe Ice Boat, Union and Satelite below. In addition to tbe three brats laat named, tbe Freeborn, Reacue and laland Belle are crulalng below Evanaport Heavy flrlng of ordnance and musketry waa heard by peraona on tbe flotilla yesterdsy It waa apparently In the direction of Occoquan. Tbe Dawn will godown tbe river thla evening. Several pnngles have run tbe blockade. LITTER FROM OARIBA1.PI TO TH1 AMERICAN CONSUL AT ANTWERP. The following letter from Garibaldi haa been received by the U 9. Conaul at Antwerp [Translation ] ' Caprbra, Sept 10,1801. "Afjr Demr Sir: I aaw Mr. Sanfora, and regret to be obliged to announce to you that 1 aha 11 not be able to get to the United States at preaent. I do not doubt of the triumph of the cause of the Union, and that shortly But if the war should unfortunately continue In your beautiful country. I shall overcome all obstacle* which detain me and hasten to the defence of a people who are ao deer to me. Your*, G. Garibaldi. "M. Qulggle, U. 8. Consul at Antwerp " APEAIBa in ALEXANDRIA AND BELOIV. [Correspondence of the Star ] Albxandbia, Oct. 28, 1861? Editor Star: At 10 o'clock to-day tbe beautiful flaz presented to tbe Union Aaaoclatlon by the Union ladlea of this city, waa thrown to the breeze am!d the hearty cheer* of a large concourae of citizens, assembled for the occasion. Col. McLean, of tbe Cameron Guard*, (Pennaylvanla 99th regiment.) kindly gave the aervlcea of tbe band of the regiment to aid In the ceremoniea, who played "Hail Columbia" on arriving at tbe flag-staff, when after a abort and patriotic addreaa frcm S Ferguson Beach, Esq , the hag was run up. Nine cheer* were then given by tboae aoerr.bled, after which the band played "The Star Spangled Banner/' and proceeded to King street, to celebrate the raising of a large and handsome flag by Air Bennett, at his daguerreotype gallery. Entire confidence In the Union Is manifesting Itself here dally; everything 1* quiet in and around this city I leara from the captain of a wood craft that all tbe vessels have passed the so-called blockade, and that the George Page came across the river on Tuesday last to Chirkamuxen Creek; that she Lai but two guns mounted on her, one at each end; and that she appeared te have about fifty men on board; and that tbe Page and tbe Fairfax are lying just inside the mouth of Quantico Creek. He further Informed me that uot a single shell thrown by the rebels on to tbe Maryland shore had exploded, except the one that some of our people waa experimenting with, when several ol them were Injured. .He thinks a few guns In position at Budd's Ferry could soon destroy the Page and Fairfax as they now lay. The Republican's Aspersion upon the Star. We see nothing whatever In the Republican'j rejoinder of thia morning to tbe Star's reply to its late aspersion, requiring further notice frcm us. Tbe whole subject matter of the Ball's Bluff affa r will shortly be ventilated lu an official report, which will doubtless vindicate tbe military reputation of General Stone far more effectively than tkut could be done by our pen. Our object waa, imply, to prevent the facts and conclusion* of that report from being forestalled by the Minister publications made to destroy, In advance, its effect uj?on public opluion Believing thai we have accomplished that object, we have no controversy of oar own involved, to pursue. Tbb Business or the Patent Orricz ?Since tbe commencement of the troubles of the times the weekly isaue of patents have run down from about an average of one hundred and five to .some thirty. Slowly, of late, It ha* been increasing again. Thus, In the week ending to-day tbe number issued wlj seventy. U7"The Rockvllle (Md ) Sentinel and the Baltimore News Sheet, are apparently striving foi pre-eminence In calumniating Union aoldlers, and falsifying facta, to serve the cause of secession The account of the battle of Leesburg, given by the Stnttnel, 1* the moat monstrous tissue of falsehood* Imaginable, and the Metes Sheet republishes It with gusto as being reliable, coming ' from a paper printed within eight mile*of tbe battte-fceld " The Revs Sheet cannot bring ltaeli to believe that the Confederates suffered loss ai the battle of Leesburg, even though admitted bj the authorities at Richmond, and says : '? Highly respectable member* of tbe Society oi Friend*, who were allowed to pax tb* Confederate line* on the Upper Potomac since the battle have arrived here to attend the Yeerly Meeting Theye gentlemen report that they conversed wltt otfeera cf tbe Confederate army at Leesburg or Wednesday, wfco reported that their loss In killed was none, and that the wounded amounted to bu twelve. Une of these gentlemen aaya that wher In Lee#burg he aaw (ve hundred Federal prison ers drawn np In the public square under a guard of Confederate troops." A Genebous Action?At a meeting of tbi workmen in tbe Portsmouth, N. H , Navy Yard on Tuesday, it was unanimously resolved tLa' each of tbe twelve hundred men preaent should give the amount received for one day's work t< the Maine and New Hampablre soldiers now a< the peU of war: tbe money to be appropriated tc tbe purchase Of blankets, stockings, etc., for these who have left aU ths comforts of home and gon? forth to lay down thel/ l}y?