Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1861 Page 4
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\ 0Fk Hi i THE EVENING STAR. fLOWER OIRCKS Pr?ptr% beds and tod border* fur bulbous roots. psnsies by lajera Tie up Crbysaoth^munu and fuberttfei Clear amy the terns o* b-nulm of any decayed annua! or herbaceous plsnts. About the l?t of October sow the teed* of Delvhimvm aecmt J*tipltno^or double rocket larkspur It will not flower well unless town in au'umn. and grown * little dot* ground before winter. A few branches laid lightly over them it a sufficient protection The following seeds may also be sown at this time : ft lux, ocreop*i?, e$nUmrra, dariia, caihri*. Ac. Be attentive in collecting all kinda of aeeds. and see them properly labeled. Pansy aeed may now be sown, but should be protected by a slight frame. * Botst saya?"From the first of Ootober to the Biodle of November, is the best period for a general planting of balbs. corn and tubers, whioh, it the groani has been prepare! a<i previously directed, will now be in rerdiness." we will give the names and descriptions of & few of the leading aorta Horttnsi*.?The cultivation of thia tuber has been attended with less satisfaction than any other floral plant that has been Introduced into this country. The general failure may In part be attributed to ?ha T?r? lnferi-r roots annually aent from IlollanJ, which rarely arrive in good order, and those that do grow, are very discouraging, never making % tuber sufficient for another year'* planting. Several hundred varieties are cultivated in England with great oare and complete n?w?. They are planted in deep, rich soil, *?ing ft considerable portion of cow manure aoi decomposed leaves, covering the crowns of tiie roots about two inches. The tubers are flat, but the eye whence the flower i?tem arises, is app^ren* on one of the side*, which must be laid uppermost. During the severity of the winter they should be protected by a frame, and have a sprinkling of rery dry leaves, strewn among them. Croetts.?There are upwardsnf-one hundred varieties of this vernal Cower in cultivation, attended with universal success. They delight in rieh soil, and may he either planted in bed.* or raws, at least two inches de?p. and six f ? - * i?' uj row 10 row. iney ?ol lom require rtmoTai; every three ?>r four years will be ?ufB?ient. They can be purchased at from 76 cts. to 82 per hundred, according to quality. "When they are done blooming, the foliage sboo!4 not bo removed till perfectly decayed. Hy*ei>it^* ?The ground that was prepared for these last m?nth. should be all divided into l?edf four feet wide, leaving between each, alleys of twenty inches. 8kim off four or five inche? of the surfase of the former into the latter, level the beds smoothly with the rake, nd mark it off in rows eight inches asunder. Thus tbey will be in .-squares, and by planting the different colors alternately, the bed will be beautifully diversified ; cover each bulb with sand when it can be procured. Put about four laches of earth over the crowns, then rake smoothly, which will leave the bedsfour inches higher than the alleys . ? Working Farntr. A letter ftoni St. Petersburg m -ntions that * large squ >dron wa? being tltted out fur the R isr>lsn colonies In the P-tciflc. and tbat there bad ? Just bwn launched a tine new frigate of ?uk, on the model of the (jiand Admiral, which V*ru. H. "Webb of New York built for the Russian ijovernroent a few years ago. The vessel la called the Dimltrl Dooskol. 117" Mr Jamet Davis, of Providence, la running hn esUbiisoment *:*t--cu hours per day to till a largo contract for army buff-leather for soldiers' Mb He ts turning out from SI.SOU 'o <1 5W> worth of army leather per week, beeldes hl? usual business CTThe secessionists have plundered two farms lr? Missouri belonging to Hon James A Rollins, Union member of Congress from tbat Stats. Tbey carried away and destroyed about everything but be land ' ir^The Mayor of Mayenae, France, has Issued an order prohibiting the baker of the town rem mazing oread of American flour, notwith- | feuding the opinion of the cntmistatbat the flour w?. purw and of good quality. f\j~ Arcbbiabop MeHale, in a letter to Ltrd 1 a.aie*?to:i, dirvcta attention to the failure of tte produce crop in Ireland, and calls for the adoption of prompt precautionary meaaure*. t/""P.ay, M'.sa C ," said a gentleman the other evening, 11 why a-e ladies ao fond of ofiic?m"' "He stupid replied she ' la It not aat ual that a lady should like a good ojf*r, *7*7* An old man named Aaron Wler, who under "ok to give expression toseceaalen aentimenta. in ttlalrvvlUe. Pa , the other day, waa aeized by a lot of ' roughs'' and ridden on a rail. ITT A Naahvllle paper of the 19th alt , announce* tue dtatli of { iai Houston on the *stb, in Ttua li"^The 91st of November Is made Thank*giving Day in Maine DONT FAIL TO CALL AT tfMITH'9. No. 460 ievntn at, &.j<J ony your C othing. FurBiahinc Ooo.i?. Trnnka. H*n<( Caoa. "? l-liw Tlib. tlKOPttAN HOTKL. KhPl BY f. 1 EMJllGft. at tea oornsr ol P?au.& ?. a. A ecu-? aad Eir*?th afreet, Km |t?Jt {,nt'oyr \ rtweet* a?J now offer* gieeeei ?r<aoeirente for the pa'recago ..f eiuieoi bd atrac^rra te*n ?c? othor { f;-n-e in tr: Ms, til ?r*?ee c?-tit im* than lno?a 01 ?i t ottir; koui od i'e-o. avenne, and uia ?woocium"<l?tion far t <>r tr,-.u*tsat hoarlera un^iofr?t;oc bla- Tic bar w ' reatanrai.t f rangera^otii of tfcr EimiHotw ba?e already heoonie tct aopu Sf.bemg all tilt can loe>red by the in. st fae Udioca. 1 ae *ro?nsior aiedjee onroirutted *tt?ntjouaci oooUlq9>i libera] exeend:l*irAeto g'.TseatHMmcioz to all,anil thuareniwa hi* invtatinn *? n tn iW? th? KnroaflUl Hnt?' <1? 4- tt *? A Ut A +PCVTLH CLOTHS "( Wafer f.f< < ) *m. Rrpei'ant CMha. i lor i^adie? uul Gante' An amu ami Winter Wrapping a, varic^B ahatlea, at the '*a? ?cality. With ali otfcor kinds of Dry Qooda for current 4a* J r wapia Uc? price only, marked in p ain figurea. A I r%c?U for the interior proa^rif fwe ?j.?? ? KERRY * BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth at, j oca 3t 'Parry Baitding." ^ L N U O AT tt jwtln waiHf (MW. I VuUmrMi (V?v. JwiyU, Pum aan rjraciricATiats for holla of Sun Bo*U tut the WMtennwn are oa exhibition ai this o?o?, v%l M bflcM of IJaarter.'iaaten at Pitlabcrf. Ciabionac, ?t. Lom? and A toe. tt<?U t? be delivered at Cairo Btda ahon'd he !WtnUMff.'fv??r tfeueraj of the Uaited StMea WaafUitCtou, &y let Aosuit, noon. C MKIGS, kr It Dilf. ?