Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1861 Page 1
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/ ... m i1 V?t. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . MONDAY. NOVEMBER 4. 18bl. N?. 2.717. THE EVENING STAR it PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, <SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, <irMr of Fttukijlfnia a ? ?*?? and Ehrtnik rf. n W. D. WALLACH. Paper* served la packages by carrier* it ft I year, or 17 cents per month. To mall subscribes* tk? price Is S3 90 a year, in ndvnnct; Si for six mouths; St for three mouths; aad for lea thaa three month* at the rate of tl cents a week. Single oopiea, oita rwr; la wrapper*, two c*sts. ct Advbbtissmbnt* should be aent to the Ace before 12 o'clock as ; otberwlae they may ot appear until the next day. ?????????a? tlarses?Directions to Panhkarrn. T)f course every man withes for a sound borse, without defect in wind, limb, or sight. The various imperfections which ocour in each of these are here enumerated : The Eras.?When the animal about to be purchased is at the stable door, befere he is brought out, examine bis eyes; the light ooesing upon them la that situation, will enable you to diseover any defect that may oxist. Remember that both eyes must be in an equal degree of light; and, regarding this, observe that there ii no difference in the eyes for ff they be not alike one must be diseased. If beth eyes be clear, and batel round the pupil, and the pupil itself be blue, and free Srom any white specks?if it contract in the light and dilate when in the shade, you may conclude the eyes are good.. If the eyes be blue roand the pupil, or the pupil itself be in the least degree affected with external specks, or deep-seated pearly whiteness, termed cataract ; if it do not diminish or enlarge, as the light ia more or leu upon it?in all these cases it is a defective eye. All weeping, cloady. dulllooking eyes are unsound ; and if there be the least appearance in any way of disease in thia very important organ, reiect the animal. Imperfect vision is often the primary cause of ebying. The Agb.?Next examine the mouth to ascertain the age. Yearlings and two-year-olds are alike in caouth, and must be judged by general appearaoce. At three years old the horse has four horse-teeth, two above and two below, in front of the mouth, whioh supply the plaee of sucking-teetb. At f>ur he has eight horse teeth, -'"'four above and tour below, tue corner being only sucking-teeth. At five years old, the*e are goae. and the month is up, at least with 4he exception of the inside or the backmost, which, especially in mares, sometimes do not riae until the sixth year; that is, all the teeth ?re horae-teeth, and the tusk is up on each Bide of the mouth. A dark mark, or hollow is generally observable in all the teeth of the bottom jaw at five years old ; and the tusks are conaave in their inner surface. Afr*ix, the two middle teeth have quite loet their mark, and the tusk is higher up, and longer, and not so concave. At seven the next two teeth have lost it, and the corner teeth only have the mark left ia them. At eight, it has grown out of these: and no mark is left at ail. The tusks also become longer, and instead of being concave in their inner surface, become convex; the horse is then termed aged. There is, how- < over, a great deal of difference in the mouths ; < tome have lost their mark ia all except the corner teeth, even as early as five years old ; others have their front teeth in the top jaw projecting ever their bottom teeth at the same age Yoa may form some idea of the are irom the appearrance of the mouth ia general, when the marks are no longer visible. If the corner * teeth do not appear long and running forward, i as it were, to the front of the mouth ; if they retain their square shape and shut well i together; if the tusks are blunt and have the ' least ooucavity oa the inner surface, you may I eooclude that the horse is not very old, particularly if his head be not gray, and not very hollow above the eyes; though this latter ahape sometimes exists in young horses. A i concave tnsk is the most certain criterion of j youth ; and as mares have no tusk at all, they must be judged by what I have said about the | corner teeth, except in some cases of what are 1 called "shell teeth," from their resemblance i to the plate-like cakes of shells, and horses < with these preserve the appearanae of youth i till ten or twelve years old. Tna Position ?When the horse is brought < ut allow him to be placed with his fore-legs up < hill?because if his joints be at all bent over, < or his legs shaken, you will best discover it in < auch a position. j Kskks?As the horse stands, examine his < knees and ascertain that no marks exist in { front of them. These marks are generally the < symptoms of having been down, and even were < they occasioned by other means than falling, t the blemish is the same aud almost equally de- 1 tracts from his value. Next look inside of the < leg just under the knee, and if any scars be I risible, or the hair sticks up, you may conclude < that he cuts in his speedy or fast paces. Mark I well that a similar scar does not exist at the c ankle, or hair appear brushed ; for such marks c are solely produced by the act of cutting, ? which, as before observed, is generally a o natural, and therefore incurable defect in o action. e Tbb Lbqs.?Take notice that the legs be F not tottering, and inclining forward, either at o the knee or at the ankle; and that the ankle e joints be large in front. The back sinews, t also, should not appear bowed out behind, nor ? feel thick?the symptoms of their having sus- t tained some injury. The legs should be fiat, 1 and not round; neither should