Newspaper of Evening Star, October 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1861 Page 3
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I/M/AL NEWS. "* rrTboMfl* Stu to PrlBted OB th# fastest Ja* V** ,a "** 90001 of B,lttmor? tta dltlon u to Urge *? to require it to be pat to press at in *rlY bo?r: ddosrssssnssals, therefor*, should be la before It o'clock * ; otherwise they nuy may no* sppeer until tbe next day. "pj^cianw or th?Citt Coumcil?, Oct IS ? Star* *f Aldtrmtn ?A communication w?? received from tbe Maror stating that be bad approved of an act making appropriations for tbe Ratine and repal/ of station bouses, sod alao of two Joist resolutions. Also, a communication containing a statement (la detail) of expenditures lor tbe ereetios of tbe Antral guardhouse, (aent in compliance with a rvaolutlon of tbe Board of Aldermen passed on tbe 21st Inst,) making the total expenditures to date fll,119M; total amount appropriated, 911,672; unexpended balance, S559 76; referred Also, a communication enclosing one from tbe superintendent of tbe central guardhouae, (Mr. C. H Clnakey,) giving the varlnuaItems of amounts eipeadM and requl ed for tbe erection of that building making tbe total cost of tbe building complete S13 446 52. referred. Also, s communication nominating for scaven get sf tbe Seventh Ward, W Smith; for Clerk of the Center Market, Henry ?or Clerk of tbe.Northern Market, James Bowen; for Cornmlss'oner Eastern District, Jamea H Birch; f.?r Assistant Clerk of tbe Center Market, Uriah B Mitchell; referred A petition of King A Scott, stating that they intend to give a aeries of equestrian performances to continue several months, at the s>te of tbe old National Theatre; also stating that theatrical performances are licensed for S3 per day or fib per week, and equestrian entertainments at *40 per day; sad praving that tbe Corporation may (as tbey bars heretofore done) reduce this exorbitant rate In tbtrlr case, was referred; and a resolution waa subsequently reported and passed authorIzlag the Register to license Messrs King A Scut 's performances for SI8 per week, payable la sdvsnee. A resolution authorizing the Asanas Express Company to occupy temporarily tbe frame building, erected next to tbelr brick house in the resr of their oMce on Pennsylvania avenue, waa p US?ti The bill for repair of tbe Center Market house, was amended by tbe addition of a clauae providing for giving tbe work to the lowest responsible bidder after Ave days notice In a city paper; and tbe bill was then passed. Tbe nominations of Thos Purcell and Joseph Brvan as commissioners of tbe Center Market; and Qr Joseph T. Howard as Pbysteian to tbe poor In tbe Fourth Ward, were confirmed e?>a noses. The bill making an appropriation for tbe purpose ofcUanlng avenues, streets, alleys, and gutters; snd for cssual repairs for tho same, was passed An act for tbe relief of John Gllck?remission of s toe, was passed Tbe bill for relief of A J Joyce was referred to the Committee on tbe Pi re Department Tbe Committee on Clsincs wsa on motion discharged from further consideration of the petitions of Jamss O'Day, Thomas Joyce, and Mrs. Vail. A eonenrrent resolution for the appointment of a Committee of two members of the Bosrd of Aldermen, and three members of tbe Bosrd of Common Council, with the Msyor, to wait on tbs Secretary of War and represent to him the necessity for taking some steps to prevent the cutting up of tbe streets the coming winter (those which are not paved) by heavily loaded government teams, was passed, and tbe chair (Vr Brown) appointed Messrs Sargent and Moore on said Commitfe. Tbe nominations for tbe Board of Trustees of Public Schools were then reported on, and tbe following were conlrmed: First District, John Larcomb and Robert Rlcketts; Second District, Mitchell H Miller, Valentine Hsrbangh and CLas H.Utermehle; Third District, Francis 8 Walsh and Otis C Wigbt: Fourth District. J. E Holmead, J T Catsell and Peter M. Pearson ; Treasurer, John C. Kennedy; Secretary* Wm B Dayton. R B Ironsides, ss trustee for the flrst district, waa rejected by s vote of yess 2, nays 8, blank 1. Frederick D Stuart was rejected as trustee for ths third district by s vote of nays 11. [This lesves two vacancies In tbe board ] As act authorising the Msyor to sppoint Corporation constables, was referred. Mr. Richards moved to take up bis motion to reconsldrr tbe vote by which ths nomination of Jacob Kletber as meaaenger to the mayor waa rejected Mr Moore aald that the best way to reach tbe ssatter would be for tbe Mayor to make a new nomination. Ths nomination waa made the first week after he was slscted to fill s vacancy. There had been a new election and a new installation since, snd that nomination was not the nomination of tbe present Mayor Suppose we had elected some one el?e?would this nomination have come up. He (Mr M ) bad made this same suggestion to the Mayor. Mr. Richard's mix ion to reconsider tbe vote on tbe nomination was rejected by s vote of syes 3, nays 8. Common Council ?The petition of Alfred Wlllard for the remission of s fine was referred to the claims committee Tbe preamble snd resolution of the Aldermen for the protection of property owners agaicst certain charges for gas tax; the bill providing for repairs of certain gutters and flagging In tbe Fifth Ward; a bill for tbe relief of M Cunningham and Asdrew Boylan were appropriately referred The bit 1 of the Aldermen requiring a certain oath to be taken by tbe employe** of the Corporation, with the amendments of this bosrd nonconcurred in, was taken up Mr. V\ iiaon moved tbst this board recede from its amendments; which mas Inst?yeas 9, nays 0. Mr Mulloy moved tbe appointment of a conference comm'ttee to consult with simltsr committee of the Aldermen; agreed to And Messrs. Mulioy, Wilson and Shepherd were appointed A bill making appropriations for tbe contingent and other expenses of tbe public schools for tbe seal year ending June, 1$02, was referred to the school committee The bill making appropriation for the continuance of tbeThiiteenth street sewer, from E meet to the eansl, was passed by 15 yeas to 5 nays Adjourneid. Arraias is Alex**dria.?The Alexandria 'Local News" says: The Potomac trade schooner Constitution arrived here las*, night, from Mattawoman, in Charles coanty, >id. When nearing the Confederate batteries, she was hailed and boarded by the Confederate at amer George Page. An officer