Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1861 Page 2
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THE F.MNU STAR. W A!-ilCwOV)S CITY: TCBftDAY \.Tf?krr , INI. Or* r?t?w < tb? wtai miliurr eafef* H^nn wV!l e^frt ft tmrvr by bfeqtfbf * poNti m tr wncwti ?<! eftlre Ik IMr Tlelaltt?. iprT? our mdnt we weald MV ] inw w sm ira ktom eaitlm of the Star can ba barf in Baltimore of E. P. Hazel too. ageat. No M W?H fl atreot. Peer Gay?the lit rfition at half r-s?t fonr and tha vecond at eight oV!?k, hi >1^ arrival r4 tbo trains from Wub ngto?, g1 vir.g ail tha laieat Dfwt from tb? Mat of war up te tlx tin.a of jjo'.ng to pmi. Spirit at the Marning Press. The Int?Uit*ne*r In a lengthy article upon the Morrill Tariff, regard* tt aa having been moat ausptdcus 'n its operations, and abundantly vlnd tea ted and approved by tha necessities of taa nation The Rtp+>.htan think* no difficulty need be apprtfceaded from the Indiana of tha Southwest, aa It ha* bo evidence that aav have joined tha rebel*, or intend to do to OUR MILITAET BUDGET. WOOD J**? FKO* THS FLKBT BeUrw will be found two dispatches addressed to the Navy Department, announcing the safety of the fleet after the recent atom had subsided; and that It was then quietly pursuing its way to tti drat!nation. Cape Romala, mentioned In the latest of these two dispatches, is about 30 miles north of Charleston. V- a. ? - ? ? ? - ' * h? iws Ywen or ute expedition mentioned as having returned, being somewhat damaged by tha storm, are comparatively unimportant to Ita MMS, It to evident tb?t the storm was not violent where the fleet was. r H LADXLPBia, Nov. i, 1?61. T? Horn. (hdtsn Wtlhs, Secretory of A'ary : The steamer Florida, of the expedition, baa ar rived here, requiring repairs to Jier machinery. Hhe left the expedition off Cape Fsar on the night c4 Friday, the <at Instant Baltimobi, Nov. 9, IMM. Mr- Mw, djstjiant S-crthiry oftk$ A'arjr Tbe Mont'cello arrived at Portress Monroe yesterday. t*be reports that she passed tbe fleet eff Fotat Romaln* on Saturday night. Ths storm had abated, and the fleet was steerJag southward. Tbe Belvldere (transport) has J.? * ? ' ? v...uw u^uvi y uwiii^ru uy me lorm ? Cape Romaln la about thirty roll** north r( Charleston * OOP S?W? riOM WBSTIRS Vlltl!l11 Th? chances are that by this time Floyd'? army baa beec oaptured. It will prove aa lmpo?aible to catch Flo.d himself, we fancy, a* race-horseHeory A. Wl?. The War Department have dlapatchea from the Weaft, under da to November 5, from which we Mttor that tin to ! ?< 1?? m??? - ? . - r ? wwwswhj ai|ui ioiv?iflC uait ui J-itw- advices from Gau!ey Bridge?Floyd bad cut aew roed th'cagh to the d^posfe bank of im river from Roeeerans' camp, and bad commenced firing with ibella, but few of wbicb exploded . Floyd's force waa supposed to be 7,WO etroog The atta-.-k la agreeable to Gen Rosecrans. wbo confidently ?p?efe to capture Floyd'a army, as be had sucoeedod in throwing the brigades of Gpu*. ?enhamar.d9cbeack la b<S( Floyd's) roar 8 and ? were then following Floyd on hie new road, aud would doubtless surround him. Another dispatch of the day before save that the ? J Oa'llpella lino telegraph wires were atlU down The KanawLa beat k?<< Jnat puw4 Mayiviile, reporting that Roaecranshad repulsed FloyVacd that at last account* Benham had sot in hia rear, aad It waa thought F loyd's whole force would be captured by them rKDIBAL riCTOBT 1J? **STTCKT. [Special dispatch to The Star j Cl*vela>0, Ohio, Not. 6 ?Editor Star : A reliable report from Kentucky, by telegraph, tonight, states tbat Gen Nelaou, with a force of alz thousand, had taken poaar-alon of Preatonburg on Saturday. The rebels fell back six miles to a point where It was supposed they would fight on terday, the 4th Inst. aftbitbd. Major General Halierk, now next in command la tk* U 8. Army to Major General McCiellan. baa reached Waabtngton from California, and vu to-day at the War Department. TIB ?ATTL? AT BALL'* BLtf?r. Tkt iiflmm*tory Report of Gen. Mclletlan to Gen. Stone's Report. The following la Sen. McClellan'a explanation ' n aabmit'ing the report of Gen. Stone to the Secretary of War: Headfuartert Army of the Potoma^\ Waablngton, Not. 1, 1991. J T%e Hon Secretory of War Bia: i have the honor to forward herewith Brig, ?en Stone "a report of the engagement near Leeaburgon the 9!at ultimo. I elao tranamlt a copy of tha dlapatoh aent by me to G*n Stone on the tOth alt . being the Mine mentioned In the beginning mt hie report aa tbe bea'aof h ? movement. In en tvpf vi aim aiapaicn in r?plv? of un? da?e. Mf dlapatcb did not contra plate tbe making *n dUfk upon the enemy, or the crowing of the rtwr la force by any portion of Oen Btone'a commod, and net anticipating auch movement, I bad upon tbe *Kh directed Major Gen. McCall to return wltfi bia dl v'alcn, on tbe forenoon of tbe Slat, from Drainavllle to tbe camp from which be had advanced, provided tbe reconnolaaance entrusted to him aboald have been then completed. Being advlaed by telegraph from Gen Stone, received during tbe day and evening of tbe 21at, of tbe eroealntf af tbe river, tbe fail of Col. Baker, tbe cferck auiulnrd by our troope,and that nearly ail Me (Btoaa'a) force bad croaaed the river, i a??t to bim at Kdward?'? Ferry the following disptkb it UK-put tea p m : ' Entrench yourself on the Virginia aide, and wait reinforcements, If 1 Immediately telegraphed Major Gen Banks to proceed with the three brigades of hla division to the support of Gen Atone; and ad rial ng the latter that he would be thus aupported, 1 directed klnt to hold his position at all hazards. On tbe Ud 1 wmt personally to the scene of operations, and after ascertaining that the enemy were atreogtbentag themselvea at Leesbarg, ana tkat our means of creasing and recroaslng were very insuSclent, I withdrew our forces from the Virginia side. 1 am, air, very respectfully, roar obedient ?? vtnt. 6w>b?i'8.'McClcllak, Major U?n'l Conmandlng Colled State* Army. Dur*t?i No. 1, Biciim Oct. 90,1M1 t? 8 mm, P?ltwilU : G?a McCMIu deetrea me to Inform tou that G?n MeC&ll ?cc?pt?