Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1861 Page 4
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THE P.VF.\IN(i STAK.I THE FLAG I* THE SKY. Wtlltoatood at tbe window, Little Willie of five v*ir? old. W.tebtng th? rainbow color*. At they fade in tbe annaet' gold Red pennantaand rrenmeri of flre, On tbe blue eipacae unfurl. And oyer tbe red tbe white clouds lie, f IkaH^llao mUta />f r^..! ?Ui?M V| p wit. "lao't It beautiful, uairxi And tbe dark e>?* grow no bright, They ilnrit 1*111 to catch the glow Of tbe ?ky'a wild glory-llgbt "Pee, there ta the red, mamma, And there la the bea itlful blur, Did God make tbe beautiful red. And did He make the white clouda, too , "And awav up, up in tbe aky 1* anch a dear !fttle bright star; Why. God la for the Union, l..'w ita in>, imuuuiii: [Sprirngjltld R* pub 11 tan Giv B. F Kkllit.?The brilliant (jiereat of Cn Kalley ? fronting a large force of rebel at aey. baa been pabllaLed. Tbe Philadelphia 1 qalrergtvea the following aketch. which will be read with Intereat : t*en Benjamin Franklin Kelley whb born in Deerlleld, .New Hsrrpah'.rrr received a military dttcatloo at West Point; oibaeqrcently removed to w beellng, Whm hf! for levera! yeari oerupird the position of Colouel of & raiment, and for thirteen yeart previous to entering upon active ervleeln the prwnt war, raided in Philadelphia. l)or1n? nine year* of that pori^d he ably filled the poaitlon of freight agent in tut? city of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company The determination of his former commdea la W h#ell??r tn m\A ?V. Crvo.. I *?? HV VfWll IIHIT * 1 * 1 n CI 'l?u ' m "4V Tebolllon, and a telegraph from thrm requesting him to take command. !?d him to resign Lie Situation, and, within twenty four boura aft>r receiving the tele^ra^hlc was en rout? for Western Virginia. Soon after bis arrival he proceeded to Grafton aad dlapersed the rebel*, and from tb*-nce marched to PhUlppl,whereto* enemy wer?*aga!a 'irpriaed and defeated In the litter engage* n?at. Col Kelley w<i? badiv wounded. While Iviog upon hla bed of pain, he was appointed ttngad er General. and recmtiv \a~ib assigned to tke command of th* division comprising tb?* Btrptf'i Ferry and New River district* Tno wound received by General Kelley at Ffcilippl could not have oeen healed when he took tb? field, aa on the 1*<:h inat . it bad broken out In the shape of a painful carbuncle, Jnat below where the ball had ccter?-d At a citizen, he la reaper ted by all classes, and as an officer, la gallant and brave. j-Geo. D Prentice ha? proved himself an Inrawrnwf!K!a mMnf l>?? *' ^ns***>* < vii v?v '* ,"*1 ??ni\'ii|^ mv man y ^ urnit* teresrrytng out of the I'll Ion wa?? lwwwilng attempt to buy Prentice, or failing lu tfcet In bnv hit paper. H<> was first approached v1*b tb? modest rfftr of #25 two which wis of cnri'! promptly declfnod Tb* anxious buyers, thinking perhaps that their h'd had been below rreotioe's estimate of bis honor, lncre s> d their and through an old political friend, since e jartered at Fort Lafayette he wm Informed that fifty thousand dollars wis in a Louisville b%ok, ruhjeot ? th?? draft of George D Prentice, provided the Journal was henceforth conducts according to certain term* A n lucreused severity npon tha disuDloniits In the c< lumnsof the JourMl was the rtepome to this i roponal Next cams a rallrosd man from the far Went, who eschewed all politics, and wanted an Influential paper to . aapoort the Pacillo Railroad enterprise He would give Prentice 9230-000 for the Journal This bid was too low, and Georce D Prentice rnutiai anoougm <na unpurchaseable. Ts? CmuisK Arts* tuk Sditk* - Lieut Porter of the Powbatan. who la now cruising after tbe Sumter, has sent ta the N?vy Department a dispatch stating that on the 19th of September that pirate was at MHranbam, on tbe coast of Brazil. He arrived there five days later. Th?; ttumter had been for me t:me prowling about tbe port to neli^ the brie Maria of New York, vrbieh vessel. how??ef. entered port safely, under the protection if tbe PowLatun' Tbe Governor of Ma n>? h>t n U'll Pk?'M?it*rlu nnltfa tK ? r?l?ulA 1 promising Capt. geir.mea be should p?;inlanion to sell the .Mini in that port when be raptured her, and Insisting on supplying bina with oo*l, an arcomnifda'ion be refused to tbe . PowhtUn It 's tndtrtiood that the pirate captain baa determined hereafter to sink, burn, or otherwise destroy all ve?a?la he eantur??- enn^-i. ally all Boston or Knatern ships of whatever kind. Qullp hearing a lady readln? lately, !n a newspaper. that in certain parta of Wain It la the cue'oil to plant thorns and thistles on the ijravea of old baetielors, remarked, "That !a another Instance of the great law of compensation If one a*s?pea thorns and thistles In life, he muat expect them after death " Mo?pht.?a meetlnir of the nf th* i chew rlob will b? field at their room, over J P. Duval a drutj atore, tbta evening, Thursday. -Mtb Instant, at 9 o'clock Mr Morphy h*a kindly consented to be present.?Rirkmonrl Dispatch. C7~Snow fell at Buffalo and Cooperatown on Thursday meriting THE SUBSCRIBERS bex leave to inform their paAroiia and the clLiiio gete?.lly of Ih amy t enyplied tin a suaerurat ok ct^bb FALL ao4 WlNTKR 60UD-* %K Tner aiao reareotful y in rite a'tention ? f (w their Army HdNiv oustoinem, and tiio*f re*nirin? ontfita in that !tc.e o their auperior qaa!iUee cI Sworiia, Ejaaaieta. Soon tier S r*p? Belts, Cb??e*y? Bate, Cap* p4?h-?. and <?od U:n, eoaatactiy on hand, vhisn are war; anted an repre tend*rin* thnnka for the libera' patr?nace I r joyed, they Will eodn&ror to merit ac< Dtionauce. v. J. HEIBKR6ER k. CO , i Sueceeeora to H. F. I^nd- n 4t Co ,) crrizis. military<-nd nav*l tailors, 362 1'eni.ey Irani* Avenue. # joett arSai VVT IIMJ %?r ?? ine?. r?