Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1861 Page 1
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i i <* (gtaitig Star. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. OCTOBER 81. 1861. N?. 2.714. UlEEVENIING STAR * ? rUBLIBKED B VBB T APTBRNOOl% I (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, 9$rt0r tf PtrntuflrmmU mvmmt mmd BUvtntk si, 91 W. D. WALLAOH. rtpen aerved la packagoa by carriers UK* par, ar 17 cento per month. To mall subeeatben Ito price to $3 JO a year, m ??wn, t? for atx Mfttj ?l ^ Uum months; and for lot ttu ftrw moetba at the rate of U onto a week. Bta|i?o*pte*. on c?*t; la wrapper*, two cnra. JZT ADvaariaanaiiTe should be tent to the *Mct before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may est appear until the next day. w HOW Ol*R ARMY IB NOT AN ARMY [Correspondence of the N. Y. Tribune ] WaaatxoToi, Oot. 24 ?The manifest pnbllo Impatience and demand that MeClellan should attack the anemy, indicate, I am inclined to think, how little the public yet appreciate the tremendoaa character of the war in which we are engaged and the immensity of the work we have undertaken. No loyal man woald wieh, of course, that we ahoald attack the enemy without a reasonable prospect of success The war, which ia likely to continue several years under the moat favorable circumstance.*, woald be lengthened at leaat one year by an unsacoeesfal general attack. My own opinion IU that if we bold oar own into the winter, having aeenred Kentucky and Weatern Virginia, and not loat Missouri and Maryland, while recruiting our army and navy, we shall have abundant ground for thankagiviog. It ia universally believed by well-informed men, I think, that the enemy fa in larger force on the Potomac thao we are. He haa thua far shown better generalship than we have. His poaition with respect to rearward oommunicationa ia superior to oura. The only advantage which we nave over him ia in the justness of oar oause, in a superior generalship (which remains to be proved) and in the superior equipment and diaeipline of our forces. Probably we are batter disciplined and equipped on an average; yet a considerable part of our force ia very insufficiently equipped, and a much larger part ia oomposed entirely of raw recruits not at all disciplined. There is not one really wtil disciplined regiment in the country. Not one, regulars or volunteera, and the whole army of the Potomac ia yet much more a mere mob than it ia an army of soldiers. There are almoat no aoldiers here as yet. Soldiers are not made in a day, nor in a month, nor in two months, with sach officers as we have; and the majority of thia army two montba ago were oiviliana, without the remotest conception of the habits of aoldiers. It is impossible to state too strongly the unfitness and inadaptation to the buainess of a aoldier whioh seventy years of peace have wrought in the habita of the people. Neither among officers nor men do you yet see anything or the air and carriage which, when a traveler sees in Barope, ha learns to say, " There is a soldier." I speak of regulars as well as volunteers. I don't mean that Gen. MeClellan is not a promising young general, nor that since he has been here there naa not been, under hia guidance, as much improvement in diaeipline as was possible for Americans under the circumstances. There haa been moat gratifying progress, and the troops that were here in July are comparatively exceedingly well disciplined now. But with referenoe to a true atandard of discipline ?the European atandard or the American at the eloaa of the Revolution?thtre are no disarmed trobp* at Washington, officers or men. I give utterance here only to a civilian'a judgment, or, as I said in a former letter, a traveler's snap judgment formed upon the most apcrficial observation Bat is it not true, and doea not any traveler'a experience oonfirm It, that you can tall wall disciplined soldiers at a glance ? Being no aoldier youraelt. you aay of one man, " He ia every inch a aoldier," add of another, " There is no appearance of the aoldier aboat him." with considerable confidence; without having seen him in action, and upon the moat auperficial observation; and in a similar manner I judge the army of the Potomac I ahewed you how the regulars exhibited themaelves at a general's funeral some weeks mnca. To-day we had a similar exhibition of the volantoera. A full programme of the form of a general order from the headquarters of the Provisional Brigade was published in the morning papers. It was, therefore, to be a atriotly military funeral. To begin with, it was ordered to march at 11 o'clock. It was 12 when, walking westward from the Patent Office, I diaocvered a regiment of volunteers detailed aa eaoort, in line, at reet, not a few of the men squatting on the ground?not a dignified attitude for a guard of honor, I thought. There were all aorta of irregularities of dress, of which I will only notice that among a thousand pairs of leggina there waa no evidence that any one had ever been properly cleansed ainee they were first worn; many had loat buoklea, which had not been replaoed I hope their musket locks are better looked after, but don't believe it. I wanted to aee MeClellan. who, the order atated, would take a place in the column, for though they aay he is out a great deal, I never yet happened to meet him ia hia rides. To get a good poaitioa I stood upon a horse-rack, on and near which waa already a group of I>own-Eaat volunteers and teamsters, who I perceived in a moment were yet far more at home with handspikes than with musketa. Tot some of their observations were shrewd and critioal. A tail man, dressed in a suit of civil clothing, without straps, and his black