Newspaper of Evening Star, 2 Kasım 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 2 Kasım 1861 Page 1
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r V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. 0, C , SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 2. 1861. N?. 2.716. the evening star ta PUBLISHED EVBRT AFTBRNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, lirtr P**'MjrJeania ****** amd Elertntk it. st W. D. WALLAOH. ripen ww* In packages by carrier* it 94 I ,?!. or J7cea taper month To ratll nbMtttn Ue price Is S3 JO a jew, m mdvmm* ; S* for MX ??aths; SI tor three mottto; and tor leas Ihu Hrfe aoaths st the rate of It cents a week. Blagle copies, ohb cb.vt; la wrappers, two cwrra. \y A?vbbt:sb*b!its should be lent to the ?#< ? before tt o'clock m ; otherwise they may aet sppesr uatll the next day. DEPARTURE OP *IORE TROOPS POR WASHINGTON piftk Nsw Hampshire and the Shepar4 Rifles eareatrfer the Seat ef War. [From the N Y Tribune of Thursday ) Pursuant to orders promulgated by Adjtien. Uilihoose, the 51st regiment (Shepard Riles.) which has been encamped at Palaoe Garden since its inception, lert its quarters yesterday morning, and proceeded forthwith to Annapolis. The regiment numbers 1,050 men fully equipped and armed with Springfield ma?kets. and will form a part of Gen. Sureside's Division. The 5th New Hampshire regiment, which has since its organiiation been quartered at Camp Jaekeoa, on the outskirts of Concord. N b., received marching orders from Go*. Berry on Monday afternoon, and were ordered to proceed forthwith to Washington and report themselves to the Commander-in-Chief. The men were wild with enthusiasm, and on Monday night the camp presented a scene of great aotivity. On the following morning the regiment embarked on a train of thirty care of the Concord railroad, and at 7 o'clock p. m. arrived at Alien'* Point, whence they embark* ed on the steamer Connecticut, and landed at Jersey City at an early hoar yesterday morning. Got. Berry, who wm pre?ent at the disembarkation, said that great oare had been taken with this regiment, and he had no doubt the men would give a good account of themselves. Col. Croat has seen active service for the past fix Tears in Ariaona, and was a Lieut.-Colonel in the Liberal army of Mexico. Though unassuming in his appearance he has the confidence and reepact of his men. The regiment numbers 1,033 men, who are armed with Enfield riles, which were purchased by Got. Berry in this eity, at 617 each. The men wear the regulation uniform, and are supplied with four day s rations The rank and file are composed of men prineipally from the farming districts, and there is not one under five feet in hight.' Attached to the regiment is a battery of six pieces?four rifled oannon and two bowitsers with 130 horses, and manned by 150 men. under the command of Capt. Gerrish. The battery will arrive i* this eity this morning, and proceed to Washington by the New Jersey Railroad. Gov. Berry will remain in the city until to-morrew, and aocompany the battery to the seat of war. The following is a list of the field, staff and line officers : Colonel, Edward E Cross; Lieut. Colonel, Samuel G. Laflgley; Major, Wm W. Cook; Adjutant, Chas. Dodd; Quartermaster, Edmund M. Webber; Surgeon, Luther M. Knight; Assistant Surgeon. John W. Buckman; Chaplain, Elijah R. Wilkins; Sergeant-Major, Dan'l K. Cross; Commissary Sergeant, Isaac W. Hammond; Quartermaster-Sergeant, John A. Duer; Hospital Steward, Edwin A. Knight; Principal Musicians. Melvin S. Ingalls and Eohraim MeDaniell. Company A?Captain, Edward E. Sturtevant; 1st Lieutenant, Jas. E. Larkin; 2d Lieutenant, Stephen E Twombley. Company B?Captain, Edmund Brown: 1st Lieutenant, Welcome A. Crafts; 2d Lieutenant, Rinaldo R. Somes. Company C?Captain, James B. Perry; 1st Lieutenant, N- H. Randlett; 2d Lieutenant Wm. A. Moore. Company D?Captain, John Murray; 1st Lieutenant, G. W Ballock; 2d Lieutenant Sausoel F. Varney. Company E-Captain, Ira M L. Barton; 1st Lieutenant. T- J. Rice; 2d Lieutenant, Dexter G Read. Company F?Captain. H. T H. Pierce; 1st Lieutenant, Moees W. Rand; 2d Lieutenant, 8. S. Quinn. ' Company G?Captain, Chas. H. Long; 1st Lieutenant, Jacob W. Keller; 2d Lieutenant, C. 0. Ballon. Company H?Captain, Richard R. DaTis; 1st Lieutenant, Richd. E. Cross; 2d Lieutenant, Jauvina W. Graves. Company I?Captain, Chas. Hapgood 1st Lieatenant, E W. Johnson; 2i Lieutenant J W Bean. ' Company K?Captain, Richard Welch; 1st Lieutenant, J. B. David; 2d Lieutenant, F. W Butler. A fine band of music, consisting of 24 pieces accompanies the regiment; also a full drum corps marching orders General Headquarters State of New York, ) Adyt Gen'I's Office< Albany.Oei. 30, '01. | Special Ordbrs, No. 40??The following regiments, forming a portion of the volunteer forces from this Sute, will proceed to Washington in the order, and on the dates, named below, and report for duty to the General-inChief : 1st rag. N. Y volunteer cavalry, Col. DeForest, Not. 1. 2d reg. N. Y. Toluntaer artillery, Col. Palmer. Not 2 56th reg N. Y volunteers, Col. Van Wyck, Nov. 4 01st reg N. Y. Toluntaers, Colonel Cone, Nov. 5. 58th reg N. Y. volunteers, Col. Krsysanowski, Not. 6. 5Sth reg. N. Y. Tolunteers, Col. Tidball Not 7. 