Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1861 Page 2
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?BtSSS 1 ' THE EVENING STAR. WASntNGTON CITT: THrBSDAY OetoWr 31, 1*1. Ovb Fatajips at the vulov military camp* and positions will confer a <b?oT by keeping ns potMi U te meTTSfrmfe and sft?ra tn their vicinities fe F~ To ?wir Baltimore renders wr would mt bit tbe first ind RfTtmd edition of the Star caa be bad in Baltimore ef K. F Htxelton, agent. No Tl Weil Baltimore street, near fiay-the Brit edition it half pest four end the second at eight o'ctoeh, on tbe arrival of tbe train* from With Isgton, giving all the lateat newt from tbe fat of war up to tbe time of going to pre*. Spirit of the Fleming Press. The fnt'ihfn'rr, In an article npon tbe govsrnrreot of Maryland, arguea that tbe success or defeat of ?b% seersrionlsta at the polla will not affect the ?*atua of the State at all, at tbe Federal Government will allow no man to occupy public '?C* In Maryland who*.' sentiments are hostile to the I'nlon. TW k?p*blir*a devote* lta attention to newa T*? Gsbat Opbeatic Cos< bit lo take place - tow night, at the theater, naturally excites Ah Interest la musical circle* here and tn the --omm unity at large, as It ia not often that we bare ptesen'rd on a evening such an array of eminent talent The appearance of tbe great American prima donna. Miaa Hiukley, aupported by auch a tenor as Brlgnoll. auch a basso aa Susini. and auch a baritone aa M&ncuai. ia Indeed a moslcal event tn Washington. Reserved se^ta mar be secured at our neighbor MetzercU**, and at WiUarda' Hotel. A PaovrxcT er ? a Fm tr? run Famil*."? Tbe New N ork Tri*u*'. by?ome legerdemainprocured from tbe War Department, and publiabed yeaterdav. General Sione's report of tbe battle of Ball'a Bluff and Gen. Tbomas'a report to Secretary Cameron In the Fremont imbroglio. That ' advance of the real of tbe preaa. Tbe upshot will ha a ferocloua war on the part of tbe iNew ^ <*k HiraiJ and Tim* upen Secretary Cameron. tCTIt is announced In tbe New York papers that tbe S'ate prisoners confined In Fort Lafay ette are all to be removed to Fort Warren, iu Boe'on harbor, which baa been for some time titting np far their accommodation The object of the change u r.ot divulged, but it Is believed to be the Intention of the Government to put tbe fort la a more pe-fcet state of d -feosf for tbe protectlon of tee harbor of New % ork. ILr Mr. J. W. Fairs, brother In-law to Alexander MeKlnley, tbe private Secretary of Coui Dnpont, who, tt ba* teen reported in the New i orfc paper*, had absconded with map* and charts of the n?val expedition, ia out In a note denouncing tne wl'W ?tory ax a calumny tL*-Tbe employees of *he Cbarlestown navy yard, oa receiving tbelr pay last Mouday, gave <me day's wngsa for the benefit of the Massacbu atta soldiers The sum donated amounta to 6,00?. PaoMOTia ?James Flsbback, of lllioois, has been promoted from s first class clerkship (V12U0) te a second claa* clerkship (SI KXt.) in tbe Third Auditor's Offl e of the Treasury. H-T Commodore Brer it, recently relieved by Com Tauiding aa commandant of the Brooklyn navy yard, h?s taken up his rculdence in Philadelphia FacM Whtiis Via?miA? Tht Cap tin of fiaaiocy?Fan? llundrt' Prtxoturt TokmThe W heeling Press of Tuesday gives tbe following account of tbe attack of General Kelley on tbe Wwn ef Ronsney. and tbe defeet and root of the rebel forces W!Li*,r**'2n a WWeman direct from Romney that the fight took place near Mill Creek, nome four or five miles from Romnrv. Tbe rebels TP" ao<* (ien Kelley'afW them at double quirk ? The only stand the rebels mad* waa near the Indian Mound Cemetery and in the The enemy threw shell, but could do uo amage. Our troop; then made an entire rush at ItefrA^tSTat P!*">g under lo- s^V . tb'T ?*Tf way Tbe rebel infantry ow t-d towards Winchester and tbe cavalry towards Springfield, but were checked at the wire suspension bridge by a detachment of Inion !C>oP!.TeU),Ml frorn Cumberland. They to-e up ?Be bridge to prevent our troops from crosalng ?en Kell^y captured son^four or five hundrf-U ,U Co1; K- A Armstrong, K Richmond Convention, two hundred horses, three wagon loads of new ritles. f*nBon; * UrHe 9"aatity vt corn, tentv and fwrytbing they had The ioas on our side was but one man kl.led and five wounded The know? *?ut must have ^ Ty" Wheeling Intelligencer gives the above R"^?'J'*rs, with the additional announcement foree^fe ,yetH1 occaP,e,, R^mney with a loree of S SiM men, constating of two Ohio regl2^ *' * * eoaapeniea of the Seventh Virginia fntF! ' ?1e c0,nPan) of 'be Third Virginia, and two cavalry companies ^*05t.T"K RA-^a?-It is reported that the Serretery of War us made up his mind Mmm^n^OT1Le rank" ,U b . ,howhv their akili and bravery that they will make good officers. We w!il be received with heartier reV.i"" i 7, tke P*>?Pla of tbiacouuJ r *r mean? could bede vised to make our ? -Idlers fight well. But such ,b^=fe tb* rew"rd of pliant i . I . I!l ?"c1bt to h* immediate and ?. Hi', !i ** ??rteratood that to be ment.oned n the dispatcbea of tbe commander will Ming It.stent prenr-otlon. and it Is not onlv tbregulars who will wtn for then selves rank and honor by ge.Unt cond act For the present, it 4/r"t *dTa?>t?ge to many of our v?i10 a frw atoady, cool and intelligent non-ccmmlsaloned ofllcera from tbe ^ Placed among them as company " tb# ?PP??r" to be In ?,M*. we recoiumend him to fill TnthU manner the places falling t every day by t hr resigns tlon ef^lneapaijft vninnteer captalaa and lieutear?tf.S^!".r2f,!lAI* Pbi*?? The Philadelphia C- ?y?^ "Yesterday morning the s schooner 8pecl? arrived at tbe navv y* d w?s captirred by tbe aloop-of war Dale Commander Eaward M. ^'ard, of New Je sev on the Bight of the !2th of October, in longitude i*l d?-g m,flT..TP*t' iud ,atl,*<e <?tg. 21 mm north. tkT^ ??^?^|-ab, Georgia, and bound for JSWitb * M,*o of rice. The 5 a chAt&~ of Master Henry B. ' fv * pr,f" cr*w?f five,and sent North, ?* * * the navy.yard yesterday morning " Tha bids for over a !!!?n feet of lumber for the use of tbe army war* opened In Washington on Tuesdsy. The M* bid for white pine boards (coin Wwi K,).T7" ,16 rr Sl< *** " P?f M for iJ? k"5'. T^fe WM on? from Port ahmitaL cv It contained a long proviso W>f Pepartment opesing th^otomac, p. ,T.