Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1861 Page 2
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> . . - -:%?*y?r? y*-m**< er 4 v. , - V^. - *; . *. * i*- i ?????a THE F.\ EM!N<; STAR. V ASII1X0T0N CITY: VfEDKEAPAV OeUWr M, IN!. yrrr ? - - . ., , ., = <>tm Firawite at tbe v^rleaw militate? CM pi and VwWum will coo** a ftnw by hvrptof ?M potted m to iww?tf and ?IWr? In tMi Tlrtnltfce. IIT To mt Baltimore feeders w? would *T thnt tbe fret s*d ??CPT?d edition of the Btmr can be bad In Baltimore of E. F Haxelton, agent, No. Tt \V?t BilUroor* street, near Gay?the &rst (dltioo at balf past four ltd the second at eight o'clock, on the arrival ef 'be tralnlfh** Willitngton, giving all tbe latest hewi ftrrfTi the Mat of war np to the tin* ef going pteae. ptrtt at U* Horning Press. Tbe frtttttgertr cachewi editorial to-day Tbe Rtpvbiirin has a statistical article Intended to afco* tbe ttlighliug e fleets of negro alavery upen tbe tO'itbein counties of Maryland Or* C*c?e is F.raors ?We apprehend that nothing has of lata reached tbla Government from Europe to justify the conclusion that the agents of tbe Jeff. Da* ? oligarchy In that quarter are really effecting aught for the bad ciuse tbav t?P" eesent there Tbe Government'* advice*, we hat? every reason to bellev^ lead to the conelrttion that tbe reaction against tbs oligarchy there, on tbe pert of tbe bus! nees Interest (except tbo?e Immediately Interested In Southern States commerce,) and among tbe educated and reflecting claaees generally, Is already very general. Tbe dlaaster of Bull Run ^^questionably created the Impression In Europe that the oligarchy would speedily conquer our Government. Tbe letter's stupendous preparations (well known and appreciated throughout Europe by this time) have, however, entirely changed that lmpreaalon, leaving upon the Euro* pean popular mind In Its steed, the conviction that the end of the rebellion is at band. Discussion?in print?there, baa also Served to open European popular eyes to tbe enormity of the scheme* of the oligarchy and the danger to the future of popular liberty Involved In tbem. All reliable Information from England increases tbe conviction that the governing classes there re hourly becoming more fixed in the purpose of si din? with th- Fnlon cause From France tbe Information Is not^Mrc so satisfactory Not long since, to sat.sfy her ally, (England,) France adopted a free trade policy, I1 which necessarily greatly en barraased her people I nt first. Our rebellion coming unexpectedly upon I ' tbe heels of that embarraasment, and greatly dl>- I arranging her late immense American commerce, I tends not a little to destroy her general rommer- I olnl prosperity. 11 But, fortunately, such have been this Govern- I ' ment's preparations for tbe preservation of Its ex- I Istence and the vindication of ita rights, aa that I ' the French Government by this time must reolize I ' that its surest way ef expediting onr war's con- I t elusion, will be to give to tbe war measures of tbe I United States tbs? countenance snd moral assist- I ance to which they were entitled from Frsnce, I 1 when tbe renctory scheme ef the oligarchy was |1 first developed. Thi Gbasd OritATtc Coscbbt?In yester- I I day's Star mention wss made of the prospect of I l our citizens having sn opportunity soon to heor I 1 no me of tbe most distinguished musical talent of I i be world In operatic concert, and we have now to I add that the affair will come off on Friday night I next, probably at tbe Washington Theater, that I Won being best adapted on the whole for such I representation. j A glance at the announcement elsewhere will 11 bow the nature of tbe musicsl trest to be afforded I' ue. Of the quality of auch performers aa Brlgnoll, I 1 Ooalnl, and Muzio onr renders have had an oppor- I tunlty of judging; but the troupe to appear on 1 ' Friday night includes also aoch names aatbe new I musical star, Mlaa Isabella Hlnkley. Slgnor Won- | cast, who comes with grest reputation as a first- I' class baritone; snd Herr Mullenhsuser, whose I remarkable performances upon the violin bsve I eacited the enthusiasm of the leading cities of the I world. With such a combination of talent it Is I to be regretted tbst the management can give but I one representation in Washington, but ss It is we I' must make tbe most of the single evening's per- I ' ftrmaace. j Reserved seats can be secured at Metxerott's, j aad at WIIlards' Hotel, after lu o'clock to-mor. I mw morning. Tnx RarAin or thi Baltimokb and Ohio I Railboad?A military order, prepared aeveral I i day* ago, having la v"iw the repair of tbe Baltl. I more snd Ohio Railroad, which found lta way j ' Into the newspapers, has not yet been rfilcially I I promulgated, snd tbe belief Is tbst it has either I 1 been suspended or rescinded. |i U_/~ Among the late arrivals In Washington is j \ Mr Max Strakoecb, a gentleman well known in I nil musical circles throughout the world, and I whose p'eaeant face la always welcome in Wssb- | i lag ton. being usually the precursor of something , unusually good In the way of musical entertain- | i !Lr From tbe enterprising pubiiahera. TBI Peterson A Brothers, Pniladelphla, through Win. | 1 F. Rlebstetn, 2Tf Pennsylvania avenue, we have | 1 Flereo F.gan'a brilliant and exciting romance, I 'Lady Maud, or the Wonder of Kingswood | 1 Chace " I 1 PaivAtuna ?The Governor of Bermuda baa I Issued a proclamation strictly forbidding the en- I, trance of Confederate privateers, and positively I f prohibiting all persons from selling to such ves I mis, if they do enter tbe ports, supplies of any I i kind, either cosl, water or provisions I iLT From Frantk Tajlor we have Part 8 of I 1 Frank Moore's excellent " Rebellion Record," J embellished by steel engravings of Gens. Wool. Banks and Beauregard, and Commodore String- ^ Pbasokai.?We are sare It will be gratifying \ to tbe iuaay friends of Mrs Major Duncan, to | bear of ber arrival at tbe residence of her father, , Air. Jos 9 Wilson, la this her native city, after , am absence of several years in New Mexico. T?? Fidbbal Victobt at Romsbt ? The Wheeling Press of Monday ?ays We congratulate tbe Union men la Hampshire 1 Coaaty upon tbe news which reachee us from Rsenary It will bo aeon under tbe bwd of Special dispatch to tbe Governor," received by as tbroagb tbe ceartesy of Adjt Gen Samuele, tbat Sss Rally bee roofed tbe nest of rebels that baa I a fasted Romney for some three months It wa b* aded by A w. M'Donald, Ben , who haa < taken special pains to Institute a reign of terror among tbe Inhabitants who manifested any degree ef loyalty. We atneerely hope tbat be msy be 1 nmoag tbe prisoners taken us leas slain In tbe ' Tbe Wheeling Intelligencer of the same dale | ' Tboae WW will read tbe account of the brilliant S? JStf!57 sssrsATsaa 1 m take the field, and we are sstisfied tbat nothing ** ~Wed klm to 2 pees tbroagb tbe at Romney. C ? I ArVAtas in Wbstibk ViaeiniA ? We learn t tbat sams little dlAculty occurred on tbe Slat t last . at a place called "Lover's Leap," near Hawk's Nsst eamp It was reported that quite a 1 fisree ef tbe Bush Rangers were on tbe opposite side of tbe fiver and the Ninth Ohio regiment were In readiness to aend them asultablegreetlng But It tamed oat (bat It was only a few Rangers ' wbe mere dastreaa of eattt eg tbe rape to tbe ferry 1 beet as tbe wbole lass was about an eld rape. _ Gen R?eecrans fcU beck from Sevan's Moan tain to Ganley Bridge oa'Jfid Tbe enemy la front ef thle gallaat commander Is variously estimated at fknaa Ifbsa to thirty tbouaead. Tbe rebel* a however, are afraid of Roaecrana, and will be aerv careful bow they fell into his bands They attUbneesthvld receUecttenef the Rich Mou*. 1 tela affair. T ? At OnmpOaaiey Ibey bnve received their winter C a 1Mb lag We leer a tbat tbe troope are robufit ?*nd are emlaeeiUy fitted tor bard aervtoo We Mankind that Uea Roaecrana wlU be obliged to * -wtoter ea Kaaewha enlley If he reanet aoea pesfc ? a to LewUbarg.? Wktthng Frtu c LL7*The toondstloa ef tbe new American hotel 4 ' to UnriMl I twill be toe Lnrgeet t flBibe free sf the eaitb. . * 3 % om WlLITAlf BFP?ET. IT tilROt ? T*#? A Washington cortwp##?*"' #f N?* ^ Tv.kWM, say* Itt l*i Itette of yettrtday < "A *0% ArT.rttr-?aatof* Cbaadlw f Michigan, Baa. Wada of Ohio, Trumbull of llllnoia, and Wilkinson of Minneaota aro here, repreeeattng to tbe Adminlatratloa that the pop. alar demand of their constituent* is that General McClellan or somebody else shall right off whip the rebels on the south aide of the Potomac In a pitched battle, and as near Bull Ran as possible, and from thence roil the tide of war steadily southward till It meeta the waters of the Gulf." The public abould receive thla ttory Him graan as, to believe It, will be to c fed It three four gefitlettien With having entirely forgotten the leaeftn of the Ball Ran disaster That the country may know precisely what the Trtimnt's correspondent erroneously aays they are demanding Ja*t now, we may not Inappropriately add that there la no doobt whatever that the army ] of the oligarchy, stretching from Leeaburg down to Aqnla Creek, at leaat equala that of the Uaited States from Edward's Ferry down to the point of the Maryland peninsula oppoalte Aqu'a Creek, Including the force under General Dix In and around Baltimore Now, If Major General McClellan wast itiove note, he muat nereeaatlly mr>ve With but one half his force against the whole of the oligarchy'a force, ?a position. That la to aay: one half the army .of McClellan muat be left In Baltimore, In the fortl. flcatlona in thla vicinity and elsewhere to hold his (McC.'a) rear, while the other half movea against the whole army of the enemy, fortified probably quite as securely a* we are around Washington. It Is certain that the enemy could not venture to attack the United Statea fortifications with lets than two men to McClellan'a one; and we perceive nothing to Justify the belief that General McClellan can aafely venture to attack the enemy'a fortifications?equal In strength to ours? with a force kmlf as large only as that by which they are notorloualy defended Thla la a plain and undeniable statement of the circumstances of the situation. SENATOR WILSON,Of MASSACHUSETTS. This distinguished officer to-day goes upon Gen McClellan'a staff, leaving hla fine regiment to be commanded by another. He la chairman of the Senate's Military Affairs Committee, and feeling the necessity resting on him of acquiring all I possible information of the requirements of the I whole military aervice of the Government, thus elects to occupy the bent possible poaltlon for fit- I ting himself to dlschargehls moat important com- I mittee duties. In thla crlals he is the public man I In a thousand For the existence and condition I of our present srmtea the country owes much to htm In his legislative capacity. He has Just set i noble exsmple to other members of Congress, in I ratalng In very abort time two of the finest regl- I menta In the service. And now, he hastens to I ?ccupy a poaltlon In which he will beat fit him-1 telf to represent the country's military exlgen-1 lies, where he will be called to act throughout I :he winter; the success of the war depending I ireatlv upon the efficiency with which he may I ilsc barge that duty. J 1 MOVRMI5T roa A D1VERMON?WILL CAKRIED OCT. I Ere proceeding against the enemy In Romney, I i few dayaalnce. Brigadier Gen Kelly arranged I with Brigadier General Thruaton, commanding I In Cumberland. Md . that a portion of the latter'a I Force abould make a feint against Romney, while I hla (Kelly's) troopa made the real attack upon 1 them. Gen. Tbruston, in accordance with that! plan, aent Col Jobna with a portion of his regl- I ment to maksthe feint. How it was executed the I following report tells: ! Headquarter rid Rtgim'nt ) j Potomac Home Brigade J j Brigadier General C. M Thrutton?Generrl: 1 In compllauce with verbal orders received after | rousultatlon between General Kelly and yourself I an the night of the 25lh Instant, 1 concentrated 1 even hundred men of my regiment at the North I Branch bridge, and on the following morning, at I Bve o'clock, marched In the direction of Romney. I passing through Frankfort. Upon arriving at a I point one and a half