came on board, examined her papers, snd ou learning that abewas from Cbsries county bound to Alexandria, permitted her to proceed. At tbe time ths Constitution passed the batteries sll was qalet la the neighborhood. The vessel brings wood, furniture, and potatoes, and Is discharging hor cargo st Powls's Wharf Workmen are busily engsgod at the Amerlcsn Coal Company'a Wharf foot of Oroaoeo street, In erecting a commodlout shed, covering shoot half aa acre. Tbe wharf is now used by tbe U. s Government, and the shed Is intended for the storags of provisions, Ac An election for s member of tbe U. S. House of Rsprsssatatlvss, from this district, was held on I'bnrsdsy The polls were opened at tbe Court House in this ptsee. Ws understand tbe vote stood as follows: For 9 P. Beach, 139: for C. B. Shirley 10. Workmen la the employ of the United State* are saw st workebsnging the grade of ths switch connecting the Orange and Alexandria Railroad on Union street, with the Alexandria, Loudoun sad Samp-hire Railroad on M ater street A Stampxdi ?Abont noon, a pair of floe boraes attached to an ambulance, took fright In Seventh street, at Msrket Space, snd dashed cflTsta frightful speed, kicking snd plunging as they went toward the vary part of ths avenue where pedeatrlaas were numerous Tbe hsckinen st tbe hotels asesiatod their coscbes, snd were driving every way to escape collision. Just at the back stand, the ambnlaace came In contest with a heavy wagon, and was upset, sad the frightened animus were captured oefore any conslde abi* damage waa done, except to tbe ambulance Tbe am bale nee was without a driver at tbe time. Arras Cmcaass ?Sunday night, Mr David Moore waa aroused sbout 11 o'clock, by a disturb ansa la the neighborhood of his cbtcken bouse. This baa been no unusual occurrence at bia farm, only the fourth st a mile northeast of ths cltv line, he baring suffered considerably by midnight ehAehen sad produce thieves Some weeks sgo bs prepared himself with a hsavily-charged rifle, but baring neglected to place oo a new cap, tbe oaaea failed to do ltsdatr; thereby saving tbe Ills of tbe thief ' Ma FaaMKLia, rat Orrician ?We direct tbe a'teatloo of our readers to tbs advertisement of Mr. Franklia, the optician, whose establishment Is so joying the unlimited confidence of the pnb11c, ss <>ne of the largest of this kind la I be conntry OtBeers aad civilians flnd there everything they need la tbe greatest variety, aad the most reasoaable prices Dearns or SoLDtsas ?Tbs following soldiers died si are oor last report: fergesnt Facte tt, company K, Fifth United *tatee cavalry, at the sasawv. John Geary, company C, Cbrortan'a Pennaylvaala Mounted Rid-s, at tbs College Sergeant F M Hoit. company D, Forty serenth Pennsylvania, ntt he Circle. la Tow* ?Tbe many friends of the Rev James U Doc Han, formerly pastor of St Mat. toews (Catholic) Church la this city, will be glad to leara tbst be Is now here on a visit, from Oabaqae, lows, the fl-ld of his labors for some fe ?We bear that ex-Mayor |Ml la J??"*"1** to retnrp to his realdeucr lb thlt city this evening * Tiie Body o? Col. Bah* ?The evening after the funeral of tbe lamented Col Baker, the corpse !" f*?oved from tbe vaalt la the Congressional -eroetery, where It wn deposited, to the embalming rooms of Dr. Holme*, to be prepa-ed for traaamtaaloa to I ta final retting place in California The eonmiltUe a4 California who have charge of the body, have taken great care that all the arrangements for the removal of tbe body ?boold be made In tbe moat appropriate manner. The undertaker's work, by Buchly, la in his best style The temporary coffin In whfeb the body *>t Col. b was brought from Poolesvllle, baa b>-en replaced by a handsome metallic caae, Imitation of rraewood, moanted with ailver; a large plate of glass covering the faee, through which the featurea of the decease may be teen bv hla friends, below which, over tbe breast, la a silver plate with tbe Inacrlption : " Col E. D Baker, killed In battle near Ball's Bluff, Virginia, Oct 21, 1861 " The procoaa of embalming waa made very difficult by tbe shattered condition of tbe body, upon inspection of which eight wounds were apparent. One large wound In tbe left temple; a amall ball wound above tbe right ear; one In the back of the neck; one between tbe collar bone and shoulder blade, parsing down into tbe bodv; one through tbe cheat; one paaaing arrow the thigh sone dividing ail the interior fleahy portion of the ifu !!J ,tb* br'Mt' nMr th? armpit. Notwithstanding tbess difficulties. Dr. H< lmes succeeded In thoroughly embalming the body Tbe torn and blood-stained uniform in which be was killed was removed, and this morning, cled in a new nniform, he lay in the coffin not a ghastly and pile corpse, but as life. I . ** we have h,m ln 8,1 the K,ow of health, and if lying open a couch, be would be easily uiistakfr for a sleeping soldier. To-day, by invitation of the committee, tbe President and other distinguished friends of the gallant dead will visit the room* of Dr Holmes, at Buchly's establishment. Pennsylvania avenue near Ninth street, and see the face of their late friend for the last time; after which the caae will be sealed for transmission to New York, thence to California. Kino's National Cibcu* ?Mr Thomas King the well-known gymnast and equestrian, baa concluded arrangementa for opening a flrst-cla*s Circus in this city Tbe pavilion will be erected oa the site of the old National Theater, a central and good location The lessee Is a citizen of tbU place, and will naturally feel a pride ln being enabled to present to bis friends an entertainment worthy of their support. He has, we learn, a tine stud of Imported thoroughbred borseaand ponies, and has engaged quite a number of prominent artistes to assist in tbeopening Mr James Melville; the Australian riders, Madame* C.inillle and Marie; Messrs Penney and Jones, of ' Dan Rice's Great .-how;" Gardiner, the well-known clown; F. Wbittaker, the standard master of tbe circle: Mad'lie Virginia and the Ella Zoyara, are included In the list of celebrities. It Is Mr King's Intention to present, from time to time, novelties of tbe most attractive character, and tbus make the arena a permanency ln Washington. PoLic* ? Be J or t Justice Walter ?Yesterday, I Peter Well, violating the license law; fined #20 M. J ; S5 58 Thos Connor, do ; 83 $&. I 8 Sllberman, do ; >20 94. A German pedler, do ; I S20 94. Befort Justice Dona ?Patrick Cnllldan, for assault and battery on VVm B. Butler, at the Eicbange Hotel; sent to Jail. Patrick Carroll, for beetlng his wife, was held to security for I peace. I Be/or* Jus tie* Thompson ?C. R. I, Crown, I for obstructing the aldewalk with auction goods; I ruled for trial A. P Brainerd, Indecent exposure; I fined *5 94 ' ' I Before Justice Bamatlo.?Mary Keenan, drunk I en vagrant; workhouse flu days. Dennis Barrett, fighting; dismissed. Cxntxal Goardhocse Cas\?