* for their country'i salvation IET AU the woolen factories in tfce country ar< now working as hard as they can, and many o] the cotton factories are changing their machinery to make woolen goods The machine shops can' not make machinery fast enough to supply thi demand, nor does the country produce propel supplies of wool. IC7" A new Invention in artillery la noticed Is th? Pltuburg papera. it coasiats of sn entire bat tery on a single fe?rrlaf?. The six fl-ld pieces are securely fastened te a turn t*t?te, which revolves m the guns are successfully dlac&srg*4 Av Klofbmbnt ?Geo. Foster, tbe former edl tor of tbe Si Louis Abend Zeltong, Is charged with eloping, ? Crw days since, with tbe wife ol Mr Paul Kreppant, trjj? tas darted In pursuit ol bis unfaithful wife auA btr guilty companion The pe>r have been traced to Chicago. ilX A stsum bl?cutt bakery haa been put li op raMon in Honolulu, Sandwich Islands Th< j m < b11 ery was Imported fno San Francisco, J LATEST NEWS FRO* THE *OCTH I Memphis papers of the 22d, Charleston of the ! 91st, and Richmond of the Slat, have been received In New York, and contain the following : LtTTIR FBO* atCHMOKD [Correspondence of the Memphis Appeal, Oct. 18 1 RiCMMoifn, Va , October 17, 1981 ?The wnif of the Potomac baa fallen back from Fairfax Court Hons*, rare enough The main bodf Is now at Centrevllle. Thia is just what I gave you as news yesterday, that such a movement bad bern ordered They will fill back further vet Tbey will keep falling back They will conjugate the compound verb, to fall back. In all Ita moods and tenses Or, rather, 1 might say. In every mood except the potent'al. Nob dy has the least Idea of what It all means?that Is. nobody about town. The President, who keeps his own counsels, and the bright-eyed little Secretary of War, who does not whisper a word of the business of bis office even to the partridges he eats f..r dinner, may know, hut all others are ignorant. That the army will retire as far as the old line of tbelr lntrencbments at Manasaaa Junction, I have learned upon good authority. Meanwhile the town is wild with rumors. The Yankees, we are told, are moving in a strong column, under Gen Banks, upon Harper'* Ferry. Tn?re was a report to-day that they were landing at U bina, on the Rappahannock Also, thst another heavy attack waa about to be attempted on the Evansport battery, and that an efl'ort would be made to put troops aahore to take It 1 n the rear. In addition to this, great activities are reported at Fortress Monroe A large number of horses and sixty or seventy rifled cannon, have been received i there within a few days It Is Impossible to get at the trnth of any one of theae rumors Probably there is just enough of foundation for them to justify us In believing that several feints will be ' made in the F.iat, while a powerful army will be thrown into Kentucky. The great struggle will be In that State for the present If I might venture to suggest the reason for the backwnrd move1 ment in Fairfax, I should say It was designed to release a considerable portion of Johnson's army f ?r operation in another quarter, leaving Beanregard's command to defend the border against an advance of the Yankees, which It could success1 fully do, should the odds be ten to one against i the Yankees. One of the Armstrong steel guns bronirbt over In the Bermuda passed through this city yesterday It Is a tremendous piece of ordnance, and excited great attention as It was drawn'brongh the street*. Numbers of the new Enfield rifl-s, with the sabre bayonet, made their appearance this morning in the bands of soldiers to whom they bad been distributed It Is a beautiful and very dangerous looking weapon, which the ^ anke??a may soon become acquainted with at the other end. There has been a considerable run on the Post Office depsrtment for stamps since the delivery of them commenced, and the supply has been exhausted for the time, but they will be abundant again In a few days. The stamp is really quite a good one, though somewhat defective in adhesive quality, and Inconvenient in shee's from not having been perforated with diving lines for tearing them apart. This omission will create a demand for scissors, and there will probably be a rise in the latter article. A large amount of real property has been entered on the books of the receiver for sequestration in the county of Albemarle, belonging to two sons aad a daughter of Hon. \Vm C. Rives Three bodies of land of 800 acre*, which w<-re settled upon tbem by the father, are embraced In the list The sons and daughter are all married at the North, where thev reside for the greater part of the year, though Wm. C Rives, jr., haa built a beautiful residence at Cobham, on the line of the Central railroad, which be inhabits at stated Intervals Francis R. Rives. Esq., who was at one time Secretary of Legation at London, and who has risen to some eminence at the bar In New York city, ban always claimed a citizenship in Yirgiula. and has manifested a special Interest in the exhibitions of the State Agricultural Society. The sequestration is now In course of adjuration before the recelytr, and, under the peculiar circumstances of the case, it is hoped that the property may