Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1861 Page 3
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9 ' LOCAL NEWS. 'fTT-xboaf h T** Ml* W printed Ml tbe Xm> atesm prw? la aee aouth ?T Baltimore, its edition Is ?o large ** to require tt t? be pat to pre* at an esrty bear: l^wKiwwmti, therefore, should be Mni \n before It o'clock otherwise they may nay not appear until the next day. Tit Baarar Ciii aavoms ni Otrus'i Corar, Jvoet P**c*i.l ?At tbe meeting of the Court yeaterd?y Mr. Pend*ll only, of couaeel for the petit!ooer (Mr. De Kraft) was present, and Mr. C H. Winder and Mr. Ingle for the respondent. Lieut Barney. Tbe respondent offered to show that tbe domestic relations of blmsslf and his wife, now deceased, were unhappy in the extreme daring their residence in Paris, and that said unhappy relations were the natural consequence of circumstances and rumors which came to respondent's knowledge, and which affected the honor of his said wife That In particular her name was sssociated with that of John B Wllbor (at that time attached to the U. 8 embassy at Paris, but subsequently diamtieed upon tbe complaint of this respondent,) In such a manner as was calesriated to drive to desperation any roan of ordinary self-control, Ac . Ac. _ . . Mr. Barney's counsel said that the respondent wished to off-r this matter Id evidence as accounting for his alleged bad conduct In Paris, as his conduct In Washington, both before and after his residence In Paris. W been In evidence here. Mr Pendall said the Court having already at the instance of the contestant (Mr Bsrney) prohibited the petitioner (Mr. DeKrafft) Bom giving any evidence to ahow Mr Barney's hi rib treatment of his wife, the petitioner now objects to say evidence being given to explain the reasons for tbst treatment, however alanderous snd unfounded be may believe the pretended explanations to be We were ready at the o'it*et of tbe case (Mr Fendall continued) to go Into it and allow tbe counsel on the other side to rebut, but tbe Court ruled It out; and now, when tbe case Is almost closed, the gentlemen want to bring It in. This was another appeal to outside Influence The point w*t argued at some length by Mr. Winder and Mr Ingle for tbe respondent, and Mr. Pendall for the petitioner. In the course of Mr. Ingle1* argument, be spoke of the interference of strangers to disturb the natural relation of fhtber and children; to which Mr. Fendall replied that throughout the progress of this c^se, tbe counsel for tbe contestant had always taken occasion to at*aefc everybody connected with It on the othor s'.de. Who sre the strangers here ? Mr De Krafft was the nearest relation of Mr Barney's deccahed wife, snd bad. a* he ought to have done, asked to have her children placed in proper "hands Mr. Winder said that Mr De Krafft was not the nearest relation of Mrs Barney, deceaaed Mr Fendall asked who was, then Mr. Winder said Mrs Rotbwell was. Mr. Fendall said If she was. and did not choose to Interfere in the matter, was that a reason why Mr De Krsfft should not, and that he should be attacked for doing his duty He (Mr. Fendall) waa willing, however, to withdraw all objection, If the gentlpmon on the other side would allow him to Introduce the letters of Mrs Barney, deceased, to her cousin, (Mr. Da Krafft,) on the same subject. Mr Iagle repeated, that his object was to show that tho cause which once existed to make Mr. Barney dissipated?If he was dissipated ? no logger exists. The Court said that, having ruled out the evidence In relation to maltreatment of Mrs. Barney by her husband, evidence to show tbe cause of such maltreatment was also inadmissible. The evidence was therefore ruled out [The documentary evidence thus ruled out includes not only letters from Mrs Barney to Mr. B'a mother and sister, but also the affidavit of tbe late Minister Mason, asserting the steady and temperate life of Mr B in France, and his labors as his clerk; also, the review by Judge Bleck, late U 9 Attorney General, of the testimony before the retiring board of tbe navy, and the Impropriety of Mr. B. having been dropped therefrom; also correspondence, in which Mr Barney challenges Wllbor for dishonoring and disturbing the peace of bis fsmily. Tbe letters of Mrs Barney run through tbe period of residence in Paris, and indicate a ery happy tone, speaks generally well of her husband, their plesssnt condition, hopeful economies, etc , snd also expresses gratitude at being beyond the scene of former pecuniary and other troubles in tbls city, &c In one of tbe letters to Mrs. WoodvlHe, her sister In-law, Mrs II., | alluding to the restoration of her husband to tbe navy, speaks of parties concerned against Mr B la toe present suit, and some of whom testified against him before the retiring board, as follows: * 1 cannot tell you bow much pride snd quiet gratification we enjoy to think of the triumph gained In this whole affair I really besln to think we are wicked enough to exult moreln the annoyance caused by some of our amiable friends at home than we are rejoiced at the advantage we peraonslly derive from tbe victory I have had aflourtsbing card plate order, d * * I had thought It advisable to enclose one of these cards to Woodbull, Linton, De Krafft, Ac , but to spue them further agony we have determined not to eJkisMjr notify tbem that Samuel Chase Barney really belongs to tbe navy of tbe United States "] Mr. Ingle said tbat be was satisfied with tbe evidence they hsd already Mr. Fendall replied that he was glad to hear the gentleman waa satisfied with what he had. but aorry to see him want to bring In other evidence if be was satisfied He(Mr. Fendsll) now offered to let tbelr letters go on tbe record as they desired If tbey would let The letters in possession of the petitioner also gs In Mr ingle asked tbe Court If It had decided on the admissibility of tbe record to show tbe pendency of an appeal from tbe Iowa decree Tbe Court overruled the objections of Mr Fendall to tbat document, and It waa admitted In tbe record Mr Ingle announced the evidence closed on the part of the respondent Mr Fendall renewed his offer to have the letters go la, (as stated above ) Mr Ingle said the case was closed. Mr Fendsll said he had made tbe offer before It was closed, and he waa to understand, then, that tbe gentleman declines. Mr. Fendall aald he had asked for tbe production of the letters from Lieut Barney'a wife to hia mother, < which had prompted the writing of tbe letters frem Mr. B ^ mother to bis wife, which were read In court a areek or two since ) Mr Ingle said he had no doubt