they be soft ? and puffy, but wiry and hard. Beth legs b should be alike, for if one be larger than the o other, it is an injured leg. Never buy a horse tl for a sound ene with a big leg, even though he a be warranted. You need not mind a splent, or *1 B bony excrescence on the shank, unless it be o eo situated as to interfere with the suspensory l< ligament, or project so much as to hit the other tl leg in going Ringbones, or enlargements on i< the pasterns acd coronet, are easily peroeived b from a difference in the two legs; as it rarely a occurs, even when both legs are affected equally. Inoipient ringbones will sometimes produce lameness, even before they are ' observable Tbb Pbbt?Be particularly attentive to the * feet; for, according to the old saying?no foot, no horse. First of all, observe that one foot * should not be less than the other; and that n" they should not be indented, or hollow around ^ the crust. The erust itself should not be brittle, aad broken where the nails have been driven ; oor should there exist in it any circular craoks ct nor longitudinal fissures from the coronet m downwards, which last are called sand oraeks. at The heels should not be drawn together and 01 contracted ; nor should the frog be small and ^ ragged, nor discharge foetid matter, which is a disease called a thrash The horn at the heel tb will be liable to oorns; and tha sola should an neither be flat nor convex. It is obvious no horse can continue sound with these imperfections in the feet; and it frequently happens au that horses with very finely formed feet, are ** very lama from a bidden cause within tha hoof. Some veterinary surgeons consider such or description of foot lameness hereditary, te Lameness ia the fe$t (often erroneously taken to for and called lameness in the shoulder) le frequently proceeds from a slight strain in the c< baek tendon, which, on inflammation falling down to the sensible sole, produces navicular disease, only carable by an operation, snd which fortunately is a simple one, in really aoisaufio hands, seldom failing to give relief. n If the leg< and feet be smooth, you may tt,1 im'gine that all is right in the fore part of the w] horse by Tbb IIocxs ?Next examine tha hooks; uu observe that, as you stand on either side of tham, there be no projection at the back of the th< joint, called a curb ; and, as yea stand behind It them,that the inside of the joint down below be be free from little knots, or bony excrescences. an which are called bone spavins; and on looking at them la a slanting direction that there be no JJj tamor above, or blood-spavin. Look down betweea tha horse's fore legs for these defects, ] as it frequently happens that they are better dei seen from that view. An enlargement of the be cap ef the bock does not often cause lameness, be< though it is a blemish; bat enlargement on each side of it, which upoa pressure fluctuate from the inside of the joint to the oats ide, are termed thoroagh pias, which are in fact wind- [ galls, and often cause very obstinate lameneas wb Tbb Ilu?* ? Look that both hips be of the f?r same height, as horses are met with baring the defect termed down of a hip Sbowwb ?Having thus examined the horse f as he stands, let him run slowly on a rough or I stony deslirity, at ths end ef a halter without aay support to his bead, or any whip near kim. is , If te go told J y with his knees bent, and his ' for foot flat aod firm to the ground, without dropping his head, you may conclude be ia sound before; and if on running him up hill, he go with his hocks regularly together, and not dragging the toe, nor drooping from the hip, Vou may buy him as free from lameness. If he go pattering on the toe, and feeling, let him not be bought for a sound one. Lamhess? how discovered.?Take notice that lh examining a horse for lameness you may often detect it by only looking at his ears ; for all horses that are lame before, drop their heads when they throw their weight on the sound leg ; and those that are lame behind throw their heads up when the sound leg comes to (he ground. FBJTctsahenever a horse stands in the stable fencing, that is with a foot out under the manger, it is a sign that something exists uneasy to him, and may give you a just reason to suspeot unsoundness. Wind.?With regard to wind, some horses na'urally possess greater freedom of breathing tnan others; for instance, a horse with large, open nostrils, a wide gullet, a short neck, and a deep, wide chest, has generally superior wind to one of the contrary shape. There are two kinds of disease injurious to the wind: one is an affection of the windpipe, which oreates whistling and roaring , the other an affection of the lungs which produces broken wind. k The usual way to discover the first of these imperfections, is to go in) to the animal in the stall, and taking fast hold of his head, flourish a stick about bim suddenly, jot strike him. If he groan, he is a ro irer. But this method will not detect a mere whistler; the surest way. there'ore, is to gallop the horse with a bridle tightly curbed, and at the same time agitate him as much as possible. If he makes a wheeling noise, er blow with the same kind of sound as is produced by blowing upon a knife, placed before on? s mouth, he ii not sound in The state of the wind ia sometimes ascertained, and with great accuracy, by the sound or the cough, and in the following manner : Grasp the windpipe at the throat tightly, and then immediately let go the h?ld ; the horse is sure to cough If he cough bullily, that to if ttie oough sounds like the lowing of a bull, the disease I just mentioned is in eitstenoe. But thiscannot be often done with the *ame horse or it tvould produce tho very disease in qtic?Hor, a- J indeed a method so delicate and dtff rl- nt not to b?