Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1861 Page 3
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_ LXJCAL NEWS. IC^TbrtUfth The 9tae is printed on the fastest ?t'?m press In u*e south of Baltimore, It* edition 1? so large as to require It to be pot to press at an early boor: Afr>?rit**m?nts, therefore, should be sent In before It o'clock a.; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Tat Bcajnso or th* E-stbkit InniMABY? Ttrribl* and Thrilling Incidents?Re mor ml 9f More than On* Hmndre4 Patunts-A Woman Supposed la to Burned.?Thla morning, at a very early hoar, the E-strset Hoapttal, better knowh aa the Washington Infirmary, waa discovered to be oo fire It contained at the time from ninety to oae hundred aick and wounded soldlera, and a considerable number of other Government patlenta The fire Is believed to have originated In defective flue from the furnace, which waa located la the cellar nnder the addition whtah projected from the center of the main building In I the rear The rooms of the Siaters of Charity were In thia addition?^ver the furnace?and the three medical cadets bad a room on the floor above The rooms of the Sistera were filled with smoke about half an hour after midnight, and the Slater Superior first gave the alarm They had barely time to hurry on their clothing and escape, leavl ng everything but the clothing they had on In the burning building Their cries brought In the guard, and soon the alarm became general. Pr* Rodman, Hutchlns, and Allen, the cadets above alluded to, lost all their personal effects, with the exception of the clothing which they hurriedly put on to leave the burning building. The Metropolitan Police were aoon upon the ground, ana ran through the bouse aroualng all tne lnma'es, and about thla time the acene was awful in the extreme. All of the sick and wounded able to riae wrapped the b?dcloiblng around them and escaped from the building, and the ahrleka of those unable to do so were terribly piercing, and thrilled the heart* of all who beard them. The citizens present, the officers of the Institution, and the Metropolitan police, were all active In rescuing the weaker patients, who had to be taken up bodily and brought through the smoke and flames to a place of safety Some were carried to the City Hal), some to the school bouse on Judiciary Square, (a hospital for some time past,) some to the former quarters of Griffin's Battery, some to Old Trlnty Church, on Fifth street, and many to private reside ces in the neighborhood. It is believed by the officers of the institution that all the patients were rescued with the exception of one?an ag*d woman, named Mra Huaaey, who waa aent to the Infirmary aome time aince by the Commissioner of Public Buildings She cannot be found, and It la supposed sne has perished in the flames The alarm at no time became general through the city, and many persons living within two or three squares knew nothing of the flre until this morning One hour and more after the flre was discovered a single alarm bell waa rang, and it wu at leaat an hour after that before any flre engines arrived. Bv that time the addition and the eastern portion of the main building were enveloped in flames Tbe flre now made conatderable headway; and at (5 o'clock this morning nothing remained of the Washington Infirmary but a mass of blackened walla snd smoking timbers,with the exception only of tbe west wing, which is comparatively uninjured The walla of the addition hare nearly all fallen, and the front wall of tbe east wing Is cracked so badly that It will have to be taken down. Dr White, the principal, lost all hla personal effects; and It it stated that the books and papers of tbe institution have been destroyed The atslstant surgeons (Doctors Gooley snd Pooley) also *5* their clothing, as did the steward (Mr. Hill), ward master (Mr Davis), and other officers The fire most have been burning some time before It was discovered Soon after the Sister Su perior gave the alarm, i s >ldler was aent Into the room where the flames had buret out with two buckets of wafer, but the door being closed on him, and the amoke suffocating, he lost his presence of mind, and did not apply the water judiciously, whereby the progrea* of the flre might have been temporarily checked For aome reason tbe water which Is conveyed through the building in pipes was not used. ..Our citizens were active in affording relief to the inmates of the institution, and hot coffee and other restoratives were at once on band The ladles have been unremitting In their efforts to secure the welfare and comfort of the patients, and I no lack of bed clothing and other necessaries haa been suffered to exist. The Council Chamber of the City Hall contains some 'iO or 30 of the patients, and many more are in the rooms on the ground floor of the west wing of the City Hall A host of kind hearted ladies were present tendering their services thia morning, and the officera or the building have shown great kindness The Mayer offered to do w m,Kht be necessary in tbe way of relief ?(^rLSkluar^pre*DU a ,1?ht thl< rooming, with the amoklng ruins of the building, and 151k" rk*,n,furnlt?,reacattered over the lot Most of the furniture was destroyed by flre, u the energies of everybody were directed almost exclusively to securing the safety of tbe patients _ The want of an efficient flre department was fully demonstrated laat night, and we have to acknowledge the humiliating fact that the flre would not have been nearly so destructive If there bad beea a sufficient supply of hose to bring water to the burning building. As we go to press, the patlenta from the City \^C ' *re conveyed In ambulances to the other army hospitals in this vicinity. 1*. McCLXLLAIf P***E3TXO WITH A SwoXD th* ?word recently voted t0 Gen. McClellan by the City Councila of Philadelphia, was presented to him at his headq uarters V " committee of the councils headed by ^tefll ' P e*,dent ?f 'he Select Coun k a i ^ e presentation apeech, to which the General replied aa followa: est LrM ' ,"tT' I1'?"