Mr. Davidge would produce tbem Mr Pendall aald he proposed to recall Chasey, to show tbat ao Improper Influence had been used to^groduce aaychange in his feelings towards his Mr. Ingle objected. Objection sustained Chat* Barney (Chasey) was recalled and examined by the Court and cross-examined by counsel. He testified tbat on tbe first occasion be was chssttsed by bis father, he had aeked permission of Mr Phillips to go to aee Mr. De Krafft? not having been tbere for three or four daya?and was on bis wsy tbere when, at the corner of Eleventh and 6 streets, his father met him and 'old him to come back, he shouldn't go to De Krafft'*. asd repeated It once or twice. Tbla happened about a month ago, after he fCbaaey) had given bis evidence In court He told his father he bad Mr Phllllpa' permission to go. Witness then went back with his father to Mr P's to tell him about It While they were going, witness' fstber spoke very loud, so loud everybody on the atreet heard him, snd witness was ashamed of him He called witness a little puppy. Witness had to stay by him lika s little dog. He boxed witness oa the ears, witness don't recollect whst for. That was oa F street, not near where witness's grandmother lives, snd she didn't aee it. Hia father asked Eddy to tell his grandmother to come dawn, and a be came down Witness'* father struck him oaoe on the ear with the open hasd Mr. Iagle asked if tbe blow waa a severe one. Mr. Peodall objected. Mr. Iagle contended be had a right to ask tbe qauatloa, and said be had had enough of tbeao interruptions?be would stand it no longer. (T< Chasey ) -'Did your father slsp you severely?" Witness ?"A slap Is never severe " . Mr. Iagle.?'"Then 1 understand it was abt^ WUsees ? 'No, sir, it wsa not sevsrs " A short discussion ensued, in which all ths counsel had something to esy, sad during which Mr Bsrnsy rose snd said tbat If tbe Court would allow him, be would make an explanation of the wbole thing. The Court said Mr Bsrney must be heard through his counsel If gentlemen were not so excitable they would get slong better This must come to an end; these scenes would no longer bs tolerated, and the caae must be proceeded with Mr Wlader, (to witaess ) " So yen don't recollect what your father whipped you sbeut ?" Witness thought it might oe because he didat want to go with bis father. I Witness sdded. " They want to catch me " Ir Winder.?44 Yes, snd take care we don't trip yos yet."J Witness' father ceased of his owa accord after sfriklag e*e blow. Witness cried W l to ess did tell bis father he was sot his guardian, snd hsd no control over him, and it wss not spoken in dutiful tone Mr. Winder asked witness as to whether he wss set chastised far refusing to copy some pspsre Witness aid he was the last time Mr Wlader ssked him if it wss not for something about Dr. Llndalay. Witness said that wss another time Witness testified as to tbe last occasion when his father cheartsed him for refusing to copy som 1 papsrs Witness refused In a very polite mani?-r; witness said he woelda't do U Mr. Wlader ?" Wss telling him you wouldn't do It, speaking la a polite msanet to year father*" Witness.?No, air Wltneas added. -I won't do anything for him, either " Mr Wlader, turning to tbe Court, said? 'Your soar hears thst " W Ussai refused, and his fsther slapped blm on a?d gave him a wring, net as hard as he ; . > tk^aJZi^Wonld ^ P?H?d It or Witness I g wwfled m to another occasion when Clay- I S2L26? and Mrn Phillip* sent for Dr. I Llndslsy W knees came down Into the parlor I where his father waa (peaking to a?M Isdies [ "o?t Dr L , and wltnew said to hla father, "Be- I cause Dr. Llndslay ia not yonr friend yon don't I want him to coma bare " Witness apoka It In an Impudent way. Hla father boxed his ears for I that WItneaa knew at (bat time Dr. Johnson waa hla father's family physician. WItneaa waa I not knocked down nor brnlaad on either occa- I alon The Court.?"Haa anybody tince yDur arrival I here attempted to influence you In your selection of a guardian*" Wltneaa ?"No, air.*' The Court ?"Elthef aide?" Witnew answered tbat bla father told blm I oomlng ever on the ahlp that hla coualn (De Krafft) bad a black heart, and would aend him to college. Mr. De Kraffl baa told wltneaa tbat hla fttber waa the cauae of hla mother'a death, and apoke about hla fether'a conduct to hla mother once or twice?sometimes?and what Mr De Krafft ?ald wltneaa knew as well aa Mr De Krafft that wltneaa1 mother waa worried to death Witnesa waa not In the United States at the time of hla mother'a death. Wltneaa'farther told him, t/vplhe "tops to court here tbe first time, I r ?v ? Wa* aaked, to my he preferred his I fsther for a guardian. Believed this waa dictated and because bla father wanted to be with his family. Mr.Fendall ?"Did not Mr De Krafft and Alexandrine toll you to tell the truth?" Witness?"Yes, air." Objected to and objection auatalned TLe Court aaked c oun*el if they bad any more I question? to a?k the wltneaa. Mr Ingle ?I have teen enough of that youth I I have nothing more to ask him. Witness testified that these thlnga had no Influence en hia mind He only thought of hla mother and what ahe bad auffered, and he thought he alwaya ought to take her aide Mr. Ingle said counsel would require a little "me prepare their argumenta; and aa Mr Dav dge, the senior counael, waa absent before the naval court In Com Poore'a caae, he thought the case had better be adjourned for a day or two. Mr. \\ lnder aald bis parole waa out on Friday, I and hemuat return to hla agreeable quarters at Fort Lafayette It waa agreed to adjourn tbe caae until Saturday next. * I . ^',1LI*AKT.^??mT IN Aliiajidhia -The Alexandra Local tet of Monday says; The military court held lta usual aesslsn at the County Court Honse this morning, Judge Freese presiding^ The attendance of citltena of the town waa much larger than we have ever known before A number of repreaentatives of northern flrma were alao present The preliminary affidavit in the rlvll case of | v urnham, Plumb & Co. against Barley & Trip- I lett, waa read; whereupon tbe Court ordered that SSSSSS*01 ""d ?'m * After the transaction of some military business, I tbe court.took up Bowen. Hume & Co and M.S. Hallo we 11 against OR. Wltmer & Bros. I ?- ,thl* c?*> the flve days allowed the defendIIDfr cxP,,r?1'th* ? came on for djudlcatlon. Mesars. I. Louts Klnzer and H O I C.?-j<ihton appeared for Mr Slaymaker, co-partner and representative of Wltmer A Bro., and S F Beach for tbe plaintiff* In the case. Mr Kinzer read tbe anawtr of the defendant to the complaint of the plaintiffs, which be atated ?