miles of Springfield, the rear I of my column waa fired upon by the enem/, from I the helghu of the wood; aeverely wounding two I men, detaining the column about an hour, which I waa occupied In clearing the woods of the enemy I and dressing the wounds. We msrched thence I through Springfield, seeing frequent signs of the I tnetny's horsemen In retreat towards the bridge I over the South Branch of the Potomac. ! Upon arriving within half a mile of the bridge I my flankers and skirmishers on the left and front I discovered the enemy on the oppoalte aide of the I river, when a brlak fire at once commenced. I About thla tlmethegunaof Gen Kelley'acolumn, I In the vicinity of Romney, were heard. After I iklrmlsblng with the enemy across the river about I half an hour 1 determined to force a way over the 1 bridge The enemy, numbering (by the beat in-1 formation we could get)from four to six hundred I Including cavalry, having beforehand prepared to I defend ita passage, had arranged covera for his I riflemen on an eminence Immediately fronllng the bridge. Capt Alexander Shaw, of company A, who led I the advance of the column to thla point, waa, I with hla company, directed to lead the way across I the bridge at a double-quick step. Supported by I be remainder of the regiment, Captain Shaw promptly moved hla company aa directed, and I ?-hen about half-way across the bridge discovered I that a portion of the plank flooring on the further I ilde had been removed. Theenemy on discover-1 Ing the movement, opened fire by volley, killing one and wounding aix of my dm, caualng the I company to seek shelter behind the parapets of I the bridge. After skirmishing some time from the parapets I of the bridge and an eminence on our left, and I not bearing the fire of Gen Kelley for the previous I hour, 1 concluded he had carried Romney, aud I the object of my march to create a diversion In I his favor being accomplished, I determined to re-1 lire, which we did In good order, to Oldtown, In I Maryland, arriving there about 9 o'clock p. m . I after a march of twenty five ml lea It Is with pleasure that I speak of the good I behavior of all my officers and men, and would I sail your attention particularly to the gallant I :bsrge led by Capt. Alexandar Sbaw. Captain I flerv. of dragoons, with his company, rendered I v?ry efficient service by drawing the flre of the I enemy from my regiment at the bridge. 1 was I much gratified at and Indebted to Mr. -Ore-1 ban, who volunteered to march with me, for hla I prompt and cheerful assistance Mr. Greban was I frequently exposed to severe fire of the enemy. I ?m, with great respect, your obedient aerv't, I Thomas Joins, j Col 2d regiment Potomac Home Brigade. MILITARY A7POIHTMSKTS JUST HADR. Wm.V Fitch, of Hartford, Conn., to be a Sec-1 and Lieutenant of 3d Infantry. Thomas Foster, of Minnesota, to be a Commls- I tary of Subsistence, with the rank of captain of ] volunteers 0 I Captain Wm Hays, of 2d artillery, IB. A., to I be an Aid to Major General McClellan, with the I rank of lieutenant colonel of volunteers Ed. A Raymond, of New York, to be an Aid o MaJ. Gea McClellan,with the rank of captain. We see no reason to credit the New York I rVi6im?'r " exclusive" news, that the order for I Jeneral Fremont's removal from hla command I las gone to Missouri, to be delivered under car- I aln named circumstances. Our conviction is I hat up to this moment no such order haa been I igned by the President or Secretary of War. j "OM Til SOUTH SID* OF THI POTOMAC. j The oaly noticeable event oa the Virginia aide I >f the Potomac yesterday waa the review of Gen. I HeCail'a dlvistoa A BRILLIANT L1TTLR IMIT. I Editor / Star : Whilst much haa been aald, I md 1 doubt aot Justly, in regard to tbe bravery I ?d aklll of ear troopa engaged la the unfortunate I ffair of the flat last at Ball'a Bluff, w* think It ?ot joM that your readesa ahoald know aenethiag if the brilliant conduct of the little i?H led by | tea. Lander, oa Toeaday evealag, the Md Inst j The forrea under tieaerala Baaka aad Uornun I nssed the Pe>tmar at Edward's Parry, taadlag I >a thr Virginia aide lost above the a&euth of I looa# Creek The whole toroe amounted to near | .IXU, tbe mala body at which were placed In I esltioa oa a triangular place of land, having the I lw m ifes rlfkt, the ciiit aa the kit, and 1m- | mediately In front a high bluff extending from I \ the rlv?r to the etaek, snd on the top of which I \ pert of our treope were drawn tip In line of battle | i 0fcn. Lander rrflMed the river at a m Tnei- I . flay (botnlng, and immediately placed blmteli at I f the bead of the rrmnant of bla brigade?on* I , company Tiger Zouaves of Boston, under Major IJ How, and one company of Sharp-shootera, under ' Capt Sanders, and threw bit little force forward I I nearly a half mile to a cornfield, behind and be- I J yond which th8 enemy were potted In the wooda, I i the rebel force being the tame which bad attacked I ' Col Baker on Monday fcearfp m their etvalfy rhafgpd dot* n upon the left of the cornfield, and I , behind the woods aklrting the creek, unaeen until I within speaking distance As soon as the brad of I the column appeared,Gen. Lander placed himself | I at the bead of his little band and ordered them to I j charge. Ij Both companies were instantly engaged. The I < men worked with a will. Tbe sharpshooters. I J armed with tbe teleecopic rifle.wasted no ammu- I nltlon?always taking deliberate aim, when they I ' touched tbelr triggers saddles were emptied and < ranks thinned ; and notwithstanding tbe over I whelming force of tbe enemy, our little band not I j only held their position but forced the rebels to I retire heyond the range of tbe galling fire which I ' waa poured into them. The officers and men of I ( both the companies engaged exhibited tbe most I f daring bravery?none could be braver, none could I light better. Gen Lander was severely wounded | j in tbe leg, in the tlrst onset; but, paying noatten- I i tlon to It, he held his position tome fifteen paces I to the left and in advance of his column, cheer- I lng his men forward by word and action, as he I ' brandished