? warmest and deepest thanks to the honorable bodv you represent for this entirely unmerited compliment I cou'd better if I thought that I deserved It but 1 do not feel that I do .Nothing that I have yet aecompliahed would warrant thia high com SmSi^Ih ,K tOT tbe future to decide whether I SSSSVSST^^ h0p" th#t have whin^t'L^rn thmt tbe d*7 ' DOt f*r distant oth^l L?U ?L th* PUce dearest of all k . tbe balance of my life among the people from whom I have received this beautiful gift The war cannot be lo^g lt may be desperate. I ask in the future forbearance patience, and confidence With these we can accomplish all; and while I know that in the fh!f p 'i whlch may have our hearts' blood that Pennsylvania will not play the least 1 tru?t 2d Mm ?rtCT ***** #he W,U PUV thf fc?Kh~t .hl'M811 Vba?k yo?, "k you to convey to the Councils my most sincere thanka for the sword it? W* my ^fnbltlon to deserve It hereafter; I know I do not now " i>i r.l,t,i!deinu w*rmJ>r d besrtily ap,U,g* C?1mP*ny Present Tbe cer? ZZftl""V *nd at its conclusion SLZMiMi * co'nmltte? introduced to General McClellan : after which they all partook of * "'PPerJ^Jlich the General had prepared sh^n a?H?w? * ,p'en?ld ?Pcclmen of workmanship, and was much admired ior elegance of design and beauty of finish 8 . T" .l"tl from tbe freshet haa overflown the teaks of the canal, from the we<t terminus to Sixth st fhe wood and lumber dealers COMld??bielQconfrom the water, which entirely surrounds many of their offices: and the resident. upon the streets facing the canal are as sorely dis/ ?' them being obliged to get to and Uf^>n ^fomry fixtures The Md d.Sn TI? ??*lln?: 0' of lumber T&however. Tbe merchants on tbe aouth side of the avenue andDfnMrffl^TTiL nt,c,P*tad ? besvy freahet, eeiLtn ^ r*?0Tln? ?oods from their Upon wcb occasions the water backa ap into the sewers opening Into below Seventh street, and frequently f1*? M ,wo or three feet in the cellars and Sd??? ?*lb* b*,wwn Tbe water la tbe Potomac la very high, and la tB 0e?f*etowa The ropes by which the Government ferry boats cross were carnefl away yesterday. Ft?? Displat ?Yesterday, a bodv lrooP,? Including four New Jersey reglmenta, re "d"Bie twenty-Six pieces f' V** P*"*d down tbe avenue on their way to tbst point where tbey are to be aggregated aa a SllgSiMnJl,ireit0dn,h*yke* T6e *PP^ranee of ^ licit-d the warm commendation of military men, as notwithstanding the drenching rsla of a few hours previous, the men look?5 "like regolsrs" In cleanliness, uniform, snd precision of movement v CJavalet PaIadb ?This morning, the First Pennsylvania Cavalry,some 1,100 strong, Colonel Ihermana, pawed along the avenue on their way *? P*" Parade inspection, snd sttracted no little attention both from their numbera snd tbe really creditable appearance anade by the regiment, Indicating that It has profited by active drill T"**tb* ?Mlm Susan Denln appears to-night m.ii f/**?'0*." In tbe comedy of '?Grlat to the ,1? .** "Trudcben" (with song) In the vaudeville of tbe '-Post of Honor," and tbe performances will coaclads with the farce of Fve * *?*'n _Pe?ATiosw r..a r?? Ammt -Oat Daniel G ni' . S Army. <1-sires to acfollowing donations ?From Mrs. OmwUy, ? ^ ?;<k?; jBrs Prol Baird, 4 blank The Cask op Col. Hikmam Baalou.? Saturday Biornlin, Col. H Baalou. of New York, was arrested by an officer of the Metropolitan police upon a charge made by Mr P McNichol, of the r.xehange Hotel, of obtaining hla board at the hotel by false pretencee. The caae was taken before Justloe Walter. From the documents presented In his defence. It was shown to tbe satisfaction of the examining magistrate that there waa do ground for the charge of false pretences Mr. McNichol testified that Col Baalou came to his house some weeks ago and took board for himself and aeveral others representing himself aa the colonel of a New York regiment After hla remaining until his bill was 8119 50, Mr. McNichol made Inquiry at the State department as to his position, and was told that there was no such officer. Charles Meinart testified that Col Baalou is no colonel, and exhibited a note of Baalou's for a sum of money which he held He said he came here to act as adjutant for Col. Maaloo, but the regiment was disbanded j and now be came from the members of the regiment In New York, to atop his further operations. Col Baalou exhlblteda peas from Gen. Porter, In which he Is recognlied aa Col H. Baalou. Also, a document from tbe Department extending the time for him to report hia regiment ready for marching orders ten day*. The case was dlsm'sted C??}' B" haT,nK dismissed, explained his position. ^ He was commissioned to raise a regiment in New York, and after several companies pad been formed he came to Washington to attend to business for them, expending bis money for the regiment While he was here a misunderstanding occurred among the officers, which resulted in tbe disbanding of the regimentst the present time. Justice Walter stated that he administered the oath required by law to Col. Baalou when he received the commission; and had several times aworn recruits for him, to be sent to New York to join the regiment. Mediciwe foe theAemt ?We hear from varl us reliable sources of the excellent effect of rrve's Pain Curer as a remedy for the pains and Ills consequent upon camp life It is truly wonderful how speedily these Ills have been removed by the use of this medicinal preparation Many of the soldiers In the Massachusetts Regiments took a supply with thein and they are now writing home for more, as their stock is exhausted by the demand for tnem from their comrades Let no soldier leave home for the field without sufficlent supply. One of the soldiers writes to his lather thus: "J wantyoototellMr JowPh Frye, In behalf PL^tssex Cadets, that his Pain fcurer Is the nest thing that they ever had to cure their little complaints Any common defect in their system ,".a.5ur^ <n. ?r FT*'* medicine as all the boys call It And would recommend to soldiers going to the war to supply themselves with Capt Buxtom of the 14th Regiment wrltea thus: "Frye's Pain Curer beats everything that we have this way for colds, coughs, fever and ague and everything else If any one is sick in my company, they come to my teut and want some of that medicine. I had a box of It when I left Boston. but we are on our last bottle now Tell every one you see coming out this way to eet a supply. *H Peinceiy Geneeositt -Our highly esteemed fellow-citizen. John C Rives, Ksq . has given substantial evidence of his patriotism and d?volinion ,n his munificent contribution to the First District Regiment, Col Jaa A Talt JnAm, A?J,^rerVold[eT recetves P" month, and SI additional per month for each child. The amount sofar contributed exceeds S1.IJ00, and up to May, 1069, It will exceed flO.OOO In the apgregate, a larger proportionate contribution than that glv*n by any State of the Union, and exclu?'*ely ffom tbe private resources of Mr. Rives. dler- 1? the certificate given to the sol"No 57 ?Fourteen dollars will be paid for the support of'he wife and four children of , of the First Regiment District Columbia Volunteers a^in?Ti0Veml*r and December! *.? J"m,ary. February. .March, April and May, 1862, If this certificate shall be presented to ov?n?v0n "" b"'wwn 11 o'clock a. m and 5 o clock p m on those days Provided he has remained continually In fhe service of the United Elates and hit conduct hat been soldierly." A Hoese DBALKB?Vesterdav Patrolmen Fennil. O > well-known youth named Bobby Garcia, whose deeds have attracted the especial attention of tbe police for some time h.e w" arrested for stealing tL ^ 1 if' b.ut w"let *? on hi# promise to get the property to return to the owner-a promise he failed to redeem. Very soon after a warrant waa Issued for Bobby for stealing a horse, but he was not caught in that case Col Thompson, of the firm of Thompson, Coombs A Co., Government contractors, lost three mules and a*0' an<1 ?rnehow the mare got Into Bobby's possession, and he sold ImL <?f ?h Rhod?