Newspaper of Evening Star, November 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 2, 1861 Page 2
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THE E* FMNij STAR. vi ASHlMfTON CITY: UTCtMT PliTfaWr %, 1*1. ???** Kiiixm m tbr varlrna nii'.Itarv cam pa and T>"?nir?tv? mHI cor fry a ffcror hy taping aa poaled aa U> moTUTT'" ?n?i In tk?-1r TlclnHipa. !?7* To oor Haiti morr r?*d<-n we would nv ttiwt ?be flrrt and wcond edition of tbe Star cmn b? b*d fn Baltimore of E- F Hnrelton, agent. No ?l Wrt Baltimore street, nmr Gay?the *'? f-ditlon at half part fonr and the second at eight r>'< lock, on tbe arrival of the tralna from Waah lagtnn, f ivlng all the latest newt from the aMt of war tip to tbe Unto of going to preaa. Spirit of Ike Morning Prona. Tbe InfUifnt'T!? occcupied with news matter* to day Tbe Rer*M*ta* argnea against the probability wf the suggestion that England will go to war with ua. or even recognise the independence of tbe Southern Confederacy, for tbe aake of getting rnHnn. j OCR MILITARY UODtiET. 11T1IIXI1T OT nirt Gil fCOTT Tbe fact of tbe withdrawal of the venerable and honored head of the Army, General Scott, from active eervice waa noi?ed about la*t night, cauning o little aenaatlon, although aurh action had been anticipated aa likely enough to happen at any moment on account of the phyolcal inflrmitleaof that dlatlntrulabed officer. The following correapondeuce will be read with the deepeat inter* at: CKMtRAL SCOTT TO THK ftZCBETART OF WAR. H'a'lifnaTters of tkt Armtf. ) \\ aabtiigton, October 31,1S61. J Tbe Hon. 9. Camiio.i. Secretary of War. Mir: For more than three jreara I have been unable, from a hurt, to mount a horae, or to walk luore than a few pacea at a time, and that with much pain Utter and new infirmities? drop*y and vertigo?admonish me that ftp?e of mind and body, with the arpllancen of surgery ard medicine, art- necessary to add a little more to a life already protracted much beyond the usual span of man. It is under soch circumstances?made doubly painful by the unnatural ard unjus* rebellion now raging In the Southern States of our (so lit-) prosperous and t?*ppy I.'nlon?taat I am compelled to request that my nsmc be placed on the list of army cfficen retired from active service AS this refjU'S? Is founded on an absolute rijjtat, granted by a recent act of Coogreaa, I am entirely at liberty to say It la w'tb regret that I withdraw myself, In thes* momentous times, from the orders of a President who haa treated me with distinguished kindness snd courtesy, whom 1 know, ??pon much personal Intercourse, to be patriotic, without sectional partialities or prejudices, to be highly conscientious in the performance of every duty, and of nnrlvailed activity and perseverance And to you, Mr Seeretsry, whom I tiow officially sddreaa for the last tlm j, i beg to acknowledge my manv obligations, for the uniform high consideration I have received at vour hand'; and have the honor to remain, sir, with hlzb respect. yoor obedient errant, WigriELD Scoti. tHE sbc&x nut or wap IkAINIIAI scott War Department, November 1, ISbl. tieneral It w?a my duty to lay b<fore the Freatdent your letter cf yeat?rday, saking to be retired under tb?* recent act of Congreaa In separating from you, I cannot refrain from expressing my d."->p regret that your health, ?hattered by long aerviee and repeated wou.nla received In your country'? def?-na?>, ahould render It neces ary for yon to retire from your high position at tbia momentous period of our hlaterv Although you are not to remain in ae ive aervice, I yet hope that, while 1 continue in charge of the Department over which I now preaide. I ahall at time* be permitted to avail my*elf of the benefits of your w'ae eouuaela and aage experience It baa been mv wood fortune tn minv a nerastual acquaintance with you for over thirty years, and (he plessart relations of that long time have bfen greatlv strengthened by your cordial and entire cooperation la all the great auestions which have occupied the Department and convulsed the country for the laat six months. In parting from you 1 can onlv express the hope that a merciful Providence, which has protected you amidotao many trial*, will improve your health and continue your life long after the people of the conntrv shall bav? been restored to their former happiness and prosperity I am, General. very aincersly, your friend and errant, Sixoa Camksox. Secretary of War. Lieut tien. Wihtixld Scott, Present. The letter of Lieut General Scott was laid before a Cabinet meeting called yesterday morning i?< we yuifxar; woeu in* rresiaent, ID view or the hiiom set forth in the letter, yielded to the raquit of the Lieutenant General, and, under the authority of the late act of Congress, placed him oo the retired Uat of tbe army, with the full pay and allowance of hia rank; and Major General McClellan was Informed that the command of the amy now devolved upon him. At four o'clock yesterday afternoon the Presldent, accompanied by the Cabinet, proceeded to the residence of General Scott, when the President read to him the ofllclul order carrying out hia decision as follows : OaDEK or 1 HI PIKftlDKXT Ob the llrsPtlay of November. A D Isfll, upon his own application to tbe President of the I'ni ted States' "Brevet Lieutenant General W nfl-ld Scott It ordered to be placed. and is hereby placed, upon tbe Hat of retired officers of the army of tbe United States, without reduction of his curreot pay. subsistence, or allowances Tbe American people will hear with sadness and deep emotion tut General Scott haa withdraw from the active control of the army, while tbe Pras'dent and unanimous Cabinet express their own and tbe nation's sympathy In bis peraonal sffilction and their profound sense of the Important public services rendered by him to his country during his long and brilliant career, among which will ever be gratefully distinguished his faithful devotion to tbe Constitution, ue Union, aad the KUu;. when assailed by parricidal rebellion. Abraham Lincoln. The venerable General, oppressed by Infirmity ana enocon, r?