and waved aloft a cavalry ptitol Tbe I General had been quite sick during the day, and I ' did not take time, when it became necessary to I ; act, to get his sword, but, " accoutered as be was, I j plunged in " Neither did he take time to count I | noees, or order hit mm to fall back. " Onward" I waa the word, and tbe word was obeyed with I ' alacrity. I , Washington, Oct. 28, lsfil. I i [Special correspondence of the 9tsr ] I ^ Alexandria. Oct 2a ?Editor Star: There is I some dlssatlsfnctlon expressed here at the prlvl- I ledges accorded to aee^sslonlsts over those who I j stand by and uphold tbe Union, and 1 think there I is good cause lor it. If Unionists, male or fe- I male, aak for a pass they are requested to sign tbe I obligation, to which they make no objection. A I J secessionist then applies; a pact It tilled up for I i him or her, at the case may be; they refute to | J tlgn the obligation on tome pretext, and are told by I n tbe Aid-de-Camp in charge that they cannot have | j it. They Immediately demand to tee Gen Mont- I 1 gomery.who they prevail on to comply with their I \ (at I consider it) Impudent demandt. Tbe re- I i quest it granted by the General, purely out of his I ( klndnetf of heart and a disposition to be obliging I to all. I have both seen and beard some of those I J same people Jeer and taunt Union people on board I tbe steamboats, that tbey were not required to do I j as tbey (Unton people) were; we can get passes I r when we please,without acknowledging Lincoln I or his government, and that is more than you I j Union people can do. I repeat, 1 have both seen I I and heard this, and in more tban one instance, I 4 and think the Union people of Alexandria do not | complain without cause. If this Is to be tbe I " course, why have any passes at all ? for 'tit well I known here that many of those having passes I without tbe obligation are of tbe most bitter se'l i cession stamp. JttTics. I r ?*??? I f Frsm Gea Banks's Division [ Correspondence of the Associated Press J I 8 Edwabds's Feehy. October 26.?All remained I A quiet during tbe night. No pickets were thrown ] over the river, but those on this side heard the | Confederates on the opposite side all night, and I saw tbelr fires thickly scattered in the woods I along the shore Their centralizing point wat a I r clump ot tree* on tbe bluff where our troops had I constructed a picket station, and near tbe spot | '' where our artillery shelled them during tbe sklr-1 J mlsh on Tuesday last 1 When our troops were withdrawn from the I a Virginia side on Wednesday night, the Sixteenth | f Indiana, occupying the most advanced and ex-I c posed position, were not aware of any withdrawal | 8 until the rest had been successfully ferried over I a They lay upon the cold ground almost froxen, I with loaded muskets in tbelr bandt, every mo- I r ment expecting a furious and overpowering at- I c tault from a concealed and reinforced enemy, | 1 whose numbers were known to exceed our own I I by many thousands; yet the only murmurs ut'ered I ? by these hardy sons of the .Nor'bwest were at the I ( orders to retire without disputing the ground I Inch by Inch with their adversaries Slowly ai.d 1 ? mutterlngly they retired to the place of embark- I ation, picking up and loading themselvei down I * with the knapsacks, canteens, guns and equip- I , ment* left there by others who bad retired before I them I f Tbit regiment, likewise, brought with them I ? two prisoners; the owners of the mill on Goose I Creek, with his son who, it was cbarged, bad I prepared combustible to fire tbe bridge over I 1 Goose Creek, but were prevented from carrying I 1 their plan into execution by the tudden descent I upon the bridge by our skirmishers I The officer of the night, Capt. Collls, of the I J Zouaves D'Afrique, bad a prolonged conversation I with a prisoner of war, a very Intelligent gentle- 1 man and non-commissioned officer of one of tbe I , Mississippi regiments, engaged In tbe affair at I Hall's Hlufl' He left Leesburg on Sunday night, I when there were but five regiments there. There I s were no defenclble works at Leesburg, but every I approach wax fortified, commanding the river I and land routes 1? This prisoner was astonished to learn that our I army was not almost entirely composed of aboii- I tionittt and radical republicans, and that our I j main object was other than to emancipate slavery ! throughout tbe 3outh He said If tbe fact were I ? generally known to the working people of(he| South that our sole object was to sustain tbe gov- I li ernment, and preserve tbe Union intact, there I ? would be s revolution In tbe Confederate army a and peace restored He was surprised beyond I measure to be assured that Breckinridge demo- I era's constituted a Itrge component of the army I \ Capt Vaugban, of tbe Rhode Island battery, I who went over with a flag of truce haa returned I 9 He was captured by a party who did not under- I r stand the law of nations, hut was released by tbe I f military authorities when 'hefact became known I ? to them I t, Daenestown, October 27 ?Three brigades of I Gen Banks's division left Kdwarda's Ferry yes-I terday forenoon, and arrived in thia vicinity laat I night. A sufficient force remaina at and near the I ferry to insure safety agatnat any attempt of tbe I ? Confederate! to croas or molest us I ' Before lesvlng yesterday forenoon, theConfed- I ' erate pickets thickly lined the opposite shore, and I j taun'ed our men with their "attempt to Invade I $ Virginia," and begging tbem to come over and I * pay tbem another visit. I t Th* Fobbed Obdsr ?The New York Etprtts I of Monday says : " Much is made of s Wsshlngton dispatch, to-1 day, in the World and Waabington Chronicle, I I signed ' Stone,' In regard to the battle of the 21st, I _ which we have no doubt will turn out to be a for-1 i gery. Indeed, it is proved to be so by tbe official I I dispatches which we publish elsewhere, snd ad-1 l dressed to Col. Baker on tbe 21st and 22d of Octo- I [ ber Gen McClellau, moreover, entirely exoue- I ratea Gen. Stone from blame for the blunder and I i, disaster at Edward's Ferry. In view