*? i - ? wu II/CI u 1111 r UAM HJi " Also,all ?ther kitds of While larabiica, and P iin.aa.l P ud Mu&liner. Wuk ul other kind* of Drr Goode, adapted to tkowaara ot aiau<e?. New supplies ia Carpets, Curtain-, Oiic'ot'.* Ra<*. * o , upper floor*. Ob* prtoooali, narked inp'aiu 6gar**, Ueuoa no pti oQs*o.- U over oharced. PtRty k. BROTHKR, >i btA Pa. av . and 9th *?re?t. pKNBION OFFICE, Jcaa ?th, l?Oi. TO ALL WHOM IT MA Y CONCKRJf. m M^oauiin na?in* ne?n made under tne act oi AM Jane. 180n, for the rei**'je of the Lam ?V %rittli dMonbad herein, wnicn a.-e aiieged to have Han !o?t ?r destroyed,notice ia ' ereby civen, ?hat M tM tote foi owing tne de.-ciptu>n of ee?h War r%at,% now Certificate, of hke tenor, will be is KM, if no vftiiil objection shall then appear So S6 100, for len acre*, umW the act o| March 1M6, in the nam* oi folv, widow of David m?dbnry, kadirantMl on tJ - l^th cay oj septem Mf* IK ?18fi|. No. for <00 aore?. isju-d uider the act of My?b. wtt. in the naraeof Christopher Dou*h""tr. apd era ted oa the 31th day of ^ teinber, 195ti. V'VMlbar l? INI. Wo*MjBM,ft?r 160 aerae, i??u*d under the act of BXjnfWV** Uuy s. A exa iW , m rMtori Jaf> 9 ??., m t" ' Mid " K. , ,i?l2 ??>.?NoT?mb?r '6. i3t>< ,\f' 'J""! under the wt of liw TS?"1 uud" fj** *ct of jaSjffu!?ir?vr wss^0""*1-"" ** * (Uy ot M?r, 1486 .5?? < * Mr*?' ! "?* on'ler thfl Mt of nni?? of Bii*ll? Downi, nod on tie 2d dxy of Aof?.t, IJto 41J?, lor 1? lom. leaned nn<i?r the ut of Kara*. 1IA6. isthehuof JaoaM Pray.fran'ed * tb?Oit day of ftlaroh, IM1 ? 3, issi. No. SJB. for UD tcrM, iiwtd ud?r tr.e tot of Msrehliei, lat** vamtof Wil'iam M . J iliu? C. i.iu John D. 8., miner nhi area of Inarm Iia< *?, deteimrt. >nd *T?oUd on the Kth 0*7 ol May, ^No UJ'iTlor ?> torN, iui?i sudor the sot <>f Mmrch, 1066* ib the dmm of Getty, widow of ThnmrflTiwAm jl^aaT* lAti! dA7 oX January. >No. ?iWi,iti[ Ibo' mtm. luied under the aot ot Marah, IM6, in tie naji.e or Alexander Mo*, uHough, a? (routed ou the Ith day ol JiAU&ry, 1MB.?>0 r?o. ,!?*, w?f 160 urM, iNicd nnder the act of mm, ima, IB iho hum of Alexander MoQuiUn, md the ltth day of Ootobor, ltU.?Nolor tt? wtM, iMood ntider the asfof m*reh, mia, th? uunt of Daniel Weet, &o<l crMM ob the utb toy of Jily, IMAP?oea<Mr 7. No. for MP harm, issued sudor the Bot ft JMareh. ma, ib U? dim of Hannah. widow of Jian w nana, and granted 01 thaSHh day or Feb retry. IM? ? December90,1M1 Va UMD Cm. W ? *? ? ' iiuugr mi Ml OI Mvcb 1855. in the runt of Martha, widow or Aao>?v Me.iOK. and frvted oa ths lXi day of a jril. )W-b??ntMrr?lWl No. SJ^.for MO lorM, i??uad under the act of Mar-h, 1866. is tie nam* of ttemaei H. Jaok *a a?i (raatf<i on the 1st day o> Aaga?t. 1886 So. a l'4.l?r Ifln aoraa, iMutd wide the act o'. Marab, lfes. in tha i am* of William 11 Tariaac*, granted ?m taa Utii day of Ju>y. USA- Oaa^m No. llJtt, for a> ivn, laaaM under tha ?ct of paatoiaNr *.yv m name of i^vi Tr?>adweil, W I'***4}***' ??? 2M*. 1861. I*o 40 Mf?i. ia?ue<l under tha iMif aof, t* Uw aarueof AWI Plait*. aad ctaa'ad November su. MM ?a last No- IB fcr Mm, innd nutJor the act of Mav?fc.M*, 10 the dam* of Thomas Jo-r.?oa and irta'J^ o? tM 9th tift; of Be^abtr,**l4MM, tar M mm. iM??d na<W thw tat of MafVlk^KA, la * ? vf folly, widow of John S07m frM"d on U>? Ml day of etptmnb^r, Sgjgffi?fJElaS^MfUi yyj uTlSmrftr 6f HQr, tfo.-Ja?uary 1|. IHftw CoWf'?l one- I s 4 *?#.'* ! f *H ?<l U liM 9 ? * *' * ' DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, m.% nnmt If A kit * i VBMIIII HIO, aat) J'bfliiBtli'aiiia a?DiiwD, Bmwmi Ninth ud Tooth Streets >ii imoto tends personally ?t hit oflire .n this oityMm Many ^triou oan wear thee* teeth who^*'' ?** oannot wear others. and do peraon oan wear other* who oan not wear these. Persons oaJiini at mj office can be aooommoaated with any style and price of Teeth they may deaire; bat to those wno are partioalar and wish the pnreat, oleaneet, strongest, and most perfeot dentnre thai A r /tan br< wt iiaa VTT \i L' O a I l> I a H13 * ? ? wu w i vvn. ?i>, ?IICT .Ul.lOHAbrbAill VUl D* more fully warranted. Rooms in this cut?No. 3>8 Pa. hwh.IkHiii Kh and 10th au. Alio, 807 Arch street, Wuadel stua. oe U-tf GASTlTTlNQ, Ac. A..._ j vjs?oo.? **vw flVPMOU IV MVVHtV MiJ VI W SMI waioti they may be CfcTored in U# ? irr Store on tth atreet, a few door* north ?f Pa. arecae, whore may be foocJ a oomnJete awe rtraenl /CHANDELIERS ud o?w ?A8,STKAM uw WATKR FIXTUHf?^ taT7-W IBN YDEK, . PL UMBER AND OAS FITTMR, Bu remoTed to {he oorner of Twelfth aod F its. He ia prepared to mtrodnoe Water and 6aa u?on the moat favoraMe terms, and gaarantiea entire atiifaotionHehae on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will aell leu th&n oo?t. aa ha maw to tct rid <>f them. no IT W?AS FIXTURES. E Hat* in atore, and daijr reowrine, 9A8 FIXTURES of entirely New Pattern* and Deaicna and Ftmah, aupenor in fltrie to anything heretofore offer d in this market. We invite oitisena general ,r to Mil and examine our atook of 6u and Water Fix irea, feeling oonbdent thai we hare the boat elected stock in W&stunston. All Work in the above line mtrmsted to nr ear* vtU be promptly attended to. MYERS * MofHAN. ma-I U 3T6 D street / \I FICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER \J OF ?A3 METERS. W a shinston. J sly II, 1W< NOTICE IS ffBRKBY G If EX, That.agresably to the provision* of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May II, ItfiO, the undersigned is oow prepaied,"whenever re^.rM in writing, ana on pre-payment of *he fee of any oents, to inspect, saamine, test, srove, and aaoertain the aoonraoy of rflciitrition or ibt ffti mnt?r in n?a in this ftirr." Every meter, if found inoorrect, will be oondemned uu ?aother, iwiM and marked u troo. will be el m i?