-,d'StrZuZ: Mavob Zaov*i ?Major Ztgoal, whose brilliant <*vatry charge a the bead 07^7^ fi^Sd v SP"n^ we h.',^,! drrsn^nM^ w^?'LrilfU,h,,v!re ??*er"tnent, and atcscauoas, which be habitually wears testify to the brave deeds which he ihi^d' ?fore com ag to Ibis coenlry. In person Major Zsgonl ? '?<? ??ls appearance of?age k* ' ?hout thirty-five years ID? Edward Kendall, tbe celebrated bugle P*?yer died at bis rssldeace In Boston on >atur? . or ronibmptton His age was M jresrs For ?aay ysars Mr Kenda'l was connected with the 5 * has been the leader *Vfr^ . Hf alio ^rmrn^ aorved. an4 vryrtyBr bo went his bugle playing excited the nmmm wonder. He was donbtlesa the best per*a that insUumentln tbe world. Tboae *. Ho? Jo"1* C Baa^aiaatnei,?TttUg^iieuiau has publtsbed a manifesto i? the perp|,?f Krn. J' la dated at Bowling Ua*>a, aad b? ae>s M is written st the first moment mtnee bis expulsion from home that ha couid pi Ace hss feet o? a'Kentorky la It be reoig-as his seat as ? member of the ilanatn of the L'alt ml Statea, say inM>* ' exchange, frith p. r?od satiaflatlon, a term * *LxJrmm ,n Catted f?tstos f^Mte foe the ?ke? of ? soldier ' Om MILITARY BUDGET. liect e.>ant rorOKIL WISTAB Lieut Colonel WliUr, of the California feegitnrnt, vrbo behaved so gsilantly at Ball's Bluff, baa returned to Philadelphia. His surgeon believe* that be will recover from his wounds without the loaa of a limb. Hla report will be made out as soon as hla bealtb permit*. Col. Wistar w*i a personal friend of the lamented Col. Baker, was with him in California, and Joined him In Philadelphia to raise the regiment of which he is the Lieut Colonel commanding. The death of Baker la peculiarly distressing to bin, and the more so because he Is forced to the conclusion that tbat gallant oUlcer, in his praise worthy de sire to conquer the enemies of his country, exceeded (be orders of his commanding General. All deplore, with Col. Wistar, the aad losa of the patriot soldier and statesman, and no word of reproach Is called for against a brave officer, who backed hla judgment by bis life. But justice to the living demands the unbiased relation of facta v raoHoTap The President haa promoted to second lleuten ancles of the S Army, the following non-commissioned officers, dn addition to those whose promotion was published In the Srara day or two since ) Viz. Acting Sergeant Major Frederick Phillster, Q uartermaster Sergeant Frederick H Brown, First Sergeant Henry B Fret man, do Samuel J. Dick, Lance Sergeant James P. Galloway, do. Thsddeus 9. Kirkland, do. Joseph M ;Connell;? all 'he above of the lsth Infantry, and are to be attached to that regiment as second lieutenant*, la accordance with the President's pledae that the promotions In it should be from the ranks. Alao, Lance Sergeants Robert P King, jr., and James J. Semple, of the 15th Infantry, to second lieutenancies 1 n that corps, under the same promise of the President. ?AV? takd There has been no arrival from the flotilla since our report of yesterdsy, and consequently we have no river news Matters are progressing in a satisfactory manner at the workshops In the yard, and unusual activity prevails The Jacob Bell is still on the ways; and the repaira of the Atiacost:a and painting of the Mt. Vernon are still in progress. ~ The Hugh Jenkins (Injured by collision with the Leslie) has been taken to the ways near Geo-getown (Lasby's) for repairing. There was practice Bring of the 11-inch gun at the vard this morning, and *ome excellent shots were msde. my Thomas' report. ^re shall a* soon as possible publish an abstract of the report of Adjutant General Thomas upon the condition of aSatrs in Fremont's army, which saw the ll^ht y-sWday in the New Vork Tribun, The peper Oil- more th>m one page of that journal^ and treats of every point of the now well-known allegations agai iat the commander of the Department of Missouri its promulgation to the public forcts a direct issue It Is known to be sustained by a majority of the Cabinet as being truthful in ail reepocts rOBC'BD TO CLOSI BIS DOOBS. Every five minutes throughout the day almost some one or other .ends his card up to General McClelian Nineteen-twentieths of such calls are to gratify mere curiosity on the part of the callers or to grind their individual axes. This uuisance has at length arrived at such a pitch that to-day he has been compelled to keep his doors closed against everybody except his immediate staff, having public business to attend to tost cannot be interfered with upon any account. Look out foe falsk accounts. in a day or two we will doubtless And in Richniond papers telegrams announcing mishap* to [ tb<- grent Union combined naval and military expedition. such as Hollins sent concerning his bogus exploit with his steam ram and mosqufo ' fleet, and Bra^g sent from Pensacola concerning j whst eventually proved to be the defeat of his forces seut against Wilson's camp on Santa Rosa ItUnd Look out for them. kblicvkd. Capt. Thomas V\ jlson, late Lieutenant of Fifth Infantry, USA. now Commissary with the rank of Captain, has been relieved from duty as an acting Assistant Adjutant General on temporary duty In this city, by Lieut. J.s Conrad, Second Infant'y, who having been wounded In the battle of Sprlngfl-ld, while an aid to Gen Lyon, is still uuflt for Held duty. *tscoj?DrcT or somb or the j?kw yobe volokTBBBS Some members of the Thlrty-thlrd New York Regiment, owing to gross misconduct yesterday got Into a d Acuity with citizens |n the neighborhood of Lewinsville, In which two of the former were severely Injured. Gen. Hancock sent ont a detachment and promptly placed the soldiers under arrest. A MlSsias OrriCBR. Capt Henry 1i. Davidson, of the Tennessee First Cavalry Regiment, having left his regiment Julrlst, on thirty days' leave of absence, and having failed to report for duty, has been dropped from the rolls. ArrncAJiTs roa areoi?ttmkmts in thb wavt The Navy Department will take n? notice of applications for plscea of masters or master's mates, where the ages of the applicants are not stated, and references to the last employers given ABJO OrriCBB RETIRED Col Henry L. Soott. one of the Inspectors gen eral, aid son-in-law of Lieut. Gen Scott, has been retired by the Army board, owing to Lis physical disability SOLDIBRS OBCEBBD TO BE SHOT TOR .LEBriBS AT THBIB ro?TS. It Is understood that Gen McClellan has issued an order for the shooting of four soldiers found gulltv of sleeping at their picket pos's COL. M'CABTBT SUFBESBDED It Is understood that thecommand of the Fourth Rhode Island Regiment Is to be given by Gover nor Sprague to a citizen of Rhode Island. 