Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1861 Page 2
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THE E^ EMNtt STAR. W ASHINGTON OITT: THtRtUlY !U?BM T, 1M1. Or* Fiinw tl the various military c?aapa and r^?lt1oaa will eoafer a fa tot toy keeping na pasted u to moTrnenta and affair* la tkelr vicinities. To oor Baltimore readers we would aay #k?l lK? Ntaf n<( m**?*r>ai^ IK? ria. < III >*? ? ? * ?tvwiiv IVIIIVU wi >uc o??? u?u hud In Baltimore of E. P. Hazelton, agent, No 71 Wnt Baltimore street, near Gay?the flrat rdltion at half paat four and the second at eight g o'elork, on tbe arrival of the train* from Wash ington, giving all tbe lateat news from tbe seat of f war op to the time of going to prew. Spirit of the Hsrilai Preaa. Tbe lnttlligt$u*r, under tbe heed of "Colonial Vaaaalage Welcomed," comments upon tbe ru- \ mor that Mows rtlldsll and Mason have pone abroad to negotiate tbe terms ind conditions of a 1 provisional protectorate for the Confederate States ' by foreign powers Tbe m bas a word to say adverse to "Ptan4Jt>g Armies." ? <?> i Ifrw Pabllcattsns. From Messrs Phllp ft Solomons, 332 Pennsyl- 1 van la avenue, we bave tbe following: "The Armies of Europe: Comprising deserip Uons in detail of t# Military Systems of Eng- \ lsnd. Franc*, Russia, Prassls, Austria and Sar Jl.l. _ J A< 11..I. .J 4^ .11 uiniB, aua^nm^ Uicir jaTimaijr* 10 an arun ui tb? United States service, and embodying the 1 rorortof observations In Europe during the Crimean war, as military commissioner from the United States Government, In 1855-'56. By George B McClellan, Major General U S. < Army. Philadelphia: J. B. LIpplncott A Co " i This book was originally published under the direction of the War Department, by order of Congress, and is now issued by the Lipplnrotts la a handsome volume of 500 pages, and illustra ted with several hundred engravings, including a foe portrait of Gen. McClellan. The work embodies a vast amount of military information, expressed In a style of thought and language that assigns our youthful bead of the army no mean rank a3 a writer. This book must be a desideratum with all mllltarv readers. "The Cloister and the Hearth. A Matter-of-Kact Romance. By Chaa Reade New York: Rudd A Carl*ton.'' This tale la an amplification of a aerial which appeared ln"Oncea Week" and "Harper's Week ly" last y??r, under the title of "A Good Fight " It now has a different denouement, and Is alto gether a striking story, characterized throughout moreover by the piquant flavor peculiar to this author Prom Hudson Taylor, 331 Pa avenue, we have the following : "The Okavango River: A Narrative of Travel, Kiploratlon, and Adventure " By Charles John Anderson New York. Harper A Brothers An extract already published in the Stir, from this book, will have tended t?? >how it* Interest ing nature The field traversed by Anderson Is a different one from that gone over by Livingston ?!Ml the othtr modern trsvele?s who have pene trated these regions In Ita thrilling history <f personal adventure and lit graphic deu riptions of the new country and Ita Inhabitants, In has no superior In the way of narrative of African explo rations. Tbe book 1a profusely illustrated, and published in the best sty'e of tbe llarprra. The Last Travels of Ida Pfelfler: Inclusive of - Visit to Madagascar With an Autobiographical Memoir of tbe Author." Translated by H W. Dulcken. New York: Harper A Brothers. This, the last work of the enterprising traveler named is edited by her son Oscar. It affords an laslght Into a region almost as much a terra inccgntto. as tbe Interior of Africa was twenty years ago Tbe RiiLiotP Cor?vir*TioN ?The Railroad Convention adjourned yesterday All tbe com pulse between Washington and New York were represented, and also the Wir and Post Office niirut??tue ivrniCT wj rar. vauuciU, ana tb* latter by Mr. McClelland, the Second Am'.iV ant Pntmsi'ft General. The following achedule hA* been agreed upon From Washington * and 11 a ^ , and 3 10 and 6 e'elock p. m., all of which are to be through Uses to New York From Philadelphia to Waahlngton 3.30, a.IS, and 1133 a. m , and It p. m , all immediately connecting with Baltimore, the 8 15 train ex cepted. From New York to Waahlngton 7 a m and ft and Up m. The latter, however, la not fully decided upon, but la to be arranged in Philadel phia. The 11 o'clock train from New York and the 5 o'clock evening train from Waahlngton are to make the time in ten houra. AU other through WraoviD Tor* of or* t-nmtien Relations. A correspondence hu taken place between the British Secretary for Fareign Aflalraand a prom inent merchant of Liverpool, on the subject of the blockade. The mercantile interlocutor repre aeuta himaelf aa one of a number who are anziou* to ft out vessels to the aouthern porta, and deal res to know what protection they are to receive from their Government in rnnning a blockade they re gard aa Illegal. Earl Ruwll assures htm they will receive no protection whatever; that they will be violating obvloua principles of Interna tlonal law, aod that her Majeaty'a Government will certainly leave them to sutler all the penal ties of their ofl>nse. Fi??ov*t ?Hon. J T Head'ey, the historian, !a here, collectlug material for a history of the pretest war Secretary Seward reached Waahington last evening rrotn >ew vor*. IP^The Chlcage Tribune a atrong Abolition, and even Fremont, paper, baa tbe following para graph. "There aeema to be a nucleua of treason at Davenport, Iowa, which Gov. Kirk wood utaould keep an aye on We refer to the