of this state of facts, it becomes our painful duty to express the I t belief that, Uklng 1,7<W men into Virginia, with I " three pieces of cannon, to meet a force varloualy I V estimated from 4,S?l to 8,000, with no meana of I i retreat, and no efficient guard even left at the I I point of landing on the Virginia shore, ne >r Lees I 1 burg, oven with an order to advance, would ex- | I cuae no leader of a brigade In proceeding without I 11 meana of retreat, or In not placing a proper guard I L at the river to prevent bla retreat from being cut off. It la authenticated that Gen. Stone gave Col. I n Baker 7,000 of bla best men, and cautioned htm not to cross the river until he bad satisfied him- j " self of the s'rengtu snd position of the enemy. I 1 That it was tbe dnty of Gen Baker to furniah bis I _ men with ample means of transportation is con- 1 I ceded But enough of this now. Let us hope to t profit by the disaster which haa lost the country I " so many valuable lives " I \ Pbbsokal ? Win. H Russell, LL JD , the corf 0 respondent of tbe I^ondon Times, ?ad John R I n L'Amy, Esq ,*of England, his travelling com- f panion, aralved In this city yesterday morning, i and occupied appartmenta at the Gilmer Houae. I n Or. Ruasell c.omes, combining business with I C pleasure, and he and his companion left soon ? after their arrival, in company with a number of 8 gentlemen, on a ducking expedition at Taylor's ducking shore, on Bush river | j] Hon Edgar Cowan, U 9. Senator from Fenn-1 svlvanis; Hon. Franeis Thomas, ex-Governor of ; Maryland, and Hon J. D. Cameron, of Penn I I arrlyed in thia elty yesterday morning, and took I rooms at Barnum's Hotel ? Bait. Sum. ? The Baltimore Clipper of this morning S says: ?The Hon Emerson Ethridge, accompanied ? by tbe Hon. Edwin H. Webster, arrived in town last night, en route for tbe great Union meeting I ( at Belalr to-day. We learn that tbe Hoa. Francis I r Tbo mas and the Una Henry Wintsr Us vis will I isave tblt morning snd address tbe same meeting. I C ID- David Smith has brought an action against I I tbe proprietors of the Now York Evening Poet to I recover *25,000 for an alleged libel upon him. I Z tbey having published him as % traitor, as he 1 ] charges |g -L >e. /, -f m r . ry-^rTKMTlppf, NATIONAL 8UARD.? There will be ? i?ee?ing held at Potomac A. THIS ( Wednesday) KVEN INO. M7H o olook. By ? dw L'eut Commanding. it* vcmKmsiam m&amsste >3 ' h? IW1, At o olook On that Teniae will be elected for the Comcaoy. and ihoald there he a sufficient number pr*a<-n?, to en oil themselves into a regiment, offioere will be sleeted for the companies aa aocn a* fil'ed N. B. Who won d no* prefer to ride.' By order of th? Committee. oo So 1 w* YTf-ftEolSTERS OFF.CE, to all whom it ma ?*( wcsm.*"1 Notioe ja herebr riven that lioenses given to tavern*, retai era of spiritaois ard fermented iquors. widm and onrdials to rrooeries.dry goods, hardware, medicine?, pe fumerv. watches and ewelry, |uml>?r, wood, and ooal, ooramimnn merman's; a so, to keejers ot hackney carriages and ^mn use*, b:l iarc tabes. ten-pin alleys and oon ec lonary, ard for hawking and peddlin*, and leaiers in o.d Iron, brass, o~>pper. As , will exp<re Jn Monday, the 4th day of November next, and th?t md tio^nses inugt be renewed a* this office within ten days after that time, SAMUEL E. l>OU6l ASS, oo a UV Nov. Register. Yw^THK UNION PRAYER MEETING f-SL hoi Jen EVERY DAY' tins week in tn*Kng,:?h Llthefan Cjiutoh^cdrner of H and 11th its., oommenomg at naif-prist . o'slcek p. t . to be >or.tinne<i one hour only. (us f fm Yyr-DEPARTMEN TOF METROPOLITAN

Us POl.fCL?The Board of Police Commisnoners having tak-n the honse 516 Eleventh st., HI business connected with the Polios of the eity rill be transacted at that pace. A general complaint book will be opened, and citxepe are resuested to o*ll and enter any oomplaints they may have to make ol any matter re?*ing to the polioe or health of the city ,B37 W B. WEBB. Superintendent re^coMPANY "A," u. s. engTnkers.? Fifty intelligent and aHe bodied meohanioa will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max mum fixea by law?15n men. Inquire at No. My.? street Pay from 9)3 to ?34 per month, >eeides food and oiothing. an 17 tf r\VO OR THREE PERSONS CAN BE accommodated with BOARD at 190 I street to: th side, fronting Pa avenue, between aoth and llst^ts. Single gentlemen preferred, oo 30 Iw* Buffalo robes fiirsale. Wholesale and Retail, at EUGENE DUPRE'S, _00JD1-141 IM Pa. avenue STYLISH IRISH POPLINS FOR DRESSES, C7 at moderate prices. IVew Cloaks opened to-day at low prioes ^ PERRY tBROTHER, 00 3? ? Pa avenue and Ninth st. POR SALE?A l? antiful grey Arabian MARE, L 7 yearn old, perfectly sound, kind and c\ :entle. !*he can b6 seen on Thursday, V nlay, and Saturday, at No. 400 C s'reet, be ween 3d ?nd 4H sts., between the hoars of 9 a m. tnd 12 o'clock. oc 30 3t* Book,stationer y and fancy store HIR SALE ?An established Store in Georgeown, p C., doing a first-rate business, is now of ered for sale. It is a store well cafciiiate for utters* supplies. Terms made reasonable. Applilation for the same can be addres*<*1 to 'tj.," >eorgetown.D C. ocS^-eolw* Kirk wood house. . ? ... NOTICE. 1 his Honse will be olnged for the enrpose of amticg. repn s, and alteration, from Monday. vember 4th, to Nove~b?r 8th, wh^n it will be eopened, with more extensive accommodations or eu?ft?. oc?at? J.I..* A. W. KiRK WOOD. IJLANKE rS, COMFORTS. SHEETINGS. ^ ? Napkins. Doylies and other Dry ioocs for the wants of housekeepers and famiiios. One price on!v, marked in plain ficures Carp<-ts, Oiioloths, Curtains, Rugs, ten, upper PERRY* BR6.. _ . Pa avenue and Ninth st, go 3" ft "Perry Building " New supplies in cloths, cassin>eresand Vesttngs. of qualities that can be eiied less than the u*nal prioes, in standard tlain colors and select fancr st* les With ah kind* of Dry Q-^ods for the general acd P<hu& wa% t? of familie* and nousekeepers. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotks, Rugs, *o., upper loors. One price only, marked in p!