>lP/vfP"r!d not ? ?ch for the eye of the Court, an?ii Tl*W 0f^arrylDK ?l?e case up upon an appeal to the authorities at Washington The I?" the f"t> ln rplatlon to biial- I "T.w Wltmer, proceeds to denv the jiirladlction of the Provost Court In the premiaee VT L law haa not been declared in ^AniaD? and revlewa, at some length, tbe in- I convenience and danger attending the proceed- I Wtl E, h Conrt M now admlniatered, and ob?T tV n'uTi M contra'y to the Constitution I S.^at.r,> lhe proclamation of the I President of the United States, and Col. Wilcox the commander of the forces which took posesalon I ?' Alexandria on the 34th of May last. Mr. Claughton followed, arguing that even I syppoaing ail civil courU to be aboliahed, the Military Court waa bound to admlnlater the law I M.feco?nJ*ed by the Federal Government In I acknowledging the authority of the government ?"tobllshed at Wheeling The an tb^ ?7.hgr. " reco8nlze<I binding, all to . the Commonweslth enacted previous I to in!Tr thl? court wan then bound I to administer those laws, and they *fford ?o au- I thority for tbe action which It w^s proDoaed the I court should take In tLls case P'opoaea tbe x^i uUnct though tust a recent law of the 2^%fSSS32i ? ?' He thought that It did It waa tru* t?re naa been no formdl proclamation to tbat effectbut the appointmentof Gen Montgomery aa M.J.lary Governor of Alexandria, seemed certain to contemplate a military government I The Court was aware It was a singular state of frf ^ i1hadrto take thirga as it found them, and administer Justice as best it could. It was desirous that tbe case shou d go up to the Washand whole matter be adju- I dicated beforethem. It would accordingly post- I .pone an opinion until to-morrow, and allow an I WUm V?' re,alntnK the Koodaof the Mesars Wltmer ln the possession of the Court? I was dec'Sd thef P,oc*e<i'DK< until the appeal And alter some other buslne?, the Court adjourned. j Thk Library Association, I O O F. held its annual meeting on Monday evening, 'when reports from tbe Librarian, Secretary and~TreasuSZ+rX* the operations of tbe Association since IU organization were presented From tbe report of the Librarian (Dr R F Hunt) we learn f km ^ovemb^r?,S59. resolutions looking to the establishment of a Library by the Odd Fellows were lntrodaced ln the Grand Lodge The resolutlons were adopted and a committee appointed on the 0th of January, 18?0, who reported in favor of the measure in March, and It waa approved by the Grand Lodge On tbe 7th of April the first donation of books to (he Library was received Delegates having been elected from the different Lodges tbev met on the 24th of April, and organlied under the nameo -The Library Assoc iation, I O O F , of the District of Columbia," and the west room in the Seventh street Hall waa put ln condition, by the erection of suitable cases for he large number of books then being donated by the members of the Order, and other frienda of JnH After an arrangement, claaslflcatlon 'bf books, (which comprise blographical, educational, exploratlona, voyages Zfwii? ' hUtoric.l, magazines, journals, 4c , I miscellaneous novels, odd fellowship, phlloiopby political, religious snd theological,) the Librsry waa opened for clrcula- I tlon on the 1st of October, I9?u. since which time 1,184 books have been circulated and read Tbe f,Um^r now ,n the Library is-cstanot catalogued, 9oo?total a,295. I The L'brarj Is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thura^1? . ,?y eT<,n,n^f . and the booki are furifra 5" y 10 rae,ntKrs of the Order, I and widows and orphans of deceaaed Odd Fel- I c"taln regulations Every Lodge nd, Encampment in the District is now repreJ" 'lh* Association, snd the Library bids ?1 to become, with the increased facilities for the srrangement of the books In the new cases recently erected, one of the Institutions of our I City. Aseoclstion elected the following officers' I F D Stuart, President; R F Hunt, Vice PresU dent; 1 bo mas Rich, Secretary; John T Bangs, Treasurer. Directors?Samuel E Douglass Wm gr-L"'""- B"??1 """" National Medical Collkoi ?This College I opened yesUrdsy in the Constitution Building A class of students were present. I .k Miller. Professor of Anstomy, delivered the address to the students present. I _ He stated that about two years ago he had, IMper being engaged a quarter of a century In that kaflkL wgDf^?.tbe .cbalr of anatomy and k k ^the ,0"cltation of the present ; had consented again to stand in f?MJ7nd Mi,"r ,had 'nl'*tod in?that of It anltomv demoMt"t,n? the students the He said that in January last, the school waa in flourishing condition, but owing to tbe unhappy i state of allalrs in which the country was plunged tbey were compelled to give up their institution hl'lUH? U?ViL!he but that the present 1 and would ne feaora purpose designed by the proDsatbs or Soldikss ?The following soldiers died yea'rrday: R. H. Brown, Twenty seventh Pennsylvania at the Circle 'j J Scott, company E, Ninth Pennsylvania Rsserve, and A R M. Oust, company 1, Thirty-I third Pennsylvsnls Reserve, at tbe Seminary. A. McDonald, compsny H, Eighth Michigan, snd ft. Rust, company A, De Kaib regiment, I Corporal Charles Munroe, Twenty-third regiment New York volunteers, of remittent fever, at the Columbian College Hospital. C Voft, company B Tbirty-flfih Pennsylvania and J . W Longwise, company I, Sixth Wisoonala. at Arlington. Sergesnt Joseph Brannsn, company A, Second Infantry, at Forrest Hail. | Th?at?-The new pUy of De Waldea's, '0*r Vol. oteers," proves a great card Indeed at the theater, shoiiudm* as It does In telling hits apropos to the rimes Miss Sn*an Denln, who as ail spectator* r-ar tbe fo?t lights can see. haa the pret' est arkl-s ?n the world, looks charmingly In her ?eger clothes, and, of course, has to sing famous Union soogs agu.a snd again. Mrs Bland makes a pleasing ^ Letty Csiawba," and Rogers, Brink, France. Baker, Edmonds, Waltoa, and M a Muzzy keep up th? spirit of tbe tblng with infinite seat. To-night the piece will I 5 zrsfjfrpizx if bn"- j 1 ?k??i "V" *"* P,B,T Wa?.-Oi Monday, the body of a man named Patrick MeCroeeen vm T~i, ^aiihKOW,t lh< corner '!!? *?n ^ tally murdered. M.rk H?n.r^ WT e&ongly on * man named ta? uT cfflT"* of the Metropolis ^ h'in' an<* Coronor Woodward KIm&WS ?" which resulted in u .^^"2 ^ln*. oommltted to jail aa having committed the deed. rtappeanthat MrCroMen, who lived with an T^M!a,?ed.GIea,on' Bl the corner of Land J^t- k went out for a walk on Sunday earning, but did not return that night. On the i fnorn]nK? however, be was found at rn." ???' ^a!ri,n 8 mo#t borrlble manner, and having his skull fractured He waa tskea In the house by Gleaaon, but lived only a few hour. At the Inaueet, Mlaa limma Klrby?whojlvee In the same house with Harrington, on the corner h?LW/k 7'?"