57th reg N. Y. volunteers. Colonel Zook. Nov. 8. Wth reg N Y. volunteers, Col. Pinckney, Not 9. ?3d reg. N Y. Tolunteers, Colonel Knright, Not 9. The following regiments having been ordered to report to Brig Geo Burnsides, in the oity of New York, will be bald in readiness to prooaed to such destination as he may direct: 5lst Regiment N. Y. Volunteers. Col. Ferrer?. 52d Regiment N. Y. Volunteers, Col Frank. 564 Regiment N. Y. Volunteers, Col. E Epinleuil. 54th Repiment N. Y. Volunteers, Col. Koshf Colonels commanding are requested to cause timely requisitions to b) made for arms, uniforms, and all other supplies nan mitt for their respective regiments, including transportation and subsistsnoe on the route, and to have fall and oomplete muster roots, properly certifad to by the mastering officers filed in this department on or before the data Axed for their departure. Field and Line Offioeri who hare not passed their examination, will appear before the Exaeatire Beard without delay. A list of such officers as shall fail to appear will be forwarded to Washington, and their commissions will be withheld aatil they shall have passed their examtnatiod. Brig Gen. Yates is charged with the exeeution of this order. By order of the Commander-in-Chief Tios Hillhocsb. Adjutant General. "Taxtxe thb Bcll ar the Hobks."? We learn that the U. S. Marshal of this district, E M. Norton, Esq., has ' taken the bulls by the horns''?haviRg on Satnnday last aeited the property of Chas. W. Russell, Esq , in this eity. as subject to oonfiscation, the owner being in the rebel army. Mr Rusael! is now an aid to Gen Lee. was a lawyer of considerable prominence in this place, and. at the time of bis departure henae, was eounsel for the Bait. A Ohio R R. in a case of much importance. We are informed that considerable effort is being made by influential parties to deter or defest the movements of the Marshal in this matter, and we trust he will do his whole daty in the premises with the same determlnntion and fearlessness whiah hare characterised his official acts thus far. The case is of saoh important eharaefer as will fairfr tost the question whether rebels are to suffer the pain aad penalties of treaaan, area tboagh they earape the deeert of death ? Whrei\n% P"fts tt7*frl,fc>e gr?et picture, tie ' Hallway S?ta ' t'i??," watch, It will be remeni>>ered. the artist N ft .Unlag, brord#*a?af?butoiasf>Mc?'?some SB).-1* <M>-t? t?Mld will be completed ia March nexf Paalaew's < h*., Piar ,D . c"r En*lia.b correspondence has already noticed the arrival of Mr Paulsen, the American chess player. in London. Mr. Paulsen, it will be remembered, played against Paul Morphy at the shess tournament held in this city some hltadfeM* ! w?W aPP?ar* in London as a nint. P ,,yer' beating no less then ten opponents simultaneously. The London Star has thu account of his wonderful performances : t?n ofrth^?nt0ffer#d ]? blindfolded, ten of the best players of this country, and to I tarry on the games simultaneously Mr. Paulsen had previously been victorious in a contest Ion the same terms with fifteen players; but I they were not all first ?Imj. and after his triI omph he expressed a wish to be pitted against I ten of the ablest players that could be proI duced. The match of yesterday has eicited I mterest in chess cireles sinre the pr#lim: inaries were arf-anged, and when it commenced ?.r? w#8 a numerous company in the room I which, it is needless to say, consisted chiefly of I chess players. The following are the names of I the ten gentlemen who were Mr Paulsen's opI ponents, via: 1. Mr. Mackensie, amateur; 2. I ?r" 8?bonro"? Russian Embassy ; 3. Mr. I Mane, London Chess Club; 4 Mr. Howard, St. I o??le8 8 ^Jnb; Barnes, St. George's I Club; <5. Mr. Burden, amateur; 7. Mr. CampI ^^r" Lamb, amateur; I n t. ^ortnaM, Hon. Seoretary St. James's I Club. " A t 2 o clock in the afternoon Mr. Paulsen I ascended a platform in the center of the room I and seated himself in a chair. For the instrucI tion of the uninitiated in such matters it may thVuV^ 1 \ll'tkUy b* blindfolded; I that is to lay there wag no bandage round his I an^'k^"* M i8 btck was towards the players, I and his face directly towards the window, it I .? 7 ? impossible that he could see I anything on the boards of his opponents. He I 7" ^Ite ???1 ?nd collected, and appeared to contemplate the result without any iisgivI jf v tb? ?r8t moTe in all the games, I i?d bB announced king's pa*n 2 all round. I rue game proceeded slowly, and It soon became I apparent that, although Sir. Paulsen had un| aertasen onijf to combat ten opponents, he I waaflr?a,,J .Paying against the most of the I in the room, who were consulting I with his opponents as to the tactics by which I he could be defeated. The match was entirely I k? h0nv?-r- Mr Pau,8?n, indeed, had a small bet in his own favor with Mr. Mackeniie. but ?2nUWUVtl,tr#.W,M ?? ^ttin?" ^0" M the ?? C'0Cu'- Mr Campbell was deI ,n h,s 8amo I ?t 10 o'clock. I vr ~?bourolF was equally fortunate, and at loj I .Mr. Mackeniie oontessed himself beaten and I resigned About half past 12, Mr. Robey k??r*r' Jwhich *r Paulf,?n agreed to I Xa . tb? bc8t of the ?am?> and I m,inul?a aft?r th? game with Mr. I U ? "? drawn Shortly after 1 o'clock l M.T. Lamb s game was also drawn. The reI maining games were drawn I v J* contest, which lasted nearly Iji I Pau,8?n was otit of his chair for I K - worn In u tea, and the only refreshment I he partook of was a glass of water. I v Self-Conde*nation.?The N I J?