%in ficures. ? PERRY ft BRO.. Pa. aveau" aod Nirth St., 5' ^Perry Build it'" P NOTICE TO SOLDIERS 1 HE ADAMS K XPRE-8 COMPANY" will Fiake remittances for sotdiers to their families at il'ces rea tied by their Express, at a ohar*e of a ems for any enm rot exoerd ug fif j dollars The money, whether god or Treasury notes, fcouM b* ^doIob^ n an fnv^'ope, and i^curolv ea'ed, with the fu'l adilre?t ( Deluding town, post ifnoe ard State ) of the person to whom to b* sent. ,nd the amount ]e<it?iv markr-d thereon. To insure pro 7 pt delivery, the 25 cents charge ih"o!d be pr> paid. When facilitie? fo: envei .ping and sealing the norey ia sepa ate parce * ar^ net at hand in >a>: p*, the several sums to bo remitted, that n>ay ?? collected by Chap am? of K?<iments or other ertons volunteering lo do tl is servioe for the sol lier^de iring to s^nd home their par, will be releiv e) in bulk at any of the priuoip*! offioes of the Company. These nums, accompanied wi'-h the full address, m above required, of the pe^socs for whom inended, will he remitted to the respective conngnees. at any plaoe in the loya'. States, at the name a?e of ohargf, th reby caving to the sender the rouble of pnttinc in separate packages Suitable nlanlr? f*?r th* above purpose have been prepared, acd will t>e furMsheJ, with explanations, it anr of the offices cf the CompanT. i.r U . ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Oo;. 30.1861. oc30-lin HOhSE FOR 8ALE?A heaw Draught Horse for ta e, on 2d it. in rear of 534 Pa avtu je. oc 29 3 ? PiGS' FEET FOR SALE?A ohoice !ot lust arrived at ?l Louisiana avenue. BARTHOLOMEW, GAKRETT ft CO. oc 29 3t* rHE PROPER KINDH OF CLOTHS FOR nuking Ladies' Cloaks. Fine and Medium Cloths lor Gents' wear, new applies One prioe only, marked in plain figures. An inspection of stock aolioited ; u implies no ibligatiou to purchase. PERRY 4 BRO., Pa. avenne and Nioth st , oo2rf-5t "Perry Bui.ding PAI.L AND WINTER MILLINERV.?Miss I "1 HOMTfOK will op-n our Nf>w Styles of^tfy '?!'*nd v\ mter Millinery on Tharada; next he .'1st n et. I'h? attention of our former patrona a"d the pobio geuer* l^r is inv ited and an examination >ol icitkt, at our ^ ancy a^ d Mi 'i ery store, No 310 Pa. voi ue, be'ween 9 h and 10th ats, HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. oo 29-3t little). A Repub ] W ~ DRY GOODS. ** E Ha?e receive; and are now offering for aal* . largea?d wo'i n?s< rted sto'-k of I okxion aod ) M(sric du\ Goods, to which we wooid respentu'lvoai t'u? attention of purohaaera generally, ee in* oor.fiJent tn?t *e oan aall them at as <ow > ices as osn be had iu this or nther of the Ersein or Ni-rth-m M \r*e'ji DEVRIES STEPHENS * CO , Wholesale Dry Gi ods D sl??ra. No 313 Baltimore at , bet Howard and oo 39 2w^ Liberty st,. ^Marbf Front ) MILITARY TRIMMINGS. 297 Infintry, Artillery, RiHe, Nav> an ! Staff Buttons, lold Cords and Army Laces, lilk and Worsted Mashes, liik a :d Woreted Corda. iiiMlingsand Webbing Gold, imbroluered Shoulder tfiraps. Bugles, Wre*tha. aod r'a?s Oo hand aod made to order, by MRS. LOA E, , . triyminir manufacturer, between 9th and 10th and loth streets, south side repnsy vania av noe. oo 26-eogw 1^1.AN(:H AR1^a\NKACH^w^ie^le Dealers n Chaese. No. 66 South at.. Baltimore, have iuat Codi.h. aasfe sklfci11" aaw t? w had ?t ROB'T H. GRA1AM K Coaohatakar. Eighth st. oe iO-lw* PR^^E I^8TJRucJ,oN -A. ?. WILKINr SON,.former y Teaoher of Languages in tha f 15?^ W^eTP Aoademle? of fhia ohr, and iow Adjunot Profesoor of Anoient and M?>dern .anguages in tha State University of Missouri, *y ac obtAined eave o! absence for a rear will '* i" Waahingtou this winter aod will give private nstruotiona to a limitea number of pupils. a?a' i would refer to tha Faoulfi a of Yale ?!. !SP Co ,8*M' * lao ,0 hli former pan-ns sqj popup. Application mast be made before the4th of NoitSSVJS?rL7r\ ft Jl ltoZ< LiKen of the atent Offios, who will give all requisite informa oo3? 9t* iVnn , NOTICE. ? E Beg leave to eail the attention of Ofleers line Army to our very extesive essort ent of all olaeees of EQUi r MENTS. and>11 peoially to an article of Militnrj Blue Ilk -loth and Doeskin Caasimere, whioh we W rarrant will retain its oolor. Ou assortjent of Swords, hashes, BelU, Gauntleu, Armr -aps (indigo dye), superior Flannel Shirte, Leiings. Sword KnoU, Gold and l eather BbitIm thoalder Straps, and devioee of a'l desonpUo a ii ow oomoltte, and we are well satisfied'u^t"'^ napeotion will prove saii.f^rr in e^jgrt.o" *-'m Merchant Tailora, No. 406 Pa, a'v. f ADIES' "" ? l*andM>U^ta. ,ia* ?ve, between &oH1j&yn*rty?fin* 7 ?0uy^t5yj ^%p^ll!^4s#..n?siujs5a.of i WmL ?tu5 4 * s <*>.?.- V V ' v 1 amusements. I r^Mki81'l*V> DK?iV.If jPlfifllSttQft'*" I PImm. Will be yrnnlwl the Loral and Patriotic I h^b*^jjJ^0yjpTEKM> I THg lOU^H DlAMQNO. St* VI fBEAtBR! ItIr. BLAND hu mtoh pleeeare ia affcoanoini I tlitilit hu effected 4a epracem-rt for oi?? men* I only of the f?1 owing eminent Artiatea s OTSMA AND CONCERT' , MISS ISABRLLA HINKLEY. i The DieUnguished American Prut* Donna. i W ho** auooeta. tiw* her irrin1 fr?"!, I at tbeAcidemv of Muaio ofN*w York, Bfookiji, I Beaton, Philadelphia, and in other eiO?*, ha# w*( I without > M?4?nt, wi I make her tret appearaaoe I in Waahlagton and give ONR GRAND OPERATIC CONCEIT, FRIDAY ErENlNO, Nrr 1.1*1, Ob which ooraaion ahe will appear fa eombtnn- I tlonwith the oelebiated Artiata: SIO. BRIGNOI.I. The Reno weed Tenor ; 8IO. MANCl'81. The Diatitguiahed Baritone, PI? 8V8INI, r he Great Bauo , HERR MOLLKNHAl'ER, ; The ee ebrated VicToaoeliet I The entire combination will be ander tae direo tion of the diatiniaiahed Condaotor of New T*nk I Aoademy of Muno. I S16NOR Ml'ZIO I Part !at?A GRAND CONCERT. , | Part* 3d and 3d ?ITALIAN OPh.R A. oonaietiug I ol the oelebra'ed a*oond act of ; LUCREZ1A BOftGlA, In Cra nine. ! And the entire laat act of LUCIA DI L/IMHEHMOOR, ! In Coatame. 1** A GRAND UNION COTILLON PARTY Will be gi?en at the j Hall or thi Fkahklih Er?. Hocas, D at., near Twelfth. _ FKk. On THURSDAY EVENING, M November Ttu, 1 Ml. I TICKETS~ab CENTS. Admitting a Gmtlemaa at>d Ladie*. ! WILLIAM H. FANNING. ooan W M.Th Treaaarer. I ODD PELLOWS' HALL! . ! limml, AiotiDSt. Continued Saooeae or ! Thie Favorite Troupe! ! TWELrTHWMEK CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. PERFORMERS. The Great Baoao. from the Cooper Op?ra Troape. I Ksw s>?