* place, If proved to be ao?a-a;e in its meaeait-mert of cm, it will beeealea aoco-dinflr, and acaia tut in petition for ues. Ofice No. ?lft 3<r?enth street,(near Odd' Hall.) Upon from la. m.. to ? p. m. CHA KLES W. cunninb HAM. Jf It-tf in?reetor and dealer of ttaa Meters. WALL, STEPHEN'S ft CO.. 3'J'J ParfrwTLVAHu Avmvi, MILITARY AND NAVAL 11 L'DKII l %t T H ? ? ? ? n I'lIiJlLHA.l 1 lAILUASf AND H KADY MADE CLOTHIERS. AND extknsive DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN's FURNISHING GOODS, ee6-if >Icte!. A Repub.) Army dluk cloths and cassimerissT, good qualities fur officers Crsv&U, Hocket Hardkerchiofs, Gloves. 8nsA _ I I am k . a A ? l'_J. J ? ? A pcnuers, i/murmma, i uucrBQiriB aT U i/r&WOrB, ao? One prioe only, marked in plvn figures. PKRRY A HRO., wo9-9t Pa % venue and Ninth at. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additi?n?to hi* factory, making it now one ot the largest-^pjiE? in the District, where hi* faoilitiesVlKjMpr for nwiQuiaotnring CARRIAGES LIGHT WAGONS of nil kinds oamot he sur passed, and from hie long experience in the business, he hopes to *ive general satisfaction. All kinds of Cnm&jes and Light Wagone kept on hand All RKPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attecd6<l to. Seoond hand Carriage* taken in exchanre for new onr?. ANDREWJ. JOY<TR, <1 |P ?f correr of Kourt^nth F, ?ta. rsA iJiJl LLIARf,|J! of the PAMIi OF BILLIARD* will find in KMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o r<sau*y Ivania avenue and llth ?&reet? (Bomb aide.) two of the mist admirable TAOLBb 1e the Uqiterf Statw, w:*h every omfort and oonvonietoe *nS tf lor the players. AsunKisl^Ai^Nt^Ar^S^VKR WARS 1 hare one of t^a ^si establishments, and fnroishod with a complete s?t of tools for repair JCjh in< every description of fin# VY&tohe?. and g|] articular attention five to the umo, by that vfhoon}p?'eniwurkT>%n3"d a. work Hisran osd Also, ev? y Jescnp ion of standard S1LV h K W; RE. pluca.- J ornamental, m&uufaotnred under ray own snp?rvi*i<?i, wlnoh my customers will find far superior in j and finish to northern ware -nM KL j.. I-? 7? - j -vr.-. yjj H-JO.OIS IU ivnvw ?'iC r09T?BI!iea S8 IH01I th manufacture H. O. HOOD, it I ('?, ??fC!!? nnft'li FOR F1KLD HKRVICK.-HMvy Or?* and 15 own Mix d iian.-.eU, that weigh from 8 to 7 poo dd par pair,a v?v y soa^oa artiole Also, fin- ti?l, Onh. and Crad \t> Bankets, all iuxe*. 'I a-lei lit g, SheeiiOM. PiTow Cottons, Nif kiii*. T<-we!s. Ac. v\ ith ali other kinds of Drr Goods for the ??n. eral and ?p?*ciai w*ats of f imiiies. Carpeu, Curtaiua, Oiiolotns, Ruga, to., upper floor*. Una priro onljr, ma'ke<l id plain figures PKRKY A BROTHER. Pa. *?enuo and Mint; ?t., oc 17 " Kerr? Building " 'g'ff liLittur* AN K'JTKL, KKPT BY T* 1. EWHIOF. at tne corner of Penn. AA avecne tn-i VMerenth street, bu Menwpiflra ITeatly im?ro?9d recently and now o9>rs 4fe5EJL lT**ler itdacemeriU for the patronage of citizen* t 1 etr&iit^re nan il; oiier puU:o house in tae Oit?, hifc ^r.'Seji be'tr iM? tlia.' Uioee of any otner ho'.ei on Patn. areoac-, and his acoo-nmoiiatiocs !or perw-ne-t cr tr*skr - : rr.? burden ucexoeptionaoie. 'J to tar and re^urant arranrerr.entB of the fc.nrof?iin &otoi tare already income very ?opu lar-be.rt M: taatoas be aesired Dy ths most fas tiiious. The projfne.yr ?lftd?#?e attention and coi.t; : -w eipraditurret-u jirt satisfaction to all. and Uj^e renews his invn*tioTi t? aii to si?? tha a call. .j? 4-tj y U N U O A T S Qu?rt r*nait?T fttntral'j (\0U*. I | W*shi*.*t<m CV*?. July18,1861.< Plane and SpKcincaTiona for halls of Sun I Boats for the Weatar.-' rivers are on exhibition at this office, and at offioes of Quartermasters at I P;rtaKurr il?P./iinnafi ** ' ??*? ?-J 4 u . pI u.Hvutvini, ?. i/VHlB (kl.U JIIIQQ, Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bid* shou'd bo sent to Ouartormastcr General of the United t*tatei Arruj, m Watniniton, or Ut Au eust, at nmm, M* C- MfcIGS, jr 19 Brig. G*l'1 and Quartermaster Gen'!. UNION PAPKR AND KNVELOPKS.-Trentj different atylcfl of Note and Letter i'aper. with Enve.opos to natcfc. Vioirs of Washington m the form ol a Kose.and ill Book form , aiao. ?f>f?vra*fl All the Daii? ?"1 Week yPapera ooc?tautly on hand. Herald, Times,and TriDune rooeived every ; mcht li A n'/iinAk 1 Paper* from all parts of the country. Bmdle'i Dune Novels ami Bom? I$?? ks. A fresh supply of Hooks for mmiMr reading, oh ear A lane ?>ejrtm?ut of J avaai!es--Mayne Reid't Bo<Ss. Rolto Books, Abbott's Histories. Ao. A disoouotof I to & cent, or all bonnd books FRIiNUK A RICHSTKIN, ma 3R National Rr?ok?tr>ra. AT* Pa. a*. 1CA8H NOTICE. N Coose^uenoe of our kanng to ray cash for vrery article ol foods we purchase. we are foroed to radnoe oar business tn cash extensively, for tiia ?? c m bwis irri mriB tilor<<Bei( of REAUY-MADE CLOTHING f--r men and boys' wear, whio.i are mIUdjc at a mnoh lover rate than usual.y. W ALL. STEPHENS * CO.. 3'JU Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th st>, <tnU?l. k RefBio MAPS OF THE SEAT OF WAR.-A splendid Map of the S*at of War for only f oants. Also. P?okf t Maps of ail kinds. _ Soldiers' I'aunp Dressing Cases from $9 50 to ft. Blank Books an) Stationery of ail kinds, Flat Paper and Envelopes. Plus, Banner* and Badges, Views of Washington, Arasrioan and Foreiyn Magasmes, Daily and WMklr Papers. FRENCH ft R1CHSTE1N'8 National Bookator*, ml (IntAi. ft R^pub.) 8T 8 P?. arenas. %VK OFFER TO AnlTlTARV MEN a laru > M?ortment. f GREY and BLL'EPLANNEL OVKR-8H1RTS, WHITE StflRTS, URAWI BR8, CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-BOSK, fto.. whion we invite all ouh purohaeore to examine before making their eeleotiona. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO.. sua Pa. IT., between 9m and 10th at*. w g Mctellisepoer and Rt?piih loan.) H >RKNCH ft. R1CHBTEIN AVB J nut received afresh supply of Note Paper, Colored Borders, rulec ard plain, wita Envelopes to snatcn Also, Has Paper of al! kinds, with ana without Mottoes: fnve.opes to nmtoh. Psreee and Pocket Hooks of every oeeoription. A lar?e assort meet of Stationer?. Pi aw York Papers reoeirerl daily; Payers from alt tart! of tft* oountry. FRENCH ft KICESTKIN, t>* * P??b anennw MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL8.?The l Aiebemist. or the Hmm n(Pn?.