Democrat, a German newspaper publNbed there, wblcb advo ralea tbe Aerthrow of the lawful Government, and tbe appointment of General Fremont aa Dicta tor We apprehend that the country la not yet ready fort roup d'$tai on tbe French plan." KFrom the Richmond Kxamlner of Nov 1 mi tbat tbe work on tbe Merrlruac fat the Goaport Navy Yard] la atlll uncompleted, and tbat tbeia are great complaluta of alowaeaa and Imperfection In tbe Iron work aa furnished by tbe founderiea there, and ad<*a that It la certainly hlghUme tbat the JterrlBMc waa completed, if tbera bad been a proper regard for our river de A correspondent of the Examiner complains that 6<rr. Letcher, who had visited the Peninsula toleogafVr the situation, had dona nothing on rr|vfsg there but ant hog, flab, and drink Btu't Bat ?The report that the greet fleet haa entered Mull's Bay will at oace centre univeraal lateral In that hitherto unknown locality Thla hey haa hitherto been known to coasters as a bar ber ef refuge It la about twenty ml lea north of Charleston, In Charleston county The bay la preSeeted en lbs north by ths Raccoon keys snd tbs greet sweep of the coast out to Cape Romaln, and aa the south by Bull's Island, on tbo north era extremity of watch Is the Bull's Island Light House The anehorage ground la under the lee of this northern extremity of the Island, off the mouth of the creek or lagoon which sepsratea it from the mainland Vessels msy carry thirteen feet of watrr over the bar and anchor in 3U fathoms with muddv bottom, or by anchoring in the open bay half s mile from the light-nouoe, will And six te eight fathoms of water at lowest tldea The approach to Charleston by land is over a level country, sod it would sppear to be among the pos sibilities tbst s land advance la costemplsted on r on mouii'ie, accompanied art naval expedi tion with gun boata. which, following thecooat, ad enterlug Charleston harbor by the So 111 van'a Island channel, would be oat of the reach of all the fortification* In that harbor except those on Sullivan'a I aland. An attack on Moultrie from sun boata. would materially al4 an advance from tbe roar through Moultrlevtlto, and per ho pa aa> too lab the (tooth Carolinian* It may alao be ia ter?ded to land a portion of the force* at Port Boyal, which la about aa far aouth of Charleston aa Sulfa Bav ia north, and flloa advance almul tanoouair on the aouth and north aide* of the re belltoua harbor The calibre of the guna on the |ua bo->ta, poaaibly aaporlor ha aaylfclag at (Jum na 104*8 Point or Fart Moultrie, may enable them U ahoU thoan hrti at a mlhdlafnce ?/f y /onr. Commute*. UT A correct portrait mt John Howard Payne, the anthor ?f " Home, flwoet wow," haa lately keen discovered In .New York. 07 Tho kwmIfiaa Board at P?relgn Mlaatona raoafoai daring ??o*h of *ptember ?10, #17 M OFR MILITARY BUD?ET. HAYy TABS. There It no news of Interest from the flotilla bit morning, and no Government veaeel baa run be blockade since the ?ucrestful attempt of the stepping 8tones. The Harriet Lane baa come up, and It anchored if Gletboro', undergoing a purifying protest rbe King Pblllp, nt? Powhatan, hat the Harriet ^ane'a crew on board, and It anchored along tide f her. The Mount Vernon will hereafter lie known as be Mount Washington, and the PowhaUn a* the ting Philip, there being already a Mount Vernon md a Powhatan among the United States * teamen in the southern eoa*t. The Jacob Bell Is at last off the ways; and the Vnacoatla has gone an for repairs. MAJOR DOrvLKDAY. Major Doubleday, U. 8. A., of Fort Sumter 'ame, is now an assistant of Brig. Gen. Barry. Chief of Artillery of the Army of the Potomac, ind Is In charge of the artillery (heavy) of the fortiflection* on the other aide of the river. DIA D The Navy Department has received Intelligence it the death of Paymas'er Henry R. Woodbrldge, vbtch occurred on the 25tb October, 1*61, at Mpinwail. He was attached to the brig Bain bridge, and was a native of Vermont. A. BBVIKW TO XOllOW. There will be no review to-day. To-morrow, the division of General Buell, on this side of the river, will probably be reviewed by Gen. McClel lan and his staff. THE FIRST MARYLAND RKGIMKNT. This regiment, which went home to vote in the election, returns to-morrow to its camp on the L'pper Potomac [ From the Baltimore American j The election for Governor and State officers yes terdav passed off quietly and peaceably, though there was nulte a number of arrests made on the charge of disloyalty, which prevented a full vote being cast by tbe opponents of the Union candi date*. The intimidation caused by these arrests Is to be regretted, as there has been no doubt at in* time stnr* the tftth of ADrll that a lartre ma joritv of the legal voters of the city are devated to the preservation of the Union. Tne Intimidation at the April election for the Legislature, which, sustained by the autboritirs of theclty, effectively ailenced the Union sentiment, led yesterday to a desire for retaliation.which was. to a considerable extent, practiced in all the wards. The judges, however, were all men of standing and character, and in most of the precincts oppo sition judges were In attendance. In all other respects the election wa? a fair one, the greatest care being taken everywhere to prevent illegal voting. T?e whole vote cast was 21.0M, of which the Union candidates received an average vote of 17,722. The whole vote of the city at the Presi dential election In November last wa? 29,Wi3. In lulv laat the whole vote ca?t at the Congressional elee'lon was 2l,0!