Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1861 Page 1
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9 M / / 1> ? ? ?? ? * . H H * H H ? W ^k ipS grj u ? K v?t. xviii. Washington, d. c. Tuesday. November 5. i86i. n?. 2.7is. _ oi THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, ( UNOAY EXOHPTEDJ AT THE STAR. BUILDINGS, S?hmi / Ptmmsylromia nvtmmt as%d BlsvimtX n. 97 W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served la packages by carrier* it S4 year, or V Mate p?r month. To mall w>wft? the price U ?3 ? a yew, in He?ts; S3 for Ml meatus; SI for three months; tad for leu than tree month* it the rate of hi cents i week. Single copies, o*b cbkt; la wrappen, two cairn. [ZT Abv?*t:si*i*ts should be lent to the eMce before IS o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. LATE NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. From the Memphis Appeal of the 20th we take the following: what la t#>ooht or r*? saval expedition. The Appeal copies the account of the naval expedition, aa publuhed in the N. Y. Commercial Advertiser, and alludes to it editorially aa followa: The icconnt estimates the preparation largely, and it will be aeen that the destination of the armada and the feats it ia to accomplish are also announced with great perspicuity. The Richmond Enquirer of the 23d statea that a gentleman who waa at Annapolis on Wednesday of last week confirms the atatement of tha Commercial with retard to that point. A very large military force had b?en assembled there with airthe celerity which the railroad would allow. The regiments were drawn, very many of them, from Washington, and comprised some of the choioeat of McClellan's command, f both infantry and artillery. Nine transport ateamers had arrived to eonvey them awiy, and others were coming. The opinion waa also prevailing that the design of this piratical armament waa to operate aeainat Virginia; thit either the James or the York river was to be the theater of its debarkation. The operation! which hive tiken place in the peninsula, and the rumors from thit quarter, leave it for the preaent time in donbt whether the surmiso above stated has not already proved to be trne. The article from the Commercial, however, ia the Federal atory; aa the Enquirer remarks, it is impossible to diatinguish between what it tells'for truth and what may be divulged to deceive the Sooth. fko* pe5sacola. Col. Billy Wilson Occupying his firm r Position?Mors about the Santa Rosa Fight. [Correspondence of the M bile Advertiser ] Pensaeola, Oct. 21, 1841.?This morning Billy's big gnna announced that Mr. Wilson and hia braves were to bo found at their old quarters. Their new cloth houses look quite neat and inviting. Whether our folks have any need of them, now that they are being houaed after town faahion, 1 am not able to say. The name of the Confederate gunboat Ewing haa been changed to the Bradford, and the steamer Neafie will hereafter be known as the Nelms, in honor of the brave Capt. Bradford, f Fla., and Lieut Nelms, of Ga., who fell in the battle of Santa Rosa. The military spirit of Pensaeola is aroused to the fullest extent. In every direction, of an afternoon, the drum beat ia heard, calling the home guards to the plasa, or summoning the soldiers to his quarters. Capt. Farrand, of the Confederate navy, arrived to-day from Richmond, on business connected with the navy department. - Lieut. C Sayre, of the Confederate marine corps, has bean released on parole by Colonel Brown, on honor that when his wound would admit he should return to captivity, unless honorably exohanged. He waa treated with the utmost kindness by the chief surgeon, the offieera of the army, as well aa by regular and Zouave privates. Col. Brown visited and conversed with him in the most amiable manner. Lieut. Sayre will divulge nothing that compromiaea hia honor. All our priaonera, while on the island, were treated in a similar manner; and it was no doubt gratifying to Colonel Brown to learn that Gen. Bragg had acted in a like manner toward the Federal prisoners in his hands. We have learned that our prisoners all silled on the 16th. We know not where, but probably for New York or the Tortogas. The old dry dock, or rather its remains, I am told, floated off on Friday night during a very high tide, I and now lies precisely where it was originally intended to place it, right on the bar. Some officers from Pickens visited the old hulk on Saturday morning. affaik9 iv richsioxd. [Correspondence of the Memphis Appeal.] Richmond, Oct. 