* '! aod Uuat?rir.&at?r Beul. I [ NI UN PA I' F. R ANDK N VliLUPfc V-Tweu tyiiS?v??t atyUa nf Note *ad Letter i'a^ar, ?rlU> v W*? -f waaiii.'.gtoo 10 'he foun oi a Boee.&ad to Hook fono, Also, aep*r\to A J ti e inn r aij& >b j Paper* f*on?taiit; y ob 1-od. ^liprs.d. Times, and Tribune received every fapflM from a*r>a of the countr*. be-<. 1 c*? Dime Nova!* acd Bong Book*. A fr?eti fp.j of Book* for aum.n*r readme, A ia.-*f< W'-riir^ut of J * voiles?Mi?ne Mei.l'a Hooka, Uoil*? Booka, Abbott'* Hictoncs. Ac. A ilictwuntof lo to ,5c p?r ceaLona , N>uod booia FMKNt H > Bll'll. TLM^ . * ? na v lie I r# I i H ? N?tinw>l Knotitnr^. lIT" P? ?T. f'RfcAT UL'fH TO SMITH'S. No. 4?0 * vw uu my. t?> s^*ehn new stock of Ca.i > I<>Unn? Tm>'. H>t? Mil Of "?) 'w 1CA9H NOTICE. ti Coast*ueno* of o?r banc* to fj nib for ra ft?o> at goods w? ? rohise. we are {"rcixi to* oar t-aamMa to cash exolasivel?, lor the tmuL W e in store a rer? large assortment 5/T:RAi?V MAUK CLOTHING for mwx and ala? r'ir#KFfe kV5 i?ro raU VlM ILSU^i If. W ML L* Li BTKr o hlNS ? IUm 304 Pa. aracoe. between tth sod loth >t?. J>+ ?IsUI. ?_R*sah.j __ M ^J^vvzziSrfJSr*' lea, PoofcatMaee of all kiwis. KowUrs' Camp Prassias Cases from Q2 *> to ft. Biau H<vs? ar.J Stauoaerr of ail kinds. I- t| PlMT and K(fvs'uy?s. . Pa??. Banners and Badges. Views of WasluoggtU^ner.oaa a?<l Foreim Muuim? n^TT- ? - - ? mMAM W"** ' rM#rp*KNCH A RlCHSTF.fN'9 Nttuml Boak?tore, I (InM. k la??b.) :it? Pa. tnm OVtR-#Hl?T?, WHirK f-BlRT^, D*AV\" MAS. CAMP BLANIFTS, HALF BOHh, Ac., whio# w? idrit* ail cult purcr.aaera to axamina Mor? ma k lux Ut?ir n?l?ctti<u. " WALL, 8TBPBKNBA CO., 944 Pa at., ,<tfwn fth awl lotb ??. up %nd B??abi>a*n.) l^o* FIELD SKRVICB.-H?Itj 6r?T ami r H own Miz<h1 Bteakata, 'hat vaigkfroai 8 to 7 ^; aoaroa ?rt*aia Alao, ft. - ii-ri, Or ib. and Cradi* B aokats, all E**?- *i a> la Olot a, 8haetin?e. Plb*? Cutt-oa, Nani"*** Towata. t>. . ?% i!h at: otbar kinJaof pry **ooJ? for tb* ?"?b era' aoJ ???ya< wauU ut faaitUM. .tVr>u, Curtain#, Oiloiotaa, Rata. Ac., up>?f Imirl One prv a oaly. ioa^^?<l in ^aij< fcfare*. ? li * HMI.L roNTIM K THIS *ALK op V* f!'? ?r -?l in J*l.k . ..I ?J! klu-:i. WJ323EBK vJfcsr- " " '"' *c H* * -Perrr H?iWlnf/? / ,, I , , , -rtti DENTISTRY. Or. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 33? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth Street* aw fEEfH. LOOMiS, M. 1)., t;.e mrentor and patentee ofth* MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at j-Xx tents person&iir at hie ofioe .n thit. altj famSaaf Many persona nan wear these teeth who^*'''lJ aiCDCt wmr othdri. &r.d nn Mrtnn (An ?Mr othA'a who cad net wear these. Persons oalliug at mj ol&ca can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; bit to those w do are particular and wish the purest, sieaneat, strongest, ai.d most perfect denture that artoan produce, the MINhKAL PLATE will be More fully warraLUd. Rooms in this oily?No, 3381'a.arenne.hetweea ?th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aron street, Phi.adel ahia. oo 11 tf GAS FITTING, Ac." AWM T. DOVE * CO. R a Now prepared to execute any erders wltii Which the? raa? be in tbe PLWMBiNtf, A8OK8TKA* FlTWlti iJllSLNK^S llJ~ Store on fih street, a few doors north of Pa, WtTKW FltT!"KK< ' 'irr-W IB.NYDtK, FLCMFER AND OAS FITTER, Has miiiJif'i! to the corner 01 Twelfth ana r ata. He la f rep*r?J to introduce w?t?f and 6as open the most faTorable and gua;*ntio? ectlr* atUtaotion. H?r? on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVK9. which he will aeil leva than ooat, aa ha mli^? to get nd of to* . no 17 W6 A - FIXTURES. t Ha?i in store, are iiai.f recejrtnr, BAB flXTURUSofestue:? Nf* rV'-T^and llesijna and FinuL. tupcr.of ?n atir.e tu a.xjt'>;ng heretofore ode? <1 in this- mkrket ?Vo invitecitiseca renerfcl if tr m?1 aod examine cur Btcak of *ir.? ana W&tei f .x irea, foeling ooniidOLt t.iat we h?re the taat elected ?to?k in Washington. .* iu k.iv lunuiiniiAi w nr otrv trill be pronytiy Utoi"! tn, MYERS * M-!?HAN. it l-tf 37C D atreet. OIFICE OF INSPLiQTOF. AND 8KALES ot #as Meters. W ASH I !?? TOW. J Sly II, 1M8. HOTICB IS flZKRbY trlVKN, '':*atAy to the jroTiii?ca of the cdio&aoe of the X'orporation ,"ta* 12. lr^'.the uc Jer?ur.s<i la aow frejare-1,"whcnere- retired in writing, and ?n ftt >8 fff of Liij oecta, to inspect. test, iro . e, ai.d ascertain the accuracy of regiatr&tion of any c?a r>?ter -n as" in tms oitT. Every met sr. iffo and inoorrect, will be Gondomned and another, seai'l and marked a* true will ba *tiu:** race. If proved to be aoo*'*?~e in ita -reaau'emc^t <-.fs?s, it w:'l t-e a<?,.eo acoo'uingly, as<5 r.??>n rut in ?o*iiion for u*e. Oftoa No. lib Se??rth street, (near Odd Fal.?w?' Hall.) Oa?r 'rotrs s a. m.. to I a. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. | r 11-kf tnH ttaaar ?f3a ? v.i\> kJwHivi wi ? | tJKADQUARTKRSO^THK U.8. MAK1NK 1 CORPS. t,<CART*rm*?TKlT? otfick. j Washington, September CH, 1361-1 Seal*d Proposals, f n aohc'aasseparately,will t?e received at this offioe uatil 12 ofyook >n of Wednesday, a>th of .November n^xt, far furnishing to the United States Mvine Corps, during the year l>#i2, the followibe supples, t'? bt? delivered at the office of the As is'anf Qu*terniast?r of theoorps, Hnila*elpltia, Henrnyh tnia, free o( expanse to the Unit d *?'a es. ;n suoh quantities aa may from tune to tune be ordered. \ iz : Clams >o 1. 14 '** ?ards of Sky Blue Ker??y, all wool. free from hair,51 u.ehjs wid??, to we.fti 22 ounoesto the yarl, (indigo w.wl-dyed ) 8,?W yards IJa k B u* Ke-raoy ii! wool, free from hair, 4 mche> wide, to weigh 22 ounces to t: e yard, (lt'liro woo. dyed.1 8.f?> Tards Dark Bine TwHed < loth. aU wool, for on'fo ra o<?a:s. (indico wo<>l-dyed,t 64 mchis wide, to weigh 22 oufcc ? ;er i a d. 150 yards of Scarlet Cloth, all wcol. (oochine*l dyed.) 54 iLchee wJe, to weigh 16 oarces per yard. r* ? rt * U 4. 8 ooo yarda of 6 4 l>%r? Blue Flanne', for overseek*. ?U wool, (indigo wool dyed,> 54 in hes wide, to weigh 13 o?noe? p-r ya d. 16 "no yards >>f 3 i Dark li uo Flannel forshirta, a'l wiwi (indigo woo:-<t?ed,) *7 n.ohes wide, to weigh 6* ounce p?r yvd 1.200 Gra* lHan!c-"ta, a'l wool to weigh four pound* each, with letter* 'U S W " m b'at.k. four inches tunc, in the center; to be 7 fesi Ions and 5 feet wide, and fr e from grease. 