< DralaaviUo ysatorday, ud U atlUthoro. Will wad out bftvy recoonola? it Id all dlneUooa from that potnt. Tkt 0?a?ral daalrea that you keep a Rood lookout upoq LMkM| to aao if thla ntfreont haa ? ???? mnwmtrn tw?y Perbapa ?i'ght IwmmtlOB om your part would bare the effect to move thorn a. v. Colbdbn, A Ml tint Adjutant General [Received at Waablagtoa from Pooleavllle ] HtaJqmsrtff Army of 'At Potomac, ) October HO, 1361 $ 7V Major OomArml McCUlUn: Mad* a Mat -raaatag at tbla place tbla after Mn, aad at tbe time etarted a reooanotteriag Ky towards Loaaburg from Harrlaoa's Ulaod eaomy'a pickets retired to eatroacbaneate. Report at rocooooltertng party not rat weirad 1 bare meaaa of croaalng oaa hundred aad ' aatv-lT* men once la tea mlantea at aach of potn* River falling alowty. C. T Imi, Brtgadtor Qaaetal ta?-iiTn Jiswa Iht Moaat V?r>*& raturiwd from tke flatllU, ?4 rcpcrt* " Um> Utrmtlo*" nKbaagrd down Um ilm Pro? nUiMii nurfi w uwra that ib* .rntii pox br?*? out witi. km vlnUcacr oa the Hurl* Lurf abort Ubi ainc?, and thing* mnonJ MektwtoaiiipMtttottkHbMlMud MD? nry l? fcrUg iU of the alck * that wd t* Um tbr lma? Ajftas Tk?nmIUk of t % A. the crew bare bran pat on board of tha Powhatan, whir bateanaer la now at quarantl r?e off Oleeeborv', being anchored ta the atream oppoalte that point. There waa to me apteadt d practice dMng by the officer* and nhral cadeta, with tbe ft.10. and 11lwb guna in battery at tbe yard, thaa morning? nearly erery abot going through the target, and many of them being between wind and water. Hone fine rlehochet abota perforated tbe target neiow tbe water line Tbe practice battery la being considerably ea- j larged. arrant IN alkxauvmix. Al?xa.m>eia. Nov t?Editor Star: The pale of Kridav night and Saturday made a rerf high tide, overflowing neatly all the wharves Several warebouaea were unroofed, and many fencea blown down; but the damage by the h'gh tide ! waa 1!gut, aa time waa a lowed for tbe removal of gooda, securing doora, Ac Tbe flag waa blown from the pole on Royal at early In the morning. That,with tbe gale.c uted great rejoicing among tbe eeceeh They could be l?wii itanHlna In trrrtnnt lit lh? rnrn?fi t ting: "Oh, the C?et is gone! This will finish It," &c Tbi? was no doubt their wish; but it is to b? hoped that a kind Providence will protect our veesels. There is nothing these rebels will not reeort to. I am told that one was detected on Saturday in procuring a pass under a fictitious name. When detected he plead hard, promised never to do so again, took the oath of alleg'.anoe, ana was discharged We have nothing new here to-day. A wood loaaea vessel bu Just arrived, but sbe passed tbe blockade on Saturday. I learn that our picket* now extend a* far down a* Occoqu&n. UsioJ* Dictator Fkixost!? It la announced per dispatch from Springfield, Mo , (Fremont's headquarters,) to the St. Louis Ripubheam, that? "A number of officers declare they will resign If (jen. Fremont Is removed, or will insist upoo creating him Dictator In the Southwest, independent of the Administration, the course of which Is bitterly denounced for its vacillating policy." So. so! Mr John C. Fremont threatens to set up for a military Dictator does he? Perhaps his pslatlal establishment in St. Louis, hia magnll lccnt body-guard, his afflatuses and lntlatuies, and all ht? gorgeous lulte were created with an eye to the assumption of hit autocratical dignities. Bui seriously, we csnnot suppose Mr. J. C. P. qulM resdy to end hit career upon the gallows, a contingency that must occur to him a? likely rery speedily to befall anyone who sets up for " Dictator In the Southwest." and we must come to the conclusion that tbe threat promulged by or from the distinguished n?th.#nH?r ! m?r? Wn. turn fmlmtn, which it wa? doubtless expected would bring the Government at once to terms In the mutter of retaining Fremont in his command A feebler Intellect than Fremont's might have bad Bome misgivings lest auch a procedure might hare "settled hia hash" decisively. We shall not be anrprlaed, however, when the intelligence of Fremoiit'a removal reaches Springfield in an official shape, If the needy adventurers about the Commanding General'a person, who have been growlog fat on the Government con tracts to which hp has belpt d them, should become alarmed at an event tbat would at once dlsslpate all their anticipations of wealth. But whatever disaffection mny arise In Fremont's army from the just though somewhat tardy course of the War Department In transferring bis command to a more competent successor, we doubt not prompt and effective meant will be at once adopted to prevent its assuming a serious form. Obtiz Mis* Grast, Siw Mkxsco ?The General Land Office bas received from the Surveyor General of New Mexico, at Santa Fe, a return 8f survey for the Ortiz Mine Grant, claimed by the New Mexico Mining Company. This claim Is founded on a MKliriti errant U Im> r., Ortli and lgnario Cano, made in l<-33. according to the mining ordinance then exiitlng In the department On the trauifer of the country to the United States, the rights of bona fidt grantees under the Mexican Government were fully protected bv the 8th article of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, In 1-;13 The Constitution and laws of the United States were extended over New Mexico by the act of Septynber 9, IbiO ; and by the act of July -.H2, 1*54, provision is made for the investigation of titles originating under the former Government By the Sth section of this