Newspaper of Evening Star, November 2, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 2, 1861 Page 3
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^LOCAL_NEWS. T** to printed ra the fWteet ] CrT*r,. wotta ef Baltimore, Its edition r^1? *TL to requite It tn be pot to preoe at to " " HTf Jiwr>?*?"""?thersfore, should be **T,T,*Uf0? tt o'clock ; otherwise they tnay - '^fT^PMvo-t Gtamb T Boors at FbajixT**. .. , ?This equare to bow occupied by the of rqruUn, i remnant of aretl!*l!fAnimated byathlrteen-ye-ra'strugglewith upon ear frostier They aerved with bed bearrrv In the Mexican war i 1m^221* after which they were dispatched to where 'hev were employed aval nit and other trlbea hoatlle to the white*. them up In mail scooting pertlee and ' b*li'<CW*llT en?w?lnK In a pretty big flght Upon <"*** -vj,,, oJTtof the rebellion these troops were ^j.Ved to Wssbingten, where they mrve a* pro* ?,rmT& Their encampment 1? a perfect cicanlineaa and good order, and their parades are frequently attended by a large '-id of edies and grti tlemen. who expreaa the admiration at their evolutlone. Their M pmroat guard have long been eppre*^I#d bv oar cltliena, and It la atated that many !r the residents In their vicinity are petitioning authorities to allow the battalion to remain in T* elty Thla might suit the boy* while our resting on Its arms; but when the advance u made, it ia probable they would prefer chsng, "their quarters for a terra in Dixie, where they contiaue their battles against the enemies of their country. Cuccit Cccbt, YnTiiBiy.-Otho Gattrell ?t Jonas W Nye; verdlet for plaintiff, with at 900.38, and Interest from Sept. 1, 1450 J sines B Dodson sgt. John Wiley, verdict for nimlstlff with damages at 1106 U, and Interest Eta Aug 14. 1850 Jtevens A Co sgt John W k Wra Tbompwn verdict for plaintiff, with damages at t&> 98, tnd interest from July 31,10IW Dodson, survivor of Clsgett, agt Horatio Htone; T^fd'ct ff>r plaintiff, with damage* at 992 ?, and Interest from March S, ISM. Dodson, survivor of Clagett. agt. John M Stanlev; verdict for plaintiff, and interest from March re-dey.?The inclement weather having pre Dtcd the attendance of Aeaoclate Judge Morsell, there was no business transacted In this court. Cnvu.Tr to Ahimals ?Some day* ago petrolman Noonan arrested I cow denier named J. H'*a for crnelty to a calf in the market. In tying a string In the cnlTs month to prevent It sucking It* dsm This is s brutal practice against which there was conaiderable outcry four year* ago, and tt was brought to the especial attention of the city council* bv several gentlemen who had wltBMsed It The prisoner In this cass was fined 93 M by Justice Clark It ia a pity that some of the brutal scoundrels who leave calves and sheep upon th? sidewalks nerket days tied In such s manner that the poor animals snffer the most Intense petn, could not, bv some metempsychosis, be compelled to serve est an animal existence In the hands of some suck batchers as themselves. Badly TnnAinn.?Yesterday morning, about 2 e'rtock. Patrolmen Kelly and Drain, of the Fourth Ward, found a man lying near the atone shed In H street, near the Public Printing Ofice. In a dreadful condition. He had been roughly treated Indeed, and robbed of about *40 He waa taken to Sylvester's drug store, and Dr Bogan called to bis relief. Hie cheek had been nearly aevered from the bone, and was hanging?presenting a frightful appearance Dr Bogan dressed the wound; sfrer which the unfortunste man waa able to tell bis name?Wilson Caasel He Isstesmster, end was with some acquaintances, bur does not know how be came to be so abuaed The wound was sucL a cnt aa might have been inflicted with saber. He waa turned over to the military,who gave him every attention. Dbatus or Soldisbs.?The following eoldlera died yesterday : George Dong las, Company G, First Michigan Rifles, at Camp Union. Edward Miller, Twelfth Pennsylvania, at the Ualoa Hotel . Reuben Rute'.otte, Company D, Fourth Rhode Island, at the College. Jeha Lewie, Company C, Sixteenth Indiana, at the Patent Ofllce A Hsnar, Company D, Fourteenth New York, at the Seminary. leasee Q Peyton, Company K, Nineteenth Indiana, at the Eruptive Hospital. Tn* Ftxl StiFPLT ?Bdtt+r Star : As the extortloaate price of wood and coal In this city Is beginning to attract public attention, permit me to euggset a remedy. It le tble: There are hundreda at acrea of wood on the other aide of the river, which baa been cut down during the summer by oar troop*, under instructions from heedquarters, and which will ultimately be paid for by the Government; would It not be well, therefore, for the War Department to call for bids to purchase thla wood, at so much per cord; the bidders to famish their own choppers snd corders. I venture to say, if this suggestion is carried out. that fuel will be quite plenty la a short time, and consequently prices must decline. Yours, Pno Bono Publico. Kiss's National Cmctrs ?This establishment will open on Monday next, all the trtistet having arrived. The " wall literature," so liberally spread to the admiring ease of the multitude yrev-day, baa been ' washed out" by the ''Storm King," but the "King" mundane, Sir Thomas, will make the fences and the aidss of brick walla re^pleudeot with picture*, as soon aa the weather will permit. The b tineas agent, Dr. K. P. Jonea, in forme ua that the management la determined to spare neither palna nor expense In order to let the public know that there is a real live circua In Washington. FtrmtAU.?The funeral of the lste John A. Linton wss attended yesterday afternoon by a great number of members of the bar, and many peraonal frlenda of the deceased The late Michael Carrol, whose death waa noticed la yesterday'a Star, wOa burled from hla late 'residence, on Eighth street east, vesterdsy afternoon, his fnneral being attended by the Navy Yard Beueflclai Society, Eagle Tent of the Order of Rechabltea. and Union Lodge and the (i'-end Lodge 1 O OF, of ell which oodles he was aa active member. Tai Fifth Niw HAxrguisk Rioiiim (light lafeatry) went into camp, near Biadenaburg. on Thursday evening Tbiaregiment numoera 1,034, ofloere and men , and ia equal to, if not better than, any yetaent from the Granite State Edward E Croaa, late of Arizona, I* colonel. The First New Hampshire Battery, six piece* and 130 men, is expected In