- <?? ?L? Prmofe of Honor* d? B&lno. Fro* bv mi! ai <*ilu Marc*r. Ut? WmtVtof Raret^^Tr 6#o Kluott, tlK? MtKor ofMAdair Uedj," Krm r>* ro*if, ".VS* t*ENCH.v0s5JT.5i^ ??K?;XSKiSfASsrir-"? pcU? "FtrrrMKw." | i >/" IIIT4 y.: <) . i R/ *'VM' ?1 *> * it j !< *-* i 1 j* * 4 k*?Xi> % " They k? rig ht to tk? Spot." INSTANT RKL1KF STOP \ OUE OOUeH | PURIFY YOUR BR?ATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S i Tuon i ip rnurprTinvc lunuiii i/uxi i ov i ivii < All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, <#OOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKBH8, GOOD FOR SINGERS, ?OOI> FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 1 6KNTI.EMKN CARRV BfALDINQ'S THROAT CONFECTION8. LAD1K8 ARK DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'8 THROAT CONFECTION8. CHILDREN CRY POR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. , I They relieve a Cough instantly. ^ They olear the Throat. ^ They five etreiijth and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioious aroma to the brsath. They are delightfal to the taste. ' They are made of simple herbs ami oannot harm any one. I advise every one who has'a' Cough or a Hnsky Voioe, or a Had Hreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a p&okaye of my Threat ConfeohOm. Thi?? will rnli*vA *nn in?bLn#l* ?"? will agree with me that "they go richt to the spot.' ] You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attend in it public meetings, for stilling 1 your Cough or allaying your thirst. U you try one j paokago I ain cafe in saying that yoa will ever af terwards oonsider them indispenslble. You will \ find them at the Druggiita and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. ] My signature is on eaoh paokage. All others are j oounterfeit. 1 A Package will he sent by mail, prepaid, on re I oeipt of Thirty Cents. t Address, ? HENRY C. SPALDINC, 1 No. 49 fK dak 8TRKET, NEW YORK. S "B n ^ ! ??s? | k1ah\iai ir nci vuuonrauduit Headache. I ^ t i Bj the of three Ptlla the peri-vile attaoki o N*r+n%* m Stcb ll?md+tk* may be prevented; end I tali en tt the oommenoement of en attack imisealate reilcf from pein end ilcknect will be obtained. They ecldom fril in removing the Nmmtt* and >/t*dzc\* to which females are eo nbjvet. They aot teatlr upou thebowoier-remonr.f Cm ttfrui;. Vnr Nlvan Ct.V?>- ? ? ? . mmw~-WT WW* w | X/C41'JCVO r DUAAlMl and all prreons of kmbiti, they are rateable aa a improving Uis *pr*Htt, giving ten* And viior to the directive crgtus, end re storing the nMnral elasticity and atrangth of the who!? rrat Jin. Tb? CEPHALIC P1LL8 are the reealt of long investigation and oarefuhy oocdnoted experiments, having been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amoact oI pain and suffering rem Headache, whether originating in the ntrvout system or from a deranged state of the ttvnaek. I They are entirely veg-table in their ocmpoeition, and rray be taken at all timea with perfeot aafety without making any change of diet, mnd Ik* mbttnt* of any Ai**tr$+*bl* ????? rmitrt it Is Mwmtiltr (Am to c\udrt*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The (enuiDS hare five liutsrm of Baqtt C dine on each lioz. j Bold by Dractiete and ail other D sal en in M?di | site*. A Box will t* Mnt by inai! prepaid #n roe?l>t? I u? PRICE, * CENTS. A<1 ?;<m kiioald he addreeaed to HENRY C. SPAM>IN?, 49 Cbdak SraiBT. Nrw Yobk. hw tkt Kmmmimn, Norfolk, fm. OepL'*:io Pills socotri?!jsh the object for vhisli wor?a<*o?t vis: Oire of hsffsahe in til its forms. *Vmr 144 Juiitur, JVtr/tik, Y*. They ti*T0 hsen tasted is msrs thso s llutui ai fcfli wi tf. ar hm miaaam j*mm th* Dtmttrmt, Si. CUmd, Mmm. If row are, or have boon troubled v ith Um bead 1 ack?, and for a box,(OeyhaJo Pilla ?> ao tkat y?? may have them in ca*? o! anlattaok. y*om tkt Wu?m B. &. Suou, Ckiuj*. Ill, We UearHly endorae Mr. Spaidini. art kia aariTalied Ge>naIlo Pilla. Pram tkt Btmtktr* Pmtk Fvtdir, ffw OrUmt, U. 'fry them ! you that are afflioted, and^re ara aara (cat your toattmoaT oan be added to th? alraair nnmerona Hat toat haa reoetTod ben*KI> tkat aa other medicine oan yrodnoe. *v mi (4? tr D&mmpmu im Mr. SMldiiif would not ofloseat hf? Tttk M ftrtiele he did not kn^m to poeeeaa re?J ?artL /VMM 1*4 A4*rrt%**r, r-rndtmu. D. J. JrbeCevhftlicPtMaare Mid to b* ? rewvtablj ective.eTiiady for the he^oaehe, md eqaeftke very beet for that very freoent e*?i*l*(at vkjck hw ever been dlaoovfred. Frtm tk* St. Levis Jimmth, The immense dAiaiwd for tki arttele (OefJukile Pitla) u rt?idlr inoreuiEf. ?e?? 1*4 ImmiU Tmllt* 8tmr, gammmkm% P*. We tre acre tint persona cmff'eriaf with the head uhe, who try them, will atiak to tSeaa, IK* Adrntrlittr. PvarniAtm+m ? t The tMtmorr in their ffcTor la fctrori, frem th? moat >MK?t*S)!( quarts; a. h\ram tJu Dail* Amm. Nit, J, Othaiio 1'illa are taklnc the plaa* of all kinda. From tkt Commtreiml Eulittin, Unttrm, Mill Said to be very effioacioua for the headaoha. From Ikt Commtrtml, Cimemmati, 04m. Suffering hnmanitT oao now be relieved. ! J.JJ> -HI !l I K7* A nncl* bottl* of Spaldlng'8 Prepared Glue will MTttn tlraM it* ooat annuity. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLVE! ' SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! bwj?W?I.' DISPATCH l[f "A Stitch in TIMB Sivu Nm"JTl Aa aooidenta will happen, even in wall recalatao f&mili?a, it ta vary deairabio to have aome cheap an<nof>RTMurat wa? for r?pairta< Fa rat tar a, Toy Crook?ry. ko. XPALDING'B PREPARED GLUE bmU all aooh atneriMMiM, and bo household a* mlT.^.A - K- ?l " w whukvi ib it u iiwiyi ready, and to tbs atlokinc f?int - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Bntah aooompanioc Mok I?tUa. Pria fft OAdU. ld(tr6Al 9 * eENEY a SPALDING. No. 4S Codar tract, Nov York. CAUTION. li oortatn anprlneiplad tenons ara attempting to oaa to oiami? besora ?arohfi?inf, and mo I ha | th? ? name PALPIWf FKKPARBP ggMj I t. o *? v:j. i . 'i ' - ' * v,,. j t3Sk.jG.-i * . . , -i 'd&'TIi OJ i f 9 ^ #