#i akbAnunicis! I Concluding with the SO N S OFMALTA. I He-would-be a Son. ? F. Wyand I Admiaaion 25 oentg. oc J* I New things in ladies* cloaks and I HHAWLS A fall supply of Plain and Fanoy Silka, at the old I pricea. ? ? _ I A oomplete aaaortmmt of Mourning aad Gloaay I Blaok t*?lka. New lota of lo-, medium and ine Dreea Goods. I Lariiea' Kid Glovea. all oolcra and aisea, beat I quality. Oce pnoe only, marked in plain igarea. PERR\ 4 BROh J Penn. arena* and 9th etreet. I ooSt "Pern' Bai'.dint " I M. I. FRANKLIN, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MIL- I ITARY STAFFS. m 944 Penn'aav., aide,) bet. lzth and 19th ata I SPECTACLES, provided with genaine Rook I Cryatai or Peruoopio Lenaea. mounted in gold, I ailver or ateel, and auited with utmoat oare for I every age and eyesight. 1 FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES. Mioroeooaee, Compaaeea, and Mathematical In I atrumenta, at tha loweet Eaatern prioee. oo9j tr I t^EALKD PROPOSALSareinvit d for FLOUR I O til! the Ift'h day November, 1861 at 12 o'olook m. I About 8,tt*i ba^rela will be r**Bi*ed, in separate I lota of about 1 <?* barreie eaoh The Ploar to he I made of new wheat, and the delivery of tha whola I lot to be made by the 36th November. 1861. | The Fiour r> quired to be of the following branda, I and to paaa the inspection of a Board of Arm* Of- I fioera, or acoh other inspection aa the Sabaiatenoe I Department may direot. Arlington Extra, Congreaa do. 8 Prv do. Fairvuw do. i Cedar Vale do. i Glen wood do, I C.agett do. J. Nevoome do. M. Smith do. Rozbary ao. Joe Charles do. J. Dav.daon A Co. do. Foundry do. Hack do. t. L Morrieon A Co. do. yon'a Union Flour, do. Big Spring Joe Ede'a Extra Baker'a. do. A few barTela of the aame grade of Soathera I Flour will be taken, provided that it prove* equtl I in grade to the branda above-named The bidjera I to elate the brand and the number of barraia of I e&oh kind they propoae to furniah. The barrela containing the Fiour to be atrong, I well-hooped and head lined. I TQearoaoaala to beaddreeaed to Maj A. BECK I WITH, C 8., U.S. A.. Waahington, D. C., and I endoreed, "Propoaala for Flour." oo X PROPOSALS FOK BEEK CATTLE ON I THE H??OF fiALiD PmopoaALa for aapplying to the Govern- I ment 4.' ? B?rf Cattle on the Hoof, are i vited the I 15th day of November, 1M1, at 12 o'olook m. The I Cattle to t>e de iv-rtd in wi hington oity.on the I soth day of November, <861, or a aoon thereafter I aa the G vrrnment may direot. The blda to b* I directed to Ltent. 8 C- GkERN, A C. 8., U. t*. A , I H'2* G ftreet, Waahington oity, * Endora d Pro-1 poaa a " Sbalxd Propo??l* are alao invited till *he Fth I day of November, 186 , at 1 o'oork a. m . lor au?- I ply ng the Government 4 Head of 8t*et Cattle I on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Ha rig- I burg, Pa .on the SOth of November 1861 oraa a on I therealt-r aa the Government may direot. The I blda to be direote<l to Li*at. F. H BAKRO JL.A. I C. S . U. S. A . UU3 i. atreet, Waahington, D. C. I and 'Endoraed Proposal*." Sbalid PaoroBALa are invt ed till the lAth of I November 1861, at I o'olook p. m , for aopplylng I 4 nijO Head ol B ef Cattle to the Goveriun nt. The I t'litle to >-* delivered on the VHh day ol Jaoaary, I l?2, at either York, Chamberaburg, or Ha'ria I burg. Pa aa the Government may direct The I blda to be directed to Maj. A. BECK WITH, C 8 I U.S. A., 22* 6 'treet, Wash.cttwc, D. C , and I "Eodoraed Propoaela." government reeervea to iteelf the right to pay ib I Trea ury note*, and to eject any Did lor any I oauae No bid will be entertained aaleea the bidder I ia pr< aen> to r^apond to hie bid. * fcaoi lot of Cattle dativer^d a hall average at I leaet l.aon poanda groaa weight; and . o animal I will be raoeived wh.oh weigha leaa than 1JW0 1 pouada groaa weight. Com ov Bid. l.A B. do hereb* proeoee ti a*liver to the Gov- 1 ernmeut good Beef Catt e on the boof for p *r I hu idred pounda groaa weight. The Cattle to be I delivered at . aooordiog to the term a of the em- I oloaed a>lvertia*ment The Cattle to be weighed I on the aoalee.and the weight ao determined to be I the purchase weight i hereby agree to give a I food and sufficient ttond for the full (meat of the I oontraot, and to reoetve Treaaary notea or other I Government landa in payment for the Cattle. oo 96 td I fULIPAN AND ELEGANTES A 8EGAR8. Alao, a number of other oeiebratec branda, I wholeeale aad retail. WM GRoSSE, I Havana Sacar Store. I ee 2? 1m oor Pa av. and 6th at.. wa*hin?ton. /^REAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET,! VK to get torn* of the great bargain* offered by I SMITH, ia Farmahing Boodi, Tmnka. Hata and I gMa. No. 460 Seventh it., oppoaite Poet^Of. J CWORDS, SABRES. 8ASHES, I o KPAULETTBS, Ac, I M. W. GALT A BRO . opena Una moruiag. I with other fine'Mllitarv guod'. Richly Bmboaaetf I and Heavily 61 jt SWORDS aad SaBRFHBronme aad Gilt Seabbard?for preeealaUon par I p?TT* NEW REGULATION STAFF DRESS, I Line, Naval, asd other Sworda, Sabrea, Saahea. I Epaaleiu, A*. " I BTbe above, with a general aaeortiaent of Superior I llitary and Naval Goo4?, are rfered nnaaually I w. M. W. 6ALT A BR??.. Jewel era. I J*4 Pa. avM ? door a weet of Browa'a Uetai. oo?-jt I C* *CN?%0t'0DI*T FROM PARIS. ! And from 602 Broadway, New York Branch oSoe?946 Penc*T.rania aveaae, batweea I 12th and 13th aU.. Waahiigtoa. U. C. I Com*, Banlona, Soft Coroe. Cal oaitiee. Clab I Naila, and Naila penetrating the fleeh, Ac , oared without oaaaing pain or taeoavaueaee lo the I e Boot or Shoe eaa be worn immediately after the operatioa. Hia treatment ia founded on the atnetTy rale of aoieaoe, aaeh aa all Sargeoaa will I ape ova. _ KtaiSEZSSiSiK&Si; R?Rre to tha Phyeaeaaaa and Sargeoaa ef Uua Pereona attended at their rooma or rraiianrr* PhILADKL^H?A tA68KI BEER!! i Adj lainiftt'oioa i A largt eapaly ao?tantty on hand. oe l^im WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oar former patrona. and ntiaena g ne a ! , that we l ave io? i?a v- d oar fa:: aapp y ot? a t.L ad WINTER G? Ol)e. aad are pr?Jv4 te fir 1 auction^ 8a lr8. i By OTCLKft * WILL90H, AMw^T 1 tfALC OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD Fl WITBBB. FlBB Pi IVa* AHtf B*ohkb Goose AT Avctioii.?Br WMfea IJiS * \a^sf sapys fctir^sphis a maxTwiamr *2g|fiS Kiab age. ?c tf ^ tfcnrera Bu4iom FarlorSait ? Fiae Par ora-d Cham^r Curtains. Nvhli |M We.nut and MilwcMr tioo* CiNi, Tunlry.V#j v t. 8 -sss*Id. and other Careata, wLht nd Mshof any Bee'??