town this morning. Four new regiments of Infantry snd four companies of cavalry era nearly ready for the field from New Hampehlre. To tbk 373 000 M art or rst Fkdi*al Asmt ? Gentlemen : If each man will pnrchaae one paper of Moant Eagle Tripoli, at the coat of 13c per paper, with a piece of thick cloth alx or eight Inches square, they will save to themselves money snd time ia cleaning their arma and equipment*. It does Its work quicker and easier thsn anything that caa be ootaiued for the cost It can be obtained ia Washington from grocers, druggists, house-furnishing store*, Ac., Ac. It* Fniinp to thi Soldii*. Tu?atbb.?'To-night theatrical performancee are to be reeumed ia oar coey little theater, after the agreeable musical interlude of last night Osr "Queen of Heerts," Miss Susan Dealn, will appear la two character*, as "the Coaatess" la the " Ladles Battle." and as " Faany Bombshell" In "Oar Volunteers." The City Coancil of Philadelphia, who are here to prasent a sword to General McClellan, will vtatt the Theatre this evening, by the Invitation of Mr. Bland. A Row in SwAMFooDi.*.?Sarampeodle waa agitated on Thursday evening by a commotion among the Irtah ladi?* who reside la that snburbaa locality, aad the coneeqnence waa that Miss Margaret Shea, one of the fair belligerents, wss seat to jail by Jaetlce Bernaclo. chared with "wellapiag" Mrs Jsae McCarthy. The laat naaril matroa waa then arrested ai the Instance of Mrs right, chsrred with using threats, and the Juetlce eent her to jail to follow Margaret, and ? even hin^e^ justice eras dealt oat all round. Adams A Co 'e Exrnnee ? The diflkcnltiee which the soldiers have hitherto met with In aeodlng money to their famlltee are now com pietniy obviated by an arrangement of Adam's Express Company, who carry any amount of mooey at a charge of only *5 cento for every fifty dollars The money may be simply Inclosed in aa envelope bearing the eddreae or the parties to whom it le eent. This opportunity will doubtless be Improved by ear soldiers generally. NABaMTT Niiirra ?Ninette Ward, a cnlored woman, who waa hired by Mrs Bridget Welsh to rive soma aaetotaacn in her house when her hneoand waa accidentally drowned In the Tiber, a few days el nee?Ninette, while the corpse waa li the hooee, Mole five ysrds of cotton cloth, font metal spoons snd sundry other srtlclce, for which dimrneefal theft she orns sent to jail by Justice Wei tar. Hasvst ?Impsovehewt ?Harney has greatly ealnwed h*s wail known oyster eatsbllshmoat, having added 40 feet In depth to it, nod aow has a proper length of counter aad half a hundred hl*h cools tn accomriMdate his hungry frlendi without lens of time Hla steamed oysters are mighty pepnlar OnMAVs' Cosbt .?At the meeting of the Cowl this morsing, Mr Davidge announced the death of dr John A Linton, one of the counsel le the B?-ney caa*, and on aaetion of counael the Coarl adjourned the further consideration of that ceo? uaUl Thursday next. \ A (>rA?ftaotn? I ___, . ;. y^jiiy?iofan Maddtaon. vagrawy; i a ?? * Antonio Cartino, drank and !2?? nlL.d?A dY/ G W McO*?. diaor*V5f i5T^ . */** **** col, do; do. rm?nn?,Jbu??ton drunk; do. John Kemp. mT?i aE i ? ? w,th0"lt nnmbef; do. is ?T An i TZ5 ?r,*ke< ?* J??i U'ty t j*r!D fln*d l*?4 Charles m.Fk.t ii rn.n ;o 7 W'-l'b, sleeping in the 2T.hV.!; d ^baattan Martin, peddling t ll?ense; being a cripple, his good* were returned and he was diantssed to leave the city 4 Lew1,? dn,?k: flnf *l ntJobn Little, disorderly conduct; dn S3 ?4 Peter d<J.: do *'M John Grianel, do ; diaHerman Bxalou, fslae pretences; for trial, i i n. ^fby, aleepinn in the street; dismissed Lieut Strawbllge, brought In by the police of the seventh Ward, and turned over to tne military Michael Kennedy found himself very drnnk in the atreeta, aod feeling a conviction thatheahould not go at large under the clrcumatance*. he marcbM hlmactf off to the wntch-bouae under se.farreat Tbla morning he tee'l fled that his prlaoner auyht to be punlahed for drunkenness, but would leave it to the juatice. Justice Waltef In eonaideration of the aer?!r? rendered to the rommoawealth, In Hating arrested hla drunken f?*iH It' him with a lecture upon the VI la of 1 ntem perauce. wt" Police?Tho Metropolitan Police In the Flrat Ward have been very vigilant during the month of October, Justice Drury laaued fifty-one corporation warrants and judgmanta, amounting to S341 34, and thirty-two United Statea warranta, nine of which were for florae thieving. Th* gioisitowii Cirv Councils met laat evening purauant to adjournment, but both boarda adjourned without the tranaaction of business for want of a quorum. A Fight ?There Is said to have been a fight laat night In Bridge atreet, Georgetown* between two eitlxena?both ? feed men " Nobody htirt. Th* Campbklls generally wind up the week with an extra budget of good things, ao look out for to night'a performance. Whitkhmbt. 434 Pa. av , la fhrnlahing likeneaaee of prominent men, Including (Jena. Scott, McClelland, (from recent altting,) Butler, Banka, Fremont, Ande^on, Wool and others Every deacrlptlon of Ukenessea, from miniature to lifeelse See hla card pbotographa for aending in lettera. oe 31-tolm* Cactioh -i hereby oaution tha person who has been ujmg my patent Carpet Stretcher to abstain P?","1* further use of the same, aa I am determ tned to enforce th? law against him. *t H. Blap, G at., bet. 14th and 15th ata. isdia rvbbir blamkkts. t it your T-tnt to Buy. B<ankeu,7 feat long, 4 f?et wide, at 2 ?f> mob, a.000 Rubber Blankets, 6 feet long, 3 feot wide, at 9 ?4o?i l.onn Rubber Blanketa and Poncho oombined, for ?&oh ^arUouu, 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10;h ata. no l-tf Cotm.-Thi sudden ohancea of our climate are of Puiwumarv, BrSuAiai and JukmiTt, AJvtumi. Experience navmg proved that simple remediea often aot speedily and certainly when taken in the early stages of the disease, reoeurae ahoald at onoe be had to Brwn'i BronekUl Trockei," or Loiengee. let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever ao alight, as by this preoaution a more aerioua attack roar be eflootually f&tefipiaktrt and Singers will find t^era ofleotuAi^ for ole&na^&ad strong thonmc tho ./ia^t9 *?* ?ol?ii*s.?Throuihout the Indian campaigns, theonly medicines which proved themselves ab e to ?ure the worst cases of yrwnteryjSeiirTy and Fever, were Hoiloteay't Ptllt and Ointment. Therefore, let every Volunhe is aupplied with them. Only 2S oenu per pot or box. oo ?