act it is made the duty of the Surveyor General to ascertain the origin, nature and extent of all prtvate claims UDder the lawi anil ?J ?f ? r?. ? VUVWIUD ui npaiii SUU Mexico, and to report the result to the Secretary of the Interior. to be laid before Congress. The Ortiz Mine cue wai favorably reported by the Surveyor General, November 21, IMo. laid before Congreaa January 11, 1*61, and finally confirmed by a specirl act, approved March 1, lofil- aald act containing the proviso, tbat tbla confirmation shall only be construed as a quit claim on the part of the United States, nut to effect adverse rights of any other person or person* The survey now returned embraces 69 468 33-WO acres This grant ! Is situated about twenty-five miles south of Santa Fe, in the Oso (Bear) Mountain, and Is called " Santa Koaalla" By tbe same return of the Surveyor General the General Lsjnd (Jfllc e la In possession of tbe survey of location No 2 of th&claini of the helra of Louis Maria Baca, finally confirmed by act of June2l, ls<JO?embracing au area of 99 2-9 39-100 acres. Pkbsonal?Hon Philip F. Thomas, ex-Secretary of the Treasury; Hon Francis H Woot tea. late Acting Governor of L^ph Territory ; and W. H Sinclair, of England, one of tbe correspondents of the London Timea, arrived In Baltimore yesterday. Count Edward Piper, the Swedish and Norwegiln Mafe*ty'a Minister Resident at Washington, has arrived in New York f>om Sweden. He proceeds In a day or two to Washington. * esteraiv (Secretary Reward left Washington for New York, where he will remain several days (J_T The Maryland Institute fair closed last lght. The recetpts have not been so large as on some former occasions, but the expenses this year have been quite small comparatively, and the net receipts will nearly equal thoee of last year, wbieh wss the most successful fair ever held at the Institute. 11 J~ The I'. 8 Quartermaster in Baltimore has purchased a lot in the l.ourfnn p??w c i B _ m uviUVnH J AVI the burial place of such soldiers a? may die in the city. ___________________ UJT 129 soldiers were discharged from the hospitals In Baltimore last week Affair* ts Abkan-as ?Tie Hostilt to tk* Rtbelt?We have sime Interesting and Important Information from Arkansis, received through newspapers of that State, which, though a couple of wet-ks old, contain some Items that we have not had from any other source The Little Rock True Democrat of October IT, publishes a letter to Gen Albert Pike, the Confederate Indlau Commissioner, from the rebel Colonel Mcintosh, In rommsnd of a regiment at Camp Pleasant, expressing great alarm on account of an aporehended attark fmm i?h? ? f? , ?? ...... ? f??i ? v? vrr^Ki V/fVl Mcintosh woannrnii* that the forct* In the Cherokee and Choctaw nations be Immediately sent to hi* baslstsoce It sppenrs that the Southwestern Indians are by no meant unanimous in hostility to the Federal Government, notwithstanding the s?durtlons of Gen Pike and his secession coadjutor* The Creek*, under the l?ad of A-potble-bn-la. one of the chiefs of the tribe, have been the 8r*i to revolt against the treaties whereby their loyalty has b?^n attempted to be transferred from the Union to the Richmond dynssty. A-potb-le-ho la, gathering a force variously estlmsted at from 3.WU to 4.UI0, lately proceeded | to the Creek Agency at North Fork. and. tearing down the Confederate bolt ted there by Mcintosh's regiment. ran up tbe star* and stripes of tbe Union. Gmt consternation wan created among tbe disunion residents by tbis up-rlsiug, and men, women snd children left In great number*. General McCutlocb. Iben at Fsyetteville, ordered out 1.10U Cherokee*, SOU Oviges, and a battalion of Colonel Cooper's regiment U> "cru?b tbe oatbreak." Tbe expedition started probably about tbe IStb, but w? bave no means of knowing tbe result at preaent. A dispatch from Gen. MrCulloch, dated October 10th, at PayettevUle, Kivea one Capt. D'.Tidsea, to whom It is directed, someiastructlonsas to movements of trosoe. bat contains nothing from which can be Inferred that MeCullocit himself intended marching Into Mlassorl to the aid of flu Prlea. At any rate, 11 to oertala that several Ibooeand mwlw ajkdlera will bar* to be kept In ArkaMM to hold tbe Indiana la check, ae that the rebel tor t* will be aoraewbat dtotrarted and uirlded In their operatlooe la that quarter -Mi*4am;i Rtpubliu??, iVev.lM. (HTlbe Governor of Maeaarboaetta fcaa air pr.ijird N nvrmbertfjatto be oboerved aa a day of tbaekai(i?i?ir- It to the annlveraary of tbo orlflmi KMofxict of govemioeat by the Pilgrim aa board the WayhoWei II y ATTENTION. NATIONAL GUARD !LLf There will be a meeting he d at PotomM Han ofoomjan* A.TO-MORROW<WedaeeOay> kVKNINo'ItT^o'olooIr Br order I.'eut- Co^taMidiag. bo ?-? nr^RKGIMENT ORDERS, No. He*J IL7 iu*Tteii Sixth Kefimmt M. t> C, Wa?ainrton, Nov. 4. Th Fit d and Com-any Offoers of the 8i*'h Rejrraent, D 0. MyWiUiBa* a' the r'tldeoee of Col Mid. leton, on \\ EO.NtftM A V I VPMMO .MU n'nlMk Byonin J AS. H. 8HEKP.LL, no *-y." Adjatart r^yMASONIO-Oraii/l L?rfr< ?f F and A M Mason* tf tkt Di trrtt of Cciumbim.?JbQ offioert ax. J in o> theM- W. Gran J Lodge r? her?bV noUfi d that th? Annnftl C??inni?Bif* tlon will b* ho tien on TUESDAY NEXT. th^Mh in?t. at 4 o'clock p m.. at the Hall, corner of 9'Ji and D it*. All Mastsr Mmom ?n pr par standing are o Tdiaiiy and frat?ri ally inviUd to be prevent. DO a 3t JOHQDA T T* V LOR. Q. b?o IV-y ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S 1 J i\ t' a r* r> Hi. _ i - - Jiuin c>l> Ut-ARU.