cloth pantaloons rumpling up half way to hia kneea, but with a military cap on his haad, rode ap and down the line, apparaatly giving orders or inatruetiona to the mo an tod officers. He waa in a military saddle with military trappings. I report the dialogue I heard: First Do wa-Baster?Who's that ohap7 Second Down-Easter ?Guess he's the ColoBel. Pint Down-Eaater ?What sort of a way is that for a Colonel to rig himself? Second Down-Easter ?Morphodite rig, I gueca Third Down-Easter ?He ain't no Colonel he's one of the new Brigadier-Generals that hain't got hia aniform yet. First Down-Easter ?Half General and half Minister. I'll to darned if that ain't a Brigaatine General. Second Down-Eaater.?Well, I said he was a morphodite. The body of the slain offioer was brought out of tha house, borne by aix Colonels?one of them Col. WUaon, in full draaa, the reet in military deehabila; the lino aalating with aolemn music Standing in salato many of the men turned their heads and looked over their afcouldera, eome were talking aloud, aome lounging on one leg, aome wriggling, aome aeratohing, aome held their pieeee in one way, aome in another, not a few as if they were fiahpotee, the whole ceremony being thua made mora ridiculous than dignified. The guiding aorgeaat (I mean tha man at tha extreme left cf tha Mae) stood with his lega open; and toes tarned in?ia the attitude of a man warming himself by a fire in hia rear?every now and then cramping hia head forward to see what was going oa at the other end. Bat I will aay no more of thia regiment; I don't know what one it waa; it may have arrived yesterday from the recruiting ground, aad it certainly waa a fine let of men, and the ofleerswere of a sort to make uncommonly fine ones ia three years The funeral march commenced, and then a part of an Irish funeral strayed ia; rickety haekaey coachei with apavined and foundered and blind old Waahington back-street jadea with black and white drivera, two fellow a alwaya oa the box, lolling and apitting; then a regiment of recruit* in dirty gray jackets aad trowaera, and without a reallyclean-looking thing on them, harried by, mostly four deep, bat aome all ia a haddle; they were going for a time on a run, to overtake the regi" ?l There waa another regiment of apleadid fellow, warmly dressed, bat with no more diaeipline than achoolbeya. The hsarae by the by, waa driven by a reapectablv-dreaaed. fal eitiaen; a proceerion followed of private esrnages aad hackney ooaohaa, aad every now and than a?me of the Irish faaeral that had got mixed ap with this?the driver* aarsing their lega, ehewing tobacco aad talking to one anothar from box to box la the stoppages which occurred. Among them waa the President, and Othera?foreign Minis tare, I aapposo?with servants in neat livery. **d deeen Qy-groomed honea with clean her Maa, ia marveloaa eoatract to all the military JuTiJ?#aid ']?? of old cavalry uniform*?mm with their trow- I ser? tucked into their rusty old olod-hopping boots, others wearing the trowaera down out- I side. Some of the beaata the/ rode were mis- I erable starved oolta, which had never seen a I currvoomb or shears, and which still bore the chafes and stains of some hard, rough pasture. I j of th# PP*???oa ?f that which I u sold all to one lot,' in selling in estate in I the country. No Cossack or Bashi Bssouk was ever half so rude, raw, undisciplined and uncivilised in appearance as this cavalry selected for a purpose of oeremony and attending the nobs of the nation. Speaking of nobs, as the respectable carriages were passing, a Blue Nose asked, "Who^a that taxy old cove with o L.wid*"aw*k#"' was * m?mber of the Cabinet wearing a brown slouch hat. General I McClellan did not appear, nor any other GenI eral, at least not on horseback. I thought I J saw epaulettes in some of the Irish hacks. It I altogether a queer, mixeJ-up business, I with considerable ox civil war, but uot the fir?t I indieatiomrf the beginning <>f military discipline. Oa the contrary, the general order I said the proceesion would start at 11. I came I I off, aod left a lot of fellows galloping around I I tnd trJin8 t0. 8et ready to start I f Mme spirit of inexactness and I indifference to details was evident in some way I in every man, offieer, or private, and in every I movement from beginning until I left. Not a I ?/ a" did ^ ??e whe seemed to have got I I bis military legs on. Now, if orders are carried out in this way, I I and equipments are of this sort, and so badly I J j D.oar? of? and th? 8am? awkwardness and I I indecision prevails when the grand general i attack that the people are so impatient for is I I made, what chance ia there for anything bnt I I confusion, disorder, and a set-back that will I I just invite England and Franoe to try to open I the ports, and so lead us into a war from which it &?P?rati?n *iH not see us clear, and which I I will oblige our fields to be cultivated and our I I locomotives to be run by women before it is I I ended ? Fe^ttna lent* ! Let us have an army before I we have a battle. We can well afford to postpone it until spring, We have not begun to II ,h? m?aning of war yet, while the I -i ?^ ?\*n now 8uff?ring and straining itself I almost to the utmost. We can afford to wait I a g?? thin* of lt Th? ?<*?? I . ?rything in the necessity of merely maintain- I I ing us present army opposite us. Mcrr. THE GREAT NAVAL EXPEDITION. I The New York papers publish the following I I as the official orders for the sailing and land-1 I mz of the great naval expedition . j The transports are to move in three oolumns I I in rear of the main body of the squsdron. I I The transports belonging to the first brigade I are to oompose the right oolumn ; those of the I I second brigade and Third Rhode Island Regi-1 I ment the center; and those of the third brignde I! I and the battalion of volunteer engineers the I I left oolumn. Each vessel is to retain its order I! I ia oolumn, and the columns will move in par- I I "I!?1 equi-distant, regulating from the 11 I right The sail vessels and other transports, I I inadequate to the tssk of sailing with the fleet. 