? *"**'. 'reeU-appt-ared, and testified that ahe looked from her window, on 8unday evening, and saw Harrington beating McCrtesen with a stick, and draw him up the steps Into the house. Harrington's wife admitted that he beat McC. with an ax-helve, which ahe afterwards ,"P She stated that her huaband was iealoua or McCroasen, and it waa also stated that on McCroasen appearing at the door of Harrington's door and knocking for admission, the latter snatched np the ax-helve and syore " he would kill any G?d d?d son of a bitch that coma down J (basement.) "His house was not a whorehouse, Ac " McCroasen was a Government teamster, and Harrington had been employed in some capacity about the Government stock yards. The floor and wall, of the rooms In H.'s house bore the marks of blood. The verdict of the jury was that the Oecrinsed came to his death by blows from an axhelve in the hands of Harrington. Sergeant Hurley and officers Calhoun, Calvert, Garrett, and others of the police, deserve much credit for the vigilance they have displayed In gathering the ffcets of this caae. a Complicated Cask ?Yesterday afternoon something of a scene occurred at the office of Justice Donn. The statements before the magistrates showed that Stephen Luigo bad rented a place near Tennallytown from C. H. Payne, and allowed himself to fall In arrears to near ?320 Tbe place has been injured by the troops, and the landlord and tenant have each a claim against the Government for damage Mr. Payne learning that Luigo had quit cultivating the place, and had opened a drinking rendezvous for soldiers, determined to make a distrain for his rent *b.l'e ^ere was enough to satisfy the demand, and for this purpose employed officers Roes and . daya since they proceeded to exe?,wrU' and Wr Payne went with them. When Mr. Payne approached the house Luigo came out and ordered him off. and ehoved or struck him. Payne Immediately knocked him down; but the officers separated them. The offl cere went and perfected the execution, and among other property aelzed upon a horse in the stable. Luigo tried to get the horse, and in this he was prevented by Rom, when another scuffle ensued, in which Payne again knocked Luigo down Luigo had warranta iasued against the parties for aasault and battery Payne was arrest-d by patrolmen Harvey and Hurdle, of the county metropolitan police, and the case was laid before Justice Donn. Mr. J. H. Bradley, Jr., appeared for Luigo, and in the conversation that ensued Mr. Koas and Mr. Bradley had some sharp words relative to the latter's advice to hla client. Mr. Bradley struck at Ross, and a acufle ensued, but the parties were separated All the parties to the Ten ally town case were ruled for hearing before Justice Donn on Thursday next. Accident?Last night between fl and 7 o clock, Thomas Welch, an old and well-known uackman, was driving around with two passengers, Thomaa A Brown and Thomaa W. Burch, In his coach, and In attempting to pass along Second street, at the culvert on Pennsylvania avenue,where the bank of the Tiber is dilapidated and the carriageway narrow, he drove too near tbe edge and he, with his horses, coach and passengers were tumbled down tbe bank Brown and Burch escaped from the coach without serious injury but the driver waa caught under the carriage In the stream and drowned; the only mark upon the body being a cut on the forehead, not sufficient to cause death of itself. Tbe bosses were badly bruised and the coach smashed Welch was near sixty years of age, and half his life has been spent In the back bualness. He leaves a wife and two children, a son and daughter The body was taken to his late residence on Massachusetts avenue, near Fifth street, by Roundsman Cronln and squad of the Metropolitan police. President's Mounted Guard?No better evidence of the Interest manifested by our fellowcitizens in tbe cause of the Lnlou need be asked than was evinced at the called meeting of some ex-members of the above corps held In Casparls' Hotel last evening Quite an unexpectedly large number of our solid men were congregated, and the energy with whirb the reorganization of the favorite old corps was taken in hand, gives abundant proof that not only will the old guard be reorganized, but that a squadron of cavalry will be raised before winter sets in for the defense of this city. We beard it rumored that the Secretary of War strongly favors the Immediate reorganization of the old corps as a nucleus for a whole regiment, to which he would be disposed to extend all the favors the Government can consistently. Well done, Old Guard! See call for another meeting. Central Guabdhouse Cases?Before Juitica Walter ?W? Gassaway, Elizabeth Cole, alias Herbert, Tho#. Taylor, John D Wallace, drunk and disorderly; S5 04 Robert Brock, do ; Si 58. Daniel Hill, Thos Boylan and Pat. McCauley, little boya, charged with robbing a wagoner of his horse blanket and other articles, were held for a further hearing Kmma Howard, disorderly; security for peace Betty Peach, colored, out after hours; fl 25. Ann Braxson, colored, disorderly; Si 58 P Stafford, A.J Thomaa, Pat l-ay, John Hanamon, Luke Mullen, drunk; Si. Alexander Gautler, Frank Sachl, disorderly; SI. M. Marten, disorderly; dismissed?for carrying a weapon; fined 820 58. Chaa. Johnson, disorderly; dismissed. New Painting ioh the Capitol ?Leutz, the artist, hai arrived in this city, and commenced work on a great painting to fill the vacancy pannel In the rotunda of the Capitol, for which he Is to receive twenty thousand dollars. The design represents a party of emigrants coming out of a wild, mountainoua pass, to a point where the prospect of valley and plain expands Into great distance It will be the only painting in tbe Capital not strictly historical in Itscbaracter. The Metropolitan Opera Troupe are immensely popular in Georgetown, and Harry Talbot. the comedian, Whlttaker, the balladtst, Purceil. the baaso, and other favorite performers bring down the house nightly. On account of the sad death of Sergeant Brannan, they were unable to use the hall last night, but on to-night will re-open with a line new bill. Government Hospitals ?TheSanitary Commission have selected several sites for new hospitals In and about Washington This has been deemed necestary In view of the increase of patleuts, which has been quite rapid aince the sudden change in the weather, producing bilious and typhoid fevers * The Boor and Fanct Store for sale in Georgetown, advertised elsewhere, is one of the oldest and best established In Georgetown, and Is a tand alio well adapted for other butineaa Durpoaea. y r^?V.I!!'on!,c,ni,''T of t? nlght'8 bill of ftre at Odd Fellows' Hall The Campbell Minstrels are now drawing crowds there nightly, In their twelfth week, be It remembered. Ikdia Rubier Goods ? We are pleased to state that nou> all kinds of India Rubber goods. Including Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothing Ac , Ac., can be obtained in this city at manupries*, at the India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pennsylvania avsnue, between Ninth and Tenth streets oc 1Mf F0* Colours.?Throughout the Indian iro.Sl't'SIISPJrth#on|y modioiues whioh proved themselves ab e to "ure the worst oases of D? santory, Sourvy and Fever, were HMawaJt Therefore, let every Voluntosr see that he is supplied witn them. Only 85 oenta per pot or box. oo ?