21, 18?1.?Officers ! Yes, officers?all over town Walk where you will, like tke cannon at Balaklava, there are officers ?some to the right of you, some to the left of you, some just in front of you. Officers of all frades end descriptions, from the genenl in is buff faoings to the little artillery lieutenant with the scarlet trimmings. Go to church, and the chance is you'll see an officer in the pulpit. Go to a concert, and you may hear an officer perform a solo on the clarionet. Go to the hotels, and the main saloon of the Exchange or the Spottswood looks as gay as a tulip bed or a poultry show. Zouave oaptaina crowned with their biasing red caps and waddling about in their loose trowsers; cavalry oolonela, gold laced in three lines from wrists to elbows; infantry majors, in smart uniforms fresh from the tailors, and probably as yet unpaid for, all moving in and out of the miscellaneous crowd in bewildering confusion. The ignorant visitor wonders how the army gets along in their absence, and what such a multitude of fighting men in commission oin be doing In Riohmond. I make no effort to explain it. As correspondent I only seek to give vou rapid sketches of what is seen and talked about here; and officers just now are more seen a good deal than anyshing else. Bad wtw from, the for ess under Gen. Lee at Big Sewell Mountain. A gentleman of this city, oooupying a high position in the government, has just reached Riohmond from Gen. Lee's headquarters. The enemy under Roseorans was in full retreat towards the Ohio, but pursuit was impossible. Th< roads were in the most awful condition. Dead horses and mules that had perished in their tracks, broken wagons and abandoned stores lined the road to Lewisburg. There was no such thing as getting atssmor wagon through uninjured The road beyond Bi* Sewell waa, if any thing, worse than on this side of it. To be sure, the difficulties ware quita as great?perhaps even greater?for the Yankees in their flight, ss for our troops in pursuing them. But Gen Lee toas entirely out of provisions, and ha / not the tc herewith to cook ths m?<ufor himself or to serve ths next ration to his soldiers. The General was not in tha beat health, and, it may be lmizined, not in the best spirits. The splendid horse thit was preeented to him just before he left this oity had been lamed in two legs, and wis unfit for service. It will be absolutely necessary for Gen. Lee to abandon his position in a very short time as uninhabitable for /us army, and go into winter quarters. Where this will bo?whether in the Kanawha Valley or on the line of the Central Railroad?is uncertain; but much depends on the choice is to the fooling the Yankees will have ia Western Virginia next spring Gen. Huger is expeoting a combined movement upon Norfolk, and Gen. Magruder apprehends the landing of a large force in Mob jack hay. The batter opinion here is that theaa will bo but feints to divert attention from a really formidable assault to be made immediately on the Evansport battery. This aasault is intended by McClellan beyond a doubt, and it miy bo a true explanatioa of the withdrawal of Johnson's army within the linee at Manassas, where they can co-operste readily, and at four hours notioe, with the command of Gen Homes at the battery. From the information I have received, I am so confident that tha attempt will be made by a heavy force from Washington to ro-opon the navigation of tha Potomac at an early day, that I predict von will boar of a severe engacesnent there before thi? letter gets to Memphis. m m m I A Fbiohtshbd Bakbb ?A baker residing in Haailltaa avenue, Brooklyn, was greatly aurP*iaed tew days slaoe ia d scoveru* a bombshell In the centre of a barrel of floor which bo 1 bed Just received and w*s preparing to convert lata Oread The bomb, on examiaatlon, waa 1 found to be loaded. Tb# charge having been ca efullv withdrawn, it was . laced in toe show < I window ts a curteelty The motive for placing 1 l ao dangerous aa article la a barrel of floor caaart I be Imagined by the purchaser 07* Mies Maggie Mitchell, the ictrees, iccom- I ****** tor California, A us- ' 1 fcalla ino r^nl, en the 1st of November. | RECORD Or THE REBELLION* Eimeaiiu ud SklraliliH From ? statement filling more than two oolumni of tbe New York Commercial Advertiser we oomoile the following record of the losses incurred bj both of the contending forces sinco the commencement of the war in April last. The Advertiser says the report of the Federal losses, when stated, ftre derived from offlciftl