be saved to its owners, upon their removing to Yirglnia as a place of permanent abode. | SOUTHERN ACCOUNT OF THI NAVAL tNQAGIMENT AT THJE MOUTH OF TH* MISSISSIPPI. I The New Orleans Crescent of the 14th contains t a long account of the late attack on the Federal fleet We make a few extracts: On Friday night about 12 o'clock the little fleet | left the forts in the following order: The Manasaas leading the way, with orders to go right in among the fleet, and run down the first vessel she could get at, sending up a rocket at the instant { she made an attack Then came the Tuscarora, and the tow boat Watson with the five barges in < tow; those bad orders to set fire to#the barges the moment they seen the rocket from' the Mana*sas After these were the Calhoun. Ivy, McRea and Jackson, and last was the launch, bringing up the rear The tow boat Watson was under the coini mind of Lieut. Aveltte. The night was intensely dark, and it wasalmoet Impossible to see twenty yards ahead The Mam?sas put on a heavy head of steam, and dashed on in the direction where it was thought the enemy were lying. Suddenly a large snip was discovered only about a length ahead, and before Lieut Warley could have time to fire the signal rocket, Into her they went, with an awful crash An appalling shriek was heard on board of the doomed sLip. and the iron steamer was borne off by the current, and found herself In the midst of tbe enemv's fleet The signal rocket was tired, 1 the enemy beat to quarters, and a perfect storm of Iron ball was falling upon and around the Manasj sas, tbe machinery of which, it was soon dlscov, | ered by the commander, bad In some manner beI come deranged. This was most inopportune and j perilous; and the Richmond, soon observing that I something was wrong, began playing upon her with all the power of ber guns Lieut Warley j found that only one engine would work, tnd , I with that he began working bis wav out of reach, j towards shore; but the shot fell thick and fast I around and upon the "old turtle," and ber fate eemed bunging on a Lair, when the brave little I Tuscarora and the Watson came up with the fl"c I barges on fire, and soon cut them adrift on the | stream. I Com Holllns did not know what had been the I result of the firing, neither did the test of the J commanding officets. It was too dark to make j observations, and he did not wish to risk signals. So daylight was watted for impatiently. It came | at last, and presented the following picture : Tbe I enemy, some miles down, heeling it for the open . j sea by way of the Soutbwext l'asti, with one of , I their ships sunk on the middle ground. The I Manassas close in shore, among the willows, concealed as well as possible; U? Watson and the II Tuscarora aground on the bank, not far off The J Tuscarora was soon pulled off by the res', and I the fleet commenced a pursuit of tbe retreating I enemy. They soon came within range, and a I beivy cannonaJc beta# The sunken ship seemed | to be In a very bad fix, and she was nearly on her ! . I beam ends The Richmond drew up on the outI side and protected ber with her full broadside. I The other vessels of the enemy soon got aground, | but near by, and in a great measure protected by ! | tbe Richmond's guns | , | Our ileet pitched shot and shell Into tbem with i [ vengeance, and our Informant tells us that he saw , at least two shots hit the Richmond, which were ' I fl red from the Tuscarora, and two or three i. om the ' | Ivy The ahoU from tbe Yankees were all badly ? ] alined, and not one touched any of our vessels, I though over 500 passed all around tbem After I continuing tbe cannonade until about 8 o'clock, . I Com Holllns concluded that the sport did not pay . for the powder, and feeling that he bad won | glory enough for one day, and that the enemy were lo a fix that It would take them some time | to i/et out of, he ordered his fleet back to town. ' I The Manassas struck tbe vessel which she ran , ] into, near tbe bow, &nd cut Into her upwards of twenty feet, if we may judge from the fact that ' splinters, copper and nails, were found in the ; cracks of the iron on her sides to at least that dls> tance She drew off from the collision without j J trouble, though she undoubtedly twisted her I prow badly when swayed to one side by tbe curI rent, for it Is found broken and bent to one side, j ' J The balls which struck her bounded off wl'bout | affecting any damage, except in one case, when a f I ball hit on tbe bluff of the bow and made an . I ugly, though not serious, dent in the iron. It is I said that tbe balls from tbe Richmond'* broad' I aide fell upon her like hall upon a house top, for I ] a while, but to-day nothing of this can be seen ( excepting the dent above-mentioned Tbe acclII dent which happened to her machinery disabled t ber propeller, and she was, consequently almost , unmanageable, yet it was not of a nature to re. quire more than a day or two to repair She went I into dock yesterday afternoon at Algiers. If that I accident had not occurred she undoubtedly would I have sunk the whole of the enemy's fleet. > I NEWS raOM PtriSACOLA. [From tbe Columbua (Ua.) Sun, Oct. 16 ] Pixsacqla, Oct. 14 ? fhe expedition to tbe I mainland yesterday succeeded In tracing tbe > I course of tbe fugitive Yankees Tc-day a detach1 ment o'f Capt. Cox'e cavalry have gone over to ? examine the country. No news from below tbia - morning, but I notice busy preparations going on ! In tbe barbor police or coast guard service. 