* Rhodes hearing of the loss of the mare hy Col Thompson, gavlberuo and yesterday Boiby went to the sgent of the contractors to tell them where the mare was, not knowing that It bad been returned Bobby was fastened with a leather strap and given over tn the police. He was completely rigged out for bis new business of horse trading on stolen stock ^r?5KinPqi PP ,WUh a buj?e P81' of?P?ra. and clad in garments not likely to be spoiled bv ?--" w Tin Charge or Hoese Stkalino ?Thursday tew. h ,hR- V,r| whostaJdl r,? m lhe u,P,clon of stealing a horse ?f N>W Vork< "PPeared before Justice Donn to answer to the charge From mi'rcha?e<l0n h " aP^ar^ tbat the complainant purchased a horse from a quartermaster in AlexW^k* lgo AfUr "brief stiV In Alexandria, Mr. Houghmire hail to return to New ?I , ?n b?,ine*i ?"d he left bis horse |? Alexfm j!' WHthapefI?J WK? w" ^ keep the animal | till Mr. H. returned Upon his return, Mr H learned that the horse was not where he left him; and also that the animal was taken away by Mr C. Miller, a nephew of Mr. Van Valkenbvrg' Subsequently the horse was seen In Van V 's Deisession, but at the present time the owner does kn?W where II Is The testimony being of this character, the Justice required Mr Miller 7? Wr PrnentJ? the trial*. to give ball for further hearing, and poatponed the case one week. The accused parties say they courts thorough lnvestigation or the case. * ,-,C?!,T*ALiJcA"rHor,B CasB! ?Before Justice l J%n7?f,M*y7 Morris, drunk and disorderJam* a*"? RI'ltor' dr?nk; dism!*ed. w u ^ ' d.?.i.turnMl over to the military, i 1? Hillary Smith, Jno Brown Jas Butw"rhr?mM?M'J?* A'Un J" Brooks, Geo! Butler, Chas Mason, Jas Williams, Robt Sevshal1/' Hfan Cha" Hlne,|y? Wm MarTwili. ?i yG?M"aW?Jr' Ueor?e Francis. David' Twine, Mary Jane Foster, Mary Katon, Em..,a Crockst #nd Jas. Kelly, disorderly assemblage: Ja* Tayman, drunk; dismissed Frank Truxell. Chas Like and John Coombs, disorderly; fined *1 !M each. Monday?Jas Collins, drunk; dismissed Jno ciSv'Fetoi. r?nl tdo ; fi??#15<J i^TLT ; i ' P1rofan,tv; do si sm. Rich-d i ZraS?l ',d?,\ d1 ^ Janies Brown, resisting officers in discharging of duty; dismissed i u i^wr^nce Lagerabelona, Kmmanuel Rosha, Jno Cappelona, Chas Retlall and Mary Cappelona, charge of suspicion of complicity in the stabbing of W. H Thomas; bail Jnh! X::in? Abraham Neal. col , dismissed. John Vlckers and James Morton, .leeping in tbe Ire<U.UKV: They have been permitted to go there. Bodies Floatiso Dow.f .-Tbls morning tbe 5U.4 "J"*". floated V.p to lhe wharf at 'he foot k . .j treet, where it was made faat to await the order of a coroner'a jury of inquest. The body was nearly naked, and had the appearance to b?t 10 tte Water 11 w" ,uPP?^d body of some one of tbe unfortunate soldiera who were drowned in tbe river near the'fh't I,l?Dd' which bad floated down with the freshet Several other bodies have been recovered at the Chain Bridge, but so mutilated as not to be capable of recognition. a* n?2tV|?L-^?die* ot "old,e^, drowned In the affair near Leesburg were recovered from the wster by persons In small bosts, opposite the wharvea In Georgetown, yesterdsy. Only one of them had a gun-shot wound, and he was shot through tbe Bead It a singular fact that all of tbe Oodles If In'theTrT^nf the arms and legs extended as ?J * swimming. They were burled town *lde ?n Analo*Un '?land, oppoalte GeorgeV^UC' Mattees i* the Seventh Waed yesterday, Adolphus Stewart waa taken before Justice Stratton on charge of robbing Corneliua Wllking of 75_ WIlklng I. a bakerK,t the C?S' 1*01, *nd works with the nTgbtgang. On Sunday morning he went to bed, and while be waa asleep Stewart entered hla roem and took bis money from hisi pocket-book, which was in his pants pocket under his head Twenty dollars o/the Soney was found by officer H A Garrete In Stewart's trial Ucc 8tr,tton committed him to jail for V T?Iiv" ?^turday morning patrolmen Kelly and Dralne of the 4 h ward, while goIng their rounds la their beat, heard a great flutterlng and cackling of chickens In the alley be!. w ? aad H ?t'?ets, seperat i e "t opposite poinu to cs&b the tb:ev?s at work, unfortunately the alley fhr-.nt'h'rhft kOII5i ' and tbe thieves escaped through that, bjr dropping thechickens to lighten themselves, and doing some faat running. , THI FoTOMA^Tbe heavy rain of las< week has swelled the waters of tbe Potomac and from the rapid current and tbe drift here we Infer that there has beea quit* a flood above this pel at Anotbeb week of rich varieties and unrivalled novelties at odd Fellows' Hall to begin this evening, with a bill of songs, jo^t, an* Ikrces, never equalled in Washington, one that should net be missed by any. Blockade at the Lone Bridge Tbe ntipre, cedented storm of Saturday made a considerable , breach In the solid causeway of the bridge where It joins the timber work on this side, but the damage was temporarily repaired, and the bridge has been passable until this morning. The water has risen very rapidly. Since yesterday, and at nine o'clock this morning, It bad submerged the road on the Virginia aide to the depth of several feet, rendering any passage at that point impnsuable, as to get to terra firma it would be necessary to swim any horses attempting to make the passage. As we go to press the water Is over the solid part of the bridge?the causeway?snd the en Tent is very strong and pressing with terrible force against the structure. Great quantities of drift wood, and a large nntnbef of pumpkins, have rome doWn with the flood and are banked against the bridge, ana a number of people are engaged in securing the material for pies, as well as layIng in fuel for the winter A soldier, supposed to have been drowned near Leesbtirg, with a light blue woolen uniform, is lying on a huge pile of drift wood, within a few feet of the bridge The body is much discolored and swollen, and has been examined, but there is no trace of a wasLnd A great number of army wagons and a large number of soldiers have returned to this side after vainly trying to force a passage A cavalry regiment went down about 1 o'clock, to cross into Virginia but was obliged to return. Thr Stabbing Cask ?This morning, Justice Clark examined the case of the Italians who were charged with being concerned in a disturbance on Seventh, near N street, last night, in which \V. H. Thomas was stabbed. The Justice called for the witnesses, but no witness of the transaction appeared. Thomas, who said be would