Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1861 Page 2
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?Si?? THELjn EMN<? STAR. WAhH1*"T0N CITY: MONDAY Ntftakn 4, 1M1. On Friww at tb* various military camps tad positions will coaler a Ibvot by beeping as petted as to aovrana and atbtrs la tbelr vicinities. |JT T* our Baltimore reader* we won nv ttat the flrat and aecood edition of tb* &"ir can fce had in Baltiirwe of K. F HMelton, agent, No. "4 W?at Baltimore atrat, new Gay?the Brat edition at balf peat fa*tt and the aecond at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the tralna from Waahtngton, giving ill the lateat new* from the aent of wnt np tn the time of going to preaa. Spirit ( the Horning Preaa. The InttUicftKtr trenta upon the recent apeech of m-Got Thomaa. of Maryland, In relation te the cnrly plotting of the rebellion. The Rtpublictn devotes Its attentiou to tbe exorbitant demands of tbe New YoTk banks with regard to another hundred million loan. OCR MILITARY BUDGET. tbi fleet Up to noon, to-dav, r-eltber tbe Navy Depart tent nor tbe Stmr oflce bad received any deftnlte Intelligence of tbe precise whereabouts since tbe receipt of tbe nvws brought by sn English csd tata. wfco piwed It sailing along ia good condition and with flnt weather, off Cape Hatteraa, on VVadaosday moraine last at daybreak. The recent terrible atorra commenced bere at 8 p r. on Friday, and at Old Folnt Comfort at 3 p m. of the same day. Thoa If It extended south to the latitude In wblcb the fleet must have been, It struck It (the feet) at least two, If not three hundred miles south of flattens. But Judging from the direction and character of the winds pre railing here before, during and Immediately after the storm, nantical men bellere that tbe gale commenced about In the latl tad* of Bittern, and that little of it reached as fhr east aa the fleet moat have been by Friday morning laat by daybreak. Hence, there is no apprehenalon felt at tbe Nary Department that the recent storm may have seriously endangered or Injured tbe fleet Aa by last evening or thla forenoon the fleet may have proceeded as f*r as off the mouths of the Mississippi, if th* storm did not throw down the telegraph wires south, the probability Is that the Richmond papers of thla morning announce tta appearance and landing somewhere upon the coast It it* a*mmma in B?l On the 18th ultimo,gentlemen's boots were selling In Richmond at Sid per pair, and common brown sugar at 14 to 15 cents per pound. At the ante time tbe farmers of tbe Piedmont region were utterly without a market for their wbeat Jted wheat was then worth, in Richmond, U5 cts and white a 101 cts. Tbia la equivalent to 75 to80 cents for red,and Ive cents more for white? s?s Con/ideate shin plasters at 'JO per cent. d!scount?on the farina. At that rate the rebellion has coat the agriculturists of the Piedmont region of Virginia, In the depreciation in the value of wheat alone, many millions of dollars. A rsnTiMj????"- - ? Tbia forenoon, Brady made a photographic pie. ture of Major General MeClellan and all of hla division commanders suOciently near to be at one time at his quart?ra?Generals Helntzlsman, Andrew Porter, McDowell, Buell, Fltz John Porter, Casey, Smith, Bleacher, and some others. 0051 HOMK TO TOTS. The ftrat regiment of Maryland volunteers went to Baltimore without arms thla fornoon to eierclae their lawful rights at the ballot-box In the State election on Wednesday. A considerable number of Maryland voters employed In the quartermaster's department here also went home to-day to the same end. THB ?*AND KSV1KW. It ww designed to review thla forenoon, at seme point over the river, about 45,000 troops In a body?the divisions of Generals McCall, Fid John Porter, and Bmith. For some reason unknown to us it was however postponed. a fabrication bkardkd. Hiam)Iaitiii Cash's Division, ) A'M' '2, 1901 ) Ts the Editor af the Rational Republican : * US ORDER TO COLONSL BAKES * Brigadier General Casey early this morning eat a message to Mr. Webb, from whose bouse Colonel Baker's funeral took place, that he should not deliver up the order given to Colonel Baker by General Btone to cross the Potomac, nor reveal Its contents, as it was to be embodied in a special report It Is well known hr???tfc.t '"> 1 ? 1 ? ? ? . ^ > *? vuiwm i uattcl holding the open order In ble band, after be bad read it, Mid: ' I will do It; bat this la my death warrant '?Washington Correspondence New York Trtb*ne " Baring aeen the above extract In yoor paper of thia mernlag, Brigadier General Silas Casey dinetaiae to say that tbe whole of tbe above e* tract la erroneous, a complete fabrication, as be never aw the order spoken of, nor bad It In bla band*, and never aont any message of tbe above purport to Colonel Webb. I am. respectfully, your obedient eervant, i w A?iatant Adjutant General Til rSKOMKS TAIX.f IN THE HOHT AT B ALL't BLCFP Oa Friday General Stone aent a flag of trnce to Gen Evaaa at Leeaburg, to know what diapuaitton bad been made of the Federal pr'.*oner? taken at Ball'a Bluff, and thone left dead on the fleld. Tbe latter replied that the priaooerfwere quartered In tbe tobacco warehouse at RlchWIrd, and the dead were properly Interred. That he would Immediately communicate with the Confederate ? vernment In relation to an exchange of prlaooera LJent Col. Wlatar la faat recover In* from his wound*. Capt Mai lory, of the California regiment, Ilea In a rery precarI oua condition at a farm keaia, near Pooleaville Alexander H. McClMrv. IM a annaber year* connected with tbe Philadelphia prow, wtitaken prisoner. bent one hundred of tbe wounded itlll remain at Poolesvtlle All doing well. THB BOD? or COL- BABKB. The body of Col. Baker will be removed hence a Tburaday morning, arriving at Philadelphia . earlv in tbe afternoon, where it will be received by tbe military authorities and escorted to Inde. pendm e Hall, and will lie la state during next Mr- Ob Saaday It will be eiooaed tn nnhitr I fltw la tbe City'Hail, New York, ?d Monday It will be placed Id a trainer for California, la ?kM|( of Char lea 8 Drew, of Oregoa. M K Flanagan, of Baa Franclaco, E M. Barnum, of Omoi, ud W. A. Wallace, of Wanhtngton Territory, alee, will accompany the remain* u ftf m New York. m? VKDXBAL nilOKIII AT B1CBMOHD. Lieut Alfred KanU, of the eteamer Flap, who >ei>m a prtaooer la tbe banda of the rebels alnce tbe ?tth of Juw, arrived bore on Friday He waa captured off Ratteraa Inlet, while in marge of a prise achoooer, and la abaeat on bia parole for tbe purpoee of effecting an exchange of prlaonera He aava the Federal prlaonera at Richmond are aufJbrlng from the weather and an tneuflcleney of clothing. Ia caee an arrangement for an exchange of prlaonera cannot be effected, he la to return to h la ma I new ant la Richmond within fifteen daya SMViMViaxB fOBiioNKaa orriams tbbib miliTXBT anncia to tbb auvganxsM Tha Count de tteyne, a lineal deecendmt of the Count Roc ham beau, of American revolutionary faaM. haa tendered hla alHt?w? ... .