6,?UU pairs of Woolen S<?cks, three sizes. prop er tma^eof jo d fleecse *ool, with double and twisted yarn, to wei h turee pounds per dosen pairs, free from grease f-LA*? No. 3. 6.01 )0 yards Whit? inen for rant*, 80 inehea wide, to weifh isounoee per yard. 10.000 yards Whre 1 i en tor Shirts, 80 inchea W! le to we-gh 11 ounces ner yard. 16000 ya*d* canto:, Fiarne! for Drawers. '/I ic-hes wi^e, to wcish 7 ounoes p?r yard. Class No, 4. 1 OR) Uniform Caps, oomp ?ie (except Pompous.) li? Pompons, rtd worsted, ball shaped, 4 in?hee iu oircumrereuo?. 3|W0 ta'igue Cap*,( writ oovera,) to ba made of blu*>. i* dtgo woo! a*ed. 2JW0 Stock*. Class No. 3. sno gross<\>at Bu'tocs. 1 Kaele.) 40" gross Jack*' Muttons (Eazte.) IK)gross Vt-a' Bi"tto?s (fc.Rgie > l.-'OO pairs Velow Metal Creaoeats ard Scale Straps 250 i-e's Epaaletto Bullion for Sergea teand Corpo<a a 2 ??0 sets FpanVe Hulion for Privatea. fO Red Worsted Sa:fces j,yv> y -.rdu of kt'i Cord. 100 Swords for ^er('ant? SO .*Worda for Masimnrs. .V) Drums (t?nor,i ooinpieUv 40 T) am Slin*a. ?0C B%t-?r D nm HmCi. 50 Snara L?i u Hi ads, 100 Drum C?rds. l?o ??t< of Drara IUQ Boxwood "B" Fifsj*. Clam No. ft. 10,W pura Arnij B>ota,< infantry p%Hwn. Ct*?? No. 7. l,*fl Cartrid** H -*<-h| l^iO Mayor Hsatib&rda. l^o Parcu'aion c ap Po-iohM 1,#>> Carridia Box Beita. 1Haron?** Helta. i^no \Vai?t B*lta. 1,2?> Wai>t 1,900 Hr<a?t P'.atea. 880 Sword F.o<?. Clam NO. ?. l.ion Knapaftoka. 6ft' Hiver'?ok?. 6no :*n???os. 6?> Mual-rt Hiings. ULASe no. . For tnafcinc and trircmin? the following artioiae, VI'. Watch Coats Sent'anta' C'.rpor&V Maaie'.atta'. &ii<1 Privatea' b'riform ard f'tirue Coat"; Woolen and Linen PautajFlannel and Linen-hirfs; D a *era; Flaunei dark*; and Ktd and Blue Jacketa for Boye. The above mentioned artic es muit conform ail Tenuis, tn the s-a ed st* -Ja u pait ra in t .e office of ne C|u*rt?>riii\st^r \iariU4 < orp* Marine Br. raoka a'hitix oa, D ' j Arn atant Quarter inaet-r. oifoe Mani-e Corp?, l,i.-n >pruoe atreet. Pel ace'r ia; ana ?.t t ib v^nnj St*ti<>ai?, B'i>okiju. New V- rk;auci HoatoB.NUai.acliusetU, where t. e? oau b- ei&imned. And whenever the article* nam*} above, <r a^y p> ition of their, shall ! * cojVdered *anotfuiT ouformiLi? to aaiT'pica, they will be r?>Jeoted a-ml ma oontra tor will !> bound t-? furnish others tne n *uire?i kind &t o^oe or ttn 'Ju'rtermaster ?i 1 supply the defioieuuy at >>{ the contract r. 1'avinent viil be made upon theaocerted d^Iiv^rr" o* tne wuole ?uai.t i\, woieli may froin tune to time t-? o'd^r?l. witbh'Vd."* ten p?>r <wnt from th* P">inert of account retif.*rMl mder first order, un'ul s?o->u<l jrilar is ft: 'v!,wl ten per cent trorn icwim r^iHered nsicer se- im<l order until third order ia 61 ett, aud *u 01, nr.til ooutiaot i> coinplefd. fca^h proposal nuat i>e accompanied by the following cuaraatoe: form &f Ituartmt't. Tt.e undersigned, ,of , In the Sta'-e ol . anJ . in the State of . hcietif (uaraiiioe tu&t in ca^e tue for?(oln< inn of lor s^pp'ie*. tr a'x?ve described, t>? acoepted. he or the; will, wit'i.n ten day* after the recaiptor the contract at the Pmt t _ ? - --.?ww Iiauiru I exeoute U?e oonti&ct tor the name wit(1 go?d and utticrnt aecuritiea; and in om? the ra'd aha I fail to enter into ooutrac* ? af<>ree*i<i, we d*>i3tM t<> make good the ditf>ran.oe t*lw??u the ojfer of the Mid mid that whieli inay be accepted. A 11, (iuara <tor. 0 I), Guarantor. ! F. F, Wiiueja. , 1001 1 hereby certify 'bat ih* abovs named tr* kuuwn u> ?ia of propr-rfy. and able to diaid *ood th<Mr <uara te?. Q. H To 1>? atgned by the Unifd IMalea l)iatriot J id**, L" ill led >ui. h Diatriot Attorney or Uolleotor. No proposal will Ha eo' kitierrd unleaa aoooinpanieo b? the abnveruarartee. New ip* per* authonx-d to ^ut iiah the al??v* will aeodthe p?p-r oo tuning toe firat insertion to thiaoifoef.r examin-.tinn. rne bidder'* ?i*a > of bu?i en, ?r miuufaetur ir g eatabli?hra?nt, mu*l L>e tpeaiScaliy ?rated in the proposal. The aK- ve tut of artiolea la believed to t>e a*><?Lt ! the quantity of eaoh a t.oiethat will be required j dating the ye?<; t>ni the Qunriennaater reserve* | the right or ordering a greater or lesa quantity, thould tne interest# at the .?rvm? r? PropneaJa to be endorsed in ?he *?."fro mimIi for Supplies for Marine i :o> p* for w&i' and addre*red to Mafbr W M H. H. A.I. K, Quartennaater M.C., Waatiin<ton, D. C. ee90-law4w H FRENCH fc*RlCH8T KIN AVE Jqat reoeiveda freaa supp'.y of Note Fa* par. Colored Borders, raled and plain, with En?e oK?t? mawh Also, He a Paper of a!! kinde, with and without Mottoee; Euvatupe* U> match. Curate and Pooket Books ut evarf description. K lane aeeortment of Stationer*. New York Papers received daily; Paper* from j *r pam of the eoantrr. FRENCH A tUCflBTEJN, ?t>% a 'it* I'fcuysn^rtn* ! Mltw vounui BAL'aci NOVKUI.- Tbe A'''^vetrija*, or (ke of Class: ir^?i " P?nnyr?M#, it r, , I. **TB?ey go right to tbe *pot." INSTANT RELIEF 8TOP \ OUK OOBSH PURIFY YOUR BRKATII STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE on?T nr\rn?t! i^r Aui-'ii."* vr o THROAT CONFECTIONS, ASK GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, OOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 8KNTI KMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. I.Anikm ARK I1KI IfiHTVIl WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough timtantly. They o!ev the Throat. They give strength and volume to the vole*. They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taat*. They are mad? of simple herl>? and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a' Con;h or a Hanky Voioe, or a Bad Hreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to jet a paokage of my Threat Confeo tior.H. They will relieve yon in*t*ntly, ard you will agree with me ihat "thev go rirht to the *pot.' Vou will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or a'tecdinj puWio weetinirs, for stilling yonr Cough or a!ta?inr your thirst, ff you try one package 1 am ?afe in sayine that you will ever af terwards oonsider them indispensiUie. You will find tUem at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr signature > on each paokage. All others are oounterfeit. A Package will ! * a?nt by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Ccula. Addresa, Hl>HY 1'. 