- uwwmt m m im mmi ?r XSEP ' ? WJI&11 ' ' avere of the Imfortaaos of oheenax a ./Oflgh or ''Common Cold" in ita irst itut;lhtt rluon in the begining would yield to a mild reme It, if aegleQted.aoonattacks the Lungs. "Brown*< Bronrkxil T*otiu," oooiaint-Dg demuloentmgredi into, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial Irritation. 9ROWPT8 I.OOHB8 SSr*"-* "* TCVWiMS." SKOWN'S " 1 reoommend their aae to Pv?li? Sfuiiii." r?OCHE8 RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great wrrioe m subduing Hotid BROWN'S rim." REV. DANIEL WISE. mocHBs ?& BROWN'S U c. E66LE8TON. FROCHES "Contain do Opium or ftnythini BROWN'S n-hLBtil& IEOCHES ?mWD* MOWN? *" BlaBLS?Mfc IEOCHES * ??]? ?'r^.TX,NE, BROWN'S B?$tm " 1 yroTed them Moellent for FROCHES Wn*cri!m Coi?k." REV. M. W. WARREN, BROWN'S Be jim. "Beneficial when comieileo to (ROCHES apeak, suffering from Cold/' fclCV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. L**u. vbiipm pm " Etvbttval in reaoviac Ho?n? rKOOHbs BeMaE<i Irritation orthe Throat, m BROWN'S OOTn^>?n w,th SrxAint And SIMriOCHRS ""'Prot M.STACY JOHNSON, L,m rim, nbon.'m>?t Itaohsrof Mubio. So?ther> 9KOWN s FemaleCollege. TROCHES "<ireat benefit when taken be for# end after preaching, m they vrerent BROWN'S Hoarsened. From their pacteffect, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantage to me. ftEV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. SROWN'S Preeitient of Athens College, Tenn. TROCHES I a I rnr> bon is a oua. ?? i 4a 1-1 y DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uud for the last half century in the Hospitals of _,ond6n and Haris for the cu'? of may now be had at LPHAM'S.HKt *io. 310 Chesnut street, sole agent for Uj^ he United State*. It oobtains bo merlory or other minerals, and wi 1 not harm the nost dehoite const.tutioa A wed* rw? goaruiteed and no change of i<iet required. P-re *1 **nt express Sold in Wa?hington br 8. CAl#ifERT FOKD.oorner 11th street and Pennsylvaua avenue. sep 5- eoly UPHAM'S HAIR DYK '.? TO COLOR BLACK OH BROW.* On'y 3* e?nt? a box. Three kiim for on>* dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair can >e ohanged in a few seoonds to a j t black or irovn. by usin*'s Liquid Hair Dye, the best ind cheapest in the world, producing, the moment t is Applied, a rich natural appearanc. fcach Box >f UPHAM'S HAlK DVE <s w?rr*Lted to contain is much hair rfv* as others sell for on? dollar'. ?old by S C. UPHAM, 310 Chesnut street, h lalelphia, and t$. OAiiVtRT FORD, corner 11th itrtet and Pa. ave. sep 5-eoly ri|K DU FONT'S SUGAR COATED Ft IV VI a I L' U L'nl! I ATI vn D1 T I U he very in *?< They operate 5peedi 5 frhy tcW effectually. and being 'Ugar-ooate / sreae no nausea upt-n the mast deioati^ I'O'i aa>i A trul of ttess Pills will prove their inporionty over all oihera. Price <>nt Dollar a )Ox. So'd only at UPHAM'S. 310 Chesnut itreet. Sent by mail to ail part" of th* country m 1 sealed envelope. Sold in VVa?hiogtou by S. 3ALVERT 1'OkD, oorner 11th street and Pa. k?e. sep 5 eoly Db. J. 11 McLEAA'S 8TREHQTH?VIKG CORDIAL AND BLOOD PUR1FIKR. rHE OREATEET REMEDY ? <Ai WORLD, fD^LIClITrUL ji 'jnru* rii n?'tk/ikt JUrS, *?ii Pi*<UUm fe|^ ?lcr* teU iu kM ^ JE nxdkl y^atltlt ^ ?+*** ? i(iuk La?ftdita ?i?Tv^ Bcforf t.qHrg.t>^*r*'T???????a liter takicL <l?lt'H?jf. f r?di?!r( a dtll?i*aa, lUlliHilar If.ra, u< Ut Ml lafaillkla rtattJr fa I (k( 'Tttattd irttia, u4 rttiarUf Ut ti?k, taitrkaf, ul dtfcUllaud lattl.4 u hat!* Lad I'jltru. HtLMAWB STZBIf&THXWIirO 90EDIA1 Will tfanatlly *37* U?t? C*ip!atat, Jtfmditt,Ck**aH u Hittiii Dikintj, DIiiuii Xldatvt, tad all dirttstt arUUg f??a? a dWttdtrtd Uti - >1 ft*aaatfe. Pyittpsit. HttrUmra, Invard Mat. At'. <i? ti l*?ctti ? tki (twtti: ra;iat*? ?i ? c??d, Daii rua at la U* Btad, raiyiwLaa af Ut Baau, Paiiaaaa r Waif at in tka Itmtk, Mew lrituam, Ukakla* > KfMttlag r?ilia( wkn Uylaf <Wth, Dijitu > T?lU*aaat af tka tkla aad l;u, lifkl Iwiih, lavud rinn, Pala '? ika Kaail af tka Back, Ckaat, *r Sid*, iidCaa riuiii af Baal) Bapiaaaiaa af FrigkiTai Draawt, kujvl, CiiM>dat?7 ar any iitmu liauM, Saraa at B!atak?? aa u* ItU, aad Pavat aad Agaa (at Ck!Ua aad 9rMM A MlMilON BOTTLMH hava kaaa tali dar'jei lk? Uj: tli aad ta aa !?ttaaaa kai It falitil la ri*inf *ailri aaiiafaailva. Wk?, tk?a, wlil fitn f*mm Vo'.Mti ?r Daklilty vkaa HiMiRl ; BTB.BBBTBB3I1UB COtBU b will t?r? th T a lupifi tu Mm; aa toaqaau ><Ua af Ua laaadi- ! ala aad alaaat aitfa??Ua?s Ikun jtrad???d ky Ufcluf tkla I Cardial li u? dtnaaai, daktlttaiad, aad uitiinl aaivtM , > (? vkai^tf k/ikm d??B al lllli*. vtik k* nail ' n k? *i?katu, *.% rtluid ti(l kiiut>( tfiau utl?m ti rut*r<d i? >U b?tlu uC rli?? UAM.MIKV rSKSOtt*! m rUrrt, loin^u il l?tkiltu fi?? vkntTirunt, vtll w MikiAit fTaMK*7sea*i?e cumn a* ri[lKir.wiii \mm mu ui www cut %. Tf II |???4 Usat?!vM k? !apr*c?r tUI 1*4 is tkl? C?rdUl I Mtvt>i ui filly i*a?dy. VO THE LAmxa. M?k*4>l ?VE?BeT?Mi*?OOa?IA*|? * MTih in ltd ipodT Cl'l ! ? ItlUUel Co ^MfUo, W ft.ilk, inntiU n U?';lliiitmUMJiwttUn(i if 3ru? ; ? liTilwurr i/Ui'iiri tknt?/, r*lK*f ?f tk I <H4d 'UaC'if, ui *11 iJtuu liiliixu FiwIh. THBiJf iS tfO MfSTAKS ABOVT IT *? ?.! * im;st. It t4i;rei*f u dirMtlMt. It will ttlntcltu. **4 t?rlf*rxtt ;n ui4 tk? (1MB M Utm I# nut f??i ftkatk ipu. Br try ktull U ' niTuuc ? fi?i uiuftidw. FOR CHILD ASH, ?xjs\ v* i wvmtiab fiu nui lata i?uut, nit uo rami Vfiay ; Mi a at%?