-l w Notici.?Btvvs of counterfeits ud unprinoi?n<H^S*'#r,rfenid"*,rorlnB to of Lhetr own ,?d "I* r#Pu'ation attained by HtlmboUT? Extract Buck*, a positive and specific remedy lor diseases of the B.adder, Kidneys, Grafto; A,k Helrabold's. rake no other. See Advertisement ix another c.>l u

ran. se 90 Combs,-The sudden ohangea of oir oilmate are aoaroeeof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic AJtcUonj. Experience haying proved that simple remedies often act speedij and oertainly whoa taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to " Brown's bronchxal Troth*!," or Losenges. let the Cold, Cough, or irntation of the Throat &e ever so slight, is Ly thls oioe. See advert! leaned' .Ueng'thenjnz '// d. , fbnnirs. rlahrikd At the Oovernnent Hospital for the Insane, Satvisit, On the morning of the IXh inst. MARY, daaghter of Cast- Henry MTand Knuly v7Knight. in tbe 4tt> year of her ac? Her ienerai wil take plaoe at? p. in to morrow, ??t inst. from the residK&od of her grandfather, H thiaojty.oBtheJHh iaat, THOS. WELCH, a< d M. Hi* tr ends and ao^vaintanoee are invited to attend his luneral. U.-sorrow (Thursday, > at 9 o'olk p. ?-, at his late reeidenoe, No. Maaaaoh? etts sr. ' ^ , / wants/ ! WANTKD-A CHAMBERMAID. Apply at TT No. 964 F atraet, between l?h and 14th. It* WANTED-Twogood MIL' 1NERS. Inquire at SICKLE'S Puor St .re, N o. 34* Louiaiana av. if WANTED-As ENG'-ISH TE\ the W. H Congregation Inquire of L BAR, corner Seventh and E at?. op an at* WANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE. ia a good reaaonable terma Addreaa ' H. H.T.," thiaoRoe. ocsn 2t* WANTED-A 8UIT OF ROOMS (furniahed) near the War Department, with the privileje rf waahing and other aooommodationr. Addreaa "C. R. C Stor Offioe oc? ft* WANTED IMM EDI ATELY?An active, ener"? getic buaineaa MAN To a agitable man, aalary liberal App'y JOHNSON. FRY A CO.. Dodre'a Baildinga, oorner S venth and F ata. 00 80-W.Th.S* WANTED-A HOUSEKEEPER wanted by an elderly gentleman and family. A middleaged American or Ei gtiah lady wonld be preferred Would be rrqaired to take entire charge of honaa. Refertnoea requited. Addreaa ' G. D.," Star Of fioc. oe 30 3 * WANTED-Withoa' b,ard,3 ROOMS oonneot" in*, on >at or Id floor, furniahed o- unfurmati ed; or wonld p-efera very a mat I o ttaae houae; mnat be Hetwean 4H and 19th ala , and not more than 7 aquarea from Hennaylvania avenue. Please anawer at 439 Ninth at. It* ' MRS. NICHOLAS. \\IANTEfV? Bt a ateady, indoalnou* man, a ?* SITUATION aa gardener or farm hand. Beat of referenoe can be given. Addreaa Bo* 10, Star Office. oo29 3t? WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A HELPER in the blacksmith ahop Apply at WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP'S Coaoh Factory, on n at, between 9'.h and loth. oc S9 3t WANTED TO RENT-A comfortable briok ^ HOUSE. for a email family, with eaa and water, within ten minutea'wa'k of the Treaaury Building. Rent not to exceed R9G0 per annum. Addreaa "B. S J ," at thia office. oc 29 St* _ 'THINNERS WANTED?Good and willing handa 1 can find profitable employment at J AS. SKIRVING'S Stove Grate, Range, Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory 267 Pa avenue. S. E. corner Elev enth at. [ Repub. A Bait. Sun.] oc 29 3t WANTED TO RENT-A amall unfurniahed " HOUSE, or two unfurniahed Room*. in a reapectable part of the city. Apply at 383 E atreet, between 9th and 10th ata oc 29 2t* WANTED?lO.ron lbs old HORSE SHOESand S-Rap IRON in amall or large qiantitiea, for whioh one oent per pound will be paid. JOHN R. El.VANS, oc 29-2w (Republican) 309 Pa. avenue. \JL7 ANTED?By a reap?ctable middle aged wo" man.ta atranger in Waahington,) who nnderatauda her biiaineas thoroughly, a SITUATION aa cook and bouaekeeper. Beat of reference can be given. Addreaa Bon 11. Star Offioe. It* M/ANTED-A firat rate COOK (none other need " appij) to oook and waah fori atx peraon*. at the Hospital, Hrion Hotel, Georretown Wage* ftna month Apply on Tn?adav, Wedneadar a^d huraday morninga from 10 to 12. oc 28 3t* WANTED?Rv a gentleman end wife a neatly ** furniahed PARLOR and H"D ROOM, adjoining. with Board for the winter. Location between 14th and 23d ata. No boarding hou?e need reply. Addreaa "U. S A.," for threeday*. Star Office. op 28 3t* DOAR D WANTED, for two gentlemen, in a O quiet, reapectable houae, not more than 5 or 10 minutea' walk from the War Offioe. A fiimily from the Noith, who live in Northern atvle. preferred. One good-aned. pleaaant room, with gaa. required. Terma n>uat be moderate. Addreaa '^Boatonian," thia offioe. op 28 3t* WANTED TO RENT-HOUSE, fn niahed or unfurniahed. Addreaa A. WALKER. Star Offioe. atating price and location. oo 26 3t* JOURNEYMEN TAP ORS. NOTICE Wanted immediately, ten Coat Haada. and four Handa on Pantaloona HINTON A TEEL. 406 Pa av., oc 2) lw between 4H and 6th at. WANTED?By a g?nt'eman thoroughly acquainted with merchandiaing, and who can furniah the neoeaaary capital f -r a vigorona prosecution of the buamoaa, an interest in a regimental autlerahip. Addreaa "Merchant,"at thia offioe. oc 24 lw WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Waahington Brewery having commenced brewing for the winter aeaaon. they can get Freah Graina every day at 4 o'clock, at iftoenta per buahel. Call, one and all. C. COLINV.AU, oo 10 im* Cor K and Twenty aeventh ata. GUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A CO.'S. 39'i Pa avenue. ae 18 WANTED- tailors, tailors -WTailora competent to work on military gooda. A pply G. Wall. Stephetia A Oo.