-l w Beware of oonnterreita and unprmoitb1 nd'*vorlng to of their own i? r ?R th? reputation attained by HeimboUTs Extract ButKm, a positive and specific remedy for diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel .D'opsy. Ao., Ao., Ao. Aak for Helr bold'a. i *He no other. See advertiaemeut in another ool PIPD- se ao J^EW ARRIVAL OF CLOAKS! MONDAY7NOV. 4th, Baot'hr Wistkr Opkxiks op CLOTH CLOAKS. S4CQUFS. CIRCULARS CO A TS, h , tc All of the New Stylea. at very moderate pnoej. _ At MAXWKLi.'S _ ? Cloak and Fancy Sto e, 00 St 383 Ha. avenue. rklSfSOLUTiON OF ^ , , COPARTNERS 111 P. .Notioe ia hereby given that the Dartnersh'p here tofaja ex-sV.r| under the firm and style ol Wm. A ?s Loan is thia d?y diaaolvcd by mutual oonsenf. The i.usineea will hereafter be conducted by Ebenrser Lord, at the old stand, who assumes and wi'l pay ail the iiabiiitiea oi the said fi m.and whe ia hereby authorised to oollect all moneya due th? aaid firm. WM LORD ai ^ EBKNEZER LORD. November 1,183l.-St* WATCHES ^A DIES' ANUGfcMTl EMKN'S NEW Stylaa oi vfy saperior Gold Watohes by all the Jtv moat celebrated makers. Alao, reliable 1 meke*.7er? m Si ver Caaes. at very iowAU r*1** A large assortment just received. , ifv a'ches,Chronometers, Jewelry, Ao ,carefaliy repaired. M.W GALTft BROTHER, _ Jewslera, 334 Pa. avenue, no l~3t Four doora we?t of Brown'a Hotel. M NOTICE. Has removad hei STORE from Pa avenue to her pri at' reydrnoo. No. 31.5 S etreot. be-^B twren l.'th and 13th sts., where she will bej^ nappy to see ail her former oustomera. All orderi proicytiy attended to 31 at ^ Philadelphia Express Wagon. Also, a lighl no top business Ba<Kr, both very cheap, at ROB'T H. GRAHAM'S ,1 _ _ , , . Coach Shop, Eichth st. CT7* Repairing of all kinds promptly doae. t 0 31 3t Hand's i ine? notice to roxsiosBKi The aohooner "North Carolina ' from Phila uetph a. la now diaoliarging oarso, at the oorner o Pratt aod F.ederict streeta, Baltimore, MJ. <>r>naigne;a wishing their gooda oan receivi uiem by appiyinr to tha agent on board. oc 31 3t fpOR SALE?A b-aatiful grey Arabian MARE 7 Taara o,d, perfectly aounJ, kind and ?\ gent.e. sua oan be seen on Thursday, l-riday. and Saturday at No. 400 C a reet, be /Oi tw?^2 *V and 4H aU., between (he houra of 9 a m and 12 o'clook. oc 39 3t. IV,, A NOTICE TO SOI.DIER8. HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY wil make emittanoas for soidiera to their familiaa a pl*ooa reaihed by their Exprees, ataoharge of 2 ???'a for any sum cot exoeediqg fif y dollars, .'lia inoney, whether gold or Treaanry notes woaM b-? enolose< in an envelope, and aeoureh sea'ed, with the full adJress ( noltiding town, poa ?A?r?rd State.) of the pera'in to whom to be aent a> d the amount le?ibl? marked thereon. To insure pro rpt delivery, the 26 oenta obargi should be pr paid. W henfacilitie? for enveloping and aealing thi moner in aeparate pa^oeis are not at hand 11 oarnps, the several anma to be remitted, that mai ooheeted b* Chap am* of Regiments, or othei person* volunteering to do this servioe for the sol diers d??inog to send home their pay, will be re Company ** 4nT ?ttt>e principal offioes of th' These anma, aooompanied with the full addrees aa abovo repaired, of the persons for whom in tended, will be remitted to the respective oon aigneee. at any plaoe in tne loyal SUtea, at the aam rate of oharge. thereby aaving to the aender th trouble <?f fatting in aeparate pacsagea. Suitable blanks for th* above purpose have bee prepared, and will befamsbod, with explanation! at any of the olfioee of the Company. ... ... . ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Oct. 3u, 1861. ooavim FUVATE INSTRUCTION.-A 6. WILKIN SON, formerly Teaoher of Languagea in th Union and Western Aoademies orthie oiiv, am aow Adjanot Profee*?r of Ancient and Moderi Languages in the State University of Missouri u ntpbtaiDOd leave of abaeaoe for a year, wi w'"tor and will give prtvat inatruoaona to a limitea number of pupila. Prof. W. would refer to the Faoultiea of Yal an Co'lefee, aa alao to hia former pa trt,ns *nd pupils. before the 4th of No w?s- '< i*0?. Librarian of th Patent Offioa, who will give ail requiaite informs *!?!L oc??? This is to give notice. That u> g?ubaoriber hath obtained from the Orphan' ourt of Washington County, in the Diatriot c oambia, lettera of administration on the aeraoni estate of juiia Keep, late of aaid oouaty. deoeaeec All peraona having olaims against the said d? oea?ed are hereby warned ro exhibit the same, wit the voaohera theieof, to the subiorib. r, on or b< fore the aeventeenth day of Oot^ber next; the may otherwise by taw be exolnded from all benef of the aaid eata'.e. Given under my hand thisaeventeentb day of Ot tober, 18 1. Mra. lucy WHKElER, 1 00 l?-law3w* Administratrix. SUTLERS WANTED. " JREAT ADVANTAGES to be foind by Sal e s. and dealers in Boota and Shoee. at the^^a NE W YORK WH LESALE BRANCH IBI iOLSE, MS Pennsylvania avenue, (o? er jm^y'ashoetftora.) * h 1 We oaisfcoture oar own Gooda, and aou 1 pritt 1, thereby aaving freight. Having constantly on hand a Targe Stook, are oa *?a momettt'a notiea. any auantity deeired A la;ge aacortment of a eole Hi^h-eit Shoee, ai Long-ieg Boots. Sailers liberally dealt with. A oali from awlealera solicited. I oo, l^l>^.-g'TE'">UaE * 1 WE Have no^rSu an?2a offering for a > a large and we'l taeurted atock of FoaKian ac )uxaaTic Dar Boom, to which we would reapec ully call the attention of purehaaara generall > ?eiiag eoaideat tnat wa oaa asll them at aa io: 1 arieea as a*a be had ia thia or either of tha Eai ra cr Northern Maraeta . DEVR1ES STWHENS A co , W holeaale Dry G ooda D jalera, / I AMOSEMKVTa Z u-s *" OUR VOLUNTEERS. ?M i the'es' b < ttlf. it* KING'S NATIONAL ClRCTfiT A WD Metropolitan Arena wn.l. OPKW MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 4th. I lor tli* Rsgular SeMnn, in the Pavilion on E street, it? of the Old National Thsater. Tha Manager, Mr. TOvfKING, respectfully anI Rowioft! to the citisena and demsent of the MeI tropong that lie has teoored for the OPENINU NIUHT AND CARMINE WKFK the following listinrnish'-d ladies and gentlemen I ol not* and acknowledged talent in the professiotal arena and gymnasia: MR. JAMES MELVILLE, The Intrepid HoRSRM AN. I *ho. npon his debut at the Broadway Theater. I New York, t^ok the sublio by surprise, and caused 1 the oolumns of th* Press to teem with eulogntio I notioes of th* I FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN RIDER. I will, on the oonasion of his initial Entree I in Washington, introduo* his two pupils. Master* WILLIE AKD FERNANDEZ. MADAME CAMILLE, I the Gay and Dashing Equestrienne, ? .