1 > le*rn that Capt O'Bannon has been promoted to I tbe rank of Majar, and that Hon. A. E. Maxwell, , I formerly representative to tbe United States Con. greu from tbla State, has been appointed an aid : to Gen Bragg Since tbe light a frigate has dropped down opposite t}ie city, and the enemy ' have begun to eiect entrenchment* under cover of Its guns. They are determined to prevent another surprise. Major O'Bannon if now In tbe I city. He waa at Fort Pickens on Saturday. Llent. > Saver la well treated, and every effort will be ' made to aave bis leg from being amputated. > Tbelr loaa ia aaid to be as much a* ours, and it is > I believed that Billy Wllaon'a men sLot our grounded tbe day after the fight, as eleven of our . 4#ad brought over were abotln the bead, besides 1 | beiAg wounded in the body. r1 r?or*LM iv IB* cam ration. f [From tbe Little Rock Tree Democrat, Oct 17 ] Tbe abolitionists feel that In loalng tbe India i nation* they have let a bird loose They ae i making efforts to neutralize the action of Gen. t Pike, and have succeeded in getting a number sf t the Creeks to array themselves m opposition O .A . M the Southern Confederacy. Tofhls end they hare promised payment of all the aanultles to toe few who would join them, and the aid of thousand* of Kant's ruffians. The following letter was sent to Oen. Pike : Camp Pleasant. Sept 4.1*61 Gen. Pike?81r: \V? htve just nswseen a runner from the opposition party to bight and one yesterday, both of which stat? that the* dealga attacking this regiment In Are days We have had news from fhe?n dally, and threat* upon threfita, but apprehended ao difficulty until their Northern delegates returned. The>'have returned now with forces to the amount of six thousand

men to aid thein?so says the runner?and we will be attarked right away. Sir, the time has come when this matter must be looked into; I would suggest that you send over the forces in the Cherokee nation, and thoae In the Cbo;taw nation. that, with the regiment here, we go up and put an end to the whole matter. I think this Is all Important, and ought t* be done Immediately. Your obedient servant, d. m. Mcintosh. Colonel C. C. r. the southern commercial convention. This body, recently In session at Macon, Oa , bed before It the following resolutions: 1 To place a discounting duty of twenty per cent, on all foreign good* Imported Into the Confederate States through or for account of northern parties, for a period of ten years 2 To place a direct "Income tax" upon all northern exchange or bills payable there, tot a similar period. 3 Recommending our banks and merrhanta to make all our cotton produce bills accepted payable In Europe, at leaat to theextent of our foreign importations. These resolutions led to an exciting discussion The position taken by Gen Duff Green was that these resolutions was ao fatal to Northern tornmere* with the South, so destructive of all hope of New York ever again participating in the Importation of our eocda, through the diacount of our cotton bills and the control of our exchange, that o pass them would be to prolong the war That the direct trade resolutions. In fact, would mske any adjustment with the North Impossible, and prevent any reconstruction of the commercial and financial connections between the North snd South The views, suddenly put forward, had great we'ght with the convention. All discussion being cut off' by a motion with which Oen Duff Green closed the argument to stop debate and lay them on the table; the "direct trade reeolutlona" were taken. southern mail communication with europe [From the Memphis Appeal, Oct 22 ] We learn from L'Abellle.of New Orleans, that M Antonio Costa,of that city, hasundertaken the establishment of regular monthly mail rotnmnnlcatlon between that city and Europe, for which he has the approbation of the postmaster of New Orleans. The mails go bv way of Mexico, and are transported in the regular English steamers, which carry the mails of Mexico and the West Indies The first post It ft New Orleans on Thursday wetk, and r.ontained 1,233 letters; the next leaves on the 10th of Novemi>er. As soon as the necessary arrangements ran be completed. It will leave every two weeks?on the 10th and 25'h of each month Letters of half an ounce and under will be charged as followsTo Mexico, 50 cents; to Cuba, 75 cents; to Europe, SI. Letters for this mall must be inclosed, with the amount of poetage, In an envelope, directed ''Costa's Foreign Mall, care of Poitmaster, New Orleans," and the postage paid to New Orleans. confederate postage stamp". The first of the new Confederste State* postal stamps were Issued last week, and were eagerly bought up The new stamp Is green, with a lithographic likeness of President Davis within a double oval border, surmounted with the Inscription, "Confederate States of America " Outside of the circle, and at the head of the stamp, Is the word "postage," and at the lower edge Its denomination, "live cents " preparations