<. ? Preatdent, and has bwa assured 'hat they will be KW?m The same uiwef ha* been gWen to tba wroa 4r Schonen. a deacendant of General .Lalhvette. It la ex pea ted they will aoon reach the l alted States WOOD A? COAL MOSOPOIT ID WaaHIMTOtf. Our citizens are delighted with the intelligence tfeat the Presideot of the Baltimore aad Ohio R?iitMd Compear baa made arraagaments with a bowse la Baltimore to eatabliah a large coal and wead yard la Waabiagtoa, la order to forniah the pespU with thrae articles at a frlr ylce run mseovai [Spaetai correspondence of The Star.J Kxfdilitm t* h'rtd'icktwm opposed km / rt ? - _ ymm Wf MM ?NI lu thrift ?/ I At ('*mp*i[u? Prmiomt elmimt U? Vty Pap4T> 4a mot txpo't Frt#t. Locia, Oct 31, ]bM ?Kditer of Evtmng Star: la my fetter of reotoe4?f I glanced at fltaaftl FrMtoat'* military mtatakra, and tape r tally referred to kit recent advance on Spring 1*14 with a Urge army, when Um main body of tfc* rotate wma known to ha more tfcw alxty-lve pi 1 let from thai place. - % % Amid these trials and mlahape, it la. ho?nr, sratifyfng to know that we have men In the terrice Id Mlaaourl who underatand their dutlea aod poaaeaa energy and patriotism ?uSclent to perform exploit* on their own reaponalbllity. You have heard, ?nd the country hu been aoprlaed of the ric<-eaaful expedition of Major Bch?fleld, ot Blalr'a Artillery, from St. Loula, and of Col Plummer with hit command, from rape Girardeau That moat Important expedition waa undertaken and Ita decisive result achieved Fremont' order* to the contrary notwithstanding The Major, on hearing that Jeff Thompaon, with an army of from four w >11 luouHno reoFii, urnif nea \a misci irooran and tbe Pilot Knob, prepared a small battery, out of the rawest material*, and started down tbe I ron Mountain Railroad He constructed a temporary crossing over Big river, where the rebels bad burned tbe railroad bridge, and marched day and night until he came upon J> ff Thompson, in command of the rebel forces at Fredrlcktown. With tbe low of only 6 killed and about 4o wounded on our side, the traitor* were completely routed. An officer who arrived in tbls city on the IronMountain Railroad from Frederlcktown. confirms In the main, all the previous reports of tbe rout and defeat of Thompson's army. The detail to bury tbe enemy** dead reported near 2U0 kllleti nil l?f( An 4n nixilnlUI. m.i .. umu aeii wh ?uv hvi?. wv piCVipilttlf w or tUC I f* treat of the rebel survivor*, that they did not atop to perform any offices for their leta fortunate fcllow-soldiers, even l*avlnc one of their leaden (Col Lowe) (Ml the apot where he fell Thompson and hi* command were pnraned on thejjreenVille road a dlatance of twenty two milea beyond Fredericktown. where the chase waa abandoned Their army was completely demoralized No further mlachlef ia feared from them in the neighborhood of Pilot Knob. But there ia aonuthlng of a Joke connected with thla glorious achievement Fremont, on hearing that Major Schofleld had atarted on the expedition, Issued an O'der calling him back to St Loula The order did not, 1 believe, reach the Major ; or, if it did. it waa JuatlBably disregarded. On he went, order or no order; and the flnt we heard of him was hla succeaa at the battle of Fraderir.ktown which h? those bwt acnuatnWd with the topography of Miaaourl and the relative atrateglc Importance of the varloua localitlea where battled have b?en fought In thla State, Is regarded as one of the most valuable acbievementa of the Union forces here, and as worthy to rank with the explolta of the gallant Lyon. The intelligence of the victory reached Fremont, who lmm'-dtately countermanded the ord?r calling Major Schotteld back, and at once claimed the Frederlcktown expedition aa a part of the plan of his campaign You see from this that we are occaalonally favored with vlctorlea, despite th- incompetence of Fremont, and even notwithstanding the obatnictlona which he inter; ~*?s. For this last and only one gained since the drath of the lamented Lyon, we are Indebted to the bravery, patriotism, and Kill of Maj s*chofleld and Col Piummer. Toe victory over Thompson at Frederlcktown was almost of equal importance with that which | would have oeen gained over Price by Lyon at i*pringflfld, L^d the latter f een reinforced as he ought to have been i will not, however, be content with asserting that Uen. Fremont Issued the orders to which 1 refer I will support my assertion with Incontrovertible evidence, and for that purpose send you herewith a copy of the telegraphic dispatches | which were sent at the time, ana which bear on the event In question, copies of which 1 obtained I lertt imatrl* lathe early part of October, Gen Curtis was apprised of tb*> threatened attai k by Jefl" Thompaon on Pilot Knob. There were at that time but 1.500 men it the Knob He thereupon sent down '.2,000 more, including S*chofie!d's battery After those reinforcement? had arrived at their de?tln?tlon, the following dispatch was sen' to (ieneral Curtis by Colonel Boya. showing hit force at that time, and the necessity of having a patrol to guard the railroad: Pilot Kjiob, Oct 17. Ta Otn Curtit: We will have about 3,500 men at this post. Can take 3,000 away to meet the enemy If near us. Two regiments are at Irouton and the remainder at Pilot Knob, one and onequarter mile apart The position would be very strong If the railroad to St. Louis w?-r?> guarded Without ibat guard we would be entirely at the mercy ?f the enemy, aa we are in a narrow valley, surrounded by mountain*, the gorgts of which can be e?aily cloaed on either Inside; or ou'slde. R L Boyd, Colonel On the 2lat, the day before the battle at Frederlcfttown took place, (Jen Fremont aent the following dispatch to (ieneral Curtia. It explain** Itself: Hratkicartkrs. Oct 21,1HU. T? Brie Urn. Curtt.t: Order all the troops that you have s?nt on the Iron Mountain road back to Benton Barracks. The whole kfl'air baa been Srocsly exaggerated Col. Ccrlln should have ept the road ?pen wltLout any additional force. Bv order of Miiinr I-'"'"?