Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1861 Page 4
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V THE EVKiMNG STAR. I Fall Work With the fir?t sever* froet much of the little remaining beauty of the garden depart? Tha work to b? done during the remainder of the mikd consiit* mainly iu removing decayed Ftalks. digging the burden and giving them their annual allowance of manure, and affording euch protection to tender shrubs and planta &3 they may need The autumn is far the best time for manuring and digging up the flower borders? particularly if the ground be of a heavy de wnpnon IMHtMBttg of tbe nil givw an opportunity for the frost to aot more efficient- i Jj up- i) it, making it more mellow aad easy 1 to work In the autumn also there is generally mure tiuie to attend to such matters, as I the work in spring is much greater in amount. *nd more pressing in it* nature than iu the tail The m*uure for the borders should be ordinary stable manure, well rotted. Coarse littery manure is utterly unfit for tbe garden. towever well n uiajf moawer lor me coarser j rod acts cf the Gold All herbaceous pHnti should bo labelled, *rd at 'bis !e?*>n these labels should be examined, and if the part in the earth i* rotten, new uiiM sh <uld be sutatitnted This is a matter of considerable importance, for it is more pleasant to know and be able to give the name* of all the plants in the garden, than to be obliged to confess ignorance of such as have im> labels. The tops of the plants should be v?a wvwu? nua wuci) uiq wcaiuer uocnmcs ac. vere some coarse litter should be placed on <ioh as are tender, and it will do no harm if ?11 are covered. Such shrubs as are tender, if too large to have their branches bent down - and ?oTT?d with earth, should be bound with ftraw Ko?e* of tender sorts must be protect ed either by covering with earth or litter Tinks and Sweet Williams should be divided ill tku full aw tho* KlAnm Knftwr (Klin ? ? ? ?* ***M< ? U VlWUt IUMVU WV?.?V I ? u ?M when this operation is delayed until the spring. Oo the whole, we think this season preferable for setting out new shrubs, dividing herbaceous plants. Ac., as the ground is generally in better condition to work than in the early spring, at nhioh time it is necessary to plant them, as they their growth very early. Besides, they will put forth some roots before winter sets in, and are thus prepared lor an earlier start aud better bloom than when the planting U iloferrod until spring? Country (jrntferur.t. I IRS I i'KtMIL M BltOWIf>. We arein iebtcd (says the Frairie Farmer) to Mrs. Wm Butler, of this city, the successful e ompexiror in creaa-inaitmg at id? late state Pair, for tho following recipo for making brown bread Take one quart warm water, oneijoart white floor , two tablespuonsful hop yeast; one table spoonful salt. Mia well and set away (o rise, unruvertd. When light, stir iu with spoon, ruffioicnt Graham door to make a stifl dough Bake three-fourths of an Lour. To awceten. Mm B adds halt' teacuD of molHsses The two following recipes aro from the same ource. ? White Bread ?One quart warm water, one quart sifted flour, one tablecpoonful salt, two table spoonful hop yeast , add six cold boiled potatoes. grated lino , stir all to the consistency ut tfiicir batter, and set away to rise without fevering fir thirty minutes , then add suQicicbt fl'?cr and kueal half an hour. Put away in ran* to rise; then bake three-fourths of an aout Sponge Calf ? Two cups crushod sugar : two cup* flour. Beat the yolks of eight eggs and the sugar together half an hour : beat the I whlte?~to a stiff froth, and ftir ali together. Add juice and grated rind of one leuion to givo flavor, and place in oven ( RKAM BlSCl ITS. A pint bowl full of li^hl dough that had been made wholly with milk, with the addition of a tmall tea cup of cream and a fresh egg, will make a very nice diah of biscuit. Theae ingredients lua^t l>e thoroughly kneaded together, then rolled out to an inch in thicknew, and cu with a tumbler or cake cutter l'lace them on a tin sheet and let them rise in moderately warm place; when well risen will baks in twelve or fifteen minutes in a Suiek oven Cart must be taken not to bake lieu too long. ICED GRAPKS. Take Urge close bunches of fine ripe thinekian^d grape-" and remove any that are imperfect. Tie a string in a loop to the top of the stem Strain into a deer> dish a sufficient quantify of white of egg Dip the bunches of gripe* into it, immersing them thoroughly. Then 'train them, an J roll them about in a flat dish of fii ely powered loaf-sugar till they are completely coated with it. u^ingyour fingers to pread the cugar into the hollows between the grapes lUng up the bunches by the strings till the icing is entirely dry. They should be dried in a warm place. Send them to the sapper-table at a party, on glass dishes. UBLOX PIE. Pare and stew the mel<>n. remembering to Jut ia a very little water an lhe melon is very licy. For each pie use one desert spoonful t cream tartir a piece oi" butter the si?e of an tgg. Sweeten auj season with nutmeg to your taatc. Lake witb two crusts TO COOK EGG PI.AST. Slice at night, sprinkle salt between layer* ; lay en a plate, and place another over it, and 8lace a flat iron on the top; make batter of our and eegt; dip ia batter and fry in butter r lard. ? Prji-ie Farmer. t?y*A rigidly plona old lady down Kast ran "tbla r:?ll war la a judgment upon the nation for p?rn 'tlnu wonc^n to wear t'Oopa " <{ulte a* ?*natbl* aa aoir.e tf tht polplt thevrlea on the aauic tubiect. 117"Aa an llhiatnUon of the imm?n* imports tlona of jjrMn lately effected by France. It la stated hit a flrsxi at Msruelllpa hiamadeln brokerage alcne above XGt'.WO sterling this year (r7* The price now paid by the Governim-nt for poat*re at .rciia la fourteen centa p?-r thuiiaand. The r?.;inat- d iaauc of puataje atampa for one year la 300,0*<0,IJIiu. |?7~ t>en Halteck, who la sometimes erroneUllftiV A flan U -v? X- U ? - * *' - J .. . w Vftu UBUbUi^ft, ! UIIC CI me iCj^ai Srui oj iiaiteck, D?trs & BtlUnga, of San Fran IIks. i! Tit turns out thatSontag, the aatronooner of t ie Hayes \rutic expedition, who*; d?rea*e we tfWoUy chronicled, froie to death Proposals TOR RATIONS FOR y-.Tiertvnit'T'f, rtjkrt U. S Mann* Cnrpt,l Sopte i-oer +i>. 