9BHBBALSUTLEB Major General Butler arrived in this city yesterday Mabbiaob or Miss Isabella Hutelkt.?The ^ la" evening says ' lo day our favorite prima donna, Isabella H inkley, ws* married t > Nignor Susinl, the fritno tmsto of the associate artists '' This accomplished and beautiful younir lady Who achieved so marked a success at the Acade"iy ?L1Mn1',r,?2 tL* ntghi of -23d of Januay' ? !V a daughter of the soil, an Amerl can girl beyond peradventure, havlnv been hom lu Albany. New 1Vork, In the yi^ w remarkable musical powers as developed early lS-b.7 C'u*Td h" frl'nd? ?<> desire thvt she should have the advantages of a thorough musical education, which she received In Itift She won brilliant musical laurels on tbeconti. nent, and whle at Cologne, Ullman was present at a representation of " II Barblere," and lmme NewVorV'ih)1^ ?<? engagement for r*ew Y or* She was already engaged for Milan but by paylna a sum of money the engagement was cancelled, and that of Ullman accented and to Mil ..IIM N \ ork, arriving there on the 17th, after an absence of three years and seven months. She appears here in "pontic concert, It will be remembered, on Friday night. Farther frou. Lirspe Halitax, Oct J?i ?The steamer Europa has arrived with advice* from Liverpool of t?e 19th Inst Sbe brings nearly ?8 000sterling The Paris correspona-u of the London Times writes that dlsrnssions as to the line of policy to be adopted by France and Eugland on the American question are again renewed, and that posei,1?? broMihl over by the Prince napoleon may have contributed to make the Emto listen to proposals which i?. ,B th'* f^P^ct by England. to thAiZS^ l"ftCT 10 lbe Lon<,on T?mes alludes "< my. thai .b. f- Ib? S5?r,tSr^ SSVSfeJS: SPC?Si!2? Sir " m#??polT fl?T b* rt'raled ^VoOon *faA"n.mr0t protectionists government will srsrelv "i the screw with foreign customers D? bu jju?t ib.unt.(4?<.r <*Sm&S<S2H Crax>w, Oct 19/?Tke churches at Win* were forcibly entered by tbe military and uZ male portion mi tba congregations Mmveyed to tbe citadel Hal/of the persons arretted have since been rele^ed, bat It was asserted that two thousand prisoners remained la tba citadel, who be drafted for military aee^T' rt aaarty < ieeaC tbe cbnrebes oe aeeom.t of tbefr piofanatlon by tbe military GENUAL StOnC'S REPORT. \ The following la a copy of General Stone j offlelal report, aent la to the War Department t Headquarter* Corps if Ob**rratioa, j f October 28, lbdl. J ? <r??-ref; On tbe SOth Instant. being sdvlasd t from headquarters of General McCall'a movement <i to Dralnsvllle to reconnolter And draw out the Intentions of the enemy at Leeaburg. t Went to t Kdward'a Perry at 1 o'clock p m , with 0enersl i Gorman'a brigade, ?:h Michigan, two tr< >pa of 1 the Van Alen Cavalrv, and the Putnam Ranger*, r While four companies of tbe 10th Maasachusetts Volunteer* wefe sent to Hamson'a laland, under ^ Colonel Devens, who then had one compandor, t the lalaud. and Colonel L?*. with a battalion of i the Maaa-ichuaetts Mt?h, a aection of tbe Khode i laland Batterv and l animanv Regiment, waa aent i to Conrad's Kerry A aection of Bunting'a New 1 York Battery and Ricketta Battery were already f on doty respectively at Kdward'a and Conrad's ( Ferriea e General McCall'a movement had evidently at- 1 tracted the attention of tbe enemy, a regiment of i Infantry having appeared from (he direction of 1 Leeaburg and taken abetter behind a hill about 1 one irile and a half from our poattlon at the i Ferry. 1 Gen Gorman waa ordered to deploy hla forces I in view of the enemy, and In ao doing no move- 1 mentof the enemy waa excited Three IIatboata I were ordered, and at the aame time abell and I spherical case ahot were tnrown into tbe place of the enemv'a concealment Thin w?s done to pro- I duce an Impression tbat a croasingwas to be i made. Tbe ahelllng at Edwards' F^rry and tbe 1 launching of the boata Induced the quick retire- I ment of tbe enemy's force aeen there. and three I boat loads of 35 men each, from the 1st Minnesota, i crossed snd recros*ed the river, each trip occupy- i Ing about sit or seven minutes. 1 While this was gblng on, the men evinced by 1 their cheering tbat they were all ready and deter- i mined to fl;<ht gallantly when the opportunity waa presented At dusk, Gen Gormau's brigade I and tbe 7th Michigan returned to camp, leaving 1 the Tainmany regiment and the companieaof the 1 13th Maaaichuaetts and artllleryat Conrad'a Ferry i In position, awaiting tbe return of scouts Mean- j while Gen Stone remained at Edwards's Ferry, i At 10 o'clock p hi , Lieut Howe, quartermaster of the 13th Mas&achiis-lts, reported tbat acouta 1 uuder Capt. Fhilbrlck had returned to the laland. t having been within one mile of Leesburg. and there diacovering In the edge of a wood an en- ( canipment of 30 tents No pickets were out any I distance, and be approached to within 43 rods t without being even challenged. 