sources; when left in blank the losa is either trifling or hu not been given in ftnj official report The losses sustained by the rebels will probablv never be known; wherever they ire stated the figures are derived either from official rebel sources or are approximated by the Federal officers engaged. The designation ''heavy" shows what must have been tbe result of the engagement from the desperate character of the conflict. The aggregate loss on eaoh side, as summed up, is as follows: Federals?Killed, 969; wounded, 2,041; prisoners, 2,378. Rebels? killed, 4 049; wounded, 1,064; prisoners, 2.808. These figures, however, do not include the killed and wounded in scouting parties, of which there is no official report. Fbdbbals. Rkbbls Date. Nature of Action. .. . ?? AFBIL. Kd. W4. Pro. Ed. Wd. Pris Attack on the 6th Mass. at Baltimore 4 5 ? 8 ? ? 25. Surrender of troopa In Texas ? 450 ** Mat. 10. Street fight, St Louis, ? ? ? 20 ? ? 31. Sklrmian at Fairfax, by Lt. Tompkins.... 1 9 ? 97 ? 5 2 Rebels surprised at Phlltippl, Va ? 1 ? 15 ? ? 10 Battle of Big Bethel, Va 14 45 ? ? ? ? 17 Railroad recon n o 1 ssanc at Vienna, Va. 8 15 ? ? ? ? 17 Battle at Boonevllle, ' Mo 2 9 ? 50 ? ? 18. Sklrn.'h at Edwards' Ferry 1 ? ? 40 ? ? 18 Skirmish at Cole, Mo ? ? ? 15 20 30 26 Skirmish, Pattlson's creek, Va.... 1 1 ? 30 ? ? Jclt 1 Engage'nt at Haynesvllle,va ? ? ?h'vy ? ? 1 Engagement at Buckhannon, Va ? ? ? '23 ? 200 3 Engagement at Black river, Va 3 10 ? ? ? ? 5 Engagement at Carthage, Mo 13 31 ? 350kAw ? 9. Skir'h at Beallngton. all'gt? ? h'y ? ? 10. Skir'h at Laurel Hill, Va ? ? ? h'y ? ? 11. Battle at Rich mountain, Va. 11 35 ? 75 75 150 11. Battle at Monroe ataatatlon, Mo ? ? ? h'y ? ? 13. Col. Peg ram surreud, Va _____ 600 13. Battle Carrlck's ford, Va _ _ _ h'y _ ? 17. Skirmish at Fulton, Mo _ 11 _ h'y _ ? 18 Reconnolsancelnforce at Bull Run 6 17 ? not asc'ed. 21. Battle at Bull Run.. 380 500 700 1470kAw. Avsust. 1. Naval engagem't between St. Lawrence and Petrel ? ? ? 5 ? 36 9. Battle at Dug Spring, Mo 6 30 ? 40 44 ? 2 Surrenderor Fort Fillmore by Msj Lynde. ? ? 750 ? _ ? 5. Battle at Athens, Mo. _ ? ? 43 ? ? 9 Rebels repulsed at Potoal, Mo ? ? ? 30 ? ? 10. Battle Davids Creek, Mo $68 7?1 91 421 13IS 70 13 Ftgbt at Grafton, Va. ? ? ? 21 ? ? 19. Eng'ementat Charleston, Mo 1 6 ? 40 17 ? 19. Sklr'sh Hawk's Nest, Va ? 2 ? 40 ? ? 21. Sklr'lsh Crow Lanes, Va 2 7 ? h'y ? ? 26. Entrapment at Cross m Lanes, Va ? ? ? heavy ? 29. Surrender of Hatteras Inlet ? ? ? ? ? 694 29. Fight at Lexington, Mo ? ? ? 60 ? ? SlPTIMSKK 1. Fight at Boone Court House, town burned. ? ? ? 30 ? 40 3. Outrage on the Little Platte river bridge, Mo 7 60 ? ? ? ? 10 Engagement at Car* nlfex ferry, Va 14 80 ? not asc'ed. 11. Skirmish at Lewinsvllle, Va 6 8 ? ? ? ? 12 Battle at Elk Y\ aver, Va 6 4 ? 26 14 ? 12 Battle at Cheat mountain, Va 8 ? 00 80 ? 20 12. Skirmish at Stewart's hill, Va ? ? _ 12 ? _ 16. Capture cf camp Talbot, Mo. _ _ _ 24 10 5 16. The bombardmeut of Lexington comm'ced ? ? ? heavy ? 17. Fight at Blue Mills Landing, Mo 5 84 ? heavy _ 20. Lexington, Mo., surrendered 130k &w 1500 ? ? ? 20 Skirmish at Tuscumbia. Mo 300 21. Battle at Papinsvllle, Mo 17 ? ? 40 ? 100 S3. Romney.Va., shelled 3 10 ? 35 ? ? 25. Skirmish near Chapmansvllle, Va 4 8 ? 20 ? 47 29. Falla Church,Va., occupied by Federals, (Bethel blunder).... 7 15 ? ? ? ? Octobkb. 3 Rcconnolsance at Buffalo hill, ?y 10 10 ? 50 ? ? 3. Battle at Green Briar Mountain 20 20 ? 200kAw 13 9. Battle at Santa Roaas I aland, Fla 13 21 19 330kAw ? 12. Capture of Zouaves, Newport News ? ? 12 ? ? ? 13 Skirmish at Tavern Creek, Mo 1 ? ? 62 8 36 15. Battle at Linn Creek, Mo I ? ? 39 29 61 16. Engagement at Bolivar, Va 5 3 ? 150k<fcw ? 16. Battle near Pilot Knob Mo 1 10 ? 36 ? ? 17. Skirmish near Frtderlckstown, Mo 1 ? ? heavy ? 19 Fight at Big Hurricane Creek, Mo 2 14 ? 14 ? 8 21 Battle at Edwards'Ferry. Va 42 131 100 100 k& w ? 21 BatUe at Wild Cat, Ky 4 90 ? ? ? ? 21. Battle at Frederickstown, Mo 10 20 ? 900 50 ? The aggregate low of the combatant* it thus made to appear aa follows: Killed. Wounded. Prisoners. Federals.... 