* _ / ? ... a vuiuu % . C. McKebvkr. A A A O. The subjoined dWpatch show s that every available forc? at Pilot Knob had been sent to meet the enemy, and that Col Boyd, with his command, had been left to guard the road, garrison the post, and send out the train Pilot K?iob, Oct 22, lifil To tie*. Curtis: I have sent two companies as escort to train for Fredericktown Twocompanies Just started to guard bridges between this and Big river I have one hundred men here. I know of do other forces R L Botd, Colonel Commanding Post On the day after the battle, and when the Intelligence of ita having resulted in the success of the Union forces bad reached Fremont, a dispatch was sent from headquarters to General Curtis, In which the following sentence occurs 44 The Hth Wisconsin and Col. Boyd's Missouri volunteers will remain for the present at Pilot Knob." It will be seen from the above dispatches that Fremont did everything he could to break up the expedition against Thompson, and even went further for that purpose than the dispatches indicate; for I learn that a mounted patrol which was started down the Iron Mountain railroad on the 19th to guard the road was stopped in St Louis and sent went by Fremont's telegraphic order. Had no effort been made to rout Thompson, he would hive held the valuable lead ana copper minesof Mine la Motif lie would have advanced on Pilot Knob and tbe Iron Mountain, where extensive furnaces and foundries have been erected at great cost, and which might have beeu made useful to tbe rebel cause In tbe casting oi cannon and cannon balls He could then, If not opposed, uave rracDt-a, iu nau a day ' march, the valuable lead mines of Potosl, and at hW leisure could Udve afterward* obtained f osstssiou of those of Couttoit, Fourek* a'limamlt, and Kichtroods, besides occupying the neighboring agricultural counties of St Francois sua St Uencvieve, and the beautiful and productive valley of BeUevue, at the southern end ?f Washington county, from which ko might have exacted ample subsistence for his entire command. Indeed had he been sufl'ered to make the Urst step in bis march northward from Frederlcktown, it is impossible to tell what inlg tit have been the resulting disasters to the Union cause in Missouri Fremont's conduct ia this affair Is the subject of general anl mad version here among the people; but as the Republican and Democrat are in the Vi Jl n/ia ft# Hi? ? ? ? ? * 14 * * * ..-,r v? ??* ????uu9 uu uicmiiuu oi 11 Will W &1* lowed In tboae journal*. T&e editors of the Republic**, In fact, are now adzing every opportunity to revile the memory of Gen Lyon and to a?perse the character of Col Hlalr. In this they accomplish the double purpoae of aiding Fremont and or revenging themaetvea on Blair, who, In conjunction with Lyon, captured the rebel aoldirry at Camp Jackson, where one of the publlahera of the R'publican figured as a lieutenant colonel, and waa ao Indignant at hi* arrest that he attempted to break hia aword, for which be has since been popularly known aa the ' Sword Smasher " From what haa happened in Missouri since Fremont became the military commander of the deDartmeiit. it will ? ? ??* - J"" " * ' m , -- ? ?. wooiimj siui ut uimcuit vo perceive that all the disasters to the Union cause in the State have berv on sequent either upon bis neglect or hi* blunder*; wmle tbc only victory that baa crowned our arina was the esult of a movement wblcb he not only did not favor, but wblcb be absolutely vpp-jst-d and endeavored to prevent ZtTA. Or Intbkept to tub Ppblic Herb.?We are requested to announce that In consequence of having to prepare for the meeting of Congress, In addition to otber duties now pressing upon him, the President can receive visitors only from 10 to 12 ?. m. each day. The Lcmbbr Bids ?'The lowest bidders for supplying tbe Government with lumber, In compliance with tbe Drotxiaala uror* l?m~ ? ? t - _ g , ? -w . vaiicr * Co , of Washington, D C., and nut Frederick 8. Blets, of l^ancaater county, Pennsylvania, as recently (tared. The bid of Carter St Co waa f 13,470, while that of Mr. Bletz was ?15,430. The highest bid (S35,UOO) was inade by Joseph Grlee, of Philadelphia. ArroiNTBD ?W. W. Danenhower, of Illinois, has been appointed Chief Clerk of the Fourth Auditor's Ofllce, In the place of George M Head, removed. George M. Bead has been sppolnted to athirlclaas clerkship In the same office. The "Church Journal," (Episcopal,) claims the election of r?r - vacant Bishopric of Pennsylvania, an a algnal deleat of tbe Low Church Party, who are aald to have done all In their power by raising the cry of "sympathy with aeceaalon," etc., to defeat him. [[/"The "Tablet" (Catholic)demand* that the iHiiber of chaplains of that cburch, In the army, be Increased The editor makes a statement concern m? the colooeia of certain regimentft, leading to the belief that there la some opposition to such increase. Stitcm m Tint."?The Chicago Tribune rate) that General rotten, i'ul?f of Kiiginerr cor pa, baa been waking an eiamindtloa of our work* aloag U>e Canada border, particularly at House's Point, oo Lake Cliam plain A. A The AtBT ! the Ktuwhi.' The Wheeling Intelligencer, of Nov. lit, learna from Dr. 6 r is wold.L\8 Sanitary Inspector. who hu Just returned from a tour of Inspection up the KanaWba, that our army under Gen Rosecrana la at present In a atate of rest, and measurably recovered from the terrible exposure at Sewall Mountain to the aevere rains and cold that fell tlpOn them with fearful effect. Dr. Griswold has been through fourteen regiments,and obtains the most exact statistic* with regard to the health, the dlaclpllne, subsistence^ clothing, and general sanitary condition of our troops* He reports them generally well clothed?a few exceptions onlr in overcoats^ bl*nkett aid winter blouaes The suosisience l? genenlly reportea goon,so rar as the Government can supply In all those means of comfort, for which an army depend* upon tbe surrounding country, of course there are greaf deficiencies, aa there are scarcely any supplies to be bad In tbe mountaSna. Oen Roaecrnns and his staff, Gen. Cox, Gen. Benham and Gen. Schenck, all alike ltve In tents and fare the aame aa tho privates. with the exception, perhaps, that they are lnabled to employ cook* at their own coat. Gen. Roaecrana eata from tin plates, drlnka hla coffee from a tin etip, and la often without butter or milk. Hia headquarters are two milea from Gualey Bridge, on the head water* of tbe Kanawha, on New Creek Col McCook. with three regiments, occupies a