for ths winter. Large quantities of timber and a great number of sashes have been conveyed during the past week over the Central road to Manassas, for the purpose, probably, of winter quarters for Confederate troops In that Immediate vicinity. Several of the bales of blankets brought by the Bermuda, from England, were also dispatched to the same destination. breckinridge, marshall and preston. Richmond,Oct. 21.?TheHons. John C. Breck* inrldge, Humphrey Marshall and William B. Preston arrived here to-day from the West A large crowd congregated at the railroad depot and extended them a most enthusiastic reception. Mr Breckinridge made an appropriate speech to the hearty greetings of the multitude. capture of a federal vessel. Among recent captures by our privateers Is the brig Grenada, Captain Pettlngill, of Portland, Maine, with a cargo of sugar, molasses, mahogany, and honey. It is reported that there Is an addition to the blockading fleet of a large steamer transport, with Yankee troops, covering on the Carolina coast.?Charleston Mercury, Oct 21. The Indications all point to a great effort on the pert of the federal government to penetrate into East Tenmstee, and in our opinion no time should be lost In reinforcing General Zollllcoffer. and strengthening our defences at the mountain passes ?Knoxvtlle Register, Oct. 20. gone south. Several rifled cannon left Richmond on the 16th for a certain point In Dixie, where It la not Impossible they may, sooner or later, "prate their whereabouts "?Enq. ry==?THR MEMBERS AND EX MEMBERS IL3 of tha "New York Light feiard" now in Washington and its vioin ty will plesse meet at the ro in of Mr. George Mct.ean, No. 302 Pennsylvania arertue, on 'I LJEsD\Y. Ootober 29th, at I o'o ock p m , on ira'tera of importance. It* iy"5=?ATTEN HON! COMPANY B. NAILS TIONAL GUARD BATTALION-Yoa ar ? hereDr notified to &'t 1.1I a meeting of ts" cornpsnv lor business tf impoftan<"e, on WtDNES1)AY EVENING, Oo cW 3 th. at "i* o'clock, ?n tbe southeast corner ofF and 10th sueets By orfier of the Lient C<?tnman< ing It* rr?TO THE EPICURES OF THE Mt-I 3 TROPOLIS ?Tne Ladies cf the fctat Washington M. Pro eatar>t Mission taki g-ea* plrasore in arnonroing to their man* friends, atd tHe puDlto generally, that they pu pose holding a KKST1val? at th" Odd Fellow*' Hall, Navy Yard, commencing October 30th, 1361. at Bo'cook p. 111 'i h.? ladies pi d*e th<-in?e ves thst o pa ns will b* spared in making this one of the most agr< ea'uie ei.t-rtainms pts of th? sea on. Tickets oan he projur-xl at the Par ooate. or from eny of Ue m raherii. Sup ;tr t.oke's cents. Single admission to oents. oc 2B-2t* COMMITTEE. ^^?liENERAL ORDERS. Hradqcaute^s 2d Div. i?. C Mil'TU, t Washington, October 23,1881. f The cfficera commanding brigales of this Regiment wi'l issue orders at one . to the colonel^ of renments in their reipeotive brigades, directing tha tim? and piaoe for tna annual Pa.l Master, as prescribed by law. By order of V tieij'l C. THOMAS, Maj Gen'l Commanding id Div. D. C. M. Edward tj. Carrinotpi*. inspector Gen'l li Div M. D C QO 26 3t -rs* ATTENTION PRESIDENT'S MOUNTl S ED GUaRD?Several of the old ex mem b?re. who firs' organized the above popular corps, oo/nnsnt of the importance of efficiently reorganising this favorite troop as a permanent hom* gua d. request their old oomraden iu arms, and all others who f**or this project of perpetuating an organization whioh has ever been the pride ol this cit?, to meet them on tuesday EVENING n'xt, the 2Hh instant, at 7 o'clock, in Casparis' Hoare on Capitol Hill, where the bu&rd w?s first organii d. 00 25 it* (ts=?register's office. jjj October 92. 1861. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COSCBRN. Notioe is herebr given thst licenses given to taverns, retailers of spirituous ard fermented liqu >rs. wines ani cordials to grooeries.dry goods, hardware, medicine*, pe furriery. watches and Jewelry, lumber, wood ai.d ooal, oommisiton meronan's; a so, to keeper* of hackney carriages and omnibuses, bil tare tables, ten-pin alleys and oon fee ionary, and for hawiing ard peddling, and dealers in oid iron, brass, oopper, A? , will expire on Monday, the 4th day of November next, and th?t said lioonses most be renewed a< this ofhoe within ten days after that time. SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS, oc 22 t4tL Nov. Register. rjn^-THE UNION PRAYER MEETING llj? vriH bj holden EVERY DAY this week in the English Lutheran Chnroh, corner of H and Uth sts.. oommencing at half-past 4 o'olock p. m . to be oontinued owe hpnr only. op ? 