~Before Justite ?,a^T ?Joh* ?HeIbfTt> colored, disorderly; fine 1 M. Jacob C Chaney. disorderly; do *1 75 I John Miller, lighting; #5 04. Charles Bartlett! i."?? . ? V W J. * do ; dismissed. Michael Doyle, profinlty; costs, 53 cents I. H Young, fighting; *10 94 B F. Howard, dlaor-I derly; dismissed. Henry Howard, do.; fined *i I VV m DuUney, out after houra; 91 58 Lawrence Sweeny. drunk; dlamlased John Neldon, dlaorderly; fined S-3 91 Daniel Donovan, drunk; wait- I lng trial Adolph Crot*,Wm. Fitzgerald, James Wright, and John O'Brien; turned over to tbe | military Joseph Hill, drunk and disorderly I at a ball; fined 110 94 Wm Reed disorderlyfined 91. John Blower, do.; fined g3 94. j Baltimou Mkbcastilb Hocsxs ?We refer I to tbe advertisement in another column of the I extensive dry goods house of Messrs Devrles" ! Stephens A Co. This Is one amongst the laruent booses of its kind in Baltimore, and from its I great facilities, we are told Is doing an immense I business, having purchased a veryfull asjortment of goods. A* Washington now affords an Important cus- I torn for storekeepers, other merchants of the Mon- I omental City would do well to avail, as Mesara Devries, Stephens A Co , have done, of the adveitising columns of the Star. Thxatkx -De W&lden's great local and patrl- I otic sketch, "Onr Volunteers," was performed last night with glorloua success, and will be repeated to-nigbt, when Mis* Susan Denin (as I "Fanny Bombshell") will sing one ef her bloodstirring I'oion song The performances will com- I mence with the Eton Boy," In which Rogers and Mist Denln both take parts after a sort partic- I ularly trying to the risible* of most spectators A front seat to-nlgbt will be a desirable thing. I Hosssa roR Orricxxs ?A Kenluckian, cele- I brated at home, we know, as one of the finest I judges of a horse ln the State, has brought hither 1 a number ?f remarkably-good horses for rfacers' J purposes ; among them being some fine thorough- j brcds. We ady'.se officers who desire to be well 1 mounted to lose no lime in calling at the U 8 I Hotel and Inquiring for the party and his steeds which occupy a stable just In the rear of that building. Thi Camfull Minstbxls? Their Twelfth I '.'.'?This favorite company of Ethiopian I Serenaders continue in the full tide of their won derful success at Odd Fellowa' Hall. To-night I 1 bey will gratify the public with a bill of extra flavor. See announcement elsewhere. Donation to thi Hosbmint.-Thecommls- I ioned officers of the Sixth Regiment of tbe Dis- I triot militia, Colonel I-emuel D Mlddleton, have I contributed, tbrougb Captain N. Calian, tbe autu of eighteen dollars to the Washington Mbnument Hoast Stbalino ?John McNany, arrested by Officer Borland yesterday, charged with ateallng I a horse, saddle and bridle from Thomas Donohue, I was committed to jail by Justice Donn, to answer I tbe charge at court. Aid asd CoyvoBT ?A prisoner, whose name I we haye not aacertalned, was brought up from the I Maryland shore on Sunday, charged with aig- I nailing the enemy at Budd's Ferry, opposite tbe Confederate batteries. Sxx advbbtisxxxnt elsewhere of a son lost by I Mr E Nicholson, 493 Seventeenth street. A I reward Is ofi'ered for tbe boy's recovery. ItibiA RCBCia Goods ?We sre pleaaed to atate l that a?w all kinds of India Rubber goods. In- I eluding Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothing, I Ac , 4c., can be obtained in this city at muaa- I /arturrr'1 priets, at tbe India Rnbber Warehouse. S* Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets oc Factj fob Soldixes.?Throughout th* Indian I aid Crimean oa 1 paitus. theonly medicines whioh p-o?#d tnemis;vea ab e to -ure the woret oases of I D'sonrerv. Soiirvy and Fever, srer* Hillotezi's I Ptlls and Dftmsnt. Therefore, lit ever* Volun- I teer see tn*t hi is supplied witu them. OpJj x I oe&u per pot or tox. 00 89-1 v j Notic*.?Beware of oouator'oits an^l uapnuoi- I p?ed doalera er.d javorin? to diapoae of .heir own I ard other on the repuialion attained by HrlmboUTs Extrart Buehu,% positive and speoifio I rem*ly for diseaso* of the li aJdar, Kidneys, Gravel, D-opay. Ao ,Ao.. Ao. Ask for Hei r bold *. Take nu other. Bee advertisement ic another ool I urr.n. || jg i or VVa,M ^eiroatly mitirated ."i,!0** '" r<m"dJr. Hollaumy J HtMtment, | as it win ears1 any woun^, hoarever deape a?e, if it I y^rjiob-d aroand the wounded^they be ^ept thoroughly.oovered with it a pot ahonld i ooJ-W ' n*P**0k' On'* *oents per pot. 'jaega? Aftttoms. Experience having proved that simple romeiies often aot speedily and oertaioiy when I token in the early stage* of the disease, recourse should at oaoo be had to * Brown's hroiuktal I Stthst," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Coach, or lr- I tation of the Throat be ever so slight, as Lt this I preoauUoc a more serious attack may beefleofaally I warded od". Pub lie Sp**k*rt and Susfara will 6nd them effectual fuAoiearicg and stieugthening the voice. See advertisement de 1-ly PXNNIBS. Persoca desirifif PfrpniM will always find them for exohanee at the Star Offis^ onnntar. tf MAKRIKD On tbeSth instant, by tbeJRev. Dr. Ryan, Mr. WALTKK a. NIOhOLSON to Miss M ah Y E. BUTLER,all of this oity. lAiexaadna papers oopy 1 DIED, At the residence of hia father, on tin morninx of the SKk mst., at S o' iHAAo h. OWEN, ted 90 year., y unge*t son of Edward Owea the re atives and Meeds ..f tne family as in- I viud to aiu-d the funeral from ??? Pa. avenae. en Wtdoesday, toe30th inst. at 3 o'clock p. m. * I r lJ VP: 0af?UI 'M. WES JUST RECEIVED, poepf Ue larssst a took, of w NeW and FashiocsDiaClotLiaf eter offered in ^.ael incton. whioh nast be sold wuhla the next thi- days to aaake room for winter good a, Per* pos| OCM. eo rn 1 1 * 1 w AMUSEMENTS. H R A T E V. TUKSDAY. OrtrUr 29. MisaSl'SAN DENIN and Mr. ROf?ER8 in Two Pieces Will M presented * Lo~al ?n<l Patriot!o Sketoh at tl>? Tiine?. OUR VOl.UNTEKKS, with New Local Soenery h? Mr. James Lamb. And the FaroorrTHE ETON BOY. If ODD FEI LOWS' HALL! 8??mth, Above D8t. Continued Suoo?aa of I This Favorite Troops! TWELFTH WEEK of the CAMPBELL MINSTREL?. 