11 I are to be towed by such steamers as the Chief 11 I Quartermasters may designate. The expeditionary corps is intended to make 11 I descent on the enemy's eoast. and probably I I under oircumsUnces which will demand the I j I utmost vigilsnoe, coolness and intrepidity on I; I the part of every officer and man of his com- I * I mand; and the General deolarea hia belief! 1 I that in consideration of the justness and boli-11 ness of the oause, of the ardent patriotism I 5 I which has prompted the virtuous and indus- I ] I trious citisens of the land to fly to their ooun- I I try's standard in the moment of her peril he I I will be effeotually and efficiently supported in I I his efforts to overthrow a sealous, active and I I wily foe, whose cause is unholy and principles I ! I untenable. On the approach of the transports | ' I to the place of disembarkation, each brigade I j I commander is directed to anchor bis trans- I i I port* as near each other as practicable, and to I 1 I superintend the disembarkation of his brig-1 1 I ade The surf boats with other means of dis-1 1 I embarkation on board are believed to be ca-1 ! pable of landing at once from three to four I , I thousand men. The surf boats are of different I i I sues; two of the largest may uke the officers I s I and men of a oompany of one hundred men; | 1 I two of the next sise a company of seventy I ' I men, and so on In proportion. The other 15 I means of transportation may take the remain- I 5 I der of a brigade with probably one or two sec- I I tions of field artillery. The disembarkment 5 I L* ,n thc fir,t line will I ; be the brigade trf Oen. Wright, flanked by i I two sections of Hamilton'a battery and acoom-1 I Pa""ed by the squad of regular aappers and I < I miners and two oompanies of Serrell's Volun-1 * I teer fcagmeers, with a sufficient supply of in- I ! trenching tcole and sand bag, the second , I line will be the brigade of Gen. Stevens, and I i I !* n?e??*ry accempanied by a section of Ham-1 j I Uton s battery and two pieces to be manned I I I by a company of the Third Rhode Island regi-1 I I , rea?rT? ?iU be composed of Gen. I < I L J>rn*ad*' remaining portions of I j I Volunteer Engineer, and the Third ! I Khods Island regiment, and will be disposed I I of aooordmg to circumstances. The boats of I not only each company, but of each regiment I I and brigade will land abreast as far as praeti- I cable, and in the order of battle. The utmost I effort will be made to effect the landing in I * that order. 8hould it be found impracticable \ to land immediately from the lighters, ther I j I the surf boats, when emptied, will immediate ! 3 jLEVul?" rapid landing of tne men J < from the lighters, and as soon as the whole M I kDj# u,,and?d a11 th? boats will return, and I 1 bring forward in like manner the troops ofl ! the seeond Une, and ao with the reserve. The I I general officera and commandera of battaliona I . Ac., will b? furnished in time with the plan I ? ^e-c?nt and the particular order of battle 13 .. 7116.^*ner*' thin" ^ probable that the first 2 line will have to oonquer the ground on which I ^ to establish itself, and if opposed by greatly I ? superior numbers, to mancauver, and perhaps I to momentarily entrenoh. If not seriously op- I | poeed, the first line, after overcoming imme- I 1 diate difficulties ia to continue to drive back I 1 the enemy bat will not venture beyond M supporting distance from the ahore before the 3 landing of the general oommanding or without I " hu ap^ui order, Three hundred aailora are . IliT/k 'aun?bing and man- 1 ning the aurfboats, and any deficiency of oars- 1 men in aurfboats is to be supplied from the 1 ^ard of these respectively, so that \ f^bo*Lwh?a.r.?ad7 ma7 be rapidly rowed J / ?.W .V 1Bo|di#r oarsmen will land and I form with their platoona. I ; I 3 NawamoMToaeveaa ?The Rochester fN v i I 3 tnlon of Mondav aaya: ' '|3 We were ahown thla morning a letter written I 3 by one oT the refractory member, of tbl /SS ? FuTt F'olda to hla brothel I a 0.1. city He atatea that the Dry Tortu^aalll I 3 land ia about one mile la circumference, aud that I * *hey are building a brick fort upon it Thev I ? have already placed la position ninety twoguna I W hen completed It will accommodate three bun-1 " nln KUM 11 been ?,Ten the b name of Fort Jeflreraon i The writer atatea that be waa never In better J health, and has plenty to eat?the dellcasles being I I cocoa aols, lemons, Ac He likes his situation I 1 . and had rather be dragging the guna I aB<|.^?n be soldier- I X1f*,?Ia . H* ^ been to Key Went, and I thinks It la tne nicest place he has yet seea The I fi -Z'rm' w"4 th* salubrious I " "^7* ^Jhe "5th st the Pert, I . SKrt^duSir1 boa"'"d ** consequent. ?lLh" ^ la * short I j j 1TJrssfJi *?? <, MOUUk U?k Uiii am oc. ,h.i? I I M* AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN I hospital. Pv&iu4ii m confor tnitf vttA the fiiWsiiM of I tk* Senate of July 18, 1981. At Btnoml HotpUal on K strttt, between Fourth I, ?? rxftk streets, Washington, Oct. 25. let EiMliior Brigade. 1 2d New HampshlreVol i 3d do do.... 1 3d do do 1 Mth New York Vol... 1 1st Michigan Vol!!!.*' * Wd do do.... 2 'id do do 24th do do.... 2 3d do do!.....* I *9tb do do.... 18th do do 3 38th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan 2? do.... 9 Independent Vol... 4 I ?5th do <0;... 