>se witn dlClculty to make to the President bis acknowledgments, which be did in toosfeinp terms, concluding with the declaration lbat tb? kindness manifested toward* him on this occasion be felt to be the crowulng reward of a lon? life spent in the service of his country, and I bit deep conviction of the ultimate triumph of the national arms over rebellion, and the happy termlndRon of the present unnatural and pnrrictcldal wax. The President responded in a feeling manner, xprtsaing tbs profound sentiment of regret with wblch the country as well as himself would part with a public servant so venerable i n years aud so Illustrious for tbe services be had rendered. Tbs remarks of both were mutually kind, patriotic, and impressive. At tbs close of tbe inter lew the President and Cabinet shook the aged General by the band, and took their leave The Lieutenant General left Washington tbla BMvalqy at 5 o'clock, la a special train, for New York, Harriebnrx, tc , accompanied by the flWHUrr * Wu and Secretary of the Treasury. It In stated la the New York papers that General ee?tt Intends speedte< a few daye In that city, and wfH then sell fat Europe to jeln his family. majob etntan mYlbllar assvmb* the commark or til abut. Headquarter? ?/ike Armg, ) Waehington, D. C , November 1,1961. } Oenera. Orders, No 19 la accordance with Weueral Order Ne 94, from the Wat Department, 1 hereby assume command e the armies af the Ualted Stalee la the midst of the dittcultles which encompass and divide the aatlou, hesitation and self-distrust msy well accompany the aaaumptton of ao vaat a responsibility, bat ooaftdiug. as I do, in the loyalty, dlscipllie, ?ad courage of our troopa, and believing, as I do, that Providence will favor ours aa the just cause. 1 cannot doubt that success will crown our efforts and sacrtttcee The army will unite with me ? a iss ? regret thai the wf Ig tit of maav yean tad tbe elect of lacreaalag loflfiultiea, con'racted ud lntenalfled la hie country' eervlce, should Juet bow HMon from oar Dead the great aoldler of our nattoo tb? km who, la hla youth, nlaed high the rami tattoo of hla country on the Selda of Canada, which he aaactlfted with blood; who, ta more mature rears proved to tha world that American thill and valor could repeat, If not rcUiM, tha axplotta of Cortex la tha land of tha M?n*rsamaai whom whole Ufa haa beau deyoted to the aeraloe of hla couaUjr; wbote what* eCorli have bean directed to uphold our hoaor at aotaIleal aacrllee of life; a warrior who acorn ad tbe mIM glortea of the battle-held, wb*a hla great qoallUea u a atateeman could be employed more prafltably for hla country; a eltlien, who, la hla deo!nlnj( yean, haa given ta the arerld tbe moet ehlalag laetaacee of loyalty la dtar^gardlng all ttee of blrta, aad clinging attll to the caoae of truth aad hooar Such haa been tha career, acch tar chancer of W in held Scott, whom It baa laog bean tu <t?it??>t ?r tK< ? ?<? ? K?? '?v za?a ib4 eoldler. WfclJr W? regret kh lnee, to r? It oee tbing w* an not regret?tbe bright r *mptr U tn imi fix oar rwiuUtlon l.?r tie all hope and pray tbat bla dec .u )++n nay be pm?l la f*ce u4 hepyiaeae.oad | that they may be cheered by the tocrrm of the eonntry, ?nd the cauae he dm fought for and loved so well Beyond all that, let ua do nothing that can caoa* him to bluah for m. Let no defeat of th? army he haa ao long commanded embitter bla laat yoara, but let our victor lea Illumine the cloae of a life ao grand. (Signed) Oioaei B McClella*, Major General Commanding U. S. A. lisut. oijibeal ?cott'? d1paktcib . At four o'clock thla morning Lieut. General !*< ott proceeded in hla carriage to the depot, ao 1 coat panted by all tbe norm her* of hit late at a# except Col. Hamilton, who preceded him to New York ye??erday At the depot he waa joined by b1? civil earort for the trip, Secretaries Cameron and Cbasa. Shortly after alighting from hia car| rtage, Major General McCMlan, accompanied by bla entire ataff and an escort of cavalry, reached | the depot and proceeded to take leave of the hero veteran, wboee parting with Gen McClellan waa a very affsctlng one Indeed. Cola. Van Reoaellear, Cullum and Wright, of hia late ataff, accompanied him on bla journey, leaving Col Townaend, hia late Adjutant General, only, in Waablngton, to close up the bueineu of bla late beadquartara. THE/OUmNKY. President Felton, of the Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad, on being informed of General Scott's intention to proceed this morning to New York, considerately sent hither for his use his (President F.'s) magnificent private car. It wu drawn by a special engine, and left the depot here just In advance of the usual sis a m passenger train. At Baltimore the special train switched off on to the Baltimore and Harrlsburg Railroad, by which route flen. Scott preferred to make the journey, in order to avoid leaving the car until he reached New York. TRX HIW COXXAXDXK-IX-CHIir OF THE CN1TID 8TA1XK ARMY. General McClellan may be said to be Commander-in-Chief of the U. S. Army, by virtue of General Scott's designation. General S. had Ulm placed next to him in rank In the service, that be might be his successor. Never was there more confidence between father and son, than has exi.a.J * * ? i t ? a f ? a At a m # _ i Bt?u weiwcru iiicui uenern bcoii ana major General MeClellan. The latter^ plana for the prosecution of tbc war, we need hardly add, meet Ihe hearty concurrence of the retired veteran. I.1BUT. <?BN. BCOTT'a HEAI.TH. We regret to have to stat? that within the laat thrte or four daya (Jen. Scott'a health haa been declinlng faster than usual. He now atanda or walks with great difficulty ind pain. Hence the necesally for bis retirement from the active servlce llat somewhat aooner than waa'anticipated. The prayers aud gratitude of a nation will abide with Him TUK COMBINED LAUD AND NAVAL EXPEDtTlON. It la not to be disguised tuat the combined Union expedition, now on the Atlantic, h*a far more to f&ar from the rewisrkable atorm now raging everywhere upon the coaat, than from any poaalble resistance the rebels oan make to Its operations Thia atorin can hardly fail to dixperse the fleet in all directions for the time being, we apprehend. A SWORD PRESENTATION. To-day, the aword voted to Gen. McClellan by his native city of Philadelphia waa to have been formally presented to him We presume, however. that the remarkably juicy condition of the weatbqt will Interfere with the ceremony. AK3KKAL ll'OTT'S K8TATK C ?? T ER E D We lsarn to day that ahortly before hla retirement, Gen. Scott obtained poiltlve information that hi* entire estate, all of which ia aituated in Virginia, has been aeized and sequestered for the benefit of the ao-called Confederate Go*rrnment. r.lSSRAL IIA E MKT. It ia probable that Gen Haruey will Immediately be ordered to active duty in the field. He has gone to St. Louis, there to await such order*, with an understanding that they are speedily to be sent to him at that point. WAVY YARD. 0mt . ?