3m fv?department of metropolitan jji POl-ICE?The Board of Polioe Commissioners having tak^n the house 316 Eleventh at, all business oonnect?d with the Polioe of the oitj will be transae'ed at that Blade. A general complaint book will be opened, and oitnens are requested to eall and enter any onroplaints they may have to make ol any matter re la ing to the police or health of the eity se87 W B. WEBB. Bnpcrintendent (T^COMPANY "A," U 8. ENG1NRER8.? Js*? Fifty intelligent and aVo-bodied mechanios will be euiisted to fill this Company to the max imum fix<? by law?140 men. Inenire at No. 24v 6 street Pay from $13 to 034 per month, besides food and clothing. an 17 tf HOKSE FOR 8ALB- A heaw Draught Horse for sa e, on 2d ib. fn rear of 5S4 P* av iue. 03 8? H ? f^ALL AND WINTER MILLINER vT-Mts. lt(omp<>qk will qsen our New Styles of^A Fall and Winter MtUineryonThmri lar next,^^3 tie 31s; irst, W The attention of oar former petrona and the poS> lio genera It is invited, and an ezamiuaUon olicited. atoar Fanoy a-.d Mtili-ery Store, No. 310 Pa. aranne. beween B h and 10th eta. . o.? 1 jgarafr * W E Ha*e reoelve^and are now offering for sale I a large and we ! ass r od no k of t-onkion and p uttfc Dbt Goodi, to whiah wewodid impe^t! fe'lycal tr-e attentiou of earonMcra gent rally, fee ine eonbJep.t m?t ? e otn s il them at as u>w , a cesas o?n be had in this or ?iiher of the Eaatt n *ortb*Ti> M\rk?'^ , DKVR1ES STEPHENS ? CO , t _ Wh..leeale Ury 0? oJ? D si*rs. No S19B*!tisi?rsit, b t toward and oc 28 2w liberty a, (jflAdis Front j SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN i HOSPITAL Publish*! in comformxip with the nnhl M / the Sena U ?/July 16, 1M1 At General Hospital on S street, betroen Fe?"4 mmd Ftflh struts, WatJhtngion, Oct 25. 1st Kxcelalor Brigade I 2d New Ham peh ire Vol X 34 do do... 1 3d do do 1 16th New\ ork Vol ... 1 lal Michigan Vol * wd do do ... V 2d do do 1 34th do do.... 1 3d do do I 89th do do.... 1 trth do do 3 36th do do... 1 Stockton's Michigan 43d do do.... 9 Independent Vol... 4 ?5?b do do.... 1 7th Wisconsin Vol.... I IstMaaaachusettsVol.. I 1st Rhode Island Vol. I 10th do do... 3 4th do do.. 9 lPth do do... 1 5th do do.. I 19th do do... 1 l?t German Artillery 9d Vermont Volunteers 8 New York Vol .3 1? do.... 8 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 I-.'D 0 , 1 > ? New. ork Cavalry. 2 *B X?1 * " 1,1 Pe?B. Independent 2 k a? 20"1 R,fl? ? 8th do do.. 5 l?t N .Jer*evCaralry(?) I Si 2? U? - 1 4,h Penn Cavalry7... 8 ' 86th do do.. 1 19th Indiana Vol...... 3 z?tii do oo.. 1 Cameron Drivoooi 1 30th do do.. 1 ?d U 8 C.rfST :: 31at do do.. 1 &h do do it\ 1 Sth^New Jersey Vo?.!! ! Wikl 4th Maine Vol (a) 1 Total BO (a) Oue officer. (6) One officer, (c) One officer. At Stmiuarf Hospital, Gtorgttown, Oct 83. 8d U. 8. Infantry 3 9th Penn. Volnnteera . 7 5th do Cavalry 1 loth do do 1 8d Maine Volunteers . 8 8ftth do do 1 6th do do 1 33d do do 7 8d Vermont Volunteers I 42d do do 3 3d do do....18 1st do Artillery... 4 9th Massaehuaets Vol.. lilst do Rifles 5 19th do do.. 1 4th do Cavalry.... 1 14th New York Vol... e 3d do do 3 8l*t do do.(a) 1 19th Indiana Vol.../*) 5 24th do do ... 9 1st Michigan Vol 8 99th do do... 1 3d do do...(e)13 33d do do.... 3 4th do do...(d) 3 35th do do.... I 6th do do 9 36th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan 79th do do.... 1 Independent Vol ... 1 Garibaldi Guards I 8d Wisconsin Vol. it) 3 Mozart Regiment 1 5th do do.... 5 Tammany Regiment. 1 Sth do do.... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 8 Teamsters, Q. M. D .. 3 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 3d Penn. Volunteers. 1 Total 19V fa) One officer (fc) One officer (r) Two officers (d) Two officers. (?) One officer. At Gmeral Hospital, Union Hotel, comrr Bridgt and Washington struts, (rtorgrto%m, Oct 85. 1st Long Island Vol... 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 8d NewYorkVol 2 8d Maine Volunteers. 4 13th do do 8 flth do do 3 do do 6 9 h do do 1 17th do do 1 3d New Ham pah ire Vol 8 18th do do 1 'id Vermont V olunteers 7 i*h do do 1 3d do do t 33d do do 1 4th Rhode Island Vol. 7 96:h do do 1 1st Michigan Vol .... I 33d do do...... 3 8d do do 84 35th do do...... 8 3d do do...... 4 40th do do...... 1 4th do do...... 5 43d do do...... 8 id Wisconsin do 5 50th do do 2 6th do do 8 79th do do...... 5 1st California do 10 3d Penn. Volunteera . 2 8d do do 8 Siw 2? ?? 5 * * *l?ne?otado..".... 1 <th do do 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 8th do do...... 3 1st Kxcelaior Brigade, 1 !Uv 2? ?? * Jd do da... 1 18th do do 3 Oneida CountyCavalry J 97th do do 2 Stockton's Michigan 35th do do 1| Independent Vol... 1 4'th do do 8|Mott's Battery 1 1st do Artillery 5 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 8 Teamster..... I 2d Cameron Dragoons. 5 M do do.... 1 Total 163 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 At Hospital at Columbian Colltgt, ifaiktsrits, Oct 25 ' 4th U. 8 Cavalry 1 3d New Jersey Vol... 9 8d Maine Volunteers.. 6 Sth do do ... 8 3d do do 3 7th do do.... 8 5th do do 3 1st Penn.Artillery.... 5 vtn do do...... 3 3d do Cavalry..... 8 10thMasftachuaettsVol 9 1st do Rifles. 1 14th do do. 3 3d do Volunteers.. 4 19th do do. 1 4th do do 5 id Vermont Volunteers 1 8th do do 18 3d do do.... 1 10th do do...... 6 IstLong Island Vol .. 1 12th do do 7 1st NewWk Cavalry. 1 I3tb do d* 2 ?d do voi...:. 327th do do;:;::; i Ilth do do 1 31st d* do 5 18th do do...... 1 33d do do 18 22d do do 3 35th do do 1 23d do do 4 Cain's Penn. Rifles... 1 25th do do......10 1st Michigan Cavalry. I 32d do do 1 1st do Vol..... 8 do do 1 2d do do 3 do do 8 4th do do 8 do do l 7th do do 1 do do 6 8th do do...(a)13 43d do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 do do 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 3 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 9 6th do do.... 5 TammanvN. Y. Vol.. 2 7th do do.... 9 Garibaldi do do.. 1 1st.Minnesota Vol..... ] De Kalb do do .. 