1?*?. \ f*AL?i r&uP09AL* wi.l Ln> receded at ihiaottn*. y u?C Mi- 3?ta air "I Ootober text a? o'clock, m., f"T nj. i ithiuj rauona to tit* U. M*ru?e?,at th? foiio^rin* itiQoti, ' wns the jear lWfi. ri*: f'lrU/iimth, iN?w Hampaniro; ?-hario't-.wn, Ma^a-buteM*; Hn-otl jn. I.out Iaiand, r<i>w York; ljji adeiphia, Washing toe. DUtuot of Cotnm!>;a. Kaoh ra'iouU- conaiatof .tirae-aa t*m of a pound of ir?f< port,or bao.m; or oneaua-a foarth/ounda of freak or *ai. beef; t en' r two oacoe? '?f bread, maflecf exlra aup'inne ti jar, or la lieu taerecf t?wii two nuncN of extra auperfca* fl?as o' or.e paiiod of jiartl hread, at the opUou of the G.n em Cer.l, *& ! at tae rate of euht "?u*rta of r<?et white au?. or in li?? thereof ton pouuda of noe; ten oandc "flood ooffee.or iii liea thereof one agd a fi?if pounda of t?a; fifteen pounds of good New OtIwbi imt';(oir 4 ?rt* ul vine*ar; one ponnd of porm oabdiea. or ^ce-and a fourth pounda of daBi&ntine tau'Lea. or oaeand-a-half pound? of pood fc?r I d.pptd tallow c&ndU: four poonda *<?>d, SarC, brr.wn ?o\p; tw > anarta of salt; and one hundred ad hfty-aix poanat of potatoea, to eaeh bundfM -??k?oa. la# isotHMU al owanoe of lour ouuoee of Hoar * Veau. m?i ui* a. owanoe of potatoes, *a above provu ei, ?ii oeue, at the ttrin >t ation 01 th? -il ?v ' * ? ?5f .h*ii l? d?*T?r*?j on ?? or jir of th? euoainAD'uDf <?o?r of e-co ?Ut on, eithw la bul k ? lk? ?b*le '*tU>n; ?ucl aa^i #omi? ot tn* bMt *..U |fe>U Oi>0?0? pi?OM of ft* .*,0*.,. iL J.?w o be No I run* me?i p?>rk. ard'tae crooerie* to bia(u< w^uaiity oi kiwi. aamed. AS mM' ot to inspection All W.n luuet be acocmp*nied by tit* following IMtMlHI Form of (htaritut*. ? Tbe uodereifnril, , oi , in the State of and . ot . in the state oi ??. hereby {uaranty n?at iu oftee Jjie jpraconc turf vf ? (or ratiiu*. a* ?Wove #fl*anbetf, he eooei.lsd.ln or the-jr wt.l, within ceo dfjra after th* /*o< Iptcr the oc-tract at me f->et Office named. ute oontrsct for the tame, with good aa<l e?!h<M8ut cureri in ..-aee wd ? ???shell fail b> eater mui eun'raot a* afuraaauk we guaranty to mrniMt) tntM lii ii lTni i nf I Btwn | ifnfufthl ?u<i tUat whioii mar jn fi"i A. II., 6u*ranfhr. ~W. V U., ttiinutur. * 1MB I Uereojr o rtifj tSat tii* aN>*e named re k? wp to me a* men of property and ab'e to n*ke fo< 4 their c?ar?nt?? W H. ( foto !>? tk* U?*u>< 8i?f?? Lhitrvi Jmdr*. Unite* mmtm DiAttorn**, or i oUtttor. > No piOfu*ai vtii M?uiM (iere4 enieaa aeoom rfaSf^tAMStStV-f^A f-e above J W.Il Lk.? ? a.?UiBiu llit " ?? i h. !* ? for examination ) * r>r'.'h 5^*to tadun a' Propot+'k for Rations I J-r .8?,"aa* adUfAaMJ U> U* uauajr?.*ue?i. mp-iatwiw tUiotj^\iwiri?r uJur. | r % DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELKR, DBNTIBT, No. 330 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Teeth Street* Ml W-+o8m "Vi r i ,, > y, iVl. LOOMJS. M. D., the nirentoraad patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEhTH, ? tea-is personally at hia offloe .n thi? oity.KaiESB# < Many person* nac wear these teeth who^*'1 r" aacnot wetr others, and no per ton can wear others wh<> cannot wear these. persons caliinc at my oflloe can to aocommoaated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; bnt to those wno are particular and wish the purest, eieaoest, strongest, and most perfect dentnre that Irt can produce, the M1NKRAL PI.ATK will ha more fully warranted. Room* in thia city?No. S3" Pa. avenue, betweea )th and loth its. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi.adei ?hia. oo tt-tf GAS FITTING, kc. AWM t. DOVE b CO. ^ RL Now prepared to exeonte a&y *r4?ra With Wfciea tnej ma* be favored in the FLVMB1N6) OAS OR STF.AM F1TV1N# BUSINBS8. 1ZT Store on ?th street, a few door? north of Pa, irond*. wu?r? ma; ce wuca a ecTTij^ew aeaoriir.eni fCHA N DKLI LKS asd otaer 6 AS, 8'I ISAM *d4 WAfKR KIXTUHKf latT-W I8N YDLR, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, liu removed to {heooruer of Twelfth anil F ?U. He ii prepared to introduce Water and Gm upon the moat feroraUe tarma, and (carautiea enure Mtlef&wUan. Hehaa on hard a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, which he will Mil leaa than ooet, as & w.ahea to tM rid of them. no We AS FI XTURES. K Hat* in ato*e, and are <1ai reoemnr, 9 AS FIXTURES of entirely Njw Fart err. a ana Drgiriia and r ir.iali. ?.^ric ir in *? ! ? tr> ?.r,Tthirir hnm'nfr.ra ffer d in tfcis m&ricet. \t e incite oitixens tenrrai it tc tall aud examine our (took ol t?a? ana Water Fix ires, feelir* conliJent that ve haT* the u?*1 e'^oted stock in Washington. Ail Work iu the above line mtrasted tosaro%rs will be promptly attended to. MYKRS * Mo?HAN. par 37 < 1) street. 01F1GE OF INSPECTOR AND PEALE* OF ?AU METERS. Wabhi:<?ton, Jaiy II, MM. NOTICE IS NKRSBT trlTEX, That, agreeably to the pro*;?iona of the oruinanoe of the Corporation approved Mar IS, la? \ the un iereiined la aov preparecV'TJiectver required in irritinf, and on pre- payment of-the f?* of ftflv oarts, to Inspeot, xamir.-. teat. prove, ud asc<*r;aic the aoonrtoy of registration of any ia* meter in n*e ia this oily." Every a cter, iffocni incorrect, win be condemned and another, tetiitAl and maraed aa true wiii be s-t in i*- place. If proved to be aaaa-aie in 1U meu^i?mrnt of {aa, it yriil De se?:ea acco*aicfiy, ard ?t?'M put !n ?i *ition for os?. 0*?e No. #10 beventh street, (near Odd Fal .VII BCi.1 I'fBI' ' 'UI9&. Oi.. ICIf. m. CHARMS W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 11 U lLMtr-tor ?r.d bf* ?r of 6?a Maters. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. " 328 FBJWYLVASU. AvFIftT*. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND READY-MADE CLOTHITRS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, e ft-if J^otelA Kepub.' _ A KMV Bi.l'E OI ??THS ANDCASSIMERES, I CAltR>to hi* \ for ii'Miytaaturi.'iir CAttklAGl'.S aad-i^ LIGHT WAGONS of &li kinds oanuot be ear p&. e.l, ?cd from hi? !orr esnemnco in the bu?lEC33,) ? hip-'?*, 'o *!vo 'enerv satisfaction. A!! kind* ot Carns*. e? and Light Wajon? kept on hand. Ali FEPAfRri neatly done, asd ail order# r^inpt!? atWf 'i**! to. beooD.1 hand Carna?ee tak?a in exolianse for new, ANDREW J. JOYCE, A S* tf r.