- tiled wi'hout express j ertni.^mn <-f the ovner. nor with it if you pof>? *5 acy claim to humanity. If he cough short and h.ir1, ttie lungs are effected, and he is broken-winded ; but if the cough be long and shrill, the wind is good Be careful to leave hold of the wind-pipe the moment I you have compressed it; forifyou hold it lone the horse will cough shrill even if he have imperfect wind. Always gallop a horse as well as make him I coughi; a horse with the roaring or short cough I should be immediately rejeoted. By making a horse cough another advantage I arises, vis you may discover if he be affected I with a cold ; in which case, upon compressing I the wind-pipe, he will cough repeatedly.? I Horse Tamer. ^hozjrt*?'t be Deiid.?A member of the Rhode Island Second writes from Camp I Brightwood : r I The cold has pinched us ''quite smartly " so I that we not only feel the need of warmer I blankets and more of them, bat of good flros I also. The need of protection agninst sudden I sold has set the inventive wits of our Yankee I !oldiers to work. A plan was soon hit upon. I Hnsis the description: A hole is dug in the :enter of the tent two feet in depth and diam- I ster. This is walled with stones laid in soft I May, and covered at the top with the exception a small aperture for the introduction of fuel. I ?r thl* aperture there must be a close fitting loor or oover, which can be opened and closed I ?t pleasure. Across one side of the tent a trench I s laid and covered wit* wood and earth. I .hrough which the oold air is oonveyod freely I :o the bottom part of the subterranean fire a ace. From the top of the same, and across I .he opposite side of the tent, another trench is I till. *5? carefu',y covered with stone and | sarth. through which all of the smoke and sur- I >lus heat is carried off. This is the whole marine. The merits of it are obvious It is iniversally practicable. It can be introduced I lastly into any tent of dwelling. Tbe economy ' ?l' costs only a few hours work for three I r four men. The convenience of it?being I ntirely under ground it takes up none of the I ireclous room of our small tents. The utility I dries and warms the earth within,and I ven beyond the entire cirouit ef the tent, and I hus prevents those damp, cold and unhealtbv I xhalations from the earth which are probably I 1 he chief causeof the ill health among soldiers he tents are thus also furnished with a moist I < nd genial atmosphere, tbe heat of which can | e easily increased so as to meet the exigencies I f the coldest part of the season. To realize be importance of this you must remember the I rail a of our houses are only thin canvas?that I hey are so readily penetrated by cold or heat I r moisture, that the atmosphere within fol- I :>ws rapidly the changes in the condition of I < he atmosphere without. Indeed, so far as this I i concerned, there is but very little difference ' etween living under tbe tents and in the open I TH? Bkitish (feeit is Northir* Waties ? I t he squadron on the Halifax station under the I ' rtmmand of Rear Admiral Sir A Milne, K. C. I i,'? 1??.* ?f twenty effective vesaeis, among | ( hich there are two 2d raf-a, four 4th rates, three k" ?' ei?ht ,oop*> 'our gun-vessels, and two I 1 un boats In addition to these there are several I nders The squadron la manned. In round I umbers, by 65'0 men, and mounts upwards of I ? W guns. r I \ I t ID" A most remarkable accident took place re- I ' ntly In the neighborhood of London. A uentle- I t an was awaiting the arrival of a train at the I ? ^K?')?rh^n . V** Plank, weighing upward! j ^ hundred weight, was hurled by the violence I i tbe wind a distance of twelve feet against bim I irowlng him towards the train whicb at the I oment entered, and by which he was struck I rown upon the track, crushed under the wheels, I id so severely Injured that death soon ensuad. I IiSFoaTAWT ?Marshal Bouffant has til ven full I 1 ithorltv to Provost Marshal Dodge, to apDoint I ' spnty Cnlted States Marshals, in all the pr?l?cU fl the different wards of the city, and In all the ! unties and voting preclnta of the State, with I ? ders to arr;st all ana every person who shall at-1 mpt to vote Illegally, or to Incite treaaon In anv I rm against the Government Marshal Bonifant I ft the city this morning on e visit to the lower I luntles on ofllcial business ?Bali. Clipper. I ? |rr k*ttor? 'rom Europe speak of the grain I d >de of Great Britain and France in terms Aich I a, ive no room to doubt that a stead# market la to be I pt r pen for American breadatuffs, and for corn I pecially, throughout it** To Western farmers I* is good news. a? they arc loaded with corn, nr hich cen bt forms Led in q .autitfea "biylimited ? ' th*cap.icity of tbe railways and cauaU to 4 irktt It. ' ID" Until recently no record has been kept of * e number of seamen lost by falllug overboard Is ascertained that no lets than s44 lives have en lost In this way during tbe past nine months d the large number elicits the inquiry whether Bl sre may not be ?ome defect in tbe rigging or ismanagement on board of ships to occasion so ge a loss of life by falling overboard 7 Sxxct Tioji m Utah ?The perpetrator of mar r in tbe tlrst degree In Utah torfelts his life, but has the choice of three modes of dying?by by being shot, or by being bebeadea. ill lam Corkroft, who bad been convicted of >otlng a Mr. Brown w?s executed lately by ing snot with the rifle 7 ' J CT" The Phosphoric Disease, s terrible malady ich rots the bones of workmen In luclfer match a tor lee, etc., is said to be curable by the use of Jr, hromate* M Poussler, French chemlat, au 0 has Invest gated this subject, declarea I 1 best remedy Is bichromate of minonla ?