969 8,041 3.374 Rebels 4,049 1,604 2,808 Total 5,018 3,645 5,182 Tn Niw Jkbsxt Mvbdbb Casb? On* / ike Sutptcttd Partus Commit* Sutcidt.?L*Mt Friday two women named Mrs Marks and Albertlna Flaum were arrested on suspicion of being concerned to tbe mysterious murder of Fellner in New Jersey, and were confined ifi the station bouse to await aa examination. Upon the person of MissFlaam was found a note for 1,0C0 franca on the Bank of France, a gold watch and chain, and other articles of jewelry, all of which, she said, bad been presented to her by Fellner They appeared cheerful, and no one dreamed of such a thing as either of them contemplating suicide. During Friday night nothing transpired to cause any ansplclon in themlnda of the police, and lt was not until six o'elock Saturday morning that they discovered any cauae for alarm. The doorman, It appears on visiting the cells about 6 o'clock, was astonished to find Miss Flaum suspended to the grating of tbe cell door. A doctor . was In Immediate atttendence, but aU the efforts to reuse!tate (he unfortunate woman proved fruitless. Deceased was a native of Prussia, was twentv-three years of age, and was a woman of prepossessing appearance and attractive manners. The police are still enysgxd in prosecuting tbe l?v. stigation. and lo. k forward to the early sr- 1 res' of tne principal la this most sheektng and mysterious murder. Ottxts'WD ? Rev Henry Fowler, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church at Aubarn. N Y , 1 aas beea dismissed from bis pastorate for driver- i ,ng aa ant1-slavery discourse THE DOLLAR STAR! I INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! \ NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and Most Reliable ?lews from I the Seat of Government i Reading Matter for the Fireside Circl-eI The present year is undoubtedly the most event- I ful In tbe political history of this country, and the I record of occurrences transpiring at the Fed- I ersl Metropolis is naturally ol striking and rc- I markable interest. Tbe public desire to receive I prompt, full and reliable accounts of all that I pastes Mere is most Intense, and we have consequently made alterations and Improvements I In the weekly Issue of tbe Washington Star to I meet this want most satisfactorily In compll- I ance with the wish of the public tbe paoer has been changed from a quarto to tbe more conve- I nient folio shape, and now appears a handsome | sheet of thirty-txeo columns, filled with choice I and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bear- I Ing tbe name of the " Waihington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the I paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 1! Or barely more than tbe price of tbe paper upon I which It Is printed. It Is bur determination to I make the Weekly Star not only the largest I and handsomest Dollar Newspaper In the United I States, but that It shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in the I Worlp!!! 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Gardening and Horticulture I also receive due attention in this department I of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady I readers; also, Recipes for tbe Workshop, together I with an official list of all tbe new Inventions I issued from tbe Patent Office each week. ; In short, It is our purpose to give our r< aders I a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the I reading that at once Instructs and entertains, I but aiming to make Washington News and I Gossip our speciality, In accordance with the I views set forth above. Believing It to be better to sell many papers at I a low price than a few at a high price, we have I determined to oiler the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. j To Single Subscribers $1.00 per year. I To Clubs of Five 95 cents. \ To Clubs of Ten 90 rents. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. j To Clubs of Twenty-five 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallace, Publisher of tbe I Star, Washington, D. 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I Both may be seen on app'ication to JAMES I BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corcoran'a I Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H I streets. _____ *e 90 I T CARRIAGES. 1 HE Subscriber having maue additiana to hia I factory, n akingitnowoneof tnelargest in the District, where hia faoilitiesKajjjggJ for manufacturing CARRIAGES and ? M I LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be aur | passed, and from hia long experience in the buai- 1 neas.he hopes to give g?nerai satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagona kept I on hand. Ail REPAIRS neatly done, and all ordera I promptly attecded to. I Second hand Carriages taken in exohange for I new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE. I d 18 tf corner of Fourteenth and K *t?. S5l5h BILLIARDS! r^rTI The lovera L=??