5PAL?I^I?, So. A** CEDAR STREET, NEW ^ ORK. CURE NervousHeadache Xf>, CURE X Headache. By the ite of theae Pilla the pone :io attacks o W?f?cw 0r Sick Ih*d?rh* may be ?r?YCDted; and I taken at the oommenarmtnt of ar attack imu? diite relic/ fioni jr. in and?ictn?Es will t? obtained. They arldoci fai! in remo*ini tiio Nrwu and h't*datk< to wtuoh fomaico aro ao f?bj? iU They act tentiy n?cs t}iebov?U,-:tzroTiC( Cu ft(MM. For Littrnrv Mtn, Students, Deliorta ] emaiea. and a!l prraona of itimiary h*bits, they are ?! nbla ae a (insrnviac tho mpnrttt, flTinf ton* and minor to ile <!'festive orctra, ?nd r? ctorint the natural t and at cajtL of the vboie nittrc. The CEPHALIC FILL** are reeait of osf icvesticatiun and f?rafnil? nnndnntMl o? having been in um many years, daring waioh time they have prevented and relieved a vaet unonnt ol pain aud snfienng rem HeaJaetee, whether ongi nahng In the ntrrxmt system or from a deranged tate of the siomntk. They are entirely vegetable iu their composition, and may be tacen at all times with perfoot safety without making any o*>*nce of diet, and tk* mbitnct of M|r d\>*truabU uitt rindtri it Miy it admtni3t$r tk$m to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures o( Henry C Spalding on eaoh Dox. 8o:d by DraggisU and all olkti D-salers in Medi sin**. A BSI *1!l h* Mn> K> mail .Anll?? ? ? ??? ? V| yi f yw vu moifiv u* fRICK, 9* CKNTS. aboald be ad<irMs?l to nENRY c. ?pali*in?, 49 DIME Strut. NIW Y>*I. P**m tkt ?t??MiT, Norfolk, fm. 0ejh*Ii6 Fiiii acoonijlmh the o! j?at for whick i.l,?r wais m?a?, vis. Our* ?1 W. ?c;io it> IUIIBI. tkt Xmmmtinn, Ntr/tiM, r?. T'utj it.we been ieatad la mara Ih&c a tluiiui utN, with attire anoceaa. fr*m ti< Itomtmt, St. Cl?md, MM*. If you axe, or tutve beoo troubla-1 w ith tie h?a/ a-iEe, scud fot % bo*, { Oaf ha Jo Fniz ,t ac t-*t yo? ir.*? u*re tueia in o%**> of tr^atUck. IhaJVatKM ? ? ^ > ? r? >?? rr ? > ' 1 If I X Li TTW|M?| P| iii( W j ka*rt:!y en<l.>rae Ur,S^.ca(,tsl ku u rivalled Ceyi^io Pills. Prrm tAs Sautktm Ptk tlmir-, ,V?i? O Itomi. ??. Try them! too that aire afflioted, tn? ve art that f 3nrte?nnBonT can Ise (wista! tr toa e'raa^T ! numerous !.st th*t ha received U *.kut a? other uieaioiueo&c froriMA, hMl Ik* (ymctttt, IMiHCI. Mr, J*?atdine w>n!d net coma** M? in artisie lie did u<h k?ot? to |K>4?3ft? it&l t*om til Ad*4rt< <*r, t*rm J. The Ce?b&lio Fills are Raid to bs & rvatrtyb.y sfffeokive . em<viy for the har-uobe, ard eaae/the ?< '? beat for that ?err e?mp'tijt faiib L&t trrsr beec ?lia?ovcr*d. Promtkt Hi. Lt*it flHMtttiU, ^he iram?rrarteiT-,?flvi for U> ftrual* (Ocplu. U Pilis) it rsyi'llr incr?*>?ir(. Km tk* K ******* ValU* Stmt, ?mcwA?. Xc. v/e a.e ?y>e lait f?r?0E? ?f*nn? with tfa? hc*4 to if, who u/ ?h?m. will tliok to thin. IVn* tJU i^MTlUIT! K, J, *fct vaurcorT in their f?ror u scarg, !i*x lit (Boct ia?f?ct?l>:e <a?rtera. t'icm tk* lMiiy iVilM, hn+-9Tt, K. I. Of hE'.io l'llii are Ufcing the ? i?? of nil kistfa. >? ?? tk* Commercial LuUttin. Bottom, Msif 9?id to Ne very eficaoion* (en the heauiche. rrrrm th4 Commttiml. Cinr mnati, Okio, rtnd?rini numanit* can now be relieved. |[7* A mng: a botfce of Hpaldlug^ Prepared tiiuo will Mve ten U/nea lU o<>?t annuel!j. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVK THE PIKOfctS! ECONOMY! DISPATCH IET-A Stitch in TnuBtvu NmV^Il As accidents will hsppen, even in veil regulatec families, it is very desirable to have soma oueap an<l!o- < v en i eat way fur repairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE wall all anoh emerienciee, and no household oa afford to he without it. It ia always ready, and to the stioking point u USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B<?A Brush aooompames each Bottle. Prie tt cents. Addreee snRT V. BPALD1N8, Mo. 49C?duatrMt, N?w York. CAUTION. iSBHSSiiS' ^n^bam rur abbs SLn^ii jyjujg-- ? ?-< ? tvart^ I / # ??? CW? r?wi, roM, InIrrUuton or Sotf <M.M 0/ <i? 7Vo?U, Rtlmi III /SJBHmft H*cktn? Cantk in CimtwrnrItVInMHilbll Mow, /u??, kylU^yarWj # cmmitk, cuar n*4 ht? StrtnrU 10 <A? vmct 0/ PUBLIC 8PKAIBRJ amd SINGERS. ?Ke? Are aware of the Importance of oheokiui Cop eh or "Common Cold" In ita fi<-?t etace; tuat which Id the begming would yield toamila rem* d?, if nejleoted, eooc attacks the Lungs. "Brown'i Bronekiui TVo'Am." oontvnmg deraaToectingredi nu, all at Pnimonarr uo UionohiAl Irritation. on."That trouble in inr ThroAt. <lo? BROWN'S whioh the "7>otk*s" area specific _ lArinc made me oftea am?rewb;a TROCHES Krer.* ft. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " I recommend their ate to PviLit ^riitui. TROChKS RKV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Great servioei;i eubdning Hoae?i BROWN'o sis*." HEV.UANILL WISE. fRornt-ti " Aimoat instant relief in the du ** IraMiBg labor cf breathing jeonliai RBOWN'j) to AsrKjfi."' ukuwn s kgv A ngco LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Ctpium or anrthint injauoua." DR. A A HA ? KS, iipmtlm'u ?- ? '? ** C VWtVI M?t AJ 1/ J VT+% tDnnoL-a "Aaimp)sand fiei?au eorabic* TROCHES tios for Cocshs, to." HRnwiv'4 OR. ?? F? EifiKLOWi BROWN i* B0jIm, VKOCBRo " B?n*io?ai in Bxoi?chj*h." inunit. UR. i. F. W. LANE. BROWN'S " J h?T<? prorM tfcwn excel! art lot TROCHES WHoori!*# Co??H." REV. H. W. WARRKN. BROWN'S Boutn ??oc?? as*11*' ? town ^ s.Vp.iND^.soir f norn vh " ErrxciWAi. ic rensoTinr n??s and Irritation ofi.he 'throat, ? BROWN'S 0v>rr,';,on Srxaxaa* and Sin? WROOBBS 8'AUV?"r BEO W ITS TROCHES "9'?at !CLeSt when before ?a<5 aflor preaching, Ss the; present BROWN'S Rostmems. From their p??t etfrrt, I think the; will be of permanent a<if