* MAD'LLE MARIE, I the Fascinating and Pioturecqn* 1 l. ^ MAD'LLE VIRGINIA, I tbe Embodiment of Grace and Chasteness, and LA PETITE ELOISE, the Child Rider, I are incorporated in th* list of F?m*!s Attractions: I thus gire font, StYli and Effrctivr Character I to the entire Entertainments PHILO NATHANS, I the Bare-baok and Somersault Rider, has been I engaged, together with FERDINAND TOURNAIRE, I the astonishing Pirouette Performer, to;etherwith WM. KINCADE, I the famous Master of th* Art of Somersettmg I Speoial arrangements have also bsen made with Mast.GEO. DARIUS, Yclept th* Maw Moneet In the Sohool of Ath'etios will be found MESSRS. PENNEY AND JONES. I ^Mlom RICR's Grrat Show, where, in I all the principal cities of the South and West, they I created a furore by their intrepid ioats on I La EcKtUt Peril louse, Trapax? Flying Bar, 4*e , ire, THOMA8 KING, Thr Champion Lradrr, I will appear and present his two prodigies, the Q. C.'s. Lu ? , . DAN GARDINER, I the People's Clown, will reign in the department *1 I Wit, Mirtk ami Hilarity, | Dividing some of th* honors, however, with th? Portfolio Comrdian, THE LILLIPUTIAN DAN. FRANK WHITTAKER. I th? Popular and Standard Performer, has been se| lee ted as Master o! the Cirol? and Equestrian Di I rector. J. P R O S P ERl'8 BAND. Oowsistino of 26 Musicians. I has been engaged specially for this Entabhshment, THE HORSES ARE FRFSH, IMPORTED I AND BLOODED. I Thr Drrssrs, Costumes, Paraphernalia ani Propkrties I are new and beantjlul. being manufactured dnring I the past 2 months in New York and Philadelphia I by the best artificers and designers. The Pavilion is of approved construction, and I wi'l be illuminated with (as supplied from the Dis| triot Gas Woiks. I Prices of Admission. >1 Dress Circle ?5Doents. | Social Boxes V> cents. Orchester Chairs 7* cents Separate seat* for onlored persons. .35 oonts. P. S. There will he no half prioe tiokets sold foi I any but Dress Cirole Places. MAT I N EES At O^Clock On WEDNESDAY and 8ATURDAY AFT'NS Tiokets for sale at all '.he leading Hotels. Doors o?en at 7 o'clock. Performances will com I menoe at 8 o'clock, and terminate at a seasonabli I hour. Omnibuses will ne at the doors of exit t< I take visitors to all part* of th* city and adjoinini I distriots I Sole Less** and Manager in Chief . .Thomas Kin< I Associate Manager ,t\ Scoti Treasurar Geo WniTNx1 Business Agent Dr. R. P. Jonri J Due notioe will be given of the aps?arance of a NUMBER OF STARS, I with whom engagements are now pending. ; | no l 3t EXHIBITION AND ASSEMBLY, at Odd^Fel . I Cj hiws' Ha 1, east Eighth St., Navy Yard, THURSDAY EVENING. Nov.7th. Prof! M I BARN Eh will give a Free Exhibition of his/Ha ' I style of Danoing by hi* present Class, fromLflB | 7 to <? p. m. Assembly commence* at 9 o'clock I tiokets for gentleman and ladi*s AO cents. Exhibi . I tion free. Tickets to be obtained at the Hall. I 0681 1 w* 1 / \DD FELLOWS' HALL! L I v Seventh. Above DSt. I I Continued Suocers of 1 I This Favorite Troupe . I TWELFTH WEEK of th* CAMPBELL MINSTRELS, 1* star PERFORMERS. I Immense Sucoessxif I ? TPANK 8WANN, r | The Great Basso, from the Cooper Op?raTroup? M New 3or;as and Aftbrptecrs ! f i Cowelndirg with the *Ot> S Of MALTA. i He-would-be a Son F. Wyam . | Admission 25 eents. oc 26 ? | **?? ? 1 WAMTS. I WANTED?By an apotheoary of 8 years' expe nenos, a SITU Al'ION as prescription olerk . I Address "Drug Clerk," this offioe. no 3 3t? 1 WA>TED~A FIE and CAKE BAKKR. AP " ply at 306 Eighteenth st, between K and ] 1 I sts. no 2 It* ? wantkd-a furnished HOUSE, at " moderate rent Address "T.," Star Office. I no 2 It* i w antki>~a ?ir'.of about 12 years of ag< tt (orphan preferred,) to acoorapanv a ffcinil? t 1 92i!f2,Tm?* App'y to A- J- phelan. n< 4ST Tenth st no 2 lw? I W ANTED? By a thorough business man, aSlT - I "" UATION as ol?rk ? an make himself g*n I * rally useful in anr position he may be plaoed. Ad 1 I df'w"T P. J Washington P.O. It* s I \U ANTE D?Two communicating Furnishe I ROOMwith or without Board ic the cen I tral pa-t of the cry. Address "A," at this office. r I no 2 It* 1 VVANTKI>-A oomfortable FUHNIBHE1 I "" HOUSE, f->r the session of Conrr^ss, ^ot to I far from tbe Capitol, at a rent of between ?>0 an 3 I #80 per m >nth. Also, two nioeiy furnished Roomi , I (>>ed and sitting room ) Capitol Hill as looation i ? I preferred for both Address "J C K.," Star Ol I nee. no 2-2t* r I \JLf ANTED? A MAN to attend a strain boile' Apply atT.M HARVEY'S Oyster Depo - j a?j C st. no 1 St 8 I 1*7ANTED?Two or three good COAT MA i. I " KKRS, for whioh I will pay the oity prioei - B VAND'*SlE. Merchant Tailor, No. 4SH Sev - I enth st, between F and G sts., opposite Paten I Offic*. no 1 lw* 8 A RARE OPPORTUNITY.-WANTKD.-j . I /a. PURCHASER lor the stock and fixtures t . I a first olass business, on Pennsylvania avenitt ' good location. The present ocousant is about t I leave th* citr. Capitol required from six tots thousand do lsrs. Address T. C. S.. Washingto . I sity Post Office, giving name ard where an intei I view may be had. No communication will b notioed unless aooompanied with the name. no t-y n T^O SUTLER8.?An energetic merchant, wit i. | sufficient oapital. desires to pnrohase the stoc II and business of a Regimental Sutler. Addrei e 1 "Business," at the offioe of this paper, oc 31-1 m el VI/ANTED?A small HOUSK, or 3 or4unfui " nish*d Rooms, between 4X ani 11th street and the Avenu* and T st., by a small family. At . dr*ss Box 633 P. O. oo313t* *1 V*/ANTED.?A young roan, who had eigl r I ye\r*' experie- oe in a h'*t ola*s oountry s on . is desirous i f obtaining a SITUATION in soman . speotahle business. Please address ' R. S ,' Cil I Post Ofioe, Wages not so muoh an* object as I P"rmanent situation: oc 3l-3tw U WANTKU~A COLORED MAN (slave) wfa I. I oan come wsll reeornmended by his own*r, < I a fre* man, will ftnd a good aitnatlon and wag* hi He must be a good driver, and oan make himse *- I useful on a small farm. A*plv Kaloraua Height 1 I plao* onoe owned by Mr. Vivan. oo 31 4t* lt W ANTED IMMEDIATEL Y?An active, en? >- " getio business MAN. To a suitable rnai salary liberal Apply JOHNSON. FRY A CU