1* ST* R PERFORMERS. ImmiDH Success of "FRANK SWAN^, The Great Baaao, from the Cooper Op?ra Troupe. I Ntw ?o*es awd Aftebptich ! Conoludug with *h* SOWS OF MA L TA. He-woo!d-be a Son ? F. Wyand I Admiral on 25 oents. oo 26 WANTS. | WANTED-Two PIE and CAKE B AKFR8. I Apol* a* th* Sutter's Pie Bakery oorner I ou I 1'inna nr. and 6*h ?t immediately. It* WANTED IMMEDI*TF?LY-Two WOMPN to work in the kitchen Applr to T. PO- I TENTINI, 979 Pa. avenue, between loth and nth I ata if I !J|7ANTF.r?? Br a steady, induslrion* man, a I T SITUATION an garrten-r or farm hand I Rest of referenoe oan be given. Address Rot 10,1 8t*r Office. no a 3t* I U/ANTBD-A COLOR .'ID BOY Ono aocur" tome I to the o?re ?f horses, and a R'ave, pre I ferred. Apply to 347 C at., between ilk and 6 h I IN It" WANTRD IMMEniATELV-A P ELPFR in the M?ekimith shop Apply at WALTER, I KARMANN A R"VP'S Coach Factory, on n ? ? I i etween 9:h and Hth. oo '.9 3t I WANTKP TO RENT-A comfortiNe brisk HOUSE. for a smalt family, with eas and I water. with;n ten minutes' va k of the Treasury I Building R?nt not to ?*c~od ?3C0 per ennum. I Address "B. 8 J ."at this office. oe29 3f_ TINNERS WANTF.D-Goodandwi'linr hards * can find profitable emp'oyment at IA?. sKlR- I VINO''* Stove Orate, Ranee, Tin and Sheet iron I Manufaotory *267 Pi avenue. S E. oorner Fl?v I enth at. I Repub. A Bait Sun.l ooS9 3t I WANTED-A COLORED BOY, who thor oughly un.'ergt?nd* the oare of horses. M ist I h-ing te?t monials of character A??l? at ?he res- I idenoe of the undera-sn?d, on Kendall Green. It R. C. FOX. WANTED TO RENT?A small unfurnished HOUSE, or two unfurnished Sn"m< in a ro- I ap^table part of 'he r ity. Apply at 383 E street, I between 9th and 10th stg oc 19 2t* I WANTED?'iO,<Xrt lb? <>ld HORSE SHOES ar-d ^(,RaP IKON in sra\ll or large 9 'antitiea, I for whioa one cent per pound will be raid. JOHN R. E'.VANS, 0029-2w (Republican) 309 Pa.avenue. WANTED?By a resp?o>shle midd e aged wo- J man.(a atranger in Washington.) ?hf under, 1 star, da her huainea* thoronghlf,* MTUATION *a I oo"k and housekeeoe-. PeBt of referenoe can be J given. Address B"x 11. Star Office. it* I WANTED?A first rate COOK (none other nerd I pplj) to cook and waah foriaix peraon?. at I the HoopPal, l'? ion Hote!, Georre'own Ware* | f'Oair.onth Apply on Tn?sda?, Wednesday ad I Thuraday niornirgi from 10 to 12. 00 28 8 * WANTFD?Bt a gentleman ami wife a neatly I furn??h'd PARf.OR and B-D ROOM, ad- I ioinine. with Board for tii? winter. Location b'-. I tw?en 14?h and 23J ate. No boarding hou?e need 1 r-nly. Address'-U. 8 A.," for th ee day , Q'ar I Offi a. o sa at* I BOAH D wanted, f--r two gentlemen. in a I q ii<>t resp^table house, n->* rror? than 5 or 10 I mnjiiU-s' waU fromUe WarOifi<i<1. A family >rm I the N???h, who live >n No-the n st*le. prtferred. I One eood-sixrd pleasant roam, wth gas, rcqnir d. I Te rns-? ust be mode'ate. Address "Bos'oman," I this office oc 2? St* I %*/ ANTEO? A STORE, with oven attached.) 11 A op!y at 399 G at, between 12th and 13th. 00 26 2t* I WANTED TO RENT?H'lUSE,fu nishe-l or unfurnished, t ddresa A. WALKKR. Star I Office, stating pric* and location. oc 26 3t* JOURNEYMEN TAI'ORS. NOTICE-J Wanted immediately, tf 11 Coat Hards, and f,ur I Hands on Pantalo >r.a _ HINTON A TEEL. 400 Pa ?v., oc 25 lw between 4H and 6th *t. : WANTED-By a tent'emvii thoroughly ao-I quaint'd with merchandising, and who can I far"i?n the neoessary capit.l f?r a vigo-ous pro?e- 1 cution of the t usin ^ss, an intere*t in a regimental 1 autl^rship. Address "MeroUant,"at tins uffioe. I 00 24 lw I WANTED-A BUGLER f rthe U. 8 8 Wloop 1 11 Penaaco'a. Apply on hoard (<~ff Alexandria), I or to F A PARKER, f.X'Ksutive Officer at thel Navy Yard. qq28-1w* I WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the! Waahmgton Brewerv having oonm^nced I brewing for th* winter season, ther can get Freah I Grams every dav at 4 o'clock, at inoent* per buah- I el. Call, one and all. O. COLINKAU, oo 10 1m* Cor K an! Twertv seventh ata. L'TTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE- I PHENB & OO.'S. 39a Pa avenue. ae 18 I WANTED- TAILORS. TA ILORS -50 T*lura I oompet*nt to work cn military goods. A pply | G. Wall. Stephens A Oo.'s. se25 WANTED.?We are now buying SECOND- I HAND FURNITURE, STOVEs ai:d BED DING, for which wo are paying the highest I cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or I having a ?arp!ua of furniture, will find it to their I advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. H69 7th st?. botw. I ana K sta. I WANTED, FOR THE CASH-Ail kinda of I SECON B-WANp FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE44, l'eraors loar- I inx the city or having a au?p!u? will do wo!l to call I immediately. R. i?9 49? Seventh, hotween G and H sta. LOST AND FOUND. IO^T?On or about the 16th in?t., a PROMIS- I j RORY NOTE,drawn in mv favor b? Mr P. | W. Browniu* and endorsed b' Mr. T's Voune, tre I amount being for $S65. du** 6-9 June. 1S61. All per aoca areforwrned Irom cegotiaUng for aaiJ uote, I ' GR1NDKR. OctoberK 1861^ 00 29-Si* I O C REWARD ?My son. William 8. Nioho soc, I left It is honr e on thw 17th iustant, a'.d :a sup- I poeed to be lo tering among some of the oarata. He I 1a twelve y^ara of age, haa brown hair, blue eye?. I and oi.e or his front teeth a little chipped. 1 will I gi > e tHe above rewarii for his return to rre. at No. I 493 Seventeenth st, between H and I sta.; or for I (( formation of hit whereab uts,??that 1 can ret I him [oc 29 3t*] M B NICHOLSON. ?4 RKWAR0.?STRAYED OR STOLEN'? I tBHr From the oommom in the Firat^firtM Ward, onthe 25th mat. two COWS, one^UJT a U'aok Cow ?ith white stripe down h*r^m ** I j baok, and white belly, and very wide horns, a'd I wilt be fresh in a few dsya, looks a little fieroe; I the other a red and wl ite or milk ar,d c der color, ] I with whi e faoe and ahort horna. The above re- I ward will be given for the returning of said cowa I to me. CHARLVS lENMAN. on 17th street, between K and L, II 00 28 St* First Ward, j JOST.?On Monday, the 2l?t,oi 7th street, tej tw$en i and K. a piir of KOI.I) I PEO I ACLE8 The finder wi I be*J^t? auitably rewarded by leav>nf them at thl* offioe I , pi C6-3t* I 1 ?? REWARD-SI RAYED OH STOLEN- ' Jl.l a OO W. with red sides, white lack and faoe. a leather strap r..uud her neon,mir large horna. The