bring other evidence than his own, went to the guardhouse this morning before the hour set for trial, went away, and did not return. From the statements of the Italians, all of wbom are fruit peddlers, It appeared that about 8 o'clock two of them were attacked and beaten at the corner of Seventh and N streets, and they ran into the house to escape Roundsman Curtis, with a squad of patrolmen, being Informed of the affair, and that the parties had taken refuge in the Italian's house, went to the door and ask?d admittance as an officer. The inmates supposing It the same crowd that had beaten their friends, refused to let them in. One of the Italians seized an oid broken gun and tried to frighten them away. The officers gained admittance, and arrested all in the bouse. One of the inmates was badly hurt in the face, and another slightly; which they said was done before the police came by the crowd attacking the house throwing bricks through the windows. Justice Clark having no evidence upon which to hold the parties for court, dismissed the case. King's National Circus ?This evening, Mr. King will commence his regular equestrian season. He has labored assiduously to render "thljgs" comfortable for his friends, and we hope his enterprising efforts may be amply repaid. His company, for strength and ability, has no equal, some of his?rt?it?j having the capacily and reputation for commanding princely salaries Mr Melville, the Australian rider, for instance, gets #300 per week, and is always in demand. Mr. King, in securing hiin, has evinced plainly that he aodi not fear to invest his capital where he thinks it will pay him and please the public. Mr. Dan Gardener, the clown, is a humorous personage not unknown to the habitues of the circus. Wm. Kincade, the hero of 100 somersets, will appear to-night; so will Mr. F. A Jones, a young gymnast of exceeding grace and chasteness of style; Mad'lle Marie, Miss Eloise, Mad'lle Virginia, will all "assist;" the entire forces, both great and small, under the direction of that veteran manager, F. A. Wbellaker Mr. C. Scott, the associate manager of Mr King. Is an urbane, accommodating gentleman, well calculated to make friends for any establishment he is connected with. Descent upon a Ranch* ?On Saturday night about 9 o'clock, Sergeant Downer, with a detachment of the metropolitan police of the Second Ward, made a descent upon a bouse kept by Jas. Kelly, on E street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, and captured the proprietor and twentyone of his colored patrons The bouse has been complained of on several occasions, and this descent will certainly convince the proprietor and his customers that the metropolitan police is rather differently constituted from the old force, under which they were so seldom disturbed A few of the colored prisoners were dismissed, there being no reason to bold them, and the remainder were fined #5 58 each; and the proprietor, for selling liquor to negroes, was fined $10 58. Recovery of Property.?Yesterday, Roundsman Cronin, of the Fourth Ward police, went to the house of Mr. Grimes, near Good Hope, Md , and recovered a horse, saddle and bridle, supposed to be stolen by Bobby Garcia, and sold to Mr. Grimes. Mr. Grimm has another animal similarly procured, of which he is himself sus{>icious since this affair, and intends bringing it 0 Washington to-day. He was very much mortified by the fact that he had purchased a stolen horse The recovery of the property resulted from the trial in the case of Col Thompson against Garcia, mentioned elsewhere. A Goo? Show for the Fifth District ? The following Is the exhibit of work done by the Metropolitan Police for the Fifth District, (Serg^nt Downer,) for the month of October? before Justice ClarkJudgments and costs, 8489 90; amount paid in, 9251.02?balance secured by supertedures. This is exclusive of corporation business. See advertisement elsewhere for laborers wanted at the foot of Sixth street, Island. We Assert it I?'oldly, there are no other medioin?s so reliable, ?&>ctual, and convenient, as Hollcway's Ptltt and Ointment?always ready for use 'I'll ij are invaluable to the go dier exposed to wounds, sores, Nvers, and bowel complaints. The; never lail. Only 25 cents per box or pot. no 4 lw _____ Caption ?1 hereby caution ths person who has bem using my patent Carpet Stretcher to abstain Irom the further use cf t'.ie sam*, as 1 am determ ine<l to enfo'oe th- law against htm. 2t* H. Blac, G st.. bet. 14th and 15th fits. India Rubber Blankets. JVoie i* your to Buy. 5,0f*> Rubber B:ankets, 7 feet long, 4 fjet wide, at $2 to each. 3,000 Rubber Blankets, 6 feet long, 3 feat wide, at #1eanh, 1,000 Rubber Blankets and Poncho oombined, for $* eaoh At the Indta Rubber Warehouse, 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. no l-tf Co??hs.?The sndden changes of our climate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early stages of the disease, reoouree should at onoe be had to " Eroim's Bronchial Trothts," or Losenges, let the Coid, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Sreakers and Sinters will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the ro'o" See advertisement. del-ly Fact3 for Soldiers.?Throughout the Indian and Crimean campaigns, theonly medisines whioh proved themselves able to "ure the worst oases of Dysentery, tVsnrvy and Fever, were HAloway's Pills and Ointment. Therefore, let every Volunteer see that he is supplied wita them. Ocly 25 cents per pot or box. oo 29-lw ? Prnnirs. Persons desiring pennies will always find them (or exohacge at the Star Office counter. tf Notici.?Beware of oounterrsits and unprincipled dealers ecdoavoring to dispose of their own and other articles on the reputation attained by HelmboWs Extract Buchu, a positive and specific remedy for diseases of the B adder. Kidneys, Gravel, D'opsy, fco., &o., &o. Ask for Helirbold's. Take no other. See advertisement in another column. aeso / MARRIED On the 15th Ootober. by the Rev. Mr. Maeraw. Mr WILL'AM T. FRENCH to Miss LOUISA A. MILLfcR, both of thisoity. * DIED, On the 31st nit. MICHAEL CARROLL, in his 63d year. He was born in Petersburg, Va.,an<i spent the last years of his life in this city, respeoted and love' by all who knew him. For 35 years he was a highly reepeoted member of the Methodist E. Churoh. His life was a beautiful exemplification of christian purity. Death perform' d his work rather as an angel of m*rcy th m as the king of terrors, without a struggle he sUpt in Christ. (Baltimore papers oopy.] * On the 3d inst ,of dropiy, MATTHEW BAWSKL, in the 73d year of his age. The funeral will take piaoe on Tuesday afternoon at haif-pastii o'olook, from his late res'dmce, on Dumbarton st, between Green and Mon gomery sts., Georgetown. Friends of the family are invited to attend. * On the 2d inst, WILLIAM SEWARD, third son of Joseph G. and Mary E. Carroll, aged I year 7 months and 21 days. * TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT-Tailoring 1 in all its branohes, by JOHN r. BUCHENrfEKG. No. 394. corner Thir teenth and H sts. Gentlemen's and Boys' C othes out to order Having made arrange- WW menu with a skillful Steam Scourer, I am fro/*'* to exeoute all orders in this line, a> well as Mending, in the most satisfactory manner. oo 23-2w* U OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS. OIGH f DR a ! TS sold on all parts of the United States, in sums to suit offioers and soldiers. Also, Drafts on London, Ireland, Scotland, * ales, ami Germany. Unourrent mon*y bought at b?st rates. SWKfcNV, RITTENHOUaK Fa NT <fc CO7, oo ll-lm Bankers. Pa. av., near Brown's. 7 8-10 U. S TREASURY NOTES, whiok will Msupp led at par to oor customers, free of char**. Deroa'd Treasury Notes, as heretofore, ?)ii he r 'oetred on deposit as specie. SWEENY, RITTRNHOUSK, FANT * CO? oo 12-lm Hankers. 