* of the I ! GAME OF BILLIARDS will Had in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corcaro Pennsy Ivania avenue and 11th street, (south side,) |< two of the moat admirable TABLES in the United Statoa, with every comfort and convenience au I tf ior die players. I WATCH REPAIRING AN USILVER WARS manufactory: I have one of the best eatabliahmenta, and fur- ] liahed with a oomplete aet of toola for repair- Jv ng every description of fine Watohea, and mu particular attention give to the tame, by a^BK thoi >ugh competent workman.and a. work uAran I Qed Also, every deacrip ion of standard SILVER i Wj RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under I my own supervision, whioh my customers will find I Tar superior in quality and tnish to northern ware I wld by dealers in ganeral and represented aa their I ?wn manufacture, H. O. HOOD, S3R Pa. avenue. near tth piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. capitaL ~..??oo,ooo. QAu terner O street and Lotttsuusa ?? o*er Bank I i tf Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY | AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DlEXCTOKS, Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Sainuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Ri?hard Barry, B. B. French. Dr. O. W. Davis. No charge for Polioies. JAMES ADAMS, President, \ Ai?l G. Davis, Seoretary. au 9-eo<8ni Btophau's WBM PREMIUM TRUNK VUG MANUFACTORY, 499 Sivswth Stksxt, Wasuinstor, D. O, Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institata e Baltimore, November 7,18t0 AIM, Medal by MetropoliUnMechanios'Inatitata, I Washington, D. C., 1867. I aa constantly making, and always hava aa kaad, of the best material, every description af I Fine Sole Leather, I i Iron Frame. Ladier' Dreas, I | \v cod Box, and Packing Trunks, i P e u isier, Carpet, aad Canvas Traveling Bags, School Satchels, *an At Lew Prices. Members of Congress and travelers will please | axamine my etook before purchasing elsewhere I Trunks that are made in other oities. Superior Leather and Dreas Trmuks made to I urder. 5racks oovered and repaired at short notice. oods delivered free or charge to anytpart of the I sit* orgetown, and Alexandria. 2_L JAMES S.TOPHAM. ROUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS. Ao. Ly TYLER'S I COMPOUND SYKUP OF O UM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Cough Rtmedy has I >een so long known and extensively usad that most I I persons have oeoome fam'liar with its extraordi- I '.ary etfioacy. It can be had at all the pnno pal I trug stores, at 25 and 50 oenta a bottle. 1 i oc 14 d2mAeo4m* I i nRAND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; bat IJ SMITH has not advaaoed the price of his I Clothing whioh he has just received tpd is aaUiac I >ff at saoh remarkable low prioea. Give me a call | md satisfy yourselves of the great.)>argaina tMat I ire now onerad every day at SMITH'S, No 4M I teventh at. oo 1 lro pjOMK-MADE HOOTS AND SHOHB, ] Lambs', Missas' ana CarLBxaw's Waa, I tiMSVkAVf. I Me, l< Market ftaos. na -w a? . M <tl> ?ta A RMY BLUE CLOTHS AND CASS1MERM, cV good qaaUtiee for oAoers "" ?"? >?" -"??11 VkriSV%EO. oc N< Pa. aveaaa and .^fiatS at, BOH JOUNSTO.I, ALTIMORE LOCI HOSPITAL, Has 4itt?trul tht mett Ctrtaim, Spoodf and MJf Efftctnal Htmtdf tm tk$ World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, * IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*akn****f a* E&sk. Strictaraa, Afectione af the Kid 7* end Bladder Sucmtfti, Impotencv, Goo* rml Debility, Ner.v?neneee, .*>?aPepe?, Lanraor, CWnn Bl af ldeae, Lew Spr.j. P^-pt'.suou of lb* Ha art, Timidity, Trembling*, Dimn**a of 8if at or Qiddin***, DfMaaa of the Head, Throat, Nmi or 8km, Afectione of tha Lanra, Mlom?cn or B >wele?theee Terrible Diaordere arieing from Soli- _. Ur? Hnhiti of Yoath?'JiMi Praadfal and Deetriic'.ive Preeticee which render Marriage tupoeeil le, and deairoy both _Body and Mmd. *n YOVNQ MEN " Kepecialiy aha have become the vicuna af Solitary T?ca, 101 that dreadful and deetracuve habit which aunaally awaapa te an anumely jrm thoaeande of Yowrg Man of tba moat eaalted talente and bnllaaait intellect, who might otherwise he.