Dodge's Buildings, oorner S venth and F sts. - oc8IV-W.Th,S* t- WANTED-ltywlbi old HORSE SHOES ai I I , " S>'RAP IRON ia small or large qiantiuei [ f?>r whion one cent per pound will be paid JOHN R. EI.VAN8, ? oo?-2w (Rspublioan) 309 Pa.avenue. U JOURNEYMEN TAP.ORS. NOTICE. - I w Wanted immediately, ten Coat Hands, and fot Hands on Pantaloons. i HINTON k TEEL. 406 Pa av., mMIw between 4X an<l 6th st. \A/ ANTED? Alt Dairymen to kaow that ti vv Washington Brewery having oommenci brewing for th* winter season, they oan get Frei Grain* every day at 4 o'clook, at lAoents per busl lei. Call, one and all. C. COLINEAU, j- oo 10- ;m* Cor. K and Twenty-seventh sts. d I i^UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STI t t PHENS k. 00/8. 388 Pa avenne. ss II '* Purr OLD ELA RV ** i \ lost and porryp. * ?'OUND-Last ?>vering, on^The^ite^Zl^iidirir the Dress Ciro e of th* Theafr. after the >eeof iheopera.a lady's BRACELET, whioh I bT *?F> to MO*E<* B. I Wfl SON. 841 Pa avenue. u* I f OST?jw the Depot, un Sis' a timo. a lla^k ' < rMUSK, marked "J&in*! C Hr oc MM Wa h ngton, D. C." Tli< fl'd-f vri I re Rvvft | osive a suitable reward on leaving the I at the Rtrkwood Houae. no S-3t* I Q "k REWARn.-8t-?v d m?. on Ttiesdar, I O1' Oat. 89th. three C<>W ?two biaok I betfel-ee, and oner, il and white >peckiod. i with Nrxeorookod horn*. The above re imil I ward wii be paid to the finder, or finders, on rej turnme them to the Govermi'ut Panting Office. i n<> S3t> ANI? RKW <;t ,K A S< > N. I ? REWAJl D.?8'rated away, on the 1 at intt., I S?*^ from Mr* BRESNKHAN'S. in I TeinpfrMioe H*1i Al'ey. between Hand * nu/* I and 9'h *n 1 lot;; *r? , & medium ?ti?d redMtmmMtm I COW .and a red Calf at-'ut 3 weeks oid, wkh rope I around it? p*qk. The above reward will be pvd I for their return. _ lt? PAMB TO MY PR EM !SV 8, on the 23th Oct., I V a l.rind e hulfvlo now, with a white I ipot on her forehand The owner is re I quested to o me forward, prove property.^^^^^ I pay cl arges, and take her away. ? M. MURPHY. I no 8 3t* foandary st, between 7th and ?th. I $ j?0 RE>VA?p.-\Vill be given for the return (jP?U (uninjured) of the paokage whioh was I jtolen from t residence of the late Mrs. Jii'ia I Keep, E street, between 10th and 11th streets No I i***110*' nxktd, and above reward given. Enquire I at Star office. no j.jj* i mA^ d"xwo MULBSoameto the premises I U of Mrs. Roberts, on the 3fUh ofOctooer. The I owner can get them hy proving property, raying obargen; r>n the corner of 23d and M streets. I oo 31 3t* ?tt PWAH D-HTRAYED OR STOLEN? I ??- .*'roin. commons ia the First^f-s^ft I W?fd.onthe25th,rst. two COW?,on?flE7 I f Blaok Cow with white stripe down her JBjLm I ?, Vanr w?lte belly, and very wide homs.aid i jl5l a days, looks a little fierce; I the other a red and whiteorm Ik and oider ooior! I with whi'e face and shorthorns. The above reI WAjd will be g>ven for the returning of *aid oows to me. CHARLKS L EN MAN. ... OD 17th betwees K and L, 00 28 6'* Hrst Ward. I Mmm???? boarding. 'T'VVO OR THREE PERSONS CAN BE A accommodated with BOARD at 190 1 street I "o'th*ide, fronting Pa avenue, between 20th and I 21 it r ts. single gentlemen preferred. oe 30-lw* for sale and rent. C?OR RENT.?A mall FURNISH ED HOUSE, I F> CMr ,th# Capitol. A pply at No. 4 94 D atreet, I between i,t and 2d no l-st* ! FURNISHED ROOMS?Well furnished Rooms I f./or r?5* *17 or month, in houses Nob. I 47?> and 47 T Thirteenth ?t., thr^? doors from Pa. | avenue and midway between Wiliards* and KirkI woods' Hotels. no l 2w* PO!l?IfNT-Jwo UNFURNISHED PARI * LORtJ, at No. a97 3d street, iwest side) I between G and Massachusetts ave, potoma^ I water in the yard. Also, the HOUSE No. 899 I 3d street containing 4 large rooms,with aide alley. DO 1 3t F?oR?.XEN'?-A Handsomely FURNISHED I ^ HOUSE. Apply at No. 173 1 at oet. between 1 I 8<)th and 21at streets- op 31 3t? , I ITCR RFNT?A large, neatly furnished secondI 1 "tory front ROOM, without board, at 310 . I nor'h L st, between 9th and loth eta rt 31 3t* 1 I LfURMSHED HOUSE FOR RENT.?N^ar Capitol. To a goftd tenant the rent will be I I #50 a month No. 308 Delaware avenue, between - I B and t: streets. qq sn st* I nPO LET?One large magnifioent PARLOR. I * with Room adjoining,(unfurnished.) in one of I the finest localities : suitable also for commiitees. [ Rent moderate,if taken soon. Inqnireat FRANKI LIN'S. 244 Pa. avet.ue oca-lw I IpAKM FOR SALE, or Ezohange for City I . Property, situated in Sommervill' c< untr N. I Jersey, containing R2 acres in a high state of oulI tivation. good dwelling-house, with all neoeeaary I out. buildinga, good water power, fine orchard, and I well-fenced, 2X miles from Central Railroad, (6 ? I daily trains,) 3 miles from Plainfieid, and 2n miles I C ty. For further particulars inquire I of G W. BKAY, Jeweler, 516 Seventh st., op. I posite Intelngenoer Offioe. oc25 1m* * i HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.. I A* Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied I w,$bgasand water, and convenient to the Patent I ^nlv.5 .5* ClBoe Departments, for rent. Apply at I *90* Massachusetts avenue, north side, between \ I ?th_*n?5^i_?t?. ma23 ' educational. I VVASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FEI ? MALE SEMINARY. I Board no si*d Dat School,. - I No. 422 Fit . betictn 6tk and Itk its., Wn <ktnnton ; - I una Ao. 151 tt , (itortrtown. I The duties of this Institution were resumed in I September. Circulars may oe obtained at thebooli I stores, or by addressing the Principal. i i msb eotf M. J. HARROVER. I I " " I inn KE0S HORSE SHOES(Burden'a) I -l"*' Just reoe'vd and for sale by - j oc?l eoSt IRepuh.l JOHN R EL VANS I R?rBJ* i?ch. X-irich, and picked.) I HoR?E BRLdlTES, Gov't Pattern, CUKRY COM BS. 6 a^d 8 f?ar, BliAi'KSMITH'S PINCER^, ARMY WEUBING. SPADES aud XHOVEL8, ^ Ao. Ac. to. I Received and for aale by JOHN R. ELVAN8, I *oSl-co3t [ Repnb.] 309 Pa avenue. I 'T'PE VERMONT BAKE OVENS, | 1 ARM V ' ENT STOVES, H \Y and STRAW CUTTERS, I MEAT CU ITERS, i FaIPBaNK':-. HAY, PLATFORM and COUNI TER SCALES. ? I JX,AWON ind CARRIAGE JACKS, ? BUCKETS, Ao., Ac., Ac. For sal; br J P. BARTHOLOW, Agricultural Warenouse. 