- U . " ??kes the singular confession that I * course for the laat ten years has been I ? P*"?ci0? blunder," at for that length ef I Vm? v 3 devot?d Itself to the work of cryine I fk W-j * '1?'!?"??'' of th? South, and deriding I {? .ld?a of J?f d*ring to break loose from the I *nergiM Palsied by such an I element of weakness as the institution of slave I ry Bat now it regards slavery until it is abol??& ?*ide,?rof "j ?"?. " Tb? history of this war, on the part of both I f^erljmfn?t|.anlpeopIe' i8 Httl? m?re than a / the diaoovery of mistaken and the I Tk? I0' ?D b,0Dder- Nobody is to blame I The prw which supposed that the rebellion I was a mere continuation of the system ?f bulI LT'?g J mh>0} lhe South had always won its I leJiThl' ""if i t statesmen who fancied it I 22* quelled hy patiently waiting thirty, I h?r k n,D?tJr were equally honest, but I the mn!fD Pr??V* ?9"a,,y mistaken Among I the most pernicious Glanders which have emI JT.:^ ?Ur Vr,5ke ?P?rat'?ns. has been tho I ?k i a underrating the strength of the I ?k a ma"?r O' course, we have overI rated the strength of the loyal States." i?Fn'TvR0JTI!,e~r^ Bf ft Tlfne 'ver I m Double Harness.?Considerable rivalry has I existed for some time between Commodore I \ anderbilt and Mr. Bonner of The Ledger, as I U> who should own the fastest pair of trotting .??k k- k Bonn" h" always deelined to I v . _j h.0"?"' being opposed to betting I , 7'. however, in order to satisfy himI self of their speed, he drove his horses?Ladv Pa'mer and Flatbush-to hia road wagon, in the extraordinary time of 2:27, the last quarter in U seoonds. This is the fasted time ever I made by any pair of horses in the world, and consequently beats the Commodore's team ??druff' Mr" wbe?ian, Mr. IloagI land, Mr Harker, and a number of other good I th? P?rformanee and timed I II-?iV. /. Tribune. I * PniNTise Orrics Conpiscatbd The "KaI ba Valley Star" oflce, at Chsrlrs'on VlrRnK"^ U>wJ?J,n Rundl?. bas been' ronI m 4 Huodle holds the position of a Firtt I Lieutenant In the Confederate Army About th? tSthe Smi1,0U *r?ke oatKhe announced I ir*I. editor bad Kone into the Confederate I mnnMe,H willing hla type* should b* I mouldfd Into bulleta to kill < ff the Invadpra of I that lTnu^fh *?U ,n,trad ' doing exerutlon In that lint they are now used for piinting blanks | delphla Press admits that he published the alteged forged dispatch from Col Stone?but?a? I jiyTr " reliable source" at Con^ thLV'?V ^0?doubt of its authenticity. I Ri'JK?.from ? ^ wlth^ 2SKJS5 C,Kace"!L-a ,ett?r fr?m the ' 1,tI1.^ted M follows: Enfield rifles, ?18# 6U); guns S119 500; muaketa ?115*iv I swords and sabres, tu ' ?"5"wui cap., *e , ?s!?X). ' ' revolv?"? percuaalon . ICTKxperleBced sea capuins aaMrt that the beat m ?nths of the whole year, for naval e?tJli! I tiona. are the months of November and Decern T 7? hTTy whlch do s iSTsS aloogthe AUantlceoaat. In the winter, do not begin until about the first of January IT^The seoaa'lon papeaaof New York are glv,h* Government a great deal of trouble If the gabble of geese saved Rome, the same sort oi npfJth<! Gff"t Republ,c ' J116 ,roB CfllDmM ?eed In the construction k?m.? * 5r??f warehouses In Liverpool, are all owscrete aHed ,D tb* ln,lde Wltb Pr00' at 'hlj* Pr)f?' rTPort d to have made a stind da e?t cS!ha ?arkod Po* "Delen! VrXtic?irUxa?0 Carthage must be wiped out. eriSI? we (LVJiP4 % and ,h*? for the gorS^T, Conn ?Ut ^ a' the foundry at L?TirbNei^ItBR"?b*r,b^ 10 tb* National R ' ' ?P to the fist, by on* hundred and one person? waa t80,7W 1 ITT Darliig tbt past we*k Uke freight have sdjaneed at Chicago ten cents per bushel oB gram d railroad fret*hts ten rents per barrel on lonr' v ^ *?ow st Troy, S * . oo ih. 23d lust '? ID" The telegraphic cable across the Ohio river t tvansvilie, Ind , has been broken. , THE POLLAH STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS ' NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! Thf Fnllfit and Meat Reliable Newt from the Seat of Government! Rending Matter for the Firt.side Circle! The present year i? undoubtedly the inoit eventfhl in the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences tfahsplrlrtg at the Federal Metropolis are naturally ol Striking and re* markable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable, accounts of all that passes here ii mo*t Intense, and we have consequently made alterations and Improvements in the weekly issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the pa->er has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed It is our determination to ihlie the WifciLT Star not only the largest amd handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be Thi Best Family Wskkly Nrwbpaprr in thr World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; Interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGR1 CULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In sbbrt, It ii our purpose to give our traders a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington News and Gossip our speciality, In accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to C.'ubs. To Single S"Her!ber? SI OO per year. To Clubs of Five ?o cents. To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen H5 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-live 