* 1 - ? inr rmrnaian runs 1/1? tilotkadr. The itenmft Powhatan, Capt Mitchell, arrived at the yard thla morning about lo o'clock, having I run the blockade laat night. The Powhatan ha* been at Annapolia for aooje time paat, and left | there on Monday laat Hlr?ce Tuesday ?be ha? been with the flotilla in the Lower Potomac, and last night started up. The Confederates evidently beard her, and lights were run up and other signals made, but (be rain waa pouring down, It was pitch dark, and as the steamer concealed her lights ?he was not tired at. The pilot of the Powhatan, John Tigner, knows the river perfectly, and says any vessel* might have passed there last night without incurring any risk from the Con i<-aeraie t>aiu>r>e? The ateamer Baltimore U need to convey itorn from Old I'oSnt to th? flotilla below the rebel batteries. and waa at Wade'a Boy last night when the Powhatan came up. Four sloops, a Jersey schooner, and a puogy ran down past the batteries yesterday, early In the afternoon. They, with the exception of one aloop, came through the awaih channel, next to the Maryland nhore, and although the Confederates wasted a large quantity of ammunition In llring at them, none of them were struck. Twelve or thlr'een round* werellred at the schooner The master of one the aloops (the one formerly owned oy t^api .micneuj wax a ueruian, and be ran bia vfeael cloae along the Virginia abore They directed thair fire at him, but be got paat aafely. Wh?-n aaked by tbe offlrers of the Iceboat why be ran Into the Virginia abore, he answered that be had heard ao much talk about "de aecrah butteries. he want to wee If dey could aboot; and de d?n fellows can't hit nopody." Thirty or forty shells were thrown from the Confederate batteries over to our entrencbinenta on the Maryland abore yesterday, hut they did not impede the progress of the work. Some of onr 3?'s answered with three or four round*, but It la not known whether our ahota reached. The account of a battery below the gun on the mil a^ove f.vansport Is cotjflrmrd, but Instead of three guns, It is believed that only one li mounted there MAVAL ? OtJKT OF IWQlMaT. A Naval Court of Inautrv to consist of Commodore* Shubrtck, 8trlblfnjj aud Sand* ha* been or. dered to convene in this city on Monday, the 4th Instant. to Inquire into tbe cause* of the failure of Com tiuatavua H . Scott as the commanding officer of thr Keystone State, to obey tbe orders given him, July 14th, hy the Secretary of the Navy to proceed to aea for the pu'pose of pursuing tbe Samter, and to continue the pursuit until definite I Information of her should be obtained, and If such information could not be obtained to proceed to Jamaica to coal, thenc to St Thomaa. and return to Havana and Key West, and then to report for the gulf squadron. l)r. Lloyd, of Vienna, who for some time has been acting aa a volunteer guide to the Federal tfa*F%ta that>rlclaity, has baes arrested by order of Gen Hawxwk and conveyed to Washington. He Is accused of giving Infoimation to the enouter nlrk?t< nl u?n Jl-1-1? ?. WVH. HILVOM UI Vision were drtvwi iu Thursday ulght, Indicating au idraBc of the wb*l army A large body wn sent nut to utect them, when thev retreated. Their object waa evidently to capture the men on the out poets. Signal ltgLts were plainly visible Thursday night In the direction of Leesburg, and alao towarda Centrevllle. raoM thk crraa Potomac. A letter received to day from Derneatown,Maryland, aaya that the rebeis now picket Harrlnon'a Island, and that reliable Intelligence from Leeaburg gives Information that on Tue?dsy succeedlag the fight at Ball's Bluff, the rebels withdrew their force* from Leeaburg, on our troepa being thrown oyer at Edward's Perry, leaving only a few battailous to keep up appearances ana watch our movements They subsequently took swsy all tfeelr supplies sod were at the latest account s resting on Goose Creek, seven miles south of Leeaburg. TUU SaTTLB or WILD CAT, IN TBI BOCK CASTLB ILLS, KSKTICKY. < By am Eft Wttntu hditt Stsr.-Csl Garrard'a regiment of Kentacky volnnteera, camped at thla point, bad been fee some days ihreeteaed by Zollicoffer. with some 7j?J0 Confederates. Wild Cat monaUIn Is situated la, and om of, a range of bills known as Rock Castle Hills It Is s wild, romsntir section i of country, thinly Inhabited, and nrMMt* thing bat an Inviting appearance <) the l*h ofOctooor, Oen. Be hoe* waa ordered to proceed with aboutU,uoo men, from a point near Lexington, and aaeome command of all the forcea 1b the RoekCaatle Hllla Oa Monday, the XX h, after a fmtlguelng marc|, he reached Col ' 0?rr?rd'a camp. On tho 2ad, about ll o'clock la the morning, end while Oen Schoeff waa ar- I ranging hla forcra with a view of defending hla * poa.iloo, be waa attacked on the left by the Confcdtralaa, under Zolllco?* Our forcea at that point, under the command of Col Cobtin, H the . k Thirty-third Indiana regiment, reinforced daring the action by Col. Wofford'a Kentucky cavalry, acting on foot ai Infantry, met the attack of the enemy with flrmneaa. At the tame time our right received a warm alute from the enemy's artillery, which wa* promptly returned by Oapt. Standard'* battery, of Ohio, which fortunately arrived at that moment, and wa? placed in poeltlon under the supervision of Assistant Adjutant General T 9. Everett. By thla time the engagement on the left had become sev^je. and Hen Scboepf, leaving Capt Everett, his chief oi =* IT, to look after the center and right, with Instructions to ptvc such orders as In hi* judgment the exigencies of the case might demand. dashed cfl. accompanied hv hla aid. MaJ Helvltes, to the left, where, by his presence, encouragement to tlercer action was given to the gallant band under Cols. Coburn aud Wolfurd. In the meantime, Capt K*erett, Judging from the movements of the enemy that an attack tfrai, premeditated upon oar fight, ordered the Fourteenth Ohio, under Col Steedman to proceed In double quick ttme to the support of Col. Garrard, commanding at that point This order wis promptly c.l?