558 Seventh eL, i oc 24 eolm between Pa. av and Canal. : I O A18IN8, PRUNLS, HATES, Ao. ' I AA 125 boxes Bunch RA18INS, .1 20 boxes PRUNES, -I 20 frails DATES L. I 25 barrels UR1ED APPC.ES, 5 )>arrels CH ANBEKRIES, - I 3<<)drums F G8. fc 21' dozen jars BRANDY PEA.CHE8, in oi ks CUR R A NTS. Just received and for sale by | _oo 23 eogt MURRAY A 8EMME8. o' TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT-Tailoring > 1 *all its bra ch^a. by JOHN ? . a* . BUCIIENKEKG, No. 395. corner Thir *"|| , I teeoth and H sts. Gentlemen's and Boys' I C othes cut to order. Having made arrange- mW I in.<nts with a skillful Steam Soourer, I am" *" ' I to execute all orders in thia line, as well . I as Mending, in the moat aatisfaotory manner. <1 I oc 22-2 w' 1 and scldiehs. I SLIGHT DR \ ? TS sold on all pans of the United - I states, in auma to suit offioers and ao diers. Alao, D Drafts ou London, Ireland, Scotland, ales, and 0 I Germany. Unourrent mon*y bought at beat ratea. 2 8WKBN V, RI TTENHOUSPi. PANT A COi, i, I oo IMm Bankers. <5'2 Pa. av., wear Brown's. r* 7 *4-1ft on HAND. # p lllU. 8 TREASURY NOTES, which _ I will be supp ted at par to our customers, free ol r. I ?barge. Demand Treasury Notes, as heretolore, t I will He received on deposit as speoie. * SWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE, FANT A CO? - I oo 12-lm Bankers. 35'i l'a. av., near Brown's. i" I^HK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 8TORE, No ^ I A 4t>0 Seventh st.. is the plaoe to buy youi it I Clothing, Trunk*. Hats and Caps. oo I lm - POME AND SEE OUR NEW STOCK OF \ FALL CLOTHINti-No. 460 Seventh at. if oo 1-lm s, o m.i. FKANKLIN, k optician to thk president and mil ii itary staffs* ?44 Penn'aaY.t<nOitli side,) het. lith and 13th ate r- SPECTACLES, provided with gennine Rool :s Crtstal or Periaoopio Lenses, mounted in *old I- silver or steel, and suited witn utmost care fo _ every age and eyesight, military field-glasses, Mlcroaoooes, Compasses, and Mathematical In - struments, at the lowest Eastern prioea. 10 oo -3 tr ij JVIE W SUPPLIES IN CLOTHS. OASSI If *7 mBiesand Vesting*, of qualities that can ci a, relied o",at teas thau the u ual prioea, lu atandari lanoy at* lea With al kind* of Dry G oda for tha general am [- apeoial wai^ta of familie* and nousekeepera. a. Carpets, Cuitaina, t ilcioths, Rugs, Ao., uppe floors. one price only marked in plain figures. PERRY A BRO.. yd ? .. Pa. aveuu* and Ninth at., iT 0030 if "Perry Building." W? ? , NOTICE. E Beg leave to oall the attention of Offioer _ of the Army to our ver? extensive assort i. _ ment of all classes of EQUI. MENT8, and^'U ir ^ ^ article uf Military Bli.e Sa Cloth and Doeskin caasunere. whioh we \fw warrant wi.l retain its ooior. Ou- assortmeutor Swords, Sashea, Belts, Gauntl*ts. Arm - Caps Oedigo dye), superior Flannel Shirts. Leg '? 8*1or?l Knole, Geld and t-eather Bugles Ml Sbuumer Straps, a no devices of a'l desonptio s, i ill ow aompltte. and we are well satisfied that ai 1^ inspection wul prove sati^ftotory in every partict. l?r- . HINTON A 1 HEL, oc 26-im Merohant Taijpra. No. ^06 Pa. ay. F- I'KEAT RUSH FOR-8EVENTH STREET y* to some of the great bargai-s offered b; - 8Ail Fnraisking Goods, Trunks, Hate ant ' ass. No. 460 seventh at., opposite Post Of E ' oe l-ln? PIANOS, PI AN Ob, PIANOIJ.?New Piaaoi received every week. Coat and look at the as sort men tat W. G. METZEROTT*8 Maaio Depot orfrn Pa. a?d Kiev^nth st, | TEI RfiKAPHIC NEWS The War la Missoart. a en . frrmort at sprmeri rl??tbb whiii j abovts or fr1cr. II**?jrABTE*? Cavp Lton, SfRTNGFIBH), Mo, Oct 77 ? Orn Fremont and staff arrived here vesterdtv. and the Benton Cadets.Col Csrr's I cavalry, and Oen Slgel's command at different periods daring the same day. I Major V\ Li>, of the Prairie Scoata, whna? command started with Major Zsgonyl for Springfield, bad been quite 111, and was captured by the rebels while riding in a buggy, and after the tight of F rlday was taken several miles oat of town by a guard of twenty rebels, but be wn rescued by a party of Green County Home Guards, and Is now here. Gen Premont will probably remain bere until the other divisions of the array arrtve. JsrrxBsoN Citt. Oct. 31.?A detachment of Col. Boomer's regiment, under Captain Coop, the day before yesterday broke up a small camp of rebela at Cost's Prairie, capturing a lot of .m.. nnd their camo equipage rXOIBD DRfKAT Of FRICB's RKAR SCAII). St Lons, Oct 31 ?Intelligence has ranched here that Gen Slgel had attacked and defeated Gen Prlce'arear guard, at Bolivar, and taken Gen. Ralna prisoner This, however,can *n!y be true In part, aa Gen. Slgel waa In Springfield on .Monday l*st. If a fight has taken place at or near Bolivar, it muat have bem with *ome of the force belonging Gen Asbotb'a division. Gen Prentiss has gone out on another scret expedition. Frim Esr?r? St. Johxs.Nov I?The steamer B or tits! a, from Liverpool, on the 23d ult , has been intercepted off Cape Race, by the newaboat of the Associated Preaa There is a great abundance .of bullion In the bank of England and on change, with indications of probsble continuance. Consols closed at 92\a95)f. United States 5's have advanced The Gstette de France denies the report of a warm discussion between Perslgny and Tbouvenal, on the Italian question, aud says no difference of opinion exists The Patrie says that the Knglish Admiralty have decided upon plating their ships of war already built If the experiment succeeds Kngland could have twenty plated in on** year The Admiralty have also determined to execute numerous defensive works In India, China, the Red Sea and at Malta The London Times says the American blockade is not effectual, and reminds the Washington government that foreign nations are bound to recognl*? only a real blockade. The editor reminds the Lancashire people of the running of the blockade by the steamer Bermuda, and shows that the cutting off of the cotton supply is the work of the South as much as the North The Times also says that it seems quite true that all cotton exportation has been forbidden by the rebel government in order that foreign nations', especially England, mav be forced to take tides In the American quarrel. The steamers Bohemian and Edinburg have arrived out. Cotton closed buoyant at prices ya% higher Flour closed dull. Wheat bad a downward tendency. Corn closed heavy