-mer of Fourteenth aw! K ila B I L L I A It D H ! TXT M The lovers * * of the GAME OK BiLLIARL** wil! find in KM RICH'S FINK IIAIX. Cofnar o reuaeylvania are-ine Ru<i tlth *tT?et, (south giio, I tvro of the moi>t admiral 1? TABLEb in the United StAte?. with every com?o:t , W' u ? v>|. I 'll kJV ?n 3 tf lor the players. WATCH RliPAlKJNf, ANUKIL.VER WARE MANUFACTORY. I hare "n? of ths best arid f urmshed with aoonif loto *< t of tooli for repairme every d**orip'ion oi fane VVaioiien, and ra] attention jive to the * HiWT l.'io ushoomfxstent workman And a. work >;jiacjiu tiod A:-?o, ever* <i?*orn? icn of standard Hll.V J-.R Wi R K. p a n and orraineutal, manufactured under my v?wn aupervision, which ny ccetoir.e.s will bnd far superior in <ua. an>i finish to nortf ?*n ware old by dealers :u jeierai and reoresent<*. a? their wc manufacture. II. u. iinoii. At URFt,vitr LM)R FlKf.D SKK VICE.?Heavy ?Jre> ar.d r B t.wn Mix*') B ankets, liiat wei&h from 6 to 7 pou' dg psr pair,a very soarce article Aibo, fin Cril?. and Craiie Bankets,all J a le I t ?, Sli?etings, Pil ow Cottona, Nafki ia, '1 uvi>l?. V o w UN ah other kinds of Dry Roods for the general ard ^ppciK: wa'itsi'f f-m:!!es. Carpeta, Curtaiad, (Jilu':uth4, Ku<k, ?ko., upper fioora. One pike only, manced in plain figurrs PERKY * UKorHKR, Pa. avenue au^ N nt'-. it., oo 17 "?>rrv Koildinc.** 'PHU K'JftOPt.AN HOTK1,, LY T% X K.iulC:.. tl iur; corner ?.f Foin.A-* A arenci and EisvsLtii stt?.:>, Us* beectan&V grentiy luiirof^i reo*u( r aaJ now ofi?i i ASCgjUL jreatt<r iunnoaueuU f": th.i pttrji -- ?o ofoijlieni and Btrn^.irfc l.ian xtlj othor subiic house 1a the oilTa tus fries I'^jec rss than tl<oe?t of any otner koWon ?6uc. arer je, and hie accommodations >r or tnnr!?nit boarders ur e?oept:ontb!?>. Thfl fc*; *n-1 r<?r;Mirtr>t a" ans^inants of ths Is-opoa^ uar i al'-'-iCj tecc.r.c vi r ??tpn lar. i^'ni t . V -iw. e 1?:rM fct ius post fct Kdivas. The ?i<-?rietcr aledze* snremiitod sUectici.acd ooutisu?i U' *r,. exr'L'.itirM to (.vesatts'sotiou to ?. ., and thus renews G.s in-.ita'.ion Si' to fire ths Kuro?e*,n Hi>i?- a ox 11. d* l-tl ^2 U N BOAT-? Q*trtrl?Trrut3t$r Otn.trr,i~,, Ofict, i CMv. July te, 18fM Plsws arm rtrinricaTioMs for hulls of San RiWt* 'at tka U7A-?*?? ? ?*? ?1 * '* ,vi [? ?T rqkCi I* UTOli p UQ PIBlOlllOB ' th.i eftce, *':d of Qoartorira?ters at Pmabarf. Cmoini?&fi. sft.^xntii ar:4 AIV>n. Beat* to be defivmed at Cairo B:.1? *-h"??'a be eotto (JmrlnrmtaWr G*h*ra; oftha Ur.itrJ ^tatoi Array,at Washington. 0y 1? Autnit,at noyn. !ri C. lublU? t |y 1? Bnr. and UnartermaiU-r I UNION r'APEK AND KN VKLOFI^i^Tweii tyof Note aud I.etw r F&r"'i wsth rave ' ?< to iri*t--h V tewi of \\ ?s.hin*t4.ii in tun form of a Rum, and in U'>oJi for.n, al.?a, *ep?ratc All tlif> 1 >si:v fti d Woekly i'&prri rwjnotMit'T oo h&nd. Her&i'i, Tune*, aii>| Tribune reoeived every bicht it ti <>*(..?u k. P&pors f'nui mil of tba *onntry.'t Hunt? Novels end ftookii. Afresh ?ucpit of llook* for summer readint. OOOAf A :arge a*?ortrr er.t f J .'*f ui;y-Mayne Raid'* Ltoukt, Kulio Hooka, Abbott'* Hiatonee. &g. A discount of I1 to >> it <>n ? I bound tiooka FRKNf'H & RICHSTK1N. VC.23 Natmr.*! Rnnfcttorft. 'i7? Pa. <Mr. iCASti NOTICE. N Con?e*uenoe ot our fcavint to f%j ?aeh for evorv %nioi?? >! |oo>n ?o ?nroha?e. ve are forced to ro4noA our buainocs to Uaah exclusively, for tbs proee/it. Wo have .u ?tore a very large auortmeit 'f RF.A1?\ M AUK CLOTHING f?r men and boy*' wear, wiiio'i are eiiinc at a much lover rate than nana y. WALL. 8TKPHKN8A CO.. 33U Pa. a?erne, between Ufa and 10th it>. iv ? : ' . ? I'eonli. i MAPS OF THE 8KAT OF WAR.-a apiendid Map of the >?t of War for only ft oenta. A!ao. Pocket Maps of all kinds. SkJicnsr*' <'<1111? Cmi from #2 40 to #8. Blank B>o?i and Wtatiorerr of all kind*, Flag Paper atd K .v?:o5-s Flag*. Hanrier* and Ha.lgea, Viewe of Waahinglon, Ame*ioan a^d Foreign Magazine*, Daily and Weakly Paper*. FRKNCH A RICHSTKIN'S Nafinnn! Hnnk nr? m I (Intnl. * H?pub.? Pa. ?*?nu'?. WE~OFFKR TO MILITARY MEN a lance a?8ortfTi?nt of GH K Van J li LUE F LAN N I'JL VVER-8HIKTS. WHITE ^HIRT*4, DKAVV^ feK8. CAMP BLANK tT5?, HALF HOSE, Ao., whioh we invite all oaoh purol asere to examine before makiiu their selections. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., Stftf Pa. ar., between Sth and 10th a is. m JS (InteMijenoer an* R*pnb!iflan > HAV? ,Sfi5SIA K'CHSTFJN, Mtr TVvU^Jii 1 a .irY*u ?FF?7 n?w i " Bor<l#r?f mlid aud plain, with kn if f? "l!'; l'"*r" ft0" ??4N0B *JICHWBIM. N^k4N^U wEtk?AH!ZAC'8, NO VEL8.-TJW ^'5^% ii%ssr I'rZtnt[?-? " Ai mm M*rner the Weaver of G*o K4" 8 ^ftswp. " * 97* P*hii?. i?rng?. K STILL ? ONTJNUB THE *ALK OP tu riMt tertlinii in Silt* of all ki>2> otoio? thiccs in Nwjr ManpoM, Irish Poflift. MvannllnM. H?nno Plaids, *o. <""%rpets, Curtains, lij?. Oiiojoths. MntiiDat, lint toon. PEtRY jt bao., ^ ' " They fo right to the Spot." INSTANT RHLiKF STOP I OUR OOVOH j PURIFY YOUR BREATH SPALDING'S ! rHROAT CONFECTIONS, ARI HOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, , GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ?KNT?.KMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ABE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THBOAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Courh ingtantlr. They clear the Throat. They Rive strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They fedelightfo! to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I edvtse ev*ry one who has a' Cough or a Husky Voic*. or a Baa Breath, or auy difficulty of the Tk.,,.fr ~ r Tk-.-* n r? a iiiuavi ?ct rv prtoaa^o \J I III J 1 III( Bl VUIUHJ tiona, Th?y will relieve you instantly, and you will surf- with me that "they (to rieht to the spot.* Von will Und them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public ireetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try one paokage 1 am >-afe in saying that you will ever af terwarrie oonsider them lndispensibie. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers is Medi omoa. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are m>n ntnrfAit A I'&oknge will l>e leut by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of i hirtj Ontt. Addreaa, HKKHY C SPALDI No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. V7 CURE NervousHeadache X|? CURE A 'U Mnis. ? Headache. By tt* ol the?? Plllathe penodio a tuck ? o Y?r?o?.i ?r &?.-* Ht*d+'k4 mar b? ^rerouted; tad 1 t*isu at ttie commencement of ?n attxok Immt Hale reiivf Iroir ?McaatleickEe?'g will be obtained. "Jhey ae'tfom f*;l:n remoTini the y?*ua tad to wfcnh frinaos are so cobjvoL Tboy tc t reutlj a^oa thebowela,?remonof C? For I.ittrmrt Mtn, Stikitnu, I)el;ctte Female* kail ail yernon* of ntsntcry Wit:t: they are callable a* a Lmsntivt, lmyrorine the tiring torn and vigor to ti.e diceniro orjar.;, auU re I ?t-r i ? ihs natural e.AJtio.W and atraiitlhof the j who' ? ryet?ni. The CEPHALIC FILLS ar" lie rerilt or loot inroitif&t'onand oarefully oond'K-t<vl "*p?runetit?, ha vine b?en in use inanj yeara, Coring whioh time Uiey hare prevented a'i?* reiievod a vast amount of pain and suffering tc,u H?ad.*ohe, whether originat'Df in themrvcw: cystem or from a deranged tate of the st<nncch. IhPj are entirely Testable in their oompoiiltioii. and mar t* tftken M nil tim"e with perfect safety without m&fcicg any change of diet, *ml tn* ?ii*nc4 nf My dtsmtrt^ahii imttt rtndtrt if Mty ( mdmini*t$r ihtm to thildrtn. BKWARli OF COUNTERFEITS! T1.3 C6DQl&fl hftve fivn iivnAlvna nf Uanr. < I r.c on Moh Hoi. bold dt i>ruc(i?u ?il u liter l>oa era in Me4i tiOM. A Hot W?:: be cent by i&xil prepfclU wu r?o*i?t l&a FR1CK, ** CKN76. A Li orders ?iice;db* a^-ire***; to * Rl N'iY C. 3PALDIN&, <8 |]r>(l V?i?r trim lit ?? ?\irnr, Norfolk, Vm. Cajl s, i? I tUi ucoi?>/.iii Uje objoot for wbiok mar wer? raadc, ri?: Car* of fc?*Cw?he in ai! ita forms. I* * r ww* imm x> *wwi iv?t , a* f*/ f #? f ?i They h*>e '>*en teatec in mar* ihaa *tkaaaM>< 44M?, Wlttl ontirft 4UOOAM. iti* >? ? ? lJu D*m?ermi, St. Clitti, Mint. on ar< I'-barefcsen troubled w ith iha hMdAO jt). bfLd .' <! ? boz- ri!!( ,;ao tiitt jet haf li^ye tdom in eve o: u>:tui. /Vent* IM R'? !?* A. A. CtU?l?. ill. We bafcrnlr ?ndora? M r. ttpaJdint, u4 hia 6d uephauo fUi*. Prrwi It* SouiUm / * ? J*twd-tr, fitw OrUtmt, J*. T rj them ! jon tlmt are ?fl iot?d. ud'T* n,r* aara miijnnrt. uson* oao b? Kdded to tk? *ll?a4y Tueious >i?t th&t liu receiTO.1 b?n?it? >??t a* other medicine can prodeoe. trcm tkt ?* ?!?. IKifMa Mr. S?at<liTie would Lot coc jh' his ?ait? 4n a; title he aid not Anow to pomu rM. *?iiL >Ki*? ik- Adwtrtiitr, Pr^ndm**. Jt, J. The rnnhalip Filln are aaid to '< ? a rr.aariaVj ?('i-.*'iT(i;}niwj for the hwMJaol.e, and ?u *:tk( very heat for that t*rj freaaeut uip^iai which nil avar KJ?? w w ? wl ?^V 'H Hirv*' * PI tf ?ntkifit, Luit T'rv.i.*nt. The iianfrattamftsl for Ike ftrtteie (Ccy&tiit Pi.le) it rtfiUif incr.-Mir.g. i*itm (it Km*mtfkm WmiU* Sl**r, fiMVM, Jr. W e *?? an re Oi*t person* nfferi: t with tlM k&ui acne, vti? try ihera, wiil etiok to she*. Jr>*m tki idvrrtwr, Fr*+Ulm44. JL J, The ieatiraori id tseir furor is afreng.frea Ue mod rMpeuUble ^ojkrtera. From tkt DsiJf Nmi. Jtorpert, il. I, Cetliftlio l'llle a>re Ukiac tlie iluun/tii From I k* Commirti+i BulUtin, Sot ton, Mmt* to be very ?(tlo*eino? for the headaohe. From tk* Commtrctal, Cmrmnnji, Okie, Battering humanity oaa now be relieved. in- A Bincle bottle of SpaldlB^'i Prepared Glue will uve ten time* iU oost annually. S PA LDTNfPS PRKPAH Kn nrrru-. SPALDING'S PHMPAKED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! BCOXOMY! DISPATCH H7""A Stitch in Tim* Save* -ill ' * ?a nvuiuvuMi w ill " Pr"*.',"?11 lB WB" f?jnl*t?0 families, it i? wt desirable to have Bom? ohrap *Bd;ooav?nient way for repairing Furniture, Toy* Groitery, fce. SPALDING'8 P HHP ARK D GLUE mMU &U inch emerceneiee, U4 no houeehoW oa adard to be vithont it. It is always ready, and to tli* etioktnc point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOU8E." N. B.-A Brush aooompaniee each Bottle. Pri? U oidU. Addreee mknry c> jjpaLDINB, Ma m* 1 m *" ' nv. ?o uvuai (um, n(V \ Olt CAUTION. As certain uynncipied rereona are attemptinc to W-^mT|;^r.;:5isSsS? on* 'o examine before purohfiainj. and eee tka taa ( t uKe. I'ALDlNA'S 1'MKPAJIKO TOHn all atten yy^yaang ? / I , ? cyr? OMit, (W, Homttrntt, / - 1 ^iVVlIk WW. any /rrtlMtM #r Wrr Aaal||flA ?m'? 144 TVmi, Htiw tk? ~ Uadnnt Com.f 4 m Ccmmv lI'MiIHiIiJB lion. Bronchitis, A>hm?, 4 ytliliyiMH t Cmtmrrk, CUmr rnnd ri*? " ?M|innr ttrtnttk to tkt c?tM Q winur voLiii> ?r kak bkc ARB 8IN6KRS. * few are uvare of the importance of clieocing s * Conch or ''Common Cold" in its first stAge; tost which in the begimcg would yieiti to a mild raise It, u neglected, soon attacks the Langs. "Brm*n'$ Brcmtkiil Trotooct&in:ng demulcent ingredituts, allay Pnlmonary and Bronchial Irritation. n "That trouble in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh the "7\och**" area specific) having made me often a mere whig *ROCHK8 perer* N. P. WILLIS. brown'S " 1 recommend their use to Pvbli* *?nr?nv? REV. K. H. CHAP1N. *6re*t e?rric?in tubdninc BROWN'S ?m? REV. DANIEL W1SK. u f RU('HK? " Almost uut&fit relief in th? d:? . frewing labor of breatlnni peoulin bi BROWN'S to Asthma."' REV. A. C. EBSl.ESTON. 0 TROCHEE " (Contain uo Opium or anr'hirt tnimoua." OR. A- A HA * EH, BROWN'S Cktmtst. Bottom. 2 .ROOHEa tZ&S&Z'fir*'*0"1"- , BROWN S OK. 4. F. BIBKLUW^ i MOCHK. " IT'W.'SXME, BROWN'S Btit% ** i have pro red them exoellenlfot T TROCHES WM*orii*? Cow?h." y RKV. H W WARREN. BROWN'S o TROCHES Thea "W'Zl'Z S ?nfl??rinf from Cols'" I* BROWN'S &EV' *' J- ? ANDERSON, , Stu / *nu ^ *ROCHEP nw.fciVfr7^VoTthV?h?o?tr,? & BROWN'S.?"?< ? w?th Srmui 2T&T or-RKsj Prot M.STACY JOHNSON, g i-a urmnti, ua. BROWN'S Tsaoher of Music, Southerc E Fen.sle Co.lege, TROCHES "Sreat benefit when taken before K and after preaohini, as the? prevent BROWN'S Huaraenesa. From their past eilect, r