>! It will therefore be seen that the Union candidates yesterday received an un doubted majority of the legal votes of the city, which is estimated now not to exceed 'JH.000 I ne returns from the other parts or 'he Mate, though but few and Incomplete, vet promise a thorough and overwhelming Union triumph. Tbe ninth dts'rlctof Baltimore county (Govans town) elves a majority of 34>9 for Mr. Bradford for Governor About a dozen secessionists were arrested and brought to the city. Tbe following is the result of the election In tbe eighth district, (Cockeysville:) In the twelfth election district of Baltimore county (the Blue Ball) there were 575 votes cast. Of the whole ticket. Mr. Bradford received 3*0 votes, and Gen Howard lfiO The spilt tickets were 9V, and were not counted when our Inform ant left, but it was supposed the majority for Bradford would be about 195 BAt.TIMl'RB eOCJSTT Bradford Matflt... i*briver.. ;HJO majority ,35a .359 4? " ?ooi hfo vuvn i i ihGs&$T(iWN, Nov. * ?The majority for Brad ford at Hagcratown ta 341. Tbe Union majority In tbe county la estimated at 2.UUU. FKBDBRICK COUNTY. Fmcttirt, Nov ??This city will give Brad ford 700 majority. Returna not yet complete. Mount rieaaant glvra Bradford 15*2 majority. 1*ATKE.? Frederick city rives Bradford over 710 majority. Polls No a give Bradford 43* and Howard 196 Tbe Indications are that Frederick county will give about 1 000 majority for tbe whole Union ticket We have had a quiet elec tion and a large vote HAirCtUCOUNT? - H&vKB-nt-UftACB, Nov. 5 ?This city give# Bradford 283 majority. Tbe county Is all right for tbe Union cbcil corurt Elkton, Nov. 6?From present Indlcationa Bradford baa swept the county by 1,500 majority. Later ?The vote here stands? Bradford, Howard, IS Port Dbfositb?The Union majority here ia 'i$l. The majority in the county ia fully 1,000 howard county. Ellicott's Mills ?Bradford and the whole Uuion ticket has 113 majority. [Special correspondence of the Star ] Darihtowh, Nov 7?11:30 a tn ?Election Id Frederick county quiet; Union majority in the city seven hundred, and In the county twenty aeven hundred-exceeding moat sanguine expec tations Every District in the county Union. Paace party tleven majority in Rockville. Clarkkbtrg, Nov. 7.?Editor Star: Clark* burg district, Montgomery county, 353 Union, 113 opposition. Franklin District, V57 Union, 11 opposition. PB1KCE SIOROl'8 COUHTY Reliaville precinct?Union majority 125. BUdenabug? Union majority 109. MOMTS0MRI1COPMJT. At Bladenaville precinct, at 1 p. in , *ereah bad polled bat about 11 votes out of 271 taken there up to that hour. At Berry's dlatrict (or precinct) the vote waa two to one for the Union,over aecesb. HOWARD COU5TT. The Union majority In tbe lat prrcinct of How ard la 'J40. At Cross's district (or precinct) there waa a des perate fight, in which seceah tared badly. Croan waa abot through the aboulder ; Isaacs, a noisy ecesb wheelwright, wan stabbed, and John Wei ley Whalen was desperately hurt. The result wai about a tie tbere. the CITtR CO out 11*. Latest intelligence from Baltimore se'* down tbe Union msjority In that county at 'J,500; 'J,0*0 in Washington county; 1 ,Ht<) in Allegany county; 1,000 in Carroll; 1,000 In Harford; and 1,500 in Cecil. Anne Arundle and Prince George, also Haiti more county, have gone largely for the Union ticket. In Howard its majority Is over 500. || If NATIONAL GUARD B\TT- COMPA LL9 NY A.?Notici.?An aljonrced meetint of tneoorps will be held a* Potomac Hall oorner of Kleventhst and Maryland it. TO-MORROW (Friday) KVKNINO an.', o'oUxk B? order ol the 1,ieut. Commanding. n?7-tt rr-ff5* ?P1 RITUA L RETRBAT.?The exeroises 1? of a Spiritual Retreat will oommenoe in St Ator bibs' Church on NtXT SUNDAY, at II o'clock a. in, and continue for eight days. The Rev. Father McEliot, ? J., will oonduet the Re trefttnks?isted by other Fathers of tne same Soci ety. On Sunday three Ditoonrsee will be given? at 11 o'olock in the f >renoon, and at 4 and Tfc in the af tei aoon. Paring the ?e?k the principal exeroisee will be k..U .S A/ A-J 1 Al ' . mm? Z.+ * ? ? J *1 / ? uw.u at oTi buu n>7? m. 1*1. ?uu m* l muu 17% p. in. no7 St* ry=?icK CREAM AND WATER ICES, ol \L3 the f lit fuality, at 37)i Mr enart. Hotels & ad boarding houeee farm-hod at Iov rate?. A large a?eortm-?nt of fine Cakei kept on bund at the Philadelphia CtMfeeiionet*, oorner Twelfth and P el*. ro7-ina* MAYOR'S OFFICE, November ?. >861. Tne member* of the Board of Tree e?? o| i., * u uiut?a. IJCHARD WALLACH, Mayor. [Intel. A Repnb ] blio Sohoole wul meot in the Chamber of the Board of Aldermen on FRIDAY AFTftRN^ON neat, the ttb met., at ? o'oloek. Rl BO 6 lYS-ATTENTION, No. 4.-TL LL? Pereeveranoe Fire Co., No. are hereby oo'ified teat the regular monthly meeting will he held on THURSDAY fiVRNING.ihe7th>lorem ber. at 7X n'etoo*, in room No. 16, Washington Hel'diag, 4th etory. The otembeoe will be pa no teal in attondanoe ae beiineee of great importance demands the attention of every member. ao ? Q?Q. FLETCHER,Seo. u1qiutiu Iti K^gimuit M. D. R. ) Washington, Nor. 5. IMI \ . Tj# oonnaiaaioM* oftoart of the Fifth Rrgignani M 5. C.tnllBM* at TmnrUM Ha? on KB 1 DAY fc. V EN l N G. Dm tth ib?c, at 7>t o'oiook BT prd-rof ' Coi. PHILIP. W. W Wbt, Adjutaat. not w >? Pj^AKTMKNTur MKTROPOLITA> y|3 Coinmn ait bunuMa ooon?oUd with tb? Polio* of the ott] will ha traaaaa'*) at that ?taoa. a canaral oomplaiat booi will b? o^acad, and sir if at ar? r?qi**fd to oall aud Mttr an* o>iit Kf|'Ja SS&B&gJg- " AT H4LF VALUE?vary noh Velvet FI oatioed ana other Silk Robee. ?ent to ? from the north wi <h 'nrtmotion* to Mil at half the valae. ~ A large lot of?