abeva reward w 11 bafi 1 rb 1 paid fs>r her return to tha aubsoriher, corner 9tli I ' street and Maryland ave., east of Capitol 0028 3f HENRY KOONS, l| eduoaiTONAL." ; PLAINFIELD ACADEMY. Nka* Cablisi.k, i Pa.?3lst aeaaion <2f? weeka) oommetoes No- | 1 vember4. Thorough met'uotion and the comforts I of home, ( ircu ara at Star Offioe Will L? at Martiu'a Hotel October 17th ; or ^addrM? K. K< KlKN? a ae aveolm Piainfield, Cumberland 00 , Pa. | WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. , A and Day School, j No 422 Fit. b'.ttc'in 6'k and. 7(4 ttt., Washington ; 1 and A o. 151 West >t , Qeorgttcwn. Theduiiea of thia Institution were resumed in September. Oiroulara may i>e obtained at the book 1 tores, or by addreaaing the Prinoieal. ge S^Jfotf M. J. liARROVER. ( ci OFFICERS ASD SOLDIERS' O.GHT DRai-TS i.old on a!l parts of the United States, in auma to auit offioers and soldier*. Also, , grafts oa L'ndon, Ireland, Sootland, A alea. and , em any. Vneurrent mon?y bought at best rat^s. SW EENv, RITTENHOUSE. FA N T A CO.. , 00 12-lwi Rankers, Pa. av., near Brown'a. ' HR. ARTH'S CITIZEN^' COTILLON band.?The above named, having ro- Vfifa turne<l from bia trip to Europe, is reaoy toUBl furnish musio for balls, part es, serenades,^* I eui., at the shortest notice. Engagements can be made for small or large parties, at Chr Arth'? | Shavngand Hair-dress ngltalooD, on C st, Wash , mgton Bank Building; or at Jacob Arth's t'ark Hotel. 00 24-lw* SUTLERS WANTED. tjlREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by ButHOUSE, 341 Pennsvl*aaia avenue, (oiarfKI ^V'manofacture'our own Goods, and s?hit

Jfttt York rrictt, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand a large Stock, we oan , supply ata moment s notice, any euantitt desired. A large assortment of 3 sola High-out Shoes, and I Long-leg Boots. . Sutlers liberally dealt with.. A oali from all dealers solioited. A WHITEHOUSE A UNCKLE8. 1 oo7 iwad?.*??* gnnstHB ' fOHKTHING fOR YQU! Poofcet Combs.? n 1?1 yo. I.OOIIJI Union Envelopes,per hundred,..,.?? .? ^ KSo., A ??.?. ? fSb, ?I to ?J^g.. ,OBm8fiN> 00 WW ratiuhar, tiarUord,Coniu |] ' I FOB SALE AND RENT. FURNISHEDROOM^?w*'i furnishedRooms for ren? hv dav. week or moith, in hoaee* Noe. 47 5 and 4TT Thirteenth St., th>*e floor* from Pa. & venue and mid war between Wil ards' and KirkwooH ' Hotel*. It* fjM?R RENT?(Furnished or 1'nfurnished.) a T ort ROOM, on first flo r, pleasantly situated in Juliciary Square, either for aa offio*. sittmc or )?|| 'pnm. A pply to 390 Kuir' b st. oo a St* TO LET?On* large magmhoent PARLOR. with Room adjoining. < unf?rm?hed.) in one of the Snest localities : suitable al>o f>r ooroni t**?. Hem moderate, if taken soon, ln?*direat FR \NK344 Pa. ave u* oc 3?-lw I^OK RENT?The three etory brio k DWELL iNG H'?USE on the south aideof Pa. avenue. 01 Capitol Hill, at the comer oi Third at., a fev steps from the Capitol square, containing some 19 room*, with a stable and carriage hoos ; all in exorllent order, with po?a?ssioc on the 1st < f November. Apply to THOMAS BL.AGDEN. No. 499 revfnth st. oc S8 St I/ARM FOR SALE, or Exchange for Citv r Property, situated in Soramenrill o~unty N. Jersey, containing ?2 aces in a hi?i> state or oaltivstion. g^od dwel ing house, with all neoessary out buildings, good water power, fire orohard, and well-fenced, 2H mile* from Central Railroad, (6 daily tra'n?,) 3 miles from Plainfield.and SO miles from Jersey C ty. For farther particular* inquire of G W. BRAV, Jeweler, ."516 Seventh st , opposite Intel igencer Q(B-e. ec S5 1m* H~ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.Four handsomely Famished Rooms, supplied with cas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490K Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between Uh and 5th ets. m*SS GEORGETOWN" AD VERT'MI'S rftf-UNION league,OFGEORGFTOWN. _l_3 A merticg of the I iion League of Georgetown ?i:l beheld at Society Hali, THURSDAY EVENING next,at7>* o'clock. All member* are particularly requested to bepresent. oo2Q 3 W. H. TENNEV, President. V??THK UNION RELIEF SOCIETY OF \XJs Georgetown, an assccia ion of ladies to carry oot the cf the Sanitary Commission, will have at other meeting at Mrs. Uarbv's residence, on Market et? near First, o> v* EDNLSDaY AFTERNOON ne*t. at four o'clock oo S8-3t O O D N K W S "I For the WEORGETOXTX FOLKS! 1 HI CtlBBKATSD Metropolitan Opera Troupe and MR ASS BAND WL1 mike their First Appearanoe at FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. On THIS (Monday) EVENING. Oot. 28,1861, When they will present a Bill of Rare Fx.ellence. Tin B asg Band will give a CONCERT In Fuoxt o* thx Hall EVERY EVENING, Previous to the Perfomanoa. Come Early and Stevre your Seats Poors open at 7 ; rerformanoe c< mmecoea at 3 I o'olock precisely Admission 26 cents. W.N. WORLEY, oc '8 2.* Hiniiieas Arept and Treasurer. MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this dav. por steamer J. Jerome? ?< 0 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, ?) do. XX XX do. do. fioo hlf.-bbls. do. do, do. Which on airival wil! be for etle. Tnrms cash I delivery. ARNY & SilLNN, in 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. Just receivedid Hide, prima Forty Rico SUGARS 140 t.hls. Oid F yo W U18KY, ?<> b bit. H E BRING and A LEW IV EB, bbla. Crna ioJ a?d Refined SUGARS. ?) (arb Rio and Java COFFEE. 1st hh't3.(low-prio?d) MOLASSES. For sale bv JOHN J. BOGUE. ae l> Army supplieshOK ' AB E FORGE*. TRAYor C*NAl. BA1ROW8, WHEELBAKEOWt*. TRUCKS, heavv and ieht. HOHSV or Bail buckets, MEASURES, GINDSTONKS. complete. i GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES. AXES, PICKS. ! HAT'MIETS, i SAWS, ! AX HANDLES. PICK WANDI.KS, i RATTAN or STABLE BROOMS, FORKS, SHOVE r.s, sp*df:s, ! LOG CHAINS, j FIFTH CHAINS, i HALTKR CHAINS, j TRACK CHAINS. SWINGLE TREES. HAMF.S, CORDS, ! CURRYCOMBS, Fairbar k's Platform and Counter and Hay | SCALES. I BUTCHERS' HCM.ES, ! BUTCHERS' KNIVKb, BASKETS. Ac., Ac , Ac. ! For sale at wholesale p icoa by J. P. BA"THOLOW. Agrionltnral Warehouse, .?5S Seventh St.. I oe 25 lmon botween Pa nv. and t'aral ; THE VERMONT BAKE OVENS, I ARMY I ENT STOVR8, HAY an.1 >TBAW CUTTERS, MEVrCUTFRS. FaI" B ^ N K'.-> H KY, PLATFORM and CO UN- I wagon'and CARRIAGE JACKS, j BUCKETS, Ac., Ac., Ac. For sale by J P. BARTHOL<>W, Agricultural Warehouse. 