1 Orders were then Instantly fent to Col Devens t to croas four companies to the Virginia shore, t and march silently under cover of night to the c position of the camp referred to, to attack aud destroy It at daybreak, pursue the enemy lodged i there, as far as would be prudent, and return 1m- c mediately to the Island. hi? return to he covered t by a company of the Massachusetts iWih, to be ' posted over the landing place Col Devens was f ordered to make close observation of the position, r strength, and movements of tbe enemy, and. in > tbe event of there being no enemy there visible, r to hold on In a secure position until he could be I strengthened sufficiently to make a valuable I re<onno:aamce. ^ At this time orders were sent to Col. Baker to f send tbe 1st California regiment to Conrad's ferry, % to arrive there at sunrise, and to have the re- t malnder of his brigade ready to move early c Lieut Col. Wood, of the 25th Massachusetts, c was also ordered to move with a battalion to tbe a river bank opposite Harrison's Island by day- a break Two mounted howitzers, In charge of 1 Lieut French of Rlckett'a battery, were ordered f to the tow path opposite Harrison's Island. C Col Devens, In pursuance of h>s orders, crossed T and proceeded to the poiut Indicated. Col Lee t remaining on the bluff with 100 men to cover his ? return. To distract attention from Col Devens's 1 movements, and to make a reconnaissance In the 1 direction of Leeshurg from F.dwards's Ferry I r directed Gen Gorman to throw across the river'at t that point two companies of tht 1st .Minnesota under cover of a lire from Rickett a battery, and 1 aent out a party of thirty-one Van Allen Cavalrv 1 under Major Mix, accompanied by Capt Charles a SMewart, Assistant Adjutant General, Capt. Mur- i phy, and Lleuts Pierce and Gouraud, with orders to advance along the Leesburg road until th?y * should come to the vicinity of a battery whl-h < w<i? known to be on that road, and then turn to ? tbe left and examine the higbU between tbat and ? Gooee Creek, and see If any of the enemy were i < posUd in the vicinity, find out their numbera as I ? nearly us possible, their disposition, examine tbe ' country with reference to the passage of troops t-? t the Leesburg and Georgetown tjrnplke, snd re- I t turn rapidly to cover behind the skirmishers of ; * I the Minnesota 1st. I his reconnol*sance was most ^ gallantly conducted, and the party proceeded I aloiu the Leesburg road nearly two miles from a the Ferry, and when near the position of the bid- > den battery came snddenly upon a Mississippi regiment, about thirty-flve yards distant received r Its lire, and returned it with their pistols The J fire of the enemy killed one horse, but Lieut fiuu- r raud seized the dismounted man, and drawing f him on his horse behind him carried him unhurt a from the field. One private of the Ith Virginia r C'Vdlry waa brought off by the party a prisoner, -1 who. being well mounted and armed, bis mount t reolaced tbe one lost by the fire of the enemy. 1 Meantime, on the right Col Devens. having in d pursuance of his orders arrived at the positiou a designated to him as thesite of the enemy's camp ?< found that tbe acouts had been deceived by tbe a uncertain ll^ht, and mlatnken openings in the ? trees for a row of tenta. Col. Devens found, how- b ever, a wood In which he concealed bia force t and proceeded to examine the space between that' r and Leesburg, sending back to report that thus t far he could see no enemy. Immediately ou re- n ceipt of this Intelligence, brought me by Lieut. Howe, who had accompanied both the parties I I ordered a non-com missioned officer and ten cav- ti airy to join Col Devene for the pnrpoae of acour- F ing the couutry near him while engaged in hi* c recounolaaauce, and giving due notice of the ap- fl proach of any force, and that Lieut Col Ward v with his batt i lion of the 15th Massachusetts should tl move on to Smoot's M ills, half a mile to the rig ht o of the crossing place of Col. Devens and see li where, la a atroog position, he could watch and protect tbe flank of Col Devena in his return, and a secure a eecond croaslng more favorable than the E iirst, and connected by a ?ood road witb Lees- t burg Capt Candy, Assistant Adjutant-General, t and Gen. Lander accompanied the cavalry to serve t( with it. For aome reason never explained to me o neither of these order were carried out The r cavalrv were transferred to the Virginia shore o but were sent back without having left the shore' c to go inland, and thua Col Deven>> was deprived ofthe m-ana of obtaining warning of any a pproacn fl of "he enemy- p The battalion under Col Ward waa detained g on the Bluff in tbe rear of Col Devens, lnatead tl of being directed to the right Col Baker hav- c Ing arrived at Conrad's Ferry witb the 1st Call- tl an early hour, proceeded to a Edwarda' Ferry, and reported to me in person, li sta'lD" that bis regiment waa at the former place, and the three other regiments of his Brigade tl ready to march. I directed bin. to Harriaon'a a la'and to assume command, and In a full conver- fi satlon explained to him the position as It tben d stood I told him that Gen McCall had ad- a vanctd his troops to Dralnsvllle, and that I was d extremely desirous of ascertaining the exact po. o ltton and force of tbe enemy in our front, and exploring as far a* it waa aafe on the right toward b Leesburg, and on tbe left toward the Leesburg fl and Gum Spring road I also Infor.ned Col ti Baker tbat tieneral Gorman, opposite Edwards' C Ferry, should be reinforced, and tb*t | would d make every effort to push Gorman's troops care- ri f.illv forward to discover the beat line from tbat A ferry to the Leeaturg and Gum Spring road, al- c re-dy Mentioned, and tbe position of the breastworks and b'dden batterv. which prevented the b movement of troops directly from left to right, b were also pointed out to him. a The means of transportation across, of the suffi- rl clency of which he (tiaken was to be Judge, was r. detailed, and authority given htm to make uae of a the gnns of a section each of Vaughan'aand Bunt- p lug'a batteries, together with Freoch'a mountain c howltiera, all tbe troops of hla Brigade and tbe d Tammany regiment, beside tbe Nineteenth and ai part of the Twentieth regiments of Maaaachuaetta o Volunteera, and I left R to bia dlacretlon, after o viewing the ground, to retire from the Virginia tl ahore under tbe cover of hla guna and the Are of a the large Infantry force, or to pass our reinforce- tl ments In case he found It practicable and the poaition on the other aide favorable I stated that 1 wiahed no advance made unleaa the enemy ~ were of Inferior force, and under no clrcumatancea fl to paaa beyond Leeaburg, or a etrong poaltion be- U tween It and Goose Creek, on tbe Gum 1 I e , tbe Vlanaaaas road Col. Baker waa cautioned q In reference to pa-lng artillery serosa the river ; ?i and I bevged if he did do so to aee it well aup ported by good infantrv. The General pointed c out to biin the poaltion of aome bluffa