#ry fine and medium Canbito and Muslin Collar*, deeid?<l b rtaina. J PER* YA BROTHER. * no 7 5'd Pa. & , and 9th street. I c;n nnn LH? SOAP AND CANDLES for 1 OU,UUU sale oheap for cash. Alto, wanted?sno.wo lha Arm? Grease and Roach T?|]o?. for vhich the hiche*t prioe will be g paid, at the National S ap and Candle Worka, cor. Green ?t. and Canal. Georgetown, 0. C. ~ no7 lm r?. B JEW ELL, Proenetor. r I1KC1DED BARGAINS in Pl?<n B'aok and h J Fanoy Silk*, with other kind of Dy Goods, for li the onrrent want* of familiei and honaekeepara. I fine prioe on'y, mirtM in plain nrures Curtains, Carpeta, Oilolo'hs. Run. *o.. upper floors. PKRRY&BRO, Pa. ?Tenr? and Ninth at, _ no 7 6'd "Parry Building.** AQdOO PRESENT FOR A PAIR OF GOOD ROYS?A pair of beautiful DON KEYS for sale. They have been thor FAMJLIFS SUPPLIED V at the Cheap Cash Store. Sale and Sm*ll Profit is m? m' oughl* trained and are very gente. Ap ply at 349 I a*reet, near Frteerth They_^^_ were lately the property of Gen. Robert K. Lee, or the rebel army. ho 7 St* WITH OYSTERS, b. Quiok my m tto. ( All kinda of Grooeri'a, suoh as Tea, Coffee, fugsrs, Ac . at the loweat oaih prioea. C. C. FRAYSER. Comer L and Fifteenth ate , no 7-3t* Washington. NE?T -STYLES MOUSSF.LINES AND PRINTED MERINOKS for childrei. new lota opened t>-day. Also, Plaid Cloths, in brUht ?i? i*? _;*i? aII n?k*. kuj. n? ' ' V Ol DI?C| OUI'M", 1V/I OIIIIUIOUi Wi?U *11 VHIWl KIUIIB VI 1/1 J OooCa * On< prioe only, marked in plain fie urea. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolnths. Rues, tea., upper floors. PF.RRY ft BRO.. Pa. avenue and Ninth st, no 7 S'd "Perry Buildiyg." 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When facilities for enveloping and aealing the money in separate parcels are not at hand in oairpa, the several suma to be remitted, that may be collected by Chaplain' of Regiment*, or other vertona volunteering to do thia aervioe for the sol mera d??iring to aend home their pay, will be re oeived in bulk at any of the prinoipal oflloes of the Cosipuy. These auma.aooompanied with ths full addreaa, as above required, of the persons for whom in tended. will he rsmitted to the reasective con signeee. at any place in tne loyal States, at the Mm? rate of oharg<\ th reby aavinc to th? sender the troaMe of suttinc in a?para?.e paokagea. Suitable blanks for th* above purpose hare been prepared, and will be farrished, with explanation!, at any of the offioes of the Company, ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington. Pot. 0.1961. oo 30-1 m NEW SUPPLIB8 IN CLOTHS. CASSl meresand Veatings. of qualities that oan l?e relied o".at leaa than tne anal prioea, in standard plain oolor* and select fanoy lee With al kind* of Dry O ods for the general and special wants of familie* and nouaekeepers. Carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths, Rugs, 4to., upaer floors. One prioe only, marked in plain figures, PERRY * BRO Pa. avesu* and Ninth st., oe?>-6> MPerrr Bnilding." OFFICERS AND SOLDIKKS. ?5lOHT DR > *-TS sold qn ail pans of the United States, in sains to suit officers and eo'diers. Also. Drafts on London, Ireland, Sowtland, ' ales, ana Germany. Unourreat mon'j boaght at b?st rates. SWEKNV, R1TTENHOUSR. FaNT* CoT, oo ll-lm Baukers. Pa. ay., wear Brown's. SOLDIERS. w> SOMETHING POR YOU! Pocket Cnmka.. - ? H* oents. Do. Locking Glasees......... lft Union Envelopes, per hnndred ,9\ " Plain do. do. ..... 86 " Ambrotypeao<Seott,MoCWlau,Jto., ejwu 13 M 7 3-10 U. B TK^StffV NOTES, which will t? nipp ted ?t par to oor 0B?tnin#r?,fi*? of ohE'i* Demft'd lr?Mury Notoi.u hirMu'ort, w8wkknM1^KhouIk.,?'ant * 90n ocU-1* tfMkOT*. a?i r?. ?v., B?w Browifa. AMUSEMENTS. rfl E A T E ft. THURSDAY EVENING Iff 7 its SUSAN DENIN *nd Mr. BEN ROGERS in Two Piace*. W?ll be areeented the ooiMdj of Si ILL WATRR RUNS DEEP. ' SKETCHES IPTINPIA. i*l!j (with ?oq|!) Miw ?n?M Drain BO T-tt* rFREE CONCERT! HE Undersigned beca leave to tnnoanee that ie hit erfm*d and refitted in e'.ecant ?t?le.the arje ad spaoions room*, heretofore known a* 3oomb'? Hall, situated at 8S9 Pennsylvania are . oulh aide) between 9th and 10th streets to l?e iereaftsr named " Washington Academy ?f Music " n !>< furmshinc of Refreshments of he choicest

inMitie*. he feds assnred tha< his place of amnaf nen^wilfnor only prove one of the most attract ire, )uti??Uo confident in beim ab.e to please the ro?t fastidious. Having enraged some of the >est arliatarf New York, h? is prepared to treat he lovers nf masic with prodaotions of the fineat >omposers. Gentlemen d *siro?is to pass a pleasant ( eni (, rill do well t? jive him a call. Offloers lontinual y in atten'anoa to preserve order. Concerts to oommenoe daily a 4 p. m. Admission free. HENRY ROSENTHAL, no 7 li* | Proprietor. ' IN THE UNION THERE 18 STRENGTH " I SECOND GRAND BALL of the UNION qUADRILI.E ASSOCIATION To b? r vcn at FRASKLrN HALL. Comer of Ninth and D tlrettt, on Monday, nov.ii. By order of no7 COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. King'S NAT ONAL CIRrUH-E Street, site of old National Theater, OPEN NIGHTLY kvx> ON WSDXISDAT AND SaTCHDAY AFTKHt'NS The fol'owinc performers will appear: Philc Nathans, Tom Kinr, Geo Darin*, H. W. Penney, F. A Jones. John Franklin. C. Sooit, R. P. Jcn?a Frank Wh-tUker, VV. Gardner. Madame Camille Madam> Whit'alrer. Mias Vi ginia, and Mad'llc Eliza. Also.the following Stara : MR. JAMES MELVILLE, MAD'LLK ELOISE, the Child Rider, MADAME MARIE. The Intrepid H. W. PENNEY, A W. KINCA Dr.. the fcmperor or ^omersetun*, DAN 6ARD1NER. the Clown Doors o?en at 7 o'clock. Performance* will com mence at a quarter of 8 o'clook. Wednesdays and Saturday* doors open at 1; per formances at 2 o'clock Admission <o Drew Circle ? 