1 7th Wisconsin Vol 1 j i?Jl,BT?ha>etteY#l" 1 1,1 Rhode Island Vol. 1 &? 2? do... 3 4th do do.. 2 ^ 2? 2? 15th do dn-1 12 v do.? , do-** 1 lrt 8*rnu Artillery 2dI VennontVolunteers * New York Vol 3 , l!u do.... 2 1st Rentucky Cavalry. 1 |, 5th do do.... l 1st New rork Cavalry. 2|| Ut Pennsylvania Vol.. 7 1st Penn Independent i ?th do do .. l Rifles .. i I i do.. 5| 1st N. JerseyCavalry(t) 1 do do .. 1 4th Penn. Cavalry 2 SjSth do do.. 1 ltth Indiana Vol 3 oA.? j? do.. 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 1 I 30th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 I i 3lst do do.. 1 6th do do (f) l I ?w m . do .. 1 1st California Brigade 1 I ' 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 6 _ 4th Maine Vol (?) i Total 80 ( ) One offlcer. (6) One officer, (e) One officer. I At Seminary Hospital, Georgetoum, Oct 25. 2d U 8. Infantry 3 #th Penn. Volunteers . 7 , 5th do Cavalry 1 loth do do I I 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 28th do do 1 I ^do...... 1 33d do do...... 7 I 2d Vermont Volunteers I 42d do do 3 I ^ do.... 12 1st do Artillery... 4 I I ?o^ **!!*chu*to^01" 1 ,Bt d0 Rlflrt 5 19th do do.. 1 4th do Cavalry.... 1 I UthNewYork Vol... 8 3d do do..!.!! 3 2? do.(a) 1 19th Indiana Vol...(6) 5 i4th do do 2 1st Michigan Vol 2 29th do do.... 13d do do...(c)13 I 2? 2? 3 4th do do...(rf) 3 I . 35th do do.... 1 Ath do do...... 2 1 36th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan |] ^ ?w .j?? do 1 Independent Vol ... 1 , Oarlbaldl Guards 1 2d Wisconsin Vol. (?) 3 i Moaart Regiment 1 5th do do.... 5 | Tammany Regiment. 1 8th do do 4 I 1 txcelslor Brigsde.... 2 Tesmsters, Q. M D .. 3 1 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 I, 3d Penn. Volunteers. 1 Total 120 I ' , (?) (ft) One offlcer (e) Two officers I i (d) Two officers. (?) One officer. I i At General Hospital. Union Hotel, comer Bridge 1 and Washington streits, Georgetown, Oct 25 1st Long Island Vol... 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 I 1 2d New York Vol 2 2d Maine Volunteers' 4 I 13th do do...... 2 6th do do...... 3 I i Mth do do 6 #:h do do 1 17th do do 1 3d NewHampshlreVol 2 I ' do do 1 id Vermont Volunteers 7 I , iS!. do do 1 3d do do 8 I 23d do do 1 4th Rhode Island Vol. 7 1 28th do do 1 1st Michigan Vol lli 33d do do 3 2d do do......24 I i 35th do do...... 2 3d do do 4 I 5? do do 5 I 43d do do...... 2 2d Wisconslndo 5 I 50th do do 2 6th do do 2 I I 79th do do 5 1st California do 10 I ' 3d Penn. Volunteers . 2 2d do do 2 I 1 5'h do do 5 1st Minnesota do I I j 7th do do l 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 I J Sth do do 3 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 I i o!M? 2? *** d0 do... ll, 'j;'? do do 3 Oneida CountyCavalry 1 I 1 17th do do 2 Stockton's Michigan I . ?? 2? 1 Independent Vol... 1 I 7th do do 2 Mott's Battery 1 I I fi. Artillery.... 5 Baxter's Fire Zouaves I I ; ith U. 8. Artillery.... 2 Teamster 1 I Id Cameron Dragoons. 5 I 1 Id do do.... l Total 183 I Kentucky Cavalry .... 3 j At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, I ( Per 25 I I8 l|3d New Jersey Vol... 2 1 i id Maine Volunteers.. ? 5th do do ... 2 I d0 d0 3 7th do do.... 2 1 '* } 5? do 3 l,t Penn. Artillery.... 5 ..0 ^ 3 3d do Cavalry 2 I 10th Massachusetts Vol 9 1st do Rifles i I li!!1 do* 3 3d do Volunteers.. 4 I 9th do do. 1 4th do do 51 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 8th do do 12 I f*1.? do . . .do I '?"? do do.'..!!! 6 I 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 12th do do 7 I 1st New York Cavalry. 1 13th do do 2 I f? ^ol 3 27th do do!.!!!! lli do do I 3lst do do 5 J L8th do do 133d do do 12 I 0 *} d0 d0 3 35th do do 1 b J3?. *J? do 4 Cain's Penn. Rifles... l I wth do do .10 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 I do do list do Vol...:. 2 3d do do l 2d do do 3 fi do do 2 4th do do 2 *)* d0 d0 1 7th do do 11 4? do ? 8th do do...(?)l3| 3d do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 1 <*0 do 1 5th Wlsoonsln Vol... 2 1 * Sickles Brigade, N Y. 2 6th do do.... 5 rsmmanvR. Y. VoK. 2 7th do do.... 2 M j? 4? 1 Minnesota Vol 2 I 0 2! f^-aw d? u4? * 8 ?th Illinois Cavalry... 2 d f? IT o Sharpshooters 1 Sturgls Illinois Rifles. 1 I st U 8 Chasseurs ... 2 19thlndlsua Vol 12 I Lincoln Cavalry 4 27th do do 1 0 2 California Vol 2 McUelian'sDrsgoona 1 1st D. C. Volunteers .. 2 I 1st New Jersey Cavalry 19 I 8d do Vol.... l Total 231 I (a) One offlcer I' At Qmoral HfitpUal, (Circle,) Washington, ! Oct 25 If !f. U: s Cavalry 5 2d U. 8 Infantry 1 1 do do 2 3d do do... 3 (?t do Artillery.... 4 8th do do I d do do ? 4th McCall'a Dlvlfisn. 1 | I f 5 27th Pennsylvania Vol. I I !k 5? 5? 1 Quarlexaia?ter,? Dep't 1 I * ao do fi r I do Infantry 2 Total 42 I 5u* remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive I D**easts, at Kalorama. Oct. 24. j Ith Maine Volunteers. 1 47th Pennsylvania Vol. l WstNsw York Vol... 1 VlcKnight<sPenn Vol 1 L 5? do.... l 3d Mlcnigan Vol 1 I ^ ?th do do.... 1 8th do do . 2 I Id Excelsior Brigade. 1 1st do Caviiry'.17 I o tOerman Rifles 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... i| J. 8 Chasseurs 17th do do... 9 I Jsrris Light Cavalry. 1 19th Indiana Vol 16 # at New Jersey Cavalry 6 1st Minnesota Vol l I at Pennsylvania Vol . 1 3d U. S Infantry 2 $ ith do do.. 1 ? I. do do.. 1 Total 88 I At Omtral Hospital, AUxandrxa, Oct 25 ! 3 3^ Penn. Volunteers . 3 I 2?h T j do Cavalry.... 3 j n 7^ ? do....23 45th do Vol ........ 6 L ? do....12 2d Michigan Vol..(a) 12 I do.... 3 5th do do 5 I fl 5th do do.... 7 Lincoln Cavalry 4 I ??h !f? do.... 5 1st New Jersey Vol... l I pi 7th do do....10 5th do do ... 1 VermontVolunteers 1 I / 7th Cwneron 3 ' 7th do do.... 2 3d Michigan Vol l I oJh a? do---' 7 MlnnesoU Vol l 0th do do....10 61st Pennsylvania Vol 2 I b< ! K th do do 8 _ di th do do 1: Total 184 I ? (a) One offlcer. " I ^ .IP!" p?pe" pl?*e copy and send C Ills to the Wsr Department. oct 29?3t I [lUPONTS 8UNPOWDER, ?! JUCEWHEAT PLOUR, CEEO FLOUR. ? r?mEfWcHELL. , ?2-22 Coraar Vermont av. and I6.h st. I ~ JAMBCRO CHEESE I I h J.,. _ k Hamburg cheese * I ^N<>?iTN.w Pianos LEA k PERKINk* CILIMATID Worcestershire Sauce.