-ved,tbe n?gimeut moving up qulcklv a-d In good < : der, ard was loudly cheered by the th* troops along the line Tble prov. d a wlae and judicious movement, for scarce h-d the reinforcements of 9t?edman reached the right when the enemy made a* ontet upon tnat point. Their fire was promptly r?turoed Ku rnr wittit *ttWan a a???. a 1 - * u j vui wcu) ?? unii auci Miui % u'.'ii nif rnemy ^Mthdr^w. taking the route toward Cumberland (j. p Thus ended the battle of Wild Catshort but aev?re. Our loss was four or five killed, and atyut fifteen or twenty wounded Tbe loss of the enemy 1* ascertained to be much larger?tbe extent not certainly known. Tbe force of Gen Zollicoifar on this occasion was 7.U0?that under Gen, Scboepf about 3 COO. Sece?sion has received a check which will be felt for some time In this section of Kentucky. Nnte ? It may be interesting to Washington readers to know that Schoepf, (Sbeff.) the chief In command at this battle, Is a Hungarian, and that his promotion is due to the influence of Mr. Holt, who discovered his merits while a subor ainate la the Patent Office, when be was Commissioner of Patents ? Ed. Star. missouri torkkspohdxilce Fremont's Wild-goose Chase to Sprtngfithl?Its Strategic Insignificance. St. Lotns, Oct. 30.?Editor of Evening Star I had hoped that long ere this it would have been my agreeable duty to Inform you that we had captured Price and hit army of traitor*, that CUrib Jackaon had been caught and hanged, and that the State bad been cleared of rebela, aa It was when Lyon and Blair bad charge of our affairs, before the "Great Incompetent," as Fremont la now called, assumed tbs command of this department. But, alas It Is like hoping against hope, to expert any dt-r.istve success under Fremont's management It is now a month since be started out to '-bafi''tbe traitors whocantiir<wi r ?*! notnn The whole State hu during that month %>een standing ou the tiptoe of expectation of that devoutly-wished-for event; but, lo' the rebela evacuate Lexington, and we take It after they have gone unmolested, they march through the State pillaging and plundering aa thev go, while the Major General, with hla aJlatusa and tutu?hi* musical director flourishing bia baton with more pomp than he was want to flourlah his fiddlestick In tb? orci.estra of the theater, and with hla corps of map makera and mule.con> tractors In colonela'and captains' uniforms, moves ab<>ut In all the splendor of a Persian Sbah But I must not omit to mention that the valiant Major General has made a pompous advance on Sprlnefleld. and that Maior 7.unni > _ - ?? ?* cue urau of the redoubtable body guard, made a sudden descent on that town and drove thence the atragglen who remained there after Prices departure I for Lexington. The telegraphic reporters have no doubt given you a flaming account of tbla grand coup <le guerre Here where we know the utter insignificance of Spri'iutield as a point of strategic Importance, this last feat of the General | is only laughed at. When Lyon moved on Springfield tbe rebels under Price and MrCulloueh were concentrated there, and their defeat, which could have been then readily accomplished, had Fremont sent timely reinforcements, m w?s urgently requested, would forever have purged Missouri I of the traitors When, however, Z&gonl achieved his much lauded victory there, Price wan entirely out of his reach, and while the grand Union j army of 33,UU0 men were marching over the gravelly hills of Benton and Polk counties to capture an unimportant place, the rebel General was se. I raring all the lend at tbe Granhv mines, and : sliding off into Arkansas with no foe to oppose his flight If Lyon had succeeded atgpriugfleld, Mulligan would still bave been In l.exington, the (Iranhy lead mines would still bave been In tbe undisturbed ponsesslon of their l?wf:il owners, the rich warehouses of Murphy, McClurg 4t Co would not have been sacked, imr the wbolernuntry alopg the Osage and Missouri rivers devastated by tLf rebel banditti,'a victory would have been the termination of th* war ho far ai Missouri Is concerned, and we <tliould not only bave been l spared the subsequent effusion of some of the bent blood of the loyal men of tbe \Ve?t, but tbe Government would have been saved millions of dollars that have b<-en since lavished on fortification* and ba'rark* With tbe sufc.ess of Fremont's cumbrous expedition tosiprlngfleld what Is gained to the L'nlon cause ? Tbe enemy has fled There are no rebels to | subdue, who can be reached The people of 8prlngfleld are loyal, and could have be?n protected by a smaller army than that which now j occupies It. The rebels Lav* piininirmi ? >/? ? ' ?w ? !? nwtcu all tne provision* In th?* surrounding counties, and the subsistence of 33.U0U men, provided tbey remain In :~nrinj,;fleld?and there 1* no object to be accomplished by their proceeding any farther?must necessarily be sent from ^t. Louis, or Jefferson City, which, with the present defective means of tranupbrtatlon, Is almost Impracticable. Who, then, will say that Fremont's expedition to Springtleld was a brilliant movement I vv'll give you some facts In relation to Schofleld's expedition to-morrow. Zkta. Tm Conckht ?The theater was crammed, jammed, last night, on the occasion of the Operatic Concert, and doubtless quite as many people were turned away from the doors as were able to obtain seats or standing room. Miss Hlnkley, (<*r Mrs. Susinl?) whose voice may be aetlgnated as a high soprano, is a blonde _ 0 * ? " vi giaccmi ngure ? aeciaeaiy a better looking woman than the run of prima donnas; a fact, of course, due to ber Yankee extraction. So far aa could be judged from the performance of laat night, the quality of her voice la beat In the middle notes. Without exciting her audienc? to any high degree of enthusiasm, she made an exc?llent impression as of a rising artiste who will do credit to her native country. Of ttusinl we need not speak, as h? Is of old an * 1?- ? >>?vusuni iiidiik urre many preaent could not but remember that tb? laat profeaaional vtalt be made here waa In company with bia fellowbasao In celebrity, the jovial, rotund Arnodto, now In bla grave Mancual, the new baritone, made a good bit, and Mollenhaur, tbe new vlollncelllat, a decided one Tbe piano accompaniments, upon a auperb Steinway piano furnlabed by Metzerott, were, in their way, among tbe moat enjoyable tlilnga of tbe mualcal entertainment. Wood and Coal ?Wehear that tn view of tbe feet that aooe of tbe wood and coal dealera of tbe Dlatrlct of Columbia are charging extortionate pricea to ihe public for their reapactiva atocka on nana?911 per cora for pine, S10 and SU for oak, a?d fr?m $10 to SIS per ton for coal?the Fravmt Marshal will possibly take Into bis keeping all the wood and coal of thoac of them charging more than the Government pays per contract, and wtll probably Issue it out to the public at the Government contract rates?high enough in sll conscience, though not more than two-thirds of the extortionate rates now charged. Dkath or Sbh. Sam Houston.?The announcement of the death of General Houston comes through two different channels?Nashville snd Charleston?both concurring as to the day on which the event took place, and there Is consequently reason to believe that it may be true. Gen. Honilnil mmI b?f? nmmr 1 " ? - ? ? MX-MIJIUU, IIUCI* bridge Co , Virginia, March 3d, 1783, thus making him over 68 years of age, at