36)1 Pa. ay., near Brown's. THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE. No. 4?0 Seventh at. is the piaoe to boy yoar Clothing, Trunks. Hatsand Cape. oo 1 lm I cop%L^MFN^s?.^.vuss;toK oo1-lm f i.l mmmmmmfmmmmmmm

wants. WO GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED at No. ail I street, near 18. i. 11, _ WANTED-A SCRUB CIRL. Apply at th< Ebbitt House 11 IITANTFIP-A good PA?TRV COOR. AU?.*I Y> ENGINEER to takecharge of a steam bHef j Applf Clarendon Hot?l. bO * ** WANTED-A genual COLORED HltV. iwwii the aees of If and 15 ?ears, at DEMrj 8F.V A O TOni.K, 326 Pa avenue. It I*' ANTED?A Y'?UTH. well recommended, tc '* assist in a dentist's laboratory and stud* tb? jrafariion Apply to R B DuNALDSON, l>nf *t.IVo. 876 Pa. avenue. to W? NTKD-Forty able-bodied LABORERS,*! the foot of Sixth ?t. I?l*'d Pay ?25 pei I month end no*r'. Apply to D BLRROW S, Mat tirgly'a Wharf. foot cf Sixth et. no 4-3t ANTED-A rood PIE and C?Kh BAKER Good wage* wi lbe given AprW immediately at the Sutler'. P e and Cake Bakery 0'>rner ol Louisiana avenue and Sixth at ? WANTED]?An interest .n a Sutler?hip, bv a person who oar furnish t^e necessary mean?, end t?ams to hau'. Apply on 2J street, in rear ol 534 Pa.ave. WANTED-A SITUATION asoook. by a re apeo'able woman, who thoroughly understands ner business. Inquire at 364 E.e<renth St., between I. and M sta.. from 9 to 3 o clock to m?rrow. (Tuesday.) Nov 5. u WANTED-A BOY, ah ut 16 or 17 yea s of ate, who undera'anda something of bookkeeping, and can come well recommenced to a'tepd a store. Libera1 wages will be given. Apply at this office. po 4 It* Furnished rooms and board wanted, by a gentleman and his wife, for the winter, m a genteel pmate family in the oity. *dcre*s, within next3da*s. Box 740 Post Offioe, with name, location, and terms no 4-2t WANTED?B* an apothecary of 8 yeer*' e x re nenoe, a SITUATION as prescription clerk. Address "Drug Clerk," this office. no2 31 WANTED?A GIRL of about 12 years of age, (orphan preferred,) to aooompan* a famil* to Ca'iforma. Apply to A. J. F. PHELANj No. 4S7 Tei.rh st "o2 !W WANTED? A comfort*ble FURNISHED HOUSE. f?r the session of Cjntrcay. "ot too Ta* from the Capitol, at a rent o' betweeh ?50 and SfiOprrm nth. Also, two nic? y fnrm?hed Booms, toed and sitting room ) Capitol Hill as location in? preferred for both. Address J C K., Star Office. no 2-2t WANTED-A MAN to a'tenH a it-am boiler, Apply atT. M. HARVEY'S Oyster Depot, a?l C At. no' 3t WANTED?Two or three good COAT MAKERS, for which I will pay the oity prices B. VAND 'ME. Merchant Tailor, No. 45* Seventh st, between F and G ats.f oppos te Patent Office, not lw? A RARE OPPORTUNITY.- WANTED-A PURCHASER lor the?tock and fixtures ol a first ola*s business, on Penn?ylv*nia avenue, f o"d location. The present occupant is about to *ave tbe oity. Capitol requited from six to ten thousand do Urs. Addre?s T. C. S.. \\ ashington eity Post Offioe. givinr name and where an interview may be had. No communication will b< noticed unless aooompanied with the name. no1-3" TO SUTLERS?An energe'ic merchant, with snffioient cspital. desires to purchase the stock and busn.ees or a Regimental Sutler. Addresi "Bu?iness," at the offic of this paper, oc 31-1 m WANTED ?A ''OLORED MAN (slave) who oa? come well recommended l>y his owner, oi a free man, will find a good ait?ation and wages He must be a good driver, and can make h msell us-fui on a small farm. A?pW Kalorama Heights, place once owned by Mr. Vivan. 0031 ?t WANTED?W.eon Iba old HORSE SHOES and rt' RAP IRON in sm*U or large g lantities, for whicn one cent per pound w>Ill>e paid. JOHN R- E?.VAN!*, oo 2"*-2w (Bepnblioan) 309 Pa WANTED?All Dairymen to know that th? Washington Brewery having oommenced brewing for th<> winter season, ther can get F resh Grains every day at 4 o'clock, at IJcenUMr bushel. Call, one and all. , COLINKAU, oolOlm* Cor K and Twenty seventh sta. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL. STEPHENS & OO.'S- 322 Pa avenue. se 18 \JU ANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Ta lon if competent to work on military goods. Apply G. Wall. Stephens A Oo. a. se25 WANTED.?We ar" no,r bu7inJ? SECOND HAN D FUR N ITUR E, STO VK> and BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, oi having a surplus of furniture, will find it to then ** "?*""""DONTJ! * GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 nh st.. betw. I and K eta. ANTED, FOR THE CASH-All kinds ol SECOND HAND FURNITURE A N I] HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call i in mediately. R. BUCHLY, je3 42* Seventh, between O and H itr. lost and found. ffiiA RE W AR D.?Strayed or stolen, from it lU front of B. F. MoraelI's store. on?V-^ Louaiana avenue, on the 2d inst. a light 1?yS* roan HORfE, attached to a t?P*=TTT carriage. The horse is about 16 hard* high, a littU sprung in the righ' fore leg. The above rewarC will be paid for the same, if left at J&s. Shreeve i stable. Seventh at., between H and I ftano j 3 * J. E. BF.ALL IOST?In the Depot, on the3la? ultimo, a bla^l j TRUNK, marked James O'HfiM gjn Wa-hington. D. C." The fi tder wi I re oeive a suitable reward on leaving the aire"*" at the Kirkwood House. nu >-3t ?j; REWARD.-Strard awav, on Tuesdar <$.) Oct. 29th, threw COW-?two black m*r\M l)Utfal<?es, and one red and white speckled, Sg with Isrgeorooked horna. The above re-^bfci ward wilJ be paid to the finder, or finders, on returnine theui to the Government Printing Office. no 2-3t* AN l>R E W tiLfcASON. CAME TO MY PREMISES, on the 28th Oct a t>rind e butf'.lo OO W, with a whit9g^-n|| spot on her forehead. The owner is re quested to o.^me forward, pr >ve property, pay o^arges, and take her a?a?.