< C7* In an advertisement of tbe Ordnance De t tment of the C 8 A , In the Louisville Courier, T cubed al NaatiVlile and dated Bowling Green, eats per pound, In TeniMsrt fuoiMy. is oitWed rm saltpeter. tJ? , J THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! + NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and Most Reliable .lews from the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! -e The present year 11 undoubtedly the most eventful in the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis are naturally ol striking and remarkable Interest The public desire to receive ;prompt, fn'l and reliable accounts of all that passes here is most intense, and we have tonsequently made alterations and Improvements In the weekly Issue of the Washington Stsr to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paoer has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thiriy-ttco columns, tilled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." j As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 , Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which It is printed. It is our determination to make the Weekly Stab not only the largest and larulsomeft Dollar Newspaper in the United ' States, but that it shall absolutely be The Bkst Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! i It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that trausplres at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor i tant topics of the times; the news of the week; ' Interesting correspondence from all parts of-the J world; capital stories^ hifeiorous and graphic J sketchts, and the pick of the floating miscellany j of literature and gossip. 1 The Dollar Star has as f permanent feature 1 a carefully prepared J AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, 1 embodying whatever may be of inte.-est to farm- a era in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agri- $ cultural Society, (iardening and Horticulture j also receive due attention in this department t of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together V with an official list of all the new inventions ' issued from the Patent Office each week. n In short, it is our purpose to give our readers 1 a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the ~ reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington News and ti (iossip our speciality, in accordance with the views set forth above. a Believing it to be better to sell many papers at ^ a low price than a few at a high price, we have & determined to od'er the following 11 Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 81 00 per year. P To Clubs of Five 05 cents. si To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. ~ To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. 1 To Clubs of Twenty-tlve 80 cents. J To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the j* Star, Washington, D C , with subscription pl money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which 0' will be forwarded gratis. 0I THE SUBSCRIBERS be* leave to inrorm their '' patrooa and the pubuo ner.erally of be-?# , in* amply supplied with a superior st. ck oi^H FALL and WINTER GOODS. Thar also respeotful y invite attent'.on of \fjf their Arm? and Navy customers, and tnofe A requiring outfits in that lice, to their superior anal- V lties of Swords, Epaulets. Shoulder Straps Belts, I Chafeaus, Hats, Caps Sashes, and Gold Laies, constantly on hand, whioh are warranted as repre sented, W tendering thanks for the liberal patronage er joyed, they will endeavor to merit aoontinuance. r F. J. HEIBERGER A CO , c (Suooessors to H. F. Loud>>a A Co ,) citizen. military and naval tailors, 364 Pennsylvania Avenue. oo 16 e< 3ro METALLIC AR.MOH OIL, _J *?* L'l tailing. Polishing, and Preventing Rast. f This is superior to all other oils in the world for ' the above purposes, as well as for machinery and j"' lubricating uses. It is equally applioabe to tunlocks and sewing machines. Ii is in high favor at F !ne Government Navy Yards for ordnanoe and {* ' rn&ohmery. ^ Principal Depot and General Kxtncy, m; PHILHARMONIC HALL. Penua. avenue, near Eleventh st. [U~ Agents wanted with teams, to supply en >ampments ge 24 2m po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS p BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, The Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dye Known. Jokd by all Druggists; also, at Bbbbeyon'* Patent Qi Medicine Store, t p. Patent Office, oor. F A 7th, and at Sibbs's Hair Store, 24a Penn'a avenue, where Ladies oan have it applied, if desired. ^aotory?81 Barolay st. (late i33 Broadway) N. 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JOMKTHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED ~ CORN.?The subjorioer, having got the agenoy 9 a jp?ly Washiugton arid Georgetown with this elioate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ak of hia friends, and the publ'.o at large, to give . [atrial. Also, Popped Corn, plain axdsugared ? WM BR.ADLY,Agent. J?' Pa. avenue, between 18th and idth sts. *? N. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monu- .,5 lents, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a way a -y njiand; 00 19 Sm 0 A/IDE WHITK SKIRTINH CAMBRICS, oit' ?" Also,all other kinds cf White Cambrics, nd Plain, and Plaid Masknea. With all oUier kinds of Dry Goods, adapted to p le wauls of 'amines. New supplies in Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotha < ugs, *0 , upper floors. T One prioeonl*, uiirked in plain figures, henoe no bee atohsuer ia over oharred. * per PERKY A BROTHER, nar 00 26 S:d Pa. av., and 9th street. dru */ALL. STEPHENS A CO., S* ' 3?>l Pennsylvania Avekvb. /-1, MILITARY AND NAVAL U MERCHANT TaILORS, Clo AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, off1 ND E5EK5Ti)ERfi!!AVSIVoNo8SNTLE- ~ se ft-if (Intel. A Repsb.) 21 BBS' HAIR STORE, U 1 No. J4-J 1a. av..sst. 12th and 13th sts, la If Wfe!'M'z??^kc.vWk& ways on hand, or made to order at the shortest ?tioe. Hair Work repaired or eaohanged. >. Lao tee' Hair Dr?d la th<* most namral ml lns?- ?aa V tm - j ?Vi 1 i?, peafl ? ... ..? (Ji 'HE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STOK h^-No. 460 Sevaath st,. opposite Post Oilier ml 1 m oe LEA * PERR1N&' CKLBBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by jLJ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Bj of a Letter from a