the time of his reported death. Pmsoral ? Frsncls J. Orund, well-known here formerly in^ournallstlc and political circles, Is now In Washington. Hon. Edward Everett and Robert J.Walker are in this city. Vice President Hamlin has arrived here, and is acting conjointly with other* from Main* to get executive action in fsvor of strengthening the coast defenses of that State. irr From the publishers, Crosby, Nichols * Lee. Boston, through Franrk Taylor, we haw the North American Review for October, containing ten or twelve elaborate articles, Incladlnx mm upon -Habeas Corpus and Martial Law." lET A geuUrman of Weateheater county, Naw York, loal, at the recent battle Mar Leeaburg, tbr?e aona and two nepbewi, all members of Ike Tb??mT Regime*) / 0 i i i LATEST PIEttS PROM THE SOCTH. { We find the following extraots from the Richmond Knqulrer. of the 90th of October, In oar northern exchange*: A ItOCTHMR Last's DKSCRIrTlOM t'F THE BATTL5 MXAR LXRSBCBG A lady tbns writes to the Enqnirer: LKifSVki, Oct ? * Yon do not know what we hare pasard through ilnce \ ester day?a fearful battle, more stubborn than that nf Manassaa, the soldiers toy, though, of course, not so extended Our men fotipht mt>st bravely. I felt perfectly convinced that we could fepel thfcm, until about 4 o'clock, when a wounded a >!d1?-r arrived and reported tbat our army wis whl/ped. and that 'be h h Virginia Raiment wu cut to piece? Oh, what a terrible hour we then apeat! About 5 o'clock there came In newa that we had gained the advantage, and soon the cheera of victory shotted in o?ir ear?; and though tbe dead and wounded Wefe coming In, and though We kn*w the sorrow that would be abed abroad, yet our hearta went tip in thankfulness to (iod who giveth tbe victory. It wjii a glorious victory, gloriously won Many a noble SDirit Wan lirrllrM) nn nnr rmr\ hut a*> are tbe conquerora! We have about 500 priaonera. Their loss in killed, wounded aad priaonart 1* 1.000; ours ii about thirty killed, among whom Clinton Hatcher, of Loudon county, Donahue, of Loudon, and a son of Gov Pettua, of MiaalMippl.

Many are wounded Lieut. Col. Tebba, of tbe Eighth Virginia, wan alightly wounded?a graze on tbe Cheek. Col. Burt, of Mississippi, wan badly wounded In tbe thigh?not mortally Dr. j Martin, of M:aaiaalppl, was shot through tbe lungi?supposed to be mortally wounded. Lieut. B S Carter. Eighth Virginia, wm wounded in the band. Lieut Flera (*) bad bia lei shot off, and I>r Brork hia arm. young Ballard, of Richmond, la safe Our court-house waa full of Yankee prlaonera laat night, who were aent off at four o'clock thta morning, and It ia now full again. Tbey do not i think the attack will be renewed again to-day, aa their loaa Is ao heavy. VVe did not fire a piece of artillery, owing to ?kUVA? ?-_ i * ? . ? ? * iuc uiit>n on mr lifriiDurg uae 01 lae oame ground, by Jackson's bout*. It really'was an awful battle We saw the first of It from our garret window. There were three distinct conflicts. The firing of musketry on our Ide {for we had nothing eise) was terrific. THE BLOCKADE OF THK POTOMAC. We havo advices from Evansport (aays the Enquirer of the 24th) up to a late hour yesterday. As yet the river Is not effectually closed against small craft, but the vigilant eyes of our watchful men never permit anything to pasa without letting them understand'that '< we are about " At Aral the " small fry" passed, but the practice of our gunners is giving them much more proficiency. On Saturday, two schooners, towed by a tug, came along, but were no sooner In sight than our batteries opened oti them At the same time Col. Wlgfall. of Texaa, aided by Captain Martin and Lieutenant Carrlngton, with others, went out in a boat to make capture, Ac. * * * The tug, with the two nrhnoiiem nnt wliihtn? ?K??? literally flew up the stream The vessels were, of court*, readily taken, and proved to be the Fairfax, of N. Y ork, and the Virginia, of Washington?laden with hay, A.c?which were very acceptable prizes, and were at once conveyed to a 81 f place, under cover of our guns LBTTKK FROM TINEV WOODS I'AMF ON TUK POIOMfcC Oct?ber 19 ?Another correspondent of the En quirer writes as follows : Oa the morning of th? 11th instant the batteries at Evan*port were " unmasked " * ? From ' Possum's Nose" we could hear steamer* tugging along durtng the night * * At one o'clock one came down, tiring at every object on the shore, over and around us. The batteries let it pass for the largtst in sight At length she cleared for action, (the Pawnee ) aieamed up and c ame gallantly down Our batterer presented the appearance of a fine thicket on the Point; but as the Pawnee cams into range, the thicket tumbled into the river a* if by magic, the Confederate flag ran up defiantly from three batteries, and our shots saluted the astonished > an*ees She anawcred boldly, and fired splendid shots. She waa bit four or five timea, but soon got out of range, and made Bull Run speed. No one waa hurt on our aide, nor were tbe bat* teriea afl'ected by the heavy cannonade From appearances the ihlp waa Injured aerioualy, and waa clad to leave. ? # * Since then our batteries have kept up a fire on everything that baa passed. and no sailing craft ha* p&aard except in the fog, or at night. * * * THl CONFEDERATE STATE* Xl.KCT OS. The election for members of Congress is to be held on the first Wednssday in November, which election shall be conducted according to tbe permanent constitution and tbe laws of the several States in force for that ptirf-oae. In States which have not provided by law for sifh election, the aarru< uri 11 V.?l>4 J : ? ? *1? * * m t. iii unuiiuiv uiiik Miiueuwiufrfioiorf existing in State* for tbe election of members of tbe House of Representative* in (be Cougress of tbe L'uited State* The appoip-nient of electors for President and Vic?-Pre?ldent In al*o mnde on tb? day of tbe Congiessional election?the ttr*t Wednesday In November. The elector* are to meet in their respective Slates on tbe first Wednesday in December. Ml, ?nd proceed to vote for President and Vice President. Congress is to aMemhle In regular session, at tbe sent of government, on tbe 18th day of February, l-Hiv! On tbe 19th doy of February it is provided that the President of tbe Senate shall open the certificates, and tb? votes for President and Vice President shall then b~ counted. The Piesidcnt of the Confederate States shall be Inaugurated on the Wd day of February, ls?