Pronounoed by 35 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H of a Letter from a to be the II at Madras -ONLY GOOD JTi His Brtkt SAUCE." HHK9 at Woroester. Md tppliMbl. to Ml EVERY fffK in India, and is. id VARIETY my opinion, themost paiaUble, u well M OP DISH ^HijMthe most wholeeome that is made. The above SAUCE > n?t onlv the IMTand most roPVLAK condim kut k no wd, but the moat * ??? *?ical, a* a l?w drops in Soup, Gravy. or with Fifk. hot and oold Joints, Buf Steak, Ha*u,Jtc . impart in exquisite sest, which unprituipltd Sauce mau I afactnrers have in rain endeavored to *m*tat* On the Breakfast, Lunckeon, IHnntr. or Supntt Table, a oruet containing " LEA A PfcRRINS' I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ie indisponsable. I To appreciate the excellent qualities of this delicious preparation it is only neoessary to purohass I a sm?ll bottle of the rmitine. of a respectaMe gro I oer or <^ea er, as many Hotel and Restaurant pro I prietors seldom place the Pure Sauoc before their I guests, but substitute a genuine Uottlt filled with I a spvrtovf mixture. For sale by Groaers and Fruiterers everywhere. I JOHN DUNCAN A SO jS, I Union Square and 141* street. Sett York, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United states. 1 A Stook always in store?Also orders received I [or direot shipments from England. __ Brware of Counterfeits and Imitations.UUJ sepS-ly.eo I SOMETHING NEW! /^N IjJStUTHT DiscoTSET At 381 C street, opposite ~ tkt Tkeaer. ~ OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roast) in two minutes, tke fastest time on record. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends I la the District, and visitors to the oity, that he has I refitted his old and wiLi-inow.t sstablishmxnt in a most thorough manner, and ha* made compiete arrangements to furnisn OYSTERS in any I tyle and in any quantity. 400 to SO* ga Ions shuoked | p??r day. 2 wo to S 00o cans of Spioed and K>esh I put op daily?cans hermetically staled. Furnished I in the shelf by the kushe or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regu- I larly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, I irithout fear of failure, should call and make ar- I rang?m*nts at onoe Freight, time, and money I laved by purchasing of me, as I furnish an article | Mual to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, | u prioes just a* low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardinea. Clama, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F^t, Tripe, Ao.l kc., Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sauoes, Brandy I Peaohea, Ao. Alao, Game and Fresh Fiah. Tur- I ilea, Terrapins, Freah Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. I In fact, every thing for aale in the Northtrn mar- I kets always on hand, at reasonable prioea. Hotels and famlliea aupplied with Oysters. da- I ivered without onarge to any pare of the Diatriot. I in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment ia open from 5 a m. to 12 at | light, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 oloae at I 10 o'olock a. m. ae27 T. M. HARVEY. I Tto officers. ! HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on I ihe Pruaaian principle, arranged for sleep- cv nrortoaot as an Ambn.anoe in oaae ofX^rt I iiokness or wounds. with ample room for I itor's and provisions; light, water-proof, and per- I "ectly new, having been just ^uilt to order by one I >f the first makers in N?w York, ia ofTered for aale I it coat prioe. Alao, a handsome, atrong, sound, dark-brown I HORSE, either for waddle or haraeaa. I Both may be aeen on sppiioation to JAMES I BROWN, at Mr. Irvine'a Stables, Corooran'a I Lane, behind the Chain Houae, between 1 and H I Itreeto. ?P 80 piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. capital 777... ?ao 0,000. imMf C street and Louisiana aw., wir Bank I of Wasktnglun. N8URE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY I AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dubctoss. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samnel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Ainlrew Rothwell, Thoa. Parker. Riohard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davis. No charge for Polioiea. JAMES ADAMS. President. I A??l G. Davis. Secretary. aq 9-eo4m VaVY BLUE FLANNEL, Broadclotha, and I /I Cassiinerea ; Army Klue Flannels, Broad- I lotha, and Caasuneres, assarted qualities that can I , ? relied on. Heavy Colored Blankets for camp servioe. W ith all kinda of Dry Goods for tte use of house- I ;eep?ra. I 1 Carpeta, Curtains, Oilolotha, Ruga, Ac., upper! loora. One prioe only, marked in plain figurea PERRY V BRO.. |( Pa. avenue and Ninth at, oc 17 5t "Perry Boildii-g." I 1 4 AQUA A8CUTUM CLOTHS." < Water proof /a. Repellant Clotha.) for Ladie* and Gents' I Luiumn and Winter Wrappiags, various n.ades, I if the best quality. With all other kinda of Dry Goods for onrrent I ally wants. One price only, marked in p ain figures. All parcels for the interior properly packed, free | . f oharge. PERRY A BRO., Pa avenue and Ninth at., oc 22 St 'Perry Building." I Btopham'S arrnt PREMIUM TRUNK <SS3fi MANUFACTORY, 499 Ssvbhth Strut, Wasbimtoi), D. C. Mlrar Medal awarded by Maryland Inatltcte I Baltimore, November 7,18#n. I ( LIm, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics'Instltite, I Washington, D. C? 1857. I , am constantly making, and alwaya have ei hand, of the boat material, every description of tne Sole Leather, I Iron Frame, Packing Ti nnka, Psllisier, Carpet, a?4 Canvaa Traveling Baca, _ School Sato he. Oka., I At Lmt Prices. Umbers of Congress and travelera will please I xamine my atook before purchasing elsewhere I fuinks that are made in other oitiaa. I Superior Leather and Dreaa Tranks made to I rder. Trnnka oovered and reaai rod at ahort notioe. Goods delivered fVc? or charge toanyfpart of the 1 it* M>rgetown. and Alexandria. , JAMES S.TOPHAM. i | NOTICE. I 1 STYLISH Autumn and Winter Wiappinga for I idiea, of qualitiea better than aaually found in thia I i larket, in Woolena and Silka Many novelties in I ha wis. With al. kinda of Dry Goods for the gen- I ral and apeoial wants of families and housekeep- I < rs. I ? Oae prioe only, the actual cash atandard value, I iarke<fin plain ngurea. I t Our Northern and Eastern correspondents send I s new supplies daily. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotha, Rugs, Ao., npper I I oora. An inspection of stook implies no obligation to I t rohaae. PERRY A BRO., oc 2-*t Pa. avenue and Ninth at. ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. ? TYLBRfS I COMPOUND SYR UP OF QUM ARABIC. 1 Thia pleasant and popular Cough Remedy haa I sen so long known and extensively u:ed that moat I arsons have beeome familiar with its extraordi- I ?ry effioaoy. It ean be had at all the prmo pal I r. rng stores, at 2S and 80 oenU a bottle. I L oc 14 d2mAeo4m* I "JRaND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY: but I A SMITH nas not advaneed the price of his I lothing whioh he hasinst received and is selling | ' r at suoh remarkable tow prioes Give me a oall I ,. id satisfy yourselves of tho great bargains that | i e now offered ovary day at SMITH'S, No 460 L iventh st. ocl lm I * PERSONS NEEDING BLACK GOODS are solicited to inspect oar large aad complete I ock of all the standard fabnos for moarning ap- I re^i withal: the minor rsqai'ites for persons Is I An inspeetion of stook implies no obligation to I | irohAM One priee only, marked ia plain firnras. I V -in'oS^*- c''V?tihjkS? " s |OME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, j | J BIIH JOHNSTON, 1LTIMORI LOCK HOSPITAL, H*J Htttmtrtd tkt matt Car tews, SftUf mmd eaip R**udf *m tkt World, FOR ALL DI9EABE8 Of IMPRUDENCE. LMT NO FALSE DELICACY FREFKNT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, JN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. ViikcmW '^1 tt:l, Strictaraa, Afacuooa af tha Biduya aad Eladdar iwiiiun unentifti, Impataacv, 6?oral Dability, Nu'wmw, i>yai>apa?, Uumt, Co*faa?a* of Max, Low Sfin-j, ?s pi-.auoai of tha Haart, Timidity, Tranblwn, Dimnaaa ?' Big at or Giddmaaa, Oknaa of tha Haad, Throat, Naaa or Skin. Affacuona of tha Laura. Stoaaacn ar B'wala?thaaa Tarnbla Lhaordara ariaing from Self urj Habiu of Yoath?thaaa Praadfal and Daatracuaa Praetxaa which rtodir M>mi(a impaaubla, ud daatray both lad? and Mud. YOUNO MEN Eapacially *ha hara bacoroa tha rieuna af Baiitary th.t draadfat aad daatrccti'a habit which aunaally awaapa (a na anomaly graaa thoaaanda of Toarf M?ual tha aaat italtad '.altnta ?nd bril'iaot imallaet, wha aufht otharwiaa baaa antrancad Uatatang Sonatas with tha thai iara at tla gaaaea or waksd t? acatacy tha liaiag lyra, may uli wi? nil eooidanca. MARRIAGE. MaKBtao P*aioi*?,or Toang Mao aaataaptatiag Marriara, bain g awara of phyaical waaknaaa, organic dabiuiy, dsforminaa, Ac , ipiadii? carad. Ha who placaa bimaa.i andar tha eui at Dr. J. may rallgiaaa r coolda in hia honor a* a gautlaman and aobSdaaUy raly apon bia akill aa a pbyaieian. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. lift band aid* going from Batimora atraat. a faw daara fraa tha cornar. rail not to obaaraa oama aad aainbar. Lauara I maat ba paid and contain a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, Mambaraf tha Royal Colla^a uf 8argaona, Loodaa, fradaata from ona of tha moat aminant Collagsa in tha Cnuad I ulaa, and tha fiaatar part of whoaa lifa hai baan apaat ia I tha hoapitala of London, Paria, Philadelphia and alsswbart, I baa aCactad aoma of tha moat aatoniabuig earaa that wara I a?ar knnwa; many troablad with ringing ia tha haad and I aara whan aalcap; graat nsraouanaaa, baiar aiarmad at I aaddan aoanda, baahfalnaaa with fraqaant blaahing, attandad I aomanmaa with daranfaroanl at mind, wara carad laaa- I 41 *t"'' TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taaog Man and othara who hara irjarad ihamaalass by a I a a rt a mi practiea indulg ad in whaa a loo a?a habit fraqaaatiy I laarnad from a?il compamooa, or at aehool, tha asacia at 1 wbico ara nightly fait a?an whan aalaap, and if aot ccrad. I randara n.nrnaga impoaaihla, and dasiroya both mud aad body, ahoald apply immadiattlT. Thaaa ara aoraa of tha aad aad mslaacholy af acta rrodacad I hy aarly habiu of Tooth, ?i*t Waaknaaa of tha B?ch and I Limbs, Pains in tha Haad, Dimnaaa of li(tt, Loaa at Masra,ar I Powar, Palpitation of in a Haart, Uyapapay, Nar.oaa irriia- I hility, Parangamant ot tha Dtgaaiiaa Pancuoaa, Qanaral I Dahiiity, Bymptoma of Conaamption, Ac. M in Tally.?"Hia faartal alacu on tha salad ara macb la I ha draadad?Loss of Mamory, Coafaaiao of Idaaa, Dapraaaiao I at Spinta, Kril Forsbodings, Aasrsioai at Sociaty. Salf-Dia- 1 trwat, Loaa of holitnda, Tunidity, ate., ara aoma at tha aaila I rodacad. NiitoU* DlhlLiTT.?Thoaaanda ean now Jadja what ia I tha cawaa of thair daclmiaf baalih, loamc thair rig or, bacom- I tnf waik, pal a, naraoaa and amaeiatad, haau( a aufalat I appaaranca a boat tha ayaa, coajh or aymptocaa at canaamp- I