to be the Kl M*ticiemtUmm ^.V ftt Madras * only good j& \ to ms froatr SAUCE." rS3 at Worcester. and applicable to .. i>ll LtaV pir vxivaxr rSSI&T rt?* that their Sauc E.VLKY ih ?* '* g highly eateeme< tn India, and ia. n VARIETY myoVnion.the mo? a pa atib'3, aa well ai OK nmH moit who!eiom< u* UISM- Sauce that ia made.' The above sauce ia not only the bust and moai fOFCLAK condtm but known. but the moat Aee*?** aa a few dropa in-<Bfiu>. Gravy, or with ruk hot end oo'd, B"ftit?ak, Uame.Jtc , imparl au ex<\ naite tes^ which unvrxncipletl Sauce man ufacturera have in vaiu endeavored to imtta.f On the Breakfast, Luncheon. Dinner, or Tabt', a crn?t containing " LEA A. PERKINS Worcestershire sauce" ia mdiapenaab!?. To appreciate the excellent qualities of thia deli cious preparation it ia only neceaaary to purchan a ?m*ll bott e of the genuine, of a respectable gro cer or <'ea e*. aa many Hotel ai-d ties aurmt pro prietors ae dom place the Pure ?auoe before theu gueata. tut substitute a genuine bottle filled witr a spurious mixture. . For aale by Grooera and Fruiterers everywhere. johm DUNCAN a so ;s. Union Square and 14fA street, Sete 1''*** Sole Wholesale Aeenta for the United States AStockaIwa?a tn atore?Alao orders received for direct Fhipmenta from Engla'd. iUT B'Mtate of CouhtirfHtt and Imitations. aep ?-1y,eo ^ SOMETHING NKW ! ,?B\ /~> y| faJOmnw Disco^kbt vKnlmm suw thkagh! . >m|w At ilSl C street, opposite fr oysters'steamed^ In the Shell and Thoroughly Cookert (far eupe.loi to a rovtl in two minutes, the fastest time on record. Call ai.d aoe. The undersigned re. p-totfmly inforina hie frienda n the Distriet, and visitors t.? the city, that he ha? efitted h's old and well-known its t ablishmkm in a moat thorough manner, and ha= made com>lete arrangementa to furniah OYSTERS W. a^y ityle and in any quantity 400 to 500 ea Ions rhuokea >er day. 2 WO to 3 <**' can* of Spiced Ri-d t 'erh ?ut up daily?oana hermetically a!ed. Fiirnuhed u the ah li by 'he buahe or barrel. Persona wishing to have Oyster* furnished reguarly through the winter at Baltimore pncca, nthout fear of ia'lnre, should oall and malce arang^msnta at once Freight, 'ime, and money iaved by of me. as 1 furniah an article anal to tne celebrated Baltimore establishment!), ,t prices justaa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meata, Lobatera, Sardlnea, Clami, Uraw'ierries, Toinetoes, I'lja' F ?et, Tripe. Aa, to., Ac. Alio, Piok es, Cntanp, Sajcee, Brandy 'eaohes. Ao. Alao, Game and Fresh Firh. Turlea. Terrapins, Freah Lobatera. Cod, Halibut, Aro. In fact, evei y thing for aale in the North* in mar[eta alway?4n hand, at reaaonable prioea Hotela and families supplied with Oyato-s. deiver?d without oriarge tv any part of the Diatriot. n season, if the money ia aeut with the order. My establishment ia open from 5 a m. to 12 at light, every oay, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at ft o'clock a. m. ae 27 T. M. HA RVEY. rTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on lie Prussian principle, arranged for aleop- rv ag or to act aa anAmbu anoe in case of loltnesa or wounda. with ample room Lores and proviaiona; light, water-proof, and per ctly new. havinf been just t uilt to order by one f the first makera in N?w York, ia offered for aale i coat prioe. A ao, a handsome, atrong, aound, dark-brown LOR^E, either for aaddle or harneaa. Both may be seen on application to JAMES IROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stablea. Corcoran'a Ai.e, behind the Chain tlouae, betwoen 1 and H treet* m? 20 r CARRIAGES. HE Subaoriber having made additicna to hia wtory, making it now one ot the largeat*^**^ i the Diatrict, where his facilitieaVUWJHat^: >r manulactnring CARRIAGES and I'M1GHT WAGONS of all kinda cannot be anr isaed, and from hia long experieLoe m the buaie>?s, he hopeato give general satiafftction. All kinda of Carriages and Light Wagona kept 3 hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders 'omptly attercied to. Second hand Carriagea taken in exchange for jwonea. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 18 tf iwrner of Fourteenth and K ?ts. s56f billiards! I_1 LI The lovera ^ n of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. lorntr o Pennsylvania ave..ue and 11th street, (south aide,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United State*, with every comfort and convenience W S tf lor ttie playera. V ATCH REPAIR ING AN D SILV EK WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the beat eatabliahmenta, and tarched with a complete set of toola for repair- Jhy C every deaoription of fine Watches, and ffU rtioular attention give to the aame,by mooW k ugh oompetent workman.and a work fJia/A'i < Alao, evary detorip ion of standard SlLV ER i re. plain and ornamental, manuiaotureuunder r ova aupervi&ion, whioh my ouatomera will find ' auperior in quality and fiuiah to northern ware Id by dealera is general and represented as their rn manufacture. M. O. HOOD, * a xjb pa. avenue, near eth BREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY ov WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 7T7... 