<W ^ PX-GOV TOOTS Tbe Hon Henry S. Foote is a candidate for tbe Confederate Congress in tbe fifth district of Tenneasee. A correspondence has taken place between agenta of the Confederate government and General Vldaurrl, Governor of New Leon and Coabulla, Meilco, in relation to the joint occupation of both sldea of the Rio Grande by tbe troop* of Mexico and Texaa for tbe purpose of auppreaatng Indian outrages Gen. Vldaurrl furniabea bla view of tbe doctrine of State right*, by disclaiming all right to establish foreign relatione or intercourse independently of tbe Federal government, and refusing, always courteous ly, to enter Into any arrangement* with tbe Confederate govern, ment. Affair* on thx Kanawha ?The firing Into the Victor N?. waa done on Saturday laat, and Immediately after. Col Guthrie came down fmm Gauley with three companies of infantry and three Etecea of artillery, and on Sunday, shelled the ilia whence the firing came, from the opposite aide of the river, diapering the rebela It la understood that a rrbel camp of about POO cavalry is situated about nine Oil lea up Paint and Cabin creeks, and it la from that place that the rebels came, who have been firing upon steamers. Capt tMmmons afterward abelled a houae on the aouth side of the Kanawha rtver, whence ahota were fired,destroying it compeh ly, but whether it contained any lumate* was notaacert&lned After thia Col. ttelberta' regiment and some companies from other regiments were ordered over the river. Gen. Kosecrana, and they were landed by the Allen Collier at Forest Hill It is confidently believed, after thia movement, that there will b? no more firing upon boata n was currently reported at Gaulev Bridge, Prldav. that Floyd bad croaaed New River with a column of ft.liUU men, and waa pushing for Prrstonburg, Ky Tbere are about oue hundred tick s?ldiers at Gauley Bridge, and about two hundred and fifty at Charleston. ?Cincinnati Gatettt, Oct. 3Uffc. VVHKKEABocTs or Jackson.?The Missouri Htpublicanot Oct. 'JtHh aava : The la teat Intelligence we have of Governor C. F. Jackaon'a movements mentions hla having passed hastily through Lamar, the county seat of Barton county Re bad with him about three hundred men, understood to be hla body guard. The men were very bady equipped and clothed Many of thwn were bar of uo lea lie Is said to have reported himself as on his way to the Arkauaaa line, with a view of bringing up reinforcements under McCnlloch. He waa travelling with bis usual go?d haste? makiug good time and few stops. ICTMr. Judd, U.8. Minister at the court of Berlin, recently cave fata first aoiree in tbe Victoria Straaae, one of tbe new and elegant atiecta In tbe Thlergarten. the Belgravla or Barlln. Mr. Judd baa atarted a near equipage emblazoned witb tbe arms of tbe republic, which excite* a rood deal of curlalty among tbe faablonablea of toe Pruaalan capital. IT7* A man named Flint, for many yean connected with the Chicago preen, ha* decamped for pari* unknown after forging tbe namee of aeveral prominent bualneaa men Tbe fellow, aa bla name Indicate*, la evidently a bard caae, and we are aorry that he bad ao little reapeet for tbe profeaaion aa to dlagrace It by turning "confidence man Among tbe latest government contracta la that with the Meaar* Burdena, of Troy, far 4,(100 ke^ of borae aboea /100 pounds to a keg) for tbe arm?. The firm baa long aupplled borae-aboea to tbe government. (?7" TheGlrard (Pa ) Union laarna that Dan Rice a contribution! to the Ualon cause amount tn ?r ? MW -- - _ _rv^uw, >uu iuii im ui su ascribed $1(1,000 to Um national loan. It la stated that tbe combined fleet which England, France, and Upala propose to aend against Mexico will carry <,000 guns, ef which Spain will furnish 000. (J^TLe telegraphic cable at Hendaraoa, Kj , bat been raised and spliced, bat for some reaaon not yet known. It does not work. (pr Bon. Joba Ball has taken command of a gunboat on tbe Cumberland river. It Is said be Intends to take Cairo. ID" The Charlestoa Msrcury comes dew* on tbe Rebel ttoveramont for Its failure to provide for its army ia tbe flald. . I fr^COt.UMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL ROC1IL3 ETY ?A mtefl mwimi of th? Co'o in bit Typograj^iioai R?ld 1 HIS 18at?r* H?f I KVENING, at 7* o'olock, id th* C-oreil Chamber,City Hal. H 8. BOW EN. n* **o. gaa. r^REV L W. BATES. Prrttfart of the II 9 Maryland Cot-fmrno?, %i!! p;* < h id the Math ?Hat Prot*ataot Chnroh. N nth ?t. !>*t*?gn E mm] F aU . TO-MORROW (Sunday* MOB*| IMO atllo'olook. AH ar? invito to ?U?nd It* rvyg* rk' iOlol 8 NOTICE-Ob and aft*r ILw FaioiriNovemWM,nor*?i:| !? divine MtvloeatUK' Rpiph*n? .NfiMion Ch?j> ?l? <?n Ko*r te*rth ?t., ?onth of Pa ft?n.n?. KtEkY BUMDA \ , a* It v in. UM7>i f. in !*un<Ja? bchool at J 0. til ' \V ho?<o t?r will. iBt hm fr?#if {*>m* " It* ||f? MASON Lviti yt F mm.11 UJ5 Masons tj tk* Di irt't ,?fXg*l*mbiA.?Tm ofnaer* And o. tlia >1. ?? . wfAal i.i>of? ara harebr notifi.-d that the Annufcl C? IBin?BlQ? tloa will ?* ho denonTUKSDAY NF\T. th?f*h icat .at4o'eiock p m . at tli? Hail, coraer of 9th D ?Ut All Mfcatcr Mi?>r.i la fn??r standing *r? o *rdl<uiy &eo fi"t*>ri & l? rav.tert t >r??#nt. no2 3t JosH. A T TA r.uOK.gATTKNTION, PRESHl)K*?T'? i ? MOUNTKD GUARD.?Tha aMMri. ' ex members ud citisena of this IX *t riot, who wiah to lustaln oar unii'H or[imtUion are requeued to meetnt the iMHri'i Home. ( Capitol dill,) on TttBUAY EVKISING rrxt, No?embar Vh, 19*1, at 7H o'clock On that evening offloora will be eleo!?<l for the Company, sod should there be a sufficient namber pre* n?, to en roll themselves into ? re*intent, effioefe *ili be elected for the companies a* eoon a* filled By onler of the Committer. oo ap-lw* Y^REUISTIiR'8 OFFlCF, lLS ~0?JQ*n aa* 1W1. TO ALL WHOM IT HAT CONCERN. Notioe is taerebt given that license* itiven to tavern*, retailers of epiritnous ard ferr&entec liqu re, wines and eordiale to rrooenes.dry food*, hardware, medicine*, pe'fnmery. watohee aod jewelry, iufDDer, waoo. ar.o oou, oommirsion in?rohan'a; a so, to keeper* ol backuej oarnaces *nd nmnibnses, bil iarc ?b>$. ten-pin alley* and eon fee ionary, and (or haw kin* and peddljnr, and dealer* in old iron, t r*??, o .pp?r, A.? . will expire on Monday, th? 4th day of November next, and th?t Mid (ict-nees mail b* renewed a* this office within ten day* after that tim?. SAMUEL E. DOU6LASS, nc 22 Utl-Nor. Resister. lit DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN UJJ POL.ICE?The Board of Pol toe Commissioners having tak'n the house 31K Eleventh iu, all business oonn-cted with the Police of the oity will be transacted at that ? aoe. A general complaint bor>\ will he opened, and oitiiens are re^uest'd to call alid enter any cmpiaints they may have to make ol auy matter re Taring to the police or health of the oity se 21 \V B. WEBB, 8c pen n tend en t nr^THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Jsj will be holden EVER \ D\V thu w?ei ir the Kniliah Liithenin Phurnh. pnrnpr nf H ?nr1 11th ?ta, oommencinc at half-pact 4 o'clock p. ni . to be oontinned owe ho?r only. oo7 3m V^COMPANY "A," v 8? KNGINKKI8.'Js.9 Fifty intelligent and aHe bodied mechanioa will be eoiisted to fill thia Company to the max imam fizeo by iaw?ISO men. Inquire at No. 8in 6 street Fay from 8:3 to 9M per month, b^aidee food and clqthtnc- an 17 tf_ Notice.