*a. ae26 WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for which we are payinr the higheat caah prioea. Familiea declining houaekeeping, or having a aurplua of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ua a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 tth at., betw. I and K ate. WANTED. FOR THE CASH-A11 kinda of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Pereone leaving the city or having a eurplua will do well to call immediately. R. BUCHLY, je3 49S Seventh, between G and H ata. t^ lost and found. STRAYED OR TAKEN AWAY.-Laateven ing, from W. F Benter, C atreet, one large Bobtail Bay HORSE and WAeON.lTR with overcoat and oana in it. A liberal re ward will be paid for the return of it to W F. BENTER. No. 102. on 3 -St* LOST?On or about the 15th in?t? a PROMISSORY NoTh,drawn in mv favo' br Mr P. VV. Browning and endoreed br Mr. T'a Vounr, the amount being for ?665. due 6- 9 June. 1H61. All per aona are forwarneo from negotiating for aaid note, at payment iiaa bsea stepped. JOHN GRINDER. October 22.1861. oc 29 3t? : R EWARD ? My aon William S. Nioho aon, V ' left hia home on tha 17th inatant, and la aupposed to be lo tering among aome of the camaa. He la twelve years of age, haa brown hair, blue eye?. and oi.e of his front testh a 'lttle ohipped. 1 will give the above rewarfl for hia return to ?re, at No. 493 Seventeenth at, between II and I ata.; or for ir formation of hii whereab >uta, ao that I can get him [ocWSf] M E NICHOLSON. 4 REWARD.?STRAYED OR "TOLENUp-T From the oommona in the Firat Ward, on the 25th inat. two CC> WS, one Wr a Black Cow with white atripe down herJbak* baok, and white bellr, and very wide horua, and will be freah in a few daya, looks a little fierce; the other a red and whiteorin'lk and oider color, with whi'e faoe and ahort horna. The above reward will be given for the returning of aaid cova to me. CHARLES LENMAN. on 17th atreet, between K and L, oo 28 3t* Firat Ward. rok SALE AND remt. (BURNISHED HOUSE FOR KKNT N->ar A the Capitol. To a good tenant the rent will be 950 a month No. 308 Delawara avenue, t>etween B and t|_atreeta! oe 3t* K?OR R ENT-The dwelling part of HOUSE No. A 117 Pa. avmue, between <9th and arith ata. It a?a 14 room a, beaidea bath room, Ao., a pump of excellent water in tt>e yard, and gas throutbout. In quire on the premiaea oo y-3t* tj^OR RENT.?A large oommodioua ROOM, wi'-h g*a, with or without meala, in a genteel private family, where the oomforta of a home can be had, with U8e of pi'noard library;alao,one amaller room to let. Inquire at thia office. oo 3i'-3?* For rent -furnished bouse-tii* BRICK HOUSE No. 438, N atreet rorth, between 13th and 14th atreeta, with 9 rooma, improved grounda and ahrubbery, with atable room for two horaea and oarnaae; and within ten minutea walk of the Trea*urv Department. Enquire on the premiaea, cr at 406 K atreet, between 9th and lotli atreeta. oo 30-st* l^OR RENT?(Furniahed or Unfurniahed,) a a f'oct ROOM, on firat floor, pleaaantly aituated in Judioiary Square, either for an offio*, anting or bed room. Apply to 390 Foun h at. oo 28 3t* TO LET?One large magnifioent PARLOR, with Room adjoining, (unfummhed.) in one of the fiasat Iocahtiea : suitable alao for oommitteea. Kont moderate,if taken aoon. Inquire at FRANKLIN'S, 944 Pa. avenua. oo 28-1 w OEORQBTOWN ADVEBT'MTS Yg-ITNION LKAfiUB.OFGBOROFTOWN. LS A meeting of the Union League, of Georgerf.Y? *l,i beheld at Sooiety Hah, THURSDAY EVENING next,at7)6 o'clock. Ail membera are parnoularly requaated to ba areaent. 008" 3t W. H. TENNEY, Preaident. ir?"?THE UNION RELIEF SOCIETY OF '>-3 Georaetown, an aaaccia ion of ladiea to oarry oat the recommendationa of the Sanitary Commiaaion, will have another meeting at Mra. Daipy a reaidenoe, on Market at- near Firat, o i WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON next, at four o'clock oc 38-3t FfORRESTHALL! FORREST HTLLT:.' FORREST HALL'!! IMMENSE SUCCESS of the Metropolltaa Opera Troupe and BRASS BAND! Ckowdsd Horaxs.' Crowded Hocaia! HARRY TALBoTT. The Prinoe of Comedian a, appear a to eight. JOS. WHITARER, The beaotifnl baliadiat, in a new and pUaaiug ballad. JOHN PURCELL, The gieat ba^to, in a new Solo. Com* Marly mmd Stem* yomr Stats ! Doora open at 7 ; performance oommenoea at > . ?ioo? A4?.-.ofv?|?.=U6l[LEy oc SO 2t* Huaineaa Agent and Traaaarar. M""'MSiffii UklVUHT. bimM lUtiKi nt atfaaar J. J aroma? * V 4 K* TELEGRAPHIC NEWSj LATEST FROM FORTRESS MUNROI. SAILING OF THE GREAT F.XPIDITION. ? A SPLENDID SPECTACLE. Baltimobb. Oct. 30 ?The Old Point boat at. rlM thla morning, bringing the following newa: Fobtbbss Momioi. Oct. 98.?The great fleet Bailed this morning The Wabash taking the lead At daylight when a gun ?u fired aa a atgnal and the Cahawba bringing up the rear, the veaaela, about fifty la number, formed In a line a few mllea down Hampton Roada, and went out between the Capea In aplendld style The Baltic had the Ocean Eiprm In tow The Vanderbilt had the Great Republic In tow, and the Illlnola bad the Golden Eagle In tow The morning waa beautiful, and theaeaaon and acene the flneat of the kind ever witneeaed on thla Continent. There la no other newa of Importance at Old Point LATE FROM HAVANA THE REBEL MINISTERS TO EUROPEMESSRS SLIDELL AND MASONLAND AT CARDENAS. THEV ARE RECEIVED WITH DISTINGUISHED CONSIDERATION. Nkw Yobi. Oct 30 ? Advicea from Havana to tbe2Shlnat state that the rebel at earner Theodora left Havana on the 23d for Charleaton with arma, provision*, coffee and twenty paaaengtrt Including Mr Meade, the late minister to Brazil. The Theodora landed Meaars. Mason and Slldell at Cardenas, and they came over land to Havana. They were preaented by the Engllah Consul to the Captain General of Cubs, and were received with the higheat consideration The American Conaul at Havana telegraphed to the steam sloop-of-war San Jacloto, at Trinidad on the 24th Instant, to proceed to Havana. m Frem Kentucky. contbdbbatk cavalbt boptbd ? thibtbb5 ' akd twbrtt-focb fb1sonbbs Padccah, Oct 28 ?Three compenie* of the Ninth Illlnola Regiment went to Saratoga, fortyeight miles up the Cumberland river, on Saturday, and attacked a company of rebel cavalry, 100 strong, completely routing them The rebels lost thirteen killed and twenty-four priaoners Fifty-two horses and all their camp equipage were captured. The United States loaa waa only two wounded. Caibo, 111., Oet 2? ?A party of thirty men of the Twenty-tight Illlnola regiment, while acoutlng on Saturday, encountered a party of rebel cavalry and Infantry, thirteen miles below this place A brisk engagement ensued, In which the rebels were routed, with the loaa of a captain and lieutenant and several wounded, ko loaa on our aide. Tbe