5" cents. Social Boxes JSS nnti. Orchenternhaira - 75 cents Colored Apartment* 25 cent*. no? 1 w C'ANTERRURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALT.! I Late Washington Assemb'y Rooms,) will b< opened in a few days by Mr. GEORGE PEROIVAL, With a MAGNIFICENT COMTANY of ARTISTES, oomprismc several of the very first talent in th< oountry. Extensive Renovation. Magnificent Stage ant Soener*. Capacious Auditorum. Ac., Ao. frr Further announcement soon./TI no 6 2t* A GRAND UNION COTILLON PARTY Will be gi-en at the M Ham. or thb Fhamlin Eng. Horsi. JB D ?.. near Tw?'flh. #PI On THURSDAY EVENING, UCA November 7th, 1881. viPtryTQ &n plmtu I " ' It m-J WV 1 C| Admitting a Gentleman * d Ladies. WILLIAM H. FANNING, oo 3? W M.Th Treasurer. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Skvbnth. Abovi DSt. Continued Suooess of Thi? Favorite Troupe TWELFTH WEEK of the CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. T? STAR PERFORMER?. Immense Smoesi of FRANK SWANN. The Great Basso, from the Cooper Opera Troup* Niw Pones anpApterpikcbs ! Concluding with the SONS OF MAL T A. He-would be a Son F. Wr?n Admission 25 oenta. oo 26 DISMJLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The fi'm of John B. Ward A Bro was this da dissolved by mutual consent, (J. B. Ward with 4rawin? from the firm. The business will be en tiou'd by J B Ward, who is authorised to settl the aflairs of rhe late firm It is rarrestlr requested that all persaons in an wa? indebted to the firm will make payme: speedilv. and save the necessity of a resort to so as ita affairs must be closed. junn is. tv akUi W1.V8SES B. WARD. Washington, iVov. Ut, 1861. _ no 6-3 * JOB PRINTING liVERY Desoriptmn of JOB PRINTING n quired I.t any body ?3iti?9Q", civil funotionariei arm* and navy officers. sutl-r?, Ao.?executed i th?STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory style, at loi rates for Caah. no 4-*f PRODUCE. FRUIT, SKGAR-. Ao. 100 bbls. Oni? di, in prim* order. 1/vfl bushels Jaok-on Whit* Potato##, 3? tuba ho h-n B Jtter, so boxes Phees#, 10 boxea Freneli Lemons, Jt.non Betara. WM, H. HAMIL'ON A CO no4 1w* 479 N nth St.. b?lnw K. Medicine for the Army. VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, aT WELL AS EVER SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTlE ON HAND. This preparation ia an Infallible External or Ii term! Kemedy for Rhenmati*m, Neuralo B ni?ea. Sorea, Saraini, Ringworm*. Canke fainter*' Coiio, Dy?entery, Lirer Comalaiti ilea. Dyapepsia, Chilblains, Kidne* Complain! Teetha'he, Headaches, C"lda, Coufha, Bruiac Fiiver and Ague, Cholera, &o. The FAIN CUREK la entirely vegetable in I oompoaition. and may be xa?d at alltin>eawi Krfrot aafety. Full air?oti?na aooompany ea< itle. Manufactured by JOSEPH 8 FRYE. !*ai,km. Mams. For aale by all prin ipal Drugn'ata. no 4-1 w* QUO JOHNSON & NAGLE, Qu No. US* ^insaTLVAifi* Avbntti. Between Ninth and Tenth at* . aoutn aide, orr? FOE PALI: CHAMPAGNES?6. H Mumm, Piper Heidaie Mrtet A Chundon. Hullmcer A Co.. C&rtier Co , Ao. CLARETS??t. Jnlien, St Eatephe, Cantena Ao , b? the oaak or doz?n HOCK W1NEB?Deide?neimer, Johanneabergi Liebfrauenmitah, Rudesheimer, Ao. BRANDY. Whiaky.Gin. Port, Sherry, Mtdeii id wood or *]%a?. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stout. Edinbtr and Yorkshire Ales, of the beat brands, in b< tie* or atone juga CIGARS? Havana aad Domeatio, of the ohoici brano a. We call the a fecial attention of Sutlera.R eataurai and F?mili??s to oar large and well-sekcted STOCK OF PINK GROCERIES, Freah M? Poultry, Fiah,8o.\pt, Vegetablea and Frnita hermetically scaled oaua. rRE-EK VES, Jelliee, Ao , Almonds, Nuta. Ri ainaa' d Kig*. CHEESE, (Eaatern and Weatern Cutting); Ha beat Goahon Butter,the b^at Champagne id WORCESTER Bill RE and Oya*er Sauoe, Pick] of ever; deaorkption, Prpper Sauoe and Toma uai*up, or toe ?>d or auien All of which t? off -r at the loweat poeait prioea and on reasonable terina no2 JOHN?ON A NAGLE THE VERMONT BAKK OVENS, ARMY ENTSTOVES, BAY ant XTRAW CUTTERS, Kvr CU I TERS. FAI*BANK'm HAY, PLATFORM and COU1 TER SCALES. WAGON and CARRIAGE JACKS, BUCKETS, Ac., Ao., Ao, * or sale l>r J P. BARTHOLOW, Agricultural Warehonee, 5A8 Seventh at., ooMeotra between Pa av and Canal R AISINS, PRUNES, UATE8. Ao. 12S boxes Bunch RAISINS, ? *oxea PRUNES, ? frail* DATES, lEt 35 barrel* i'RIED APPLES, 5 liarreia CHAN BKH RIE8, Sua drama F GS, andoieniari BRANDY PEACHES, lflofka CURRANTS. Juat reoeived and for aaUby ooaa act MURRAY A SEMMES ^THOMPSON'S MEDICINES, 1 LIKE PRESKRVEK AND CORDIA For sale, whole**!? and retai*, by it. o furd, Dtcggist, no 1-1 m Corner Eleventh st and Pa areau? ^ R m Y c l_0 T H 8 . qoabtikmastsr General's OrriciJ washhioto*, Ooiob"r 31,1861 ^ p*oro**l? are invit?d and will be reoeired the Quarter master at Philadelphia, fen until 13 o'etook at p' on or the 15t day ot Nore bernett. lor furniaiunc cl.o'1 hs FOR ARA clothin? Kaoh proposal mutt be aooompaoied by umi of tbeo oth which it isp'opoa d to furnith t cloth should be three quartera to six <uart< yard* vide. Light or dark blue will be preferr< and light gre?s will n"t be uoasidered. Hiud?