ROCHES ramase to me. fifcV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens Colioje, Tean. TROCHES G3^S?ldby*:i Drr?ei?:satTWFNTr? FiVB CENTS A UOX.^tJl <? 1-1 r DK. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE ueed for tlie ;ast half cectorT in the Hogpita'a of London aid farm for th?> cur?- "f =rrr?< Disease miy now he had at t.' I' 11 AM*S. WCHVC^ No. 310 CI esr.ut etrcet, sole a^ent for DK/ the United Statea It co&tain* no m?rerry or other mioeraig, and wi 1 not hRrm t!ie inost df>lie,te congt.tutioa A ffcdv cure mar*ii?e^d ar;d no < of < i*t required. Pro .SI "*<*nt by exsreoe Sold in Wa'hmpton by S. CALVERT FOKD, oorner tlth Btitetar.d Kama avenue. sep > *ol? LrpHAM ^HAlR DVE '.-TO COLOR BLACK > OH BROw!*:!?On'y 3!* cunts a b~x. Tnre^ boxe* for one dot Ar Gray, r?d or flaxen hair oaa oo c.ui'itceo in a lew jroiiBus in n j 1 u vik or brown, housing Uphtra'a Liquid Hair i>?e, ihe bout and cheapest in tiie ~orld. prodooiiiK, the mon-f nt it m ppphod- a rioh natural app"ar?r,o. EaHi rtojc oflJPHAM'SHA K OYK ? w?rra-.tedtooontain a* much hair rive at- otl<-m gel' for <mr. dcllxr'. | ?olii by :? C. UPH AM, 310 'h^cnat street, li la- I dplphia. and S ?;AiiVfc,KT KOKl>, corner litn i tr. et and i'a. ave. top >-eoly K PUPONT'S wr(,AK H?*TKO PKMAI.E RKOUI.ATt.N(? PILLS are,|=^ the vf*v bet in *>e They operate rpeedi ySfwif'. an*; tti-Mstually, and beins ?Uiar-ooate Vgr s j oread no tiM:?ea up-a the molt dn icat>" a'o aoh A tri?1 of tl e?e Pii!a will pro\-?- tueir superiority over &U o?l>e-?. Pries One Dnllnr a J box- Sod only at UPH A MVS, 310 t. hesnut street. s>cnt by m&ii to*;1 part' o| th-; country in [ a ? ?! <! e: \clopi>. Sold in Washington by P. ! OAIiVKtt'i' t OKi), oosntr lltii etreet ?ad !a. ! a*A sep 5 eoly J 1st.. .>.11. Sk-LKAfl'b I 8TiL2?(}THEKJH?> CORDIAL j iio 3LOUU rinit'ikH THE GREATEST REMEDY % tkt WORLD, | ?r ^?k E?forct9p^?.^*,,,,kl,,,lIt:!,,5-tf <ik?!?5. vvivtv *3' 'tulUlaf, TraJ??l? ( * <f?i!*l???, ttattwtUag tfin;, ul U* ?t laUMUt rtaa-lv fa? iMt'MHf tkt l:nui(! ??! ?< tad itnarlaf Ika tiffailaf, aatf ?afcluUl*4 taralK la kaaltk aaa ?uaam*. Htl KArm BTBKIWTHKWllfO 90BDJAJ. Wi:| affntivaily^iM Hf?f C?a Ul?l, Dyi/a^iia, Jua a.??, ^ihi.1 ?f mi'm vvaiin- , viicmi tf c.? 7-AiatJ*, ui t'.l dliat'ta fi?B ? <".? ?<!?i t.1 U?i ar f*aaiik. ytttpt'.a, Paartkara, lavud r.laa, A.?l?*iit ar lutattt ?l Ui Pt??<Mk, r?i!?i?i ri Siaad - ik* Kaart. bail r?;a ?T IviaviBC t? U? H?ad, F*JpU?. ?a a/ ur ??!'., TillaiM T Walaki I* Ua Hi????k, * ? Imn.'rt!, Ckaklap > aVaaatinf **taiUf fin i'-f ar T?l>aW. i'? ( ikt CkU ti4 l;ii, n.ii-tlfiiu, livni Pala la taa Saral! af tk? fi?k, <")> ? , ?? 3' !t, faddaa fiiikaa af Kaai, Itapriailaa af ?pXu. Prl(kt!a> ruin, bifid, lninSiat; at ?tj narrata dlaataa. Itni af Blatakai an U? Sda, aad Pa?at aid jl-aa (ar Ukiwa u< glaiil 9VJZ A HxkXIOV BGTTLMB ka?a aata raid darla* the tait a;x aaantka, a?<l aa talUaaa baa Itfallal ia r.Tttr ao'lra ?aaU?t!aa. Wka, ikaa. arili ti??r turn rc/Mi. ?? DaaUitt akaa MckCAB*t iruKiriimii cou'aw >1:11?? Ha Uafaafa aa* aa taa^aaia Ha* af tka isaailill ?a J ilaast at!r*a?!a?? j-'adatud ky ta?'af t?ia Cardial la ( * d!?eaa? 1, Uakllltalad, ud atauaiad a*iv?M a-.a-x, *?an?t< krakaa daara ky aicaaa, nU kf attaia, 11 l?pajrad Vj tiskaiit, LS* raiaiad aid l<nru| arfialtall a a li raiUtad (alia prliUaa kaaltk aai Tijaa mjjt.r.ixu rxRBotfEi af aUan, aaaiaUia af laikilli/ fraw rkutviiuut. will ad MabVAK'I ITllllKTilKKfl COt?!kU a 1Mraifk iiftun^itf tkkiyalan; a?d all vka nay kira la l**?d tfeaoacltci kf l?yra*iT Uu<lf*aiaa will Cad ta uii Caa41al a urula aad *f*cy raatadj. ro T.HE LADIES. WlkUt O OOZMAhU a w??f i?* asd iptc ly an ;*/ !? )?'. iul Caaata^tia*, *J tiiilMtt1 ?i MtaitraiuvlbaaalUaaaa * at Ia?j(o!*ft r?!a*r?*'? Paliirj ?? Vu^, atf.dUsaa, Tilailntf,! <*l??aa?? :r?'a??l ?i Peak!n. T1111AE 18 tfO MISTAKE AEOW If mtfei eg ia>t<*. T?a? it u U vlil itaviia, r?? ?-.i ??a.-a U? V'wb ?f t*a.ts ~ at^uat Jtmt aii?a a^alm. fcrar; aitt* if fimaud t> (IVt U'Jalafc'M. ro* CHILDREN, U >mi cal. .' ? a_> J ilikiy, r ?? Kiatt l, C#P9lAk wll! ataia ttaia kt?'tky. f??, aari tatai-. L't.a? (ft ' ?vl?ta!j u? It, H*1- ? * oli'l i?*ia?il. It l? ila?!?! ? *i. it wnon, Ctvtn tf 4n;(ti'/ ci daalari ? a* ?j tijr (a pais as;a fa* tana tiitai ? aartapenlla tratli, waxh Oity ?aa kir ik'.i?, tf itflli ll li lui at nil i??lil i?k mi> a>L and ui? atifci&t :*?. It U tea ?iy raisady tb*? wilt pstif? lb* l?ad llaraaffclr iL'i it tkt a*rna iM&fih** tf>t ?itir?. Una tin; Uktu nir; oaruinf f??ut j ia a ctrula fimuiii far CWaltra, Chilli at d Ftrtr, Yaiiaw Firir, ar i? di.uav It la pat a? lu icija kat'.laa. Prica m[; )1 pat kitUi, ? I far H IT M M< tK* tl, M < t'aprlatar al tfcl* Oa/lU.1; (U?, k*?W?ta'< Vaitani* 01 falalaaaaL Fitaaipa.1 Datat aa ika aaraar af Tknd ud Plat atrasta, It La*U, "la. JfoL->an'fc Voln&nio Oil Liniment, / ?? r 1K99 Li?1U * IK ? Wn?? ?* v Tkt aaiy u!i a?4 tiru'a tar* t?> Uaaaert, Maa, T*. in, Brtlli-iet ui! !>?' i> <) ' "ti'.n, Frralrtia, Kliitlfia, Waakaattaf i?t fc!ait'.ta, Ortult *. lr,flirsm\u-y ftkatBtllt-3, Btifttta at tat Ja?~u: Gantra?i?<1 Matcltt ? Vftietnit, CimtaaiTMiUui, Irwiita, tcraiaa, TiiiI Ciu, W?*rirt?, Blurt, Fatal Carat, Cakad Brttti, l*M t IIBpIta, lama, Btaldi. Bart Thra>.l, at aujr ? aua, aa difftrauaa haw tatata ? ! <. lha diaaaaa irtr lit. ttlttad, MCbKAHVCEkCILAVXO UKiMI.XT fa t aarttia rtmadT. ftMiiaoi af kaiata kaiaf* aa?a aaaa tarad a Ufa af dta j arapuada anJ imatrj kf ikt att af ikia inrtlanklt rarctdj, | KeL BAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wtil ta'.itTt paia tlraaai luttaiiUMtaaly, tod it will titaa, > a ft '7 t l j hail Ik a fMlaal lataa ia an akan rOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MckKANt CKLCS8.ATUD UIH.Mk.MT la Uta acljr ta<a aa<l ralukia raratiy far tta tart af Bpaaia, RUrkaea, W>a4(t.llt, l^iUU, cntiari.l, Ntdtt ar Bwtllh.rt. It attar Ulltd la ?ara Bif ttd, Paiiavil, Tuiala, (f.d [ linolnf Barat. ar B?atna. If nuarit ankai ?? I lin.L^lnuii.acnuku, (jn?k?d Cfta.fa?, a.i.'dl* Ca'lar alia, C'SM, > ( M Viudl, II U an Uifalllkl* r?t??J j Apply U ii ditc?Ud u4 * un la liruli la i?iif luum Tk*n trlt* iHfli wl* U* au| f uiIIhi ktalnaat* Jind i* ? ?. Ukui> i tappit af On. McklAII UkklH1TIB k'.BlMKMT. It vlfi *?? <il 4. MrkKAM, 1*11 Pr.pM.ui. Umi Tkird tad P!n m., It. baala, Ms, CliKkll STCrTT, Pi Fi. nil i|Ui la Wttklaf ?a<?? M-BftWlv QUNBOATB tog tub WESTERN RIVERS. QOAKTBBMAbTXB GBNBBAL'B OVV1CB. / VTafkmnton, June 17,1861. \ I'Boposai.* are invited for cousiraoting bun bo&ts upon U'.a Wei;o'c river a Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at thotlunr'ermaster'? O&oe at Cincinnati. Fit ?tu'*b, and at tbisuflloa. Proposal* from hoat buii ers and engine-baild err alone will be considered. Pars anbimtted by bidders will be taken into consideration. M C. MEIGS, I* It U oarUrroMter General United Stale ?^85fc%\p45%3fSD.,JS^??S2? ?#atfSdiiS? ?m*iW'^oomw*, traucera, Mojoarnera and 01 tlx an a will iuapeot our auuk at plenaur*. ???