^ m"RPHY. t;o 2 3t* Houndary st, betwaen 7th ar.d Sth. WAS TAKEN, tresca^sir.g on my pr?nn?a No 374 G street Washington oity, a black and white >?OW,and six Pigs.7TjK3^ The owner is hereby notified 'o proveaajMM* property, pay charg-a. and taka thim avray; oi they wil' be diepoted of for the damage done. bo l-eo3t* ?OA REWARD.?Will be given for the return (uninjure.1) of the package which vai stolen from t e residence of the late Mrs. Julia Keep. E sireet. between 10th and Uth ?tree'a Ne questionf arked, and above reward given. Ensuire at Star offioe. no l-3t* boarding. wo OR THREE PERSONS CAN BE accommodated with BOaKD at 190 I street no:th side.lronnng Pa avenue, between 20th and 21at eta. Single gentlemen preferred. ooSO-lw* i'or sale and eent. FOR RE^v T?Handsomely Furnished ROOMS. Apply at No. 4 59 on Twelfth st., I>ctw?en G and H sts., west side. coi&'l* ROOMS FOR RENT?^Three or four comfortable Kurniahed Rooms, oonvenienttc the Pat e t snd Post Offioe Departments. Apply at No, 4 IS Eighth at., between G and H, east aide. no 4 3t* fJMIRNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-A small Douse pleasantly located and oomfortably furnished, will be rent?d for 6 months to a desirable person Looatitn within a few minutes' walk oi the War Department. Further information can be h^d t>v applying at 47 4 Seventh st, up stairs, Room No ft, between th?"tioursof 9 and 3. Agency of the ExoeNior Marking Piate Co no 4-3t* OR HENT.-A small FURNISHED HOUSE, near the (Capitol. Apply at No. 494 D street, between 1st and 2d no l-3t* fURNlSHED ROOMS?Well furnished Room* r for ren* b? day, week or month, in houses Nob. 474 and 477 Thirteenth at., three doors from Pa. avenue and midway between Wiliarda'and Kirkwoods' Hotel*. no 1 2w* FOR RENT-Two UNFURNISHED PARLORS, at No. 297 3d street, iwest aide] betw en G and Massachusetts ave, potomai water in the yard. Alao.the HOUSE No. 299 3d street containing 4 large rooms,with aide alley. no 1 3t? BOOK.STATIONERY and fancy store FOR SALE ?An estabhsh-d Store in Ueorge town, D C , doing a firat-rate business, la now of fered for aale. It is a atore well calculate i for autiers'suppnes. Terms made reasonable. Applioation lor the same oan be addreased to Georgetown. D C. oo3>eolw* PAKM FOR SALE, or Exohange lor City r Property, aituated in Sommervill oounty N. Jersey, containing 82 acrea in a higu state of cultivation, goo J dweling house, with all nooeaaary out buildings, good water power, fine orohard.and well-fencea, 2H miles from Central Railroad, (6 daily train*,) 3 miles froin Plainfield, and 2ti mijes from Jersey C ty. For further particular* inquire uf G W. BKAY, Jeweler, 516 Seventh at opposite Intel igenoor Office. oc25 lm mNDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.four nacdsomely Furnished Rooms,auppljed with gas andwater, and convenient to the Patent and P"st Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 490ft Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and Uh sts. "?at? W NOTICE. , E Beg leave to oa'l the attention of Oficera of the Army to oar veryx extensive aeaort *. ment of all olaasea of EQUI' MENTS, and^jl eapeoially to an artioie ?>f Military Blue Cloth and Doeskin Caeairaere. which wejf warrant will retain its ool?>r. Ou as*crtment of Swords, hashes, Be.U. Gauntlets. Ariuv Capa(indigodye), auperior Flannel Shirts, '.eggibga. Sword Knots, Gold and l eatber Bugiea, shoulder Straps, and devioee of a 1 de?m>tio s, ta now oornsleU., aud we are well sat.sfted toat an it"" wi11 rrov* ""mif oc 3&-11 Merchant Taiiora, No. 406 Pa. av. MR EAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH ?TREt?T. U to set some of the great bargains urfered by SMITH, is Farmalting Wood*, Tranke. Hata ana Japa. fip. 460 (MrvaaU at., oppoaite Port Of | TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Later freoi Earcpf Nrw Yon*. No* 3 ?The steamer Cltvof New York, with Liverpool advlcee of tb? 34th, has arrived. The London Time*. In an editorial on the efforts of a claM in Lancaahlre to Induce the British Government to Interfere In American affairs and btoak the blockade, aays: England would rather undergo much Buffering than break the pisln rulee of Internationa! law She A?< recognized tkt blockade and must abide t>f it To break it ten/d disgrace and stun tht reputation of England. England trill not commit suck an dit, ir?a fe tare her greatest manufactures. The Time#, however, saya the blockade la everywhere effectual, and reminds the Waahington Government that only real b ockadeacall for recognition The article conclndea by saving It would 111 become England to be the tool ofeoutbern machinations by their withholding of cotton, and comments on the design of thua compelling foreign nations to take part in the quarrel. The Shipping Gazette continue* to denounce the conduct of the American blockade. and what f It calls the wrongs done to British ships It aaya some action on the part of the British Government Is becoming indispensable. It Is reported that France baa went an anawer to the Italian propoaltlon on the Roman question to the effect that financial difficulties in France prevent the present aolutlon of the question The position of the affairs of the Bank of France continued to excite un>aa1ne?a. It is re- 1 f>ortrd that twenty millions of franca have been ost since the last statement waa iaaued It is aaserted that the panic relative to the 1 French wheat crop is pr- mature, and that the 1 evil has been exaggerated The Bombay Gazette assert* that In another year England need look only to India for cotton. THI LiTIIT. London, Oct 24.?Good bills were readily dia- I counted yesterday at three per cent , and in some i instances at'2?. Business is at a standstill at the bank. There Is no apparent mitigation of the financial crisis at Paris. It is rumored that bullion at the Bank of Prance has decreased ?t,?iU.OUO since last , return, and that an Immediate raise in the rate of , discount Is In contemplation. The exports of cotton from Liverpool In the last two days baa been 55 000 bales The market Is excited, and prices have advanced ?d on all qualities Speculators and exporters took ?35 000 , Middling New Orleans 13d Arrival ef the Steamer Nerthera Lljht. New York, Nov. 3?The steamer Northern Light arrived to-day from A?pinwall, bringing 8858,000 in treasure from San Francisco The French steamer '-Infernal" waa blown to atoms In the bay of Valparaiao by the explosion of her magazine The ve?sel caught fire, and thus was caused the dinaster No live* were lost, all having had time t? escape The British storeship Sevens wa* injured bv the explosion. Cons derable excitement existed at Lima on account of the elections During a row the troops fired on the crowd, killing from eight to twenty persons. Release ef Cel. Mnlligan Jefferson Citt, Nov. 1?Paasengers from the West report that Col. Mulligan, the hero of Lexi Ington, has been released by Gen Price He was seen at VVa'rensburg to-dar. on hla way to Lex| Ington to bring away a child he bad left there. This