i tinuk th?T will bo of permanent adTROCHKS vitiate to mo. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. * BROWN'S President of Athens Col!eje, Teen. TROCHES fTT-SoldbTallDrHMiaUatTWEN- , ft FIVE CENTS A SOX.^U t 4* 1-It DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE need for the I last half century in the Ho?ipit?!e of Lnndf>n and Pari* for th? curr nf Serrtt Jttttn I<1 rrm nil* Im hal at L'PHAM'S. No. 310 Chetsnot Btreet, ?oie s.-eni for fJKJ/'the United 8tates it ooatains no mercury or other minerals. and wi 1 not hirm the r most drltote cotmtitutios A sprrdy cvre cn?.raiiteed and no change of <*iet required. Pn~e J*1 3t?nt by pxprets Sold in Washington by 8. CAl.VERT FORD, corner 11th atreet ai>d reiinsjlvamaavenne. sepSeclv j ITTHAM'H hair D\K7-TO color BLACK , J OR BROIV.* ! '?Only 3^ c?nts a S'<x. Three ? boxea for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair can he changed id a few seounds to a j t blaok or brown, hy nsmg U pham's Liquid Hair Dye, the beet and cheapest in the world, produoinr, the mm cm it te Applied, a noli natural appearand Each R >x of Cl'lf AM'S HA ;K DVK w rrar.ted to contain aa much hatr riy ax othera fell frr one dollar'. SvrtbyS C. I'PHAM, 31 0''-heanut street, h v delphia. and S. CALVERT FOKD, oonier 11th street and Ha. ave. ccpfr-eoly itk du font^s si gah-coated fki V M * LK KEGI'LATl>G PiLLS are >TSfc the rtry bft \n ?.<? They cperato spe?d- ylp?K?i 6i K ^ff-KstaaUT, ar.d beii.g u;ar-co>ite Ik/' / crea e no baiiaaa up< n the ra^et doicat<^ s*or ach A trnl of tl eae Pilis will prove th*u j superiority over all o:he'a I'rioe f/a? Dollar a bo* So d only at UPH AAA'S, 310 Ch >?not ? street. Seul by ma'l to *i! fart" of the country in a sealed envelope. Sold in Washington *> S. CALVEKT FVfD, corner 11th street and 1'a. , ovji o rui j | L>&. J. Jtl. McLlS/N 6 8TREWGTHEKINa CORDIAL ARil ULOOV THJT KRKJITE^T KEMEDY ?* tkt WOKLL, j jy6,^'x 1 ?av?U ki? u?-,-,?ijt ,ra. I^LJ *>r?rt fcy :Sij-!l?:r,i*tn4 ???> . Y*I.'jtt BK^W SU?l, E^Spl jarm (s't, >i.>o?;!n Ru f?*?<iiiU ?i aw p . fffckfa. jk ?r *t>k !?/?-, < ? ,,, 7~*H9nbaw t alii pj. elillltlaf. f * i *'.?Uk?, auiuraUaf apirH, ?a4 Ui 1 ?v lafaitlkla "uv.^ij ;k. .'iniiii. yti-n, ut leitnUr ui >:?!, niti ic, J w fcttlrt I'.i i;;??*'k. , 14*LX.iV'C STRZHOTHKriltG 90H DU L Wlli #fa*t*?hy e*i? li'tf P??r.>.>'?, it ?aniMJ!:f,P'Hiani(tM TJ4a*yi, lid all ;?#* a k.rar ar *k*a>> ak, t I3?aji*)ra, I*?a?<1 f nt*, SiOaata af Us IxiiKl^lllaNi af Uit'ai'l.Oi.i fa.a cr ; U tit laad, Pt-Jp'.'.-tia* af ami, ralukia ?r Wtlffii la ?h? (Stanaik, Star MttitxVHti, C*tk'?r ? i tfllct *kl^ Uy!?i Tilli*. nn ?f tks Ikta raa Zyoa, if.-.*. ?artMi,'la? art ; I?:k is t*t tmL.i ?i >*# usut, ?i nvia?a ?!*? ?f U?n, ?f tjicsii- Prtusw, ! StiWiuf :y *. ?iy Errtt ?l U 'ltiM m Ik? BfcU, aad i*?MJ Ag?t (? oidni tad him r?* > Mimoif BOTTL2S 1?t? km ?*ld daiiafW* l??t tlx mmika, a* j la ? U- ' ittm ui I; f*ll?d la ( iul ? ttl.Tfaat'.aa. TTk?. >?? I will $VW*1 !> *? ?f ??.**#?? ?i wiia WCfc3?T? ; JT*aK??*S?!5? CO*>!li w.ii ?it? -rea 1 It lii(?ri su m>*7 i ici^ukI4t> ( ut i alt ??n ? p??-ta?->ii t, uk'.?f .k'l I cardial b ui dum<<ii i?j bc?v?v< ijtltu ?jk?lkii kl??*a ij izitu, 3?; b; kUW, cr ? tkmit*, U J u< saitrwaj i)|u>tiUc,c U r?5U??<! la )u (ibliM kta'.th tad ?i?t? UAJiMItV fhtiSONSi t> M4H, wilHitf taii'.lU" 'r?M wbtti-a: ??>?, *1-1 lid MrVBAAt V?>R9t4MH;?l> COM Hi. a '.?? ; r??f? ri|l>inttl af I'll i^iKlij lad all vha a>'.y ktv* !a | iltai!:<H ?jr Udai(*a??* w'll (*? la Ul? , Uartui a aarUla u.<* tpavjy r**adj. 5*0 Tiifi HiLliV'l !TJ*K.4V0VISlr!H4 ! ? 1 ?l#a lad ?|t'C; M:a f?? l?vt?'?at ft'w, ! sr K* af f!?a *t ry *i?taain taattaf, ral!l?( ' ta? 1 Q'.ddlaaw, f4iat.*f> a*4 ali diiiiiu IctM.tiU 7i?tiu. I 7H&ZK lb no M1STAZK ABUVT It ?* ?> * > Tula II ( ( 'Hap la dl??tllaaa. It ?:u ?U?t*la:i. si/aafikaa, (ad ;?t 14* a?a>* U* ' U??a it s.iu w atui ;*u Utik (|ita. B?i; Muii ! funaiK fa jn? 4 lia'aallM*'0R CHILDKHH, If ?a"t cki'.A/aa a.-a tlakly, p??? ar a3UieJ, VahlAM'S ; C94IU* ?rll' <UM Uaia aaaltay, fat, aad rakaat Oaiaj >M a ritacaatt tiy !i, aad yaa-vlil ka ??ar1aa?d. It la da- I lUltai iau-1. a/ irrro*. I?nn ?t IrajfJV n iiilan via u> M ptia IBM I f*i unc tinti ar < ? ?parilla init, ?k?k Uit aaa aar | akcir, ki -itinfh U!inu/?1 Arail ??cfc man. A?j : ! > ifclkltTU fTUMrrRMlM* CORDIAL, and uk? ! ?<Hkl?x M > tltaaalf mDadf ikai will the I iioao taaraafklr aadaiUa urn dm* airanfthan .fta aralan. ; bu uu^fi'l iitiQ t'nr i;;ati>h( f&aunf la a eariala ! ft araati'a f*a < ?ai<r*, Cania ccrt ra-ar, T allow Tavar, at aar vra?al?o. :Uaa?a. it la pat ap la Urf a kauiaa. Pi ta ; auly ?1 par tattle, ?r Oatltaa Ui fl J, M -\.Kt W, tala prap^atar af ik'i Cardial; aaa, M?kaaa*a Yatoai* Ol Uiiaut. Pn?alr*l Ifapat aa Ua aaraar af Tkird aad Fill atraaUi I., fcaa.a, la*. Xotaan's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIC kJUT bIMIMSirr IMTRKWOfckn.) Til Mi J uia i?<t aatulu lin lu rn.l, T?. ant, 111 .ft Kki. inniH'liai ("aura, Firitrm, Vus' itii! tit MjiiIii, Oir?a!? ?r Inflaramataay E*?i?ti>aiu, 6,;fi.>iaaf J?nu, IViiraciad Maaciai ai hiftratr.n, Etniti ? Tvukithi, B/aiiti, Bvraina, Kraal Cau, Wau<U. IIkii, f???i Sara*, Cakad Braaai, Bara Kiaptaa, Barna, B?a!4a, Sara ThraM, ar *ry mlamnaaiiao at Etta, oa Cifaranaa haw aaTara ai ta.f Jia duaaaa nil ava ailaiad, McLKAIV CIUJUIaTcO U1K1MEW i. ft airuta Mirtdv. nNiu.'i if Mau MUfft UTI kftftft Hfii ft lift af <1U ftiapitadt ud r-l??ry by Ui? ?? aflkU lovftlatkla nail), McLBAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtllft** ptia ft Lit #*i L,?tenUa??ft?i j, ftnd it will iliu, pmt\'j ftnd fetal Ut faalatt la an laaradlkla (hart tiaa, FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MfthEAlTI CELEBRATED LIM1MEHT U Ut aolt tala ftad ttlUkla (at Ua cart af Spavin, RuirktLt, Wladf ftilt, fltaift, Bnu*t?r*l Larcpt, Hadtt af vauinft. It atttt Ullid la aaia Big Mtad, Pallavii, ftttalft, Old laMlog Bar**, a? wttr.T, If praaarlT Fat praint, Brautt, Bcntaatt. Craakad Stilt. Cftftft . Isddlt i CaHar Calia, Caia, tarta, nViuil, liliu lafallikla nmtij. It at dlrtatad ud a lira ti umb lb mry IMHM. k?a unit Itcfti via* Ua auf ?art*laaa fclalataala ?rtNdiayaa. Okialo a aayptt *f Ua. McUHl CkkBIUTU kmiMKHT. it wtu tar* raa. I. I. McUAN, Mi Pnpflntf. CtnnThird tad Plat ilk, ?. ktala, Ma. CliHill IT'JTT, nPa.if.,HtaaftH !a Waaaiaa m a. a t rinck.?i?rtw?i hm-mvi? QUNBOAT8 ?OR ?i?WE9TEIN RIVERS. QuUinailTU fimiil'tOmrt 4 Wa/ktnrton, Jume 17,1881.t . rkopoaALt are invited for oonatruotinc Gun t>"?U upou the Western rivere speoiboatioaa will l<o immediately prepared and ma* be examined at the Quartermaster's Oftoe at vuigiciwu. ril'IDU'llli Stl W UlU OHIO#. Proposals from boat-buii era and engine-buld er? aione will be considered. Pars submitted by Uaders will betakeninto consideration ? ME168, )e t? Unartermaster General United State CRIB, CRADI.K AND BED BLANKETS ard COUNTERPANES, all sisee ?uah ties, Bed Comfort*, tfhfetuwe. Pillow Liijen> and Cottons. Towels. Napkins* Table Cloths, Tiokings, ?n All - 1 - A F'VVOIUIAIIJ iow prio?t, niA ked in pi&iti figur*t. _^f.