*?? ,#?.t p PKRRYtBRO, - ^ Faun, avenno and ?Ui at.. SMomsra- est * ??? ? ?i ?0? M il., i ^ ? TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. -JfWi steam wkkrly bctwkkn nfcw yor k an d liverpool. " I.aadin? and embarking rwNn(rri at Qu?f n?U?wn, Ireiaud The Liverpool. New ^ ork aod Phi'fcdelfhia Steamship CunipiiiT intend ditpatohioc their full unrirvi UII.1-KWII irvn DHWHip* M Ioim?l : tiLASOOW Satarcar, Auguvt 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, - - l?tt. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And ever; Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North nrer. tiTii or riHisi. Kiret Cabin. ....... #Ti Do. to London ? x SO te. to Pari* ... *4 to Hamburg K Steerage ? $*> Do. to i>ond^b- ?... ? 94 Do. to 3* Do. to Bambini.-.......... 35 Paseengera forwarded to 8r?n?n. Rot terdam, Antwerp, 4o , at redoocd throujti larea. Person* wishing to bring out heir friend* can buy ticket* at low ra'e*. Kor further information apply at the Caatatni Office. JOHN ?. DaL , Atent, i a Broadway. n. v . Or toQ. A. HERRING, A imi Express titiUmore. ^jr-?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE e.? LINK. EASTERN AXb WESTERS SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J H, R rwa* "tfOSkERrCxpt. W. Norman, Will ran their routes a? foLowe, ieav-i c Light treet, Baltimore loot ol Camden, at 7 o'olook A. KENT?ForCambridge, Dentin and Landings on Choetank river, every WEDNESDAY and **ATI RUAY, starring every Thursday aiid Monday. For AnnApoliaand Weet Riv^, every TUES DAY and FRIDAY and returning *a (Jays. PIONEER?Foi St M'Ohaei's at-' Easton.via Kt?er, every WEDNESDAY* And return the rar.e dsy. For Acnapolin, W?*t River, Cambridge, Oxford and E'.ston Point. every i'HUR&DAY, returning hy B&u'.eronteoa Friday a - -i:_ 1I? ? n< ?' ?? * rvi tt i'ii AiiofiMi'i tna K? ton, rift Mile's Rive' Fmr, *verj SATURDAY, returning every Monday oy sin.e route Fare to Cambridge, Deotoa, Oxford Mid Faston Point ? ?1 so Fare to ft Micbftel'aand Mum' RiverJround trip.?l.) ~ 100 Faro to West River,(round trie, ? 1J? 1 ?n Faro to Annftpoii* ( onnd trip75oedti)_~ 76 MEALS EXTRA. IT7*'Frei?ht meat be prepaid. \Yh.*rf and Office, LIGHT ST., fuot ot Camden. Baln^o . O. K. CANNON. . NORTHERN ?ll??^S3 CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT** OFFICE,! CAiVEST J'iatioi, rfatimore. Aiay 18,1861. \ On and e.fter Sunda*. May l&Ui, 1861. Trains on the NOR 1 HERN CENTRAL KAL W^V u riveatH depart as fci*owi, until further notice. TRAINS NORTH. M AIL at 8 15 A M. ' EXPRESS at J.^j P. M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION ftt BP. M The 8 15 A.M. tram oonnects at Relay House ssrith trains oe ti e Western Maryland Railroad; m li&nover Ju- otiot. with Hanover and tiettrbD'g Railroads; at York with York and Wngh'tavi.le Railroad; at Harrahorr ^ith Pennsylvania Railroad for a:i part* of the Weat. alao with Lebannon Valley Railroad to /V*t? York dirtti; at North urn berland with L and fJ. ?si.road for Kincaton and all part* of Wyeoniin* Va'lejjAnd at yn&surj with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennayivania and New York. The 3.3" P. M train makes a 1 the abo\e connection* exoept Hanover Kaiirrad, Wrightayi !e Railroad at"! the L*bannon Vaa<*T Rai'.soad. Ti-e 8 P. M tram makes connections *ith Pennar'vann Railrtadfor all parta of the Weat. and direct oonnccte for New York. TRA r*S ARRIVE. Mail at 6 1?> P yi.; Kxpre * at 7 45 A. M.; Harriebur* Accon.modation at 2 43 P. M. For Ticket* and infvr ation inquire at th? T'-set fifSoe, Ca'?ert Station. Baltimore. < J. C CLARK, 8upX mmcLKAVK PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORK. The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Tran'oa Ra.lroad Companies' Line Iro.n PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YO?K AND WAY PLACt 8. fror>. WALNUT STREET WHARF A Nl? KENSLNUTON DEPOT, will lea re aa fol lofta: At 6 A M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. A coom: lodaUoc. I At fi A V iiA PamulM ?.nH r*? / AJ I . .? ? ? ? V 4 / | \ ill ?# AooumruoUitioii ) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jerify CTiy.iMornITf M?'1.J At UK A. M, via Kensington and Jersey City, (Western Expiena) At US P. M., v;a Camden and Aiat>oy,( Aooommodation.) A12P M.,n? Camden aid Amboyf(C. and A. fcy arp??.) At <(2 r? M , Tia Xonsington aad Jersey City, (?v?nini ExprTs.) At <k F M , via Kensington and Jersey City. (8eo<>nd Clasa Ticket.) At6 p. M., TiaCunden and Jersey City, ( Etm ti Mat!.) At ll>. I'. M., viaCsmden and Jersey City.(gonth orn Mail.) AtS P. M . via Carnder. and Amboy, (Aooomiqodation, froijht and oaeeeuier, First Claw Ticket.) Second C!ui Ticket. TUe 6 P. M Mail Train runs daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Be>idere, Jiaeton, Lambertvtile, Flemingtin, Ao, at7.lo A. M.; and *H P. M., from Kesrnttoc. For Water Rap, wtroudst-crs, Borantor.,Wilkeabarro, Montrose, Great D"ti(T, Ac., at 7.10 A.M.. frc-ni Kes'inrtnn, via Delaware, Lackawanna and West'rn Railroad. For Ma-aoh Chunk, Allectown and 7.1ii A. M. and 6X? P. M. Irom Kensington depot; the7.lo A. M. liy Moti^oU with the train leaving fc a?tin at 3 06 P. fl* For Mount Hilly at ( and 6 A- M. and t and 4X P. M. For Freehold at*A. M. and S P. M. , For Hrntol. TmctAi An At via 4 M iw: ?S P. M from Konainfton, and IX P. Si fr<*m v? alnut atroet wLarf. For ralinyra Kiverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Burlington, F! rrerneoo, Bordentown, &o., at UX. I, 1 S, i'A M.'I 5 P M Trer.tcn for Bordentown, and intermediate placce, at 8K F. M. from Walnut atreet ! wtiarL ITZ?" I'or New York and Way Lines, leaving 1 Kenainct->n i>epot, take the oars on Fifth street, abuva \VV, tut, half an bonr before depa tnre The oars ri'2 iati the depot, and on arrival of train run from the de ?ot. Fifty pounda of baggage only allowed to ach pa?**nger 1'uifRieri are prohibited from taking anything as baccate bat their wearini ap^ar-'l. AU l>a??a*e over fifty pound* to be paid for extra. The company limit their responsibility f >r lirrKte to one rfol ar per pound, and will not be iiaole f t any amount beyond one hundred oo.lars, except >?y epeoiai contract. WM. H RAT/MKK, Agent. w b?BPa SU\iauTB BALTlMORK AND OHIO R K 1LKOA 1>. Ou and after Ma? 16tn, 1861, the fains will run ft* foi.owt, via:?Leave C&macc 8u.tion, Baltimore.?Mai!, ?exc?pt Sunday.) at S. 39 A. M.; Kxrareas dar.r at 3. 