9300,000. laa aemar C ttrett and Lomxsimm* mm,, rear BanJt qf Watktngton. SURE HOUSES ANLTOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dixxctobs. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rottiwell, Thoe. Parker. Riahard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. O. W. Davis. 4o charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. ibbl 6. da via. Secretary. au 9-eooro TOPHAM'S SSTtt p k r m i a m t h c y k wui MANUFACTORY, 99 sbvbnth stxxht, washingtow, d. c. var Medal awarded by Maryland Institute e Baltimore, November 7, 1340 10, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. a constantly making, and always have en hand. of the best material, every description ef le Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladier' Dress, VS'cod i;< x, and Packing Trnnka, Pe.lieier, Carpet, aad Canvas Trave l:^ Baga, School Seioitela, a., At Low Prices. leabers of Congress and travelers will pleaae urnne my etock before purohaeiug elsewnaee inks that are made in other citiea. uperior Leather and Dress Trunks made to er. 'runks covered and repaired at short notioe. oods delivered nee of charge to anyjpart of the ' orgetowu. and Alexandria. J AMES S.TOPHAM. OUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. J*YL KR9S COMPOUND SYhUP OFQUM ARABIC. his pleasant and popular Cough R?medy lias u to long known and ext-nsively uied that most aona have oeeome fam'liar with its extraordiy efficacy. It oan be had at all the prino pal g stores, at 25 and ?0 oenta a bottle. i M d2naAeo4m* " RAND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; bat SMITH has not advanoed the price of hia thing whioh he has just reoeived Lad is aellii.g it auch remarkable low prices Give me a oall satiafy yourselves of the great bargains t^at now offered ev*ry day at ?M1TH'S, No 460 enth at. oo ) inn ome-madc boots and shoes, 1 For Lambs', Missaa' ann Childbbi*'8 wxax. No. lTXarket Spare, 1 Pi ?' 1 ?t a??rf eth aifc <>1y blue cloths andcassimkre^ g(<od ^uaiitiea for ofto?ra avata, r.^ket Han lkeruhioU, Gtovea. Saelers, Lmbrsllaa, l.'nderaturta a u Diaaers, Ao. 1 9-H 1'a. avonue and Ninth at, i> air JUH.1STU.1, OnTinoRi LUCK HOSPITAL, Hmi dittt?rtd tkt moti Ctrtmm, Spttdy mud *nlp Efftetnal Himtdf ui |A? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. , LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRAyTED. OR NO CHARGE, J If FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wtaknatt af ?t Sack. Strictartt, A faction, of the Eidaifi and Bladder Diocbargee, lmp<ntocT, tteotral Debility, Ner,?oati?ott, i>yar.epey, Lanraor, Confaaiaa J ?r idtaa, Low Spina. ?i:pitTji> af tbt Htart, Timidity, ' Trt mblmft, imuiH of Algol or tiiddinaaa, i?f?eaet ef tht J Sand, Throat, or Skin, Aftctiont of tbt, Stoao ten or Bowelt?thtet Ttrriblt Ditordtrt ariain|f from Aoli tary Habitt of Yowth?the** Dreadful and Dtetmcnee Prac> Uc?* which render Marnagt impoaaibla, and datiroy bwih ' Body and Hind. . YOUNG MEN Rtptcially who ha?t b?eam? tkt vtetimt af Solitary Tie*, thai draatfal end dtetracti't habu whfah aimeally eweeja : to >d aatitnely jrt'i thowoandt of Towrg Mm of tkt ?! I 1 tialttd taltnta and brilliant intallact, who aatpht otktrwiea ha* tntranctd uattnang Senetee with tba than dt re of tl? ivance or waktd to acatacy tha living lyra, nay call with ' faii cc..t1tnct. MARRIAGE MilKlID PSK*05t, or Yoang Man con ttmpla ting Marnari, btmg iwtrt of phytical waaknaaa, organia debility, dtrorniitaee, Ac., tpttdily cartd. > Ha who placta himttif onder tht eara of Dr. J. a raligloaaly confide in bit honor at a gerlltntan and cao.Utfitiy rely open hit tkili aa a phyucian. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. 1 left hand tidt going from Baltimort atrttt, a few doort from tha corntr. Fail not to obttret nam* and oambtr. Ltutrt matt b? paid and contain a tump. DR JOHNSTON, Mtmbtraf the Royal Colltgt of Sargeont, London, rradaj att from out of the moat tmir.em Colltgtt in tba Coittd Vtattt, and tht git iter part of whott lift hat bttn opti.t in tilt boapttalt of London, Pant, Philadelphia and tlttwntrt, baa ejected tomt of tbt moot attonith ng carat that ??re tftr known; many troobltd with ringn.r in tha bead and aart whtn aeieep; (freat nereonaritoe, be in# alarmtd it tadden toonda, baahfnlntaa with freqaent blatliing, atterctl | tuKttimtt with dtrangtmtnt of miul, wtrt cartd Hnir.tTAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE YoSng Men and ?.tbert who fia?t n.,ured themMlett by a ttrtawi practict indulged in whan aio..e? a habit frequently Itarntd from a?il ec.upuioni, or at tchor!, t?it tftcia of which ?*t r.ialitly ftlt t?en whtn atlttp, and if not aorta, rtndtra marriajt in?->e.iblt. and daairryt both mind and body, ahoeld apply imrnt?Iiai*'?. I Thaaa art torn a of tht tad and mt!a?ahoiy tstett prodactd by tarly habila of yoatb, ?u : WtaknfM ef tha Back and 1 Limba, Paint in the Htad, Din.nttt of Sight, Lota of Maaca?ar Pcwar. Palpitatioai of tna Ht irt, Dyaptpay, Nar?cat irrita- , bility, Daranftm?nt of tht Difttti?t Fancuooa, OtnaraJ Pabi ity, Symplon.t of Contmnptioti, Ac. MtWTal.LV.?Tht fearful tBecta ou tbt mind tra reach ta ] bt <t*{?ded?Lott of Memory, Ooofation of Idaaa, Dtprtttion af Spiritt, ?ti1 Kortbodinga, Aetraion of Society, Self-Diatrnat. Lc*t of flolitadt, Timidity, ctc., art tomt of tba t?.:t 1 prodactd. NKRTout DtblLlTT.?Tkoataodt ean now Jadft what it tht caota of thtir dtctmwf haaltli, !