53S feventh at., oc 24 wlin between Pn, av. a^d t^ana'. j TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT-Tailoring 1 in all it* bra ohes. by JOHN t-. a* i Bt'CHEN^EKG, No. 395, corner Thir *41 1 teeath and H st^. Gentlemen's and Boys' |vi t C othes cut to ord<,r Having mad' arrange- gg : ments with a skillful Steam Scourer, 1 ain I prepa-e.1 to execute alt orders in this line, a* well I as Mending, in the most aatis.'aotory manner. . 00 3J-2w* I B FISH AND CHEESE. r.ANCHARI) A LEACH, Wholesale Dealers I in Cheese. No. Scutti at,. halt:more, have just I received a large lot c-f Mackerel, Herring, Codfish, I Hake-fish, Ac.,&c Also, prime t- aatrn Cheese. All of wh oh will be soid at the lowest market lates oo 26-2w" /"^oXcH LAM PS. FRAME BOLTT AND KbTCHES, SuIDINti BOLTS, and all other I Coach Mountings, to r e hal at ROB'T H. GKA-I H AM'H. Crtaohmaker. E:ghtn *t. on 11-lw* PRIVATE INSTRUCTION -A G. WILKIN- I SON, formerly Teacher of Languages in the I Union and Western Academies of tbis oi'y, and I now Adjisnot I*rofes?or of Ancient nnd Modern I Languages in the State University of Missouri, I hav ne obtained leave of ab*ence for a year, will I b) in Washington tbis winter and will give private I instructions to a hmitea number of pupils. Prof. W. would r?ler to the Faculti of Yale I and Columbian L'o'leges, as alao to his former pa- I trcn< ?n 1 pupil*. Application must be made before the 4th of No- I vembrrto Prof W. E. Ji Ison, Librarian of th* I Patent Offios, who will give all requisite informa- I Uon. oo 28 6t* I W NOTICE. E Beg leave to call the attention of Off oers I ?f the Army to our verr extorsive assort. (( >uent of all classes of EQUI rMENTS. and^ml ??p6oially to an article of Military Blue la Cloth and Doeakin Cas*unere, whioh we Iff : warrant wi l retain its oolor. Ou- a*?crt- I inant of Swords, Sashes, Be ta, Gauntlet*. Arrtif 1 Caps (indigo dye), superior Flaunel Shirts, Leg- I liings. Sword Knots, Gold and I e&thar Buglea, I shoulder Straps, and devices of a'l deaoriptio s, la I row compete,%nd we are well satisfied that an I ingpocticn will prove iau?factrry In eveiy particu-1 lar. HiNTON A 'I EEL, oc26-ira MeroUant Tailors, No. 406 Pa. av. j WORDS, SABRLS, SASHES, EPAULKTTES, AC. ! M. W. OALT A BRO , opens this morning. I With other line Mi'itaiy g<>od<, Riohly Embossed I and Hrftvily Gilt SWORDS and SABRES? I Bronxe and Gilt Soabbard?for presentation pur I P Th"'NEW REGULATION STAFF DRESS, I Lin% Naval, a-d other Sworda, Sal,res. Sashes, I Eptuleits, to. ! The above, with a general asaortment of Superior I Kilitary and Naval tiooda.are ?. flared unasu?lly I w. M. W.GALT A BR*>., Jew.l.ers. I 364 Pa. av., 4 doors west of Brovn's Hotei. Q3 26-3t I rii AUCTION NOTICE. 1 HE Attention of the publio la iespeotfully sailed to the extensive sa e ot Dry Goods, Hosiery, I Cloth, Cassimeres, ShawU, Cloaks. Mantiilaa, I D ess 6ooda, Ac., AO , to be sold at tne store of R. I Brioe Hall, on To morrow ( Wedneedav) Morning, I MttH o'clock, and oontmuing daily until tna who;e I toox is disposed of. Tne goods will be sold without rejerve. No I postponement on account of the weather. Tne most desirable goods rem*in unsold. THEO SHECKELL, Trustee. oc23-tf RONTZ A GRIFFITH Auctioneers. I ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED Ml"LK^ It is highly recoinnientfsd by Physioians, Snip I Masters and Trailers, lnaurea a sweet, pure ar- I tiOieTor any lengin of time Never becomes oheesy, I and guarantied .0 keep in an; olimate. (TT* For sale at laoto t prices. KINXJ A BURCHELL, 00 22 Corner 16th st. and VTmoat av. j DR *C$lRotoniST FROM PARIS, And from 509 Broadway, New York. Branch office? 346 Pennsylvania avenue, between I Uth and 13th sts., Wastiu.g'on, U. C. I Corns, Bunions, Soft Corns, Callosities, Clab I Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, Ae.,car?d I without oaasing pain or inoonvemenoe to the I patiect 1 The Boot or Shoe oan be worn immediately alter the operation. His treatment ? founded on the! striotly rale of soienoe, suoh as all Surgeons TUi I app'ove. I < His ohargee are quite moderate, trifling iadepd, 00mpared with the relief s(ktl?f?ouOMYe affordk ^Re&rilo the Physioians and 8?n?o?a of Ute CUTLERS. ATTENTION f-Haallsg tip earns 0 by single or doable Mama, on ahort notioe. a* Duxprte-a Affly?t6J4N. ?*???rnmrnmm???? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS riflON MEETING AT KLKTOlf [Special dispatch to Tb? Star | F.i.xtor, Md , Oct. ?6 ? Hoaa Hear? Winter Davta and f.dwtn H Webster addreeeed an Immenae Union meeting here to-day More than 3,000 persona were present. The u Da paring denunclatloa of the coraed rebellion, and the declaration in favor of a rigorous prosecution of the war by both tbese gentlemen, elicited the most enthusiastic applauss The War la Miaaearl ths conrsosRATRs 11 missocri. Tirron, (Mo )Oct. 88 ?Gen. Price's rebels are dlssatiafled at the prospect of leaving Missouri It Is expected that they will force Price to make a stand It Is reported that Gen Johnston will aaaume command of Price MeCnlloch's forces Before leaving Kentucky Johnston ordered both Generals to retire Into Arkansas, and not to give Fre mont battle before his (Johnston's) arrival. It Is further, reported that Fremont will meet a larger force than he anticipated thi late battls at rSSDSSICBTO w* . Sr. Louia, Oct #7?The ifty prisoners taken in the bsttls at Frederlcktown have been pat to work on tbe trenches st Cape Girardeau. The accounta of Major ^cofleid, who commanded the batteries ir the action, show thst this vlctoty was tbe most complete of any vet achieved by onr army during the war. Jeff. Thompson escaped on foot after having hla horse killed unuer liim. Tbe rebel force was about 6,000 while ours was only 4.0M). Frsm Fertresa Menroe. Fostsrs* Morror, Oct 27.?The great expedition has been detained by tbe prevalent gale, but will doubtless sail early to-morrow moruing Two prisoners, belonging to aQeorgla regiment, were yesterday brought in from Great Bethel Some refugees from Yorktown state that tbe Confederates are In considerable force in the vicinity, and that there la an apprt-benalon of an early attack on that point by the Federal troops I There Is a large fleet of trsn*port at Old Point destined for Washington, but just now unable to I ascend the Potomac Commodious barracks are now being erected for the contrabands, none of whom are to go with tbe expedition, aa bnabeen reported Gen Melt* baa directed (Quartermaster Tallmadge to provide for them in tbe way of shelter and clothing aa well at least as baa been customary with good maatera in Virginia. wjLALEI) PROPOSALS are invit dfirFI.OUR till the lorh day November. 