release Indicates that the commission s#*nt from St. Louis some days since to effect the exr change of Cols M ulligan and Peabody and .Major , Vanhirn for Gen Froet, and Col Bowen, and Major Williams, who were captured at Camp I Jabkson, has been successful. T NOTICE TO SOLDIERS HE ADAMS EXPRE-S COMPANY will make remittance* for ao.diera to their fami les a' i plscrts reached by their Kxpreaa, at a charge if 25 I oents for an; sum r.ot exoeetling hf j dollars. i The money, whether gold or Treasury notes, 1 atould b-? enclosed in an envelope, and securely sealed, with the full ad?lre*s ( ncluding town, post office ai.d State.) of the person to whom to be sent, and tho amount legibl? marked thereon. To insure proa pt delivery, the 35 oents charge should be pr paid , When facilities for enveloping and scaling the r money in separate rt'ce * are not at hand in cairips, trie several sums to be remitted, that may b? collected by Chap.ain-> of Regiment*. or other persona volunteering to do this service for the soi fliers ds?iring to send home th<nr par, will be ret oeived in bulk at any of the principal offices of the r Company. These sums,accompanied wi.h the full address, as above required, of the persons for whom intended, will be remitted to the respeotive consignees. at any place in tne loyal States, at the same 1 , rate of oharg*, thrreby saving to the sender the trouble of putting in separate packages. ' Suitable flanks for th* above purpose have been ' prepared, and will be furnished, with explanation*, 1 at any of the offices of the Company. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Oct. 30.1861. oo3t>-lm R M Y CLOTHS. Qcartrrmastrr Grnrral's Orric*./ . Washington, Octob-r 31,1861 \ Proposals are invited and will be reoeived by the U S Quartermaster at Pbiladelehia, Penn., until 12 o'clock at n^on on the ISt'i day of November cert. for famishing CLOTHS FOR ARMY CLOTHING Each prorosal must be aocompanied by samp lea 1 of the c oth whioh it is proposed to furnish The cloth should be three ?uar?ers to six quarters yard* wide. L'.ght or dark Mue Will be preferred, f and light greys will not be considered. Bidders must stat6 the bu-nber of Tarda they will be prepared to furnish in eaos month, and for how k many mon> h?, at the olothing depots in New York or Phi adelph.a. or both, snd ih- p ioe per yard for each quality and width. , Proposals and samples will be plainly marked, and addressed to the U. S. Quartermaster. Philadelphia. Penn. i Eacn bid must be accompanied by a proper guar - att?e, setting fortii that if His cirtrvst is awarde I to the party mm *1 therein, he will at once execute the same, and give Ik>> ds in double th > amount of . the contraot for the tauhfui thereof. > M.C. MEIG*, Quartermaster General 0. S. Army, nov 1-tithNov Army supplie^ PORTABI E FORGE*, TRAY or CaNAL BARROWS, WHEELBARROWS. TRUCKS, heavy and 'ljght. HORSKor B.\IL BUCKETS, MEASURES. i GINDSTONES. complete. GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES, A X ES, PICKS. HATCHETS, SAWS. AX HANDLES, PICK HANDLES. RATTAN or STABLE BROOMS, FORKS, SHOVELS, I SSPA DES, LOB CHAINS, FIFTH CHAINS. HALTER CHAINS, TRACE CHAINS. SWINGLE TREES, 8 AM ES, ORDS. i CURRYCOMBS, Fairbank's Platform and Counter and Hay SCALES. BUTCH ErtS' SCALES. BUTCHERS' KNIVES, 1 BASKE 1*8. *o.. Ac , Ac. For sale at wholesale prioea by J. P. BAKTHOLOW. Agricultural Warehouse, 54S Seventh at.. 1 oc 25-lmeo between Pa av and Canal. 297 MILiTAK* trimmings. 297 Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, Rilie, Navy and Staff Buttons, Gold Cords and Army Laoes, Silk and Worsted Sashes, Silk aad Worsted Corde, I Bindings and Webbing Gold, Embroidered Shoulder Straps, Buglea, Wreaths, and Flags I On hand and made to order, by , MRS. LOvvE. 1 TRIMMING MANUFACTURER, Between 9th and ltth and 10th streets, south aide j Pennay vania avenue. oe 36-eo2w i/RY vuoua. E Ha?e reoeive. and are now offering for sale i a large and we'l asse rted stock ot Korrigr and i Domestic Drt Goods, to whioh we would respectfully can the attention of purchase generally, feeling oonfiilent tnu we can a-11 them at as <ow pnoes a? can be had in this or either ol the EaaI tern or North' rr Market^ i DEVR1ES STEPHENS * CO , Whule?ale Dry Goods D slers. No 31il Baltimore st, bet Howard and oo 29 2w Liberty St., i Marble Front ) SEALED PROPOSALS are invit df<ir FLOUR till the 10th day November. 1861 at 12 o'olook m. About barrels will be refused, in separate lota of about 1.U00 barrels eaoh The Flour t? < made of new wheat, and the delivery of the whole 1 lot to be made by the 36th November. 1861. The Flour required to be of the following brands, and to pass the inspection of a Board of Army OIfioers, or suoh other mspeotion aa the Subeistenoe Department may diroot. 1 Arlington Extra, Congreea do. S Pry do. Fairview do. Cedar Vale do. Glen wood do, Clagett do. J. fsewoome do. M. Smith do, Koxbwrj m. Joe Charles do. J. Davidson ft Co. do. Foundry do. Heck do. D. L Morrison k. Co. do. Lyon'a Union Big Spring Joe, tide's Extra Baker'a. do. A few barrels of the aame grade of Boathera ^our will be taken, provided that it provee e? aal j grade to the braaia above-named The bidflera ' to state the brand aad the number of barrels of . each kind they propose to fhrmsti. The barrels containing the Flour to be strong, wetl-hooped and bead-lined. _ I wT^y? gSCS, endoreed, "Propoeale for >-"loar " oe >i < IUST ARRIVED, diect from aa Eaetern Aae i J tion Boaee, SO balee oheap CARPET. Alao,M ? BK Up?TKaDS, whieh Were bo ug at Jew for eaah i and will be sold at a small adtaaoa. Together with t a large aaeortment of Hoaeeceesiuoie. FanuUre Dealer. foflgvMttfeaV, ( o?2i-lm* batweea aad H ? , SECOND EDITION^ THREE O'CLOCK F M OUR MILITARY BUDGET BO KIWI or TBI FLIIT At 3 p ra to-day nothing had reached Washington from tbe combined fleet It la generally believed that tbc landtag to to be made at Ball'a bay, two miles north of Charleaton. We take It for gran tod, from tbe nata-e of lk? m?