U"?' DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tha miaraidad and imprndant votary at p.aaaara tada I ha bu imtkbad Uia aaada of thia palnfal diaaaaa, it toa of; a a I happana that an ill-utaad aanaa of aha ma or draad ef diaca* ary I datara him from apply in( to thoaa who, from adacauon and I raapacuhility, Caa alona bafnand him Ha falla iota tha I handa of ifnorant and daaifninf pratandara, who, tacap?hla I at carina, filch hia pacaniary aabatanca, kaap him trtliaf I manth aftar month, or aa lonf aa tna amallaai raa caa ba ah- I | Uinad.and in daapair laaaa him with rainad ha.lib to aijrh I , aaar nia rilling diaappoiaimaati or by tha aaa of that daadlj I poiaor?Marcary?haataa tba coaiatitational aymptoma at thia I j tarnbla diaaaaa, aach aa Affacuaoaof tha Haart,Thraat, Haad, I kin, Ac., prorraaamc with frif htfal rapidity, till daath pau a I San ad to hia araadfal aaffarlnfa Vy aandii-f himt a ifc?t aa- I tacararad caanlrr (ran whaaa baaraa oa traralar raiarna DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC I WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. I y thia naat and important ramady waaknaaa af tha acraaa I , ara apaadUy ehrad and fall aifW raatarad Tbaaaanda af tha I aat narreaa and dabilit<itad, wha had laat all hop a, aara I baan imiaadiataly raliarad. All impadtmanla la Marriafa, Phyadaal m Manial Dhaaal- I Ilea liana, Laai af Paaeraaura Pawar. Haraaaa lrrubiliir. I TrambUnf and Wa&kcaM ar Btaaa^aa af lb* maat faarfal I k',a<l ipaadily r arad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. T?? Many Tllor?a!*n? carad at thia inatitauan withla I tha laat aaaaotaan raara, and tha aamaroaa impartait larri- I tal aparauona par'anrad by Dr. Jobnaian, witnaaaad by^ha I raportara at tSa pa para ana many othar raraooa, naticaa of I which hara apcaarad again and again bafora tha pablic, ba- I Maa hia atMiaing at a f anilaman af charactar ana raapaoal- I tility. ia a aaHciant gaarantta to tha ! ctad ma r lH? NOTICE. ? ADAMS' EXPRESS CO>lPANT " I , Thi? Company offers to th# ?ubli?M I Adv&nt&ger' for the t**fe And Quick hiapatch of I Heavy Freight* PAokAtea, ValnAblea, Money, Ao. I Ao., to ?!1 pur'e of ?be United ?t&t?a. Kxprenae* to And from the North and Wait de- I part from And arrive in Washington twice dai.y. I , All Fxpreaaea Are ia ohArge of txrtrunced omd I , reiiabi* Mesaengera. I All Pacltacea for The Soldiera oarnec at "oxb I | halt" oir usual rate*. I . All Go? da for the ao-oal!ed "Confederate State*" I 1 And a!1 Artiolas ** Coutiabaod of War'' will be I KirvsBB. Ou< Exprosaf* leave Nev York at 1. S, And 6 P. I M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M And &J0 I P Me Expreiaea leave PhiladelpbiAat 8JB A. M- and I 11 P. M? arriving in Waahington at 6B0 P. M. And I 1A.M. ? _ I a Ezpreaaea leave Batiinore at 4 BO A. M. And 8 P. I 1 ^.^Arriviug in Waal.ington at S A. M- And S9D I Kxpreaaea for all eointa North and Weat leave I ^ Wasnincton at 13D A. M. and 2J0 P M. daili. Special Contract! for 'Arge qUEnt!ti?? of Preight I < san he made oa AaplioAtion to thia < 'ffioe. I AH Gooda sailed for and tiehvetod Jtm of Extra I ohargea. E. W, PARSONS, I , Sup't Adams' Kxpreaa Company. I i Washington. Aamat?. I?6l ae?-tf I 1 YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will eurely net yont money's worth br I Bailing at the PIONEER MILLS, toutkwut ser I , ar af SitiMtk ttrut and Cual, (GEO. PAGE. 1 Agent.) They sell oueaperand give better meaaare I Lan Any otiiera in tne tvity?cut,, and fleliv- I I ared free of ohArge. If tgb don 11 elieve ?i ve J the Pioneer Milla a tna. and be satia&ed. I . a I riOOTS AND SHOES TO BS1T TEE I U TIMK8. We are now mAnalActuniii all kind* of BOOTS I had SHOES, and eoratantJr reoeiving AgUi I itpp y of eastern matie work of every ae-SHE ortvaoD, made expreirly to order, and ?: f W I t>eeold at a mnoh lower price than has been* HL I keretofore charged in uaa eity for HMk infener I hrtieea. Persona in want of Boola and Shoes of eastern w I lily made wort, will alwaya find a jood asaortmM I la store and at ?e lowest prices. Bu s ce a call. SRIKFIN A BKO? aa a v ?t a >*?naaivaris a??r?a ARMV I" ?8n cans SAUSAGE MEAT, I * MO cans FHKSH TOMATOES. i 481 cant FULSH VEAL. aBO caus BEEF,* im modi, 340 cana ROAST BEEF. I , JBOcana KRESH MUTTON, I* 940 oana BEEF and GRAVY, 940 oana SOUP and BOUILLI, I I 0eases FRENCH DESSICATED VEEE I TABLES. I For sale at New York Factory erioM. . j RING A BI RCHELL, 1 e I Corner I and Hftoenth atreeta. I HNEW BOOKS. . I b 1 STORY of the United Netherlands, by John I ti laOthros Motley ; i vol*.; free b? mail, f 4. I d The Riae of the Dutch Rf*y nblia. a hiatory. by I lohn Lothrop Motley; Iro i oiotn; free by mail, I 'silaa Mamer. the Weaver ?f Ravelel, by tite I ' hntuor of "Adam Bede ;" cloth 7?oents ; paper ? I icnta. Life And Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop I li'geant; tl>0. , After loeberga with a painter, a Summer Vojaia I o Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lonia L I Mob e: flAO. , The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Oar I ton Oila. by Thomaa Antisell, M. D.; #1.*. Any of the above free bj mail. I ? FRENCH * R1CHSTE1N, ap M <7S Penna aven?e. I L^OR OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS-Vaek r akin Gauntlets, aevrral eoalitte*. I fl Heavy Grey Bla^keta for Camp aervioe. I Blue Cl--tl)a and Caaaimerca \arioaa ^oalltiae. j One pnoe only, marked in plain figsree. I We alao offer all kicdaof srst class Dry Goods I or the general atd special. wmU ol1 fassjlie* aad I ousekeepers. PERRY A BRO^, I v Pa avenee aod Ninth st, oc 19-at "Perry Buiidim." I WJ BOYS' CLOTHING. j IT E Have reoeived within the last day ar two a I trge Assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH- I NS. embraoiug ail style* of low-prioed. aedtaa, I ad Kne qualities, which w* are selling a t very I >w price* for oneh. ! WALL. STEPHENS A CO., BUS Pa. av., between Mh and loth au. aa K (IateHuenotf aou R*eeNi*aa.i T w\ATTHS"bafAS!"opnct'^ ! SfrgSflftaaM 1 ITatohe*. Diamoa s, Jew* ry. Silver ware.CloUig. Pistols, aod all kinds or Jteiehandiae. Basabh strictly confidential, ae 1 HKRZBj^EG^BSI EfSH POPLINS AND N One enee otdy, the aetaai ca*h HiaUrt valae, "fl ujtasna ^ B THE WEEKLY STAR. MMkteUf a graatar 'HftueuW ku4 la uT w*m is NklkM "FrVUr-^mlM " MIMa m?4I II ?