1861 at 12 o'clrck ir. About 8,non barreis will be r-^ui'ed, in separate lota of ebout l.uoo barreis eaob Th? Flocr t? >? made of new wheat, and the delivery of the whole lot to be made by the 26th November. 1861. The Flour required to be of the following brands, ar.d to pus the inspection of a Board of Arm' OfHoors, or at on other inspection as the Subsistence Department may direct. Arlington Extra, Congress do. .1 Pr? do. Fair view do. Cedar Vaie do. Glenwood do. ?!agett do. . isewoome do. M. Smith do. Roxbary do. Joe Charles do. ! . Davidson A Co. do. \?undry do. l3.-k do. J. L Momson A Co. do .yor.'z Uuion Floor,*1?. Bi? .Spring Joe Cha~let,do. Ede's Kxtra Baker s. do. A few btrre.s of the s<me ira le of Southern Flour ?iii be t&aeu, p'ovided that it proves < quM in grade to vlie b ana* above-named Thi bidders to atsts the brand and th*? number of barrel a oi each kind they propose to fjrnn-ti, The barrel^ o<>n:aining ihe Fiour to be strong, woll-hooped and ho*(l-!ined. Thepnipo'&la to beaddreaaed to Maj A B?\CK WITH, C S,U S. A. Washington, D. C., and ei.doracd, "Propooaia for Klour " co2Q PRO! OS A LS FO" BER" CATTLK ON THE HOOF t-KAi.lD Proposals for supplying to the Governnm.t4.nn He'l Cattle on the Hoof, are i?v ted tite 16th day of November, 1961. at 12 o'clock in. The Cattle to l>e de iv rt.d in Wa?hington city, on the SOili day of November. >861, or a aoon ti???reaftar a< the G vemm*nt may ?'i'?ct. The bid i toba directed to Lieut. S C. GREF.N. A C.S..U. A , 22^ G rtreet, Washington city, * Endorsed Propoavs " i 8xalsd Propomt? are also invit?d till <he I5th day of Nov. mber, 186 , at 1 o'c ook a. in., for surely ng ?he 6overn?"?-nt 4 0> 0 Head of Buff Cattle ou the hocf. The Cattle to be delivered at Ha nabarg, I'a . on tze ?ith of November labl. or as s on the'calfr as tne Goveri inei.t in a 7 direct. The bids to be directed to LieQt. F> H BAhROiL, A. V. S . U. S. A , *223 G street, Washington, D. C. and "Endorsed PropotaU." Seals? Proposals are invited till the 15th of P'ovemb*r ibfil.a* I o'cIock p. m , for sjpplying 4 <*? Head of Beef Cattle to the 6overnin ut. The Ca*'le to ' * delive ed on the S>th da? of January, 13*2. at either York, Chauibersburg or fia-riaburg, Pa as the liovernmeut may direct The bids to be directed to Mai. BECK WITH. C 8. U.S.A..22* G street, Washington, D. C , and "Endorsed Proposals." GQvercment reserves to itself the right to pey in Trea-ury notes, and to 'eject any Did for any cause. No bid will be entertained unees the bidder is prr sent to respond to his bid. Kaoi lot of Cattle del ver?d shall average at least 13*1 pounds gross veightj and <0 animal wili be received wh:ch *ei?hs less than lJW) pounds gross weight, , . For* of Bid. I, ^ R, 40 hereby propose to deliver to tho Governmft it good Baer Catt e ou the hoof for p-r hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattl* to be delivered at . according to the terms of the enclosed advertisement, 't he Cattle to be weighed on the scales, and tho weicht ?o determiaed to be tho purchar.n weight. 1 hereby agrea to give a 1 good iud auffioient bond for tr.s tuifillmentof the ] oontract, and to reoeive Treasury notes or other Government xu^Ct in payment for the Cattle. 00 2B t& | 1>0 MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World. 1 TK* Only Reliable and Hat%t*nts Hair Dye Known. Sold by all drugg'tu; also, at Brrrrton's Patent 1 Mediums t p. Patent Office, our. F A 7th, and at Glass's Hair Store, 242 Penn'a avenue, where < Ladies can have it applied, ii desired. ( Factory??1 Barclay st. (late ?33 il oadway) N. Y. QC 3-IV QQO JOHNSON A NAGLE, OkiQ 60?/ No 8*9 Psnnstlvania Avsirrs. fcOir Between Ninth and Tenlh sta . south side, IMPORTERS Oh' WINKS, < IQUOtlS, SE- ( OA US. fJCjfZ-ES. PRESERVES, SAR- ( D.ryE8. FISE GROCERIES. AND Sutlers' stores in general. ( Just arrived the following brands of 1 CHAMPAGNES: G H. Mumm, Piper Heida?ok. Moet A Cnandon.Cartler A C? , Barat A Fagot, Tourette, Royal Grape. Whioh we offer V. New York Ptioas?freight I added. JOUN^ON A NAGLE, , 2S9 Penna avenue. Abm, f*. Pitt'Oger A Co.'s (19 Uro?d street. New ] York J World-renowned BOTTLED WINES and LIQUORS, for Camp, Medioinal, and Pamilv n?e. constantly ou hand aud sold at New York Prices by the Case. At JOHNSON 4 NAGLL'S, 299 Penr.a. avenue PICKLES. Pepper and other SAUCES, "ifO- . MATO CATSUP, by the barrel, gaIlost or doses, ' fVom the oe ebratcd nianuf'.ctorv uf Fonrmbarh A < Co , New York, at astoni?h:Bg^ low pricea. 1 At Johnson a nagle's, i Sole Agents. Also. PICKLED! PIG FEET. LAMB AND , BEEF TONGUES, TKlPE.eto., by the barrel or half-barrel. as 1ft METALLIC Cleaning. Fellahtaji aad Preventing llast. ] This ia anperlor to ail other oila in tha world for i tha above purposes, as well as for machinery and lubricating usee. It is equally applioab e to ton- ' looks and sewing machinee. It ts in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnaaae ana ' aiaohinery. < Principal Depot and G%sttaj Arn^, 1 PHILHARMONIC IIALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh at. QT' Agents wasted with team a, to supply encainpuienU. se 84 tm | JUST ARRIVED,di ectfroman Eastern Auo tion Hon??. 50 bales cheap CAKPfeT. Aleo,30u BKUSTEaDS, which ware bought low for cash , and will be sold at a small advanoe. Together with a large assortment of Mouseseeping Ariioiee. K. BUCHLY, Furniture Dealer. 42S Seventh aL. oc g-lm* between G and H ats, 1 SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HVlLtD CORN? The aobioriber, having got the agency to sapiiy Washington and Georgetown with this delioate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ask of bis friends, ind tbe psblic at large, to give , . Pa. avenue, between 18th and litk sta. , N. B.?Manufacturer or Mnrbie Maailes. If oau- 1 meets, Table Tope, Ao. A larga aasoruseeta ways . on hand. oa li? 3m P'OUNTCAVOUH's? SYSTEM or WRITING, Vv for Spiea on the Wareath and Generals ia the e Army xhe moat b'autifhl ard wonderfal ?ystaa ever published. Practical for writing ail IanIuages. Adoreee (inclosing one dollar) D. R, N ELSOnT Washington, D. C. 00 ? iw? ? ? BIBBS' HAIR STORK, iJiJnUl oftSte?' 