8 8th IlUnolaCavalrv... 2 Berdan'sSharpahooters 1 Sturgls Illinois Rifles. 1 IV U ,8 Chasseurs ... 2 19th Indiana Vol 18 Lincoln Cavalry 4 27th do do 1 One'da Cavalry 2 1st California Vol 2 McClellan'sDragooos. 1 1st D. C. Volunteers.. 8 1st New Jersey CavalrylO 2d do Vol.... 1 Total 931 (?) One officer. At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Oct 85. 2d U. 8 Cavalry 5 id U. 8 Infantry .... 1 5th do do 2 3d do do... 3 1st do Artillery.... 4|8th do do 1 *d do do 9 4th McCall*s Divl?ten. 1 ^d do do 5 27th Pennsylvania Vol. I 4th do do 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Sth do do 6 1st do Infantry 2 Total 42 Sitk remaining in the Hospital /ar Empties Pistons, at Kalorama. Oct 94. 8th Maine Volunteers. 1 47th PennsylvanlaVol I 3|st New York Vol... 1 McKulght'sPenn Vol I 3]th do do.... 1 3d Michigan Vol I ***L dp do.... l 8th do do 2 3d Excelsior Brigade. 1 1st do Cavalry 17 ! *German Rifles 1 Sth Wisconsin Vol..*. 1 U.8 Chasseurs 1 7th do do 9 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 19th Indiana Vol 16 1st New Jersey Cavalry 6 lat Minnesota Vol 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 3d U. 8. infantry g 8th do do.. 1 _ 36th do do.. 1 Total.............66 At Qtntral Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 25. Avtl4fOr;--- *1?" p?n Volunteers. 3 E?NeTYo,kYo1" 4 M do Cavalry.... 3 a? do....93 45th do Vol........ 6 2? do....19 9d Michigan Vol..(a) 19 xnJ !i? 5?""* 2 do do 5 wt h A do.... 7 Lincoln Cavalry 4 5? do.... 5 1st New Jersey Vol... l 2? do....10 5th do do.... 1 31st do do.... 8 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 5fk 2? i?* * * * '2 Cwneron R Ilea 3 37th do do.... 9 3d Michigan Vol I 38th do do.... 7 1st MlnneaoU Vol 7o!k 2? do....10 OIK Pennsylvania Vol. 9 79th do do.... 1 Quartermaster's Dep't I 3d.Maine Volunteers. 12 Teamster ... i do do 8 _ ?th do do 1<| Total 184 ( ) One officer. oo ;{,B?.RTHOLOMBW? ^AM^lkTT 4 CO, QF CLOTH8 POR FjnsnnOM^ umClotks ior Gents' wear, new One.yrios onlj, marked in ?l?in henrea An toapeotion of stook solicited : * iirsliss no obligation to r?rohM?. PER RY * BRO oos^-.? Pfc-**ooneand Niuth it. _o? "Parry Buil<li-f ?? NHHAWLS68 in LADIK8' CLOAKS AND prfoes!' ,Hp ?' Pl4in Fnnoy Silks, at Lbs old Blnek ^ks* M*ortnwnt Moarning and Ulossy lots of lo-. medium and fcne Dress Goods. Kld ^ oolcrs and siiesTtist Ote pnoe only, marked in ?lain flnres. PERRY A BKO.. Pea a. avenaa and 9U> straet. ?? "ferry Hmtding." M I. VRAUUR, 0,T<CUr MiL. 944 Penn aav.finoith side,) bet.&k and l*tk s(s I FIESr HauLuim CLAM MILITARY FIMLD-QLASSES, e i r-sssas?rl By botklrr * willaon. AaeboAaaaaT" f calf. of el&gant household fl'b 1 ^ HITCAA. flhl UU, PAINTI JKte. ILV E? awn Baoxzb 6pom a* Arrrtoa ?By ?irt?? of S ord-r (X eelrAin ter Aoa>e reat. ? rtt' j " 1 U< U*rNi<i*n?f ofHoa J. P. B'i lamia of 6th pad H oi-odW Uittftii *? OI.IUBDAV MORlSlNG. OeeU" SRJ'fc o'oock.a large and rlegaut oo <eetion . f Hon* holdFarnitare, Hm?t Bw P.aiei5 Win ? Paintii.i"1 Ac H?*rimrr? ?- ' H?rera Har,d?i.n,r Parlor Bait a. Fiaa Par or a 4 Chair l?rr Curfeiae, Ma ble Iim Waiiiatai"* MahogAn? Booa Cara. '?P*?U' _X?lv t fimaa a. ard ?>tker Ctrpeta, jv a'nat aad Mahogany Bedatrada, H&bfrCu?*'>0f*nT K=**?? Cabia-a. with We out and Mahogany Waahatanda, with Marbla |wiu *pnng Mattraiaaa, Boletera and Pillowa, A '?nr? And TAiy aa port or collection of Bilvar _ P.Ated Ware, eaohae? * WjuUra. Caatora. covered Dtabae. SaltCallari.Grary Diahee. Pi'ebera. Spooai, Forka, Ecc Cod a a. Fiah kn.v**, Ll?lee Cluingaad other Diahee, Sagar Diakaa. Ct f??aa 1 ?a Pota, Caatora. &?., Fn' Taua Cat e?y. K'jant Franah Gut Cloak and Candelabrae Twenty two fine Oil Paint ic.g?, by old maetera orgreat value. Writing D**ka, Eur Ckaira Walnut Table* F<na Brjme, Large Mantel and Pia< (r'awo. Loantea, Frenoh China aad i>y?Ui U aaawir* Toe-thar with manv fiber Artie ea of Hou eao'id Pnrm'ure wall worthy of ta* atuatioa oi ttcuaek*epera. ca a poaitive. Tartu? oaab in apecie. ?, .. ^A^E* KEMBEl l, Beilif o?* d BOTELER a WILlBoN, A acta CTTHE ABOVEBALE l?UNAYOIDABLV Saturday morninu.nove?nb?r J?. aarna hoar an1 piAC oc M St B&tf, IS 5KJf,^ELL' * ocgj m ?OTKL_RR_A_WlL.t.m>N. A? a?a ?' green a Williams, Aaetiocee.e. E?XTENBIVE SALK OF bECONI) Ht\n C? JawKLAT ?'*??H.nd-baad Gold and ft vH ' Watohae, Guard, Vaat aid Fob Chaiua, Piea. FinjerandJtar Mint*. Maria- and oSJ G:aee*e, Faaey Work and other boi?k. , ?rt Piatola, Ml?er-pieteo * a a. Faaoy Artieiee aual lar <e .ot of ctber we deem ibHMauTu enumerate. ' "u MONDAY.the vh of November. we Bkftll aall. At our A notion B: >ie, No. A*2t> Hevenf. a ran ajuiuMToitic at 10 o'ob>ck Aud contioua from d>> * odAy until All ia ao'd, a rary ?xtaDaive aa.ort me. t of 'heabo?a mao ionaJ And other ao?.d. ao'd on aeoount of whom it tu\r ootoen. Tarma oaah, in ayeaia ooSSSt GRa?N A WILLIAMf. Auatr. By i. C. McGL'IRF. A C<iM Auotiosa n. Dutch bulbous roots at auction On THUBBBAY AKTtRNOO.V OouTba' Sl?t, at O* o olcok. At tba A notion Room a, wa <hal! i? 1 to lou to anit? Two Ca?w Superior Dutch Balh^aa Roota. fro a tha oalabtAta-l ^ raary ol Vaa Dar ^ohoo A S n, Haarlea. And oonartaina Doabiatad fin* e Hyata at a. Tulipa, Cuoaa, >a-ciMaa. Iru, i a.. A a. 0A?h. oo?d (Rep.) J C. MoOUIRK A CO.. Aaota. By J C. MoGUIRR A CO., Aaotionaara. TRUSTEE'S raLIS OK HOL'BK and LOT OS NOBTR K 8TKSST HtWIM FoCATA A|II> riFTK aTRBB ia wiit ?Oa TUrSDAV A t IP ft NuON. n- vamLar *th. At half paat /o'elor k o. tba pramiaaa. by virtaa of dead of ir??t to tha aubaenbar, da-ad Daoembar lat, 1MD. ard daly r^wrdad i? Liter J A. 8.. No. *B. folioa 5p. Jt * obj of th* land r#oord? for mlahinrtr oo?u*/\ jJ ? 