at prices 9d a Is lower. Provisions closed steady. Tallow closed firmer, and prices have advanced Is Frsm General Banks' Divides [Correspondence of the Associated Press J Darnkstowk, Oct. 31?The recent order assigning the Maryland brigade to guard the Baltimore and Ohio railroad causes general dissatisfaction among the privates and subordinate officers They argue that, having performed extraordinary ar.d arduous guard duty for four months on the Upper Potomac, tbev are entitled to a position where they can win distinction for themselves and their officers It is known to the writer that, notwithstanding the attempts in certain Quarters to Injure the condition of the army by Inferences and direct charges against Gen Stone on account of the recent disaster of Ball's Bluff, that he. up to the present time, enjoys* the fullest confidence of Gens Scott and Met leilan The publication of the official report of that affair will, I venture to assert, raise that able and energetic officer above the reach of the shafts of calumny A* an evidence of the rapidity of the movements of this division, and the energy and endurance of our men, the following data is submitted : The Pennsylvania Twenty-ninth, Col Murphy, left their encampment at 9 p m.. on the '21st, for Conrad's Ferry: arrived there at 51 a. m, on the 22d: distance 15 miles Crossed the canal and plcketted the river two miles below the ferry, a battalion crossing over to Harrison's Island, to assist In removing the dead and wounded, without reiief, food or rest until 3 p. m They then commenced to fell trees to build a bridge over to the Island At 4 p m were ordered to Edward's Ferry, a distance of six miles; arrived thereat dark; heavy rain during the day; no Are shelter or rations; laid on arms all night. At 2 p. m on the 23d ordered lo Muddy Branch to picket the river for nine miles arrived there at 8 p m . wedlng through mud and swollen creeks waist deep; night intensely cold; no shelter, as the wagon train did not arrive until noon on the 24th Notwithstanding all this exposure and privation not one of these hardy Pennsyl vanians faltered or has since suffered any illness in consequence. Arrivcl of the Angle-Saxen. Montreal, Oct. 31.?The steamship AngloSaxon arrived at Farther Point at 3% p m , with thirty-six csbin and 118 steerage passengers She experienced stormy westerly gales, and was detaintd forty-eight hours by a fog at the entrance of the Straits of Belle Isle. She passed the Bohemian on the 20th. Arrival ef the Fart Lafayette Prisoners Boston, Nov. 1.?The steamer ritate of Msine arrived and lauded the State prisoners at Fort Warren about 5 o'clock last evening Two companies of the Massachusetts Twenty-fourth regiment are doing guard duty at the fort. Massachusetts Thanksgiving Day. Boston, Nov. 1?The 21st of November has been appointed thanksgiving day. UEOKtttiTOWJN ADVERT'MTS 5HHDS PRIME ORLEANS SUGAR, 30 hags Rio, Maracaibo and Java Coffee, bins. Nos. 1,2 and 3 Mackerel, So drums Firs, 1S?) sacks Fine and G. A. Salt. For sale by no 2 3t W. H. TENNBV. IOOK OUT FOR SATURDAY NIGHT! * IN GEORGETOWN ! GEORGETOWN ! FORREST HALLS FORREST HALL! Last Night of the Metropolitan Opera T oupe ' Latt iitsAt of tke Metropolitan Opera Troupe' 1 Last Nigkt of tke Metropolitan Opera Troupe! GRAND GALA NIGHT! GRAND OA LA NIGHT! 6RAND GALA NlbHT! GRAND GALA N16HT ' L Comb Onr. Comb All! F Comb Comb All! , Comb Onb, Comb All! Comb Onb, Comb All! ? ml it' WM. C. WOW LEY, Agent. OA BOXES BUNCH RAISINS, , Ol/ 500 lbs. Bordeaux Almonds, r 5 casks Currants.30 drams Figs, Citron, Pilm Nuts, and Filberts. For sale by oc 31 6t W. H. TENNEY. . ? BBLS. SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON WHIS 1 quarter pipe pure CasteKo Brandy. 20 bbls. Cila Whisky, 20 * Rectified Whisky, Holland Gin, Port, Madeira and Sherry Winea. For sale by QQ31 6t W. H. TENNEY. i nnn LB* *Ntw bulled BUCKWHEAT, S5 kegs New York and Glades Butter, 6 hhas Shoulder Baoo", 5 Heroes Sugar cured Hams, r lo bbK ard kere Leaf Lard, 1 15 bbls Fresti Ground Coffee, ' 5 iihds Porto Rioo Molasses, r 3 drums Hake Fish, l^Vi lbs Codfish, 5" boxes New York Cheese, 2 tieroes prime R;oe, sardines. Capers Bordeaux OL, Farina, Con Staroh. Rioe, Fiour, Prese.ved G'nger, 4o For sale by oo 31-61 W. H. TENNKY. JYfAbSEY, COLLINS & CO.'B " l\l ^ PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this t!ay, per steamer J. Jerome? a *0 barrels X X DRAUGHT ALE, 1, XXXX do. do. no hlt-bbls. do. do. do, i Which on arrival will be lor sale. Terms oasl ondeuvery. AKNY * SllINN, r m t Union Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prims Porto Rioo SUGARS 110 bbls. (5;d Rje WHISKY, too bbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES, *) bbls. Crushed and Reiined SUGARS, 10 bags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.Uow arioed) MOLASSES. Far sale by JOHN J. BOSUE. mM IUST ARRlVED.di eot from an Eaatern Aae J tion House, 50 bales oheap CAR PET. Alao.X r BKioTE^DS, srhieli were bought low lor oasl - and will be sold at a small advauoe. Together will i, a large assortment of Hoasexeepinc An teioa. R. BUCHLV. 0 ? . . Famiture Dealer.4?&8eventl?stoo 22 1m h?-w?en 6 andH sta. i^RANGECOUNTY CONDENSED MILK ? - V/ It is highly recommended by Fhysic?>s, Saip , Masters and fiaveiera. Insures a sweet, we arT tiol# for any length of time Never bsooaes eheeey 1 ??yl? uarant.ed ;o keep in any olinwto. \TT" P?r sals at faoto. r prieee, . __ RING rBUROHELL, , ? ? Corner 1Mb st ?4 Verioat av. X1KADQUA1TER* FORCLOTMIWO. BATB XI and CAP9-N0.