War la Miasearf cafttbe or a scpplt tbaik iii xissocb1. St Locis, Oct 28 ?Gen. Lane has captured a rebel transportation train, with Capt Whiting. Lt Baugb and escort Also a large quantity of lead He relieved tbe wants of a large number of alrk and wounded rebela at Roae Hill, fouud in a starving condition. Rolla, Mo , Oct. 2# ?Thirty-eight more of tbe Federal wounded soldiers arrived here to-day from Springfield They left there on Thursday last, (the day before the recent recapture by the Federal troops ) Gen. Price was then at Neoaho, In Newton county. On Wednesday about one thousand rebels entered Springfield and took away a considerable quantity of storea left there by Col. Taylor. The Pacific Telegraph Line St. Lotus, Oct 29 ?We learn from J. H Wade, Esq . President of tbe Pacific Telegraph Company, that over two hundred private measages naseed over the line tbe first day it waa opeuea, and that messages continue to come In at both ends as faat aa the operatora are able to trauamit them Ridden aa a Rat). Bostok, Oct 28 ?Asa T Pratt, of Bralntree, who gave expreasion to atrong seceaalon views In a^peech which he delivered at the late democratic convention, waa ridden on a rail by several of hla townspeople to-day The American Exchange Bank. Nbw Yobb, Oct. 29 ? It is reported that the American Exchange Bank has paaaed its dividend for the first time, owing to ita heavy Southern losses The Steamer Araga Off ('ape Race. St Johxs, N. F . Oct 29 ?The ateamer Arago passed off Cape Race on Sunday morning. Her advicea have been anticipated Tailoring establishment-Tailor ng in all its branches, by JOHN ? . a* BUCHKN ^ KKG, No. 39ft. oorner Thir teenth and 11 iU. Gentlemen's and Boys' HI C othes out to order Having made arrange- \(W menu with % akillful bteam Scourer. I am" p-epved to execute all orders in this iine, as well as .Mending, in the moat aatiaiactory manner. oo 22-2 w* SUFFICE KS AND SOLDIERS. iGHT DR * ?- TS sold on all parts of the United States, in sums to suit officers ami soldiers. A so. Drafts on London, Ireland, Sootland, * ales, and Germany Unourrent mon?y bought at b*st rates. swkenv, rittenhouse. Kant a CO., oo 12-lm Bankers. 832 Pa. av , near Brown's. f?HR. ARTH'S CITIZENS COTILLON BAND.?The abo>e named, having re tufned from his trip to Europe, is ready toUBA furnish inusio for balls, part es, serenades, etc., at the shortest notice. Encag meats can be made (or small or large partiea, at Chr. Arth's Shaving and Hair-dressing Saloon,ouC at. Wash ington Bank Building ; or at Jacob Arth's i ark Hotsl. oc 24-1 w 7 O.I A ON HAND. 0"IU U. 8 TKEASURY NOTES, which will be supp'ied at par to oar customers, free of oha'ge. Demand Treasury Notes, aa heretofore, will n? received on deposit as specie. SWEENY, KITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO? 00 12-1 in Backers, 359 Pa. >t? near B'ovn's. 1 2 SUTLERS WANTED. VIREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutle a, and dealers in Boots and the^fa* NEW YORK WH OLESALE BRANCH?!!] HOUSE, 348 Penneylvaaiaavenne.toterF^Hj Janr.ey's Shoe More.) * Hk We manafaoture oar own Goods, and sell at York mutt, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand a large Stock, we oan supply at a momtLt's notion, an* quantity desired. A large assortment of 3 aole High-oat shoes, and Long-leg Boots. SutlJaa liberally dealt with. A call from all dealers solicited. WHITEHOUSE A UNCKLF.8. oo 7-lw3dp,A3w* SOLDIERS, O SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pocket Combs 10 centa. Do. Looking Glasses 15 " U nion Envelopes, per hundred _ .50 " Plain do. do. .25 " Ambrotypea of Soott, MpClellan,4.o? eaoh 15 " Sent by mail to any ad <ress. ALFRED 8. ROBINSON. oo 5-5 w* rubltsher, Hartford,Conn. 'pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHKLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Beat in the W?.rid, Tkt Only Rtliablt and Harmltst Hatr Dv* Kntitm. Sold by all Draggiata; also, at BaBBBTOiTa Patent Mediuine store,? p. Fatent Office, ocr F A Tth, and at GiBBa'a Hair Store, 24 2 Penn'a averae, where Ladies oan hare it applied, if deaired. Paotorr?81 Barolay st i late 2D Broadway) N. Y. , oo s-fy METALLIC rot * CliaBlaf. Pellahiag, aad Preveating Raat. Thia is auperior to all other oila in the world for the above purpoaea, aa wall as for maohinery aad lubrioating uses. It is eaaallr applioab e to cnalooks and sewing machinee. It u in high favor at the Government Navy Yarda for ordcanoe aad maohinery. Principal Dtpot mmd Otntral Kttncy, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Peuna. avenae, near Eleventh at inr Agenta wanted ?ith teams, to aapaly easamyaietiu. aa 2m JUST ARRIVED, di eet from an Eaetern Ana uon House, 50 bajea oheap CAKfbT. BEDSTEADS, which were bought low for eaak and will be aold at a email advaooe. Together with a large aasortasent of Houseaeepiar Artieiea _ . ^ , R. BLCHLV. Furniture Dealer. 428 Seveath at.. oc g-la>* be* weea 8 aad H eta. SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED ? CORN?Toe sub oriber, having got tbe weney to supsiy Washington and Georgetown with thia delioate preparation of Cora, would raaaectfiUy aak of hie friends, aad the pablio at large, to give it a trial. Aiao, Popped Corn, plain and sagared WM BR.ADLY, As eet. Tops, Ae. large aaeeraseata ways I Poetlliie* * ' SECOND EDITION. THRU VCLOCK P. M. OUR MI LIT ART BUDGET. a falsi tract Shortly before goiag to prees with the mm4 edition of tbe Star to-day. It wm tiwiover the city that tbe division of Son Bank* ted bee* attacked this foreaooa. There caa be no treth la this atonr. m Ml a word In reference to M bnd mcM Wtrtiiftoa by the only means of learning In no abort raw by the military telegraph. ttllii srorr Those newspapers that fix upon ten day* laagsr as tbe lino It of Lieut. General Scott's tasswtlwi with the army aa Its ee marauder-la-chlef la iea*? service, we apprehend, sre In error. Theagh tbe patriotic veteran baa freely signified tbat IntrsnU ties from his wound* and advanced age are likely soon to require him to retire from active ditv, be has set no precise tlme,we feel sure,whea be win do so. Boea. There can be no truth whatever la tbe can eat cock and bull newspaper manors allegl^ that some one bas divulged tbe laetrsrtloas uader which tbe commanda of Oee. nhai mss and Pern modore Dupoat have sailed. In tbe frat place, bo others co saw ted w*th tb? expedition except tboae ?i rimiinaiw in to know, until tbev have cleared tbe capos, ahsio they sre destined. In tbe next place, their orders desigootlag tho point or points at which tbe expodlttoo to ft* a'rlke, were glvea them verbally?aet la writing least by some mlacbance. If written, tbey might be divulged. cot HABVKT aaowa's IHITltCTTSSI Those who sre growling over the alleged fail nra of the War Department to change tbe laetruettoaa to Cel. Harvey Browa, la command at Pert Plckens, from what tbey were under tbe Buchanan admlnlstrntloa, we apprehend, do not kaow what they print about Col B. went to Pickens about tbe time of the fall of Sumter, and took oat secret laetruetleaa from the present President and Secretary of War. So elos-ly were they guarded, as that we do not believe tbat even the chief of Gen Scott's staff knew their purport About a month since, learalag tbat Col B In some meaaure misapprehended their tenor, they were officially explained te him ta detail, we apprehend We have no idea that they la any manner cramped hlaeperatloaa. 