post about four milea further op; then comes Gen. Benham's brigade, about two miles distant, while Gen Fchenck's brigade occupies th<? farthest outpost, or ten mllei up New Creek from Gauley. Gen . Cox makes his headquarters I n toe same camp with Gen. Rosecrans. There is much sickness is the army of General Roaecrana. but It is the unavoidable srquence of the exhausting service the troop* have endured. The climate is sickly, especially for those not naonuaiea to it, and compelled to live In camps Rain* are frequent and severe, nights cold compared with the ternperatureef midday Comfortable hospital* &re seldom to be had, and auch delicacies as the ?lrk nerd rarely to be obtained The day Dr. Grliwold left headquarter*. Gen. Rooecrans went npthe line* with his ?taff sur^ec n for the special purpoa* of looking after th? wanta of the atck, and to provide, If possible, more comfortable hospitals for them. The labora of the aurgeons are arduoua. and often the expedienta adopted bv them for the comfort of those In (heir charge exhibit the most faithful devotion t their duties. Considering the numbers in the Held, the service they have endured, and the number ailing, the mortality Is really very small The Government boats are frequently fired into by straggling scouts from the opposite bank of the Kanawha river, but no loss of life has yet occurred From the mountains across New Creek the picket Urea of the enemy may be seen from headquarters, and there is some picket firing between the anvanced pickets of Gen Scbenk'a camp and thoae < f the enemy, from w hich two or three deaths have occurred on our aide. There seems to be but little expectation of a general en gnKeiueni. The want of hospital supplies, such as bedding and bed clothing to keep the sick warm, Is the chief cause of suffering at present The Sanitary Commission is busy In forwarding those supplies from the office here. Non-Arrival or GknkralScott.? He Tarrns at Elizabeth?Arrival of the General's Kftinut at the Astor Hou<* ?It was confidently expected that General Scott would arrive in this clnr yesterday afternoon, accompanied by a number of distinguished personages, civil and military, and tbe proprietors of the Astor House having received a telegraphic despatch to that effect, extensive preparations wers made for the reception of the distinguished ij.ilitary chieftain and bis suite. Not only were arrangements In progress by the 41 ? -* * - ' - - ? * '* uiupucwia vi me Aiwr io receive ucnerai scott, but the propriety of giving the veteran a public reception was freely discnsaed, notwithstanding the expressed deal re of General Scott to avoid a demonstration. It was arranged that a special meeting of the Union Defense Committee should be called laat evening, to make the neceaaary preparations to receive General Scott at the event of his arrival, and alao that should be not arrive on Saturday, General Sandford was expected to Issue an order for the parade of the Seventh, regtmunt and a sauadron of cavalry, to form an excort for the hero of many battles, whose name will be identified with the republic as long as time shall last. The expectations of hundreds and thousands of our cmz?ns were disappointed by the reception at the Astor House, in tne afternoon, to the effect that General Scott stopped at tbe residence of bis son, In Elizabeth, N. J., and consequently would not arrive In New York that evening Tbe retinue of tbe General, however, continued on their way, and arrived at the Astor llous? last evening. Tht-lr names are as follows:?Hon Slmom Cameron, Secretary of War; J. D. Cameron, the Misses Cameron. Hon $ P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury; Adjutant General Thomas, United States Army; Miss Thomas, General Van Vliet, United States Army,Major General liutler,United States Ariny; Major B Camercal. United States Army; Governor Sprague. United States Army: Majors. P Sanford, United States Army; Senator Harris, New York. It is not known how long a slay General Scott will make at Elizabeth, but Is highly probable that it will be brief, and that he will be in New York during the week ? JV. Y. Herald Affair* in K*ntiir?t ?? "r^rv. ?v,_ ? ?l?m ... ? ? - > avast ? UT 1JVU I* V 111C Journal of Oct. Hist we clip the following: It appeara, after all, the late rebel expedition against lien Ward's camp at Ureensburg was by no means a myth The Louisville Courier of the 18th, published at Nashville, alludes lo the expedition, and aaya that no word had yet been received from it. The Courier Bays: "It was reported, however, that heavy tiring was beard In that direction for several hours Thursday night, and It Is confidently believed at Bowling Green that a complete capture has been made of the whole of the enemy's forces." We learn from the Lexington Observer and Reporter that mauy of those who made their way to the rebel camp at Prestonburg a few weeks slncc are now reluming to their homes Twentywtn from one neighborhood In Harrison county returned last week. They give a deplorable account of the state of think* in the mountain* The rebels there are utterly destitute of tne commonest necessaries of life ine7in Kentucky regln^nt left Catlettsburg last Sunday on a steamboat for some point above on Big Sandy river, to reach Prestonburg, which 1* about seventy miles ilis ant. tien Nelson has about five thousand troops converging on the r< bel camp at that place. Gentlemen of good judgment, who returned last evening from Gen McC?ok's advance on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, express the belief that Gen. McCook will make an advance with his ariny from Nolin toward Green River during the next forty-eight hours The Cotton Product op Fohiy ox* Vh? The amount of cotton raised In the United State* for forty-one yearn, a* given by Messrs Samuel Hallett A Co., has been 77.7li0 523 bales, or 24,313.361,365 pounds, estimating the bale at lifi pounds, which bait been tbe average custom-house weight for the last six vears The total amount exported has bsen 26 273 U2s,3*< poui<ds, valued at #2,752 984,281. niTF" ATTENTION. COMPANY B. NAIJJ? TIONAL toUARDS?You are here' y notified att.-.nH ??4 * *-* ? HU UU aujuuilini lliocuai UI lllrt oo i pany on THIS (Mon lay) KV?