0f T &OOA*, Eda'Ud *? t IN** ?ippli#? In Carpets, Curtains, Oileloila f a?V As., spper floors. One pnoe only, marked la pitta Aguree, fceso* as ? pnrohaaer ts over charged. , pfiMRY A BROTHER. QQ? 5td Pa- av vao4?h si past. J DONTFA1LT0 CALL AT SMITH'S, 4M Seventh et ,aad bay sour C othi g. P? 1- t SECOND EDITION! TH*M 'CMCI p. n. Loan i "n *T| ippnlmj iiti | N|Na| alaapprebeaaloa mt the podtlea mt Laid Lna toward the r?M, ^ u? Ualea ul* la the ?. " W,4fn' tfc* oooctl? *e? 1b vldlootecDDaaeat* y Mr r mpm wWllfcpy evidently regard u bring bit attitude, iW trmm oar ptnwiil knowl**,,* that their ' Mini are not shared by this GomiMi m urwaJ of it, who, It will bo rraniliti.U, tw )a i.?. Intercourse with him. \V| are entitled tbtl ntl a word buhlln from hla "fi riai iialM at public aflWlra. to which they have tefrt-i nn> ?on; and. further, that they ban m (bait what r"Trr to lad with an? portloa of hta peroaaol conrae in our preaeat unhappy national rnatiu wny It will be remembered that iba recent mm bearing hi* official algaature, to wktek Mr Sow rd neceeearlly wrote ao caoatlc a reply. ?? Mt h ? own-but the letter of the Brltlah Mlaiotsr mt r orelgn Afftlra, whoae viewt la the perm leas (Mt hit owa) It vu hit officltl duty to make know a to thia Government. Opkbatic Cobcbbt We bear that the WaeL Ington public la toon to enjoy the opportunity ml llatenlngto auch favorite and Irtt-daaa mnffieat performert at the American prima d \i via* Isabella Hiackley, the tenor, Brtgnoii tbe booto Susinl, the Dew baritone Mancusl, aad the ceto brated violinist, Herr Mollonhtuaet They wlU appear la concert hero duriag thia w?*k our military budget. rioaoTiD fob oood comdoct The following la a Uat of the peomotlona i?ct made) of non-commlm'.oned oftctrt of the regain/ and volunteer eervioe to aecosd lientenenrte* la the regular army of the I'altod Stan* The aolection* were all made for military meritorious service. We alto at ate the reglKeat to which Mr h one ao promoted haa been ssalgned John H Mcl^Htghlla, company E td infantry?to Sd Infantry. ' ' Sergeant George Dickenson,of ut Miaaeurl vol unteers?to 4th artillery. Corporal Jaa. L. Thomaa, of company O, Ad artillery?to 3d artillery. Sergeant Henry Sac ha, company K.Sd cavalry? to 3d cavalry. Sergeant Harry C. Curbing, mt the M Rhode Island bat'ery?to 4th artillery. Sergeaat Wm O'CobboII, of company B 4th cavalry?to 4th cavalry. ' Sergeant Major Frederick Devoe of M in?b. try-to 3d Infantry. Sergeant Major Adam W. Krutlnger, ?d tnfkntry?to 8d infantry. Corporal Joha Cnaeck, of company E, 2d artillery?to lat Infantry. Sergeant MaJ^r Martin Maillot,of 5th lafeatrv? to 5th Infantry First Sergeant Kobe* Hall, of 3th la fa a try-to .n fan try. ' l ira: Nerge^nt Herman O Reynold* of company I, UVu Infantry?to 1Kb Infantry. First Sergeant Claude S. Kobertaon. company H, 10th ibfantry?to 10th infantry. Sergeant Major Thos. W. Burton, of 9d cav. airy?to lid cavalry. Sergeanta Joaeph K?an and Foadick, of tho mounted aervice?the first to the 6th and the aocond to the 5th cavalry. First Sergeant Thomak B. Dewees, of companv B, 2d cavalry?to ad cavalry. Flrtt Sergeant Henry Gordon, of 4th cavalry to 4th cavalry. 7 First Sergeant Albert Coato, of 4th cavalry-to 6th cavalry. * Flrat Sergeant Franklin Cook, of 8th iafantrrto 5th infantry. ' d p"te> . Flist Strgeant Chaa Speed, of 3d iataatry?to 3th infhntry f?nUyge*nl WlB U Wt' ?f M ,ufmat<7-?a M laPBTBCB, DOVBTLK8S. It bat been telegraphed here that tba Now York Tribmtu, of thia morning, con taint a tut# ment that the private aecrotary of Copt Dapoot bat absconded with the mapa, cbarta, secret la ttructlona, etc., of the naval expedltioa; bat, ap to noon to day, the Navy Department had the bewt reatout for believing the report ualroe. The Department we may add, have advice* from Commodore Dupoat up to the momoat of tU tailing of the latt Baltimore ajoamer from Fortreaa Monroe Thoae make ao menUon of tblt affair whate\er. About theae tlmea look oot aentatlon roorbacks, concerning this exnedl> tlon, In the new*papera THB CONDITIO!! or GXNCXAL L*?n<Ea We learn that the won ad r^eived by Oet?rul Lander on the Slat, though not dangeroua, la lomewhat more aerloua than at trat suppoaed, aad tr^v detain him within doara some weeks yet. In ILe opinion of hit surgeoa. The force of tht ball received was auMcleat to drive the atrap of one of hla bjoti far Into tbe rair of Lit ltg, making an ugly hole, Indeed. TUB COMflNBb XAVAL IBB L4BB BXFBaiTION I Tbis grand expedition could not leavo Fortress Monroe until last evening, owing to a aever* Mow lutoide. The wind having somewhat tubalded b coatlderable portloa put to aea last night, aad ihe balance doubtlnaa will have followod them by 7 a. m this morning WELL dons, IIIIIU! We learn that Indiana hat, i*p *q tWa timet put tlxty-one full reglments in tht S?ld?of throo njenj and now haa two r^jora raglmaala la procem of orgaaltatloa. late local new3. Mcbobb or Satao'T BaaMMt.ii,or tbb Paovosr jpabd, By a Paivats.?Aboat a ?vwJ.a Sr.. nornlng S^e t Brennan, of Co. a, m 8. A , acting at Provost Sergeant la Gntm** own, was shot dead by private Lanahan 11 appears that whila Sir, 't Bronaan Vat atoat *???t from torJP. hi pos.tion, and was reprloaaadod la ahari, ^7 w KrgMnt. Ltnikii mtifc ome impudent word., wb^J^SL slaclng bis hand upon Laaabai, puahod hla late I'll a?2t vm^n R0 m'4 " ?? that aad it snoot you." Brennan turned QoicklY and inquired. ' What wm Oat you atld, air? "lm4 he lniuat I.auabtut ral^d hit musket and tM* Sronnan In the aide, killing him inaCaatly Braanan waa a laa-looklng man and aa oxc*eut officer, and his death haa eawod mtacb at ifternooa fUD"*l will take place to-morrow latest news by telegraph. IMPORTANT FROM FORTH El* MA* . IQE . THE EXPEDITION READY TO SAIL WITM SEALED ORDERS. r"w,.CAPTAlN ol" A TRANSPORT K^ I LUES THE DESTINATION OF TRE EXPEDITION. FoBTBtag Mobbob, Oct. *.?Ooe hundred houaand rattona have been diatribe tod r~rnn ke regiments of the naval expedittoo this afl^rioon, preparatory to departure. The captains of transports bavo received aea led *lert to-day. It la reported that one of them haa opened hta wJera sad divulged the desttaatioa mt Ue Ceet The men aad aaimnls on board have anSmd freatly during the gala of tka last few dayt A detachment of tba Sixteenth Mataorhueette leglmeat to day followed the line of the telerrapk to Newport Newa, without aarooati ifag ay oppjaltlon. Two recent deaertera from the ConfedaraBea atalo hat the rebtlt at Vorktowa ate HiRirl tg great y rom want and slekaeas. Pure old jmn* kla IV m' wRTu' W: '' vv H Mi Waiaai at, Ptu

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