* entranced Uatenang Senatee with tha tbander* of alo?aence or waked ts ecaucy tha living lyre, may tall with all cocidence. MARRIAGE. MaaaiBD Psaioife, or Yoang Man contemplating Mar- J hare, being awara of cbveical weak.,eee, organic debility, deformitiee, Ac., epeednv cared. . Ha who placee himeelf andar tha ear* af Dr. J. may raligiaaely conn la in hia honor aa a gentleman and caoldeauy rely apon hia akill aa a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. Uft hand *id* going from Raltimor* etreet, a faw deore from \v tha cornar. fail not to cbeerve nana and nainher. keuere u maal ba paid and contain a etarnp. DR. JOHNSTON, Member af tha Royal College of Snrgeone, Loodaa, grade- Hi ata from on a of tha moat eminent Collegia in tha United |Jj Statee, and tha ri eater part of whoaa Ufa haa baan af ant ia the hoepitala of London, Pa ria, Philadelphia and alaawhara, ' haa elected come of tha moat aatoniahmf carta that war* m, e?ar known; many troablad with ringiug ia the haad and aara whan aaleap; great ner.oaeneaa, betag alarmed at aaddan aoanda, baahfnlnaaa with freqaent blae?ing, attandad una a with daraufamant of mind, wara carad Mamediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE lo S>?ng Man and othara who hav* inland themeelvea by a certain pracuc* indulged in whan alone?f babu freaaeatly , Warned from e?il coinp.. uione, or at ecboel, tha afecta af ' whicn ara nightly fait a?an whan aal*rp,andif not carad. randara marnafa impoaaibla, and daatroya both mind and T1 body, ahonld apply immediately. Tbeee ara aoma of tha aad and melancholy effecte prodaced by early habita of voath, ?ix: Waakneaa of tba Back and BI Limba, Paina in 'ha Haad, D snaaa of 8ight,Loee of Maecaiat Powar, Palpitation of tna Ha.\rt, Dyapaiay, Nar.oaa irrita- ?. bihty, D*rang*raent of tha Dtgeetive Fancuooe, Ganaral * J Debility, 8ymptonie of Conaamptioo, Ac. MtKTAI.LT.?The fearful effect* on th? rnind ara ma.ii la R( ba dreaded?Loee if Mamory, Confuaion of Idaaa, Dapraaaion af 8piriu, E*ii Foreboding*, A.eraioo of Society, 8aif-D<atraat, Lot* of Solitude, Timidity, etc., ere eome af tba e*i!a w: produced. Nirtou* Dhtlitt.?Thonaup ia can new Jadfe whet ie the cauee of their dechninf health, loan.r their rigor, becom- i inf weik, pale, nervoue aud emaciated, ha*in( a ainfaiar appearance abir, the ?yee, coejh or eymptorce of cor.eurrpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the ini*f aided and iinpradeiit votary of pieeegre lnde he h?a imbibed tne eeede of thie p; info diaa^at, it to* of'.ea heppene thnt an ill-urned aa iae of ehame or dread of dieCaeeiy r. detere lum from applyinf to thoae aha, fran education and fk> reapectability, can alone befriend htm. He falla into the bande of ifnoraut and deeiguinf pretender*, wbo, incapable af%crinc, filch hie pecaui&ry aubatauce, keep him triiinf month after month, or aa lonr aa toe amalieei fee can ba ob- (h< tajned, and ia deepair leaaa him with rained health to eifb ever nie rallin( dieeppointreant; or by the nae of that deadly u, poiaofi?Mercury?haeten tba caiiautauooal eymptoma of thie terrible dieeoae, each aa Affecuooe of the Heart, Throat, Head, ru kin, *c., prorreeainf with frlfht/al rapidity, tiil death pataa period te hie dreadful eafferinfa by eendinf hient a iL?t aa- ? ai*ca.*r*d coantrr fram wbaaa boarne na traveler retarne. Irc DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. y thie rreat and important remedy weakneaaaf the wrui N( ara epeeduy Cbred ana fali rigut reetared. Tboaaacda of the **> nerroaa aad debihtotaU, wha bad laat all hope, ba*a been immediately relieved. All impedimenta te Marrt&f e.Phyaiaal ar Maatal OiaoaalUlcatione, Loee of Pfocreauve Power, Nervoaa Irritabuny. Treitklin# and Weakneae ar Kuaaeuao af tba meat fetrfa! _ klad epeedily cared. Ta ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tmb Maiit Tnouiaudi cared at thia inetitatian witbia ike laat eeveateen Teare, and tha caraereaa impartant Sarri- r lal paretioo* p*r'*ru-.*d by Dr. Johnatan, wiu>****d by to* r*Partera af the papere ana nuaiy ether reraon*, natic** af abrch have appeared again ui again tafara tba pablia, baI'dae bie etandinf ae a gentleman af cbaracur aad reepMiei- I_ Ultty, la a eaHtient faarantee te the aBicted. par lt-l? NOTICE. H( smmmmmmmm 1 "ADAMS' EIPRES8 CttMPANY" fre Thia Company offer* to the publio" Unequalled Po Advantases'' for the Safe and Quick JMapatoh of Heavy Freights Packages, Valuables, Money, 4to. to., to all parts of the United Htates. Expresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive in Wfcbi.ingtou twioe dally, act Ah Ezpreis^s are in oharge of txptrimctd and tiir rtliablt Messccters. a.p, All Packages for The Soldiera carried at "on* be< Halt" our usual rates. gr? All Goods for the so-called "Confederate State*" ?rd all Articles " Contraband of War" will be KsrusiD. Ou' Expresses leave New York at \.?, and 6 P. M .. arriving in Washiaeton at 6 A. M. and 6J0 