-.460 Seveatk st., ope<^ils I ort Offioe. oo 1 i? I SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK P M Usited Statxs Coxsri, at Nice -Jim Lralfy. Jf . the accomplished and efficient Cklaf Clerk of tbe W;r Department. baa Seea appotMi Consul at Nice, a place which baa mootly becwn* of mock !tn porta nee, being now Ik* froassr post or bord<r between Franca and Italy, and K baa been ralM-d to the *rsde of a salaried aoaaulate Nice Jt will be remembered, la the red denreof Garibaldi. Tbe Caaaal Generalship of India, at I'alaaHa, (94,01)0 salary.) waa tendered to Mr Lnlk.lMW time at'ice. but way declined by him. liromTiT ticM Lonoo* ?Tbe London feat, (Lord Palmeraton'a organ, and next to the Ptoses the moat influential paper ia Knjfland) reeelved by the laat ateamahtpan hour only before we g? tm preaa tc-day, derlares that the Idea either of the recognition of the so-called Southern Confederacy on the part of England, or aa attempt ao her part to ralae our blockade of the southern parts, will aurely lead to a war, In which the lotereet of Britain ir.uat suffrr Taatly more than through the temporary want of cotton. Coiouoo Tkxxitoxt ?Returns have beea received at the General Land Office. showing the surveys in the new Territory of Colorado of the flrat and aeeond standard pa rail t la north extending to and closing upon the Rocky Mountalna The lands are reported aa of a auperier quality, belog well adapted to agricultural purpoeea. OUR MILITARY BUDQBT. thi tkxmout mnaoeuo. We are to-day a*aured that nearly a week nga the President duly transmitted to Gea Hunter the ao long talked-of order tranaferrlng to him the command of Gea. Fremont. We believe the statement to be true. The President and Cablaet. of course with General McClellan's concurrence, have concluded to appoint no more Brigadier Oeaerala at prsesat. rot so. The War Department haa received dispatches from Fortreaa Monroe that there la no troth whatever In the report that veeaels connected with the great naval expedition had returned tc Fortress Monroe. MOXK rSOMOTlOXS fBOM lit XAXKJ. This forenoon the President promoted Sergeants Daniel Madden, Samuel M Whiteside, and Aadrew 8toll, all of the Sixth Cavalry, U. 8A, to be Second Lieutenants la the same corps?of course for good conduct ss non-commissioned officers. MA'OX OKKKX1L M'CLBLL**. It la understood In official circles that Major General McClellsn will of course continue in actual command of the Army of the Potomac, leaving the buatneas of the "headquarters of the Army of the United Stat??'> to be conducted hereafter precisely aa when General Scott, then commander-in-chief of the Lotted States Army, waa la peraonal command In Mexico. That is: by the Secretary of Wsr, assisted by the Adjutant General So long aa General McClellan la here, hewever, be will doubtless In person discharge meet of the duties lately discharged by Gea Scott so bocstt laxds obawtxt* tox sxxvicx ik tbs crxxxHT WAM.. The following circular I* Being sent from the Pension Bureau to many applicants for bounty land for current mtlltary service: Pxttaiox Orricx, Nov. 2, 1801. Sir: The application for bounty land, forwarded by you In behalf of a aoldler of the present war. la herewith returned to your address A sufficient number of similar unfounded clalma having been presented to require special action on my part, both to prevent imposition upon soldiers who may be mialed Into the aaaertlon of auch a claim, and to save thia office much useless labor, 1 have to inform you that no paper of tbla character will be placed among our ilea, or In any manner entertained. There is no law granting bounty lsnd for any service rendered auosequently to March 3, 1846, nor will anv application be treited aa valid under a future act of Congress, If made before tbe date of tbe approval of such act by the Executive. Respectfully yours, Joskfh H Baxxxtt, Commissioner. FIGHT 0!t THE TXNItXSSXX xivxx. The Confederate* Routed?A Combined Land and Water Operation. , St Lons, Oct. 30, 1861 ?Sir: Tbe Coneetoga," l.leut. Cemmandlng Phelps, haa agala been up the Tennessee river as far ss EddytvtUe, miles distant from I'adncah, with three companies of the Illinois regiment, under command of Major Philips, and conjointly they hare had a handsome and successful skirmish, la which tha rebels broke and fled In every direction, leaving seven dead on the Said. Our casualties consist of two severely wounded and a few slightly so?among them a captain of a company. Forty-four prlaonera were taken from the enemy, also, seven negroes and thlrty-aaa horses, eleven mules, two transportation wagons, a large number of saddles, muskets, rifles, abet guns, sabers, knives, Ac. Lieutenant Commanding Phelps, and the officers snd crew, of the "Coneetoga," aa well ss Haier Philips and his men, are deserving of the bighert credit for their bearing In this expedition. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, C.H. Foots, Captain U 8 N , Ac. ' LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FtlRTRMI MONRO* THE NAVAL EXPEDITION WHEN LAST HEARD FROM. VESSELS SEPARATED FROM IT. Baltimoxx, Nov 8.?The Old Point boat, which arrived this morning, brings tbe foltew| Ing Intelligence: Foktxkss Morioi, Nov 3.?The Ethan Allen f which haa returned here, reports that she left tha fleet off Cape Hatteras, and that the ferry hsats Eagle and Commodore Perry had already beea separated from the other vessels of the naval expedition The Roanoke has just returned from the blockade oil Charleston, but brings no intelligence. Her shaft waa broken when off Beaufort, 8. C? and the prevalent heavy weather along tha oonat compelled her to come up ouslde the courss of tha great expedition. It la supposed that the fleet has already reached Its destination. A flag of truce went to Norfolk to-day, bat has not yet returned. * Buffalo robes roK HALM. Wholesale oc*> I4t Ids Pa. seams PROPOSALS F<^S BE?? CATTLB OH s-salxd Pxofosai.s for aapetjiu to the Ooieiameut 4,Quo Beef Cattle on the Hoof, are t>< vitedthe 16th day of November, 1*1, at IS o'oloek at The i Cattle to be de'iv red is Washington oitr, on the , jothdar of November, i?l, or a- mm thereafter G ttreet, Washington eity, Vl Endorsed Pre**8*a*lx? Pxofosals are alao invited Oil tha IMS day of November, 1M .at 1 o'eiaek tor safely nf the Government 4.000 Head of BeeTCnylo on the hoof, The Cauls to be dehvsred afha Hsbarc. Pa, on the 39th of November Ml. ocas aeon l thereafter as tfes Governmeat flsay direst. .The bids to be direoted to Lleat. f. H HAkiOt !-> C. 8., U.S. A .483 b street, Waahiagtoa, D. C. and "Endorsed Proposals." . Sxalxd Pxofosaxs ars invited "i" * November, lsfti, at l o*eloek k ss.. mt e??H^f tafessgs jSgESSa 1*2, or as sous Uweaft?r m Govwwmt mar direct, at either V ork. Chambersaer g .oraameI Tree an Mteruuaed ixwdilllff : . pounds from weight. toaa or Bin. ' Jsiivered at??v aooordiai mthetsnas rf'hvdseiosed severtis*iaeBt TktWU* to ne v Wtjd on the seales. auJ th? weixbt so da?erm?aed the pu> chase vetahl I aerobe H'*f 1 Tf gooda.-:<i seffioteatmnsI 'ft I to reuetve Tsjjti??*p* \ v 'nads is faimsst far tse caave. 4 . k A

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