*w J??* " ttraiifBrt, Mjoaruera ud oitiseaa Will lu'jftot oar Stock at pleaaare .-?? d PE?RY*BmO, ? "-*t Pron- venae and ?th at. W? n, travklin? trunks. TKA^KUNS T*UNkI ? . v?r> om?i etc., vuiou we are bow ee'ito* I ,<8b I TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |r f mi STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN B NEW YO*f AND LIVERPOOL. f Leading* *od mfoarkiof pMMiftri at I aeraetowo, Ireland. e Th? Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia 4 IhmIui Compear intend diMetahior thair fail a >werrd Clyd?-built iron 8l**ehipeee follows: ti b LASGO W. .... Saturdar, Auguit 3d. a CITY OF BALTIMORE. M lot*. KAN?AROO. M " isth. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North rer. J niTitor nnui. 7 First Cabin #75 a Do. to London. - 80 Do. to Paris ?. k6 j Do. to H&mMirg _? S Steerage __ .. #30 Do. to London.. 34 ? Do. to ,*a'is? ? .. 3* Do. to Humbnrg..... 35 J Paeaenger* forwarded to Havre. i*ren>en, Rot- ? >rnam, Antwerp, Ao at reduced throogh (ares. Her?<-c? wishing to bring r ut their friends oac !? uy ticket* at low rate*. fc Kor farther information \pply at the Cat ains 'So*- JOBNjK DA 1,, Agent, * I * tfroMvtr, IV Y ., * Or tu Qi A. HER KINO, Adtini LiirMi liaitiiore. ,fr?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LIN K. _ fcli iT> * EASTER* i.\i) WESTERS t SHORE STEAMERS. * "KENT," Capt. J. H. K rw?u c "rrONREH," Capt. W. Norman, % Will run their route* a*i follpwe. leavi. c Light J, treet, Ua timore, foot ol Cumden, at 7 o'clock A. F K K NT-For Cambridge, Denton and Land i nge * n Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY and ATI KDAY, returning every Thursday and j 'f ori? and Weet River, every TL'ES iai ar.armuAi una returning ca : e cay?. FION KKR?For Si. M>ohael's an<1 tuton, via t Ills'* River, very W EDNfcSDA Y. ai.d retarn ? leMuneday. . t For A&napoH*, W?t River, Carai.ijfe, Oxford g r.d Kaetoi. Fom?. every THL R^DA? , returning y same route on Friday ? For AnnapoHa, W?it River, St. Michael'* and ( i&aon, v>& Mn? > River F*rrv, every SATLR- I AY, returning every Monday by nme route. 'are to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and h &*ton I Point __.fl SO t "are to St. Michael's and Mile*' River ground j trip, ftl.) ? 100 'are to \Ve*t River, (roand trip, ?1? 1 ? li 'are to Aunapo i? i-<?und tnp75oeiita)? 71 i MaALS EXTRA. IT^ Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and Ofioa, Llti HT ST., foot of Camden. | Ea'ti^ore. C K. CANNON. 1 . . NOITHFRN 1 central"railway. * SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,* J Calvukt Station, Bat.more. May 18, 1981. | ? On *n<i after Sunday. Mar 19th, 1W1. Traina on n h? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAII.WaV ar \ ire an<l depart an loilowe, nntii farther eotio*. , TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 16 A.M. < EXPRESS ats-30 P. M. i HARR1SBUKG ACCOMMODATION at S P. il t The 8.15 A. M train oonn?cts at Relay Hone r>tb fa'ns <>n the W?*tern Maryland Rat.road, " .t Hano? er Jn'-ction with Hanover and Getteburg tai'road#; at York with York and Wrigb'tavlile iaii'oad; at Harr'xhnrr ?Kh Penury vanta Rail; for a>l parts of the West, a so with Lebannon i /all?y ttaiiroad to N*w York dtrtct; at Northam < ter'.ar.'! with L ai<d B. "ai.road for Kingston aod < in purie 01 wToom;nf > miej^ana ai *unDury witn < *> > !'hi adelphia and Erie Railroad tor all jarta <i>rtberR Pnnnarivania and New York. 1 he 3 30 P. M train tnakee all tiie above oocneo- , wdi except Hanover Railroad, Wrightaviile J iaiiroad and the Lel>annon Vall?y Railioad Ti e 8 P. M train u.ak?? oocnnctiona with Penn t?'vai:;j Raiir< ad for at. pa rta of the YV eat, and j lireot oonnecta for New York. I TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 in P MExpre a at T 46 A. M.; Harne>urt Acoommodaticz) at 2.43 P. M. i F<>r Tiokete and irforr atjoc inquire at tlie rioket Oifioe, Calvert station, Baltimore. < l it. ri *hR.? ?'* ? | LEAVE PHILADELPHIA i fok new vok*1 tie C&raion ?.ud Amhoy and Philadelphia and rren i.u Railroad Companies' Lineiro.n PHILADELPHIA TO NEW VOMR AND WAY | PLACKt*. from WAI.Nl'T t?TR EFT WHARF , \M) KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave u fol ovrn: At 6 A. M , via Curd en and A rubor. (C. and A. Accommodation.) At 6 A. tt-, )& Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Acoomrnodfttion.) At 8 A. M., via Camden end Jersey Crty.tMorniuc Mai:.) At 11 Si A. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Wentcrn Express.) At 12ft P. M.f via Camden end Am boy, (Aeoommo>1A t' O ".) At J P M., via Camden and Amboy,(C- and A. Lxmj e#s ) At P M.. vie Kenemrton &nd J erne* Citr. (Kvomr.j Expr-wi.) JU tX F M., vi* Kensington and Jersey City, (Seound Cam Tieket.) At6 1'. Til., viaCanulen and Jersey City, (Kvenir.i Mai!.)' At 113* P. M., v;aCaicdenand Jersey City,(8ontLern Man.I At 5 P.M., via Camden auft AmSoy. f Acooninaoda tion. freight and p*#aerner, Ku?l Ciaaa rickety Be<-onl C.&sa Tvokfit. Tli? 6 P. M Mail I\ain runs daily, the li* P. M. Hail, Satardayn excepted For BeiTidere, Kaston, LAmbertrrlle, Flemingtnr. *c , at 7.10 A. M.; sn-i 4>i p. M.. from Eesaicc'oD. Water Grp. *#trot?dst>urj!,8cranton,WilketLaae. Montrose, Great Load, Ac., at 7.10 A.M., fri m K*asin;toa, via Delaware, Liok&waana and W?at?ra Kalroad. For >; ach Cksnt, Ailentown aad Bethlehem,at T.ltt A. M. acd 5H P. M. from Eecaiugton depot; the7.10 A. M It' e ooEceots with toe train leavinc f*?ton*t3J* r. 11. For Mount Htiij at and * A. M. and t and Of P. M. For Freehold at A. M-and 2 P M. For L'riHtoi, Tr^ntoK. Ac. at A. M.. 4H xad *'? P. M from Keniuiscoc, and 8K P. ;tf u V, a nut street wharf. For Palmyra Kivertcn, Dei&nco, Beverly. Rarlincton, F.