-to consumers or 1w od-i have 25 oords of W?K>d, which I will sell #S lew p*r e>rd than any e'ace in the city. Inquir* of B J. (JUINN, at the Kaq-o'd D>pot- It* OATS! O A T 8 !' OA T 8 I!! *, Oo bushels oats For aale by J. r RARTBOLOW, AA9 Seventh at , near Canal, no2 3t- Waehintton, P. C. AH M v* BI.UK < I.OlH-t CASIMKR8. AND BEAVER CLOTHS, medium and beet grade*, at ow price* With ail kind* of Clo'ha, VeetiDga. aad Ciau mrr? ior or z<n*' %pr&' 1 The wnole atour pr<iv*rl?ally low pr'.oes. PEKRV t. BROTHER, Peon. kv*.. ?nd 9th street. 8 std "Perry Building." 486 PIC FL KT: Vram Kg. 486 A variety of f>att?ra? and ?ne? of Oval Picture Frsinee, from tbe best mar.u/aot?ry in the ooentry. Passe Partouts, Pioture Cord a ad ia^sels, Nails, Rings, Ac. Fin* Gold. Imitation 6o'<J Band. Buff. Green and B ue HOi LAND SH*DF8. all sises, made to order, in the best manner, oheap for oash. at JOHN MARKRITER'9. No. 486 Seventh ?t.. 8 doors above no 2 eo7t?,if Odd Fellows' Hallf>0 BUTLERS' &sf D RESTAURANT KEKP ERR-we offer a oh >ioe l?t of low pnc<*d Table Damasks, of seleot qualities, m widths adapted to th'ir warU. Al'o, a'l other kinds of Dry Goods, adapted to the wants of serso is in moderate eirc.iinfctai.oes, whose trade We eo!ioit. One prios only, marked in plain figures P*RRY* B* OTHER. Pern, ave . and etb reet. no t StU "P^rry Bail mg." INTERIOR ^ADORNMENTS. ^$0 PAPERHANGfNGSali Grade* and Prio?? Oi'< Band, Buff ??re?n, and Blae Holland Window Shade* all *is?a, invla to order A beautiful ?arioly of ?hrai Pi tnra I'rMBM, from the heat manufactory m tha eouatr*. Pa*re Part* ut*. Picture Cord and Tassel*. oiff rnnt sisas and ool.>rs, Piotu:* Kin:*, Nai a, to Cheap for ca?h Ord ra for Paperhanginca or Window Phvlea punctual1? etecnt?d, \n1 no or-representation made to eSTeet *ale?. A oall solieit?d. JNO. MAKKRITER. No 486 Sev^cth *tre-t. 8 loot a a.l.ove n" 2 7teoif* ^)dd Fellows' Hall. NEW STVLF- CLOTH CLOAKS^ IUU MAX WEIL'S CLOAK OPSNISO PAYS, MONDAY ami TUF.rDAY, Nov.4th nnd ?h. rmnnt An* cr vvvr nmre nw ? r<o r r> * i <V/yi n U? ?WTLX1 ^JVD KSULISH SAl yfi ? . *e. B ack Cloth Cloak*, from #6 to 5 s, Repe.lant or Water-proofCircula-a, from ?6 5^ to ?15 Beautiful Fanoy Doth (checked and str ped) Cioaka. from $9 to A'5 And all the la'.eat noveltiea in Cioaka, in blaok, b own. <rey ard fan^jr a'nped cloth#. [T^ Kemember, the p ace ia MAXWELL'S Waahinjton Cloak and Karoy Mora, 110 S-St No. Si* Pa avei.Be. JVIEW CLOAKS, NEW 8HAWLS, AND iy NEW DRES3 GO01>8, Of modern deaicn* and fabnea at onr proverbial* ow pric*a, with a), other kinda of meriinni and fit a Dry Good* in all the departmrnta of familica and honeekeepera wanta. Alao, onr nana' fall a took of all the lead in* stap p? adapt* 1 to the tuU of the mi.lion, whoso tr?a? we ?o> oil. farpet*, Curtain*, Oilolotb*. Rut*, Ao , apper* flo ?ra. Oafl prioe on!r, marked ir plain figures, there fora to purchaser i* derived. An inspection of atock so!ioite.1: it implies no oblication to purohaae. All paroals (or the interior propsrlj picked frea of charge. _ PKRRV ft BROTHKR. Penn ave.. and 9ti street. r.o2-lota "Perry Building." ()QQ JOHNtH)N A NAGLK, _ QuQ &OJ No. 8*9 HBIfMSTLTANlA A VKXCB. AiO*7 Between Ninth and Tenth sta . aoutn aide, orrn roa mii: CH*MPAGNK*-G. H Mnmm. P per Hnd.ick. Moet A Chaudon. bullinger A Co. Carder A Co , Ac. CLaRKTH?Pt. Jalien, St. Eatephe, Cactenac, Ao . t'T the oaak or doi?n HOCK W1NES-DsidtmeiMr. Johiaiia>WMr. Liebfraupniniloh, Rudeaheimer, ftp. BRANDY, Wi.nfry, <?ic. Port, ttner-y. M*dfira, in wood or ?l%se. LONDON PORTER, Brown Ptn?t, Minbirrk and Yorkshire Ale#, of the beet brand*, in bottle* or etoce jwri CIGARS?Havana and Domestic, of the ohoioevt branae. Wewli theeeeo'a1 attention of Satlere.Reetaerante and Families to our tare* and well-aeUeted STOCK OP PINE GROCERIES, Freeh Meat. Ponltrv, Fi?h, So&ea, Vegetablea and Freite in hermetically s<a'ed oani. PRESERVES, J el lie*, Ac . Almond*. NuU, Rai iD* and Pig*. CHEESE,(Eaeternand Weetern Catting); Bam, nl-i ** " -? - ? ww? uuinoo ouwr.iM nest Cfcimpague ' >der. WORCESTERSHIRE and Oye'er fauoe. Picki of every description. Pepeor 8wm and Tomfclo CaUnp, br the *?' on or uotea. All of wbioh we < ff>r at the lowast pouible prioee and on reasonable term* no2 JOHNSON A NAOLE. IMOriCK TO PAKM?R8.-H*EVKV baa lea 1^1 thoos*ad baehele of Oyater Sheila. vhiob k* will ?i?e to any oae who will fcaal tkmawav. Apply at C ?t. o?pqaite th? Theaf*. no 1 ? T'HOMPSQNt* MEOICINES. 1 LIFE PRESERVER AND COBDIA1* -c *ho?" t r?rtS?D. t, no 1-lm Corner Eleventh ?t and Pa av?nae. WAGONS. WAOONSs, WaSOM ? Juei reo'tved one do*et Waioni eaitabie for Groeere and Sutler*. For *1* oh?*p. at ROBl? GRAHAM'S CovjL Shop, Eighth at. fry Repairin* of ail kinds promptly Rtfn'ed to. _ noj_tt* I\fIJ1i!TA,RVi FIELD. MABINK. Awn n?v t*L>A??K&?pyCKBT C0MP*F8K8, he J uat reoeived a E??*eortment of Military FmM, Marine, and ??;Q*s e% Pocket Coa^wiM, awl other Am; ana Nk> j Once'?' K eq aIsita? M W. GALT k. BRO, . Jewells*#, 314 Pa. ?* 4 doora w? ?t of mo 1-at Brow's Hotel. ^ R M Y C L_0 T H 3 . UrariiMAim GaitxaaL's Office i wah1h8toh, Oetob-r St, 1M1 \ Pkoposal* are invited aadwillbe rco?r*4 l?y the U. 8 Ci Barter maate' at Philadelphia. Piaa , an til CI o'oiook at ?"00 o? the ltt . d?* of Nothhb?r out tor narniihinf CLOTHS FOR ARMY CLOTHING ./tKtoxrirls;?5!rn,,ts.r,vlK loth shonld M three quarter* to aix ^aartera tar? VMM. Light or dark tlue w>ll ?* preferred, aad licht grays will ant bscoaaiderod. Biddeia moat a late the ea-wt-er of yards ih'i will wm wiwwm*w<* w iarai?n IB MO mo ,tk aid fo how MD! moo1 ba, at tk* clothing depots in !New \ ork orTBi adeljhia.or, both, and ih* p iMftr jar* for Mfkift. Phi. KMii bid nut to aomnntiii br l?ff , utM, Mttiat forth ikat trTie *itrsei wswsrw. to tto part ? mm <d tkareia. to will at ono* ax o? t* the una, aad jire bo da In <'oaw? tk > amowbt of tk. oos tract fur tto iatiU/u k?I V-s" Qoartormaator 9M?rai LH. Amy. pot 1-tfckNoT AUCTION ttALBtt. By BOTKLKR A WILLSOtt. Kw*t*oi^7~~ UALK OF KLEGANT ROUHKH(?LD FUMH vitvkk. FLK? OIL raiwti so?. mlv? ah* Bmonii Oocm at Accti??-Bt ?irt??of,, s raasw Jen. o. pj?st?i'Tr,!i,Tsr ?3 ?? 