>a must atate the camber of Tarda they l be prepared to furnifh m eao mo ta. aod fo h many nmn ha, at theolothiuc d> pott iu New y< or Phi adeiphia. or b^th, end ih p ioe par jam each quality and width, proposal a and samples will be plainly mark ao?l addreaaed to the u S. Qua, terroaatar, fhi deiphia. Peon. b&cn bid mult b? Meon>>?aie<l by a i-oytr g? *nt*?, letting forth thkt If h o >t tr&ot ntvirc to the part* n*m>l therein, h* will at olo? ?x?o the um?, aotl gir* be da in tlonbl* th > amount Um oontraol for th* lauhful perforrmvr o* ttereo Quarto>rni??t*r e'-n&IW Army ?ot 1 tMhNoT 50 HOtiSHKADf* y B\C(>N SHOULDKK Jut reoMved ud tor Ml* bj JOHN 6. LY1/K * CO , *0 41w ) LoiiUM* kTV&K WANT8. wanted-a man to do aicht vork. Am't " m the oofr of ftwond iitd r ?t >ontk. it* Wantkd-9 journeymen harness makers. rf.ii.y k bro . do t-?* 6tof|?towb. p c Four furnished rooms md board ?utfd for six p?rioni, m Gso'feiown or wmblncton p?iv?te family prafened. add^m c. h smith. s#? P? n?7 * 1A/ANTKD-By a raape'-tabe girl, a SITl'A " TION a* ehvmberwaid tuiri to a?aia* in tuli inc end ironing. or aa nnrae Reference if rea?irad. Inqnire at the aontheeat o irner of 13th and D etc , No 885 >oT * WANTF.O-A little ?IR I. f'om 10 to 11 yeara of ace, (ooWed preferred.) t~ cu'W and do other licht work. Good wucee wil1 he Mid for a |ood (in. W K. CHANDLF-K. no7-tf 30 4 Fourteenth at. bet ?' and f>. ANTED?Three ROOMS, with Boa*d. (in a * ? private fh" ily preferred.) for two ladiee.ohild and nor??. Addreas "X Y 7.,n Star Oftce no?S?* %17ANTED IMMEDIATELY?At DUBANTS ' ' Eetinc Honae, oorner Pa. arenae and Sixth a'.i north aide, two WOMEN to work la the kitch en. a?H>* WANTKD-An active, en erc?tic yonng MAN. or yoath. between 16 and SO year a of ace. One with tome baaine?a capacity- and w*o o*n oorre well recommended, may addreea "Buameaa," thronch ^'tr Poat Ofioe, atatinc same, ace. real - A. ai/\ C % uruor, (oioicuvti au. A GOOD WATCHMAKER, havinf bMn lath* business for aix ye*ra, withes to i?t a SITU ATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN*S, 336 Pa avenue. bo > FURNISHED ROOMS AND BOARD wanted, br a gentleman and wife, for tha win ter. Private family preferred. Referenoes given. Addreaa, at onoe, ''w R. 8." Star Offioe Wili rent whole or part of a small home no 6 St WANTED-One or two FURNISHED ROOMS for a gentleman and lady, < with Board for the lady only >; where there a** no other ? boarders preferred. Addreaa "F. G. J ,n at thia office. no 5-St* WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM, for a single gen>l?man, in a private hoo?e, if po? aible. with board?not too far from Pa. avenae, and between 6th and 13th ata. Referenoes given Please addreaa "H. B.." 320 P? avenue. no 5 niiBMiuucn Donua iviMrrn with r v 1* 1* IUII lil/ It W '1UU ?? It II luvt ? ? mm OUT BOARD?A large, well famished Room with Red Koom attached ; muit be oon*eni?nt to Departments, ea?y of aooess. pleasantly located, fitted with ras. and of moderate pnoe. Address "North," at this offioe. no 5-3t* A GENTLEMAN, with capital, good business ospsoity, extended acquaintance in Wwhmc ton, and who car furnish beat referenoes for integ rity. K 'od standinc, ko , desires to oonneot kin , self with some Mtahtish*d and respectable bssi ne?' house ; or would egrchaae the stuck. Grooery preferred. Address "G. A. W.," Star O&oe. no 5 S'.* . WANTED?A GIRL of about 13 year* of ace, ** (orphan preferred,) to aooompany a familf to California. Apply to A. J. F. PHELAN. No. ? 4?TT?nthst nol-iw* 1 WANTED?Two or three ?ood COAT MA KKR9. for whioh I will pay the eity prices B VAND''ME. Merohant Tailor, No. 4A? Sev enth st, between F and G sts., opposite Patent Oft^e. no 1 lw* TO f*'TTLKR8.? An enerje'io merchant, with sufficient capital, desires to purchase the stock and buiire*a or a Refiwental Sutler. Address ( **Rn?ineas." at the offic* of this paper. ocS'-lm WJANTED-ljn,fWlb? 7>ld HOR8K8HOE8aad W"KA?" iKi'FM in ?m\ii or larie qauuuea, for ?rhio& one cent per pencrl wilt be paid. JOHN M. El.VANS, oc 29 ?w (Republican* 309 Pa. avenue. WANTKD? All Dmrvmen to know that the Wwhincton Brewer* having oommenced brewinc for th* winter season. the? ?an *et Freeh Grams every day at 4 o'clock, at moenU per bush el. Call, one and all. C . COLINKAl', oo 10 ;m* Cor K and Twenty seretith eta. WANTL1>-TAILORS, TAILORS -50Ta?lora oompetent to work on military roods. A pply Wall. Stephens & eefe CU TTERWANTED. Call at WALL, STE PHENS A (IQ.'S. 3-J9 Pa avenue. >e ? W ll^jv^FTnRN l?& R eT?T?^v? ?^dBKD" * - L'-*- - -- ?ka ki.Kaat Utility? ior wmon wo bid p?jiu( miv intuw* e&ah prioee. Familiea declining housekeeping, or having a orpins of furniture, will find it to their ftdv&ntftge to five as a ?all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 15-tf No. 369 Tth at.. betw. 1 ftoa K eta. WANTED. FOR THE CASH-A1I kinda of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Pereone Imt ing th? eity or having ft surplus will do v?U to oftll immediately. R. BUCHl.Y, le 3 4Seventh. between 6 and H (U. liOST AND FOUNiJ. ONE CENT REW a RD-Rftn away from rb soriber, ftn apprentice boy, JOHN SMITH. All eeraons &re cautioned titunit harboring him. no 7 St* J. Kl'HN LOST?Some time daring Tuesday morning, and aoms where between Ten?h at and the M"n? ment, a gold KV* GLASS. If any one shouldftod the aaid article and feel like returning it, a sui'a i>!e reward wi'l be iiveo. at the Star Otf. It nROPPKD. by a drunken dnrer. on the night of W . AH* Kaia rtf 14 A V_ vhlAR t h A *uv Vtu II >?ll ! - ' ?" _ " owner can have by ?ailing a* 8VI<VE8TEK 8 D ue Store, comer of S*ixtb and H ?U , and patinf for this advertisement. H* PAMK TO~MY RESIDBNCE, on Huh itrwt, Vy -eorgetow . U C., a s^all Redi - COW and CALF, with ear mark-,on or] about the fir?t of November. The owren i> requested to oome forward, prove property, par charges, and take them *way. n? 7 3?