-NIN *, on the southeast corner of loth and F streets, at 7)4 o'o.o?k. U* lY"^? REGIMENT (ORDERS, No. 1- head IkJc quarter* Sirtk Ketim'nt M. /' C., Wa?uin?ton, Nov. 4, 1861.?Tn field and Company Officers of the Bu-h Kec/ment, D. C. M.,will me t a' th.? r sidenoe of Ool Mid !eto> , on WEDNESUAY EVENING at m o'olook. By urd r: J AS. H. SHEKELS, uo 4-3t* Adjatant |YV?MASONIC -Grand Lodge of F. and A. l? H Maiont of Ik* Dittrut of Columbia.?The offioers and m^mbeis of the M. W.Grani Lodge are herebt notified that the Annual C<>mmunir? tion will be holden on TUESDAY NFXT, the 5th mst. at 4 o'olook p. m., at the Hall, ooruer of 9ih and D sts. All Master Masons in proper standing are oordially and fraternally invited to be resent. noaat JOSHUA T TAYL.OR.G. feeo. PC? ATTKNTION, PRESIDENT'S IL5 MOUNTED GUARD.?The m?mb?ri, fx rr.?mt>er? and ottixena of this Diatnot, who Wiab to austain onr ongtral organisation are reqneated to meet at the Caspan'a Ho a ae. (Capitol Hi!),; on TUESDAY EVENING aezt, Noiember A'h, 1861, at 7H o'oloak- On that evening offioera will be elected for the Company, and abould there be a auAoient can,her prea nt, to enroll themaelvea into a regiment, offioera will be elected lor the oompaniee aa aoon aa filled B> order of the Committor. op au-lw* ri"REGISTER'S OFF.CK, Jjf October 39. 1861. TO ALL WHOAf IT MAY CONCERN. nfltlm i- k?k- ? . ? ,,v?iw ! iioiou' ftroa tnai ncentes given to tav?rn?, retailer* of ipirituoua ard fermented liqu ra, and oordiala to croeeriea.dry gooda. hardware, medicine*. pe fumery. watohes ai.d jewelry, lumber, wood and oo&l, oommunon irer ot-aoia; a ao, to keesera of haokner carriage* and nnini'iuaea, bit iarc tab'ea. ten-pin alleya and oon feo ionary, ana for bawling asd pcddlinr. and dealera in oid iron, braaa, copper, A a , will expire on Monday, the 4th day of November next, and that aaid liojnaea moat be renewed a* tbia olhoe within ten daya after that time. SAMUEL B. DOUGLASS, oo22 Mt^Nov. Refiater. fy*-DKPAETMBN*OF METROPOLITAN 11^ POLICE?The iioard of Pohoe Commiaaioneri having taken the hoaae 416 Eleventh at., ii K?? ? - uvunewu wi'n mo roiioe of the oity viU be traaaaoted at that siaoe. A general oonaplaint booh will be opened, and oitlsena are re*aeet?d to call and enter any onmplainte they may hare to make ol any matter rela* inc to the polio* or health of the eity. e& W B. WEBB. Baperlntudant jvV-THK UNI ON PR AY KR MKET1NB lIJj will be hoMen EVERY DAY thia week in the English Lutheran Church, oorner of II and 11th ate., oomraenoin* at half-past? o'oiook p. m , to be oontinasd oae hoar only. 00 7m rrV^COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENGlNKfcKS.11? Fiftr inialliiSBt and able bodied meohamos will be etliated to ill thu Company to the umi imam ftxsa by law?1? man. 1 nam re at No. pbsa&afctr *" - * -VBT / f 100 flERCES 8. CAHAM*. GUM * Co , b*?t brftadi, tnit r?o?i vrd and for br , JOHN G I.YLE t, CO. no ? No ?t. en H068HEADS* OV) B\C^N SHOULDERS Ju t revived lad lof tal * br JOHN G. LYLK k CO.

BO 4 [R*p ) *t*a Ejoh printing VKRY De*ri>Uoi? of JOB PRINTING fftdlr*d Ht any body?aitiisn-, oiril funotionariM. irm? una navy nlT\?r?. iatlrr?. &<s ??t th*STAR OFFICE, in aauafaistory atyle, at lotf rttea for Caah. no 4-tf F()K BAI.K I.OW?Light WAflON. HOxSfc', an<l HARNKSH. Alio. aeveral huodred gy Barreli and Macs. 1 ?>T* Wanted, a No. 1 Pauaaae Mak*r. Apply to JA8. ROBKRTSON, Ajent, No. 60 Proapeot at.. Georgetown- It* TO HOLDIF.R S, 8UTLKR*, CITIZRN*, OR ?NY OrHFiR MAN "-JaatreoeiTed, l.orolba of Bjlocna *xoellent artiole for Luooh or Snack ard only 12K oenta per lb. Good Hama9 oenta, better 11 ana heat H JO". \V. Da VI9, It* corner ath and K atreata. PRODUCF.. FRUIT, 8KGARS, *o. 100 bb'a. Onions, in prim" order, l.orobuahela Jaok-on Whit* Potatoea, 3Mubaf>"o h n Batter, 5o boxe* rheea^, lo boxea Frenoli Lemona, Beware. __ WW, H. HAMII/I'UN A CO , no 4 1 w* 47ft N nth at.. h*low KTHE GOVERNMENT. Regimerta or Brigade* needing heavy BLANKETS, are cffaed 1.714 pairs of 4)*. 5V and 7,4 'ha S'out Twilled Whits B ankets at ver* !ow priori, to oioistoon" sirnment from the importer PERRY k BROTHER, Pa. a v., and 9;h rtreet, no 4 5td "Terry Bui'ding." NNEW MILLINERY OW Op*nmg a very ?upenor aunrtment of ALL and WINTER BONNETS at onr^k Fanoy Ftcre, No. *10 Pa. avenne, between OfcJ 9th and ;oth sts., where Wlet Thompson prepared ?o execute promptly all orders in this Mne that she may b? fav- red with. no4-3t HUTCHINSON * MUNRO. MILITARY GOODS?Swords, Sabers Sashes, Belt*. Epaulettes, Shoulder ptraps, Cap Ornamenta. Sword Knots Numbers, Figures, Spurs, ard all other articles needed for a military outfit. A large assortment met received. M. W. GALT * BRO , Jewellers, 354 Pa avenue, no 4 3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. BLAUENSBURG ACADEMY, Prixcb Giorsk's Co., Ms. This institution is again in a flourishing condition. Ycunc gentlemen are prepared for college or an* scientific pursuit. Tho S?oond Quarter will commerce November 18th. and. by making earl? application, two or three mor? tsoaroe tana Uay Pupils can l>e aocommodat'd. Terms?F"r Boarders, 812"per annum, exolnsive of tnition ; Day Pupils, from to 910 per quarter. no4 eo3t* Prof J. FILL, PrinoipeJ. THIS IS TO G I V K NOTICB. That the snbeoriber hath ol>tain<d from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, let'eis of administration on the personal estate ot *artha (alias Tat e-) Hutchins, lat? of Warhincton county, deoeased. All persons havinc claims agairst the said ucoea-ed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vonohera thereof, to the suVcrib r, on or before the second diy of Nov mber next: they may otherwise by law be exolnded from a 1 benefit of the said ecta e. Given under my hand this second day of Noven. bar. 186 GEO. W. HARK ESS. ._no< lawSw^ Adrrinistr%irix. Medic life for the Army. FRYE'8 VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS~ WEI L AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTl.E ON HAND. This preparation ia an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rheumati*m, Neoraleia, H uuei, So:p?, Sprain*, Ringworm*. Canker, Fainter*' Co io, Dy?entery, Liver Complaint, Pilea. Drapepaia, Chilblain*. Kidney Complaints, Teetha-he, Headachea, Cnlda, Coufha, Bruiara, F*ver and Ague, Cholera, &o. The FAIN CUREK ia entirely vegetable in ita composition, abd mar be aaed at all timea with perfect safety. Ku 1 direotiana aooompany each boitle. Manufactured by JOSEPH 8 FRYE, Salix Mass. For aale by all prin ipal Drugg'ata. nofi-lw* OATS! OAT8I! O A T 8 !!! 3,? Oo BUSHELS OATS For aale by I # n a > rain<ki t? r j. r nnn i nui/uir, 359 Seventh at , near Canal, no 2 3t Waahintton.P. C. ASMV BLUE ? LO?H?* CASIMKRS. AND BRAVKR CLOTHS, medium and beat grade*, at o* prices. Withal kinds of Clo'hs, Vestinga,and Caaai m*ra. for cit-i >na' appan I The whole at our ?rov*rbially low rrio?a. PRRRY * BROTHF.R, Penn. are., and 9th street. n" 3 5td k "Perry Building." rpO SUTLERS' a*D RESTAURANT KEKPI ER^.