->tii?f t^itir tigor, btcoretnf watk, p-alt, niraoot and tmaciattd, havlag a ainftiar appaaranct aboat tha tytt, coojh or tymptoiua of cot.ttc.pii#Oa DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whtn tht miaipiided and imprudent ?ottry of pltatart tndt bt h t imhtbad on tetdt of tbit pauifal dittatt, it to* oftto happtnt that an ill-tir-tl at ^at of thamt or drtad of ditcaer :j i dtitit hfn: frt>m applyinj to tiiott who, from adacatioo and . rttptciability, cai alort befriend him. Ha falta loto tha fcandi of ignorant and dtH*ni*j prtttndtra, who, ineapablt af carina, filch hit ptcuuiary kttp him tn(mg month after month, or at lor.f at wt trak.'*" 'at etn fca ob- j taintd, and io dtapair lta?a htm with raiotd tiaa.tb to aigh , a?ar nit/alluig ditappoiatraant; or by tht att of that atadlj j polios?Mercury?haatan tbt contutational tymptoirt of thit ^ tarn tit dittatt, tec h tt A Jecuoi.aof tha H tart, Throat, Hiad, f kin, 4e.. progrtaauig with frightfal rapidity, till dtath paia a ( period to Lie aiaad'al by atnding himt^hatao- , diacatertd ctai.trr from what a boarnt no traetlar rttama DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY y thie grttt and iirportaut rtmtdy wtaknaat af tht argant * art apttdlly cwrad and ftU rigor rta^rtd Tboatendtaf tha att naretaa and dtbihutad, wht b.-d laat all bapt, baea bttn immidiattly ralitetd. All imptdiiotnta ta M&rriagt, Phytiaal ar Miatal Diaqaallictuaot, koaa af Proeraaaet Pawtr. Mtreaaa lrnlability. Trtmblinr and Wt^koaat ar Eiiiaaauaci of Ut matt ftarfal klad tpttoily cartd. ^ ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. Tai Matt TMOUtARDl cartd at tbit inttitauon within the laat at?en'.atn otara, and tha r atnaroaa important Bargtaal aporauona ptrformtd by Dr. Johnatoai. wiuittotd by tht rtporttrt of tbt paptrt and many othtr ptraaaa, oauctt of which baet apptartd again and again bafort tba pablie, bt :4tt hit Handing tt a gtntltraao af cbaractar ana rttpooti- j bllity. It a aiR t act gaaranttt to tbt aflicttd. mar l?-ly NOTICE. hhmh ?? ADAMS' EXPRES!* Ci?>1 PAN Y '* f This Company offer* to the vubllo " L'ne<jualled i Advantagea1' fur the Safe and Cjuick Diopatch of Heavy Freights. Packaxea, Valuables, Money, Ao. &c? to all parts of the united States. Expresses to and from the No'th and West depart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily, a All Kxpre*sos ara in charge of *xr?rumed and ti rtliabU Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carriefl at "oni t> hai.f" cur u?ual rates. g All Gof ds for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and ail Artiolea *' Contraband of War" will b? Rkfuskh. On Exprasses leave New York At l.i. And 6 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and iJO P t M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JB A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at (30 P. M, and 6 A M a| Expresses l*ave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and a P. M.j^arnvi&g in Waeiington at 6 A.M. and 530 Expresses fur ail points Nor?h and West leave * Wasn ngton at 7 JO A. M. and 2J0 P >1. daiir. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight fj can be made ou application to this 'ffioe. A! Goods ealieo for and delivered Jruoi Extra oharges. E. W. PARSONS, D Snp't Adams' Express Company. Di Washington. Augnst 28. I8K1. an a tf YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will snrely ret yonr money's worth by oalUng at the PlONtfER MILLS, itwikwid eer ai ntr nf Stnmtk strtu and Carnal, (GEO. PARE, D AgenL) They aeli cheaper and si*e tetter measure _ th&n any others in the oity?cut, split, and deliv ered free of charre. If yos doo 11 elieve . i v# the Pioneer Mills a tna., ai>4 besaUsSea. w t-lvr gOOTS AMD BROl.S TO SKIT TRK We tre row mAnafactunnx'all kinds of BOOTB aa? " ri i1KS, and oozstantiy recemox a^tt? sxppiy of eastern maoe work of everyce BHB K ' ma<1#oxr'ftwly ?oorder, AndwillFej o? sold at a renoa lower price than Uaa been f V&. hfretcfore oharged m txiia eity for mseh UifsneT artio 6S. Persons in want o| Hoots and Shoes of eastern ei sity mAde work, will a.wars Bed a good assortmes ts storsacd at the eve*: pnoes. eive as a oail, RIKriN * BRO.. ^ " ' ' *'? "?Ttie?ieaiit tTttia A RMY SUPPLIES, lt ?S??r. E;g?^252 ca1a ^ tnod*, 34" cads RAAST BEEF, F Mncans ? XESH MUTTON. ?*n* UEEP and GRAVY, ? 340 cans SOUP and BO U ILL I, H tabiFES'ncu DE881caTED VERE For sal j at New York Factory fioes. . . ^ KING A Bl KCHELL. w* .Corner ' and Fifteenth streets. tk H ?nnv NEW BOOKS, ? , *>STOn.\ of ta? United Neuierlands, by Johl ^ L'Ahroj Motley ; 2 vols.; free b? mail, t4. d' . R?s? of the Dntoh Repnblis, a hittory, by Xohn Lothrop Motley; 3 vo.a oiota; free by mail, Silas Marcer, the Weaver of Rave ol, by the antnor of "Adam Bede j5* oloth THoenu ; paper 30 O0B?Be Life and Career of Mtjor Andre, by Wiatrop Sarreant; R1J0. After loebergs with a PAinter, a Summer VoyAcc to Labrador and NswIoundiAnd; by Rev LoaisL IMob e : Kl.ou. The MatafiMtare of Photosemo or Hydro-Car i bon Oils, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; fl.W. oh Any of the at>ove free by mail . FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, 3s Penna. avenns. ' W BOYS' ClaOTHlNG. _ fc Have received with.m the last dav or two A ** !Arge assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHINu. embraoing all styles of low-pnoed. mednm. And fine qualities, whioh we are selling a t v?ry low pno?s for oasL. W ALL, STEPHENS A CO.. M p*- ar ? 9th And loth sts. ?l mP flBteiht?*ii^er anfl Republican, t 4 AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /OhT O ha*x2Ul Hoitl. 66 u, I'beraJ advanoes ir^de ob Gold and Tilver V> atohes Diamon .s, Jews nr. Silver ware. Cloth ing. Pistols, and all kinds of ifwohAttdise. Busi- t neea strict.y eonfidential. ISAAC HERZBERO, S?l C street. C \}Jm BMwsUdXAoditkiu. ? rkOPONTS GUNPOWDER, Mi I^UCK WHEAT FLOUR. CERO FLOUR. ... o3lBSa&i LTAMBURG CHEESE ! J)* _ HAMBURG CREESE1 .tAt."""*'" 0fcrhii"2 'atasi-iij. " ? ?