80 cents. To Clubs of FiAy<.) cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, I). C , with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. THE SI!BSCR1BERM beg leave to inform their patrons and the public generally of beiqk amply supplied with & superior st< ck ol**H FALI. and WINTER GOODS. (T| Theraiso respectful y invite attention cf \fT their Army and Navy customers, and thote " ,B requiring outfits in that line, to their ruperior qualities of Swords, Epaalets. Shoulder Straps Belts, Chapeaus, Hats, Caps Sashes, and Gold Laces, constantly on band, whioh are warranted as repre sen ted, Wh.lst tendering thanks for the liberal patronage ecjoyed,the> will endeavor to merit aconunuanoe. F. J. H EI MERGER ft COj (Successors to H. F. London t Co.) CITIZEN. MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 362 Pennsylvania Avenue. oo 16 er Sm metallic FOR Cleaning. Fellshing, and Preventing Rut. This is superior to all other oils in the world for the above purposes, as well as for machinery and lubrioating uses. It is equally applicable to gunlooks and sewing machines. It is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnanoe and maohinery. Principal Depot and General A r racy, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh at. JUT" Agenta wanted with teams, to supply enoampments se 24 2m rjiO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYB. The Best in the World, TK* Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dye Known. Sold by all Druggist*; also, at Brrrrton's Patent Medioine Store, tp. Patent Office, oor. P ft 7th, and at Girbs's Hair Store, 24*2 Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can have it applied, if desired. Factory?81 Baroiay st. (late 233 Broadway) N. Y. oe 3-Iy JIIVT RECEIVED, ontof the largest stocks of -sew and Fashionable Clothing ever offered in W asr.ington. which must be so'd withla the next thi. Vg days to make room for winter goods. Persons wanting Clothing. Furnishing Goods, Trunks. Ha>s and Cape, should oall soon, as now is the time for bargains, at No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Ogioe. oe T im PBERGNER'S HILADELPH1A LAGER BEER! 8. STERNBER6ER. B O L B A O B N T, No. 32S DStrrrt, (Adjoining Star offioe.) A largt supply oonstantly on hand. oe 15-lra UNION OY8TER DEPOT.?The undersigned respectfully announce to their^^. /^\ friends and the pub 10 that they have?3fl ? aJ always on hand a lreeh supply oi the^^JJJF best O* ?ters the market oan supply, aud served in every style. Families and Sutlers supplied. BWORD ft CO , oo 5-lm* 498. corner of 12th and K sts. SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLBD O CORN.?Tbe sabionber, having got the agenoy to sjpsly Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would respeotfully ask af his friends, and the pablio at large, to give it a trial. Aiso, Popped Corn, Plain and sugared WM. B&ADLY, Agent. Pa. avenue, between lgtfi and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments, Table Tops, fto. A large assortment a ways on hand. oo 19 3m WIDE WHITK SKIRTING CAMliRICS, Also, all other kinds of White Cambnos, and Plain, and Piaid Mnslinee. With all other kinds of Dry Goods, adapted to the wants of 'amities. New eupeliee in Carpeta, Curtains, Oilelotha Rugs, *o., upper floors. One prioeonly, marked in plain figures, benoe no pnrohaser is over oharged. PERRY ft BROTHER, ooM 8id Pa. av., and 9th street^ WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. 399 PRNN4TLVANIA AVRNWR. MIIJJA&Y??ND naval merchant tailors. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, and ^JSESTi4?,E/^5'9,oNo?8ENTLB- j eea-if (Intel, ft Reps tp 1 /"'IBBS' HAIR STORK, always on hand.or made to order at the ?hortaat sotioe. Hair Wortr repaired or exchanged. B-?Las tee Hair Dyed la the most oatura1 * T~*> "* 1 \m I 1" MiE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORK?No. 460 Seventh st? opposite Post Offiae. oal la I $ LEA k. PERKINS' CBLBBBATBD W orcMteriblre Sauce. Pronounoed by ? EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Ml of a Letter from a Wb.ll,. IJ * *" ??" ~ MIL &t Madras " ONLY GOOD jm\ To Hi,>Br0lktr SAUCE," at VVoroester. and applicable to I?U L-?V Pw every rustrzsxa s-arSje? in India, and is, in VARIETY rifKp?; my opinion. the most pa aUb'e, as We!! at ,,p niau -**"* the moat wholesome or DIHH' ^f^/0Sauce that k raaclo." The above SAUCE is not only the ?est and most popular cowpimetit known, bnt the most ? c<| icai, as a low drops in Soup, Qraey. or with >*** | hot and oo'd Joints, Btef Steak, Game,tc., impart I an exquisite aest. which unprincipled r*Ve? mVB" I ufacturers have in valu 62d***ored ?o tmua.j.