- ?L; \jj it, tad yau -will k? It Ii 4a- 1 St'.IUUMt*. i max. hnii al 4rtffi?k* ? inlin vfca ?; try ta yala ;h mi kltlir u tuMiruilIt uuk, vklik tfcay m (it akoa, kf UTlif IMiJWt u p?4. inliiMkau. Atk tor afLkKAunt rruii?yn?!ii< gokdul, u4 uii ankle# ataa. It I* U? aaly ramaJy that will iwritj tha toad tiaraif kly aad at tka urai tin* ttr aofthan tha ?yitim. Uaa i???y?aof*l Hits a?ary mafoliif faatiaf ia a eart'-'a yraviatlrt for Ckalara, Chili* and run, Yailaw r?T?r, at ay araaalaal diaaaia. ll !? ?? la larra haulaa. Prln aely rl f" v-*ttia, KlWuUi hi fl J. MrLtAM, a,* fNirlcu af thla Cardial; al?a, If akata'i Yalaula Ol ktataaaL Pnaalyil Dapat aa tha imil af Th'td aad Hal itiHU, It baaia, Ma. MoLe&n'i Voloanio CU Liniment, (Tic itn kicrm ?*r m tbb worud) Tkt aaly aafa tad ruin t?tt far Canaan, Mat, T*. mi, waillift tad Brvnthlla ?i Catva, Pinlnli, Milralftt, Wttkoattaf tkt Mutiir, Ckraal e ar Inlammatary Rktaatturr, ItJfatH ' i>a Jai.i^Cwiniud HucIm ar biftratoit, BtntktwTHDMtbt, ntiu1lmiiilri?k Caw, fn^i, Blatrt, Firu Carta, Cakad Braaai, taplta, Iuiii, ?tildt, bit Tbfait, ar uy lnlaremauau ? Mia, aa diftrtoaa haw Htm wr lane lit iuiut mi; S?t. ?iut?d. Mckum >:miunu wuumkht u a fain rtmtdy. TMMuai a< kaaai taup aara kaaa aarad a lift af Ala arapuadt and re it try ky ikt att af (kit luialaakla ranady. MtL FAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralla?a pa-o k.nMl tuatautaaaaoaly, tad it will tlaaa, fariff aad k?al tka faalut Mill ia aa i.iaradikla akart uai. FOR HORSES' AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtkCAIfa CKLEBRATKP LIM1MKMT it tka aeljr aala aad raliakU ramtij far tka iwi af Sparta, lunwa, Wladaalla, IpUau, Vnnataral Lamp*, Madai at vallinfa. It aa?ai falnd ta tin Big lead, Fallartl, rtataia, Old Maolci Karaa, at ! >, if praaarty aapllad. Fat. aiaiua, Bnuaaa, laraukaa, Craakad laala, Okafaa, Saddla ai Catlai alia, CWa, larat, ai Wa?c4i, It la aa iafalUkla nmtmj. 11 u umwi ui im U intoli la itiry ItiUAII. n?i mi# > iMfn vi* u< bim vjiUitu u?i??bu M y?i. Okttla a pplr af Oft. MckSAMf CUB IXYftD klSLMSKT. It will aaf? tml J. . MckKA*, Ma PraprlatM, CmiiTklK tad Plat hl,k. Mi, Mail CUU1I BTOTT, 171 ft. *?., kftn la WiUUf taa B. T CIHIi, a>?ftuv> M-NVIt QUNBOATS FOB thjiWESTKEN RIVERS. Quabtximaktsi 8bhxbal'b Officb. I IfaiitaOta. Jmu 11.1M1 i CiorouLt are invited for oonstruotinc 6anbnata upon the Western rivers HpeoiacftUona will he immediately prepared aad nay be examined at the Quartermaster' Ofice at Cincinnati. Pit'aburgh.aadatthiapftae. Proposals from boat bull era and engine-build er? alone will be considered. ) 18 Quartermaster Oonerai United State r?RlB, CKADLK AND BED BLANKETS and COUNTERPANES.all sitesaac <nali tiea, Bed Comforts, Sheetinrs. Pillow Laoem aad Gottona, Towels. Napkins, 'fable Clothe, Ticking a, Doyliee, Ao. All at oar proverbially low prwea, marked in plain figurea. Bew comers, straneera, sojourners aad oioseaa i inapeot our s.ook at pleasure. m pmu ww w **?i W? ' JOB I?m?W^B?^0!?m?li?* ?W'UM ".**!! mnw ? oo_ it.? IT *' *W,? T | TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. <*m. raffrcari^wagag." Qn*eoatowii, If^iJod^ "b*1 1Bf U 1 sag*8 i And ?very S?tardB7, Bt boob, from Piar M, Nortfc < n??. J urn ov riMui. First CftbtB. ?- ' Do. to Londoa ? ? M Do. toFBris *6 Do. to HBabarg * J Do. to .... - W Do. to Humhorr, + *_ . i Pumiiri forwardad to Hint.lot- ? l?rdam, Antwerp, 4.0 , at reduoed throuth far*a. . Peraon* viahisf to brta* oat <bair fnaods ou ' bar tioketa at low rata*. ' or further information apply at tha Captain* Offica. JOBN ?. DAL'. Aiact, i Or to Q. A. HERRING, A^aSu^JJii* Baittroora. 1 ^^^^^INDIVIDUA^^TERPRIBB '"meats'" I KENT?For Cwnbndg*, Draton ud Lftadinca i on Cbo?t&ok riT?'. every WEDNESDAY awi 8ATLKDAT. returning #r#ry ThUrid?V i Monday. , , . For Annwolif and Weet Elver, ovary TUESDAY and FRIDAY and retanuac urcdayi. PIONEER?For St. Michael's anH Eaaton, via \ Him.mry WEDNESDAY.and retara ] the ame day. \ For Annapolis, Weet River, Cambridge, Oaford j and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, retarning by tame route on Friday. i For Annapolis. Weet River. St. Michael's and < Ea ton, via Mile'* River Ferry, every SATUR- j DA Y, returning every Moaday oy same roata. Fare to Cam bridge, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point SI 60 | Fare to St. Miohaei's and Milee' Riveru roana trie, fl.) 100 j P, r? t . U? D J ?* ' ' ? w ? f?ooi niToi|\(vuiraUIf|fiU.^..? I W I Faro to Annafoii?<<0?nd tn?7Soeflt?) - 7? i , t MkALS EXTRA. IT^Freurht must be pre dm a. Wharfand Oftoe, LIGHT ST., foot at Camden. | Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN ] CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I J Caltiit Station, Batiinore. Maris, 1K1. ( Od and after Sunday. Mar 19th. 1961. Train* on > the NOR'l HERN CENTRAL KAIl.WAY %t \ n*e and depart aa follow, nntil farther notioe. , TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 1A A. M. EXPRESS at IS) P. M. 1 HARR1SBURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. M The MS A. M. train oonneeta at Relay Honae with train* on the W*?t?rn St Hanover Junction with Hanorer and bettabo'g Kail roads; at York with York and Wnglftejlile . Railroad; at Harr-ahvrc ?ith Pennsylvania Rail- ' rc tA for ail parts of tbe West, alao with Labanaon 1 V&lley Kail road to N#w York dxrtet; at Northam > beilandwithL and B. Railroad for Kingston and < ali pfvrta of Wrooming Valley .and at ^bddb with < tbe t*hiladelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 30 P. M train makes all the above oonneotiona exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrighuvilla Rajlroad and the Lebannoc VaB>y Railroad. Tne 6 P. M train makes oonneotiona with Pennsr'vania Railroad f'tr all carta of tha Weat,and A l rAnt AAiin*A#a thaw's arrive. Mali at 6 W P M.. Expre ? at 7 U A. M.; Iirruburg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M j For Ticket* ud information loqnire at the Ticket O&oe, Calvert station, Baltimore. i j. C. CLARK, Bnp't. j . LEAVE PHILADELPHIA . SIMsWeKl FOK NEw VOR*The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Trends Railroad Comeaniee' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YO?K AND WAY i PLACKS.froni WALNUT STREET WHARh AND KEN81N6TON DEPOT, will leare ae foi 1 lnva At 6 A M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) . , Ate A. M.. via Camden and Jersey City,(N.J. Accommodation.) At I A. M.. via Camden and Jeraey CUy.iMornir r Mail.) Atll.'f A M . via Kecaincton and Jeraey City, (Western Expreet.) At UK P M., via Camden and Am boy, (Accommodation.) At 2 P M., Tia Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. KxareM.) At 4K P M., via Rename toe and Jeraey City, (Eveniuj Exfroo*,) At AH P. M., via Kensiufton and Jeraey City, (S?oon<1 Ciaaa Tioket.) 