46 P. M. Botn Trains to directly irotirh M? R ALL FARTS OF THL WEST. bOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEflT. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. It*tw?en Kaltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train; |w?tw?en Pu-dmout ar.a W heeling take Accommodation T:ain. lea-mc Piedmont at &. ?o A. and between Grafton and Parkarsbiug, take tCo?$<A M Train from Baltimore. The FRFDEKIOK THAIN l.aves Baltimore at i 3ft P. M. ard Frederick at fi.80 A.M. Tii' ELLlCOTT'S .MILLS *1 R A1N leave Baltimore at 8 20 anu 9.15 A.M. and 1 as and (.40 p. M.. auu Kllioott'a Mills at 7.40 and ll.tiu A. M., aud 7.i? P. M. For further information, Tickets of every kind, ft.i. apply to J. T JcN*}LA> 0 Aiont. at Camden t?u.uoQ, or at the Ticket offi r W. P. SMITH. Master of Tranaportion. L. M. CQI K, Gen'l Tioket Ami *"-'w YOh K, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD NEW YORK FOR ALBAN Y.TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMERARRANGEMENT Commencing Monday, Mar 37th, 1861. For Abany?J1SM) a. m. ran express train from Mth ?trr?t. For Doter Plains??- ? p. m stopping at Whit* Pi*ias and stations north to Dover plains? from sath stmt i tat ion {This train will ran to Millerton ever? Saturday renini.) For Croton Falls?4:15 a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordham from SBth street station. For White Plain*??90. 4:10 and &.-00 a. m.itos tint at all fctatioDi from Kth street station. For W hit* Plains?& 5 f. m. stopping at a.l stations from White atreet station. For W it liama Bridge?7.31, 11:1ft a. m. and 1:30 p. m. stopslng at all stations from 87th street station. Returning will leave? Albany?*<*? a. m. (ast express tram. Driver Plains-a m. (Thia train leaves Mit terton even Monday morning at 5 a. in.) OrotonFalla?6 p. m. White Plaint?7:00 a m. 4:'0 A 7*w p. in. William* Bridge?4:80,9.-?w t. m. A bm p. m Sundar trains will leave 4th Avenue oqrner 8d street, for Central Park, Yorkvil'.e, uadem asd High Bridge every few mu.utea. trom 9n?> a. a. to 7^w p m. JOHN BURCH1LL. As?t ?sp't. cMn.NUW YORK AND ERlt RAIL iabbsr road. Paaaenger Traina leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dook, from foot of Cham'era sue t. New York, a* follows, th : 7eo a.m , EX?'KK8SCfor Dunkirk,and Buffalo. ar.'i principal interim ?' Statiooe. lu'a. m . MAIL, lor Dnnku*. u<l intermediate S'atioca?Tina Train remain* over night at fclmira, hM inter fnCvJiat? StftUOilA. ll ooa. m, ACCOMMODATION,daily, for Port Jerna, *nrt p in01 pal Stationa 4 00 p. la.. WAV, for Mi?ldi?tuwc, Nevburgh, and intermediate Station*, p. ui- NIGHT KXPR KPS. daily, for Dunkirk, Baffalo, C&L&1.C&U aaAnd pnnoipal fttationa To* Tram of Saturday atop- at all Mail Train 8ta<iona, and roua on j to fc mir*. 6or>p.m.. ACCOMMODATION,for HornacriHe, and priiioipai StaltonaCH * ft. MJNOT, fien'l M?'t NATHANIEL MAH.8H. Rwvivar. J' ONIONK-ONION0?ONIONH. Ut*T Reoeived on enntitim> IJ** unetiM pnn.lkOnions. For aale low. KINO A UI KCHKLU *a r K*fU?rth tnrt 1 it" C~~NK VERY NICE tTfcCoTo HAND PIANO tor M*. AI?o. ? l?r(* took o| Bwcri a Co.'? hk> * 1*00' " ^STm/Sn H7" Piano* for ronV. oe *r? mmci tu myKLtts. * JMK rinipa?Hii eeeereT taTtr* or4*t?4 u? OH4J MTT1M MTM WiaHCtW, Jl" ? ^ OUIPoiat Monroe) to t* rwuiBoC, oc n?n MoMay. tbo?th lutMt. U?* Bar yiinjjav^Ttaunn.orf KVKRV DAY if*o*>ft j*ot T) rro? tMtrwMnTfoot of iJiiioB Doc k. at ik 0 c ? ?** or tmmoilsul* afWr tb? %rnr% i>I Ihe VVMtmftoo Trml*. vhiob ntm \Ym*ik(U c at JH o'c ool p. m. >-p M. W FALL*. Fr?1 PHILAnKl.pNlA. WIL OPH VI^'-Tiin AND BAL TIMiiRK H All.K I >ap jvn arwui. K - ... ? ~ ?? ?** ? f " A AAi J/^r. ts"i',fcjj.?r.".r5 in t dulj ihmM J*unda?s.a? follows, ria *preesTr?ln ate 15 A.M. Way Mail Train a* MS A.M.; KvaniDC Mail at 4 46 <>'ok>ok. On PIN |(A Vp M 4 <J pTlf. #nlT. A I) trains oorseot with S #w York trams uoept44( P. M. train V| Satar day*. A Freitht Train with yu*?u*r oar attache* leave* at 5 P- M, st*>ppir>i at a11 f*tati<>c* betweea Baltimore and Harre d'-6r*c?, Pa*i?erifr? for Del*ware ard the Kaetern Mnt* ~f Mallard wili and tbe most eiptdiUuu rusts by way "f W 'Im; ng to*. frr All Colored Person* nut give bond before .ffimamn. WM c>AWro.DiA^, ____G?KATCIiNTBAJ. HOI TKHd GMflHffftTBK WK8T. rU HVD^QN ?1Y HA1LKOAU mn4 NKW YO* * C* >r/?4L hfNf Trains leave Now V'TB o-ty depots of Radeon Kiear Kei.ruati daily. 8*m?wj exoeptad. ssloltw*. Prom I barabera street From 31 at *t atatlon. At too am Att?am li no 6 00 p m 1IJ6 625 p m 15> p m 6 66 p m Montr> ai and Hnffa.o Train with ?le?p ng oars. 9. 6 f m | 1 45 f m Conr.eotir> at Albany with the New Vork Cen tral Railroad for Schanaotady. Utioa Ua'avia Rome, arrf ttationt on Rome and Wat*rmvn Railr a*. Hnffaio. S??ra'-n?e. !\ mra-a Fait. Sueperai- n Bride?. Aabarn. Bew r? t;a. trdaigua Traina in oounectsoa leave Mafia'o and ?aa*?r gion via l^ake Miore, BufTalu arc ake H i'on aid tireat We?*ern Railroad for Han ilron. 1 or<?te, Detroit Chioago. Tolado. Milvankie. Fon Da I-ac. La Crotae, Vadiarn prairie Da t nien, Oa -t a. Danleith. Dabaque, Peoria, R<o? J?iand. Minatioe, Iowa <"itv. BarUncton, Quircv, harinra^d. Alton. St. Lotiia Cairo, Te re ti ants> it. fcoaiavilletCirelrna^. I a*U.c. Colanbaa, CI- v* [il.aBdal- poiuta Woet. Noithweat and South NORTHFRN ROUTE. Connectinc with Trai at 1 rot, with Tror k Borton and Rent k. Saratoga roada for 9aratoca. Whitehall, Rn' acd, Huriincton,M. All-art. K?i?r Point, Piattaburch, Ogdenabaifh, Montreal, to., > rt Freight Arrangement" by thi? roate aa above, without chance of Cata, from the liepota 11 Ohambera and ? anal ureeia.ara at all tim^a aa favorable aa m*dc b> o?h r Rai'road Compam?e. 'I he 'aoilitiea of thia treat New \ ork K' ?rt?,*o tha Weat no?nmend it U> the cot tdenee of me:eka*U as- ah'ppera lor promptt eaa *?d di?pa?eh Pae?euKfr trains, with J'irrkin* and tMoofinf Cart ron in ocuneotion cs the New York Conira' Road. For partiou'are aa to looal tr&ira and freight a* raiigenjenU, inanire at the depot, t* w arrei. at, A. F. SMITH. Sopenatendeot L' ^ ?OVKMNMK>T LINE brfa r Tn FOHT MO A HOF A*D OLl> FOl> T COM FO h T. Leave* the lower end <>f I'N 11?N DCM'K. Ba,t, nv re. west aide. I'AILY. (Scndava lralided.iat ok V M.takiiit pw?e. ten #-.d ffi(ht ?, ooun*ottcr with the Railroad linca to ard f>om WMiiii'l'on, U. C., Pin a<i?lphie. New York, Bow ton, York, H\rru',ur*, Pittsbarc. P* , acd tbe Went, irr;me<1iftt- } af'er Kearny*' of the Expreaa Train fr< in New Yoik and Philadelphia. The followine ia the ?ch?6we : From New York to Kort Monroe and taok. ?14 From Phi'aatipb a and hack rom lllltMnn?i back #6. fLTPROCLRK YOLK TICKF.Ttf Id New York a* the new Jeraey Railroad UftM foot of Court ard atreet. Ia Phi adc fhia, at the Ootnrany'a cfltoe, N. W. ?orn?r of t*ixth and Cbeetnat atreeta.or at t D'pot, Br??a<l and Prime #tr. eta. In Baltimore, on board tbe Bteamera foot c" Union Dook. HI GH O'CONNFR. Paaaencer Ageat. t'ee^r UK. VIA I* fc. W |"1>K J K.r :&!