On the Brtakfa>t, Luncheon. pxnke'.tor Suppa I Table, a cruet containing " LEA A PKRR1NS I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is mdispensa^ To appreciate the excellent qualities of this deli- I cious preparation it is only neoessary to pnrcnase i a am* 11 bottle of tne genuine, of a respectable gro I oer or He* er, as many H?tel and Restaurant |W- I prietors seldom p.&co tie P?r' ?auce before the.r I guests, bnt sohsututea genuine BSt'M felled with I a svutious mixture. , I For sale by Grooers and Fruiterers everywhere, j JOHN DUNCAN A SO *8, Union Square and UtA street, Nero York. I Sols Wholesale Agents for the United Mate*. I A P;o3k llways in store?Also orders reoeived I for direot shipments from Eng{ar-d. I ITT Beware of Counterfeits add sep 3-ly,eo ^ I SOMETHING NEW ! S~~\ 'yfTN f^jGXBATXST DlSCOVEBT ?f At S?l C ???#?. opposite I the Thea if. ? OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Coofced (far sup?.ior I to a roast) in two minutes, the fastest timt on record. Call and see. The undersigned reep-KJtfoily informs hi* friend* I in the Distriot, and visitors to the oity, that he ha* | refitted his old and will-inows establishment I in a most thorough manner, and ha* made oom- I plate arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in anv I tyii and in any quantity. *00 to SO ga !on* shucked I per day. 2 tt? to 3 000 cans of S?>c*i atd F'jah I put up daily?oans hermetically staled, hurflisaed I in the shall by the hoshe'or barrel. ... I Person* wishing to have Oysters furnished regn- I larly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, I without fear of failure, *hon!d oall and make arrangements at once. Freight, time, and money 1 saved by purchasing of me, as I furnish an article I equal to the oel^brated Baltimore establishment*, I at price* juat as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meata, Lobsters, Sardine*. Clams, I Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pics' Feet, Tripe, Ao., I Ao.. Ac. Alao, Pickles, Catsup. Sajoes, Brandy I Peaches, to. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tur- I ties, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, Ao. I In fact, every thing for sale in the Northtrn mar- I kets always on hand, at reasonable prioea. Hotel* and families supplied with Oyster*, de- I livered without charge f any part of the Dtatriot, I in season, if the money i* *ent with the order. My estab ishmentis ooen from 5 a m. to IS at I night, every aay, except Sunday, when I close at I 10 o'oiook a. no. _ m. ge27 T. M. HARVEY. I TTO OFFICEkS. HE CAMPAIGN -A Campaigning Wagon on I the Prussian principle, arranged for sleep- C\__ ingortoact as an Ambuianoe in case of I sickness or wounds, with ample room for^~^ ? I stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and per- I fectly new. haviug been just built to order by one I of the first makers in New York, ia offered for sale I at cost prioa. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown I HORSE, either for saddle or harness. I Both may be seen on a/pliostion to JAMES I BP.OWN, a* Mr. Irvine's Stablfts, Corooran'a I Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H I treats. * 20 I T CARRIAGES. ., I HE Subscriber having made addltien* to hi* \ factory, making it now one of the largest .flnmu I in the Distriot, where his facilitiesVCKSH^: (or manufacturing CARRIAGES ar.d.?^ ? I LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be snr I passed, and from his long experience in the busi- I ness, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kind* of Carriage* and Light Wagona kept! on band. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all order* I promptly attended to. Second hand Carnage* taken in exchange fot I new one*. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 18 tf oomer of Fourteenth and K sta. BILLIARDS! ^CTTTI The lover* *- of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Comoro Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, I ( oath side,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United States, with every comfort and convenience an I tf ior the player*. I ^ATCHRE^AIH^NS AN DSILVER WARE 1 have one of the be?t establishments, and fur- I nished witii a complete set of tools for repair- | ing every description of fine Watches, and MJ Barticular attention give to the same,by a^Bl I lot vgh oom patent work mac .and a work gyiacau tied Also, evary deecnp ion of standard SfL v ER I Wi RE, plain and ornamental, manufactured undet I my own supervision, whioh my oustomers will find I far superior in quality and finish to northern ware I old by dealer* in general and represented as their I ewn man nocture. H. O. HOOD, MS Pa. avenue. DM r 9th JjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. I Capital 777... 1300,000. QjUe censer 0 strut mnd Louuianm mm., eeer Bmnk I of Weukington. INSURE HOUSES ANcTOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diaacroas. ,, I Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Kothwoll, Tnoa. Parker. Riohard Barry, I B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davia. No ohargo for Polioies. JAMES ADAMS. President. I Abil G. Davis. Secretary. au 9-eotm Btophams E$ns PREMIUM TRUNK WSO MA N UFACTOR Y, 499 SaviitTB Stkixt, WasHiNere*, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Inrtitate Baltimore, November 7, laao. Also, Medal by Metropolit^i Mechanics' 1 estltale, Washington, D. C., 1M7. I am oonatantly making, and always have hand, I of the beet material, every description er Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. I Ladier' p-e*t, W oou Box, and Packing Trunks, I Pollisier, Carpet, tad Canvas Traveling Ban, School Satchels,lkto? At Low Prices. Members of Congress and travelers will please | examine my stock belore purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made m other oities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to | oHer. Trunks oovered and resaired at short notioe, I Goo^a delivered free of charge to auylpart of th? I ait* 'orgetowc. and Alexandria JAMES *.TQPHAM. CHOUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. j TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC. This pie*Bant and popular Cough R*med* has I been so long known and extensively used that most persona have oooome familiar witmts extraordi- I nary eflioaoy. It oan be had at all the prmo pal I drug stores, at 2S and 50 cents a bottle. oe 14-<ttmAeo4m* I I^RAND ADVANCE OF THK ARMY; but VV SMITH has not advanoed the prioe of lua I Clothing whioh he hasiust reoeived and is selling | off at sneh remarkable low prices Give me a oall I and satisfy ydarselves of the great bargains that I are now offered every day at SMITH'S, No 440 I Baventh ?t. oo 1 lrn ?