-I" nifranri, fx m?mb*rs and cltlieca r.f thi? District, who wish to ?nstain car oni.ral crganiaation are r?qn*?ted to r"*et at the i?a?p*n'a House. (Capitol Hill,too TCEBDAY EVENING p?xt, Noemt"" 5'h, It*;!, at Th o'eiook. On that evenina cflher* wtll bo e'Mttd for the Cotnrany. and aiiould ther* be a anffioient m?ber prea n,toan rnli ih*mi>e!vea <nt'? a regiment, officers will be elected tor the companfee M aoon a* Sl'ed Or order ort->? Commltfe. oo >p-lw* fYT^DEPARTMENTOP METROPOLITAN .Uf POi-IGE?The Hoard at Police Comniiaaimers hiring tak*n the hoaae 51 ?5 Eleventh et., all bntineaa cor:nrct*d with the Polioe of the oitj will be trancao'ed at that f aoe. A iftnAr&l rtomn'jLint hnnlr will b? omtiaH n.nri Mt lsena are request-**! to oall and enter any o>mplaints they may have to make ol any matter rela in* to the polio* or health of the mty seat7 VV B. WEBB. 8npenntendeut fV^p-THK UNION PRAYER MEETING L3 will beholden EVER* DAY this week in the Enclixh Lutheran Chnroh, of H and Uth 8t8.,oornmeri0 n* at half-past 4 o'olook p. m , to be continued one bonr only. oe 7 3m COMPANY ' A," U. 8. ENGINKKRH.I < Fifty tn'ellnent and able bodied mechanics will be enliated to Gil tine Company to th* max iinnm Cxea by law?150 men. Inquire at No. 84U 6 itreet Pay fro<n SIS to per, besides food and clothing an 17 tr RICHARD H. CLAR ATTORNEY .iVD CO I MSB I LOR AT LAW, Has retnovel his Office to No. 7, West Hid* of 4>< Strut. % r t h m ('iti H n.I 1 rn A 9t * PRIME GOSH EN BUTTER! 100 ko?s Prime Ooahen butter juat received anil for aale by WALL A BARNARD, Auotioneers and Commnina ?lerchanta, no 5 Cor. aonth aids Pa. av. and 9th it. UCOUGH?COUGH?COUGH' SE MOORE'S ' ('iUlL.L DROPS. They will ou'>i Concha, Mmnolntir. Croup, <ko. f'hilJren ory after them and eat tnem as they do oandy. Only try them, a*id yon will be oonTutced of 'heir efficacy. P'loa 25 ar.d 51 oenta per box. At MOORE'S \Ve?t End G'eat Mediaine Depot, 113 Pa.av. no 5 'iw OATS! OATS!' OATSl!! .1 n? d rrci/rf c n a tc "V A/ vunOA^U l/Ai u For sale by . j. p rartholow. 3 AS Seventh at , near Canal. no i !tt Waahintton. D. C. JUST ARKIVKD.di eot from an Eastern Auo tu?u Homo, 50 bale* ohoap CAR PUT. Aito.ano HbDsTKADd, whioh were bought low for oaah and wil' be sold at a small advance. Together with a large aaajrtment of HouaekeepiDjr Ariioiea. R. BUCHLY, Furniture Dealer. 4MB Seventh ?t. be'ween R and H ?ta. ^rtificiai. legs and hands. Selpho's Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 516 HroaI'W.v Nkw Vork These unrivalled substitutes f?i lost limbs, whloh have stood the of ov?r ft years (xow enoe, and have n?ver bf^n surpassed, can bs had only of WM. 8ELPHO. Patentee, 31b' Broadway, New York. ooij lm WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM our former patrons. an?l citizens grneralU, that we have cow re-e vd our full supply ol FALL aid WINTER 9? OUs, and are prepared to furnish them at an e*rly cotioe and id th? best and most approved styles. H'N I ON A: TEEL. oo^bjm Meroh*nt Tailors. No. 4Qft Pa av. NEW AND STYLISH THINGS, in low -?rio?d. Medium and fine Embroidered Cain brio and Mus in Collars. We also name treat bariains in Dress Bilks, many new things in the assortment. One prioe od;t, marked in plain figures. Carpets, Curtains, Oiloloths. Rues, &o.. upper floois PERRY & BROTHER, oc 28 5td Pa av.. acd 9th stfe>t T^HK PKOPKK KINUi OF CLOTHS FOR I rrif.kinc Ladies' Cloaks. Fine and Medium Cloths for Gents' wear, new applies One prioe only, marked in plain figures. An Inspection of stook solicited ; 11 implies no obligation to purohase. PERRY' & BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth st. oo2*-6t "Perry Building" B FISH AND CHEESE. 1.ANCHARD& LEACH. Wh?iesale Doaiers in CUeace No 56 Sctith s?? Baltimore, have just reoeived a large lot of Maokere% Herring, Codfish, 'Hake-fish, &o.,&o Also, prime *-astern Cheeee. All of which will be sold at the lowest market rates oc 25-iw* /J SUTLERS WANTED. UREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutles, and deelers in Honrs and Shoes,at the^tfM NEW YORK WH LKSALE BRANCH#?! HOUSE, 349 Pencsyl*aaiaavenue,<o\erw Hi Jsniey's Shoe e-tore.) " Wfe. We manufacture oar own G<ods, and sel. at Veio York pi ices, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on nand a large Stook. we aan supply at a moment's : otice. ant a aar.tit* desired. A large av ortment of 3 sole Higa-out Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A oali from all <l?*iers solioit?d. WHITLHOU8E 4 UNCKLE8. oo7 1 wvd p, 4 3 * . 1HA NEW 8TVLE- CLOTH CLOAKS. 1UU MAX WEIL'S CLOAK PEX1NQ HAYS. MONDAY and TUESDAY, Nov.?ihan?l Mh. CIRCULARS. SLFBVR rLOAKS. FRXXCH AND UNULISH SACQC< S. fc , fc. Back Cl< th Clonks, from #6 to $'?. Kepeiant or Water-pnot Cirouia s, from $650 to <16 Beautiful Fanor Cloth (oheoked and striped) Cloaks, from $9 to fl.l And all the 1%'tMt iioveltiea in Cloak*, in blaok, b own. grey ai d fancy atriprd cloths. ir;r Remember, the a.ace i? MAXWKLL'S Washington Cloak and Fancy Store, no_* *t No. 32* Fa avesne. WAGONS. WAGONh, WAGONS-Joet r*enved one doten Wagon* suitable for Gro oer* and Sutler*. For nh-ap. at ROB'T it. GRAHAM'S Coaeh Shop. Kigbth at. OJ~ Repairing of all kind* promptly att*n <ed to. no I St4 /2REAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREKT, * I t<> get some of the great b?r*aj . offered by SMITH, m Furnishing Good*, Tranka, Hate and Cape. No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Poet Offin* oe 1-1 m ARM.Y 8UPFLIE&fQRTAB E FORGES, TRAY or C*NAL BARROWS, \Y HPEl.BAHROWS, TRUCKS, li?avT aud it hi. HOHCKnr B.\IL BUCKETS. MEASURES. GIN LSTON FS. complete, GRINDSTONES andTlXTURRS. A X Ft*. PICKS. HATohETS. SAWS. AX HANDLES, PICK HANDLES, HATTAN or STABLE BROOMS, r "K K 0j 8HOVKL4. SPADES, LOS CHAINS. FIFTH CHAINS, HALTKR CHAINS. TRACK CHAINS. SWINGLE TRE&B. HAM Ks, CORDS. nun n t' r*rv nr? ui'nni gu.\i ns, Pairbank'a Platform ud Counter and Hay SCALES. BUTOHEKS' SCALES, SLTCHKR9 KNIVKK ASSETS. Ao., Ao , &o. For aaJe at wholesale p-ioM by X P. BA H THOLOW, Agricultural Warehouse, 35S Seventh it.. 00 tfi line > >?etwen Pa av and Papal 297 MILITARY TRIMMINGS. 297 I Cavalry. Infantry. Artillerr. RiM?. N*?r. *?.t o?.?r Buttnua, fluid Cord* ami Army Laoe?, ?Uk an<1 Worsted Sashes. t*ilk and Worated Corde, Bindlnita and Webbing (JoId, Embroidered Shoulder tftrapa. Baglaa, Wreaths, and Flaga. On band and made to order, bj MK8. LOWE. TRIVMiNG MANUFACTURER, Between 9th and l??th and Wth atreeie, south side Peunsy vania avenue. oo 26-eogw Puke old m oVo'ng! p ela. rye W H 1 8 K Y. Hotel*. Dealer* ?nd M.iwl br the Sole A lent*? STOCK DAL#fc k CO., oo cVil.^Sw* 331 Walnat *t.. Philadelphia. i^auieb* pgggg trimmin6h 5RINGE8. GIMPS, QORUS ud TAS8KL8. TTONtJin very variety, oo hand *n<t to