* 8 D LINN AC REWAKD.?Strayed away, on im 9d inst.. from my premuee, a medium si?*d, red COW. mth t?ll horns, hind flanks spotted white, and large navel. Theaboved reward will be paid for iter return. JOHN MORlARTY.oaSdet.. no 7 3t* between Maryland av. ?nd C st ?7 RK WARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 4th I m*t.,a pot'e'l (nearly white) Par t Mm COW. about 9 years old, ver? fat,, wi'h shoit horns, arned inward,and largej bag with shnrt hind teats. The above reward will be said for her return to me, o- #5 for information of ner whereabouts. 1?AVID ROACH, no 7 St* L t. north, bet 1st and Sd sts. west IJ8TRAY.?Found treapaaaing on my premieea, J on Monday. Nov. 4th. a until bay gy HORSE. J heowner la re^ueatad to oome forward, arove property, pay ohargea, ard^^Z-* take him away. H.K.SMITH. It* fi?orgetown Heighta. 5 Penm R E W A R D.?Stolen from the stable of PATRICK DONNELLY, 451 ( Pennsylvania avenue. Waahiniton, D. O., a lia> HOMSE. three years o'd, wrh white^ Ufa and wbit? fae??the letter *'B" marked on kia right front foot. The above reward will be given for the return of aaid Horae, or tor oonvictinnoi the theif. no 6 3t* UTRAYED OR STOLEN?On the Sth of Oeto IO rter, from the ooroer of nor'h B and 9th, atreet eaat. a dark brown buffalo now., with white aeota ?n her forenead. ?5 ra-J ward will be paid for her return to the abow named place (no5 St*I J?'HN HOWARD AH TAKEN, trrapaaaing on my pr^iiaea No 374 G *treet. Waahiiigton oity, a black and white SOW, and aix Piga. The owner ia hereby notined to proves property, pay ohargea. and take them away; or thej wilt b? disposed of for the d vmage done. nil 1 tf'St* w BOARDING. BOARDING.?Two gentlemen of cood moral character can obtain Room* and HoardiPc. in a private family, within 15 minotea' walk of all th? Department* and in a pleasant iooation, by ad dressing "C. H H Poet OAoe, immediately. no 7-U* GOOD HOARD AND LODGING oan be had at 378 D st, between 8th and 9th iu. no6-tt* aLTHRIMBR A BBGGARD. TWO OR THREE PERSONS CAN BE aooommoda'ed with BOARD at 190 I street no'tii ide. lronting Pa avenue, between *>th and Slat iU. Single gentlemen preferred, oo ?-lw* EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON^ND^tO^GJSTOWN FE A Boabdim^td l)iT School, Wo. 422 F st . tutteetn tiri and 7tk ttt., WtuktHftm mna Ao. 151 Wut #?., Oe?rnievs. The datiee of tbis Institution were reeaaed ii September. Cirealars mar be obtained at tM book stores, or by addressing the Priaoiaal eeSB eotf M. J. HaRROVER. ^TTO/lJV*y^DRrorA'S*L?of' AT LAW Uu removed his Offioe to No. T, VV **t Bi ci or 4fc 8rim. Ne?r the City H?lH no 6 3t* PRIME GOSHEN A BUTTER! 100 keta Prime Goehen Bitter jut received an< for eale b* WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers lad Commission Merchants, do 5 Cor. soith side Pa iv. and 9th st. UCOUGH-COUOH-CpUeH! 8E MOORE 8 ??uTlL DROP8, They vil onre Coughs, Hronohitis, Croup, Ao. Children en after then aid eat th?m as they do oaody. Oil try them, and yoa will be eonviaoad of their effio\ py- Priee 15 and ?*eeata per box. At JdOOREI West End Great Medioiae Depot, 113 Pe.av. MitT 100 TIKRCE8 S. CAH\MiS Evans,Gaiae t Co . b.? U*. p (or-..cS> ao 4-1 v IRea.1 No. SX Loiinuaa*. i*- 297 MILITARY TRIM Ml Not 29' ,y, C*v*lr^Inf*ntry, Artillery > Ell*, N?ry SU. ? irlis-Sa^r; Hir.dinj i and Webbmj OoU, Kmbroid?rod Shoilder Mir?pa. Bn|lM, WiMktbi a**d Fl*f Ob band ftnd ??aue U) ??r J?r, b? MJW?flEl^?2S&? ft. FMMJlTMUA IVMU. 0?a 1*1 AUCTION 8ALE8. Br ?1??H ? WILUAMI. Au+bw^uZT OOUSEHOLD AND KITCIKN Ft'E NI - itrr* iMortinrat of>?mit*r*, tv? Cttki kO G'?,?K?h Hitt*i, on* Hor*?, Wmoi tag Wa*r vi h mtny oU>?r trtiolw whisk -titw mikw ' mxt to en*m?r%t* _ I?*bn * WILLIAMS, A Beta P. 8. Will ba ?3df<l. new N?tt I?To.v?r?. Nar? ^ moltt (Hay.) G. A W. Br 9RKKN * WILLIAMS. Aaatioaaara. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF HORSES Wa?oh. Habxs**. Com. Povlvbt! ANT HoCtBHOLD ADC KlTCHBH nimu. A*.. IT Arm?*.-On KHI DAY, lira Rk li>(? w |^|] Mil, b* nrdar of the Orphan'* Coart all tbe rar on%J Kffaou of Ma th* <aliaa Piim. > M.iob'V dN?Mi, on norti K, betvaac mh ud IHJi .u at tfl o'olook a m. We *nuinarat? in part? 1 Dm* Mar* and Celt, 1 Bay Mara, fl 4o? Miloh Ow?, 1 < art. t Wifon vfth to*. 1 Burr, lot of Hmdwi. ? Host, Lot of ?aa Faatheri lot of Gw>?, All tiie Houraioid arc Kitohaa Farai'ara. vv tth man; other a tiaiaa, whioh we deem *oaa oaaaarr to camerate. Terir* of aala : All ?aara of IN and aadar ?a*h: over #10. a credit of 4 moaui, iIn ptrtkam to fire n taa. aatiifaotorily aadoraad, beana? lata* rwt. pt uruvr w ni" -vnnnf ?iw . no* * GK EES A WlLUAMf. A?to. By BARNARD A BL'CKKT, Aaotionoon ~ (>i* id?m. D. C. CH'RNITURK AND HOUSEHOLD Ef rtcri at Auction ?0? FRIDAY MttRV IN?. November Mb, at ! o'otook, W wt i 01. at tt,lhounof Mr. W'b. P*r<oni,?B Hifk.BWt 1st a'raot, wo name In Mrt? Mahogany But*. Miuiut Tabloa, Do Sid?b>ftr?l, Do Burraua. Roth Bottom and Wom ??a?. Cbaira, Wuhiuc li. BadiWdi, flm r?ta PmUmt Boda, t?huok Mattraaae*. f*ettee Wararoh*. Oi.olotb. Carpeta, Cb*mb?r, Diana im Ritohen CftrMti, Air-tight and Fracklia ttovoa. Tin Hafa. Kitohen flow and I tanaila. Crockery and ' !?.? ware Ao Term a at aale. no Si* BARNARD* SUCRE Y. Aa*a. DHy J. C. McOl I * K * CO. Aaoti?ao?