on thla aide * ofthe river, from which artillery could act with II eflv-ct on the other, and, leaving the matter of crowing more troops or retiring wnat were already " over to hla dlacretioo, gave him entire control of fl operationa on the right. This gallant and ener- U getlc officer left me about 9 a. m , or half-past 9 and galloped off quickly to hla command. ' u .,.Rp;e?forcen>ent* wer* thrown to the li Virginia aide by Gen. Gorman, at Kdward'a h Ferry, sad tbe skirmishers and cavalry acouta ad- ** vanced cautiously and steadily to tbe front and 2 right, while the Infantry lines were formed In f, each poelttone as to act rapidly and la concert in d eaae of an advance of tbe enemy, and ahella were o thrown by Lieut. Woodrufa Parrot guna Into the " woods beyond our llnea as they gradually ez u tended, care being taken to annoy the vicinity of the battery on the right. Messengers from Har- rlaon'a Island informed me, soon after the arrival fl of Col Baker opposite tbe island, that he waa ^ crossing his whole force as rapidly as possible " and that toe toad caused an additional flat-boat to 1 be raft d from tbe canal Into the river, and toed provided s line to cress tbe boats more rapidly ii In tbe morning sharp skirmish took place be- f tween two companies of the SOth Massachusetts '* and about 100Miaitailpp! Riflemen, during which a body of tbe enemy's cavalry appeared. Col n Devens ttoea tell beck In good order on Col. Lee's U pssitton. Presently be agale advanced, tola men X ?>?tonvlng admirably, lighting, retiring and ad- a vancing in perfect order, and exhibiting every * - r ?~~ *4 ?- ? iroof of high courage and rood discipline. Hsd be csvalry Scouting party, sent him In the mornng. been with hltn, then be coald have bad Imely warn! tu: of the approach of a superior orce which afterward overwhelmed Ma repliant Thinking that Col Baker might be able o nae mofeartillery, I dispatched to htm two adlltional pieces, supported by two companies of nfhatry, with dlfectlona to come Into pesltloe velow the place of creaatnf. snd report to Col. Jaker Col Bakef figassted thta himself, later n tbe day. just before tbe guns on their way arived

After Col. Devens's second advance.Col. Bikef vent to tbe field In person, and It la a matter of ??trret to me that he left no record of what officers ma men he charged with tbe care of tbe boats ind insuring the regtilsr ps*#age of tfoopa If iny vi ere charged with this duty, It #U flat performed, for the re-lnforcementa as tb?yirrl**d ound no one in command of the boata, aad great lelaya were thus occasioned Had one offlcer mrl a compenr remained at each landing, guardng the be." t2. ?heir full capacity woald have been nade ?erviceable, snd sufficient men would have >een passed on to secure success Tbe forward ng of artillery before Its supporting force of in'antry also Impeded tbe rapid aaeembltng of an mposslng force on the Virginia shore If tbe nfantry force had first crossed, a difference of 1,000 men would hare been made In tbe Infantry lne at tbe time of attack, probably enough to lave given us the victory. Betweeu 12 and 1pm the enemy appeared In 'orce in front of Col. Devena, and a sharp sklrjiish ens'ied. and waa maintained for some time ay tbe 15th Maasachnsett*, unsupported, and findng he wo ild be outflanked. Col D*vens retired 1 short distance and took up a poeltlon near tbe wood, half a mile In front of Col Lee, where he remained until 2 o'clock, when be again fell Sack, with the approval, of Col Baker, and took lila place with tbe portions of the 'Joth Massachutetts and lat California, which had arrived ,Col Baker now formed hla line, and waited Ibe attack of the enemy, which came upon him with great vigor about 3pm, and waa well met t>y our troopa, who, though pitched agalnat much mperlor numbers, three to one. maintained their ;round. under a most destructive fire of tbe enexiv. Col. Coggswell reached the Held amid the heaviest tire, and came gallantly Into action.with 1 yell which wavered the enemy'a line Lieut Bramball, of Banting's Battery, had suc:eeded, after extraordinary exertions and labor, n bringing up a piece of tbe Rhode liland Bat^ry, aad L.eut. French bla two howitzers, but >oth officers, after well-d rected firing, were soon >orce away wounded, and the pieces were hauled 0 the rear, so that they might not fail into the memy's hand At 4 p. m Col Baker fell at the heed of his collinn, pierced by a number of bullets, wblle beerlng his men, and by bis own example susaiulng tbe obstinate resistance tbey were making The command then devolved upon Col Lee, who >repared to commence throwing out forces to the ear, but It was soon found that Col. Coggswell vas tbe senior in rank, and be, taking tbe cmnnand, ordered preparations te be made for marbling to the left, and cutting a way through to Edward's Ferry But jus' as the first dispositions *-ere being effected, a rebel officer rode rapidly In rent and beckoned the Tammany Regiment to yard the enemy It ia not clear whether or not be Tammany men supposed tbls w?s one of our ifficers, but they responded with a yell and ibarged forward, carrying with them In their dvance the rest of tbe line, which soon received 1 destructive tire from tbe enemy at cloae distance. The meu were quickly recalled, but their new >ositlon frustrated tbe movement designed, and Jol Cogswell gave the necessary order to retire. I'he enemy pursued to tbe edge of tbe Bluff, over he landing place, and poured In a heavy fire aa >ur men were endeavoring to cro?s to the Islnnd i'he retreat waa rapid, but according to orders. The men formed near the river, maintaining for learly half an hour the hopeless eorUest rather ban surrender. The smaller boata bad disappeared, no one tnew where. The largest boat, rapidly and tooleavily loaded, swamped at fifteen feet from the Uore, and nothing was left to our soldiers but to iwim, surrender or die With a dsvotion worthy of the cause they were ervlng, officers and men,while quarter was being ffered to auch aa would lay down tbeir arm*, tripped themselves of their swords and mnskets ind hurled them Into the river to prevent their ailing into the taanda of the foe. and saved themselves aa tney could by swimming, floating upon ogs, and com eallng themselves in tbe bushes of he forest, and to make their way up and down be river bank to a place of crossing. Tbe Inttnce*|of personal gallantry of tb>- highest order .vtre so many tbat it would b? unjust to detail ^articular cases Officers displayed for their men, ind men for tbelr officers, that beautiful devotion vblch la only to be found among true soldiers While these sceues were being enacted on th<? ight, I w^s preparing on the left for a rapid push orward to the road by which the enemy w,,uid eireat if driven, and entirely unsuspicious of the leriioua condition of our troops. Tbe additional irtiilery hid already been sent, and wben tbe nesseiiger, who did not le<ive tb?