-we offer a oh^ioe 1 *t of low prioed Table Damaak*, of aeleot *uvlitiea, in widths adapted to th? i - wa> ta. Al*o, a11 other kinda ot Dry Gooda, adapted to the wanta of percona in moderate oireumatanoea, whoae trade we aolioit. One price only, marked in plain figures. P^RRY 4. BKOTHER, Penn. ave .and 9th r reet. no ?-9ti "P^rry Baihtrg." mil nr.vv stvlk" cloth cloaks. iUU maxwk'i/s CLOAK OPENING DAYS. MONDAY and TUESDAY. Not. ?th and Mh. CIRCULARS, SLFEVF CI.OAKS. FRENCH AND ENGLISH SACQUr S. tc . *c. Black Cloth Clocks, from 9$ to ?'R, Repellaut or Water-proof Circulars, from 9650 to fis. Beautitul Fancy Cloth (checked and striped) Cloaks, from ?9 to SIS And all tii > la>9?t noveltiea in Cloaks, in black, b "vn. grey and fanny striped cloths. fTT" Kemember, the pace is lLJ n r MAXWPLL'S* Washington Cloak and Fancy Store, no 2-St No. 32* Pa avenoe. I OQO JOHNSON & NAGLE, OOQ No 9** Pmnnhtlvania Avijiu*. &OiJ Between Ninth and Tenth its . south side, OFF 8R FOR SALK: CHAMPAGNKS-S.H Murom.Piper Heidfick, Moet k. Chandon, Bullinger A Co, Carder A Co , to, . CLARETS?ct Juhrn, St. Estephe, Cantenao, A o , b? the cask or d^x^n HOCK WINES? Deide?retmer, Johannesberger, Liebfrau*nmi>oh, Rudetbeiroer, Ac. BRANDY, Wi iskj.Uin. Port, Sherry, Mtdeira, in wood or class. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stout, Kdmbnrfh and Yorkshire Ales, of the bent brands, in bottle* or stone Juki oiunK?-iiavanaaua ifomeatic. or the choicest branaa. Weoil theepeea' a'tention of Sutlers, Restaurants and families to our l%rr* and well-selected STOCK OF "INE GROCERIES, Freeh Meat, Poaltrt, Fish, ?oaps, Vegetables and Fruits in hermetically sta'ed oani. PRKSEH VES, Jelliec, Ao , Almond*, NdU. Raisins a^d Kig*. CHEESE,(Easternand Weetern Cutting>; Ham, begt Goshen Butter, the hestChninpagi.e ?'ider. WORCESTER8HI RE and Oyster Sauoe, Pickl a of every deronption, Pepper Sauoe and Tomato Catsup, b? the gal on or doien All of which we lff-r at the loweat noaaihla prioes and on reasonable terms . uo 2 JOHNSON* NAG LE. JVTOTICK TO FARM.'.RS.-HaRVEY baa ten 1^ thousand bushel* of Oyster Shells, whish hi will cive to any one who will haul ?h?m a*a?. Apply at 491 C ?t .opposite th- Theater, no 1 St D! -SOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP Notioe is hereby given that the partnership her* tofare existing under the firm and style ol Wm. k. E Loxd is this d*y dissolv d by mutual oonsent. The iiumness wilt hereafter be oonduoted by Ebenezor Lord. at the old stand, ? r.o assumes and will pa* all th* liabilities of the said fi m.and who ! hfrtnv ?a aaIW* j?* wwnrv? ?U nn'UOJI UHV mc aid firm. w%f LORD EBENEZER LORD. Nowmbar 1,1881.?St* New supplies in cloths, cassimeresand Vestings. of qnalities that oan be relied on. at lees than the u nal p>ioes, in standard oolors and seleot fano? stales With ah kinds of Dry G>ods for the general and speoia) wants of families and Housekeepers. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotbs, Rugs, *o., upser floors. One prioe only, marked in^lainyK?r jjjjr, Pa. a?eRa? and OC30 5? "Perry Building." ? WATCHES JbADIES' AND GENTi EMEN'S NEW Styles oi very superior Gold W alone* by a Li the Jby i moat celebrated makrra. A'.ao, reliable FX* Timekeepers in Silver Caeea. at very lowAME r#tc? A large aaro-tment jurt rrceived. JET Wa?ones, Chronometers, Jewelry, Ao ,carefU' 1 rePftir?d. ^ w GALT ^ BROTHER, Jewelers, 354 Pa. avenue, no 1-31 Four doors west of Brown's Hotel. KW THINGS IN LADIES' CLOAKS AND SB AW LS A fall aapply of Plain and Fanoy Silks, it the old i PrA?ooniplete aaaortm?nt of Mourning and Gloaay Black Mlks. i New lots of lo ?, medium and fine Drees Goodi. Ladies' Kid Glovee, ail oolors and aiaee, beat I quality. Ol? iriaft flnlv. m&rkml in * " " FEKHYIC'BTO., Peon. tvtoan and 9th (tract, oo?-at "Perry Bnildtng " rARANGK COUNTY CONDENSED MILK It ia highly reoouimeoded by Pnyaioiaoa, Hnip Masters and Iiavelera. Insure* a aweer, pare ar tiole for auy length of time Never beoonee ebeeey, ; and guarantied o keep in an* etimate. E7" For aale at facto j prieee. _ KINO A 8UBCHELL, oeg Corner 1Mb at ard Vermont av. WAGONS. WAGONS, WaGONS-Jnat re oeitred ooedoxen Wagon* suitable for Grooeraand 8?tiara. For salechrap,at R^fUs^fl:v JET Repairing of Ml kiade promW^ttended official. Amah am Lircolh, Preaideat of the UuM State* of Aaenoa: TV mil Wktu it M(f Cmtern. Satisfactory evtdenoe btrmi been exhibited to me that Camilo Vamtih Dm been appointed Vloe Conaal of Spain, at San Fiaooieco, California, I 4o hereby reoofnise him aa aaoh, and declare him fraa to exeroiee and enjoy a?eh functions, yoriri, and pririie*e? aa ara allowed to the Vioe Coaamla of the moat favored cations in the United State* In teatimnnv whereof. I hareeaunwl these lettera to b? made patent. ud the awl of the United State* to be hereunto a Axed Given under hit hand, at the eity of WmIin*too. the let day of November, A. D. 1MI( IL. a] and of the iixiep?i>d*noe of the United State* of America the e*jhty-aixth. .. . , ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By th? Preeident: William H. 8iwiid. Secretary of State. Amaham Lincoln. President of the United State* of Aaerioat To All Wk*m it V?v Ceaeafa. Satiafaotory evidence having been exhibited to me that GonrmKT Sxtdacki* hae been appointed Comal of the Principality of Sohaambnrg-Lipp*, for the United State*, to i?eide at Chioafo, 1 do hereby reoogniie him m auch, and dealare him free to ezeroiee and enjoy snoh fnnotioas, powera. and privileges, aa Ere anovea vo ue uonsaisoi ut most favored nation*, in the UuMd State*. In testimony whereof, 1 fcave named tbeee Letter* to be made Patent, ud the Seal of the United State* to be hereunto aft zed. Given under my hand at the City of Washington. the 31 at day of Ootnber, A. D. 1861, [L ] and of the indep?r d*r.oe of the united State* of Amenoa, the euhty *>xth ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President: W illiam H Sx w a* d. Secretary of tftato. AMUSEMENTS. Theater. mod day KrEHINO. Nor. 4. Mis* 8U8AN DENIN in Two Pieeee Mr. BEN ROGERS in Three Pi-wee. Win l>* p"r'?rir*ci GR'ST TO THE MILL, 1 HE POST OF HONOR, Uil JOE EATON, MY FRIEND. It* KIMG'S NATIONAL CIRCUS a!?d Metropolitan Arena will open MONDAY EVENING. Not. 4th. for the Recular 9euoo, io the Pnnlion on E street, site of the Old Nation&l Theater. T)i? M&nu?r. Mr TflM KINR. rxiMtrdlf ftlh ounoes to the eitiiens and denizen* of the Metropolis