1 At 6 P M.. via Camden and Jeraey C!ty,(Kvemc? At 11M P. M., via Camdsn and Jeraey City.(Southern Mail.) Atf P. M . via Camden and Amboy. (Aoeommod* Hon. froight and paaaen<er, Fir?t Ciaaa Ticket./ Second Ct&aa Ticket. The 6 P. M Mail Train runa daily. The llj< P. M. Mail. Saturday* excepted For Belvidere, feaaton, LambertnUe, F1 em, Liton. Ac., at 7.10 A. M.. and 43i P. M., frotr. K*bainitou. For Water Gap, frtronda^arr, So ran ton. W11 It barre, Montioae, Great Bend, Ac.. at 7J0 A.M., from Kensington, via Delaware, Lackawanna and VVeaWn Mail road. For iVaach Chonk, A lien town and Betfciehem,at 7.10 A. M. and 5S P. Mm from Eene.citon depot; the 7.10 A. M. li e oonneota with the train tea Viae 1.(Luton fttltt K M. For Mount Holly*, t ? and ? A. M. and I and ?* P M For Freehold at A. M- and t P M. For Briatol, Trenton, ic.. at 7.TO A. M.. and (HP. M. from Kenaiufton, and SX P. M from Walnut mreet vliarf. Kor Palityra Riverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Burlington, F tret n&oo, Bordentown, Ao., at liK< I, S, is and 6PM Steamar Tronton for Bordentown. and intermediate piacra, at M P. M. from Walnut atreet wharf. (IT" For New York and Way Line*, laartni Keneinzton Depot, take the ?flu on Fifth treat, above Wal mt, lialf an hoar Bra depa'tura The oara run intJ the depot, and JKariTal oftrain run from the da ?of. h lftT aoonda of barra?Afl^mM.llnwMri tnauk passenger Passengers arefl^lKed from taking anything as rtjiw bat H^^Vaaring apparel. All bagf&c* over ftf*r foT extra Ti e oonr.pany iiniitH^rnsponsitiUty f. r bartace to onr fol ar per ^ ^ aco will not be liable Tur any anion t bevoaHHBoLdreii doilara, exoept by speoial ooctraot. _ WMH.My.MKIt.Anct fiKSHflBB w E8 UTH H MB ?! BALTIMOIK AM) OHIO On and after Mav 16tn, IV, ue trams will can as follows, Tis.?Leave CIMAd Station, Baltimore.? Mail, iexempt Sunday,* at 4. 30 A. M.; Kipress dai*y at &. 45 P. M. Both Trams go direoCy through M>R ALL PARTSOF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NOfUjWEST; pod ttfiv vitiBiivia ?? ? ? I AVWHVVSiMOBetween Baltimore ana PiJfcpnt take the A. M. Train; between Piedmont an?>V take Acrnmodation Train. lea*infVlediBont at A 40 A. land betwe?n Grafton aai* Parkeratarc. take the 6 Si A M Train from BalHanore. TkeFRfc.DERICK TRAUVleaTM Baltimore an SO P. M and Frederick aSuDA. M. the ki.lioott'tt MILlStRAJN Baltimore at 6 SO and 9.15 A. M. aad 1 45 and M6 P. M, and KUioott'a Mills at 7.4" and 11 An A. M.and A4? P.M. For further information, 'ft ok eta oferwy kind, Ac , !ipp;y to J. T.JKNGI.AWD Agent, at Camdec Station, or at the Ticket udor W. P. SMITH. Matter of Tra.n?portion. L. M. CO I.E. Gen'l Ticket Agent. .NEW YOkK. HARLEM AND LEAViB>V\Ew1 LYO'RK PO* arhaVKMK^T Commeno>D( Mordai.Maymh.UBI. For Abany?11.-06 t. m. fast express train from SdMJotw Plains?4:00 p. m stop pi nj at White iu and stations north to Dovar plains?from street station. (This train will run to Millerton srsrr Batarday ForTJroton Fall*?tlik m. storing at all stations north of Ford Kara from JBth ttroM station. For W tut? Plain#?MO, 4:10 and 8c00 ?. m. stopping at all stations from 96th street station. For White I'iains?*16 p. m. (topping at all stations from White atroot station. For Williams Bridge?7 JP, 11:15 a. m. aad MS p. m. a topping at all stations from nth streat station. Return:rig will leave? Aibac j?Ww a. m. fast express train. Dover Plains? WO a m. (This train leaves Mil lerton everj Monday morning at A a. m.) Croton Falls?6 ?. m. White P &.ne?&io, 7K? a. m.i?'? * T^Op. ?. Williams Bridge?5J0, 9:00 s. m.? boo p. m. 5?ur.da? trains will leare 4th Avenue oorner SSd street^for Centra! J*ark, Yorkville, Maries# aad niiu onu|B every iew minute*, from ?*? a. m. to T^w p id. JOHN BukCHlLL, Aut Hap't. YORKrAN^ ERIK RAIL pund|?r Train* Imt? P?tonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chant-are atlsSo ^fcTE^lfor'bunkirk,and Buffalo, and principal intern'>ate SUiitm*. 100a. m, MAIL, for Dankiri. and intermediate Station*?Tai? Train remain* over night at Klmira, %T'} a** **1 mV1L i'daiCjfi^jOBrilla, and is tar mediate Stations. 11.00 a. mTACCOMMOpATlON. daily, for Port ^S'^m^'^AfpM^etown, Nawbargk, *4J?V ^r^J^HT^XPRKBS, daily, for DmnStation*, and juu? only to Klmira. AWUftMOPATlONJor Honv*rtll*, 4nd jniioiffl SUtioni. CH 4 B, MINOT. 9M'1 t. NATHANIEL M &** .*? JONIONIV?ONION#?ONIONB. U8T ReooirW a* (ownMt U* *"Jni Tf yjatr way ?pog^ifjjP PIANO vltl ' 1 - V* '>* M +' J ?* A # ?a e ' 1 I'* : j mVtf M.N FALL*. mmsm mmm. Do t ?i a ? ? * * m ~ F-t lb lor Phuade ?tit will ; * P'M,aAt., J**** IMfot dAiljr i 8an4?ra>M foUowt, m"** I xpreyi Trail ?t 6 IS A. If.. Waj M^i fL., M \M \ .M.; Etpl.m Mail U 4 46 o' Oi flNr DA Y9 ? i it P. M. oal v. All trUa. ooai?tfwjl York twaa except 4 4? P. M trmu ot aZSu Vp rm?bt Tnuc with nwapr mtmu! Pj| Iodine usrBMon.b2Sr2 timorc ami Hftm de^rM*. ^ ??< * fUr. n mwi iptra w IU B1IQ Mlf UMl UffQlUOVI fOVll bt ray of Vv'lminttoa, |f^ All Colored Pmou Hit |tw bomi b?for? uuonac UMMrt. WN CIAWFORD, Aiml hAHWSSHWB v i r v a t t ?/? i n - ? ?*? ? fir "** * ?