* Held until after ; o'clock, was <juestloned as to Col Baker's posiI011, he informed me that the Colonel, when he eft. seemed to feel perfectly secure, and could loubtless Lold h's position In case be (bould not dvance Tbe same statement was made by anther messenger half an hour later, and I watched nxiously for a sign of advance on the right, In rder to push forward Gen Gorman It w^s, as a<1 been explained to Col Baker, impracticable a throw Gen. Gorman's brigade directly to the ight by reason of tbe battery in the woods, beween which we had never been able to reconolter. At 4 p m , or thereabouts. I telegraphed to Gen. tanks for a brigade of bis division, intending It d occupy the ground on this side of the river near lariison's Island, which would be abandoned In ase of a rapid advance, and shortly after, as tbe re slackened, a messenger was waited for on rhose tidings should be given orders either for b" advance of Gen Gorman to cut oil the retreat f the enemv, or for the disposition for tbe night 11 tbe position then held At 5 p m Cspt Candy arrived from the field nd announced the melancholy tidings of Col. laker's but with no Intelligence of any urtber disaster I Immediately apprlaed Gen tanks of Col Baker's deatb, and I rode quickly 3 the right to assume command Before a. r>vlng pposlte tbe Islaud, men who bad crosaed tbe iver plainly gave evidence of the disaster, and n r?acblng tbe same I was satisfied of It by tbe onrtuct of tbe men then landing in boats The reports made to n?e were that tbe enemy's jrce was 10,(100 men Thla I considered, as it roved to lie, an exaggeration Orders were then lven to bold the island, and establ'sb a patrol on tie tow-p-'.th frem opposite the island to the Une f pickets near the Monocacv, and I returned to tie left to secure tbe troops there from disaster, nd make preparations for moving them aa rapIIy as possible Orders arrived from Gen McClellan to hold be Island Virginia shore st Kdwarris' Ferrv at II risks, Indicating st tbe aame time that reinarcements would be sent, and Immediately aditlonal meana of intrenching were forwarded, nd Gen Gorman was furnished with particular 1 ructions to hold out against any and every force f the enemy Daring that time, Gen Hamilton with hla rlgade waa on the march from Darnestown. Be?re 1 left to go to tbe right, 1 Issued orders to itercept bim, and instructed him to repair to lonrad's Ferry, where orders awaited him to so lapose of bis force as to give protection to Harison's island, and protect the line of tbe river. >t 3 a. m. Major-General Banka arrived and took nmmand. A report of divlalon for the following daya will e made out speedily. I cannot conclude without ea'lng testimony to the courage, good discipline, nd conduct of all the troops of thla division doing the day. Those In action behaved like vetema. and tboae not brought into action showed that la^rlty and steadiness la their movements which roved their snxlety to engage the foe In tbelr nuntry's cause We mourn tbe loss of the brave eparted, <ie?d on tbe field of honor, if not of jeeess, and we miss tbe companionship ef those f our comrades who hsve fallen Into the hands of ur enemies. But all feel that they havs earned le title of soldier, and all await with Increased ontidence another measurement of strength with ae foe. Cbas P. Stops, Brlg-Geu. Commanding. ng- AT TKNTION, PRESIDENT'S Ls MOUNTED GUARD.?The memtars, x members and oitisens of this Distriot, who 'nb to sustain oar original organisation are reuested to meet at the Cassart's house. (Capitol li'l.) on TUE8DAY EVENING next, No?em*r 5?h, 1H81, at 7H o'olook. On that avaainr truer* will be eleojed for the Company, aad r.ould there be a sufficient number pres nt, to en all themselves into a regiment, offipers will be tected (or the oorapanlee as boos as tiled Bv oner of the Committee. 00 a<Hw* H EUlsTER'8 OFFICE, kjf OcTOBin 8'2. 1861. _ to all whom it may coficbrn. ftrtioe is herebr given that lioenses givsn to tverns, retai.ers of spirituous ard fermented qu rs. wine* and oordials to crooenes,drT goods, srdware, medicine*, pe fernery, watohee and iwelry, lumber, wood aod ooal, commission mar han/a; a so, to keepers of haokaet oarriagss and msibvses, bil iarc cables, tan-sin alleys and oon m ionary, and fur hawking fed psddUng. aad Mtors ti old iron, brass, ooppsr. As . wilTexaire n Monday, the 4th day of November next, and th?t or ^rja^rj?.*TO2r%isif. oners having tak-n the house 31G Eleventh st. bssinessoouneofid with tbs folios of thaatty 111 be transaotsd at that aiao*. A gsnsrai oompiaint book will be opened, and ellto sail and enter aar eom inn UNHOI9E SHOES (Burden1*) oe? *JOMnTl fc,VANS. i b^fn ^ r-^^y. 313 h ,trs<K. b? tifi twcin mh Md i? ,U., wh*r* >hs will b?5* h?IJ?T t? ? I Cr for*mc??ton??T?. All ordera yfOllFtly nt^od^q to < e 31 It* flVTLKR'S WAGON ?For sale, a irifritt p.TMii'adelphieh*press Wagon. Also, a light Be-top basinets Burgj, both very cheap, at ROB'T H. AR A HAM'S o # .. ..CoaaiSbop, Eighth at. IET Repairing of ali kinds prompt, y done, io 31 St* Hands i ME-ironcs to consignees The ?chooDfr North caro ina * from Phi adalphia. is now discharging cargo, at ths oorasr of Prat; and F.edflriok etreets, Baltimore. Md. Cfnrlgnefs wishing their goods oca reoelrs tb*m ky hepiyiag to the agent on beard. oo 31 8t* ROPE ()4-iaak, Vmoh, and piaked.) HOR*E BRIBES. tic rt Pattern. CURRY COMBS,6ard Iter. hv^sgr3,s;nc'3'*? HADES and xHOYfc LS. *o. *<J At. Received aud for *al* by oo Sl-eoSt [R>?nKl?'HN jR^kVa^a. J^EW ARR.VAL OF CLOAK8: TO MORROW (FRIDAY!, Nor. lit, Rbqulax Wmna OrBRine or cloth cloaks. s'cques, circulars, coats, Jc,*t All of the Nav Style* at very moderate prioe*. At MAXWELLS Cloak and Fancy Sto a, it H9 Pa. avenua. Buffalo robes fur sale. Wholesale and Retail, at _ . EMILF. DUfREf, oo 30-Ut 390 Pa. *t>dh CTYL1SH IRISH POPLINS FOR DRE?SKS. ?7 at moderate pnoe*. New Cloaka opened to-day at low prioe* PERRY A BROTHER. oo an 5t Pa avenge and N inth it FOR SALF-A beautiftil grey Arabian MARK, 7 year* old, perfectly aonnd, kind and cv gentle. She oan be se-n on Thursday, Fri-T^TW day, and Saturday at No. 400 C sreet, be <rwt tween Sd and ata , between the hoara of 9 a. m. and 13 o'clock. oo y st? Kirk wood house. NOTICE. Thia Hoaae will be oloaed for tka aaraoe* of paintirg. rep\i a, and alteration, from Monday, November 4th, to Nova- b-r 8th. wh.a it will be reopened, with more extenaive accommodations for cu?rt?. ooSO St* J. L. A A. W. K'iRK WOOD. Blankets, comforts, 'sheetings. To we! a, Napkins. Doyiiea. and other Dry Goodi for the vtuti of housekeepers aod fMulies. One prioe onlr, marked in tlftin ficures Carpeta, Oilcloths. Cartaina. Ruse. Ac, apper floora. PERRY A BR6., Pa. avenoe and Ninth at., Wfl-W "Perry Bsildins ** New supplies in cloths, cassimere? and Vratmrs. of qualities that oao be relied o".at lea* t'.an the u ua pricea, in standard plain oolora and select la"o? at<lea Withal kind* of Dry G"?ods for the general aod apeoia' wai ta of fhmiliee acd nousekee pers. Carpeta, Curtaina, Oilcloths, Ruga, Ae., upper floora One price only marked in plain figure*, PERRY A Bfeo.. Pa. aveau" and Ninth at., "Perry Buildiag."_ T NOTICE TO SOLDIERS HE ADAMS EX PR ESS COMPANY will make remittance* for so.diers to their famfiea at pitoes reaihed by ihefr Express, a! aohargft of 25 cent# tor any aunt tot exoeeding fify dollar*. The money, whether gold or Treasury note* ^ould bi ecolosex.' m an envaiope, and aeoarely realed, with the fuU addreta < ncluding town, poat offion ard State.)of the peraoo to whom to be aent, and the amount legiblr marked thereon. To inanre proirpt delivery, the U centa charge hoald be prepaid. When faoilitiea for enveloping and aealiag the money in eeparate paroela are not at Hand in oaxpi, the a^veral aama to be remitted, that may tM ooileoted by Chaptainn of Kegimenta. or other aer?oaa volunteering to do thia aervioe for the aol dier* dmirina to aend home their pay, will be received in bulk at any of the principal oftoe* of the Company. t Tliete ?um?. accompanied with the full addree*, a? above r*^uired, of the person* for whom intended, will l)? remitted to the respective con igneea. at any plaoe in tne loyal Stotea, at the aame ra.e of ohargA, tb reby saving to the aender the trovbleof putting in a?parate packagea. Suitable blank* for th? above purpose have been prepared, ar.d will be furi lahed, with expianatioas, at any of the offioea of the Company. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington. Oer. Sn. 1 Ml. oo Sft-lra WZ7. DRY GOODS. * r. Ha?e reoei ve i and are now offering for sale a large and *e > a?sor'ed stook of HoaBion and I Dr-MasTic Dat Good?. to which we woaid respectfally ca i ti e attrntion of purohaaera generally, f'e lag oonfi lent tn*t ve oan s*U them at as >nw p- oes ?? c\n be had in this or either of the Eastern ir Ncrth-rn Market*, DEVRIE8 STFPHENS A CO , _ Wholesale Dry G"ods D slers. No 312 Ba'timorest , b?t Howard and ooaiw Liberty st., (MarM" Front > N SB AwVs?8 ,N LA 01K5 CLOAKSTnD A foil supply of Plain and Fancy Silk*, at the old prices. A oomp'ete assortment of Mosrnirg and Glossy Black >ilk*. New lots of lo~, medium and fin* Dree* Goods. Ladies Kid Gloves, ali ool^rs and sum, beat quality. Or.e pnoe only, marked in plain figures. PERRY A BRO.. Penn. avenue and Mo street, oon-H "Perry B*ildln|." U. R. FRANRUH, V " V eoiUff v-* optician to thk president and military stafps, 944 Penn'aav.,'noith aide,) bet. 12th and 19th *ts SPECTACLES, provided with gen nine Rock Crystal or Peri*oopio Lenses, mounted .a gold, silver or ste I. and salted with almost aare for every age and eyesight. FIRST d - ?j CLASS military pield-olasses, Mtoroeoopes. Compaases, and Mathematical la strumenU, at the lowest Eastern pnoea. ocr;?-tr HOUSE FOR SALK-A heaw Draoght Horse for sa e, on 2d it, in rear of HA 1'a avraae. OO 29 3 * P.US' FEET FOR 8ALE-A choice lot jast arrived at At Louisiana avenue. B * RTHOLOMEW, GARRETT A CO. oo 29 8t* THE PROPER KI*D* OF CLOTHS FOR making Ladies' Cloaks Fine and Mfediam Cloth* lor Gent*' wear, new aup;liea One price only, marked in plain fignrea. An inapection of atook aoiioited ; it implies bo obligation to purchase. PF.RRY A BRO., Pa. avenue and .N i"th sC, oo VAt "Perry Building " L^aLL AND WINTER M1LL1 NERY.?Miss Jr B?V/?5 wli' ?fen our 2LfW H?l*s of^jK F%li*nd Winter Millinery oaTharaday next.^O tne Slat mat The attention of our forssar patroaa and the sublio geaeraih la invited, and an axamiuation ?olioited, at oar Facoy a-~d MiMiiery Store, No. 310 Pa. avenae, between 9 h aod io(h sts. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. oc 29j3t llnlel. A_Repab J ^*m*$a?air= kk?j * "'*? ?**3tk5ba^-"b.s5 lesSs, rhrw, b> inwaskington Uu* winter aM Will give private instruouons to a I i mi tec number or pupils Prof. ?V. would refer to Die Faou.ti-s of Tale Col,H?. aa aJso to kts fonner patrona sad pupils. Application must be made before the ?th of Novemberjtq_Prof W. K Ji lson, Librarian ot the Patent O&oa, who will give all ra*aialte laforma oc? ?? W? _ , NOTICE. E Bee leave to oall the attontwo of OSeera oi u< Army to oar verr extet sive assort Cloth aad Doeskin Caeaimere, which we W warrant will retain its oolor. Oa* aaeort-*^" ment of Sword*, sashee. Belts. Oanatleu. Army Cape dudigo dye), ?s per tor Flaanel Sairu. Utxinga. Sword Knots, Gold aad 'eat a or Bugies. Shoulder Strapa, an<t devioes oi a1! deeoriptio *, is now oomplt te. and we are well satisfied that aa tp*""" ""* TW&r oe m-lm Merchaat Talloia, No. 4m pl it. d* ^chiropodint from paris. And from 502 Br. adway, N*w Vork <riBomte4? Coras, Hanions, Bof^Corne.^Call'o.i'toei. Clab Naila,and Nails peuatrating tim flash. Ae cured pa^mt1 ?