1 ??" '*:l of Lot nuanterad ota. (I.)in HauArapambarad bra haiK*rad and fftaat. teciDBing for tha aane At t*a aouthwaat oornarof am Lot No 1. Ate ralining tbaaoe ran aixtean faat, thanoe north aevanty-ona faat alarao inohaa. thenoa waat flstean faar. tb^cee aoa'h aaranty oaa feat alaran lncuaa tj the plaoe of teriBnlac; toC?tMr with the lmpr ram <nu. eoaaiatiaa of a tbraa-atory briak dw51ling-hou?a. N Terma: #V? oaah;the remainder ib aix Aad tWAlra montua, with intarear. aecured by a daad of tniat on tba yraraiaaa. % All oonveyariooa at tha ooat of tba awakmt THO. /tfisher; Traataa. oo g-lawftde J. C. MoGUlBK A CO." aata. RUCTION BALES IN PHILADELPHIA. WM. R SMITH, (itnrra. jattiaawr, SOI Chaanut at., above ftth Regular Salaa TUESDAY Aad BATURDAV Morninga At Id a m Pine TAbla And Pocket Cutlery. Ha dwAre. Faaoy Gooda Soapa. OHa, Hruahea, Ae . bo. , " inea aad U*aora tote every Tburaday Morning oe IS lm* UORBE, BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR ?tDnL? ^pp!* *2 Zy,KL!' * B4R CV NARD. Auction and Commiaairn M?r.*1 ohanU.oor. Ninth at. And aoatb aide Pa cQV a vacua ^ ^ IWEWANDBTVUSH THINGS, in low ortoad MnaTn*CoUara! E?broidrrad Cambria aad Wa alao name great bargAina la Dreaa S?i?a. many new tmnga in the aaeort?rert. ' One prioe omy, marked in p'.Aia b:ara?. ? Areata, CartAina, oiloloth,. Rart^o lpMr floori PERRY A BRilTHER, _ooll Hi Pa at., ard Kb ttraet A CUIPI ERS AMDOTHERH. ia the Fancy BTAp T'O.NERY im ma at call at RUVtELL%. Seventh at., two doora from toe Avenue, ir Hkev want to aaa?rd get the okeA?e*t Acd m at oo?> eu Aaaortment of Fbncy And Flag Paper and ? nvel opea now< ftered m the citr A new lot jaat reoeived and now ? pen to pareiiAeera. Aiao. ever* thing in tba Stationary 'ma. at 9? RUBtfELI/*. 323 Seventh aL. ?0 *8 3t Ucder tl.e Avenne Hoiia", pOSUrLERa ANDOTHER9-FOR SALEwUTi.?11' l-? expreV* WAGON, with oov?rad top; one f >ar r? ntnrr- , onA-horaa(aaw) CARRIAGE, with ou taYna~aad ? m?, *D<^ Axleejcae fo?r-paa??i>rer * ; ?*?' ? SULKIE? : A'I i ?v wa otty-bailt; will be aoid low. AOdrraa T M ?CKfcNZIL A SONS, X42 Baltimore el, Haiti ??f*- oaM Iw* E D D I N 6 PRESENTS: M. W. SALT A BRO. call Attantioa to thair unutcahy large aaaortment of NEW AND ELEGANT GOOD*, Gotten up aapeciaily for WEDDING PRESENTS M. W.GAI.T A BRO.. ^ ^ ? Jewclora, 334 Pa. Avacue, oo ae St Four doora wett of Brown'a Hotal. 1VOTICB TO CONSIGNEES?Having 1 \ 1 l ina ' fro-w New York And bj ''Han jb Line" from Pfcsiart-lphiv The Pehooner "North Carolina" having on b ard gooda sh>pp?J from New Vork About tha * l?tb, and from Philadelphia on the K*h lrataau, ia now lvicr in tba Port of Hal im-?r? hAvmc beei< ordered bAck b- the b'ockad* on the PotcmAc. Pa tie* hAvmg gooda aboArd will p'eaeeaee aa. a' ouc*, in onar to mvlre arrangem?rte for u? ir raoopnon. HYDE A DAVIDSON, oagg 2t* Water atre?t.Georgetown. ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho'f Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 616 baoadway, Niw ? oaa. Tbaas aorlvalled aubatitstee f?r loat limba. which hAva atocd tha teat of over Tt yeara rzperianoa and Uare n*ver bean aur?aaeo<t. oaa be had only of W .M. BKLPHO, Patentee, 616 Broadway, wtw i ofia oo in " ot^*^0"460 ^t',u " "TZ* < |^JREAT RUSH TO SM'TH'B, No. ? ? S?vVI entb at., to eee hia new at--ck of FaU CioUia* t UN1?N OV^TtR DEPOT.?i'ha aadara^d reapeotfaily annoanoe to thnir^A. irienda and tbe pub 10 tuat they ht.ef\ I- J AlWATB on band a freah aappiy ol beat Ovatera the market cac atpsly, xSMf aid aerved in ever* atyla. Familteg And batlara aurplleH, , . ? 8WORD k CO. oc S-llB* 49S, eorner of lath a-"d K a?a. 1WEW DRESS GOO life' AND CLOAKS 1^1 Varloaa Saw and Styliab tbiaga opened towbola ofarad a' o?r jpr" vfrbially low priaaa. J PERRY A BROTHER. ... l a. av.,and ?;h .treet. oo2g -Prrry Bai dtar " Pu.. .K BtlGSEl'B HILADELPH1A LAGER beer* ^S. STERNBERGKR. SOL E A O E N T, No. S9* D Stiut, (Adj imr.g Star Oftoa > A Urg? anpply oonatanUy on haad. oa T5-lm POTATOEB -For aaie. from echeeaer Uaki a, . i1 'lth at, 7>?> baaAeia te^t jAokaoa White PoJktoea Apply to tbe Captain oa hoard. oa>Hf DUTTER.?300 Plrkica. of All gradaa a* Juat reoaived And for aala by JOHN G. LYLB A CO. 00 * No. 83 LoaiaiAAA aveaaa PLOUR.-AOO Bbla. Cho?oe Bakera' * ? _, . . . Aid PaaHyKloar in Store, Aad for aale by ^ , JOHN G LYLK A CO.. oo No >1 Loaiaiaaa aveaaa H4"9 .?SB Tiercae ef Choiaa Cia. Aad for aala bjr **d?, JOHN G. LYLB A COoo >-lw No. b3 LobIbiaba a vacua. gHOULDBRS-B? Hbda reoe v JOrc.f,LY^iLC Foral,kr l i'l ' " ob?-1w No. 41 Loaiaiaaa aveaaa WK WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM w ear fonaer patroaa. aad aitnana geaeraUf, ia~e vrd oar fail aappiy of FALL oa ii\m Maaebaat TaTlora. Na.4a> Pa aa. C^!^^fN?!9^l.,W2SLor treat *

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