* aortb and ooutb of Charleston, that If tbst be the point ir*? aimed at, tb* landing may be made any vrb^e from twenty miles north to thirty miles south of tbe ontrance to Charleston harbor. AH larOtTlRT MAIL CHAlTOB COST ! FLA Till. Tomorrow thero to to be a convention held bere of railroad managers between Washington n and New York city, to consider a propoe?d change of mall schedules, by wblcb a through mail leaving Uere at 6% p m , will be ma to New York; and starting from that city In tbla direction, at u p. m. Tbe Post Office Department believes that Itwltf turely be accomplished " COBRKSPONDESCB BBTWI1K DB. BAIKB ABS LT. COt.COLBCBB " Under this beading our neighbor, tb* tUpmthran, this morning makes an additions statemmt concerning the late diaaster at Ball'a Bluffs, as follows: ' Cobrk?povdij?cb Brrwit* Da BaCbi abp Libvt Col. CoLBra*.?We nnderstand that a correspondence on toe subject of Col. Ba>er'e military conduct has tiken plac; between Or. Baker, a brother of tbe lamented hero, and Lteat. Col. Colburn, of Gen. Meridian's staff It a-peart that on tbe 3>Hh ult, Or Baker, addreaaed a note to Col. Colburn. calling bia attention to an article in Waabtngton Stat, In wbteh It ia on tbe authority of Col. Colbnrn, that tbe disastrous result of tbe late battle at Ball'a Bluff, was a direct consequence of tbe d I so bed I ence of orders by Col Baker who commanded In that action Tbe Dr aava that he la warranted In believing that the natural concern which he la entitled to have In tbe reputation of bla brother, will Induce Col Colbnrn to enabl; him, (Dr. B.) bi aoon aa possible, to bave Col. Ci lburn s name withdrawn from the Iriarlous attacks upon tUe memory of tbe deceated; and in this connection be names George Wilkes, Kaq , aa the proper medium of communication. To th'.a Col. Colburn replied^on tbe 1st Us*.,) that be had not seen the article r^prred to In tbe Star, and regrets that his name was mentioned In connection with It He says, however, that be did make a statement to persons connected with the press, including tbe editor of the Star, and that the statement waa made from lnformattoa re ceived from Gtn^ Stone and others He tbea repeats what be did say upon that oc?*elon, and adds, that be spoke in tbe highest terms of Col. Baker, and nil tbe officers and men engaged, and says anything different from this, In that paper, must have come from some other sou-oe. and expresses a regret that bis name abouid be connected with any publicatioi at ail unpieaaant to any friend of a br?.ve soldier who baa fallen In battle. In reply to this. Dr. Baker says tiiat, ln^amucb ai the name of Gen. Stone has been given aa tbe aource of the main statemen* iu relation to C?l. Maker, be does not know that be hi? anything further to request of Col. Co'burne, and closes tbe correspondence by remarking that, Inasmuch aa the main statement did not appear in Gen Stone'a official report, be must conclude that Gen Stone baa ascertained that be wai in error In relation to it; and that Col. Baker fell, not only In ample fulfillment of hia duty, but in tbe strict performance of ordera " We bave aim ply to atate In connection with the Republican's version of tbia correspondence that whenever Dr Baker may make public the correspondence In question it will be found that tbe Star atated nothing whatever concerning the unfortunate affair at Ball'a Bluff aa having been derived from Lieut Col Colburn wblcb he does not reiterate. That be epoke In tbe hlghert terms of tbe gallantry of tbe late Col Baker to certainly true not only of Lieut. Col. Colburn but of all otbera who apeak or write of him. Lieut. Colonel Colburn, we may add, did not tell Dr. Baker that anything had been attributed to blm by the Star which he bad not freely told to lta conductor and other gentlemen of tbe preaa. Dr Baker, according to tbe Rtpublttm*, doaa General Stone great injustice In Intimating that bis published report does not bear out all that the Star published as the account obtained from Colonel Colburn It will be well for Dr Baker to publish his correspondence with Colonel Colburn, who, we feel assured, is as Incapable of entertaining a disposition to Injure tbe military tame of tbe dead at of tbe living. BAVT TABD? RIVEB HEWS. The steamer Resolute came up to tbe Navy Yard laat night, and left again In an boar or two. She brought up an officer of Gen. Slcklea' brigade One of our batteries on the Maryland shore la flniahed, and tbe range of some of.our Parrott 32-pound guns was tried on tbe Confederate steamer George Page yesterdsy afternoon Three shells struck her, but with what result to not known, as tbe water being very high In the river she was Immediately taken farther up Qaantlco Creek-so far up that when tbe water subsides she will probabiy be unable to come back again. Tbe banks of tbe creek are very high, and the soon run oat of sight The tugs Pusey snd Leslie are now at the yard. Tbe Mouut Vernon went down to the flotilla this morning, and the Powhatan will leave this ifM^aa The tide of Saturday night to the highest ever known In the Potomac, showing that the Morm must bave been very severe outside tbe Capes. The wbarvea at tbe yard were all aubmerged. A detachment of seamen from tbe yard this morning attended the funeral of John Walters, from the Insane Hospital. Of tbe unfortnnate boat's crew who fared so badly at tbe tims of Cspt Ward's death, it will be remembered that only two were rescued, and they were both wounded This man, Walters, wstone of these, and baa lingered until tbla time with two bullet wonuda In hia head Tbe aole survivor of tbe boat'a crew to atlll in the hospital, and baa a chance of ultimate recovery. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. LATER FROtf FOETKEM MONROE Baltimobb, Nov. 4 ?The Old Point boat baa irrlved, bringing tbe following news: Foetebss Mosbob, Nov. 3 ?On account cf tbe late arrival of tbe Baltimore boat, no flag of truce went to Norfolk to day No Intelligence whatever concerning the fleet hat reached here Tbla baa been the most quiet day of the aeaaon it Old Point < ?? BUFFALO WbolM4l? ^ 7ULn.,K,. oo 30-ut 3*0 Pa. awaii' PROPOSALS FO K ^EK? CATTLE ON sealed PaoroaALS for anpslTini to t^s Govern meat t.ft/0 beef Cattle on the Hoof are invited the 15th day of November, 1881, at U o'otoot m. TfcCattle to bede ivred m Wa<t..r4ton eitr.on the SOih day of November. iMl, or a aoon tV?renltof as the G vernment maj direct The r<ids too* dirootod to Lieut. S.G. GK ERN, A C.8., U.S.A. G^treet, Washington oity. Endorsed Fro '" Pbqpobalb are alao invited till the IH* day of Novemoor, 1M ,at 1 o'o.ock s./a., lor alyng the Government ?.M Band ofR-?ICaxtJe on the hoof. The Celts to bo delivered at Ha rtobarg, Pa., oa the ?*h of November l?l ores ajjon thereafter aa the Government may dlreeg. iae bida to bo direotod to Lient. PJL RA * ? ^ l J-. A. C. 8. U.S. A .?*3G street. Washington, D. C. Cfetti# to M o?* i > sr#d ob Hi 1? 2, or as sooa thereafter aa the Ck ia man tan* " Endorsed Pro poo* to." OOtVTBIBMkt PHiTTil lO iCMil til# Hlfct lO IK c^3^^rciSr',s*" f.ic> lot of CaBt-f dm.vend shall average st sr iftssa-Rs :sw a atS pounds from weight. roBM or Bib. . _ I, A R, do hereb. BrosoM t- a. liver to the Government good Beef Mittot tbe liooffw ? B*r tundrod gonads gross v >gkt The Cattle to be tolivered at .aco-iuiu* to tbe tonaseg ho ?jiosed advertisement. The Cattle to bo w tgbod 9a the aoaiee, and the weicbt oo doterm neJ to be the parchase weight i hereby agree to ??ye a (ui J and sn/Koieat bond I?? the i?Thli<a?H ?.! fch* jot traet, and to receive Troasarynoto* n> ?**e^ io\ernment laada IB meot for the Qattle 0?|i UT . . -A -1 >4

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