*1 Cor?er Vermont Av.Aod WuTst. as I THE WEEKLY iSTAK. VkJs fiwnal Fwlly u< Mnri Joaraa1eoatalala* a greater rvWr of latareetiaf reed. lM than caa be found la uy ottor?U pabllsbrd <* Friday Bora Inf. Tiim-Oit, aaMrM%, ia ><mn Sln^l* copy, per uiu .?1 ee Five copies I 73 Tea copies .. ? Twenty-lve copies ? M It 1bvariably oon tains the " Waaklaftoa News' thai baa made Tk* Datiy Earning Star circulate o generally throughout tbe com try UT'Wa^le copies (la wrappers) caa to pr^ cured at tbe counter. Immediately after tto las ?* of the paper Price?THREE CENTS. ii elmbold's genuine preparation. M HIGHLY CONCENTRATED'? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Postitrt and Specific Remedy For Diseaeee of tfce BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thts Mediojne Increases the power of Digestion, f'doxo.tM the absobbexts into laalthy action. Lwbl.oh th? watsxt ob c.Lrnnri depoari< at. 2?*Lin 2nL4T5mAt aaL.aaaM.aie are reduced, for *1!l AlkD "SMITHS, aad IB good MEN, WOMEN, Oft CHILDREN. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU For Wraknes?As Arising from F.xc-aaea, Habit* of Dieeipation. harly I'discretion or A'o??. Attended teitk tke Following Symptom* : India position to Exertion, Lo?a of Power. W?k?iJ?.25?rT' Diftculty of Rrsatkiag. Wnak N?rve?, Trembtiaf! Horror of Djeeasa. Walt-Tel <w?5C Dimness of Viaion. Pais in th* Haok * La T??a Laa-itude of the Muscular *yu?m, Hot HmJi Kl??biL( of the H i)?. isryr.9,s of the Mm. Eruptions on the f??-, p*I LID COrSTkJlA.HCE. rneaa aymst. m? il a oarrd to to r-a, this medlc'ne invauaMy removes, roou io iows IMPOTENCY, FaTUIFV FPILEPTIC FITS. 1m one of vktck tk* f itien may E-xyxrt. Who can ray r?a' they are not f-egaeutly followed l?y those "direfcl diseases," 'INSANiT> a ,D CONSUMPTION." Many are aware c f the nauae of their suffering, BUT HOKE WILL CONrrae. THE RE?GP 1)8or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And :ke Mtlaarkoiy D'Otks by Comfumptun. BBAB 1MPM WITHBS* T<> THE TBCTM Or TUB as^ebtiob. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Require* tfce aid of medicine to strengthen and Icvigorate the Syctem, Bhich HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BLCUt invariably dots A TE1AL WILL C0JIV1BCB TBB MOST SKBrTICA'* VEMA LES- FEMALES- FEMA LES, DLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, Oft CONTKMPLATING MA ft ft I AGE. In Many Af tenons Peculiar la Females ;he ) xtracl Buchu ia unesual d by any other real sdy, as in Chlorosis or Krt>i.ti,.n, Irr gu anty, Pamfelness, or Suppreasion o> Customary Evao lationa. Ulcerated or Schirroua state of the Uteus. Leucorrhea or Whites, Sterility, aid for all somp'aiats incident to the aex. whether arising rom Indisoretion, Habits of Diaaipatioa, or ia the DECLINE OR CHANOE OF LIFE ! KB SYMPTOMS ABOVB. SO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Vk* no more Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV CVBBS SECRET DISEASES n all their Stages; At little Exaenso; attle or no change in Diet; No inoonveiueooe; And no hzposure. t nausea a frequ- at deaire and gives strength to Jrtnat^, thereby Removing ubst: notions, 'rev-eating and Curing Striotures of tbe Urethra. Allaying raiaand Infiaminauon. so requent in the class of diseases, and expelling ail ?ouonons, IHsoased, and *rom out Matter. THovaanD* rroji thocunm IWHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, nd who Lave paid ktavyjeo* to be cared ib a short me, have foand th?y were deoeived, and that the poison" has, by the use of'pomrful a.ur intents" een drird up in the system, to breaa oat la aa agrarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIA9E. Ua? H ELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 1 affection* an 1 diceaa >a oi the URINARY ORGANS, rhather existing in MALI OR FIVALK, om whatever oaaae originating and no matter of how long standing lseasee of theee Organ* require the aid of a DiBBTIC. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, nd it ia certain to have the deeired eflect ta ise\eesyor iohitk il it recommended. VIDBHCB or TBB MOST BB8P0RSIBLB ABD KB* LIABLB CBABACTBB ill acoompany the mediomee. CERT1FICATKS OF CURES. From s to 30 y are' standlag, with Namrs knowi to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE mNOTICE." BB Hill "BO 8BCBBT" OP "IBBBBDIBHTa " HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU oompoeed of Waoha, Calebs and Jaoiper Bornaa, i.eciod with graat oare by a oompotent drurgist. PREPARED IN rdCITO,* BT H. T. HELM BOLD, ractioal a^d Analytioal Chemist, and Bole Maautacturer of ELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeareu ixafors me. aa Alderman of ia oity of PBi.adciahia, tt. T. HiLMaoLmwhp ling duly ewo n, dotn tay. his prepa atioas oon? in no narooUo, uo meroarr.or other injurious uga, but are purely vegetable. Bwor and sabaanbtd bJlJtlof ovembor, 1864 WM. f7 HlUbhtLD. Aldjruiac, WmU st.. atove Raoe. rhila, PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Frlca SI per totUe, ar alx far |l. Delivered to any addreaa, aaaare y aaehed (row mvation. Addreaa letteia for uJormation ia iralrt?si to H. T. HELMBOLD. Cksmut. ?pot, lot South TaaU sL, below Cheataat, Phila. BEWARE OF COUNTERFR1TS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS ko endeavor to diaaoee **of Lhsar owa" and otner' articles oa tbe reputauoa attauiad ay Meimboid s Genuine Preparations, ?? < Extract BucJtu, *4. te IwMMila. " imp i eesd Rose Waek. told by 8. B. Wajtb, Z. D. Gllmab, Jobb ilb*. S. C. Foan, S B. Ebtwictlb, B C, wob, Kidwell * Labbbmcb, 4. ft. Majob. ashingtoB aad Georgetown, ND ALL DE UOOlkTS EVERYWHERE. ASK TOR HELMBOLD'S TAKE HO OTHER. Oat oaCthe adva. La. ate. t aad aatlurU. ID AVOID IVPOBITIOH aad EXPOSVBB. sertha Symptom* rn mlI Cemmmstsmti % *wa ttsvuteW : ABHaa ?r?ia\ -Ir?r f t

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