er by mrs. LOV\ e, Fringe and Trimming Maoaf&otarer, W9T aoath uda pa. are., between 9th and iota eta. ^ N. 8.?For rant, a fine toned 7 ootare Rosewood Piano. modern etvi*. " " ?" DUTTU, CSKBSKTkJ MOllUY 4 ?KA!, miaassRff-ifg^ 9 100 TIRRHES B. CApflto-?, K?aa*. Gaina & Co , b*?t b-*nd?, jaat r*o<s red an<1 for eale br I JOHN O I.YLE * CO. po'-lw [R??.l No fl* LoaieianaaT. en hogshead? HI B*CnN SHOULDERS. Ju t rweired and tor sal? by JOHN 6 LYLE & CO, no 4 lw IHfl LoatalaB* aTT?w. Ejob printing. VERY De?? iptioa of JOB PRINTING repaired by any body?oitiaea*, oivil finotionariM, ArMa ?IM wATaa.m ?Al --- a_ - - * w in - f*uu ?*! U?? 'Wl?? CL U? " * ??V?? * **U ?? thePTAR OFFICE, In aatlafaotory etyla, at low rat? for Caah. ? ?o i-tf TO SOLDIERS, sutlers, citizens. "OR any OTHER MAN"-jMtr?#?lT?d, l/WC lba. of Bjloana xoellent artioie for Lunch or Snack and only ttH o?ni* per lb. Good Ham* 9 cer.U, better l^and^eet U* oorper *?h an* K a*r*?t?. PRODUCE. FRUIT, HKGAR1*, 4c. 100 bble. Onin*. injrim* oMer. l,nro buahela Jack *on Whits Potatoes, Si tuba H oh'n B itter, 40 b^xee r*hf?a-, 10 bozea French Lercona, yLPOffUegare. wm. b. Hamilton*co.. no lw* 4T0 N nth ?t.. b*low KTHE GOVERNMENT. *?e?lraeiita or Brltade. needint heavy BLANKET*, are offered 1.T14 aire ft'iH. ?*. acd 7* be Stoat TwVled White B onkcta at v*r* 'a* prioet, to o'omi oonaijnment from the invporter PERRYk brother. P&. av? and oth street, no 4 fltd ''Perry Boi'dlag/* NKW MILLIMKRY i'? Owning a_v*ry rupenor a?ar>rtmefit of ?ALL and WINTER BONNFTS at oar^K Fancy Htore, No. *10 Pa. avanie, hetwMD^Bi 9th and :oth ?ta.. where mih Tbommos prepared to fxeonte promptly aii oidera in thin line that ahe may h? fkv red with. no*-3t HUTCHINSON * MUNRO. jifiLITAPT GOODS ?Sworda, Habere Saahea, ItI hpaolettea, Should* r etrapa, Cap Ornamenta, Sw^rd Koota. NumHera, Fignrea, Spare, atd all other artiolea needed for a military outfit. jm miio mhuiiiiicoi <an reooiyen. M. W. OALT ft BRO , Jewellers, 334 Pa a*enae, no 4 St 4door? w?tof Brown'* HoUl. Medicine for the Armjr. raTTXTfll VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, IF WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTlE ON HAND. This preparation It an Infllllbie External or Internal Hemfdy for Rhenmatum, Nenralcia, Bairea, Sores, Strains, Rimtworm*. Canker. Katnters' Co Jo, Dy*entery, Liver Complaint, Pile*. Dyspepsia, Chilblains. Kidney Complamta, ?eetha*he, Headachea, C- ld?, Confha, Hrunee, Aver and Ague, Cho.era, 4c The FAIN CUR EH ia entirely vegetable in it* composition, ar.d may be esed at all time* with rsrfeot safety. Foil direotiana acoompany each ottle. Manufactured by JOSEFHT 8 FRYE. Halbx. Mass. For aale by all principal Dromrata. no 4-1 w* RMV BLUE < LOTUS. CASIMER9. AND BEAVER CLOTHS, medium *od beat ow pricea. Withal kinda of Clo*ha, Veatinga,and Caaai m?ra. for cit i*na' appar' 1 tka?ula*>nnp - 1 : a no w iiuiv nn vui WIi'VI i?I?J I J iUW f*r'OOV> rKRRV & BROTHKR, Fena. are., and 9th street. no 8 Std "Perry B"lldini." 48() PICTI'tIIE fr A MES. 48h A variet* of pat'erns and aisea of Oval Picture Frunsa, from trie be^f ma-ufaitory in the oonntry, Pa**e Pa'tout*. Picture Ord ana Ta^sele, Nails, Hints. Ac. in* Gold. Irritation 6o!d Hand. Buff. Green and B'ne HOI LAND SH*Dt8 all inei. mad* to order, in the beat manner, nlieav f??r cash. at I JOHN MARKRITER^, No 486 Seveath at.. 8 do^ra al*?ve no 2 eo7t*jf Odd Fellow*' Hall. INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, PAPERHA NGINGS all Ora<1ss and Prio?i Uili Baui. Buff Gre?n, and B!a? Holland Window Shades, all sis is, mvie to order A beautiful *arie?y of Oval Pi t>re Frames, from tbo best unnufaotory In the oouatr?. Pa??e ParU uts. Piotnre Cord and Tassels, diff-rent sizes and oolurs, Plotur* Hints, Nai s, &o Cheap for oa?h. Ord'rs for Paperhangings or Window Shades punctually executed, and ao misrepresentation made to rffeot sales. A o*U solioit*d. J NO. MARKRITER, No 4*5 Sevecth street, gcloors a>>ove 2-7teoif* Odd Fellows' HalL TO SUTLKKS' XMD RESTAURANT KEprERS.-'A o offer a oh'.ioe l 't of low prioed Table U&rcaaks, of sel?ot ?uilities, in Widths adapted to thri- tracts Also, all other kinds ot Dry Goods, adapted to the watits of perrons in moderate oiroumetanoes, whose trade we eolioit. una prioe o&iy, (parsed tn p.ain figures. PVRRY * B > OTHER. Pane av* , %t<d Mh * r?ct. no 9-MJ ^ P^?ry_BaiI_s|r_g/^_ New supplies in cl<?thh, cassin>ere?and Veetinga. of qualttie* that oan be relied leaa than the u ual prioea, in standard plain oolora and select fanoj st?lee With al kind* of Dry O ods for the general and sptoial wv.ts of faimlie* and nouaekeep*ra. Carpets, Curtains, Oiloloths, Ruga, Ao., upser floors. One pnoe only. marked in slain figures. PERRY * BRO.. Pa. aTesu* and Ninth at., oo 30 6t "Pe^rT Building." /\Q ANCf pnilMTV miwnpwarn *?" *' v?vw*i A t Y L/Ci ^ cr> U .UiLn " yj I? i* highly reoommended by Phystoiane, Buip Maatera and frarelera. Inm>re? a pur" ar tiolo for any length of time Never become* cheeey, anl cuarantied o keep in an* climate. inT" For Ml* at facto * prleea. KING & BURCHELL, oc a Comer lMh and VTtTiont a*. T NOTICE TO SOf.DiERB HE A,D\M9 LXPRE-8 COMPANY wiU make remutuoM for ao.diera to thetr families at plvsea reaped ?y (heir ! xpreaa, at acharc* of 86 o >nta for any lum rot exoerdtng fif y dollara The money, whether ?o.d or Treaauty notes atouM b* enoloaed >n an enve'ope, and securely with IK* full ?H ^ 9 A m m / haIm.K*- *?? -- ? ? ?,w .... ? ? > > <vuui?c? \ uumuiii| vuw u ? pi'B ofLox a< d State ) of the per* ">11 to whom to be sent, and the amount leciblr marked thereon. To lnsuie pto:.'pt delmry, the 36 oenta charge hrnild bfc pr-paid. When faeilitie' for enrelnpiat and sealing the moner In ?