^rotneoo, l?or<lentowu, &.C., at MH, 1, S, and 5 1' M Ftetinsr Trenton for Bordentown. end intermediate slacca, at 1'. M. from Wainnt street wharf. JO" For New York and Way Lires, Ie*rini K3?.jijjttoD i>?-f oi, take the oare on Fifth meet, above Wal .u'? ball an hoor before depanure T he cat* rue int) the depot, auo on arrival ol train ran from thede sot. i ifty ponada of baccare only allowed toeaoa nft.rt(?n?^r PA?CHn?Ara C.rn nmniKitaH from I anything n.i bajeaie but their warmg appar?i. All "a^sae" over fifty poinds to be paid ror extra. l'tie oompany umil il*ir responsibility f< r UKua to od? oui a. per pound.acd will not be liableT-r any nmnunt beyond one hundred dollars, exoept by sp; osa. ooiitract. WM rt. BATZMKR . Agent. FOE TUi> MS' 'JZjsBi WEST AND SOUTH X*inR BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILKOAD. On and after May Itstn, iR6i. the trains will mn a* follows, vi*:?I.rave Camden Station. Bat: more.?Mail,.exoept t?unda*.i at fc. 3f> A. >1.; fc.xc eis danr at 3. 45 P. M. Both Traics ?o directly thronrh <-OR ALLTaRTH OFTHKWKBI, 6OUTHWKST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSKNGKRS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train; b?tweeri Piedmont and Wheeling take Aeooir.mNation Train, leannj Pindmont at 5.40 A. M ; and between Grafton and Parkersbnrj, take me 13u a m i mii iroio Hamroore. Tlia rU EDEH ICK I'HaIN <>?tm Btltinort at 4 3C P. M. aoti Frederick at 6J[> A. M. Tii EI.LICOTTS MILL** I R A1N l?arc Baltimore at 6 2n and 9.15 A. W. ac.3 1 <Sam! 5.?o p. M., ano Lllicoit's Mills &i7.40am 11 cr> A. M..aad S.44 aud 7.?*> P. M. For further information. Tickets of every kind, Ao . apply to J. T .EN 6 LAN1) Ateut, at Camden StAUon, or at tha Ticket ofii e. Manter tfTran^TtHon I M Pill V n?l! A u? iu v*/> <u( ucu i * n|ODV YOHK, HARLEM AND iLBAN&se,'& Commenoint Monday, May 27th, laCl. For Abaay?11:00 a. m. fact express train from Kth street. For l>oT?r Platne?<:?? p. m stopping at White Plains an<] stations north to Dover plain*?from KUi street station. (This train will ran to Millerton erarr Bataroay evening.) ForCroton Falls??:15a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordham from ?<h street station For White Plains??S>, 4:10 and Sett) y pine at all stations from 26th street statifli^E; For White Plains?6:'6 p. m. stopping nons from White street station. a For Williams Bridge-?Jn, 11:15 a. m. andMlaTT m. stopping at all stations from 27th street sta^p. | nciurmng will IWT*? Albany?(Hju a. m. fast expr*?* train. Dover Plaint? MO a. m. (Thi* train Imtn Mil lerton evert Monday nor nine at 5 a. m.) Oroton Falie?6 ?. m. White Plains?6:lo,7jOO a. m. ?:'0 * 1*0 f. m. Wiilian* Bridge?fcSO, 9:<# i. at. A fcOO p. m.* BuodaT train* will leave 4th Avenue oorner Sd street, for Central Park, Yorkville. Harlem and High Bridge ever; few minute*. frotr 9*0 a. m. to 7*0 p m. JOHN BURCH1LL, A*?t fep't. ?^^BKnew YORK AND EKIK KAIL Pa*?enger Traiu?r le*re ria P&vo uii ronj man L<ufl| uvci, irom 1001 ui tiAB'tn trOf ti Mow York, m follows, tis: , 7.00 a. m , RX^RKSJCfor Dunkirk,and Buffalo, and principal kiterme^ia e Stations. 8??>a m . MAIL, for Dunkira. and Stations?This Train remains ovar nigbt at Elmira, and proceeds the next morninc 9.00 a m.. MILK dail,, for Ottsvills. and in tor mediate Stations. 11 00 a. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jervts, and ptlnoipal stations 4 60 p. m. WAV, for Middietown, Nowburgh. and li.termeri'at* Station*. _ 6.00 p. nu. NIGHT EX Pit ESS, daily, for Dunkirk, Buffalo, d pnaoipal Stations Tha Train of Saturday stop, at all TialrTrain Stations, and runs onli to E'mira. ... 6 on p. m.. ACCOM MODATION ,for Hornasnlls, aad priaoipal Stations am * 8. MINOT. Goal Bar"*. NATHANIEL MARSH. K?ww. J.. _ ONION?-ONION?-QN10N8. LST Reoaivod on ocnmginiaMil IX prime Oniou. For Mie iow. . nklNO i Jl'ICHELU ONE VERY NICE 3KC.?*I? H*ND PIANO for $50. Aiao. ? !?* Uxsk i f E**en,^^B^ f Co * M'l ttnnTjf * ? ? h*r< B^HI )?kt OMa itoMved 1 U? M???? Su-r?of fit mil W, tt, METZEKOTT. IE^ PiuM for ml. 1 r TIAVKLIII^ foaroe) to be "WRWl, loedM. tbeSKfc tutut.the Bv I int tfitmi,. riilieifre B?.ti more KV't,R\ PAY i*xo?ftto??r) froaa their wbarfTfoot of Ibkii Dook. u M V.oqi f. tn., or Immediately *fter Ike arrival o} it WuniDitoa Traia, vkiek iMvw WMiukftoa . .FALH.hwl ' PHIL\nKI PHlA. W1L ^gpm M N G JO >_ A >_D B KL ' ' 1 TIVUKIS KAiUK"AD PK1 A? AND SVMMMk ARAANU KMhNT. ?n ud iJfT i\ KSDA Y Nlj UU,fuM>Mr 'raina for Philadelphia will leare Preddest Rrw kpot dailjJ except Sandaralaa foliowi, n? I xpr^o Treic at 6 15 A M .W?y Mul Truiu 43 A. M.; Erenini Mail at 4 45 <>'o?>ck On M'NIAY9M 4 45 P. M. obW. Ali VrtUna oocBert ?iUi lew York trains exoept 4.46 P. M. train on Satar nra. A Freight Tram with paeeetiger oar attaeked ?rMatj P. M . atnppmg at all 9taUone Mtwt ia'timcrp and Htrre d*-<>mo?. Patrccifii for be aware ar4 the Kaatera fhare f .Mary .and wi i fin<l the Boat expeditions roau by ay of W-iminttur. (XT'Ail Colored Peraona muat (ire bond before Ltering the oar a. WM CRAWFORD.Adk _^^__GNKAT CfcNTR A I. HOI'TK FOR BE rHK W EST. rw HCPKON HT KAILHOAU mmd NBW YO * KNTKAL HAILHUAD K?>r**? Trsiae W*** lew Yorkc ty depote of Hudnori River R?. :road wly. ?ud>'*7? excepted, ?? t?!tow? rom Chamber! street K'<m Slat ?t- ?tatio?. LtTOflani At ? 26 am 1100" 500 * m 1'-26 ' 6? t m s jn p m im f m and Rnffaio with oare, V6 P it 1 *6 f ) Conn?etmc at Albcr.y with the New York C? ral Kai!r<>aa for t*eheneotad?. RioLMtf. I'HM lfciav.% Koae, and iUUosi on * > and Waterown Ranr-a1. Hafft. y.liutcBM, Niifwt Fal ?, (n?per?i' c Bridge, Aabnrr. Gftot.C* ardaigva. Traioa in connection leare BiiTk'o u4 9aiy?ii I ion via Lake ?hore, Buffalo a?d t ake Hnroo atd Sreat We?tern Rai!'o?4. for Hamilton. Toronto, lotrnit. PklMin. T??.<w1n Mi.nthi B?ui n. f ? A < row. Mad won. Prairie I>u Ct.ien, Ga rra, )un!eitb. Dobu^e, Peoria, R?