**uu* ^ * ^oouvenifence to the gs'sssaar'ss w^^s^aiasaiasttassi AUCTION 8ALBR. ^ I By GREEK 4 WILLIAMS, a mi. psmssj^& of^ur Store. No. I?? llVltt ttoMt.M ? iSS A 14T|? Bad MMilNl IMrtMt of Alc?. tf Witfi a' l*rge lot of rtfier artielaa,?kut an i ifcry to hi?Xj oesi* (.RKEN4 WILI.UMK Hy J.C MeiURK * CO. 58*^"SSi" "*A"?" Stt5 TwoXwn Superior DiUk Balboa* b~>?. f.? &TJi:Tciclh-r,!iM' Term a ca?r.. ocgfl (Key.) J C.MeqPlKBt CO.,4^ By BOTELER * WlLLSON, Aittoimi SALE OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURwirwaa. Fmi Oil Panrri mo, *n.v*a pIXS. Alt* bttomiOooM At Atrcrion - br vtrtae o#a? ?rt?*r 01 datxain lor hou?# real, v* afcai. toll at the Ate ramdenoe of Hob J. rTB* i >uma. writ JOT AissSsm^r ?af l&ta P?IBtJn*?. to. Wo eBumara'e *?r*r* Handeome Parlor Unite. Fine r*V.or ar.d Chamber Curtaine. Markka Ban. v%ain?taL'* JHahojany Boot Caeaa. Tapestry. Vei'tt^BroeaHe. and other Carpota, Wajaataad Mahd*aay H?oiieada, *111 f ni^i if?* * i>'eaaiag Cabiaata, wit* Walnut and Mahogany Wu>itu4a, with Marble- | toe, SpriBg Mathraaaaa, Botstsra aad TUlova, A ;arge aod very sapenor coliaau'?B of Silt* ? Pated Ware, iaoh ae? Waitora, Ca?tora, covered Diehes. Salt Cellars, Gravy Diahoa. Pitcher*. Spoon*. Forka, Egg Cod e-a. Fiah Knivee, La^'ea Chafing aad other Dishes, Ssgar Diahee. Coffee an ^ Tea Poia, Caetora, Ae., Fine TaMa Cut ery. Elegant Frenoa Gilt Clook aad Candelabra* Twenty two fine Oil Paintings, by old masters of great value. WnhBf Desks, Easy Chairs, Walnut Tab lea. 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Fancy ArUoios, aad a lar?s ,ot of other artiolee we deejn anneoeaaary ta enumerate. ??a MON DAY. the 4th of November. we shall our Aaotooa Store, No. **? d^vaeth a raet, ooniinenoing at 10 o'cloek. and eoatinuf from dai 10 day uiitifall ia eo'd, a very dienair# aeeort ia?T.t of ?he above memiooM aod other g(H <>, eo<d on aoo'uut of whov it taav ooooern Term* oaeii, in ee?*oie. wast GRK?X A WILLIAMS, Anoto. RUCTION SALES IN PH1LADELPMLA. WM R S.MITHT^aMre/dvntoawr, 01 Chasaut at. above 6th. 4 Regaiar ?alee TUESDaV aad 8ATUBDAV 9 ? Mormnga at in a b. Fine Table and Pocket C?tlery. Hardware. Fancy Gooda Soaea. Oiia, ttruehea. A* . Ae. Foreign and Lomeatla w iaea aad Ltaaore. 1,00? lota every Tbaraday Morning oa U Ib* " EDUCATIONAL. PLAIN FIELD ACADEMY. Nkak CaauaLs. Pa.?Slat aeanon (>n voeka) ooismenoea N?vember t Thorough iaetroetioB and the oorrforu of home. Ciroaiara at Star OMee Will U at Martin a Hotel October 17th ; or aridre?e R. K. BURNS. ae jrweolm Plainfteld, Camberlaad oo . Pa. W^H'NSTONAg^O.O.E^WN ?A Bobkdiko awd D*t School, Ae. <23 Fst , b*tvn itk mmd Tti us., Wa'ktttrltm . , aai Ae. 1M ITmi it, tft?rni???. The datiee of thia Inatitution vera reanmed ia September Oire'iie-* ma* oe obtained at the book tore*, or by adtlreaf.n* the Priaoieal aeH eotf M. J. HARROVKR. IIOR8E, BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR 11 SALE Apply to WALL A BAR ?\ NARD. Aaotion and Commiaaion .M?f-xijfk obanta. oor. Niath at. and eouth aide Pa avenue ?> NEW AND STYLISH THINGS, in low irioed. Medium acd fine Embroidered Cambric ani Mua in Collara. We alao name great bargama in Dree* SiJke . many new thiaga in the aaaortmert One prioeoaly, marked in plain fcrurea. t arpeta, Cartains, Oilolotha. Rug*,Ae.. upper flwe PERRY A BROTHER, oo 88 5td Pa av., aad Wh at raet 1*0SUTLERS AND OTHERS ? FOR SILKOa? tew eity built two horee EXPRESS WAGON, with oovarad top: ooe foar paxaeBgeone horke (new; CARRIAGE, with aad patort iron habe and ax'oa ; one foar-paeeeacer ROCK A WAY ; two trotting SU LKI EsTaMTew and ei^r-built; will be eold low AddreeaT MACKENZIE A SONS, ttdd Baltimore *t. BaJU more oo % lw* DUTTER ?300 Firkina, of all gradea And for aale bv 'B,t JOHN G. LYLE A CO . oo >6 lw No. >3 Louiaiaaa aveaae. L"'LOUR.?500 Bbla. Choioe Uakerv' t Aad Family floar ia Stora, And tor aale by JOHN G LYLK A CO.. oc M-lw No %t Loeiwaaa aveeae UAN8.-iO Tieroea ef Cboioe Cin. AA Brands, reoeivtaf And for aale by _ JOHN ?. LYLE A CO. oc y-lw No. M Ix>eieiaoa aveeae. ttHOULDERS ?%i Hhda reoeiviag 0 Ai for eale by JOHN G LYLF A CO., oo ?-lw No. SS Loai?;aaa aveeae. fHEESE.-SOO Bozee of the B*et New York Cfiaaaa. . For aale by JOHl/tTtfS A*CO."*"' oc X lw No. ? L^taahaaaveaee. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. Ttot u* eebeoriber bath obtaintd from the Orphan'i Court of XVaahingtoa Couatf, it the Diatriot af Coiambia, iettera ofaun .Di*tratioB oa tae pereoiial oatate ol J una Knap, iate of aad eoaaty.docoaaec All pereona having olaiaia acataat tae aaid oeoea*ed are hereby warned to exfiibittfie ??. with the voucher a taweof, to tfie ab-ertbr, oa or before the neveateenth day of Ootobor neat, ther mav otherwiee by taw be exoladed from baaofit of tfie aaid eetata. Given ander my h?nd tfiie>?veafenth day of Oe to be', II-L Mra. LUCY W Hfilbi.Eft, m oo ? lawSw* Admir.iatratri* I uoLDlfcftb, I w SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pocket Combe - __... . .w aeota Do. Looking Glaa?ea?_ lb U nion Enrelopea, per hanaradTT^. - ,sp ** Plain do. do. .. .as " AmbrotypasofSoott,McCiellaa^a.,eaoa 15 M Sent by mail to any ao->raea. ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho'i Patent Xliutic Ltg 4 H&ad. k No. J16 Bio&dwit, Nbw iou. Theee arrivallad aabatitatea far loat Umba wfiteh have stood tfie teat ofovw *T year* experteaoe. and have n-var been aarpaaaed, eaa be had obi* oJWM. SELPHO, Pataatae, ftltf ? aadvav. New York. oaU ! WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oar former patroaa, aad citiaaae reBjHa.ii. IHt w# hare row red ocrfcli iom t of rALL aad WINTER GOODA, aod are pr~a>ed ?e 6? aiah them at an early aottee aad ia ttoejb^ aad IP U LIP AN AND ELEGANTE?EflAEa Alao, a cumber of otfiar eelebraked wee*. whoieeaJeaad retail. WM 6ROSSI* ^ Ririoi Segsr Bfcors. ? M-\m w Pa K. w?kiwtamt / tx at t^uo barreia wiilM re^ui'ed, in eeparake lota of about l.sot barrei eaoh Tfie Floar to*e paade of aew wheat, and tfi? delivery of tfie whme lot to be naade by the 9Rh Nove?twr 1ML , * Tfia Floor repaired ta be o( tfie following brand*. ad to paaa the laapeotioc. of a Bward of ZrafOr or aaoti o'uarr iBapeoUon aa tfie Sabaieteeee ^^TJaJB Extra. ?T,r* fc i ^ r tSs- SS: H DividM k Co. do 7ODi>dr? (j|^ Mwnnoa A gjfe; I

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