*pa-ate pa'oe * are not at hand in oau p*, the soverai *nm? to fee remitted. that may be collected by Ch\?am- of Kecimentt or other person* Tolun'Mnr.i to do this ?;rn? for the eoi diem dextrine to esnd home their par, will be received in bulk at an* of tne principal ofloes of the Company The?e until' aeoom?a.nt?d with th? full M aitove required, of the foi whom intended, will be r?m4'ted to the reapeetlve eon iKrieei. at any plaooin ttaa loyal the aamt rs'e of oharg-, tu-reby raving to the aender the tioub'e of puttmr in a- para'e pack**** Suitable blank* for th > above purpose have been prepared, acd will be tun tahed, with explaoaOoaa, at any of the offioea of the Company. ADAMS I* XPRfcSB COMPANY. WMhingtun, Ooi.80, 1861. ooan-lm R M Y C L_0 T H 8. QtraaTVaMAMTia Gcniaii/a Ornci.f Warhimsto*. Octob-r S<, 1W1 \ PaofosALa are invited and will be reoeived by the U.8 Quartern)aater at Philadelphia. fenn., until IS o'etook at a on o' the ist < day of November ne it- :or furnishing CLOIHS FOR ARMY CLOTHING. baoh proioaal mnat be aooomaamed hv imtibIm oftheooth which it ia p-npoe-3 to famish Yhe cloth ahonld be three quarters to aix qnirters yard* wide. Light or dark bio* will bo preferred, and lieht grej? will nnt be conaidered. Bidders inuat atate the number of rarda they will be prepared to farnuh in eao < inonth^and fo' how maor mon hi, at the olothior drpou in New York or rhi adelphia.or both, ana ih* p ioe per jard for aoh quality and width. Fropoaala and earns leawll be plainly marked, and addr<-??ed to the U. 8. Qcaitermaater. Philadelphia. Fecn. Kaon bid muat be aooompaoied by a proper guar antee, aetticg forth that it . h) owtraot laawardel to the part* turned therein, he will at oooe ex*oate the aaine, and give bo>da In double th* amount of the oontraot for the laithfai performance tuereof. M. C.MKIG*. Quartarmastar General U. 8. Army. nov l-t&thNoT WURY GOODS. E Ha?e reoelve; and are nov offering for Ml* alargeand *6 1 assorted stock of Koaxioa and Domist;c Day Goods, to which we wouid reapaotfa*ly call toe attention of purohaaara generally, feeing oonbdent tnvt we oaa sell men at as low mom as out be had in this or either ol the Eastern or N?>ith?rr Matteta DKVRIK8 HTEVHKN8 * CO , Wholesale Dry G< ods D-aTef*, No 311) Baltimore et, bet Howard and oe ? 8w Liberty et., (Marhi* Front) SEALED P RO POBALB are i n vit'd for FLOUR till the 10th day November, 1861 at 18 o'olook m. About B.U00 barrels will be required, in separate lot* of kbout 1.000 htrrali Miih TK? CU?? to. n?*d? of new vttMt, and the delivery of tha whole lotto be maul e by the 26th November. lift. The Floor remaned to be of the following brand*, and to paae the inapeotiou of a Board of Arm* Ofboora, or auoh other infection m the Bubautauoe Department may direot. Arlington Extra. CourM do. ft Pr? 4o. hair view do. Cedar Vaia 3o. Hi en wood do, ClMM do. J- r?ewooma do. M. Smith do. KfSKu. & J. Davidson k Oo. do. Foundry do. Liob'i Union Flour. 00. Oi^c 9ynn| JwChs?1e?.do. A bW Hrrali of the Mm* trade of BoithM Kiuur will be taken, provided tut it kotm miu in grade to the brands above-numed. The bidber* to state the brand and the number of barrels of asoh kltd tbey proeoee to lurnitn. Tbe barrels oontaiLmg the Flour to ba etront, *Tb? p?oM?uto ^sddrtSied to Mai. A. BB01 ^CTW''^eaJwilsV)r n5af!^*t0a, pij#4 TREASURER'S MONTHLY STATEMENT, OCTOBER ?*, INI. tk* amount i# 4ii credit, mt tk* dm t*i mf tk* ttrmrml Imst ntmrm?, ti mpmciJUd ?? tk* Tr?**rf. mmd with tkt $*v*rml iiritMM IVtiJirtfi *md d**ifnmt*d d'^iufi't. mmd tk? ? ? ?< fmr vktck drmftt Um k**m ih??4 frim t* tkt da** mf liu miuhm. HiI m< ft rmpmud ?j mW ?a<f Ik* bmUme** rtmmdmim* mt tk* mm* dmu imkf**t t* dmfl. mmd mU* tk* / trmm?/*r, * ?*i /fM? mrd'rtd fry tk* Stntmry mf tk* r?MDrt, kmt mmt pmt r*pmrud ?i MtW w crtdUtd; amd mlsm tk* mmtmmls tm kit crmdit tW ml?11 dmpoiitmd m it, JWi?f ?iU brmn?k*i, mmd tk* mwimm*t* teitkktid bf Amttmmt 7Vm??'?m mmd /VfNMrtu m Btmht ?otc under imtmrrtttimmmry cemtrmi DrmtU drew Total UMUt B.ISB Uwhatflac*. oad*ro?iu. Eft ? ? I I T rewnnr of the t'nitad States. Washington. P. C ?. ' f I SB * ft.fv.lia m Assistant Tr????urer. New \ ork. New York 4.P77, SJ an 6.(93 <r?a9 Aasistant Tre?iur?r, Phi.ade.phia, Pennsrirama ?...i ' ' J-*? *J . ??W1W 4474 0 Assistant Treasurer, P: Louis, Missouri .? 1 #41 a"? an 1/*7Soil?l m? r%t m Assistant Treaaurer, flaa Fran<<isou, California. W,tT II l,o93.?31 1* " )epositarj at Baltimore. Maryland ! ?' ''IT 44 UJ44<t 71 TO J) )eP. sitary at Buffklo, X?w York 1 ? ? <7 ? *> ?*i ? )epoaitary at Cincinnati, Ohio ..? ..... 4.A14 7? WWW <J4 34b ?r7 * ^pugitary at Ixmunlle, Kentucky.. ? .- ? ..... JffT >6 S$7 aa Vpomtaryat Pittabnrf.Pennsylvania......' J5& ns 1.4 on I3i 71 >epo sitary at Chioa<o, lllinoia. j 57Mi 44 1JM ot ]|u ? Vpositarr at Detroit, Miehi?aa t UJ4I 11 1JBS tt 1.*$ 4$ Mpoettary at Fall a of"t Croix. Wisoonain . ............ 4.w* ! ? ??M?H >^po?itary at Omaha City, N*r>ra*ka. - 3^*1 11 3JB t? m <a depositary ?t Oiympia C"T? Waahiaftoa Territory M T9 m 5>? tj )epoeitarr at 0<iytaa City, (Oilmoral 9JB0 40 9JTK * s? 1 ary st p ut' hiots. ?.........?..?....???. .... ?...... ........ . ..... - ... )pponta'r at Cinnmnati (Sberlook > l.IU C Mil | jm to topoaitary at Liooiavil.e < Halderaani..... '.M? ?1 tm 74 1.717 17 _ , ^ I?1S^9'.4M n H ?.? .?74 91 OTBrdrafta Aaaiatant T'?aaur?r. Naw Yofk, New York 1 <9 Overdrafls Aaaiatant rreaaarer. ftan Fraaoiaao, California..... 4.1 ana & Overdraft* Depositary at Ba.timore. * 19 |? ?4>j?7ai Transfers ordered to Traaaury of the United States, YYaahinfton, D. C- ......flfi?0jlia0 on Tranaters ordered to Aaaiatant Treaaurer, Philvle'phia, ra ... io6,00 4* Transfer? ordered to Aaaiatant Treaaurer, San Franoisoo, Cal f?0ju0n ga Transfera ordered to pepoaitary at CiueiaaaQ, Oai<? 800 .MO 4a Traasfera ordered to Dapoaitary a* Chieac o, litlaoia. ? aaa M aa VMIN Transfers ordered from Aaaiatant Treaaurer, New York, New York. ? .. .....^^.01,4 4.444 OP Transfers ordered from Aaaiatant Treaaurer, Pbiiadaipkia. rennay;raota 140,404 44 f <e tTNAVAII. A B I. K Bullion Fund. Assay offioe oftbe United States. New York. 9*i2.5l3 00 l . J on Mint of the L rated States. Philadelphia, Pa J 16 i ) ,??? M branch mint of the United State*, san Franoiaoo, Cal .[ 6uo wo oo | SOQ.Me oo 9903.197 it I 9m w u In States now under Insurrectionary Control. Branch mint of the I'nj ted States, Charlotte, N. C fs.nnu 00 9s.uj M 9? mt ? ? ranch mint of the United States, Dahlonejja, Ga *7 9y> to 77.mii <? ranch mint of the United States, New Orteaaa, La 3*9 287 46 &?Mn ?* Aseintant Treanurer, New Orleans, Louisiana..... lvb.226 H s^sm is 1,971 m DejMjsitary at NorfolklSawyer 1.41* OP M S ? J)epositary at Riohmjjndj Virginia.......... ................ 14 ?*7 *' b1 ii.70r Id l>epo?iiarf at r?orioia, Virginia........... U1KR 1 <K2 W 10.1ST )epositar; at Wilmington, North Carolina. ...? C 0 8 ?o 7 7H ?aot * Rpositary at Savannah, Georgia ? 4 >74 II 1.15' RS ?.?a % positary at >Jobile, Alabama _ It 2tt * 8.45* I o 14 ^ 88 Jepositary at Na8hvjllo,Tenneeeee.._ 4.*?i K *?i 9ft 4 ?it SB >?po8tUry at Gal veaton. Texas till 93 l.i?? A 1.M0 n DepooitarT st Littlo Rook, Arkan?M.56 t&i 2S MJnft 9 4.197 1* DeaoBitarj at Tallahaaa**, Florida?.? 979 *3 #79 9E 719.008 f 94 93S ? . ??>7 II _ #i4,aiMis 07 iio.ajn a*: an ???i7? M Total baiftnostotheoreditof the Treaaarer 6,4?7<? at Tutftl DDSTtilabia. -? ? ..?.? .*. ? - ^ ? * 1. .. 1 jtoj94 sv Available ba!anoe.~ - $4 9M 474 ?l Trsastet DirARTMiNTi NorUt . _ AMUSEMENTS. Th e a t e r. 1 TUESDAY EVENING, Ntr 5. Mm SI'HaN DKNIN u Luor#ti* Borgia Mr. BEN ROGERS in Two Pi*o*?. Will be presented the 6mat Drama of LUCRETIA BORS1A. ud YOUR LIFE'S IN DAN8EK. "* Exhibition and assembly. atoddF*towi' Ha 1, eae? Kiehth ?t.. Navy Yard, THURSDAY EVENING, Sov 7th. Prof. BARNES will five a Free Exhibition of hi?#JM itle of Daaoing br hi* present Class. frorr.UMfc 7 to 9 i. m. Assembly oomraenMi at 9 <volook ; ttoketa for eentleoian and !adi?s S* cents. Exhibition free. Tickets to be obtained at the HaU. oc 31 lw* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Sbtsrth. Abotk O ST. Oontlnned Suooees of This Favorita Troope TWELFTH WMEK of the ' . riUPHKI.I. MIMATBK1J) 1*STAR PERFORMERS. ImraecM Soooaas of FRANK SWANN, Tha Great Rmn, from ths Cooper Opera Troapa. New Poies akt> Arrsariacis ! Concluding with the SONS OF M AL TA. He-would-be a Son P. VV ysnd Adirifsion 25 oenta. oo X IDA KEG!? HOR8K SHOES(Borden's> 1 Vlvl J uit reoe v?d and lor u ? by oo?l eoSt IRopob.] JOHN R KLVAN8ROPE (K-inoh. % inch, and pioked.) HOR E BRUSHES, Gov't Pattern. CUKRY COMBS, 6a> d 1 bar, BLACKSMITH'S PINCERS, ARMY webbing. SPADES and ^HOVELS. Ao. Ao. Ao. Received and for sale by JOHN R. KLVANS, oc51-eo3t (Repnh.) 309 Pa ?t?cu?. THE VERMONT HARK OVENS, I * li a # t J . a ? k _?rw irt?a I * ak.iii ' r> I ? i u v r,n, Ray an i "traw cutters, eat cu'terh, fai"b*nk' hay, puatporm aad counter scales, ,vagon and carriage jaces, buckets, ao..*o-, ae. * or aajs b? j p. bartholow. a* ienltural warenouee, 559 ^evpnui >-, oo 34 e?lm botw^p pa av and ftatj. Raisins, prunijs. uates. to. 125 bojf? hurcfa raisins, 20 >>oxei ph i) n es, so fiai'a dates. s htrnli ><RlEf) apples, 6 barrel* cm anberries. 3"0 ^ruui* p g**, 2"doien i?r? brandy peaches, w 0%.ka cur rants. ju?t received aud for *> br _ oo S ?K*t m lkray A 8 emm eh. ,>qq johnson a nagle, ouq &oif no 399 pknnstltawia atbitcb. aiou betvoon ninth and tenth iu . aoatk aid*, off** roi talki champagnes?g. h momm, pipar hetdnek, moet a cbabdon. bullirfor a co , cartier ? r.n. j^ A_ CLARVTFh?ct Juhen, St. Eataphe, Cactenao, fto hv the c&ik or d< ??Q HOCK WINES? Delde??.eirper. Johanneaberiar, Li*bfrauenmi oh, Rndeaheiroer, ft.a. BRANDY. Wt.iaky.Gia, Port, Stie.ry. Madeira, ID wood or clMa. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stoat, Edinburgh and Yorkahire Alaa, of the beat brand*, in boVtle? or atone juga CIGa R8? Havana and DoneeUe, of tha ohoieeet braaaa. Waoall the attention of Satlera.Reataaraota and Parnate* to our Inrt" and well-aelaotod BTOCK OF PINE GROCERIES, Fraah M?*. Poultry, Fiah. t?o\p?, Veftahiaa and Fraita in hermatioallT a'ed oaaa. PRE^EK VE8, Jalliea, Jto , A.monda, Nate, Raines ar.d Iga. CHEE8E,< Eaaternand Waetarn Catting); Rain. beat Goshen Buttar.the heat Champagoe ''idar. WORCESTERSHIRE uod Oyater Bauoa. PickUa . of every daaoription. Pap par 8aooa and Tomato CaUup, b? tha gai on or dosen. All of wbioh wo c fit at tha lowest poeaibla prioea and on reaeooable terms no 2 JOHNSON k NAQLE. TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT ?Tailoring 1 in *11 ita bnronea. by JOHN * BUCHEN*EKG, No. &?. oornar Tkir tMoth and H ata. GiDtlaoMD'i and Bora* laM C othM oat to order Hanoi mad* arrant*- WM mrnta with a akillfnl Strain Sooarer, ) im preaaed to exeoste all orders la thia Una. aa wall aa Mending, la tha moat aatlafaotory manner. octt-gw* n. i. ruAjiuaii, OFTICIA X TVjTRRf KBSIDS NT AND MILMA Penn'aaT.,iuoiU? aid*,) bat. i&th and 1JU ata 8P RCT AQLE8, pro Tided wltii genuine Rook C natal or Periaoo>ie Lanaaa. aouUd In gold, ailrar or atael. and aui Lad with at moat Mr* for very age and ay Might. FIRST CIJLM MILITARY FIBLD-&LA88MS, MloroMopt*. ComrtMM, ard Mathamatioal la it'UB?sU, at Ua lovMt Eaatarn pnoaa. oo?