that he has eeoared for the OPENING NIGHT AND CARMINE WEEK the fo'lowing distincuish*d ladies and gentlemen of note and acknowledged talent in the profeesioi-al arena and gymnasia: MR. JAMES MELVILLE, TkI IlTTKBPID HOMIKiK. who. ppon his dthui at the Broadway Theater. New \ ork, t -ok the subl'o by surprise, and eaused the oolumns of the Press to teem with ealogistio notices of the FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN RIDER. Mr M. will, on the oooasion of his initial Entree in Washington, introduce his two pnpils, MA?TKR* WILLIE and FERNANDEZ. MADAME CAMILLE, the Gay and Dashing Equestrienne, M^D'LLE MARIE, the Fascinating and Picturesque MAD'LLE VIRGINIA, thA KfnKnHimAnt nf Ci rAn? tnH rhiitunMi. A.nH LA PETITE ELOISE. the Child Ridtr, are incorporated in the list of Female Attractions; thus give Tonb, sttli ikd effbctivb clalactil to the entire Entertainments. PHILO NATHANS, the Bare-baok ani Somersault Rider, hu been engaged, together with FERDINAND TOURNAIRE, the astonishing Pirouette Performer, together with WM. KINCADE, the famous Master of the Art of Somersetting. Special arrangement! have also b'en made with Mast.GEO. DARIUS, Yclept thb Man Monkbt In the 8ohool of Ath'etiea will be found MK88R8. PENNEY AND JONES, whilom of Dan Rick's Gbsat Snow, where, in all the principal oities of the 8c?th and West, tney orea'ed a furor? by their intrepid feats on La EckdlU Perilloutt, Trapam* Flying Bar, te , #e. THOMAS KINO, Thb Champion Lbadbk. will appear and present his two prodigies, the Q. C.'s. DAN GARDINER. the People's Clown, will reign in the department of ITil, Mirtk Hilarity, Dividing some of the honors, however, with the SOKTFOLIO PoXBDIAN, : LILLIPUTIAN DAN. FRANK WHITTAKER. the Popular and Standard Performer, has been selected as Master o< the Cirole and E^nestnan Di reotor. J. P R O 8 P E R I '8 RAND. TotsisTiNe of 26 Musician* has been engaged speoially for this Entablishment. THE HORSES ARE FRESH, IMPORTED JftfD BLOODED. THK DkEMXS, Co*TCM*i?, PAlXPHUKtUl AND hlOFIITIII are new and beantiful, being manufactured during the past 2 months in New York and Philadelphia by the best artificers and desigcers The Pavilion la of approved construction. and wi't be illuminated with iaa supplied from the District Gm Woi k?. Pairxa or Ansnsaio!*. Dreaa Circle .... ? _?5noenta. Social Boxea .?? 25 oeota. Orcheater Chairs 7* cents Separate aeata (or c lored peraona. .25 oents. P. 8. There will be no half prioa tickets sold for any bat Dress Cirole Places MAT I N BBS A m O n?f*t On WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFT'NB. Ticket* for tale at all the leading Hotels. Door* o?en at 7 o'olock. Performance* will oommence at 8 o'olock, and terminate at a eeaeonable hoar. Oirnibaeee will oe at the d nor* of exit to take viaitora to all parta of the oity and adjoining district!. Sole l.enaee and Manacer in Chief.. Thomis Kins Aaao-iate Manager ~ j'. Scott Treaaorer G*?v Wbithit iiuaineia Aient Da. R. P. Jona* Due notioe will be given of theawaranoeofa NUMBER OF STARS. with whom enmemanti ire now pending. noJ-3t Exhibition and assembly, atoddFeiowe' Ha 1, ea?? Kicl.ih at., Navy Ya'd, % THUW9DAY EVENING, Nov.7th. Pror 89 BARNES will give a Freejixhib'tion of hie/^A ?iyl? of Danoing h? hi* pritont Claaa. fromUHfc 7 to 9 p. no. Aaaembly oommenoea at 9 o'olook ; tiokete for cectleman and ladi'a M oenta. Exhibitioo free Tioketa to be obtained at tbe Hall. oc 31 lw* A cu i vii imt/iv pji-m i '>?' " * " Awnmw V\UH LWil (AH 1 1 Will he gi?en at the M Hall or thi Fkakkltn F.>o Hons, JS D *t.. near Twe'fth. IR On THUKSDA Y E VEXIXQ, Q|| November 7th, 1861. TICKETS ftO CENTS, Admitting a Gentleman and Ladiea. _ w M WILLIAM H. FANNING. oo 30 W.M.Th Troaeurer. i \DD FELLOWS' rfALL! u 08iTWEL^^H,iltT""' CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. perfoiTmIr?. Immense Saooeei of ? , frank swann, The Great Baeeo. from the Cooper Opera Troupe. n*W SONOS AMD APTXKPIBCB* ! Concluding with the owns u r m a i. T a. He-wt>uld-b? t Boil ......... F. Wyaad Admiaaion 25 o?nta. oo 26 GEORGETOWN ADVEJRT'MTS 5HHDS. PRIME ORLEANS SUGAR, 90 buiRio, Mar*o*ibO and Java Coffae, 20 bbla. No? 1,2 and 3 M&ckeral, 60 drama Fif?, 160 a&cki and 6. A. Salt. For aale by no 2 ? W. H. TENNKY. OA BOXES BUNCH RAISINS. OU 600 lb*. Bordeaux Almooda, i e n J a IHMH vurr?av?. JU arums r i|i, Citroo, Palm Nati, ud Filberta. For lilt by _ ooSl-tt W. H. TENNEY. ^ BB?S. SUPERIOR OLD ROURBON WHI*Holland Gin. Port, Madeira ud Sherry Wine*. P?r Mue by oca ? W. H. TENNEY. 1 AAA LBS NEW BULLED I ,UUU BUCKWHEAT, 5 tiaroaa Surer oared Hem*, 10 bbl*. end kera Lav Lard. 15 bbl* Preab Ground coffee. l?i flit Codfish. * *> b >xm Ni? York ChNM, For MU? by o?31~? W. H. TKNNBY. flmWWM ? ??? AUCTION SALES. Br 6Rt RN k WILLIAM*. A?elioM?r?~" HWUSSNRtf AN* SoS SRS.ffl Ikiutut WB'k&llBeC IB ft-OBt or ? A? . L fttoiB, No }S(?'k<trM'.at itnc! ?* *.? ? Th? Hor?* Woiki ud Rido* Ro?.k w%y JkOA Hin lood order. ? ? It <Re?.) AREEN A WILLIAMS AwU. Bt SRKKN * WILLIAMS. ABOtioaaart. EXTKN8IVE8ALKOF Fl RN lTi:RE,f t'Tt?m. Liyto*#, Ac . at Arrnos ?Ob 8ATUKDAY.tkeSd M >T?n>fwr we ?i. ? nfrant of <>ar SVore, No. &9* fcwstt atraet, ax M e'eleek A- IB A large and exoe; eet atr rttntr t of H< eerhn * Farnitara, Alan, Firkin* of Batter. 3 Ca?k? of tie BoUai.4 * G>n. With a large lot ofotkar ameiee. vhfcafc w 4**m 00"Ry^N^A*WILL1AM8. A Bete. IETTHF ABOVE SALE 18 P08TPO >k D. in ?o etueoce oi tka rata, antt II >St)At next. uma koar and f.aoe, wken iit(i ?dritwna will be made. en* It B? WALL A BARNARD. Anotior*'? Nov.? ltoVjoek, wa_wi.l^aa:i. < i fcr?? ,.n ui air Bwotiuu iwwi,ii mwnmpci 01 fic?l!wt Farnitvr? and Hoaaabold Parnitare lor aoc >*nt of whom it may oonoorn, withoa t rM?rv?, to ox>aa ooB*iiciit?DU. oompria nr? Mahogany and walnnt So^aa and Teteg Do lor and Ka>y Chairs Wa nut and mahogany raarblo top I'ablaa Mahogany marMa-toi Sideboard* an" i t Ka?h-oai.a, and wood ?*at Cha: and Kcoirt B*d?t**n?, hair, ahnok. and ahack acd oottoa MattrNM ?arrau?, with and without giuim 'a?h?tand?, Tablaa. ?idabnard? Walnat and n ahogauy Src?tariM aad BookoaMi Oval, gilt, and mahogany Mirrors Walnut, iron and otW Bat raoki Btovaa, and many inraiafcinf good* not liMtaciiionod. Trrm? oaah. noyi WALL A BARNARD. Aact'ra RUCTION BALKS IN PHILADELPHIA. WM. R. 8MITH7^?MT?; iMtMMir, OS Choanut ft., abors 5thRecalar Salsa TUESDAY aod SATURDAY Won..? U M . - Fine Table and Pocket Cntlery, Ha-dwar*. Fancy Goods. Soaps, Oila, Braibea, A c . Ae. Poreign atd DoiuMt.c ** ibh and m*ore. 1,000 lota every Thursday Morning. oc 13 1m* CJTYL1SH IRISH POPLINS FOR DRESSES. O at moderate prioea. New Cloaka opened to-day at low prioea PERRY ft BROTHER. oc y St l'a avenue ao<i Ninth at UORBE. BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR ! n sale Applv to wall * bar NARD, Anotion and Comaniaaion N*r TX^a ohanta, oor. Ninth at. and aonth aide Pa ^EZl avenue oc 9 SOLDIERS, O SOMETHING FOR YOU! Poakct ComIml". . k o*bu Do. Looking Glaaaea_ M ** Union F.nveiopoe, per hundred.. ... ** Plain do. do. S* ** Ambrotypeeof8?ott,MeOleilan.Ao .each IS " Sent by mail to any ad^reer. ALFRED ?. ROBINSON. oc &-5w* rabliaher. Harttord. Conn. ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho'i Patent Elastic Leg A Hand. No. 916 Hioauw.t Niw Vokk The** aariTftiiad anbctitatae far lost liaba. wbloh have stood the teat of orn 91 yetra rxpananoa, and have o-w ba*n aarf?aM<i,eM bated onl? of WM. 8ELPHO, PiMntat, *16 Broadnr, Naw Yorfc. v oaU la WK WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oar former patron?. au4 ritisana geewslli, that va hava do* ia~a rrd oar fail ruppy of FALL and WINTER SOOUi'.aiMlart prepared to far mall than at an early antic and ia the beat a ad anoat approved at) lag. H'N ION ft TEEL. oc ?6 I in Merchant Tai.ora. No. ??* fa ?t. ptNSION OFF1CK, Jrn? 6r?. 19?1. TO ALL WHOM TF MAY COSCKRN. Application bsriBC bean mada under tae tot of 33d Jane. 1M0, for the raina* of the Lu? Wtrraots described herein, whioh are all*f ed to have been lost or destrovad. notioe is hereby given .that at the date following the description of aaah war rant, a new Certificate, of Ilk* tenor, will be issued, if no valid objection hall the* appear No 96.100, for MX) acre*, issued under the tot of March 1M6, in the name of Po It, widow of David Bradbury, and (ranted on the Ifch oar of ewptem bar, 1880 ? November 16, Ml. No. 43.342 for ifln acres issu-d under the Mt of Marc n. W56, mthe name of Christopher Dougherty, and era-tad on the *?th day of September, Utt. November 16 1861. No.9S4U. for l?n aores, issaed nnder the act of March. 1M6, iu the name of 6uy 8. Alexander, m> nor ehild of John C. Alexander, deoeaaed, and granted July 2, 188ft.?November >6,1861 No. 3.163, for 160 aoraa, issued under th* act of Maroh.lktt in the came of Benjamin Eeily. sjxt (ranted on th* 37th day of Jan*. IMA No 653. for 80 acres, turned under the act of March, taw la the name u' Rnivu Ww*if, aod (racted on the 9th day of May, 1MB No. 8S6. for 160 acre*, used nt'er th* a*t at March, 1865. id a?nta?ofMaa*i H WiitrkMN, and k ran tad on U>e 23d day ol May, 1866. ,No. t,VSo. for SO urw, leaned nnaer the act of Marofa. 1K66. in the nam* of 8h)ilT LK>wdi, ar.d (ranted on the 3d day of Arngmat, 1866.?Noraabar (MM. No 41 9m, for 100 aoree. leaved under the aot of M?roh, 1856. in the name of Jamea Pray, and craa<ed on the 21st day of March, 1861 ? No\ember 2b. 1861. No 25 3Sn, for 16P acrer. lataed under the aot of Maroh 1866, in the came of Wil'iam M . J alia* C. and John D. minor chidren of lnrin Baf(K, deceased, and gr.nted oo tbe Mth day ol Maj, 1&56 ? November 23, >61. No 44,818. lor On aoree, taevet under the act of Ma -oh, 1866 in the name of Getty, viaov of Thonaa El wood, and rrant?d the Uth day of Jaiuan l8ffJ.?November 23, 1861. No. 75 3H, for 16n aoree. laaued ander the aot of in arcii, i??, ic lie bum oi ai*xu<im .wo Biioufn. ft'.d crat,tod on the 8th duy of January, 1868.?>oTMMr S3.1861. So. 8,068, for lfln acre*, laaued ender the aet of Maroh, I806, in the i>tm? cf Alexander MoQu? n. and granted on the tfts day of Ootober, 1866.?Nou?per an. 1861 No. 9,wr, for 13n m<m, iaaoed under the aet of March. 1866, in the name of Daniel West, end granted on the Mth day of July, 1846 ?December 7, No. S7>e,for ien aoree. leaned under the act cf Maroh, '856, in the name of Hannah widow of Jamee W mon, and granted ou theauth day of February. 18.S7 ?December ?, 1861 No.M390,ior 120 acres. i?au*d under the aotof March. 1866. in toe name of Martha, widow of And ew M aiioc. and granted ou the LSth day of A aril. 1&S6 ?December , 1861. , No. 3JOS. for 190 aoree. iaeued under ?he ac' of Marcn, 1RS5, m the name of Samuel R Jaokway nrl franlti) An t'?a A mm, A m?h?? IfifcA No. 31'4,for 19) acrea, IhbM and*' the act of. Maroh, 1855, in the nam* of William H Tarrance, Kd cractM on ttie IStb day of Jnly, 1S56 -Deoeii, r II, 1*1. No 14,946, for ? aire*. leaned under the act of September 'ton. in the name of Levi Treadwe.l, and granted Sx p ember 2*h, 1861. No SI on,To acrea. imumI andar the aame act. i? ujc numo of Abal Platta. aod granted NoT?r.t>?f tfth. MM?December M. 1861. No 73 534 for 160 aorea. leaned ander the act c( March, IMv, in the name <>t Thomaa Johnaon. an<i trained on uia 9th day of September, M7.?Jbd > r/o.^.6,for 90 acrea. laaued ander the act of March, US6, in the name of Folly, widow of John Camp, aod (ranted on the day of eepten.'jer, 18.* ?January ?, IMS. No. 23 426. for 16) acrea. laruad under the act of Ma'oh. 1866. is the ctm? of William !*oo't, aid w {we?1** ocl*l*1,t dl} M&y, 1K6? Jacuary II, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, el#-law Commiuiosfi New andstvlish things. wiow -*io*i. Medium and fine Embroidered Cambric and Mna'in Collar?. We also name great bargatna in Dtmi Silkt. many new tang in the aaeortment. One prioe onir, marked m plain ?<area. _Carpeti, Curtail.*. Oilcloth*. . upper ?floora PtKK , & BROTHER. oc 21 5td Pa. ar..aad ?th atroot PROPER KINDS OF CLOTHS FOR 1 making Ladiee'C u?ka. Pi.aeandMwj.Lii. C.uthi for OeaU' wear, new aajMuee One arioeoali, marked ia plain igaraa. An lhapeotion of a took eon cited fit im?Uee ae obligation to parohaee. PERRY * bRO.. Pa-aTaaaeand Ninth at., ochbM -Perry Baiidinj Rt a m^m Vlfc . V ?Mt?vunMv ?* y bAUM} TT BCiVWV r 1 in cmn, no. * frith it.. H^Jtinora, k?n tut l*rf?u>t of Maokoroi. Hornag. Codiu. Al^. >rira??tLaatiirn Choooo. All of vhioh wit bo sold at U? lowtl a>ark?t rat? oc ?6-tW cjrkat ijrawoi/s^vib, m. < ist&tt rsMSBfii houbf., 946 prl&a*ltaaiaataiiao,<o?orv mj ??riy? *tora.) w? ataon factor* oar ova Gcodo, aa4 oal. < nfw y#rk rr\t*i, thereby aavicr frotcht. Haviui conMaatij on baad a larc* Ptook, we of apply at a motnot.ri botioa, aer * nan tit? dowrtxi. 1 larice assortment of 3 aolt hi(h-eat Shoot. aad Lonf-te* Bou, Bailers liberally dealt vita. Aoa. from V'H^flSSSl^lc UNCILWoot-iwmpala* _ La dibit drkm tiimminom aRUBIMt ?imps. CofSeMi T APSE LA f?j?&r&?.*u ' ?-j,v"2? ^ lltr7 m bTr*i * 2**11 $&?* _oo?-?o? MURRAY ft SKMttLfr^ |, sp&giigiirs l I I 11

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