|OME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, Lambs'. Miaaaa' awn ChilUMw's Wui, i ?? -+* p? ?*.. M I?1 mill "Ml ?ta I VRMY BLUE CLOTHS ANDCASSIMERE8, II ?ood qualities for ofBeers t'ravau, I'oeket Handherehiefs, Glove*. Su?- I teudera, Unbrellas, I nderaMrtq a< d Drawers, Ao. I One price only, marked 1 Yk R R^T B RO ! o?9-M Pa.aveuae and Ninth at, ? BOH JOHNSTON, ALTIMOR K LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat dilt?rU tke Mil C+rtatn, Speed f m+4 etsip Kfectuai Remedf m tke World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. a cvre warranted, or no charge, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wtakcttt af ai B?:l, Strictarsa, Afttuontof tka Bidatyt and Bladdt 7 ..aTotmz.jt.T-' Otackupi, Impotaacv, G an r?i Dtbiluy, Ntr.*ocai,ttt. Djiwp,?, Lanraor, Coafaaiao r Idtat, Lo? Spirts, ? piuam of tht H?> n. Timidity, Trtmblinga, Dimnttt of Sig.-u or Giddiritaa, Okitn of tkt d, Thro*:, Noat or Skin, Affcctiona of tha Lnugt 8 onath or Bnwtlt?thttt Ttrnbla Diaordtrt anting from Soi?uty Mabtttof Yoetb?thtaa Drtadfal and Uiauicioa Praettca* which rtrdtr Marnagt irapoatibit, and dtttroy talk Bed* and Wind. YOUNO MEN Etptcially who hart btcomt tha victims of Solitary Tie*, that drtadfal and dtatractiat habit which aunaally twttpt IS an ani'frtlT gra.t thuaanndt ot Vow g Wltn of tha moat tlafttd taltrrta and brilliant intsUtct, who might othtrwut ba?t antranctd Utttrang Stnatta whh tha tkaadara af tlo. gatnet nr wakad to iciuc? tha littng lyra, may call with fall cocf danct. MARRIAGE. fTasaisr) PSRtof??,or Yunng Man eonltmplauag Marria?a, t.tir.J swart ef phytical wtak;.ttt, organic dtbiluy, dtformiutt, 4c., tptt4ilf riftf. Ha who placta himttn oud?.' tilt car# af Dr. J. may rtligiaatly conldt in hit honor aa a gtulitCiA& aad aanldtatly rtly upon hia skill at a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Itft band aida going from Baltimore atrttt, a faw daara fram I tha earnar. rail not to cbttrat aunt aod oambtr. btutrt mat, it ^atd and contain a atarap. D* JOHNSTON, Mtmbtr af tha Royal Colitgt ef Sargtotit, London, grtdaata from ont of tha moat trmntnt C"*Hftt in tha Unittd Butat, and tha riaatar part of wboaa lift &at *stn spiat la tha hoapiula of Londoo, Paria, Philadtlphia and t*?w(-trt, baa tStctsd aomt of tht moat attonithing carat that #1?t , t?tr known; many tronbltd with riapof in tha htad and tart *ifn atlttp; gnat ntr*oaantsa, btiag alarmtd at taddtn tc?nd*.^ir?hf5lntti with frtqntnt bleating, attacJtd tomatunaa with dtrarfraaet af mind, vtra cartd mmadiataly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taanf Mao and otfifr, who ha?t ininrtd tl<m#ft*aa by a arutn practica indulge J id whtn alont?a babit frtc;ertt_*y ( ltarrtd from ??i! coiupamona, or at acboel, tht tstcta af whiei ara nightly fait t,to wnto aalaap, and if aot cartd, rtndara r.a'"n(? impoatibit, and daatroya both mind aos body, ahoBld ap^y frMMdiatalTThttt ara aoma of tht a* J *?rd caaianehoiy tftett jprodactd by early habita of yonth, ?i*: Wi?'n?M of tha Bock and Limba, Paina in tht Htad, Oimntat of Sigh'., L**t af Powtr, Palpitation of tna Ha^rt, Ilyapepay, Serf eat trrnakiliiy, Dtrangamtnt of tha Digtitivt Faocuooa, Gtatfa] Otbiiity, Symptomt of Contamptioo, Ac. ME7VTALLY.?Tht ftarlal aStcu on tht mind ara mach ta bt draadtd?Loat of Mtmory, Coi.funoi. of Idaaa, Dtprtaaiao af BfiTfi, Evil Korabodiuga, ATaratoo of Sociaty, Stlf-Diatraat, Li?t af ?te!na4a, Timidity, aw., ara aoma of tha a?ilt prodactd. NiktoCI DaaiLlTf.?Thcatandt can t>at Jadga what it tha caaat of tbair dtclmiof htat^, 'i-rt tbair rigor, bt coming wtak, pala, ntrvont and amaciaitJ, baaing a aingalat appaaranct a boot tkt tytt, cough or tymptota* ?f aoaampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tka rongnidt i and imprudant rotary of plaaaara fir, ta bt hat imbw.'tl : tatdt of thu painfal diaaaat, i. toa ofttn bapptnt that an ill-tint if '* ntt of tharnt or drtad of d accrwary dtttrt him from applying to thrtt ?ho, from adncatioa^Aod rttptctability, can alont btfriand nid.. P*t falit into tha ban da of ignorant and dttigning prtttodtrt, Wilo, iacapabla af caring, filch hit pacomary tabttanta, kttp bim trif ?g month afttr mirth, or aa long at Wit tmallttt ft, can ba obtainad, aad in dttpair laaaa aim with raintd haaltk v> aigh r*tr nit railing diaappoiRtraant; or by tht ntt of that dtaal^ poiaor? .Tl??"?ry?hiattn tht coiitutanonal tymptoma af thit Mm bit ditaaat, *e<*H aa Aftcuont of tha H tan. Throat, 8 tad. Skin, Ac., progrtaaing ?lS 'ricbtfal rapidity, till daath pat, a fartod to hia artadfar tafftriogt M ttndmg himi a a.?: aaitcartrtd caanur from whaa* uf traveler rttarut. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tbtr rrtat and important ramady wtakn tat af tht trgaSt art tpttdily carfd and fail viptt rattartd. Thoaaand, or tht att narraat and dtbiiiiMad, wba had laat all kept, aavt bttn immtdiataly rtlit'td. All imptdimtnu la Mtrnagt, Phytlaa' ? Mtntal DiaqaalItaatiant, Latt af ProcrtatlTt Pawtr. M,r??t: lmukilny, Tramblinr in< Wtakcttt ar Kinaattiaa af tb* moat Tcarfal ktad tpttatly cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. T?? Midi Tkociird] cartd at thit inttitatian withia Ut latt ttrtnlttn run, and tha namtraat importaut Sargi?al apvrauaot ptrfermtd by Dr. Johntlao, wiuittttd by tht rtoarttrt of tht papart and many othtr Dtrtoot, neuctt of which hart apjtirtd agMn and agun btfora tht cablic, btt:dtt bit ttacding at a gtutltman af characttr and riat.Ltibiljty, n a taSciant gaaraattt ta tht aBicttd. mar lt-lr NOTICE. g?aBESHBflB?B? "ADAMS' EXPRESS ti?>IPANT " J'hia Company offers to th?? pnbho " Unequalled v&nt*.g*a" fgr tae Safe and Quick Dupatoh of Heavy Freight* Pvkatea, Valuable*. Money, Ao. Ac., to *11 parU of the States. Expreaaea to and from the North and Weat depart from and arrive in Washington twipe daily. All Kxprees??s are in charge of mnd reliable Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "cm halt" our usual rates. A li Go"tis for the ?o-?tl!ed "Conf?viertt? t?'ate?" and all Articles " Contra'D&nd of War" wal be Refused. Ou- Ex presses leave New York at l.ff, and 6 P. M.. arriving in Washiogton at 6 A. M. and bJ30 P. M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at ?Jk> A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at i9i< P. M, and 6 A, M, Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. and 3 P. M . arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 630 P. iu. Expresses for All foints North and West leave W ashing ton at 7.30 A. M.and t.*' P. M. daily. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight can be made on asplioation to this < tffice. AU Goods sailed for and delivered free of Extra oharges. E. W. PARSONS, Sup't Adams' Express Companr. Washington, Augnst 23. 1861. an 28 tf YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely xet your money's worth by calling at the PiONEEK MILLS, *a*ikwtj? cor **r of Strtntk street and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent) They sell cheaper and give ix?tt9r mease re than any others in the oity?out, split, and delivered free of charge. If to? doo t t elieve ?i r# the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be satisfied. i-Xrr gOOTS AKD *0 8?I* *** We are bow mat?factnrir.|"all kind* of BOOTS a*a SHo}.a, and oor stxr.t T reoeivinx a^s^ MffiT oi e?stwn uifcdr work of everr^e m?j2f sorption, made exyreeslv to order, and will yTBTf b* sold at a maou iowar frioe than hae bean heretofore charged in uua eity for msoh tnferiei Persons in want ol Boots and Shoes of eastern n eity made work, will tiways ind a rood assortran li store and at tse i #*?s. pnoes. Give as a call. CRIFF1N * PRO., aa * SIS "?> ti?? i??nis t'ttit RMV SUPPIalES. I JUST RECEIVED? 4Sn0ans SAUSAGE MEAT, SWoans FRESH TOMATOES, 48" cans FRESH VEAL, SSOcans BEEF.a la mode, 240 cans ROAST BEEF, 360oans FRESH MUTTON, S40 cans .BEEF and GKAVY 34*) cans SOUP and BOUILLI, 30?ue? FRENCH DESSICATED VEGE _ - TABLES. For sale at New York Factory prices, KING A BIRCHELL, ee 8 Corner I and Fifteenth streets. HNEW BOOKS. ISTOR Y of the United Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley ; J vols.; free b? mail, B4. The Rise of the Dutoh Rep ublie. a history, by John Lothrop Motley; S voa oioth; free by mail, Sjlae Marner, the Wetvtr nf Ravelol, by the AntJior of "Aaam Bede cloth Tlicenis ; paper CO ? Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop 8arrsant; SIX). Aftar Icebergs with a Painter,a Ssmmer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by H.ev Louis L. Nob e; #1.50 The Manufacture of Photogenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; #1.76. Any of the above free by mail _ FRENCH A RICH STEIN, ? 'J7* Penna avenne. W BOYS' CLOTHING. ! E Have received within ttir .wt day or twos large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all styles of low-prioed, median, a: J fir e qualities, which we are selling a t Tsry low prions for oash. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 33S Pa. sr.. between 9th aad 10th eta. mO (Intelliganoer aod Republioan.i /tVAT THE OJjDPAWN officer W'm Back *f tk* ha ional Hotel. Q Most liberal advances made on Gold and Mirer Watches. Diamonds, Jewe rr, Silver ware.Clothing, Pistols, and all kinds of Merohandisa. Business striotly confidential. . ISAAC HLKZBEE?, 3*1 C street, as I 3m Between 4H and 6th sts. nUPONTS GUNPOWDER. " |^UCI WHEAT FLOUR7~ CERO FLOU*. CE4B?/PB?o?uoo 17 Corner Vermoat ar. aad lsth st. fJi-BUSO CHEE.E 1BU11S CHEESE 1 ckWS4"S 'iWgi'lft?" oe IS Coraer Vermont sr. Bad l$th ft. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tk* noeUeat tally u4 Newe JaanaaJ oaatalalag a greater miaty erf liki?i iaadl*ff than ou be found la any ethee 1* paMtabaA <m Friday Moralng. Turn?Cmtk, mwimklf, m a 49m 11. 81a?le oopy, p?r .Si m Five ooplca ........................ ? 