^ **^^""",m??'????m ? ??? IM lllewlably eeetaiMtke " wwktMtee Nawa' ttal baa mU? Tko Dmiif Ftmubj FmrtroaiatB o feaeraLljr Um>u*hoot ths niaU.,. C7"Single copies (la ?pp?) m ^ _^_ cure* at the Mauler. InmMUMr altar the tawa of the paper Frioa?THREE CENTS fl ELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " UIOHLT COKCMimtTMOf Compound Fluid Xxtract Bnohm, A Patutro and SfotxfU Rtm?4, For IhMtNi of IU BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GR A VEL. aad DROPSICAL SWELLINOR Tfcta Msdioine inceaees the mmi of Du^im k' "kEOIKltt * *<>???** Into haa-Uir^c^a* bj wbioh the *iTUl 01 and a i vrritviai m<uai4ni are radioed' as^well ae paik ud inplabm atiob, aad u gcW MEN. WOMEN. OR CRaLDRRK. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHXJ ... . For Weaknee*** name iron hit^e, Habits of Dlselpatioa. Earl; I dnorHmi or A^aea, Atltndtd with tkt Foil em Kg Syrup imi:? Indisposition to Exertion, Lose of Povw. Horror of D<?^s*. w. JSH.JS' p^tassa. -... jja Dw.VSfa,. akh. iR."tiU a*i; r/S: PAILID COrffTBBAMCB. Theae sympt< m?. it a lowed to go oa. whteh ** 'medicine inrariaMy remorse, soon fo love IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT*, In ont of wkick tkt Patiomt may E*r*r* Who o*o raj fiat they are not followed by thoee "ntmi bisbasbs." INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the naaee of their saFeriag. bct now* will conn ss. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And Ikt Mtlanckoly Dontk* If ftaaWpKa, aaaa ample with*** to tbs rivra or raa iwimra. TBE mr^lWcWayar * Re*uiree the aid of medioiae to etreagUiaa aad Icrif orau the Syetea. whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT SUCRE a tiul will coittibcs rn voex eupTicax. FEMALES- FEMA LES- FEMA LBS, OLD OR YOUN8, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many A,gtenant PocnUar l? ftwilil the fcxtraot Bucnu la nneeaaUed by aay other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention. lrr> ga.aniy. Peicfu-nese, or Suppressioa of CuAcmarT 1 raa nations. Uloerated or Solurroas state of we Uterus. Leaoorrhea or Whiles, SMrinty. sad for all oomplaiots incident to the eex. vnethar aristae from ladisoretion. Habits of Dissipataoa, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE BP LIFE t en symptoms sacra. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. Tnkt no mart Bait am, Mtrcwry, or Psplmsst Mtdtcint for UnpUotmmt and Dmnftramo Diseases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCEV era as SECRET DISEASES In all their States; At little Id?| Littla or no change in Diet; No laoonraaieaeet And no A y seats. It oaases a frea u at desire and fires etraartfc la Urinat>, thereby Rem nag i-bet. uokous. Preventing and Csnog Sirietaree o( the Urethra, Allaying raiaand UlawimOot. so fre^u"nt in the olses of diseases. ao<i szpoillag sil Pouonout, IHstastd, and worm otu Manor. THOUSAND* CPON THOUSANDS WHO HATE BEEN THE TICTIMt OF QUACES, tnd who lare paid koavy/oo* to heearad la asbart lime, have found thry were daaatvad. aad that the -poison" has, by ths use of rowir/ul ati imgimir* Seen dried up in tha system, to breat oat laaa [rarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uee HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RUCRU ill affectiona and diseases of ua CRINAR.T OROAMS, whether azieting in MALE OR FEMALE, torn whatever oaase onglaatiag aad ca aialf at HOW LONG STANDING. diseases of theae Organs repair* tar aid af a DtraiTic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV IB THE GREAT DIURETIC. tad it ie ooitain to a%\e the ad eat ia Jisoases for wk%c* it it rocomumondod. IT1DIICI or TBB MOST BBSPOBSIBLB AMP E?LLABLB CMAB.ACTBB rill aooompaay ths madisinaa. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From ? to SO j tars' ataadlag, ?"h AND PAMS. m -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE m NOTICE." wb Kin "bo iseut" or "fvaajntam.** HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU oompoeed of Baeha. Ca^ebe aad Jsniyar Bsrnaa. elected with great oare by a soapussi trafgiat PREPARED IN TACVO, BY H. f. URLHIOLD, 'raottoal aad Aaalytxoal ChesaMt. aad Sole Maa nlaotarer of LKLMBOLD'S QKNUDTX PEXPA&ATXONS. AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before ase. aa Alrlsi mmat hs oily or Ph. adslphia. It. Ti HiuOMl, vfca aiag daly strc a. d >tn ray. kla prssaraUeae aoaka ao naroobc, no asereary. or otAer la/arswaa rmtu. bat are paraly a Swor^- and aabaaribed before asa. this 5* Cy aC iorember. 1164 WM. r. BIUbTkP A Id si mas. Nlath sL.aao?a JLaas, Fhila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE f*0M 8 A. M. TO P. M. Prima SI per bettle, sriUlarli. Dellrared to aay addraaa. aaaaralr paaBad frsa beer ration. . . ??ws H. T. HELMBOLD^wtS!*-"*'10 BEWARE OP COUNTRRFEITS AND VNPRINCIPLED DEALERS s* HolmboWt Qowmmo P\opmaHom*, of ss s? Isrispsrflh, m ss Jmpromod Earn WasA. Sold by 8. R. WAITS. & ft. ojui. Jtn n&M. 1- C.^BA S R jLjrrwiaTua.^R ^C. iNITALL DE VGGISTS^ETEE YWWEEE. ASK TOR HXLMBOLDt TAX1R0 0BBL no avoid (MpownoN mi i rrrw?i aoartbt Symptemi m g(j PmnhmmImm. Sir# i"9Bil,>? i ? a ^ s? ' 6 V) f

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