_/* AND FALL KIVKR. By the afiei did and eoperioj Steareera METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE. *ud PTATE OF MAlfrK. ofgreat ?tr Jiicth and speed, bat partiealarl? adapted to tt.e navigation of Lone Islam! 9onnd, running in connection vitii the Fall River and 0>i Colony Ha:, road, dlat*.noe of S8 miiea only to Br*ton Leave Pier No. S North River near the Batter;. The Steamw EMPIRE STATE, Capt. Brayton. Monday*, Wednesdays. and Friday*, at f o'olock P. M., touching at Newport each wa*. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt. Brovn. oa Taeedaya, Thursdays, and Sat*r?ata, at i o'o.ock P. M.. touching at Newport eaoh *ay. Theee Steamers are fitted with oonnodicL* tate rooma, and every arrangement for the aeeuritr and oomfort ot pascengera. who are afforded by this ronte a nights' reat on board, and on arm a' at Fail River proceed per Stenmbo&t Train.reach ing Boston early the following morning : or remain 03 board until starting of the Acoomtr.o<ia tioa at 8 A. M., by whioh th^y may reach Boatoc aiwot 8.?ft A. M. A baggage maater ia attaohed to each ateaaier, who reoeires and tioketa the taggage. and aooompaniea the sane to ita destination. A ptMLmAr rnm in AonnMtmn vith ?Ki? I ina K? tween Fail River and Previdenoe daily, exeeat Sondaya. t reicht to Boston is forwarded through with freat <Ti?patch by ar, Kxprest Train, which invm 'all River ever* morniLc, 8ocda.ya excepted, at TAf o'clock for Boaton ai.d Naw Bedford, arrivmf at !t* destination at about 11AM For freicht or p*i wic?, app y ..c board, or at the offlfl# on Pier No. 3 North River For atata rooms and be'th* apply oo board, or if dec;red U> iMgr* tfcem id advar.oe, to V\ M BORDLN. At't 70 and T1 W est street, >. Y. _ jp?*fc T11K RKHILAR MAIL LINK IA GROTON. 3ION1N6TON ^ ^ and PROVIDENCE, FOR BOft TON?Inland Route?Th* shortest and moetdi rect?Carry the Eastern Mail. The earner PLY MOl'TH ROCK, Cart, J. C. Beer, and COMMONWEALTH. Capt J. W. Williams, in oouneotion with the Btonfiifton and Providepoe^nd Bos'ocand Provideroe Railroad*, leavici New York daily, Bsadaya excepted, from Flftr S n lfl \nr1h R iv?r. K P Im * t A feroton at Sjn o'o'ocs P. M., or on the arrival of he Mail Train which loaves Bo#ton *t 6 *> P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from N?w YorkMonday, Wednesda*. and Friday. From Groton?Tn?-efla?, rhnraci; ,anJ Saturday. The oOjjMONWIiAl TH, frcrn New YorkTuesday Tharsoay. and Saturday. From Groton ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Passengers from Orotoa proceeu per railroad to Providence ar>d Boston, in the Expr*es Mail Train, reaching eaid place in advanoe of those by other rome-, and in ameie time lor all the early Mormr>f Lines ooneoting Nor'h and East. Passengers that prefer it, remain on board the s earner, enjoy a nights' reet undisturbed breakfast if desired, and l?ave Grotno in ths71&A. M. Train, competing at Providence with the 1 so A_M. Tr'-in fV>r Boston. F>-r? from Provider oe to Newport, Fifty eeru A baccate matter aooompaniee tha Steamer aud Train each way For Faneage, Berths, State Room*, or Freight, op?tr on boaid the et^aner, or at the Freight Uftoe, Fier U North Kiver, or at the Ofioe of the C< mpany, No. 116 Wfct et'eet,corner of Cort land treat. New York, Feb. a. IH:. HUDSON RIVER RA!LR<7*L>AI.BANY AND TKOY.CON w - "u NECT1NG with TRAINS NORTH And WES t, Trains leave: From Chamber ei. N.Y .F rom S th etreet. Expreee, 7 and il a. m . 7,25,11.2 a. m , ar.d S.S6 and SJO and 5 p. m. 1 6,85 p m. Troy and Albany twithlWiS p.m , (Snndaya in UA., n _ i if, it . ?. 1 _ 1 ^ u t Uklf IV|lO ft III I CI JCU.J Poucfckeopate trtun ?, a 6,25 a. K.,an<i 1.40 p. hi. m . 1.15 p. m PMkakili train, 4.?>p m 4 85 p m. Pinr SiLi trains 00 a m . 9.26 a ro., and 4M and aqo ? 30ac(l8^ieip. m Flankill bam, Mn p. m. 6 56 p m. a. F AMITH. ?*?a?n?UH)?l???t ICUWRKIN'S Annihilating B_ Powder la the^n^^ lo w^a?4 " - - - ? It wnwi h F0itm. SCHWKR1NH PILLS %r* hti death to Rw M. Scfcwenc h*a r*eeiv#d oertifiett** Iron tb? Preaidrat of ?.r&rtl Coliac*, Direotoi < [ Hou?" of Refuse, }'eLi?yhmai% M* other PrpminfLt 1 niCtntioci of philed?!?hi? ; u? 8 J Hi, WMfc:riU>c. D C.; ud Cnarity Bo#yit^. New Orle&ni 1a The oniiul certifio*tee ota be mat*, ftt tt? wiioie??l* *nd Ketfc. i)e?ot 1*14 Nortk street, Pfaj.&Uf.raxd for at'.e in Uu oity br P B. ULAKK, corner Pk a vane ud 4H ?ta^ utf W '!^wir^"op09pur1uu8 imitations. IT" Eemfitt er to uk for Sehveriti's Aaftthil??i iPowdnr. in * None jerolte on er? ?i?n? M. Scswn * m* *Ll.-LTARY BOOKS , * HfintHB HltnSTlCn OtTfJimiwrai* iar*e and compiet* a*aortrc?nt of Military Boot i o' all kiada, which the* ofer Iron tec to ft" p+r cent. below the regular retail jriOM,?it eluding: A new edition of Hardee'a ftJfcntry and * Tactica, o< rnplete, ?1.85 I or e?' VoTucteera' Manual. S vola, $3 Alie ' -Vmaen-iurn of Hardee'a Tact tea, ?"r skwtii&a&ssik- o?k?. ? ? Hardee'a Tactics. cheep tHi.tiou.a6c The t*eldier?a 6tt.ur a et.n.p et* m aural ant drill book for the uae ol tlie Voiuate?r MiL na and the H one 6 yard 25c The Hand Book for tiie U.S. Soldier. ie?mj frat ho-.k of inatruoctoa to the U.S. Infantry taetiea. 9fa aim. Military Mih,Mw of U* Smi of H'u, Charts. Q?iW, <ke M 01 * F .as>, Radcra and Mcdala ?.f imj daacnr'ioa. A*y of tb? a Wove Mot by Mil ft*-. FEKNOH i RlCHt?TKI>. Ff?iPaSSAPZ* f\U OTHKt U1ITK ?* f';ANMKl.R wiifili oikfi kimdt? / for Aatimo and Winter uai. J?Ll!nM * *? ' ?i M Mh liMr la Motind ? .1 and at.' 1 a bc?iia i*.;? ft. (L# oa I tacii*-d, our wh.-> uw? of ynoe? u u>a? <* wnform tb-i>to . Aa?<M?inati->fi / Mw>< iHpitaa * ? vM *?,) ? toMrooaM.' rFMRY * BR. a . Pa nt?H aad Nmi ? . 09UH -*r*rrr Bailcmf *

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