35-& Pontine*. to. WtMimnitH vf :H H&ndiitm# Pir i.r V nit a Ki ? Fv Of K < CWfcraW C?ruu??. *??** > *, vVaJnai and MaJMgMf Boo* TiMtrT Vflv t Iriw I?1 I t'F*". wGaatial MUmw tViln?t?~>4 Mi^>r?W UkmU, viu **?!?? ?a?HKitao???y Wwlufwli. w>tfc MfcrM* A SEW ftM +<*y yperW es^ksdee <n PAMGWlriillOlli-; gursais: ? K ?tti"? ZJ'ol'*' lS?S5.??W D?fc?. I'M fOiM, CWtort, *o.t KifVSnt French Gilt Clock Md CftixtalftbrM Twroty two ftat Oil r*iEtiL??, by r j suUfi, Or f Tc?t Villi, Writtni Decks. Cbatra. Walnut Tmbtm, Kim Br^tiH, UritMMUl?Dd Pi?r OlutM, i."odcm. Kren?h China tod C71U1 Olss#w?re, Toc^Uer with mur ?tt?r trVoima of Bovmik << Faraitare well worth* of lb* itmttw of Howtt>inw. Be.a poajtive, Terroe e*eb ir. e?e<?ie. CHARLPH RKWHKt.L, BftihW ocxd BOTELfcJlA WILLBON, AmII. KTHE AROVK 8A (.E J5 UNAVOIDABLY FRIDAY MORNING. No Tew we-. i?v Mint nour an i r 10* ?? * immw&iarsa*. ING, wme hoar and plaoe ChI* KKMBELL Bailiff no 1 BOTEI.ER* WlLu?ON. AmU. C7" THE ABOVE 8ALE 18 AGAIN account of th? rain, iiiti MONP S Y MORNING, Nov. 4th. at M o'clock, at vh>?* time it will positive!' take piao*, CHAS. k KM BELL, Bailiff. It BOTEI.ER A WILLS"*. A?ct?. B? GRhEN A WILLIAMS. Aactiaoaar,, ~ PXTEN8IVE SALf! OF SECOND RAND f* Jiwblut ?9?cor.<i ^??k1 GoW tod Silraf n Va.? mrxA ITaK PWai.. If * Pid?. Fingeraod Ear Kir re. and Opart Uiaaaee. Fadot Work and otli*' Baxea, and Pietoia, (Ml-er-plated War*. Fa'.ey Artielea.and * larce jot of otfcer artiolee w? d?- m li.gNfiMrj ( HMMit, ?e MONDAY, the Ith of JJoTWilMtr, ve nfcail ell,at our A notion Mo. #? tSar?t>t>i rwt. oummenoiac at 10 o'clock, and continue from day to day until all ia ao'd, a very uteaaive r.aiort mei.t of <h?above men ionM and other cooda.eo<4 on aoooant of wh?oi it may ooooarnTerma oaah, in epeoie ocax GRK^N k WILLIAMB. AeeU. By WALL A HARNAKD. Auctioned FURM I UKE AJCD HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT AVCTIOH-OB TUEPDAY MO* Maw Ctk a? in n'flWIr mm will m J. oh Irat A tnt of OCT tuoiioo roumi.iC aa*ortn>?nt of rxaltot rarnitar* and Hcraaebold Karnitura for Mtoiit of whom it mtj oonoarn, without reaarva, to atoaa eonai(i<m?i ta. compnairf? JfahAgaay waloat 9o<M Ml) TctM IX) fvlor *ixl Km; Chairs Wa.QBt ana roahogacr n.arble top Tabia# Mahog*rr marMa top Sideboarda aa" Rtat*raa h Dih-oao?, and *o<id Mat ('kaira and Ho?k?r? Badttaaria, hair, ahaot. and thaek aad oottoa Mattraaaaa Farraaa, with and without glaaaaa WaahataDda(Tat)ies. Sidrboarda Wilnt acd Kftboaaay Sfc?>tanaa aixl u?*?tr^f Oval, s 1U, at c m?nt>eany Mirrora VVa not, iron and nthe- Rat r?oka Stovea, and many luruiahinc fouda not hart aaaa Tern* ctih, .. orl WAILt BABNARD. AnaO* RUCTION BALK* )N PHILADHLTHIA. WM R SMITH, Oeiurtiiwrifawr, *0* CbMDut at.. tbovt Stfc. RacoI*r Mm TVKSsDAY *od EATUBDAY Morcicgi at lu A K/'ine T*M?t ud Pooka* Cutlery, Hi?dwr?. anoy Good*. 8o*ra. "ll?, Bmahwa. * a . A a. Foreign u< Dommtie w ib** and Liqaorv. 1,000 lota evf rr TharadAy Morning. urn I) la* TJOR8K. BUGGY AND HARNE*8 FOR O sale. Apply to wall A BAR r\ NaRD, AnotioD %nd Comiriaeion M?r- jZTfk ohADU, ?or. Ninth at. frod aovth aid* Pa^Z\. AVtiua ? 9 O 8U TLEB8 AM D OTHRR9 ?FOR 8ALMOm t?? city bailt two fcor?? K X P R Kw? WAGON, with ?ov?roo top: on tour ptwnf*r on#-Hor?? I B#W) UAK n 1 AuE, wlu OBlCMM U? KueM iron kah? and ax ?a; ooa fwr iimmr LOCKAWaY ; two trotin* SI LKIEST* I m* oitr will b? *nM low Aodrau T MACKENZIE * SONS, UU-i itaibaor? et-.BaJO more. * oc ? lw* 80LD1ERS, SOMETHING FOR YOU! Fooket Con ha. - w> o*ito. Do. Lookisi u ~ Km on Envelcpei, par huulrad 9n M ain do. do. a m Ambrotjrpaa of Soott, MoCUIlaa.Ac., H?k 15 Sent t>r nuui to it; ad rasa. ALFRED 8. ROBINSON. oc S-Sw* PubUahar. Bartt.'M.Coan. ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho's Patent Elutic Leg & Hand. No. 416 HROAPW.iT Niw toil Thaaa ucn?ail^ aabatttatea far luat liaba. whl?h bave ?tnod the te?i of < *sr 27 year* ex* vnenoe, and have o*v?r barn i?r;uM'.oui be ha4 ooIt of W.M. SELPHO. mhm, 516 broa?lw?y. New Vorfc. oo 12 lw WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oar former patron*. and citizen* ffaerally, that we have row re'a Ted oarfullauFP y of FALL aiid WINTER GOOD!*, tod tre (rrptred to (Sr nuh them at ao early ootioe and in the best aid most approved cty le*. H'N PON A TKEL. oo s>6 lm Merchant Tan ore, No. 4AA Pa av. Tulipanand elegantes^ m6ars. Aleo. A camber of other celebrated ;>raou?, whoieaale and retail. WM tiROSHE. Havana. Secar Store. ee glim opt. Pa a*. and frh ?t. Weahinctoe. CEAL.KD PROPOSAL*arein^it'd for FLOUR ? till the 10th day November. 1MI at U o'clock . About I/** barrel* wi.i t>e re^ai-od, la *eparat? lota of about 1.000 t>arreia each The Floar tn ha made of new wheat, and the delivery of the whole lot to be made bv the 26th November 1MU. The Flour repaired u> be of thefol.owiac t>raad?, and to pui the lnapootioa of a Board o: Aral Offioera, or aaoh other lnapeeUoa as U?a WWWH Department may direct. Arlington Kxtra, Cobs rasa do. C Pry do. Fumnr do. Cedar Vale do. Gleawood do. PkEL ft: M. Smith do. &8Z.. fc J. Davidaoa A Co. do. Its"' S p. L Morrieon A Co. do Lyon'a Union P!r>ur,/o. Bit R?nn( Joo Ede's Extra Daker a. Jo A few barrel a of the a*t?? trad* t*f HoaUerr Flour will be taken, provided that it prncea eaaal ia grada to ibe brAnda atH>re-named Tbe h>dt?r? to atate the brand aad the aun.bor of barren of aaoh kind they proaoee to raraieh. The h?rrola containing the Flour to ba atron*. well-hoofed and be? > ? a ? * Ja u.i a urrar WjTlTFeTU B A wSlhiaftoS! t. z s4 odor?sd, for ! tomr n * o*$t [yjfcMCAL !f JgKNTgF ?0?.? Ctf?. CanMr ?f 7W/U Strmt*. 8*mio* OP lf61-'#4. faculty of medicine. __ _ NO01.K YOUNG. M; ft. a ProfaMoror Pnooipisa aad Pr?otio?of _ , Joh-N&ON ISL10T. M_U.. r?"' fer'^^7!!!! T?oMA^Ai$?3jiLL, M. D. Prefaaaor of bMtinlry, Tox>oo4??y, IM Pkn>?io0WILLE|T._M_D^. KThs obair af aaatoaiT to ba iilad. ^ Muioiwi. o< it i.onoaaa Us ttd of Ooto bar Md and ia Marck followiag jP?r f?ria*r ? E?TdSlSA0??W@l5to fr u' cm* \n in* r iK 7 % r w^^i and 71 h ?U. MHwrtNnrl' NEW AND8TYLWB THINGS, la low wiai. IN Msdisin aid ftna Enbrotdorad Cambric aad Mis in Collara. Wa also name graal bargain? ta Draas M*?. maoy osw things ib tfca aaaortmaal Ona pno? on j, narktd is plain btaraa. _ * arpits. Cartaioa, Oilalatns. Rvii.fc?. ft* loorj PEARY It URnTHlJl. oo >| Std pa a*. atd *k tra?4 The proper iiniw op clotmm for ak lac Lad iaa' C toaka. PiasandMadias Clotks for 0aots' wmr. ? * "S'.e-ss-j'Kirf ipsi ^ ^ ^Sasfe Ksa3sr?r * ;?&.?" NBiW IN 1~AD"U' CLMK iN? A ivn Mppff ot PlMMiFtMf Silks, j L'^str <*?" - "/T' I LftdkM' XH Qlorm, Mi eoura IM mm ??? fttn w . ^ FmH?SaMn?irM(

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