* l?5f*ootr??l1 ?B??p^?l A vVrlTo** H* hjQwnmrii Bndf?, ABbBrc.O^D^Vm.Cirk^r.r Trains in oonaoction BtffaioajidfeMMa lion na Lake Short, Ki'tfmouc iak<liroc>iu rw*1 W<?ft*rI1 S?T Hamilton. Toroou [>*troit, Chjeajo.Tolodo.lf il?a*ki?, Pot I)n Lm k* ' M*di#?n. Prairie Lhi Chion, (,i*m [>unl?ith, Dnbnqno, P*< n?, Rook 1 aland ??? ! ace, Iowa Cut. BnrHneton. Uiint. t*?rintia!d 11 ton, St- Uiuia,Cairo, T? r? Huts. indiaaa?olia' LoniBTillo, Cincinnati I titon. ColnitheeTcUee' and, and al: pointa We?, NorthvMt aid SoltT rMl """ ? ^ muRiHUHn *ULTK. Connective with Traun at Troy, with Tro* a. Boston and Rene. A Saratoga Road* far Saratoga Whiteha.l. Rutland. Burlington, Pt. Alhana S*d2m Point, Plattabargh, Ogdenabafgh, Montreal A* to ' .017* Freight Arraruemectf by Ui? roate aa khove, without chance of Care, tron the Ueaota7a phambera and canal ?treeta. are at all tima* aa avorable aa made by o?h?r Rai'rmd CoR)aa?i*e JThe facilities of thia great New York R^teVto the SVeet eommend it to the ooaftdeoee of meraiMJrta m ' ahtaeera for romtmiu -* >aaaoDger trafca, with Pstokintine (Ummdc Uara ran id oonnoction on the Nrw York centra! partiealara M to looal trtiwud freicM ar w-"-'"*r.r#%?r2yKsss nap. Leave* the lower end of UNION DOCK.BaJti wore, weat aide. DAILY, (PuixUtb ino)ao?dt)at lH o'okek P. M. takinc paaaMcera ud reickt. aad jonnectim with th* Railroad liAta. to ard froaa Wajhincton. D. C.. Pluladtlakia!Nav Tok.w ton, York, jUmebarg, F tuhnrf. f*.. Mi u? Weet, immediately after thearnv* of the fcxpree* rr&ic from New York and Phi *4el?hi?. The following is tie So ;.*ci,e : Prom New York to Fort Monroeut hMk.. #14 Prom Phiiade.fE'a acd nank-_ __ Ii> Prom Baltimore tad back ?C. CT'PROCl'RE YOUR TlCRKTB^m r !s YoJ,k v N*w J *Tm*y Railroad OftM root of Coartiand etreet. In Phi Meljhia, at the Goaijany'e o|m, N. W. K?rner of Sixth and Ch?etnut etreeta, or at the I ufpcn, nroia ina rrime strfoc*. In B&l timore, on b^irtl the StMVMri. foot of Union Dock. HUSH O^CONffW, PM?itt|tr Aft i-ff~"rro* Pt**mer? Mrrlb^Lll. EM pitti s??r BAY STATE. ?nd PTATli OF MAINE. a/,n?? UMcth and b*t p&rt)0?i4rtT ?c?pUc to tk? MTtffttiOB of Loaf 1?W Hoc ad, nuiii in eoaneotion witfi tbe Fill River a?d Otd Co.on* Eui ro?<1, di?t?aoe of M mil* onJj to Bomton I .MLTA Pmr Na R NV.r'h Rivar KMp P. M.t toaoluac at Newport each way. The Steamer METEOPOLlH.Cajt. Brow*, n, Tneedaya, Thnredaya. and S*, at I o'aoci P.M.. toncuinf at Newport eaeh way. Thew Steameaa are fitted with commodiow atate roome. and every ar^annement for the aeewT *7 u<i oomfort ol ja?eetf era. who are awarded by tkiaroateaairhta' reat on hoard, aad on arrival at Fail River froc?e<l per 9tee.mbo*t Train.raae* 1B( Boston eariy the following moron*: or ail rfimfil n Art nnhl atarfiae r.t ik? a ? - - tion at 8 A. >1.. which thsy mar reach Boatoa about >.46 A. M. Abaggage nut* ia attached to each rteamer, ? who reoeiree and ticket* the baggage. and aoaoatpaniee the tame to ita deati nation. A ateamer rune in oonneotion with thia Line between Fail River and Pro*idenoe datlr, except Bund are. Freight to Boaton ia forwarded throath with treat di? patch by an Expreer Tram, which icaree Fall Rirereverr mornng. Hundar* excepted,ai 7% o'olook for Boeton ana New Bedford, arriving at ita deetinaOon at about 11 A M For freight or pataage, m j ua board, or at the o?oe on Pier No.) North River roratate roe?a ?na Dentin tip r on ftotra.or 11 CNirat to ???*re them in advinoe, to V> M BORDfcN At't TO tod 71 W ?tt atreet, N Y. THK RKSl l.AR MAIL LINK I Ita^VlA 6ROTON, 8TONIN6TON ^ "and PROVIDE NCK, FOR BOC TON?Inland Root*?The ?'orUei and uxxt di r?ot? Carry the Kvkterc Mail. The eteamer Pt^ MOL'TII ROCK, Capt. J. C. ?ear, and COMMONWEALTH. Capt J. W. Wil>iam?, ic oonaection with tte btoniLftno tfti ProTidetoe.and Bo*?ooaod Providenoe Railroad, lea no* Nrw York aaily, Hnndari exoeeted. f'on P-er No U Norte River, at 6 o'oloek f M..M4 Groton at MP o'oicoc P. M., or on the arrival w 1m.Mail Train whiot taavee Bo*too at J * P. M. .The PLYMOUTH ROCK. fro? New York Mon<ia?, Wednesday, and Friday. From Groton?Tn^eda'. Thursday , ted Saturday. The COMMONWEALTH, from New YortTaeeday. Tharrtay. u>d Saturday. From Grotot -Monday. Wednesday, aad Friday. Passengers from Groton prooeed fer railroad te ?rovtdsnee and Boston, LD the upr?w Mu rain. reaching said place in adTanoe ?f those by outer route*, and in am?l? time tor all the early Morning Line* ooneoung North and East. I'm sengers that prefer it, rvnain on board the I stsamer, enjoy a nights' real sadistsrbed t>re?kfaet u dssired, and isare G rotor: m the TU A.M. True, oocnecbux at ProTideooe with the 1# A M. Train for Boston. F\ro nroui Hronderoe to Newport, Fifty oeiits. A baggage matter aooompanies the Steamer serf Tram each way. For Paeeags, Berths. State Rooms, or Preiaht. ijflj on board the steamer, or at the Freight Ofioe. Pier II North Kim. or st the ftfcm of the Crrap&ny, No. 115 west it^ft,oorMr of CorV land >tr?C N#w York, Feb. H, Mi. SrKHi And WEST, Tr&ic* r roin ^namoc ? st w. i . r rom 3>tti ilrtfl Exp re*. 7 and 11 a. ?., 746,11* a. m., art %M I and JJO and 5 p. m. siii. m. Troy and All*uy (with 10,?p.? , (Sudan i?- j laovinc oar)l?.15 p.m eluded.) f PoaghkMpate train 6, a 6.26 a. m.,aad l.?p.a> | m , 1.15 p. hi. Paakeki.l train,4.n?p m .? p. m Sin* Sicj train,9.oo a m . ?.? a. a., aad iju ud ?ate?Wi?g ftCHWUUlVS AuilhUatlaf . Powder i? CHW ERIN'S PILJJS ve in dutt* *dc Mioe. M. Hchvarit rju rtoMrod Wftlfcw*! from the President or 6ir*r<) CoIIn*< Diitclonoj Hohmi of Eefnrf, PenctT Y?ai* "flojwmb., !)? Oth?r Promicect IniOtctioM of Ph1i t'. 8^ Mbinfton, D. C.;wwJ Charitf FWh . fra^rtK^Tyi0^"^^ I oT?du^ r^fBli roU.1. pri?I. W ^ **??? . of. ?;/*?' Inftutry *ai El* aukiuB. wniP.fke. For^??' Vo!ucU*r?' Mum!. S wolt, |1 ll?~'i CoiqMnciaoi of Harde?'t Tacu??,* OrQM'a Military Snriery, Tbc , MtSu'i Field FortifioftUOB and Oit*o#t. ?aak ? TkT'Sfd*?? dn. boo* for Ue ?M of Ut Vomnwer M ~ u? hi?H*Dd*BookS?oT t*>? 0.8, SoUtjr. ? ? ? irit book of iaitraeboB to tho U. 8. lnfaatry *" F%*MKvap-2?ase- ?si*. for Autt:mnted WUtt?* u??. -txssr*" ""-^iKr.y^r" i,

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