5AVT TABS Tbe Puaey went down to the flotilla last treeing, srd came beck to tbe yard aboutfi o'clock this morning, bringing Mldahlpmaa Grafftaar with dispatches frcm Com Craven, aad frosa the commander of tbe Federal foroaa oppealta Cockpit Point Tbe rebel steamer Page baa goae aa far op tba mouth of Quantico Creek as she caa get, but ! not a half mile from tbe river She la la a position where she must be aground, aad It will take a high tide to float her off Our forces are still busily occupied, night aad day, building lntrencbments and mouatlag guns and mortar* on tbe Maryland shore, la aptte of desultory firing from tbe Con ted era ta batterlea, which was continued all day yesterday aad till a late hour last night. One of their guse?oa the hill above E vans port?la a very large oaa, with long range, and throwa shells over te oar works. The concussion from her firing shakes tbe window* of tbe flotilla. Tbe Page, In her present position, will not be more than two miles from our batterlea oa tbe Maryland side, and Is In full view. | Two prisoners were brought up on the Puaey? one captured at Port Tobacco some daya alnoe, supposed to be a spy, and the other captured veaterday under suspicious clrcumataacea, and pretends to be craxy. Tbe Dawn left tbe yard yesterday afternoon, but did not proceed below tbe batterlea. She anchored at Indian Head by order of the Cooimodore The Mount Vernon got s'esm up yoaterday afternoon, and conveyed the Secretary of tbe Navy to Alexandria, where be went to examine the bat* teriea In that vicinity. She returaed with tha Secretary about dark last evening. The Pusey went down to the flotilla agala this morning. No vessels have run the blockade alnoe ear last report. m m m LATELOCAL NEWS. Tai Cask or Gss. Akdiiw Poena serosa thi Cibccit Coitbt, to-dat ?At the meetlag ef the Court this morning. Judge Dunlopannounced the decision of tbe Court in this caae, es follows : The return made by Deputy Marshal PhUltpe the 46th October. 1861, we will order to be flled. though we do not doubt our power te regard M aa insufficient in late, and to proceed agalnat the officer who bas made It The existing condition of tbe country makes It plain that tbat officer is powerless agslnet tbe vast military force of tbe Executive, subject te hie will and order as Commander-ln-Cblef of the army and navy of the Ualted States Assuming tbe rtrtiy of the return which hee been made on oath, tbe caae presented is without a parallel In the judicial history of ths Called States, and involves tbe free actloB aad elficleacy of tbe judges of tbe court Tbe President, chsrged by tbe Constitution te take care that the laws be executed, bas seen fit te arreet tbe procees of this court aad to forbid the Deputy Marshal to execute It. 11 does not Involve merely tbe question ss to the power of the Executive in tbe civil war and to suspend thsgrest writ of freedom?the kaltai corpus. When this rule was ordered te give eflcleacy te tbat writ, no notice had been gives by the Preaident to the courts or tbe country of socL sus pension here, now first snnounrcd to os, sad It will hardly be maintained that the euepeoaioa could be retrospective The rule in this esse, therefore, whatever may be tbe Prealdent'a power over tbe writ of Aetees rerpus, was lawfully ordered, as well as the writ on wh eh It was founded Tbe fmtti on which the rule wai ordered by the Court are assumed to be true as reopecta the Praeldrat, because tbe Presides! bad them before him, snd bas not denied tbem, but forbade the Deputy Marshal to serve tbe rule oa Gea Porter The President, we think, aaaumes taereapeaetbillty of tbe acta of Gen. Porter set forth In tbe rule, and sanctione them by hts orders to Deputy Marshal Phillips not to serve the procees oa tbe Provoet Marshal The issue ought to b* and it with the President, and we have no physical power te enforce the lawful process of this Court oa hts military subordinstee againat tbe Prealdent'a prohibition . We have exhauated every rrsriiesl remedy to uphold tbe Iswful authority of this Coart It is ordered this 30th dsy of October, 1881, that this opinion of tbe Coart be filed by tbe Clerk, and made part of the record, es exptelalag the grounds on which we now decliae to order say further process In this case. By order of the Court Jas 8. Morsel 1, associate lodge, tbea sold: As a member of this court, snd os IS behalf. 1 wish It understood that, notwiibstandlog the Uew leveled at this court, 1 do dlatlactty ssasrt the IN1 owing principles: 1st Teat tbe law la liti 11?fif kaows aa superior *d That the supremacy of the civil authsrity over the military caaaot be dealed ; that It has bees established by the ablaot jurists, aad 1 believe recogn xed and respected bv the groat Father ef tbe Country during the revolutionary war 3d. That this Court ought to he reelected by every ooe aa the guardlaa ef the paresasl liberty of the citlsea. la giving reedy and aBbcraal aid by thst must valuable tneaaa, ths writ ef babeaa "^th*I therefore respectfully pisftesl agate* the right claimed to istsrrapt the p?s need lags la this '"This opinion of Judge MoissII'b to alas to bo placed on the record. ? _ The Coart then proceeded to the traaeaettoe ef other bueiaees Tu Mssdsbbp Baaaaarr's Prmu.?The fuaoral ef the isle Ssrgsaat Braaasa took n|tc6 tills iHVMMU ll II WW ?S'jisirraBs.'y arcs. ~ crowded the Catholic church, wherein the eeremoaies occurred The eoAa wse thaalsftetv eevthe*todles Wf**>fc* b*K>?*U * Seww 6T Umea fttaariae ia Paiscx 6aoBaa's Ooesi v, Mabtlasb ?A Ualea moot tag was held la Prince George's oouaty, (Marymad) iisfaiOey, at whteh Mr Bradford, tbe csodldsSe Ite Borer nor oMhs Ma^aadJMr^arr 1 aftbjj^r^ loeinp feel tag was ^aaalfSsSed Puts ^4 ete

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