71 Tea oopl?B f m Twenty-flve coplea M m It la variably aaatal na tfce4 * W aahlajrtea Newe' that baa made TV* Daily E+rnwtmg Sum clrcalata ao generally taroughoat the country (ZT'Slaftle c?plea (la wrapper*) eaa be procured at tae counter, Immedlately alter tka taaaa of the paper Prio??THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCSJfTKATMD'? Compound Fluid XxtrRot Jiohit A Penttre and Bfocifu Rented? For Diaeaaea of the BLADDER, EIDNEY8, OR A VPL. i?d D ROP5*10AL SWELLINGS. Tata Medio'ne Inoreaeee the p^wer of DieeeUes . a-.d ezoit?a the iunimn luto healthy notion. , by whioh the witiitpi c?lcmov? depot: ione. and a csit.Tfiii, iMttaiMiM* are rednaed, for ** ,AI* A,<1> tN>LAa>1AT10"* and u food MEN. WOMEN, 0* CHILDREN. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakn?e*ee Arising Irom Kxr*?i?? Habits of Dieeipatioa, Early Udiecr-tioe or Avuee, Attended with the Foitottmg Symptom.! : Indisposition to Exertion, Loaa of Powor, Jflt??f Mworr, Diftcalty of Rrenthing, Weak N*ry??a, Trembling, Hcirrorof D;wa?e, Wakeiuiooaa, Dimueaa of Vision. Paia in the Back, Uni var?a' Laa? itude of the t*T?tem, Hot Band*, Kieahiag ?n tho B'yiy. Urriieta of the Skin. Ereptiona on tha Fm?, pat.LID CorNTB?*JK:B. Theae aymptc ma. ti a owrd to go on, whioh this medic:n* invariably remnvea, eoon fo Iowa I.MPOTENCY, FATUI TY. EPILEPTIC FIT?, In on* of tckttk tk* Patient /nay i.?piri. Who can *ay t!?a? they are rot ^egaeatly followed by tiioee "rnHxrvL disbasbs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.** Many are arare of tho oaxiee of their enfferiag, BCT SO!?B will coifFBaa THE RECORDS or THK INSANE ASYLUMS And Ike Melaeukoly Dr*uk* ftp Cimiwmptien, BUI AM TLB WITHES* TO Til TBFTB OB TBI aaeaarioa. THE CONSTITUTION ONCF AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Reeuiree tha aid of medio ne to etrengthaa aad Invigorate tha Syataa, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU avanaUy dec i A TBIAL WILL COHVIJiCB 7BB MoaT aXXPTlCAL. FEMALES- FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Agtttxont Peculiar la ftwain the Extract Baohu la anaaaalltd by aay other r^nedy, as in Chloroeia or Ret?ntion, Irr- gaianty, Pamfulneee, or Sappraaalon o' customary Era* nation a. Ulcerated or Sohirroaa a late of the Utarua, Leacorrh^a or Whitee, Sterility, aid for all oomylainta inoideut f> tha aex, whether arintac from Indieoratioo. HabiU of Diaaipaboa, or la tha DECLIXE OR CHANGE BP LIFE! ibb ayxPToiaa abotb. KO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mor* Balsam, Mercwrf, or Unpho*mml Mtdxtint for Unpltatant and Dangtrou* Dittattt. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cvaaa SECRET DISEASES In all their Sia?es; At little Expeneot Little or no change in Diet; No iDooBTenieooe; H ft ltoauaea a fre^u at deaire a .d givea atrength to Urlnat*. thereby Rem Ting Obat, uotiooa, Preveitius and Cur ins Strietarea of the Urethra, Allayinc ranand lcflammatton. eo fre^usot in the olaca of diaea?ee. an^ rxpe.Uac ad Pox*onous. IHstastd, and teom out Matter. thouhanm CPOB THomAHDa IFHO HAVE BE EM THE VICTIMS OF (J (JACKS, and who tare paid ktavyj**$ to be eared ta aahort time, have l\iand tUty were deoeived, and that tha poiaoi*" has, by the aae of "petotrful aurinftnit'* been dried up m the ayatem, to break oat ia an MCravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. m Ua* HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU all affectiona and diaeaata of the URINARY ORGANS, whether exiatinc in MALE OR FHALE, from whatever oaaaa originating aad so matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaaea of theae Organa require the atd of a DtVBBTIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS TUE GREAT DIURETIC. and it ia oertain to have the deeired effect ta Diaeaaea for teatea it ti recommended. BVIDBBCB or TBB MOST KBBP0BS1BLB ABB AS* LIABLB CBABACTBB will aooompany the oMdieiaea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. ^ From ?to JO ytara' ataadlsg, with Nam** known to SCIENCE AND FAME. * -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE'NOTICED WB MAKB "BO BBCBBT OP 44IBSBBDIBBTB.** HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU laoompoeed of Boohu, Ca^>eba and Juniper Bamaa, aeleotod with great oare by a oompeteat Arnggiat. PREPARED IN TACOO, BY H. T. UKLNIOLD, Practical and Analrtical Chemist, and Soke Man ulaoturer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. the6o!tyD^F?rtT.^ph^afuT. ^ Klmbol5?W|S5 baing dniy ewo n.doth aay.hia preparationa ooatain no narcotic, bo meroary.or other lnjarioaa HELM BOLD. Sworn and enbaonbed i*I?re ve. thta Ud day November, lte* WM. P. aBlBEKD, Aidsiman. Ninth at., above Race, Phila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price 91 par kettle, ar aftx far |f. Delivered to any addreae, eaearaiy paabai tram obeervatioo. Addreaa lettaia for laformatioa la eoa&daaae la H. T. HELM BOLD, Chimin. Depot, lot SoatS Teath aL, below Chaetaat, Pluia. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to diapoae -of taetr awa" aad "otaerh artiolee on tae repatauoa attained ay HeifiboUTi Ginmn* Preparatmbi, Li M ii " SariapanUa, SoM by 8. B. Wait*. Z. D. Silmab, Jam Wilbt. S. C. Poan, S B. Evtwibtlb, B O. MAJOB, Eibwbll A LABB.aac a, J. R. Mam*, Waahiactof aad Georgetown, AN* ALL DRUGQIHTS EVERYWHERE. O ' ^ ARK FOR HELMBOLD'S TAKE HO OTHER. Cat aatXthe advet lieemeat aad eead mr *. AND AVOID IMPOSITION Mi EXPOSVRR. Dasrribt Symptom* an a+1 Commmmnmt***-*,

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