>r? UTCH Bl'LB??US RQQTB AT AUCTION. On FN 1 PAY AFTERNOON. NoTOmbor tth.atifc o'olook, at u>e Anotioa Room*, v? (hi*, Mil in Iota to aoit? Two Caraa Superior Ditch Balhoaa Roota, from the ce.e'--aw?d Naraery of Vaa Dor t*ebaoca A Bon, Harlem, and oompriaia* Dyabi* aad Pine o Hyaointtaa. Talipa, Croooa, Naroiaaat, Iru.-Ao.. to. n/^'yV*'] J. C. MoOUIRE A CO?AaoU A v/ -I ? /vmw -.-i feotl? sound, kind and Rentlc. Al?o, a fine bobtai Bay TiotOm Herae. Torma oaah __ no 5 (R?>.) J C. MoOUIRE 4 CO.. Atcty Bi J. C. McGUIME k. CO.. Atttinvtri l\IOT?rB TO 5UTl.tR8.-On SATURDAY MORNING. Not. II o'alock. la Troet of th? Auction Roomi, w? ahali aall, withcat ra 2 txoeMant Baltimore bailt ooraced EapraM Wi|au, dozen Ten&nt'a India Ala, 90n doaen Etf. Small lot of Oat*. son o?r^t ?e*t Cam f Stool t, 40 bftaketaOH dcsen *a?h) Brandy, SA.OOn ?War? of variom Uranda, aone of thton of high ooat, m groaa ?uperir>r Knivea and Fork*. I IA.^ . 90. aiaa Termaoaah in ourrMt fand*. no*d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AaoU. B? 6RFEN A WloI.lAMt*. AiebMMn EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND HITCH to Fnninii, Pu*<i Fort*. * ., at Arc now?On MONDAY, tbe lltb iDatact. we a ball aell at the reaidene* of a tent.ereuui dM init h"aa< keeping, N >. 3M Tenth. w???? Laad M to o^look a. in-, aa exoeilent aaeortmeoi of Furniture, vis? 1 1'iano Foit?. Stool and Cover, Marb a top and other I ablea, Mfthojany Sofa, Chaira. Whatnot, l>reaain* and other Bureau a, Mirror*. Cottage and other Bedataada, Care seat Chaira. Feather FiUova, and do I stars. Hair and Btnok Mattreaaea Parle, Chamber, and Stair Carpeta. and R oda. Siloloth. Toilet Seta, ookint and other Stoves, China. Ulaas. and Crookery W?r?, W itn a large lot of K tchf n Re^ataitea, and mar? other artio.aa which va deem anaoeaaary to enumerata Termi o?sh in apeoie an 6 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aatta Br J. C. McGUIRF. A CO . Auctioneer*. CONTENTS OF A CONFECTION KJlf Stoee at Arciiow ?On MONDAY MQR> ING, Nov. II, eonmeneing at 10o'clock, we aha; I ee.l, attoe oonleotionery atore of J. A if lor. eoath aide Pa avecn*. between 1th and lit* at*., hiaen tir? a took and fix'area.cunaiating,'? ??1? C*Ddi?e, Galea. Preferred Fraitr, N?ti, Ae . Together with Store Fiitarea. OMbrac if SkriT 101, Coantera, Gl?aa Show cmm and Jara. Will alao bo eold. a*. 12 o'clock, the Horee, Wagon and Harnraa. Termaoaah. no ft d J. C. MoGI'lRK k. CO., > aata. F);1T1VK PUBLIC SALE OK Vfc.*Y VAL C*IL1 La.NU, AT ANHATOLia J CMCTIOM. OH W?*aiA6To!? K. K ?The ansa eigned,aa agent, will acil at **u> tic A action, on ike prewiaea. at tha Janouon, on SATURDAY, NoTamhor 16th, IH1, at 11 o'clock, the following Farina and Lou Lot No 1?Con aiaa lSOacree of pune land, *? aorea in Wood, improved by a new Cottage, ooa tauuailNMi a pa ma ol food water near, aad aa " O<oh?idof ?oo choioe Fruit Treea. Lot No 'i?Contain* lSu aarea.lyiLe at tam Switch. improved by a new Dwel ioc store, Bam, btable, loe, Corn,Carr.ace aid Poultry hoatea; alao.a Lime Kiln,anu a ohoioe ool lection of Frait Treea in bean?f. , ? Lot. No. 3?Cvntaina 190 acre a of Good Land, with hne i>< pro?ementa of every deeoription, aad two rood Orchard*. I.ota Nob. 4 and A ? Containa 40 aorea each. Inu at the .function, ud are very rateable for Bailiiac 8 tM. Lot No. 6?Lim in a triangle, formed by U? An - ha vol ii and Wasbr gton Branch Railroad and the County Road leading to Annapolia. This Lot la wen ?i uateo for a ooantry (Mora. Thtreiaaleo a good stand and Store House on Lot No. I, both being separated by the Palm em, there woatd ba no competition. The property la worth the attra tion of thoaa desirous of a sore investment or eeounag a oheap oounty kteeidr noo or F ana, being eq in distant, between A anapolis. w aahiactoe and ba tiBore. either of whioh oan be reachec br rail in 4S inmates. Reason Tickets oan b* p-oct 'ed at 45 per yar, which will enable the holder to tiaral daily,(all Trains stop at thia eoinU< Terms 0"e-third oash. baianoe in one aad two years, with interest. fT^Koralu idesonption o' this property, ap plVt > the agent, M HA >NON.?? SC Paal street, Baltimore, or to THOS SHAILER. Hng? "witch, or M. FITZiMMONB, AEn?po.isJei?e Uon Hotel. no6-f A UCTION BALLS IN PHILADELPHIA. WN R SMITH, Umirml Awetimmr, $0* Cheenut st.. abore Mk. Regular Sales TUESDAY aad SATURDAY Mornings at W a ?. /"ine Table and Pocket CaLery, Hardware, sncy Goods. Soaps, Oils, Brashes, *? . Ac. Foreign and Domestic ?taee aad LUaora. !,<**> lot* er?ry Thnreaay Morning. oo u i Tto officers. UK CANPAI6N-ACMM[UHW|(MM the Pru??ian prinoiple, arra&ied for Jut- |l\ ln? or t? act u an An>h?lanoe in oaoe of T^P Mokneu or wouixU. with aaplo roon for tor*a and prov;?, l? light, W>Hl-?roof, tod por feotly nev, havicg boon ja?t *uilt to order by om of the first maker* is Nov York, u offered for mS at co?t prioe. Aieo, a hand tome, strong, aoond, dark-brown or"" HORSfc, either for aaddie or L Bock may bo aaon on a?p loation lo JAMES CTYL18H 1EI8H POPLINS FOE DEKMKS. 'unsafe. Now doui o??mMo oo SI /o l*?M ML, rKf&VSfc kLB. OHN fiBlLRD PROPOSALSiftMdlfor FLOUR ? toilU?a llth day Ncwbw.WI at IS o'afoot ?. boat IS** barma wlii t* mim, if MMfti lou of aboat 14*0 barraji aaoh TU fUmt > be mad* of inr wboat. ud Um dolivary ?T OM vWi ro?b?. MO. . _ lot to be nod* bj tiie Mth No?m( The Floor reaairod to be of the folio vim biudi. ud to f**M the lnepeotioa of a Board of frmj Ofr t, o*rt, or eaob othor iaf ?aQoa ae the MiBum f)*pa.rt!ii^ct inay diroet. _ ^rliiifton tztia, " >ntreee do. ?rj do. *oxb*rf To* ChiriM j. D?t)4in Foundry HMk p. L Morni miUIkn t]

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