-tr 1*UuMPm?iN'? MfciMOlNKS. 1 LIFE PRE9KRVRK AND CORDIAL, For aala, vkol?*al( aad raUi .br ? 8. C~FORD, Dragf iat, do 1-lm Coraar Rlavanth at and Pa av?aaa. S OFFICERS ANV SOLDI MRS. 1GHT DR * 'TS ?old oa all par a of tha United BtaUa, in am ma to aait oft oar a and aoldiara. Alao, Drtfta on London, I rat and, fcoLaad, - alaa. aad SULUIKJIS. SOMETHING FOB VOU ! Pwitel Oombc. Hfmu. RST do.0'"' **do. ~~! ~~ M " HffitPSJf i"0^-4*- ?u " ~LF*KD ?. 10BIN80N, otHr' fablufci, IUjtfor<l.C?>u&, Ml-la i AUCTION SALES. | Br WALL * BARNARD. Auctioneer* Or. 9(4 ?lrMt *'d > truth ?Ht P? ?. IA RGK PKREMPTORY BALK OP MIS j cuumoM Stock ova Dkalx* DKiiftto bcuri". bt CtTiLotci -oi 1BU??DaY .V0RMN6, No?e? ?r7, c njm'DOin/t M Ho'tik. . w* wi:l Ml. without rowrv?, no th? first floor of oar Amotion Room*, ? large ttoolt, oomp'if iBf? U ?" J rk ' W -TTw . V?w ?? auu Otiwi HBUviilK UN 1BOV WKOIf9, Bold, board, Fob and Vnt Chain*. Silver-^iatod Coffee Pole,Cre?m Jrge. IHwbie ba-rel Gun?,C* t'f a-d otiier Revolver*, i D araoci! Ringe. Shirt end Sleeve Buttone, Opera Gia**ee, Violi"-*, Plate, Trombone*. Silver-plated Tee and TabieSpoona aad Forks. Gold Rings. Cameo Pine. Ear, Lookete, St ver Pe> oua. B raeeTeta. Seale. Trui.ka. Glaaiera' Diasaonde, Castor a. Together with a large variety of other artiolee whioh ve d**m enneoeeearr to eaamerate. All of whioh wilt be poeibvelj eoid withoat regard to enoe, aad to vhtoh ?e invite the attentat of poronaeeia. ( no 5 WALL k. BARNARD, AaeU. ' By J. C. McGLIHE fc CO , Aooticoaert. Dutch bulbous roots at auction. Of) F* 1BAY AFTKKNOON, Ncninbw Bth.atOh o'oloot, at lii? Auouor Room, vi thai: Mil la low to ??i<? _ Two Oa>N Sapanor Dateh Bolboaj Rr>oU, from ih* ?olofcrattKl Naraary of Vaa l>*r f?oko*u A Son, Harlem, and oorapruioc Doob.a aa4 Tin< a ByMiatu, Xmhf. Crccoa, Nareiaaaa, ria. * o., AO. Term* oa?h. _ no 5~d tR*p] 1. C. MoCUIRE A CO., Aaoia By J.C! McGUlRE A no.. A action# **. TWO EXCELLENT HORSE? AT PUBLIC I 1 Sali-Od SATURDAY MORMNO. N?t. 8ti, at II o'clock, in front of the Auction loom, we bail eeti? A b?a?tilu grey Arabian Mere. 7 years old, par feotlr sound, kind and gentle, Aiso, a fine bobtail Bay Tfottinc Hcrse. Terms oat fa DO 8 (Rap.) J C. MoGUIRE k. CO.. A acta. By J. C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Aieting*?ri. IVOTI^E TO 5UTLER8.?On SATURDAY IN MORN1 >G, N?t. 9<h, at II o'clock, in froat of the Auction Rooms, we shall sail, witfaoet reeerre? 2 fxoe'Unt Baltimore b? It ocrared Kxrrees Wagons. ?o doseii Tenant's India Ale. iuf) doien hits. Small lot of Oats, oa-ft aaat Camp Stools, ?o uaaketedtk dcaeu eao*) Braady. | M,re>Sef?ra of vtrioia brudi, aoai? of th*w of high oo?t, 80 iroM ?upen?r Kmraa Bad Forka, 10 rro<a 1 in TIMm. Terma ouk in currant fund#. noS-d J C. MoGUIRE A CO , AboU. Highly atm active auction silk OF UKY GGOufl AND ARMY 8HIJC.TS AND DRAWERS IN BALTIMORE. TAYLOR A GaRDNBR, Aaotio?Mr*. Ob TIUIBDaytf^nlng8ar^i?bw nk. w vi 1 ? !] at oar ator?a. by ?'?. ??b?, oonuBBneiBX %ttNi o'o ock. for tut- j, ftOo PACKioKB AND LOT* FRESH IMPORTED AND D&MK^TIC FALL AND wINTF.K DRY GooDB. large and attaaCTIVE bale saxony WOVKN MRMftfinAIM. of the veil known ?n~B??orb etrleeof ?x^uo? *858i&Vk F8' Will ILO.ud* IB tt>*l Ml* &AXONY WOVEN DRP'S SuODH. of the abort Ubi to, UipyniWi AN EXTENSIVE AND V?RIKD AWORTM KN r OP the f?Torit? ud beet ?r?l#? of that nporb nU? DRFS8 ??OODS. BROrtfE LONG AND fcQLAkE WOOLEN t*H \WL8. MANi'lLLiS DUSTERS. An itiroioa of Suptr Oro he Long uj b^uri Woollen So?wle, MtBU|lMj,DMtef?, Ao.. A a. BLACK GROg DK R UiNfc's AND MERINOE ? 60 pieo?e as per M to a i*ohe? U mi Gro 4e Rhine*, Lfcoa f?f?ti?; Qro Grtua; F.oreeoee, oupvi /-t oiiukp ui'iuri rranon ^vriauvr. CLOTHS, CAMIMRRKS. Super MB uk Freeeb Clouts; Caaftor lowti; BImi Abc V eiay CkMiattrMj B ask Oooekiae. HOSIERY. 6LOVB8. HOOP BIIHT". Ac. An Meortment of Hosiery; Glovea, otout eta; Wool HoodsTscarU; Hot p Skrta; Li&ra Caahrie Haadkerokie^e, Ao_ *e. TAYLOR * GARDNER. no 5 2t A?O? f. Br J C. MoGUIRK A CO.. AkUomwi RUSTEE'S SALE OK HOUSE AND LOT on Nortb K iTinr. ijtwiid Kor etm a.*? Brm>TKKir? weit-Od TllfcSDA Y aF rER oON, N< nmMr RU.U b*If rut 4 o'olock, pa the premise*, by virtae of a deed of inn t to tM eubeorit-or, m w Deoember let, IMA, aid luf rttor4id in Li bar J A. No. to, foUo* Ml, ? 1*4 , cm of the land rac<. rda for Waefuofica eoar tj. I*. C. i eMW ?ell Bart of Lot aeaNwed om, <l.)la84Mr*ciinrih?r?i In hanrrwl im IftMc. bestneuxg for l*e wub# si toaihvaat ooraara? Mnl Cot No 1 t(d riulai lhano* fut iliUu VMt. tbaaoa Dorth a?v?Dty-ooe f*ot iLcbw. Uk#r.M WMt IXtMn feat, th?a?a MWU MTtat^-OM IMt ?I(TH iaokN t< U>?> MWMMfilliaiitocathar with tha im>r vtm-nu. couaittiaf m ft thraa-a?or? brick dw -llmr-boaa* Term: #y? oaaiutha re&aiodar 1a six sad tvafra montM. vith inUra* . aaearad by ?dMd?<trwl on Um praraiaaa. All oonrejanoet at th? ooat ot tba porchaaac. T*iO. J PIHHE*. Traatea. ocn-Uw<td? J.C. MoGUllK* CO-ftaatoBALtS IN PHILADELPHIA. WM. R SMITH, AuetiHtmr, *01 Cb*>?Lat at., abora Wk. B*..!.. lUl^i Tl't^ntv ui IT! a n A V Mornings kt 1? I FiwTtbtosad PitiKH Caber;, Hudww. F?ncy Uoods imaps, oils, H urbM, *?.* . Foreign aid l>pii>Mtic ?? tat a aatf La?*ora 1JM ots ?T*r; Tbi'icar Moriiig ? U-l?* Sr YL1SH 1KI8H POPLINS FOE MHIWW, at OKxlsraU prinM o,?.. ^ H~ OMSK. BUGGY AND HAINS'I PO? 8AL.H appif If *N t.. * NitID, Auc'?i'i? aJ Cmm* 1 U Ni^ >?P omsu, oar. Niatk it a-.U sosth ?>d?- P? * _ ys-t a?7 JJ-IUVJ t rKtl'AcItT NoTt?.w*Mj

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