P i M Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JO A. M. and II P.M, arriving in Washington at 5 30 P. M, and t 3 A* fif. .if Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and S P. M.. arriving in Wastington at 6 A. M. and 6 90 Expresses for all points North and Wert leavs Washington at7JB A. M. and 2J0 P. M. dailr. Speci%I Contracts tor large tuantitiAs of Freight fro can be made oi. application to this < *fiioe. Ai: Goods sailec for and Qelivered fru of Extra Charges. E. W. PARSONS, Dii Sop't Adams' fcxpresa Comp^nv. VR Washington, August a. 1861. aa a-tf Y?., ?r aa WOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely get your money's worth by oalling at the PlONEt.R MlLL9,?m4tMsi cor an av or SttiwU ttrttt and Canal, (GEO. PAGE. Di Aceat) Tuey soil cneaper and give better meaaurs than any others in the oity?cut, split, acd deiiv- ,? ered free of charge. If you doc t f elievs ?ivs the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be satisfies w\ 7-IVJ AND SHO^^ TO SVIT TU We are now maasfaoranax all kinds of BOOTI i aad SHOES, and c-Mtantly receiving sippiy of eastern mace work of every de-nHI sontt.on. made expressly to order .acd will If Hj be sold at a maou lower trios than has tx-r n Ha heretofore oharged in this aity for mach inferior, Persocs m want o| Boots and Shoes of eastern sr sity mat'.e work, will always &cd s. good assortmsa Is slots aod at tas is west prioes. Give as a oall. GJUPF1N * BRO., ^ A RMY SUPPLIES, -T M{ JUST RECEITED-- eel 480 cans SAUSAGE MKAT, 240cans FRESH TOMATOL8, 48''cans FRESH VEAL. 360 cans P EEF.s is m>it, 24-> cans ROAST BEEF, Pr Means FRESH MUTTON. 840 cans BEEF and GRAVY, vn 340 cans SOUP and BOIIILLI. HJ 30cases FRENCH DESS1CATED VE6E TABLES, For sals at New York Factory prices. KING A BURCHELL, > ae t Corner I and Fifteenth streets. the HNEW BOOKS. J*' ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by Jcha ^ Lothros Motlsv ; 2 vols.; f'ee b? mail, 04. drl Ths Rise oT ihs Dutoh Rep ubus. a hiatory, by s John Lothroy Motley; 1 vox. oioth; free by mail, 8'ilas Marner, the Weavsr o( Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Beds cloth Tftosnts ; paper <0 oents. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Saresant; (lid. Alter Icebergs with a Painter.a Summer Voyagt to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Loais L Nob s; 91 jo. The Manufacture of Photogsnio or H vdro-Car t bon Oils, by Thomas Antissll, M. D.; 01.T5. avAny of the above free by mail FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, . ap 28 aT? Penna. avenue. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeivsd within ths last day or two a largs assortment of BOYS' Si RING CLOTHING, embraaiLic all styles of iow priosd, medium, and fine qualities, which we ars selliax a t very low prices for caj... WALL, STEPHENS A CO., . SSil Pa. av., between 9th aad lath sis. wh m tJ f Intallit Auoer ano Repahlioau.) " / SAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, 1W1 ? , C Stxxxt, XwJL 1 , Bach of tk* National Hotel ^ 0 Most liberal ad vanosa made on Gold aad Hlvsr Watches. Diamon. a, Jews?ry, Silver ware. Clothing, Pistols, and all kinds of Metohaodiss. Business striotiy oonhdeLtial. I8AAC HURZBKRG, 1(1 C stvsat. 8 * 1 3m lietweec 4X aad th rts. w rkUPONTS GUNPOWDER, Mi towernnwiwr rrtw". " hMsVlt |>UCK WHEAT PLf'UR. ?> Bl CKVHF.AT FLOUR. CJ&RO (|Aaaoao , B. 99 If Uorasr Vsnm>ot av. aad Uth sv as I v w 0 ** L .t, rhe weekly star. if U>ucu be foua* la UI7 Kfcw > b Friday aaoralajj. Single copy, per nasi. Fire COp.6ltM#9t#M99ttMtctM49tt 4 Yea 9 00 ?wcsty-|v? ooplfli, ? * ># ? S? II larariabtyeoataiaa the "W?hiaftw Nave' I hm made Tkt Dml, fmtaf Rem aUaatoto I geaerally Uuoaf boat t*e oeaatry. GTSlngle coptaa (la wrappm) eu to ptoire4 at the counter. Immediately afWr Um Inh rthe paper Price?THREE CENTS hklmbold's genuine preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED?? Compound Fluid Extract Bithn, 1 PesUtre and SfrtJU Remedy For Dimmm of Um LADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,aa* DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thra M?dic'D? tnc-eaeee Um power of Digeetoaa, d cxoi the ABaoaBEMra into teal thy aotioa. whicn the watebtob c?Lciaora depoa. ioaa, id a j rx!f*tra*L ESL.itm cm a are redaced, well m pain am) 1HTLAmuatiom, aad ia food men, women. ob cbildf RN. 'lELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU . , For Weakneatea riemg from Kze?aaea, Habita of DiaaipeOoa, r.Jirijr I diaor-twa or A^aae. Attended with tkt Following Symptoms: diapoa'tion to txertioa, Loaa of Power, iv "' ?tea?: nrror of piaeaae,*. mnaaa of Vi*ion. Paia in the Baek, a,v?r,a' Laasitode of the Maacalar ^ratoea, ot Hand*. Flaahmg of tf>e Hofty, ryae^a of the Sktn, Eraprioaa oa tie Faoe, PAlklD COTTffTEBABCB. rheae aympt m?. it a 'owed to go oa. which Uua fdicine invariacly reraovaa, aoon foJowa 1POTENCY,FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. In one a/ *ehuh tkt Patient may Ejrptrt Who ean r?j tiv they are rot frequently folwed by thute *'oiaarrL DiaEAeae." " INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are nrare of the ravae of their anffenog, BUT HONE WILL COKF.aa. HE RECORDS or THE INSANE asylums And the Melancholy Deaths by Consumption, is AMPLE WlTlttM TO THE TUTB OV thb ASi>AET!OB t HE CONSTlTPTiON ONCE_affected WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Huirea the aid of medioiaa to atreagthea and % Irngorate the System, uch HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU iavariaMt dote L TBIAL WILL COjmaCE THE MOTT UI7TKU. B MALES- FEMA LES? FEMA LBS, UD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Affections Peculiar to Ft malts b Lxtraot Bnotm la nneeaaJUd by any other remy, aa in Chloroaia or Retention, Irr-gaanty, kinfulneaa, or tfDppreaa'oa o' Caatomarr Ktmtioca. Uleeratea or Sohtrroaa atau of ue Utea, Leaoor'bea or W hi tea, Sterility, aid for alt mpiaiita incident to the aex. wuether arming >m Indiacreuoo, Habita of Diaaipaboa. or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! axs amrTuM above ) FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Jee no more Balsam, Mtreury, or Unpitaimni Medicine fen Unpleatmnt and Danger on* Dtstasts. lELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV cuasa SECRET U1IEASEI all their Stage*; At Utile Exaeaae, tile or no ; n H?>?: No inoonvenleaoe. And no Azpexwa. s&uaea a fre^u n: dean a a <1 givee atrength to mat.-, the eby Rem Ting < bat uotiona, eventing and Caring # ricturea ot the Urethra. Allaying t aixand ir,Hwnm?o?L, ao aa?nt in the olaaa of di??a.ea. a.n x>>eiliag ail uonous Diseased, and ttorn out Matter. THoVeAHDS CPOS TBOCaAHD* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACES, i who tare paid heavy joe* to be eared ib aahort ie, have f >and tn y were deoei vad, and that the Diaoji" haa, by th? ua? ot"row rjul aitrtntenii" >n dried up in the ayatem. to break ^at ia aa agIrated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. J?* HELMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCHU affection* an1 diaeaa?e ol the urinary organs, tether exiating in male or fkhalk* m whatever oaaae one mating and 1.0 matter of HOW LONG STANDING. seaeea of theee Organ* reaaire tue aid of a DiETIC. lELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, d it ia certain to have the deaired effect la aeaeea/er wkica il tj recommended. idbbcb or raa most bespoksiblb abb aaliable chaeacteb II aooompaay the BMdiaiaaa. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to 30 y. ara' ataadlag. rlth Namea know- to science and FAME. ' * -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." ' MARS "bo MCmST" or "laaEBSIBSTS." HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT RUCHU jompoaed of Bacha, CaHeba and Jaaiper Bernea, eoied with great oare by a oompetent draggtat. PREPARED IN VAC CO, BY H. T. HELMBULD, aoUoal and Anaiytioal Chemiat. aad Sole Maaafaotarer of slmbold'8 genuine preparations. AFFIDAVIT. 'eraoaally appeared oeiore me. an Alder i?aa of > 01 ty or Phiiadelplua, H. T. HaLMBOLa. who eg da'y awe-a. dota tay. hla preparatioiia oou n uo naioot.o, no meroary. or outer iajar?oaa ""*" """ V'"?L>. BELHBOLD. Swori and aabeeribed h?f >re me, thia sd day ef tvember, 18m wm. ptfi IBREkd, Aidet man, Niatt> at.. a>?re Raee. Fafla. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO * F. M. Price SI per kettle, or alx fter |i. >eurered to any add:eea,aeeareiy paafcad frtwv MNM. Iddreaa letteia for inforaMhae ia MBlliaai Ie H. T. HELMBOLD, Ckemi*, pot, 104 So nth Tenth at., balew Cheetaat. Ptuia. BEWARE OF COUNTRRFBITS AND VNPRINCIPLED DEALERS to eadearor to diapoee **ef th?4r ewe* aed oUier" aruolea oa tM repataUc n Itaiaed to hdt. rr.t .d s Oenwetee PeepnoatioGti * If .i m Beriaperitla. iaapieeed Root Wnoh. leM by B. B. Warn, I> A twua, i?n oar. 8. a Peaa, B R hmrianj, B & aoa, XiBwau. 4 UnM, J. R. Mb?b. ND ALL DRU&9UTB EVERYWHERE. , Vf .1 t i|nt Jar- ?MSl-?aufB.-? ASK FOR EKLKBOLDt. tajlk ho otkkb. Oak oat the a^rt fee. aa.t aa<i # mil ID AVX)ID IMPOSITION Mi kXPuMRB. wee Haa raa tard ?4Hae toptot