>ofc Islam). If narame, Iowa City. Bvrkncton, fairer, ^annciatd, LIton, St. Lonu, Cairo,Te're Haute lrdtanaaolia, jonianlle, Cincinnati. I a*ton. Coiun bua, Clevaknd.andar. poitU \N eat, North w eat and South reat. NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Trait a at Troy, witfc Troy ft Joaton and R ena. A Saratoga V oada for Saratoca Whitehall, Rutland, Burlington, ft. Albana. Roaaa 'oint, FlatUbnrgh, Ogdenat.urgh, MottraiC Ha., tc fLT Freight Arrangement* by tki* roata aa iboTe, wiUic i t change of Cara, Iron tbe l*pota la ihambera and i anal street*, are at ail times a* ivora' le aa made t? o?h' r Railroad Ccwaames. rhe *aeiHtieaof thia great New Vork KmiU.'o tbe Weat co?timend it to tbe cot Sdenoe of morcbanta >r. ?h ppera tor prompt; w ant dirpatoh Pmspi s<?r traio?, with rmokiuc and Pl*opir>? 3ar? ran id ooeqocUod en the New York Ceairw load. For particular* at to local train* and freicht ar aogementi, injure at the depot, & Warren ?t. A. F. SMITH, ^aperintendent. U. 8 OOVKRNMKMT LINE FORT MO Mi OF ASl) OLU POINT COMFORT. the lower ecd of T'NIoN DOCK.Ba.tinore, west aide, IMILY, (9unHare iDclt<ded,)at IX o'clock P. M. takin* pe*?ei<ier? and fe:ght. and >onn*ctinr with the Railroad lin?? to ard IVaahirifton, D. C., Phi ad?iphia. New York, i?oe on, York, Harrieba't, Pittabarc, Pa, aLd the Weet, immediate j aOer thr- arrival of the Expraat rrain front New Vol and Philadelphia. The foUowinc > the 8ch?d?.e : From New York to F?rt Monroe and l.aok., #14 From Phi'aaeiph a acd haok^. - - 2|? From Baltimore and back |? PROCURE YOl'R TICKETS .^3 In New York.a* the New Jersey Railroad Oftoe foot of Court ard street. i Id Phi aoe phis, at the Compact's otes.N. W. I >orn?r of Sixth ar d Chestnut streets, or at the D^pot, Rr?'a<i and Prirr.? str-eta. In Baltimore, on board the Steamers, foot of Union Dock. HUGH O'CONNER. Pa?enter Afent . FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. ^By the selecdid ard superior Staam-rs METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MA1>E. </*r-ai strength and speed, bat partionlarly adapted to the navigation of Lonx Is,and Sound, runninx in ?00a ecu on with the Fall River a?d Old Colon; Ratiroad, distanoe of 58 rcilee only to Boet?n I i\m ra T'iar r\ U Knrlh P i trae mm *> tl>* Ma ??*._ v? t v 1 (CI i^v. B i* V" ? -. *?-i ?VI i-roi mr vaivr' y , Tb* Steamer EMPIRE STATE,Capt firA?tos, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fr'days, at 6 o'olocl P. ,M., touohinrat Newport each w?i. Tbe Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt Brown, oa Fneadays, Tbnredaya and Saturdats, at i o'e.oet . M-. touohmg at Newport each way. Theeo Steamers are fitted with commodious state rooms, ani every arrangement for the security and oomrort o! paseengers who are afforded by Jus route a nights' rest ontioard.and on amta. at Fall Rirer proofed per Steamboat Train.rseeh ids Boston early the follow ;nr morning: or nay remain on Doard ?;ntil starting a{the Aoooir moca tio* at 8 A. M , which they may rtaoh Boston aboct?.V>A. M. | A barrage mastw is attached to each steamer, who receives and tickets tne I aerate. and aeeom 9&r'M the ?m? to iu destination. A steain ?r rnr.e in oouueotion vitii this Line be tween Fill Plrcr aud Providetoe uauy, exoept Sandaye. Freijht to Boston ie fonraMed thmnrh vilk creat dispatch t>j an Expree* Train, whien savea Fall River e*er? mornir c, Snnda*? n cuffed, M 7M o'olcok tor Boaton and N? w Bed.'oid, arnnug at it* dedication at about 11 A M F or freicht or pa tact. app y on !>oa-<3. or at the nffioeon Pier .North River f or atate tooma and be-tfu app fa k board, or if d??ireo to aeeare 1 them in advance, to WM BORDEN. Aj't W and 71 VV eat street, N Y. 1 THE KK6DLAK *!A!1. LINE IC^H^VIA SkOToN, BTONlNSTON ^ ""aiia PROVIDENCE, FOK BOS TON?Inland Route?The shortest s?nd moat dt rect?Carry tt?e Eastern Mail. The steamer I'LN MOLTH ROCK. Cast. J. C. Geer, and COMMONWEALTH, Capt J. W illiair.s, tc oo?inect!on with the Stonlnrton axil Proind?iKja.and B-^a-onaod Prcrideuoe Railroadr, leavinf New York <iai.y. bnrdar* exoerted, m>i?! Pier No 18 North R ver, at 6 o'oiock P Grotoo at 8-T> o'clocc P. M., or on the amva. of be Mai: T'ain which learea Boaton ft 5 ?' P.M. Th- PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YorkMonday, TYedaeedav, ard Friday. From Grotou-Tii ?J%T, rhnrfday.acd Saturday. The COMMONWEALTH, from New YorkTu?fdaj, Tliu.idaj. ai.d S*tur tay. Frca GruM/j ?Monday, W ednoeaay, aad Friday. P&aaengera from Groton y aw railroad to Providence and Bj?ton, id the Kipr*?? Va?t Train, reaching aaid pln.ce in advance < fthe?* l>y V. * J . ? ? l? * i -I uwuvi M'tuf, ?uu in siupiv wmp lur a ? il- rrij Morning Lane* ooneoUnn North and Kut. I>.e enter* that p. efrr it, remain on b?*rd the ?'??r?r, enjoy a night*'rect undisturbed break fMt if deeired, &rd le?T* Groton in the 7 l.S A M. Tr* in, connecting at Providenoe with ifce 1 ? A M. Tnin for tioeton. pAre froui ?*ro to New port, Fitt? eeata. A htcgMe master aoojupaniee ttt* Steaiaer and Train e?ih *a*. For Putsi?, ?l?t4 Rooma, or Freight, PP !y on hoard the &t?amer,or at the Freight Offloe, Pier 14 North Mivor, or at the Oftoe o| the Company, No. 116 W est at-eet.oorner of Cert land rtreet. Now York. Feh. 88. ISbi. HPl>St N RIVER RA1L.KOAP MP^AI KANY AND TKoy.CON NKCT1NG with Tit AINH NOB T* And WK8 r, Train* leave: J From Cham be ? at. V Y P" rom r*tli t reet t.xpreaa. 7 and I! a. m., 7^S,11 JS a. m , and Ut and SJP and 5 p tu. &?26 > >. I Itor aad AAm (Vitk 10.1s ? ?> , <Band%pa io I leaping oar) 10.15 p. m cladad.) Pout hkft?p?:e train s, a lea. it... and 1.10 p. a. m . 1.1ft f. re Peekakili train, ?.'*?p m 4.25 p m. 8ib? Sifcf train^.m a m.. 9M a. m.. and *M and aad 4 ? and 8.uo p. m t?s p. in. Piankill tiain, 43' p. m. 5 56 a m. X. r MlfH. SiHnBlMdtnt. kCHWKRira AitfS mk. tenlhtlatlBf Powder ^ t^e^n^koovi^Ud ? - wotm ffJwS'StlMAKSMISAS U^'.i"*/''iT* ''" 1 of 9irtr4 Col*K? fe&MlJSiam-k'totgM n.?o.?"' :^"'l- ? c- -1 iow~ SaUsi??! ' J?T?sb?Z ffsnsxssaKuab iE""" ?'-?-< ??? . I FVench ???yWB|U--as I ? 5US ?SS A uew edition of Ri^m'i Jafcatry Mi Kill JrcSsSi 552, nautak a mm,rnmmtrnm mwwv, fl*n. M?d?i. ?f ,rn> cmtiiUH 'W* "???>? >?!? ? - ? ? ?*l0 OTHK? WftlTB XMS?E&k Juu*f ' WfwSuS^^jlRfaj'*41* ???tm; kW. Ali Pcytne ?arl ?aJ<|t c be1* -?:l icV * t>-? * st?<.c!ant, osrvk?toMai?of I ? n/orni 'turtu An cxanibaboii ?.f ?tcoi .?*? * io puroiiAM. M-klt* ? L. I olMt M* *' H I

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