<>. WaiuBte'* mmo0ot Drsestac Ooblasts, Wit* trtNt-tof. Walnat %nd Mahogany WuMu4, with Msrhw ?>e? Spring MittNiNi, Bolsters and PUlow?, A !?'! and rery eeporior collection of P r?. Pated Wars, *a?e ae-Wut*re,C?iU>fi,i;oiw?d Ihelw. _ Bait Cellar*. Gr?*? Dialiee.PitoberB. Seoom. Poiks, Etc Co4.a s. F<sh Koi??*, Lai ** Cktiri end other Di?*es. Ssgar Dtshss. C< Bee an" Tee Pots, Cuton, * .? Fine TaMe Caters. . . _ KlfgAnt Fenoh Gilt Clook aad Candelabra* Twenty two Rne Oil Paiatings, by old auUrt. of graat raJVa. . ... _ Writing DMki, Last Choirs. Walnut 1V>Ibs. Fim Bdbbs, Large Mafftel aad Pisw Glasse*, Loangee, FreneaChiaeaW OryetaJ Uiaainr*, Tog* Uisr with naaay ?iMr ortielee ?H Hou~hod rarBitare well worthy of Mm aunuot ( Hoa?i|*tMr?. . . S* e positive. Terms e*sh in eeewe. oo36 d t\> ILL8o"N, Amu. C7"THE AROVKBTLE IB UNAVOIDABLY pastsoasd until SATURDAY MORNING. No- . unh.^r 81, nmt hoar and p in CHARLES RKMBELL, Baihg oo? K BOTEL.EE A wfLuBOwTAtc'. By GREEN 4 WILLIAMS. Aasttoaeers. CXTKN81VE PALE OF r?F.COND Band i C? Jbwclbt ? Seooad-hond Go.4 and Bilrar I W ate he#, Guard, Vaat aad Fofc Chair,#, n| Pina, FI near and Kar King*. Mariae tM (iwri t> asses, Fancy Work and other Boies. Hm ktj Piatola. Stl?er-platei Wara. Fancy Artiolaa, aiUa large lot of other aatalaa wa deem annaaiaasry to enumerate. . "n MONDAY, the ?fh of November. wa ahai! our Aueticn Bciie, No. Seventi, a real, c <mmeroing at 10 o'clock. and oontinae from 4%j to day until all n ao d, a ve-y e*teneive a?art meut of ?he above men* lone l and other good*. ao.A ob soooant of whom it may oonoern. ^.%?""-bvsr> * wlll1amg. By J. C McGUIRE A CO.. Aeotioaerra. Di tch bulbous boots at auction. Ob THURSBAY AFTERNOON, Oetohsr Slit,at 4S o'clock, at the AboUob Room*, waihall ?e 1 in lou to anit? _ . . _ _ Two Ca#?a Superior Dntoh f?? ho?a Roots, frt>? the celebrated Nnraary of Van D*r Mehoo** A 8 n, Harlein. aad oompruin* DoaMe aad Sine ? Hyanointha, TBlipa, Crooua. Naniaa??. Iria, a o.. a? 'f nrini oe 88 d (K?y.> J C. MoGl'IB B A CO.. A acta. Ruction balea in Philadelphia. ? WM R SMITH, Oemttml Aurix<m*tt, OS Cheannt at., abtnra Mh RegBlar Sal? TUESDAY aad SATURDAY Morninta at 10 a m. /'ineTaWeand Pooket Cutlery. Hardware. anoy Gooda Si>a?a, Oila, Hruahea. *?.*?. Foreign and Poroeatlo ^ inea aad m?ora. 1,000 loU ovary Tharaday Moraine- oe U-lat* A RMY BUPPLIEt^A rOR TAB' E FORGES. TRAY or CANAL HARROWS, WHFELBABROWh. TRL'CRS. heav? and 'ight. HORSK or BAIL DUCIBTS. GP^DS^?if?t s, romyleta. , GRINDSTONES aad FIXT0RBB. AXFS. PICKS. H AThETS, SAWS. AX handles. I PICK HANDLES. ?ork?N ?r BTA^LB BllooM?SHOVELS. SPADES. LOG CHAINS. FIFTH CHAINS. HALTER CBATNS, TRACK CHAINS, IwilWUTKlkf, IAHRH, CORPB, CURRYCOMBS. Fairhatk'a Platform and Constat aad Bar SCALES. BUTCHERS' SCALES. BUTCHERS' KMVFh. BASKETS. Ao.. Ao . Ao. For aala at wholeeala p-icaa by J P. BARTHOLOW. Agricultural Warehouae, ^aveath at.. oo 25 Imeo l-etween pa av and <-ara UORSK. BUGGY AND HARNE'S FOR IT sale Appir to wall * Bar rv NaRD. Auotm' and Comiriaaion M?r- ^ ohanta, oor. Ninth at. aad aoath aide Pi"-"avenue oc > NEW AND STYLISH THINGS. IB iow need. Madiumaod fina Embroidered Cambria aad Mua in Collars. Wa aleo name great bargains ib Dreaa Silka, many sew thinca in tbe asaortT>ert. One yrioe on y, marked ic plain fizarea. < arpeta, Carta.,as, O. c. t&i. Rujf.Aa. upper floors PERRY A BR<ifHER, o? 28 Hd Pa av., acd ?th street OUTl.ERS ANDOTHERS, ib tv.e Fsacj 8TA O T O^ERY iioe. muat oall at RUSeELl/*. Seventh ?t-. two door* (rem the Avenue, if thej want to see and get the oh - ape v. and m?et oon.p *u aaaortment of Faney and Flag Paper aad tsvaiopea bow offered in tha citr A new let jsst re oeived and now < pen to purohassra. Alao. avary thing ib tha Stationer* line, at RUBSELL'S. i2i Seventh at.. oe ? ?t L'bder the Avenue Hoaae. TO BU TLERS AN D OTHERS -FOR SILJSOne new city bailt two horee EXPRESS WAGON, with obvererl top; one foar paeaaager one-horse (new; CAR Rl AG E? with earUias and patect iron habe and ai<e?;oBe foar paaaentar ROCKAWAY ; two trotmg SULKIES;aU#t and oiry built; will be aold low Addreaa T MAC- i KENZIE A SONS, 49* Balumora aC, BaJUmore. oo> It* I REDDING PRESENT B! M. W. 6ALT A BRO~"oall atUaUoi to thau aautaally large aaaortment of 1 NEW AND ELEGANT GOOD*, Gotten if eapeoially for WEDDING PRESENTS M. W GAI T A BRO.. Jewelers, 344 Pa. avenu*. oc 28 3t Foar door* weatof Brown's Hoiei. BUTTER -300 Firkina, of all gradeaJaat received And for aale b? JOHN G. LYLE A CO . J oc 26 lw No. >3 Lowiaiaaa evenae frLOUR.?400 Bbls. Choice Bakers' Aid Family Floar in Store, And for aale by JOHN G LVLK A CO.. i oc 36-lw No Loatsiaaa aveaae ft HAMS -ftO ftlllll ef Choioe Cla. 1 Brands, raaaivirg 1 ' And for aala by JOHN G. LYLE A CO.. * oo a?-lw No. ? Loalataaa aveaae. A SHOULDERS ?9ft Hhda. reoamni Aad for aala h* A JOHN G LYLE A CO . 1 oc ? Iw No. ft? Loaiaianaavens? I CHEESE. ?00 Boxes of Ua Beat f t New York Cheaaa. ' Freiah from tiadairia*. For aale by JOHN G LYLE A CO.. oc ? lw No. 13 Loaisiaaa aveaaa ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho'i Patent Elastic Ltg ft Hand. No^ftlS Beoadwst, Niw iou. These arm,ailed aubeUtatea far loat liafta whloh have atood tha teat of ov*r T year* eaaarr I New York. | aeU ! QUO JOHNSON A NAGLE, Q*lQ AOy No.W* fMMTlTAgUiVBWI. e?1 Between Ninth and Tenth ata ?!?{* ajde, IMPORTERS OF it. s/o*Es%ef*fay~ I Jaat arrive tAa following braaaa of l ussa^fste-er?. 1 HSESreMHBBSwr I from the oe ebraitad manafuMory of Foktakart ? bik- 't'ii kk?l i i TrasS*. Haisaod Ca?a T* 1 11 *'t 8'^^'i j and aarvad ib even style. , Families aai Sailer* sapa?iad. I i n^sflr i *"t

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